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Old thread archived and there wasn't one up yet.

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Also: forgot to post mine.

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Not sure how up your alley it would be, but perhaps someone from Monster Prom? Would be a bit different but a fun idea to hit a few notes from your likes.
I'm not sure if it's cool to post mine yet or not since no one else has really posted yet, but I'll throw more recs throughout the thread to compensate.

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Nozomi looks perfect for you, though I like Fenneko for you too. I think you could also pull off...: Mami Tomoe from Madoka Magica, Stocking from PSG, Galko from Galko-Chan, Lettuce or Zakuro from Tokyo Mew Mew, Pluto from Sailor Moon, Macrophage from Cells at Work, Aeshleigh from KFC Dating Sim, Polly, Vera from Monster Prom, or Amanda from Dream Daddy. My dating sim tastes are only the popular ones, sorry, but hopefully I listed something that you like!

Bionicle or NGE would definitely be a huge hit, but I also like Rokusho for you. I think the costume would extenuate your proportions in a flattering way. We Happy Few and Anbu from Naruto have plenty of masked characters to chose from. Meta Knight from the Kirby series would be a fun mix of Snifit and Rokusho for his capes, sword, amor, and mask.

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Monster Prom is super up my alley, I would totally be Miranda or Vera!

I feel like you'd be a good Celty from Durarara (if you don't mind cosplaying women) or Joker from Persona!

Galko is actually a cosplay I've been considering (b/c body type) but holy toot you listed a lot of charas that are usually up my alley.

Starfire and Makoto are surefire cosplays that you'd rock. Dark Lady from Sailor Moon and Chii from Chobits would fit your cosplay aesthetic. Also Kotori from Love Live would absolutely look nice on you!

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Nozomi from your ideas! Tokiko Zaizen from idolmaster cinderella girls would look amazing with your eye shape. Takane Shijou from idolmaster would look good as well! Agreeing with the Vera suggestion from monster prom as well.

Pulling off EVA 01 would be really cool. Project jhin from league of legends, wrench from watch dogs, and zero from zero time dilemma are other masked characters that come to mind (although the last would be hard to recognize past "lol plague doctor")

I like maid ichigo best from your ideas. Sailor jupiter would look great too! You'd make a really good maya fey from phoenix wright, specifically her older version in spirit of justice! Or possibly Clover from virtue's last reward (although her outfit is pretty revealing). Minako from persona 3 would look good too!

Sorry for typing so much between suggestions, holy shit

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OH, almost forgot. If you're open to cartoons I think a total drama island character would be really good. Maybe Izzy? I've only seen like, three tdi cosplayers ever and they make me lose my mind every time.

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>holy toot you listed a lot of charas that are usually up my alley.
Oh, nice! I'm glad I could pick something you're interested in. Your recommendations for me are awesome too! I had completely forgotten about Chii. I loved Chobits as a teen, I can't believe I didn't think of her before. Thanks :)

>I like maid ichigo best from your ideas
Thank youuu! I was on the fence about choosing her for my next costume but your validation has driven me forward. Also, I don't know how you knew, but you picked characters from series I've been interested in but haven't dove into. I'll definitely start picking up those series, the character designs look cool.

To send some back your way, the Treasure Hunter looks like they practically modeled the character after you. You could absolutely pull that off. Ezreal and Gran are also good picks. Some more pretty boys to consider are: Ryu, Yumoto, or Atsushi from Cute High Earth Defense ClubLove!, Honey-sempai or Haruhi from Ouran High School Host Club, Ciel or Alois from Black Butler, Yukine from Noragami, Roxas, Ventus, or Sora from Kingdom Hearts, Momiji from Fruits Basket, Shinomiya from Kiss Him Not Me, Chihiro Fujisaki from Dangan Ronpa, Kashima from Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, and Ferris from RE:Zero. These choices are all from pretty popular series excluding like Noragami or Cute High etc.

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>tfw u reposted in this thread because you didn't like the answers you heard in the previous one
why even ask

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Be nice, ass. Some people are serious looking for genuine ideas or criticism, no need to derail for petty arguing

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Oof, I'm sorry if that hurt your feelings. I genuinely appreciated both answers I received in the last one, but like anyone on this thread I think a variety of answers are helpful. And unlike the others in the previous thread, I only received two responses because the thread died while others received 4-5. I just thought posting sooner would give me a better chance to get more suggestions, I didn't intend to be unappreciative.

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You'll do a great Nozomi! Outside of those, have you considered doing Yoko from TTGL?
From those, I think Rokusho would be the coolest one. You could try a Part 1 Dio Brando with the Stone Mask.
I think you could pull off a Lisa Lisa without even using a wig. From the ideas you posted, I liked 8 the most but I'm not familiar with any of those series.
Unironically do a Felix (Re:Zero).

Sorry for the lack of pics of myself. Death sounds like a better option than posting pics of me on 4chan

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Well it's difficult to pick a character that would fit you since we don't know what you look like. You mentioned that you're not a fan of armor/complex weapons and are short on time so I am assuming that you're purchasing your costume or choosing items from your closet; so, characters that wear school uniforms or are from popular series would be your best bets. Characters like the boys from MHA or Naruto, Animal Mask from Kemono Michi, Okabe from Stein's Gate, Professor Stein, Death, or Spirit Albarn from Soul Eater. Also from your choices, I think Gohan would be a good fit.

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If you find it easier, you can put a sticker over your face so that we can see a full body picture or you can make a collage with your features so that we can get a better idea of what you look like. Even a cosplay photo is fine. It's not mandatory, but you'll get answers that are more focused on what works for you. And if not, that's alright too.

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>I am assuming that you're purchasing your costume or choosing items from your closet
Actually, I'll get the fabric myself and pay someone to sew it.
>characters that wear school uniforms or are from popular series would be your best bets.
Do you happen to know characters that dress like that, but don't have the bishounen face? That's my biggest issues with Naruto and BNHA (besides not having watched them).
That being said, I loved the Animal Mask, Professor Stein and Spirit Albarn ideas, thanks for recommending them!
>Also from your choices, I think Gohan would be a good fit.
Hmm, I see. Biggest issue would be the wig (like most DBZ cosplays).

Thanks for taking your time to reply, even more with such a thoughful answer. Sorry for not posting pics.

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Oh I see! The comment about the school uniforms/popular characters was in reference to buying your costume, but if you're opting to get it commissioned then the world is your oyster.

>Biggest issue would be the wig (like most DBZ cosplays)
Good point. Well imo, the outfit is an easy find online, so if you decide to pursue Gohan, I'd suggest getting the wig commissioned instead.

>Do you happen to know characters that dress like that, but don't have the bishounen face?
Hmm.. I think I get the idea of what you're looking for. In that case, lean towards older characters like the Pro Heroes of BNHA (Aizawa, Endeavor, Ectoplasm, etc.). In Naruto's case there are plenty of older male characters with easy costumes like the ANBU, Akatsuki, and then all of the Shippuden and Boruto designs on top of that. Another show I'd recommend taking a look at the designs of is Mob Psycho 100. The Body Improvement Club is a really simple costume that would work for a person of your body type. Or you could pick one of the many older male characters like Reigen. Sometimes I find it helps looking for characters of a certain archetype for inspirations because I know that their look will fall in line with what I'm after.

>Thanks for taking your time to reply, even more with such a thoughtful answer. Sorry for not posting pics.
No worries, you have your reasons. I'm glad I could still give you something to work with.

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that's it. you're awesome, anon. This works well and I happen to have a wig I could reuse.

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I'm happy to hear it, my dude. Go out and be great

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You could totally pull off Vera from Monster Prom

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Its hard to give suggestions if we dont know what you look like! Maybe Hughes?
I think you would make a great Jupiter! You give off similar vibes in your photos.
Defo should go for tojo! I love ur eye shape :0 I could see you doing a great mikasa (AoT) too!

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If you’re fine with crossplay you’d make a really great Heather Mason

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Nezuko or Chio! If you haven't already, check out facebook buy and sell groups for wigs and cosplay. People get really desperate to sell after an item has been sitting for so long and you can often haggle the prices to your liking. It helped this broke student a time or two. Aside from your ideas, I think Mako from KLK, Chika from Kaguya-San: Love is War, Momo from My Hero Academia, Hiyori from Noragami, Homura from Madoka Magica, Kagome from Inuyasha. I tried to stay with characters that either had a hairstyle similar to yours so that you don't have to use a wig or simple costumes. I hope it helps!

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>You give off similar vibes in your photos.
That's such a huge compliment, thank you.

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Not familiar with those, but imo you would look great specially with 4).
You mentioned that you wanted simple cosplays, but imo all of those except Miku and 3) will have some quirks to make them look great. So be careful!
You also look a bit like Yomi from Ga-Rei. Also Kaguya and Homura as >>10288984 mentioned.
>Its hard to give suggestions if we dont know what you look like! Maybe Hughes?
but hey, unexpected stuff came irl and I'll reuse my old Kamina instead. Still grateful to everyone who helped, your ideas will probably be used next year.

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Different anon, but I see it and agree

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thank you! i dont mind spending for wigs but its mostly costumes i want to budget! i didnt think abt fb groups! thank you!

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Glad I could help. Gah, I feel you. Costumes really rack up some hidden costs. Best of luck!

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Hey man, there's no pressure to actually follow through with the suggestions we give you. That's why they're suggestions. Thanks for the update though. I hope you find a costume that makes you happy

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>only 6 people asked for suggestions in almost 2 months
the cosplay side of this board is even slower than usual. Except for drama.

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Im sorry I cant suggest others, pretty much everything has been said or suggested

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Not exactly "armored", but you could try jojo stands like Killer Queen and Silver Chariot Requiem.

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It doesn't have to be a new suggestion, agreeing with what others have suggested or what the poster lists as their suggestions works too

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I thought of this too, but most Stands are too Muscle based, + i doubt many people in my country would recognice it. Mayby in a few years when it gets more popularity here

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Can I get some suggestions on a cosplay, I have an event coming up where the dresscode is Movie/TV series character, as I have little knowledge about normie media, I planned to go as an anime character, but here is where im stuck, can I get a good idea for a cos, Im a male btw with a good build, my idea is zenitsu from demon slayer for now(mby just the kimono and a katana)

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Fill out the blank template posted in the OP and we can start giving you suggestions. It's not listed on the template, but try to have around 3 ideas of your own for others to choose from.

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I'll do you the solid of getting started, but please make sure to give at least 3 other people suggestions even if you're just doing what >>10295495 said.

Off the bat, the character from Vinland Saga fits you to a T. Other than that, I think the Huntsman from Monster Hunter would be a fun and unique pick. Aside from those, you could do: Reiner or Erwin from Attack on Titan, Gilgamesh from Fate, Mumen Rider or Genos from One Punch Man, or Kamen Rider

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ok, I´ll try
>>10287829 same as >10287829, maybe Uraraka from BnHA would be fitting

>>10282651 hard to tell what would fit for an Unknown person, but if you can cosplay Baki or JoJo every fighting MC would do, maybe Ippo from Hajime no Ippo

try Goblin slayer, it was my first cosplay, I learned Foamsmithing while making it and it turned out OK

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I was about to suggest Nezuko. She's quite popular right now and you suit her looks, especially your hait, but I imagien you're gonna wear a wig anyways.


how about a Kengan Asura character? i'd suggest Imai Cosmo but you said you don't suit androgynous character. How about Saw Paing?


Ajna from indivisible would be perfect


Sailor Jupiter and Starfire would definitely suit you.


Simon from TTGL would be cool for you


your face just really suits Fenneko, i don't know why. I suggest giving it a try.

would you be willing to wear make up to cover your face, if you generally would rather wear masks? Every thing you suggested seemed like a really good idea anyways
As for me: I've only ever cosplayed once, years ago, and that picture of me as Sylvia from NMH is it. I was thinking of going to a con later this year with my friend again, him as Link and Me as Tingle. I don't have much experience and I seriously lack dexterity and would probably rather buy and assemble stuff rather than make it.
I'm getting kinda beefy (*kinda*) but also kinda pudgy so I'm hoping to cut in a few month's time in time for Manchester comicon and the London cons this summer. I know you'd probably suggest a wig but could I pull off Aizawa from BNHA with my hair and general stubble/eye shape? My ex told me I have tired tumblr eyes.

Yes that's totally me and OneyNG.

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If you blowdried your hair, you could match Vincent easily. Also a good choice since Catherine: Full Body just came out. Aizawa is a good choice to match your face, but you'll just look like a dude in black without the wig. Unfortunately you'll have to spring for one. Otherwise I think you could choose from: Samurai Champloo, Spike Spigel, Muzan Demon slayer, Adult Lambo from Reborn!. I'm not sure what your hair looks like straightened, but it could open up some more possibilities for you. Most protagonists have straight black hair.

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You have the perfect face for Aizawa, go for it.

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How is full body? Idk whether to give in and buy the steam version of Catherine or wait for the new version of the game to come out on PC

You think I could pull off spike and muzan? I kinda have a soft baby face and they're sorta tall and lanky and sharp featured. Also my hair is naturally curly and messy but if I straighten it it goes down past my nose


I've never tried making my own cosplay cuz I suck at arts and crafts of any kind but I'm sure there are a million places to buy an Aizawa cosplay, plus my tired eyes will be a plus.

Is there a particular place you guys recommend I cop cosplay outfits from? I don't know what places are reliable and which places are scams

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I'm not a big fan of Rin, so I don't care for it too much, but I also haven't played it. The base game is fantastic though, I do recommend.

> I kinda have a soft baby face and they're sorta tall and lanky and sharp featured
Cosplay isn't about 1:1 match, it's about the way you use tools like clothing and makeup to perfect the illusion and ultimately up to your interpretation. A little contour could go a long way, but don't worry too much about it. No one is going to chide you for not having the face and light skin of an Demon Michael Jackson.

>Also my hair is naturally curly and messy but if I straighten it it goes down past my nose
So this is going to sound redundant, but I think you could straighten your hair and then style it in soft curls/spikes/waves - think of Joker from Persona 5. If that's not something you're interested in though, you don't have to.

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would it be considered lewd or inappropriate to do the demonic form of Vincent? I was thinking full blue body paint, demon horns, red contacts and maybe tights or shorts or something similar to go over my genitals as to not actually be naked. It would be a really fucking easy and simple cosplay to pull off, provided it's not considered too lewd.

>> No.10304062

Maybe wear pants? Otherwise check if the convention has specific rules about what must be covered. And you should wear a dance belt if you wear something tight around your parts

>> No.10304557

I've seen men in Vincent cosplay before without shirts and plenty of other shirtless cosplay, so you definitely should be fine, but check your convention's rules and bring a skin colored shirt just in case a volunteer decides to unleash their power trip on you.

>similar to go over my genitals as to not actually be naked
Oh is he fully naked? All of the images I've seen he's still wearing his heart boxers (which would be a good in character solution since he's pretty identifiable with them on).

>And you should wear a dance belt if you wear something tight around your parts
Gotta agree with >>10304062 here too. A dance belt is a must.

>> No.10304609


I can't find his boxers anywhere! I know they came in a limited edition version of the game, but no one seems to be selling copies at all, or replicas.

Yeah desu for the sake of time and money I figured the less actual stuff goes into the cosplay the better. If I just have to get horns, a large pillow and boxer shorts, it makes things easier. If i go for his demon version then it makes things a bit fancier cuz I get to add blue body paint and red lenses and it doesn't look as lazy/fuccboi

you guys ever got stuff from Aliexpress? Insane how cheap a full cosplay is. Tempted to get something from there.

>> No.10304612

I have bought a lot of stuff on Ali but never a full costume. My only advice is look at the reviews, especially if they have pictures.

>> No.10304892

Yeah, I order from Ali all of the time. I've never purchased a full cosutme because I like to make mine, but I've heard good things if you do your research. As for the shorts, add some fabric medium to acrylic paint and you're good to go. Make a stencil or trace the shapes in pencil first though.

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