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Previous thread >>10273183

Remember, this thread is for questions about J FASHION ONLY
If you need cosplay help, go to the cosplay help thread

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Does anyone remember an image from Tumblr of a dude in aristocrat wearing wide pants? My memory is hazy, but I think he was standing on a porch-like thing with some greenery framing the shot. He had a pretty tanned complexion. I think his pants were wither Moitie or Atelier Pierrot. The pants were really very wide.

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Very dumb question. I'm ordering from bodyline for the first time. I'm on the page where it asks for your address. The first address filled out just fine but then it asks for mail address in addition to the first address? So I just typed in my mailing address like I would for a package, and the site tells me 'characters that cannot be used are entered in mail address'
So I think maybe its the commas between my address? So I remove all the commas and it still gives me the same message and I can't figure out what it wants.

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I don't have the photo saved but I'm pretty sure the wide leg pants were Moite. I remember comparing them to big ass rave pants from the 90's when they were released.

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I'm not a lolita but I've always admired the aesthetic from outside. I'm taking a print design course at my uni and I enjoy it, and I'm wondering if anyone knows what it's like or if there are any real opportunities to design prints for lolita brands, especially as a burger?

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I handwashed a new pair of Baby socks and the red parts bled pink. How do I salvage them?

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You should look up interviews of Western lolita designers like Violet Fane and Lady Sloth

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Usually when Japanese sites say mailing address, they mean your email.

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is there any type of J fash that's like mori (or any style, really), but instead of being a "forest" girl, it's more centered around nautical themes? I like the aesthetics of J fash and all the layering, but I prefer ocean themes to forest motifs, goth stuff, or sugary sweet pastels. the closest I've really gotten is blue/ocean-themed lolita coords but I want to branch out and google is no help

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Sailor uniforms

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I'm going to be entirely honest. Being tall and being into Japanese fashion fucking sucks. If you're brand standard size you can just buy entire coordinates. Through trial and error and a ton of research you have to figure out what can and cannot fit you, and brand coordinates will never fit, its always one item from this store, one item from that store and praying to god the colors match up/are as advertised online. I want to go from lolita to Ouji. Turns out Ouji is made for short people too.
I want someone to handhold me and say "here is an outfit suited for a tall person like you"
So I can try it on and figure out if I like the fashion on me in the first place before doing additional research on my own. Where could I go about finding someone to help me make a tall friendly coord or am I just on my own?

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I would do the Mori girl layering but in sea and sand tones and gauzier fabrics with sea glass and shell jewelry. Long flowy beach hair. Dunno. You’ll probably just end up looking like a hippie tho

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Maybe soak them in cold water with oxiclean and color catchers. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t

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Late Victorian/Edwardian promenade wear. Lots of white and navy nautical stripes and straw boater hats. Perhaps some stuff inspired by their bathing suits as well. Look up "Cowes week" fashion of earlier periods.

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I suggest following lolitas on instagram with similar complexion as you. Tall lolitas, like Chokelate, observing and noting what works or not. Unfortunately, handholding only goes so far, but nothing beats trial and error. Don't be afraid to buy things (sell them if they don't work for you). If you are really interested, you will figure it out eventually, but trying is the first step.

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sailor lolita

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there's sailor themed stuff by lots of brands, in sweet, punk, historically inspired, etc. Idk if there's specific phrases I can give you or more info but I offer encouragement cos your idea sounds cute as heck!

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Look up umi kei

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Im trying to get into Ouji, not Lolita, which I stated I already know. Unless Choke got into wearing Ouji often when I wasnt paying attention.

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I'm 5'7" and can fit into Japanese normal sizes fine, as long as I am mindful of the length and flatten my chest a bit. Are you sure its not your frame that's throwing your off?

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Lose the attitude, whether or not you're an experienced lolita is hardly clear from the wall of text you wrote. Buying one item here and there doesn't mean you know what you're doing

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Well it's not looking for brands that will fit, it's looking for cuts you can modify. For example JSK with non-detachable straps probably won't work unless you modify it. But AP's detachable strap dresses will work, same for any dress with detachable straps. Don't work hard with trial and error, work smart with figuring out how you can make it work for you. Drop some contact details and we can talk more about it, one tallchan to another.

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is it okay to wear wristcuffs on your ankles if it works with your shoes?

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What's the name of this AatP dress?

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They will be too small to be worn instead of boot toppers

You'd better look for baby doll socks or normal boot toppers to ornament your shoes.

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Most of the times it looks stupid, but if you manage to get a pair of wrists large enough for your ankles and that perfectly matches the socks to the point of fooling people into thinking that you aren't wearing your cuffs on your ankles, go for it!

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Are Usakumya ribbons easily removable/replaceable? I found a super cute one for sale but the ribbons aren't my ideal colors. Would it be easy to replace the ribbons with colors I prefer?

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How fat are you people?


I used to do wear wristcuffs on my ankles all the time when I was too new to have frilly ankle socks.

You can definitely do it but I feel like actual ankle socks are better.

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It honestly looks awful even on super skinny people. Wrist cuffs on ankles always looks bad.

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I'm pretty tubby and wristcuffs will still fit around my ankles; maybe they're taller/carry more weight in their legs?

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I've tried it, own both wrist cuffs and sock toppers. you can certainly give it a shot, but the surprising thing I find is that wrist cuffs aren't too small but do tend to be too bulky -- the better wrist cuffs are generally fancy with more lace and ribbons and things on them, which adds bulk to your feet.

The better lace toppers/ankle cuffs are the ones with thinner lace so they don't visually hack your legs off at the ankles or make it look like you're wearing some kind of lacey ugg boots.

As for the size of wrist cuffs, most people's ankles are generally wider than their wrists. It'll fit fine, but remember you're stretching the elastic out, so if you have smaller wrists you'd definitely want to think twice, maybe check that the wrist cuffs aren't getting too loose over time.

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They're sewn onto the bear, so you'd have to rip stitches and then sew the new one on.

Saw someone simply clip new bows right on top of the old one, if the colours kinda match then maybe that could work for you?

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Looks like the Kuranosuke Stripe JSK, it was a collab with Kuragehime.

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Thanks for the info/tip! The listing for the item has expired but I'll keep my eye out and consider doing that if I ever find another with the right body color but different bows than I want.

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>How fat are you people?
to the point of having 15cm circumference for my wrists but having 22cm for my ankles. The wristcuffs would look just like a stretched blob of lace.

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Can anyone recommend a petticoat (A-line AND cupcake) with an elastic waist that is pretty forgivable? I'm tired of all these pettis that begin to hurt the skin after wearing them for only 1 hour.

Are cage hoop skirts more comfy?

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How do ETC's MTOs work? Can I order online or do I have to get a SS to go in-store?

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Mine are all from AA and they're pretty comfy. I advise you to check the waist measurement and buy it a few centimeters larger in order to attain maximum comfort.

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I had no attitude, i just simply corrected you.
>"I want to go from lolita to Ouji."
Seemed clear enough to me but the fact other people are missing it makes me think I should have added a TLDR.
The issue is the sleeve and pants length for ouji. I have wide hips so while I didnt have problem for lolita, I am having issue with finding an ouji coordinate that fits.

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there is one anon in all these threads who gives irrelevant answers and then says people have an "attitude" when they tell them they're unhelpful

like when some person was asking which sweet brands are cheapest

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For a major brand? Virtually no chance.

I would suggest establishing your lolita art credentials (make a good insta page with your art, get a following, maybe sell stickers or prints or something) and then work towards collabing with existing western brands.

Most western indie brands sometimes have pieces drawn and designed by other artists. If your artwork is good there's probably some opportunities available.

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what kind of headwear would you guys reckon is best to go with nameless poem? most coords i see use rectangle headdresses but do you think it could work with a bonnet?

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Everyone wears every goth dress with Antique Beast headdresses.

now, as for your question, yes, you could make a nice coord with a beret, just remember to match your hairstyle and accs so it doesn't look too out of place.

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Are there any knockoffs of the Antique Beast bat headdress around?

>> No.10290942

Why not wait for AB to reopen next and get one? Or get one second hand.

>> No.10290943

Because I'm cheap?

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Thanks for your help gulls! I’ve got quite a few sailor collar pieces in my wardrobe already (surprise, lol) and I just thrifted a really nice mori-style dress in sax. I’ll try wearing stuff like pic related (sorry I can’t draw lol)

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Second hand is usually cheaper than new. If you're that interested in knockoffs and impatient lolita may not be the best hobby for you friend.

>> No.10290950

its already like 40$, just buy one when they open. They are indie enough that stealing the design would hurt them badly.

>> No.10290953

I think there’s a taobao shop that makes similar headpieces that you can buy instead of stealing from an indie artist I’ll try and find them when I get home

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I've been doing fine so far, thanks.

I didn't ask for a replica, I said knockoff. Meaning similar. So that's great, thank you!

>> No.10290963

>thinking $40 is cheap for a headpiece

>> No.10290987

For lolita that’s still cheap. Look at some of the headwear from the big brands.
Also, knockoff might as well be a replica for something so distinctive, even if it’s not a print. As others have said, better to support the designer.

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It's really not. Not everyone is obsessed with brand and willing to pay brand prices. When will cgl accept this.

>> No.10290994 [DELETED] 


If you're this much of a lazy poorfag you should really learn to plan and budget more. >>10290987 is right, it's definitely cheap for lolita and it's already a small designer with their headpieces, especially the one in question, being pretty distinct.

>> No.10290996

No thanks. I'm perfectly fine with cheap indie brands. You keep being an elitist brandwhore who thinks lolita "must" be expensive tho.

>> No.10290997 [DELETED] 


They're literally a small brand and not one of the big ones. You don't have to be obsessed with brand to think that it is bad to support anyone copying their work. If you aren't willing to pay brand prices go for a different look rather than supporting theft of designs. When will poorfags accept this.

>> No.10291000

A knockoff is not the same as a replica, but go off with your rage I guess.

>> No.10291005 [DELETED] 


No one said it had to be expensive. Multiple people find the price pretty cheap. Antique beasT is a Japanese indie brand already. You don't have to own all brand to be lolita and no one ever claimed that. People usually recommend you just budget properly and look for secondhand deals if you want cheaper brand and not stoop to essentially searching for a replica of something fairly iconic to the brand. Most people who own lots of brand also own offbrand pieces and accessories so it's not like anyone has a problem with others not having an all brand wardrobe.

Trying to go offbrand to get things cheaper just generally ends poorly for people and they often end up ita or secretly hated for supporting replica makers. It can turn out well but if your motivation for doing something beyond reasonable budgeting and searching for deals in lolita is "this is so much cheaper if I do it this way", it can go wrong fast.

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That's nice. It's always worked fine for me and a lot of others.

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...this is far from being fat, I hope you know that, anon.

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It is the same, so try again.

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found the poorfag

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"The colloquial term knockoff is often used interchangeably with counterfeit, although their legal meanings are not identical."

Knockoffs aren't illegal like counterfeits are, first of all. Not the same thing but keep being mad.

Yes that's right, one has to be poor to not want pay exorbitant amounts for accessories. It's not like any of us drops hundreds on collectible that are actually worth the amount of money they cost, unlike clothes.

>> No.10291061 [DELETED] 


Nayrt and not sure if you're saying collectibles are a waste of money (sure, they are, a lot of things are a waste of money if you go by only what is a necessity in life) but for clothes you would wear them regularly.

Brand lolita clothes are typically worth the amount of money they cost (AP these days is questionable but still, most brand is still high quality materials and stitching, etc., especially old school). Collectibles are just plastic with varying levels of production quality/paint jobs if we're talking something like anime figures.

You don't have to be poor to not want to pay that much but really how often are you buying cheap offbrand or overpriced indie that you can't be patient and buy a headpiece for $40? A mistake people make a lot is going for low quality cheap things right away and treating lolita like fast fashion when it isn't. I and many others didn't notice the difference until learning from experience. Hopefully you will eventually learn that you can easily balance cost with brand pieces and offbrand or indie without being a "brandwhore".

A lot of the people who shun brand and only buy indie are typically too fat or fiscally irresponsible and used to fast fashion to buy brand so that's why people are implying you are poor (but there are tons of poor lolitas who still own lots of brand).

>> No.10291068

Funnily enough, speaking of AB, it’s opening up for orders this evening (Japan time) for a few days.

>> No.10291069

I'm saying I'm willing to shell out plenty of cash for collectibles, so no I'm not "a poorfag." And no I don't agree that clothes are worth any exorbitant amount of money. They're for wearing, not collecting. It has nothing to do with impatience, I would not pay $40 for a headpiece ever.

>Hopefully you will eventually learn
No thanks. I do things my own way and I'm quite happy with it. Perks of being a lonelita.

>> No.10291074

$40 isn’t that ‘exorbitant’ though. Honestly that price is very reasonable, even compared to offbrand accessories. With the AB bat headdress, you would be hard pushed to find anything anywhere near close to it that doesn’t look like a full on replica. If $40 is still too expensive, look for the actual AB headdress second hand, they aren’t uncommon, and secondhand brand can be acquired cheaply.

>> No.10291079 [DELETED] 

So you don't see the value of wearing clothes that are actually nice and worth their price that will be on your body but will spend a lot on plastic junk that is sits around?

Not judging but I don't get the logic here.

If it's ita it's not lolita whether you're in a comm or alone and you talk like an ita desu though I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you're not. Wear what you want and all but your logic is just not something I understand.

>> No.10291083

that's cute!! have fun anon!

>> No.10291084 [DELETED] 

Yeah I checked their site earlier and it was allowing you to add to cart and go through checkout. It would be so easy to just buy it new and it's a couple bucks less to get what looks like the broadcloth option

>> No.10291092

It’s saying closed still on the front page. But it will be open later. I’ve just checked the exchange rate, and it’s 3,800 yen, which goes to $34. Ive seen headdresses from other brands go for far more than that even second hand.

>> No.10291100

you sound like a whiny entitled bitch

>> No.10291102

Lmao, really? No, it's not reasonable and any normal person would agree. Just like any normal person knows $300 isn't a reasonable price for a dress.

Clothes don't have to be expensive to be nice. Especially seeing as "nice clothes" are made in the same Chinese factories as everything else, overpriced shit like AP included.

>If it's ita it's not lolita whether you're in a comm or alone and you talk like an ita
Okay. Considering western lolitas have their own definition of what "ita" is that doesn't align with Asian lolitas, and I literally only care about Asian lolitas, sorry to say I give zero fucks what you think is ita.

Or, you know, a person who doesn't care what other people think. Go buy your cookie cutter sets, brandwhore.

>> No.10291120

Enjoy your cheap child sweatshop clothes ita

>> No.10291121

Except that your view is very much the outlier here. $40 for a headdress is reasonable by lolita fashion standards even when comparing to offbrand prices. Lolita is not a super-cheap, Primark prices fashion. But if you shop carefully, you can find even major brand pieces for cheap, less than the price of TaoBao pieces, if you’re willing to look at second hand, or wait for the sales. For example, the IW sale. You can get jackets or dresses from them brand new for about 10,000¥! which is around $100. That sort of thing is not brand-whoring, or saying that offbrand sucks.
All in all, your attitude here stinks. You’ve been nothing but rude and unwilling to accept advice. You seem to only want to pay a few $ for hair accessories, and think that anything above that is unreasonable and abnormal. If you only care about Asian lolita views, why didn’t you approach that community then?

>> No.10291122

>implying AP and their ilk doesn't make their shit in cheap child sweatshops

>> No.10291125

We're talking about Antique Beast which is all handmade. If you didn't want to pay that much for AP I'd understand more but wanting cheap knockoffs of an indie artist's work is pretty shitty

>> No.10291126

>You’ve been nothing but rude and unwilling to accept advice.
Considering I never asked for your useless "advice" in the first place, yeah I'm not gonna listen to you lmao. Literally all I asked is if there was a similar knockoff bat headband.

>Lolita is not a super-cheap, Primark prices fashion.
It literally is when you buy indie brands. This does not have to be a luxury/expensive hobby at all, despite /cgl/ trying to tell that lie to new lolitas all the time.

>> No.10291130

While what we have tried telling you is that even the main brands can be acquired cheaply if you shop around carefully. You asked for help on this, we answered, much as you don’t like our responses.

>> No.10291132

I did not ask for help on that at all. Most secondhand brand is still way too expensive for what it is and I'm very clearly not interested.

>> No.10291134

Can’t wait to see your pictures in the ita thread!

>> No.10291137

I don't post pics on any western sites where you would see it, sorry to disappoint all you little white girls.

>> No.10291139

Sorry but I’m not white, weirdly enough there are plenty of people here who aren’t

>> No.10291140

I was referring to your knockoff AB headdress question. The more you say though the worse your attitude gets.

>> No.10291141

But for some reason It’s not for those headdresses. I paid around $35 new from the shop and they sell for close to $100 on lace market. Insane.

>> No.10291144

I strongly suspect this person is a lonelita not by choice but because they were kicked from their comm

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found the 'lolita at heart'.

>> No.10291147

What??? Seriously....

I’d say it’s pretty clear this dumpster fire is beyond saving, since this anon is resorting to slanging everyone in disagreement with them off. Which is everyone seeing as no one is agreeing with them.

>> No.10291148

What is lolita?

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File: 31 KB, 625x626, 1528060417455.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10291153 [DELETED] 

If you are buying from indie that is less than $100 per main piece that isn't a skirt (the price of a lot of secondhand brand or the aforementioned sale items) then you're buying ita quality indie senpai

The last one I saw sold was for $50 either bidding or BIN (someone from cgl sold it in both colors and had linked to it) prolly because it was pre-Halloween/it is popular and people are impatient. It's like how HCS was going for a lot before Halloween (saw one or two sell for almost $400) and now they sit there unsold. But AB headdresses are more versatile so remain in demand and some people want instant gratification over reasonable prices.

Or never let into a comm in the first place desu. They are super defensive to advice and unwilling to spend even $100 on a staple closet piece (which btw poorfags even outside of lolita $100 for a really good coat is not cheap but also not overpriced; I grew up poor and even I am aware that most decent clothes are far more than fast fashion prices)

>> No.10291159

Regarding the comment >>10291144 that was said by the person wanting the knockoff bat headdress.

>> No.10291163 [DELETED] 


Whether it's one person or multiple it still applies to anyone itt that was as butthurt as they were that we told them to budget for brand and pointed out that knock offs and replicas are close to the same thing in this scenario. Anyone who is so angry that we refuse to accept them not being willing to spend money on a niche fashion as an excuse for why they are willing to support design theft in the form of replicas is probably unwanted in most comms.

>> No.10291167

According to the census, no. Whitewashed and western at the very least.

Sure, Jan. It's definitely not because all the local comms are made up of brandwhore white girls.

>indie lolitas don't exist

One person was helpful actually in linking a good dupe, and thanks to them!

It's called taobao, and many lolitas buy exclusively indie. This is not news. Lolita is about achieving the silhouette, not about price. Unless you're an elitist, which a lot of /cgl/ is proud to. Thank god the Asian side of lolita isn't full of idiots.

>> No.10291171 [DELETED] 

I’m the anon they were replying to with that comment. It was headdress-knockoff-chan’s response to me simply having said that their attitude’s stunk when we’ve tried helping them. To that they made the accusation that I’m a lonelita who got booted from their comm. It’s a case of pot kettle black. I honestly think their response was pathetic.

>> No.10291174

>To that they made the accusation that I’m a lonelita who got booted from their comm
Pretty sure that response was directed TO cheap-chan, not FROM

>> No.10291177 [DELETED] 

Taobao and western indie are different boats, and if it's taobao the quality is definitely still questionable for the price points mentioned. There is a reason some people call newer AP stuff "taobao quality" as an insult; many taobao brands are far lower quality than even AP's worst.

Still can't see how $35USD and faster shipping than taobao from a legit Japanese indie brand is too much for a headpiece when taobao shops charge upwards of that much for accessories all the time that are worse quality and still require a SS but okay.

Most lolitas who buy exclusively indie do so because they are too fat/cheap to buy brand. If you're buying taobao and not getting custom sizes I'll assume you're a misinformed cheapskate and not just too fat for brand.

The reality is there is never a monetary argument for not buying brand and while no one is saying you can't look good without brand (cgl has a whole taobao thread, and some of the things people order is nice), your're just lying to yourself and unwilling to put in any work if you really think money is a factor stopping anyone from wearing brand.

>> No.10291178

The comment with the accusation was made by butthurt knockoff-chan to one of the people trying to help them, after they said that knockoff-chan’s attitude has been bad.

>> No.10291179

>If you're buying taobao and not getting custom sizes I'll assume you're a misinformed cheapskate
Or I just don't think clothes are worth hundreds of dollars. There are things in this world that are worth hundreds of dollars, like collectibles, but clothes are not one of them. Does your brain seriously not understand that concept?

>The reality is there is never a monetary argument for not buying brand
It's called you can easily dress in lolita without buying brand/spending a lot of money, whether /cgl/ likes that or not.

>> No.10291182

>when taobao shops charge upwards of that much for accessorie
This isn't true though... even the nicer Taobao brands charge around $20 max for headbows.

>> No.10291183

Nope, it was from cheap-chan. It was a reply to my message saying that cheap-chains attitude has stunk in response to our advice.

>> No.10291185

No, someone was saying cheap-chan is probably a lonelita bc she got booted. Read it again

>> No.10291186 [DELETED] 


You can avoid spending a lot of money and still buy brand. Everyone has been making the point that you can have brand without spending a ton of money. So the price factor is irrelevant.

Also I can almost promise your collectibles don't have a value of the hundreds of dollars you spend on them outside of your fandom community the same way normies may not see the value in spending more than $10 on a dress. The materials are usually nothing more than pretty plastic, just like your taobao dresses (though some people might debate on whether or not most taobao looks pretty in person)

>> No.10291192 [DELETED] 

Must have been said as a reply to the wrong message then if that was the case. I’m one of the anons who was trying to help cheap-chan. It was a direct reply to my message to cheap-chan saying their attitude has gotten worse the more they’ve said. It’s all there if you follow up the chain of replies.

>> No.10291199

Sooooo you don’t get why people think well-made clothes that will last a long time and retain resale value are worth spending money on and you’re stating as fact that “collectibles” are definitely worth spending money on? Can you not see that A) people value different things and life and may have different opinions B) the prevailing culture in lolita is different than yours and you need to accept the fact that this niche hobby has its own niche culture where we value quality and art.

For most of us the quality of the clothing is a lot the draw. Don’t get me wrong, I wear Bodyline sometimes if I’m going to do something like skating, but for me and most others the main focus is the quality/luxury of it. These are our collectibles. So just calm down and buy your chincy knockoffs, but don’t expect to come in here and change community culture or expect to be met with anything other than derision. To us you’re cheap, tacky, and ridiculous.

tl;dr kindly fuck off and stop shitting up the board

>> No.10291200

I’m the anon who made that comment and man you got it completely wrong. Listen to the other anon.

>> No.10291205

Sorry. Gone back and reread. I did muck up. It’s been a long night.

>> No.10291227

Does Chibi Tenshi have an Instagram account or blog I can follow?

>> No.10291228


>> No.10291262

>spends money on weeby collectibles but cheaps out on their clothes
>"I only care about SUPERIOR azn lolitas!!111! They totally don't care about brand, they would love my shitty taobao headdresses!!!1!"
You sound like you're actively trying to be a stereotypical ita and it's just embarrassing, please stop

>> No.10291336

I need urgent new bags but I don't want to buy a cute one just to start to peeling and fall apart after a couple of wears. What brands make good bags?

>> No.10291363


Cotton candy feet bags are nice if you like sweet or some of their schoolbag shapes for classic-sweet looks. I don't wear bags daily so I can't vouch for how well they hold up long term but I've had mine about 6 months and its nice. They also take. a bit of time to restock some things; mostly their heart bags I think.

>> No.10291373

Would anyone be interested in starting a mori lolita thread? Especially one with good pictures of how to coord those flowly outfits with a larger bust without looking too frumpy?

I'm very much into old school and sweet-classic but also want to branch out into mixing in mori-kei styling into my wardrobe since I love layers and it would feel more casual/stick out less to normies than my old school sweet looks.

>> No.10291461

yes, I would definitely be into that!

>> No.10291496

>Lmao, really? No, it's not reasonable and any normal person would agree. Just like any normal person knows $300 isn't a reasonable price for a dress.
Most "normal people" understand that there's a price that you pay for clothes for which more work has gone into design, materials, and construction.
You can buy plenty of work dresses in that price range and they are likely to last several times as long as cheaper dresses.

>> No.10291499

BABY don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more

>> No.10291553
File: 78 KB, 640x640, Meta- White Belle ♡ Project Snoopy and his sister Belle CollectionJSK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone know the official name of this dress?
I snagged it off of fril and just want it to be properly cataloged on my computer.
I currently just have it as Belle Project “Snoopy and his sister Belle Collection"
It seems to have been a La Foret only item in 2015.

>> No.10291554

None of what you said is helpful.

>> No.10291633 [DELETED] 

anon... that stuff is still made in third world countries and did not cost anywhere near what hey charge to make. i hope you realize that

>> No.10291635

nobody was asking for their help tho?

>> No.10291637

anon... that stuff is still made in third world countries and did not cost anywhere near what they charge to make. i hope you realize that

>> No.10291654

Sorry i'm searching for japanese brand

>> No.10291658 [DELETED] 


Nayrt but depending on the brand they will use better material than the cheapo stuff and at least look for less shady factories and not literal sweatshops. Target and Walmart (and even Nike) for example are repeatedly caught "accidentally" using sweatshop labor, while other brands use better sourced labor and materials and charge more for it (hence why ethical brands are so pricey; even if the materials for a basic dress aren't worth $200 the cost of a human's labor if they're paid a living wage by western standards is). Nothing you ever buy new will be cheaper than or the same as the cost of materials. They have to charge for the value of the labor and/or make a profit in some way for the business to be sustainable.

>> No.10291667

>if they're paid a living wage by western standards
anything made in china/bangladesh/other developing countries was not made with fair western wages though. why do you think companies have their stuff made there instead of their own countries? it allows them to make a far greater profit while exploiting others. if they cared all that much about fair wages, they would support western factories

>> No.10291683 [DELETED] 


I'm not saying everything expensive is paid a living wage for a western country; I was using the example of how something seemingly cheap and basic can vary in price based on quality and cost of labor. It's why cheap fast fashion items have poor construction and craftsmanship and expensive items with their value tend to have better construction. And materials like real leather or cotton can and do cost more than plastic polyester and fake leather to make things from; not to mention paying the designer, because even if it was made in a sweatshop nicer items with better designs have someone likely not in the 3rd world country designing the clothing that wants to be paid for their work (which is why counterfeit products are illegal, theft of intellectual property/violation of a copywright or patent depending on the industry and all that)

>> No.10291690

but let's be real, most of the time you are paying for the brand name, not quality. a white cotton tshirt that says gucci costs a lot more than the same blank white tshirt at walmart, but they were probably made in the same factory

>> No.10291711 [DELETED] 


I don't buy non lolita brand so I really can't say for sure but leather, cotton, and their imitations vary in price and quality and some people prefer that design even if I'm not a fan. Some brands like Supreme are pure hype, but many have a large difference in quality than from Wal Mart in your example.

With lolita brand for example you are paying for material quality (minus modern AP which is becoming questionable) and craftsmanship and more obviously, original distinct designs unavailable elsewhere, even in the case of AP where designs and materials are lacking lately, it is still distinct and unavailable from other brands.

Similarly, some western brands have distinct designs and aesthetic (Gucci or LV looks and probably physically feels different than cheap Forever21 stuff). Cheap things can feel and look nice too though, and sometimes better than big designer name brands. It all depends.

But natural materials are usually more costly than plastic imitations of them; hence rabbit fur lined things or real leather shoes or cotton vs polyester clothing all being more pricey.

>> No.10291722

China is a third-world country now? News to me.

>> No.10291727


Here's an example of a mid-range clothing manufacturer with transparent production policies. I believe brands like Madewell are transparent as well. "That stuff" is kinda generalizing when it's really more down to the individual company ethics.

>> No.10291739 [DELETED] 


I heard Madewell has very nice fitting jeans, too; there is clearly a quality difference between them and Forever21 or something (thank god they're going bankrupt and are downsizing their presence)

>> No.10291776

it's certainly not a first-world country

>> No.10291783 [DELETED] 


The terms first and third world were originally used in relation to whether they were aligned with communists or not. China isn't "technically" communist anymore and has moved to an economy I've seen defined as state-led capitalism which is what sparked their sudden boom in rich people I believe; but their totalitarian type government and other similarities to the soviets and their communist period makes them considered a second world country. Developing countries were considered third world and US/NATO countries were considered first world iirc.

The correct term is developing countries and not third world, but China like many places is a just modern country with underdeveloped impoverished areas and other areas that are well developed cities.

>> No.10291786

Lmao I can't imagine how shit you look if you're throwing such a huge fit over $40. If you think that's a lot you're in for a rude awakening

>> No.10291800

Does anyone have advice for shopping on Maiden Clothing? I followed the instructions and placed an order but never received a follow up e-mail for payment.

>> No.10291803

Check your spam

>> No.10291804

I fucking hate that website. If they have something you really want just have a shopping service order for you. Technically they say they’ll ship worldwide but trust me, getting an SS is easier.

>> No.10291813

What does nanchatte look like on bigger girls? Every img I see is usually smaller girls (because it's built for them, I know!) And where can I find larger sized blouses/cardigans/skirts? I've tried taobao, but I don't think the terms I use have helped much in the skirt/blouse department.

I'm in the process of losing weight rn, but want to have cute clothes to wear (and since uniform skirts often have partial shirring, I could wear it longer before needing to size down).

>> No.10291818

The quality of their poly prints is unquestionably going down, but their two latest nonprints are thick cotton and they feel quality.

>> No.10291820

The site that you pay on is in all Japanese and the emial you get is in all japanese too. it's called NICOS

>> No.10291822

Dude their jeans are the best I wear them all the time in my normie wardrobe

>> No.10291824

Jsyk Madewell and similar brands still aren't 100% transparent. Madewell's fair trade certification is also only for its sewing factories and its parent company, J.Crew is also pretty sketchy. It's hip to look sustainable and a lot of companies are trying to hop on the bandwagon without actually changing much.

>tfw Madewell also charges $22 for a headband
>$22 for a mass produced headband vs $34 for a small-owner handmade headpiece

>> No.10291963

Shein has a pretty nice plus size selection, I'm sure you can find stuff that will work with nanchatte

>> No.10292011

I really like AB designs and I even have the bat headdress but I think OP is right. $40 is NOT justifiable for a headpiece, especially when I consider that materials and constructions isn't that stellar. People here tend to put brand quality on a pedestal but it only shows how little they know about fashion industry and garment construction. Brand isn't really better quality than fast fashion, just more niche.

>> No.10292017

Compared to the 2,500¥ that Moitie charge for a scrunchie the $34 / 3,800¥ for the headdress, which is a much more complex pattern and has lace on it, is reasonably priced. Plus AB is a small indie designer.

>> No.10292021


I am a seamstress and can tell a lot about production of clothes and you're nuts if you think basic taobao is better quality than most brand. Even just the time it takes to sew certain details well and not leave loose threads and have zippers that don't split if you temporarily get your dress caught on something are all a part of the construction.

You also have to think back to the previous discussion about labor costs. AB is indie and presumably handmade by a few people. Their labor has value on top of materials and quality of construction and I've never heard complaints about the bat headdress.

And it's not even $40, when you convert to USD it's closer to $35. Cheaper than some AP and Baby headpieces even secondhand.

As people mentipned upthread you're paying for the work of the design and making of the garment whether it's a factory or someone sewing it in their personal studio.

Did you buy yours secondhand? If you didn't then you DID think the price was justifiable because you supported the business with your money.

I could probably make an AB headband myself if I really wanted it but the time to sew the little points and clip corners and all to get it all right and neat is not worth the effort for me and I will gladly pay $35 for it.

Even if part of the price is niche to say that there is no quality difference and to ignore the value of labor is naive. Not every expensive lolita item is justifiable (hence why many lf us go to bodyline or taobao for blouses and other supplementary items) but this for particular headpiece it is from the perspective of someone who actually mends, sews and drafts patterns for garments for a living.

>> No.10292024

Why do you compare it to Moitie though? I don't own any older brand but new Moitie is also overpriced and fast-fashion tier. AB being cheaper doesn't mean it's actually worth the price. I am a seamstress and I could copy that headdress using better materials and with better construction and it'd still be way cheaper. I didn't because it's still her design and I respect that but that doesn't mean it is worth the price.

>> No.10292026

See >>10292024
I find it hard to believe you are also a seamstress when you talk about "Taobao" or "brand" or "fast-fashion" as if they are a single entity.

>> No.10292027

Nayrt but what brands do you buy from then?

>> No.10292035

How long should I give a seller on Lacemarket to respond to me before getting concerned? It's been almost a week since I paid the invoice for this dress I bought and they've been non-responsive.

>> No.10292041


There are different brands and they vary in commitment to quality. I mostly buy BABY and outside of that mostly old school so my perspective on the potential for brand quality is different than someone who buys a lot of newer AP for example. Quality in Classic lolita from what I read in the threads is on the level of BABY or higher even; can't speak to gothic or Moitie since I don't wear gothic or keep up with it much.

Taobao has different levels of quality but on average after having bought from different lolita brands and Taobao brands firsthand, secondhand, and at different price points the construction and quality of even just taobao chiffon vs some AP chiffon or taobao print artwork vs brand artwork varies. Many taobao brands have cheaper sublimation printed materials vs the way certain brand fabrics or even basic cotton sewing fabrics are typically screenprinted/dyed in a particular way (I considered making my own prints for a while but realized the work of traditional methods of fabric printing and designing is more complex than people think and costs a lot depending on volume).

The design and construction of nonprinted things overall tends to be better across the board from brand, taobao, bodyline (who is well known for having far nicer fabric for solids than prints in general), indie, etc., even if the quality of materials vary based on price. Maybe because there aren't any prints to distract from poor craftmanship.

I do sew for part of my living but if you don't believe me that is fine.

I'm not saying all brands are great and every piece is good or that all taobao sucks and every piece is bad but with taobao there being so many different shops and many people going there specifically for lower prices, often they'll end up with a lower quality piece because their goal was cheap garments and not nice ones. The really good taobao is usually pricier and close to secondhand and sometimes firsthand brand prices.

>> No.10292043

My faves are Moitie, AP and AB but I don't buy them because "omggg burando soo qualityyy" but because of their designs. Honestly I would very much prefer copying the designs I like using better materials and construction techniques but can you imagine me showing up to next meet in copy of an AP dress? People would get pissy, fast. I'd rather pay the price rather than dealing with comms shit-fit.

>> No.10292049

You are correct overall, but OC was about AB's headdress and objectively looking at it I can tell it doesn't worth $40 (I'm not sure what is current price but there were anons upthread were suggesting it was worth $40)
AB construction is really wonky and honestly I wouldn't buy them if I didn't really like the designs and I would never ever praise their quality/construction.

Baby is solids are solid quality honestly, so if I made them I wouldn't change anything at all but I could get them 1/10th of the price.

And I can't really talk much about Taobao as I only own 1-2 Taobao pieces. So my comparison isn't based on Taobao but some fast fashion stores in my country.

>> No.10292059


The headdress when converted to USD is only $34 so it is cheaper than we previously thought. But even if you assume poor/basic but not great construction or quality, it really is about the cost of work going into design (probably took a good bit of energy to come up with as it is technically a very creative cat ear headdress that works as bat as well), the cost of the time of the Japanese person sewing it who still has to pay bills and eat and make some profit (assuming handmade), and the cost of running their shop as a whole which is not an easy job. For everyone involved, or the one person involved if it is that small, they all have to be getting something out of it. No reasonable business is going to sell things purely at material cost when their labor and intellectual property in the form of designs has value, even if the labor wasn't as good a job as I assumed it was.

Small businesses frequently have higher operating costs than higher mass producing ones in general and AB is a small business like any indie shop. The fact that their bat headdress is desirable and popular and unique is a lucky break for them because it is niche and different enough to justify the price (even if it was actually $40USD) in the context of lolita fashion specifically. Maybe for normies it wouldn't be worth it and that's fine but context, material cost, labor, and originality of designs all play a part in the price, not just one aspect.

>> No.10292069

I compared the AB bat headdress price to Moitie because Moitie has long had a rep as one of the brands on the pricier end of the range for the big brands. Yes, old and new Moitie are very different. But I was going off of the pricing alone.

>> No.10292074

This, through and through. On top of this, the anon who originally asked the question was asking for a knock-off of the design, wherein you stray into the realms of design theft. Replicas damage the brands financially and reputation-wise, especially the small indie-brands. It’s just a shitty thing to do.

>> No.10292075


Yeah plus the anon looking for the knockoff was an ita sounding asshole trying to say no brand is worth the quality at all and all taobao and brand are all the same. They said they wouldn't even spend $100 new on a good coat. Good coats even in normie wear are fucking pricey so idk how tf they stay warm in the winter.

>> No.10292081

I think most people pair Nameless poem with a rectangle head dress so it goes with the nun aesthetic more, but I've worn it with a black beret before and I think it could look good with a bonnet as long as it matches. Nameless poem is is a pretty simple dress so I wouldn't want a crazy OTT bonnet that takes too much attention away from the dress but that's just my own personal preference.

>> No.10292083

considering how much they sell for new, its quite the discount.

>> No.10292084


They sell for $35 new. It's definitely not overpriced for lolita. Secondhand they send to be sold for more than new.

>> No.10292086

I live in a 3rd world country and still can't buy coat for 100$ even second hand.

>> No.10292087

This whole AB discussion is so fucking stupid. If you buy made in Japan from a small private business you can't expect Chinese sweatshop prices even if taobao quality might be similar. >>10292059 explained it well, it's basic economics. Let's just move on please.

>> No.10292089

Anybody got a picture of someone wearing a ringlet maple wig ( short or long ) ? I want to buy one but I can't see how it's sit on a human ( even if the face is censored )

>> No.10292091

I've worked at a thrift store for about 4 years, and occasionally we get stuff like coach purses, m kors jeans, gucci, western designer dresses etc.... some of them will still have to tag when they were new and I see tags ranging from 100 to over 300 dollars for things like jeans, skirts, and coats. We even got a men's suit that sold for over 1,000 USD new and we were selling it for 300 and somebody bought it. Someone ALWAYS buys the designer items even though they are spending 50- 100 dollars on them second hand at a thrift store. So basically there are TONS of "normal people" that would shell out the money for "really nice clothes"

>> No.10292092

Oh its specifically the antique beast one. I just meant in general. But yea, if its only 35 then just buy from the brand? buying design knockoffs is shitty and hurts the artists and creators who made it.

>> No.10292124 [DELETED] 
File: 285 KB, 1200x804, jvgnvg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Being poor (or from a 3rd world country?) vs. being the anon claiming they were not poor but wanted to spend money on "collectibles" (let's assume anime; it's all plastic and vinyl figures and cards and keychains) instead of nice clothes are two different things.

There is nothing wrong with being unable to afford things if that's what you mean by living in a 3rd world country. People just found the anon stupid for being willing to spend on ambiguous unspecified "collectibles" but not lolita which is known to be an expensive fashion.

But like >>10292087 said it is all basic economics as I explained here >>10292059 and if the knockoff headdress anon doesn't get it then oh fucking well.

Some old GLBs or old school street snaps have lots of examples of similar style wigs; but Asians tend to have smaller heads (based on how Asian brand wigs are often small on westerners) so it may sit tighter or look different still. Pic related is something that popped up on google just searching 'ringlet maple wig lolita' under images

>> No.10292157

Is it common for people to lowbail you on lacemarket?

>> No.10292168 [DELETED] 


Sometimes if I make offers I go $5-$30 lower than the price I want (depending on how expensive the item is) so the seller will respond with a higher number around the actual number I am willing to pay. Similarly I list my dresses and items for higher than my lowest selling price and often agree via PM to accept lower but the dress may still say sold for the higher amount (which actually helps out other sellers in the sense that it doesn't disrupt the going rate but the price on the listing isn't ever so high that it encourages scalping)

>> No.10292188

Alright, i'm late to the cheap-chan/AB discussion but I just want to say that:
>lolita is about more than silhouette
>quality fucking matters
>global interest in lolita fashion has grown disproportionately to the amount of people with actual taste
>the materials used by antique beast are carefully picked and cost money
>if a brand consistently settles for a type of lace because it's cheap, even if it looks bad and thoroughly pedestrian, I do not consider that a lolita brand

I have no respect for designers that are okay with customers looking terrible (i.e. Souffle Song)
I have even less respect for a so-called lolita (read cosplayer) who would diss an indie brand with a demonstrable eye for quality like AB because she thinks a $10 headdress from taobao gives the same effect as an AB piece.

>> No.10292196

Is there any way to get brands to send your package without requiring signature on delivery or to get around it? I'm always at work when the delivery arrives. Driving to the post office to sign for my package is annoying, and my apartment has really nice new package lockers that require my signature anyways. I can only think of buying through an SS, which would mean an extra fee.

>> No.10292207

Can you have it delivered to your work instead?

>> No.10292210

Why do itas love NAMELESS POET op so much?

>> No.10292211

depending on the price if someone lowballs me i reject them outright.

>> No.10292213

>I live in a 3rd world country and still can't buy coat for 100$ even second hand.
I also live in a 3rd world country but that doesn't prevent me from buying new releases from the brands I like at least twice a year.

Even though living in a 3rd world country proves to be harder than in any place where the dollar is not crushing your economy right now, it's important to understand that it may have more to do with your savings, financial priorities and monthly wage.

One needs to be really rich in Brazil to be able to afford at least one new Angelic Pretty Dress per month, but you don't need to even be from intermediary class to buy, once a year, a dress that you want, being it second or first hand.

Do not use the excuse of living in a 3r world country as a means to buy replicas, anon. We have many girls around here that wear solely brands and handmade whilst being from intermediary-low or low classes.

>> No.10292216

It's cheap, accessible and simple. I love nameless poet myself... I just don't get how people can still manage to fuck up one of the most easiest things to co-ord.

>> No.10292218

gulls, nameless poem**
Now, onto your question, I also love it. It's so easy to wear, and it matches everything. I love the aesthetic of it and wish there were more basic dresses with embroidered crosses that weren't from 2005 Moitie available.

>> No.10292219

I don't buy them!
I have very small wardrobe (both normie and lolita) but it consists of a good quality clothes i can wear for a long time and its cheaper than fast-fashion long term.

Maybe i poorly said, i meant that 100$ for coat is extremely cheap, and even in country with lower to USA prices you cant find one for that amount of money.

>> No.10292220

thank you for the wig reference ! I'm so dumb I forgot to put lolita in the search... Now I have to choose the lenght and color

>> No.10292224

Yes, it really is beautiful and its sad itas love to turn it to a substyle dampster, when its "i bought lolita dress, lolita shoes and lolita bonnet, so it means they match" logic and them you can see gothic dress with ott classic bonnet and sweet shoes...

>> No.10292235

That's a good idea, thank you, but I have no idea how my company's mailroom works, ex. would the employees sign for it even though it's not work-related or call me over to the other building while the mailperson has to wait for me to walk over? Either way, I image it would be rude to somebody, especially given how often I shop.

At the small business where I interned before, this would have worked well.

>> No.10292237


>> No.10292244

Do i need to wear additional petticoat with pieces that have build-in one?

>> No.10292245

Because there are tons of cheap replicas of it on eBay and Amazon

>> No.10292248

Is it alright to wear a coord without a blouse or is it forbidden absolutely? I heard Chinese lolitas do this all the time?

>> No.10292261

Do you have a friend you could ship to? One of my friends gets all of her mail sent to me because I work from home.

>> No.10292262

Yes, if you want poof.
No if you're going for a casual and / or doesn't care for rules.

>> No.10292265

Well, you know, chinese lolitas have kind of their own idea of lolita

You can go without blouse but your shoulders should be covered. Its better to cover your armpits too.

So shawls, cardigans etc are your best friend. If its that hot try to stick with wide straps with lots of decor. Or dont wear Lolita at all that day

Problem of blouseless coords is that top and bottom parts are often imbalanced. Usually its heavy bottom and bland top (cause most jsk dont have much of a decoration at bodice, as designers suppose people would wear it with frilly blouse)

>> No.10292266


>> No.10292267

Well Chinese lolitas will throw on a $1k+ MTO dress with no makeup, flat greasy ponytail, and musty Converse

>> No.10292268

Did the ita thread get nuked because of the underage pics and the very overage discussion?

>> No.10292269

Doubt it was the pictures themselves. Probably the moid shitting up the thread and all the gulls taking the bait, as usual.

>> No.10292284

I don't care for Chinese lolitas but you can do it if jsk has its own collar or some kind of embellishment that falls on shoulders. It's allright in only these 2 situations imho. Of course you can wear a wide variety of non-blouse tops with skirts too (cutsews, print tees, camisoles etc)

>> No.10292289

where do you even see this? All the chinese lolitas I see on instagram are well dressed and rich or they're normal and wear average taobao coords

>> No.10292334

Are you in the US? Talk to your mail carrier. Some of mine have been rude, but others are willing to take a signed post-it note in my mailbox when I know it's supposed to arrive.

>> No.10292347

yetaxa on IG has one

>> No.10292355

Chinese lolitas definitely do it and it's not considered ita there. Western lolitas consider it ita. If you're just wearing it for yourself, I say go for it, just don't post to any western social media.

Chinese, Japanese, and western lolitas all have different ideas of what is ita, weirdly. See: Asian lolitas wearing things like animal ears and waist cinchers often, which the west would consider super ita.

Last night someone posted a ton of pics from tiktok, which has mostly underage users, so maybe that.

>> No.10292392

A seller didn't write my name on the package (just address) and so my landlord (and possibly his grimy kids) opened and handled the dress thinking the package was theirs, before asking if it was mine. My landlord or anyone else at this address could have easily and legally stolen the package because it had no name on it. Should I leave the seller bad feedback, ask for partial refund or what? I'm really unhappy about it

>> No.10292480

let them know in a message, and leave it in the feedback with neutral feedback if you can. you dont want that mistake happening to you or anybody else. you're very lucky in your situation and your landlord was nice enough to give it to you.

>> No.10292505

Yikes. Try contacting the seller before leaving feedback and give them either neutral or negative depending on their answer. Maybe positive but only if they give you a substantial refund since this was their mistake. And regardless of their response I’d definitely mention it in the feedback, who sends out a package without a name anyway? What an idiot.

>> No.10292513


It's not even ita for westerners.

It's just that everyone who does it always seems to be ita, in more ways than just the blouse -- it's either chubsters who have no idea how big and fat and cellulita-ridden their fatty arms are (like, I have no issues with girls' weight, but at least take a selfie and doublecheck your arms don't look like premium ham), or else it's some noob with half their outfit missing or substituted with loliables, or the somehow very common special snowflake who wants to break all da rurus and one-up all the other girls by showing how ""~*~fashion~*~"" should be done, which is an irritating attitude and certainly won't make you any friends.

Last good blouseless coords I saw were when egl was still active on livejournal, that's how long we've been plagued with blouseless itas. With the way things are now everytime I see someone blouseless I immediately assume one of the above and have yet to be proven wrong.

>> No.10292514

IMO the only way to pull off blouseless is when it’s really, really hot, and everything else is coorded as usual, including legwear of some kind. If it’s not hot it looks stupid, and if you don’t wear at least ankle socks it looks even dumber.

>> No.10292515

If you are fluent in Japanese and live in Japan, maybe. AP currently has some jobs openings posted for designers/illustrators but it says they only pay between around $11 -$16/hr.

>> No.10292530


To be honest there's plenty of ways to look stupid doing blouseless. The common one is to go blouseless, complain that it's too hot -- but also wear a thick, long-haired wig. At that point most people figure you're either a fucking liar or a fucking idiot because why the hell would you forego the blouse but not the wig.

Even legwear is full of pitfalls -- even if the material is actually thin, if it looks like a thicker pair of socks then the coord still looks confusing because everything from waist down will look like a different coord than waist up. If you wear ankle socks then you have to chose shoes that don't make you look stumpy. If you forego legwear but wear closed-toe shoes while also complaining about hot weather, people are automatically going to think about how smelly your feet must be.

Even with the chinese lolitas, if you notice anons talking about greasy hair and going petticoatless, that's hot weather-dressing -- ie, sweaty hair and going lighter without petticoat. Yet it tends to look like shit (petticoatless lolita tends to always look like shit, because a lot of skirts need the petticoat to not look like a sad pile of too much fabric).

There's just a lot of pitfalls with going blouseless, we haven't even touched on keeping the look lolita -- certain cuts, non-prints, paired with sandals, look incredibly normie and then you end up having an argument because the dress is IW but you've broken so many rules you look like you're wearing a normie floral sundress instead of a lolita.

It's just much easier to stick to blouse coords, if nothing else it gives you another element you can use to change things up with the outfit, rather than bending over backwards just because you like showing the world your armpits or whatever inane reason you have for not wanting to wear a blouse. Let's face it, going blouseless gives you a lot of trouble and the payoff often isn't worth it.

>> No.10292539

Won’t sponsor you a working visa. You’d need to be married, student, working holiday, etc and even then doubt they’d hire a foreigner.

>> No.10292553

To give you some tough love, no. Give it up, it’s never going to happen. There’s a difference between chasing dreams that can happen and wasting your time. If you want to design lolita, look for a western company or found your own.

>> No.10292918

How short is the skirt portion on Baby salopettes?

>> No.10292926

I couldn't find a recent thread about traveling to Japan so I hope asking here is ok

I'm going to Comiket for the first time this winter and wanted to wear lolita. Has anyone else done this with no issues? What was it like? If you're a cosplayer you have to change into your costume at the venue and pay a fee - are lolitas subject to this rule too?

>> No.10293011

I wouldn’t really recommend wearing lolita to comiket because it’s
> a lot of walking
> a lot of people
> narrow spaces
If you don’t wear OTT lolita, then I don’t think they’ll subject you to the costume rules though.

>> No.10293023

Thanks anons. Gonna ask for a partial refund.

>> No.10293048

Why do they charge? Is it worth it? I get that in theory it could cut down on shitty bought cosplay but from the cosplayers I know they wouldn't be deterred at all

>> No.10293051

Almost all cosplayers in Japan buy their cosplays.

>> No.10293111

I wore a relatively casual (jsk, mid-poof petti, hat) coord to comiket and had no issues costume-wise, but seconding it gets really crowded. I saw several other girls wearing lolita too so you won't stick out too much.

>> No.10293112

It’s basically a small fee to use their facilities, not a deterrence method or anything.

>> No.10293117

>one has to be poor to not want pay exorbitant amounts for accessories.
Yes you

>> No.10293146

At what time AP US usually drops the new arrivals?

>> No.10293154

What day is the MTO Pickup for Honey Cake at laforet? December is approaching and I don’t know the date

>> No.10293157

A week is definitely enough time.
I normally understand if they are busy on certain days. But after a week the normal daily tasks are just repeating.

>> No.10293197

A week or two max then leave negative feedback for slow communication and not sending your parcel you bought out

>> No.10293205

Hi newfag

>> No.10293210

thank you !

>> No.10293213

Where can I get some decent lace topped utks from? I'd prefer taobao because I am ordering a bunch of stuff from there for my sister to help her start out.

>> No.10293246

opinions on backpacks in lolita? I got this really pretty, old leather backpack in dark brown from my grandmother. it's pretty small. would it be possible to incorporate it into a classic coord (granted it works for the dress silhouette) or would that look stupid?

>> No.10293260

Something weird just happened to me on LM. I replied to someones message and when I checked my sent messages, I saw it was delivered to the wrong person. When I checked my inbox again, the message of the person that I (thought I) replied to wasn't there anymore... Is LM acting weird for any else or is it just me?

>> No.10293262

What does the bag look like? It probably wont look too bad in a classic coord, but i cant really tell without a pic

>> No.10293275

I know nothing about taobao but Baby's "small lace over knee socks" are really nice and are in fact UTKs despite the name. I stocked up on a few pairs.

>> No.10293279

Are you sure you’re not just tall? I’m average height and they’re definitely OTKs on me.

>> No.10293280

How good is maxicimam quality?
Wtb utks and mb a skirt

>> No.10293282

Really? Huh. I guess I do have long legs for my height, but I'm only about 5'5.

>> No.10293284

I would get baby's bc i have a pair myself, but i think they are out if stock in white.

>> No.10293288

They just restocked. You can also use their backorder form, that's how I got my white pairs when they were out online.

>> No.10293293

I just checked. I'm looking for something with longer lace like their ribbon knee socks.

>> No.10293294

Ah gotcha.

>> No.10293299


>> No.10293339

I appreciate the well thought out advice tall anon, but sadly it was not the advice I was looking for. I will try to word my post better next thread.

>> No.10293352

with the longer lace, you can just pull the OTK down a little, and the fold won't be visible under the lace. but I guess that depends on your height - I'm 166cm.

>> No.10293353

Im looking to buy a pair i dont already have. Im looking for something with long lace that i can buy rn.

>> No.10293391

Maybe unpopular opinion but if the bag doesn’t match the coord, just don’t have it in your outfit shot. People are becoming autist about matching bags; I’d rather have something comfortable and functional

>> No.10293392

No set date yet they’ll call you and probably announce on Twitter

>> No.10293455


Does their backorder form work for Usakumyas?

I assumed not because the bows, etc. are different colors each release a lot of the time but if there was a way to backorder one of the more plain ones like the white Usakumya with white bow combo I would love that since my wardrobe is either all old school or stuff with white

>> No.10293488


They probably won't announce on twitter... going off previous MTOs that never make an appearance on twitter after their initial opening.

Other girls might post about getting theirs though, so keeping an eye on the twitter tags might be a viable option, especially for Honey Cake.

>> No.10293490


The backorder form basically tells the online store to check and see if the item is in stock in one of the other branches, if it exists then they'll happily sell it to you. If it's completely sold out throughout the entire nation, then there just isn't one they can sell to you. So pretty much, worth a shot, but sometimes it's just all gone.

The other thing to note is that the form is not a stock check, you're committing to buy the item if they can find it, so don't send it willy nilly and then change your mind later.

>> No.10293500

It's a backpack, it'll probably be fine if you're wearing the outfit as an actual outfit but people will get butthurt if it doesn't perfectly match in an outfit/floordinate.

>> No.10293503
File: 18 KB, 340x255, 84800f3e8d66ae8aa4a4eb59ba868d87.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


AP makes 3-way satchels that can be used as backpacks, and Usakmuya rucksack is a backpack as well.

The usual concerns apply way more -- does it suit your coord? Does the colour match? Does the shape of it weigh down the skirt? Does it look good? etc. The fact that it's a bag on your back doesn't make that much difference rather than the style, the way it hangs, what you're wearing it with, whether it suits the look you're going for.

>> No.10293617

Anyone have experience wearing cosmetic contact lenses?

>> No.10293628

Like colored contacts/circle lenses? What would you like to know?

>> No.10293635

Yes duh. That doesn’t tell us what you want to know though

>> No.10293695

I assume you mean circle lenses? Surprisingly, the few brands I tried years ago (GEO Big GrangGrang and some kinda EOS I think) were way more comfortable on my eyes than shitty color optix (iirc) that I had prescribed to me by my optometrist here in the States. The circle lenses stayed moist in my eyes longer and I couldn't feel them at all, meanwhile with mainstream colored contacts I was constantly putting in eye drops and feeling discomfort. Never again.
Then again, my opto got pissed at me for wearing circle lenses because dangerous. Obviously ymmv, and I think now most reputable sites (a la pinkyparadise) require a prescription before they'll sell to you, right?

>> No.10293699
File: 235 KB, 417x625, wow i won.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh yeah, speaking of, I checked pinky to find the name of the contacts I used to use and just got this coupon from their singles' day game you can play til 11/24. I won't use it, so one of you gulls take it if you plan on doing a lens haul.

>> No.10293789

What laundry detergent do you guys use for dresses? Do I need to pick something special or are Tide Pods fine?

>> No.10293790

I'm stupid. Lolita dresses, solids specifically single color (like no red dress, white lace), various materials.

>> No.10293796

Look up Lolita brand washing guide, it can tell you how to wash almost any dress from any brand and if they've had a tendency to bleed etc.

>> No.10293798

I usually use standard liquid color detergent and vinegar to wash my stuff

>> No.10293809

Where can I get a long bell-shaped petticoat, around 65cm length? Hoping to find other options before I drop the $90 on one from Melikestea

>> No.10293812

Personally I wouldn't use tide pods because of the gross residue they can leave. Liquid detergent is my preference since I wash everything in cold water so pods and powders dissolve poorly.

>> No.10293814

I machine wash almost everything on cold in a mesh laundry bag with regular liquid detergent. If I'm worried about color bleeding (like with a brand new black jsk for instance) I'll let it soak in vinegar water for a little bit before I put it in the machine. Don't put anything in the dryer though, always hang dry.

>> No.10293833

I didn't even know that existed! Thank you so much!

Thanks all! What liquid detergents do you use? I've been using Tide pods since I started doing my own laundry so I'm embarrassingly at a loss here.

I don't even put my normie clothes in dryers. Fuck dryers.

>> No.10293886
File: 17 KB, 355x355, 41Z1adEUD7L._SY355_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just use tide cold water detergent

>> No.10293887

I use Woolite for all my delicates.

>> No.10293906

Yes like circle lenses. Basically wanted to hear if anyone has had good/bad experiences with them.
Thanks for the info and brand! I've never worn lenses before, so idk how irritable my eyes are. I don't have any prescriptions either since I don't wear glasses or contact, I hope that doesn't restrict my options too much.

>> No.10293956

(last ayrt) anon, I really recommend going to the opto first. It's important to know your prescription and curvature of your eyes to make sure the curve of the contacts will match your eyes (or else they can scratch you iirc). remember to soak your contacts 8-24hrs before wearing, and if they're uncomfortable just take them out. your eyes aren't worth the damage.

>> No.10293961

Thanks for the concern. I'll go see a specialist before moving forward.

>> No.10293964

good luck anon! circle lenses are super fun to wear and really make a difference visually. post in the beauty thread or something whenever you pick which ones to buy and they come in!

>> No.10293986

Brand ones are more than that, AP and IW had them in the physical stores but they were definitely over 10000¥. Think AP was cheaper but the IW one was stupid expensive

>> No.10294022

I don’t even own a dryer, line or flat dry all the way

>> No.10294024

I wear circle lenses and I’m good about cleaning and care but my optometrist still got mad at me and said I shouldn’t use them since they’re not US approved. I still wear them because idgaf but I thought I’d throw it in, I doubt this is an uncommon view among eye doctors.

I usually order mine from Uniqso, they have a variety of brands and the customer service is amazing.

>> No.10294036


Aurora & Ariel have a 60cm one, Surface Spell has a (not very poofy) 80cm one and Classsical Puppets have an adjustable petticoat. You can roll down the 80cm petticoat and pin it in place, wear the 60cm petticoat lower (if it works with the dress), and adjustable petticoat is adjustable.

If you're in the US you can also look into Malco Modes and see if you can find one that's 65cm, there's an old tutorial on egl for pinning up the outermost layer to get the bell shape. Though, in my experience most tea-length rectangle skirts only tolerate rather low poof petticoats, so maybe it's not a great idea to go too poofy anyway.

>> No.10294043

Very important advice, get your prescription first so you know what to buy.
For me, hygiene is key - read up on how to properly handle contact lenses and follow that to a t.
Also, if a lens ever hurts after putting it in (even if you properly soaked it before wearing), take it out immediately. Circle lenses are mostly fine but there’s always a small chance you get a defective one.
Personally, I only use the lenses for six months even if it says they can be used for up to a year.

>> No.10294071

I wouldn't mind paying brand prices, but I only need it for one dress at the moment. If I pick up more long length pieces I think I will keep an eye out for a brand one though

Thanks for the suggestions! I think I'll try one from Aurora and Ariel and see how it looks. It's for an Atelier Pierrot dress with a very full skirt, so it needs something with a bit of poof

>> No.10294075
File: 57 KB, 388x314, kw3519_SoSo_TANDIL_Waschmittel_fluessig_da.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Thanks all! What liquid detergents do you use? I've been using Tide pods since I started doing my own laundry so I'm embarrassingly at a loss here.

Average discount supermarket no-name brand. And when using distilled vinegar, don't mind if it smells a bit like salad. Once you hang up your stuff to dry (or better lay it flat on a towel or a laundry hanger), the smell with disappear.

>> No.10294076

Will lace market do their black friday event again this year?

>> No.10294236
File: 720 KB, 799x798, 522da71889ea04473cfc5884e9816a49.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Found this on aliexpress. Anyone knows what it is a replica of, per chance?

>> No.10294242

Oh man I forgot about this. I would also like to know.

>> No.10294260

Modern high-end dryers have some very nice gentle settings that use cool/slightly warm air and a slow tumble.
Cheaper or industrial dryers absolutely wreck clothes though.

>> No.10294367

I saw it too. It's definitely a replica. I just forgot the brands name.

>> No.10294412

I completely forgot about it. I feel like a dumbass for buying a lot this week

>> No.10294414

Thank you two for replying i had been asking this question for a couple threads and it’s getting closer to December. Im hoping it gets released the first 2 weeks of December

>> No.10294472
File: 176 KB, 559x600, IAMKv2_grande_7e6706e6-a4e8-4406-8350-9103eba5dd6f_900x.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not sure if this idea the best place to ask, but where do I find cute sweatshirts like this? I see them at a lot of conventions, not sur where to look online. I know Kinwa monster, anyone else I should look for?
I want something huge so that it'll be a little baggy on me, but like a dress on my GF so that cuts out a lot of stuff like Wish.

>> No.10294534

Not everyone participates. My stuff is already priced at a loss so an additional 20% or whatever less wouldn't be worth selling anymore

>> No.10294602

Is it true that paypal basically always sides with the buyer when claims happen?

>> No.10294628

No it is not. If you have solid proof then as the seller you can win.

>> No.10294652

that's from omocat, google it, basically trap fashion

>> No.10294670

this might be the dumbest question ever, but is it too late for me to start wearing/building a lolita wardrobe at 20? I feel like every lolita I know started out when they were like 15

>> No.10294672

I personally started when I was 21, 27 now and still wearing lolita. Honestly anon, its a clothing style. Wear whatever you want whenever and at any age you want, as long as you're not purposefully offending anyone it really shouldn't matter. Go for it!

>> No.10294679

I had solid proof once and paypal took the buyers side

>> No.10294682

I don’t think it is though because Omocat has her own tag and it’s shown on the merch online

>> No.10294690

People are usually just starting out in their 20s due to money. Turned 26 myself a month ago and just about to start now that I have income to spend freely.

>> No.10294691

This isn’t omocat, it’s reddo (little_reddo on twitter).

>> No.10294694

Their whole system strongly favors the buyer but with private people they usually just side with whoever gave them more money.

>> No.10294708

Yeah, it's little Reddo/kinwa monster.

I have that one, looking for other vendors. Omocat is not worth the price and has mostly just edgy anime portraits rather than cute designs in their shop right now anyhow.

>> No.10294730

The original is from Unideer.


>> No.10294746

Omocat went downhill when she accepted 5 artists to work with her

>> No.10294749
File: 722 KB, 600x600, Capture d’écran 2019-11-24 à 19.07.29.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a very cute shirt from Kagura Kurosaki (@kagurakurosaki), pic attached is the design I got

>> No.10294762
File: 37 KB, 913x780, 51dXdu3qSBL._AC_UY780_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would a nice slightly plush polyester felt be okay for making a cloak like pic related?

I'm thinking of lining it with something soft or furry/fluffy as well or something a bit stiffer to give it nice drape. The fabric I've chosen has good reviews but I wanted confirmation from gulls that sew if it would be an appropriate material for outerwear (I live in a place that never gets below the teens in Farenheit for reference as to how warm it would need to be).

It seemed like decent quality material, more for garments than craft felt, and I wanted to test a decent mockup in warm materials before moving on to wool.

>> No.10294776

Nope, I had Paypal side with a seller who sold me a dress with the entire side bleached (it was not visible in the pictures) because she had the comment in her TOS that said “there may be unlisted damages”
Lace Market mods sided with me when she gave me negative feedback in retaliation but that didn’t get me my $60 back

>> No.10294793

I started buying at 16, but didn't get the confidence to wear it until my 20s. It doesn't matter, if it makes you happy, do it

>> No.10294821
File: 534 KB, 597x607, Screenshot (2).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Recently bought this piece out of impulse thinking I can fix it. Can anyone who owns this dress tell me the measurements of the pompom balls?
I'd like to know so I can buy some trim the correct size to replace the tear.
I'd do it myself but the item itself is still in transit.

>> No.10294823

Most well dressed lolitas are over 20, it's takes real job money to look good in this fashion

>> No.10294825

I first got into it at 15, but I only started buying stuff in my 20's. It's very common; this shit is expensiveeee

>> No.10294832

I started buying and wearing it at 25, don't worry. If it brings you joy, don't question it!

>> No.10294833


You don't have to have that much money to look good. You usually just need adult level judgement to know what looks bad.

>> No.10294834

I tried to do lolita when I was 15 and ended up with a bunch of bodyline I couldn't coord, came back to the fashion when I was 19/20 and had a high enough paying job to support buying burando. Honestly I think it's much easier to get into the fashion and look good if you're coming into it as an adult with disposable income and common sense. Have fun building your wardrobe, anon.

>> No.10294856

If I'm thinking of using Buyee to purchase an Usakumya, about how much would shipping end up being to the US? I'm unsure of the weight so I don't know where it would fall on their chart. Would it likely be less than $35USD? Does anyone know the weight of a typical Usakumya rucksack?

>> No.10294858

Nice grab! I was about to pull the trigger but you beat me :)

>> No.10294859

around $25-$30 due to size of box needed and weight

>> No.10294861

Here we go with this argument again. You get what you pay for and cheap usually tells. But even if you cheap out and get cheap stuff, all the individual components together including accessories, shoes, purses, blouse, tights, etc usually add up to hundreds for a single coord

>> No.10294867

I started in my late 20s and have been fine. I wouldn't have been able to afford it or had the confidence to wear it when I was younger honestly

>> No.10294868


Trust me anon we're on the same page. I spent way too long trying to help cheap-chan upthread understand why $40 is reasonable for a headpiece.

I just meant in the sense that you can buy secondhand brand in good condition easily if you had a part time job and lived with your parents (like if you were a teenager wanting to wear lolita). Even if you spent let's say $300 on one coord buying stuff in some combination of new to secondhand brand or bodyline/other places for the accessories, that's about 40 hours of work at USA federal minimum wage.

If you worked about one week full time you could spend it all on a nice coord. If someone has no financial responsibilities like a kid or person at home with parents they can spend all their income on lolita. Budgeting for nice pieces is possible even on low income. The secondhand market makes it infinitely easier to budget as well.

Even if you spend more per coord (I've bought those $300 secondhand jsks before when it's something I really want), you don't have to have big money to save and buy over time. I'm a broke student with bills making only $10/hr with no help from parents and even I can afford new or secondhand things here and there every couple of months. Patience and smart spending is key. Being budget-conscious but not cheap.

>> No.10294870

>You get what you pay for and cheap usually tells.
Have you seen AP lately?
Doesn't look much different than Taobao despite costing hundreds more.

>> No.10294876


Funny how most people I know IRL are goth or classic lolitas and then people like you always act like AP is the only brand and treat them as the benchmark for what to expect in the entire fashion. Things like this is probably why we see a good bit of sweet hate cropping up on the board lately.

>> No.10294877

There are more brands than AP, and not all are of the same quality.

>> No.10294878


This, thank you anon

>> No.10294880

AP is the most popular and financially successful brand right now. That's why it warrants comparison.

>> No.10294887


I get what you mean but cheap fast fashion online shops are likely financially sucessful but that doesn't mean their quality is worth using a a benchmark for normie fashion. Plus lolita cna be so different between styles and brands that you can't really say "AP is declining in quality so Victorian Maiden must suck" or "Well BABY has maintained a commitment to great quality so Moitie has too". They're different stores catering to different demographics and can't be treated exactly the same.

>> No.10294890

Ok I get what you’re saying now. Yeah I agree with you. If you have taste you can definitely look good on a budget and a 15 year old with no financial responsibilities could definitely afford a complete quality coord if they know how to judge quality. But without 10 years of experience in dressing an adult figure and learning through trial and error How to spot quality and batch colors, a 15year old is probably going to be an ita unless they’re rich enough to just buy entire sets

>> No.10294898


I agree that cheap stuff tends to look cheap, I personally don't buy taobao or other low-quality stuff. But you really don't need to invest a fortune to have a solid wardrobe. Unless you plan to wear head-to-toe full sets or wear a different substyle every day of the month, I guess. You can build a beautiful wardrobe with one purse and two pairs of shoes. Lolita doesn't have to be much more expensive than dressing in normie clothes.

The key is just working within a color pallet or basic style, and buying versatile pieces. But most people suck at planning a wardrobe and wind up spending way more than they'd ever need to. A little bit of forethought can save you a ton of money.

>> No.10294921

Its a lace trim so you dont have to sew individual pom poms to fix it. Just cut off all of the trim and sew a new one on the inside edge so it looks even. If you search "pom pom trim pink" on amazon or wherever you will see what I mean! Thats the exact trim AP uses so its an easy fix.

>> No.10294929
File: 197 KB, 633x950, lacemarketnottingham.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In another thread someone mentioned Lacemarket "notifications" as if there was a way to receive updated when items are posted for sale. Is this a thing or am I reading into it poorly?

> photo of Lace Market in Nottingham a la google images

>> No.10294931

Why do people call headbows "KC"?

>> No.10294933

From "katyusha" I think and then shortened to KC -- Its a term used in japanese for ornamented headbands with ribbon, etc. There was a really interesting thread about it on egl that I bookmarked!


>> No.10294951

I have looked actually! Thats why I’m asking for size of Pom Pom. Because the trim comes in different measurements. I plan to wear this dress for my ILD tea party so I’m kind of in a rush for a quick fix by the time it gets here. If I were skilled it’d replace the whole thing but I currently don’t have time.

>> No.10294957

yeah, you save your search

>> No.10295008


(Because this is the stupid questions thread and I'm expecting other newbies lurk here.)

AP is still good. If "looking" like taobao in photos bothers you, just buy the stuff that looks like it definitely does not come from taobao, eg- devore prints, flocked prints, specialty jacquards, gobelin, etc. You also do not need to spend a bomb either, you can find older releases printed on cotton twill secondhand, which taobao also does not do.

I'm not against taobao, have ten dresses sitting in my wardrobe to attest to that. I'm against meme-posting inaccurate info, so at least I'd like to clear up that even when you go to meetups and it's complete strangers commenting on your coord, most times they can still tell that the fabric in your dress is nicer. Photos don't always reflect reality, especially when one country has a law that forbids shooping your sales photo while the other embraces photoshop like it's water.

>> No.10295044

Yeah, da, but I'm pretty sick of the "AP is taobao-tier" meme myself.

I don't like sweet, and I'm not a fan of AP's newer pieces by any means. Their quality has definitely slipped. But that's a far cry from taobao.

It used to be that brand quality went something like
>Tier 1: Meta, AP, MM, VM
>Tier 2: Baby, AatP, Moitie, IW
>Tier 3: Bodyline, most western indie brands
>Tier 4: Taobao
>Tier 5: eBay scammers and Milanoo

Now AP falls into that second tier and there's a few taobao stores that have bumped up to the third tier. But there's still a vast difference in quality between them.

People are mad that AP is using lower grade fabric and having less interesting designs and less variety of cuts. But it still looks beautiful irl, and they're stilling adding all the little AP details like the custom lace and buttons, glitter in the prints, etc.

Compare that to even the good taobao stores that are known for things like measurements being wildly off, shoddy construction, bottom-grade fabric, shooping their stock photos so much the final product barely resembles it, etc. etc. etc. Plenty of girls have bought taobao stuff only to wind up with a garment that's barely better than your average halloween costume.

All you have to do to see the quality difference if you don't have a comm to see it irl, is browse LM for a while, and look at how thin and wrinkly and jacked up the taobao pieces look in non-shopped photos.

>> No.10295051

>baby in 2nd tier
I mean I get putting AatP in there because their quality is generally worse than Baby's main line but why does Baby fall in there? I've found they've maintained the same level of quality for ages and it's definitely higher than recent AP.

>> No.10295058

Nayrt but I think that ranking is good for like 4-10 years ago. I can’t speak for all of their stuff but as for as for Baby’s print dresses, they are unlined and the fabric did not feel anywhere near as nice as my AP dresses from 5+ years ago. Now I would say they are on par, but that’s because AP has slipped. Now on the other hand my Baby stuff from 10+ years ago is waaaay better and as good as older AP, but that’s all non-print stuff so it could be that the quality has always been worse for Baby’s prints, just like it is for AP’s prints now.

>> No.10295127


Since when are BABY print dresses unlined? Every printed BABY dress I have purchased has been lined. The only BABY dress I have purchased that was unlined was a really old oodschool casual cutsew dress.

>> No.10295140

I got an unlined printed baby dress

>> No.10295141

Can you sell on LM without a verified paypal? My bank account won’t connect with paypal and keeps giving me error messages.

>> No.10295146


Which print?

>> No.10295147

AFAIK no. You didn’t used to have to but I think lacemarket won’t work without a verified paypal account, which means at least one connected card/bank and verified cell phone number. Someone correct me if I’m wrong on any account though.

>> No.10295151


You for sure can't bid without verified PayPal.

>> No.10295159

Mine isn't verified and I buy and sell a few things every year

>> No.10295163

Hm, maybe if you have an older account you’re grandfathered in? I’m pretty sure new accounts need a verified Paypal.

>> No.10295180

I created my account 6 years ago and just got access to it because I forgot my password

>> No.10295196


They probably meant to say the bodices are unlined.

>> No.10295268

On bodyline is America/US listed as アメリカon the checkout page? I can't find it for shit

>> No.10295396
File: 293 KB, 1280x924, tumblr_o0ou6gp5F01qid9hso8_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

id on both?

>> No.10295592

Right is Baby's Velveteen Candy Ribbon JSK, not sure of the name of the AatP one.

>> No.10295612

so how OTT is *too* OTT do you think?

I'm planning a royal/princess-y type coord with silver and white and the stones in my jewelry/headpiece being AB to have a pop of color. I want it to be streamlined but still OTT on the shinies. What are your opinions on taking it Too Far when it comes to OTT in general?

>> No.10295763

Place and time, in my opinion. If you're going to an event or putting effort into a photoshoot then go for as OTT as you think looks good. If its for a smaller meetup etc then it will look out of place. This is a fashion after all so don't be afraid to try something different as long as you have an eye for balance.

>> No.10296496

Where can I find Chocomint accessories now? I’ve been googling for a while but it seems as if the entire brand has fallen off the planet. Did they close?

>> No.10303662
File: 37 KB, 549x352, CvLFLEEUkAAzD1M.jpg large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looking for good bi-colored wig sites

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