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What and/or when was the first convention you attended?

How was it? Did you cosplay? Do you still have photos of that time?
For me it was some “mall event” in the philippines back when i was 16 in 2008 which cost like $3 in philippine pesos equivalent to enter. I didn’t even know what Conventions were but it was held in a very wide function hall.

I did not cosplay, neither did like 98% of the people passingby. Cosplay culture is barely a thing you can only count people in costume in one hand. Also Bootleg merchandise EVERYWHERE
I’d like to think my first proper convention experience was Wondercon in 2014, sister dragged me and family along. I personally had fun and bought a space dandy print. Ive been attending one con a year after that

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when i was 13 or so, i went to a sci fi con and hung out with homestucks and we sat in the hotel elevator going up and down until they told us to get out
I had a fun time

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last year i went to ax and it was my first con.
my friend almost made me break my feet, i got strep throat and another friend tried to eat my soap, but i got to show off my itabag and meet like two other girls with itabags from the same series as mine so it was fun.
too crowded though, i don't know if i want to go back. i think if i go to another con i'll go to a smaller local one.
this is the only decent pic i have from the first day sadly

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disregard me i said last year when i meant this year my brain thinks its 2020

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Ushicon 2003 in Austin, TX
I was a freshman in college and I had joined the anime club. They all went to the con every year. I decided to go too, but got cold feet and almost backed out. Went anyway and 15 years later I'm still going to cons.

I did not cosplay, I didn't even know what cosplay was. I learned that weekend and started for my next con.

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My first con was in 2011 or 2012, the now long dead Japan Expo Centre. It was held in basically a high school gym and it was just a few booths of anime DVD box sets, Naruto merch and an anime opening karaoke.

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My first con was AWA 2013 when ZUN was there. I was very into Touhou. There was just so much to do and see my schedule was all back to back panels and meets. I have been chasing that high ever since.

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San Diego Comic Con before it really blew up. Lines were manageable. You could actually do multiple things back to back. Prices were cheap. $50 for the whole weekend. You could buy tickets at the door if you wanted.

No photos and I don't think I even had a camera at the time.

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Anime Matsuri 2011. It was across from the rodeo, so con guests were getting shafted for the rodeo guests; at one point they wouldn't let us walk through the lobby because filthy weebs. The hotel was tiny as fuck, too.
Of course I had a lot of fun and thought it was great but it was my first con so I had no expectations.

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I think it was A-fest 2009 in dallas. I was such an awkward 13 year old and I unironically bought a felt fox beanie.
I remember the cosplay chess was so cool and someone did a really fantastic ballet cosplay performance in the masquerade!
More merchandise than I had ever seen and me and my sister bought J-pop CDs that we listened to in the car for the next few years. (ANCafe)

It was super fun.

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>my friend almost made me break my feet, i got strep throat and another friend tried to eat my soap


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don't invite your online friends to your airbnb

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Fanime Con 2008.
i missed an cafe cause i was scared of concerts.
been going to cons since. never missed a fanime since. also chasing that high of being around like minded people (weebs) now its all clique ish. back then felt good to watch 2 hours of anime straight with a shit ton of people. now adays i wanna go to panels and only see anime i have not seen at all with others. i wanna cosplay again and make new friends however..

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I bought a felt panda hat with a safety pin 'x' for an eye and a very expensive pair of foam wings to go along with it. I was the happiest kid on earth that day

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kumoricon in portland OR, 2014 i think, i only started cosplaying last year though. i've gone every year since

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been into otaku culture for a decade
never really had interest in cons
till i became a part of a circle of friends who were
went to my first con awa 2018, cosplayed escanor seeing’s as i had a mustache and muscles
yeah was fun, i like my like to be very routine so it’s not exactly well suited to me

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why did you write this like a poem

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i am quiet a poor writer

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Katsucon 7, 2001 Fuck, I'm old.

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Anime Boston during my first year of college because I wanted to cosplay Kamina. My mom was a Parsons grad so she did an amazing job with the cape.

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My mom took me to comic con with her. I didn't have anything to cosplay as or even the materials so I just drew on myself with red sharpie and carried a big stick so people would think I was some wizard from an obscure manga.

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Youmacon last year, tomorrow I'll be going to it again, it'll be my 5th convention I think, and I'll be there with an improved cosplay plus a new one I put together for my sister that she offered to let me borrow

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Nekocon 2012 in Hampton VA. Sad to see it go to shit in the past few years.

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i have never been to a con yet im going to go to my first one on the 17th

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wasn't cosplaying anything

never heard of it?
well, it's a small con, in tyrol

also went there 2019

first time wasn't bad
second time, yeah, was ok

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Ohhh memories...
It was Anime Matsuri 2010. The last day was actually my 15th birthday (which is why my mom wouldn't let me go on the last day). I had fun, but looking back on it now I cringe pretty hard at my young weeb self. I didn't actually cosplay, but the first day I had attempted to by wearing Chii ears on a headband that my friend had made. The second day I gave up and just wore the shirt I had bought the first day that said I <3 Lelouch.

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Comicpalooza (Texas) 2011 or 2012? Can’t remeber but I was a freshman in high school, it was truly the last breath of 00s conventions, so much glomping and even yaoi paddles and that sort of shit, stuff that by the next year I stopped seeing in con scenes in general honestly. It’s the only reason I completely understand the stuff ppl mention from 00s cons.
I went with my friend who dragged her boyfriend along, im pretty sure I was dressed as your standard newly born weaboo: thigh highs, animal ears, cringe etc. I was definately in a full blown hetalia phase, took pictures of hetalia cosplayers on a digital camera and it’s all been lost to time thank god.
Honestly I still remember just how SMALL the con was that year, it took up just like 1/4 of the con center and there were so few people. It’s still a wonder to me bc then the last time I went in 2015 it took up the whole con center and I could barely walk around on Saturday and there were people bringing baby strollers and their kids and it felt like an awful normie event w people gawking at your most average Deadpool cosplay or what fucking ever.

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