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less than a month till sabo’s here again. thoughts on panels/guests? how long are you putting off con crunch?

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i’ll start:
>apparently hotel lobby is undergoing renovations affecting the restaurant
>@home maid cafe sounds cute, there are a couple other maid events as well
>is greg as crazy as i think he is or are you actually considering buying a monkey pass?

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saboten will be my first american convention and i don't know what to expect.
i'm also confused with how the programming schedule works compared to asian cons.
regardless, i'm kinda anxious about it and so i don't know if i wanna cosplay or just dress up really nice.

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oh i’m curious what you mean comparing to asian con programming. usually at american cons there are multiple panels and events going on in specific rooms at the same time, so you just choose what to go to.
saboten is a fairly nice size convention (though small compared to stuff in california and the midwest) but it’s all inside one hotel, so it’s nice and cozy. mostly local teens/ college age people attend so lots of people hanging out!

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i think cons in my country are just smaller, i guess??
like we'd have only 1 stage where everything happens basically. that's where the guest panels are, performances, contests, etc~
and the halls are for shops, exhibits, food, and other stuff like games or maid cafes.

the schedule on the saboten website confuses me because there are different locations underneath the titles. i'm sorry if i sound dumb right now but i really don't understand.

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The con is at the end of August which is Arizona’s hottest month of the year as well as the most stormy. So if you cosplay, cosplay with the weather in mind. It’s nice in the convention/hotel, but if you end up outside at any point you will overheat.

As the way it’s set up, it’s kinda like a mall. There’s many little “shops” you can go in. But you only go into the ones you want to look at. That’s how cons in most of the western world function. The vendor area is usually like a large room with little tables all lined up into isles that you can browse. The halls are usually free of stands minus a few. It allows more vendors to attend and keep the clutter of the halls down. In the first few years of cons in Arizona, they where like you described in >>10234906. But it’s grown greatly since those days. Plus that type of layout is actually considered a fire hazard.

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there will be a map in the con booklet with all the room locations! describing it as a mall was the best way to put it - a bunch of stuff going on a the same time in the hotel and you just attend what you want to. usually in between events i go through the vendor hall and artist alley, or meet up with friends.

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>>10235212 is a really good description. The hotel it's held at has 2 floors with most of the events going on. There is one large room with the vendors and individual artists with booths, a smaller room for video games and table top games, and lots of side rooms that fit 50-100 people that host the panels, gameshows, workshops, etc. There is also 1 stage room where the concerts, masquerade, and other live shows will be.

I won't be able to make it likely this year. But I hope everyone has a good time and doesn't get trampled by the BNHA gathering like last year.

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this con is pretty safe for a starter con, the worst thing about it is really just finding yourself around, aside from that it's fairly average.

Whatever you do don't be stuck with the /cgl/ weirdos who don't drink

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Yo someone hit me up when it's back at Westgate and Pixel+Obasu return

That was the true golden age of AZ cons

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Hilarious that Dowase threw a bitch fit about not having any panels, while their panel quality has been declining for years.
The main guys are just a bunch of snarky assholes who act like they know everything, it gets old.
You can only reuse and revamp the same ideas so many times.

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Sigh can't wait for another year of retards doing "le epic and funny crossplay" even though it's highly offensive and not funny to anyone

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i’m kind of sick of all the cosplay ask panels, too. sabo is plagued with them. does nobody have anything interesting to talk about anymore ??

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clearly not. Greg believes in quantity over quality so he can simply boast about how many panels people can go to.

Honestly looking at the guide I'm very surprised how many gunpla ones they're running and while they have a lot of local artists as guests, few art or webtoon panels.

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I do, but I no longer accept shitty deals from AZ con owners.
I think alot of the self-respecting people packed their bags and now you have the next generation of idiots + the old idiots who still embarass being a dumbass weeb

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The people with actual content to provide have given up on az cons in favor of out of state cons with better content and exposure. Mainly AX and other Cali cons.

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how is it offensive???

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I'll break it down for you

1. It's offensive to non passing trannies because seeing men in dresses is giving them a reality check. They are also disgusting men in dresses.
2. It's offensive to normal, healthy brained people because a big hairy guy in a tight short dress is disgusting visually. "Natural" things being "beautiful" is a myth.
3. It's offensive to sexual degenerates like me because we know they're getting off to being dressed like a girly girl, yet they're trying to say it is just a "joke." It should be saved for an adults only convention
4. It's offensive to veterans of the cosplay scene like myself, because it's just another half-assed attempt to co-opt something that was once a sincere element of conventioning to garner attention and likes/follows

In short, ironic crossplay has been dead for over a decade now, and anyone who tries to do it should be turned away at the door. They should probably be put on the FBI's red flag list as well.
Please note this doesn't apply to the sincere craftsman or the legitimate brolita that claims to not be gay yet is.

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I've always wondered why Kazha is a guest at literally every single monkey paw con? Can they not find anyone else?

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iirc they're like Eurobeat King. A name that can be featured and friends with head of staff. One of those, well we'll just keep bring you out since you provide entertainment for us at a low cost.

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> it’s offensive to cosplay veterans like myself

You sound SOOOO fun at parties. I have been cosplaying and making cosplays for roughly 18 years and have absolutely no issue with them. Most people who have a well established skill set in the cosplay community don’t feel offended by them either. They are just having fun and usually look like shit any way. There’s no clout to take from you if your craftsmanship shows. Being this offended by them means you really are not that good at cosplay and don’t like someone else is getting more attention then you. Sorry for your entitlement.

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Shame. I saw one of her shows and Kazha is pretty good.

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In short, you're a fucking pussy.

Stop getting offended.

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Bitch please. You haven't cosplayed for 18 years. You're probably barely even 18.
Or you're just a male trying to justify and defend perverted fucks so you can maintain a heightened atmosphere of sexuality at conventions, because your pea brain thinks it'll help you get pussy.

Shut the fuck up retard. Either come up with a half-assed argument or keep being a sick fuck

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While I do agree that funny crossplays are almost never actually funny, you just sound like an insufferable, seething tranny. Sometimes it just feels like some people are actively looking for reasons to get offended.

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>giving them a reality check
nothing wrong with a reality check.

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Hey, I'm pro tranny shaming. I just added that in because the first person who said it was offensive sounded like a tranny. I wanted to jump in and give an accurate answer before they replied with their warped trans brain.
You can't give these people any input on the narrative

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Who hurt you?

But realistically you sound like one of those annoying fucking lolita cosplayers I met last year and at PCC who did nothing but make passive aggressive comments loudly every time I was with other friends doing some kind of crossplay. Last con I went to I did crossplay simply because one of my favorite anime has virtually no male characters that I care to dress up at or spend hours making a dress for.

If it's offensive to you that other people do things that literally harm no one, you need the reality check out of anything.
You're assuming cross players do it with the intent to make fun of trannies specifically. Please stop stereotyping everyone, what's next black people can't cosplay as white characters? Also how do you know they don't identify female but couldn't start HRT yet?
Funny because usually when I am at a bar or restaurant people ask me what's up I tell them about the convention, let them grab a picture and generally overall have a good time with people. Aside from some people who were doing street corner preaching most everyone I met was completely chill.
I guess I need to tell a lot of Jojo/TTGL/etc fangirls that them doing genderbent cosplay is just fucking rude to people who are pervs
If you're a vet of cosplay and get offended by someone simply walking around in crossplay you either throw yourself a convention or stick to lolita scene. They are really the only people I ever see complain about cross play because those people get more attention than daddy issues club.

I'm sure this is a post for (you)'s but know people like you at cons exist and basically ruin it for both sides of the CIS/non-CIS structure. My friend is going from M2F right now and she has 0 issues with shit at cons aside from people "defending for her" or getting offended for her when there is no issue.

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Also if you are to actually see someone being a stuck up asshat report them if there is an actual issue though I'd be hard pressed to believe shit like that happens at the con. Feel free to keep your keyboard warrior mentality at home because the kind of mental gymnastics you're on right now basically does no one any good.

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just wondering, what country are you from? Like there's different scale events depending on the Asian country as the weeb scale varies

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Yeah I ain't reading all this tranny bullshit.
People wanted answers, they got em. Shut the fuck up and, more importantly, grow up.

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Don’t respond to this obvious bait. Keep on doing what you want my dudes

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I agree with xer. This is a proud trans community.

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It COULD be a shit post but with how cons have panels these days and the influx or retards from California and ASU retards that come it would not surprise me if that was a real post. I have seem people do this shit IRL throwing up a fuss and ruining crap

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There's so many better cons to go to over labor Day than saboten

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there’s also a lot of cons not on labor day that i’d rather spend my money on. saboten is cheap and local and more worth walking around than phoenix comic whatever.
still don’t understand why people stay in the sabo hotel tho. just drive home

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Problem is if you're in phoenix the cost of getting to those said cons if you didn't get a good or lucky flight will be expensive as shit. There are a few cons I'd rather be going to, do I want to pay 2500-400 bucks for air travel? plus hotel and badge costs? Fuck no. Sabo isn't the best but it isn't the worst as CGL makes it to be.

In all honesty this is going be be a hot take but found my self enjoying the con far more when i actively avoid cgl meets at this convention. I meet up with some people who got out of the community, have more fun than meeting up with pity party cgl or "let's talk about con drama and how much greg sucks" the event. This con is fairly fun to solo with but pretty bland and annoying if you were to meet up with gulls and expect ALA, AX, or Fanime

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Some people don’t live in Phoenix anon. Some people travel from Tucson, flagstaff and Yuma. If you live all the way by the Renaissance faire grounds, that’s a long travel daily and a waste of gas. If much rather spend 160 on a hotel room, get hotel reward points on my membership card and have a place to escape from the chaos. Not to mention a room where I have foods and stuff to go to when I get hungry.

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You can always drive to California cons. I drive all the time to them and spend maybe 120 in gas there and back. Hotel prices are roughly the same as Phoenix and it’s really not that expensive to go there. California has a lot of different types of cons and most of them are run 100 times better then ours. It’s why I stopped going to most AZ cons unless I’m helping someone run a table or something.

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wow im surprised anyone actually goes to this thing being where it is
yikes relax

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It’s a cheap con. And you know weebs. They go to every con despite being “OwO poor desu”. They can afford these cons but they can’t afford even dollar store deodorant and toothpaste.

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Greg is such a cuck. He has 0 accountability for anything, and poor communication skills, but wants to threaten news outlets for spilling the actual tea. Sad.

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Iyeah, if you're out of Phoenix (Tucson, Yuma, Flagstaff) you have to spend transportation money, lodging, food, all the expenses you would on an out of town con, I'd rather spend a little more and go to a better convention.

I also loathe how greg runs cons though so

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Been going to Sabo for years. It is a cheap con, but so many regulars are one trick ponies or just think they're the funniest in the room.

I always like meeting new people and talking about anime with them. Maybe getting a few drinks or food. Just try to keep the weekend low key and try to have fun at the con

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Wow glad to see why I don't meet cgl anymore at this con or Arizona for that matter. Not sure if Greg killed your guys dog or shit but most the time sabo is fine for the cost. Layout is meh at time but overall people are chill.

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I've been doing sabo for about 3 years and will never get the reason behind the hate it gets on cgl.

It's no ALA or ACEN but it's good cheap and efficient for what it is. Can't say I've ever had a real bad experience outside attempted cgl meetups that failed horribly and was a pity party thrown by lolitas. If you want to see shit cons go to midwestern cons, and not talking anime mid west. Not sure if it's just due to my growing lack of interest in panels outside some late night +18 ones that tend to be a good laugh, but there isn't anything ever offensive about the schedule it's just very middle of the road. Doubt this con will ever be anything more of an attraction to others outside flagstaff/phoenix and maybe Tuscon.

>there are so many better cons going on
Then fucking go to those.

>> No.10243213

Don't disagree, but what's this about him threatening news outlets?

>> No.10243215

Saboten isn't a complete shit show, but if you're at all used to other cons, I'd imagine you'll find it intensely underwhelming. It's crowded due to a poor layout if it's still at that hotel, poorly run and planned as far as events and panels go, incredibly disorganized from a staffing perspective.

And, like many have stated, the Con Director has a history of being at best a bit of a selfish asshat.

If you really want to go to a con, it's whatever, could be worse.

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I mean I hate gregcons as much as the next guy but Sabo is at least not terrible for the price, yeah. It suffers from the same bs and bad organization as all his cons but its fine if you just wanna go for a day/get a free pass somehow and chill with friends. There's nothing particularly memorable or appealing about it to drive anyone to come from out of state or even out of Phoenix to bother, desu.

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While no names are included in the chat logs it's his Avatar and clearly him. So butt hurry about the whole situation he posted an "official statement" on the convention website. Tbh the way he handled it after what happened with connichiwa was my final push to not go

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Fucking same. I'm sick of throwing my money at this man who has the responsibility levels of a 4 year old and treats people like shit. Sabo is my last Monkey Paw event for the foreseeable future.

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Inb4 I get shit on but I'd be kinda pissed off too if people started perpetuating construction would be going on when the article you linked clearly states it is being held off during the con. When you need to fork out tons of money like I'm sure the con costs, having "ongoing construction" rumors hindering the con could be an issue.

Looks like the new outlet jumped the gun on shit, got told to take down the false article/misinformed shti, didn't and he did what anyone else would do is to put in contact with lawyer teams. This is a normal thing for businesses to do.

I just think Sabo gets shit on because it's during a hot month, Cali cons overshadow it in names and attendance, and labor day weekend shit. Personally for the price and being in phoenix the con is fine, I didn't grow up here and know how actually bad cons can be in the flyover states. Sabo looks like a fucking fine gift for access/cheapness. The panels are meh but do the work when you realize how many Jojo/pokemon/BnHA people are there, no one wants to hear about lolita j fashion again...

If you want good panels you know AX/Fanime exist and should just save for them
If you want part con go to NDK or San Japan

Though for me I'm not traveling to hard on laborday weekend so this con works fine for what it is, drink with cosplayers, have some chill meetups, get some merch and attend a panel or two

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Personally, I think Sabo as the potential to be a lot better than it is; but, that would cause for Greg to have a new line of thinking, I personally believe sabo is held back. Though I have noticed that the quality of their guest have gone up a little bit since Taiyou Con has started bringing in more Japanese guests.

INB4 >Herrr deeerr taiyou con is just as shitty

While I don't agree with all of his choices sabo is just fine if you don't want to travel to other conventions Just don't mind that it is stuck in 2009..

>> No.10243540

I like Taiyou con by serious on the same weekend as ALA is a dumb shit move year after year. ALA is so much better that it's worth me doing a 50 dollar round trip greyhound there and back, or a budget flight for 120 to Ontario airport if I buy ahead.

Sabo you just know going in that you're probably not going anywhere else with the labor day flight prices. It's nothing big but it's not as shit as /cgl/ makes it out to be. If anything it's fault is just being bland

>> No.10243543

Thats not really on them though from what I hear, Arizona's on and off-season is different so winter is super expensive outside of their dates

>> No.10243560


You clearly have no idea what you are talking about. Did you even read the article? The news outlet contacted the hotel MULTIPLE TIMES and got told construction would indeed be happening. Anyone with a lick of common sense is going to believe the hotel over Greg the irresponsible man child.

Well they need to get their shit together. I know literally a dozen people who would attend Taiyou if it wasn't the same weekend as ALA. At least the guy who runs Taiyou isn't a psychotic egomaniac.

>> No.10243566

9:43 update dude, it was a false message that news places grabbed up and fucked up the mess further. There was a error pushed out that they were attempting to correct and news places instead of reaching out and waiting for clarification just pushed doom and gloom about Sabo. The article states they reached out to Sabo staff didn't get anything yet they pushed an article out without double checking. That's lazy reporting and borderline clickbait shit.
>greg is dumb
I dunno what else he's done but his responses in the texts messages posted seem to be in a full business manner. The libel part is lol worthy but that was probably a lawyer push to get it removed.

>Well they need to get their shit together.
yes cons need to plan out for your schedule and other states that don't affect them as much. Let's not go into contractual, economical, or other factors. Needs to be about your needs.

>At least the guy who runs Taiyou isn't a psychotic egomaniac.
Seriously what the hell did greg do? Like I said I moved here a few years back and Sabo hasn't been ever that bad, just kinda bland at worst. Seems like he's just a bland coordinator of events rather than some maniac as cgl makes him to be. Want an actual bad con? go to some corn cons around TN.

>> No.10243580

Greg has always had the reputation, you apparently haven't heard of it til now. There's been tons of incidents of him making call out posts specifically and non-specificaly targeting people he has some sort of beef with, usually over very small slights.

He also makes odd choices with guests. If I remember right he had Harmony Gold out, the company that made Robotech by butchering Macross, like, 2 years ago. For better, but mostly worse, he seems to just get guests he would like to see and actively ignores the current trends and fan interests.

>> No.10243605

I really don't seek drama or look for it when it comes to cons, shit that doesn't directly affect me for a convention is just silly to seek out unless you're a boring person I've found. Is there proof of this or is it all just internet/tumblr level "totally happened my dad works a funimation" that post is greg and not a larper. Not going to say he didn't cut them out but maybe there were other things like financial questions, or the fact it's during a labor day weekend making flights kinda up there also an issue? Choice of guests being odd is meh, seems like there is a fine line up for what Sabo has been in the past which is heavily normie.

On the surface it just seems like the cons tend to be blandish compared to some big names but it's not like it's offensively bad.

>Greg has always had the reputation, you apparently haven't heard of it til now.
Only time I heard something was when I've tried to do cgl meetups at cons like this one, Mesa con and that one in flagstaff. Though every time there is a meetup of sorts if you could even call it that, it feels like I went back to high school level cliques without people act to one another about shit. I've been out of the cgl arizona loop for about 1.5 years really only stop to check on the threads if anything has changed, doesn't look like it lol.

>> No.10243620

Greg got lolita and j fashion cut from sabo, it's basically a fuck you to the community as a whole. It's revolting since some of the best and hardest working people for conventions are lolitas and this is clearly a slap in the face

Fuck you supporting the con if you tolerate this shit.

>> No.10243782

How did he get it cut? I thought thought his wife was into Lolita and bjd though not active

>> No.10243785

He didn't get it cut people didn't submit pannels.

There's still the tea party and fashion show. How about submitting for your own pannels instead of complaining.

>> No.10243884

That’s because no one submits panels or anything. The comm mods have done the same panels for years that they are tired of doing them. If you have something to contribute, send a request. But mainly the people that have done the lolita stuff before have stopped doing it. The az comm has a lot of members but obviously needs better put together panels to help with the basics because we are getting a lot of really stupid questions lately and the over all appearance of the comm has gotten really sloppy in coords. Our best dressed are not as active or have moved to new states and the new lolitas are just poorly dressed asking your basic ass “ is this a reputable seller” and tags some shit like Rakuten or a well known taobao shop. Make a panel that would help the lolita section. Greg’s wife isn’t as active in it any more so Greg doesn’t see the use for it. Instead he’s just doing what has worked for him in the past. Hence why we are getting Akira yamaoka and David hayter again. Maybe if people showed more interest in lolita content Greg would get us more lolita stuff or even bring a brand shop into the con. But as it stands, we don’t really make ourself prominent enough for him to even consider it any more. We seemingly are too busy with ourselves to try and improve the community and what we get here. I’m guilty of being quiet about it, and so is everyone else.

>> No.10243918

Glad to see the Greg defence force is still patrolling cgl to defend his shitty practices and cons. Fuck off retards.

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File: 225 KB, 639x863, E39F458F-06DF-4C7C-A428-FDB9718F7A9B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Great, it’s this fucking asshole again.
His only redeeming quality is his figure collection, otherwise he’s such an awful annoying person. He’s so rude to anyone who comes to his panels or his display room.
He just HAS to be the smartest asshole in the room, so don’t you dare try to talk to your friends about figures or anime around him!

Not to mention he’s the type who wear a full age gap outfit.

Sorry I’m just real tired of this dudes shit.

No wonder he has so many figures, even he knows he’s so awful to be around that he has to offer something.
And he has nothing better to spend his money because he knows he’ll always be alone.

>> No.10244012

*Ahegao outfit

Oh and he’s into loli porn.

>> No.10244013

>full age gap outfit.

>> No.10244016

You sound mad anon

>> No.10244020

>Greg defence force

Nah dude, I'm in the az lolita comm and I confirm that all of us just straight up forgot to submit panels. Get over yourself.

>> No.10244037

I tried reporting him to security last year because he was such an aggressive creep and wouldn’t stop hitting on a group of us (some where underaged), but I guess they either didn’t care or it just didn’t reach the right people.

Greg con security is shit, especially towards sexual harassment. Too many creeps on the staff, and they all defend eachother so the con will never look bad.

>> No.10244050

Lol okay larper guess Greg is paying retards to defend and shill thta on this site. Lolita is essential to cons like this without Lolita and j fash most anime and styles wouldn't be properly representes

>> No.10244056

This is the most accurate post in the thread about the panels and jfashion. It really is just tiring to do the same panels every con and the few times people tried to spice things up at AZ cons with more innovative jfashion panels (like Lolita Family Feud or the take-home crafting panels) no one showed, which is really demotivating for panelists especially if its their first time. You're right that if even a few people made a more concerted effort to drum interest and help newbies, the quality of our members would go up and so would the viability of things like asking Greg to get a j-fashion guest. I think this time of year is a rough time to do any major ventures like that though - its too fucking hot and no one wants to do anything

>> No.10244062

I’m >>10243884 and I don’t think Greg is a good person at all. His ego would be the 8th wonder of the world. But that doesn’t mean the point isn’t valid. Of you want better content, make and effort to push for it. If you don’t try then don’t complain. It’s that simple.

>> No.10244079

This thread is fucking gold

>people complain con is shit
>people don't put in for panels or what not
>lolitas mad at greg for shit con even though 0 effort put in
>Sabo is shit!

Can't make this shit up. Never change /cgl/ Arizona, looking forward to the con but man hope you guys leave the bitching at home or go to another con

I know that miku is a crane game and I believe I see 2 oe 3 other crane game items there, doubt this guy has even been outside Akihabara that is if he has gone to japan at all and not ordered those things off aliexpress.

Oh that one Neko two shelves next to the right is a crane game, stop going to SEGA or TAITO game shops idiot, those are trash figures.

>> No.10244121

The lolitas are not complaining. It’s just one person who is probably roleplaying here that complained. The lolita’s that have spoke up where saying they are not making panels any more because it’s tiring planning the same thing over and over without any one else trying to contribute any more. It’s not that the con is bad ( it’s mediocre at best) but that they are simply tired of making panels that get no turn out any more. Most will still go to the con because it’s a place to gather but that doesn’t mean we have to think it’s a good con when it’s one of those cons we go to to have some fun and maybe find new members to interact with. It’s the same reason people tend to wear the same cosplays they made for pcc or more simple less extravagant cosplays. It’s a social con, not a show off con.

>> No.10244208

Your powers of figure identification are honestly kind of terrifying, anon. I hope to one day be as knowledgeable about something as you are about figs. Too bad your reading comprehension isn't too great.

>> No.10244271

I go to japan about 3-4 times per year those are seen in a good number of machines not always the ones on akiba strip but in Nagoya, Nipponboshi, Sapporo, Sendai. Usually in the second hand shops trying to make a few extra bucks and they bought an old crane/UFO game. Just found it funny he said "no prize figures".

>> No.10244311

Jeeze you sound sad and lonely if you know this shit so extensively. You’re like those acne ridden nerds that want to show you their Pokémon card collection in their grandmothers basement level of loner.

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>> No.10244534

Anyone down for a cgl meetup? Hooters is there for cheap drinks, also the whining pig

Was thinking saturday night, but friday night could work well

>> No.10244586

.... do you know what board you’re on, anon?

>> No.10244620

Reddit plz go

>> No.10244662

ALA is the weekend after Taiyou.

>> No.10244673

he didn’t cut anything, it’s just that the people who’ve run lolita panels the last bunch of years are either inactive, or busy with other obligations, either in real life or during the con. some of the only well-dressed, active members have their own shop now in the dealer hall too, so they don’t have time to prepare a panel. it’s not a greg problem, it’s a comm problem.
>bring a brand shop into the con
i don’t know, i’ve thought this would be really cool for a while but our comm is so poorly dressed that i’d be almost too embarrassed to attend. we can’t even get people to wear good lolita to the con’s “tea party”. i think what we need are some people to make long term goals for lolita/jfash events at arizona cons, good ones, and then maybe eventually we could see if greg wound invite someone like tyler / lor, or an indie brand. but i don’t want AP/BtSSB/etc anywhere near sabo until we get our shit together and are more well-dressed as a comm.

>> No.10244675
File: 131 KB, 500x518, 897806ED-0EE3-412A-99A3-DDB8F16EDAA0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

stop drunkposting on cgl, your typos are nearly incoherent
>greg is paying retards to defend
greg doesn’t give a shit about what the cgl lolitas think of him i promise you

>lolita is essential to cons like this
is this a joke ?? there are maybe 30 regular-wearing lolitas in arizona, sabo has over 10k attendees. lolita is not even remotely a draw for saboten’s target audience

>> No.10244720

One of the conversations you tagged literally just said what you said.

>> No.10244721

i am aware

>> No.10244747

Then way say it again? Coat tails?

>> No.10244811

>come to thread
>most recent posts are pro-Greg
>read the rest of the thread
>it's 80% pro-Greg

Literally what the fuck happened? I know the old generation died out and it's mostly newfag con-goers, but how can newbies ACTUALLY defend him? Defend the con if you want, but the only reason to defend him is if you're one of his stooges he uses to pad out the con scheduling without actually doing work to find entertaining panels.
Come on, brainlets. Even based Goyberg dunked on Greg for being an absolute idiot when it comes to programming for a convention.

And to all the
>if you want better content, push for it
shitters. That's not how it works. Conventions like Sabo THRIVE off of recycling low to mid tier quality content and bringing in newbies to present other side programming. When I got an offer back in - I believe 2016 - the deal was my group got guaranteed four slots at each Gregcon and one collab slot with another group. It was to keep running the same shit over and over.
If you want better content, you need to go to a better convention. It's that simple. I stopped doing programming for low level conventions and went solely to big conventions. It was fucking worth it by a mile.

In short, Greg is like the 40 year old manager at a local movie theater. His business will keep running smoothly so long as fresh faced teenagers need part time jobs. The con won't grow and has no intention of growing, because the business is fine as is. You're allowed to like Sabo, but you're outing yourself as a Greg cocksucker if you're actually defending the man.

>> No.10244829

I don't think any lolitas would defend greg, that is almost certainly pizza-faced teen cosplayers who don't know any better. Greg's a prick, he runs his cons like shit, and a lot of the reason jfashion panels died off is because he screws the panelists over hard while raking in $10/head for the fuckin tea parties. The only thing people are "defending" is that its entirely his responsibility when the AZ comm has other, more pressing things it needs to improve about itself before we can start bitching about no brand guests or w/e.

>> No.10244856

This. The majority of the comm doesn’t like Greg. The con is pretty much only for those members who have a AA table to sell their hand made things that didn’t sell at pcc or other cons. It’s a filler con. Not one worth trying to plan something at. All az cons are like that. That’s why we plan meets at bigger cons. Last year a lot of members went to the con in Portland that had Moitie. Many members even go to AX and ACEN since they are better cons with better lolita oriented guests or vendors. We travel for our content because we know there’s no hope for our local cons. Several members have tried. But the comm is also in a state of betweens. Right now it’s kinda working out it’s moderation adjustment and members activity. It’s not ideal to make even a shitty how to pannel at our local cons right now due to the current state the comm is in while it’s adjusting to new moderation and practices.

>> No.10245366

I can’t stand Greg or sabotencon. I refuse to go until the convention changes location. As everyone has been saying, the convention itself is mediocre but honestly the hotel has killed it.

Last year I wore a ball gown cosplay and couldn’t take the escalator. It took 30 minutes to get an elevator I could squeeze into. The layout of that hotel is not good for a convention like saboten. Plus the whole parking situation is a mess. The hotel refuses to guarantee you one free parking space per room, even though free parking is advertised for hotel guests. Last year they told me I should have checked in the day before if I wanted parking. I drive from Tucson. There was no choice for affordable parking. Even this year the parking is $10 a day. It’s a 4 day con. That adds up. Plus you probably can’t leave and come back, I don’t know this for sure though.

If saboten would change to a hotel with better parking and a better layout, it would be a better convention. Though admittedly it will never be great.

I dislike Greg for the way he treats staff and friends. I’ve heard many stories about him bringing in random friends as guests but totally ignoring the friends who would make good guests. On the topic of guests. He can’t seem to bring guests that can properly judge a masquerade.

It’s not the worst con in the world but it really isn’t that great. I would go if it wasn’t for the hotel. But only as a fun weekend with friends.

>> No.10245377

just another word for pedophile.

>> No.10245387

What's up with all of the ROMs in the video game room? If conichiwa is anything to go by the gaming room is going to be lack luster

>> No.10245388

>>The guy who runs Taiyou con

Mike is a pretty good person, a little dumb at times but it seems like he listens to the community.

>> No.10245477

Greg hasn't really put effort into jfashion guests for a long time. Shot down people's suggestions for Tyler or lor, something along the lines of guest budgets. Better off attending another event that is Lolita friendly

>> No.10245981

Reporting any staff at a Greg con guarantees them a slap on the wrist, and you being told that they “didn’t mean it like that” therefore they’re not in trouble.

Greg only cares about protecting his friends no matter how awful they are, it disgusts me.

>> No.10246044

Reporting shit at cons is often slap on the wrist unless you have undeniable roof if the event right there and then

>> No.10246187

That's just blatantly untrue. Only low tier cons let people off with a slap on the wrist.

>> No.10246235

, there are tons of reports of this at sabo for staff members either being creeps or something worse without anything happening to them. In fact there have been times where they blame the attendee for the problem.

>> No.10246239

there are so many creepy staff members.
The old dudes on the staff really love to hug young girls without asking first, one time my friend and I got pulled into a touchy hug from the guy with the ponytail and beard and glasses while trying to get to registration. We didn’t even know him. The tall autistic black dude gets touchy during photos and won’t shut up about politics around you.
The short fat dude is just a creep who won’t stop messaging you once he gets your Facebook.
They’re all just very over touchy with young people and get away with it because they’re security, or on staff. Or they say that cons are just over friendly places and you need to get used to it.
Whenever an incident happens it’s always “well he didn’t intend any harm and didn’t know what he was doing therefore he’s not accountable”, when all the creeps on staff are 40-50 year olds.

I just don’t feel safe at Greg cons anymore, he’s practically made a predator playground, and re

>> No.10246241

Cut off.
And refuses to do anything because they’re his friends and he refuses to do anything.

>> No.10246283

I said it was untrue EXCEPT for at low tier cons. Which includes Sabo.

>> No.10246787

My girlfriend is bringing me to this convention.

I normally only go to the gaming room. How does this one rate?

>> No.10246800

it's okay if you are into completely normie shit and don't mind normie rules. It's okay at best, just like the whole con. Nothing shitty that will ruin your day but overall just kinda lackluster for what it could be.

>> No.10246881

Out of this whole bait thread, I take the most offense at the insinuation that some of us couldn't possibly have been cosplaying for 20+ years. Lol. You're cute.

>> No.10246959

Where'd you get that insinuation? I've been cosplaying for just under 19 years now. It's obvious that person hasn't been. They invented a bullshit history to establish fake credibility because they didn't actually have a counter argument.
>Lol. You're cute.
And it's obvious you haven't been cosplaying for more than a decade either. Wearing some jank outfit as a two year old and claiming it's cosplay is wrong. You sound like, at best, a 26 year old fat white girl who started wearing closet cosplay to cons 9 years ago at best.

>> No.10247574

Nayrt but I’m 36 and have been cosplaying since I was 15. That would be 21 years cosplaying. Been making cosplays for most of that. Sorry you can’t wrap your head around the fact that there are cosplayers in the mid 30s. It’s not strictly a young early 20s hobby.

>> No.10247821

You sound like you have a very specific person in mind.

But seriously why are you so anti fat white 26 year old cosplayer who has only being cosplaying 9 years?

>> No.10247832

29 and been cosplaying since I was 14...that’s 15 years and more than half of my life but like...why the fuck does it matter anyways? Jesus Christ it’s people like you that make AZ cons shit.

>> No.10247879
File: 100 KB, 1280x720, 1565805901453.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit this thread is terrible, I really hope you all don't act like this at the con but I know most of you probably do. Why is it that AZ cons specifically always turn into a pity party about how "bad" something can be?

Anyone planning to do something not shitty complaining the whole time about the con during it?

>> No.10247887
File: 111 KB, 302x302, 1558601959966.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what's the parking situation like on con days? I might pop in for a day and I have no idea what to do.

>> No.10247906

it's the only fun you can find in an arizona thread post-2014

>> No.10248214

Since when is being concerned about local predators a pity party?

>> No.10248352

It's a thread filled with greg lackeys
Even if North Korea said "We're nuking Sabo on Saturday" the brainlets here would be saying 'wooooowwww one nuke? stop complaining. this con is great and greg is my hero. just go to a different con if you're so great"

>> No.10248361

Fairly okay plenty of day parking in that area.

You mean before everyone realized "oh this is all there will be, and we'll see eachother again and again?"

Pretty sure the reason these threads and meetups suck balls is due to the amount of actual people attending this and also on cgl are never anyone new. You saw them last year I bet and they year prior, and if you go to the next one probably will be there too. Guess that's why I still kinda have a fun time at these things and PCC is due to the fact I don't really browse cgl that often and really don't do meetups(at least in AZ much). I'm sure greg is a shitty host or whatever I don't know his bio, but the con seems fun enough for me to give them some cash for a Saturday of some vendors, dumb panels, and meeting a few people. I never get my hopes up so guess that's why I am not dissapointed with Sabo.

Dunno can't say I know what you are talking about so meh. I'd report shit to hotel staff/officers there if it's issues so they can rag the con heads out, if they are that shit. Seems odd though that shit like that would be going on for years and years and no hiccups officially documented tho. Everytime I've been the only real complaint I had about staff not doing shit was when it came to actually knowing where the fuck something was.

>> No.10248646

Sorry but I can't help but label anyone going to and supporting this con a creep. Not only supporting a shit con but Greg and all his creepy predetorial like staff that always sides with men and doesn't take reports seriously.

Fuck this con.

>> No.10248724

Shit like this is the reason people end up "defending" greg, is because the stupid bullshit others do to something that could not be a big deal and handled in some way other than autism screeching.

People don't want to be associated with scream and blatantly group anyone doing "thing I don't enjoy" into some retarded crap.

>Greg and all his creepy predetorial like staff that always sides with men and doesn't take reports seriously.

If something actually is happening that is shit, report it to con staff or hotel staff/security go over the cons head to get shit done. The longer you wait on something before telling staff basically makes it far more complex to prove it happened, to a point it just becomes a "okay we'll make a note of it and keep an eye out". I hate to think it but the more cgl threads I browse the more I think people just let shit slide and happen so they have something to rant and rave about throughout the year vs. doing something about it over the few days of the con

>> No.10248742

>If something actually is happening that is shit, report it to con staff or hotel staff/security go over the cons head to get shit done
begone, scrote. you've obviously never had anything like this happen to you or anyone you know and tried to do that exact thing

>> No.10248764

Actually know a good chunk of people who've waited and then gone to report it and basically get told that "they'll file a report of it....". Not to mention tons con staff that I've roomed with throughout the years who often tell some of the wild reports/stories they got. Protip: The longer you wait the harder it becomes to prove literally anything. Yeah it's kinda hard to say someone harrassed you or stalked you 3 days ago, or week ago, during day 1 of the con, yet do nothing till well after. Congrats people who may have seen it probably left, security footage might have been overwritten, anyone who could do anything is probably gone, and tracking down said offender may not even be possible or worth all the bullshit at that point. The longer people wait the more burden of proof piles up on the person reporting/accusing the other, and can reach a point where it's impossible to prove.

Reminds me of Otakon girl and her issues with staff there which is always hilarious

>> No.10248780

Nayrt but I was drugged once on either the con floor or at one of the bars then taken into my hotel room by someone I don’t remember. It’s not uncommon for someone to take a longer time to realize what has happened due to the commotion then report it. I don’t remember much from that night, but do know that I had ripped tights and came to my senses in the bath tub. It wasn’t till the next morning I reported something strange and was told that there was nothing they could do about it since all evidence was washed away. The staff was less then helpful and just said “ don’t go partying”

>> No.10248782

I was drugged and raped at this con a few years back. I came to my senses in a bath tub soaking in one of the bath bombs i brought with me. All I remember was going to the bar by the hotel everyone was going to, hanging out with friends and people we met and the rest is a blur. But it does take some time to realize what is going on then letting it sit in to report it. I reported it with the police but a rape kit was inconclusive since I was in the bath. The con staff really didn’t do anything about it and just said to not go to parties in the future to not have it happen again. Thankfully I am on birth control so there where no long term effects of the incident, but I now have a bad taste about this con considering they didn’t take a rape claim seriously.

>> No.10248783

So a serial rapist with an MO.

>> No.10248792

>I reported it with the police but a rape kit was inconclusive since I was in the bath.

lmao what is this highschool, unless you literally get up in there and wash the shit out then it's going to be there for 24-48 hours depending. Only way it would really show up inconclusive is if a condom was used which would then heavily imply consent, not even going to start on pubic hairs. Also if there was the potential issue of drugs, a blood sample would be taken no questions asked. Pretty sure at the very least they would review bar footage for anything that literally all hotels have for insurance and security reasons. "inb4 untracable shit wuz prob used" this ain't hollywood retard, most shit now can be seen or identified.

Also, if you did lead him back up to YOUR room it really does not help your case. I also highly, and I mean highly doubt hotel staff told a potential rape victim to "not party so hard". Not trying to sound mean but your story sounds that of a highschooler who watched too many day time tv police shows.

>> No.10248814

>if you took him to your room it’s YOUR fault.
You sound like someone who also thinks that if a female walks out in anything less then a burka they deserve the cat calls and the inappropriate touching because you saw their bra strap fall down their shoulder.

>> No.10249012

Great reading. I said it doesn't help the case/claim, not that it nulls it.

Either way holy fuck this traffic

>> No.10249447

What the fuck happened to the game room?????

>> No.10249523

Anyone at the con? I'm walking around with a cane due to an injury. Say hi or whatever

>> No.10249524

Sigh, all these old people cosplaying is super creepy I wonder why I let my friends talk me into coming to this shitshow. Hey granpa, by the time you're 30 shouldn't you be idk with your kids or something? Not looking around cons in cosplay or shit? kinda wierd

>> No.10249531


i look forward to when you hit 30 and you are still cosplaying lol, the vast majority of people don't experience life changing transformations.

Some do stop going to conventions, but generally it's out of some insecurity; some experience left them with a chip on their shoulder so they mention a scene that doesn't remember them anymore.

If your idea of turning 30 is to turn into a boring corporate rat then by all means, but most people's lives don't stop being interesting lol

>> No.10249540

wearing a long sleeve baseball tee with blue jeans and black shoes. if anyone sees me say hi.

>> No.10249542

Found the con creeper.

Whatever anon, keep telling yourself you're still good looking and what not while you creepily ask for shots of my lolita cosplay.

>> No.10249548

>lolita cosplay
Lmao ok whatever you say dude

>> No.10249554

It's chaika though I doubt you even watch anime

>> No.10249572

That’s not Lolita though. But thanks for outing yourself so I can laugh in your fucking face for being such a fucking idiot.

>> No.10249578

Seriously you need to grow up.

>> No.10249584

Did anyone check out that escape room? It sounded interesting

You must be 18 to post here

>> No.10249644

Thanks for proving m not right.

This con is total creeps

>> No.10249677
File: 48 KB, 600x432, 4D88CA3D-37D8-497F-85A4-7BED929470B4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Then don’t go to cons. This is how Arizona cons are. Sorry your gen Z brain can’t handle older people cosplaying.

>> No.10249702

are you like 12

>> No.10249703

AZ is a shit tier state and the people here are garbage. I've lived in quite a few places and I've never seen so many retards in one place as in southern Arizona cities.

>> No.10249710

what are you talking about this is a website for 5 week olds like myself to whine about being out of the womb

>> No.10249725

You're a faggot

>> No.10249729

>pussies in because friends dragged them along

Beta white boy detected

>> No.10249798

The ones with jobs, money and a stable home life don’t attend local cons because of this.

>> No.10249805

Don't pay the $40 for parking when they give you the four tickets if you don't plan on moving your car you only need one ticket. This is literally a huge scam. I am really upset about this. Please spread this around

>> No.10249916

Well my friend got raped man this con sucks.

>> No.10249929

What did she cosplay as? I hope it wasn’t a QT I took a pic of.

>> No.10249933

No she wasn't really cosplaying. We were drinking last night at the bar and she I guess brought someone back to our room. She's still hung over but it's weird

>> No.10249988

This is why you need the buddy system. Be responsible and take care of your friends, man. File a police report right away and see if hotel security caught anything on film.

>> No.10250008

We were doing a buddy system but she flaked off with him when I went to the bathroom. she won't go report it either which is equally annoying

>> No.10250009

I get your frustration with your friend but having to go over the details with someone who is probably going to be aggressively questioning you can make the whole thing even more stressful. It's a difficult situation and there isn't a great solution. Just be a good friend.

>> No.10250011

>friend took someone back to her room for sex

Hey retard, that's not rape that's called a one night stand. You should try having sex at some point. Why are people so fucking retarded on this board

>> No.10250045

Doesn't sound like a rape to me either. Sounds like she just wanted to get laid.

>> No.10250082

why the fuck is /r9k/ here

piss off, creeps

>> No.10250085

>meet someone at bar
>take them back with you to your room
>regret it claim rape

Yeah no... That's not how it works retard. It's called maybe making a bad decision but it's by no means rape. Though feel free to potentially destroy someones life because you couldn't keep your panties on. Even made it to court it would back fire so fucking hard, and cost an insane amount if it even made it to court that is. I doubt anyone but Mr goldbershelkstien that would even take some case like that. It would probably be thrown out the second it came up that you brought someone back to YOUR room from a public place under your own power.

>b-b-b-b-but alcohol
Works in TV shows, not IRL you are pretty much SOL unless you can prove something like a drug was used or shit like that. Sucks shit happened to you or whatever but learn to hold your drink and keep your pants on

>> No.10250106

You sound like the anon that discredited >>10248782 claim of rape too. And they said they had been drugged but you still claimed it was their fault and not the person who drugged them. I’m soo glad I live in your same state /sarcasm

>> No.10250110

Just because you say something doesn't instantly make it so, it also really hurts actual victims because of the amount of people who cry wolf all the damn time. I have no idea why cgl in this state constantly makes up shit because they feel if they repeat it enough that it's instantly true.

>And they said they had been drugged but you still claimed it was their fault and not the person who drugged them.
I dunno about that person but the story doesn't add up, you became sober in a bath right after? No a rape kit is not "inconclusive" because you took a bath unless your cervix is hanging out or you did some really big wash. Shit is taken 100% seriously like that but hotels also have cameras, staff, their own security, etc. If rape did happen to that anon it sucks but I don't understand how you became sober in a bath afterwards, that'd doesn't make any damn sense. I also don't understand how they didn't pull bar tabs or video to track said person, I really doubt the validity of said story. Not to mention the same anon posted the same story changed slightly.

If you bring someone back to your room and fuck then regret it, you made a poor choice. That's it, plain and simple.

>I’m soo glad I live in your same state /sarcasm
yeah I can't wait to move back to Cali and get away from ASU fuckwits.

If shit actually happened I 100% doubt you would be blogging about it on cgl though most people here love to play victim to all sorts of shit.

>> No.10250244

Anon from >>10248782 here. The rest under it where not me. Just someone roleplaying as me for amusing points I guess.

We know who did it, and what they looked like. I didn’t sober up immediately in the bath, I was in it for an extended period of time before my room mate came to the room after 4 am. Security footage showed two males showing up at my hotel room, then left 2 hours later at roughly 1 am. Yes I was water logged sitting in the bath for that long. Yes they did get some evidence from the rape kit, no it wasn’t enough to be condemning. It is a cold case at the moment. I haven’t seen the people who did it to me since. I haven’t seen the people we hung out with at the bar since. It was a one time thing. I didnt want it. The security footage shows me trying to get them to leave me alone but I couldn’t walk and was barely able to stand and move without assistance. They told the people at the bar they where going to help me get up to my hotel room, asked my room mate what room it was and got me there. At the bar they appeared they where going to help me, but in the elevator they where being handsy and continued the groping as we made our way to my room. Video shows me slapping their hands away but drunkenly. The condoms they wore where never found but the wrappers where in the hotel bathroom trash.

Don’t believe it if you want. But I know what happened to me and know I didn’t want it. I am not asking for sympathy but I will share my story to maybe help others to keep them from falling into the same trap. I was a victim of rape. And I did not consent to it because they came up to my room with me. I was intoxicated and they where taking advantage of it.

>> No.10250472

Did the guys at the bar also drink?

>> No.10250473

Fun con. Kind of pissed that we couldnt use the 4th floor as a hangout this year though. Hotel said no. So I cant blame the con there.

>> No.10250556

i love sabo but this con is run by a bunch of fucking idiots. amanda told us in AA that same table re-buys were all day sunday and monday until 1PM, and open-buy starts at 2pm monday. here we are at 2:30 PM standing in a line with no buying happening yet. stupid fucking amanda is unable to answer our questions because she’s “too busy”.

>> No.10250575

Did anyone see that group that just played majhong(?) In the lobby for like all day Saturday? It was a little annoying since they took up place we could of been sitting. Go to the game room next time.

>> No.10250666

Why does that matter? The put drugs in someone’s drink with the intention of intoxicating them. Then used it as a means to have sex with them even when they clearly didn’t want it? That’s rapes doesn’t matter if they drank or not.

>> No.10250689

Do you think the bartender is the one with the drugs??? She was drugged, not drunk.

>> No.10250726

I am a big dumb head and poop

>> No.10250741

>they put drugs in the drink to intoxicate them

Thats called alcohol. Thats at every bar

>> No.10250744

You’re retarded.

>> No.10250752

No i just generally dont care anymore

>> No.10250758

I waited an hour and a half in the masquerade line to get a good seat only to be forced to the sides because some “otaku pass” people came in 30 min late. They made it an extra big deal that they NEEDED to sit there and how we should’ve gotten better passes, so I made sure to scream in her ear the entire time.

Fuck Greg cons and any idiot who pays hundreds of dollars for an otaku pass.

>> No.10250759

You sound poor

>> No.10250762

Do you even know what you’re talking about? Greg con otaku passes are a joke. You get to eat cold pizza with English voice actors. Wow what a luxury.

>> No.10250765 [DELETED] 

>Do you even know what you're talking about?
Yes I do because the otaku pass has more benefits that youre conveniently not mentioning. Plus your info on the dinners is slightly inaccurate.

>> No.10250781

And you know this how?

>> No.10250802

Why do you go to Greg cons then? Just go out of state if you don’t like them that much.

>> No.10250974

Because it’s in the description on the website and I’ve worked staff before?>>10250802
Yeah if you don’t like a certain thing just LEAVE THE STATE. That’s great logic.

>> No.10250987

Ive worked staff as well what was your position?

>> No.10251018

I think they definitely miss out on good panels because they don't give you a badge unless you do 4 or more... which is bullshit. SDCC and AX give you a full badge for doing 1 panel. I get that it's a small con but at least give a discount or something.
I was cosplaying and literally only got asked to see my badge twice all weekend. It would have been super easy to ghost.
I don't know anything about the organization that people are complaining about, but it definitely seemed like a new con, like first or second year, when it's older than that.

>> No.10251022

The badges were easier to see as they were larger. Meaning we didnt need to ask as often. Anytime someone without a badge was seen they were kicked back down to registration

>> No.10251062

Then how did I ghost the entire con?
The only thing I was checked for the entire time was my ID when I entered the 18+ panel area.

>> No.10251108

Sabo has been a yearly con for about 10 years. Although changing management, it’s still the same kind of con it always was with little progress forward.

>> No.10251177

At closing ceremonies did you see that sabo had over 15 k in attendance this year. Thoughts?

>> No.10251178

Greg decided to stop hiring his usual outside company and decided that he could run the same shit for cheaper. Replacing most of it with rows of arcade emulators and ps4s with multiple games lacking any sort of DLC at least for the fighting games I cared about.
At least the bootleg rhythm games were cool. But if this is the quality of the game room going forward then I will be really fucking pissed.

>> No.10251181

15 k? No. Maybe 1500 but not 15000.

>> No.10251198

I'd honestly give it around 8 -9 k but it's a known secret that sabo lies about their numbers

>> No.10251211

It makes Greg feel better if he lies about the attendance numbers. He believes his own lie. I mean he has to believe it or else he won’t have something to inflate his ego with. The con didn’t have that many people attend. The venue isn’t big enough for that many people. Unless he likes running a tana con type of con.

>> No.10251235

He had a falling out with AZHP after Frank got an ego and started bashing the cons

>> No.10251237

He counts unique sales, not actual attendees. Meaning people that show for only 1 day or buy 2 separate badges on two different days.

Definitely an inflated number

>> No.10251252

From what I know the rhythm games are all brought in from people in the local rhythm game community and Greg has nothing to do with them.

>> No.10251262

If one person buys two passes that’s still one person not 2 attending. Does Greg even know how to do math?

>> No.10251268

Like i said. He counts sales

>> No.10251315

Frank may be an ass sometimes but he never really bashed other conventions. He did what he was paid to do and left.

>> No.10251316

I over heard the person that run the actual video game part of the game room say that he doesn't believe DLC adds anything to fighting games and that he thinks that smash gets taken too seriously. The look on the attendees face when he heard that was priceless. I was a little in shock as well.

>> No.10251348

Fighting games are made to be competitive. What a dumbass

>> No.10251349

He would talk all kinds of shit after the event closed for the day. Even to staff

>> No.10251354

Knowing him personally he really doesn't

>> No.10251384

Nayrt but I know him personally too, and he has a pretty bad habit of talking a big game over things he has no idea about. And I have personally heard him rant about how stupid he thinks competitive gaming is. Unless we're thinking of different people.

>> No.10251401

I think we are talking about two different people

>> No.10251411

Rectangle tables are shit for Mahjong.

>> No.10251418

Honestly it says alot about your game room when the best tournament of the weekend was the Tekken tourney that happened at 2AM that was ran by randos.
Those guys even had Melty Blood on a trash can.

>> No.10251421

It's how Melty Blood was meant to be played.

>> No.10251428

The lobby is a public space. They had every right to chill there as much as you did.

>> No.10251439

It’s either the tall creepy balding blonde dude or the chill black haired one

>> No.10251441

Yeah knowing him personally and being at the nightly hang outs we all had. He does

>> No.10251445

Yeah, we are thinking about a different person

>> No.10251447

Frank didn't start bashing con until after Greg stopped bringing him in to run stuff. And even then he didn't really bash the con itself, just the fact that he was upset that a service he had been providing for so many years had finally gotten canned. Unless there was a fb rant that I missed. Which is likely considering how often he seems to do that.

>> No.10251452

Yeah lol I was talking about the blonde one.

>> No.10251497

Incorrect. But then again this is all he said she said bullshit

>> No.10251562

Greg was a cheap little bitch forcing meal tickets back onto staff. In addition to cutting portions we get per meal.

>> No.10251899

Hey, i don't believe that slander you're talking about. Sure, he can be a bit hard headed with some people, but he didn't cheap out with his setups and actually gave a shit about the local gaming community.

Last year's game room was a lot better than whatever greg decided to pull

>> No.10251900

btw, did you really think he would bash the con? More than anything, he would've been upset with greg which is understandable

>> No.10251916

I know first hand that Frank does not bash the cons. Hes gone so far out of his way to run those game rooms and to make sure that its a clean, fair and fun environment. The only times Ive seen even close to questionable behavior is when it came to someone being an ass hat.

>> No.10251926


That sounds like frank. Is this frank?

>> No.10251935

No this is tho. First post I've ever made on 4chan lol. If anyone has a claim they're more than welcome to come to me with it. Or at least with evidence if it's accusatory instead of hiding anonymously. My PMs/DMs are wide open on social media.

>> No.10251936

>first post i’ve ever made on 4chan
There’s your first mistake. Only people who post often anonymously say that when they want to put their name out. Don’t do this.

>> No.10251940

Believe what you want. Just because you believe something doesn't mean it's true. I only care about the truth. Got questions? hmu publicly or PM/DM.

>> No.10251956

nah, dont want to feed your already obnoxiously out of control ego any further

>> No.10251960

fuck off frank

>> No.10251962

Bro, I don’t even live in Arizona any more I just like reading all the tea you guys spill constantly. You seriously have major problems.

>> No.10251967

care to elaborate? or are you just going to continue tryhard trolling

>> No.10251996

Fuck off frank.

>> No.10252046
File: 33 KB, 612x351, IMG_20190904_000839.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10252073

I find it funny we got frank to come here

>> No.10252080

Nahhh this is someone who's spent way too much of their time working at and around conventions. If you want to psychoanalyze, might pay off to actually read into the writing a little. Compare my text to any of his, and you're off by a mile bucko. <-- >>10251916

>> No.10252083

fuck off frank

>> No.10252127

Ay, I wouldn't waste my time with these delusional idiots. They're the type that don't even bother to put on deodorant when they go to these cons.

>> No.10252223

Frank, honey, no. This is not the hill to die on. By your Facebook it looks like you’ve been doing great, getting in shape, working on yourself. Focus on that.
This should be the last of your concerns, especially since you’re not even active in the community right now

>> No.10252256

Tell me about it. Most of those lonely fat nerds smell so terrible. They sell deodorant at so many places nearby for a dollar. "Muh gamer stench gibs me advanteg" -- nasty mofos.

>> No.10252266

Did anyone see M’s callout post before the con? I’m surprised nothing came from that. She seems notorious in the community. Hint: she named herself after a food and everyone seems to have beef with her.

>> No.10252283

Agreed. He should keep working on himself and his demons

>> No.10252284

Who? The only one im aware of that starts with M is muffin and she is as irrelevant as that breakfast choice

>> No.10252298

maybe it’s not as relevant as I thought then. I just saw that huge post before con. If no one knows then probably not worth posing.

>> No.10252329

If no one knows who it is then it means they are not popular enough that a call out post will do anything. Let alone be relevant.

>> No.10252349

Congrats you literally repeated what that comment said.

>> No.10252470

Good job. You made a post that replicates mine

>> No.10252524

Way to go. You're both retarded.

>> No.10252644

What call-out post? Where?

>> No.10252660

if you don’t know what’s happening then it’s probably not relevant or worth talking about here

>> No.10252719

You dont understand what "making fun of" means do you?

You must be a riot at get togethers

>> No.10252721

Yeah calling bullshit. You're just trying to stir the pot with shit that doesnt exist

>> No.10252741

I’m not even that original anon. And I’m agreeing with your point. I think you need to reread my post.
What I’m saying is What’s the point of posting something that’s probably irrelevant and shit stirring?

Are you Muffin or something?

>> No.10252749

No, im not. Then again as an anon youre entitled to believe what you want.

>> No.10252759

> i agree the drama doesn’t exist and is probably irrelevant, and doesn’t need to be posted

Make up your mind, is posting it drama stirring or not?
sounds like you’re the one trying to stir drama. just for that I’m not telling where it’s posted. but I can assure you she’s still as irrelevant as ever.

>> No.10252851

If any one says that the people who work and run Greg cons doesn’t post here, that’s a fucking like.

>> No.10252890


Truth, its anon after all.

>> No.10252933


Hi Greg! LOL

>> No.10253412

>just for that im not posting it

How old are you?

>> No.10253973

Who are you even replying to?
God damn Arizona, get your shit together.

>> No.10254032

Who is your most hated member of staff besides Greg? (Lets be honest we all think Greg is a tool)

Im gonna say Mike from security, dude is a creeper.

>> No.10254052

I 2nd Mike from security. I’m not gonna give my friend away, but he snuck up behind her and rubbed her shoulders and back inappropriately at a con once and staff didn’t give a shit about it when she said something.
I think they told her something along the lines of “Oh he does that to everyone it’s not a big deal”.

I’m hoping this doesn’t give her away because it seems like a lot of younger women have issues with him that go overlooked because he’s security.

>> No.10254068

He does do that to a lot of women and nothing gets done about it. He probably doesnt get any and cant control himself due to that. He needs help and to be fired

>> No.10254080

Nta but I reported him awhile ago to the older woman with orange/white hair because he grabbed me inappropriately for a photo and nothing ever got done.
I was also met with the good ol’ “oh yeah he just does that to everyone, it’s a con that’s how people act”

Greg posts all day on his Facebook about how corrupt the government is, but refuses to vet or investigate any of his staff. It’s disgusting and I do not feel safe at any Greg con.

>> No.10254084
File: 148 KB, 640x450, 0486B6A1-D5E4-4D27-B38C-F53162572451.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At least he’s aware I guess... but this just makes it even more fucked up.
He has heard the voices of people sexually harassed, but doesn’t think any action should be done. It’s disgusting.
Just ghost his cons, it’s so easy.
He doesn’t care about protecting his attendees anyway.

>> No.10254099

You realize that post was almost definitely not regarding reports of assault right? He was probably just being passive aggressive about stupid things con attendees suggest.

>> No.10254148

No, Greg is fully aware of the sexual harassment complains but willfully ignores them to protect his friends.
This defiantly applies to all of that.

>> No.10254177

greg is a great convention host and provides a lot for us, be grateful. jfc some of you dipshits just complain about anything.

>> No.10254180

well you're defiantly an idiot

>> No.10254183

> people have genuine concerns about potential harassers at cons, and consistent stories

So what shitty ask panels do you run?
Or maybe you’re one of the creepy fatasses on staff?
So are you Marc, Patrick, Mike, or DeShawn?

>> No.10254185

>greg is a great convention host and provides a lot for us, be grateful. jfc some of you dipshits just complain about anything.

Is not getting felt up by security too much to ask?

>> No.10254186

You can say this all day, but that won’t make it true. Sorry Greg, but your cons sucks and you lie to inflate your ego.

>> No.10254389

Who is DeShawn? I havent heard of him on staff, and security has like 3 patricks

>> No.10254556

Autocorrect, meant ShawnTay.
Also the Patrick who selects panels.

>> No.10254578

Shawntay is a pos

>> No.10254872

I hate to bring up that old game room bullshit again but that guy running the video game room with the blonde hair (Not Tony, fucking love Tony) I can't tell if it was intentional or not but the way he talks makes me want to punch him in the throat. I'm sure other staff members are way worse, hell, most of them look like creeps, but the board game and video game rooms are where I spend a majority of my time, so I seem to interact with those guys the most.

>> No.10254875
File: 237 KB, 546x299, yourshit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>greg is a great convention host

>> No.10254881

care to elaborate on why you hate him so much, you cowardly anonymous little punk ass bitch? I bet you'd never say this shit to him in person.

>> No.10254994
File: 151 KB, 892x590, 1439040818348.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

jfc "anon" learn to fucking integrate

>> No.10255001

He calls himself Physics and he’s a total piece of shit.
He’s a tool who thinks he’s a god because he helps run the game room. He tells everyone he practically runs it.

He’s an annoying motherfucker so anon is 100% right about him.

>> No.10255003

Also the girl who always wears jackets and a hat is cool. I think she was wearing a Miku wig one night.
She’s awesome. I feel bad that she has to deal with him.

>> No.10255005

Its a heightened sense of self importance. Dude has an ego issue. Probably a small peen

>> No.10255156

Hi Physics!

>> No.10255287

Thinking of going to Taiyou con next year is the problems of staff being creepers a problem there as well?

>> No.10255289

Taiyou isn't run by the same people so if there is, they are at least different creeps. But I've personally never heard anything like that.

>> No.10255381

I feel for that poor girl. No one should be subjected to that balding troglodyte for any period of time. Does anyone know if she's single?

>> No.10255386 [DELETED] 
File: 34 KB, 500x652, s-this-bait-great-bait-mate-on-twitter-hayloraddict->protip-49551638.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10255426

I’m pretty sure it’s a dude. Too many fucking trannies in the community. Ruining it with their tumblr shit.

>> No.10255455

Ok. Is he single?

>> No.10255501


>> No.10255703

>I feel for that poor girl.
>Is she single?
Leave it to AZ creeps to go around complaining about all the creepy dudes, just to go creeping on people themselves.

>> No.10255719

Yea because this thread is a hive mind and all the same people posting.

>> No.10256181

He's very logic based is all.Says shit like "I don't think we should spend x amount of money on games and dlc if the game is just going to die in a couple of years" Which is fucking dumb but whatever. I don't think he knows what fun is lmao
Taiyou Con is fun the only real creepy thing I've ever heard was that one of the con directors used to throw some parties and invite girls of.... questionable age. But the last I heard of that was fuckin years ago lmao
Please for the love of god do not talk about me like this.

>> No.10256410

... are you the poor girl or the balding trygolyte?

>> No.10256452

thats poor girl miku wig for sure.

>> No.10256465

I mean I'm a dude but yeah, I had the Miku wig on.

>> No.10256990

Sorry you’re room mate said you wanted female pronouns, but if you’re a man you’re a man! Sorry for the confusion dude.

>> No.10257027

Taiyou con suffers the same shit but it's not run by greg so it's instantly better. Been multiple times there is just fuck all to do there, hell at least the flagstaff con is so small that it's easy to socialize and have fun in a party or something. Taiyou con has uh... Mega 64? Which for whatever reason seem like they never want to be there and I can never grasp why.

I guess if you're a poor fuck who can't be bothered to even to a 20 dollar greyhound to ALA it's worth it?

As someone stated in the thread earlier, if you want to go to the cgl shit here in AZ it's not worth it. Everyone already knows everyone and it's nothing new year after year, I guess it's okay but meh I really can't stand the drama this state has in cgl. I've lived in many places and this state has for whatever reason the most insufferable people to deal with

>> No.10257058

This is another reason why I have no fun at az cons. It’s all the same people same drama same content. I have been going to California and Oregon cons for the last two years and have found the attendees a lot more approachable and friendly. Not to mention the vendors halls have been having really good prices and sales, the cosplayers are good and actually helpful to give you tips if you ask for them. I think AZ cons all think they can be the next Jessica and have to be soo up in the ego ladder that interacting with people who don’t have a following are not worth their time. I mean, all those who have made it successful in the community from AZ have moved to California because of the opportunities in the cosplay and culture field. And the obvious support for the community is pretty prominent in California since the people generally are helpful. You have your scum using people for their own gain. But there is a lot of actual genuine fans of things there that want to interact and help grow the community as a whole.

>> No.10257075

I've done midwest cons and while groups we had there have fractured a bunch over the years we never put the disguise on meeting up for the sole purpose of being a fucking dick to everyone in the most passive agressive manner. Every fucking. Single time.

CGL AZ in a nutshell
>lolitas talking about shit no one really card to mention
>lemme bring in my discord drama for 0 reason
>LOL this con sucks let me state a horror story worse than yours that totally happened, my dad works at nintendo so it's true
>that one guy who does the cirno cosplay with the clownpiece guy every year and wants to know who is going to just go drink with him at the bar
>let's talk about how great other cons are AGAIN
>those people who don't drink yet for whatever damn reason have to tell you they don't drink and you should know
>any moron who brings up politics which happens more than it should
>breakdown of cosplay is lolitas, 3-4 people in actual cosplay, and the rest wearing epic nerd shirt still living with their parents talking how they will 'make it big soon' at 30

Congrats you experienced all the cgl AZ meetups right there, then people all talk chill for 5 minutes before being mega assholes. There is 0 reason to come back to them ever, I seriously have more fun avoiding cgl most the time than I do ever seeing AZ cgl. I'm not sure if it's desert stir crazy shit or what but this state has a fucking toxic cgl meetup.

>> No.10258283

can we stop with this trans trend in the AZ threads?
He is a man. He has a penis. I've known him for years and I'm pretty sure this shit annoys him.
Tumblr is dead.

>> No.10259524
File: 45 KB, 448x585, d8o6hs4-22904800-667f-4cec-a77a-1489eb266cc4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I think AZ cons all think they can be the next Jessica
Crazy AZ peeps eating their own instead of building each other up. California is stupid saturated but keep feeding that. Be chill FFS.

>> No.10259664

Who was that shitty lolita who hung around beenie person in the gameroom?

>> No.10260144

Please refer to >>10252284

I’m at least pretty sure that’s who you were talking about. Dressed in Green and Brown?

>> No.10260443

Nah not that one

>> No.10260488

What’d she even do?

Was it the girl with brown hair?

>> No.10263900

It makes me sad that Greg is just going to completely ignore valid safety concerns with his staff, just because other people in this thread are shit.
Greg constantly talks about improvement and growth, yet wonders why nothing changes.
Here’s another year to ghosting Greg cons, and helping my friends get in with fake badges because we’re not spending money to get harassed by the neckbeards and legbeards on staff.

He cares more about counterfeit badges than the safety of his own customers.

>> No.10263901

He's actually more worried right now about the price of programs. Which is a clear sign of how his business is doing.
Get ready to start paying for program guides if you don't have the data or space for Greg's useless app.

>> No.10263929 [DELETED] 
File: 248 KB, 1024x784, 1568337392517.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10265072

AZ thread when? There's so much shit I hear about people in the local community and it seems that everyone only waits for Greg con threads to start saying shit. I gotta know

>> No.10265073

>Here’s another year to ghosting Greg cons, and helping my friends get in with fake badges because we’re not spending money to get harassed by the neckbeards and legbeards on staff.
If you dislike Greg that much than don’t go. Bragging about stealing from the con is a weird flex.

>> No.10265084

>There's so much shit I hear about people in the local community
Like what?

>> No.10268649

Can't wait until Saboten 2020 gets here so people can rehash the same shit. Poor Greg. :(

>> No.10268683

fuck him and fuck his con too.

>> No.10269025

>rehash the same shit

So you agree that sexual harassment and con creeps have always been rampant in the community, and that Greg continues to do nothing about it?

>> No.10272442
File: 31 KB, 428x428, 553B7A3C-41C7-4F96-A8FC-617C963ADAC0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So sick of this creepy fat fuck. How is his face mostly chin??? He’s such a creep.

>> No.10272516
File: 225 KB, 640x616, D8BC2845-C726-464E-83BA-36F64CEC0C42.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Isn’t this the loli bait chick who said she lost her teeth because someone poisoned her with a silica packet?
But in reality she just ate a shit ton of sugar to be an “anime character”

Glad to know she’s still out there scamming

>> No.10272744

oh the homurafag
yeah thats her

>> No.10273209

Other than being malformed what is the actual issue with him?

>> No.10278731

fool likes like a Titan.

>> No.10278959

Holy shit this thread is still up?
>AZ thread when? There's so much shit I hear about people in the local community and it seems that everyone only waits for Greg con threads to start saying shit. I gotta know

There is no point for a AZ thread because there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT. Greg shit is completely overblown but it's basically the only thing worth talking about, for the small active community that is borderline toxic, that anyone cares to post about. The cons here are fine, but they are nothing to travel for and no one is willing to step up to replace what is there and works well enough as it currently stands. If greg is at fault for anything it's letting the cons he run become completely stale and lack luster but hey what can you do? California brings all the big names, ALA is so easy and cheap to get to that Taiyou con is not worth it unless you can't drive or something. The flights on Spirit/Frontier are so stupid cheap you instantly know its worth it to go to another con for big names, you go to AZ cons because they are there and exist.

The gull community that is still active is so pissy that going near it as a new comer is laughable, they are far too obsessed sniffing their own farts and complaining virtually everyone I know who associated with the group left a few years back.

Seriously, the best way to enjoy AZ cons is by avoiding /cgl/ at them entirely or take a bus/plane to a cali con

Been going to Sabo for years, con creeps will keep coming and sexual harassment will continue to happen UNTIL SOMEONE FUCKING REPORTS IT. I to this day can not understand why gulls in this state scream about it constantly being a huge issue but when asked if they reported it, it's a no or "well the staff is so shit they probably wouldn't do anything anyways". Hey fuck head, they will if not go to the hotel staff and report it they will 100% do that shit since it's a liability.

>> No.10278968

Love the shit out of you. Thanks for dropping truth bombs.

>> No.10279181

Who hurt you? you seem mad at the community so I can only figure you were kicked out for being some incel or unironic "maga" supporter. The community here is fine and doing better without people like you.

>> No.10279771

>unironic "maga" supporter.

What's THAT?

>> No.10279869


>> No.10279870


>> No.10279871


>> No.10279872


>> No.10279873


>> No.10279997

Can't wait for Saboten 2020.

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