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non /r9k/ edition

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I've got a head cold and I want to die, I'm up 3 hours early because I can't sleep.
>I've put so much honey in my tea I can't taste the lemon or ginger

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The reason /r9k/ comes here in the first place is because they think this is the board where they'll somehow finally find gif related
Oh how wrong they are

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It's pretty funny since all they do is screech about how we are all lardass roasties. I'm sure they come here thinking that they would find costhots, but instead most of the cosplayers here are male.

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>that gif

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>Bought a pair of Steampunk Boots from Lolitawardrobe with a size of 44 (EU)
>WTF they fit on my feet a bit tightly right at the tip of my toes, 'cause are actually 43.
I wasted 100€ for nothing!
So sad.

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>Am a gothic lolita
>Partner has admired boystyle from afar but never gotten into jfash
>Go to con, Atelier Pierrot is there
>Partner falls in love with AtPi jacket, I buy it for her, she wants to get into a mature gothic style to match me
>Now secretly building her an aristo wardrobe for Christmas

I'm so excited gulls. I'm actually having more fun shopping for her than for myself

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Can this idiot get anymore annoying? Dear lord, the fact she keeps sucking MLD'S dick annoys the shit out of me. Judging from her tone from the comment I can bet she also was the one who messaged Lor about the harassment as well. Did anyone get caps from that post? It looks like it was deleted.

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Similar feel
I was wearing gothic and my sister has taken interest and I'm also buying her some stuff for Christmas.

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>my only lolita friend has been ghosting me for months in the midst of trying to plan to meet up

I’m just tired. We’ve known eachother for a few years now and I just wish she’d be direct and say she doesn’t want to meet up like we were planning any more instead of this.

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are you a burger too because i am worried this is about me

t-text me

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Been having some isolating feels for a while. My con group is very cliquey and all have a secret fb group they all communicate in. And even though I've been friends with them for years I've never been part of it. I don't really know why. They all get together and work on cosplay stuff and I never know until later, or if I text them to do the same theyre already together doing their thing. Its been like ten years and idk why I cant just accept that none of them like me lmao

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I’m too scared to. Too much has happened to me lately to take another emotional hit. I’m not mad at you I’m just tired in general

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She is absolutely the one who messaged Lor.

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>Moving out soon
>Realize this will enable me to go to more cons
>Except I probably won't be able to afford it now

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I'm entering my 30s in a few years and I'm in the process of making my wardrobe less sweet and more classic/gothic. I love pinks and pastels but I feel like an overgrown child in it. Part of me envies people who can pull super cutesy outfits off at my age and beyond, but I'm too tall. But I mostly feel good about it. Gothic Lolita was what truly got me into the fashion over a decade ago.

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>he does it for free

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Racist chan strikes again

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I just got my first usakumya and I love her so much! I haven't been this happy in ages and I can fit my phone AND wallet in her perfectly even though she's small and I'm just so happy I love usakumya and I finally have one of my own! And I have a kumakumya coming in the mail who should get here sometime next week, so usakumya will have a friend!

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Same here. People act very friendly inside the con, but don't seem interested to talk after it's over. You swap numbers, only to get ghosted.

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>tfw you try to fart silently at con and your buttplug shoots across the dealer's room

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Where was this post? She’s so fucking annoying

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congrats anon! i can feel the excitement coming from your post :D

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I might have to start selling a ton of my lolita soon. If I move there’s no way I can bring it all with me. Any tips?

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More info? Why can't you bring it with you? Space? Finance? ???

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I tried doing lots but no one would buy dresses that way even when they were a really good deal. I think a lot of people in lolita are poor or bad with money so every dollar matters. Don't bother doing dollar auctions, it attracts bad buyers. Price things about $20-50 less than they'd be on closetchild

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On one of Lor's recent facebook posts. Apparently she was the one who also messaged her afterwards about not giving MLD another chance, and Lor posted the screenshots for a few hours before taking them down.

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>tfw accidentally outed yourself as a gull to a comm member

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And? My coworkers know I am, and they think I'm great.

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That feeling when you've got to wait years for your hair to grow back out because you had to cut it all off after 6 months cleaning a factory getting doused in chlorine on the daily. I hate it. I finally had it long too. The final straw was when I went to do my roots as I usually do, and it just broke off in chunks especially at the top of the head where most the chlorine would hit. Worse part is I'd always only done my roots every 3-4 months. I had a bad feeling before I did a touch up because I couldn't keep color in my hair more then a couple weeks, and could see the breakage happening because my hairbrush would just be filled with hair even cleaning it every couple weeks.

I finally cut most of it. My hair isn't breaking anymore, and my color lasts ages again. Still, I'm really sad. I don't feel kawaii. It's finally right at the top of my shoulders again in the front, but that's the worst stage for me because I have fine hair & that's the length it never does anything right. It doesn't act right until it's long enough to reach past the shoulders. It'll be 3 years until it's long again.

I'm sorry to ramble. I've just been bummed about it. I can do pigtails again, but I miss my long pigtails. Now they're just little short pigtails.

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And to explain why I had a 'bad feeling'. I'd use Splat dye, and even the Splat would fade out in a matter of 2 weeks. Not just fade in intensity, but I mean the straight-up neon pink one would fade back to blonde in a matter of weeks. It was really bad on my hair.

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Why is it when someone posts about Lor here it gets deleted?

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It'd be that way if you post too much about any particular person. It's because targeting individuals is against the rules. You can discuss the way people dress, but you aren't allowed to discuss people's lifestyles, personality, or any other type of personal drama. It's because otherwise we'd be lolcow. /cgl/ use to be terrible for that until they made it a rule.

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where do the average costhots go to look for average boyfriends?

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Men are only good for fighting and fucking and modern men can't do either. Boyfriend's are just outdated dildo's, there's no point in having one. Unless you're a slut that likes attention.

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but what about love? don't women want that sweet affection? why do you think men want women then, they can buy sex toys too...

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I want to believe in men, but all I get is disappointment. I am the saddest seagull. All I want to do is cuddle & cook for them, but all I get is misery and being told I look like a 12 year old.

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Scrotes don't empathize or feel guilt, what they think is "love" is actually their dick clouding their minds and they get over it the second they nut

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Take the lesbian pill

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>Be male
>Struggling to find someone trustworthy and not trash
>Want someone who wants a real relationship and a family
>Someone who likes snuggling and kinky
There's plenty of guys out there that feel the same way. I have a hypothesis that the highest quality people are too busy with their daily grind to socialize.

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You're making the common mistake of assuming most women want children if they want a serious relationship. Make sure you ask this early on. A lot of us want relationships/marriage but are still childfree

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by my desire for a girlfriend only gets stronger after I nut and then I am sad.

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>real relationship
what constitutes this for you?

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Something more than a hook up or fwb.

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>You're making the common mistake of assuming most women want children if they want a serious relationship. Make sure you ask this early on. A lot of us want relationships/marriage but are still childfree
They can live their lives how they want, but if they are not interested in children then they are cutting themselves off from the most stable and intelligent men. It's worth noting that not wanting children is usually a red flag for not having an interest in anything committed.

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I enjoy harvesting the tears of the anti-scrote "lolita". Fills me with joy.

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Anyone else ever feeling like lolita is giving you the motivation to leave your house and go out into the world?

I hardly ever felt inspired to commit to any activities outside of my house before, but since I got into the fashion I suddenly experience an urge to see more of what's going on around me and even become curious about stuff I've never even bothered thinking about before, which doesn't seem like a bad thing, but it's kind of bothering me that this feeling is so tightly connected to the fashion I wear now. But why?

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I would say not wanting to get married (opinion found mostly in men) is a bigger flag about commitment than not wanting children. Weirdly enough, it’s an opinion ratio that’s reversed after a marriage fails (most women won’t remarry, most men will remarry given the chance).

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I feel sorta the same? I think it’s just the fact that dressing up gives me a sort of excuse(?) to go out? If I’m in sweatpants, I’m more inclined to just get cold feet at the door and decide to stay in. I would say to not look a gift horse in the mouth! If lolita is giving you the confidence and energy to interact more with the world around you, then that’s a good thing!

>> No.10294717

It's definitely good motivation, if I'm going to spend hundreds of dollars on an outfit, I want to make sure it's not just collecting dust in my closet. It's also, like you mentioned, motivated me to look into other activities that might 'suit' what I'm wearing that I might not otherwise have been interested in trying. I think it's a productive thing.

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>It's worth noting that not wanting children is usually a red flag for not having an interest in anything committed.
In men, maybe. In women, no. Plenty of women dream of getting married even if they don't want children. Because marriage does not equal children, they are two separate things.

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Don't make me squeeze your head against my chest and tell you you're wonderful

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Oh yeah? Just wait until we hold hands.

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Sell it at good prices. Start auctions at $1 for stuff you don't mind making a loss on with a BIN of a price you're ok with.

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I can't have children, anon. That's what ruins it all. I can do everything for a guy except help them start a family, and every good guy wants a family... I can adopt, but most don't feel the same about adoption. It sucks...

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It's not the same a woman that can't have children that a woman that doesn't want to. The first gets a pass, woombs for rent are a thing (you can bet some of the men willing to go through with you will want to pass down their genes).

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Sometimes, not having children isn't a "choice". Again, only disappointment.

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We don't. Uh. Most think you're lying. Then, eventually the cold hard fact you really can't have children hits them... Sometimes years down the road. Then it is over. Surrogacy is illegal where I live.

>> No.10294797

You can always travel for it. Yeah I can understand, must be tough because it will turn many men away. Good luck gull, I hope you get a good man that is willing.

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Are you a regular poster? I remember an anon who chatted with the steroids anon who made himself infertile.

On the bright side, here are two things:
1. "every good guy wants a family" -> this phrase is simply not true. Some people may not want children for a variety of reasons. They aren't bad people because of it.
2. some are fine with adoption, and I know one particular person who actually prefers it.
A cousin of mine was adopted. Best thing that happened in her life.

tl;dr don't lose hope, you'll find your soul mate.

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What the actual fuck, I'd love to have someone to commit to and love forever, but children would take away from that! These two things are not mutually exclusive, and having the desire that my body is not a baby factory nor my life be dedicated to a child I don't want doesn't mean I can't love a person on my own mental level with commitment.

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What a strange reaction image

>> No.10294824

I am a regular poster. Yeah... I imagine I'll focus on career and even if I find no-one, I'll start a wayward home for estranged youth one day or something. Thank you for your kind words anon.

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It's a drawing from Ayyk92, the creator of Bowsette. Besider her, he made a lot of cool/silly art.
>Thank you for your kind words anon.
Glad to hear they reached you, here are some cats.

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>I am the saddest seagull.
I feel this anon. I am ace and think sex is disgusting and want nothing to do with it (and no, no traumatic sexual experiences and have even had my hormones checked, just generally disgusted by sex). And I have given up all hope of ever finding anyone who would want to be with me. I shall die alone.

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I dreamed that I was married to the hit or miss Nico. Woke up almost crying when it wasn't true.

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I really hate my job but im paralyzed of quitting or sending resumes around and getting fired.Its such a bullshit process,dozens of resumes and no answers,i only got this one because my uncle knew the recruiter guy.It feels really hopeless.

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I can't have children either anon, and it sucks. I'd give up lolita and all of my hobbies to be able to have a family (as that is all I have ever wanted in life) but sadly, giving all that stuff up still won't fix it. It sucks because I want a good man that I can love and take care of, but all the good men want children and I can't provide, so instead I am destined to be lonely. So what better to do that delve into hobbies and make myself as happy as I can I guess. You're not alone.

>> No.10294977

I do enjoy my hobbies. At least we have our hobbies. You can come be a mama at my wayward home for estranged youths. We'll wear lolita & j-fashion while utilizing our cooking and homemaking skills for trouble youth who might perpetually disappoint us.

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This feels thread got real sad real fast. I'm so sorry everybody. I like that reaction image.

>> No.10294990

Anyone want a hug?

>> No.10294995

Everyone needs a hug.

>> No.10294999

Wow there's more women out there than I realized who'd like to have a nice happy family with someone. Now if only I wasn't so riddled with sex-related C-PTSD from the women and girls I had the misfortune of running across in my childhood.

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>be a big-ass nerd in elementary school
>felt like I needed more friends since I was lonely in elementary and middle school, so I got really good at talking and eventually became captain of the debate team
>always felt like people you dated had to be long-time friends, lost a couple of friends when I asked them out in high school since they thought it got awkward as fuck
>work out excessively in college and get attractive
>learn sewing, start making cosplays, cosplaying and working out more to fit my ideal characters
>still, never learned to flirt, always just had empty hookups with normies that felt terrible and didn't give me lasting affection
>still subscribe to the "a girlfriend is just a best friend you fuck" idea, but by the time I find an attractive girl that shares my hobbies and that I can spend time around I fear losing their friendship if I ask them out
>also eventually want kids that look like me (pale-ass blond Russian with blue eyes), so the girl needs to meet that

This took a lot of time actually type out and compartmentalize my core issues but here they are. I'm just angry at myself now.

On a more /cgl/ related level, anyone have any good skincare reccs for someone with dry skin? When I use facial cleansers I get really flaky.

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>show boyfriend new btssb wedding dress I like
>he immediately offers to buy it for when we get married
Well ok

>> No.10295029

>Surrogacy is illegal where I live
where is this?

>> No.10295030

Most women do want to have kids. It's just a problem when you assume ALL do. That's a really annoying assumption when dating

>> No.10295031

SAME WITH ME BUT AN AP ONE but he was really embarrassed about it it was cute

imagine being surprised by ur bf with a lolita wedding dress...

>> No.10295032

Well I am jealous af right now. Where do you find guys like this.

>> No.10295045

I always get this weird feeling when I scroll through the feeds of dead people, but I also find that I can't stop once I start. Every time a cosolayer, Lolita, or normie friend shares a picture from someone who's passed away, I have to click on the account and scroll until I feel numb

>> No.10295055

this sounds like a sweet idea. we should seriously do this. I can imagine two [or even more] frilly old ladies taking care of abandoned and neglected children. Then when we die in old age, at least we will have touched the lives of other people.

My mother abandoned me when I was a child, and while my father took custody of us, I wasn't completely alone. I always wanted to have children of my own someday and be a good mother unlike my own. I guess I can be the mother of abandoned children instead lol

>> No.10295056

Who in specific triggered this post

>> No.10295057

I use cold cream to cleanse my dry skin and it helps soooo much!

>> No.10295061

I hope you realize that's not how genes work. You might still end up with kids that have brown eyes and/or hair (the dominant traits that everyone carries to some degree in their dna). And then you wouldn't want them I guess? People like you shouldn't have kids t b h

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Nobody in particular, it's just like 3am where I live and I was just thinking about it. Although I think I was thinking about that egirl-looking girl that I think got violently murdered and then incels spread pictures of her and her body

>> No.10295104

>>also eventually want kids that look like me (pale-ass blond Russian with blue eyes), so the girl needs to meet that
Anon no, no no no, like above person said, please don't have kids, I can already tell you're going to be a horrible father.

>> No.10295106

Ew, don’t have kids

>> No.10295145

Anon... are you my twin? My mother abandoned me when I was a child and my father took custody too. May we one day meet in old age to make it happen.

>> No.10295148

What about not wanting to have a child because the world is overpopulated? Children being the worst thing you can do for the environment? They're expensive and take up all your "me" time/ couple time. Some women don't think they'll be good enough mothers. There are plenty of reasons.

I'm lucky to have met the love of my life who doesn't want children but wants to be in a committed relationship. It is possible.

>> No.10295195

I like to look through their feed so I can remember them, and even if I don't know them, I feel like that helps them live on a little just by coming to know something about them. I don't think it's weird, because we all fear death and want to be remembered on some level. This is just how I process the fact that it's part of life, and show respect by acknowledging the life a stranger has led.

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>> No.10295230

>a girlfriend is just a best friend you fuck

Don’t get a gf

>> No.10295237


Your partner doesn't have to have everything in common with you to be compatible in a relationship but being friends with your significant other is part of it. If you wouldn't want to be around them minus sex or romance then maybe you don't belong together?

>> No.10295257

>I have a hypothesis that the highest quality people are too busy with their daily grind to socialize.
The highest quality people also don't spend their time lamenting how they can't get a gf/bf on 4chan, so...

>> No.10295259

don't become a father

>> No.10295276

But Anon, I sometimes lament my singledom in 4chan

>> No.10295280

wearing burando plastic jewelry gives me hella anxiety

>> No.10295285

but how

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Yes. I'm lonely as hell.

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Feel hugged, anon.

>> No.10295293

I didn’t mean you shouldn’t be best friends with who you date. I meant that sex isn’t the only thing that makes it different, and sex isn’t a requirement either. If you want a “best friend you fuck”, just have a friend with benefits.

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Thank you kind anon. You are already making my day better.

>> No.10295319

>I hope you realize that's not how genes work.
>(the dominant traits that everyone carries to some degree in their dna).
That's, uh... that's REALLY not how genes work. You can't "carry" a dominant gene and you certainly can't carry a gene "to some degree". You either carry it, you have two copies, or you don't have the gene at all.

Assuming for simplicity's sake that blonde is a simple recessive, two blonde parents would not have brown-haired children. They may have other recessive hair colours come out, depending on what's carried (red-blonde maybe) but that's about it. Polygenes will determine exact shade.

source: am animal breeder, work with genetic information daily trying to achieve specific fur colours etc.

>> No.10295323

Not that anon but you're forgetting modifier genes that can and do affect dominate colors and can give the appearance of the person having only recessive genes save for a few small clues. What animals are you breeding btw? I didn't think I'd run into another anon on /cgl/ of all places that worked with color genetics (I work with equine color genetics and representation).

>> No.10295324

Nayrt but maybe they're scared it will break

>> No.10295332

True -- like albinism and white markings.

I work with rats. I bet horses are a real handful!

>> No.10295358

>I bet horses are a real handful!
It's through my Uni program so it's not as hands on all the time as I'd like but it is very fascinating! I love rats btw, always wanted to get one, maybe one day, good luck with your little guys!

>> No.10295364

Thank you! They're a treat, really smart little critters. I always recommend to get two or more as they're quite social.

>> No.10295370
File: 188 KB, 1200x1363, needlepoint bunny.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I always recommend to get two or more as they're quite social.
Ah so like guinea pigs then, good to know! I'll admit I really don't know as much about rats as I'd like, was planning on reading up on them before ever getting one though of course.

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My friend group is beginning to split apart, it's something that I knew would have eventually happened. My biggest fear is that I am going to have to choose sides, honestly I just wish we could get along together.

>> No.10295430

Ok, why are so many lolitas infertil?

>> No.10295443

Friends groups don’t split apart without conflict. Either you did something and can make things better to help try to keep it together or you can A. Discern who caused the issue and hold them accountable or B. Continue friendships more quietly with all and hope time brings some resolution

>> No.10295446

Drop timestamped face and body pics if you're that hot. Put your money where your mouth is.

>> No.10295462

Wow, I have a twin? That is really surprising! We will have to meet up someday and discuss other things, such as names for our wayward children household.

>> No.10295554

PCOS is pretty common actually, happens to a lot of women

>> No.10295555

>two blonde parents would not have brown-haired children
But I have seen this happen before. I've also seen two brown-haired people have blonde children.

>> No.10295556

not sure about the first but the blonde childrens hair could darken with age

>> No.10295567

I have an immunodeficiency disorder, and that puts me at high risk for bacterial infection. The childbirth itself would carry extremely high risk of killing me even with modern medicine. It's for the same reason I cannot have my wisdom teeth removed or plastic surgery. Even abortion would be risky for me although far less risky than bringing a child to term. The birth itself would expose me to infection not to mention the fact any tear would become infected. It doesn't help most my family has to give birth via c-section. That's why I cannot have children. It's the birth part that's too great a risk. Past that, I wouldn't be able to change diapers & would have to quarantine myself from a sick child in the instance of pink eye, strep, and stomach bugs.

>> No.10295571

That's if the brown is dominant... They have discovered genes which can mask one another, and the fact color in human genetics can be determined by multiple genes, not just one. Two blue eyed parents can have a brown eyed kid, just for example... because they might have blue eyes only by lacking a working copy of a gene which requires two working copies in conjunction to show brown eyes. If the kid receives both working copies from their parents (who have one working copy + one non-working copy each), the kid will be born brown eyed despite being born to blue eyed parents.

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I think I have to quit lolita for health reasons.

I was browsing BtB last night when my butt made a tuba noise and smelly air came out.

Has this ever happened to anyone else? I'm seeing a doctor this Friday.

>> No.10295573

Anon speaks the truth. It can happen for why I mentioned in >>10295571. Human genetics are really complex.

>> No.10295574
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Yes I am lonely

>> No.10295586

I'm sorry for your loss.

>> No.10295636
File: 344 KB, 220x165, tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Managed to buy both my dream dresses this year!

I got a bonus from my job earlier this year so I could buy the most expensive one for $300, and now I found my other one for just $150

Been a messy year but thinking about getting the dresses I've been thirsting after for years makes me a bit happier. All hail the power of materialism!

>> No.10295637

>non /r9k/ edition
>only like 10 out of 125 /cgl/ feels

>> No.10295638

Congrats anon! Which one is it?

>> No.10295698
File: 37 KB, 1127x685, 1460623005667.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>see average cosplay of Nezuko with pretty bad wig and bought cosplay
>everyone praises her on Twitter for being so cute and "best Nezuko ever" because she's poc
>know that I will never get attention like that no matter how well I make my Nezuko cosplay

>> No.10295699

if you're talking about the black nezuko, she also got a ton of hate and probably knows people are only praising her to virtue signal

>> No.10295700

I don't think she deserves hate. The cosplay is not bad. It's just not THAT good.

>> No.10295701

Oh and looks like we're talking about different cosplayer.

>> No.10295724

I've been collecting clothes for my specific j-fash (not lolita) for a little over a year maybe, but Its only recently it has started to feel like "me". I used to just let it hang in my closet and only wear it to specific events or meetups with friends, but since getting my new job and having less time in my own clothes (work uniform) I've started wearing my dresses and skirts and cute clothes on most days I have off. I've gone from not really loving the feeling of dresses to prefering them over jeans and trousers.
There are still some clothes in my normie closet that I like to wear, t-shirts I bought at shows for my favourite bands and so on, but honestly? IDK how much of it I'll keep when I finally move out and in to my own place.
I can't wait to be a lifestyler

>> No.10295759
File: 718 KB, 947x837, 386.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>find a gf this summer
>she's amazing and im the happiest i've ever been
>we're a perfect match and have similar interests
>gonna do a couple cosplay together next year
Im so happy I just felt like sharing.
While I feel like the stars have aligned for me, I guess this is also a reminder to keep putting yourself out there and go on dates!

>> No.10295803

I feel like lolita is the only thing that makes me feel sort of calm anymore. Not even happy, it's hard to find joy in anything. Looking at my wardrobe or possibly adding to it gives me a small moment of peace before I start thinking about how easy and freeing it would be to jump off the rooftop parking garage at my work.

>> No.10295804


are you boy or girl?

>> No.10295805
File: 43 KB, 800x935, 120930030019.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's sooo pretty and perfectly feminine without being OTT but I won't have the budget for it til February or March and it will definitely be sold out by then :( I want it

>> No.10295811

>Anon actually got a gf
What do you think?

>> No.10295822

I feel like the only way to meet girls into similar things as me is cosplay/cons. I'm into video games and all that, and I have a good video game cosplay, but I fear asking for girls numbers and such at cons. Especially since I wear a mask so what if they think I'm ugly :(

>> No.10295823

This is the closest thread I can think of to ask, but can I go to anime conventions dressed as a video game character, or is that some gay shit? There's lots of anime conventions but barely any video game conventions...

>> No.10295839

A lot of people on this board have significant others or an active dating life.

>> No.10295840

Its perfectly fine to go as a video game character, anyone who says otherwise is an elitist piece of shit and you should ignore then. Every anime con I've ever been to has been a wide mix of source material for costumes- movies, western cartoons, video games, even memeshit. Wear your costume and have fun.

>> No.10295843

i dont really cosplay anymore but i did in middle school and i met this girl in a lecture who also used to cosplay so we weebed out and started talking and i wanna ask her on a date :< in all my previous relationships i just felt ok being a loser around them but she is special bc i can be a loser WITH her.. feels good man

>> No.10295854
File: 59 KB, 490x509, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

saw this one asian cosplayer gett this kind of indirect response once because they wanted cosplay archer emiya from fate stay night and asked advice to tan themselves

>> No.10295868

>who has a specific ethnicity
Yeah, asian. Most tan characters in japanese media are dark-skinned asians, something which westerners forget about apparently.

>> No.10295876

>Do not darken the pigmentation of your skin by exposing it to the sun for an extended period of time because it's racist.

I'm clapping so hard right now. What's her paypal? I need to send my reparations.

>> No.10295880


Japan does frequently use black "islander" characters (Choi from Tamako Market), nationality-ambiguous black people (Miyuki from Basquash) tanned white people (Americans like Nikumi from Food Wars), etc. But even so, I think fake tanning skin for cosplay isn't a huge deal and I'm black. But it makes people mad so prolly not a good idea to advertise it online if you decide to do it. Actual blackface and people unconnected to legitimate racism just wanting to look like someone they think is cool are different. (This discussion has happened before on cgl and gotten annoying though so I'm just gonna leave things there)

>> No.10295893

yeah youre right

>> No.10295918

The women, yes. The men, hahaha.

>> No.10295919

very obviously posted by a white person. yikes

>> No.10295921

will going to cons and cosplaying help me meet cute girls so I too can have a dating life

>> No.10295922

archer is still asian just tan... cause hes emiya

>> No.10295932

Not if you're ugly.

>> No.10295937

ok what if Im good looking and actually have charm, I just don't know where to meet girls with similar interests as me

>> No.10295939

Recently had a friend group split within my con group. Only one side was trying to force me to "take sides". So I guess I got lucky and the choice was made for me by one person being really shitty to me.

>> No.10295941

yeah i would have sided with the one who forced me to take sides too

>> No.10295945

My favourite "blackface" incident in cosplay was the asian cosplayer who got a spray tan to cosplay an Italian from Jojo that looks like he has a spray tan.

>> No.10295954

Yes. Always try to stay friends with people who can't understand opinions different than their own. Never trust people that don't mind when you have a different opinion or hang out with people they don't like.

>> No.10295956


This is fucking hilarious. Like if someone spray tanned to cosplay a gyaru when they're already Japanese girls who tan on purpose to be unnaturally darker than they are is it somehow blackface? All the people getting offended never actually have that much interest in anime or any knowledge of the characters beyond "tan means black, your're a blackfacing racist"

>> No.10295965
File: 134 KB, 713x454, Screenshot_20191126-192707_Gallery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon if a cosplayer with a helmet/mask asked for my number I'd swoon

>> No.10295972

Really? I mean gosh, maybe I should try it. I just really like the costume but it wouldn't make sense without the mask, but I still wanna meet girls, ya know?

>> No.10295973

If your cosplay is good quality and you're clean and smell nice you should do very well.

>> No.10295978


This mentality is the worst thing about the 2010s

>> No.10295981

then you can get girls easily even in a shitty cosplay

>> No.10295986
File: 128 KB, 820x621, 368-3685815_view-1536389656402-akane-chan-seyana.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I might be in the minorty of people who just prefer characters without faces or wear helmets, but honestly it doesnt hurt to try, the worst they can say is they've got an SO already, and you can laugh and say "Oh sorry I just thought you were really pretty" and play it cool?

Out of curiosity which character is it anon?

>> No.10295988
File: 282 KB, 800x800, Hlm2_featured.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I have pretty much everything already, tshirt, official jacket, custom painted nikes based off his shoes with the straps and all, and white wash pants with the richard mask. All I need is the bandages, blood splatters, and the tape recorder like in Payday 2. I'm not sure how cons are about weapons, so I can't decide on what to bring.

>> No.10295989

I'd be willing to bet money that if a popular enough white cosplayer got accused of blackface for cosplaying a gyaru, it could lead to a follow up of keyboard crusaders attacking gyaru as a whole.

>> No.10295991


Or even better, what if they cosplayed a ganguro character? Where it's literally translated to or supposed to be "blackface" already. More extreme than gyaru and then the blackface part is actually accurate in a technical sense.

I'd love to see the shitstorm of reeing and whining in response to that shit.

>> No.10295994

Ahh Good choice!

For weapons it really depends on the con, and just be weary that some girls probably won't like a somewhat obscure character (at least where I'm from not many know HM) covered in blood and chicken mask approaching them

>> No.10295995

Yeah I guess you're right, but gotta try, right? I wore it for halloween one year and nobody got the reference but they all enjoyed it :p

>> No.10296022
File: 241 KB, 736x1095, Casval.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you a charfag?

>> No.10296039
File: 140 KB, 567x723, Screenshot_20191126-224637_Gallery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cant say yes since I only like his kamen rider appearance and thats it

Never really was a gundam fan sorry anon

>> No.10296056
File: 219 KB, 635x355, kuuga.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Blessed taste.

>> No.10296085 [DELETED] 
File: 34 KB, 633x758, deadinsidewojak.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm sorry for shitposting in this thread but this is a female majority board so...

Is a 13,5cm(5.31inch) long by 13,5cm(5.31inch) thick dick small?
(I know same size for both length and thickness, nature is funny like that).

Also, asking for a friend. Please be honest.

>> No.10296086

Do you wear lolita?

>> No.10296090


Yes it is.

>> No.10296112 [DELETED] 

Is it wrong to spit on a woman if she has a tattoo?

>> No.10296115

>same length and width
So your dick looks like a lump of ham

>> No.10296116
File: 5 KB, 218x119, 12412521555.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, I measure how thick it is with one of these putting it around my dick.

>> No.10296127

That’s about average.

>> No.10296130



>> No.10296131

You're probably baiting but I know this feel. I got into /cgl/ a few years ago for cosplay, didn't know what the FUCK lolita was. Eventually added a few thots in my area on FB and pumped n dumped. You falls are probably the easiest to play. Literally just be over 6 feet, have a clean face, and just give them a little attention and pretend you care about their princess dress up game. Then I see them make saltpost in the feels threads all the time and realize that they're literally just /r9k/, but instead if pretending to be a bunch of girls they're pretending to be some fairy godmothers or some shit. Behind every incelrage is an autist who can't get laid because of poor social skills or self awareness, who will blame women for their issues. And behind every saltgull post is a thot who gives it too easily and isn't stable enough for an actual stable relationship so just blames dudes for their own shortcomings.

P.S. Fucking someone in one of those party dresses is only interesting for all but like 3 minutes until that shit just gets in the way. And it's a pain the the ass to undress someone in it. Don't wear this shit on a fuck night you come to my house.

>> No.10296152

I stopped trying to make friends because I’m a worthless neet. I feel like anytime I meet someone if they stick around long enough then eventually the topic of what we do for a living is going to come up and I have to explain to them why I’m human garbage. I wish I could find some other worthless neets to be friends with so we can wallow in our crapulance together.

>> No.10296156

>cosplayers starting to go on about racism again
I fucking hate SJWs and niggers
>t. Mudskin

>> No.10296182
File: 9 KB, 240x240, 1572929631571.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish she would give me another chance.

>> No.10296190

It is though, look at dick size studies.

>> No.10296194


>> No.10296195

Because blonde hair is recessive.

>> No.10296199

Well I'll be, you're right. It was thought for a long time that eye colour followed a simple dominant/recessive inheritance structure but it looks like the newest research implicates 16 different genes and that it should be possible for two blue-eyed parents to produce a brown-eyed child (though unlikely).

>> No.10296213


>> No.10296226
File: 4 KB, 80x125, 1447020275527s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it bad that I fucking hate the new-age con goers? Its like homestuck cosplayers got a whole generation+

>> No.10296227
File: 41 KB, 364x385, trash.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon, you're not worthless garbage because you're a NEET. You're worthless garbage because you're presumably not doing anything with your life that's actually meaningful to you. You should be doing the shit you'd be doing if we lived in a society where no one had to work, because you're currently aren't working, so live it up.

>> No.10296265

Is that good or bad?

>> No.10296268

I don't even have a dick, I just remember the size studies being around exactly 5.5 inches.

>> No.10296271

That's about average (even if some fellas like to believe the opposite).

So you're all good. No need to ashamed, anon.

>> No.10296293

I used to and honestly I would like to more. I don't ever feel like I have the energy to get dressed up or I feel too fat and ugly to wear nice things.

>> No.10296300

It's average. But you asked for honesty, and I can honestly say 6-7" feels much better than 5".

>> No.10296305
File: 1.17 MB, 1080x940, IMG_20191127_212449.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why do I look like this whenever I try to wear cute stuff? ;_; end my misery

>> No.10296309

I've really never noticed a difference with length, only with girth. Anon's penis is an inch above the average girth 4.5"), so he should be more than fine. Above 6" becomes too painful/difficult anyway.

>> No.10296315

6-6.5 is optimal in length for me, any more gives me the pussyfarts and just isn’t enjoyable

>> No.10296323

Improve your makeup skills. It's the only thing uglies can do, but makeup is extremely powerful.

>> No.10296325

I love that literally everyone I’ve seen make a big deal over this stuff is a white SJW. I have never once seen an actual POC give a shit.

>> No.10296349

Some people like chodes

>> No.10296352

It wasn't one person, it was just a large combination of things, with how things are now the next con they will not be speaking to each other. For now I am keeping my head low and keeping up with both groups, I will figure out something when the convention actually starts, but hopefully by then something good happened.

>> No.10296363
File: 249 KB, 1125x1867, dZwEFta.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There was this one dark landwhale

>> No.10296367

This is incredibly based
What cons are you going to if you don't mind me asking?

>> No.10296368

>I'm not profiting. Except for putting you in your place.
Jesus fucking Christ

>> No.10296371

Tomorrow is the first thanksgiving without my now ex and a family. I’m completely alone this year.

This is hitting me very hard. I don’t know what to do aside from buy some bourbon and get so drunk I don’t notice tomorrow happening.

>> No.10296385

Buy rye instead

>> No.10296386

Go to the bar and hang out with the other people who also don't have family.

>> No.10296387

I remember seeing this shitstorm happen on twt, iirc she wasn't completely whitewashed, but her skin was a pastel/muted color along with the rest of the piece because it's the artist's style.

Do you have any friends who don't have plans, anon? You could do a Friendsgiving! Or if you're not against it, just cook yourself up some good food and act like it's another day off, just with the benefit of a lot of tasty food to eat.

>> No.10296392

where is YOUR family? this is why a person's whole life shouldn't revolve around their s.o.

>> No.10296399

whatever I can find in the denver area I suppose. Waiting for a friend to move out here in January so I have someone to go with.

>> No.10296406
File: 837 KB, 889x1218, latest[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are visors acceptable? It lights up.

>> No.10296412

colorado anime fest, denver comic con (or w/e the fuck they renamed it to) and NDK are the main ones

coaf is next, march 20th

>> No.10296417
File: 230 KB, 1080x1056, Screenshot_20191127-174522_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Absolutely! I think a huge factor is their eyes being covered

It lighting up too.. hnng

>> No.10296422

thanks fren, hopefully I can get it all together by then

or meet a cute girl before it so I wont have to :3

>> No.10296427

It honestly feels cool as hell to wear, even if it starts to absolutely kill the bridge of my nose after a while.
I'm planning to make a second version that should fix that though, along with adding better lighting and tweaking the shape to be more accurate.

>> No.10296428

this is insane
how did most people react to it, though? surely SOMEONE is pointing out that getting a tan isn't racism

>> No.10296431

This entire "controversy" pissed me off to no end. People don't understand basic palette choices and differences in lighting.

>> No.10296435

I’m afraid of coming off as some sort of burden. As far as I know they all have plans and it feels awkward and wrong to ask to be added like some estranged child. I guess I could try to make something but eating anything alone feels just as sad, to be honest.

I cut contact with them a while back from years of mental and physical abuse. My family was no good, my ex and I were together for 7 years so his family was my family. First holiday alone is a horrible adjustment.

>> No.10296442
File: 51 KB, 1218x561, 02c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i like to think ur my family, fren

>> No.10296449
File: 22 KB, 490x451, 4BABC8BC-69DE-47DD-8516-1BCFD9C84F9C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thenk u fren, that does make me feel a little bit better.

>> No.10296464
File: 78 KB, 1242x686, 1544564248132.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you gonna post a pic of ur cosplay when you finish the new one anon or what

>> No.10296473

sorry you are going through a rough time anon. this is my first thanksgiving back with my family in many many years. for the last almost decade, instead i would make myself a bowl of stuffing and a big tub of cranberry sauce, build a blanket fort, and marathon all the lord of the rings extended editions. the fellowship is my family now...
anyway if you can plan any sort of little day or treat for yourself to break up the time, it helps.

>> No.10296477


I'm spending it alone this year too and I guess because of how my work is, I'm just grateful to have the day off. I'm planning on eating my favorite comfort food (kimchi udon, don't ask) and catching up on a bunch of shows and books. >>10296473 sounds extra cosy, might steal the blanket fort idea. Sometimes being alone is much better than stressing out trying to please a bunch of people.

>> No.10296512 [DELETED] 

>tfw have to pretend women are equals

>> No.10296513 [DELETED] 
File: 1020 KB, 250x212, 122289.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh sweetie, we're not equals, we're better than you.

>> No.10296515

You know, I just might.

>> No.10296518 [DELETED] 

Nobody actually believes this so you're probably a tranny.

>> No.10296522 [DELETED] 
File: 328 KB, 497x375, 1399747579287.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10296523 [DELETED] 

Nice simpsons meme.

I'll laugh when you get ovarian cancer.

>> No.10296549

I use a 5.5 toy. You're fine. A bit too thick really. The only time I've ever insulted a man's dick size was because they told me I look like a 12 year old. Stop worrying about your dick. If it makes you feel better, the only time I've ever bled from sex was with someone about 5 inches. So, you can still do a lot with your equipment. I had bigger guys in the past, but it's not like they could use it all. It's better to be thick than a pencil dick.

>> No.10296553

One of those frillies hurt you, didn't they? We all hurt inside, anon.

>> No.10296560

Do you actually look like a 12 year old?

>> No.10296567
File: 26 KB, 400x400, kim.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't think they realized it's a sore spot for me. It's like that one time a couple years back before I ever even wore J-fashion... I was just buying my dang supper with my ex-b/f at Burger King, and the cashier chortled, "The problem with men these days is they like little girls instead of women." I dealt with a lot at the college I attended too. I've dealt with people being rude to me a lot, and it honestly hurts when you're almost 30 & people talk down to you like a teenager going on about, "One day when you pay bills..." That hurts when you've been paying bills since 18.

I don't think I look like a 12 year old. Fuck. I'm almost 30. Why should we have to wear crop tops & pantsuits to 'look our age'? Why should we have to cake our faces with foundation & heavy eye shadow to 'look our age'? I hate the feeling of makeup. I've always hated the way makeup feels. So what if I don't like wearing more then a little mascara & eyeliner at best. I shouldn't have to do full-on Kim Kardashian makeup on the regular to be treated like an adult... I've got hooded eyes & oily skin anyways so it's much easier if I can wash my face throughout the day to combat it, and wearing heavy eye shadow just creases no matter what. Not that there's anything wrong with heavy makeup. It's just not for me.

Yes. It hurts when people call me a 'little girl' or tell me, "You look twelve."

>> No.10296573

Thanks for the input.
When you say you use a 5.5 toy does it mean that the toy will feel better than a man that is 5.31?
Is it because you're short or just your face?

>> No.10296577
File: 206 KB, 362x539, 1574381334934.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Get implants then people will stop calling you 12

>> No.10296579 [DELETED] 

I just wanted to know if you were a sexy loli and not your life story, you fucking retard.

Is your brain 12 too?

And men aren't attracted to nigger-fucking whores like Kim Kardashian. Women, homosexuals and soulless corporations drive modern fashion and invent celebrities as "fashion icons" to move product and satisfy their own moronic insecurities.

>> No.10296582

I guess it's both? I want to say my height. I am 5'2", but the clerk was the same height as me. A lot of the women who have bullied me are the same height or even shorter. Short women are common where I live. I want it to be known that's a lovely photo of the woman I've used as an example, and I see no wrong with being glamorous. It just sucks that's what we're suppose to look like to look 'our age' or something. The older I get, the worse the bullying has gotten. It's especially tiresome whenever I have been with man, as rare as it is, and people have nothing better to do then give the men a bunch of shit because, "She's too young," or, "That's not a woman." I'm tired of it. I guess on the plus side, it gives me encouragement wearing my j-fashion since I dealt with shit even when I dressed like a normal adult so it doesn't make a lick of difference. I can't change my height. I can't change my face. People need to just stop being mean about it. Even if I was 18-19... what right do they have to make fun of an eighteen-year-old?

Also, no, the .20 of an inch does not make a damn difference. Have you ever noticed that a lot of girls in, say, webcam work aren't even using the whole toy when they fuck a 7 or 8 inch one? Yeah.

>> No.10296583 [DELETED] 

I have big boobs.
It's a feels thread. Not a test to filter out 'sexy lolis'. I'm sorry to disappoint.

>> No.10296585

I have big boobs. That cannot be the issue.
It's a feels thread. Not a test to filter out 'sexy lolis'. I'm sorry to disappoint. No. I'm not a KanColle character.

>> No.10296589

From my point of view as a male I think it's some kind of cope or envy. There are women who are 30 who would kill to look younger and look like wasted roasties who did a bit of meth, at least in my area. So knowing this and the fact they spend big quantities of money to look younger with lotions and such, sounds like how fat women say they are real women and skinny ones are for pedos. Personally I don't think it's a flaw. In fact when you get older it'll be a benefit.
And for people telling your man "She's too young," or, "That's not a woman." I don't think that should hold any sway in anything but who knows some men are touchy with what others think of them.
>Also, no, the .20 of an inch does not make a damn difference. Have you ever noticed that a lot of girls in, say, webcam work aren't even using the whole toy when they fuck a 7 or 8 inch one? Yeah.
I see. And yeah I noticed that too, they don't fit it entirely and use part of it as a handle. It's just a bit demoralizing when in the male boards everyone is like
>8inch is medium size and 10inch is optimal, also 3 square feet of thickness or you're COPING
And then proceed to post a girl fitting an entire watermelon up her ass as proof.

>> No.10296590

Also, the point of that in the first place is make >>10296573 realize why people bully. Maybe it's because one inadvertently picked on someone for something they didn't realize was a sore spot. Maybe it's because that's the only thing people could think of to pick on. Maybe it's because those people suck, and had to pick the one thing they feel brings them superiority. I know one person who liked to bully other men for their dick size only because he himself was insecure that the size of his dick didn't stop him from throwing flower pots at his ex-g/f's every time they had an argument, and that's why he's single. Either way, as hard as it is (I know the feeling...), we should try our best not to listen to people who bring us down. It's hard, but we should try not to listen. Maybe it does make us all feel inadequate in some way whether that be performance or appearance, but we should try to look past that. We're all likely guilty of taking our aggression out on others in a way that's not quite right. Anon likely trolls women because he's dealt with people picking on him his whole life for it. I've picked on a man before because he chose to insult something I couldn't change either. At the end of the day, there's nothing wrong with anon, and he shouldn't feel bad nor should I. It's hard. We all struggle. Everyone is different.

>> No.10296599

We're gonna' make it, anon. All we can do is try not to let other people's treatment of us affect our treatment of others best we can.

>> No.10296600

>tfw /cgl/ is full of ads for porn and escorts yet you still cant post sexy cosplay

>> No.10296601

yeah galo sengen

>> No.10296602


>> No.10296632

Nobody wants to fit a watermelon up anywhere for fun, trust me here. Even a cucumber is pushing it (don't ask me how I know)

>> No.10296633

I don’t think anyone needs to ask. You shoved a cucumber up your bum.

>> No.10296648

gonna throw it out there; it's quite lucky that you're able to look younger, lots of girls and women struggle with aging very early and that's an entirely different type of psychological torment to come to terms with. I began going gray before my 20s and crowfeet by 25, I had a poor lifestyle and now I throw like 7 different products to salvage my face.
I think these women are just really fucking salty when they see that you look younger because they hit the wall already, and will keep declining from then on, aging really fucking sucks man.
Own your shit and keep acting like a kawaii cunt

>> No.10296699
File: 45 KB, 497x498, ADEF8BA3-6D21-43AB-9924-6521A3AB3CE0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Thanks for the kind words, anons. If I stay offline it makes it easier, so I’ve avoided any social media so far and no one has texted me so it’s helped feel like just another day. I decided to stay in and draw, I have a lot of creative ideas I want to make happen so the quiet will help with that, and I’m making pierogi now so I’ll eat something good later.

Chances are I’ll still be on the chans all day so if anyone else is lonely and want to chat then you know where to find me.

>> No.10296721

It's really bizarre that men who don't take dick feel like they are the authority on what it means to have good dick game. Pretty gay in my opinion.

>> No.10296722


idk man when i don't wear makeup i don't look young, i look fucking tired.

my working long hours finally caught up to me and while i still look young, i'm definitely aging. it's not a nice feeling, so just feel blessed you don't need to work 14-16 hours a day and you'll still look young for a great while yet.

>> No.10296728

>7 years
Were you married? If not, you shouldn't have stayed with him past the 3rd year of no proposal. Just sayin.

>> No.10296777

Funny how the strongest motivation to lose weight to me are "body positive" women on the internet because I look at them and think "fuck I don't want to look like that". I don't even really mind it on other people, I just hate it on myself. gross.

>> No.10296805

That's the exact reason I still go to fat people hate threads on /fit/

>> No.10296809

I just want a cosplay gf to go to a con with or people to hang out with in general. I don't want to go to a con alone.

>> No.10296816

I know this feel

>> No.10296834
File: 755 KB, 1242x1220, A59766BB-F071-4A18-99C7-A67C4661D73A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>current bf is very enthusiastic about my cosplay
>always calls me cute and is looking forward to our first con together
>he dressed up for Halloween with me and told me it was really fun to do

not that my previous partners hated that I cosplayed but they were either indifferent or just into the sexual aspect of it and never really respected the time, effort and possible pain that comes with it. It’s v nice to have someone who encourages me and would like to cosplay together. It’s not as prevalent in my life anymore due to needing to focus on finishing my degree but it did re-ignite a bit of a spark

>> No.10296836
File: 20 KB, 480x308, Bt50S-bIMAAXu9F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Constantly forget to take photos of myself and friends in parties and cons
>Every time I do remember, it's super awkward and looks like shit

I do not even posses a good photo of myself since I lost 20+ lbs. I just don't know how to do it.

>> No.10296863
File: 75 KB, 750x547, 52646BD5-16B3-4432-8620-4F9569FCBD9F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feels, anon. I see lots of cute couples cosplays at cons and kinda envy them. It must be fun

>> No.10296865
File: 30 KB, 500x375, 34325.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hope you had a good day anon, pirogi sound real good

>> No.10296911

Post in bst thread

>> No.10296912

Thats fair. It’s kind of stupid being banned for a day because you don’t like Lor even though everyone worships her

>> No.10296913

Get cheap stuff from cc

>> No.10296958

I only come here because this is the only board on 4chan with actual girls. I think cosplay and lolita is stupid

How's that for a feel

>> No.10296959


Why though? You're just reading boring banal posts about dresses and shoes and shit.
Reddit is full of that shit if thats your thing.

>> No.10296960

Don't know really. Feels kind of neat to just observe girls talking shit on the internet
I also religiously follow random girls on instagram/twitter without ever communicating with them. Been doing it for many years, I know it's weird but I like doing it

>> No.10297015 [DELETED] 

lmao at the bitches that dont want children
once you get a real chad as a partner and he whispers to your ears "get pregnant" as he nuts you will be flushing that birth control down the toilet

>> No.10297028

As of today, my birthday, I have officially become a wizard. A witch? Not sure if there is a gender distinction about this sort of thing, but basically, I'm 30 and still a virgin. A kissless virgin at that. My parents are on my ass more than ever about how I need a husband, and I hope at this point they realize they've failed and just leave me alone.
My clothes are the only companion I need.

>> No.10297033

I'm going to call this a larp for attention. There's no way that you can possibly be like this unless you have some schizoid tendencies. Even the most slobbenly obese polygamous women can find a husband.

>> No.10297035

As said before, they can choose to not have children, but they need to be realistic about their expectations in the men that will want them.

>> No.10297036

Not that anon, but you do realize that there are some people who don’t need romantic companionship? I’m quite content with my family and friendships, no need to supplement it with some dude who might cause extra drama.

>> No.10297038
File: 342 KB, 588x476, su amused.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Saw an ebay add for a dress? Wit no picture and barely any description of the supposed dress. I'm laughing in my heart. This is the funniest thing i've seen all day.


>> No.10297046

Where did I say this was a bad thing? Maybe I didn't make this clear, but I do not want a male partner, or female one for that matter. Was I incorrect in assuming that the term wizard can apply to both incels and vocels? There was a point in my life when I wanted to date and get married and have sex, but I had zero success and I've simply outgrown wanting those things. Not schizoid, but actually autistic, if that helps explain things.
This too.

>> No.10297049 [DELETED] 

This mentality isn't uncommon, however it's also what leads to women being literal crazy cat ladies.

>> No.10297059

Rock on, lolita wizard. I'm glad you find fulfillment in other places outside the domestic sphere.

>> No.10297076
File: 165 KB, 763x1082, __johan_andersen_yuu_gi_ou_and_1_more_drawn_by_tea_retroz__6a3a665803672f6de5f7ec4fcf394063.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>only times i've ever been hit on in my life are when i'm in cosplay
>said no every time
>don't even cosplay anymore
>22 and kissless virgin
im so fucking lonely

>> No.10297077 [DELETED] 
File: 115 KB, 680x660, 1509378523171.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So it's true...

>> No.10297100

It's very early for you to be complaining.
Consider: was cosplay the only time you dolled up (wore makeup, had your hair done, etc)? Do you actually frequent places inhabited by your peers where it's socially acceptable for people to hit on you? Are you actually approachable?
Con-goers are notorious for considering anyone in cosplay "free game" for socialization and the con setting emboldens people to be forward with others. It takes way more effort and intent to get the same kind of attention in plain clothes.

>> No.10297102

Based anon. I'm on my way to willfully achieving wizardy myself.

>> No.10297114

I kinda get this feeling every time I end up somewhere like bodybuilding.com

>> No.10297125

why did you turn them down?

>> No.10297172

The crazy cat lady trope is just scrotes
trying to bully women into abusive and unstable relationships with them. I'm sure most cat ladies have been laid or have been/are married or suffer from a serious mental illness. But scotes like you don't care anyways.
The level of delusion. Stay in r9k fag.

>> No.10297173

Fuck off.

>> No.10297185
File: 60 KB, 200x195, 568574838864.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

5/10 bait made me reply

>> No.10297192

>everyone thinks I should get a relationship because I have x,y,z going for me, which gives me a leg up
>they can't even tell me why I should or what's in it for me

>> No.10297194 [DELETED] 

>The crazy cat lady trope is just scrotes trying to bully women into abusive and unstable relationships with them.

I can understand why you might think that, but you're not going to convince me. I've seen it first hand where they had no one to blame but themselves.

>I'm sure most cat ladies have been laid or have been/are married or suffer from a serious mental illness.

Common denominator being that they're all childless and have no meaningful long term purpose other than being a cog in the capitalist system.
If you do have a debilitating mental illness, then by all means don't reproduce, but at least have some foresight into what greater purpose you feel is important enough to not drive yourself insane in your later years.

>> No.10297195

>Common denominator being that they're all childless and have no meaningful long term purpose other than being a cog in the capitalist system.
If you do have a debilitating mental illness, then by all means don't reproduce, but at least have some foresight into what greater purpose you feel is important enough to not drive yourself insane in your later years.

If you think your life only has purpose when you have children you maybe shouldn't have children. They are humans with their own lifes that you will need to let go at one point, not your magical life fullfillment tool that will always stay by your side.

>> No.10297200

>They are humans with their own lifes that you will need to let go at one point,
I never said otherwise

>not your magical life fullfillment tool that will always stay by your side.
If it doesn't do either, then you are doing something horribly wrong. No one leaves their family if they have a good relationship.

>> No.10297208

Nayrt, but because the guys who only hit on me while I’m in cosplay are guys who won’t stick around to make a family with anyway.

>> No.10297246
File: 389 KB, 1232x1024, 1520182536519.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw finally picking myself up after a rough rut

lost a few but learned alot, now i'm enjoying my friday night with a few comfy beers lol.

if your reading fellow anons i hope you're having a lovely night <3

>> No.10297254

janny, I just want to say you're based. thanks for keeping the thread clean from robots.

>> No.10297270

>be me
>lolita for 6 years
>sold/traded a lot of my dresses for a few to keep my wardrobe consistent and curated
>recently fell out of love with lolita
>wardrobe no longer brings me joy like it once did
>but also can’t sell wardrobe because they’re all pieces that I wear from time to time and mix with normie clothes for a “vintage inspired” look

What the fuck is wrong with me, anons?

>> No.10297330

they were black

>> No.10297331
File: 195 KB, 872x632, persona-5-makoto-png-14-transparent.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no bf to couples cosplay with
I wish.

>> No.10297375

unironically based
you don't know that. If you were cute and cooked and cleaned for me I'd breed you :3

>> No.10297377

I make 6 figures a year so if anything, I would need a house husband who cooked and cleaned.

>> No.10297383

>bought velvet dress
>it has the musty smell of thrift shop velvet
>mfw I have no face
Help, how do I remove this odour. I tried spritzing it with vodka to no avail.

>> No.10297384

ok ill be your house husband and give you children :)

>> No.10297386

I've had nasolabial folds since my teen years. I hated it and sometimes I'm self-conscious about it. Is it in my bad genes or did I do something bad while growing up?

>> No.10297387


Nayrt but your obsession with "breeding" and emoticon use is a little strange and creepy seeming

>> No.10297388

Stop smiling so much, anon, GOSH

J/k some people just have them. I say embrace and love the face you have. There’s nothing you can do to chance the past so just accept it. Could be genetic, could be having a very expressive face, could have been environmental pollutants. I can, however recommend facial fillers. I get them in my nasolabial folds up near my nose and I love the result. Just make sure they go easy on it for a natural look

>> No.10297389

do you have a really skinny face? that tends to make the folds look more noticeable

>> No.10297390
File: 2.36 MB, 320x287, 081.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's not like it matters, meeting a cute girl over 4chan? No chance.

>> No.10297391

>I make 6 figures a year
yeah we totally believe you

>> No.10297392

I think the question is what made you fall out of love with lolita after 6 years? That would be the answer to your “what’s wrong with me?” question.

>> No.10297393
File: 263 KB, 720x1280, cookies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a mental illness, and I've discovered my greater purpose is making baked goods and cooking food to give to neighbors, store clerks, and drug addicts at 2 a.m. It's important the latter eat...

I miss cuddling. Fucking hell. I was so happy for a good 7 months. Now I'm only happy in 15-20 minute intervals until people's bellies are full or they go in a sugar coma.

>> No.10297396

ntayrt but I'm skinny fat with face fat. I had the folds too since 16.

>> No.10297402
File: 1.23 MB, 1059x1500, best couple.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>always wanted to cosplay Shin
>no Noi to fuck around with
This realization sucks more than it should.

>> No.10297438

Why are you upset? It's not like im interfering or anything

>> No.10297441
File: 14 KB, 423x235, D70405CE-8877-4322-9B3C-F62AB8BBB7BF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>holiday stress
>final items from taobao order still haven’t reached ss and it’s been over a week, every other item arrived promptly
>pc suddenly wont recognize ethernet cable, not sure if cable or ethernet port that’s fucked up so not sure how to fix
It’s the little things that stack up and stress me out

>> No.10297449

oh this is terrible

>> No.10297470

Eh I just moved on from the fashion. For the first 4 years, I loved the aesthetic with tons of prints and ruffles and shit. Over the last 2 years, I wanted to tone it down and aim for a more vintage inspired wardrobe like Fanny Rosie’s. But even then there’s something about lolita that doesn’t quite fit the look that I want.

>> No.10297480
File: 743 KB, 680x944, no salt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My friends agreed to a bondage cosplay photoshoot.
Time to starts a patreon and get money from coomers

>> No.10297484

gamn give me money too richy

>> No.10297493
File: 546 KB, 256x192, 1413123791821.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>pc suddenly wont recognize ethernet cable, not sure if cable or ethernet port that’s fucked up so not sure how to fix

Windows 10 updates have fucked alot of people's network hardware a couple of months ago.
I don't think I can really troubleshoot it for you here, but it might help if I tell you that I had a similar issue and it was because Window's extremely obtrusive power management system was literally turning off my wifi card when it thought it was being used.
It might be the same with your system, might not, idk.

>> No.10297499


Im in whats your name?

>> No.10297500

>like it's a good thing
kek, the absolute state of lolitas

>> No.10297506


It's definitely a good thing for the women getting money from thirsty dudes.

>> No.10297513

That's all thirsty dudes are good for anyway

>> No.10297514

only if you got no self respect, who would think lolitas would be ok with e-prostitution lite, I guess you gotta pay for that brand somehow, kek

>> No.10297519

there is literally nothing wrong with it

>> No.10297523

what is so wrong about prostitution?
>you can't be paid to have sex, that's a sin!

>> No.10297526

>wear the same or more clothing as you would on a beach
>get paid for it
>a bad thing

You sound ugly and fat

>> No.10297557


Pretty sure this is a maleposter mad like typical dudes who hate that women are exploiting coomers and horny/desperate dudes by monetizing their bodies because they feel entitled to see girls slut it up for free. But they'll still call them sluts while they hatewatch/follow their content because men, especially nerdy men have this weird obsession with wanting a pure girl but also a slut and never decide which one they think is better.

>> No.10297564

I consider not wearing lolita if you can't afford it way more decent than selling your dignity for it

the one that doesn't e-thot is always superior, pretty simple really, just try to think for a momment with how much shit an e-thot that has to handle coomer's feedback for cash has gotten her mind filled and the ammount of big obhects she has fit in her pussy and ass

>> No.10297572

>what is so wrong about prostitution?

Do most women just not have the mental capacity of foresight?
Privacy is quickly being shaved away and I assume that if people really thought 'Sex work is real work' then I'd be seeing the position of 'Prostitution' in alot more people's resumes.
If you don't care for the morality of the act itself, then think about the long term impact it'll have once you sprint past your peak like most whores do.

>> No.10297586


Patreon isnt sex work its just modelling
People have been doing this for aeons with no negative repercussions
The cosplayers of old did lewds, you think anyone cares now?

>> No.10297914

I thought you were copying some pasta but then I remembered that OP said they were trying to sneeze, not fart

>> No.10297939

At least you didn't hit anyone this time.

>> No.10298033

>that photo
>color listed is blank
this has to be some kind of ebay place holder ad, right?

>> No.10298034
File: 45 KB, 564x799, 1532838807817.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not embracing your feline overlords
what's wrong with you?

>> No.10298038

Not having toxoplasmosis maybe

>> No.10298065

Pepe awakened.

>> No.10298275

It really is

>> No.10300416
File: 44 KB, 416x312, 1550266712283.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Go to anime expo this year
>Found my away into some of the orgy/hookups discords prior
>Go to one on Friday
>I'ts a sausage fest with like 2 girls so I leave
>Go to one on Saturday
>About 7 or 8 girls and me the only guy
>They all said they were on birth control/would take after
>Popped a pill and did my thing
>A couple days later on one of the discords 3 of them announce they're all pregnant and post pics of the tests
>I'm the only guy they hooked up with and now they're hounding me for money
>I'm poor as fuck

Should I kill them or kill myself?

>> No.10300432

This is amazing if real. At this point accept it and start trying to sire as many kids as possible.

>> No.10300441

It's obviously not real. It takes way more than a couple of days for pregnancy tests to work.

>> No.10300463
File: 52 KB, 366x476, 1418757959665.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Should I kill them or kill myself?

>> No.10300479

>yeah brah I fucked 8 girls at once

totally real

>> No.10300523

Get a doctor and make a document stating you had a vasectomy a few months prior.

>> No.10300547

demand they prove it with a pregnancy test done by a fucking doctor and not just peeing on a stick.
then demand dna testing. if they all turn out be be yours, i don't know. Maybe all move into one big house together and have your own harem?

>> No.10301791

I'm just gonna leave the country
Any recommendations?

>> No.10302384

is there such a great stigma to be a known as a gull ?

>> No.10303697

Incorrect course of action.
Clearly the kids aren't yours but you should range custody and either get the mothers seen as/framed as unfit parents and raise the kids as your own if this goes unchallenged.
Tell them their mothers abandoned them for the ways of anime and start a hoard of other peoples bastard children and drain the mothers for child support.
Reverse that shit.

>> No.10305011
File: 1.69 MB, 640x640, 1575946438755.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just want a girlfriend. I want to make her the happiest woman in the world.

>> No.10305727

No idea, but could you even pay them anything in the first place, if you are poor?

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