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Previous thread: >>10263759

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I really want to see samples of their winter tartan one pieces more than this release

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Me too, what I've seen of that collection so far looked smashing.

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Reminder that yaplog closes down in January 31th

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why?? There are so many lolita blogs there we need to archive it all

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RIGHT? Thank god they're announcing it months before closure.

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This topic starter is so dumb i cant believe it


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I revisited safiya's lolita video for kicks today and I can't help but chuckle at the girls in the comments that want to take their friends out to "have a fashion adventure" and dabble in the fashion. I feel a bit of sadistic pleasure in the fact that nwt lolita is expensive and the bar of entry into the wider community and understanding all the intricacies of the culture is as high as it is.

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Lmfao lolita is cheap you're just projecting cause ur poor

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Reminder not to respond to bait

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same, i get a kick out of all the whining lolitas at heart in the comments. "id wear it but i just cant afford it, it wont fit, im not cute enough, waaaahhhhh" sorry not sorry you cant budget like an adult and take care of yourself well enough to be cute

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im dizzy from how many times i rolled my eyes reading that thread, what the fuck is wrong with reddit

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>What is reading comprehension
I don't think the clothes are expensive in terms of their value and I gladly fork over thousands for it; I'm just amused because I know It's comparatively expensive for the teenage YT demographic that wear 4$ target shirts and buy knockoff "fashion" from wish. The point was that none of the kids commenting on that video seem to actually know how much actually dressing in this fashion would cost them and what it would entail. Yet they so casually talk about it as if it's a quickie night-out experience for them and their friends.

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>Responding to bait

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r/lolita is such a shithole

I honestly think it's a good thing too. I don't understand why some act like it needs to be accessible to everyone, it's a niche fashion and a luxury to many. If it's not in your price bracket or you aren't able to justify/work towards it then just don't wear it. I'm sick of hearing people whining as if they need the instant gratification of a full burando wardrobe right there and then or else they'll be shunned from existence. Wait some time and work towards it or just don't bother.

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I'm surprised when people say it's expensive, because the price of brand dresses and coats is the same price I pay for work dresses and normie coats. I think people are just used to crappy fast fashion? Any nice, head to toe garment is going to cost a few hundred, but it's also going to last you long enough to pay that back over time, compared to replacing cheap clothing when it wears out after one year.

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I think you over estimate how much most people are willing to spend on clothes. Especially one's that aren't going to wear everyday.

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honestly this, working retail opened my eyes to how testy people get over paying >$20 for an article of clothing. poorfags, poorfags everywhere.

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>working retail
>"poorfags everywhere"
i agree with your sentiment but do you not see the irony in this

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Reddit is full of retarded normies that think they're so nerdy and special for using one of the most popular forums on the internet. I've noticed that it attracts the dumbest people of any site I use, at least for the hobbies/topics I'm into. It's unsurprising to see how low-quality r/Lolita is considering the rest of the site

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nayrt but I think just being low income is different than being a poorfag who wants to make their lack of marketable skills/budgeting ability everyone else's problem

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nayrt, but I'd think working in retail is one job that would get you really annoyed at poorfags real quick, especially if they make you run all over the place looking for "this but in black", "another size up", "can I try on the mannequin's outfit", and so on, but then refuse to pay $20 so you can get your sales commission or whatever.

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i couldn't be the department head for an accounting firm when i was 16, gold star for you anon

this and all of the people who get angry over a retail chain not being able to give them a special discount for existing. i wonder if the people at brand stores have to deal with hagglers to that extent too

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>i wonder if the people at brand stores have to deal with hagglers to that extent too
Nayrt but I'm sure they do, especially in touristy places. There's some poor AP shopgirl out there who had to deal with Kelly Eden.

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Wtf, a lot of stores are still actively using that

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>who wants to make their lack of marketable skills/budgeting ability everyone else's problem
Actually research shows that being poor makes you unable to do some of these things well because so much brain capacity is wasted by the stress and unhealthy lifestyle that comes with being poor. It's a cycle.

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cool but I'm not sure how that changes anything about what I said. a poorfag is someone who makes those things everyone else's problem by begging and complaining. I'm not exactly wealthy myself so I'm not judging anyone just for having low income

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I’m gonna really miss brand blogs from there. They did much better job as items archive than Lolibrary. That’s fucking annoying that they are gonna be down.

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fug :DD

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It's such a shame Lolibrary didn't work out, it was a great idea and it seemed like it was going so well for a while there.

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So lolibrary's officially dead now? That's depressing. I mean the site's still up but there have benn no updates since like 2018. It's going to end like hellolace eventually, and one day it will be completely gone. Maybe we shoud try to archive it as well (if that's even possible).

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If the people running it would stop being so stubborn and let other people help, it could absolutely be kept alive. Im not even sure the creators of it still wear lolita

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The main creator passed away in a car accident iirc.

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Oh no, if thats true thats horrible

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I wonder if we can copy/pasta it to a new platform

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I've heard about that. One of my friends used to be a contributor for lolibrary and according to her the main issue is that there are plenty of people willing to publish updates but they are all put on infinite standby because there is only one competent dev on the team with very limited time on their hands and there are thousands of issues with the site that need to be fixed first. That still doesn't explain why it takes literally years to get that site running.. but hey, at least it's some explanation.

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I went to Flasco's site and most of the photos already don't exist

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>offer to help
>look at infrastructure
>ridiculously over engineered with tons of features nobody ever asked for or would ever use
>offer feedback to admin
>admin basically tells me to fuck off
That was when I know lolibrary was dead.

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I feel like a platform like lolibrary might be better off being something like a wikia at this point.

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I think Atelier Pierrot's blog is run by yaplog, so I'm archiving it on archive.is like a madwoman. :'(

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Can you name examples? I can see most of them.
I also attempted to bulk-download pictures on the blog about 2 months ago, but it's incomplete. I got a time-out error after 1916 pictures.

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Edit: It seems like they fixed the error, it's downloading more pictures now!

Anons, request yaplogs whose pictures should be saved!

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Yeah, or even the older lolibrary with the flower design. The design wasn't great either, but at least it was good in terms of usability. What bothers me the most about the current lolibrary is that the UI is utter garbage. It's basically only good for small phone screens, but shit for everything else. On my 15' screen, the filter bar is so disproportionate, that if you put in multiple features, the bar becomes so large, it distracts the eyes so much from the small thumbnails, it makes browsing such a pain. It could easily be half the size and it'd be big enough. On the other hand they remove important features such as price or year and product number in the thumbnail - which were incredibly helpful for identifying pieces. Now you have to click through countless pages or wild guess search - which sucks.

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Honestly why isn't there a good lolita wiki?

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And at this time when we can't add their information to lolibrary. I can save some pictures but no way am I going to save the release dates, prices, fabrics, and sizing.

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Can't we just add everything to pinterest?

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okay, I keep on beating dead horse, but it's still kinda cute. kinda agree with anon who says it lacks detailing, but I like gray highlights alongside with grey fur.

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Bodyline sent out a survey asking for customer feedback on restock and designs they would like to see. Check your emails and for the live of god tell them to bring the RHS back

I was disappointed a lot of their good older designs weren't options but this is progress

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No its not. It's obvious you gulls are going off rumors.

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I was poking around and found this chrome extension that lets you archive a page with a click, including images, html, everything.

I'm not going to try to save the whole site, but at least my favorite brands. Anyone else that wants to use it to grab stuff, I thought it might help.

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Rumors? It's literally more dead than livejournal

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I can’t wait for mine to arrive. I wish I was able to get the matching beret and cat hear headdress. It was gone too quick. I only got the matching kc

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Did you order from the JP site to tenso? I haven’t got shipment email from AP yet.

>> No.10269360

Love your cat baby. You should take a coord shot with them nearby.

>> No.10269366

Hi Accell

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Yeah I ended up mentioning different styles in the fill in categories
Do the survey

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That's not my pic.

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You’re not technically wrong, but you didn’t factor in the collecting aspect of lolita fashion. Sure, you can say that lolita lasts longer and it’s good quality so you’re spending your money wisely, but let’s not pretend that Lolitas are thinking that way.

In reality we’re buying 300$ dresses several times a year (for some people several times a month). Let’s just call it what it is: excess.

>> No.10269429

Speak for yourself. I wear my dresses very often and have certainly gotten my moneys worth. Ive had one dress for 5 years and still wear it at least once a month. Not everyone buys niche, specialty items that can only be worn once or twice a year. Some people still treat it like a fashion

>> No.10269432

Same, I wear lolita daily and only buy pieces I know I absolutely will wear often and get my money's worth. I have a blouse that I bought a few years ago that has probably been worn upwards of 50 times, maybe closer to 100. If something gets damaged, I fix it.

Everyone makes mistakes maybe buying a few things they don't 100% love when they first get into the fashion, but after a few years of wearing it I know what works for me. I sold the things that don't. Now every time I buy something I always consider the cuts, colours, what they will match in my wardrobe, how many coordinates I can make with them etc. because I don't want to have an excess of shit I don't use. I also keep a record of the wishlist items I do want.

Some people do collect and maybe those people have a big online presence so you see them more, but I want a wardrobe I use, not a collection of flashy/rare/random pieces that don't get touched. If I wanted that I would collect figures or dolls or something, not clothes which are meant to be worn..

>> No.10269433

With yaplog closing, could people link their favorite gothic lolita blogs? I find it dfficult to find any even with searching with hiragana/katana. I would love to try and archive some.

>> No.10269445

because no one is making one and instead people just complain about lolibrary not being up to date.

>> No.10269448

I regret not getting this now cause I just got a grey cat.

>> No.10269459

We should probably just come to terms with the fact that Lolibrary is never going to get fixed or be updated. There's already about a year or two's worth of stuff that has been released that isn't documented. Is there anything else we can move to where we can start documenting stuff starting now? At least for the moment Lolibrary is still up so we can still use it for reference for older stuff but the longer we go on just expecting it to get better, the more information is being permanently lost because it's not being uploaded anywhere.

>> No.10269468

Is it possible to open a wiki? Theres plenty of fandom ones and its used for image storage. Can we make our own? That way people can add to it as well and its no longer a one-frill job

>> No.10269471

I already opened one, though I'm still figuring out its functions[/nospoilersoncgl] but I'm afraid they might completely give up working on lolibrary if another website replaces it. The wiki has new nsfw rules that might get worse in the future and lead to the lolita term problems tumblr and insta has too.

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Meh, I don't collect. I wear everything I buy as daily clothing and if I don't wear it, I sell it. If I like a print but the related dresses/skirts don't work with my wardrobe, I just set it to my desktop background or something.

Like >>10269432 says, I save collecting for anime figures and stuff.

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>they might completely give up working on lolibrary if another website replaces it.
man, that's their fucking problem.
If they want it to work they should fucking get on it.
Sorry but I'm gonna current year you, it's fucking 2020, why are we using some outdated fucking website that translates horribly to mobile when we could just be using a wiki that's easier to navigate, doesn't require funds, and everything is stored forever unless we take it down and you don't have to worry about someone dying or devs who don't have enough time on their hands.

This shouldn't be so hard. There's an entire community out there who has info on dresses that people are looking to buy.
Aren't you sick of "what are the measurements"?
We use to just direct people to lolibrary. We can't do that anymore but we could if people would just learn to fucking let go and move on.

>> No.10269498

We need start to archive everything, and I second the wiki idea.

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>Clothing for special occasions isn't fashion because you don't wear it often
You sound dumb

>> No.10269528

I have around 60 main pieces and wear them daily. I also have about 20 different “special occasion” dresses for ott meets, casual meets, date nights etc I’m not sure how that makes it less of a fashion for me when it’s literally the clothes I wear every day. Plenty of normies I know also have a decent selection of “special occasion” clothes too.

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Bitch, take a coord pic with your cat

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>I'm afraid they might completely give up working on lolibrary if another website replaces it
They've essentially already given up on it.
If we just keep on waiting around for them to fix it, we'll continue to do nothing and lose more information. If we start uploading information elsewhere and they completely lose the drive to fix lolibrary then cool, we already started documenting items somewhere else. Dedicated anons might even be willing to go through Lolibrary's listings and painstakingly start adding them into the new database so it'll be complete. If they miraculously do come back and fix it then cool, we'll already have all the missing items documented so we can just copy and paste their details back into Lolibrary and we can go back to using that like we used to.

As far as a wiki goes, how efficient would it be to search for items on there? Can you tag stuff with year, tags, colorways and search for multiple tags at a time?

>> No.10269553

They are still working on it, last time I checked they even made a discord and if I remember correctly some users are still taking track of the current releases, they just can't publish it (yet?).
Wikia has its perks, but in my opinion Lolibrary would still be better if only they would bring it back to its full form. Plus it can always be improved to have more functions too. It would be a shame if they'd drop it after all the work and money that was put into it.

>as a wiki goes, how efficient would it be to search for items on there?
It seems like the search function goes through words of the whole page of every item. I copied the tags and features from Lolibrary and made almost the same sections with them.

>Can you tag stuff with year, tags, colorways and search for multiple tags at a time?
Yes, additionally wikia has a category page that groups tags you want to group together by alphabet. It's quite chaotic though. There's probably a much better way to display and navigate all items with pictures I have yet to learn about.
Here's the usual category page: https://frillogue.fandom.com/wiki/Special:Categories
Here's the page with the categories, tags and soon features that I used already: https://frillogue.fandom.com/wiki/Category,_Tag_and_Feature_List
Here's the template/example structure of item pages: https://frillogue.fandom.com/wiki/Item_Name_Goes_Here

>> No.10269565

you are the best, anon!! I can't wait to start helping out

>> No.10269579

Np! I'm going to write the How to make an Entry page tomorrow but please beware I'm still a massive noob with the platform and it's more like a simple backup option. The item page edit permissions are set to "block new and unregistered users" for now, though I'm not sure what exactly the criteria for new users is? It might be good to make a wikia account soon if there's some time limit. There are only 3 options: Allow all users, Block new and unregistered users & Administrators and Content Moderators only, so the second one seemed the most reasonable to me.

>> No.10269619

Hey guys, we have an archive thread here >10254514. Let's move the discussion there.

>> No.10269630


Speaking as someone who does collect.

Either they'll have to sell the dress or run out of space. In the case of selling on the dress it's usually sold at a lower price, so another girl can enjoy it for the next 10 years (or enjoy it for 2, then sell it off again). There's old school dresses circulating that date from pre-2006, that's more than 10 years and the dresses are still holding up. I think there's something to be said about the quality of the dresses being this good, it essentially lowers the price of entry for those girls who can't afford full price brand new releases.

Besides. I wouldn't bother collecting a low quality item if it's going to fall into dust in a few years. That we have enough girls gloating over finding decades-old dream dresses says a whole other thing about the longetivity of the dresses -- it seems the fashion itself is slightly immune to fads and trends (you could always say you're emulating so-and-so style/era, even outdated trends are this easily excused), so the dresses have a longer wearability.

The excess is really what you make of it. The community urges each other to resell dresses, donate, alter, anything rather than throw it in the rubbish bin, so it's not like we're constantly turning resources into trash.

>> No.10269660

>for some people several times a month
Let's call it what it is: a shopping addiction

>> No.10269683

>The wiki has new nsfw rules that might get worse in the future and lead to the lolita term problems tumblr and insta has too.
You could call it a database for harajuku brands or aomoji kei brands and not mention lolita at all

>> No.10269686

For anyone that pre-ordered Angelic Pretty - Shanghai Doll, it’s ready. Got an email from my SS today!

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>> No.10269725

Honestly, they need to pull the plug on it now, it's unnecessary.

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File: 35 KB, 515x700, FB_IMG_1570632037123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm glad they went back to the regular Japanese models for Moitie.

Anyone getting the feather headdress?

>> No.10269737

don't come for me, Anon.

>> No.10269738


I'm in!!

>> No.10269767

It looks kinda iffy

>> No.10269807

This model is really, really pretty. Anyone know her name?

>> No.10269814

I think they should just call it "EGL" without ever actually writing it out. Saying it's for harajuku brands might make people think it covers a wider scope than it does and upload unrelated, non-lolita stuff.

>> No.10269816

They didn’t go back, they used this model for the necklace and just cropped the head until now. They clearly use a few girls.

>> No.10269825

I wouldn't have a problem with it if people upload other jfashion brands

>> No.10269838

Still think it would be easier and far less tedious to just have a secrets thread.

>> No.10269842

As much as I would enjoy a secrets thread I think it would be pretty hard to have one that wouldn't violate the vendetta rules.

>> No.10270017

Well I hope they use her more instead of Fanny, she's really pretty and suits Moitie well.

>> No.10270018


She's super pretty but wow Dorito chin much? Still, this is much better than Fanny.

>> No.10270026

>doritos chin

Her chin looks normal to me anon...

>> No.10270242

Dumb question, but have you ever had your ss keeping extras like shopping bag or stickers from your order? What ss do that?

>> No.10270247

Japonica does that.

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File: 111 KB, 920x575, bulgariframes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do any glasses lolitas know of any sites (preferably EU) selling cute classic-appropriate frames that can have prescription lenses inserted? I've been scouting normie sites and am considering buying pic related but I'd like to see where other people go for their frames!

>> No.10270283

Do you mean they ship stuff with no bags and hangers? Ugh.
I asked Zen Market to preserve the package if possible, so I got all the things in.

>> No.10270284

I’m interested too!
These are really cute btw. If they’re like their sunglasses twins, the pearls on the sides can be turned to show another color.

>> No.10270287

Not always. It's hit or miss whether or not they will include extras.

>> No.10270292

I was on the verge of buying these already but that's tipped me over the edge. Thanks, anon!

>> No.10270301

Often they do it to safe space/shipping costs. However the one I am currently using just keeps everything in it’s original packaging. (Like literally each item will be re-inserted in the shipping bag they were placed in and they put all those shipping bags in a parcel box.) Often you can just ask them to keep it or discard it. Like those bigger companies don’t really remove the items just so they can have it themselves, it’s purely to give their clients the lowest shipping fees. (However I have the feeling that some SS save the bonus items for themselves to sometimes sell them later.)

>> No.10270321

How can I find the name of solid AP skirts that were sold last year and this year? I want to add them to my wardrobe album but I don't remember the name and release date and don't have stock photos.

>> No.10270339

imo we can't let it die before it reaches #420

>> No.10270353

Maybe check the past posts on Lolita Updates.

>> No.10270480

Just check AP's site or way back machine. It's pretty easy since they have fairly regular urls.

>> No.10270732

Why are lolitas ok with kumyas getting scalped? Ive seen dozens of posts about CTP, Strawberry doll, etc being scalped and nearly nothing about the SF kumakumya

>> No.10270743

Often the item number is on the inside tag, just google “Angelic Pretty + Item Number”, it might link you to store blogs and such that will mention the name.

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>hm, I've never been to the Lolita subreddit before, wonder if it's all that bad
>nothing but straight up ita coords and shit like this

So that's why we're still on cgl.

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File: 150 KB, 1550x526, Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 4.31.44 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's such a mess. I'm sure a lot of the posters there are young teens but dear god it is painful to read. A lot of them try to save money and just end up wasting it either by getting scammed or being an ita mess, such as pic related. Why anyone would buy clothing off of amazon in the first place I don't understand, let alone a japanese street fashion that has specific brands and a huge secondhand market, as well as local buy/sell groups and communities all around the world.

>> No.10270813

What's so weird to me about this is they're presumably young and should be internet-savvy enough to filter online store listings by type and colour. But they literally tried the words "pink" and "dress".

>> No.10270821

Yeah I really don't get that either lol. If they know what lace market is surely they should know the names of a couple big brands or maybe prints that you could search for instead? Or the terms JSK and OP? Come on.

>> No.10270829

I walked in saw a post asking if there were lolita gym clothes from someone who described their style as being 'like' lolita and walked right out

>> No.10270881

>waaah lacemarket is overwhelming

Literally what the fuck? If anything it's easier than eBay.

>> No.10270896

Cool thing actually because you can find the release date of your item up to the month. I’m gonna miss yaplog.

>> No.10270898

Probably because there are supposed to be one of a kind items compared to MTO pieces. Although Baby does special releases every now and then, so if you miss on someone leopard kumya with golden ribbon you might wait for next one.

>> No.10270899

I just have to read before posting ugh

>> No.10270980

I meant more like limited pieces like the Grand Bazaar Strawberry Doll before it came to AP USA and the Mana Doll. There were gulls complaining about both

>> No.10270984

It would seem our favorite scalper Rainies is selling everything and leaving the fashion. We did it gulls!

>> No.10270987


>> No.10271008

How do you know it's not just her doing the same old thing?

>> No.10271012

Call me a skeptic, but maybe she's just trying to get rid of old stock that way?

>> No.10271022

You don't need to be a lolita to be a scalper though

>> No.10271043

Hopefully I'll be visting Europe next July and I was wondering, are there lolita shops or interesting EGL related spots that aren't talked about as much? I'll be going to England, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Greece. For sure I'll be visting the Angelic Pretty shop in Paris and Vivienne Westwood in London as well as seeing the V&A lolita exhibition, but I was wondering if any of you European gulls could tell me if there are other lolita shops to visit in Europe in any of the countries I'm visiting!

>> No.10271046

The Summer Tales Boutique shop in the Netherlands sells its own indie brand as well as being an official Innocent World vendor. It's worth a visit, but it's quite out of the way from any major destination (closest would be Utrecht) so if your schedule is packed you might not have time for it.

>> No.10271055

Someone followed my (tumblr) blog and reblogged only the lolita photos. I went to their blog and they've reblogged lolita-related posts before finding my blog, and identify as a "NB lesbian". The weird thing is, it's also a kin blog. Should I block them?

>> No.10271068

That’s just tumblr, lol. Chill

>> No.10271071

You haven't listed a single thing worth blocking this person over. They just sound like a bit of a snowflake, nothing more. You seem a bit paranoid.

>> No.10271185

Anyone know if Lief has started shipping the st. esther OP’s out yet?

>> No.10271194

Hamburg has lolita & jfashion shop, Barcelona too but the one in Barcelona has less burando and more western indie and taobao.

>> No.10271238

tinfoil: the kumya scalpers are the same posters whining about scalpers all the time

>> No.10271297

You sound like funk brothers. You should learn how to not be like that.

>> No.10271378


I saw this post and I think I spent an hour trying to type a gentle advice answer but then gave up. The mindset is so far out there I can't even figure it out, let alone relate to it. She can figure out how to spend money on amazon and how to post on reddit, but can't figure out something as simple as lacemarket, and surely she's figured out taobao isn't even the original place to buy lolita from?

Plus the part where she whines about being told her outfit isn't lolita because it's from amazon, I doubt that's really what happened. More likely some girls said her outfit looks cheap and non lolita. Then someone else probably told her "don't buy from amazon". And she's just conflated the two into "other girls looked down on my outfit only because it's from amazon", which means any advice you give her she's gonna conflate into something else again?

Oh, and I'm not even touching that "English websites that are fairly cheap and easy". For a luxury fashion that's foreign in the first place. This is the kind of lazy-ass begging that makes people label younger generation as lazy and wanting handouts.

>> No.10271403

the worst part of that board is that one of the mods has a reputation for grooming young girls in her comm for her husband to sexually assault. i can't believe reddit manages to be messier than cgl

>> No.10271420
File: 294 KB, 902x526, papafranku.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10271431

Where can I find a nice coord that will fit 36-25-35? titties too big ;-;

>> No.10271453
File: 51 KB, 551x412, 1567174035806.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope the typhoon doesn't hit any warehouses, I have 5 massive packages in total sitting in them. How big are the chances they get lost? I wonder..

>> No.10271459

Lol did you even do any proper research at all? That is not big.

>> No.10271460

I have tried to figure out where the International parcel center and everything is in Japan, but I still haven’t figured it out, but I think it will probably be fine. (Unless your tracking says it is in one of the flooded areas, then I would be worried.)

>> No.10271462

36 is my bust and i fit almost all ap & baby
u even got a smaller waist than me so idk what u talking abt

>> No.10271474

Seems like a selfish things to be worried about when people are losing their whole livelihoods

>> No.10271482

Same, and SS and forwarding services just state the address of their headquarters but not where their warehouses are. I hope they store their packages on the higher floors.

Yes it is and I know. I worry about those people too, but still there's about 3k worth of old and rare burando somewhere in japan that could disappear just like that and I wouldn't even get my money back. That's also a valid reason to be anxious about.

>> No.10271493

Which mod?

>> No.10271499

I don't think so. She made her wardrobe album public and is selling everything in it. That being said, this doesnt mean she won't continue scalping on Lace Market

>> No.10271512

i was 35-25-35 for a while when i was on BC and i also had a lot of problems finding stuff that would fit me, especially because i was tall. the only solution i found was to go off bc so i went down to 33 bust and now everything fits just fine. these measurements are fine if you are into sweet as sweet has become a fat girl style. classic is okay but there are far fewer brands with expansive sizing. gothic was hard but moities sizing has increased quite a lot recently. old school is probably the hardest. have a couple pieces that are impossibly tiny.

>> No.10271513

She's not an active moderator anymore. The new team of mods did a non-hostile takeover some months ago. That being said, this is some gossip that should be taken to the local comm thread.

>> No.10271562

I just got mine in wine and it's lovely.
Hope you get yours soon...

>> No.10271584

An update, I managed to download every picture on the blog! It's 7.976 in total.

>> No.10271585

Could this replace lolibrary?

>> No.10271618

Wait really? What’s her fb? Id be interested in buying

>> No.10271623

The presentation is cute and i appreciate that they have gotten started on adding obscure items to listings and appear to be active. Once they have a filter system in place, then lolibrary might have some proper competition.

>> No.10271661

They don't need to compete. Anyway lolibrary is very incomplete so the filter system is useless.

>> No.10271770
File: 361 KB, 645x1072, 7CEE35CB-5F27-47E7-9D37-28DB45C4774C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lmao $48 per pair

>> No.10271781

i had messaged them abt the lav socks and they didn’t answer but read it then just listed that.

>> No.10271784

Idiot seems like a pretty accurate username

>> No.10271790
File: 518 KB, 1599x1600, VM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Velvet Ribbon Dress (ベルベットリボンドレス)
Price: 29,700 yen (tax incl.)

>Velvet Rose

Length: 100 cm
Bust: 89 cm
Waist: 71.5 cm

>Outer material:
(For Black and Bordeaux)
Jacquard: Cotton 62%, Polyester 36%, Polyurethane 2%
(For Velvet Rose, Brown and Navy)
Corduroy: Cotton 100%
Velvet: Rayon 77%, Silk 23%
>Lining: 100% Polyester

Note: The waist size can be adjusted with the ribbon. All colourways use antique gold buttons.
Release date: Friday, 11 October, 11:00 JST (it's up)

>> No.10271813
File: 650 KB, 1242x1202, 35C6A8F2-37C1-476A-8C03-6A797298345D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10271821


>> No.10271865

>yeah sure I worry about people I guess
>but muh burando and money!!!
I hope your dresses get destroyed just for this

I keep seeing lm listings where people start their auctions at way more than the item is worth. It’s not 2005, brand isn’t rare anymore.

>> No.10271894

Tyler really sucks tranny dick now,i liked her before,too bad.
Drag is a travesty,it's mysoginistic and i despise seeing it in my precious fashion. Men really do ruin everything they touch,let them be "cishet",gay or TiM

>> No.10271911


She does seem to point out the misogyny mostly for the purpose of defending trannies and not to actually defend lolitas or women in any way which is a little shitty...sissyism and drag basically directly or indirectly imply that femininity is inherently less than masculinity and therefore either humiliating to take part in or hilarious to laugh at and that's what excites the men who participate...their mutual disdain and disrespect for women to the point that behaving like their twisted representation of a woman is so entertaining.

I really don't get why "cishet" people even like the show. It's super raunchy and not in an enjoyable way, plus just plain unfunny.

>> No.10271927

Drag is misogynistic and gross, but I’m not surprised the general lolita community at large supports it. its tied pretty closely to the lgbt community and heaven forbid anyone criticizes something related to that, even if it’s gross and mocks an entire group of people.

What really drove me to hating drag is the “fish” term they use, it’s a way of saying the performer passes as a bio woman, and the term is a play on a woman’s time of the month because of the sometimes “fishy” smell.

>> No.10271932

Yes? What kind of reaction did you expect? You are able to worry about more than one thing, you know.

>> No.10272060

I never got the reference of vaginas to fishiness honestly. Unless I've just had the fortunate experience of never being around really dirty people or something.

This is prolly tmi but on my time of the month the only change in odor is occasionally the smell of iron...you know, cause blood. Not a fishy odor. I feel like only men trying to shit on women ever claim that women smell fishy. A lot of gay men especially.

>> No.10272066

It has nothing to do with being dirty. When a woman gets a bacterial vaginal infection (which can happen no matter how clean you are, since it's internal) her vaginal discharge will have a strong fishy odor.

>> No.10272116

Thanks for the explanation!

I've never experienced that and don't get close enough to other people down there to notice so it makes sense I haven't ever seen/smelled that before then.

Odd that gay men associate a health issue/bacterial imbalance with an 'accurate' representation of a woman...plus most drag queens just don't pass period. Not that their goal is passing.

>> No.10272123

Men distort all kinds of stuff this way. I knew a guy who spread a rumour that a girl he was with had acne all over her crotch (it was obviously a shaving rash).

>> No.10272225

Only 2.5 more months until honey cake MTO is shipped!!!! Get hype

>> No.10272226
File: 520 KB, 925x1284, 20191014_153415.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10272235


So close and still so far...
The only AP thing I'm looking forward to besides Honey Cake might be two of the winter dresses someone posted before. That bear one looks so cute!

>> No.10272236
File: 491 KB, 700x522, tumblr_ozjpggONSB1vct3zyo5_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I agree. I hate her preaching about how "inclusive" lolita is.
In terms of body size, races, LGB, etc. Yes Im inclusive.
But men pretending to be lesbians? No. Get out.

My theory is the only reason lolita seems so "inclusive" is because its mainly women. Women are socialized to not cause a stir or to be handmaidens to men.

Shame because with all her Mana-man hate and sissy hate, I thought she might have been silently GC.

>> No.10272238

I am always hopeful. Seems like I keep missing good AP releases the past couple years, not all are publicized as much. But I am so excited for honey cake

>> No.10272247

I wonder are there any anons who happened to feel buyers remorse for MTOs during the making period?

>> No.10272249

Not this time because I did order honeycake.

But I feel regret over not getting Sweetie Violet or orange Holy Lantern. SV I couldn't afford at the time. And orange HL I talked myself out of because I already have the pink version.

>> No.10272254


I've mostly felt regret like >>10272249, over the things I missed out rather than the things I did buy. I'm still feeling regret I didn't get Sweetie Violet in pink, I got it in blue but pink seems harder to find secondhand and I couldn't afford both. Oh well, it'll turn up if it's meant to be.

Though, I skipped Honey Cake and several MTOs -- they just aren't my thing. A lot of the MTOs I got in on are because I wanted them badly but couldn't afford the original. So it's a no-brainer to get in on the MTO and finally own a dress I've always wanted. Those who get in on it due to the hype might have higher chances of regretting their MTO, I suppose.

>> No.10272255

Because the other items were for sale at a store where any shopping service or scalper could go and order a bunch. The kumyas could only be bought in person at the party in SF (which cost a lot to travel to and buy a ticket for) and people were limited to two a piece so whoever bought them is a real lolita and obviously not in it for the money. I can’t hate on a real lolita selling something for a high price one time. I say get it, girl.

>> No.10272256

delaying shooting myself until i get it in my hands

>> No.10272257

let us not forget the term "sissy that walk." drag used to be cool to me as a kind of sideshow performance but now they're making it as if they can actually speak for/as women and i'm not here for it

>> No.10272261

Well, this is getting off topic, but the most common cause of BV (the fish infection) is unprotected sex with men. It's in their interest to normalize it as a default state instead of allowing it to be connected to poor male hygiene or male bodily fluid and its alkaline PH.

>> No.10272265


It's even stranger when some of them have started pushing the idea that drag is trans (looking at you Eddie Izzard). Like wtf my gender isn't a fucking costume for you fuck off.

>> No.10272274

I’m so sick of the unending trans shit. Like, I feel bad that they’re living their lives not loving their bodies and I wish them the best in life and they deserve to wear or present how they want. But literally every female group I’m a part of now has to pretend we’re not a female group we’re for everybody uwu. And talk about pronouns and trans inclusivity ENDLESSLY. And it’s really fucking obvious that no matter what gender they feel inside they were raised with male entitlement because they all INSIST it’s their right to be everywhere and have access to all women’s spaces all the time. Like sometimes you get a bad shake in life and you’re trans, just accept it move on and don’t like make the local library’s women authors hour about your “lady dick.” Jfc. And it’s never trans men who do this shit to male communities because little girls are raised to care about other people’s feelings and respect boundaries

>> No.10272279

>Like sometimes you get a bad shake in life and you’re trans
I agree with most of what your saying but I hope you dont seriously believe "born in the wrong body lady brain boy brain ""science""

>> No.10272281

This reminds me of how I missed on SV. I was pretty tight on money during MTO. Leftovers from MTO went on sale in AP US, but I was like "well, it's second priority print plus anyways it won't sell soon. I have quite a time". I had an opportunity to get the whole set, but missed it. Then it popped up on Kanazawa store, but I was out of money limit that month. I guess no ss can buy from that store tho, so yeah.

>> No.10272284

Nah I don’t believe it, it’s bullshit, but they believe it so they’re gonna feel like shit their whole lives about it. Same thing, effectively. Bottom line I feel bad they feel that way but they need to fuck off

>> No.10272333

>Not this time because I did order honeycake.
It’s not like buyers remorse, I used to really love HC. Thing is that I’ve been looking at HC coords so much I feel a bit bored of it when it comes.

>> No.10272363

I often lost interest in it while waiting for it (Jewelry Snow and Misty Sky), but I always knew I can just sell it again.
From my experience it’s easier to sell an MTO piece than hoping to find a dress after the first people sell their MTO dresses, because it’s usually never the cut and colorway you want.

>> No.10272385

Do cutsews fit well enough to wear with a skirt, or do you have to hide them under dresses? I want to get some, but I'm afraid they will look too stretched at the bust.

>> No.10272391

seeing other lolitas sick of trans bullshit does my heart good. the fun part is we'd all be pariahs if we dared to reveal our actual opinions. all hail big brother, no thought crimes here

>> No.10272401

If you're afraid of that, they probably will. I'm sick of busty/chubby girls thinking they can wear cutsews and the fabric looks so stretched and tight around their arms and bust. Have some self awareness. It doesn't fit.

>> No.10272459

A fellow GC sister in lolita,thank god.
Not a radfem or believing trans people can't exist (science proved the contrary,but too many trenders to tell who's real nowadays) but just...iffy about "transwomen" esp if they say they are lesbians and just as good as "cis women".
And now seeing Tyler suck up to fake ass "transmen" and ""transwomen""? Ugh.

>> No.10272462

This a thousand times,i agree wholeheartedly with what you said.
I don't wanna hate trans people like i hate men but sometimes i'm starting to.

>> No.10272470

I don’t think I hate all trans people, just the ones who don’t shut up about it. Most who are passing don’t scream about it in people’s faces.

>> No.10272490

iktf anon. we had a lolita come out in our comm a couple of months ago. for the longest time he denied that he was a transwoman and ever wanted to be trans. then came out as a transwoman. he's so fucked. now he compelled us to use lady pronouns

>> No.10272500

Glad to see more GC people in the community, I thought I was alone lol

I’m honestly sick to death with the expectations for us as a community to welcome trans people (trans women especially) who only want to be here because their entitlement makes them feel as though they’re owed our space

>> No.10272504

GC is literally a term coined by terfs. I guess you're a non-radical trans-excluding feminist. That's even worse than being a radfem lol. Btw trans-excluding doesn't mean you think they don't exist, it just means they're not included in your brand of feminism.

>> No.10272505

Lolita isn't your safe space

>> No.10272510

Someone asked that on cgl too

>> No.10272512

The main difference between a woman born female and a transwoman besides the obvious is that a transwoman was raised as a male and will ALWAYS carry that entitlement with them. They think they’re better than us, so why should we include them?

>> No.10272515

Who said it was? I think a lot of us are just tired of trannies who join the community and contribute nothing outside of squawking about how twans they are, it’s a fashion community, not a gender discussion forum. I really couldn’t care what’s in someone’s pants if they wear the fashion well, but I’m not alone when I say I’m tired of seeing born male people showing up with their entitlement boners out, making no effort to pass, and we’re somehow supposed to pretend they’re women just like us

>> No.10272522


>Lolita isn't your safe space

Well isn't that ironic that you pull that.

>> No.10272549

I always see these complaints on cgl, and people acting like you're not allowed to talk about it irl. But the truth is, most people are openly wary of trans people and most comms have 0 trans members. If people post about gender discussion so much in your comm, why not screencap it and post it in the comm thread? I'm sure everyone would be on your side.

>> No.10272557

How ironic.
Get out,tranny

>> No.10272560

Yes I know,right? This is exhausting.

it's honestly complicated and idk what to believe sometimes (i'm obviously a feminist but i just don't really agree to all radfem ideas or libfem ideas,you see what i mean?) so i just try not to think about it as i got enough things to deal with already lol.
Oh,got you,english is not my first language sorry about that.

P much,it just shows when they almost put a gun to our heads telling us to call them "she"
and threatening to punch "terfs" (aka anyone who disagrees)

>> No.10272567

Same anon, my comm has at least 3 trans and nb members, and we’re a very small comm. It’s not as though it’s something we talk about regularly online in our comm, it’s more so brought up at meets where people feel the need to make us all tell each other our pronouns before we can even talk to one another, and then they make every conversation about how trans or non binary they are and it just becomes this revolving door of annoyance.

>> No.10272571

I really can't see the point of her even making these videos. Preach to the choir much. All this virtue signalling as if she thinks it's a personality trait.

>> No.10272587

I live in a very hipster city and honestly don't relate.
We had an obvious sissy show up once and no one said a thing to him

>> No.10272628

Because it's not a problem if people are talking online, it's when they start dominating meetups with their gender issues. It's like making your chronic illness the focus of a meet up, we all met up to be frilly not your fucking therapy group. Just mention it at the start if there's stuff we need to know, and then chill out so we can talk about brand releases or something.

>> No.10272676 [DELETED] 

>muh sissies!
Love watching lolita get the vapors over sissy panic.

>> No.10272737

I live in a huge uni city and I've never seen a sissy irl lol maybe you should start a new comm

>> No.10272740 [DELETED] 

My confession is that it makes me feel a bit uncomfortable seeing men or trans women wearing pieces I own.

>> No.10272745

I completely fucking agree. I’d be stoned if I ever said as much in my comm, though.

>> No.10272746

I feel this so hard.

>> No.10272756

We have to abide by their rules or we get stoned. We have a gun to our head to say the pronouns they want,they could identify as a butterfly and if we refused we would be TERFs and bigots for it.
I am so sick of it. Men found yet another way to invade our spaces AND brainwash other women into accepting it.
It's always the fucking TiMs too,TiFs are annoying but never as entitled

>> No.10272854

Which comm are you in?

>> No.10272857

they've slowly been sending out shipping emails, keep an eye on your inbox

>> No.10272868

Nayrt but you're retarded if you think they're gonna out themselves to you

>> No.10272869

none but i'm gonna join the dutch belgian comm when i move in next month,how bad is it? any trannies or handmaidens?

>> No.10272871

Nevermind, you're both retarded

>> No.10272885

I'm only staying in Belgium for a year so i don't mind going lonelita,desu. Just don't wanna deal with troons and their cocksuckers

>> No.10272894

Where are you staying? exchange student kind of thing or? If you're in the lower regions of Belgium have fun going to meets, they only ever hold them in the Netherlands or Brussels afaik

(not in comm, lonelita)

>> No.10272915

Does any kind anon here have a yaplog account left they'd be ok to lend for a few days?

go back to your containment thread

>> No.10272925

not gonna say for safety reasons but p much exchange student kinda.
I can use the train system i guess. Anything as long as there are no retarded libfems (or diehard radfems,i'm leaning on radfem but let's not lose our minds over feminism there),trannies and their harem of handmaidens,i'll do anything. USA comms are so full of those it's a pain

>> No.10272954

someone has the vapors, haha.

>> No.10272964

That's valid, I meant more like area in relation to the long travel you'd have to do to go to a meet. But then again I think for someone in the USA the definition of long travel is different lol

can't say much about that as I'm a lonelita. I only have tiny lil minimeets where its me and usually one other lolita just going out

>> No.10273222

I'm in the Dutch comm. If there are more than 3 people in your comm you're not outing yourself.

>> No.10273253
File: 221 KB, 500x600, bg_1570669524.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm really in love with this, but I wish they released this in pastel colorways like their older pieces. Also just ordered the cats go round jewelry that just dropped.

>> No.10273299
File: 296 KB, 857x1523, EG_KPnZU8AAMN23.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tulle monsters are the modern day lacemonsters

>> No.10273300

is suteki server an IG pod?

>> No.10273301

How do you deal with selling small items and accessories that are not worth a ton? Do you sell them in bulk? Do you add them as freebies to your larger sales? Or do you just offer them for peanuts to your local comm? I want to clean out my closet and there are probably around 50 smaller items that I want to get rid off where shipping/packaging and pp fees would would eat up most of the charged price. I'm also not really looking forward to dealing with non-serious buyers and the time involved of creating listings and dealing with the local post office. It's not really worth it when you are making $3 per sale but at the same time I'd feel guilty just donating everything or throwing everything away because a lot of items are NWOT brand, just a bit outdated and not sought after. Any advice or tips would be appreciated!

>> No.10273302

I agree. I was really looking forward to seeing this in pastel colorways, but the ones they ended up using left a lot to be desired. Doesn't help that the navy and the black look practically the same. Makes it feel like a waste.

>> No.10273311

I feel like the US has more issues with those kind of things than Europe. Like some people are very annoying on their personal Facebook, as in just having to share their opinion on politics/feminism and such all the time. But, I have never heard about cases where people brought this stuff into the community through the groups nor meetings.

Now to focus on the comms in question. The Belgian community does not have a lot of meet-ups, so they often go to ones in the Netherlands. (Most are members of both groups.) But you are probably used to traveling a lot anyway. As for like sissies and such, the community is very fast in kicking those kind of figures out of the group. I believe both the Dutch and Belgian group screens new members. Beware as we are such meanies, there are some other “Kawaii Fashion” groups on Facebook were all the kinksters and such go to to cry and scream bully. If you really hate men in dresses, I do have to warn you that the Dutch comm has 1 active brolita, who wears Ouji as well, however he doesn’t go to a lot of meet-ups. (He is kind though and genuinly interested in the fashion.)
I do have to warn you that while quite a few members post on cgl, this website is a taboo and you cannot really publicly talk about it. A lot of people are anti-cgl, so most try to keep a low profile and just deny posting here.

>> No.10273312

Yup I just sell them in bulk. They go pretty fast too as long as you price it appropriately.

>> No.10273333

Sell them in lots sorted by color/style.

>> No.10273341

But this discussion can better be moved to the comm thread.

>> No.10273367

It's just for the lolitas who think they're famous. Laaaaaame.

>> No.10273372

I take them to swap meets or donate them to lolita events with raffles

>> No.10273417


>> No.10273456

Can confirm.
As someone who washes twice a day and is very particular about my vagina, if I get a bacterial infection it won't matter how much I wash, that smell just kinda.... Lingers until I'm better.

I'm glad Anon said the thing about washing because my mom shamed me for years over this shit when it was nothing more than bacteria

>> No.10273458

>don't come on cgl for awhile
>bored on lunch break
>see vaginal bacteria discussion

>> No.10273460

Read up, I promise it's relevant lol.
Sorry bout your lunch.

>> No.10273472

Drag discussion is not relevant

>> No.10273488

Same! The only time I ever got it was because I was messing around with a dirty dick MF.

>> No.10273490
File: 1.44 MB, 980x1228, Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 1.42.50 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Based Anons.

>> No.10273492

THIS. Normal trans people don't feel the need to constantly assert their gender everywhere, they just live it and go about their business.

>> No.10273493

How so, that's all they said?

>> No.10273506

Ikr it's so cool to be afraid of what your comm thinks of you

>> No.10273511

this, just deal with it honestly

>> No.10273514

I doubt they're afraid as much as they're aware of the reality of half of their comm sperging out crying TERF.

>> No.10273516

that's not very suteki of you, anon

>> No.10273523

Still haven't seen those screencaps or comm name. Are we really supposed to believe they only sperg about terfs irl for some reason, so it's impossible to screencap, and also all of you are in a comm that's so small you can't name the location without people finding out who you are, and also you're moving so you're inbetween comms right now? Sure, I totally believe you were in a comm where half of the members constantly bring up their gender issues at meets but never talk about it online.

>> No.10273533

>where half of the members constantly bring up their gender issues
The only place where lolitas constantly bring up gender and trannies is cgl desu

>> No.10273545

Its because its so censored publicly? You are completely ostracized, bombarded, harassed, if you dare say something publicly

So ofc in an anonymous space for women, you are going to have women getting it off their chest how sick they are of this bullshit

>> No.10273553

The sutekis are lame for trying to reach for 'fame' in a niche fashion anyways.

>> No.10273561

my con does this IRL so there’s that


>> No.10273563

The few lolitas who do reach large numbers of followers seem to cater to a pretty gross market anyway, their pictures might not be lewd but the majority of their likes are old men.

>> No.10273564

Have you been on the internet this year???

>> No.10273570

What even counts as famous in lolita? They just seem like lolitas who have been around for a long time imo.

>> No.10273571

Comm isn't small but if there's only a dozen of you at the meet up it's not the smartest thing to "out" where you're from, especially if you aren't sure if the person has done it at other meets to the same extent and you don't know if everyone else at the meet up was annoyed by them as much as you.

>> No.10273584

Don't know about other anons but my comm is quite small (12 active people, maybe?) but we don't have online contact besides Facebook, which is used to arrange our meetings. So we talk mostly irl and not so much online, unless it's an emergency.

>> No.10273601

Why hang out with people who you know don't agree with the way you think?

>> No.10273602

It actually is if you read WHO I was applying to, dumbass....

>> No.10273605

I don't think any Anon is dumb enough to out themselves just so their comm knows they go on cgl.....

>> No.10273610

Hey person that just wants to keep arguing. Vagina bacteria is never lolita related.

>> No.10273622

means? Gender critical? Just curious.

>> No.10273774

And I'm not even the anon venting about trannies. I just really wish people would wear shit that fits.

>> No.10273869
File: 486 KB, 595x842, 4BAEF4A8-82D9-4745-B0D0-C21A8031EEA7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Re releases!

>> No.10273870

Anyone else worried about this year's Hellocon? The program looks great but there seems to be barely any vendors compared to previous years and the news they've posted on the event page isn't really getting me excited.

>> No.10273871
File: 82 KB, 553x920, Fruits Issue 35_Page_36.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yup. If you are interested in more the GC reddit is pretty good, the only place I go on reddit. You dont have to agree with everything said but I like it.
Also lolcow has a GC thread in /ot/ but its really gone to shit so take it with a grain of salt lmao.

Lolita and feminism are rooted together. So I know some may think its annoying to sperg about such matters. But personally I find them very interconnected. And perhaps not in this thread but I would love to hear more talking points from other lolitas about lolita+feminism in the future.

>> No.10273873

Did this DM colorway do well so they did it?

>> No.10273876

As far as I could get it comes in black, lavender, cyan and white, but not navy. Oh, why, AP?! Such a gorgeous color plus seemingly the most popular second hand.

>> No.10273877

I'm also not super interested in the vendors, but I wasn't really intending to do much shopping anyways. I'm going to enjoy the program and the party, maybe meeting some new people and hopefully seeing some cute coords.

>> No.10273921
File: 515 KB, 2048x2048, EHDmyFyVAAA9k7m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone here go for this new bear print? Pink and ivory seem lovely.

>> No.10273938

I actually think the red and black colorways are cute, but I can’t help think it’s just a simpler British bear.

>> No.10273943

I'm really excited for berets but I have some non-lolita expenses, so I don't really know what to decide.

>> No.10273944 [DELETED] 

Yes, it's what terfs call themselves

>> No.10273945

Yes, it's what terfs call themselves, since terf is a slur

>> No.10273970
File: 429 KB, 595x842, pop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'm usually a sucker for teddy bears, but I don't think I can pull off any of the cuts. I'm hoping there's a special set with a lower waistline later on.

The ears headband is nice, though. I bought the bear ears hairclip for Holiday Collection and they were a pain to get even, so it'll be nice to have them on one headband

>> No.10273971

Oh joy, more polyester.

>> No.10273988

I’m torn about bear headdress because I have some already. But those are not pink, so I can’t decide.

>> No.10274039
File: 1.20 MB, 1500x2075, dream_bear_iv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10274041
File: 1.16 MB, 1500x2075, dream_bear_pk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10274042
File: 1.22 MB, 1500x2075, dream_bear_wi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10274044
File: 1.25 MB, 1500x2075, dream_bear_bk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10274045
File: 823 KB, 1000x1880, dream_cat_go_round_iv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10274046
File: 928 KB, 1000x1880, dream_cat_go_round_sx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10274047
File: 890 KB, 1000x1880, dream_cat_go_round_lv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10274049
File: 855 KB, 1000x1880, dream_cat_go_round_bk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10274082

Wtf is that jsk cut? It's fuck ugly. Definitely buying the ears though.

>> No.10274086

Most of my comm doesn’t speak English so comm drama rarely makes it to cgl.

>> No.10274089
File: 2.55 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Were you looking for a picture of the pink ears?

>> No.10274091
File: 37 KB, 500x600, ef4e4bb7dd763cec7cea407536d170df.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tb completely h I don't really like this kind of ears that AP makes. In my opinion they look way cuter when they have two sides of fur as in Milky Holy Bear or when those are padded as in Toy Doll Box. But idk, anyways I'm not big ear wearer. I just feel a bit awkward wearing those when they are not attached to anything like beret.

>> No.10274106

Ah, the red holy rosary jsk comes out RIGHT after I just blew my lolita budget for the month on a dress I was lukewarm about. Well, fuck me I guess.

>> No.10274107

If it were the Navy I'd be ALL on that

AP, your bears are cute, but this just feels like a disappointment. They've been upsetting me with 80% shit prints and shit cuts for the last...however many years.

>> No.10274111

I hope this comes out with a special set made with a better cut.

>> No.10274129

I agree. The deep pink panel on the bodice is shaped weirdly and clashes horribly with the rest of the dress. The rope doesn't work at all, and it doesn't help that it's placed right beside two strips of delicate lace. Even the detachable ribbon looks like it came from a completely different set. And as the cherry on top, babydoll is already hard to pull off. I'm struggling to think of a person who would look good in this dress.

>> No.10274258

this wasn't, by any chance, at the swap meet in edm/nsea last month, was it? i like our comm but the social justice and tolerance of creeps is just eeeuuugh

>> No.10274264

>ye olde “new AP is disappointing” meme
Get some new material already

>> No.10274266

>stating your opinion is a meme now
it looks bac

>> No.10274280

It is when your opinion is based on tired old /cgl/ memes.

>> No.10274283

Just because it's a popular opinion doesn't make it a meme.

>> No.10274341

Any links to still active lolita blogs? I miss the platform.

>> No.10274348

because that's how the real world works, and also how you grow as a person. most people can discuss their opinions without a destructive element. only sports-team-style rabid 'tismos staunchly pick a side and isolate themselves in a digital echo chamber, that occasionally spills into real life.
>the absolute state of humanity...

>> No.10274441
File: 143 KB, 720x864, 75121085_194489758250299_5945768423154520408_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

okay, it looks actually gorgeous from the stock image but I don't even know does it look so deep red irl.

>> No.10274453

Wunderwelt has a blog

>> No.10274469

It looked really good irl, one of the wow dresses of the fashion show imo

>> No.10274495

They always oversell their shit, they’re fucking retarded. They also charge PayPal fees so someone report them, they say it openly in their TOS

>> No.10274499

have been an APfag since 2006 and these last few years they've been shit anon.
They lost the charm they once had.

>> No.10274504

Checked and it doesn't say anything about paypal fees, just shipping fees and goods and services. Unless they just removed it?

>> No.10274507

Or maybe you are just not their target customer anymore.

>> No.10274513

Nayrt but no shit? Does that mean we're not allowed to complain?

>> No.10274529

their target audience is now rich chinese girls

>> No.10274538

No, we're just oldfags who want to chat in peace and you should leave us alone.

>> No.10274539

agreed, anon! this discussion makes me happy

>> No.10274555

I think the last AP release I've liked was in 2017. Even then it was still overrun with heavy chiffon reliance but the prints were still cute.

>> No.10274619

Yes. Do you see me complaining that Moitie makes too much boring black shit? No, because I’m smart enough to realize I’m not their target audience so nobody cares what I think about them.

>> No.10274625

That’s like a BTSSB-fan complaining about AP.
Just accept it’s not your brand anymore and move on.
I mean, I’m not a fan of meta, but I don’t complain about them „releasing shit all the time“, just because I liked one print ages ago.

>> No.10274629

Bullshit because there's plenty of oldfags who aren't in the pod because they're not ig fame chasers. And plenty of newfags in the suteki pod too.

So what is it? Why don't you just admit it's a weird lolita 'in-crowd'. Except it just makes you look thirsty.

>> No.10274653

>>10274627 new

>> No.10274772

I never see anyone telling Moitie fans to stop complaining about Moitie's drop in quality.

>I’m not a fan of meta, but I don’t complain about them „releasing shit all the time“, just because I liked one print ages ago.
Hardcore AP fans used to like almost every AP release ages ago, that's far more than one print.

>> No.10274903

Did you even read the chain of replies. That's not why I asked.
Anon was on here bitching about how they can't complain about this stuff because people will yell at them.
That anon probably needs to grow as a person. But they won't if they come here to complain instead of being themselves and not hiding who they are so they can wear dresses with people they don't actually like.

Being fake as fuck isn't growing as a person.

>> No.10278964
File: 368 KB, 482x577, Angelic Pretty Dress.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What should I wear with this? Tights or over the knee socks?

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