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Return of Homestuck edition

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>that feel when you look at married girls' butts and thighs even when the couple is 100% friends with you and there's no chance of sex or anything

I'm cursed. Enjoying cosplays sexually is a fucking curse.
I wish Power Rangers costumes didn't turn me on so hard.

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My stepmom says that cosplayers are just a bunch of "n*gger rich white thots who want to show off their asscheeks"

Is she right?

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I would just add 'want to show off but are absolute hypocrites and deny even actual good looking guys some sex interactions, which they seem to want by showing off their asscheeks.

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>he thinks hes an actual good looking guy

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Too bad I do.
I don't approach cosplayersbecause they're all unstable trainwrecks with a fuckload of orbiters. Or one of the two, which invalidate ANY approach.

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>a woman who shows any skin definitely wants lots of meaningless casual sex and is horrible for denying it to men!!!
hello future rapist

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Had cosplay plans with someone, but then he dumped me, he was completely my type too.

I mean he still might go with me, but only as fwb. Its just not the sameee

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You fuckin' know there's girls like this. They show off, but purposedly refuse guys because it's fu nto show off and get looked at.

Also, I'm very unable to rape. I don't have physical strength and i'm too much of a good boy to do anything but be my cosplay area's 'young good boy'.

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>I mean he still might go with me, but only as fwb. Its just not the sameee

'Hurr durr it's not the same'
What is the damn problem with being fwb? It's the ideal relationship type.

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I want the to fuck their heart, not their butt only ;w;

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I feel it now.
Oh fuck.
Best of luck to you, then. At least you have someone to satisfy your carnal desires, then.

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>They show off, but purposedly refuse guys
a.k.a. they don't want sex. How thick should you be to not understand such simple concept?

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We were a really good thing, then he dumped me. It pretty much came out of no where. So its been fucking with me, everytime I go to something I planned on doing with him as a couple, it doesn't feel the same.

Hell, if he finds someone else the fwb thing might not even happen. Also if he comes with me, it will be weird cause I will perhaps be trying to find new people... with my ex / fwb next to me.

Weird af situation.

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>actually saved up extra money for extra lolita purchases this year
>no /cgl/ Secret Santa announced and September is over halfway
Are we having Secret Santa this year?

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I'm frustrated because I have a inner conflict. I'm innocent, I don't want sex, but I feel bad I don't have sex.

You know what, anon, I am convinced this is why I don't have sex. I don't get things. Jokes pass over me. Flirts pass over me. I'm a total fucking trainwreck.

I know that feel. I had a cosplaying GF, then we broke up. It's awkward as fuck.

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Ignore what i've said. It's obvious i'm saying all these things because I don't get cosplayer girls because of problems that are very paticular to me.

I should stay as an incel forever and not attempt to flirt, date or begin any relationshi with a female. I should cosplay with my friends and run away, metaphorically, when asked about girls. I should not look out for girls and refuse their flirts - whenever I detect them of course.

Sorry for wasting your time replying to me, anon. I'll do my best to be happy being the gf-less guy of my cosplaying group.

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>put together semi-popular coords back in the day
>made a few props that people liked
>took break from lolita due to weight gain (pls no bully) mostly bc my dresses no longer fit
>went through financial rough spot and couldn't afford anything new anyway
>stabilized weight and then bought some new dresses in a more mature style that fit me
>still don't have a lot of money to accessorize
>the print/styles are specific and difficult to work with
>more classic and goth whereas before I was a sweet lolita so none of my old stuff really goes thematically
>see lots of gorgeous things online that I love
>but too poor to buy
>choose to try to replicate some of them
>go on aliexpress to buy a lot of crafting goods
>feeling confident for saving so much money at first
>tfw now I'm afraid that what I've bought will actually turn out cheap looking and tacky

And that's only for one coordinate. I just don't have the money for this shit anymore, and it feels so unfair because I still want to put in the effort.

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>more classic and goth whereas before I was a sweet lolita so none of my old stuff really goes thematically
You can't sell your old stuff?

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I don't want to, I could say I would but I know I won't. I love them so much and I hold onto dumb hope that I'll whittle myself down to fit them again, someday. They were my dream pieces. I remember getting them during stressfully iconic chapters in my life and all the good feelings and memories I have attached to that.
Sentimentality and mush.

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I understand, it's actually kinda sweet. I think a lot of us who've changed substyles tend to
cycle things out (just see the advice we wish we knew thread) but if those pieces still bring you joy that's cool. They'll always be there if you get the chance to wear them again, or if you get desperate and change your mind. Good luck with your accessory making anon.

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I'm going to Youmacon. I want to hang out with 4chan people.

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News of my Japanese work visa being processed can come any day now and ever since going to a con last month and reinvigorating my love for cosplaying, I’m not ready to leave. I realized if I just got a regular job in the States I’d be able to go to cons and be a “con person” which is always something I wanted to be, but never was due to college and no friends to count on rooming with. I have no good photos of any of my cosplays, even though I’ve been doing it for a decade, and while I just had my first Photoshoot last month, things were rushed and I’d like to redo almost the entire thing for the second time. I won’t be able to cosplay in Japan. I don’t know if roaming photographers even exist outside anime events, and if they do, they’d have to be not-quite-conversational friendly. I’m thinking I’ll pack one costume for Halloween at least. But I’m gonna miss it bad and I’m afraid I’ll age out of conventions while I’m away or something.
I just spent a lot of time and a decent amount of money making these costumes and barely have anything to show for it, I want to wear them in a totally perfected state, but I won’t be able to for at least a year. Plus I’m worried I’ll look too old for the characters by the time I come back.
In addition to being a con person with a normal job in the States in my alternate timeline, I’m also potentially finding a childless husband while I’m still decently good looking and fertile. I can do this in Japan and when I get back, but it’s just significantly harder, that’s all.

TLDR racing against time is ass

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Sounds like sour grapes to me. Who hurt you?

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> I’m also potentially finding a childless husband while I’m still decently good looking and fertile.
You better be extremely good looking with that level of crazy.

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i dumped all my toxic friends but now i wont have anyone to go with cons with now
but if i crawl back to them i'll just look even more pathetic than i already do
i don't want to deal with retards begging for free shit and telling me to kill myself again though...and i don't really feel safe meeting up with randoms just to go to cons either
oh well

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What’s crazy?

>> No.10257646

You sound like a good person. I’m sure you can foster some friendships going to con with same interest before hand.

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This is exactly me. I dumped all my toxic friends, now I don't have any local friends.

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thnx ffor the cosplay idea

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>Hell, if he finds someone else the fwb thing might not even happen
bruh you know he's fucking other chicks right? find a friend to go with, don't be codependent and rely on this loser for your cosplays and plans. go with the plans with friends or alone. make some memories and he'll be pretty easy to forget.

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>>more classic and goth whereas before I was a sweet lolita so none of my old stuff really goes thematically
theres also nothing wrong with being a lonelita for a little while. take a break from the comm and save up for the accessories and little things you want. start crafting and use taobao for cheaper stuff

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>i don't want to deal with retards begging for free shit and telling me to kill myself again though...and i don't really feel safe meeting up with randoms just to go to cons either
fuck them for treating you like that. go to cons by yourself and make some new friends. i dont know if you use facebook but conventions have groups and you can add people on there and start friendships there. you don't need to "crawl back" to that garbage.

>> No.10257659

i don't use fb but i didnt think of finding con groups for some reason
i'll do my best for you anon

>> No.10257697

Make a thread to ask if there is any interest for one and any possible organizers out there who might be willling

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>25 with no wife and kids
>Worried about being single for life if this doesn't work out
>Dating apps, fetlife, and any other kind of possible avenue is exhausted
>Decide I should cosplay to help with socializing with other weebs at cons
>I strongly suspect that I'll either find someone who is not right in the head or no one at all (which is usually the case)
I don't want to be 60 when my kids are graduating college like my dumb boomer parents.

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NAYRT but not wanting sex with anyone (not even an SO or "the right person" aka generic 9/10 the person) while ALSO wanting to be looked at and get lots of attention FOR LOOKING SEXY feels weird and deserving of ridicule.

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Man I hope so, can't wait to send another gull $120 worth of bows.

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Are you too far along with your work visa and stuff too cancel that job? Would it just look really, really bad to do so?
What job are you doing?
>inb4 English teacher
How often can you come back to the States? Why can't you do conventions in Japan? How old are you that you're actually worried running out of time?
Context gull

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I know what you mean anon, but we still have time
On a lighter note, being that you've already tried FetLife, try to get yourself into crazy chicks. It's worked pretty well for me and now I don't really mind if a girl is going to slice open my chest (first aid training helped a lot to assuage this fear though) because I'm pretty sure I could mentally handle that when all is said and done.

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My ex gf hurt me. I thought she was going to be better, intellectually Superior to those mind games girls usually have. Her parents kinds forced her to end the relationship with me.
But some bad things turn out good. I don't want relationships now. Only friends with benefits.
Too bad the cosplay scene is full of hypocrites and drama - hard to find a decent girl.

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>tfw no pervert Power Ranger cosplayer friend to talk about how some ranger seasons have hot uniforms

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im sick of this power ranger anon

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I'm going too, but I want to meet nice 4channelers instead.

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i'm taking a break from cosplay and conventions after this coming con and while i feel great about it and the prospect of saving money and relaxing my time off, i'm also really upset. almost all of my friends i met at conventions and they all live hours away, so the prospect of me seeing them regularly outside of meets and cons is slim.
it costs a lot of money for me to travel to them, but there's also more to do where they live. there isn't much happening where i am, plus i still live at home, so the chances of them coming to me for a change is also slim to none.
i think i'm going to be very lonely for the next few months... there's only so much fulfilment i get from talking online

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you again

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It's taking me all of my self-control not to buy this skirt. Deep down, I still think vaporwave Lolita is feasible.

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Is this board the same 20 people?
That's the only way y'all would recognize me.
I hate having a fetish that's restrictive, in a touchy hobby like cosplay.

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no its just you literally ramble about how sexy power rangers are everytime theres a feels thread its not hard to catch on

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Because where else can I talk about this anonymously without risking my reputation?
I've gauged how people in my area react to it and they either never thought of them sexually, or they think it's odd/weird.

I have no option man. I'm cursed.

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I wish you find your power ranger waifu so bad, make it happen lad.

>> No.10257920

>Because where else can I talk about this anonymously without risking my reputation?
to name a few: /r9k/, /adv/, /d/

>> No.10257938

Me and him are homos , but I cant avoid him cause we started as good friends

>> No.10257952

Literally any other board

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I'll try these out. Thanks.

I'm trying to make it happen. I'm becoming friends with cosplayers in that fandom. I'm becoming closer to them. I can only hope that effort will be of any effect soon.
Thank you for your kind words, Anon.

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a) They are probably not "don't want to have sex with anyone" but just you
b) Wanting to look good and get attention has nothing to do with sex
c) You sound insufferable

>> No.10258065

Me three.

Also, my friend is worried she'll get "cancelled" for wearing a pushup bra to cons. How do I tell her she's being silly?

>> No.10258066

I wish I could date one of you anons, assuming you guys are girls or traps. You all sound neet to talk to and hang around

>> No.10258077

I would definitely date a cgl pretty boyo or trap

>> No.10258093

Can I date you anon, if ur a pretty girl I mean

>> No.10258095

i hope you find great friends who dont make you feel bad about yourself. if anyone does that to you, they aren't your friends really.

>> No.10258110

the feeling is mutual

>> No.10258122

Go to one of the incel boards. We don't like your kind here.

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>> No.10258126

I dress kind of sexy in my normie gear and that doesn't mean I want to fuck people. So am I meant to dress like a FLDS every day of the year I'm not feeling like going out on the pull?
OP sounds like he'd be the sort of guy to call a strippers sluts because he gets thrown out of the club for violating the no touch policy.

>> No.10258132

Used to lol at people falling for scams etc and now I've had to place a paypal claim myself... In hindsight its so obv and I feel so stupid. Hope Paypal gives me my funds back soon

>> No.10258147

ffs, no, I love to tidy up too, but I figured it was pretty obvious I was talking about chicks that go to extremes and just do it for attention. Hell, anyone for that matter, plenty of guys do shirtless cosplays then go "haha silly girls".
On /cgl/ of all places I'd think I wouldn't need to specify when in my original post I was so specific.

>> No.10258150

Shut up your argument is stupid.

>> No.10258152

Most women don't think a guy owes them sex just because he doesn't have a shirt on.

>> No.10258154

Whoa, I was right on the money. Cool.

>> No.10258178

This is very sexist against women

no u

>> No.10258205

Cool indeed bro.
But I shouldn't be so sour with girls. Not everyone is an asshole. There's good people out there and we both know it.
It's a matter of perseverance.
And respect, of course. I've said some sour things on this thread I shouldn't - spreaded some negative stuff that doesn't make sense.

If a girl wants to show off and just that, let it be. Why do we think we've got anything to do with how cosplayer girls act and dress up? We won't convince anyone to behave differently.

As a cosplayer myself I feel ashamed of letting this sour side of me take over and make such negative comments.

>> No.10258206

>relationship with boyfriend falling apart
>male friends try to hit on me when I open up about my problems because men are vultures like that
>wore lolita to try and cheer myself up
>end up having the opposite effect
>feel even shittier than before

Lolita used to be able to cheer me up but clothes can only do so much

>> No.10258220

Anon, this is one of the most mature and self-reflective posts I've ever seen on this board so kudos for that. I hope you can continue to develop a healthy world view.

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>have falling out with cos group
>half-ass my cosplays for two years, kinda lose my motivation for it
>finally decide "fuck this and fuck them, I'm gonna do some shit they never thought I could"
>spend 8 months learning2foam, build new costume from scratch
>looks great, fits great, feels great
>get a bunch of hall photos, even get pro photos taken because I'm super proud of it, girlfriend and I end up in local newspaper album in cos together
>finally feel like I've shaken off years negative feelings and anxieties that my ex-friends left me with
>still worry some terrible shit is gonna happen to kill my emotional high and balance out my cos project going to well
>vet calls me today and tells me my bird has a tumor

ah, there it is

>> No.10258253

I hope you can find a way to keep your bird as comfy as possible for the time they have left.

>> No.10258266

Could be worse. In seriousness that kinda sucks, but you're still much better in life now than you were.

>> No.10258361

Pruning the dead branches is the only way a healthy plant can grow. You're in the hardest stage right now, but know that you did the right thing. You will find more friends in people that won't treat you like garbage and you'll look back at this moment to be thankful that you took value in your own selfworth not to crawl back to them.

>> No.10258362

>not wanting sex with anyone
You mean not wanting to fuck disgusting people like you.

>> No.10258363

I’ve been there, you heal and you come out much better. Don’t be a doormat for them. Show them how much you are worth by kicking ass without them!

>> No.10258365

>buy an ivory blouse
>It arrives today
>Light blue-gray
I'm just so confused. You can argue what is and isn't ivory til the lolcows come home, but blue-gray ain't it. It's still a really cute blouse and super comfy. But it said ivory and the proof pictures looked ivory, a warm color.

>> No.10258379

The story of my life revolves around self improvement. Always. And you don't have a doubt I try to be the best guy ever. Perhaps a beta male. But never an asshole, a criminal, someone who hurts people for pure sadism.

I'm just the next guy waiting in line for a chance. Hoping to achieve his objectives, doing his best, trying to be the best , every day.

Again I'm sorry for getting the thread dirty with my Ranger fetish, and my negativity.

>> No.10258380

Thanks anon, I appreciate it. I’m not giving up on her yet but I can feel all my future projects, moving, and travel prospects slipping through my fingers already. I’m just pissed that not only was my first instinct at seeing things go right be to say “what’s gonna go wrong now?” but for it to hit my bird and not me.

I’d rather take a bullet than have this happen to her. At least I have insurance.

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>> No.10258416

whatever you say hun ;)

Also, your reading comprehension can really use some work, literally nowhere did I say I've been rejected, those thots don't interest me.

>> No.10258430

The feels of it all is that in a perfect world I could both work this job AND be a confag, but ultimately I’m going with the job.
I don’t think I can do cons in Japan because they don’t exist the same way they do in the USA...they have “cosplay events” but they seem to be just meetup type things from my limited experience. I’ll go to those when I find them. But it still isn’t the same without the huge venues of nerds in costumes partying for 3 days. Hmm maybe I could choose to fly home for vacation while a con is going on though, or even find one in SEA where I’ve got a homie. not a bad idea.

And lol I’ll be like one third lil kid English teacher, one third lil kid dance/voice/theater instructor, and one third English material editor. I’m a pleb but I don’t care. I’m 26.

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26 is still pretty young gull! Be glad you're chasing your dreams now instead of 40, but by the same token if you're looking for a hubby it's not a bad idea to at least start looking now, I'm in a similar situation as far as that goes if not a bit younger.
You may be missing those "huge parties" that we love to have in the land of freedom, but keep your chin up! You're chasing your dreams! and with any luck, you'll get to have your cake and eat it too!

>> No.10258449

Yeah you'll be fine. I know folks who got married in their 40s and found great partners because they had so much life experience. Also had cute healthy babies. Fertility tech'll be even better in 20 years, not to mention.

>> No.10258497

If they were telling you to, or implying you should kill yourself, they were not friends. They probably try to play it off as a jokes, but that sort of person is even worse, because they're trying to hide the intention of hurting you.
You did not lose any kind of friendship. Do not go back to them.

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File: 830 KB, 450x254, Sure Jan.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>> No.10258532

So how do you know they are not fucking anyone? I'm engaged but I don't plaster it all around social media for example. Most fans probably think I'm single.

>> No.10258541

I don't
The ones that do fall into a different category than the one I described

>> No.10258542

Well, you can usually tell after a bit of cyberstalking unless you're like that one steamer that somehow managed to keep her engagement a secret from her chat mods.
You may not plaster it everywhere, but I'd be willing to bet you probably have a ring on in a few photos.

>> No.10258552

>25 with no wife or kids
You say that like it's unusual lol

>> No.10258553

I swear I just read a BL manga about this and now I think it's kind of hot too. But anon, this really isn't the board for this, since it's a blue board and all.

>> No.10258580

Nah, I don't wear rings.
>unless you're like that one steamer that somehow managed to keep her engagement a secret
I mean, it's not something to "manage"? You don't mention it online and voila, it's kept secret. No one needs to know who am I fucking.

I'm literally asking how do you know the if category you describe even exists.

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>MtF attention whore complaing about how shit her life is and how she's strugling to get on the dole
>Blames everything but herself

>> No.10258618

typical trans behavior
just look away and do your own thing

>> No.10258642

You’re seriously a fucking incel.

>> No.10258718

i kind of want to see the new joker movie but i know for a fact every edgy dude is going to heavily project onto him and he will likely be the new deadpool cosplay at cons and i'm getting annoyed just thinking about it

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Lol, you've only been an adult for seven fucking years and you're worried about running out of time to have kids.

>> No.10258762

And what you want to say with that?
I'm an incel, but I don't hate girls. I know it's my fault I don't have more girls around me, it's my fault I don't get laid. I don't blame anybody else. It depends on me and I sabotage myself. If that makes me an incel, then so be it. I accept the consequences of the label. Your loss if you choose to categorize me like that and move on.

Again, I should work so these elements are removed from my life. You're just stating the obvious, Anon

>> No.10258811

Are you larping

>> No.10258891

Do you not see the same pack of costhots that all travel together that I do when you go to a convention?

>> No.10258895

Ranger anon pls stop

gull, I can understand wanting to settle down before 30 so you and your SO have more time together

>> No.10258909

>Lol, you've only been an adult for seven fucking years and you're worried about running out of time to have kids.
Haha yeah thinking about the future and carefully planning ahead is such a hilarious thing. I would have done so much better for myself if I wasn't like that lol!

>> No.10258914

>pack of costhots
Do you want me to fucking spell it for you? I'm asking that how do you know those costhots don't have sex with anyone? Do you have hidden cameras at their houses? Or do you just ASSUME they don't just because they reject you?

>> No.10258922

Well, mainly because nobody approaches them and instead just follows them around with cameras. Also there's multiple people to ward off anyone that would try to approach in that context

>> No.10258960

>not having sex with randos at a con = not having sex at all
There friend, where you went wrong. Not everyone attends cons to find a mate. I wouldn't touch weebs and neckbeards even with a 10 foot pole either but I sure have an healthy sex life.

>> No.10258961

That's my point though, that means they're literally dressed like that to get orbiters (or fans if you're being generous) and are obviously just using sex appeal to do it. They're barely even a person at that point, they're just a product.

>> No.10258962

Also who said anything about sex? I said "asking out"

>> No.10258965

>who said anything about sex?
My bad, I thought we were talking about sex. I guess you are just mad they don't want to weave a basket with you.

And? You think pornstars are also hypocrites for showing skin but not looking for sex/relationship the same time?

>> No.10258973
File: 50 KB, 720x832, 1544825471040.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't think pornstars, even cosplay pornstars add much to the cosplay community either, but if you think that's a valid comparison then I think you've already proven my point and we're just of different minds on this subject

>> No.10258977


Why stop? Am I embarassing myself? Most likelyyes. Ugh.
I should be more quiet, then.

I was in another mental state. We were talking about sex, but it's obvious my personal experiences get in the way of a rational and unbiased argument, therefore I will shut up.

>> No.10258983

And what is your point exactly? Pornstars are just an example to show there are reasons to show skin other than "looking for sex". Thinking that someone seems to want sex just because they show skin is literally the rapist mindset. I'm not looking for sex or monetary gain but I sure love my thotty cosplays because idk, I like how they look on my body? It's retarded to make assumptions about it.

>I will shut up
You better do that anon. I guess you intend well but you need to lurk more, inceltalk really isn't appriciated on this board.

>> No.10258987

And why 'incel' as a discussion top isn't appreciated here?
I honestly feel like there's only 20 posters and 1 janitor on this board.

>> No.10258989

My style has always been classically-toned sweet for years but lately, I have found myself more and more drawn to gothic, old school, and even punk. I know they're just clothes but I feel like I'm going through an identity crisis..

>> No.10259029

You know what that's great, but are you looking for orbiters (fans) or friends? Do you still put in the effort to do a good job and stay true to character or do you make "sexy version of x" cosplays?
Everyone likes to look good gull, myself included, but the motivations matter. I'd be lying if I said I didn't take into account how good looking I would be in my own cosplay choices, but that's secondary to how much I like the series.

I think only the feels thread has this issue, most of us are pretty friendly to each other too though, I'd be willing to bet the one that called me disgusting earlier probably said they were rooting for me, or I to them, at some point in the past. Didn't you find a ranger gull that liked you a bunch a few threads ago?

>> No.10259032

>'d be willing to bet the one that called me disgusting earlier probably said they were rooting for me, or I to them, at some point in the past

Exactly. I feel like people get contained on their 'general' threads and don't venture out. A true shame.

>Didn't you find a ranger gull that liked you a bunch a few threads ago?
I could only get the contact of a guy, and he's fairly busy with his job.

>> No.10259036

>You know what that's great, but are you looking for orbiters (fans) or friends? Do you still put in the effort to do a good job and stay true to character or do you make "sexy version of x" cosplays?
Why the hell would these matter? Am I a hypocrite if I want orbiters but I'm not interested in sex? Does it make me a hypocrite if I cosplay sexy version but don't look for a mate? No? Then it doesn't matter.

>> No.10259052

Look I get what you're going for, but I really don't agree with the lifestyle you're leading. I get wanting to feel attractive, but just being eye candy and getting a following for it is something else that I can't get behind.
I think we're trying to get different things out of cosplay, which is alright, but nonetheless means we probably wouldn't get along very well.

>> No.10259057

>being this interested in some anon's cosplay habits
Kek I don't even do those things, I'm just saying they don't have anything to do with original post. But you seem really thick so I agree we wouldn't get along well at all.

>> No.10259062

I made good friends months ago at a con, but now I kinda want to find a cute guy at a con. Is that a weird byproduct of being lonely? Is it even possible?

>> No.10259078

Funny, I had a similar feeling about you

>> No.10259089
File: 75 KB, 300x491, thumb_no-u-no-u-43349136.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10259090

seriously though. why do you care what specifically this anon cosplays and why??

>> No.10259096

Because no one wants to read constant whining about how girls are awful and they owe you sex and whatever

So you are saying if someone makes a "sexy version of x" cosplay they also have to have sex with you otherwise they are being hypocrites?

>> No.10259099
File: 13 KB, 300x250, 1539983359987.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This individual I sorta care about because they're on a board where I have a lot of fun and get along with everyone, and I was hoping I would find some common ground to get along with them.
I was mostly talking in generalities though, because I thought the conversation was more about the cosplay community as a whole and its subgroups, which I care for quite a bit as one of its members.
Do you really think that costhots contribute to the cosplay community in a healthy way?
And sure people can wear what they want, but attention whoring using JUST raw sex appeal really has no place in the hobby, no? Using it to sell oneself as a brand doesn't sit right with me either though, because popularity in the hobby should, ideally, be based on accuracy and craftsmanship, with sex appeal serving a hopefully minor role. It's why we all hate momokun (well, that and she's an awful person, but still). That's why the comparison to pornstars was so weird and felt like you didn't realize what kind of comparison you just made, cosplayers aren't pornstars, even though some pornstars and camwhores claim to be cosplayers when they still use their body to advertise for their profession, they're just trying to get oily geek money.

>> No.10259100

wut, no, I'm just saying doing that just to build a brand or for attention is wrong.

>> No.10259108
File: 71 KB, 647x594, 1552517557981.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>planning cosplay with gf for next convention we've already got tickets for
>she falls in love with a new 2d husbando in ffxiv
>has a mental breakdown when she has to kill her husbando over and over for loot, crying daily for weeks
>joins a ffxiv erp group and dumps me
I'm 30 with almost no dating experience, I have a shitty sense of humor and say naughty Gamer Words, and don't know how to make friends because I'm anxious all the time. I don't want to lose cosplaying as a hobby but I don't want to do it by myself. I don't even want to go to the convention anymore. This shit sucks.

>> No.10259109

>felt like you didn't realize what kind of comparison you just made
you seem to believe cgl is a single person but anyways. why do you think this discussion has anything to do with costhots? read the thread before replying.

>> No.10259111
File: 372 KB, 500x270, 5026.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I finally invited my friend crush to a con with me!! There's not a lot of time to plan and he hasn't said yes yet but honestly I'm proud of myself just for asking. I hope he comes after all.

>> No.10259114

What other kind of person do you think the original commenter was describing? and yeah I thought that the original person I was replying to was the same throughout my replies.

>> No.10259115

Gotta have em betabucks.

>> No.10259125

i hope so too, good job!!!

>> No.10259127

>What other kind of person do you think the original commenter was describing?
gee let's see, wears sexy cosplays and not interested in sex? must be a thot indeed

>> No.10259142

yeah, and then when I pressed for more details they said they were just pretending? Those are two different types of people, because there's a difference between trying to attract orbiters and wearing attractive clothes to feel confident.
Beyond that, why would you need to wear attractive cosplays to feel confident? I would think you would want to feel more confident in your accuracy and craftsmanship.

>> No.10259144

It's >>10257461 s description dumbass. Anon who was replying to you isn't the OP.

>> No.10259145

>there's a difference between trying to attract orbiters and wearing attractive clothes to feel confident
neither of them validate assuming they must be looking for sex

>> No.10259146
File: 490 KB, 1047x1095, 1566771119158.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

should I finish my stupid cosplay and still go since it's paid for and try to make new friends even though she's going to be there? Or should I just give up and try to find some other way to make friends.
I've never felt suicidal like this before. I don't have a plan or something, I just wish I could make all this shit stop.

>> No.10259147

The chances of running to someone you know are pretty slim, imo
you should go anon. treat yourself to a good time.

>> No.10259149

You seem like you need to do some serious thinking because what you say makes no sense. Essentially both pornstars and "costhots" provide a service. You can try talking about what this hobby should and shouldn't be till morning but as long as there are thristy guys who'll buy some girl's bathwater you bet there will be someone selling it.

>> No.10259158

I never said this though, in fact I've said multiple times that's not what it's about

Yeah, they provide a service, but it should be more obvious what they're selling, and I figure there's some overlap between them and regular attention whores that use cosplay as a vehicle to get their next fix.

>> No.10259160

Be glad you got away from that train wreck, geez.
Beyond that, good luck, and if you're in Dallas hmu, I would be happy to know you

Figure out a few panels you're interested in that she probably won't be. I doubt you'll run into her and if you do just ignore her. Focus on new friends

>> No.10259161

then what the hell are you talking about? that is what >>10257461 said and started the discussion. no one cares about what you think about sexy cosplayers whatsoever

>> No.10259162

I have a lot of cosplayer friends and a normie bf. I caught my bf scrolling their profiles multiple times. I think he fantasises about them. He is a mostly good person but thinking about this makes me sick in the stomach. I try to not make this a big deal but this situation made me see him in a different light and it feels disgusting. Gah.

>> No.10259163

What do you think both of us were talking about? Women that don't fuck anyone but still advertise using their body is pretty much the definition of what >>10259149 was describing. I only care enough about this to make it clear to you, but I'm starting to think you're just too hard of understanding considering the other anon got the gist of it.

>> No.10259164

Have you brought this up with him?

>> No.10259165

I am >>10259149 and showing skin ISN'T "advertising using their body". And it DOESN'T oblige you to have sex with some randos.

>> No.10259167

Yeah... He basically admitted doing it and said he'd stop if it makes me sad but I just can't feel the same before all this towards him.

>> No.10259169

I don't get what you mean then, how is it not? In the exact context of who you were describing, pornstars and cos/instathots would be directly advertising for their services by showing skin.
And as for the second part I think I've said "nowhere did I say that" enough times so I'm gonna stop repeating myself

>> No.10259170

He was just looking at their profiles? Do you not like him being attracted to anyone other than you, or is it the fact that they're your friends that bothers you? Something else?

>> No.10259173

If he is attracted to someone else he should be with them instead. I deserve to be someones first choice. Now I feel like he is some beta who couldn't get his best choice and had to settle with whatever. Not very attractive.

>> No.10259174

That seems a little extreme, to be honest. You can be his first choice and he can still enjoy looking at other people. If he's changed towards you that's one thing, but you haven't really mentioned that if it's the case

>> No.10259175

In that context showing skin is not an advertisement it is the service itself. You keep saying you didn't say that but what the hell are you thinking you are arguing for/against?

>> No.10259179

Extreme or not knowing this I don't find him attractive anymore and even find him kinda disgusting.

>> No.10259181

If you don't agree with OP on that topic why the hell are you arguing? No one asked or fucking cares about opinion on costhots.

>> No.10259182

I'm arguing that those people are a cancer on the community because they detract from the traditional cosplay experience of hard work, craftsmanship and the individual fandoms.
Also I'm talking IRL, not online where it's relatively easy to ignore, and in a real life context yeah, I think that showing skin like they are is a direct advertisement for their Instagram and Bath Water. I think that's where we may have had a misunderstanding, that you thought I meant everywhere and not just the con floor, and in fairness I didn't specify.

>> No.10259184

See >>10259181

>> No.10259186

Was he your first choice?

>> No.10259188

Obviously. Not by far though.

>> No.10259190

are your bfs not allowed to look at porn either?

>> No.10259191

Then I guess we did go full circle. I figured from the get go that everyone agreed they were one in the same and we were spinning our wheels while I tried to make it clear that neither of us thought they had to have sex with us but are actually just cancer.
I get saying that nobody gives a fuck either, but by the same token I'm just glad you get what I was saying now, thanks anon.

>> No.10259199

Have you voiced your feelings to him about all this yet? Not just that you don't want him looking at their pictures but why you want that?

I think this is good for a healthy sex life in a relationship as long as both people are attentive to the other's needs

>> No.10259201

Only you think they are cancer in this thread and keep trying to pull the argument on that topic which makes no sense. Also
>I'm just glad you get what I was saying now, thanks anon
stop acting like you are talking to one anon please it's cringy.

>> No.10259205

Porn isn't a problem since you usually don't want/can't have a relationship with them but it's another story when you start to fantasise about people around you.

I tried to. He was offended so we cut it short. But I think he got the gist of it. I'm not sure how that's gonna help though.

>> No.10259209

Well try to make it clearer to him and then if he follows up on it in the positive see if your view improves. Give it a month or so.

>> No.10259210

Well this is actually good advice. Thanks!

>> No.10259221

Glad I could help
It may not be a bad idea to let himself explain things a bit too, because from his perspective this might just look like a lack of trust from you rather than the way you look at it as not being first in line.

>> No.10259306

why are you even getting mad about it? its cosplay theyre not naked

>> No.10259308

>say someone is a cunt after listening to a story from a friend
>a couple of others in the group say "hey man that's not a cool word/that's one of the worst things you can call a woman" or something along the lines of that
So are they being oversensitive or has cunt turned into faggot/nigger levels of UHOH YIKES.

>> No.10259310

Looks like Moitie ita is slowly selling everything. I'm gonna miss her.

>> No.10259311

Cunt has always been considered strong. Sounds like you just aren't used to hanging out with people who don't like swearing.

>> No.10259312

Do your cosplay friends post soft porn on social media or something?

A woman buying into red pill rhetoric is extremely sad. Hope you can fix your self esteem issues one day.

>> No.10259316

let me guess, you put stickers on your fiance's face in your instagram posts that he pops up in every blue moon

>> No.10259318

stop being friends with vultures and hang with your female friends or relatives
maybe let them borrow a casual coord and have fun with them at the park or something

>> No.10259328

Never did that, there is no reason for him to pop up in my instagram posts.

>> No.10259329

>Male @ CCE
>Kept seeing, stopping and talking to acquaintances that I've briefly talked to before or hung out with before
>After a couple of minutes per person I would dip saying I had to go because I didn't want to be annoying or didn't want to overstay my welcome, even though a decent amt of them invited me to their rooms or asked to hang out sometime over the weekend
>Didn't DM any of them because I didn't want to barge in and invite myself to hang later that night
>Ended up not really hanging out with anyone for an extended time the whole weekend
how the FUCK do I get over this mentality

>> No.10259338

Dont be like that one psycho at ala when he got rejected by his power ranger cosplayer crush

>> No.10259340

Nayrt but my male friends are like that too. They are the only friends I can find though. I've never met any women interested in cosplay or lolita that live near enough to realistically be friends with. I have no use for online friendships or people who live 3 hours away and never want to make the effort to hang out. For some reason there are only male weebs in my village.

>> No.10259341

What were the red flags?

>> No.10259350

He is not interested in cosplay at all, he admitted he looked at them because they looked hot.

Well my explanation may seem like it but really has nothing to do with red pill. I woudn't wanna be with someone who would prefer being with someone else in an ideal world. That's pathetic for both parties.

>> No.10259354

Just walked into this thread and this is horribly ironic to me. My fiance of 5 years just ended our engagement and one reason she left me was because I follow other female cosplayers on insta and say they were cute/hot but I always made it an effort to reaffirm to her that she was always my number one. A piece of me feels this mentality is bullshit because she would always remind me she was never attracted to men like me (me being hispanic, brown eyes, black hair barely pulling off most of my cosplays and her dream man being blonde haired, blue eyes tall white boys) but I "became" a man she could love... Well up until she dumped me 5 years later.. of course this is me projecting a little bit but I feel even if he had just the right excuse to try and convince you, you'd still convince yourself his perceived lack of desire in you will never go away

>> No.10259358

Seems like you should've dumped her the first place. Why would you stay when her "ideal man" description is exact opposite of what you are? Most men have this desperate aura to them and it's not very attractive. I'm not saying it wasn't desperate of her staying with you when her dream man is someone else but this whole relationship feels like a war on who's more desperate.

>> No.10259363

I wouldn't call it desperation, I don't know the reasoning my ex used to justify it for herself but I always believed love is built on compromises. We clicked and we're very compatible; unfortunately people can't always get what they want and being capable of letting trivial things go for the betterment of another person takes priority in my book. Relationships are built on much more than that and I'm not simplfing our break up to a "I'm not attracted to brown dudes anymore" so of course there are more factors to it but I also feel it's sad to restrict your s/o when what their doing is as harmless as your willing to let it be. I could be wrong maybe your s/o could take advantage of the leniency, but in my experience that doesn't happen? Just my two cents

>> No.10259364

We've just been so long together I have no friends anymore and I am so fucking lonely. I don't know if I'm going to have the gumption to do anything like that by myself

>> No.10259365

Eh you got me mentioning compromises, you have a point. I still find what my bf did, your gf did and you did somewhat disrespectful though. But my boyfriend is often very oblivious so maybe he just didn't think it was disrespectful. I'm sure he'd also be upset if I scrolled through his friends' pictures and fantasised about them.

>> No.10259366

>They are the only friends I can find though. I've never met any women interested in cosplay or lolita that live near enough to realistically be friends with
personal story here. i met some guys in my college class and they were really nice and understood i was engaged. i also thought they were the only friends i could find because we played card games. eventually i go to their game shop and 30 year old dudes and my classmates start fighting over me, an engaged woman. at one point, one of the classmates tried gropping me and one tried making out with me. i pushed both away. i got really sick of it and blocked my classmates and only talked for school projects. they hated me and i didnt care. they stole my $200 deck and i was hurt but it was my fault for staying friends with guys who thought they ever had a chance with me
now i have friends who dont like to cosplay or wear lolita. we talk about our favorite shows, go out shopping, typical white girl friendships. i genuinely like these girl friends ive made. and im sure you can too. don't settle for vultures who literally only want pussy and nothing else to do with you. seriously, if you hang out with virgin boys, they will end up trying to assault or rape you.

>> No.10259368

I have to add that admitting someone is good looking is not same as mindlessly looking at their pics multiple times a day so maybe you did nothing wrong. If you are completely honest right now, at least.

>> No.10259370

>He is not interested in cosplay at all, he admitted he looked at them because they looked hot.
....and whats wrong with a man thinking another woman is attractive? it just sounds like hes in a toxic relationship. i doubt he admitted, im sure you scared the answer out of him.

>> No.10259371

>I follow other female cosplayers on insta
i want this posted to r/relationships so 1000 people can tell you how shes a piece of shit

>> No.10259373

It's a little worse if they are friends, because those are people you literally know and engage with IRL.

Your ex sounds like a cunt though.

>> No.10259376

Projecting, aren't we? If he thinks they are so attractive he can't take his eyes off them he should date them. It just seems like he has no guts to talk to them and settles with me just because I like him.

>> No.10259383

Just because I want to clarify, I'll admit I have not been the nicest guy, I'll never forget the way my ex looked at me at AX this year when she took a picture with another cosplayer from the same game and when meeting with our friends I told another guy, "she (the other girl) was smoking hot!" And my ex looked at me like I stabbed her with a knife, I quickly hugged her, apologized and explained I said it like that to our friend as a joke since he was single. I know it bothered her and I tried my best to always assure her that she was the greatest thing I ever had. The only reason I went into story time was just to show i had good intentions but what was harmless to me was not to her. I'd say make sure you s/o understands how it bothers you not just why. At least in my mentality, sure, other girls are cute but I chose my ex above all else but she felt like she was fighting for my preference, despite telling me I was never the guy she intended on dating and I compromised to her without a second thought.

>> No.10259387

I guess most guys are just oblivious how their actions can hurt. Sometimes I wish I had a qt cosplay gf instead lol.

>> No.10259393

I guess? I felt if I was open/honest with my thoughts and apologized for stepping out of line we could better understand each other. Guess that's a two way street cuz when she told me I grew into a man she could love I felt I achieved something only to have rubbed back in my face when she called me calling everything off saying "well, you knew you were never the kind of man I wanted". Now I'm stuck on the sad feels train as a newly single, recently turned 30 yr old dude that can't find a qt cosplay waifu that isn't 19 and 10 times the cosplayer I am; the imposter syndrome is huge within me now

>> No.10259419

Idk why people are giving you a hard time (probably because of your follow up comments), but looking at sexual pictures of your friends is really weird and awkward. It's gonna be so embarrassing to hang out with your friends when he is there.

>> No.10259434

Every Australian in this thread just got confused and tried to find a problem.

>> No.10259438

I used to be the same, though I am a female. It came to the point where I just had to stop overthinking things. If people invited me out and I wanted to go, I didn't think about how I might be interrupting them or anything. You kinda just have to take action and stop overthinking it and or projecting your anxiety/insecurities about how other people will potentially feel onto other people. Easier said than done, but.. just stop. When you notice yourself doing it, stop. Force yourself to stop. Look at it objectively, as if you're reminding another person that they are being dumb and need to stop thinking so much. It's easier that way, I find.

>> No.10259442

In Aus it is considered formal and you are seen as rude to not call people cunts. It is required(by law) to say “G’day cunts” when you enter into a room as well, on top of the each individual greeting of “cunt” to everyone in the room(this is not illegal but again, considered rude to skip.)

>> No.10259447

Only in the Americas. Aus, Scotland, Ireland, England, etc. all see it as fine

>> No.10259453

I'm English

>> No.10259454

I have been a lolita for 10~ years but never been to a lolita meet. I will be moving soon and I heard there is an active lolita comm. Lol it is gonna be exactly like Deerstralkers Mean Lolitas video. I don't speak their language though I may end up not joining the comm for this reason.

>> No.10259455

Well you’re a retarded cunt then

>> No.10259458

I'm not any of those anons you were talking to, but a lot of what you described in the relationship hit home. I'm a woman and my bf's have always called other women hot, looked at other women, and that really played with some of my past insecurities.It really hurt, and it really does, when the person you love and are with talks about other people in that way. I have grown up since then though, and realize it's just how a lot of guys are. Yeah, other girls can be cute and are cute, and I'd rather a man I am with be honest. The one thing that you had that my ex did not, is that you were also introspective and saw that it hurt her and did you best to assure her when you noticed it hurt her. That's commendable in itself in my experiences. It's okay anon. I'm sure you will find another girl! I know how much it sucks being newly single at 30. Still chugging along, making myself happy in case I don't end up finding another man. It's hard.

>> No.10259475

>all these other freshly dumped 30 year olds itt
I guess I'm not as alone as I thought

>> No.10259498

I appreciate this, I definitely tried but everyone takes things differently and I didn't realize it in time and couldn't read her mind but this post really helped me feel better today. Now i just need to get over my instagram awkwardness, swear off long term relationships, and go have some fun at cons while hoping nobody asks how old i am

more of you 30 yr olds need to make yourselves noticeable at cons so we dont feel so alienated or growing out of cosplay

>> No.10259502

Make a few online friends then, those are pretty long lasting in my experience

>> No.10259531

>working at thrift store
>They put out 'weird' clothes they find mostly to fill the 'halloween' racks
>Find a cute Lolita style skirt, pretty print, no brand tag, maybe it's taobao? Looks familiar but I can't place it
>Excitedly buy it since I almost never find lolita style items at work
>Look it up when I get home
>Turns out it's a crystal dream carnival replica

Now I have no clue what to do with it...

>> No.10259534

make pillowcases or something with the fabric

>> No.10259535

redonate it, give it away, use it to make something else

>> No.10259600

Is there any sort of verification process that goes in to this? I'd be too worried about getting an Amazon box filled with fun knowing this site

>> No.10259603


>> No.10259641
File: 53 KB, 640x640, 1566826908935.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Turns out he can't come because of expenses. I even offered to pay for his ticket but there are several other expenses he would need to pay for.
Quick anon how do I make a bunch of money in a short amount of time???

>> No.10259646

Day laborer. Stand outside a hardware store.

>> No.10259649

>Just get noticed
How, though? I just get anxious and don't want to force myself on strangers

>> No.10259711
File: 167 KB, 470x535, 1548222593910.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gambling, leveraged stock options (also gambling), sex work, highly skilled labor (potentially the same thing) and inheritance.

>> No.10259712

>make cosplay
>wear cosplay
>look like you're in your 30s
You do the last bit by not being super good at makeup but not because you're over applying it.

>> No.10259716

Sell pics and videos of your feet

>> No.10259751

Enjoy a bunch of reeeeeeeeing from scrotes, they hate being called out on their shit.

>> No.10259753


>> No.10259759
File: 27 KB, 296x296, 1566689419896.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Unfortunately I have a day job
Unfortunately I don't think my feet are attractive enough to do this. I think I can probably do a bit of freelance work? Shit this is really falling apart.

>> No.10259762

How much money do you need?
If you can draw I'll commission something right now

>> No.10259789

Also going.

Just tell her that the type of person who "cancels" isn't really the type you'd want to make friends with anyway.

>> No.10259797

Forgot to add but I really need to make more effort to meet new people at cons, I just dunno how to find a setting to get to know someone well enough to establish a better relationship that "some guy/girl I talked to for a panel or in the hall briefly". Everyone usually seems to stick with their own group and I'm guilty of that as well so I can't really talk.

I'm not getting any younger and I feel like I'm missing out on genuine relationships.

>> No.10259799

Sell stuff? depop, fb, lacemarket?

>> No.10259801

Lolita comms are usually super enthusiastic about foreigners joining/visiting their comm. Unless you're an economic refugee or something you'll be popular.

>> No.10259816

You know every country is different, right?

>> No.10259817

I agree, it's really no big deal if your man sleeps with hookers either. Those women mean nothing to him and he wont have a real relationship with them anyways.

>> No.10259845

There’s nothing with admiring another person lmao jesus you guys are like girls with boyfriends who don’t let you outside or talk to other men

>> No.10259846

I travelled a lot, that's how I know what it's like to join foreign comms. Or maybe I'm just naturally popular.

Yeah they are literally objects to him and he basically rapes them.

>> No.10259848

It's not a random person, they are her friends. If he's attracted to her friends to the point he looks at their instagram often even though he has no interest in cosplay, that's just sad. You'd be okay with it if your boyfriend says he wants to fuck your friends and masturbates to them?

>> No.10259853
File: 96 KB, 1000x1000, 1564355530380.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes I can draw, throw away email attached. Hit me up anon

>> No.10259864

A /cgl/ meetup might be nice?

>> No.10259874

I'm gonna be at Youma too. That sounds fun! Are any of you on the Youmacon Discord?

>> No.10259896


>> No.10259927
File: 59 KB, 500x667, 53190914_10216479500851924_1380864700429893632_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

update: tumor is benign

we /goodvibes/ again

>> No.10259933

I'm happy for you anon

>> No.10259953

The official discord?

>> No.10260068

Good news everyone, they're a great artist


>> No.10260140

There's a discord?

>> No.10260263

Where the discord at?

>> No.10260279

I put a pair of tights in the wash and I could've sworn came out with a much more vibrant print.

>> No.10260318

he's looking, not fapping. have you not had small crushes on your partner's friends?

>> No.10260320

Nayrt but i’d be upset if my significant other had crushes on my friends. Upset enough for a breakup. It’s fucking weird and a huge red flag.

>> No.10260326 [DELETED] 

I just really hate females, bros.

>> No.10260329

I've been wearing lolita for 4 years but am way too socially anxious to join my local comm. I know I'm making it out to be a bigger deal than it is but my anxiety focuses especially on social media and somehow every time I open Facebook to go and join the comm page my stomach turns and my heart rate skyrockets.

>> No.10260335 [DELETED] 

You sound like a stupid retarded cunt.

Elderly women should kill themselves. Once you hit 30 without being married, you're beyond saving.

>> No.10260340 [DELETED] 

This is why females deserve rape.

You can 100% guarantee if a cunt is raped it's her own stupid fault.

>> No.10260345 [DELETED] 


Women are fucking all awful. I've never met a single woman who wasn't a piece of shit.

>> No.10260347 [DELETED] 

Why did you guys even come to this board? I know you’re trying to be ebin trawlz but the logic behind this is retarded.


>> No.10260354 [DELETED] 

I just like to express myself.

Also, females are fucking stupid.

>> No.10260359 [DELETED] 

You could express yourself literally anywhere else but you come here to be surrounded by girls. You probably are just desperate for female attention of any kind. Sorry mommy didn’t love you.

>> No.10260360 [DELETED] 

You should befriend guys who hate women.

I hate females because they're all inferior whores so I would never pursue a romantic relationship with one.

>> No.10260362 [DELETED] 

Your normalfag insults are mindless, derivative and banal.

I'm glad you amount to nothing in your life.

>> No.10260363 [DELETED] 

When i was in highschool i went to a party and ended up in a room with a female friend who I knew had a boyfriend.

We had sex. She never told him.

Females are absolutely fucking awful people.

>> No.10260365 [DELETED] 

But that would also make you an awful person since you knew

>> No.10260366 [DELETED] 

Yes but i don't pretend I'm not a terrible person.

People think I'm such a terrible person for thinking women deserve rape but females are just as bad or worse than myself.

>> No.10260367 [DELETED] 

Most women don’t wish physical harm to a large group of others. You sound deranged and violent. You should be euthanized.

>> No.10260369 [DELETED] 

these are in no way /cgl/ related feels, mods please delete this teeny peener's tirade

>> No.10260370 [DELETED] 

Women cry when they can't legally murder their children.

Roastie toastie.
Cunt looks like a roast beef traffic accident.
Kill yourself.

>> No.10260374 [DELETED] 

God i just want to beat a cunt's fucking eyesockets in and break some fucking whore's jaw.

It would be fun to snap a woman's legs in two and stomp her skull into the pavement. Imagine the pleasure one could obtain from disfiguring a woman.

Maybe even make one prettier by cutting off her labia.

>> No.10260376 [DELETED] 

You're trying too hard now bud.
Here's your (You).

>> No.10260384 [DELETED] 

There’s a difference between aborting a pregnancy that directly effects you and your body and wanting to hurt random strangers because of an arbitrary trait they have. I don’t agree with abortion but at least it makes an iota of fucking sense unlike wanting to rape and murder women for the sake of them being female Ahmed.

>> No.10260386

If I see another pic of brand being put on your smelly ass pets on Rufflechat/Lolita Humor I'm gonna go nuts. You wanna say "I have pets but don't let them near my lolita" on Lace Market and then post this shit. Disgusting.

>> No.10260423
File: 140 KB, 824x1084, deltarune gdi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my second time wearing my AatP stockings and there's a huge rip across the back of the thigh. I didn't sit near anything shapr all day! How could this have happened?!

>> No.10260425

You’re too big for them probably. That’s the main reason stockings rip unless you catch them on something

>> No.10260445 [DELETED] 

The janitors are fucking useless

>> No.10260448 [DELETED] 

The jannies are incels themselves so don’t expect much

>> No.10260451 [DELETED] 

falseflag & b8

>> No.10260486
File: 89 KB, 1200x734, A79F2E72-743E-4622-B88B-48B0DBFF2E0E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Selling off my entire wardrobe (except for 2 main pieces that I can’t bear to part with) to pay for physical therapy for a back injury. I understand that this is such a “first world problem” but I have a (probably unhealthy) emotional attachment to these dresses.

H-hopefully I’ll get better and be able to go back to work and get a good-paying job and be able to rebuild my wardrobe eventually.

Not a lolita reaction image, but pic related is how I feel.

>> No.10260490
File: 11 KB, 251x231, cry 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The other thigh seemed fine and it was on the thigh that's slightly smaller. You might be right, though. I'm usually in the X-Large range, but nothing above that.

I'm sorry, gull. I hope you can recover some pieces later on.

>> No.10260491

Yeah you’re definitely too large if you’re saying you’re an XL. Those tights are made for around a medium and under

>> No.10260493

That sucks hard. this is gonna sound even more first world, but I can't imagine paying for unexpected health events,let alone the huge bills I see from americans. The US (I assume that's where you're from) is super fucked in that regard.

>> No.10260515
File: 58 KB, 318x470, 1557963819939.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guess I'll die

>> No.10260517

You could just lose weight

>> No.10260521

Why are there so many NSFW borderline posts lately here on cgl? Feels like some threads were made just as an excuse to actively post these pictures and rant texts about women.

>> No.10260544

Nayrt but I'm from the Netherlands and I already think it's super expensive here and I have been in debt because of therapy before. You don't know how expensive it is and how difficult to get the right care until you actually need it for anything that's not covered by the most basic insurance.

>> No.10260546

If you have a crush, don't actively cultivate and feed it.

>> No.10260549

I'm in Canada, I've had a wealth of weird surgeries and appointments for multiple rare conditions. Never had to pay a cent for it. Sure we pay in taxes, but at least that doesn't blindside you all at once or make the chronically ill go into debt.
We do pay out of pocket for therapy though.

>> No.10260564 [DELETED] 
File: 39 KB, 600x400, 497534-1392-2015-10-24955145.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel like giving up on finding my dream dress. Now owning it is making me dislike all other releases because I compare everything to it. Pic related is the only time I ever saw it on the western market and it's not even my preferred colourway.

>> No.10260565 [DELETED] 
File: 39 KB, 600x400, 497534-1392-2015-10-24955145.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel like giving up on finding my dream dress. Not owning it is making me dislike all other releases because I compare everything to it. Pic related is the only time I ever saw it on the western market and it's not even my preferred colourway.

>> No.10260567
File: 39 KB, 600x400, 497534-1392-2015-10-24955145.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel like giving up on finding my dream dress. Not owning it is making me dislike all other releases because I compare everything to it. Pic related is the only time I ever saw it on the western market and it's not even my preferred colourway. I don't have time to look for it several times a day and that's making me anxious.

>> No.10260581
File: 2 KB, 125x70, 1417287644137s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>no ass

dude where is the hotness ?
you just like spandex don't you

>> No.10260583

yeah, you're the same faggot posting power ranger stuff and" hur dur I love them tight ass"

>> No.10260587
File: 61 KB, 634x670, 48394418_2231840600421336_3807728235798593536_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

everything will be alright anon. Try your best at dating someone else

>> No.10260590
File: 23 KB, 500x522, 68743524_2321461571242496_3749692550340935680_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you never bothered understanding male psyche. Men jerk off all the time, look at other women, and here is the kicker
We still love our partner
Looking at other cosplayers might awaken old childhood memories of certain games, might be awe about someones work, or just "damn she got tits"
You're just a jealous narcissistic bitch

>> No.10260598
File: 33 KB, 236x662, feelsbadman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you were too damn shy and anxious to continue frequenting a grocery store to hunt out a fellow seagull
>tfw he probably isnt around anymore and
likely changed jobs
>useless stalker lolita

missed my goddamn chance.

Supermarket-kun, if you're still here, I'd still like to find you

>> No.10260604

>implying men ever try to understand "female psyche"

come on dude I don't know a single guy who would be okay with their partner masturbating to one of his friends

>> No.10260611

Don't even bother. It's an early 20s Reddit mentality owned by guys who feel insecure about their porn addiction and pretend all other men in the universe are like them.

>> No.10260620

Whatever happened to the rule 0 of just "not being a piece of shit"?

>> No.10260629

I wouldn't care as long as it was just sexual interest, not romantic. This is why I prefer dating bi women. We can both look at other men or women and talk about how attractive they are without there being jealousy.

>> No.10260630

I'm bisexual and I think it's weird to masturbate to your friends.

>> No.10260633

I'm bi and I wouldn't look at/talk about other men or women when I was in relationship. It has nothing to do with jealousy it's just disrespectful.

>> No.10260643

Yea obviously. Its probably just a couple dedicated crossboarders going on here to have fun derailing. They do it for fun because y'all take bait so easily. They don't even need to try and probably just respond to themselves. I've seen lots of posts where someone tries to seem like a lolita and is very obviously not and is derailing.

>> No.10260650

I’m bi. I think it’s weird to masturbate to your friends but other men/women who you don’t know personally are fair game. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean I stop finding other people attractive, and to pretend that I do would be disingenuous. If my SO claimed that they never look at anyone but me, I would find it highly suspicious.

>> No.10260652

Obviously if it's like porn it's alright. But I don't need to be attracted to porn actors to masturbate so idk. Having a SO doesn't mean everyone else looks ugly now so casually accepting if someone looks good is also okay but obsessing over someone else's looks? Definitely weird. Or if you can't help it at least try to be discreet about it.

>> No.10260653

>i was molested and i think...
Just stop right there.

>> No.10260654

I mean when it's your friends it's especially disturbing but if my SO is obsessed enough to check someone's profile multiple times a day I'd be disturbed even if they weren't friends.

>> No.10260659

Sigh.... Tea party cancelled due to a gas leak.

>> No.10260660

>start a really ambitious armor project for that nobody is likely to get

>3 months in 3 to go

>scared I'm going to look like a 12 year old covered in cardboard or Maximum Autist

>> No.10260661 [DELETED] 

>girls over 18 are disgusting
>it's illegal to date lolis
>tfw no loli cosplay gf

>> No.10260689 [DELETED] 

>Supposedly there are women here
Alright what makes a man most attractive? It seems like it really comes down to social skills even if I'm desirable in other areas. I'm not a virgin and had a gf once.

>> No.10260691 [DELETED] 

I hate myself so much. Why am I so selfish? Sorry to bring this here, but I really don't want to put it where anyone can identify me. I want to die. I won't do it. That would be even more selfish, but if I didn't wake up tomorrow I'd honestly be okay with that.

I just needed to say it somewhere.

>> No.10260699

Being attractive helps, but if you look around women are willing to date less attractive men than men tend to be okay with less attractive women. Being enjoyable to be around is the most important in the end. You don't have to be into what they are into, but don't be a dick about not liking their thing.
This is 100% where I see guys who have no girlfriend and want one go wrong. Also if you like the same things don't always act like you know more than them. It is really offputting to friends and romantic interests.

It sounds straight forward but man I see a lot of guys do this and act like they are the victim, even if women are nice to them but are not interested. Especially in nerdy hobbies.

>> No.10260702 [DELETED] 

In general I Just report these posts and threads and ignore them, but it's Just stupid finding those in every thread and seeing people taking bait. Like, don't they have their own board posts to reply to and participate? Lol

>> No.10260704
File: 187 KB, 372x372, single tear.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm working on it. It's just slow going. Doesn't change the despair, though.

>> No.10260706

This is on point >>10260699
Also I can't talk for all women but I personally don't care much about looks. Initially what I look for is charisma+smarts. Then it helps if he is funny to get things going. And he must be faithful and thoughtful in order to relationship to last.

>> No.10260733

Tell me more. I'm curious.

>> No.10260769

The guys that know how to get a gf already have one.

The ones that don’t have a clue have a hard time getting a clue.

Vicious cycle.

My best advice to guys is don’t force it. Be self aware of the qualities that make you attractive/unattractive and adjust.

>> No.10260775

Also to add some advice from the other side if you catch feelings for someone don't feed that crush despite how good it feels, it probably won't end well.

>> No.10260777

You have to be independently confident and happy regardless of what your crush does.
Women look down on guys who are desperate and clingy.

>> No.10260806

And men don't look down on people who are desperate and clingy? Lol

>> No.10260825

Did the lolita that farted get kicked out of the comm at least?

>> No.10260826

Sucks that you got removed but to be fair boy oh boy was that ever off topic

Yeah but we're still willing to fug which makes things weird

>> No.10260853

I'm making Barbatos Lupus from Gundam IBO, mostly cause he's got the look of "humanoid frame wearing armor" as opposed to "just armor", if that makes sense

>> No.10260858

You're a retarded. Men date women they aren't attracted to all the time. How many timed do you hear scrotes on Body Building or 4chab bitch about their gfs looks? You never see women date men they aren't attracted to.

>> No.10260859

I cant wait for Wondercon

>> No.10260860

I never use /cgl/ anymore because the mods here are too touchy and I don't want to get banned on other boards.

>> No.10260861

they never banned me from other boards, they banned me from this one once for 1 or 2 days, the rest of the time they just warn me or just delete what I post

>> No.10260863 [DELETED] 

Just change your IP if they do

>> No.10260865

Easier said than done when some attachment disorder is thrown into the works, but I suppose "fake it till you make it" applies here too.

Also therapy.

>> No.10260868 [DELETED] 

This is what happen when you let women have any power.

Women are just fucking useless and should have no rights.

>> No.10260869
File: 10 KB, 300x251, 300px-Tatsumi_kimishima_keyboxart_160w.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i'm this guy here >>10257487

I am mostly over my ex, but I still want to be friends with them. We had a good conversation 3 days ago, but they ignored me pretty much last night.

Anyone feel like while the introduction of the internet to their lives has let them meet cool people, its made them addicted to attention / notifications?

I used to be comfortable with silence and not having to tell someone good night before bed, I used to be able to go throughout my day without bitching about it, but now I'm just so used to it.

Its weird, I don't need constant attention from irl friends, but people I meet online? Feels weird if they just ignore me for a couple of days.

>> No.10260874

So this is what confirmation bias looks like in action.
Have you considered that maybe it's your personality? :^)

>> No.10260877
File: 437 KB, 1280x1808, 1567809280774.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10260893
File: 60 KB, 510x427, 1561293132298.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The last piece of my strawberry themed lolita coord just came in the mail. I can die happy now. I don't have anywhere to wear it too, but just having it in my closet makes me happy. It'll always be ready to go.

My country isn't really fond of fashions like lolita, but i don't care. I'm happier this way. My own coord bought with my own money.

>> No.10260911

>Anyone feel like while the introduction of the internet to their lives has let them meet cool people, its made them addicted to attention / notifications?
Just cut the cord. Do it. Turn off notifications. Or cut off social media if it makes your life better.

>> No.10260913

This is not a Spider-Man thread so go fuck off.

>> No.10261006
File: 16 KB, 326x326, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

balding + thinning, I will never be cute agian

>> No.10261008

Go full hog and do a Saitama cosplay.

>> No.10261014
File: 8 KB, 258x446, dcwoah0-c9c0f76a-7074-4229-97cf-a44182cda91d.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Same, on the bright side I can do a proper Dr. Faust costume

>> No.10261019

saitama 10/356 days
346/356 >that bald guy in his early 20s

>> No.10261020

I usually get banned from other boards, i still lurk but rarely post.

>> No.10261022


>> No.10261024

Holy fuck how are you this stupid

>> No.10261025

Jfc how old are you?

>> No.10261028

I think they aren't touchy enough.

>> No.10261029 [DELETED] 

Probably a female

>> No.10261030

Your probably one of the dudes that shit up every thread to make it about your dick.

>> No.10261033

Probably older than you, bub.

>> No.10261060

I got superglue on my fingers and now their really uncomfortable to use

>> No.10261127

>wearing lolita for 3 years
>still feel like I have a tiny, boring wardrobe that isn't very versatile since I just wear the same coords and am in this weird goth-classic-otome limbo
>use one of those closet inventory apps and have been adding all my pieces to it as I buy them
>buy new phone
>unable to transfer closet data, old app doesn't exist anymore. Have to do it all again.
>download new app and spend days adding each piece and style each coord in polyvore style coordinates
>actually realise I have a pretty versatile closet, have tons of unique coords despite having slightly under 20 main pieces in total. Turns out blouses and legwear really go a long way.
>super inspired making all these new coords, turns out I've built a pretty good selection of stuff that works well with each other, coming up with things I've never tried before
>realise I finally have a wardrobe I love and am actually proud of, feels so good.
>man I just really love lolita

>> No.10261130

>spent the last 4 years amassing a wardrobe I'm pleasantly proud of.
>recently realized I've grown out of lolita
>I have 4 grails in there but also an assortment of indie shit I'm sure no one would buy.
>I really want to list everything for 100 each and let people just take em from me
>every time I go in to take photos and sell them all its so exhausting and I don't want to let them go.
I don't know what's wrong with me.

>> No.10261134

just limit it to five at a time and list them. you'll find it easier to do in small clumps.

>> No.10261137

Let me know what you’re selling so I can take them off your hands anon, I’ll take great care of them.
Just think how happy they’ll make other people.

>> No.10261172

If its too taxing, enlist a friend to help?

>> No.10261177

>like a girl for an obstinate amount of time because of how similar we are, similar interests (ie. cosplay, sewing, manga, etc), love hanging out with her, etc.
>she rejects me the first time
>second time (7~ months after, last weekend) she agrees to date
>make out over the night
>weekend after (tonight), she confesses that she doesn't feel the same towards me as I feel towards her
>I just really like beig around her, I loved the making out and cuddling we did the previous week so I thought we had something
>spend the night just watching movies again slightly separated from her (but curious about the reason so I pry)
>"she doesn't feel the same way I feel about her" which is a dope reason, but seriously, god this is the first time I fucking LIKED someone enough to pull this sort of shit, it's so ANNOYING to not have them reverberate your feelings.
>look like an average dudebro so I don't pull those types of girls

Bros this fucking HURTS. There's a very specific type of girl I like (attractive, loyal, and similar interests and mindset); why is it so hard to find them? It's enough to make a person go celibate.

>> No.10261184

>>look like an average dudebro so I don't pull those types of girls
oof I had this problem but in reverse, I have Stacy hair, dressed normie (until recently) and give off no nerd signals.
Sorry to hear you got rejected, but at least you were able to try, that takes a lot of guts. I found my partner on the internet. Try that?

>> No.10261235

I love when you see a relatively cute accessory on etsy and then read the item name and its just ‘lolita/ddlg/petplay/fairykei’

>> No.10261252

You sound really dumb. There are no countries that are "really fond of lolita".

>> No.10261255

You should sell it in lots. Put some of the unpopular/indie releases with the Holy grail stuff. And drink a ton of coffee when you start.

>> No.10261470

Do NOT be discouraged. All numbers game. More shots you take, more odds of landing something.
Get back on you horse.

>> No.10261498

Nope. Men have no standards and will fuck just about anything.

>> No.10261662

I meant that in my country anything that seems even slightly foreign is seen as chinkshit. If you walk out in lolita pretty much anywhere you'll be gawked at by retards. If you live in a third world shithole, it's even worse.

>> No.10261892
File: 71 KB, 948x1024, d0a78458d005f9da654db2852845dbf858a2357c_hq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Bought a bunch of makeup
>Not sure how it will look or if it will turn out well
>I'm a male with no makeup experience I'm hoping for this minus eye stuff. I don't have anyone to guide me.

>> No.10261895

As I thought, your country is not special

>> No.10261978

Good luck

Stay strong, and as a word of advice grab some fashion that shows off some of your interests. Not super flashy shit, but I have a nice custom Tee with the Nier: Automata logo that I think works well, as well as some neat streetwear I got in the last cgl secret Santa that's pretty awesome. Subtlety goes a long way with this stuff, but it still sends the right signals.

>> No.10262184

does anyone else get frustrated when you come home from a meetup and your SO wants to have sex with you? i really need to take my clothes off first. advice?

>> No.10262231

Push the panties to the side

>> No.10262513

I wish I didn't enjoy travelling so much so I could spend more money on lolita. It seems like the people with big wardrobes have no desire to travel. Is there any way to cut that out of your life?

>> No.10262663

have you considered selling all your lolita clothes, stop looking at the wardrobe of other lolitas, and just spend it all on travelling and nice food.

>> No.10262688
File: 67 KB, 981x722, 48732B96-F7E5-4105-9390-3DD47AA0EA0B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Realizing that there are actually pretty lolitas out there
>Realizing that I’ll forever be stuck with my big nose, small eyes, and fridge body

It’s not going to stop me from wearing the fashion but it feels bad sometimes

>> No.10262929


>> No.10263131

Many women didn't have anyone to guide them either, just look up tutorials on youtube and practice

>> No.10263164

Please post pictures when you're done. I love seeing actual Gundam cosplays.

Also Sieg Zeon.

>> No.10263270

I plan to! It's been months of blood, sweat, tears and foam and goddammit I'm gonna enjoy it!

>imagine trying to win with a Zaku-II as a frontline unit

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