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Snatched wig edition.

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I'll throw on my casual jsk tomorrow, and everything will turn out fine. Dress for success gulls!

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I want to get back into cosplay, but my standards are too high for myself now what I’m fat and old.

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cosplay as fat and old people?

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Lose weight
Or just cosplay characters that cover up

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Don't let that stop you, anon,

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Why do all cosplay girls love the Kermit frog from Muppet?

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>you shouldn't date girls until they're 18
>no girls are virgins at 18
Why are women like this?

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Ayyy. Rolled as NF to an anime con a few months back. Had bath tokens I made in one hand and pile of gold in another.

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>bid more than last sold price for dream dress

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Will it look shady to an online store if I buy from it using a VPN?

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>be fmoid
>use makeup because you have bad skin
>have bad skin because of makeup
Womoids are literal retards

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I think a semi famous Instagram lolita block me for no reason months ago and I'm just now finding out.
I don't get why I would get blocked. I'm never rude nor am I some ageplayer/ddlg account.
I know it's kinda silly to get upset but I liked their photos
Also would it be weird to send them a dm about it on their other account.
Would that seem stalkerish?
I legit wonder if this was just a mistake

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Have a date tonight to a Christmas event and will be going in a qt winter coord!

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What’s the harm in asking?

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Maybe you're ita?

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My con crush wants to cosplay the Oreimo siblings with me. How do I know if she's into me or just friendly?

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>dating gf, we both have our own collective beta orbiters
>our beta orbiters send things to our PO box
>we gift eachother things via beta orbiters and never have to buy shit for ourselves

I'm upfront about dating her to my followers and say "do not become emotionally invested in me, being an ethot is my job" yet still got gifted tons of cosplay, consoles, and even lolita dresses.
my girlfriend on the otherhand is not upfront and gets things like plushies and food.

that being said, I'm weirdly looking forward to getting a regular 9-5 at my dad's company in the future. one way emotional labor is exhausting

doubt anyone will believe me and this belongs in a confession thread but I was just thinking about how bizarre this situation is.

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>my girlfriend on the otherhand is not upfront
Sounds like shes going to get more than that if she isn’t going to be upfront about it

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Unfortunately, BIN prices aren’t usually reflective of how much a bidding war can drive prices up. I’m sorry though, that sucks.

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I have more of a following, and most of the people she attracts just want a geniune relationship from her, offering her trips overseas, pay her for emotional labor.
I personally find pretending to be interested both decieving and obnoxious, especially when these people don't actually like you, they've built you up in their minds to be a perfect fictional waifu, and will drop you the second the realize that they don't have a chance.
Honestly as an ethot celebrities are the most obnoxious to deal with, but that's just me venting at this point.

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does your dad know you're an ethot and how does he feel about that? that's not a good image for an employee to have

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everyone knows, no one really gives a shit. at worst I've gotten some side comments from people I don't give a shit about like "well *I* wouldn't ever date someone who did this" or "*gasp* do your parents know?"
I'm in a longterm relationship, and yes, they do know. There's no competition for my father's company currently, and I'm sure if someone recognized me and tried shaming him for hiring someone with such background he'd more than likely give them snide remarks.

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i have a hard time believing that any parent supports their daughter being a slut. also i hope you realize you'll probably never be able to get a proper job anywhere besides your dad's company

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what a great contribution to the discussion

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I wanna buy things for me but i'm spending all my money on Christmas present.

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So I received my dream dress, gave it a quick check over and gave the seller good feedback. Today however I suddenly notice that the dress is stained with what looks like white paint and food on some parts. What the fuck. How did the seller miss all this?? How the fuck did I miss these? I feel so fucking annoyed.

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email mods. They can help you fix the feedback unless the seller mentioned these stains.

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>most of the people she attracts just want a geniune relationship from her, offering her trips overseas, pay her for emotional labor.
It doesn’t matter if you have a bigger following. Don’t be surprised when shes gone

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She wants the initial d.

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Message the seller.

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I'm sorry anon. A lot of people (especially on yahoo) go pants on head retarded with anxiety in bidding wars, so they drive the bidding up to a price they wouldn't even normally BIN the item for.

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You're like a brother to her and she's into it.

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I'm so shit at chatting people up and meeting new people

How do I get better at it? I feel like I spend most of any con I go to alone because I find it so hard to talk to people

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Get fit and cosplay older characters!

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1. you're like a brother to her
2. that's why she wants the d. gambatte anon.

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>i have a hard time believing that any parent supports their daughter being a slut.
I honestly wouldn't have any issues with my son/daughter being a ""slut"".
Heck, I want them to be free and have more sex than I had. lol As long as they become good people, invest on their own education and don't cause problems to others, I'll just accept them for who they are.

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>incel sperging that derails the thread once again in 3,...2,...1

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I used to be in the same boat, but the best advice I can give you is bring uno in your bag and invite people to play, a bunch of people are interested and frow friendly/talkative with each other quickly.
The people I ended becoming good friends with/hanging out with the rest of con have always been cosplayers from the same series (or similarish) I'm cosplaying, though, either from meeting them at a meetup or just passing them by chance. At least at that point you have a mutual point of interest you can both talk about as an ice breaker.

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Try taking the initiative, eventually you get better at interacting with people.
Always hear more and talk less. People love talking about themselves.

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I only turn my vpn off to post here. You'll be fine, anon. Maybe set it to your own country if you're that anxious

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A lot of incels come from families that care more about their children's success & reputation than their happiness. They're oftentimes children who got bullied by their own parents for the very things that made them happy: cartoons, video games, 90's Japanese pop, or whatever. They're kids who hated the outdoors who were forced to go attend boy scout meetings. They're kids who hated social interaction pressured into running the family business. "You have to make money." "You have to have children." "You need a wife." "Where are my grandchildren!?" "You'll never get anywhere in life with these hobbies!" Sure, there's a few truly bad apples, but most are just people who were never raised with their happiness in mind, and therefore can't understand how a family could be any different. So, their rantings should be taken with a grain of salt & sympathy for their upbringing. They really can't see the other side of the picture because they've been raised to think this idealized 'rich man' with a wife & 2 kids is the only way to find happiness. Not that there's anything wrong with that idea, but it's not a form of happiness that works for all.

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Unrelated to current incel discussions and actual feels: went on a date with a guy I like with the same weeby interests and he doesn't mind/likes my cute jfashion stuff and life is generally good after years of lots of serious and shitty problems. Just wanted to express some feelings of content and gratitude and hopefulness...

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no one cares, fuck off

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if this were true, then most incels would be asian as those cultures really push the success/marriage/kids stuff. but in fact most incels are white, and it's basically because white men grow up being extremely entitled

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aw congrats! i can't seem to find any guy who likes nerdy stuff who isn't also ugly as sin.

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You cared enough to read it and reply to it. Checkmate baka

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Is it okay to go to con while constipated?

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A lot of incels are Asian. In 2010, there was a reported 700,000 of them. That's what a hikikomori is. Incels are pretty much Western hikikomori. Different name, different culture, same concept. In the West, we just kind of glorified the hikikomori thanks to anime and manga having positive or endearing portrayals of such people. Most hikikomori became the way they did to deal with the stresses of society's pressure.

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No, hikikomori = NEET. Whether incels = NEET, I wouldn’t say so. They go outside, they just hate society while doing so.

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>dream dress from when I first got into lolita comes up for sale at an extremely low price
>dress won’t match anything in my current wardrobe
It’s kind of sad knowing that if I bought this dress, I’d just be wasting money and closet space when it could go to someone who would actually wear it.

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It’s okay to buy it for the aesthetic

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It's "okay" but not healthy to buy something you will get no use out of just to fulfill some previous dream of owning it if you don't even want or like the style anymore?

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You don’t owe them anything, anon. Lolita dresses are not community property. If you want it, buy it, even if it will sit in your closet

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It's okay to buy something that makes you happy if you have the money for it.
The use can just being "making you happy by looking at it" instead of wearing it.
If you don't like the dress anymore then obviously don't buy it, but if your issue is that you worry you wouldn't wear it, I say go for it.

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If you have the space and money to do so, and if it makes you happy, it's okay to collect things. And lolita is always in part going to be a collector's hobby, even if generally the clothes also get worn. If you're that attached to it maybe you could display it on a wall or in your wardrobe somehow?

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Yeah it is one thing to buy if it would make you genuinely deeply happy but seeking short term happiness without being logical is not always a healthy way to behave.

Anon seems conflicted but like they are aware they feel happier when they can actually wear their clothes/things fit their current style.

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I went on a date with a cute weeb!! She wants to cosplay utena and anthy together!! I'm so happy!!!!!!

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I'm so grateful that I have lolita friends who I can smoke weed with

I will raise a bong for the stonerlita's patron saint Novala Takemoto

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Imagine reading this and still thinking that it's immoral to rape women.

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Pretty much every single poll from any forum from loveshy to reddit incel subreddits to wizardchan to r9k show a massively disproportionate amount of asians.

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Do you know what a NEET is?

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congrats anon!!

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I have a little regret for not buying that PC when it was on sale.

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Also, "white male entitlement" doesn't mean anything. The same with "female objectification". It's nonsense invented by the female equivalent of incels - 35+ year old women who have trouble finding a monogamous partner.

Incels are most likely created by a lack of childhood socilaization and a general physical inferiority. Humans rely on the natural progression of their social skills, especially men who lack in physical attractiveness. If a male is not physically exceptional and not socially competent and does not have power in the context of the environment he is in (e.g. money), he will die a virgin.

A hikki is a NEET.
A NEET is not a hikki.

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I’m just asking if you know. I know what it means. I think its stupid that people are saying hikki’s are incels

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>Lolita dresses are not community property.
Even if they were, it’s better for dress to be preserved by someone who only takes it out to look at but not to exhaust the shirring and waist ties

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I was on LM at the right time and someone was selling their kuma kumya for under the retail price because they wanted to get rid of it and they were selling their other ones for more. I thought for 5 seconds, hit BIN, and won! I’m really happy

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Hikkis are often incels obviously.

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I always laugh when people idolize Momoko and use that gif to justify their hoarding, the whole point was that she was OTT selfish and in the end her development was that she stopped thinking only about her own happiness.

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Why even make clothing if it's better not to use it?

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This is posted by someone who defends scalpers and is butthurt when people criticise altered brand.

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No, sorry.

If it were about entitlement, all incels would be white women.

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>then most incels would be asian
that's reality.

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congrats, anon! Keep us informed, wish you the best of luck.

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