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For stupid questions/questions that don't
deserve their own thread. Old thread hit bump limit >>10197493

This is not the cosplay help thread.

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What's the difference between a cardigan and bolero? Is it length?

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I'm not 100% on this but I think usually cardigans have some way of closing in the front, typically buttons, and usually boleros are at least a little open, maybe tying with a ribbon at the most.

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I just mildly injured my foot right before an event where theres going to be alot of walking. How sin would it be for me to wear converse in a color that matched my coord? It is a pretty casual coord to begin with. Should i just not wear lolita at all?

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It's fine. Your health should always come first

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How do i make paint dry faster? I'm going as bromakaze (shimakaze) and my only option for the shoes was to hand craft them, so i got some pvc boots, and i think i used too much red paint, and am not sure if it'll be dry in time for Anime Expo. Also, how do get paper towel off of pseudo-wet paint without ruining the paint job?

Pic related

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>This is not the cosplay help thread.

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my b

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A bolero is normally open, typically in lolita, you will see them with a single button closure or a ribbon closure. Lolita boleros tend to have frilly designs going up the front, normally with more detailing on the sleeves and collar area. They also tend to hit waist length and no lower, sometimes a tad bit higher. They can be made of various materials and can be stretchy, made of a stiffer fabric, or more flowy in nature (chiffon is popular). A bolero is going to be a lot more tailored.

A cardigan on the other hand is typically a just a button-up sweater. They are always made of a knit fabric and have a series of buttons up the front. Lolita-specific boleros will often have nicer collars, bow designs, some sort of embellishment, and something a little extra to make it pop. Typically they are waist length or a little bit longer (not too long, like normie cardigans, but those can be modified easilly to suit lolita).

Boleros and cardigans of course exist in normie fashion. While you can find a lot of great normie cardigans or just crop them if needed, it's hard to find a good decent normie bolero and you'll want to get one made specifically for lolita.

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It depends. How buttmad would you be to be posted to the ita thread? If the answer is ’i wouldn’t be ’, then it doesn't matter, wear the converse. If it would hurt your feefees, wear proper shoes and figure out how to minimise the walking part. Another way to think of it would be ’would this prevent me from going to work and wearing proper shoes?’ if the answer is no, then suck it up and wear proper shoes to the meet.

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Length is the biggest difference but often also closure and type of fabric it is made from, usually. Cardigans are usually made from knits. And additionally, a shrug is usually short sleeved, cropped like a bolero but made from knit like a cardigan.

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Thank you!

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on aurora and ariel's site on taobao, what does "violence" refer to? is it just the amount of poof or the shape of the petti? i'm looking for a cupcake petti.

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Amount of poof

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I bought an off-white Liz Lisa bag from a very big rakuten store and it looked spotless in pictures save for a few scratches at the bottom, but when I got it it arrived with the whole front *covered* in brown-ish (foundation?) stains. Is there any way I could salvage it gulls? Any products at all? I'll but another for sure but it won't be here in time for what I had planned

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What is it made of?

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Does Aurora & Ariel only sell A-line pettis? Looking at their store there are a few that look cupcake-shaped, but I'm not really sure because they don't outright state it is.
I have one of their A-line pettis and love it, but I need a decent cupcake too since my old Classical Puppets one has bit the dust.

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Im not planning on taking any pictures of my outfit and its not a lolita specific event. Im just worried about someone taking my picture without permission.

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Where can I get new linen or cotton blouses? I was going to get a BTSSB blouse but it's 100% polyester.

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Do any brands have nice, high quality wallets? I’m a goth Lolita so black is preferred.

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moitie has a good amount of leather wallets in stock rn on wunderwelt

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They are not leather but they are good quality

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Fake leather, this is the listing
As you can see it looked to be in very good condition, but there actually are stains all over it and I'm pretty bummed, it's a cute, casual bag I would've gotten a lot of use out of otherwise

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I notice in a lot of older lolita pics, black shoes were paired with any color dress. Is this still fine to do or is it considered ita these days?

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Laforet Grand Bazaar attendees, what is the ticketing system for Angelic Pretty? Or just queue and hope for the best?

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where is the lolita 2chan board

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It's an outfit ruiner yep.There is a lot more availability for other colored shoes now, so it's a massive faux pas.

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I mean with the old school revival I think it's fine particularly if you're going to take that influence. Though for more modern styles, brown is usually a better grounding color. >>10207615 probably thinks they need a pair of tea parties for every color in their wardrobe, which isn't true and can make an outfit really samey imo.

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there isn't one. they just show up on the general fashion board once in a while. not in a long time now afaik.

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It's considered to be exclusively an old school look pretty much. So if you were shooting for an old school vibe, there's nothing wrong with going for black shoes (or white if your dress is more pastel.)
For a more modern coord, I don't think it'd be fully considered ita, probably just a poor coordination choice. Modern outfits involve a lot more complex design, prints, accessories, etc. than old school did, so plain black shoes will stand out a lot more and look out of place.

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I disagree.
No one actually cares besides autists and trolls will pick low hanging fruit every day of the week. It's just a natural first place to start coord critique and improvement if your shoes don't match your outfit 100%

Style plays a big factor.

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It depends. If there’s special sets or a special release, they do a number shuffle. Other things you just have to line up & wait. Fair warning the waiting area is an un aircon/unheated concrete stairway with almost no phone reception

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Ah, bring Kindle and delayer. Lucky Packs are usually NY's day right, not going for that. We're only interested in the sales

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They do special sets during GB too. Time sales and special sales (like sample sale) or if the store is very crowded also must line up and wait. Check the store blog or Twitter for where to line up and be aware sometimes it changes last minute.

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If it’s not a lolita specific event then there is no obligation to wear a full coord. Lots of people wear their lolita pieces casually or with no blouse, different shoes etc. Just don’t do that for a lolita meet, where a full coord is expected. In that case, converse always just say, ‘I couldn’t be arsed to get or wear proper Lolita shoes’.

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This is their current thread: https://b.2ch2.net/test/read.cgi/kotanuki/1558520543/1-
Open on desktop to see the full thread.
Just google "【ロリヰタ】ハム害スレ" and you'll find their past threads.

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I heard good things about jean paul gaultier's bags and wallets.

If you casually mention your injury I don't think anyone will bother.

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Thank you for your insight anon. I usually bypass AP and head straight to JM, but this time I got a friend who's into the sales. Will pass it on!

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Just don't post yourself to CoF thinking you won't end up in the ita no matter what reasoning you list in the post.

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There's a Chinese (probably taobao) brand Lemon Honey that has a couple designs I like, but I've only found them from reselllers. Anyone have their website?

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How do I measure my shoulder width correctly? Where should I put the measuring tape across my shoulders? I don't think I'm doing it right...

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I've never bought a blouse from a Japanese brand because I'm afraid the shoulder measurements don't fit me. The bust is always around 10 cm too big but the shoulder measurements are 2-3 cm too small. Do Japanese people have big boobs with small shoulders?

I mean do you think I should take the risk and buy something with a 35 cm shoulder width? Mine are 38 cm (EU size S/M)

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You should ask someone else to do it from the back desu

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Do leur getter sell their shoes online? I bought some second hand a while back and I've fallen in love with them. I can't seem to find any in thier online shop.

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Thanks, I'll try that. :)

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Ok since it's fake leather that means it's pretty much plastic and as long as you avoid the lining and dry it immediately after you have a few options. Dilute some dishwashing liquid or castile soap and use a cloth to gently scrub. "Rinse" with another damp cloth and wipe dry. If that doesn't work try scrubbing with a magic eraser. Test a spot that won't be visible first in case it wears the finish.

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Not everyone wants a pair of shoes for every outfit sweetfag

>> No.10208050

Black shoes match black or dark hair, so people used to use them to match their hair. It's not as common now

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Not sure if trolling

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Advice on finding Fruits magazines for cheap? Was lucky to get some for $15 each but I know most are $25-40.

>> No.10208128

Be patient and watch auction sites

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what video is the "most embarrassing behavior" thing from?

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what are good ways to style hair when wearing bonnets? also, what happened to lolibrary? why are so many pages missing?

>> No.10208144

misako's video on lolita behavior from kawaii pateen on youtube

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Which pair of shoes should I buy for pic related?
I'm pretty insecure about my feet, and it's my first cosplay after a long time due to low self-esteem.
The bows on the top ones are removable.
The strings with flowers come with the cosplay I purchased and can be attached anywhere.
Please forgive the facebook reactions on the pic but it was for a poll to my facebook friendlist

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>This is not the cosplay help thread.
in any case, just get a nice pedicure before the con and go with the sandals.

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Sorry, I didn't notice and I don't often lurk or post here
Thank for your advice, by the way

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Anyone knows how to find more of these type of hats that can be used for lolita? I know it's something like ポリスハット although most of the results just give me your usual regular police hats.
Well, in better words I would like to know what brands can make hats that can be used for millitary lolita since there aren't that many.
I would say a chinese keyword would be fine too, I would've asked for that on the taobao thread but I figured the entire question belonged here anyway

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Why don’t you like buy the ones in your photo from atelier Pierrot who stocks that brand?

>> No.10208199

Because they're sold out anon...well at least one of the ones in the shop isn't but I need more options

>> No.10208203

should i use detergent (the good stuff, not like tide) when i wash my brand, or just oxyclean? on cold?

>> No.10208211

I'm wondering about this too.

When you look at IW's measurements, the L size has 6cm more room in the bust than M, but only 1 cm difference in shoulder width. What's up with that?

>> No.10208214

You can ask a SS to check in-store (or email them or look on twitter if they have it in-store)

>> No.10208296

I'm not familiarized with SS's that can do in-store checkups (or more like never ever really did that before) so I wouldn't be sure though.
Either way, I still would like to know more options regardless

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In a con is it ok to approach lolitas and compliment their dress and talk a bit about the hobby or would it be best to admire and let them go about their day?

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It depends. I think if you know basic stuff, it would be fine. Like drop a brand name, and we usually assume you're a lolita out of the fashion. If you're approaching them to hit on them or with the intention of dating them, don't.

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As long as you're respectful, don't follow or interrupt someone who's busy, and show genuine interest, go for it.

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This is a bag from Japan so it’s fashion :^)
Anyways, I wonder if these exclusive arcade game items are of any value in and outside Japan? I won the blue one, and I don’t want to resell it necessarily but I want to win this bag in the red color and then sell the blue one but I heard from someone that it’s less than 10 bucks and I really don’t want to believe this. Even a half assed estimate guess will do.

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I'm fashion illiterate and also retarded and don't know how to combine stuff. I have been asking my friend but she went to work already so I guess I will ask here now. I wanna buy these

But I don't know what to coordinate them with. Pants? Skirt? What style? Which color? I ordered these jeans in dark but I'm not sure if they will fit with it or if I can do something better, like for example some cloth pants or a skirt, I don't like jeans much

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If you are female, yes. With a group or at least 1 friend, maybe. Lone guy? Nope.

>> No.10208630

I think dark colored shoes are fine provided they're harmonious with your neutral colors. If you're wearing ivory, brown is better than black.

>> No.10208649

If you’re classic or gothic lolita, and the injury allows it, you might want to consider a pair of Mary Jane shoes from brands that are meant for long walking, like Dansko. They’re not great, but fit the aesthetic much better than converse and might even be healthier than converse depending on your injury.

If you’re sweet, you could still try black Mary Jane shoes, going with one or two options. Option A, is have a sweet dress in a black colorway. Option B is to try to do an old school look, by purposefully wearing black Mary Janes with a non-black coord. If you go with B, try to stick to two main colors only for your coord, such as pink x white, red x white, etc.

But in the end, if you decide to wear converse, generally people won’t be upset (especially if you mention you’re sad you can’t wear cuter shoes but the injury is preventing it — just say it once, and then quickly move to another topic, like complimenting pieces that other people are wearing).

If you get posted on the ita thread and people bitch about it, you can either ignore it, or if you want to defend yourself, mention it was a temporary thing due to a medical condition.

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You can use taobao's image search function to try and find them.

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I have pic related in blackxivory, but I'm significantly taller than the model in the picture. I don't mind the hem hitting me basically mid-thigh, but I feel like the sleeves look a bit awkward with my longer arms. Is there anything I can do with that type of sleeve to make it look a bit better?

>> No.10208688

Binders for lolita: yay or nay?

I’m average (chubby in cgl terms) but manage to fit all brand I find except for this AP knit camisole I bought recently. My breasts are lumpy and saggy and look awful in it, and I’m not even busty I’m just horrifically shaped. Would getting a binder help this problem or would it just make it look worse and weirder?

>> No.10208700


>> No.10208701

a better bra that lifts and makes you look better shaped will make you look much better than a binder.

>> No.10208703

got any recs for a good strapless bra? it would need to be strapless bc the camisole has straps that wouldn''t cover up bra straps. i have terrible luck with strapless bras, they don't provide any lift and they don't minimize either, which is why i was thinking of getting a binder instead

>> No.10208734

Honestly I was afraid of the same thing for the longest time as my shoulders are fairly broad, but I've actually never had a problem with it. I found that shoulder measurements are either often inaccurate or they refer to the width of the space in between the seams where the sleeves connect instead of the full shoulder width.
Look up how to properly measure your own shoulders too, because chances are you've been measuring at the wrong points as well.

>> No.10208747

I have found that's only important when buying long sleeve cuz I bought a dress once that was 3cm too short on the shoulders and my sleeves kept rolling up plus it felt tight on my back.

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File: 62 KB, 1286x808, alipay.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has anyone else had this problem when using alipay? I enter my payment password and it just says submitting for a brief second, and then nothing happens.

>> No.10208778

Try a long line bra. I've had good luck with the Freya Deco Longline Strapless. Be aware that Freyas are bit loose in the band in my experience. Also, make sure you're wearing the correct size. Hate to plug reddit but I feel like /r/abrathatfits is still pretty much the go to for figuring that stuff out.

>> No.10208779

Try a well fitting minimizer bra, it helps reshape your bust silhouette. Yes they are usually more expensive but they make all of your clothes look, fit and feel better, well worth the investment. Hand wash it, don’t dry it in the dryer and it will last decently.

>> No.10208780

No one really cares about this kind of thing in general j-fashion as far as I know so retail value = 0 unless someone wants it as some kind of quirky collectible. Then I’d believe $10. Not really any kind of sought after items for j-fashion? Try EBay, explaining what it is abt take good photos?

>> No.10208782

Fluffed Braids, loose, low ponytails, looped braids, basically any style that doesn’t add height at the crown of your head and brings at least some of your hair forward on one or both sides. Soft curls always look nice.

>> No.10208783

This is a specialty item, and not common to lolita anyway so you aren’t going to have a bunch of choices like you would with bonnets or headdresses. If I really liked this style, I’d grab one that was in stock.

>> No.10208887

What should i do when a brand new profile with no profile pucture or feedback buys my listing?

>> No.10208902

Invoice them and see what happens?

>> No.10208904

ask if they have external feedback (ebay, fb) or just hope for the best? thats what paypal coverage is for.

>> No.10208996

Since Japonica is more expensive than Zenmarket, would the only reason to use Japonica be if you want to buy something from Mercari?

>> No.10209034

Also to add:
- Send the tracking number through paypal and mark as shipped.
- You should be including signature confirmation.

Chargebacks are a thing and unfortunately are a common problem. There was an infamous incident a number of years ago involving a girl who bought thousands in 2nd hand lolita goods and did chargebacks on everything. If I remember correctly, I believe she had some sock puppet accounts, but don't quote me on that.

Otherwise, look into paypal's seller protection guidelines and follow them strictly in all sales, whether it's someone in your comm who lives down the street with 300+ positive feedback or someone with zero feedback and no profile image.

>> No.10209043

What is the best Taobao shopping service?
What is the best Japan shopping service that can bid YJapan auctions and buy from Mercari?

I have only used Noppin one time but no one seems to use them much. How do you compare the shopping services?

>> No.10209056

superbuy for taobao

>> No.10209069

Hey thanks for the reply. Pls don’t get angry for asking because I know items are all different but could you tell me what the difference is between this one and the other 100+ bucks tote bag excrusive crane game I see on ebay? I mean 10 bucks is really low for a big tote bag that’s functional even for walmart I think.

>> No.10209071

Fuck I clicked too fast on post.
I am aware this bag isn’t something weebs would want, but those kirby fags would like it right? Idk, I see people selling all kinds of weird crane game shit for so much, much more than 10 bucks. And they have been sold before, quite a few times. But yeah I will try the e-bay thing, thanks.

>> No.10209080

As someone who very often wears a binder- decent ones aren’t worth the price if you’re just getting it for one article or clothing, and cheap ones are exceptionally uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.

I’d recommend a sports bra or shapewear instead.

>> No.10209134

Looks comfy, anon. I'd coordinate the blouse with pleated short skirts or midi skirts, in black or a bright color that fits your wardrobe (red, dusty rose, or evergreen come to mind). For the hoodie/coat thing, it's going for a loose, layered look, so a simple midi-to-long skirt that's not too tight would work.
Here's a couple aliexpress links that might help you visualize:

>> No.10209658

>quirky collectible
Not $10, I’d say around $70 since I saw a girl selling it for that much.

>> No.10209673

What does pateen meet?

>> No.10209720

Unanswered questions


>> No.10209756

How do I wash my burando!
Dry clean or hand wash?

>> No.10209771

Depends on the item. If it's a print with lots of red, dry clean. If it's otherwise a delicate item, hand wash. Solid color pieces and AP polyester can go in the washing machine. I always wash blouses and socks in the machine.

>> No.10209776

Read the label? I wouldn't machine wash any lolita unless I had a front load washing machine with a hand wash cycle. Anything else will just wear them out faster. I translate the label, test for colorfast, then can wash a lot as above, in nylon bags, cold, on the shortest hand wash cycle and I hang everything you dry. But if I had a top loading machine only, I would handwash and line dry most items. It's a good rule to dry clean anything that you are suspicious about washing.

Selling it for, or actually sold it for that price? Owner should auction it if they think something is worth more but saying oh hey, this is a Japanese tote bag so it must be fashionable is just naive.

>> No.10209925

any brands similar to pameo pose but more affordable?

>> No.10209950

Yes, they actually sold it for that price. You’re aware of collectible items, why be so stupid to think it’d be $10 then? And also, where do you live? Because I want to live in a cheap country too.

>> No.10209957

I was browsing their store, I thought so at least, but I actually turned out to be browsing on yesstyle, so some pieces could do a job good in emulating their style? Avoid the fashionova tier sections on forever21. Nastygal sales does it as well. Seems like normie clothes desu.

>> No.10209974

Try Honey Cinnamon for the girly stuff and Merry Jenny for the girly-oversized. Merlot for generic oversized.
If that anon can find an actual PP replica (see the Chinese style dresses) from normie brands then I’ll be impressed.

>> No.10209981 [DELETED] 

I own pink dresses like Dolly Cat.
How do i wash itv

>> No.10209988

Thanks! Btw I'm not interested in replicas.

>> No.10209995

I’m struggling shoe wise, coming back into daily lolita after a few years. I hate almost all of my shoes - those that I don’t hate I don’t want to wear regularly because I want to protect them.
My other shoes I hate because I feel like my flats look too immature, the bows make them look childish and the rounded toe reminds me of clown shoes. Heels I am not good at wearing regularly but I have the same issue where they look kind of immature. I generally wear classic lolita but have a few sweet pieces that I want to dress up more maturely. Don’t know what kind of shoes are best for this. I’m cool with something borderline ita if it at least isn’t ugly.

>> No.10209997

plain mary janes

>> No.10210001

I own a pair but they’re my old school shoes. I automatically feel like I’m going to school when I wear them lol. I’m looking in to oxfords and brouges for everyday.

>> No.10210063
File: 249 KB, 564x417, kittenheeloxfords.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

kitten heel oxfords might do the trick for you. i bought some from amazon that were surprisingly good quality.

>> No.10210070

GODS yes. ntayr, but I got a pair of them with runching or pleating down towards the toes and it was so perfect for one of my classic Yolanda coords as the lace was ruched/elastic pleated/looking.

>> No.10210073

Could you post a list of stores that have a similar clothing style? In fact just posting all the stores of non-lolita clothes you like to shop in or just drool at is fine. Pls complete list, I need inspiration right now because I’m trying to be a twig.

>> No.10210092

What are the best cons on the east coast? What about just in the USA in general?

>> No.10210115

How do you know if colors complement each other or not?

>> No.10210116

Does anyone have good headwear recommendations for understated gothic/classic, or at least stuff that isn't super OTT? I'm looking around on etsy but it's edgy horns and crowns with fifty roses on top galore.

>> No.10210121

Google "color theory" and come back if you have more questions

>> No.10210143

Well according to this, yellow and purple would coord well together? That sounds horrible. Is there a more fashion-oriented color theory thing about what looks good together?

>> No.10210148

My go-to is a beret with a flower clip holding it in place.

>> No.10210156

I have a couple berets, but the clip sounds like a good obvious addition. Wish I wasn't retarded when it comes to adding accessories but that's why I'm here

>> No.10210159

yellow and purple do go together. they are also considered "flashing" colors.

>> No.10210379

A couple months ago I bought my very first lolita item, a jsk which I had wanted for ages.
There's this blouse that it was paired with originally, but so far I haven't managed to find it (it's from 2004/5).
Now for my question, what did you do when you first started? Only bought the items you absolutely wanted or settled for ones that look similar? On the one hand I don't want to waste money, but on the other hand I finally want to be able to meet other lolitas and I obviously can't do that with an unfinished coord.

>> No.10210380

Look at stores that sell several brands like lukeandstella.com or runway-webstore.com

>> No.10210381

I didn't get into lolita in order to meet other lolitas so I never had this dilemma

>> No.10210382
File: 207 KB, 992x1600, 898031349145bb31788e1e48af8085c3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They do go together

>> No.10210386

Well not only that of course, I meant that I want to finish this coord and be able to wear it.

>> No.10210391

I settled and bought things for cheap that I didn't really like when first starting and now I'm desperate to get rid of them. Granted they were main pieces though, and my tastes have changed a lot so I wouldn't really sweat it about blouses and stuff just so you can have one coord for your first meet.

When I first got into the fashion I knew a decent amount about it but wasn't really sure what my personal style within lolita was. It seems like if you've wanted this jsk for a long time you probably have a better idea of what kind of style you are going for than I did, so you can probably trust your own judgement in finding a good blouse that would substitute.

If you do come across the blouse you're after just buy that too, you can never really have enough different blouses to alternate when building a lolita wardrobe from scratch. Having more blouses equals more coord options and variations. Maybe just don't buy one too similar if you're afraid you're settling for something you'll find somewhere down the line.

>> No.10210399

Sometimes I come across an item I like on Mercari/Fril but I'll miss it because it's listed outside of typical Japanese business hours and my SS can't get to it on time. It's probably unlikely but is there a shopping service out there that will let you purchase from these sites on your own or respond to you even outside of typical business hours? (i.e.: stops responding at 5pm)

>> No.10210400

Whats with the lolita library? I’m trying to check some older shoes I own and i can’t seem to find it.

>> No.10210402

Does anyone know where I can buy chocomint accessories still? I’ve searched where I used to see them and come up with nothing so far.

>> No.10210433


Rather than buy a lookalike, why not just make a new coord for the dress? jsks are meant to be worn different ways after all, and you can always go back to your original coord if you find that blouse (or if you decide to settle for a lookalike), so you'll have no hard feelings about buying a blouse because it's a new coord and not a substitute for the one you can't find.

As for your question. I started out saving up and splurging on a btssb special set because it was (nearly) a whole coord. At the time I bought it, print dresses were already a thing, and then in the next instant suddenly pastel split wigs, pastel everything, decora sweet exploded and then I'd fallen in love and decided I like the new lolita style way better. In the end my oldschool lucky pack dress never got worn beyond that first meetup, I had a new pastel dress next meet.

Can't really regret that first dress though, I got to meet my comm, make lolita friends, and I did reuse the blouse and accessories. Actually the dress is still in my cupboard even, I keep it around as it's my only old-school item.

I guess it's more like it's difficult to predict what's gonna happen, sometimes you just gotta roll with whatever's happening rather than wait for the planets to align and the perfect coord to meet other lolitas in. Or something.

>> No.10210438

Muuh is very quick and responds from early morning till late in the evening. If Muuh can’t get it, no one will.

>> No.10210444

Color theory just describes relationships between colors, it doesn't tell you what looks good because that can't just be taught. Either way you know what complementary means now which was your original question.

>> No.10210445

lolibrary is pretty inconsistent with updates and lacking in entries for anything other than main pieces unfortunately.

>> No.10210449

Muuh has an order limit now though. I think it was at least 10k yen per item for fril and mercari?

>> No.10210450

Technically yes, but I keep ordering from Muuh like I used to. So I think it’s not a very strict limit.

>> No.10210452

Also, I think it’s not per item but per order. So if you order multiple cheap items and get over 10k you’re fine.

>> No.10210751

What the hell happened to Hinana Queena's Taobao shop? It's gone

>> No.10210756

Gold and wine? Pastel purple and yellow? Duh
>color theory is wrong because only fully saturated colors exist

>> No.10210763

Does anyone know of any good, plain black flat platform(3"-4") Mary Janes? With separated heel and front, not like demonia's kera. My go to pair of shoes for Gothic Lolita are like that, but don't really suit more classic influenced looks since they have O-ring hardware shit

>> No.10210772

keep in mind that more than just complementary colors go together. a lot of colors that go well together in fashion are informed by our world (white and pink, green and blue, etc). I also think yellow and purple looks far uglier than plenty of non-complementary colors, but that's just because yellow and purple brings to mind poisonous spiders. Check out the options besides "complementary" on this color wheel: https://www.canva.com/colors/color-wheel/

>> No.10210775

if color theory was "right" all the time, we'd see far more purple and yellow (complementary) dresses than the tons of brown and pink (non-complementary) dresses we see out there. human fashion sense can't be put into an objective theory of "wrong vs right", it can only be informed by them.

>> No.10210781


>> No.10210782

Then you have shit taste.
Kidding, you're def right about objective taste but it doesn't change that anon has 0 critical thinking skills.

>> No.10210813
File: 183 KB, 736x1001, 91cdea9f99f0cfe35748904af31a61e0--magazine-covers-jpg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone know any websites where you can buy fashion magazines's past issues? Seventeen, egg!, GLB, etc.

>> No.10210837


>> No.10210838

Why do you think purple and gold is such a good combination?

>> No.10210896

um....i don't? i was using that as an example because the anons were arguing about whether it was good or not. try keeping up

>> No.10210909

You clearly don't understand color theory if you think it says only complementary colors look good together lmao

>> No.10211028


lmao I wonder if this is because anon googled "colors that complement" instead of "color theory".


Brown is a neutral, anon. It's covered in color theory, along with at least 3-6 other color schemes.

>> No.10211094

Where can I find size 25.0 pink rocking horse shoes? Any specific websites come to mind?

>> No.10211098

brown looks like shit with red, green, or purple. it looks like literal shit with yellow

>> No.10211099


>> No.10211156

brown literally looks fine with all those colors...

>> No.10211163

sorry about your taste, but no. wear a yellow and brown coord and everyone on 4chan will roast you for looking like a toilet. just the other day some anon said a red and brown coord reminded them of period blood.

>> No.10211173

Again, it's not as if desaturated colors exist you dumbshit. For example Ivory is a yellow and God knows how many classical pieces are ivory/cream/owh x brown.

>> No.10211175

>don't exist*
I can't type for shit, but at least I know basic coord combos and colors.

>> No.10211176

Said anon is actually retarded and proof of why "conceit" should be taken with a gigantic salt cave on here.

>> No.10211177



Thanks but no thanks autocorrect

>> No.10211238

Anyone been to Angelic Pretty Tea Party before? How much are the tickets normally?

>> No.10211290
File: 92 KB, 280x373, 492519-1004-2015-10-19956886.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I mean, if you're going for that angle, it's not a color theory thing, it's associations. Even brown on pink looks like you dipped this cardigan in the toilet at that point

>> No.10211311

Purple/brown and green/brown are awful looking colors for coords and you will rarely see dresses in those colors. Unless, let me guess, you desaturate them until they’re practically off-white? Don’t be a retard.

>> No.10211312

Ew, that really looks like a mud splash. They really couldn’t think of a cuter way to convey chocolate?

>> No.10211356


Sometimes even burando makes mistakes. That's why wtf_burando livejournal existed.

I kind of wish lolitas stayed on lj, some of the offshoot coms were funny.

>> No.10211397
File: 75 KB, 400x600, 25275_600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


hey, don't be dissing my fav jetj dress ok.

>> No.10211802
File: 54 KB, 563x581, 56cf279a71fec8b3f1a8bbefbfebc268.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I dress cult party/antique kei? I just got pic related and realised I have no idea how to wear it. I'm not really sure what's considered over- and under-dressed. I've got a pair of brown Victorian style boots and a My Inspiration necklace but I'm stumped beyond that.

>> No.10211809

Maybe cartoon mud.

Chocolate also looks like shit but that doesn't stop anyone from wearing brown coords.

>> No.10211882
File: 16 KB, 400x600, PID3544_grande.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There is no more victorian thing that a bonnet. Also thights like this (from Grimoire)

>> No.10211911

Does it matter if your parasol doesn't match your outfit? I don't want to buy a whole bunch of different color parasols.

>> No.10211925

that's fine if you don't have it in pictures. get a white, ivory, or black one if you do though

>> No.10211932

I put together 3 mix/match full coords to test the fashion and I was really glad I did because our local meets are monthly and that set me up for the first 3 months while I added pieces. New lolitas focus on the first coord, but having enough main pieces to rotate is important if your comm has regular meets or otherwise you are stuck repeating your prints way too often.

>> No.10211947

Thank you! Does this go for purses too? Because I didn't want to buy a million different purses either.

>> No.10211954

Nayrt but I also hate the idea of buying a million purses so I would say yes, just get some neutral colored ones that can go with everything in your wardrobe.

>> No.10211955

When the hell did fast fashion start using the term co-ord (specifically "coord") I used to be able to google search for coord ideas fairly easy as it wasn't too common outside of egl, but now all I'm getting is links to h&m and other bullshit.

>> No.10212215
File: 120 KB, 640x561, Collage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Capsule wardrobe, anon. If you only want to buy a small amount of stuff, you have to give careful thought to everything you add. Make sure every item you buy matches each other, then match the umbrella, the bags, your shoes to your whole wardrobe. Try this thread if you want advice for what kind of parasol/bag would match well with with your whole wardrobe: >>10201175

I mean if you're gonna slap a completely random black/white/ivory brolly onto every coord regardless of whether it matched or not, you might as well just get a foldable normie brolly and keep it in your purse, where it won't get in the way of photos but is within reach if it rains.

>> No.10212501

Typically how long does AP USA take to release items online that are listed as "coming soon" in their newsletter? I have my eye on the Melty Moon jewelry. I'm wondering if they'll be released alongside Be My Valentine this afternoon or sometime next week. Thanks gulls!

>> No.10212573

Feel free to redirect if there is a thread more suited for this. Is there any other ways to find comms other than facebook? I've searched for groups in my area and they exist but are extremely inactive.

>> No.10212604

Oh this is a great idea, thank you! Do you have a recommendation for which program or site I could use to make one of these? I don't have photoshop.

>> No.10212680

google knows you mean outfit when you use coord so they replace it for you

>> No.10212683

Different anon, but you can use fash mates and use lolibray and any brand site of your choosing, or use paint.net, which is far more convenient imo.

>> No.10212686

A lot of fast fashion places sell a bunch of stuff that are specifically meant to go together or sets. Just removes the weight of thinking about what your going to wear from normies shoulders.

>> No.10212690

Now that LJ is dead and tumblr is dying where is the best place to post coords to maximize views?

>> No.10212696


>> No.10212705

COF or insta

>> No.10212719

Depends on who you want to see it.

>> No.10212730

Right but that anon was asking when they started using the word coord. Fast fashion has been selling whole looks for ages.

>> No.10212740

h&m does not have coord written on their website from what you can see, google just knows they are synonyms based on your search history, and shows results for normie outfits instead of lolita coords because h&m spends money to be on the first page of search results and lolitas don't.

>> No.10212748

gimp is free/open-source and very similar to photoshop

>> No.10212933

If I want to use a sports bra to flatten my large chest a bit, how much smaller should the bra be than my normal size? (40" bust)

>> No.10212960
File: 73 KB, 619x787, co-ords.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm using duckduckgo and i still get normie sites, so it's not completely the case. The normie use of lolita must pre-date lolita imo.

>> No.10212964

I meant co-ord not lolita, damn it.

>> No.10213098

I'm not the person you think you're replying to and that's also not how search engines work.

>> No.10213106

They've been using the word for a while, they're those tacky two piece sets. Usually some kind of crop shirt and either a miniskirt or those flared pants, both in some fugly colour or print. I've also heard it used for those cheap looking chanel tweed lookalike sets that they sell in places like zara.

Outside of lolita and jfashion literally no one uses coord as a synonym for outfit, so doubtful that it's google thinking they're synonyms. There's a different between our use of 'coord' or 'coordinate' which just means outfit, whereas the normie 'co-ord' is short for 'co-ordinating set'. If people in the west used it to just mean outfit google would just bring up anything, not the characteristic sets it does.

Anon is probably just seeing it more because recently the normie 2 pieces have become popular. Thing is that it's fast fashion after all, so the trend of normie 'co-ords' will hopefully die as quickly as it came.

>> No.10213692
File: 760 KB, 800x1262, 1392649292653.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What did Chokelate do to make everybody hate her so much?
I think she's the most beautiful lolita I've ever seen, but nobody else seems to like her...?

>> No.10213740

iirc she ran a short lived indie brand (?) but never sent anything out, ever, afaik

>> No.10213744

is the 2013 milky planet jsk empire waist as it's labelled on lolibrary? or am i just looking at it wrong?

>> No.10213745

I'm curious about this, too. I got into the fashion back in the early 00s but I had to take a long hiatus starting maybe 8ish years ago? When I left, Chokelate was hugely popular, maybe the most well-known lolita at the time outside of Misako, Mana, etc. I'd really like to know what the hell happened. What's the juicy drama?

>> No.10213754


Man, the days when the threads were nothing but about her. People used to also love her back in the day but in short

>was a model for a bit then quit because of 'too much drama.' it was later speculated she was the drama generator for reasons below
>ran a wig shop but never sent any wigs out to any customers until they complained on her page
>then started to try to get into shoes. I'm unsure of the details but that also went bust
>purportedly was stirring up drama about K8 on /cgl/

For me it was mainly the wig stuff. My friend never ever got a wig from her despite attempting to buy twice. Both times only got her money refunded after 4-5 months. I think with the k8 drama she alienated a lot of her efamous cohort, so now everyone just politely ignores her.

>> No.10213756

Is it worth it to do payment plans for purchases under $150? I’m thinking no.

>> No.10213760


>> No.10213762


>> No.10213764


You must be fishing or really new. Look it up in the archives, lest I get banned at the mention of her name.

>> No.10213771
File: 686 KB, 2048x2048, 1CDC4C60-486A-4A08-AEC0-5B460848AF17.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is the Infanta Snow White JSK considered a replica of the BtSSB Claudia OP? I ask because the designs are very similar, but it is not an exact replica. I can't find discussions about these two to see what the consensus was.

>> No.10213772

Is it worth going to burando tea parties in Japan as a foreigner? I'm tempted to go to one, but idk if its worth it if I have no friends to bring and my Japanese isn't fluent

>> No.10213773

It's significantly different than the original, so no. They're both just clearly based off Disney Snow White.

>> No.10213791

>I think with the k8 drama she alienated a lot of her efamous cohort
Don't people hate k8 too?

>> No.10213794

A good rule of thumb for the lolita community is to just assume everyone hates everyone else

>> No.10213795

Before any of the drama others have mentioned she made some insensitive and tone-deaf remarks about pale skin and instead of apologizing when people explained why it was offensive, she cried about being an aspie and used it as an excuse to not take responsibility for her behavior

>> No.10213803

This is a pretty good example of the "can I copy your homework?" meme. The Snow White dress is different enough to not be a replica, but its also very obviously a knockoff of that specific design.

>> No.10213910

bought an OP and the detachable neck bow and bottom bows came wrinkled from being in a post box. What is the best way to straighten them out? They're made of ribbon. Can I iron it with say, a bedsheet over it on a lighter setting?

>> No.10213947


They do, but imagine if a 'friend' decided to post someone that was a mutual on /cgl/. It's not a good look. I can see why they would distance themselves after that. But that's just my speculation.

>> No.10213976

buy a steamer

>> No.10213982

Concur with >>10213976
Get yourself a $20 travel steamer. It will be your trusty friend and companion. I don't break out my iron unless I'm sewing.

>> No.10214198

What kind of legwear and shoes go with military lolita? The dress is dark green (military green?) so are black shoes okay?

>> No.10214333

If your hair/accessories are black, sure. I would go with dark brown, heeled boots. Just remember to match your shoes with other elements in your coord. Belt, bag, bow, gloves or a beret can be incorporated in a matching color.

>> No.10214335
File: 41 KB, 800x800, japanese-style-vintage-royal-court-lolita.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dropped pic

>> No.10214344

I'm wide and thin and have learned the hard way I need to custom order for my massive shoulders, as large sizes gets baggy on me boob-down. What are good stores to custom order from, as a classic sweet? I have previously ordered from lady sloth and Anna House but I would like some more variety. Lower and collar-less necklines preferred.

>> No.10214346

Floral Notebook on fb if she's still around.
Lady sloth if you can stand a wait.

>> No.10214347

Legit I only read like half your post, you're really wordy.
Surface Spell too.

>> No.10214352


these can all be custom tailored

>> No.10214464
File: 227 KB, 770x523, 1AA3FB34-47FC-40A7-B2B7-5E03FA3EC730.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is Q-pot so expensive? Are they thing in japanese lolita scene?

>> No.10214522

What are the best etsy lolita stores to get jewlery inexpensively? Every time I use lacemarket I get hit with $20 customs and shipping multiple items is insane since I live in canada.

>> No.10214537

The ones that look cupcake shaped generally are.

You won't find a linen brand blouse easily. Why not look second hand for a cotton one?

Oxfords/brogues - you can find them heeled or flat and in a variety of colours since they're currently a very popular shoe style.

Have you tried looking on instagram? Often people tag their meetups.

>> No.10214548

Oh, if you talk shit about her or her brand she'll cry in your dms.
Lockshop has a shaky rep, or at least it should, for a reason.
She always had a bevy of excuses why orders were late or straight never went out, lying through her teeth every step of the way. Very quick to blame the factory, even when she quietly changed factiries that put out a shittier product, she blamed 'production issues'. Btw, new wigs have fallout, shine, and other quality issues. Really not worth the pricetag for worse than dreamholic quality.

Everyone got tired of her lies and excuses, grow up woman you're over 30 start acting like it.

>> No.10214589

What's so great about fril and mercari? Almost everything on there is also on yahoo auctions

>> No.10214591

There aren't any other brands that make sweet accessories that look so pretty and well made. All the cheaper brands are ugly compared to Qpot.

>> No.10214610

i mean, if you want to willingly reduce the chances of finding what you want, be my guest. not all sellers crosspost their listings.

>> No.10214615
File: 558 KB, 750x747, 7D1DFB08-3279-4D96-A097-B612C1A5A3CA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do instagramers make the boarders? I really adore them but I don’t know how to make them for my posts

>> No.10214616

It’ll be the same on etsy.

>> No.10214655

What kind of blouse should be worn with a halter strap jsk?

>> No.10214671

What are these stains? This blouse is usually way more expensive so I'm tempted..

>> No.10214765

I'm not sure what those stains are, but it could be from something in storage. I've had a few items in the past that mysteriously ended up discoloring after hanging in my closet or wardrobe over time going untouched. If you want to risk it, I think a good white vinegar and/or oxyclean soak might take the stains out.

>> No.10214769

Not really. I could buy 3 necklaces from a single etsy store and pay $20 shipping since they package them all together, or three necklaces off LM and pay $20 shipping three times since theyre all different sellers.

>> No.10214786

That makes sense. My mistake.
to answer your original question better, what kind of necklaces? Like food types? They have a ton of cookie and biscuit jewelry!
They also have molds on etsy, blank earrings, chains or charm attachments at local stores as well if you want to make your own! Because sometimes they charge like $30 a necklace on etsy and have $15 shipping

>> No.10214804

A high neck blouse usually works. Since halter jsks are often kind of summery I almost always wear them with a bolero instead of a blouse.

>> No.10214824

Not a problem! I'm looking for mainly sweet stuff but whenever I type 'lolita' all I get is fetish shit. If you know any specific stores please refer me to them!

>> No.10215042
File: 78 KB, 540x645, IMG_9467.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How are AP's tights for tall women? I want to get Whip Show Case tights but I am 5 ft 10 inches. My average inseam in 32 in. I am thin so I don't have to worry about them being stretched horizontally, just vertically.

>> No.10215315

AndisaCharmsShop and BadgersBakery are my favs so far. I like AhLaMolds for molds and stuff.
CafeShu on storenvy has some cute stuff. Haven’t ordered from them yet but it’s all pastely sweet items.

>> No.10215317


Not great. I'm 165cm, you're 177cm. I just barely fit into them okay, I don't think they'll stretch that far for your height.

If you have a serger you can cut them up the middle, serge the cut ends and use a garter belt to hold them up (actual garter belt that works, not sexy lingerie). This was suggested by some tall anons a couple of years back.

>> No.10215325

Where do you get functional garter belts from?

>> No.10215343

Where can I get good quality clip-in bangs in dark brown or black? I'm not experienced with buying wigs or anything and I don't trust quality on Amazon without a recommendation.

>> No.10215344


Usually, underwear stores/brands will carry them. Try searching for suspender belts as well as garter belts.

Just don't buy "sexy angel racy garter" off Aliexpress and expect them to work longer than a few wears.

>> No.10215373

What Katie Did has decent ones for everyday use. Otherwise look for a 6-strap or 8-strap one.

>> No.10215511

Jelly Ultra is Canada-based but her jewelry tends to sell out quickly.

>> No.10215644

Dumb lolita question: If my petti is lampshading under my dress, is the shape wrong or is it just too short for the dress?

>> No.10215653

Could be either or both, post pics

>> No.10215660
File: 1.33 MB, 1000x1000, yikes1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

okay, here's from the front.

>> No.10215662
File: 1.10 MB, 1000x1000, yikes2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and from the side.

>> No.10215686

Do you have an a-line petti under there? It looks like it may be a tad too short but also that it’s the wrong shape too.

>> No.10215689

why are you standing like that?

>> No.10215691

Petti looks too short, and also wrong shape.

>> No.10215696

You might want to go with a medium poof cupcake for this particular item (if you don't want to have large poof, depending on the event). You can probably use the petti you have on already for layering, but it's not giving your piece enough shape and volume alone.

>> No.10215704

You seem to have an a-line under a skirt the needs a bell shape

>> No.10215706

They make original designs in small batches with high quality, really specialized materials. I've never gotten a q-pot piece that had bubbles, visible seams, loose findings, or anything like that. I do think a lot of the cost vs the cheap, generic kind of sweets jewelry is due to the special designs though.

>> No.10215728


Thanks for the advice! I will go ahead and order a cupcake petti that's a bit longer than this a-lined one.

>> No.10215964

I only have 4 outfits, don’t wear lolita every day and I’m not obsessed with it. But people keep calling me lolita, how can I stop it?

>> No.10215970

sell your dresses and fuck off

>> No.10215979

are you in high school and it's being used as an insult or something? otherwise i don't see the issue

>> No.10215990

Precisely because I’m not in HS i find it offensive.
Why would I do that? I cosplay.

>> No.10216005

Are AP's Disney dresses very rare?

>> No.10216007

who are these "people"?

no, just fugly

>> No.10216042

Have you stated plainly that you don't care for the label?

>> No.10216128

Are you and those people 12 years old? Grow a thicker skin.

>> No.10216235

I'm a florist and yellow and purple believe it or not is one of the most popular colour combos out there in terms of flowers at least. If you're really unsure about what colours suit eachother and a colour wheel is no help you'd probably be best sticking to tried and true combinations. Observe what other lolitas are paring with what and work from there

>> No.10216249
File: 114 KB, 500x747, tumblr_mdng5wwNQo1qeqbwfo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where can I find shoes like pic related?

>> No.10216573

Jane Marple.

>> No.10216649

Unanswered questions

>> No.10216703

I have offered plans for that amount but only divided in 2 payments in 6 weeks, no more. It's all up to you though, you don't have to do it if you don't want to.

>> No.10216903

Why is it that on the IW website the blouses in size L have a bust of 100cm, but their bolero in size L has a bust of 89? Does it have stretch or is the measurement taken lower down because of the low cut? Would the L bolero fit a person who wears the L blouses? The L blouses don't gape on me, but there's no room to spare, either.

>> No.10216925

From what I've seen most lolita boleros are made of a knit fabric so they will have some stretch. Also when you make button up shirts you add a little more ease around the bust to prevent button gaping

>> No.10216940

I like the Vivica A Fox Snap Bang Front, they're human hair so you can style them normally. You can get them on amazon or ebay for $10-20.

>> No.10217142

Is it safe to wash chiffon pieces in a washing machine (one without an agitator) on a no spin cycle? Or is handwashing the only way?

If I can use the washing machine, should I presoak the clothes or use the deep water option, or both?

>> No.10217176
File: 135 KB, 417x594, innocent world apron pattern.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone have links to a high resolution Gothic Lolita Bible? Looking for #9, specifically for page attached, but high res of any of them to have indefinitely would be awesome as well. Lolita History has shit res.

>> No.10217522


Clothes Care thread is here >>10210596

As for your question, all that focus on all the wrong details, man.

Burando piece, no obvious stains:
- first, detach all the pieces, including any brooches, detachable bows, etc. Put them into seperate laundry bags to minimise things getting caught and tearing while in the machine. Don't be stupid, use a laundry bag if you're gonna use the washing machine, it's such a small step and saves you so much worry.
- Use a high-performance detergent for delicates (I use woolite, just don't buy those cheap "white shirts" kinda things, some of them are cut with mild bleach to achieve "white"). If your area has hard water, stick to liquid detergent so there's no soap granules to worry about.
- gentlest cycle on your machine, whatever that is. No presoak (I have no idea what deep water is).
- Do not tumblr dry. Spread it out on a clothes rack to dry.

Taobao solid chiffon: same as above

Taobao print chiffon: these are generally way more fragile and delicate, very prone to pulled threads, you can use the same washing method, but if handwashing is gentler then I'd stick with handwashing. Be very careful and just swish stuff around, no scrubbing.

Flocked chiffon/devore/other specialty fabric: follow the care tags. Actually, burando flocked fabric will survive being washed in a machine as above, but I can't promise how many times you can do this and not dissolve the flocking glue over time.

Obvious stains: treat them according to what the stain is.

>> No.10217533

Be careful with/recommending Woolite for delicates is usually okay, but the normal Woolite is actually really freaking harsh on fabrics, oddly, especially wool. For washing delicate things, look at what knitters like, those people are fanatics about taking care of their makes. I really like Soak, it's a very gentle leave in safe wash, and it comes in a bunch of not offense scents. I'm also a fan of Unicorn Fiber wash, they have an unscented baby line that I like a lot too.

>> No.10217587

Is it rude to message a seller on Lacemarket about an item after the listing has expired?

>> No.10217593

You can try. Don’t spam them if they don’t respond. They might be on vacation or out of the country for work, or they might just not check into lacemarket unless they’re actively selling.

>> No.10217604


Thanks, anon. I forgot to elaborate I guess.

I also forgot to mention that especially for delicate taobao stuff they should actually switch to a sulphate-free detergent as it's less likely to strip the print from the fabric. Spoonflower blog has some recs on which ones to use.

And also forgot to mention never to use fabric softener, ever, as they break down fibers.

Yeah, maybe this question should have been left to the clothes care thread, someone will probably chime in with other missing stuff I forgot.

>> No.10217627

Do you need the whole page or just the instructions at the bottom? I can do the latter for you in the morning if you'd like.

>> No.10218318
File: 22 KB, 660x371, _101232673_angry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Which is the best and cheapest Japanese shopping service for buying multiple small/ cheap items from multiple sellers on Fril or Mercari?

I usually use Japonica but they charge ¥300 or so per item and half the things I want to buy are only ¥300.

>> No.10218414
File: 11 KB, 188x268, index.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

someone asked me what kind of kawaii tier fashion would suit a black girl, and holy shit, I'm gonna sound like I'm on crack but:

Is there anyone who remembers the name of a niche fashion (it was more a makeup style than anything else desu) where black girls wore circle lenses + dolly eye makeup, combined with...savanna animals inspired face paint..?

Does this ring a bell for anyone? It actually kinda looked like pic related

>> No.10218732

How do you order from Lief?

>> No.10218846

When’s Strawberry Doll MTO gonna get shipped out?

>> No.10218984
File: 77 KB, 360x420, 407374-3131-2015-07-03360771.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What kind of petticoat works well with the mid-length Twinkle Journey jsk?

>> No.10219187

Where did itas get armwarmer staple from?

>> No.10219196

you can order direct from them

>> No.10219203

anime/western goth

>> No.10219213

It's fine if you just send them one message asking if it's still available.

>> No.10219223

What blouse should i wear under op?

>> No.10219245

What is the non-ita way to wear Lolita-brand miniskirts? I feel like I don't see them worn in COF threads, and the Lolibrary photos are on mannequins. For example AP has miniskirts 40cm or less. Does anyone have inspo photos to show acceptable coordination?

>> No.10219247

It depends on the cut, styling, etc.

I would go with something with long sleeves and some sort of collar, either high collar, or a peter pan collar would be fine for a sweeter OP. Try not to use a blouse with detachable sleeves, or anything too bulky.

I personally coordinate OPs with boleros and cardigans in cold weather. I feel like a blouse adds too much bulk for my liking.

>> No.10219394

Be under 160cm tall

>> No.10219437

That's not super helpful. I'm mainly wondering about the legwear and blouses. I'm thinking short skirts are for hot weather so a short-sleeve top and ankle socks makes the most sense, but then it can look very exposed. Also some of them have a schoolgirl look with pleats, and I'm wondering how to make it non-ddlg-looking. I think tights and a long-sleeve blouse would make it more mature, but then I'm worried the coord would make less sense regarding weather - like Uggs with shorts, you know? Hoping someone has photos. I don't really use social media much, so idk how to find examples of specifically miniskirt coords.

>> No.10219534

I wear them anon, but I don't really want to self post because of how people respond when I do.
I go with a short low-poof petti (if the skirt can handle it) and cutsews + crew socks. If you style it casually, I don't think it looks creepy.

>> No.10219951

What normie shoes can be worn instead of lolita ones and how can i lolify them? I have large feet (260mm) and a very bad case of flat feet, so i can't wear cheap pleather indie brands use, even if shoe pair fits me.

>> No.10219956

26cm is nowhere near large lmao. Quit whining.

>> No.10219957

miniskirts aren't lolita. not everything the brands make is 100% lolita. that being said there are a lot of cute ones out there and no one is stopping you from wearing one in a regular outfit.

>> No.10220038


>> No.10220046

It is in Japan

>> No.10220078

If Japanese brands make shoes that fit you your feet aren't big. stop complaining

>> No.10220164

They dont

>> No.10220169

calm down bigfoot

>> No.10220172
File: 28 KB, 296x528, udoli.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You mean Udoli...? Don't bring that shit back kek black girls can wear any "kawaii tier" fashion just like anyone else without the retarded face paint.

>> No.10220349

mary janes

>> No.10220360

Nyart, but both would be nice. This apron looks adorable

>> No.10220442
File: 151 KB, 1020x510, ZomboDroid 13072019003831.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok, you'll be happy to notice I didn't call the skirts Lolita, just Lolita-brand. Nobody is stopping me from wearing them in a regular outfit except my own lack of knowledge on how to coordinate them, which is why I'm here.

I'm talking stuff like pic related. I'm almost 30, and I'm afraid that if I wear something like this with little white ankle socks I'll look like I'm ageplaying a kindergartener. I'm thinking a cardigan and tights in a darker color like navy or purple could help make it look more suitable for me, or am I way off?

>> No.10220446

If you're wearing it in a normie way then why would you care if it's ita?

>> No.10220467

Some of these would look really cute with a more structured jacket, think school uniform type.

>> No.10220480

these would be great for a fairy kei look

>> No.10220586

are there any good places in Seoul to buy j-fashion? I realize it's a completely different country but I'm here for family and all I've seen is normie clothes or at BEST mori.

I'm thinking stuff like yumekawa, menhera, or more punk styles.
I'm not too caught up on brands desu but ideally I want stuff similar to Listen Flavor?
sorry if my question is stupid, I'm more of a drawfag than a fashion person.

>> No.10220688

anon, trends in seoul do not remotely resemble trends in tokyo, literally what are you expecting to find. maybe if you dig around there’ll be punkish streetwear stuff but saying “i know i’m in another country” doesn’t change what the j in j-fashion means

>> No.10220722

Are off shoulder blouses okay for lolita? I'm on the fence between them being ita or not

>> No.10220769
File: 315 KB, 990x561, SmartSelect_20190713-115519_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know cosplay/fandom coords are frowned upon but after seeing Midsommar - I really want to do a coord that resembles the cult attire.

Does anyone know of any dresses that have a similar cut? I could just embroider the symbols on it.

>> No.10220772

Does it look good? Are you on the fence about it because you don't have working eye sight, so you need other people to tell you what's ugly?

>> No.10220809

My eyesight is degrading and others opinions are better than just my own imo. Guess I am scared of dressing ugly too. So yeh, accurate!

>> No.10220818

that's what I figured, but I've been seeing a lot of college aged koreans wearing more j-fashion looking clothes. I guess they could just be buying it from Japan, but the amount of it I've seen almost seems like there has to be somewhere to buy it in Seoul. Or at least there might be an import/trend hopping shop somewhere.
Plus, Korea HAS been known to copy Japanes trends at times since the countries are so geographically close.
but yeah, I realize it's a foolish question to begin with. I just want to find clothes I'd actually wear before I leave the country (since shipping fees are a bitch).

>> No.10220828

Try it on and be honest with yourself. Take pictures if you still can't tell and look at them a month later to see what you think. Personally I think you're being paranoid.

>> No.10220840

They're fine.

>> No.10220978
File: 69 KB, 640x640, 65884387_2439919892894282_3035896906933240598_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where or how else can I wear more dressy or OTT styled coords other than meets and conventions? My local lolita community is both inactive and a massive dumpster fire, and there's only so many conventions I can go to in a year. I have a couple of elaborate dresses that I have a difficult time selling because I really love them a lot.

>> No.10221504
File: 26 KB, 312x645, 55458248_832311567129151_7430926470194659328_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any other brand jsks than aqua princess that are strapless? Lolibrary is not much help.

I'm looking to hunt down coord inspiration for the strapless style in general but don't know how to search for it.

>> No.10221634


I usually go to tea and a nice garden afterwards as my excuse.

>> No.10222033

symphony/opera/ballet maybe

>> No.10222080

Moitie has a few, Atelier Pierrot a lot

>> No.10222312

thanks, that's it. It looks like an absolute fever dream

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