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tutorials, inspo and discussions :)

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What foundation/skincare/powder stuff do you people recommend for a smooth, flawless face before blush and contour?

I've been experimenting with different combinations and the makeup tends to fall into cracks and wrinkles and exaggerate them on my face, to no avail.

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You're not supposed to just slap on foundation first. A decent primer will cover over lines, so foundation covers smoothly

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I like to use a cc cream instead of a full coverage foundation. It does a lot without feeling too heavy/caked on the face and it looks more natural. Hope it helps

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How old are you that you’re struggling this much with wrinkles?

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for when I need a really smooth finish I use Tarte amazonian clay foundation over the Benefit POREfessional in matte finish. I also only go right up to the edges of my smile lines with the foundation, not actually in them, to avoid creasing.

I apply the foundation with my fingers first so that none of it is absorbed into the brush/sponge, and spread it over pretty thin, then go back with a sponge and pat everywhere to even it out and fix any texture issues. I'll apply more foundation to areas that need extra cover but only if they're flat (cheeks, bridge of nose, forehead--nowhere the extra liquid can settle into creases). Reminder that with a full coverage foundation you should add at least a little bit of highlighter and a small amount of contour to bring back the shadows it's now hiding. You don't have to go full glam (and for lolita looks it is out of place), but use a little to bring your bone structure back out again.

This will give you a full face look, great for photos, but it will stand out if you are going out on an average day. But also if you are having creasing problems, investing in a good retinol face cream and eye cream to diminish them will go a lot farther than makeup tricks.

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I really like Nyx pore filler primer. Just use it under your preferred foundation. I dont have actual wrinkles but I am in my 30s and have a few fine lines. Primer keeps my makeup from settling in them.

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Thank you! I've tried primers from Urban Decay and Tatcha to moderate results. For foundation I've tried Urban Decay and Shiseido, and I experimented with putting NARS concealer on both before and after foundation, and it seemed like before foundation worked out better?

I also read some tips about putting a BB cream on, then foundation over it, but wouldn't this get quiet thick and caked easily?

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Nyx primer anon here. Haven't tried those brands because I'm cheap and save my money for burando, but I've had better luck just putting a little concealer on AFTER foundation. Sometimes the foundation is enough and you realize an area didn't need concealer, and if you have issues with makeup settling it's best to use as little product as possible. Honestly I just use bb cream instead of foundation most days, and concealer under my eyes/ on blemishes as needed. Top with powder and I'm good to go.

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Where can I find white eyeliner that will actually stay on my waterline?? All the ones I've tried melt away after an hour

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Some newer tutorial dump

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What type of white liners have you been trying? Just pencils? Have a look for a gel liner.

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Has anybody had fillers or botox done in Korea? I am interested since the concealer isn't helping cover my dark circles and eye creases like it used to. I live in Japan but there's nowhere in area that I can find

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Total newbie here.
What is the name of the stuff that is the same color as your skin, and used to paint prostetic to mimic your skin color ?

How do you find "your" color for it ?

Is there anything else needed to use for small prostetics, such as injury and ear ?


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Are you thoroughly moisturizing before putting on your makeup? Do you exfoliate regularly? This sounds more like a skincare problem than a makeup problem

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proper sfx artists mix their own, using alcohol activated paints. check out freakmos videos for beginner advice videos that don't suck like other youtubers

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What's the proper way to moisturize or exfoliate? I use a serum/+eye cream +cream at night and BB cream during the day. I've never had skin issues (no acne, tiny pores, no allergies or sensitivities, no oiliness/dryness, no sunburns) so I haven't ever had anyone advise me on skincare.

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I've tried pencils, gel, and liquid. All drugstore brands though.

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Primers are overpriced moisturizers so if you already have good skin care products, you don't need to invest in a primer

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lmao no they're not. the chemical makeup of primer and moisturizers are completely different.

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Thus speaks someone who has no idea what primer actually is

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PAX paint! There are ways to do it on a budget too using spirit gum, acrylics, and latex for texturing

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Any good ones for non-asians? These just don't work on me

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you have to tailor them to fit your own features. all makeup tutorials are like that, they're a guide.

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How young are you that you don't realize any age can wear makeup/have wrinkles?

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Anyone recommend liquid eye shadows with decent pigment?
I don't really always wanna do a full face; and powders feel like you have to then line and mascara; at that point you may as well do the whole thing.

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Anymore eyeshadow tutorials like this?

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Neck Anon here to remind you not to forget to take care of your neck during your skincare routine!

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If you have dry skin and just wear bb cream, then with good skincare you can forgo primer. Oily skin needs it so makeup doesn't slide off and to keep shine away.

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that's literally not what it's for. one skin type needs it just as much as another.

>Primer creates an extra layer between your skin and makeup. Priming products are predominantly used to help makeup last longer, smooth the skin's surface, and even out the skin tone.

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NYX has a pretty large selection, although liquid ones seem more trouble than they're worth.

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Just use a damp brush to apply your powder if you want more pigmentation. I don't own eyeliner or mascara and manage fine with eyeshadow palettes (I use a damp angled brush with eyeshadow if I want it to look like I applied liner), it's just tutorials always put it in there.

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Does anyone have tips for someone trying to apply eyeliner. I've only just started adventuring into makeup, I've been watching quite a few Youtubers to get ideas but every time I've applied liquid pen eyeliner its so cracky and bumpy. I've also tried using a pencil eyeliner but I'm finding it makes such a thick line no matter how much I sharpen it and again it looks so messy.

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Honestly, it’s just practice. The first times anyone does eyeliner it’s either way too thick or way too thin. You need to get used to doing the motions on your own eyes because it doesn’t always feel natural. Practice every night before washing your face and going to bed. Also try to look up eyeliner tutorials done on/by people with a similar eye shape as yours to see if they have any tips, and if you find you’re having issues with pencils and liquid pens, maybe try liquid dip brush liners or a gel pot with a liner brush.

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How bad does this look without circle lenses? I can't wear them due to thin corneas

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tip for any one who doesn’t want to go through all these steps but is okay with reapplying color: if you lay down a glossy lip balm (think vaseline) and then apply some lipstick at the center of your lips and rub them together you get the same effect.

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>NARS concealer
anon please don’t do the youtuber triangle if you are leaving the house and are over the age of 14. it WILL make you look old and crusty. go watch a lisa eldridge tutorial

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if it's cracky and bumpy, you're probably using a shitty or old eyeliner.

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What is a youtuber triangle?

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It's cheap eyeliner. Good eyeliner can be layered without it getting clumpy. The elf pen liner isn't terrible although it's not opaque & the tip wears out quick. It's $2 though so you get what you pay for. I like to use the pen liners for liquid & a pencil for the waterline. I prefer brown.

If you can pick up anything by Benefit, Kat Von D, or Stila, it'll be way easier. All their pen liners cost around $20, I think. There's a lot of brands, and I'm not an expert, but I've used all those with good result. I learned using Milani's eyeliner pen, but they stopped selling the one I liked.

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the drag trend of applying concealer in the shape of huge triangles under the eyes before blending

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I’ve had good experiences with Dollywink’s pen eyeliner which is cheaper than the brands you listed

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you should be neck and decolletage anon.

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I get a darker and longer lasting line from Stila or Physicians Formula vs Dollywink

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I don’t recommend Stila, I tried their waterproof one and didn’t work well, pigment isn’t vibrant and if you have mildly oily lids they are a no go. Tried them out in two colors, I don’t recommend them at all. Kat von d is super pigmented and lasted well, my ultimate grails is EM cosmetics eyeliner and Princess Make (Japanese brand) eyeliner.

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are you talking about heroine make? the rose of versaille stuff?

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this looks fucking terrible. application is bad and the end result is poor.

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Thanks !
Well. If she is beginner advise tier, I don't want to see what the expert look like...

Thx too !
Well. i'm more willing to may for a proper thing than getting a lot of cheap stuff, getting extra steps when I know nothing, and fucking up with those.
But isn't pax paint bad for the face ?

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nayrt but you use pax on the prosthetics and then blend them into your face with latex and your regular foundation on top

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Stila shimmer and glow

And the Natasha denona liquid shadows (they have a lot of negative reviews but I really like them so idk)

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Yes heroine make, i couldn’t remember it off the top of my head correctly despite using it almost daily. Such is life..

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What drugstore liquid / cream highlighters are subtle enough for daily wear? Not a fan of too much glitter. Are the Colourpop Super Shock highlighters good?

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heroine make is the shit, their mascara works great as well.

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I’m copying and pasting this after like three other mishaps posting on this site, oops!
I am a 19 y/o female who recently has gotten really into makeup after not really concerning myself with it much. This means I don’t know much about it, and unfortunately I’ve hit some snags.

For one, I’m super pale. My veins are blue, which I think means I have a cool skin tone, which doesn’t help how incredibly pale I am.

I have a hard time doing makeup without it looking muddy or harsh. Luckily I really like soft, shimmery, ethereal, even angelic looks. That sounds silly I know, but it looks like it might be right up your guys alley! I’ve found my people (:

If you have any suggestions I will gladly take them, I would love it if you even showed a pic of makeup looks that you think would work well. My eyes and hair are dark brown if that helps. Thank you guys!

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Why are you asking here ..? Just start by watching tutorials on YouTube.

>> No.10315329

That’s the first place I looked. I’ve tried following tutorials directly and it still ends up looking weird. When I search up stuff regarding pale and cool skin tones I get all sorts of vague, mixed responses. I wanted to come to a place where I could have an actual discussions instead of watching someone else talk about it and not getting to ask any questions.

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Okay, that makes sense then. If your makeup is looking muddy or harsh, it sounds like you may be using eyeshadows that are too matte... Asian makeup is likely to work better since it's more sheer and shimmery than current Western trends, but some of my friends have pulled off very pretty looks using liquid eyeshadows or colored highlighters as eyeshadow too. Also, the first step for dewy, angelic makeup is skincare. What is your skincare routine like? How much water do you drink every day? Also what makeup do you actually have, what eyeshadow primer are you using?

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I actually don’t have a skincare routine per say, but I have tried using one before and it sadly made me break out. I am really fortunate in the fact that I have very smooth skin and only breakout with one or two whiteheads around my nose or hairline when I’m stressed, or if I get a lot of grease or oil on my face which (surprisingly) I try to avoid. I haven’t had a breakout in a couple months I think.
It’s hard for me to tell how much water I get because I spend a lot of time at school, and I stop by the drinking fountain very frequently. I’d say I don’t get enough though, my lips are chapped sometimes.

I just got myself a palette from Ulta called Opalescent, it was like 24 bucks which is the most I’ve ever spent on makeup LMAO, but it’s really pretty and has a lot of soft pinks and shimmers. I also found a concealer that actually matches my skin tone, so I’ve been using that as primer. I’m not sure what primers are all about desu. I did use a lot of cheap mattes before this though, like you mentioned ):

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You'd might like Asian makeup products better like the other anon mentioned, I think Etude House and Canmake in their cool tones would suit you without breaking the bank. I am pale myself and that's what I use. I also love the peripera lip tints because they're so easy to apply and long lasting, just make sure you apply some lip care first at the very least. But that being said, avoid brown tones at all while you're starting out and focus on sheer pinks and light colors in general.

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I'm going to give you a basic skincare routine with products I use. Do not add them all at once, it will piss off your skin. 2 Cleanse (Softymo Speedy Oil), 4 treat (I'm recommending a chemical exfoliant, CosRx Aha/Bha Toner, use at night, starting every other day), 1 moisturize (CeraVe), 3 sunscreen (you must use this if you use a chemical exfoliant, Etude House Sunprise). The numbers indicate what order I'd add them in. You might want to add some vitamin C under your sunscreen.

How are you applying your makeup? You can find cheap tools at Marshall's and TJ Maxx. You can find makeup too but be very careful it's not open. I don't think you need to switch to Asian brands yet, just keep practicing with what you have. Pick up some Nyx eye primer, as it's not the same thing as concealer, though you can use concealer in a pinch. If you need blush, use the inside color of your lip to help pick a shade. For lipstick, I like Rimmel but Nyx is good too.

And yes, it sounds like you're cool toned. You want to figure out your eye shape too. If you want to apply highlights or contour, it helps to know your face shape.

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What's the hot CC Cream these days? I have been trying foundation the last few years and my skin is so much better now I think I want to switch back to easier to apply and light coverage.
My skin is on the dry side.

>> No.10315382

I've been wondering this too. I've been using BRTC BB cream for years but it's really hard to find now.

>> No.10315448

What coloured contact supplier do you guys recommend? Do you have also have any prefered colours that look good?

>> No.10315473

Sorry, fell asleep. Probably good for my health or something.

I will try to snoop around and get some good makeup brushes and skin care products, we have a few cheap stores around town.

That blush tip helps, I had no clue where to start with tones and all that. Contour is actually one of the few things I know about, because I do a lot of stage makeup, though that’s admittedly more intense than what I’m going for so I don’t think I’ll be using it a lot.

I know I don’t have hooded eyes, or monolid. They are kinda almond shaped and they have a crease for sure, they tilt a tiny bit upward?

Would you recommend any types of brushes? What is good for soft, blended looks?

>> No.10315474

I have seen etude house and they have gorgeous products, I love their packaging even. Pastel pinks are my favorite!
My best friend is actually really into k fashion right now and has a lip tint, but she says hers has a tendency to fade fast and stick to dry skin. Is that just a problem with lip care or does she need a different product? I do notice her lips are chapped

>> No.10315505

I’ve been using Olens recently and enjoying it. Their brown lenses and pink lenses look great on my green eyes.

>> No.10315611

I got a cheap set of 5 brushes and use 3. Pick up one for blush too. Play around with them. You're going need to practice anyway. Google eye shape and compare your eyes to the pictures.

Lip stains tend to have alcohol in them that are drying. I put Vaseline on before I go to sleep. You can exfoliate them with a little sugar and oil (brown sugar and coconut oil for a lux experience).

>> No.10315669


She probably needs to deal with the chapping problem first. Lip tints are actually notorious for having staying power but being drying. So her lip tint is probably drying her lips out and then the chapping is preventing the colour from sticking well. That or the lip tint is from a wonky brand/not a lip tint?

Most girls layer lip balm under/over their lip tints so you get the staying power but also keep the lips moisturised.

>> No.10315696

Okay, will do! I think I’ll pick up a brush that has a fine edge too, I don’t like using cat eyeliner (yet at least) so I usually just use a darker color at the base of my eyelashes.

I have a ton of coconut oil that I use in my hair since it’s super curly, so I can get that LUX experience. I also use chap stick regularly, so I think my lips are fine most of the time. I will try the kind of lips you guys seem to be talking about, where it’s darker in the middle and is very pink or red and shiny, it looks very pretty.

I also read in here that if I get my brush wet, it makes shimmer show up better! Should I use water or something else? I don’t want to use anything that will ruin the palette or make it unsanitary.

>> No.10315703

She issues really weak chap stick imo, and I think she just needs to exfoliate the dead skin off her lips before putting it on. I have no clue what the brand is but she ordered it online and doesn’t tend to skimp out on that kind of stuff. I want to look in store before ordering online, to be honest.

Can you recommend any good blush brands? Maybe even something that isn’t a powder? I’ve had a sister in law tell me lip and cheek sticks are super nice, but ofc I have no clue myself.

>> No.10315761

Ayrt. It does not create a barrier like it does on a canvas - that's a marketing tactic. Look at the ingredients, it's just moisturizer.

>> No.10315790


I'd skip liquid eyeshadows for that, actually. Most of them go on like actual blobs of paint, with sharp edges that are impossible to blend except smear it all over the place.

Better if you pick out a decent brand eyeshadow with decent pigmentation. Swipe two colours on your eyes and that's it, done and so light that you can go barefaced without looking weird. If it's staying power, get some eye primer instead.

>> No.10315796


The lips thing you kind of have to stay on top of -- the scrubbing will remove dead skin but they'll quickly re-form. So basically balm (or chapstick if you prefer) in your pocket and reapply during the day if you have issues with dry lips.

Or, skip the lip tint and go straight for lipstick or tinted lip balm. Lip tint is liked because it'll stick on the lips the longest, but if you have really dry lips it may make more sense to get a tinted lip balm and reapply it throughout the day instead.

As for the blush, the product name will say whether it's lip and/or cheek colour, so if it says both then you can use it as a blush. Most lipsticks you can already use them as cheek blushes, smear them on your thumbs and use your thumbs to put the colours on your cheeks.

Personally I prefer the powder blushes as I like putting them on with the fluffy brushes. I had an actual combo lip/cheek stick from Misha that ended up being used mostly as lipstick, but it's certainly my personal preference, so it's something you should try out.

>> No.10315856

A small angled brush will probably work for you to add a darker shadow for an eyeliner effect. In this case, wetting it will probably help. I'd try wetting your shadows and see if you like it. You can always clean your pallette with isopropyl alcohol. I don't wet mine, but I mostly go for a more sheer application. Also, brushes are going to be a personal preference too, so if you see something you like, grab it.

And, I know you don't want to, but you should probably learn to pluck your brows. Look up tutorials, go slow, remember they're sisters not twins, and I recommend just cleaning up your natural brow. When you're comfortable with other stuff in your routine, I'd do your eyebrows too. A little cheap powder and wax is all I use, though you might need a better brush for the powder. If you want something more natural that you can do now, just groom your brows with clear mascara.

For mascara, I wipe the wand clean, get it in the base of my lashes, wiggle, pull. For the bottom ones, I hold the wand vertical and sweep sideways. I always buy Maybelline.

If you do want to try foundation, your face is most red in the center.

For the gradient effect, try a q-tip to apply three dots of stain to your lip, two top, one bottom. I then use my finger to carefully work the color along the seam of my lips. I think this look in particular can be tricky, and I might not be much help because my lips are stupid big. You're just going to have to fiddle around with it. Use some gloss after! I do get the gooey vaseline stuff over chapstick.

An aside on blush, as your cool toned, you can wear almost any shade with little trouble, just keep the application light. Tap your brush after picking up pigment before you apply.

>> No.10315862

I wrote you a letter, then saw this. Cream blushes (like lipstick, mascara, liquid foundation, and anything that's wet) will go off after a while. As I don't wear makeup daily, this is a pain in my butt, and I don't spend a lot of money on things I think will go bad before I use them all. And while we're talking hygiene, I forgot to tell you, you're going to need to wash your brushes.

My favorite brand of blush is Tarte, though I think they're known for their concealer not their blush. Blushing Bride is a really light pink I love, and I just got Natural Beauty which is a little deeper. Also, they are with the more expensive stuff. I encourage you to go swatch it them your arm and then go home with something from the drugstore side. Take advantage of the fact that there's open makeup in front of you that you can touch, see what colors you like. (Please note: This is terrible advice if you have poor impulse control. For me, the $50 price tag on pallettes keeps me from playing Pokemon with them.)

>> No.10316130

Thank you! I’ll be sure to try things out and see what works best for me. The feeling of brushing powder with a big brush is... godly, but I like the shiny look that a cream gives. I also have a lipstick that I really like right now so I might stick to lipstick until it runs out.

>> No.10316142

Okay so I tried wetting my brush to apply pigment, and I’m not sure if it’s just the palette, but it didn’t help much ): luckily there were some darker shades that I could apply lightly to get the color I wanted. I also like sheer looks so I might just stick to keeping my brush dry. If need be I could use my finger, I’m kinda used to that anyway!

My lips aren’t crazy big but enough to warrant a gradient. Thank you for all the tips! I never thought about wiping the wand clean, I hate clumps so I usually just apply coconut oil since my eyelashes are thick enough to still show, but I would like them to be a bit darker sometimes. I just can’t stand the feeling of thick, clumped on mascara. I might use a second, clean mascara applicator to brush my eyelashes out after too, since I have one.

>> No.10316154

ingredients of what specifically? there are tons of different formulas, sorry if you think they are all "moisturizer" whatever that means. i bet you think serum and emulsions are the same things too. i'm sorry that revlon or cover girl or whatever drug store makeup brand you prefer tricked you with their fake primers and bb creams but you're just wrong. the fact that every single article on the web talking about how primers work is some kind of shill is insane to me.

>> No.10316169

Oh I penny pinch like a motherfucker! I have definitely seen some pretty shades of blush at Walmart so I’ll just go nab one of those. I actually did a show recently- and I know you should never use someone else’s makeup but in the theatre I think most people want to die anyway- so I had a chick who did my contour for me and the blush she had was so pretty... I thought it must be super expensive, it was even in the shape of a rose. Then I saw that bitch (shade and rose shape in all its glory) at Walmart LMAO
Despite those instances I am very hygienic when it comes to makeup, I’ve had bad experiences in the past that got me taught. I will go to Ulta and stand there for like two hours, sweating like a sinner in church because I don’t know what I’m doing and all the helpers are flawless, but I enjoy swatching things.

>> No.10316213

Any recs for makeup remover? Especially for brows, I use wipes and I find myself having to scrub my brows with my nails to get the product out

>> No.10316223
File: 11 KB, 355x348, 51m8DrBytQL._SX355_[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this, bifesta eye makeup remover, it costs $15 or so and is as good as expensive burando brands.

>> No.10316226

micellar water

>> No.10316233

Coconut oil works best for me, might take a couple swipes

>> No.10316235

seriously just jergens cold cream. works better than anything i have ever used and it's 3 bucks for a tub that has lasted me a year

>> No.10316375

They probably aren't subtle enough for what you want. Most are pretty glittery. I've taken to using matte cream shadows when I want highlighter that isn't SUPER SPARKLY

>> No.10316411

Did you pick up eye primer yet? It helps the pigment adhere to your lids. And I mentioned my lip size because it makes it easier to do a gradient and I don't know if what I do will work for you. You can get that look, just experiment if what I'm saying doesn't work.

And I don't think you're dirty, I'm more of a spaz when it comes to that stuff. MUAs tend to be pretty clean, thankfully. I know the blush you're talking about, and it's really pretty. If you like roses, the Thayer's witch hazel is nice.

>> No.10316412

It's actually good for you to expose yourself to more germs, it makes you're immune system strong. Polio was caused by people disinfecting shit too much, so everybody had a shit immune system.

>> No.10316418


Gr8 b8 m8 8/8

>> No.10316632
File: 115 KB, 580x579, super shock.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Colourpop's super shock shadows are really nice. i like putting a bright color under my eyes with a black wing most days. They are a good cross between a liquid shadow and a powder one.

>> No.10316685

I've just bought the small Alex drawers from IKEA mainly to store my makeup better.. does anyone have cute inspo for organising?

I dont really want to just chuck all my palettes in on top of each other cos I am a hoarder and anything that ends up on the bottom doesn't end up being used..

>> No.10316696

You dont need primer if you have a healthy skin, well hydrated skin keep the makeup for long and your skin will feel great after heavy makeup. I always keep a spray moisturizer with me when im in cosplay or lolita, and I do skin care before putting on make up. When i use cosplay make up for long I also like to use a mace mask a day after the con so I dont get that dead look on my face.

Moisturized skin = healthy skin = long lasting make up

>> No.10316698

Everyone should use primer. Stop trying to delude yourself into thinking it's just moisturizer. Primer doesn't absorb into the skin it sits on top of it. Moisturizers absorbe into the skin and it doesn't have the affect you're imagining. Primer makes your skin look better, it's not just for keeping makeup on longer.

>> No.10316715

You whine about primers being useless while using useless face masks. Also, remember that there are people with oily skin. No one with actually good skin goes to this length to self post about it on anon

>> No.10316716

maybe she's telling others bad advice so they will look like shit compared to her

>> No.10316770

It does make a barrier, and that's exactly why it breaks me out so bad. It's silicone or similar type translucent layer that sits over the skin. The ingredients, present in a high concentration, that make primer what it is breaks me out.

I can use a moisturizer or lotion & some foundations though which contain far less. It's not a marketing tactic.

>> No.10316772

if you want brighter, more saturated pigment for your eyeshadow (and to get it to stick longer), it's better to use a sticky base than water. I use normal primer, do my base shades/crease/corners, then for just the eyelid/center highlight I dab a sticky base and then my eyeshadow for an extra pop. It's best for more dramatic looks, deeper colors, or duo/multichromes where you really want the color shift to be visible. There's a couple I like but the Pixie Epoxy by Fyrinnae (indie makeup brand) will produce/ship fastest probably.

It's also great for making other colors into standout liners. Though personally I prefer to use the Magic Set from Graftobian to fix a tiny bit of loose shadow with a drop or two of liquid to paint on so I can see the color as I apply, if I'm making my own liner color.

>> No.10316913

does anyone have a good egirl makeup tutorials?

>> No.10316916

anon this is a cosplay and jfashion board

>> No.10317124
File: 11 KB, 355x355, 51q655vg6tL._SY355_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been looking at reviews of Perfect Whip on Amazon and many of the reviews say that the product they get is fake b/c it's written in Chinese instead of Japanese and gives them breakouts. Does anyone have experience with buying it off of Amazon or should I buy it off another website instead?

>> No.10317140

Don't buy skincare from amazon, it's not worth the risk. I personally recommend buying from yesstyle instead since it's more trustworthy.

>> No.10317352

Amazon is fine if it's a prime item, since those are verified to be the real thing. If it's not a prime item though I wouldn't risk it given the amount of damage you can do to your skin if it's fake.

>> No.10317362

that's not true actually. prime doesn't mean anything other than amazon has the item at their warehouse. they don't always check for authenticity and simply pull the item if enough people complain.

>> No.10317364

My eyes are shaped like this. Rare to see in tutorials

>> No.10317395

that’s not true. i got very obviously fake laneige on prime once. just buy on yesstyle or whatever

>> No.10317524

I think I bought a fake tub of the Laneige lip mask. Is it supposed to sting or feel hot on the lips?

>> No.10317547


>> No.10317553

Honestly, CC cream is pretty out of fashion nowadays. Being real though, there's no actual difference between a BB, CC, or foundation, they're just foundations with different levels of coverage.
If you're looking for CC cream recommendations though, I assume you want a light coverage, moisturizing formula.
In that case, for me, Missha and Skin79 are still the best! My faves are the Signature Real Complete, Porefection, and Super Beblesh Pink.
Online, I've seen several recommendations for:
> It's Skin Babyface
> CoverGirl CG Smoothers
> Maybelline Fit Me
> Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly
> L'Oreal Infallible 24H Fresh Wear
> Etude House Double Lasting
> Innisfree My Foundation
> Hanyul Cover
> Espoir Pro Tailor Be Silk
But I haven't personally tried these ones yet.

As other anons mentioned, Amazon is not a good place to be getting your skincare or makeup.
Aside from YesStyle, there are also stores like RoseRoseShop, etc. that you can use. It all depends on who has better shipping to your country. If you go to the asianbeauty subreddit, they have a list of trusted sellers you can look at.
I mainly use eBay, where I can use their "save seller" feature on my account. So I've saved sellers who are trusted and reputable, and when I search for an item, I can filter it to just show me listings from my saved sellers. Then I can compare prices between all the stores, including what my shipping fee will be.

>> No.10317576

>there's no actual difference between a BB, CC, or foundation
i am tired of this fucking meme

>> No.10317579

anon, there isn’t. it’s all a color corrector designed to cover your face. they just have different coverage. the only difference between eyeshadow and blush is that one is fda tested for your eyes. I know... wild.

>> No.10317603

Could be an allergy?

>> No.10317606

maybe if you're talking about western brands but asian ones actually have different ingredients. i guess i shouldn't expect much from someone who shills poorfag garbage like western drug brands and etude house.

>> No.10317612

NTA but there is differences between them. Regular foundation doesn't contain sunscreen or moisturizers, and some expensive C.C creams contain whiteners and the like. The ones you've listed may not have much difference, but B.B and C.C have little to do with how much coverage they give. B.B and C.C have about the same amount of coverage but C.C usually contains more skincare elements than B.B which generally has a moisturizing aspect and sunscreen. This isn't necessarily true of western brands though which use the term for marketing. If you actually read articles about the science behind the products you'd see how incorrect you are.

>> No.10317616

It could be. I got angular cheilitis from other lip balms before. Might be the berry fragrance.

>> No.10317627

To avoid any confusion, I'm not >>10317579, I'm >>10317553.

I definitely think the difference between BB, CC, and foundation isn't as clear as industry marketing makes it out to be.
Regular foundation does indeed contain SPF and moisturizers on many occasions, so I don't think that's enough to separate foundation and BB. Not only that, but makeup products with added SPF are completely ineffective due to the amount of product you'd need to use to get proper coverage (meaning you'd be caked in makeup.)
It's true that BB and CC on average have more added skincare ingredients, but do they ultimately matter? Their concentration is nowhere near what's required to see an actual benefit - after all, the product first and foremost has to perform as makeup. The formula is going to align more with what looks good over what benefits the skin, with the beneficial extracts ending up at the bottom of the ingredients list. And when the product is being layered over sunscreen and perhaps even a primer, are they actually penetrating the skin at all?

Either way, I don't think it matters too much. I only said what I said because anons looking for a nice BB or CC might enjoy a sheer hydrating foundation just as much. If you feel there's a distinct difference because one has X flower extract and Z root powder, then all the power to you.

As long as you're not letting yourself get scammed into buying cushion foundation / BB cream / what have you, lmao. I'm sure we can all agree that paying $20+ for a tiny sponge soaked in some makeup and bacteria is the fucking dumbest "trend" in makeup yet.

I listed the most popular hydrating products I've seen recommended. If you've got better ones, then why not share them? Those anons posted 4 days ago and nobody responded to them.

>> No.10317643

>I'm sure we can all agree that paying $20+ for a tiny sponge soaked in some makeup and bacteria is the fucking dumbest "trend" in makeup yet.
confirmed poorfag.

>> No.10317646

Not anon you replied to, but how are cushions not unsanitary? Kinda gross desu

>> No.10317649
File: 295 KB, 1221x1201, 95BDA791-40F5-4532-9D8E-BB709179740B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why the fuck do people think this shit looks good on ANY character, much less on innocent/childlike characters?

>> No.10317660

>only argument is calling the anon who gave really great advice a poorfag
>didn't recommend any products


>> No.10317664

Do you guys not wash your makeup? It's not like they only make them in cushion form.

>> No.10317673
File: 40 KB, 480x736, cushion.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can't wash the sponge of a cushion foundation. We're not talking about the applicator, we're talking about the inner sponge that's been soaked with product. Because it's damp and dark, it will naturally attract bacteria, which you're then applying all over your face.
Aside from that, you're only getting a few ml of product when you could easily buy a nice, full-sized foundation bottle for the same price.

>> No.10317676

It's probably the only method they know, like being the sexy version of any character because cute is too pedo for them

>> No.10317683

You realize these come with multiple cushions that you change out, right? most of them come with 2 extra. If you clean the applicator you're not going to get the sponge dirty, and you won't have bacteria on your face if you apply it when it's clean. Some of you guys sound dirty af.

>> No.10317684
File: 179 KB, 1600x1200, 06.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

we are talking about the sponge with product girl, not the fucking applicator

>> No.10317687

The bacteria doesn't come from the applicator (that's stored in a separate compartment anyways.) The bacteria comes from the environment, air, etc. and seeks out the sponge because it's the perfect breeding ground for more bacteria.
The amount of nearly-full cushions you'd have to throw out and replace would be astronomically expensive.
Bottles are the cleaner solution because the product is stored in an air-tight container without constant exposure to air and bacteria.

>> No.10317689

bitch just buy a bunch of disposable cosmetic sponges and put the foundation on the back of your hand like every other makeup artist

>> No.10317715

>she thinks that the sponge isn't air tight

>> No.10317729

As long as you apply it to a clean face with clean utensils, it's no less sanitary than any other form of makeup. Mind you, no makeup is sterile. Most all makeup tests positive for bacteria & spores freshly opened. Like mascara, it's certainly one product you want to replace more often than others, but it's not as gross as you make it out.

>> No.10317795

I like cushions mainly because I can't accidentally make a mess, particularly when I travel. You don't have to have them in the 'liquid' section of your carry on, no worries about the volume of the tube, lid being tight enough or makeup spurting out with pressure changes etc.

>> No.10317798

Not a big cushion user as most are dewy but honestly if cushions were that much of an unhygienic cesspool of germs then wouldn't most korean women have mad acne? Imma trust my skin's commensal bacteria with this one. Surely I'd just be applying bacteria that already grow on my skin into the cushion, where they may not grow, then back onto my face where they already live. Is the next superbug going to develop in the environment of my foundation? Probably not.

>> No.10317804

>damp and dark
My friend are you thinking of mould? Actually though, I'd expect that most makeup has preservatives or other ingredients that deter germs from growing wildly in it. You'd hope that if they were a real breakout or infection risk we would hear about it?
That said I think they aren't very environmentally friendly for countries that don't recycle all their plastic.

I think this is really up to each person's skin and ymmv. For me personally primer makes foundations sit on top of my nose skin and break down quickly (yes I've already tried matching water and silicone based foundations and with the same based primers, etc.). Whereas on my cheeks and other people primer both smoothes the skin and makes the foundation adhere to the it better.

>> No.10317807


Probably more accurate to say every BB, CC, foundation, primer, etc out there is now its own thing. It's not like "foundations" between brands have much consistency to begin with, one brand's foundation might be too powdery or too sticky, another might be too opaque or too sheer, a third brand might make a shitty foundation but a great CC cream, and like another anon says, western brands seem to take your attitude and simply slap the label onto a foundation that's a bit more moist with no other added extra.

I owned multiple Etude House BB and CC creams at one point (some as samples, got a full tube once as a freebie). There's a huge difference between the different lines, some have a different texture, some work better/worse for oily/dry faces, one was so sheer it worked more like a moisturiser than makeup, another so opaque it was almost foundation-level.

At least, that's probably why you're getting people telling you there's a difference, someone who has tried the different lines of one brand can see there's a difference. Meanwhile you're comparing them sweepingly across multiple brands so to you they really aren't grouped enough with a clear distinction between groups, especially with some of the lazier brands simply doing a marketing exercise rebranding their liquid foundation.

>> No.10317821

Hello Anon I have mixed skin and I still recomend people to not use primer. Primer is another cover in your skin, if you have oily skin, it’ll be the same as if you apply foundation without primer. i used primers before, they did not work, but a good moisturizer worked.

Don’t be lazy, take care of your skin daily and you won’t need so much make up

>> No.10317824

I bet you don’t wash your makeup brushes

>> No.10317825

I started using cushions (multiple from multiple brands) and I broke out like mad. Chances are the women who don’t aren’t acne prone

>> No.10318329

Who makes the best brushes with NATURAL bristles? Money isn't an obstacle for me, I'm just tired of finding only synthetic crap brushes everywhere because people have ethical hangups about using animal fibers

>> No.10318333

It’s not an ethical thing, it’s a cost thing. Wayne Goss and Haikuhodo off the top of my head. I mostly buy natural hair artist brushes because they are cheaper and function the same if you buy the right size and shape

>> No.10319406

I also use paint brush for my eyeshadow but you have to be aware that they often have long handle so it's a bitch to travel with .

>> No.10319460

I can't use long brushes because I'm nearsighted and the brush handle hits the mirror, so I asked my bf to snap it in half for me. If you have skills, you could shorten it in a classier way.

>> No.10319500

Any good makeup recs other than Too Faced and Sugarpill which have good foundations, pore primers, and eye primers that don't test on animals? Preferably that do some soft and maybe even pastel color eyeshadows?

I can't intentionally buy makeup from companies that hurt little bunnies.

>> No.10319505

You are probably using the wrong primers. The primers that work best for me are those that have a moisturizer-like formulation and no silicon. Silicon primers look great at first, but made my comedomes worse and made it difficult to blend concealer.

The primers I have used that I love the most are the Ole Henrikson, Good Chemicals, and Bobby Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base. All 3 have skincare ingredients, no silicon, and dry down to an ever-so-slightly tacky finish which is essential to how makeup wears throughout the day.

If you're wearing makeup for more than a few hours, you need something to help prevent your sebum from coming up through your foundation and breaking it apart. And I'm saying this as someone who uses a VERY light hand with concealer and a dusting of mineral powder foundation, so there's not a ton of stuff on my face.

>> No.10319667

For tutorials, you want to avoid most youtubers. There's a few who are really good, but most do makeup that looks good on camera but is waaaaay too heavy for irl wear. Avoid tutorials where they're layering lots of products (using multiple primers, multiple foundations, concealing half their face, plus blush, bronzer, and highlight) or if they keep adding more and more eyeshadow shades to a look.

Remember that most people look good with LESS makeup, not more. Lisa Eldridge's Makeup Basics tutorials are fantastic for learning how to apply stuff like concealer without having to be so heavy-handed.

The same rule applies to skincare. If you have a routine that's working, don't mess with it. Keep it simple (wash your face, moisturize if you have dry skin, change your pillowcase often, apply sunblock if you're spending a lot of time outside). Multi-step routines are super trendy right now, but they aren't necessary and for most people really won't have any positive effects.

>> No.10320622

People acting like cushion compacts are somehow full of bacteria had better never double dip any makeup applicator into any type of product. It will never fail to amaze me how many autist seagulls there are.

>> No.10320826

I don’t? That’s what pumps and spatulas are for. Also brushes that can actually be washed, unlike sponges.

>> No.10320827

I already take watercolor brushes with me when I travel so I’m used to it. though, I agree it could be an issue

>> No.10320829

Lisa Elridge

>> No.10320989

>Learned how to do my makeup from Jeffree Star
>Got asked multiple times if I'm into drag

Welp that explains it

>> No.10321291

>not autoclaving your brushes at 121°C under 15 psi
>not creating a sterile field for placement of your brushes
>not sterilizing your sponges with gamma radiation

I bet you don't even scrub in with clorhexidine before you do your make-up.

>> No.10321300

Hakuhodo. Bit marked up from their site vs buying it in japan but what can you do. They have natural and synthetic lines now so read the item description carefully.

>> No.10321322

how do you use eyeshadow then, retard?
>sponges can't be washed

>> No.10323615

Does anyone have experience with the Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Colors?

>> No.10323689

Question, how important is diameter for soft contact lenses? Can't basically anything to match my 14.5 prescription lenses in Toric, seems like coloured Toric lenses only go from 14.0-14.2

>> No.10323707

Try cutting open your “washed” beauty blender. Theres a reason why pros use brushes on clients but only use disposable sponges

>> No.10323803

Any recommendations for vanity lights for home use? I have a full-body length mirror against the wall with a lap desk in front, so I sit on the ground and do my makeup routine. I've looked at some lights on Amazon, but I want to hear from gulls too.

>> No.10323900

Hi! I really like cute "eyebag" makeup but whenever i try this on myself i look like i haven't slept in ages. What am i possibly can do wrong?

>> No.10323901

that's not the reason, anon.

>> No.10323909

>what am i doing wrong
you're not asian. that style never works on typical caucasian hooded eyes.

>> No.10323918

Ah, yes. What reason is it? They all say it’s because of hygiene and that they were told it’s unhygienic in makeup school, but I would love to know what you learned

>> No.10323935

I'm Asian and I think the eyebag trend looks ugly and doesn't work for most Asians out there. If it's not working out for you, don't worry about it and move on.

>> No.10323998
File: 37 KB, 452x678, images (17).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look up berry tsukasa/ichigo flavor, that tutorial is hers and most of the other tutorials are somewhat similar aesthetically to that one

>> No.10324008

NTA but we're not told that in ""makeup school"". It's due to sanitation laws, local laws at that, some places don't even consider them single use but drying them takes a long time. It's because it can't be disinfected with alcohol specifically, and they degrade over time, not because they're impossible to clean. Literally everyone knows any kind of sponge in general doesn't stay clean forever and you should replace them, but they are not single use by any means. A similar law is that pumice stones use in nail care are professionally considered single use in some states even though they aren't single use at home. Makeup cushions definitely don't collect bacteria anymore than anything else does. You guys sound OCD as fuck acting like bacteria simply grows from touching things like that. Entire countries of people use their hands for makeup application and it's perfectly fine.

>> No.10324472
File: 26 KB, 464x348, BC2126D3-89CB-4856-8DBC-E64BE1EC0B06.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any gulls mind dropping their routines? I’m curious to see what everyone else’s is like.

>> No.10325504

Face wash > toner > sheet mask, if using > essence > vitamin serum > eye cream > moisturizer > sunscreen or sleeping mask, depending on time of day

>> No.10325508

Oil cleanser > face cleanser > metric shit ton of cerave / water > sunscreen in the morning

I used to do a long multi-step routine for years and then found this works way better

>> No.10325519

Oil cleanser > face cleanser > moisturizer, eye cream > vitamin c/arbutin oil > aha/bha resurfacing masks > sunscreen(the bb cream I use has it, so it's more for my arms and neck)
The rest is just whatever samples I get. Like the most recent is a serum, a squalene/tea tree oil.

>> No.10325722


Morning: hydrating toner > sunscreen
Evening: Oil cleanser > face cleanser > essence > hydrating toner (layered if i feel like it) > thick moisturizing gel

>> No.10325883

it won’t work if you don’t have some natural eyebag/aegyosal first

>> No.10325922

is makeup from taobao dodgy? i know it'll probably be shit quality but i mean, is it safe?specifically wondering about

>> No.10325954

Wtf is this

>> No.10325999

Kumano Pharmaact Oil Cleanser (PM only) -> Cetaphil Gentle Face Wash -> Naturie Hatomugi Skin Conditioner -> CosRX Snail Essence -> CeraVe Lotion (in the big pump bottle) -> Suncut UV Protect Gel Waterproof (AM only)

I have veeery dry skin, so sometimes I need to layer on the CeraVe lotion.
I used to have a more complex routine, but I decided to go back to the basics and introduce each product individually and over a long period of time. That way I can monitor the results (or lack thereof) and see what's worth keeping. Hopefully I can introduce some more moisture into my routine soon enough.

>> No.10326042

Morning: Cetaphil cleanser > Biore face milk
Evening: Micellar water if wearing make-up > Cetaphil cleanser

Trying out other products has only made my face look worse. The Ordinary Niacinamide serum made me break out so bad which is weird because the micellar water I use also has niacinamide.

>> No.10326202
File: 438 KB, 1440x1332, Screenshot_20200122-094952~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any opinions on this eye cream? I'm starting to get fine lines but I'm not even in my mid 20's. It seems affordable.

>> No.10326214

It's not worth the risk. Just get some something cheap stuff from the drug store or look in to k-beauty.

>> No.10326324

I got a very light tan a few month ago ( I got it during cloudy days ) and I quite liked the effect, it was just a shade darker than my usual skintone. Any idea how to replicate it ? Pure fake tan seem to be too strong of a color ( and I only want to get my face and neck tan ), any idea how to get that look ? I thought of mixing some fake tan with sunscreen so it's still very sheer but I don't think it will work formula wise.

>> No.10326580

neutrogena hydroboost has the same ingredients at half the price

>> No.10326590

most countries do not require testing for makeup products, including UK and USA, buying cheap from drugstores/primark is literally just as bad.

>> No.10326620

I have pretty dry, eczema prone skin. Trying some new stuff since I had such good results with The Ordinary recently.

>>Cetaphil face wash
>>Hada Labo Gokujyun Lotion (as a toner)
>> (New Steps as of today) The Ordinary Vitamin C in the morning and Niacinamide at night.
>>The Ordinary Buffet Serum
>>The Ordinary Squalane
>> Acure Blue Tansy Oil
>> Neutrogena SPF Lotion in the day

I also got a Acure Sunscreen today and will try that after the Neutrogena one is finished. While the Blue Tansy Oil smells and looks wonderful I think I will finish the bottle and not repurchase. I started that and the squalane at the second time and thought WOAH THIS IS GREAT, but forgot the squalane a day and noticed I was noticably dryer.

I got the Niacinamide and Vitamin C today because while my skin is noticably more comfortable and hydrated since adding the moisturizing oils and such I have gotten acne/redness/ bumps from an ill-advised run in with a shiseido mask with a lot of alcohol in it. If anyone is interested I will report back in a month or so.

>> No.10326730

Hi. I have hooded eyelids. I can draw wings (thin, but still), however I don't understand what should i do with my crease. When my eyes are open it turns into a deep fold, so it's impossible to see any shadows on it.

>> No.10326753

Don’t do eye looks that require shadow in your crease.

>> No.10326754

That’s only sort of true. If you are buying from the drugstore, those companies regularly get spot checked by the FDA, even if it’s not a requirement

>> No.10326783

Holy fuck i already own that. Shit stings a little when I put it on my eyes, though. Do you also use the hydroboost moisturizer? I avoid putting it near my eyes so i dont know how it works on fine lines, but it makes the rest of my face soft and dewy

>> No.10326786

What youtubers have tutorials with no crease make up?

>> No.10326787

Does it sting when it gets in your eyes or on the skin that’s near it? When my skin is super dry it stings a bit when’s I put lotion on.

t. I’ve used this for years with no issue. I switched to cerave though when my acne became less of a problem and my wrinkles became more pronounced

>> No.10326788

Okay, clearly you are new but jbeauty almost never uses crease definition because monolids. also wayne goss

>> No.10326790


>> No.10326792

I highly suggest you actually look at and try the tutorials posted here. The OP doesn’t have crease definition. Doing western drag inspired tutorials from youtube is a bad idea for jfashion anyway. If this is for cosplay, jfashion tutorials will also work fine

>> No.10326799

I want to invest in some nice brushes but am not ready to buy all of them at once. If you could only have 3-5 styles of brushes (by this I mean something like a fan brush, lip brush, etc) in your kit which ones would you pick as the most essential?

>> No.10326816

kabuki brush, small ‘packing’ brush, small blending brush, very very small shader brush

>> No.10326819

Blush brush, eyeshadow packing brush, fluffy blending brush, eyeshadow brush, foundation brush of your choice if you use one

>> No.10326820

eyeliner brush* sorry

>> No.10326901

I'd buy from The Ordinary. Try their peptide buffet and vitamin C with HA spheres.

>> No.10327385

It might be the fragrance in it burning. Something in the fragrance for Olay and their stuff pisses off my skin. I don't have it with all fragrance but it is enough I had to switch products. If the stinging gets worse over time stop using it.

>> No.10328248

Hey guys- I know this thread is really old now or whatever, but I posted on here a while back asking for a ton of tips because I was pretty much brand new to makeup, and I’ve since taken all the advice you guys gave me.
I don’t know how many of you are still on here or will see this, but I wanted to say thank you! It’s helped a ton, I love how I do my makeup now and I feel really good starting my day and going out with it on. I’m not quite a Lolita or cosplayer, but you guys helped anyway, so I’m glad I came here to ask. Y’all were so nice.

Thank you again! Good luck with your future ventures in cosplay and cosmetics!

>> No.10328260

what TO vit c do you use? there's like 8 different types and its a little overwhelming

>> No.10328371
File: 3.65 MB, 400x400, 1574378715510.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i love shit like this. bless

>> No.10328386

Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12%.
I tried this because my understanding is that it is a more gentle one and absorbs quickly since I wanted to keep layering other stuff. This one is okay to use with the niacinamide solution as well, which I was also adding. (Note: Apparently it can cause some redness if you do. I got a little so I am going to try using one in the day and one at night and see if I am imagining things)
I think a small draw back of the liquid solution is that it will go bad faster than the one suspended in silicon. Don't buy it unless you are planning to use it right away. Maybe another anon can tell us about the other mixes if they have tried one?

I broke out the first two days after trying this one, but it is calming down quickly and a little dark spot I had from before is fading fast.
It is too early to say if it is amazing or anything, but I didn't see people mentioning this when I googled it so I wanted to give you a heads up. It got better fast so don't freak out if some spots pop up at the start.

>> No.10329235

I'm in a market for a new eyeliner. I have oily lids and very few products stay on properly all day. The one I've used previously seems to be sadly discontinued. I googled around products and quite a few places recommended a gel eyeliner (the one from Bobbi Brown specifically).

I've never used a gel eyeliner. I'm generally not very good at doing neat lines. I'm sure I could figure it out with practice but I'm kinda wary of "just trying out" an expensive new type of product. I also appreciate stuff that's easy and fast to apply, and some videos I watched just seem to take a lot more time with a gel eyeliner than I do with a pen/felt tip liner.

>> No.10329252

Go with dollywink or K-palette. With an eye primer it'll stay on oily lids.

>> No.10329371

em cosmetics liner

>> No.10329817
File: 60 KB, 640x640, top lashes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone know some brands that carry lashes like the top ones in this image? I am in love with it but I keep hitting dead ends.

>> No.10329829

try searching for eyemazing 001!

>> No.10330879

Try Dollywink maybe? I used to have a pair from them that looked very similar.

>> No.10331088
File: 161 KB, 480x752, original.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cute makeup that fits old school lolita for a white girl?
I want to look young and natural, but sadly am not blessed with a babyface, therefore all these tutorials from old magazines are pretty useless. I also have a cold undertone, so orange like they use doesn't suit me much.

>> No.10331104

My recommendation would be to use light rose pinks, not baby pink or medium pink but just in between, and a tiny bit of highlighter for the glowy young look. Also try brown mascara and liner that won’t give a harsh look.

>> No.10331105

I'm happy there are no scrotes in this thread.

Filthy men need to stay out of /cgl/ threads.

>> No.10331106

Just do minimal makeup, old-school is easy as they just look natural. Don't use contour or blush and don't use products that'll make your skin look dry of cakey.

>> No.10331118

My usual old school makeup is peach eyeshadow, mascara on both top and bottom lashes and lipgloss.

>> No.10331159

They have their own makeup thread anyway.

>> No.10333713

What's a good palette for doing eyebrows for cosplay? I'm talking weird rainbow colors for matching wigs.

>> No.10333957
File: 628 KB, 726x716, 10C7A819-0E60-441E-B861-193D144F805F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette in Brights or a Morphe/BH Cosmetics Rainbow themed palette

>> No.10333974
File: 29 KB, 294x286, tumblr_lgoe633wQ41qeser2o1_400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How stupid would doing false eyelashes like this look on western eyes?

>> No.10334005

bit of a rant, but my hairdresser has been progressively fucking up my bangs worse and worse recently. when she gave me bangs initially they were perfect straight + triangular for j-fashion (i was super happy with them). but recently when i've been going back for trims she started adding in more and more hair on the sides and cutting them to look like the western half-moon style which looks like shit on me. she's widened my fringe by at least an inch on each side of my face and i look like i have a particularly bad bowl cut. it's really gross. she also didn't even cut my hair evenly, it's almost diagonal.

i'm going to find another hairdresser to help me straighten out my shit (no pun intended), and i think i'm just going to grow out the hair she'd added into one of those longer-fringe hime cuts if i can.

>> No.10334006

I don't think it would be necessary at all.

>> No.10334463

fuck anon good luck with you hair, on average if you have long hair it take 2 year to grow out bang. Honestly cutting your own bang when it's not wide is pretty easy and you can adapt it to your liking.

>you made me remember that I let my fringe grow back for a bit more than a year because I didn't wanted to dye it back and now I don't know if I want to let it grow out completly or cut it in fringe+hime cut combo and dye it again.

>> No.10334474

SAME happened to me. Those western hairstylists just go crazy for half moon bangs and I had a fucking awful bowl cut on the front of my head. No matter how many times I explain they just don’t listen. I’ve had a hairdresser low key tell me that when people explain what they want, hairdressers just assume the person doesn’t know what they’re talking about and the hairdresser just does what they want

>> No.10334476

>not living in a city with 3 japanese salons

git gud

>> No.10334489

Jumping off from this, in one's opinion how "off" does cosplay look when eyebrows don't match the color of the wig?

>> No.10334535

honestly I prefer non matching eyebrow than bad covering/coloring job.
But to answer I will say it depend how light/bright is the wig, per exemple dark color are okay but it start to get weird looking when it's a darkish red and you have dark brown eyebrows. Natural color are more forgiving but it start to look bad when the wig is medium blond ( without darker roots).

>> No.10334590

Probably just focus on being youthful and fresh then. Fill in your eyebrows if you are lacking, brown mascara, bit of lip tint and conceal whatever.

>> No.10334603

Thanks for the suggestions but I don't think this will work. I'm such a big plain jane, only mascara and liptint makes me look boring af and as if I'm not even wearing makeup at all...

>> No.10334776

Plain is perfect for old school anyways!

>> No.10334819

I second that rose pink is an excellent option for lip color. Don't be scared of sheer tints and stains in hot pinks and bright blue-red. You wouldn't think of them as youthful, but they work surprisingly well with cold undertones.

I don't like to wear much eye shadow, and if I do, I tend to stick to one color with a simple application. If you don't have a babyface, eyeshadow can bring out the wrong effect of either a drag queen or glamour model. Light to medium browns, pinks, & red look good. Blacks, purples, blue, & dark brown eyeshadows tend to be really aging on cold undertones. I like to use mascaras and eyeliners in brown because they're more youthful looking & bring warmth.

For fashion, I often just use some brown on my top waterline and/or mascara with the heaviest amount on the outer part. A good mascara should enhance the eyes well on its own with the right application. I don't like doing the bottom lashes/liner because it makes me look older. If I do anything, it's a bright accent color on the bottom lid. The brighter lip tints in blue-red and hot pinks with a little bit of eye makeup make for a good look. I use the liquid eyeliner in brown too on the outer bit of the top lid. Like, if you're looking straight ahead, where the pupil starts and out.

You should give those colors a try and see how they work with your complexion. I just personally, as someone with cold undertones, find dark brown and black mascara and liner too dramatic. Brown warms the face.

>> No.10334821

(Oh, I don't find dark brown and black too dramatic for everyone. It just seems too 'icy' when I wear it.)

>> No.10334827

How do you get your eyeliner to blend with the roots of your lashes so you can't see skin? Every time I try liquid eyeliner I can see the skin between my eyelashes. Up until now I've been cheating with black eyeshadow.

>> No.10334828

Are you a doctor? Cosmetologists (in the U.S.) are required to sanitize & disinfect everything that makes skin contact, but we're not required to sterilize. (The exception is nail polish, but as an inorganic substance alongside perm solution, it proves inhospitable to anything contagious.) 3 steps. We have to follow two.

That's why cushion applicators are an issue. You can use one if you use a new sponge every time you pick up product, but that's rather wasteful. Powders can be poured out, cakes and creams picked up with a spatula, and liquids poured out. With cushion types, you have to get it straight from the applicator. People start giving other people skin nasties because someone forgets to use a new sponge, and everyone's sad.

There's nothing wrong with using one personally although one may want to throw it out after an unexpected breakout or skin infection, and might want to replace it on the schedule one is suppose to replace mascara.

I don't know why we're discussing something that's simply a health precaution when something is being used by the public versus individuals. It's the same reason behind why many don't like using the testers at Sephora and the ilk.

>> No.10334829

Also, people who are acne-prone for non-hormonal reasons may find that cushion foundations only make their acne worse or prolong outbreaks.

>> No.10334854

i already mentioned this upthread when someone was talking about "makeup school". the issue with makeup sponges isn't that they sit and possibly stew in bacteria, it's that you'd be using them on people one after another after another and if one person has herpes bam everyone does. but a fucking cushion isn't that bad. people are acting like it's like reusing soiled toilet paper or something.

>> No.10334855

>moving the goalposts
Who the fuck is talking about using cushion foundations for anything other than personal use?

>> No.10334898

a bunch of people earlier ITT >>10323918 for example.

anyway that's not even what "moving goalposts" means.

>> No.10334914

Newfag makeup here.
Does anyone got a good suggestion for the concealer?

>> No.10335397


I'd shill Fenty just because they have such a wide range of skintones and are pretty decent. Find one that perfectly matches your skintone and that will work.

I used to go by popular brand until I switched over to Asian brands. Suddenly going from being forced to blend a concealer that was too light, to choosing between two concealers that were so close to my skintone is an absolute game-changer.

For dark circles undereye, I think the Skinfoods salmon concealer still works better for most people, using a concealer there sometimes just isn't enough.

>> No.10335679

All the women in my family have become markedly jowly as they got older. Is there anything skincare-wise I can do to prevent this from happening to me? Currently my routine is a very basic cleanser-toner-moisturizer number twice a day plus sunscreen in the mornings.

>> No.10335744

Firming night cream

>> No.10335810
File: 349 KB, 1280x1280, Maybelline-Instant-Age-Rewind-Eraser_SAMPLE__07023.1558385446.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you're a beginner and in the US, Maybelline Age Rewind concealer is really good and easy to find. Remember that less is more and to apply a little bit at a time.

>> No.10335835

Revolution conceal and define concealer.

>> No.10336109

It exist in Europe too, I would say be carefull with the oxydizing, especially if you also use it on our cleavage/neck

>> No.10336126
File: 240 KB, 777x772, P_20200203_153335editedtomatch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know where to ask it so it maybe the wrong thread. I let my bang grow for a long time and I noticed that the bang part of my hair is darker than the rest of my whole head. I used to bleach my bangs to the root for fashion color every other few month for 6 year and only stoped last year so it's my first virgin fresh regrowth there. I have dark hair since I was a kid and they only got darker over time really slowly.
I didn't noticed anybody else having this IRL and I scared it got like this because of bleach ( even thought it didn't got thinner or more sparse), Do it happend to anyone else ? Should I be worried ?
pic related is my hair slightly edited to look like it is irl, bangs are to the right, it was freshly washed and my camera is a potato

>> No.10336142

You are just stupid. Hair is already dead by the time you see it, so bleach cannot do anything to the growth that hasnt happened yet. Your hair naturally got darker as you aged. Hair also naturally can get lighter from the sun.

You just havent seen that natural healthy hair in a while.

>> No.10336152

actually that's not true. there's a lot of science that shows that damaged hair follicles from bleaching poorly or using bad products can fuck up your melanin production.

>> No.10336998

Posting this here since I didn't find a skincare thread and didn't want to make a new one:

Has anyone here tried enzyme/powder cleansers? I was curious after reading good things about them, but then I read an article about how papain, one of the enzymes in these cleansers, can lead to your skin being more sensitive in the long run. Has anyone here experienced that with long term usage of powder cleansers?

>> No.10339544

Nigga wtf, fix your skincare then. Look up Hyram or James Welsh for ideas for skincare. Beginner me had those issues and upgrading to a better face moisturizer was all i needed at first. Didn't realize using crap like garnier moisturizers didn't work. Buy something without any of these ingredients:


Don't forget to use cosdna.com

Get a good moisturizer, serum, toner, sunscreen, chemical exfoliator, cleanser.

>> No.10339547
File: 153 KB, 375x750, tumblr_nbk5ic43eN1qj816fo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you are trying to wear makeup intended for teenage to young adult people in your 60s, something is wrong.

>> No.10339647

Makeup doesn't have an age limit

>> No.10339691
File: 241 KB, 500x417, tumblr_n8rhm0afDB1qj816fo1_500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I didn't say it doesn't. But if you are wearing makeup clearly designed for teenage girls, then something is wrong. You need to grow up. You are a genuine fujoshi if you don't think people would get extremely suspicious of some 67 year old walking around with 2000s scene makeup, coon eyes, and giant neon hair.

>> No.10339695

OP was only talking about foundation/concealer

>> No.10339696
File: 214 KB, 500x363, tumblr_moswnmb0R31qj816fo1_500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, anon. I wasn't refering to OP, i actually gave OP the best advice i could think of on the spot earlier. I was just pointing out the other anon's comment wasn't a very logical one.

>> No.10339698
File: 107 KB, 587x800, original.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fashion colors don't fully wash out, even when the color fades, leftover specs will remain without you visibly seeing it. So maybe it is leftover fashion dye resedue. Babies are very bright and as they age, their hair and skin gets darker. I forgot the exact ages, but just like baby teeth, your baby hair all gets replaced slowly by age 3 or 5, then they get replaced again when you are a bit older, as taught in cosmetology schools. Bleach does not thin hair if you already have thin hair, it often will actually "thicken" your strands due to spreasing their scales open. Why worry though? I wouldn't personally care and would keep growing and cutting it.

>> No.10339703
File: 47 KB, 640x640, 75a0f716ec6e166ca90545ecc6326162.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>source: dude trust me, lmao

>> No.10339704

I use revolution, is ok to start and learn with.

>> No.10339705
File: 16 KB, 220x148, 220px-Japan08.07_Shibuya_Mybestfriends.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cheap beginner makeup or skincare recommendations? Scandinavian here.

I'm looking for:
>eye creams for grey circles and heavy wrinkles
>anything to improve my mild forehead wrinkles
>anti-aging serums
>sunscreen that won't give me cancer
>clogged pores/black spot fixers (the dots on my nose literally show through my founation even with 3 layers)
>chemical exfoliators

As for makeup:
>liquid or cream blush
>foundation brands
>cream eyeshadow of more natural shades
>color correctors

My skintype: oily T zone, dry to normal everywhere else. Sensitive. Thanks in advance, if anyone replies.

>> No.10339711

Not a shill but a lot of these things can be fixed with products from the brand The Ordinary. They have very cheap high quality products for most issues you’ve listed
>eye creams for grey circles and heavy wrinkles
Most eye creams are just overpriced moisturizers so just apply moisturizer delicately to the area and you should be fine. Using the ordinary’s Caffeine Solution 5% should work well for the dark circles though.
>anything to improve my mild forehead wrinkles
I swear by the ordinary’s Retinol 0.5% in Squalane, it completely erased my eyebrow furrow wrinkles in a month.
>anti-aging serums
The retinol works well as this too, but you might want to look into a chemical exfoliant like aha or lactic acid to make your skin more youthful looking. The ordinary has both, and if you use the aha/bha absolutely don’t put it on a wet face and don’t leave it on for more than 10 mins
>sunscreen that won't give me cancer
Most sunscreen won’t? Sun balm’s face sunscreen and the ordinary’s sunscreen are pretty decent.
>clogged pores/black spot fixers (the dots on my nose literally show through my founation even with 3 layers)
These are sebicious filaments, they don’t completely go away or shrink too much in size because that’s just how your skin works. A decent skincare routine should take focus away from them though.

>> No.10339731

>look into a chemical exfoliant like aha or lactic acid
I swear i can't find a single exfoliant like that in any affordable store. We also don't have The Ordinary oddly enough, but maybe i missed it.

>Most sunscreen won’t?
I hope so. I just grew up with a mother who sperged 24/7 that sunscreens cause cancer, and contain mercury or whatever. But been looking at ingredients lately and they don't seem any more harmful than cheap hair shampoo riddled with harsh detergents?

>A decent skincare routine should take focus away from them though.
Hope so, see i swear they got darker and wider over time. I used to have depression where i didn't shower for 2 weeks in a row. When i started a normal hygenic life, noted they faded to a slight freckle-ish color, at least on the front of my nose. The sides have giant ones, really dark. My bf has complained about them a few times.

>> No.10339736

How does being fujoshi have anything to do with any of this in any way lmao

>> No.10339742


>> No.10339744

Go back to r*ddit or lurk more, newfag.

>> No.10339792

Are you sure the ordinary won’t ship to you? I have friends out in east europe who have managed to get it shipped to them. Either way drug store stuff is getting better but it’s still hot garbage compared to brand skincare.
Also generally my nose pores get really bad as well so I tend to focus my physical exfoliation there, don’t know if it’s really done much though.

>> No.10339793


>> No.10339899

Stop spewing buzzwords to pretend like you’re not some newfag yourself, dumbass

>> No.10339942

All this projection and salt over the way someone wants to dress. Stop being such an insecure cunt.

>> No.10339943

>Also generally my nose pores get really bad as well so I tend to focus my physical exfoliation there
Heard a skincare guy suggest this too. Should work.

>it’s still hot garbage compared to brand skincare.
How bad is it in comparison? I've seen some that had safe ingredients if you focus on european imports, not american ones.

He had a point. Saying "lmao" is a clear sign the person didn't arrive until 2017, their lack of understanding the term "fujoshi" is another. In the 2000s people said fujoshi in those matters often. The anon used the term correctly. I don't know what you're mad about.

>> No.10339947
File: 1.03 MB, 1920x1080, 1576810387417.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He had a valid point of critique though. This isn't your personal hugbox. You can hugbox all you want online but in real life, when normal people who don't sit at home all day browsing ching chong forums are around you, you will get stares and get heavily judged, because you are acting like an infant legbeard and it is immature, then you will get embarassed and shocked because people online encouraged and enabled this behaviour. This is a harmful thing to encourage. You made no argument to debunk, all you do is throw insults and avoid creating a counter argument, therefor you have lost the debate. I suggest you migrate to rddit because people have your mindset there about being anti-critique, not saying this as an insult but why are you on 4chan of all places? People come here specifically for the lack of huboxing.

>> No.10340020

I was kind of worried that if it was due to bleach ( and I always putted too much on my scalp ), it would only get darker and so it will be harder and harder to bleach (and start to get very noticeable). I never put dye or bleach of on my hair on the picture tho, so it can't be residue, I guess the melanin production for my hair became weird.

>> No.10340023 [DELETED] 

I don't think that means what you think that means...

>> No.10340057

>I was kind of worried that if it was due to bleach ( and I always putted too much on my scalp ), it would only get darker and so it will be harder and harder to bleach (and start to get very noticeable)
No, that isn't how it works. Bleach opens the scales, and drains the strand, the body wouldn't care about the color changing, since hair is a least of its concern.

>> No.10340134

>liquid or cream blush
I really like the fenty matchstix as a cream blush and there's a big variety to choose from- they are shimmery though

Get a decent cleanser and wash your face for exactly 60 seconds focusing on the problematic areas using only your hands. I used to have really bumpy sebaceous filaments on my nose that stuck out like blackheads and dark clogging on my cheeks but after using this method everyday 2x a day my pores went back to what they were in my late teens (I'm pushing 30 now)

search for LaBeautyologist, her tips have bought my skin like 6 yrs of youth back doing the bare minimum

>> No.10340136

I just take a pencil eyeliner and line the lower part of my lashes (as in below them for the top lid) with that.

>> No.10340142

You’re clearly new to this board. Also fujo has never been used here like that, so I don’t know what you’re talking about.

>> No.10340205

Fujoshi refers to those sperglets who ship yaoi characters. How does that in any way relate to your strawman of a geriatric wearing scene make-up?

>thinking 4chan is a proper outlet for debate
What, we do Oxford style debates on here now?

This has to be some elaborate fucking bait. No one can be this retarded in real life. 2/10, made me reply.

>> No.10340274

>Fujoshi refers to those sperglets who ship yaoi characters. How does that in any way relate to your strawman of a geriatric wearing scene make-up?
Leave, newfag. Fujoshi is more than that. It is retarded fat single ladies who are legbearded women children who refuse to grow up, yes their obsessiom with yaoi is one of several traits, but in general it's a bunch of hairy women who refuse to grow up. The anon's point was that it is childish to wear makeup aimed for teens, when you yourself are in your 60s. Makeup has to fit you, being old and wearing teen makeup is uncanny and taboo for a reason.

You'd be surprised how many men lurk here.

>> No.10340321
File: 111 KB, 508x376, 1478984653772.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10340327

If you were really an oldfag, you'd be in your mid-20s to early 30s yourself. As if being an autistic salty hag who gatekeeps a niche fashion style that's mistaken by most normies to be a fetish is something to be proud of.

>> No.10340347

Did you just come to this board to shit on everyone? Why not contribute by supplying some better makeup tutorials that you feel will be more "age appropriate" instead of derealing?

>> No.10340372

>If you were really an oldfag, you'd be in your mid-20s to early 30s
I'd say that's only a middle-agedfag

>> No.10340472

I bought a pair of eyemazing 001! theyre shipping and im really excited, i've always found this style of lash super cute, ty anon!

>> No.10340490

all japanese lashes are fucking based desu.

>> No.10340510 [DELETED] 

4chan was better before you whiney r*ddit faggors came here to complain "I'm offened! My feefees!!! How dare you say something offensive!!", it is obvious you've been here since 2014 or later. If you can't handle 4chan, don't use it. Everything you said is speech you'd exclusively hear on reddit a couple years back. I came here and posted pictures on and off, I have contributed. I am not a grandma, I don't collect inspiration imagery for grandma makeup, i am not spoonfeeding you any content.

I am personally close to 21 and 23 year old friends who have used this site since 2005-2007, are you naive and believe only 18+ year old people used this site? Do you really not think underaged teens lurked the site during the 2000s? There is a 18 year old I've met who said she used /pol/ in 2011 before she became a radical liberal at age 15, it wasn't as hard for kids to find and stalk image boards in the 2000s as you'd think.

>> No.10340512

Don’t reply to bait, gulls.

>> No.10340527

>I-I don't like their opinion and don't have a concrete counter argument, I'll just label it bait.
What a great argument, anon...

Try metal lashes, maybe it would be of interest and make it easier. Take with a grain of salt from me though.

>search for LaBeautyologist, her tips have bought my skin like 6 yrs of youth back doing the bare minimum
Thanks anon, will do!

>Get a decent cleanser and wash your face for exactly 60 seconds focusing on the problematic areas
Been doing this for months before a week ago realizing I should of been doing 60 seconds, not 20. Do you remember how many months it took for you to see a noticable difference?

>I really like the fenty matchstix as a cream blush
Will try to find, thank you.

>> No.10340653

>Do you remember how many months it took for you to see a noticable difference?

It was pretty quick I'd wanna say about 1 or 2. I felt like "is this even worth the time" at one point but stayed with it and suddenly my skin got smoother and even some scarring on my cheeks went down/faded. I was really blown away desu. Been doing it about a year and have only had small hormonal breakouts. I love my skin now.

I hope it helps and don't let your bf make comments on your skin! He can love you the way you are or dip <3

>> No.10340697

Thanks a lot again, anon. Might i ask your skin type and what cleanser did you use? (foam, oil, gel, or brand, etc)

My bf isn't mean, no worries. He did point out today though, while i was buying a serum, that i developed mild tiny pimples. Not white heads or black heads. No idea if it's the makeup (most likely I assume) or one of the skincare products. So odd.

>> No.10342098

>search for LaBeautyologist, her tips have bought my skin like 6 yrs of youth back
That sounds pretty awesome!

I hope this question doesn't sound too stupid, but does it matter that she's black and I'm not? I saw that she made some videos specifically titled something with black skin, so I was wondering whether her tips might not work for me? I mean different races have different hair types, therefore need different hair care stuff, so maybe it's the same for skin too...? Does anybody know?

>> No.10342794

No that anon but when I do that all that pigment from eye pencil go into my eye
I'm shit at makeup tho

>> No.10345730

Same problem here. I love how it looks, but hate how it smudges on my bottom lid and gives me panda eyes after a few hours. Maybe it's my eyeliner or is it inevitable? I use the urban decay eye pencil if anyone has better recommendations. I read somewhere that you could "set it" with powder, but powder in the waterline sounds so uncomfortable.

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