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what it says on the tin. make your own meme and toss it in here.

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this is some 3d crack shipping bait to fap to isn't it ?

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Someone post the OG

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very very good post

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that's too much of a fantasy

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Anyone has the one with lolita "It's not a costume, it's fashion. Look it up"?

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This is fun, didn’t save the final touches but oh well

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I have a whole folder of these saved

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im being attacked

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it's in the CGL meme redraw thread, it actually inspired me to make this one.

apparently blue haired girl is the original bc i couldnt find any others that werent variants.

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I cared nothing about that anime until a friend cosplayed toga. Now I have a huge crush on the character and her.

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she is based, therefore FPBP

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this makes the r9kcels seethe

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>babe, do you like hurting other people?

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This cuts deep

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I like the Viewtiful Joe one. Does anybody have that saved?

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Meanwhile in real life it's "fuck no do you have any idea how long I spent making that shit?"

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not even close

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When I have a wordfilter for dating, girls, and women and sex, and it blocks 15+ threads on daily basis, that's about the time /fit/ became /r9k/. Just read the sticky and leave the place, there is nothing to be gained there.

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Try posting there asking for some fitness advice as a woman and see where it gets you. Also, the last time I went there, all it was scrotes whining about women's gym wear and getting angry at attractive women for being attractive. Sounds like typical r9k rhetoric to me.

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hahaha with the "listen here baby girl"

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>form question thread: 3 replies, one of them being a variation of why even lift if it's all about face
>girls wearing yoga pants at gym thread: bump limit
Such a shit board

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I made this so many years ago jfc.

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"The body of a young man was found..."

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keep dreaming fit is ours /fa/

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yes pls. Haven't made it happen yet. still hoping I can.

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Made this very specific one for a friend a couple weeks ago

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>not /v/

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what I know, this is the original

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You're showing how new you are. Everyone knows that /cgl/ and /fit/ are meant to be.

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There may be few cosplays for tall muscular men, but there are even fewer cosplays for fat pasty rage filled neckbeards.

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^ this

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I've seen one where at the end the girl was crossplaying as Prompto trying to get the guy to dress up as Noctis. That was some funny shit, does anyone have that one?

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This is all I got

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I just want to say your drawing is pretty good anon

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post it

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Man did I make this a long time ago.

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Is wanting to fug in cosplay a guy only thing?

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why does the guy have horns

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not at all.

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>Tfw no cosplay gf to turn into a cosplay wife and have procreative sex with
Will these wounds ever heal?

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I don't know why normie guy has a horn, but MG5 Boss should have a horn-like shrapnel in his forehead.

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Give her the love that she deservers

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Would in a heartbeat, she finally wins.

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come from fit exclusively to see if this was a thing, please stop it we did nothing to you

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Fit is r9k with muscles.

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dont know shit about r9k, we never mess up with other boards, if you saw some thread throwing shit at woman is because they are unbearable in the fitness industry(aka whore posing for selfies on the gym, asking stupid questions that google can solve instantly and overal its just a place where males like to be between males to have fun). You speak shit of how dirty are males and how they are not cute enough tu do cgl, well, you are absolutly right, but no one comes to cgl to bullshit you. pls, we dont like being spergs and spend hours upon hours working our ass off so people dont treat us like this so cut it

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All the lifting in the world won't make up for your lack of height :)

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but Im 6´´4´, just shy and socially awkard

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I think this is a beautiful moment in which we can all come together and unite these two boards in a closer unserstanding of eachother.

I frequent both, and I can tell you the following:

Most of us are probably bad at social interaction, both boards just cope differently
(Terms and restrictions may apply, also this obviously doesn't apply to everyone.)

So be nice to eachother, I'm sure we can all learn a lot about life together.

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You sew clothes, use make up and roleplay anime characters while hitting the gym/shitpost on fit?

pretty based and hilarous to be honest

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you mean ugly? height doesn't make up for ugly

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except you're mostly male incels and we're mostly sexually active females

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neither, now and then girls mire me, even one aproached me a couple months ago(went full spageti despite not being atracted to her), you can ad high standars to my autism combo.
Even tho this isnt the point, the point is we are awkard, shy, cringe and helpless in terms of personality and dont need anyone to mock us, we at least work our ass of to improve what we can

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>muscular men doing daily mire and tinder threads, normal gym hobby, healthy diet, even looksmaxing

>average looking, weird weaboo/lolita nerds with imposible standars


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See, it's all about perception. I'm sure both boards have their spergs and their normal people.

I'm fairly new to both hobbies... But yes, I suppose so.

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lol good one

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name ??

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>Implying /fit/ has muscles

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>muscular men
Also half the mire threads are larps dude

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both boards have spergs and fine people.
Also, it's all wonders when you are a cosplayer/lolita _and_ healthy and athletic.

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Why do women always brag about owning 150 different strains of HPV?

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where is this from?

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Xenoblade Chronicles
Shulk and Melia
Spoiler: Melia actually loses in the game

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Here anon

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>Prompto trying to get the guy to dress up as Noctis. That was some funny shit, does anyone have that one?

I kinda need that too.
Will also happily take any IgNoct.

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Jawohl, Kameradin!

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>already have hotline miami costume from halloween

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came here for this

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not their art lol

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there's like 3 on there that look alright. the rest, genetics never ever

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