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Old thread >>10197837

Ita is a slang term used to describe an Lolita outfit that is painful or hard to look at. It comes from the Japanese word 'itai', which means 'ouch' or 'painful'.
Typical Ita features can include: cat ears (or any type of animal ears); cheap, bad quality lace (and lots of it); dresses made of cheap satin; odd colour combinations; legwarmers and armwarmers; oddly shaped and ill-fitting dresses; dresses that go over the top on bows or corsets; referring to non-Lolita styles as Lolita.

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God why is Tumblr so full of itas

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these aren’t great but they aren’t ita.

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okay you’re just a moron these are fine

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I would love to hear your reason for posting this here

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You think all those colors shoehorned together are fine? You should post what you think is ita

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all of those colors are in the skirt. are you blind?

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No one is forcing you to run this thread. If you don’t know what you’re doing, let someone else do it.

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I'm not stopping anyone from posting. You guys are just complaining instead of improving the thread

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Okay, here’s my comment, since that’s what the ita thread is for: Half of these aren’t ita. They are bad-ish coords to fine coords.

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Man I wish all the LARPers and ~lolitas at heart~ would gtfo and never return
Stop posting random nitpicks that aren't really ita, or is it all just several vendetta disguised as the ita thread?

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That’s usually what the ita thread is, anyway.

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can anyone identify that skirt for me?

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Same. It’s cute. Also, fuck OP... that coord is casual but cute.

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Not even remotely ita. Lurk more newfag.

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Oh shit she still wears Lolita?

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Granny in the middle looks great, those itas need to learn from their elders.

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How’s this?

Not your taste =/= ita

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Damn, she really let herself go.

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not ita at all. why image dump if you're a newfag?

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This is so cute!!!
sugar pansy by ap

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Bless. Added to my wishlist.

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jesus CHRIST he has HUGE feet

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I'm sorry but wow I absolutely love that so many elements of this dress, that dangling star lace is everything

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The flaccid tip of the hair is what really makes this for me.

This pose gives me nostalgia for deviantart itas.

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i'm so sad about this omg, she was one of my favorites back in the day

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>Extra casual rule breaking coord for day 2 of Too Many Games. I plan to be doing a lot of dancing and screaming at the Crush 40 concert, so minimal poof and comfy shoes/legwear was a must. Concrit welcome! I would very much appreciate any advice on how to make such a casual coord feel more polished.

How dare you hurt one of my favorite prints this way??

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her taste level really irks me. She just needs to look at her coords in a full length mirror for a while and adjust before going out. I'm rooting for her cuz she is cute but she's gotta learn to flatter herself and stop trying to always mix goodwill grunge with lolita.

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Not ita

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I give up trying to figure it out, humor the noobs please. Who is she?

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theosakaneko. She's an LJ veteran.

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Extra fun spotting edition: Which part of this outfit came from Forever 21?

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Nitpick, needs better socks and makeup

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You have to be kidding me this doesn’t even look like her anymore I want to cry

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Eh you guys would have called her ita at her prime. She just gained weight

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this is cute, not ita

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Is OP back? For fucks sake

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The one on the right resembles drew monson a tiny bit

>> No.10201440

There's so much wrong that I'm not sure where to begin....

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You have to be blind. She looks the same, just a bit fatter and older. SHe's always been gross.

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She really didn’t look that much like a special snowflake back in the day. Sure, she wasn’t ever thin or conventionally cute, but you’re a moron if you think this isn’t a horrid downgrade.

>> No.10201485

yeah I never said it wasn't a downgrade. but she looks the same, just older and fatter. that's what happens when people age. they look, wow older, and if they don't take care of themselves, fatter.

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I love that grandma.

>> No.10201498

This is actually just extremely impressive. Just look at how she coordinated all those different shades of pinks.

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How old is this one? Center of the universe Chan isn’t that big any more. Or did she find the McDonald’s again?

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I don't get it. Is she cosplaying as Cinderella's stage coach?

>> No.10201543

The only thing really unsalvageably wrong here is the blouse. The white tights are a little jarring, but there is white in the dress and would look better with a while blouse anyway. Red shoes would be better, but again, the brown shoes aren't the worst. Add a petti and you're good to go.

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Must be old considering she’s not as much of a land whale. But somehow she’s still an ita

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Does anyone remember the handle of the one girl from around the same time on lj with the blown out gauges an 6million facial piercings? Both her and theosakaneko both got asspasts galore despite having extremely questionable tastes.

>> No.10201582

Well she still doesn’t know how to find dresses that fit her shape. She wants that Brando when at best she could get a custom order off taobao or one of the many indie brands that make custom sized orders.

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https://discord.gg/vYYdkKg join pls girls only!

>> No.10201590

Did she sew two shirring princesses together? I'm like... 1/4th of her size and have shirring princess and despite it stretching a ton.. like??? HOW? Maybe she's really short? Because It's not super duper stretched out like I've seen on some girls, but she is MASSIVE.

>> No.10201605

Anon don’t you know that lolita was originally designed to be a plus size only fashion and that she was a model for AP?!

>> No.10201615

Cgl has gone soft if it thinks this is a nitpick

>> No.10201620

Who is she

>> No.10201621


>> No.10201623

God I’ll never forget that. That was good old drama when this board had like 50 threads about jnig and koti. God the drama then was always a good show. Now we get MAYBE a good bout of drama every three weeks.

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This girl is cute. I hope she sticks around and gets the hang of lolita, would like to see her in a nice outfit.

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the osakakoneko, actually. a lot of people loved her because she had tons of fun with the fashion. there were a lot of misses, but there were also a lot of hits, and she got really creative with how she styled her pieces. she was well known for putting some crazy things on her head, or using lolita pieces in non-lolita coordinates and making it work well (she used to a lot of cyber lolita stuff too which was really polarizing even at the time, but i loved it personally).

she also had a lot of brand at a time when brand was hard to come by outside of the comm sales, and since she was plus sized and this was pre-lolibrary she gave a lot of plus sized lolitas a good idea of what they could and couldn't comfortably wear.

>> No.10201733

wow, this coord is so cute! Shame she doesn’t do this stuff anymore

>> No.10201736

the fishnets and doc martens would work much better with an oldschool casual coord, just a plain cutsew & minimal patterned skirt. dark colours. it'd be less distinctly lolita but it'd be cute. you don't have to shoehorn the elaborate prints and matching headbows to be lolita, because it really doesn't work here.

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If you're going somewhere in which Lolita would be impractical, here's a tip: don't wear Lolita. I don't go to the beach in some ita coord and use the fact that I'm at the beach to excuse it. I just don't wear Lolita to the beach.

>> No.10201783

It’s just the nightmare fuel doll mask and nasty wig that ruins this. On a normal person it’d be pretty.

>> No.10201784

I’m guessing the blouse and if so, it’s a really good find. This isn’t ita.

>> No.10201787

She reminds me of an olde-timey prostitute or something.

>> No.10201827

Sorry you got posted, hamplanet chan

>> No.10201844

Classic ita.

>> No.10201849

TreesDanceAlone or was there another nightmare inducing ita?

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Did she previously had this stupid hair cut? I remember she was cute not like this

>> No.10201854

Jc that face
Get some plastic surgery bish

>> No.10201856

Lacemonster vibes

>> No.10201868

Tbh this is not bad

>> No.10201870

not horrendous but the difference between the faces is hilarious

>> No.10201871

Yes it is. That is nightmare fuel

>> No.10201872

You must be new if you think this is that bad.

>> No.10201879

The belt is the only offensive thing on this coord but it’s clearly used as a way to justify the gold shoes. Purse looks like it came from the girls section in a bridal shop.

But other than that, it’s good. So nitpick at best, not ita. Unless you can counter?

>> No.10201888

Understanding lolita takes time. It’s okay to not know the difference between an okay to sub-par coord and ita. However, don’t post in the ita thread if you aren’t there yet.

>> No.10201891

Sorry you been posted

>> No.10201892

The coord itself is okay. Maybe this is better suited for the bad photoshop thread.

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File: 109 KB, 750x278, F5300AB6-CF5C-4D58-8A85-B92B5D32A8E3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Really, it is okay that you don’t know what you’re doing. Just don’t act like you do...

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What ever helps you sleep at night.

>> No.10201908

Really, how do you make this dress look bad? It’s one of BL’s few ita-resistant designs.

>> No.10201911

this is cosplay

>> No.10201918

>difference between the faces is hilarious
are you new to women ?

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>All the girls coddling this sissy

>> No.10201934

sissies make me want to puke

>> No.10201951

Everyone is commenting about being trans and the man said nothing about being trans. Jesus. He said he was cross dressing.

>> No.10201957

Without expanding the image, I thought this ita was taking a picture with a mothman cosplayer

>> No.10201976

I'm going to disagree that people need to get plastic surgery for a fashion style, unless they are planning on becoming models.

Though you can actually change your chin position by changing your tongue posture. It can take some time, but doing some simple exercises or being conscious about where your tongue is positioned in your mouth at a resting state can eventually make your chin a little more prominent. It's something I've been looking into as my chin is set a little further back than i'd like, but not quite to this level.

>> No.10201977

The coord is not ita, just a little sloppy in the details for how fancy it is. Nitpick. But holy photoshoop! It’s fine to Facetune a bit but this crosses the line and looks like two different people.

>> No.10201996

I miss LJ.

>> No.10202017

seriously? How can this dress ever look good? Ita proof is not this, anon.

>> No.10202028

Yeah, seriously, this is one of the worst designs BL has ever put out. I've never seen anyone rock it.

>> No.10202029

How is this ita? It can be done so wrong but this coord combined with the recent doll face mask trend is so beautifully executed. This is an example of things done right.

>> No.10202031

bring up the waistline so you can fit a petticoat then it should be a lot better. Or make the waist area less fitting please. <3

>> No.10202032

This is adorable! I love how she brought the pokemon charms in with a tasteful manner. Well done if the original wearer is finding this! <3

>> No.10202033

They all look fantastic. What?

>> No.10202038

I can't give concrit. Please just buy a brand JSK, bodyline white blouse, and a matching headbow and wear that over this ahhhh.

>> No.10202039

stop namefagging

>> No.10202055

I wouldn't call this lolita a ton or at least it is very unconventional but this is so cute and perfect! I follow her on Instagram and her style is generally more in fairy-kei or spank-kei so this is super "on brand" you could say for her.

I love her outfits so much!

>> No.10202061 [DELETED] 

Amazing simple style. Leave OP! <3

>> No.10202118

You know you can make a single post with all these responses right

>> No.10202141

Really it’s just that the wig doesn’t suit her face, otherwise this is cute.

>> No.10202154

I refused to comment on this. I would have been so rude....

>> No.10202201

Is that a maple wig? The ringlets are great

>> No.10202237

Pre-brainwashed handmaidens sucking his dick. Disgusting.

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File: 129 KB, 1280x575, bunnyandblacknurse.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This wasn't even the worst coord at TooManyGames. I was there yesterday and I am still in awe at this one I saw. I thought she was wearing that bunny and black nurse jsk but I remember it being in some obnoxious neon color way that I can't seem to find pictures of. She wore bright yellow crocs and maybe gudetama socks but I didn't get to look at her for very long. This was the first ita I ever saw in the wild and I was just in awe. If somebody can find any pictures of the girl please help me because I just need to get a better look at her but I haven't found any while looking at con pics.

>> No.10202264

Off topic, but I need the Sweet, Gothic and/ or Guro versions because omg those are just so cute

>> No.10202292

I'm really rooting for this girl. She seems to really love the fashion and is very involved in the fb groups from what I can tell, and I really want her to achieve her Lolita dreams. She's getting better with every new coord I see. For her experience level, I think this is fine and she just needs to iron out the kinks. My only crit is to smile more, girl!!

>> No.10202350
File: 97 KB, 1080x1080, NfChN5S3G0Q.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She said this is an old school coord

>> No.10202360

The outfit is fine, her face just doesn't suit the specific look she's going for.
I think an updo/braided hairstyle would look much better for her.

>> No.10202394

What season is bare legs, no petti, and long sleeves? Wonder where this person lives. Regardless maybe this is the only lolita she owns, it's unfortunate she thinks it's a coord

>> No.10202404

Lol wtf, why do think wearing neon colored ankle socks over tights looks fantastic?

>> No.10202443

I'm rooting for noob-chan to do this dress better

>> No.10202444

Well she's got a petti, legwear, and of course a headpiece, so she already wins in my book

>> No.10202555
File: 193 KB, 750x739, 9205B851-D94E-46A6-A8BC-7096DDFD13AD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10202556

don't see it on CoF. was it deleted?

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File: 179 KB, 750x739, 7FDBAD7E-166E-4710-A572-91B79DA0183D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At least trim the bangs on that nasty limp greasy looking wig!

>> No.10202563

None of them really work for lolita imo but I’d love the creepy one on a skater skirt. I’m still into pastel goth and it’d be perfect for that.

>> No.10202564
File: 236 KB, 720x960, 87F05980-EA01-46E3-99B5-0195C921DE5D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10202566

Gawd damn. Dick shaped shiny wig, blouse that doesn’t match color wise or aesthetically, clown looking makeup and those tights! This couldn’t get worse!

>> No.10202567

Middle yes. Sides? Not even a little decent.

>> No.10202569

Pretty sure that’s just a support bandage. Check your monitor settings anon, that’s skin tone and not green.

>> No.10202571
File: 567 KB, 750x1208, 38EC81B6-210C-4493-8F8F-42A3A67A0D7A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The coords are all pretty good. Far right just needs a paper bag.

>> No.10202577

Low key bothered that the trans flag is pink x white x sax.

>> No.10202579

No you’re not. Srry. Trans in lolita big the shit out of me. Try passing as a woman first instead of invading our space.

>> No.10202581

Bug. Dropped my spaghetti.

>> No.10202597

The sweets must be stopped. Chiffon overskirts, golden tea parties, and skewer headbands are not suitable for this style.

>> No.10202603

All of these things are Ott classic ataples not sweet. Fucking summer...

>> No.10202608

this isnt a man

>> No.10202613

Who is noob-chan

>> No.10202616

They are a man

>> No.10202617

Ott classic was created by the ott sweet crowd. But yeah it’s not working.

>> No.10202619

It is a biological woman

>> No.10202620

This is giving off Melanie Martinez vibes and it's pissing me off.....
My dream dress.... ;-;

>> No.10202623

looking at their old pictures shows pretty clearly thats not the case once you get past the tumblr phase

>> No.10202625

Classic case of stick all of it on my head

>> No.10202627

Is this person the same as >>10202559
Because she looks about 15 years older in the close up.

>> No.10202630

Just because you have sought after brand doesn’t mean you have taste.

>> No.10202631

I still need more dresses to wear out of Lolita so that's still perfect!

Yeah it's a support bandage. Anon just didn't bother looking hard enough because it's super obvious that it is

>Low key bothered that the trans flag is pink x white x sax
Huge same. It's so aesthetic and yet.... It gets represented by some of the most delusional people (not actual trans that really aren't taking.... But trend hopping shits and sissies who want to just invade spaces)

>> No.10202638
File: 79 KB, 900x900, 1559082351555.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10202646

Proving once again that anti-trans rhetoric ultimately hurts cis women too lmao

>> No.10202663

Even IF you were helpful and nice, and even IF he does everything you recommend you do, he's never going to look even remotely decent. Some people just have no self-awareness.

>> No.10202671

Calm down, Vendetta-chan. Other than changing out the wig, this is fine.

>> No.10202682

Not a full coord pic

>> No.10202689

If you think these are fine you are a delusional summer fag.

>> No.10202692

NAYRT but they’re not even close to being ita. Is this OP again? Stop posting shit you just don’t like and post actual itas

>> No.10202694

This is just an average coord. Sure maybe the two toned wig fad is a little dated but there’s nothing ita about this unremarkable coord.

>> No.10202702

I mean, if you don't want to be treated like a tranny, don't act like one.

And iron or steam that dress for fuck's sake, it looks disgusting here >>10202564

>> No.10202707

homegirl is trying so hard to be a "lolita vlogger" but her coords are just hodgepodges of memes. makes me think she's a cosplayer trying to make it in lolita. her videos are so cringe.

>> No.10202832

calm down vendetta chan. her coords seem boring and meh but nothing worth losing your shit about.

>her videos are so cringe
>so cringe
you must be 18 to use this site.

>> No.10202834

I hear you anon. What a fucking mess.

>> No.10202836
File: 92 KB, 960x956, 65103220_10157200262267591_3494335639124443136_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10202838

Jesus christ.
All this is missing is a pogo stick.

>> No.10202841

This could have been really cute. Trans flag colors are great for AP sweet. But this just looks poorly executed and kinda dirty/dingy. The photo location doesn't help at all. This needs a blouse or something on her arms (white would work if she wants that in her color scheme, and it would balance out the random ass parasol), a good iron, and a better petticoat. The sash doesn't fit and looks cheap and shiny. I'm glad to see a fakeboi not wearing that ugly rebecca sugar hair in a coord for once though.
If you're going to do the trans flag for the aesthetic, then actually DO the aesthetic.

>> No.10202843

Is that Nabokov's lolita tattooed on her arm? Gross

>> No.10202847 [DELETED] 

No, you’re not. You’re a narcissist who thinks he’s entitled to women’s spaces, or a homophobic man who sees skinwalking as a woman as a way out of admitting he’s homo, or a fetishist incel-turned-“transbian”. Take your pic, fag. I can’t wait for the day this shit isnt tolerated anymore and we drop the T from LGBT.

>> No.10202848

not your taste =/= ita. she made this look her own and I respect that

>> No.10202852

Jesus Christ you're so hateful. Like I'm not even trans and you make me feel attacked. Who the fuck hurt you?


Get a floofier petti and iron your dress and maybe get different shoes, but don't stop being who you are and don't stop wearing lolita. Whether you're trans or not (I honestly can't tell), you're welcome in the fashion.

>> No.10202854

i'd never dress myself like that but I like the experimental use of color and how surprisingly well it seems to work. Not a fan of the hair though, i think that would've looked more cohesive if it had purple rather than green.

people here really stifle creativity by calling every single unusual or experimental coord "ita" just because they don't like it. it's really tiresome.

>> No.10202869

Maybe you feel attacked because you too are a narcissist who makes everything about you

>> No.10202870

Doll face mask trend.....? Lurk moar before you start RPing

>> No.10202873

damn those are some blisters waiting to happen

>> No.10202883

I have no complaints about the coord but god do I hate tattoos in lolita

>> No.10202885

Y’all fr trying to make “Nabokov” happen? “Ageplay” got too buzzwordy?

>> No.10202889
File: 188 KB, 1028x1443, A5B9B1C4-21DE-4ECF-AA44-BC87C164DBEC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is no one going to tell her that this is a design replica?

>> No.10202891 [DELETED] 

Shut the fuck, this person is actually afab you fucking hateful bitch

>> No.10202894

Sage for summerfags

>> No.10202904

Look at the picture again.
Turn it upside down if that makes it easier to see.

>> No.10202908

no one cares about design replicas. they're not illegal and not a big deal.

>> No.10202950

It’s still a fake ripoff, get the real brand poorfag

>> No.10202967

It's not illegal but it is trashy.

>> No.10202970

this shitty coord has like 500 likes by now and people in the comments are creaming themselves, cof is shit

>> No.10202973

Tattoos and glasses in lolita are fuggin' uglyyyy.

>> No.10202974


>> No.10202976

Fakeboi snowflake

>> No.10202977
File: 62 KB, 640x960, 1383614161519.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gawwwd I can't remember but does anyone remember Lolita Snap days? Mistress M, Sadako Strikes, Kaoriu Ai and their failed Himitsunoniwa?

>> No.10202982

Sometimes it's not.

>> No.10202984
File: 794 KB, 500x283, i cant.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

FUCK ME it's my dream dress!!!!! how the fuck is it wasted on people who can't coord it??? Why would you hide this beautiful dress under an overskirt??? AND GOLD SHOES?! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

>> No.10202985
File: 755 KB, 200x186, Face Smash.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10202987

Not a fan of the tattoos (especially that Lolita one, ew) but this really cute.

>> No.10202988

I was about to say "I love her Bowie tat though" and then I saw this, anon, and now I want to barf. the two should be NOWHERE near each other

>> No.10202989

I dont get why people in an alternative fashion get mad when they see alternative people wear it.

As for the coord, i really only dislike the shoes. Blush velvet doesnt match this at all

>> No.10202996

>Dress doesn't fit
>Ugly shoes
Stop defending this by calling it experimental. The experiment failed. I like the sheer blouse and tights thing, but it's overshadowed by how bad the rest of this is.

>Showing off tattoos
>That Lolita tattoo in particular
>That hair

>> No.10202998
File: 14 KB, 236x265, 4C09B39E-A4A9-4EB6-B704-7BC889AAFE27.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I recognize the building in the background, but I’ve never seen this girl in my comm before.

>> No.10203011

It's not ageplay though.
It's specifically the image from the Kubrick movie based on the book Nabokov wrote. Ageplay can mean a lot of things, Nabokov means the book.

>> No.10203012

Day one Paradiso location.....

>> No.10203014

Which dress is this?

>> No.10203023

>actual trans

>> No.10203030

Bowie fucked underage girls my guy

>> No.10203036

This was a stupid comment.
Anyways The co-ord is subpar minus those awful shoes, but the fakeboi vibes are making me hate it more than I should.

>> No.10203043

You know damn well what anon meant.

>> No.10203044

Design replicas are fine.
Print replicas are not....

Jesus when is summer over?

>> No.10203045

>pushes my glasses up my bridge

My dearest anon, fuck yourself

>> No.10203051

"dress doesn't fit" and "ugly shoes" are nitpicks. lots of other people like the colors of this experiment but just dislike the lolita tattoo or the hair color. i personally think coording her tattoo colors to her dress colors was a cool idea that works for the most part.

>> No.10203053

design replicas are tacky and embarrassing. they're akin to print replicas in that it screams "im too poorfag to actually own this". it's legal, sure, but just as embarrassing.

>> No.10203057

I'm against replicas too but this is the dumbest fucking comment and I really hope you're trolling.

>> No.10203066

Tattoos sure.

Glasses, fuck you. They're a disability aid.

>> No.10203078

remember, most people on COF aren't lolitas.

>> No.10203082

NAYRT but If they are parked on your face and a shit-ton of fashionable pairs are available (and there are) then there’s really no excuse for ugly non-matching glasses.

>> No.10203085

just take them off for photos, it's not that hard. I also bring a little tube of concealer to cover up the glasses marks on my nose too.

>> No.10203091

design replicas for things like shoes make sense, where "bow on shoe in [color]" isn't exactly invented by brand and is a staple to the fashion. but dresses are so widely varied that to copy the design of an entire dress stands out in an awful way. i'm sorry you're too poorfag or impatient to wear certain dresses, but people look down on you for wearing the tacky, poorer quality, off-brand version of it.

>> No.10203098

>remove the device you need to be able to see properly because I don't like the aesthetic


There's no reason they can't be worn in lolita either. Plenty of women wore glasses in the Victorian era, it's not incongruous like tattoos.

>> No.10203099

Your glasses are your glasses. Some people choose to match them to their fashion choices, but you can't expect people to get a new pair just for fashion.

Again, it's literally a disability aid. It's necessary function over form.

>> No.10203100

Ayrt, glasses are often necessities, go fuck yourself. They're nowhere near as ugly as a fucking Nabokov tattoo

>> No.10203104

Say Nabo, it sounds more offensive and somehow racial.

>> No.10203109

You clearly don't know what it's like to be nearly blind without your glasses. Not only is it unsafe and downright terrifying at times to be without them, I'd probably end up making a stupid squinting face in pictures which would look less attractive than if I just wore my goddamn glasses in the first place.

>> No.10203111

What do you need to be able to see for taking photos? Taking them off briefly for a photo won't hurt you, I guarantee it. If you're going to bother to pose for pictures, you might as well take the brief extra step.

>> No.10203113

Except I can't focus on the point in the camera lens that I need to in order to have a non-derp compelling shot.

>> No.10203117

Aside from the derpface others have already mentioned,

Why the fuck should I? Why do I need to remove my medical device to look good to you? Would you say the same to someone with hearing aids or a wheelchair?

>> No.10203122
File: 450 KB, 487x576, bsolf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's just a coord layout, but I haven't seen anything this classically ita in a long time

>> No.10203123

it was in BSOL

>> No.10203124

what is that first image supposed to be?

>> No.10203126
File: 50 KB, 540x960, 65462027_2406814196222140_5704289479070580736_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

some kind of leg brace

>> No.10203132

While the coord is awful, you'd better not be implying that the leg brace is why

>> No.10203134

Or maybe it was really awful? Let trans people be. They didnt do anything to hurt you. Theyre just trying to live with and cope with their gender dysphoria.

>> No.10203136

The leg brace is quite obviously not why.
>Classically ita
does not include mobility devices. It does include a Milanoo dress, office blouse, and amish bonnets though.

>> No.10203140

Mennonite kei lmao

>> No.10203141

Go back to tumblr

>> No.10203152

I have a tattoo on my forearm and either cover it up with makeup or wear long sleeves to cover it. That’s a personal choice because I don’t like how my tattoos don’t fit in with my coords. But looking past the tattoos this isn’t an ita cord. Some small nitpicks but not even remotely on the ita spectrum. Tattoos are personal taste just like someone preferring Anglic pretty sweet versus baby the stars shine bring sweet.

>> No.10203154

Tbh it's more of the fact that the person who takes her coord pics takes them at bad angles. Photos should not be taking straight at eye level or from down pointing upwards, which the person who takes her photos always does.

I've always felt like telling her this but have been too worried to offend. I know when she takes photos from good angles they look nice as I've seen unfiltered photos as well... But boy does the person who helps need to look up taking pictures DX

As for the coord, don't think this is ita. Though I don't quite like the belt.

>> No.10203164

I hope those 13 comments are please don't even think about this shit again.

>> No.10203166

5 of them are about how cute her new brace is and shoes she could wear without hurting herself more then she needs to. It’s a BSoL post. I can excuse ita questions in that group because that’s what it’s for. Some people already warned her about the image being a Milanoo dress. She did say she was going to make it herself since she knows how to sew which I doubt but newbie lolita has to make mistakes at first and learn from them. I don’t exactly think it’s fair to be making fun of her exactly yet because of the fact that she is asking for help. But it was a major YIKES at first glance .

>> No.10203175
File: 25 KB, 533x399, 19AF53ED-D2CD-46A8-9C4B-94706C694D93.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dropped image of the new brace

>> No.10203178

Since it got deleted: a man IS only identifying as a woman and is NOT a woman, he is:
>a homophobic gay man who would rather skinwalk as a straight woman than be a gay man
>an incel-turned-“transbian” preying on lesbians
>a narcissist who feels he’s entitled to women’s spaces
>a mentally ill person who also believes in gender roles, who needs therapy and to be told GNC is a thing, not hormones and coddling from people like you
Pick one

>> No.10203181

It’s got some small tweaks but it’s kinda on that blurred line of ita. The belt has to go. The shoes don’t really match. The whites from the skirt potion don’t really match the other lighter whiter shades with the hair accessory and the blouse. The hat would look much better if it was blue. The purse it too bright. If she wanted to pull pink into it, she should have gotten a pink bag, some shoes and probably the blouse in the same shade of pink to work that hat into it better. It’s mostly just bad color story then any thing. The pose is not the greatest and the face expression is weird. That’s mostly on the photographer ( or herself) for it. All things easy to fix with small changes.

>> No.10203184

holy FUCK the absolute size of those leg braces. no wonder she needs them, her legs can't support her body

>> No.10203187

It’s unlaced anon. You obviously don’t know how leg braces work.

>> No.10203188

>implying they still wouldn't be huge af

>> No.10203195

Dude, chill. It's not that deep; find somewhere else to armchair diagnose random-ass people.

>> No.10203196

Am I the only one who was incredibly distracted by the God-awful, costumey wig?

>> No.10203199


>> No.10203207


>> No.10203219

Fuck right off with this self hating bullshit.

>> No.10203223

I’m scared to find out what this insult implies other than the show reference.

>> No.10203224

It means a woman who supports the demands of men at their own sex’s detriment (so faghags pushing for trannies to sit in on women’s tea parties)
What is it then? A phase? Mental illness at best and fetish at worst

>> No.10203228

She covers for religious reasons with mostly bonnets? Forgive the ignorance of an anon from a very secular country, but what religion does this and would still be okay with using the internet/wearing lolita? Is she a Muslim who's switched out the headscarf for an old-timey white people bonnet or is she like a not very strict Amish person or something?

>> No.10203233

She's probably from a religion that practices Plain Dress, like Amish.

I don't think she means she covers /with/ bonnets, just that she needs to cover with long sleeves/a longer dress and then also mostly wears bonnets.

The sad thing is that she could absolutely work in those restrictions and still look good, particularly if she went down a more classic route. Tea-length dresses, long sleeved OP's, JSK's with solid blouses, shawls, capes, coats. And she can still wear bonnets, just not... those bonnets.

>> No.10203234

You sound like the dumbest SOB right now.....

>> No.10203235

People sometimes can't help the kind they get???? I have to get mine through medicaid, they have the WORST selection. GTFOH with that.

Why would I do that? I'd like to see my surroundings.....

>> No.10203238

I shouldn't have to remove a medical fucking necessity..... I need to see the damn lense and I'd like to see my surroundings....

Seriously you and the other anons telling us to just take them off need a parasol up the ass

>> No.10203240

Huh. It just seems weird to me that an Amish person who cares about covering up for religious reasons would be "allowed" to use the internet to research/possibly buy frivolous fashion, especially since the dress she chose isn't exactly "plain" even as far as lolita dresses go. I mean of course there are bound to be branches that are more lenient than your average media portrayal Amish, but I'd still figure they'd choose one of IW's more toned down/somber looking tea length dresses or something.

>> No.10203242

Listen, if you're gonna post horrendous shit, at least WARN us or something, holy shit

>> No.10203243

I’m not someone who thinks glasses with lolita are inherently ugly but why can’t you just get contacts to wear to meets? You sound like you’re trying to be special/oppressed and arguing for the sake of arguing. It’s just fucking glasses not like your arm is chopped off or something.

>> No.10203246

Be grateful you don't need glasses (yet), anon. When you see someone with a disability, remind yourself that "there but for the grace of God go I". And then leave them alone about it.

I think you've internalized some negative opinions about your glasses. You don't need to feel ashamed for needing something to help you see, and I promise that you look just fine with them on. Don't feel like you need to remove them for pictures or events.

>> No.10203248

>but why can't you just get rid of something that helps you every day
>but why can't you just
>but why

Because we need glasses to SEE you moron.

Not everyone can wear contacts (I can't. My special prescription is the only thing that stopped my eyesight deteriorating rapidly into full blindness, and it can't be done with contacts). Some people just don't like the idea of sticking things in their eyeballs, and that's fine too.

People who need to wear glasses should be able to wear their glasses. Period. Finished. Not when it suits /you/. They should be able to wear their glasses at home and at school and out shopping and at prom and at lolita meets and on their wedding day. They aren't inherently ugly, they aren't out of place, and the person won't look better in pictures if they take them off.

>> No.10203250

Why should I have to pay for an expensive appointment, fitting, and device that I'll only wear once in a while? Not to mention I, personally, cannot handle touching my own eye or seeing anyone touch an eye. For you? So you won't think my pictures are ugly? Fuck off.

>> No.10203252

Why though? What's wrong with wearing glasses in Lolita?

>> No.10203253

This brace is super cute! I can see a few sweet coords with it

>> No.10203254

Nope. That sheen made me clutch the dry shampoo like it was gonna run

>> No.10203255

My eyes chronically dry and contacts irritate them past the point of any help.
Rather than fuck my eyes further, I think I'll be that "special/ oppressed" person and tell you to fuck yourself.

Some of us aren't wearing these for kicks. I literally tried every route other than Lasik before I settled to giving myself permanent bridge marks.

>> No.10203257

Is there a reason that anon/ those anons hate their glasses so much? It's ok dude, be proud of your two extra eyes.
And if you're not blind enough to need glasses, thank your stars that you aren't.

Leave the glasses-litas alone and focus on your own face in pics.

>> No.10203264

I guarantee you that every single glasseslita has been told at some point by someone they love/admire that they look prettier with their glasses off. When you're hit with that along with all the media bombardment of "glasses r ugly hurr" it can really take a toll on you.

So either you internalize it and you make your life harder by taking them off, or you learn to say fuck it, I love my glasses and this is who I am.

That's why people aren't taking your bullshit.

>> No.10203265

ayrt never said the BSoLF OP was Amish, just that they probably dressed similarly.
The person is Mennonite, which is close to Amish in terms of heavy religious involvement and modesty, but differs in religious creed and traditional practice. The OP only needs to have most of their body covered, and wear their hair up with something covering it, even partially.
I have a feeling OP only recently found lolita through Google, and has no clue where to start. Their facebook page is worrisome.

>> No.10203267

The loss of any physical ability sucks and can impact your quality of life. We don't need to play oppression olympics, but you do need to learn compassion. Be grateful you don't need glasses.

>> No.10203270

Holy shit you guys are defensive. What the fuck. More people I know wear glasses (including my entire family, literally entire) and I’ve never seen anyone get pissed off over their glasses. I didn’t know this was a thing

>> No.10203273

You're ignorant

>> No.10203277

>If you don't unnecessarily inconvenience yourself I'll think your pictures are ugly
>fuck off I don't need to inconvenience myself for your approval
>wtf why so defensiveeeeeee

>> No.10203279

My family, friends, and I must just have bigger problems to deal with than our glasses I guess. Literally no one cares. It’s so common I don’t even notice people wearing glasses and would describe them by their hair color or height first.

>> No.10203280

Mennonites wear long dresses and bonnets but also get down with technology. I used to see them all the time in Wisconsin. The bonnet pictured is literally a religious Mennonite bonnet, not Victorian.

>> No.10203282

I wasn’t the original anons and it was just an honest question about contacts but ok, keep seething over nothing

>> No.10203284

You still haven't explained why contacts are needed in the first place. Why shouldn't someone wear their glasses to a meet?

>> No.10203287

I bet you don't see skin colour either lmao.

People in this thread have literally stated that glasses are ugly and should not be worn in lolita, and you have /no idea/ why people are angry and defensive about their glasses? Glasseslitas are just unreasonable I guess, fuck 'em.

>> No.10203288
File: 47 KB, 424x640, 0D7E256D-1C3F-4A04-845B-EF3CAA28892B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have certain thoughts about the belt. I think by modern standards the belt is off but that’s what Rococo, Victorian, and Edwardian ladies did, they put a contrasting belt on to tie in accessories because even rich women only owned like 8 dresses and they had to wear the same bonnet or two with every dress. Also it was the fashion

>> No.10203290

They aren’t, but if you’re going to get so defensive over a single (maybe two, I can’t tell obviously) anons (dumb) opinion on glasses being ugly then contacts was an option. I don’t know anything about contacts since everyone I know just says fuck it and wears their glasses. Because no one cares.
That’s all you talking, not me lol

>> No.10203297

It's ok to admit you were being insensitive instead of getting all flouncy. It's an interpersonal skill that will really help you in life.

>> No.10203301

How can you tell it's a replica? I just bought one of these used and now I'm nervous it's a replica, I can't really tell.

>> No.10203309
File: 85 KB, 600x450, 51C4382D-3AF3-4708-86B7-DB6FF57DBD5D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah, I think we’d all benefit more if you’d be less oversensitive instead.
>*pushes up plain glasses I picked for being inobtrusive with alternative fashion because despite being nearsighted I could see trendy black frames looking ugly with what I wear off the job

>> No.10203319

Bless your heart

>> No.10203373

THIS. Underrated comment. When my bf takes my photos he sometimes doesn't even bother to get up off the couch. The difference between the couch-photo and the standing-up photo is night and day.

>> No.10203374

Is it.. Ita victorian?

>> No.10203383

please go back to lolcow

>> No.10203414

Most people won’t tell someone where they can shove their shitty opinion to their face, it doesn’t mean they’ve never felt annoyed by people’s hot takes on glasses.

I’ve never yelled at my insurance company but that doesn’t mean that I don’t think it’s bullshit that they won’t pay for contacts because they’re a “vanity product”.

>> No.10203421

>disability aids are ugly lol have you tried not being ugly?
>why are you guys so mad :(

>> No.10203425

I have this problem too, in addition with other genetic eye problems, that means contacts for me are going to be quite a deal more pricey than for someone who needs some minor vision correction.

When I started in the fashion, I had black square frames (was the style at the time). I would take them off for photos. But this often causes me to blink during the flash or look unfocused. I will only take photos without my glasses to get makeup shots with my phone.

Now, I try to pick a nice frame from my Optometrist that goes with most of my wardrobe and is cute for daily non-lolita wear. I'll order a few cheap pairs from Zenni or other places online to wear with other coordinates.

Personally, I feel like glasses frame my face and can help pull the coordinate together a bit more. I actually like how I look in them far better than without.

>> No.10203435

I personally love glasses in lolita. I think it's cute.

>> No.10203494

seriously, stylish glasses are fucking cute? anon has shit taste.

>> No.10203513

Yeah, even when glasses aren't stylish, I've kinda accepted them as an intrinsic part of ones face. I don't even really notice someone wearing glasses. It's not even really a part of someones outfit. They're just...glasses. I do appreciate stylish glasses, though.

>> No.10203540

Here's a hot take - disability aids are not accessories.

People might find ways to coordinate them to suit their fashion, but they're in no way obliged to do so. They're also not obliged to remove them or use less noticeable variants if they don't want to.

If you see a lolita (or a cosplayer) (or anyone) using a disability aid, whether it's glasses, hearing aids, a cane, a wheelchair, crutches, support bandages, or a service dog, and your first instinct is to suggest they should minimize that aspect of themselves for pictures because they're ugly, you're a really, really shitty person and you should keep your mouth shut.

>> No.10203543

Everything but glasses I agree.
Too many cute styles, choices and options for cheap to warrant having ugly glasses.

>> No.10203544

I don't care if I'm described as "the one with the glasses". I do care if someone tells me I should wear contacts for meets/photos, or suggests that being described as someone wearing glasses is a bad thing.

Rethink your life.

>> No.10203546

Not everybody has access to those options.

>> No.10203549

>If [...] your first instinct is to suggest they should minimize that aspect of themselves [...] because they're ugly, you're a really, really shitty person and you should keep your mouth shut

Did I fucking stutter?

>> No.10203550

Neither of those implications were there if you could read. Keep playing victim. Glasses are so extremely common (at least where I am) they are a poor descriptor of a person. It has nothing to do with them being “a bad thing”
Careful now, they’ll just say you’re ableist in the same way not seeing color is racist.

>> No.10203552

Intent is not magic. If you say things that make people uncomfortable and then make a million excuses about how you didn't mean it that way instead of acknowledging that yeah in hindsight you could have worded it better or not said it at all, you're emotionally immature and probably awful to be around.

>> No.10203554

>can afford lolita
>can’t afford cute option glasses
>can avoid being ita
>can’t pick glasses that aren’t ita

>> No.10203555

Or you could learn to read instead of being so blinded by rage you can’t see not everyone is out to get you.

>> No.10203556

My glasses are almost four thousand dollars a pair because of my perscription, and there are a limited selection of frames that will suit said perscription. I'm not going to risk damaging my eyesight further for the sake of "cute option glasses".

>> No.10203557

See >>10203421 and >>10203277

>> No.10203561

See >>10203282

>> No.10203564

This is the dumbest ita thread I've read in a while.

>> No.10203570

Take your own advice dummy.

>> No.10203576

They’ve all been shit since the influx of Tyler newfags who think ita means “I don’t like it”

>> No.10203581
File: 39 KB, 400x547, C3FA0B7F-2361-4720-9F3D-3D76E203F5C2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’m not mad or offended, I’m just floored at the level of mad and offended over such a nonissue

>> No.10203583

Crying about it won’t make it any less embarrassing for you, sorry about your obesity and/or poverty. Also “SOB”? Is this your first day here?

>> No.10203591

People have explained why asking that was shitty, you're just too far up your own ass to accept it

>> No.10203594

>I-I'm not mad I swear

>> No.10203595

That belt looks way nicer than the vomit colored H&M thing she’s wearing.

>> No.10203596

Jesus, what a shitty place has become

>> No.10203598

No cares about glasses you faggots, can you stop talking about your special snowflake rare prescriptions? And can the other one stop baiting?

>> No.10203604

That’s you talking not me

>> No.10203609

that's most definitely not BtSSB

>> No.10203611

wtf, this is fine.
is this some kind of vendetta posting?

>arguing about glasses
>caring about polyester karami knockoffs

ah, summer: the season in which this dumpster ignites.

>> No.10203630

I'm genuinely asking why you call that a dick shaped wig. I'm confused or maybe just stupid. No comment on the quality here.

>> No.10203645

wtf that coord is in no way fine
>oldschool op
>meme crown
>solid hosiery
>wtf is that overskirt
>gold tea parties

why would you pair all of this garbage with a really excellent main piece? the shoes, the styling, all in conflict with the aesthetic of the OP. also miss me with this holier than thou posing.

>> No.10203680

Either you’re a liar or you had orthokeratology done which is just cosmetic.

>> No.10203709

You get fed the fuck up of people telling you to not wear your glasses after a while. Especially when you yourself hate them to begin with

So excuse my defensiveness if I'm just sick of people telling me to make THEM comfortable/ telling me to do shit because THEY think it's cute

>> No.10203710

Good for you. Want a parasol?

>> No.10203714

>I'd feel so much more better if I wasn't called out for my dickish ways

Bless your ever lovin heart...

>> No.10203717

Zenni??? What's that?! If I can find a place for cheap frames, I'll just use my appointments to get the prescription and those ugly medicaid frames for everyday use.....

I'm starting to like my face in them a bit more. I just want them as a different style

>> No.10203718

I like you.

>> No.10203724

I hope you lose all of your right socks

>> No.10203734

You're adorable

>> No.10203748

I am not from the US if that's what you are basing your skepticism off. I think it would equate to a little over $2000 USD?

Regardless, why would I lie about my perscription? It's a shitty expense I wish I didn't have to deal with, and I hope you never need to do the same.

>> No.10203757

Those patterns are from bunny and black

>> No.10203763

I think lasik averages around $2k USD per eye. At that point it seems worth it to stop buying dresses for a year and go for it.

>> No.10203769

I can't get Lasik.

What will it take for people to understand that a)alternative opinions are not the answer for everyone, and b) getting bombarded with suggestions for alternative options is seriously annoying. Let people wear glasses in peace.

>> No.10203848
File: 992 KB, 389x259, 1386081242152.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A lot of sandy vaginas smeared across this board over the fact that glasses in Lolita are ugly. As I said before, they are fugly as fuck.

>> No.10203859

Just sayin’

>> No.10204067

>Just change everything about the outfit and you've got a coord!
That's why it's ita, anon. One cute dress does not a coord make.

>> No.10204080


>> No.10204990

I like both these looks. They are stepping out of the box. I would consider both these coords OTT in there respected styles.

>> No.10204996

She helps out and models for friends Indie brands. If I had to guess, these were outfits for fashion shows or indie brand portfolios. So in other words, not coords she would normally wear to a meet. More of a runway show piece designed with what the creator wanted to show.

>> No.10206175

Nayrt but this is lolita fashion we're talking. What do you mean with access? Money? If thats an issue lolita is out of the question then.

>> No.10206201

Nayrt but some people physically cannot wear contacts because of their eye curvature, have extremely strong prescriptions that require thick lenses with limited frame options, cannot afford lasik in their country and/or are not candidates for it.

Owning a couple $150-$200 main pieces purchased second hand or new offbrand plus accessories is far more affordable than what vision care costs in different places around the world depending on your health insurance situation. You don't have to be loaded to wear lolita and some people are just middle class and can't afford or qualify for physically (in the case of lasik, some frame styles, or contacts) certain options regarding eye care.

They may also already have lolita clothes and still want to wear clothes they already own but can't afford new glasses at that current point in their life.

>> No.10206242 [DELETED] 

New thread, please continue >>10206241

>> No.10208018

anon whats ur dick look like

>> No.10208308

Neither Lolita or Ita

>> No.10209645
File: 130 KB, 600x630, 1560254714366.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that face
>those feet
>those legs
It's a fucking sissy isn't it

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