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do you guys actually wear jfashion/lolita/goth daily?do you get weird looks or harassment even on casual stuff?do people treat you differently?

pic related,i had a similar dress that i loved to wear but stopped because people tought i was either childish,had a kink or was cosplaying,so now i just wear jeans and tshirts.

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I’ve been a lifestyler for about two years now, swapping between fairy and lolita. Most people are pretty chill, even though I live in a super conservative town. I definitely get weird looks, but very rarely do I get harassed. I actually get harassed a lot more when I travel to bigger cities for meetups. Most people are genuinely curious about what I’m wearing, so I’ll usually try and explain if I have time.

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Nope. Or, ehh..

I live in a country with a lot of distances. I only see my friends a few times a year. It's easier to dress up when I meet them or at formal events, rather than wear lolita daily when all I'm doing is working from home or grocery running.

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>do you guys actually wear jfashion/lolita/goth daily
Yes, I wear lolita pretty much every time I go out unless it's just a quick errand.

>do you get weird looks or harassment even on casual stuff?
Sometimes I get funny looks, but usually people just give me compliments, usually 3-4 per outing.

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I wear lolita daily and no matter how casual you try to make your looks they're always going to be weird to normies.

You'll get questions about where you're going dressed so nice, if you're in a play, if that's your countries national dress?

People will ask where you're from, what's it for, who are you supposed to be?

You'll get catcalled of course and people touching you without your permission to see what makes your skirt like that and they're never as sneaky as they think they are when they take photos.

If you don't love your frills enough to put up with that then this fashion isn't for you I'm afraid

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I wear a few different styles (gothic and classic lolita, himekaji, fairy kei) but usually casual sweet and while I usually get some curious stares on the whole people are just politely curious. Old ladies like the classic and sweet looks, and retail staff e.g. at makeup and clothing stores are nice too. There is also a large population of international students who wear lolita daily in my city so maybe people are just used to seeing lolita or alternative fashions in general. I would probably avoid wearing them late on a Fridays or to the red light district though because drunk men will find any excuse to harass people.

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I wear goth, yumekawaii, or menhera every single day. Now that I work at a tobacco store, I get to wear it to work. Yes & no. When I wear petticoats, old women and little kids love it. I get a lot of compliments on medical motifs, but I also live next to a medical campus. The most negativity I get has always came from drug users; they find it offensive I wear what I do not being an addict because their mind jumps to addiction. A lot of girls compliment my style. Men... a lot of men tell me they like aspects of my styles. They compliment my hair and pigtails, but often tell me that my shirts, to quote one, "make you look like a 12 year old," or they often ask if I'm wearing pants. Sometimes I have women ask me why I don't show off my body. It would turn out baggy t-shirts, even those that are not menhera, really offend people for some odd reason. Especially the men. Apperently, I'm suppose to advertise my waistline and boobs. The majority of people react positively though. I don't really leave the house unless I'm shopping, working, or walking in the park... I have very little reason to buy a whole different wardrobe for the 20-30 hours a week the general public might see me. A whole 7 hours a week if I'm not working.

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i wear sweet lolita 4-ish times a week. don't plan coords, i just choose a main piece the day before then throw on whatever's clean and matches in the morning. i have a stupid amount of pieces and accessories to wear different coordinates all the time without putting in much thought, which is comfy.

nobody's actually harrassed me except for like, homeless people. most people think it's really cute, ask for my insta, and want to take selfies together or schedule a get together. it gets kind of tiresome though, because i'm antisocial and like keeping to myself. the fashion attracts too much attention, even though it's all positive

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Adding onto this, I think my favorite comment was from a guy walking his dog. He said: "That's a real classic look! That's something my mom would have worn, and she was a feminist!" He was really delighted, but not in a creepy way at all. Just super sweet.

An older woman asked me if I made my dress myself (Little Squirrel OP). I wish!

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yeah,i found that even wearing plain tigh high black socks with a skirt is seen as costumey fashion by normal people,it sucks.

i love alt fashion and could look at it and coord outfits for hours but yeah i dont have thick enough skin to actually wear it.Ive resigned myself to wearing jeans and tshirts and just admiring you guys who do have the courage to wear what you want from afar lol

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I think it really depends on where you live. There are definitely boroughs in some major cities where lolita would be one of the less weird looks (check out hel-looks or nyc-looks for some wild stuff). Then you have small hippie towns where people are too relaxed and happy to care.

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I dress in alt fashion every day. I live in a small town, and sometimes the occasional teenager will scream “ANIME” at me but aside from that, I just get compliments pretty much daily. I also work at an alternative store though when I’m not at school, so the people I interact with tend to be those who support individuality in fashion. The only other thing is that there seems to be a rumor going around at my school that I’m a trap. Like strangers will just assume I’m a trap ig because I dress in cutesy clothes? I don’t think I have a very masculine body or face shape lol but I’ve started to just roll with it for fun at this point.

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I wear classic, sometimes sweet lolita all the time, unless like another anon said I'm just doing a quick errand.

Adding to what everyone here is saying: yes you will definitely attract a lot of attention, like 90% of it is good, and the rest is just misguided at least in my experience, stuff like "you must be cold" (wearing a long sleeve OP and otks in 15C weather, I was hot if anything) and "what charity are you doing this for?" (yes honestly I get a LOT of charity questions). It's just something you have to accept and deal with. Sometimes the comments can be really sweet though, like once this old man in a wheelchair saw me walking down the street and exclaimed "Now that's what I like to see! That's a real lady!"

I've just developed a very short attention span for that kind of stuff though so I miss 80% of the stares and comments, and quickly forget the rest. That's one way of dealing with it.

I also think about it like this - there will always be a million reasons not to wear something you really like, but only one thing really matters - do YOU want to?

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I live in a city and wear mostly classic and oldschool 3-4 times a week.
Old ladies tend to love all the details. A lot of people ask if I sew the clothes myself.
I have had a few odd reactions and I have been spat on and threatened.
Because of that, I tend to walk around with resting bitch face and wear shoes I know I can run in if need be.

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Tourist season is the worst for wearing lolita where I am, people always try to take pictures without asking and even when they do ask and are told no they’ll usually try to take them anyway. I make it a point to ruin them but it’s still annoying.

I do like it when parents herd their children away from me. Thank you, I don’t want their grubby hands all over my brand.

I think my favorite thing though it being catcalled in lolita because it’s just funny to me. “You look hot” is a favorite because yeah, chances are I am hot.

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In my experience it’s high socks, printed socks/tights, all head accessories and of course big petticoats that attract the most “costume” reactions. If I go without those I get no reactions, or people assume I’m just a fancy goth or a vintage enthusiast. But put a hat on the same coord and suddenly it’s “I love your Mary Poppins costume!”

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I used to be a textbook gothic lolita. Think the whole victorian goth, coffins, crosses, vampires thing, and I was into the whole creepy cute/ AP halloween style for a bit.
Nowadays I still wear mostly burando but I wouldn't really call my style lolita anymore. I guess I would describe it as vintage inspired, toned down classic or 'otome' + clashy JM style with victorian and gothic influences.

I think my current style is pretty well received, old ladies like it, my family and friends like it. Occasionally I get 'are you in a play' or 'do you always dress like this' when I wear more OTT stuff, but generally I get mostly compliments. Every now and then I get lolitas approach me when I wear more recognisable stuff, like border prints or things with logos. Though I don't think of myself as a lolita it's a great conversation starter.

My older style though, it wasn't as easy. I never really felt unsafe or anything but I did get more dirty looks, people wanting to touch my clothes and hair without asking and it made me uncomfortable. That wasn't why I stopped wearing it though, I have thick skin. My overall aesthetic just changed, my old style wasn't inspiring me anymore and a lot of my stuff felt like dead weight besides a few that I kept and still liked.

I know there isn't an age limit on fashion or anything, but I did want to stick out a little less so I made a conscious decision to change my style. What I wear now is far less time consuming and more convenient. It just works better for me, since I don't feel the need to do intense makeup, hairstyling or wear a petticoat anymore. I think I've struck a good balance both convenience and reactions wise between being OTT goth and straight up giving up to wear tshirts and jeans every day. I'd rather die than do that.

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I wear jfash daily and lolita on the weekends. Where I live, women don't wear skirts or dresses. Yoga pants and tank tops are considered the norm and jeans + basic blouse are considered "fashionable". Naturally, I get stupid comments even for wearing stuff like a simple Axes Femme skirt and a lace pullover.

We are living in a sick world anon and you just have to grow a thick skin and ignore the stupid comments and and not let others dictate how you live your life. If everyone else wants to dress like shit, just let them.

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I wear Lolita as much as I can on my days off if I'm meeting friends or whatever.

I get a lot of "do you dress like that every day?" questions. I found that if I politely respond "yes as much as I can! Do you dress like that every day?" people get really pissy and upset.

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I never wore lolita daily, but every time I did wear it out with friends or alone I got weird looks, questions, catcalls, photos taken of me. I'm into toned down sweet/classic, country, I never wear OTT stuff. But even when the weirdest thing I wear is a classic beige lolita coat, I get way too much of attention, and it's just gets on my nerves.
>>If you don't love your frills enough to put up with that then this fashion isn't for you I'm afraid
It's a sad thing to realize, but it's probably true. I'm not strong enough to stand out. I wear lolita to lolita meetups or on some special occasion, or just dress up at home. I suppose I almost 'left lolita' effectively, but I still love the pieces I have and I don't want to give them away.

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I know live in Japan, but I used to wear larme fashion a lot back in my home country. I remember some elementary school kids called me Barbie once. They meant it in a negative way, but to be honest to me Barbie was more like compliment.

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Western gulls never shut up about living in Japan when they do. You literally could have said the rest of this without mentioning that at all.

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I wear toned down classic/gothic lolita almost every day and wear similar alt styles when I don't.
While I do get stares and the occasional comment it doesn't bother me much anymore. I did tone down my daily style a lot compared to what I used to wear, I don't want to deal with the extra attention that comes with wearing a petticoat and a lolita headdress a lot of the time. Maybe it's because I've started to wear a lot more black but I also don't feel as comfortable in white and other light colours anymore. I feel like it reads as stranger to normies than black and dark colours since the latter can be more easily lumped in with gothy styles that the average normie will recognise,

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I wear it regularly and don’t get much bother, although tbf I tone it down a ton. Maybe a few comments if I’m in a proper coord but usually nice ones, like it looks cute, love your jacket, etc.

I wear gothic though so it’s less weird than sweet, and I had people who know about Lolita comment before which is fun.

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Not really, I like where I live. Finding something annoying doesn’t equal jealousy.

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My wardrobe is split between general goth fashion and punk/gothic lolita. I wear it daily.

I got positive reactions pretty much whenever I go out in public, especially if I'm wearing something like a print. Even when people don't say anything nice directly to me, I often hear them saying nice things about my clothes to their companions. I've never gotten any rude comments nor nasty looks. However, I think there are things that contribute to my lack of negative experiences.

1. I've been told many times in my life that I'm intimidating, because I'm confident or because I'm successful. I probably have a general aura of 'don't fuck with me'.
2. I'm on the tall end of average, buff for a woman, and I wear heels or platforms which make me even taller.
3. I don't have visible tattoos or piercings and my hair is always clean and conservatively styled. I aim for old-school glam with my hair and makeup. I don't look trashy or nasty.
4. I generally don't wear frills or "childish" prints, and on the rare occassions I do wear something more cutesy I style it in a "mature" way. Think Jane Marple vs AP.
5. Goth definitely isn't as flashy or weird-looking as sweet!

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I also do this lol
And when I someone compliments my "costume", I always tell them that I love their costume too.

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>do you guys actually wear jfashion/lolita/goth daily?
for the most part, jfashion, yes. if i'm just going to the nearby walmart to get one or two things, no, I just stay in my pajamas.

>do you get weird looks or harassment even on casual stuff?

I can only think of once or twice where there was a weird reaction. Normally I get compliments almost every time I go out. I'm always surprised by all the positive interactions and very little to no negative interactions.

>do people treat you differently?

Yes, significantly better. Before, it was incredibly rare for someone to come up and talk to me. Now people want to talk to me all the time.

I guess for reference, i'm male living in a city in the southern US.

>Tourist season is the worst for wearing lolita where I am, people always try to take pictures without asking

lol, I've had a tourist ask to take my picture once, I said yes. I was gonna ask if its a common thing or not.

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Tourist season is BAD in any big city, especially in the summer. It's a liability to wear lolita fashion in touristy areas, especially sweet lolita. Classic and gothic are usually less attention attracting. What confuses me is why people want pictures with someone if they think it's a costumed character? I don't go up to costumed characters for a photo. In Times Square or Hollywood, the characters also demand money afterwards, so I don't see the point unless people are eager to pay money. Is there some custom that I don't know about, or are people just weird? What do they even do with said pictures?

I wear lolita fairly regularly, and it still baffles me. But whenever I ask someone what they intend to do with photos of/with me, they get all pissy.

One side effect of wearing it so often is that I tend to get tunnel vision and ignore everyeone around me because otherwise I'd never get anywhere. I try to notice when kids are intrigued because then I give them a smile, but oftentimes I miss it. I wonder if I'm getting too jaded about my style and the way people perceive it.

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Is going out in your pyjamas really a thing people do in the US? I’ve heard it before but always as secondhand, those-crazy-Americans type stories.

>I was gonna ask if its a common thing or not.
It’s super common, at least in touristy areas. I often joke that my coords are featured in vacation photo albums around the world because I live in my country’s super touristy capital and wear lolita very often. I wear classic and I think tourists assume it’s our national folkwear or something lol. Sometimes people tell me that I look like a fairytale character and want pics of me with their kids, which I think is cute. Though it does get annoying when I’m just trying to get stuff done and people keep stopping me.

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yes because they aren't wearing classy pajama sets. if your pajamas are sweatpants and an old t-shirt and you want some pizza rolls from Walmart at 11pm it makes sense to go in your pajamas

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>,i had a similar dress that i loved to wear but stopped because people tought i was either childish,had a kink or was cosplaying,so now i just wear jeans and tshirts
weeaboo's suffering brings me joy

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If you have a shred of self-respect then no, that teally doesn't make sense.

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It does for Americans, or so I've heard.

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I wear himekaji/liz lisa girl fashion, as well as nanchatte seifuku. I've never had someone say anything nasty, possibly some weird looks but I don't really notice them whilst walking, only when its creepy men on trains. A lot of older women will compliment my clothes and small children seem to like the frilly dresses.
I live in a really small town, everyone knows everyone type of deal, so I think most people are just used to me dressing strange at this point. In the nearest big town people don't really seem to care, and the nearest big city has a long story of alt-fashion, so no one really gives a crap, excluding drunks. Might just be a thing in my country tho, seeing as we're usually referred to as anti-social.

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>Is there some custom that I don't know about, or are people just weird? What do they even do with said pictures?
Well, they travel to see new things and take pictures of new things they see. They probably just think its a common way people dress in that area or something.

>Is going out in your pyjamas really a thing people do in the US?
to the local walmart/grocery store? Yea. grocery stores located in/nearby neighborhoods usually have several people in their pajamas, especially if its in the morning or night.

Its walmart. sweatpants and an old t-shirt is high class for that place.

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Even with more casual j-fashion I do tend to get stares. It's not always negative but the over the top responses sometimes stress me out. I went to the grocery store wearing a pink skirt, beret, and a blue and pink fairy kei style sweater and I walked past a woman that exclaimed "love it! Love all of it! YES!" and started clapping at me. I said thanks and awkwardly walked past feeling very embarrassed.

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I wear pretty casual jfash stuff most of the time, like simply yumekawaii/fairy kei inspired stuff, and I usually just get people complimenting my tops and asking where they're from. Occasionally I'll get a weird comment, and I've been called Sailor Moon a few times when wearing tops with sailor collars, but overall, it's generally positive. I don't pay a lot of attention to other people when I'm out, though, so if anyone's laughing behind my back, I probably don't even notice.

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if you are getting pizza rolls from walmart at 11pm it's clear that you don't have any self-respect

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What's wrong with pizza rolls?

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>have been spat on and threatened
Wtf sorry anon

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the absolute state of lolita, I know some of you don't actually deserve it, but to picture saltlita-chan being spat on, threatened and having to run for her life, oof, truly entering boner territory

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Cant tell if this is b8 or if youre legitimately disgusting but either way fuck off

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>Ctrl + F "kei"
>3 matches
Fairy Kei thread when?

>> No.10295815

There have been many fairy kei threads here retard either make one or lurk more

>> No.10295818

probably a month or more since the last one

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Thanks anon. At least I had the courage to stand up for myself and not run away. It's a shame that I had to get the police myself when nobody else helped me

>> No.10295821

It’s awesome that you did. Bravery like that is rare which is exactly why nobody helped
I hope they got what they deserved but even if they didn’t they’ll think twice next time because of you

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>do you guys actually wear jfashion/lolita/goth daily?
I wear lolita daily and don't attend cons or meets. I also wear punk fashion more rarely. So I specifically tailor my wardrobe for daily wear. I always wear headphones and pretend i can't hear people. But I wear gothic/old school and I don't get many reactions actually. I used to get a lot more when I wore sweet. I live in a big city, too. Sometimes I get prolonged stares. I wear sunglasses and can easily pretend i don't notice people staring.
>do you get weird looks or harassment even on casual stuff?
Weird looks will always happen when you wear any alt-fashion. I have been harassed too. I haven't been in a while. Sometimes teenage girls will giggle at their phone while glaring at me. Sometimes men will yell at me across the street. This seems more and more rare lately.
>do people treat you differently?
Yes. People are more scared of me for sure. Sometimes people go out of their way to try and say something nice. I hate when people compliment me. despite wearing an obscure fashion, I hate any form of attention. It's just that lolita makes me feel beautiful in a way nothing else does.

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Well, they got $1000 in fines so that helps me sleep at night. Even though I tried to ignore them when they started harrassing me, they ended up pulling on my clothes and things escalated from there.
I guess some people just think people who wear nicer clothes than trackpants and hoodies are all rich entitled snobs

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Even if someone really is a rich entitled snob there is no reason to get physical and attack people.

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The world would be a better place if everyone was like you.

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Why so salty? I don't even find it that special to live in Japan, but it's relevant considering j-fashion obviously isn't going to give me weird looks here. Maybe OTT stuff in the country, but I live in a city and honestly Larme isn't very OTT. So yeah no sticking out here.

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this gets on my nerves so much! ive also been called a snob by people who barely knew me because i like dressing up

>> No.10296810

It's an unfair assumption. I buy most of my clothes from the second hand market and am good at finding bargains, but it seems that tracksuit and hoodie types think you must be rich for wearing anything else.
Ah well, at least my clothes don't fall apart after a month like their fast fashion junk

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I wear my lolita stuff daily, but most people wouldn't regard the way I wear them as proper coords. I probably wear a real coord once or twice a week.

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>ordered a couple overseas secondhand auction items with SS
>ordered secondhand auction items in my country
>ordered cute but on theme filler items from a major company in my country, that I've ordered from many times before without issue

guess which of the above is 10-15 days past the expected delivery date :')

finally was able to get in touch with costumer service and they are sending me replacement order that will arrive before deadline, but if it's not on the early end of the timeframe I'll send without I think. I guess if I had to pick one to go wrong, it's best it was the filler things

>> No.10297607

People don't treat me differently at all which surprises me because they treat me very differently when they find out I'm a flight attendant or that I'm vegan, especially men

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I used to wear lolita to school in middle school and highschool. I would attend meetups and wear it while hanging out at the mall. My style is very OTT Sweet and I got a lot of normie attention and liked it because i was an obnoxious teenager.

Now I wear it to work and meetups, sometimes to run errands before/after work but I don’t wear it at home. This might make me a conlita but idc. I don’t dress up at all at home, I’m in roomwear as soon as I get home because I like to be gross, lazy and comfortable.

Normies are nicer and more friendly now about my style than they were 5+ years ago. I’ve never had anyone speculate it was a kink before it my face, but I’m sure some think it. That’s just the price you pay when wearing outlandish fashion.

>> No.10297647

wrong tab, kms

>> No.10297658

So you still wear OTT sweet? If so, may I ask what kind of industry do you work in? Because I can't imagine many that would allow you to wear OTT sweet to work.

>> No.10297671

I feel your last comment deeply. I want to wear lolita out more often because it makes me feel so beautiful and comforted, but a lot of the time I just don't, even when I know I could really use that comfort, because I know I'm going to get harassed by people and I just don't want to deal with it. It doesn't even matter how toned down my coord is. Even with the lightest poof and the most conservative colors, people will still lose their minds when they see me wearing lolita. I wish people could just let us look and feel beautiful in peace.

>> No.10297672

I’m a self employed boutique owner, so I’m cheating my saying I wear OTT to work when it’s part of my job.

>> No.10297726

I have really bad anxiety. so I understand. I've put so much effort into tailoring a wardrobe that will stand out, but won't make people act horrible to me. My goal was to only own brand and not wear normie shit but manage to not stick out like a sore thumb. i think it worked but I changed substyles. I really miss sweet lolita so much.
I want to say "if it makes you happy, do it!" but people are horrible and can ruin that happiness.

>> No.10297844

I'm a weekend and after-work lolita, although a lot of what I wear isn't a coord by social media standards. If I'm going out with my friends they get disappointed if I wear toned-down coordinates (darker colours/solid print/etc) even though they don't wear lolita themselves. I mostly get positive comments.

>> No.10297886

I wear it on a daily basis pretty much. So I have a pair of scissors in my driver side door's pocket. For creepers who follow me to my car. I wear knuckle pointers at night when I am in a parking lot. But these are precautions I take anyhow because I am a female and rapist are all around us. You got to be careful no matter what you wear. And yes, I have been raped but years before I got into the fashion. Attacks on females happen every minute all around the world. It's just a fact of life.

>> No.10297887

Its impossible to try and "tone down" your outfit in this day and age simply because people don't even bother to wear anything other than jeans/active-wear in the West. Its a lot easier to do in Asian countries, though. With a lot of "casual" brands that have a certain otome flair like Axes Femme and Liz Lisa allowing you work in a lot of lolita elements into "regular" clothing.

Honestly at this point even being in a skirt or a simple dress gets people asking what you are "dressed up for" which is such a loaded backhanded question.

>> No.10297893

I often run into flight attendants on my commute and the way random guys will go out of their way to hassle them is crazy. You have my sympathies, anon.

I almost exclusively wear boring plain dresses and skirts from mainstream normie brands to work and people comment on it all the goddamn time, often insinuating that I must be super vain and and high maintenance. Even compliments are usually backhanded.
People seriously think that putting on a dress and tights in the morning is more work than putting on a sweater and jeans. It’s no wonder they lose their shit when they see me out in lolita. I mean, a dress AND tights AND a blouse AND a matching purse AND several accessories? Holy shit, literally Marie Antoinette over here!

>> No.10297937

I live in a western country too but nobody ever comments on my dresses and skirts unless I wear bright colours or a petticoat

>> No.10298018

You aren't Canadian by chance and run a retro/kawaii fashion store?

>> No.10298028

People are just so lazily dressed. Even when I'm not wearing lolita, I like to dress nicely but holy balls people can't wrap their head around wearing heels because that's just what I felt like wearing. No, there has to be a formal occasion to not wear sweats to the store.

>> No.10298071

Diff anon here, reading this gives me some serious flashbacks.
About 7 years ago when I was a freshmen at arts school one of my instructors came to me after class and told me right in my face "I have the feeling that this is not the right education for you. Your appearance won't get you any extra points. Please take this more seriously and invest more energy in your assignments instead". I was so baffled by that remark that my only response was "I'm doing fine".

We were doing group projects, my group partners were missing most of the time and I was doing 80% of the work. I was wearing a plain black & white normie floral dress, black oxford shoes, no makeup, just mascara and a simple side braid. But because I took 10 minutes in the morning to braid my hair and throw on a random dress, I had to be the vain person that only cared about her appearance that did non of the work and who held the group back.

One could have thought that an art school was an open minded place. There were all kinds of people. Goths, punks, greasy nerds, weebs, stacys and normies. All those were acceptable, but not me. It was ridiculous, really.

>> No.10298092

Nope, not Canadian!

>> No.10298094

Anything with a traditional feminine vibe is seen as weak or tryhard by people, which is frankly very sexist.

>> No.10303475

I do wear jfashion stuff daily (mostly Axes femme mixed with thrifted stuff), unless I spend the day in my pajamas. But I'm kinda sad for you OP because that dress looks so normal, like put a cardigan or coat over it and it's almost just a navy A-lined dress.

If you're feeling down about wearing tshirts and jeans, why not invest in cuter ones? Closetchild has tons of cute pants (personally I love the ones from Pink House) with subtle details such as ribbons or embroidery, and more casual brands such as Axes femme, Jane Marple and so on have lots of cute but simple tops. I don't know about your style, but try browsing the "casual" section at CC. And if that is seen as too childish try finding clothes with lace or ruffles from H&M or whatever. Trust me they tend to have some blouses with ruffles from time to time, although I find them hideous. And ofc browse second hand stores, both online Japanese ones (that don't need to be specifically lolita/"jfashion") and physical ones where you live. Hope this helps!

>> No.10303497
File: 462 KB, 1000x1499, 68A1C1F3-D81A-47D3-B7B1-602524BD349F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lolita is not a hassle to put on, but wearing it is. You need to extra care about what you wear when it’s not easy to replace like normie clothes. You might need keeping track if all the accessories are in their place and you don’t pull down anything with your petticoat. Petticoat might add extra weight and might not let you walking fast if you’re in rush for city transportation. At the end of the day it’s emotionally exhausting to wear something that constantly draws your attention to it.

>> No.10303500

Gothic/Classic, some sweet but not very

I wear it casually more in public when I'm not stressed or busy. Personal grooming goes way down during those periods.

People in my city are known for not paying very much attention or going up to strangers.
When they have, it's been positive (mostly from people who are vaguely aware of jfashion or like Vintage wear). I've had a few confused looks when in a group meet though.

>> No.10303511

>People seriously think that putting on a dress and tights in the morning is more work than putting on a sweater and jeans

I don't understand this at all. Jeans aren't exactly comfortable or easy to put on, especially when they're skinny as per normie regulations. I stopped wearing them in high school because I couldn't stand feeling cold denim against my skin first thing in the morning and feeling like my legs were encased in some kind of stiff wrapping. But of course after that I would always get "aren't you cold??" and "you're so dressed up!" and the rest. I dressed boring as fuck for classes and work and wore literally the same neutral skirt + sweater combo everyday but that's not what people see.

That's wildly inappropriate for your instructor to comment on, especially if there were no problems with your grades. What the fuck. If this had just happened, I would say definitely report it as harassment, but I guess that's probably not an option now. I hope you did great in that class and made that asshole's walnut brain explode though.

I was actually really afraid of something like this happening back in school because I was already the person who always wore dresses/skirts and was really self-conscious about my skills when I started a difficult program. So I made up for it by wearing practically no color, no makeup, no jewelry, etc. It's been years but I'm still having a hard time coming back from that mindset and "allowing" myself to feel cute outside of lolita. I wish I'd never let something so pointless get to me in the first place.

>> No.10303514

Unless you want to look ita, it definitely is more work. Anyone can get away with no/minimal makeup, no accessories, and no hair-styling with jeans and a top and have no one pay any mind.

If you don't style your hair or do your makeup in anything 'formal' it'll stand out a lot.
The time it takes to do those, however, varies from person to person.
Personally, to do my makeup and hair to satisfaction takes about an hour or so, even with a wig, and that time requires a bit of planning ahead since I like to wake up at 10am-12pm on days off.

People definitely exaggerate. That or they think "casual" is a full coord with all the layers. But that too will also depend on the kind of dress you want to wear.

>> No.10303516

fuck your prof, super inappropriate

>> No.10303519

I wasn't talking about wearing lolita though? I was talking about my experiences in normie clothes for daily, not formal wear. Where it honestly doesn't matter if I style my hair or not. So I'm not sure how that any relevance to me looking ita.

>> No.10303848

I don't really find this to be the case personally, at least not any more than regular clothes. I actually find jeans and slacks more uncomfortable because they put so much pressure on the waist area and I have stomach issues. And you can't really bend your legs in them (I like to sit in weird positions).

I will agree that that little bit of extra presence of mind that you have with your surroundings + other people is tiring though.

>> No.10303854

Petticoat is really the only reason I'm not a daily lolita. Just the thought of moving around in that shit all day every day is exhausting.

>> No.10303865

doesn't really matter what i'm wearing, when i get home the pajamas come on
there are a lot of dresses that translate well as lolita without a petti.

>> No.10303875

>there are a lot of dresses that translate well as lolita without a petti.
Not any with border prints, which is basically all I wear. The prints would be all scrunched without a petti.

>> No.10304540
File: 143 KB, 684x545, 1471996808583.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I live in a city that's well-known for its eccentric fashion. I wear lolita or goth regularly, though I don't wear a wig (because I have long hair) I also wear shoes that're a little more practical. My coords day-to-day are pretty boring, but I do love wearing my dresses, and I have enough to pull it off. Though this winter made me realize that I need some warmer dresses.

I really mostly get compliments. It's really helped me find a new love for myself. Sometimes a guy pesters me, or I get laughed at in a mall by some teenagers, but at this point, I feel good about how I dress.
this got rambly, here's a doll.

>> No.10304569

Thermal tights/thermals you can hide under a blouse are a godsend for winter lolita.

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