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How old is too old?
Do many people cosplay beyond 35?

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I love Rikku and that lady is awesome. There is no age limit to cosplay. Heck there are plenty of older characters anyway. Mercy from Overwatch is 37 for example, so it would look more accurate if a 36 year old were to cosplay her than a 26 year old.

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I love seeing old people cosplay. It's nice to see that they're following their passion, even if people see it as a 'young person's hobby'.

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Never too old, you just need to pick characters that suit your age. If you're beyond 35, it's time to stop cosplaying teens unless you go for a joke like OP.

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Mercy may be 37 but she does not look 37

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No such thing as too old for cosplay. This woman cosplayed until she died.

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There is a difference between a cute elderly person who decides to go to a con for a day to make their grand child happy and you at 30+ trying to socialize at cons like you did in your late teens and early 20's. When you hit 30+ cons will start to feel weird. The demographics for anime cons have always ran young. You're not going to I connect with people a decade younger than you in the same way you with someone close to your age. It's just the natural progression of life. My words if advice is when it starts to feel weird in your gut, stop. There is no shame in it. You can't expect to have the same hobbies and outlets forever. No one is saying you can't sew and do consuming but trust me you'll know when it feels weird to be at con.

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I've been going to cons since I was 14 and am almost 27 now. Never have gone to socialize with others, I always go with family or friends and we mostly go to take pictures of cosplayers or to go to panels.

We don't try to make con friends or connect with anyone there. As long as there are still panels you find interesting, people you want to get autographs from, and exclusives you want to buy and you are still enjoying yourself then it's fine.

I have a friend in his 30s who still goes to cons because of exclusives and panels and he still enjoys himself.

Sure, if it starts to feel weird to you or you start to feel like it's not fun anymore then don't go. But you don't have to feel weird because the people around you may be younger and you're not going to "make your grandchild happy". It's not like you need to try to make friends with the kids.

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>When you hit 30+ cons will start to feel weird.
Not if you go to something like Magfest or Dragoncon. The demographics of those cons are 30+ year olds with well paying jobs.

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I'm in my 30s, but I'm fit and have a young looking face so I still vibe really well with the con scene. I try to avoid underage girls, but it hasnt stopped me from socializing with people in general. As long as you dont look like a fat bearded guy who spilled something on this kawaii shirt, you're okay.

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you're too old once you start acting too young, ie an embarassing manchild in his 30s is cringy and weird as fuck.
but a 30yo just there to have a fun time? who gives a fuck go for it. cosplay is ageless.

you'll always be able to meet people around your age at cons. talking to people in a younger demographic will probably feel weird, but 30+ go to cons all the time.

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>When you hit 30+ cons will start to feel weird
Tell that the people who organize the con, hold panels, sell at booths

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I only got into cons in my late 20s so I don't think it's going to feel weird. I can't imagine what it must be like going in your teens

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>tfw that pic is 10 years old
>tfw Rikku is dead

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>but she does not look 37

ummm what does a 37 year old look like to you

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>I can't imagine what it must be like going in your teens

Im kinda glad i got into attending cons at 22 seeing as when i was a teenager i was

- Broke
- depressed
- had major anxiety problems
- not into exercise/lifting
- body not fully developed so cosplay is out of the question

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Dragoncon is an eye opening experience. Really shows you how shitty your local cons are.
I had a nice conversation there with some old greybeard in a jedi robe about anime.

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i've been to cons twice in my teens, it's a fun time. I didn't cosplay though i just kinda walked around and took pictures of other peoples cosplays. bought some stuff. it sounds mad boring but when you're a teenage weeb with not much else to do it's a solid time

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>kinda walked around and took pictures of other peoples cosplays. bought some stuff. it sounds mad boring

no its not boring, thats what i do as well

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>How old is too old?

You’re too old if you still wanna chase the “Club life” but anime flavored

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Unless you have wrongthink, then upper staff chases you away from staffing MAGFest

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well some wrinkles, sagging, cellulite etc.

Mercy looks like a pixar toon

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>some wrinkles, sagging, cellulite etc.

Mercy isnt some trashy wine aunt

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You make a salient point
I think there's a certain self-awareness that's required past a certain age, like obviously these 80 year old women are doing it for fun, but they also aren't pretending they're still hip and attractive

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desu id still do that if i could afford to go to cons nowadays. never had any interest in con panels or things like that

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>The demographics for anime cons have always ran young

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44 here. been doing it for over 15 years. age is just a number. just have fun. the demographic here in houston is about 30+. i see cosplayer 50+
don't worry about anyone else. it's about having fun.

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cellulite occurs in babies, maleposter

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When you die!
True passion and love for cosplay never stops,so why should age stop you?
Do what you love until you die. Who cares what a few people on the internet will say,if it fits your body properly and that you put effort into it, i believe it can almost always look good if you put lots of effort in it.
Especially magical girls. I will always cosplay them even as an obaaba,no matter how embarassing!
I'm 36,have been cosplaying for 20 years and don't intend to stop

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You are never too old to cosplay at cons. Conventions are supposed to be events where you should let go and fantasize for one or two days

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Can't you search the archives before asking this damn question for the hundredth time? I'm 38 and never stopping. Fuck off.

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I feel like the real reason you see less older people cosplaying is they just get bored of it or move onto other hobbies.
Not many people care if you keep doing it, just less and less stay interested over time. I'm getting close to 30 and I am getting less interested in elaborate showy stuff, but I can see myself getting back into it if my kids someday would like to. That would be a lot of fun.

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cellulite is not related to age and bras easily hide sagging.

why are men so dumb?

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I agree. I just go to Dragoncon and horror cons now and both draw older crowds so I don’t feel as out of place. Can still do other weeb shit in my free time.

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>just get bored of it or move onto other hobbies.
Or some just couldn't maintain their looks

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Old people can go and have fun. Just don't be creepy.

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>Be 35 in 3 months
>Going to cons since 16
>Cosplay is now all about fun instead of winning a masquerade
>Zero fucks given about other people's opinions
>Own transport to get to con in style
>Disposable income to spend on comfy hotels instead of cheap shitholes
>Established group of regulars you hang out with each con
>Laughing at youngsters who take it all to seriously

Cons might not be quite as magical and exciting as when you were a kid, but the quality is definitely a lot better.

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Well, Tamta is 38 and she would be the perfect person to cosplay Mercy.

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If you're in your 30s and walking around cons with your fat saggy tits pushed up to your chin so you can get attention from neckbearded incels and underage boys maybe you should re-evaluate your life.

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All these incels who have no idea what women in their 30s look like.

>> No.10274363

Could just be underageb&, kids think everyone over the age of 30 is the same

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Show me one cosplayer over 30 who is hot and doesnt abuse plastic surgery or photoshop.
I'll wait.

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The point is that it doesnt even have to be a cosplayer

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Cowbutt Crunchies
Jessolaurus Rex
Atelier Heidi

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May I ask what you do with those pictures? I know a lot of people just come by and ask for a picture be it guys or girls. I just can't let go of the feeling that some people aren't up to anything good with it.

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I don’t know what kind of cons you are talking about to think that way but people who take photos usually post them on Facebook or the social media accounts for the con. When I went to conventions I would always take photos of really good cosplays or the people who dressed up as my favorite characters

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Well if it's a guy taking your pic hes gonna fap to it - no exceptions

If it bothers you maybe stop going to cons

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I imagine not many people cosplay above a certain age because of lack of time/increased responsibilities

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Kaname is like 30+ if you can still get the look, then why not?

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Counterpoint: most hobbies have a sliding scale of needing to invest time/skill OR money, and older people have money. Even if they don’t prefer to buy premade, money helps everything go smoother and faster.

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I know lots of cosplayers in their 30s who are hot and have never had plastic surgery or photoshop. One of them has had dental work done, so idk if that counts in your mind (he just needed to straighten/whiten his teeth a little).

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>Well if it's a guy taking your pic hes gonna fap to it - no exceptions
Not true; I've taken plenty of pics at cons with o intention of fapping.

Someone did a killer Sloth from Goonies cosplay....yeah dude no way I am fapping to that

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I've literally never masturbated to a picture of a cosplayer I've taken. I just keep them in folders as memories of good times I've had. Plus, I mostly take pics of the really good ones and then I can show my friends and tell them about it.

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Same here, anon. If I wanted to take pics for fapping purposes, I'd go to a beach or a waterpark.

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What a god damn legend. I genuinely hope I'm still at cons in all capacity until the day I die. I'm trying to make the move from unpaid staff (nonprofit con) to professional staffer in the next 2-3 years. Crunchyroll Expo is the dream ticket, but we'll see.

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If I wanted to fap to them I wouldn't be asking

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True, but I think we'll still see some more older cosplayers as time goes on. Cosplay has really come along since just even as little back as the 90s and today is a more developed hobby worth investing time and effort into than it was.

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Besides nasolabial folds, people in their 30s don't have wrinkles unless they didn't take care of their skin.

>> No.10274724

Besides nasolabial folds, people in their 30s don't have wrinkles unless they didn't take care of their skin.

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It baffles me that some people seem to just never interact with that many folks outside of their age range, do they not have jobs or family?

>> No.10274822

watching too much anime fucks up perception of age

>> No.10274828

Dragoncon never lets you down.

>> No.10274829

Full time weebs tend to have this problem.

>> No.10274830

Have they also absorbed the ephebophilia thing?

When I talk to non-weebs they often have a preference for "older" women (even dating back to teenagerhood) and MILF is currently the top search on pornhub.

>> No.10274833

>Have they also absorbed the ephebophilia thing?

>> No.10274836

Anime is full of sexy teenagers

>> No.10274842

Because it is aimed at teenagers....make the characters relatable for the audience

>> No.10274845

>guys im not a pedo for flashing this 14 y/os panties i swear its for all the 14 year olds in the audience

>> No.10274849

Not saying you're wrong, but when adults watch it and start to think teenagers are objectively the sexiest age, that's just bad

>> No.10274863 [DELETED] 

Dont forget all the adult women fantasizing about yaoi shots boys

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one job and I failed

>> No.10274916

The age of consent is for teenagers to have sex with each other you dodo bird.

>> No.10274917

There's no way that chart is correct.

You're saying that I (as a 35 year old man) could just go to some country in Europe and fuck 14 year olds legally? That can't be right.....

>> No.10274960

I want you to read all the words on that map, all of them, and tell me why you're a retard.

>> No.10274964

pay special attention to whatever hellhole that is between austria and romania.

>> No.10274983

It's also the reason why most people who are into expensive hobbies (model airplane flying, Old School M:tG, yacht sailing, etc) are older.

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She passed away this year and her friend brought her chair and people were paying tribute to her and she even made some gift pouch and was giving them out to people who came to say hi. It was very touching.

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>Mercy looks like a pixar toon
>Mercy may be 37 but she does not look 37
Well, it's computer animated and rendered, so yeah....not a real person

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>We don't try to make con friends or connect with anyone there.
>Goes to conventions (a gathering of people with shared interests)
>Avoids all interaction with people at said convention

>> No.10275051

if he's going for other purposes he doesn't necessarily need con friends but they can certainly make things like waiting in line easier

>> No.10275059

ok, but I just wanted to call someone a dodo bird today

>> No.10275061

mission accomplished anon

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It's not like I don't interact with people at all, I do take pictures of cosplayers, go to panels and autograph signings.

And this year when someone didn't have a sign board and asked where I got mine (which I had brought with me from home) I gave him one of my spares as I had extras. I do talk to people, I just don't go with the intention of making con friends or anything like that.

I actually go with two friends every year (sometimes three when one of my other friends is able to make it), so I always have some company unless there are other panels they want to attend while mine is going down.

For instance, there was a fashion show at AX this year that was taking place during an event one of my friends was attending and I didn't want to ask my other friend, who is a dude, to come since I knew he'd have no interest.

I was on my own in line for that one, but we stuck together for the most part.

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You sound like a real con creeper

>> No.10275145

>That Dorothy

>> No.10275203

Coercing someone is illegal, using the power difference in any way is also illegal. But if she genuinely wants to have sex with you, yeah it's legal. Doesn't mean that her dad won't beat you up through.

>> No.10275249

I'm friend with people both younger than me and older than me. I don't see why you can't connect with someone of a different generation. Sure, it's going to be a different type of connection, but it's not any more or less valuable than connections with friends of my own generation.

>> No.10275252

>Guy goes to con with friends to do normal con stuff
>anon calls him a creeper
Sure, jan

>> No.10275257


If you're an adult and you connect with 14 year old girls talking about their fav yaoi ships maybe you need to have a look at yourself.

>> No.10275258

Nice strawman

>> No.10275300

It's kinda sad you know? The normal way for humans to live is a communal village type setting where everyone interacts and gets to know people of all ages. With institutions like public school, we deliberately segregate people by age and it's bad for society.

>> No.10275313

prime age
Pushing it but still okay
ehh maybe if you are a cute fit guy, otherwise getting old there and probably creepy
gross just stop everyone thinks you're a pedo

>> No.10275315


Ok but what if you are a 30+ woman
Will people still think you are a pedo

>> No.10275317

No women don't do that creepy shit at cons

>> No.10275320

Good joke faggot. Women do far more creepy shit at cons and get away with it than men. Seriously some of the shit women pull at cons with guys or cosplayers is downright absurd but they can do it because "muh woman card".

>> No.10275328

Most of the male demographic that attends cons care only about the AOC laws of east asian countries.

>> No.10275333

Did you copy-paste this from an incel forum because that's what it reads like

>> No.10275339

>prime age



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The age limit on cosplay is 35. People who have a lot of production assistance like Yaya Han can continue a little longer than that. But after that you should not be playing dress-up. You can still manage a booth or help a younger cosplayer or something.

>> No.10275355

Man shut your zoomer ass up.

>> No.10275389

I know teenagers with nasolabial folds... that thing has more to do with face muscles than aging

>> No.10275390

I guess they don't even want to interact with their families considering their parents must not support their lifestyle. But yes it is sad that they think fine lines in the face means the person is no longer allowed to cosplay anime.

>> No.10275391

Too much anime and lack of real life interactions.

>> No.10275392

>tfw watched too much anime and it fucked up my age perception but in the other way and I always assume people are younger than they are

>> No.10275393

So you are assuming all adults who connect with teens are creeps? I can have teenage friends and at the same time educate them if they misbehave, it's a perk of having a mature friend, they can tell you when you are crossing the line. Besides most adults who interact with teens at coms talk about normal stuff, like video games, normal anime series, tv shows etc...

>> No.10275394

I think you must be a brainlet to think that way.

>> No.10275395


>> No.10275397

Glad that what you said is not law and a 35 yr old woman can still cosplay her favorite childhood character like Sakura or some Kingdom Hearts one if she wants.

>> No.10275398

If she's having fun playing dress up at 35 well ok

>> No.10275411

That's Hungary. Did you not pay attention in school?

>> No.10275439

Yes just like a 50 year old can enjoy reading comics or playing Dungeons & Dragons and larping. When you become an adult you don't become robot-like.

>> No.10275446

That doesn't even make any sense. At age 35 both appearance and personality vary WILDLY. Some people look and act 25 and some 45... and it's not like the difference between 34 and 35 or 35 and 36 is even noticeable in anyone individually.

>> No.10275448

>and it's not like the difference between 34 and 35 or 35 and 36 is even noticeable in anyone individually.
Not sure about you but when I hang out with others I tend to ask how old they are. It's in my first 10 or so questions I ask to make sure if they are a creep or not. I know too many fellow lolita's who have had bad times with people +25...

>> No.10275461

I'm a 25 yo lolita, so IDGAF what age people are.

>> No.10275465

Pretty shitty to make such an awful assumption based on age. I was victim of a teenage creeper who sniffed my hair during a con, I don't think you realize that creepers are a thing that exist from a lot of age spectrums.

>> No.10275469

I almost scored with a hair until I grabbed her by her hips and sniffed her hair very intensely, then right there she noped the fuck out away from me, sad, probably the pretiest girl I've almost scored with

>> No.10275470

>with a hair
ayy, with a grill I meant

>> No.10275471

>The demographics for anime cons have always ran young.

Were you around in the 90s?
Cause I was and I was in my late teens and I was the youngest one there by far. The closest person in age to me was already 23. Most people I met were nearing 30 or already there.

>> No.10275490

>knows Austria and Romania
>conveniently 'doesn't know that hellhole' that is Hungary

>> No.10275593

Most of the good craftspeople are over 30 because they have the experience and time. Take that away and the quality of cosplay is going to plummet. Nobody on >>10274383 s list has "production assistance" or looks like they should be quitting any time soon.

>> No.10275605

>Most of the good craftspeople are over 30 because they have the experience and time.

Can confirm.
Even rich little cosplayers who have their parent's money to skim from don't have the skills older cosplayers do. So they can buy the best appropriate fabrics and foam and they don't have to work so they can work on the cosplay a lot they still don't have the skills to make finished garments as well as someone who has years of experience under their belt.

>> No.10276320

Also the BEST thing about being 30+ and still going to cons is that now with a good paying job, I can afford to go to them with zero issues. When you were in your teens and early 20s, most congoers were on that struggle life surviving on pocky and hotel coffeepot ramen. No more having to share a hotel room with 10 other people because the cost of a room during a con weekend would murder your finances.

All of the convention horror story threads that pop up on here mostly involve fucked up room shenanigans with multiple people being well; shitty people. Having a room to yourself is fucking heaven after a long day/night of roaming the con.

>> No.10276322

If you're above 30 you probably shouldn't try doing anything "sexy". What the anon said earlier is true, try to find an older cosplayer that doesn't abuse make up and photoshop on every photo.

>> No.10276323

Men will think this regardless. That's why "barely legal" porn is the most popular. Men are just naturally pigs.

>> No.10276324

No, because you are subject to the laws of YOUR country, not theirs. But if you were a 35 y/o man in one of those countries, yeah you legally could.

>> No.10276325

Actually, this is no longer the case. "MILF" was the most popular search key in 2018 on PornHub. Teen was in the top ten, but down there.

>> No.10276328

>implying american schools teach anything about shitty eastern euro countries

>> No.10276332

This gives some hope, but then you still have all the middle aged married men cheating with 18 yr olds...

>> No.10276336

Seeing how ticket vendors from everbrite and such put the median con age at 30, it's fair to say that there really is no "too old'. Unlike when probably most this board was in high school, cons are largely college age or later, fuck most cons I've been to have people in the 25+ range these days I'm usually not seeing too many obvious high school level people unless I go to some really small convention that's on a holiday or is fairly cheap.

Probably the con with the youngest age group I've been to over the past year was ALA, other than that most everyone I met was over drinking age with ease. Sure there were younger aged people around but the majority of people outside of panels seemed to be 21+ most the time. Hentaicon was 21+ and by far one of the most fun cons I've had in a long ass time even if the premise was complete shit.

Just don't be the weirdo going after the just over 18 crowd and you're fine, stick with your age group and be normal.

Not going to go off on a wild tangent, but the shit I've seen women do or try to pull at cons is basically equal to the shit I've seen guys do. Guys just never complain about it for the most part, but girls do some really weird shit though would never be admitted on a board that is probably 80% women.

>> No.10276376
File: 44 KB, 512x292, Yupa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I agree. My brother-in-law(age 63) would make a rocking Lord Yupa, got the build, charisma, best of all he's got the 'stache.

>> No.10276385
File: 21 KB, 262x400, cfe72330908f6546cf09e2e877a440a214344251.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, were you the inspiration for this?

>> No.10276451

>"Abuse" makeup

Lol let me guess... Makeup is "cheating?"

>> No.10276462

>If you're above 30 you probably shouldn't try doing anything "sexy"

Says you. Fit 30 year old Men in 300 Spartan uniform/Topless Ryu /Zabuza > *

>> No.10276468

I'm american and i knew what fucking Hungary was.
The other guy is just willfully ignorant.

>> No.10276470 [DELETED] 

Women really shouldn't be allowed to live after like 25.

>> No.10276475 [DELETED] 

You're just upset society won't let you fuck your mommy

>> No.10276478 [DELETED] 

Ugly old hag.

>> No.10276484 [DELETED] 

This thread really brought out the incels who’ve never seen a woman before, huh.

>> No.10276490 [DELETED] 

Are you that "real woman" we just haven't seen yet?

Some elderly, cellulite-carrying, roast-beef flapping, man-hating tub of flesh?

>> No.10276514

>No, because you are subject to the laws of YOUR country, not theirs
Absolute retard.

>> No.10276521 [DELETED] 

It should be illegal to be openly bigoted and spread hatespeech about man-girl relationships.

Why do people even care what two consenting humans do in their spare time?

>> No.10276522

>Stop cosplaying and having more money, with the great job you have after completing college.
All I heard, stay salty OP.

>> No.10276542 [DELETED] 

because jaded and bitter old women tend to be incredibly jealous of younger and more beautiful women

on the internet the former variant can be easily spotted of their usage of the i-word, it's a desperate attempt to bring others down in their butthurt anger when they themselves are already completely dead inside

>> No.10276571

> "it's weird to go to cons when you're older"

who the fuck do people think is out there producing content? because it sure isn't 20 yos making anime/manga.

>> No.10276578

You can be convicted in the US of crimes committed abroad if you travelled for the purpose of doing something that is illegal in the US

>> No.10276579 [DELETED] 

>their usage of the i-word
You wanna be oppressed so bad

>> No.10276584

You know there are plenty of young guys who would give their right nut to bone any of those over 30 cosplayers

Nigri is 30 and still cosplay's top earner

>> No.10276586 [DELETED] 

>be so butt blasted that you can only start projecting over a tongue-in-cheek expression

>> No.10276588 [DELETED] 

What is the i-word?

>> No.10276603 [DELETED] 


>> No.10276616

and i was told anime/manga is an ‘adult’ hobby so i dont get where the insecurity is coming from

>> No.10276651

Yeah, no. Go look up how many men have been arrested for going to Thailand or wherever to fuck little girls.

>> No.10276692

This thread again....
I'm a 52 yo male, I read comics, I play video games, I run a Call of Cthulhu RPG sessions, and I cosplay (Indiana Jones, Jedi knight, the Shadow, ...).
Because I enjoy my hobbies, because I can.

>> No.10276746

Those were men caught in child sex rings. Most people going to EU arent going to fuck girls at that age.

>> No.10276819

Men will fuck anything. This metric means nothing.

>> No.10276926

I'd hang out with this guy.
31 here, been wanting to try a CoC campaign for a long time.
Maybe if I try I can get the old D&D group back together over the winter.

>> No.10276966

I'm 30 and I still go. I don't cosplay though. It's fun to use tinder. Hooked up with a 17 year old recently at a con.

>> No.10276970

Nah. That's going to be 100% legal in 20 years and you'll see it as just fine. As long as he has a job and is willing to contribute financially who cares.

>> No.10276973
File: 107 KB, 440x960, B0D3956B-753E-4133-AA61-B4AA1BC50A56.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10276974

Child grooming is only going to be legal for brown people based on "cultural reasons".

White males won't be allowed to date anyone under the age of 25.

>> No.10276981

I think more than one character specifically remarks on that, like Mei mentions she looks no different, pretty sure she like slowed her aging or something

>> No.10277274

Thanks dude!
I love CoC! My players are between 30 and 50 years old, so we all have normal lifes too, but we manage to get together about once every month. I hope you can play again soon.

>> No.10277497
File: 497 KB, 349x262, C2816D06-9700-417A-A9F7-CA27F7055698.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This. I cosplay for me, and me alone. Granted it’s fun to see people geek out over my Frozone, but I’m not gonna run away crying because no one took my picture. Especially since most of my characters not a lot of people know.

>> No.10277499
File: 161 KB, 500x709, 702D5DE8-7CAE-4428-B960-4B726A48A832.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don’t need to fap to cosplay pictures from con. Pic related

>> No.10277500
File: 1.04 MB, 300x225, DBA2576E-DFBE-417E-813F-F83BE5CD5D7A.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Best con I ever went to

>> No.10277502
File: 36 KB, 633x295, 77A56684-EE30-49E0-8BDC-492F1D5DE73E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10277518

>get good paying job at 25
>can solo hotels and shit now for the past 3-4 years
>cons all about just me taking a mini-vacation, have drinks, party a bit, and fun
>never have to worry about bullshit drama crap from other gulls or friends being dickheads, skipping on payments, or just other random bs like randos coming into my room via a friend to drink or do shit
>use the bar at cons to chill with people and avoid the younger crowd of moronic shit after the main day events
>don't have to be around people because we are sharing a room and do that retarded "we gotta stick together during the con" bs
>chatting with people and making friends way easier
>women want to hook up with me far more
>wonder what the fuck I was ever doing with cons before

Looking back after getting out of HS/College crowds I have 100x more fun since no dealing with BS drama from people or "I know how the world works! I'm a liberal arts major!'. Best people I meet and deal with are people who've had/have a decentish job and aren't mentally insane.

>> No.10277552
File: 94 KB, 450x426, 205663_1237372254172_full.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seems to me that a good rule of thumb for cosplaying to only attempt characters that you actually resemble in some way. If you're 40, balding, and obese, maybe don't try cosplaying as Edward Elric or whoever. It's not really all that dissimilar from ordinary fashion advice; don't try it if you cant pull it off. Of course, if you don't care at all about looking good and just want to dress up as your favorite character, dignity be damned, then by all means.

>> No.10277595

Oh fuck two whole cons

>> No.10277603

>You see, nearly three decades ago..

>> No.10277609

I've done all of these things so let's go through it
You don't really get to "enjoy the con" if you run a booth. You're main interactions with the con is transactional. If you're responsible your business comes first.
Most cons have no quality control and you regularly see children run panels. So I'm not sure what your point is.
Do we really want to get into a conversation about the power trippy weridos and manbabies who regularly found and run cons? Also being a badge slave watching a door or an info booth for hours is about the least amount of fun you can have at a con. Apart of the reason staffers are gossipy bitches is because they are bored out of the minds.

>> No.10277622


>> No.10277632
File: 24 KB, 320x173, 1559102152924.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That feel when I'm in my 30s and still haven't been to a con despite being into anime since the mid ''90s.

>> No.10277634

Those three things, although necessary, are not fun. I've been staff at cons. Convincing a hotel to not kick the con out bc someone chiefed up a whole hallway isn't fun. You shouldn't starting doing those things just to continue going to cons. If it feels off, stop going to cons.

>> No.10277688

Those "two whole cons" are better than 95% of the cons out there.

>> No.10277734

youre not missing much but it doesnt hurt to try

>> No.10278103

If you're into gaming or alcoholism. Sure.

>> No.10278156

Best time for me was hitting my mid 20's, not having enough time to care about detailed cossplay, ordering shit off aliexpress that was cheap and "good enough" while not caring about it so much.

Opened my eyes to what cons could be when I realized not to obsess over some dumb lolita dress and just have fun, people still knew/know my character and recognize me, as my dress was like 45 bucks I don't care about a stain or something since ordering another one is easy, and I have so much more freedom in it. Additionally, really opened my eyes on how fucking shit the lolita/j-fashion community is about sniffing their own farts. No wonder con horror stories exist, you all push yourself to the mental limit just trying to get your dress and shit together the con just makes you snap; not sure how I dealt with it before.

Not sure to put it into an age thing or what but find most people after about 25 seem to be far more fun at cons and actually make them far more enjoyable

>> No.10278165

While I don't think everyone should drink at a convention, a large portion of the convention is probably drinking and buzzed to some level at the con. You don't have to drink at a convention but like myself conventions I am off work, relaxing, and do like to have a few drinks during the con if for no other reason to make some of the linecon more enjoyable. Drinking and anime conventions given the median age is pretty much all but expected.

Can't stand people who get too drunk at cons and I also can't stand people who ree about people having a few drinks at a con.

>> No.10279129

People who say shit like this are ether casuals at best, or have never put a lot time, money, or effort into cosplay work at worse.

>> No.10279135

dude unless you are 2 inches from that persons face, you won't see wrinkles on people that age. hell i know 45 yr old women and I don't really see wrinkles on them unless I'd get super close.
not everyones a heavy smoker or regularly goes to tanning studios

>> No.10279136

no you can't, I'm in one of these countries (austria) and the AOC being 14 only goes if you're having sex with someone under 18. if you're 35 you cannot have sex with a 14 year old.

>> No.10279177

Or they're people who, upon growing older, has learned to chill and not take everything so seriously. You should hope it happens to you too so you might one day recognize that life is overall more enjoyable if you don't have a stick up your ass.

>> No.10279180

>No, because you are subject to the laws of YOUR country, not theirs.
What the hell are you talking about? That's not how laws work.

>> No.10279206

What are you talking about?
People who say stuff like that often has gotten burned out doing exactly what you say, by pouring so much time, money, effort into a cosplay or con so that it turns more stressful than fun. You really think casuals are the ones who tends to take this shit too seriously?

>> No.10279492

indont like putting too much thought on a one-two day event

>> No.10280992

I started going to cons a year ago at age 30, I kept going because it was so much fun, so I don't expect that to stop

>> No.10281006

Do you really think you can go to other countries to fuck children and your own country won't arrest you for it?

>> No.10281107

Her suit literally slows her aging. It’s why she makes a comment about how Mei still looks as young as she does, she’s interested in that junk.

>> No.10281141

>throw 50-60 dollars at aliexpress for a thing
>looks good enough and usually fits okay, might need minor touching up
>can go and get the rest of shit off amazon for cheap
>everyone recognizes you anyways easier to have a good convention with something you spent little time/money considering
>only people who care are lolitas who ask if you made it then go "O-oh...kay" after mentioning aliexpress and those gulls who are insufferable
>if dress fucks up or gets something on it then big deal just reorder off aliexpress

Seriously, my time at cons has gone up way more when I stopped being a perfectionist about a con and learned to enjoy my time there instead

>> No.10281168 [DELETED] 
File: 1.21 MB, 1125x1397, 1567077773624.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lmao, bitter used up roasties. Of course teens are the hottest. They're young, tight, fresh and innocent.

>> No.10281210

>Of course teens are the hottest.

Hi R Kelly

>> No.10281215

>Kelly and Aaliyah reportedly met when Aaliyah was just 12 years old; she was the niece of Kelly's manager at the time, Barry Hankerson. The two were married in 1994 when Kelly was 27 and Aaliyah 15
Banging the shit out of a prime Aaliyah, what a chad.

>> No.10281415

you have clearly not met any modern teenagers

>> No.10281457

You think most teenagers want that association either? When I was a teen I was disgusted and scared by older men hitting on me.

>> No.10281611
File: 2.00 MB, 245x270, E31818A1-FC70-4648-9D20-E9AE07B6F8A0.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Getting some serious Queen of the Damned flashbacks

>> No.10281614


>> No.10281616

>You're not going to I connect with people a decade younger than you

I'm the young person that connects with people a decade older than me. I'm 26 and everyone I know my age is still retarded

>> No.10281637

My dad was like 15 years older than my mom

>> No.10281686

>french teachers can fuck their students
jesus christ how degenerate

>> No.10281725

You're not all that young. A 40 yr old man trying to "connect" with an 18 yr old is creepy. Someone in their late twenties hanging with people in their thirties is normal.

>> No.10281734

Even with the age of consent being as low as 14 in some places, lets be fucking real, the laws exist for teenagers to be able to fuck other teenagers. The chances of being able to score a 16 year old as an ugly old man are about the same as it would be in places where the age of consent is 18+ It's still frowned upon even with the law in place.

>> No.10282252

Not surprising, that's how Macron and his wife probably started

>> No.10282356

Not probably, that's exactly the story.

>> No.10283420

what creepy shit do women do at cons to male cosplayers?

>> No.10283489
File: 191 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


momokun has groped both men and women


>> No.10283517

Honest to god most in their 30's are not going to make mention of their age if they can get away with it. The ones in their late 20's and 30's, outside famous cosplayers who can't avoid it being known, can be spotted by notice there's absolutely no indication of their actual age.

>> No.10283518

/fit/ anon here, my friends are jojo/manly cosplayers and have had similar expirences
>asked if that was my real ass
>had ass grabbed so many times i can't count
>had women just 'cuddle up' with me while i was trying to go to sleep in bed, no one asked them
>had abs/chest felt multiple times as people wanted to see if I had a body suit on under there
>random hugs from the back or side
>stalked a good number of times
>few girls flip my skirt when we were doing a k-on cosplay 'just to check hehe'

Bunch of shit that, I'd complain but I know the end result would be "pfft really dude? YOU are complaining about that? okay chad....". If a dude did this he would be in prison for most those things, women get a pass constantly on weird shit.

>> No.10283550

lmao, yeah right. Men would love that shit to happen to then and would lose their shit if women hit on guys like that. Besides if you are a fit anon you could handle yourself against most women lol.

cool larp

>> No.10283574

You're lucky enough to not only a man, but a physically capable and fit man who is able to fight back if anybody tries to abuse your boundaries. Seriously, all you have to do is push them back and tell them off and they would be too scared to try again. All heterosexual men would kill to have woman touching them and grouping them and constantly reminding them of their sexual dominance.

>> No.10283678


Fucking love the double standard here. Cons aren't some back alleyway, women can easily scream and have every single person in the con on the dudes ass in a heartbeat. Also, wasn't the point in that post it was to show that women can do essentially the same creepy shit "only men do".

>Seriously, all you have to do is push them back and tell them off and they would be too scared to try again.
All women need to do is push back and raise their voice and instantly have people going to gang up on whoever is causing issues.

>All heterosexual men would kill to have woman touching them and grouping them and constantly reminding them of their sexual dominance.
Not all fit guys are hetro and what makes a fit guy instantly be visibly gay or straight? why are you stereotyping people so hard?

>> No.10283698

>Seriously, all you have to do is push them back and tell them off and they would be too scared to try again.

Yeah do this and pray she doesn't get pissy and go off on an assault accusation. Fucking lol. I'm not going to go on a woe is me rant, but you have to admit guys need to be far more careful at cons due to the stereotype surrounding them and how easy it is to get associated by accident into a bad status compared to women.

>> No.10283730

That's shitty.

>> No.10283734 [DELETED] 

lol what was up with parking?

Were those guys charging for parking in the office parking lots legit?

They only covered one entrance.. I literally went to the entrance in the back from the fountain area every time and parked for free...

>> No.10283973


>> No.10284019

So what, I don't care if men get upset about being stereotyped. Woman are constantly stereotyped as evil whores but if you try and refute that nobody will listen. Men are more hyper sexual, stronger and dangerous compared to women.

>> No.10284022


Men can harass men
Women can harass men
Women can harass women


>> No.10284193

great job missing the entire point of the posts, seriously did you just see it and choose to ignore the point? By chance if you are just that dense, the point is to show that women are equally capable of performing the same dumb shit and that con creeps are not solely male. The fact you ignore this and go straight to stereotypes either shows you are very closed off to how the world works or want to play victim.

You keep jumping to random topics and statements without addressing the points brought up. Fact of the matter is if you see a con creep report it, creepy shit is not bound to a gender. Men can do creepy shit and women can do creepy shit, though the amount of people actually doing those things at cons is very small compared to the amount of people attending on average.

The only thing you seem to keep doing is re-enforce the wrong stereotypes on people without looking at the real world facts.

>> No.10284344

I honestly don't see the problem with this. I go with my girlfriend, and sometimes our mutual third friend, and that's enough?
If people chat to us we're obviously polite, and we'll spark up conversations with people who have similar interests, or get down with people we know who arent extremely close anymore. But it's not like I'm looking to forge new relationships.

I'm not at a nerd con to make friends, I already have friends.

I wISH more attractive middle aged men were into cosplay. I aint into teenagers.

>> No.10284508

this is the age of the internet. If you want something to fap to you can get it online
most guys wouldn't stoop so low as to take photos of women irl to fap to later

>> No.10284550

>most guys wouldn't stoop so low as to take photos of women irl to fap to later

Heh, poor sweet summer child.
You never hear of candids?

>> No.10284556

A good third of people who go to cons are there for business

Good lord at the scalpers in SDCC

>> No.10284562

The 'i cosplay for me' is a loser mindset. It for people who are unhappy with their work and get no attention but need an explanation to explain it away. Cosplay is a visual preforming art like it or not. You're going to compared mentally to at minimum the source material and probably to other people cosplaying the same thing. It's how the hobby works. If your attitude is 'meh good enough' it shows in your work.

Congrads on being a cheap bitch??

>> No.10284572

>your work

>> No.10284734

You either don't have a full time job, in college years, or have a cushy living with parents/don't pay full bills gig to spout off like this. Enjoy the time you have to actually go around and deal with getting ample time to focus on your dress or whatever because a large majority of people don't.

>The 'i cosplay for me' is a loser mindset. It for people who are unhappy with their work and get no attention but need an explanation to explain it away.
Most people are the exact opposite, you just spouted two completely contradictory stereotypes. Everyone I know who goes with cheap premade cosplay often tends to go more for the social aspects with friends, party, and just for laughs. I've found people who tend to spend ludicrous amounts of time on their cosplay often are not the social type as they don't want to mess up their cosplay by any means.

> Cosplay is a visual preforming art like it or not. You're going to compared mentally to at minimum the source material and probably to other people cosplaying the same thing. It's how the hobby works. If your attitude is 'meh good enough' it shows in your work.
This is exactly why I stopped rooming with fuckers from /cgl/ who was under 25 or lived at home, most of you all really can't see cons for anything else other than being 1:1 and being 'that character'. It's no longer about laughs, good times, people you meet, or just chilling; it's 100% a fashion show about you and how you 1 up the other cosplay there.

I won't tell you that you're doing the con wrong as everyone has their reasons to go enjoy themselves so long as not harming others. However, do understand the majority of people as they get full time jobs, those doing school and work, or those with families don't have the extra time you seem to and mimicing the cosplay is fine to them and to most people; not going to win an award but they are still happy at the end of the day who cares?

>> No.10284738

>Congrads on being a cheap bitch??
Also can't help but feel when this shit comes up it's some dipshit lolita post who is mad that some cosplay from aliexpress got more photos than her, or it's some idolfag who wants their waifu/idol absolutely perfect.

You sound like a real fun person at cons hope you meet with others like you at them, because I'd prefer not to run into you at a con.

>> No.10284775

lmao get a load of this tryhard autist, you sound like you're real fun at parties. You have literally no chill, why not just stay at home and post pictures of your cosplay on the internet? Since you obviously just want to craft and perform without having to interact with people who like fun or don't take anime dress-up as seriously as you do.

>> No.10284826

If you give a shit that much about cosplay, please go to the cosplay contests at cons only. Though I am going to go out on a limb here and say you're definitely one of those people who rant on about time effort and how much you put into your cosplay for it to make it a cut about the rest, but would never be caught dead in a cosplay contest as it would be a hard taste of reality to you.

You're stupidly limiting yourself and pushing away a ton of people by having this attitude.

>> No.10284896

long time not seeing this pasta

>> No.10284908

>Most people are the exact opposite
lol I'm aware. The flood of people attending cons because they saw their first anime on netflix is why cons have become little more than drunken Halloween parties at a hotel in July

>> No.10284960

Mercy is ober 50 but she looks round 25 because of nanomachines.

>> No.10285165

I went last March to a con in Finland and man, I literally felt like a high school teacher during a field trip. The only ones +25 were some of the stands vendors, my boyfriend and me.

>I'm 28

>> No.10285169

past the age of 8 but that is not stopping anyone.

>> No.10285237

European cons are fucking dumb, unless you go to the UK or EU enjoy feeling like a perv

>> No.10285238

fuck not eu, germany

>> No.10285960
File: 24 KB, 408x510, images (38).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish I hadn't. At least we can rest assured that MOST guys aren't like that

>> No.10285973

It's bullshit, even if the law don't refrein it, you will never see a school having no rules against it. And most people find it fucked up.

>> No.10286259

there's still time

>> No.10286261

>esides if you are a fit anon you could handle yourself against most women lol.
except that if you even remotely express that you felt grossed out about it, you'll be called a fag.

>> No.10286293

You know you can cosplay older characters, right?

>> No.10286369

I don't think there's an age limit as long as you still have passion for it.

I've kinda lost my passion over the past year I don't think I'll be cosplaying outside of doing halloween costumes or historical events.

>> No.10286436

So pretty much cosplay as many young characters as you can before 35 is what I'm getting from this thread.
What about cosplaying an older version of characters? How does cgl feel about that?

>> No.10286797

I'm currently looking through some of my old cosplay pics from when I was between 14 and 16 (I'm 22 currently) and honestly? I look much better now than I did back then. My cosplays weren't extremely bad but my face was just so.. weirdly imbalanced, not to mention the badly concealed acne and the severe dark eye circles from the chronic lack of sleep. I actually had people tell me I looked older back then than I do now. Sometimes aging a bit is great and teens aren't necessarily better suited for cosplay

>> No.10286804

There are a LOT of characters over 35 out there though, especially in video games. The Resident Evil crew is like over 50 by now.

>> No.10287123

I'm 36 and have been cosplaying for 20 years. Step off, you young bitches.

>> No.10287191

There are, but I personally think unless you don't take care of yourself and are aging atrociously you don't have to limit yourself to cosplaying a certain age group of characters. You won't look as authentic as you possibly could, but you can pull off a decent cosplay and have fun. You have all the time in the world to cosplay older characters so might as well try to get away with doing things you want to while you still can. I haven't hit 35 yet, or even 30, but have been pondering this a bit lately because time seems to fly by faster the older I get.

Also holy shit I didn't realize RE characters were that old.

>> No.10287222

I mean there's a reason high schoolers on TV are often played by grown-ass adults.

>> No.10287359

In my country lots of con-goers are 30+
Smaller cons invite local voice actors who dubbed 1980's or 1990's anime and their panels are quite popular.

>> No.10287365
File: 576 KB, 510x682, 20191111_091411.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How young is too young?

>> No.10287682

Depends on the parent really. Kids can be cute in cosplay and I love seeing them, but if you're gonna bring your kid, you have to cater to them. If they're tired, don't drag them around the con until they have a meltdown, take them back to the hotel. I don't care if you miss something you want to see, the kid has to be your priority. Get a babysitter if you don't like it.

>> No.10287683

Also, forgot to mention, cons are loud and crowded, so I wouldn't bring a literal newborn to one. That's just not fair to the baby, they need to be old enough that the noise won't bother them too much.

>> No.10288797
File: 282 KB, 1600x1200, 1572597072274.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wouldn't be surprised if most of this board continues to cosplay well into their 40's or 50's. The demographic is shifting since anime isn't some underground thing anymore. It's way more widely accepted than it was in the past (Especially since cinemark theatres hosts Ghiblifest every year now).

Think about it: a lot of ppl who go to cons who volunteer to get free passes usually end up seeing how planning a con goes, and learn a LOT by hands on. As you age, your skills only get sharper as you get wiser. If ppl love cosplay/anime and have the organizational skills to get a mature age con off the ground, why not?

Some cities like Pitsburgh that host their normal anime/cosplay con also have a second con aimed at an OLDER crowd (Sangawa Project). As ppl age cons like these are only going to become more common. Just because you're old doesn't mean you should quit your hobbies.

>> No.10288810

How can anyone under 25 even afford this hobby? I didn't start really churning out costumes until I graduated and got actual money to spend on materials and con trips.

This. Oh lord, this.

How come? 37 isn't a wrinkly mummy age, I could buy her being 37 just fine.

>> No.10288961

They afford it by having daddymoney, or by living with their parents and working a job just for fun money. Then there's the ones that are lucky enough to land good paying jobs right after graduating college at 22.

>> No.10288992

>How can anyone under 25 even afford this hobby


But people will tell you that 18-22 is the prime age for cosplay (yuck)

>> No.10288995

>How can anyone under 25 even afford this hobby?
They were born into middle/upper class families.

>> No.10288997

I started at 15 and saved up birthday money/made shitty cosplays with at-home supplies until I got a part-time job
basically this >>10288961

>> No.10289005

Man I was born into a middle-upper class family and my parents never gave me money. I had to work part time for any spending cash.

>> No.10289009

i started working 10 hours a week at california minimum wage ($8/h in 2012) when i was 14. didn't pay rent or any living costs, didn't blow it on food and porn, had over $300 worth of spending money each month. kept the same job, upped my hours as i got older, minimum wage went up, $$$ accumulated

god i miss all the expensive materials i could buy back then

>> No.10289018
File: 24 KB, 200x233, 1387599404538.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dont have to worry about age of consent if you were the 13 year old

>> No.10289044

Every fucking month some newfag brings this up. There never has and never will be some stupid limit on cosplay. It's dressing up as cartoons. Do whatever you want.

>> No.10289143

Reminds me of alodia

Raised from a wealthy family then got into cosplay at 14, an age where most filipino teenagers are struggling to buy school uniforms/books let alone cosplay

>> No.10289152
File: 186 KB, 301x309, 1463247183578.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can cosplay at any age as long as it doesn't look obscene and doesn't make people barf on sight, choose your characters with care and take care of your body.

>> No.10289163 [DELETED] 

Honestly, I think it is a massive red flag for intense arrested development when you're still obsessed with cosplay past your mid-20's. Dressing up for a con or two a year is one thing, but when you're still treating cosplay as a lifestyle (as in centering your entire life around cosplay and going to as many cons as possible) it's time to reevaluate. Let's not forget thay cosplay is literally dressing up as fictional characters at the end of the day. When that is still central to your identity at 30, you are doing life completely wrong.

>> No.10289167
File: 100 KB, 540x338, tumblr_oae46x1SND1vxpileo1_540.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honestly, I think it is a blatant sign of intense arrested development when you're still obsessed with cosplay past your mid-20's. Dressing up for a con or two a year is one thing, but when you're still treating cosplay as a lifestyle (as in centering your entire life around cosplay and going to as many cons as possible) it's time to reevaluate. Let's not forget that cosplay is literally dressing up as fictional characters at the end of the day. When that is still central to your identity at 30, you are doing life pretty wrong.

I'm not saying you're not allowed to have fun anymore after 25, by all means enjoy your vidya and mangos. However, it is time to reconsider how you participate in your fandoms and how much you dedicate your existence to it. By that age, you should have enough going on in your life where revolving your universe around cosplay isn't a thing anymore.

>> No.10289169

Fàm, why care? every person alive right now will be dead in less than 110 years and in 120 nobody will remember you even existed, might as well enjoy your hobby to the fullest. If you still look good in cosplay, there is no reason to stop.

>> No.10289172

I don't really care, it's not like it has impact on my life. I just think it's cringey and an obvious sign of arrested development if cosplay is still central to your identity after a certain age. How you look doesn't effect that.

>> No.10289176

How old are you?

>> No.10289186

You're hilarious. This is probably bait, but I'm having a slow day at work so I'll bite.

I have made SO many amazing friends through cosplay. It has taught me incredible life skills. It has broadened my horizons in arts, crafts, budgeting, creativity, thinking outside the box, problem solving, teamwork, planning, photography, photoshop and other computer art skills, social media networking, and most importantly to me, it has given me a hobby to discuss passionately with friends that I don't feel like I have to fake to enjoy.

Who cares if I'm not sipping wine discussing home decor or politics? Who cares if I am not raising a child if I don't want to? (FYI many families grow through cosplay together, people meet their significant others, and then can dress up their kids. My mother sewed my clothes and costumes as a kid, and I loved it). Who cares if my hobbies or adult concerns don't fit into your meticulous little boxes?

I have a home, I pay my bills on time, I can afford to hit 5-6 cons a year and I have good credit. I'm not worried what people think of me, but I do worry for the future generations that sit there asking 'can I still do this hobby when I'm older?'. Hell yes you can! Who do you think makes the clothes for TV/theater, runs the cons, draws the art for the shows you enjoy, or creates the things you participate in for fun? ADULTS, that's who.

This point of view that there's something wrong with you for being passionate about something is honestly depressing and sad.

>> No.10289262


>> No.10289265

Why is mid-twenties the time where you think it’s time to be and “adult” and move on from what you view as childish hobbies? Many people think anime shouldn’t even be watched past the teens, a couple of decades ago you should have been married with children and a job and mortgage by the beginning of your twenties. You’re just admitting you will go along with literally whatever society thinks you should do, it certainly has nothing to do with “arrested development” since this is all cultural relativity. Vidya used to be for kids and now E-sports has become a legit profession. Times change, but I guess there’s always going to be people like you who go along with the masses because you look down on anyone who doesn’t.

>> No.10289271

"To be concerned about being grown up, to admire the grown up because it is grown up, to blush at the suspicion of being childish; these things are the marks of childhood and adolescence. ... When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up."

>> No.10289386

>now E-sports has become a legit profession

oh no no no

>> No.10289406
File: 18 KB, 600x600, 1543807740064.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10289408

It's funny, I had the exact same on a Facebook Alternative/metal/punk/etc group and I'm going to say the same thing I said there: With the way my life has gone, I might as well dress and act like I'm 15 and still keep doing what I want even if some people consider it immature. Being a responsible adult gets you exactly Jack and Shit.

>> No.10289441

>E-sports has become a legit profession
Fucking L O L
Normies don't even know what esports is, much less think of it as a real job

>> No.10289468

Please, I know people who still insist on telling me that pro-wrestling is fake.

>> No.10289571

wrestling is a sport that dates back to ancient times

e-sports is just as long as a games heyday, not to mention a lot of the players have extremely short careers. A lot have the sense to retire before 30

>> No.10291213

rfw you go to a con and get scammed by a con artist

>> No.10291555

People like op are the reason no one wants to go out to cons anymore.

>> No.10291567

After you are 70 you can do whatever the fuck you want. Who gives a shit about what people think, you're old

>> No.10291574

Anyone that treats cosplay as being central to their identity isn't right in the head.

>> No.10291617

25 tops, it just gets weird and creepy after that

>> No.10291850
File: 185 KB, 690x516, 1553059637254.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10291852

lets see what you say when you get 25

>> No.10291878

This. Getting way too invested into a single hobby and centering your whole life around it is pretty much always a bad idea, regardless of age.

>> No.10293179

Shut the fuck up zoomer

>> No.10293182

i think we are experiencing a heyday in con attendance, but the number of dedicated cosplayers are probably dwindling. Makes me fear how different the con scene will look like after a geek culture bust

>> No.10293183


Fuck "geek culture"

It's a bunch of SJWs and soibois who are so "le nerdy xd" because they watched some Marvel movies

The sooner the normie cancer leaves the better

>> No.10293186

>He thinks SJWs will go away with normies


>> No.10293255


>> No.10293356


You better be fit n cute if you're 30+.

>> No.10293415

>fit n cute
Dude, it's cosplay, not an olympic event. Most cosplayers are average, not even cute. Being fit helps with everything, as does being attractive. But if you're fugly and 19 have fun and cosplay. anyway. There's always someone out there to judge you regardless.

>> No.10293459

No it's a portmanteau of Costume and Play and your only duty as a participant is to have fun.

>> No.10293619


interesting, considering most cosplayers are fat awkward teens with acne and B.O.

>> No.10296487

I´ll cosplay a a Tekken character lul

>> No.10296494

Older people should be able to cosplay younger characters. Dark skinned people should be able to cosplay light skinned characters. Short people should be able to cosplay tall characters. Fat people should be able to cosplay skinny characters. Ugly people should be able to cosplay attractive characters. Cosplay is for everyone. Deal with it bigots.

>> No.10296498

White people should be able to wear blackface.

>> No.10296505

It depends on what you want to achieve. If you like basketball, you can play basketball with your friends until your 60 years old and no one is going to try to stop you. But at the same time if you're 22 and decide you want to play basketball for the very first time in your life because you want to play in the NBA, well you're going to have a bad time.

Same goes for cosplay, if you want to cosplay for fun, and just for fun, then your age doesn't matter. But if you have any intention of chasing cosplay fame and have a million instagram followers and people on patreon throwing thousands of dollars at your for basically blogging about your hobby, well that's a different thing altogether.

You can cosplay for as long as you want, as long as you're honest with yourself. The older you get, the more avenues are going to be closed off to you. If you cosplay for fun, then that doesn't really matter because you weren't chasing after those avenues anyway. But if you have any sort of ambition beyond having fun, then you're going to have a harder time the older you get.

>> No.10296587

A lot of professions are rather short-lived though, like professional gymnastics or ballet. I think e-sports seems nonsensical but it's a "legit" profession alongside stuff like being a YouTube influencer, you can certainly earn your living on it provided you're good or famous enough.

>> No.10296686

They hated jesus 'cause the holy nigga spoke the truth

>> No.10296696
File: 31 KB, 650x373, star-wars-the-force-awakens-adam-driver-kylo-ren-undercover-boss-snl_nbc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Man I just turned 40 and I still cosplay. It's all for fun and to hang out with people I've grown with going to cons over the years. It may be a career for others but it's just about the crafting and camaraderie at my age lol

>> No.10298088


>> No.10300637
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>Same goes for cosplay, if you want to cosplay for fun, and just for fun, then your age doesn't matter. But if you have any intention of chasing cosplay fame and have a million instagram followers and people on patreon throwing thousands of dollars at your for basically blogging about your hobby, well that's a different thing altogether.

It's amazing how many of my friends who have been cosplaying since 2003-6 and still do it will actively complain when no one pays their costumes attention despite saying over and over that it's "for fun". They actively downplay how badly they miss the attention aspect and now it's kind of sad. Some of the them just aren't ready to grow up and accept it.

>> No.10300648

Think about what you just typed and try again

>> No.10300658

One of the best cons I ever went to was when I was in my mid 20s and just getting into the con scene. It was a small con, around 5k people but it was big enough to have George R.R.Martin as a guest. The average age of attendees was like 42. Old? Sure, but a mature crowd. The hotel permitted room parties in suites which had free open bars and legit djs. No cops were called. No alcohol poisoning. No lame repetitive anime music. No annoying, smelly ass kids yelling or crying. Just adults in their cosplay having a good ass time.

Long story short you're never too old. In fact the con scene gets better with age if you know where to look.

>> No.10301302

>too autistic to understand pussy gravitates to older men

>> No.10301305

only girls with daddy issues do that

>> No.10301320

And there are plenty of them out there to choose from.

>> No.10302096

Where do you think we are?

>> No.10308942

This is the most sound and reasonable argument I've read on this board in a while and seeing the responses to it speaks volumes.

>> No.10309040

As someone in their early 30's, ya, this just kind of happens. You can only take so much time off of work, you have other financial responsibilities and it's exhausting to go to cons all the time. I still go to about 4-6 cons a year and cosplay, and it's a big part of my life because I spend a lot of time making all my costumes but it's a fraction of what I used to spend on it in college/20's both time and financially.

>> No.10309049

You have to be 18 to post on this site.

>> No.10309114

>By that age, you should have enough going on in your life
Not everybody wants marriage or kids, you know. And if you don't have those things, life isn't much different than early 20s - you just go to work instead of school.

>> No.10311369

Late 20s.

So, 25+. Once you hit 25, you're a creep. Sorry.

>> No.10311371

Is it possible for older women to be creepy or just men?

Like J-Nig is 30 and Yaya Han is 40 no one accuses them of being creeps.

>> No.10311413

Creepy is a behaviour, it has has nothing to do with age. The only reason why men are called creepy the most is because they have shit social skills and can't read situations where they make people uncomfortable because they are selfish like that. Idk if either of those girls are guilty of any momokun bullshit to be called creepy.

>> No.10311414

I agree, but if you remove context some people will automatically call certain things creepy.

>> No.10311420
File: 191 KB, 470x600, kq.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>By that age, you should have enough going on in your life where revolving your universe around cosplay isn't a thing anymore.
What exactly are those other things that you should be having going on in your life? I can't think of anything other than children.

>> No.10311503

they aren't hitting on 18 yr old boys, so no they're not creepy

>> No.10311521

I wish cosplay mommies hit on me when I was 18

>> No.10311525

As long as you behave maturely and are not Naruto running around or hitting on girls that could be your daughter.

>> No.10311526

This, only women think this is creepy lmao. Otherwise it's only creepy if you tell her you're not interested and she doesn't fuck off.

>> No.10311581

Men don't think it's creepy because they don't have to deal with it often or ever. Whereas women are sick of that shit, it starts long before we're even legal.

>> No.10311860


>> No.10311861

Biology hurts doesn't it :).

>> No.10311868

>White people should be able to wear blackface.
White people should be able to wear blackface.

>> No.10311886


I think there is a difference between being utterly consumed by cosplay and just honestly enjoying the hobby, community and convention atmosphere. I've seen both sides. I used to compete, and entire conventions would hinge on the masquerade. I'm in my late 30's now and have been doing the cosplay and con thing since I was barely 18. I still enjoy cosplay, I still enjoy attending conventions. Most of the time, I'm doing artist alley but I'll go to some for the fun of it. If something still brings enjoyment, joy and purpose in your life, you don't simply give it up because "oh what will others think?".

There is this purveying notion that you must think, act and adhere to these specific norms in order to be considered "an adult". The problem is, you just don't turn a specific age and suddenly everything changes. You wake up one morning and realize, "shit, where has the time gone?" and "fuck it. oh well."

Maturity =/= interests and hobbies. Rather, it has little if nothing to do with them. Instead, emotional maturity and the ability to see outside your own inflated ego and sense of self-entitlement is a better indicator of maturity and adulthood than partaking in childlike hobbies and interests. If you're paying your bills, taking care of priorities in your life, whatever they may be, and have time and money to do so, partake in your hobbies.

You're never to old to play dress up, play with toys, or play with friends. These actions are scientifically proven to reduce stress, promote creativity and innovative thought. However, there does come a time when you need to stop worrying about what others think or trying to please others. There comes a time to stop the judgement (we're on /cgl I fucking know). You realize world is a dark, miserable, oppressive and horrific place. Hanging on to every ounce of joy you can get your hands on becomes priceless.

A true sign of arrested development is looking down on others because it makes you feel better.

>> No.10312607

Next time you're at a con, ask folks with these intricate and complex cosplay setups their age and what they do for a living. There is a pretty high chance that they are over 30 and work in a field that pays damn good money. Its a good bet that a lot of those older cosplayers have some kind of engineering background of some sort.

>> No.10312612

Best post on /cgl/ I've seen in months.

>> No.10312655

this is perfect. i sort of want to save it for when this gets brought up on /cgl on the future but i'm on my phone and too lazy to bother.

>> No.10314278

Ah, but don't you know anon? As a proper functional adult in society, children and work should consume all your time.
You should be wage slaving so you can pay off your mortgage and save for your children's future college tuition though they will be in debt for life anyway. And when you finally have some free time you should sit down and binge the same Netflix shows everyone else are watching.

I think maturity is something you should be gaining with age, but it's not related to simply quitting all "childish" hobbies just to do whatever adults are supposed to interested in. As >>10311886 points out, it's related to emotional control, the ability to sort out your priorities, be responsible and see outside your own self-interest.
There's honestly nothing wrong with having cosplay, J-fashion, conventions and AA as hobbies, it's about the way you go on about them. When you are 20 you might be full on obsessive, pull a string of all-nighters to get your costume or fanart prints done, go to conventions and attend late night room parties. In your mid-thirties this might not be a viable lifestyle anymore but most have also learned how to enjoy hobbies in a more relaxing way. People are judged less for their interests than how they behave and act, and as you get older the expectations of that changes. Which is honestly fine, you might have the same hobbies as when you were 18 forever, but you shouldn't act like you're 18 forever.

>> No.10314571

Wow I remember that pic, Otakon 2002 or 2003. The granddaughter was a cutie that I sadly never got to meet.

>> No.10317760

if you are male and cute you're gonna get sick of it real fast

females can be a worse threat than males since they are going to almost always get a pass for shitty behavior unless escalated into obvious momokun levels of bad

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