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I really wanna go to a local tea party on Friday, but it's scheduled just two hours after my colonoscopy. Can I do both?

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Yes, but you'll feel a bit uncomfortable. Make sure you finish the nasty drink in time so your system is fully empty by the appointment and you don't shit yourself in front of everyone. Also, you might be late, my doc said no make up no nail polish.

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You're going to be farting and possibly shitting the whole meetup, you should do it and report back (don't wear white)

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I don't think you'll be in the right physical condition to, you're probably gonna be sore for the rest of the day from the procedure and drowsy/tired/potentially nauseated from the anesthetic

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The shitting should be over because the nasty drink is to empty you out before you go in so doc can see the walls of your poop shoot clearly.

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Idk about you but the reason most people would get a colonoscopy at a young age is because we already have stomach issues, and drinking the poo flushing drink fucked up my digestion for days after (even though I hadn't eaten anything)

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Bro the drink lasts all day into the next day, it doesn't magically stop making you stop shitting straight after your colonoscopy.

OP I highly recommend against it, typical colonoscopy recovery time is an hour to two hours, put prep time into that and you're looking at being very late and very uncomfortable.

You'll feel basically normal about half an hour waking up and all, you might even be able to get out early, but your stomach and your ass are going to be throwing the biggest tantrum.

Please take it from someone who also just had a colonoscopy and has them regularly: Bad idea

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This thread exist because someone gets off on this topic.

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Absolutely based.

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Bro, mine did stop because I finished off the drink nearly 10 hours before the appointment like instructed.

Take it from me I've had 3

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Handmaid's tale is legit one of the slowest, boringest thing I've watched in a while, which is some kind of achievement since I thought the original book had a really interesting, plausible dystopia. Does it ever pick up?

If anyone else is interested, I'd recommend reading Margaret Atwood's original book, the pacing is way better. Though, the reveal might be spoiled since the series starts off with it happening forwards, or maybe it's a sequel, idk.

This was mostly spurred by someone saying some lolita did a handmaid's tale-inspired coord. That's just terrible taste either way so I hope they were just doing red x white badly.

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>family goes on a trip without me this weekend
>use time as a “vacation”, pamper myself with a spa day and bubble bath planned
>dress up in one of my favorite dresses CCC just to lounge around watching Eva on Netflix because it makes me happy
>randomly vomit a handful of food onto my lap with no warning of nausea or ANYTHING
>after years of struggling with my ED I’m finally to the point where I’m vomiting out of nowhere

I’m anxious, it feels like I’ll never be safe to wear my favorites ever again. CCC was fine because it’s easy to wash but I shudder to think what would have happened if I was wearing milky berry or something that’s difficult to clean vomit out of

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Make yourself some cute aprons to wear over your dress while at home so you can vomit on that as it protects your dress

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Sorry to have to ask but what ED do you battle? I'm having that same issue, involuntary vomiting..

Please take care anon.

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Doesn’t stop splattering but thank you for the idea anon.

I cycle between AN-BP sub and BN. It sucks because I ate a completely normal amount, a cup of Mac n cheese , and it just happened.

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Lmao. Wut.

It’s going to take two to three hours at the doctor’s office for the medical procedure. That includes getting ready for it, the procedure and waking up after. Would not recommend going anywhere but home for the rest of the day. You’ll be blowing ass with some light diarrhea (whatever is left in there) for the next several hours.

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Gross question, but do you ruminate (vomit and then rechew food) or can you vomit at will? I could imagine with either of those habits vomiting just... happening.

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Is it worth rooming alone at con? Will I be lonely?

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>that feel when no lolita girlfriend to sock me in the face

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Depends on the kind of person you are, what your plans are, etc..

Personally, I like having a con-buddy or friends to meet up with at the con, but after seeing people all day, I'd appreciate having a room to myself instead of trying to save money by shoving 5+ people into a room like in my college days. And just because you're thinking about getting your own space doesn't mean you can't join other people's room parties.

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>do my first ‘cosplay’ by picking shit out of my closet, using Walmart makeup and dyeing a hat
>next cosplay idea has lamellar armor and an annoying cloth pattern that I definitely won’t be able to find in stores and will have to press onto some existing cloth or some shit
>ultimate cosplay dream will involve a working robot arm

Stop me, I’m gonna fuck up everything and everywhere. But damn they would be so exciting to wear!

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I lost interest in lolita because my favourite brand doesn't release things in interested in anymore

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I want a better job so I can buy all the fancy stuff I want, but I don't really know what to do. I'm not very talented at any one particular field and the only jobs I've had so far are retail. I want to get out of hell and into a job that pays me enough to live, save and spend. I feel like it's almost too late for me, but I have no idea what to do to avoid the TerribleFate i see ahead if I don't find a better job.

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There's a small chance that I'm pregnant. I already know that I'm just gonna flush it out in a ten minute, $400 procedure, but you have to wait until at least 6 weeks here (until it's detectable via ultrasound.)

It's the waiting that's getting to me. Posting here because I don't intend to tell anyone else.

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Shove a curling iron up there it should save you the cost

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What the fuck. What country is this? Cant you take the pills instead?

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those pills only work within the first 72 hours after someone cums in you, anon. why don't people know anything about this stuff.

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Fun fact, if you're over 160 lbs the after pills don't work at all.

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Yeah, but the pills cost roughly the same amount while being significantly more damaging to your body. It's like a month long painfest, apparently.
Qld Australia is actually fantastic about accessible abortion with strong anti-protest laws. It's basically a walk-in, set price procedure with Medicare rebates for those who need it.

Anyway, my results came back and I'm not pregnant so whew. On the other hand, gotta get blood tests in case my period is late because I'm dying or whatever. Nice.

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Not-pregnant anon here.

There are actually two kinds of 'abortion pills' - Plan B only works within 72 hours. The real abortion pills are two-step and work up to 9 weeks.

>Looks like anon knows more about it than you do.

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potential jobs that let you save money for the talentless: real estate agent, USPS driver, retail manager, insurance company supervisor/manager, administrative assistant, line cook/chef, or go back to school.

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Is it smart to room with my ex at con?

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only if you hate each other's guts

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I cannot wait for Christmas. Its the only time of the year I am happy. Last year was my first /cgl/ secret Santa. I just want to be able to make someone else happy again.

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I really don’t say this out loud but...I only like lolita on myself, the models (no matter what race, I don’t care about azns because normal japs look fat and ugly in those clothes too) and some non-famous super good looking people but they actually never wear it. I’ve never seen a good looking lolita in comms or online. As for cgl it seems to me since none of you have a taste it’s all about passing for lolita but never wearing it aesthetically, which is odd since the websites of burando do show wearing advice. Even for a fucking bag. Nobody here dresses properly that’s for sure. I don’t care about ita or what passes for lolita, but I just don’t find any of the people’s tastes here nice. I’m not experienced myself compared to mana and I don’t think since most spergs can’t handle criticism would agree but this is what I think. I think this with normie fashion too actually but lolita will always be “OTT” so it’s more annoying. At the same time this is good because it makes me feel better but I am getting older so no longer am I petty I just want you all to dress better.

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1) this seems more suitable for a confession thread
2) You sound like you have many issues and I hope you work through them.

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Honestly this just sounds like you don’t enjoy the fashion that much or that you have an incorrect impression as to what it actually is. That or you’re legitimately narcissistic and think you’re somehow above everyone else.

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Post coords?

>> No.10209790

>think this with normie fashion too

So you think you’re superior to everyone? What about yourself makes you believe that? And did you know this is actually a personality disorder, and not in a meme way?

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people I've known in this situation have gone into accounting or finance, especially in the public sector

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Alright I’ll keep that in mind, though I actually thought I posted it there lol. And the second point was kind of fair since I did insult you and your shortcomings.
Nah, I’m badly dressed compared to the experts. I do think the people here and in communities etc...just don’t look aesthetic. At least if you wear basic clothes you just want to look kempt and not naked.
This rude thought I have is only reserved for this thread and this thread alone.
No. And I do believe you’re not a psychologist either. While I don’t believe in the projection meme at all for myself since I’m honest always and kinda rude too and admit it I do believe that people who are obsessed with analyzing don’t seem to be doing well. I’m happy, and happy that lolita fashion exists.

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Why am I imagining this being Ophelia lol

>> No.10209834

Because it’s exactly the kind of self deluding wank she posts regularly except this is more upfront about the narcissism

>> No.10209846

I am the anon you accuse of being ophelia, but I’m not really a fan of her style. I couldn’t care less about her “personality”, I focus more on substantial things that are relevant.
Idk, I just feel honesty is best.
Anyways don’t want to turn into an ophelia tier poster so I’ll go back to lurking as always (I actually hate attention and it was more a rant if anything).

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>I actually hate attention
>posts blogposts about how you’re better than everyone and how everyone else looks bad

Sure jan

>> No.10209857

Taken out of context. Anyways I repeat my statement about something I don’t really like and leave, pls no more (you)s it makes me anxious :^)

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I talked with an acquaintance today and he casually mentioned the state of his finances. He will live on 80$ until August... I am appalled. He has a decent paying job, so I don't understand how he ended up in this situation at all. Out of politeness I didn't ask.

I thank lolita fashion for being so open about how to handle your own economy and how to not end up like that. Few hobbies are this open when talking about money. Stay strong during your vacation gulls.

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I want to cosplay a character but I don't think my face is handsome enough for it.
My body definitely is nice enough, but the character is pretty "fabulous" which I am not, and I have a big nose

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>promise self not to buy anymore until I sell something
>eyeing a dress on LM
>finally get free time to take photos and list dresses
>dress sold
please buy my brand

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>tfw more and more asians buy on LM

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I think my cosplay is gonna be unrecognizable and awful and I'm afraid to continue working on it

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I feel like if you have an ounce of confidence someone saying literally every lolita except themselves and some models won't affect you. Either way, it's b8 b8 b8

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When they don't say anything about my coord in FB but they shit on it in CoF thread I can't help but think they are just jelly. Makes me feel even more smug compared to only getting compliments.

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My income has double compared to two years ago... but since then I also started buying ouji and j-fashion clothing and now have even less savings x.x

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>tfw I'm attending a midget con this weekend and I even bothered to book a room all alone for some reason

Can I at least look forward to lounging around a hotel all weekend?

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Oh man, tysm for reminding me of that shirt.
>you are adopted
gets me every damn time.

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Sounds like you're trying to cope.
I never understood the "they're just jelly" argument. What should they be jealous of? It's way more possible they simply don't like something about a coord and voice it openly because they're anonymous. Like I seriously don't get how jealousy of something they openly state to not like is supposed to be more likely? Someone explain.


Same, I wonder if that shop is still open.

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my air conditioner is making a weird noise and im shitposting literally on the toilet and it's getting faster and faster and I'm afraid it's going to blow up my apartment and my brand

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ok ita

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Delusion and self importance

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>fat enough now that my brand is starting to get tight
>feel like shit and want to sell it all off
>girl in my comm literally maxes out her dresses and then some, you can hear them screaming for death
>she sees no issue with how her dresses fit
I wish I had balls of steel to just wear whatever the fuck I want without feeling self conscious.

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Just lose a little.

>> No.10210824

some people literally CAN'T lose weight because of meds or medical conditions. so saying this is pointless. why don't you people ever realize this? stop assuming everyone is just a lazy fatty who uncontrollably overeats

>> No.10210827

That’s bullshit, they don’t defy the laws of physics.

>> No.10210828

Because the people that literally CAN'T lose weight are a tiny minority, and losing some weight is very much possible in most cases.

>> No.10210829

What do they usually say?

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If only I could be so hopeful.

>> No.10210835

Funny joke

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Because their arguments are stupid. They can't say it on FB because even they know that it sounds stupid&forced.
>What should they be jealous of?
How should I know? My wardrobe, coording skills, attractiveness, popularity, take your pick.

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go read how thyroid diseases and antidepressants affect people's weight. antidepressants especially make it hard because you'll feel like you're fucking starving all the time, it's godawful.

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File: 88 KB, 501x455, DietsDontWorkOnFatIdiots.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>> No.10210851

I'm aware. It's a bit extreme to just assume everyone's either on antidepressants or has a thyroid disease, though.

>> No.10210855

i don't think it's a stretch to assume a sizable portion of lolitas are mentally ill and on meds

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Have been feeling like shit about the way I look in lolita recently, and having trouble feeling comfortable at comm meetups. Decided out of spite to befriend one of the fatty-chans in my comm so at least I would look semi decent next to her. Turns out she's a total fucking sweetheart, really supportive of me, always checking my hair and makeup before photos, just really pleasant to be around. Gulls, do I tell her I became friends with her just to look thinner in comparison? Or do I keep being nice to her, knowing how dishonest and rotten I am?

>> No.10210870

That can’t literally change the laws of physics. Those things make it harder but it doesn’t make it “impossible” to lose weight. And guess what? You won’t die if you’re obese and you skip a meal to lose weight and you feel like you’re “starving.” You’re delusional.

>> No.10210871

At this point, there’s no point in telling you because you’ve learned from it and it would only hurt her

>> No.10210873

her** whoops

>> No.10210875

>looks like shit
>i hate this
>i don't like this I don't know why

>> No.10210876

uh yeah you definitely have no idea know how antidepressants affect the brain. it makes your brain tell you that you are starving even when your stomach is full. they can literally drive you crazy and yes they can make it impossible to lose weight because of the false cues your brain are constantly giving your body.

>> No.10210877


Then eat healthier and stop snacking on simple carbs.

People who shine about meds making them obese usually are part of the problem. There are very few conditions that will make one obese. Possibly overweight, but not obese.

>> No.10210878



Autocorrect why

>> No.10210880

I have hypothyroidism and it's literally EASILY solved with hormone replacement. You just have to ingest an exact replacement and you're fine. The "weight gain" is only 5-10 lbs (according to the American Thyroid Association). Hardly enough to make someone overweight or obese. I fucking hate fatties and fatty apologists that blame their lack of self control on their thyroid, it's a scientifically poor excuse.

>> No.10210882

no matter how healthy you eat, you can still eat far too much of the healthy food because of the meds fucking up your mental cues, and still gain weight. no one said specifically said obese. we just said fat, which in /cgl/ terms refers to anyone who is even the slightest bit chubby.

>> No.10210883

That does not change the laws of physics, all it is is a lack of willpower just like any other person who fails to lose weight.

>> No.10210887

>mental illness

these two things do not mesh together. mental illness can indeed make it impossible to have willpower, thus making it impossible to lose weight. you seem to have no idea how important the brain's condition is when trying to control what the body does. physics is irrelevant when something is directly tied to cognitive functions, not physical ones.

>> No.10210888

>Far too much healthy food

You should probably start looking into what you're snacking on. Vegetables shouldn't really be giving you a lot of calories, but fruit can for instance. Use an app to keep track of caloric intake. Find ways of being more mobile. These are all simple things I was able to do even while moderately depressed and anxious.

>> No.10210892

yeah lets ignore research that shows it's due to changing diets and pretend all fatties are just depressed. boo hoo, poor fatties! sorry, researchers, it's just their hurt fee-fees!

>> No.10210893

I hate this mentality of mental illness means I can’t help anything I do because bwain is bwoken uwu

>> No.10210901

these things really don't work when on some meds, sorry to report. when i was on antidepressants I gained weight like crazy (40 lbs total) despite only eating foods approved by my nutritionist and working out every day. but then the weight melted off as soon as the pills were gone. i feel so sorry for everyone who has to deal with that shit especially when people are gonna assume they're just lazy fatties.

>> No.10210902

Not to mention that being fat makes you prone to more diseases, like cancer and (yes) mental health problems. I wouldn't be surprised if fatties are depressed because they don't bother eating healthy foods and exercising, both of which are well known preventative measures to stave off mental health issues.

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File: 13 KB, 319x319, 8CB2AD8D-E403-4108-82D7-3CAAC03D7B06.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yikes sorry for venting since now this thread has turned into sperg city about weight shit, I’ll see myself out
Thanks for keeping it real

>> No.10210904

Unless you have an actual ED you can’t lean on uwu mental illness for shoveling food in your fat face

>> No.10210906

not all but some, and you saying 'just put the fork down fatty' or whatever isn't gonna help them

do you know literally anything about depression? a lot of people can't even get out of bed because yeah, their brain is indeed broken. it's a scientific fact and all but ok

>> No.10210908

it's a well studied fact that antidepressants uncontrollably cause weight gain, anon. come on now.

>> No.10210912

>assuming everyone was fat BEFORE they got depressed

yeah no.

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It's ok anon, I'll watch this thread burn with you.
I believe in you, don't let fatty apologists and potential depression get in the way of your burando dreams. Never settle.

>> No.10210915

It’s only uncrontrolled because the people lack the willpower to put down the fork. That’s ALL that being fat comes down to, a lack of willpower. Your feelings do not change that or the laws of physics behind weight loss

>> No.10210917

literally yes I’ve been depressed my whole life and have been fed the same “chemical imbalance” bullshit you have but at this point, I can recognize depression is a habitual rabbit hole you dig yourself into over time and you can change it by changing your habits and not giving up so easily. it’s pathetic

>> No.10210920

i can't even handle this level of ignorance. depressed people often don't even have the willpower to live at all but they should somehow have willpower to ignore their brain cues telling them they're starving all the time because you say so. ok

>> No.10210923

you’re deluded

>> No.10210925

>“chemical imbalance” bullshit

do you think vaccines cause autism too? fuck science, amirite

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File: 50 KB, 1080x1060, 65791464_378195426164103_1208291071935643648_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have a Facebook meme and go away

>> No.10210929

more like i have a basic understanding of psychology, which you clearly don't. just be thankful you obviously never had to deal with mental illness yourself.

>> No.10210933


>> No.10210935

I hope you snap out of your delusions and come into the real world with everyone else. I’ll say it again, your feelings do not change the laws of physics. Put down the fork fatty.

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>put effort, sacrifice, sweat, blood, tears, time and money into cosplay
>realize how ugly i am
>realize i'm too ugly and unfit for said cosplay/character only when it's finished and I try it on
why do I even...

>> No.10210937

Did you mean to post Celldweller at me?

>> No.10210938

Your Facebook meme reminded me of that song, so I figured I might as well if we're posting wildly off-topic stuff anyway.

>> No.10210941
File: 256 KB, 500x378, 1561901410298.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I mean, I'm not complaining

>> No.10210943

put on a pound of makeup like everyone else

>> No.10210944

I'm a huge fan of his music, and to keep things somewhat board-related there's some really cool outfits in his album art. Those End of an Empire designs, whew.

>> No.10210949

OP please tell us did you go to the meet? And how did your colonoscopy go?

>> No.10211009

> gained like 28 lbs in college due to stress and 13.5+ hour days
>moved back in with my parents
>can't find a job
>too fat for my unshirred brand
>haven't been to a meet or convention in literal years

I'd want to die, but nobody in my family could sell my brand correctly, so I can't.

>> No.10211012

>3rd thread in a row derailed by weight discussion
Good job gulls

They don't have to have good arguments to not like the way you dress or look. If thed don't like it, they don't like it. Fb is a hugbox, you can't say anything too negative without heavy social consequences, so of course they wouldn't say it there regardless of how valid they think their opinion is. Only an idiot would post on fb like they do here.
And again, idgi. If they would like your wardrobe, coording skills or attractiveness, they wouldn't pick you apart for it. They do the exact opposite. You're basically saying "they think my shoes are ugly, that must mean they want them". What kind of logic is that?

>> No.10211301

“Oink oink oink I’m a little piggy oink oink oink”
Keep crying about it, must be them chemical imbalances from NASA satalites doing its work instead of you being 800 pounds and/or marinating in shit OwO (it’s not like changing your life style and perhaps mindset to cope with trauma if you’re not in first world is gonna fix anything)

>> No.10211309

She died during her colonoscopy. Then she went to the meet while so drugged she could barely keep her eyes open.

Don’t be a retard.

>> No.10211344

There's a girl in my comm that spouts this. I understand that she is part of the tiny minority, but obesity is a bigger cause of cancer than smoking now. Something should be done about it. A bit of fat shaming now and then when it's necessary isn't bad. I don't disagree with HAES necessarily, but there are some sizes you literally can't be healthy at.

>> No.10211363

>A bit of fat shaming now and then when it's necessary isn't bad.
Yeah, making someone feel even worse about themselves who copes these kind of feelings with eating like a pig sounds like a great idea. Fat shaming does nothing, don't pretend like it's helpful. Fatties need to be encouraged to combat the issues behind their eating and need to be constantly reminded of how good it feels to eat healthy, fresh food and to find fun or a catharsis in sport and exercise because they're too used to feeling like shit 24/7.

>> No.10211364

If they really felt so bad about being fat why don’t they lose the weight? They’re literally the only person in charge of that, they’re making themselves feel bad.

>> No.10211366

because it hurts their feelings to take responsibility

>> No.10211374

i hope you're no older than 16 because that would explain your complete lack of empathy and real world knowledge.

>> No.10211375

If the junkie feels so bad about being addicted, why don't they just stop doing crack? Anon please. If losing weight AND KEEPING IT OFF would truly be so easy, there wouldn't be this many overweight people and there wouldn't be a whole successful industry behind it. Like I said, there's more in it than just putting the fork down and they need to combat the reason why they are making themselves feel bad despite knowing that it's bad for them. A lot of fatties have been conditioned to eat garbage and to overeat since their childhood or infancy, they might have strong enablers in their families and social circles (plus the new wave of fucking HAES people), they might use food to cope or as a distraction, they might be terribly uninformed about food and how our bodies work. All of those are solvable issues and it's very true that the only person in charge of changing them is themselves, but saying "why don't they just loose weight lel" is severly downplaying it imo.

>> No.10211376

I’m sorry I don’t feel bad for people who are completely responsible for their own current state and are upset about it.

Not every fat person has a food addiction though? And there’s plenty of help for it. I will admit that food addiction is a real thing, but the amount of people who are overweight that actually have it is way lower than fatloads like yourself like to pretend it is. Nice fucking deflection fatty

>> No.10211377

>>I’m sorry I don’t feel bad for people who are completely responsible for their own current state and are upset about it.
yeah, see? that's exactly what i mean. you don't even understand what empathy means. you are completely oblivious to how other people are and why. you are incapable of understanding anyone else because you can't see beyond your own extremely limited world view.

>> No.10211378

like it or not once you’re an adult you are responsible for yourself, including your weight. it sucks you were conditioned to pig out but after you turn into an adult it’s up to you to correct that. you can choose not to, just don’t complain about it and after like everyone else should feel bad for you because you don’t want to put in effort

>> No.10211379

So because I don’t feel bad for fat people with no self control means I completely lack empathy? Nice strawman fatty-chan. I do have empathy, just not for people who caused their own issues and don’t want to own up to it.

>> No.10211381

How is someone who eats to the point they are overweight not addicted? If they wouldn't be addicted, they could just stop like you said.

>Nice fucking deflection fatty
Learn what deflection is. And not fully agreeing with you or managing to understand mindsets other than my own doesn't make me the target demographic you're talking about.

>> No.10211382

>it sucks you were conditioned to pig out but after you turn into an adult it’s up to you to correct that.
Did you even read what I wrote? I'm saying the same thing.

>> No.10211383

Holy shit learn your buzzwords properly.

>> No.10211384

>So because I don’t feel bad
you also have very bad reading comprehension. it's not about feeling bad, it's about you having absolute no knowledge of other people and about you being so self-obsessed that you are incapable of learning it.
what you are talking about is pity btw. hopefully you'll learn the difference one day but i doubt it.
anon, your post makes absolutely no sense. first off all, as an adult you are responsible for being an ass to others. second no one asked for pity, people only asked to not be shamed. so your post is a rather retarded strawman.

>> No.10211390 [DELETED] 

>mfw a bunch of fats are so in denial they think they don’t control their own weight

Delusional as expected of obeasts

>> No.10211406

>Inb4 taking bait

You can be fully cognizant of something, understand how to control it, and still fail at doing so because humans are fallible and not always rational. I've lost 50 lbs (and am finally a healthy bmi) from 2015-2019, but I still struggle with binge eating behaviors (the other day I ate half of a tiramisu at 3 am) because I'm not completely out of the woods yet. Weight loss is simple, but not always easy.

You don't have to respect fat people, just understand that your perspective might be different and judging people to make yourself feel superior is never as satisfying as it's made out to be. It also means you have to be perfect in all facets of your life, lest you be judged yourself for some shortcoming of yours.

>> No.10211407

Anon please don't entertain retards any further. They don't want discussion, they just want (you)s at this point. No one even said what they quoted, they just want to shitpost and call anons fat.

>> No.10211412

I said it more for the lurkers than I did for them. A lot of people seem to think fat people just love their own misery, when in reality, once you get to a certain point, the path to healthy living is complicated. Emotions suck, but we have to live with them and cope somehow.
If someone is thinking of giving up because some ass clown gets off on calling people fatties and losers, I hope they know that their own health is worth more than this loser's ignorant statements.

>> No.10211413

>I said it more for the lurkers than I did for them

Nobody cares about you though

>> No.10211418

It's not about me, it's about not letting assholes control your narrative. You know how hard you're working for your health, they don't. It's as simple as that.

>> No.10211420

Ah, I see. And also fully agree.

>> No.10211421
File: 222 KB, 400x533, f5935fc6c57749.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw i know that i'll never get to be a small and cute japanese girl who fits and looks amazing in (nearly) all lolita dresses
Sometimes I really with I was another race, life just sucks.

>> No.10211422

>it’s not about me

It really does seem like it is, you keep responding to defend your post. This isn’t reddit. Nobody is giving you le ubboats

>> No.10211424

Are you aware you are talking to several people and this is also a website to discuss and not just shitpost once and farm (you)s? Of course they are responding.

>> No.10211429

Sometimes I wonder whether our resident anas specifically come here when they're in a hunger rage just to try and find a thread there they can start sperging about "fatty-chans".

>> No.10211430

Are you? And also the discussion having several people doesn’t change my statement. >>10211418
You clarified was all you.

>> No.10211432

Sometimes I wonder whether our resident fats specifically come here when they're in a beetusrage just to try and find a thread there they can start sperging about "ana-chans".

>> No.10211437

lmao that girl on the left

>> No.10211439

If the average bmi of all gulls were to be calculated, it would likely amount to less than 19.
You're fighting against an invisible enemy, there are no fat lolitas on 4chan, they're all on tumblr, facebook and co.

>> No.10211440

Except for it’s been proven there are fat lolitas here? She who shall not be named comes to mind first

>> No.10211444

Okay? Then go to the mods and have her banned if this bothers you so much. Just stop it with the infighting.

>> No.10211446

Also, iHop-chan?

>> No.10211447

You’re retarded. That’s not how 4ch works

>> No.10211449

I wish people were as harsh to sissies/trannies as they are to fat girls.

>> No.10211452

They are, at least here they are. Both fats and trannies get asspats most everywhere else though.

>> No.10211453

Naw, sadly not. I've already read a fair share of "is it so hard to respect pronous?!" posts.

>> No.10211457

And there are a fair share of fats defending being fat in this thread, but here people who are fat and trans are openly shat on. There isn’t another platform for lolitas where that happens except for the farm

>> No.10211459

You misunderstood: it's also girls defending trannies and sissies, not only they themselves

>> No.10211460

She represents how I feel that I look like next to jap girls

>> No.10211465

I think YOU misunderstand. The point is both fats and trans are openly criticized here, to the same amount. That does not happen ANY other place in this community.

>> No.10211477

What race are you, anon?

>> No.10211479

I'm obviously a whitey

>> No.10211482

Agreed, but also publicly saying obese people shouldn't be obese is hardly a bad move. You shouldn't be. Just like smoking is a huge strain on public health services (no clue where you are, I'm euro), and I don't advocate it, so is obesity. It doesn't just affect ONE person, it affects everyone. And if fat people have children, there you go, another generation with an obesity epidemic.
As long as you are genuinely healthy, that's fine by me. I don't crit overweight girls for being overweight, nor would I tell a smoker to stop smoking. They know it's bad, and if they don't they're stupid.

It's not just one person's feelings that matter.

>> No.10211494

>Mods bls ban voldie, the fact she exists makes me sad :((( uwu
Yes, that will work! You've cracked the code.

>> No.10211497

based retard

>> No.10211519

>implying mods ban people for being fat

I wish, but sadly this isn’t the case

>> No.10211523

Bravo anon, none of the 3 replies you quoted are me. Thank you for proving my point.

>> No.10211525

Why would you respond to posts acting like they’re your own then? That anon was clearly talking to a specific person.

>> No.10211532

so basically you want the body of a 12 yr old boy? lol ew I'm glad I have a nice feminine hourglass figure with actual boobs.

>> No.10211533

Yes, I completely agree and also euro lol. I didn't mean sugarcoating (kek) obesity in contrast to fat shaming. Saying that obesity is a problem is not a bad move, but going out of ones way to make a fat person feel bad about being fat in hopes it makes them stop eating hardly is helpful and most likely does the opposite.

>> No.10211535

>Why would you respond to posts acting like they’re your own then?
Do you usually talk about yourself in 3rd person anon?
>Of course they are responding.

>> No.10211538

You’re intensely delusional anon, I hope you get help

>> No.10211545

Seconding accounting
Those jobs are everywhere and you can easily get an associate degree for it

>> No.10211563

I feel your pain

>gain 22 lbs from college stress
>some cosplays are getting tight
>no longer do cosplays that show my stomach

We can still lose this weight anon! I believe in myself and you too!

>> No.10211576

Don't use words you don't even know the meaning of just because you see them spammed here whenever someone is out of anything valuable to say.

>> No.10211588

>that deflecting

Delusional confirmed

>> No.10211616

I do wonder if there will be a time when chunky lolitas are accepted. I mean people used to shit on tall lolitas all the time and say they didn't belong in the fashion, but now no one has any issues with them and their knees.

>> No.10211617
File: 867 KB, 2048x1536, 13vmu4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10211628

I hope not. I hope we start rounding up fat people and taking them out back to be taken care of like the deranged animals they are

>> No.10211640

Can't help height. Can help weight.

>> No.10211642


I agree, if they want to eat like bushpigs they should be treated like them

>> No.10211665

Fuck off! What's it with you cunts and always comparing being born tall with being fat?!

>> No.10211667

Fat people like to pretend being fat is beyond their control and height is their parallel of choice to draw

>> No.10211669

I'm just comparing a trait lolitas used to shit on a lot with a different trait they shit on now. Calm down.

>> No.10211764

Yes, sleep hae

>> No.10211781

I feel like Lolita is fucking stupid.
Why would you buy a dress just to dress up for a tea party.
Uber gay shit

>> No.10211787 [DELETED] 

Trannies should be gassed.

>> No.10211792

I wear it daily, lots of other people do too

>> No.10211793

me irl on the left at any meetup I go to.

>> No.10211795

imagine being this much of a newfag

>> No.10211796

lol You should be gassed.

>> No.10211813

speaking of weight discussion
>trying to get a better body
>constant claim is that being fit won't make me attractive to women
is this true? I'm not doing something insane like gallon of milk a day, but I am suffering thinking I will get some real attention at cons.

>> No.10211814

I'm gonna be totally honest with you, if your face is ugly, your body doesn't matter ether way. You still won't be attractive to most women. If you are at least average looking though, a good body can help.

>> No.10211815

It might attract some but most women aren’t all that attracted to muscles if you lack a good face

>> No.10211823

absolutely not. people fuck ugly men for their body all the time.

don't listen to them, they're retards. i've actually been to college and to parties. plenty of ugly guys get boned, especially if they have a great body. if they don't, then their chances go down significantly

>> No.10211825

Spot the daydreaming uggo incel

>> No.10211828

this is something only incels tell themselves to try and feel better.

>> No.10211829

If this was true gymcels wouldn’t be a thing

>> No.10211831


>> No.10211832

it is fucking stupid but it makes me happy so

>> No.10211833

I'm a woman.

>> No.10211835

Sure Dan

>> No.10211838

when i see pics of cute lolita friends i feel sad and jealous. i hoard candid and not very posed picks of lolita friends and dream of being in a comm. being a lonelita is suffering

>> No.10211844


>> No.10211852
File: 127 KB, 600x766, 18-20-22-6a2d1191c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because it's true, until there are changes made to how we treat mental illness. When you're broken past as certain level, the options you have for treatment become fewer and fewer. At some point it becomes like trying to heal a broken leg while being forced to run marathon races. We don't give people the time or resources to properly heal from mental illness. We wonder why rates of depression and suicide are increasing despite an increase of people seeking treatment.

>> No.10211855

It is not society’s job to carry people who are weakminded to the extent they can’t even control how they eat

>> No.10211858

So then society should stop preventing people from committing suicide then. Why create a scenario in which people suffer and then so strongly stigmatize the best option for it? Seems rather cruel.

>> No.10211859

do you understand what the ILL part of mentally ILL means? would you say someone with cancer is weakbodied?

>> No.10211865
File: 172 KB, 399x317, 1559843634971.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I mean, yeah? Their body is weak, no? They certainly aren't strong bodied, are they?

>> No.10211866

no, they're just sick with something they can't control. same with mental illness. it's not being "weak" it's being sick

>> No.10211867

Yes. That’s literally what being sick is.

>> No.10211870

Sick people are weak people. Some people are weaker than others.

>> No.10211871

ok enjoy your sociopathy

>> No.10211873

You seem to be very confused about reality. Acknowledging that a sick person is weak bodied and a mentally ill person is weak minded is just acknowledging facts. Pretending otherwise because of your feelings doesn’t change the world around you.

>> No.10211875
File: 12 KB, 285x285, swallow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay, but is their illness a source of their weakness, yes or no? Are they weak? I can beat the shit out of a cancer patient, they're physically weaker than I am. They are weak bodied. Regardless of the source begins their weakness, they are still weak. How is this even an argument? It's literally the definition.

>> No.10211876

It’s an argument because it hurts their feefees and they would rather stick their head in the sand than acknowledge facts

>> No.10211888

ok so in your opinion mentally ill people are automatically so weakminded and powerless, yet you also think they should still be able to force themselves to have the willpower to diet somehow?

>> No.10211893

Who said they’re powerless? I just think they are weak and it’s not societies responsibility to deal with them. I mean, if you’re so far gone you can’t stop shoveling cake in your mouth and you’re obese you should just be throw in an assylum so you don’t shit up the gene pool

>> No.10211903

That's a waste of money. Just allow them to kill themselves. Why is society so against this? It's fucking silly. That addylum money is better repurposed back into the productive members of society.

>> No.10211904

That would be the preferred way of dealing with it but until they become an hero they need to be stored somewhere so they don’t breed

>> No.10211924

Because fuck improvement or being healthy when you can stretch out a $300 dress like a twat, right?
Thank you for the keks anon
Post it or stop whining

>> No.10211929

DESU, I'd rather have a man that's out of shape, ugly but can pay his fucking bills, save money, and not be a man-child. I don't care if you're the hottest piece of ass, if you expect me to be your caregiver, I'll drop you for someone less attractive who can be an equal in a relationship. I was this way at 20, and I'm still this way after being in this damn scene forever.

>> No.10211957

I don't think my face is a problem, and that it would probably look better if I was in better shape, not that I am obese now or anything.
I'm not hoping that the body would make up for face, rather that being attractive overall would make up for lackluster social skills. I think I could do fine as long as women wanted to talk to me, which I would imagine this would help.

>> No.10211958

I have hypothyroid, actual diagnosed, and have a really really hard time losing. My body tends to maintain at around 170-180 pounds no matter what I do, meaning I'm definitely in the overweight category (I'm 5'10" though, so it's not super horrid) but hey, guess what? if I am actually really disciplined and work out, I can get to 160 despite my body wanting me to be higher. It takes a lot of work and effort, but I hear people using hypothyroid as an excuse for being fat all the time and it's literal bullshit. It just takes effort and responsibility, something most fatties don't want to admit that they are lacking.

>> No.10211962

same anon, same.

>> No.10212052

Are you afraid of being a sociopath? Because your rigid defensive posting makes me think you are.

>> No.10212094

I fit into Atelier Pierrot off the rack over the weekend. I know I'm overweight, I'm working on it, but it was such a lovely feeling to look in the mirror and feel good about the look, so much more satisfying than regular clothes.
It was just so great, like 'so this is how it feels' and honestly, I just want more of that positive feeling for everyone and myself.
Be happy with who you are and who you will be anon, keep looking for those bright moments and your struggles will be rewarded.

>> No.10212164

>hurts your feefees
>throw them into an asylum so they don't shit up the gene pool
>store them somewhere so they can't breed
All of this screams deranged male/incel/pol. And those lolitas who are fucked up in their head about the topic "weight" only serve to aid them in shitting on themselves.

You're reeing about fatties while being fat yourself?! I imagine that's the case for many, just scream "fatty-chan" the loudest, so that nobody suspects that you might not be perfect.

>> No.10212176

i wouldn't be surprised if all the anti fat anons were self hating fatties themselves

>> No.10212198
File: 330 KB, 1070x1188, nogravityfalls.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I tucked my skirt into my panties.

>> No.10212203

When my little sister was 12 she split her pants at con and walked around with her thonged buttocks showing for god knows how long before I saw her.

>> No.10212206


>> No.10212207

Today my superiors told me Lolita is not acceptable at work.
It’s been 6 months and I thought I was in the clear and wearing it very toned down.
I guess not.

>> No.10212214
File: 11 KB, 225x225, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10212250

Yeah, we are gay, that’s the point idiot

>> No.10212263

power move

>> No.10212268

lolita wouldn't be acceptable in most work places, so that's not really surprising. it's not exactly professional looking

>> No.10212280

That would explain why their view on other people and their ability to understand them seems so narrow minded.

>> No.10212388
File: 45 KB, 373x332, 1540904455321.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow thread has been up for this long and no one has posted it yet. Guess I gotta do all the work.

>tfw no cosplay/lolita gf

>> No.10212446
File: 22 KB, 400x477, dyingnoises.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This hobby is full of thotties man.

My friend's sister just turned 18 and the first thing she did was start a thot patreon.

>> No.10212449
File: 46 KB, 619x619, 1560854679695.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do some girls have <60 cm waistlines? I'm at a 70 cm waistline now after losing weight and it feels like I'm going to be huge forever. Is having a waist that small really just genetics at some point??

>> No.10212455

have you tried corset training?

>> No.10212462

Do those actually work? I'm willing to give them a try cause I've heard that they can help with your posture, too. I'd like some advice on it though.

>> No.10212467
File: 39 KB, 656x755, KPgRaqe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>too ugly, chub (not overweight, just former skeleton with high bf% to muscle ratio) and literally 0 muscle to cosplay fav character
>or any character really
fucking jojo.

what's more humiliating is that I'm taking anabolic roids and I'm still like this

>> No.10212473

Post waist, I have no clue how big that is

>> No.10212476

Go to the gym and eat better

>> No.10212481

that's what I'm doing. only been a week though and it's very easy to get demotivated and cave in to the munchies

>> No.10212483

Just make food that tastes good but is also healthy. Outside of meals don't eat. If you want actually good tasting food recipes go to scooby1961's channel. He has a ton of good food recipes that are great for losing weight

>> No.10212487

I found my (former) whore gf in our hotel room with a Snufkin cosplayer, which soured up my entire AX experience. Now she's whining and moaning for forgiveness and asking if I'm gonna give her a ride back to her town. I am livid, and the only thing that comes to my mind is my friend who I called paranoid for having him warn me that I shouldn't leave my gf on her own in AX since "stuff" could happen and that "girls are like, YOU KNOW, impressionable", to which I replied by calling him insecure and an idiot. How ironic.

I fucking hate women, honestly.

>> No.10212489
File: 31 KB, 350x346, 1561294537848.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When someone gives dumb concrit on my coords and I click their name to check their post history and they've never posted anything of their own coords in their three years in the group

Get the fuck out my face RPer

>> No.10212490

It’s only been a WEEK and you’re struggling to cave? Jesus.

>> No.10212491

Which ones? I can lose weight on antidepressants easily. It just sounds like straight up poor self-control to me.

>> No.10212494

>I fucking hate women, honestly.
Perfect, bc clearly women hate you enough to cheat on you

>> No.10212497

if you got cheated on you probably were a really shit person, which makes sense considering you hate all women in your own words. this isn't a good look. people don't cheat for no reason.

>> No.10212499


>> No.10212515

Maybe cross reference with your own proportions? I'm 163 cm/5'4" in height, 87 cm/34 ¼" bust, 70 cm/27 ½" waist, and 93.5 cm/37" hips. A waist that's <60 cm would be around less than 24".

>> No.10212517

I recently got one of my friends girlfriends into lolita and I'm kind of starting to regret it.
I always try to encourage people who compliment my outfits to get into it because I have fun doing it and if they like it, why not try it? I'm working class and can afford it, so they should be able to also!
I've been trying to point her in the right direction and she has taken part of my advice but talking to her more made me realize how much of an ita she's going to be. She's already buying high waist cuts, and she's a fattychan. I told her that they don't really look good on anyone and she might regret it, but she liked the patterns on it so she got it. I feel bad because I don't want her posted here, but she's already annoying me every two seconds asking for advice that should be really simple. Should I let her loose on BSoL or would I be cursing her to a life of perpetual ita-dom?

>> No.10212519

As someone who tightlaced at one point..
Yes, it does accentuate an hourglass figure.
But, it takes months to get to the point your ribs have moved far enough to see a difference.
Yes, you are moving your ribs.

Things to keep in mind:
Your first corset should be quality: steel boning, the more waist tape the better, and be specifically called out as a waist trainer. It should also be a full torso under or overbust but that's more taste and personal experience.
If you have a corseter somewhere nearby, go there first before diving into online options, chances are, that'll be better than most online shops you can throw money at.
Second to that, there are a lot of good corset shops. If origin is dubious or it's straight made in china, think twice.
Don't buy corset story.

As a newbie, don't go too tight.
Get used to how the corset feels by wearing it for an hour or so everyday when your hanging out at home.
Going slow, you will be less likely to fuck your back up, as having poor posture all your life and 'fixing it' all at once makes it worse.
You still need to do workouts.
If you dont do workouts, you run the risk of hurting yourself. Not having strong enough core muscles to do for you what the corset does, for one. Plus, your results will be less dramatic and it might be discouraging.

Since not everyone develops a compression fetish, try to give yourself little rewards of self care before or after you corset train for the day. It can make a big difference in how you think about corset training when it's hard to keep going.
Hydrate or die.
When you start wearing it more and more often (if you can) eat very sparringly and light, your gastrointestinal system will thank you.
If you think you need water, you needed it 5 minutes ago. Drink lots.

There are tones of videos about the actual training part, so learn how to do it from tightlacers and historical reinactors.

Always keep it safe and sane anon, have fun!

>> No.10212523

No amount of shitty responses is gonna change the fact that a girl cheated on your beta ass lmao

>> No.10212526

let her loose on big sisters, she needs more feedback since your a spineless moron.
I'm always there talking newbies off cliffs, so don't think it's 100% asspats.

>> No.10212530

We've all had to go through the struggle of being a lolita newbie. If she really wants it, she's gonna fight for it. Just set her free anon, she needs to learn this shit on her own.

>> No.10212535

Thank you so much for this anon, I didn't expect to get a really in depth guide like this. It makes me a lot less apprehensive about approaching waist training. Thankfully I do work out and recently have even been doing TVA exercises, hopefully that'll make the waist training a little less difficult to adjust to.

>> No.10212546

It's deceptive rather than actually difficult, you have to pay attention to what your body is telling you, and you get tired of struggling with the ties if you don't do little tricks like using a doorknob as an anchor point.

Oh, nearly forgot to mention, you still want to do oblique excersizes, but doing too much will unfortunately effect your progress, get too stronk get no shwoops.

>> No.10212594

jesus christ who hurt you

>> No.10212595

You're really only gonna see natural waists that small on asian girls as it's part of their phenotype.

>> No.10212598

ones like effexor and rexulti are notoriously difficult to lose weight while on. it's not all antidepressants that cause the fucked up appetites.

>> No.10212602

It always makes my 5"10 ass a bit sad when I see people comparing me to a fat lolita. I really can't change my length, what do you want me to do, get leg-shortening surgery or something?
Skin color and height are not changeable and shouldn't be things people go to nitpick. Weight is changeable.

>> No.10212629

I'm 5'10" too and I hear you. lazy people are always going to not put in the work to make a change. You can lose weight. It just takes some effort and personal responsibility.

>> No.10212635

>Is having a waist that small really just genetics at some point??
I think it does play a huge role, yes.
I'm 5'10, rather big-boned and still stay that small at a healthy bmi. Your stomach staying flat (or not) also depends on your age.
What really helps me is never doing any oblique exercises. I tried that for some time and noticed my sides bulking/getting a bit wider.

>> No.10212638

Same, that's so hurtful and insulting.
Tall lolitas already have a hard time, no need to additionally shit on us...

>> No.10212660

woah you're 5'10" with a 23" waist??

>> No.10212662

>whining about your hurt feelings while simultaneously shitting on fatties

>> No.10212664
File: 31 KB, 960x718, FB_IMG_1560992710823.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your sister a hoe

>> No.10212666

If 23" equals 60cm, then yes.

Guess what anon, there's a huge difference between getting called ugly because of a trait you're born with vs because of something you can change.

>> No.10212669

Fat people aren't human.

>> No.10212673


>> No.10212676

Hello incels.

>> No.10212677

I also recently bought my first corset (2 months ago?) It's made a big difference to my man body. Will be a long time until i reach my goal of a 24" waist, but I've shaved an inch off that i never thought i would! It's really worth it, and it's not as uncomfortable as you'd think. I got mine from orchardcorset. I think that's a good place for newbies.

>> No.10212681

>anyone who dislikes fats is an incel

Intense delusion as expected of a fat “”person””

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