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New New Canada Thread.
Lets try and make this one not get deleted edition

Any cosplay plans?
What cons are you attending next year?

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AN, Otakuthon, IFF, and maybe Yeti

Thinking of doing a R6 Siege cosplay, but I'm not sure I want to go down the hole of buying tactical gear.

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Why are the threads being deleted when people are talking about relevant Canadian cosplay drama? It is cosplay related.

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lolcow would be more suitable for drama discussion.

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It's hardly a big enough event to warrant lolcow, but it affects the fact that meetups/parties/etc are going to now be splintered, and there are multiple discords now.

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I feel bad for the guy that got cucked. Shit like that really can fuck you up mentally

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Ifft and yeti are on the same weekend anon

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Otakuthon is the best con

Anyone who disagrees is wrong

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I think everyone got used. I know most of the people involved in this more or less so It was difficult to see from the sidelines.

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Did the bodybuilder guy really move from the states for this girl?

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I'll always remember this years room party with fond memories

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I only know about the ones she saw after she cheated. There might have been one or two more. I left the community ages ago but I hear gossip all the time.

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I have a bomb, I'm a terrorist.

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Yeah it's very frustrating that some people are so thin skinned

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Glad at least some people got fond memories out of it.

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Glad some people got some fond memories out of it, what did you like the most?

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What a shit bag she is

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There was a lot of cheating going on and in the past too. It's no surprise really.

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so how many guys were involved in this?

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>that meetups/parties/etc are going to now be splintered
this is the sad truth to it but maybe it wont be that bad. Theres still lots of time before the major cons next year

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The drama in previous threads was caused by a bunch of /soc/ crossboarders. In all honesty, the admin of the original server just wants clean, wholesome meetups.In reality there's only one real /cgl/ Canada discord, all the others are /soc/ garbage.

Link to the legit Discord: https://discord.gg/RwW4ENG

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This is such a pathetic post.
I have no words.

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Fuck off /soc/fag. Go back to your shithole. You faggots don't even go to cons, and if you do all you do is drink yourselves to death

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To my knowledge 3, possibly more, I hear one is being "groomed" to fill a void

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Who was this?

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Youmu from anime north and her bf at the time dressed as yuyuko i think?

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Around 3-4 if you back far enough.
Guy who hates his government job
Another who works at torn banner
And an /o/ bro
I also heard a tranny was involved years back

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Forgot quote

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Fucking jannies

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if you didn't want to see a pathetic post here, then maybe you shouldn't have replied

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canada motherfucking fucking sucks, dirtbag

t. a leaf

show me your feet, not discord tranny drama.

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This is worse then trufflechan.
This is going to be talked throughout months

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You can tell this was drawn by a man because they have no idea how a vagina works or where women pee from.

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Boy from Alaska here, can you recommend any cons for someone wanting to visit next year?

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Visit where?

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What? You don’t pee from your uterus?

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Was it true she slept with a tranny?

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Came on this thread for cute anime gorl pictures. Thanks

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Yeah she got an sti from him/her/xer

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Never change, anon
Never change.

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Why are there so many deleted comments?
What's going on?

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Because nobody gives a flying fuck about your dumb IRC knockoffs called Discord servers.
Leave them at the door.

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Some girl cheated within the community and is using some guy. drama posts are being reported. Mental illness is involved and details are being revealed of her past. It's not looking good.
Check the archives

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Canada chan is so cute

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You mean GTA-chan. Which is fitting for these threads since it’s always Toronto drama.

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>You mean GTA-chan. Which is fitting for these threads since it’s always Toronto drama.
Toronto was a mistake. Good drama though

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Girl I like your style.
Now, take a deep breath, count backwards from 10, and sing hallelujah.

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Was the mod or french guy there?

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Mod was at the party but not in the photo

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Seems like crossboarders are still shitting up the Canada generals. At this point it's not relevant anymore, we get it she was a POS but this is just vendetta posting now. You have already gotten the last 3 generals deleted and it's looks like this one is next. Please go back to r9k this isn't your personal diary to cry in

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Just trying my best to stop chlamydia from being spread and potentially mutating into a super strand

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Yikes. The bi-annual drama back

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I would agree with you but this will effect a lot of meetups and future room parties at cons.
Lots of people are divided now because this was a catalyst for various issues
Is it vendetta posting if want to hear about the guy who isolated himself?

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I hope IFF only did that because they had no choice with the venue or something. I am going to IFF because I had a great time last year but I hope being the same weekend as Yeti doesn't cripple attendance to the point of the con dying.

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Not even crossboarders. That shit show that went down at the otakuthon after party literally pushed away oldfags. Especially when the cgl mods were complicit in causing the shit show and had to write up two manifestos to cover their ass. Not to mention that the mod that was allegedly banned is now back in the discord under a new name. Like the mods are still covering up their tracks and it's so obvious to everyone but themselves.

>> No.10298523

>cgl mods
One was complicit and got removed, the other was passive and got removed, the last one was uninvolved, came out, and apologised. Then these oldfags, so pushed away by drama as you say, kept dragging on the drama and airing it out until everyone became tone deaf.

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I honestly think the Toronto side of /cgl/ Canada needs to be fucking nuked.

>> No.10298548

no just toronto in general

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>cosplaying as a laffs fan
My condolences.

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>Defends discord server by saying that ONLY 2 of the 3 mods were complicit.
Anon-chan it's time to stop trying defend your /soc/ discord server.

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The thing that all went down in the cgl server which makes it even funnier.

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>like this is a big deal in such a tiny community
Everyone knows everyone knows everyone

>> No.10298644

The only ones dragging out the drama are a bunch of autistic manchild Torontofags. BC and Quebec side of the server have literally zero issues. As for the admin the only one who hates him are the autistic Torontofags who live and breathe drama

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That's because people from the other provinces don't personally know anyone or are too far away to really care

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>He really thinks this is a compelling excuse for having 2/3 mods being complicit.
This has to be bait.

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>20 people
>all hang out together, spend time together, know each-other personally
>surprised when 2/3 of people are involved in something
>thinks that this is "collusion"
Is it hard to sleep with your tinfoil hat on?

>> No.10298686

This is true. The sad fact is that only torontofags actually organize and attend any sort of meetups, therefore meeting more torontofags. On the BC side there are no meetups and they only talk to people they already know, keeping their circle small and less fun.

>> No.10298691

BC people should get a meetup going, like the Toronto crew has. It went from just meeting at room parties to regular meetups on the Toronto side, there was a lot of work put in growing it from being something with 3-4 people to our pretty large christmas turnout last year.

>> No.10298696

The community was growing super well in toronto but the dramafags are trying to throw it all in the shitter. Fortunately most people just want to maintain a good clique free community and there's effort by the admin and a number of good members trying to fix the issues and dramafags

>> No.10298702

Unfortunately now that some shitposting /soc/ lurkers got banned/outed from this whole dramafest, theres resentment. It's going to be smaller this year.
It was really only one person that invited them, slowly, over time before they all got banned.
Maybe a new mod is needed.

>> No.10298704

The fact that there's resentment at all is hilarious. I don't get why anyone is worried about meetups, the best party has always been the truck party which had nothing to do with the autistic jannies on that discord.

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>> No.10298710

That's just for AN

>> No.10298711

And? The room parties have always been separated. The cooler parties have always been with /a/ Toronto sorry you didn't get invited

>> No.10298713

Meetups outside of conventions, like the barbecues and such.

>> No.10298714

Sounds like /soc/ shit

>> No.10298715

It's good fun to catch up and discuss current cosplays, anime airing, etc.

Everybody is having fun. There's no party tier list.

>> No.10298716

>Room parties
Surely you meant affluent parking lots and climbing buildings right?
You can't tell from how I post?

Right now I'm hyped to see something bad happen to someone I don't even know.

>> No.10298717

>Everybody is having fun

/soc/ discord janny delusions

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It's true isn't it

>> No.10298722

No idea what you're talking about

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>10% of the people, 66% of the mods, were complicit in cheating.
Anon-chan this is not looking good. Did you think this would look good?
>Endlessly lurks this thread to defend his /soc/ discord server.
You need to get hobbies or something, Anon-chan.

>> No.10298737

>it was all grand conspiracy, they all wanted to steal girlfriends and enabled it until we heroically stopped them!
Meanwhile in reality:

mod a: hey im being threatened, im gona ban
mod b: (not knowing why hes threatened) uh ok i guess
admin: [not involved]

Mod A banned, Mod B steps down. What more do you want? To take over the server yourself? Lunatic.

>> No.10298743

That wasn't what happened. Mod b knew a week before but didn't say anything to stop it or expose it himself before it became a shitstorm. Still doesn't change anything

>> No.10298749

I highly doubt mod B, a meek and agreeable person, knew enough details that it was infidelity, and not just mod A orbiting someone.

>> No.10298755

>check out /cgl/'s Canada thread
>it's all about cheating happening between literal whos
Except for the 5 people involved, why does anyone care about this shit again?

>> No.10298757

Sure, /soc/fag. Maybe go fix your limp dick before trying to talk

>> No.10298760

>5 people
Try at least 6 times that amount, a good portion of the Toronto /cgl/ community

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Soon, the cancer, lads. Soon

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Agreed this drama is all the from the discord, have you seen the meets the past couple years it’s all /a and /pol cross boarders that aren’t into J fashion and don’t even cosplay trying to look for girls. Get this shit out of the Canada generals no one but your small discord sever cares, people need to start getting banned.

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after the otakuthon shitshow: never again

>> No.10298778

Unless you are one of the 6, at most, people caught in what happened at Otakuthon, the rest of the event and city was great.

>> No.10298782

What >>10298778 said. It's only the fucking dramafags that's are STILL insistent on the suit thst happened 4 fucking months ago. They for whatever reason won't let it go. The discord is there to facilitate communication and connection for the past 2 years, not autism

>> No.10298783

FUCK BC this place is dead

>> No.10298785

Reading about the drama does not make you involved.

>> No.10298789

I was directly involved. This drama needs to die and move on.

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I saw a literal asian manlet try to go for this one asian chick and it was so funny seeing him stand on a couch to get literal height over this poor girl

>> No.10298791

unless youre the asian girl in question, who cares that someone is trying to get to know others at a party

>> No.10298792

Imagine being such an assburger thay you get jealous at a human talking to another human. Neck yourself.

>> No.10298797

That asian manlet tried to talk to me and he was pretty pathetic. He also needs to learn how to hold his drink.

>> No.10298799

I feel ashamed at the fact that all this drama autism stems from 2 or 3 autistic Ontarians

t. Ontarian

>> No.10298800

Would you look at all this vendetta

>> No.10298804

Do you have a webm of just the pink haired girl?
>2 or 3
You think this is bad do I have a story for you

>> No.10298807

>I saw a literal asian manlet try to go for this one asian chick


>> No.10298811

AN is going to be many fun next year, guys haha
Much drinks haha

>> No.10298820 [DELETED] 

Oh boy more useless drama/vendetta posting about nobodies the only relevant drama should at least include big Canadian cosplayers not these discord onions boys. Leave the Asian guy alone at least he’s trying

>> No.10298831

Not him but if it pertains to /cgl/ i love tism tales

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>Doesn't even tell the truth when describing reality.
You should talk to your ex-mods first next time and get your story straight, Anon-chan. Maybe make few more of those manifestos >>10298515 was talking about. Kind of weird that you claim the mod was banned but it sounds like you let him back in.

>> No.10298834

I'm not the admin, just a bystander. And yes, the guy who got banned should be banned again.

>> No.10298850

Srsly where is nekko? Did he finally leave cgl?

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