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Resolve to dump his ass in 2020!

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Still waiting for AP USA to send me my tracking info for Honey Cake. I haven't heard anything in 2 weeks and I'm getting sick of seeing scalpers sell it before mine even arrives. I know that they are a small shop with few staff and are only open 8hrs a day but I just want some confirmation that I'm not out $900 for nothing.

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I wish I could go back in time and buy more from Excentrique. I only bought 2 things directly from them when they were still in business and now I realise those are the 2 things in my wardrobe I wear most often. I also had more money back then so now I can't even buy it secondhand.

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Bought some CCF shoes and matching bag for pink coords only to learn upon coording for the first time that they do not fit despite following size charts and are real buckles not snaps which is inconvenient as fuck...*sigh*

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>tfw a girl in your comm retweets racist stuff and then tries to blame it on PMS and constipation

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>tfw you rebuy a dress you regret selling and a good price.

Thank god it was a basic dress nobody cares about, maybe except newbies looking to build their wardrobe, but still.

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got a dream dress and a big wishlist item
good way to start the year

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Being constipated often makes me racist too.

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Not sure if I should buy an usakumya pochette from BABY for $120 with shipping or wait it out and hope someone sells a kumya secondhand...

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tfw (((they))) put things in our food

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>develop a huge thing for japanese guys from being into japanese stuff
>have never even met a japanese guy, much less had the opportunity to date one
>will probably never have a cute japanese bf
>why live

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just acquire a sexy chinese weeaboo.

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I accidentally clicked /cgl/ but I'm a random guy who has lived in Japan and knows various Japanese guys that live in the west (through academics). They will never approach you, ever. Especially if you're white. Just sign up for a language exchange thing with the pretense of learning Japanese and then hit on them.

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>asian males as SOs
Not even ragging on their appearances or anything, but asian culture is rife with mommy issues. Have fun being a second mother to your bf while your mother in law criticizes you for being a filthy gaijin.

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I’ve been in this fashion for coming up on a decade in a few months and as that date is coming up I’ve been thinking more and more about how I want to be able to contribute to the culture/community. I go back and watch old deerstalker vids, brows through SSs of some of my old favorite LJ blogs, and I just feel I should be doing something too.

I’m an(almost) daily lolita with a few exceptions here and there, so I think about blogging but there’s no real platform to do that nowadays that would actually reach people. I think about making videos, but I don’t have any close-distance lolita friends to make them with nor do I have any formal film education. I just want to be able to contribute to this fashion and it’s culture that has brought me so much joy over the years.

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As a girl who has approached those kind of guys many times: be very careful. They absolutely will pump and dump you. I fell for the meme that Japanese men are conservative, gentle basedboys and I suffered for it.

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I showed my bf a cute gif of Misako on insta. His reaction was "it's probably a dude"

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Is it acceptable to be dating a 3D as long as he cosplays your 2D husbando?

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fuck of back to /a/

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>booked hotel for a con months in advance
>con is next month
>realize i haven't hyped myself up for it, havent even thought of coords to wear
>every year I've gone with friends but every year i go with less and less people, with a shorter tolerance of being out in a sea of weebs and cosplay
>I dont even cosplay. I wear lolita. I go for the handful of non--101 panels and people watching
>decided to cancel my hotel booking today and not go

I've reached the phase of con disillusionment. Going to cons seems so tiring for how little benefit i gain from it. I really only went to hopefully meet other lolitas and even though im really not that old, i cant see them as being fun anymore.

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Save up and go to a jfashion/lolita exclusive event instead if there are in your country.

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I love my gf and hope it continues :3

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So.. burger anons, are you going to sell your brand after you get drafted?
(I'm just joking, this shit is scary)

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I don't get the joke? Women can't be drafted

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march 2020 that might change.

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Thanks for the review. Real buckles are so fucking annoying and it sucks their size chart is wrong, inconsistent sizing can result from a brand using shitty factories or even a bad chart

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>desperately want to handmake a miku cosplay and do a performance at a con
>literally the only thing im looking forward to and am passionate about
All I feel is paralyzing fear that I'll just fuck up everything. I entered a masquerade last con season and I got super ill and fucked up the whole cosplay and had to cancel. I just feel cursed and can't stop worrying about impending disappointment. I just want to feel cute and perform.

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Make sure to tuck that feminine penis in if you want to avoid the draft.

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desu that kind of stuff takes time to get good at. just keep doing it and eventually you'll get comfortable at it.

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Has anyone else here ever tried contacting the lacemarket email for an account issue? Everytime I contact a lacemarket mod that's what they tell me to do. I've sent two emails to the address on the last few months and I have never gotten a response. I'm so fucking annoyed.

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they never respond to email. you have to message them on fb.

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I did. And they told me to send an email to the email address instead.

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just tell them the problem, and if you need to tell them it’s been x days

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you have to be 18 to post

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I understand. I almost joined the klan yesterday, but then I finally took a dump.

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It's because of the image that western women are loose and slutty, so they don't expect to date you, but they do want to fuck you.

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Are your local communities populated with women that have dated relatively "famous" online personalities? I've met two people in the last month that have been in this situation and I'm beginning to think it's more common than I originally thought

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Never met or known anyone who has. Statistical anomaly maybe?

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nah japanese men are just whores who want pink pussy.

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Have you seen what Korean gender relations are like? I don't necessarily sympathize with Megalians or the like but the double standards and general male promiscuity there is really terrible.

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That doesn't go against anything I said now does it.

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Korean men are well known all over the world for being borderline-sociopathic fuckboys though. Whereas Japanese men are portrayed as nonthreatening submissive guys for some reason.

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I’m finally happy with the size of my lolita wardrobe. It doesn’t mean that I will stop buying or sewing pieces, but I don’t feel like it’s missing something and since I built it in a very cohesive way I can make a lot of different and satisfactory coords.

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I really wanted to have more lolita media and discussion avaiable nowadays. I miss going to youtube, blogs and foruns to spend hours immersed in lolita stuff.

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Me too. I really think the format of Amino would be good for this, but none of the old fags migrated there so it just ended up as a parade of newfags... Part of the problem imo is that enthusiastic noobs post a lot and produce a lot of content, and many of the oldfags who are good at making quality stuff are too tired or busy to do it any more.

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my partner of 4 years was really into lolita fashion, i bought her first dress and encouraged her to get into the london comm and make friends.

couple months ago she broke off all contact while she was on holiday, havent heard from her since except for her lawyer telling me i was being evicted from her house i'd lived in with her for 2 years. she took the money out of our joint account as well so now i'm living in poverty. i don't understand why and i still love her. decided i'm going to kill myself before my next birthday if i cant find out why she's doing this

i look at this board often to remember her and wonder if she is posting or lurking at the same time. if you're there, i love you and i'm sorry. please let me say goodbye

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If you're still in her house and any of her wardrobe is there, please send me all of it.

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Mate, this is not a healthy way to deal with this. Have you got any friends or family who can support you? Do you have a job? Holding your own life hostage in an attempt to get some answers is never the right choice, even if it might feel like the ONLY choice right now. But trust, there are almost certainly other things you could be doing with your life. Someone who does that to you isn't worth your life.

Also, unlawful evictions and theft of resources are very serious things, have you been to see your local Citizens Advice about this? They can help provide you with legal support and get compensation if this girl's actions have left you destitute.

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>living with someone without at least being engaged
>having a joint account without being married
Well hopefully you learned your lesson there. No need to kill yourself, just move on and be more careful in the future

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>living with someone without at least being engaged
What's wrong with that? Humans thrive when they have other humans around. Under your logic, having housemates is weird. I'm guessing you're American?
>having a joint account without being married
Agreed, this is fucking stupid and much too common in the UK. I don't get it. Honestly
>having a joint account at all

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>if you're there, i love you and i'm sorr

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had to leave over a month ago. she didn't give me very long to get out

no job, she is very rich and told me i didn't need one as her mother bought her the house and kept giving her huge amounts of money (like £50,000 a time). accepted since i was depressed and lacked motivation, plus we were going to immigrate soon anyway. i was her "house husband" since i graduated, now i have jack shit to put on my CV and can't get a job anywhere. i have £100 to live on til the end of the month

not holding myself hostage, she doesn't know i'm suicidal and i have no way of telling her in any case. she blocked me on everything. i just can't take the pain anymore of being treated with coldness and hatred by someone i love and not knowing why

yeah i was very stupid in hindsight. the joint account was so we could prove our relationship was legit to immigration but i shouldn't have let it be my sole bank. she'd actually offered to sign a tenancy agreement together once and i said there was no need because i trusted her. well i learned the hard way, fuck me for being an idiot. i deserve what i got

i'm not angry, just sad. i hope she is safe and happy. if anyone is from London and knows who i am talking about because she mentioned it or something, please be kind to her

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So it wasn't your money that she took out of the account. It was hers by proxy of it being her mother's.

Why didn't you have a job? Regardless of how much money her family has, don't you feel bored just sitting around all day and doing nothing for four years?

If you really can't find a job anywhere, even a minimum wage one, enroll yourself in a simple 1 or 2 year program that pairs decently with your degree, and once you're done that, if people point out the gaps on your resume, just tell them you were a househusband. Who cares.

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dw bro a thot from here used me to switch states. dated me for 4 years then as soon as she got a foot in my city, found a new guy. hopefully you learned women cant be trusted.

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>What's wrong with that?
Maybe it's an unpopular opinion, but I think there should be a certain level of commitment met before rooting yourself up out of your own place and moving in with a SO, especially if they own the place and therefore can kick you out any time. It's a dangerous move otherwise

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>don't you feel bored just sitting around all day and doing nothing
NAYRT but you do realize that's most people's dream life, right? When people win the lotto, the first thing they do is quit their job. I would love to have a rich spouse and spend all my time on my hobbies rather than work.

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I cheated on my boyfriend and framed the dude I did it with for sexual assault.

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Nah mate. You made a stupid choice, but you don't deserve this if she genuinely fucked you over this bad. Unfortunately the money situation does sound like she's allowed to do that, but you may still have a case against her for unlawful eviction, for real man. As I said before, go to Citizens Advice, tell them that the situation has even left you suicidal. If you have been honest with us about the situation and have nothing else to do in the day, what will you lose by trying?

Jobs... That's more difficult, especially in London. Have you tried doing odd jobs on things like Task Rabbit? Things like queueing for people, helping put together furniture, etc. Also, you may have a degree, but make sure you're applying for things like cafes and shops. They may not be what you want to do or relevant to your degree, but they're something you won't need an extensive CV for. As an alumnus, you may be able to work for your old university too, in places like the admissions office or the library. Also... Things might be better outside of London. For real, there are many towns and cities that are rapidly losing young people. If you're willing to go somewhere else (and why not if you're already homeless?) then you might find something better.

I'm really sorry you're in this situation. Relationships breaking and life kicking you while you're down are some of the hardest things to deal with. But as someone who has been down and out before and suicidal many times, I hope you can push through. For real.

I'm sorry a woman hurt you, but posh, heartless assholes come in many forms.

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Witnessed my first lolita in my city, she was wearing one of those dresses with the skirt all inflated and stuff, cute lolita high heels, cute tight highs white and pink, a small backpack, and a sweater that was cute, with a hoodie and little bearl-like ears, it was red. She was with a nerdish guy that dressed normally, eventhough he seemed to have good social skills or at least conversation. I was with my parents and my mom told me in a voice they could have perfectly heard what she was saying "look those are the "outfits" you like" like she was playing a dress-up game, I lol'd and later told her it was a fashion, she knew it was japanese because she0ve seen me looking at lolita coords and I explained to her that it was a japanese fashion. She was convinced that the girl was a chink, I personally doubt it. Overall ok/10 lolita witnessing. Could have been better coorded with at least a lolita handbag, but that's up to her.

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Oh and I'm in that comm and I have no idea who you or she are. It's a huge comm with many different friendship circles, it's unlikely anyone knows stuff like other than her personal friends.

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so 2020's, you're displaying the worst qualities of the modern woman

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Sure you did.

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Yeah, I’m so tired of having to come to cgl for half decent lolita discussion. It’s sad that the best we have right now is an anonymous forum with some pretty nasty people in it. Rufflechat is full of idiotic stuff and usually there’s absolutely nothing interesting happening in there, the fact we can’t talk about anything personal sucks although I know it is what keeps att whores newbies from posting too much. I want to talk about new tendencies, know about what lolita related hobbies other girls have, see photos and planning of other community meetings, really engage in experimental stuff discussion and I’m not even starting to talk about how I miss content such as deerstalker pictures’s.

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I was in education for most of that time but I didn't get a very practical degree (philosophy). She said the money was ours and that I was equally entitled to it since i worked hard cooking and cleaning for her. more than anything it just stings a lot that she took it anyway since she knows my family are poor and i have nothing else. I can probably find minimal wage work soon as a kitchen porter or barback but I don't have any motivation to keep going. I'll try to take your advice if I find it in me. thank you for the sympathy, it means a lot to me

I think she might have actually left the country already. Her visa would only let her stay here half a year longer anyway, shes probably just gone back to live with her rich parents. But if you do ever meet someone called Ailyn please be nice to her. She is not good at making friends but even despite everything that happened i know her intentions are good. i just wish i could say goodbye

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Have you considered moving to an island in the middle of nowhere so no one has to deal with you and your snivelling, sadboy, pity-me bullshit?

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You did NOT just basically doxx your ex
Holy shit, no wonder she dumped you

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Kumyas in western market tend to be overpriced and highly sought after. I suggest looking at jap second hand if you want a good deal (hard to come by, but not impossible), if you don't feel like waiting then yeah I suggest preordering with Baby.

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2020 is the year I start crossplaying so if the draft happens, I can pretend to be trans, use photos of me crossplaying as proof, and get rejected from the army.
I love trump's anti-trans stances now

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No matter how poor you are, the NHS is free. Go get your head checked you lunatic.

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No more sympathy for you, goodbye

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If you're not lying I feel bad for you but you'll get no sympathy here. Feels threads are full of retarded cumbrained men and hypocritical women. I'd make a throwaway account on reddit and ask for advice on a relationship subreddit. Good luck

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By doxxing her, you've also just doxxed yourself. Watch it.

>> No.10315617 [DELETED] 

That was very dumb of me, I didn't think it through. I forget how public threads like this are. I hope nothing comes of that, I only wish her well. Anyway, I have said way too much. Thank you to the people who gave me some advice

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>>10315322 >>10315565

What kinds of content would you be most interested in seeing? I’m pretty serious about trying to make more content in regards to it but I’d like to hear more about what people want before I pick a definitive direction to go towards.

I’m not part of a comm, so would unboxing/haul videos be of interest? “Coord this dress X numbers of ways” vids? There are tons but I don’t like the way most new unboxings are done so I’d try and make it a bit different. I’m even interested in talking to people to collaborate on videos or this project of making content if they are serious enough.

>> No.10315624 [DELETED] 

Shut the fuck up. God. No wonder you like NGE, you know that relating too much to Shinji isn't a good thing right?

>> No.10315630 [DELETED] 

Shut the fuck up. God. No wonder your twitter avatar is NGE, you know that relating too much to Shinji isn't a good thing, right?

>> No.10315632 [DELETED] 

Believe it or not I've been in a similar situation except the girl wasn't rich and I worked really, really hard as a house husband. Like the second she woke up I'd be giving her footrubs, then I'd made breakfast for her, she'd go to work and I'd clean the house, bring her lunch, walk her dogs and clean/laundry/dishes, give her more backrubs and listen to her day, make her dinner and then watch her play Civilisation until it was bed time and give her foot rubs until she fell asleep.

I do know another guy who was a house husband for a rich Canadian girl, he fell off a ladder and broke his shoulder, needed a titanium plate and since she didn't want to pay for it deported him back to Australia instead with the hospital bill the day after the surgery. The point I'm trying to make is that it's okay, you can come back from this. It's more common than you think that guys wind up in this situation, and it's absolutely devastating when the woman who your life revolved around leaves you without a goodbye but in time you'll realise that it's just as worthwhile investing the time you gave your ex to yourself, and then you'll feel more motivated. In time you'll make your own life for yourself and by that point you'll be happy that something woke you up to your own potential to make you happy.

Hang in there.

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>since she didn't want to pay for it deported him back to Australia instead with the hospital bill the day after the surgery
that's genius, you gotta respect that

>> No.10315637 [DELETED] 

If you're gonna samefag so hard, at least change your writing style and stop hiding details about your ex in your post.

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Any quality content would be nice really. When I say quality I’m talking about good enough image definition, audible audio and good editing and good diction. Unboxing and hauls would be nice, but it would be even better if you picked some interesting themes and talked about them like people used to do in blogs like F* Yeah lolita. Talk about how you like to coordinate, your opinion about taobao brands, comment on the last releases of your favorite brand, try bringing something new that can turn into a nice discussion to your channel instead of just showing stuff you bought.

>> No.10315660 [DELETED] 

Nice novel. Men are lazy and useless, my husband stays at home and lets the dishes and dust pile up. Can't wait til he starts working again, less for me to clean. He will only do it when there are no more dishes left, no matter how I ask. Honestly hate having a househusband, men suck

>> No.10315664

Thank you for your feedback! Yes, quality in that sense would be important to me as I create things. I would be setting things up like a proper filming setup with lighting and backdrops if I choose to go down the video route. I’ve actually previously done some research into what would be needed for that. I’m hesitant to do things along the lines of “comment on the latest releases” videos because I don’t want it to seem like I’m ripping off Tyler. Would an unboxing of recent releases combined with touching on others in the same video be something of interest, where I talk about why I chose what I’m unboxing vs other new releases, or would a singular focus video be more enjoyable? At first I wouldn’t hire on an editor until I know if it’s something of interest to the community but if it did get reception I’d want to invest in a person to handle that while I focus more on the other aspects.

>> No.10315665 [DELETED] 

They say you can't turn a ho into a housewife. I guess you can't turn a pig into butler either. You know you'd miss it if he were gone so that's why you trudge onward. Gone in the literal sense of no longer being present in your life, not in the sense of having gone to work. I was once told, "Men are pigs," by my father. He stressed the fact greatly. Indeed, he was referencing the cleaning habits of most men. I suppose we appear some sort of sanitation harpy so all is fair though.

>> No.10315666 [DELETED] 

>I'm guessing you're American?
Americans don't live on their own anymore due to rising housing costs. That American Dream is dead. Most have roommates now. I know fuck all about other country's housing, but single Americans don't live alone anymore.

>> No.10315667

Commenting on the last releases isn’t a Tyler only stuff, specially because she talks so briefly about it, it would only be ripping off her content if you made the same or very similar remarks. But yes, talking about why you bought that dress instead of others would be nice. And I don’t think professional editing is necessary, just watch some tutorials, see if it’s pleasing to watch, ask some friends for sincere opinion and go for it.

Also, notice that I’m only one person talking and the whole community may have very different interests than mine.

>> No.10315668

Dw about it being just you, I’ve been kind of poking around asking people what they would like, taking down notes, and I probably will continue to for a few more months yet. I personally want professional editing, it’s not something anyone’s talked to me about. I just really want to give back to the community of the fashion that’s been my true love of a decade.

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>been into lolita 10+ years
>used to get made fun of on cgl a lot
>take a break, listen to cgl criticism, polish coords
>post occasionally to CoF, hoping to finally get praise or acknowledgement in the CoF cgl threads
>my coordinates are usually skipped over in posts

i shouldn't want cgl approval this bad, but i think i've really improved over the years.....

>> No.10315676

Don’t feel sad, usually good coords are ignored because people come here wanting to talk bad things about stuff. If you don’t receive bad comments anymore it’s a win.

>> No.10315682

Being skipped over is an accomplishment in itself. Means there's nothing that sucks about the coord.

>> No.10315690

Oooo bitch me too

>> No.10315735

Tyler only covers sweet releases. Hopefully you'd also cover non-sweet

>> No.10315736

in the event of a real draft, i doubt the anti-trans stuff would apply. they would go off your biological sex only

>> No.10315737

unlikely. considering women aren't even allowed to play pro sports alongside men, it'd take a lot to claim they're equal to men for draft purposes

>> No.10315748

We won't do the draft again unless it's a national emergency. If the enemy tried invading our shores or some shit, it'd start up the draft, but they won't do it for a war overseas anymore.

Namely because turns out it's more effective to use a small volunteer crew that's highly trained for a purpose versus 10,000 who don't really wanna' be there.

>> No.10315817


I love being immersed with lolita stuff on Instagram stories of more casual aesthetic scenes, or closeups of coords and accessories. I think Instagram works as a platform for blogging, I enjoy reading captions and anecdotes that accompany posts, makes the coord more memorable. I avoid lolita videos because the mic is either complete crap, the lighting is shit, and the music choices tend to be dissonant to the tone and pace of whatever the theme of the video is (or just too loud).

Considering the things above; highlights of outings, diy accessories and decor, talking about favourite pieces, showing closeups and coords including the pieces, hairstyle and makeup tutorials.

>> No.10315819

You don't need film education lmao. Just watch other popular fashion youtubers and do what they do but with lolita.

>> No.10315823

I and some other girls in my comm have recently picked up blogging again. There's no reason we can't have a lolita content revival! I feel like with this kind of stuff, the more people see others doing it, the more people will be inspired to start their own blogs etcetera. Personally, I much prefer reading rather than watching a video, but different kinds of content are more suited to one format or the other. I think what's important is that we support each other and comment on each other's stuff, it's very easy to get discouraged when you feel like you're just shouting into a void.

>> No.10315830

Wrong. Women are 100% allowed to play pro sports. There simply aren't any women who are capable of competing against the men.

Men are larger and more muscular than women and this gives them an advantage in basically every sport.

>> No.10315833

Like golf and darts?

>> No.10315838

first of all that only applies to contact sports. in noncontact sports like soccer, the us womens team is actually much better than the mens team, but are still kept segregated.

and the nba has had men as small as 5'3, but women are too small/weak to play in the nba? i don't think so.

untrue excuses pretty much.

>> No.10315839

Women can't compete with men at golf. I don't know about darts, you would think that women could be as good as men at darts since it doesn't require large body mass or lots of muscle.

>> No.10315841

There have been repeated attempts to find women who could play major league baseball in the U.S., they haven't managed to find one yet.

Sports are about money, and anyone who owns a team would love to be able to add some top female player to the team and win more games and get huge press attention due to having a female player.

It doesn't happen because there aren't any women who can do it, in most any sport.

I don't know anything about soccer, but it seems unlikely that this is one of the sports women can match men at. There's certainly no rule against women in men's soccer in the U.S.

>> No.10315844

Women are better than men at some kinds of sports though, such as swimming and gymnastics.

>> No.10315845


>> No.10315848
File: 52 KB, 444x287, 1442288872938.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Finally had the heart to sell all the Lolita stuff I never wear
>It's basic stuff, nothing special
>no idea how to price that stuff, so starting higher so I can go low if noone buys
>shipping internationally gotten expensive as fuck
>fuck, nobody will buy my shit
>put items on sale
>half of it has been bought within a day
>most of it were items I priced higher than what would have been reasonable
>the super cheap items are left untouched

I don't understand the second hand market at all. I had cheap, like new brand dresses stitting on LM for a year and now expensive, basic, used brand flying off the shelves.
I'm not comnplaining but genuinely confused

>> No.10315850

Agreed, but how can I find other lolita’s content? I follow and interact with what lolitas from my country post because I have them in my social media and thus am in contact with what they are doing, but don’t know any overseas bloggers and only know about kinda famous youtubers such as Lor and Tyler. I feel like there’s a lot of nice stuff I’m losing simply because there’s no relevant place to share blogs, channels and other kind of content.

I like instagram, but don’t feel really immersed in it. It’s sure nice to see other people coordinations, but I miss reading or listening to what other lolitas have to say about stuff. Captions are just not enough.

>> No.10315857

I always wanted to start a Lolitablog, but english isnt my mother tongue so it would be quite cringy to read for natives..

>> No.10315858

I hate my current wardrobe but I'm a horrible hoarder and can't sell dresses I dont even like..
I tried to Marie Kondo, but I dont know how to know what sparks joy :(

>> No.10315860

Wah wah wah.
Burn it all and start over, obviously

>> No.10315863

This is the main problem that I have found. Personally I've tried fixing it by sharing my own blog and asking about others' blogs in the lolita communities I am a part of: our local comm, Facebook groups, Discords, but of course this is also rather limited. Posting my own or my friends' blogs or Youtube channels on /cgl/ will almost guarantee unnecessary salt, but I'm not opposed to sharing what I know in a thread here if there's people genuinely interested. I wish there was some sort of group or platform to share this kind of content, but it seems that if we want one we have to create it ourselves.

Our comm isn't in an English-speaking country either! You could always do what some French girls did and have every paragraph in both your native language and English.

>> No.10315864


The article headline says "women's soccer team is better than men", but if you actually read the article, you find out that the women's soccer team is better at beating other women's team than the men's soccer team is good at beating men.

That's like observing that the world's best team of 5 year olds could beat all the other 5 year olds at football, it doesn't mean they could beat adults.

>> No.10315865


Don't set your heart on a specific deadline. Make the cosplay, work on the performance until you're happy with it THEN sign yourself up for an event to perform at.
This has saved me so many times from making a fool of myself

>> No.10315866

Then maybe you shouldn't ask what sparks joy but what sparks a bad feeling. Those pieces which do take some well lit photos of it and put it on LM asap. Don't let days go by otherwise you might hesitate. If possible do it in one go. Yes, getting everything ready for shipping takes a bit of time, but it's worth it. It's the best feeling when things you don't enjoy get bought and you get money for it. It's like someones taking a burden off of you.

>> No.10315881

Thank you anon! I will try it that way :)

>> No.10315883

I actually thought about that! But that wouldnt change the cring of the english part :D

>> No.10315885
File: 52 KB, 576x581, 1521530475954.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy moly! Dunno if it's a cool design or it just helps that everyone owns Holy Lantern, but so many folks want my HL matching pins. This is just the kind of confidence I need for the new year.

>> No.10315901

You could get someone whose mother tongue is English to read it over for you?

>> No.10315910

thats a great idea! Sadly I don't know anyone :(
Maybe my Boyfriends english is better and he could help :)

>> No.10315923

Lovely idea!! What will you blog about??

>> No.10315936
File: 107 KB, 494x400, animedeaths.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When you see your friend getting dressed and she has some Homestuck shit tattooed on her ass cheek.

>> No.10315944

confirmed tumblrina (her for the tattoo)

>> No.10315946

I saw someone reblogging them on insta, they look really nice! Please consider making other print-matching jewelry in the future.

>> No.10315950 [DELETED] 

How do I find them?

>> No.10315969

Pretty sure it was Ghandi who said "Peace and love are founded in soft, pleasant poops"

>> No.10315972

Was it older brand? What with all the complaints about practically all brands having jumped the shark in terms of quality, the demand for older pieces has gone up

>> No.10316023

I want to fuck a cute girl in cosplay so bad.

>> No.10316116

people are more likely to say bad things about something than good things. So you're probably doing ok

>> No.10316120
File: 152 KB, 500x281, I dont wanna do anything.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been slowly losing motivation to do cosplay. Working indeed does suck all your energy, it seems. I've been hitting the gym and wanted to pull off Baki sometime this year. Might not even bother.

>> No.10316122

I’ve stopped reaching out to people whenever I have a problem. It’s honestly pointless.
Most of the time they act like they’d rather not hear it by not engaging me in what I’m saying. “Mmhm.” “ :C I’m sorry to hear that” etc. but if someone else has a problem I do my best to listen and ask if they want advice.
It honestly hurts not to have a shoulder to lean but yet constantly be that person everyone seems to lean on.
I wish I had a better support network.

>> No.10316124

what kind of problems are you running into?

>> No.10316141

Makes me so mad when I see kids/young teens on CoF with good coords... Suffer through an ita phase like the rest of us

>> No.10316144
File: 43 KB, 520x479, feels_knowthatfeel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Big mood

>> No.10316148

My biggest problem is that I’m disenchanted with my job, I’m in minor debt, I encounter self doubt, mild depression, add/adhd, and just a bunch of other minor shit.

>> No.10316165
File: 463 KB, 1632x1224, 1543141408452.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What kind of job, if you don't mind answering? Are you following a career path or is it something just for the time being?
Being in dept sucks. Do you have anyone (bf/gf/family) that could help you if things get dire? You said minor, so I'm assuming you're okay but can't run into an emergency for the short-term.
>mild depression
Sorry to hear that. Are you treating it in any way now?
>add/adhd, and just a bunch of other minor shit.
welp anon. I hope things get better for you. Here are some kittens.

>> No.10316189

Are you literally 12

>> No.10316200

Come on, you expect people to actually READ articles they use to support their beliefs?

>> No.10316206

Somehow I have gotten myself into a situation where I need to buy 7 different wigs (not all at once, but still). Time to get serious about job searching, because there’s no way I’m letting my friends down. The thing I’m worried about most is styling all of them, as they’re all going to need to be quite voluminous.

>> No.10316409
File: 277 KB, 823x827, bmh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When you take your bf to his first con and it's full of thong butt hotties. FUCK.

>> No.10316422

Not even close, why though?

>> No.10316448

I was hit with Bronchitis through out the Christmas and New Years which is probably caused by me being a lazy fuck to get the yearly shot.

I hope it never happens when i got to a con

>> No.10316451
File: 172 KB, 960x729, EC614CD7-EA1A-41C0-9394-2E68811FD077.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Happy New year!
>I have to pay car registration again
>I have to pay to maintain my Medical Technician license
>I’m taking one course so that college can shut up
>Have to Refinance car
>Have to do routine checkups
>Have to probably find another job because company plans to move buildings farther away

>> No.10316452


Thats why you go lesbian they dont care for costhots

>> No.10316458
File: 54 KB, 208x423, 1431831526019-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>might have just fucked up a $25 Snaps tool I literally just bought

>> No.10316459


>> No.10316461

You might be onto something here. It was indeed mostly older brand.

>> No.10316462

>they act like they’d rather not hear it
I think it's because of the debt and mental health issues like ADHD are not taken seriously. They think you will ask for money if they show interest. And they don't want to feel like they can help you but choose not to help. If they took a few seconds to talk about my problems instead of only talking about their own problems and pets and the problems of their pets, they would know my ex-girlfriend already pays all of my bills and I sold most of my lolita wardrobe to afford ADHD meds and treatment.

>> No.10316471

Bruh, those are called irl friends, not e-friends. It's rare to find an e-friend that will really care for you.

>> No.10316496

I’ve been cosplaying for over 10 years and last Katsucon was sort of a first moment of “wait this isn’t really fun anymore”. I don’t know if it’s being an adult in my mid 20s or the cosplay hobby itself.
I feel so old compared to a lot of cosplayers now. I have a house and a husband and work full time. I also wrote my Masters thesis on cosplay and I’m almost worried that trying to examine it in-depth was part of my downfall.
But also Christmas being just recently brought about all of the “Support my ho-ho-ho patreon and I’ll ‘unwrap’ pictures of my entire vagina/dick for $5”. I’m all for swindling dumbass neck beards out of their money but when the focus of Cosplay is practically entirely on making money I just meh.
I still enjoy crafting and going to cons but just not nearly as much as I used to. Is this what it feels like to grow up?

>> No.10316499

I'm interested in your findings on your Master thesis on cosplay, could you give us a quick sumary?

>> No.10316514

I used ethnography (including autoethnography) and interviews to study how gender operated in cosplay as a subculture, with a focus on performativity. I contrasted this with the ways in which cosplay also reproduces gender norms, like through how cosplayers and their creations are judged. I rewrote parts of it for a paper in queer theory but I’m working on making other parts publishable. It’s pretty niche, but I think cosplay has some pretty interesting insights in terms of subcultural studies (especially commodification), gender, and performance.

I really enjoyed it during the process but I think trying to study something you enjoy ended up sucking some of the fun out of it.

>> No.10316549


DESU you sound a bit jealous the 20 year old girls are stealing your audience and money

>> No.10316550 [DELETED] 

Audience maybe but she says nothing about making money off cosplay

>> No.10316607

She is in her 20s...

>> No.10316615

Nothing about that anons post screams jealousy lmao what are you on
Sounds like anon may just be growing out of the hobby or needs to look for a different way to enjoy it.

>> No.10316694

No dude, these are my irl friends. We go out to dinner and shit and they’re not the best listeners

>> No.10316695

I think doing a paper on it aided in disenchanting you about your hobby. A masters assignment is no joke imo, so I can imagine the toll it took.

Is there a way you can reinvest in your hobby? Do you like taking pictures? Maybe commission some things?

>> No.10316737

>what is reading comprehension?

>> No.10316744

Someone keeps posting shit about me and samefagging. I don’t even know what their problem is. I’m literally no one, just a lonelita with an ig for fun. Just leave me the fuck alone, jeez.

>> No.10316745
File: 49 KB, 480x640, 08849F47-07AA-41EF-90EA-FE8BD8DD3E7E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to cosplay my favorite series more but I feel REALLY uncomfortable doing it at cons and interacting with other cosplayers because I’m 20 and they’re all like 13-16

>> No.10316746

>married under 25
yikes... see you in 10 yrs after the divorce

>> No.10316747

there's no issue with such small age gape between fandoms. You're still pretty young, have fun.

>> No.10316749

Shut up “sally”

>> No.10316752

It doesnt feel that small but thanks. I can probably do it for another couple years anyway

>> No.10316756

U first

>> No.10316759

You got posted to the farm because you’re an autist and doxxed yourself this is all your fault

>> No.10316760

Kek I have no idea who do you think I am

>> No.10316799

Desu I feel like an old woman next to the young kids and I am pretty jealous at how accessible cosplay stuff is compared to “back in the day”, but making money or getting famous has never been any intention of my interest in the hobby.
Yeah, I do think that’s part of it. Though I’m researching incels at the moment and uhhhh I def preferred reading about cosplay and cosplayers.
I’ve been doing some just small scale crafting outside of cosplay that’s much more casual and less time consuming. My issue with doing commissions is that, in the few instances I’ve done anything for normies, they hardly want to pay for the materials themselves, much less hours invested.
Lol I got married at 23
I was surprised at how many people when I got married felt the need to add “BUT DIVORCE RATES!!!” It was exactly the same when people found out we’d be living separately for part of the week for my PhD, since campus is only about 3 hours away and I have a fellowship which pays for my housing on campus.
like ??? My dudes I wouldn’t marry someone who I thought would. And also it doesn’t require living apart 4 days/week to have someone cheat on their partner.

People get weird about other people’s marriages.

>> No.10316800


I was in an ldr with my now fiance and at work some dude decided to bring up how he couldn't live apart from his wife because he knows he'll cheat on her if he was separated from her.

Like dude, that says way more about you than me.

So you can always laugh when people do shit like that.

>> No.10316810

Why are men such whores?

>> No.10316815

all those people bring up divorce rates because it's proven that people who get married younger get divorced at higher rates. that's just a fact and it's quite likely they are right that you will regret it.

>> No.10316819

yeah but if you wait to get married you're missing out on all the.....
tax benefits? i guess??

>> No.10316834

I have a job, but im not earning enough to get off welfare and its pissing me off. Due to Australia's labor laws, trainees can be paid as little as $13/hour, instead of our minimum wage of $19/hour.

But in spite of that, I'm saving my money for a taobao OTT jsk for an event my comm is hosting next year. I'm really hoping I can get it before the preorder ends

>> No.10316844

After ten years of me being a single cranky aunt i managed to score an angel that loves me and we've even got dumb couple cosplay planned, the only downside is that her health is crap and lives 4 hours away, i have a job luckily so i manage to see her at least once a month for a few days but i miss her like i never missed anyone in my life and it makes me feel like an absolute idiot, im basically turning into a 13 years old girl insted of the 23 old bitch i should be
Im so happy, i've had so many trust issues and knowing i can completeley trust her makes what little is left of my brain compleltey melt.
Also how the fuck do you french kiss. What the fuck is that. I want to die of embarassment.

>> No.10316882
File: 16 KB, 326x326, 7b9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Spent the last of my Christmas money on lolita shit
>My dream dress gets listed 2 days later

I bid on it, and I get my next paycheck before the auction ends, so fingers crossed. I will literally launch myself into the sun if somebody hits the "buy it now" option.

>> No.10316885 [DELETED] 
File: 17 KB, 800x764, 1570912514772.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just get a loan goyim

>> No.10316886 [DELETED] 
File: 17 KB, 800x764, 1570912514772.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just get a loan goy.

>> No.10316897

How do you even finish cosplays if you have ADHD?

>> No.10316909
File: 107 KB, 800x600, Rekijo army.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd say most people keep out of it mainly to avoid pressure/embarrasement among family.
The idea is that once you're married, you're supposed to have kids and shit. No mom is going to pester her daughter about kids with a BF, but it's a whole different story with a husband.
All in all, it's mostly in peoples' heads.

>Examining a hobby in-depth.
Ouch. Depending on how deep you've gotten, it might be an issue, but finding something completely new within their hobby tends to give people newfound appreciation for it all.

>> No.10316921

How long do you need to work to no longer be considered a trainee?

>> No.10316929

>After ten years of me being a single cranky aunt
>23 years old
Your immaturity, extreme infatuation, and idealization of your long distance partner sounds like a recipe for disaster. Good luck.

>> No.10316939

Yes. I often hyper focus on it so it helps. ADD/ADHD Varys from person to person.
Mine manifests as inattentive or hyper focusing, hyperactive, mood swings, impulsive, and restless. For me, its not like “LOOK AT ME IM ADHD!!! BYAAH MUTHAFUCKAAA”

>> No.10316941

I hear that, materials need to be paid for, and nerds are cheap. Maybe only attend cons that’ll interest you. I stopped cosplaying for a year and a half (I started larping, so I get to dress up in a different way) and it reignited my interest when I went back to conventions.

>> No.10316943

I actually want to leave my boyfriend, but I’m scared no one else will be accepting of my lolita.

>> No.10316992

Man, I'm really not going to have any time to go to cons and junk this semester

>> No.10317059

I don’t know if it’s different where you live, but people I know usually find it nice, just a little bit awkward or simply don’t care. The kind of guy who would be bothered by that is the kind of guy you want to avoid because he probably wants to control his so at some level and is bothered by dating someone who calls attention so I guess it’s a nice filter.

Anyway, you shouldn’t decide not breaking up for fear of being alone.

>> No.10317068

I fucking hate how lolita instas are 50% food. I want to see the coords, but I don't care about food in the slightest.

>> No.10317070

Is it at least related in some way like the food from tea parties?

>> No.10317073

Be honest with me gulls, is there such a thing as thotlita that I can fap to? If so give me directions so I can find it.

>> No.10317077

I’m sad for personal reasons and want to shop to distract myself. however, i’m saving up for my dream dress emergency fund (ie, i want money set aside to buy dream dresses when they come up on the market). what do y’all do to stop yourself from buying shit when you are saving

>> No.10317081

No, it's just used a term used to make fun of itas who likely get their ideas of what lolita is from shitty hentais. You need to look for costhots or ddlg littles to find anything that looks like thotlita. I don't know why I am helping you and you will probably be disappointed.

>> No.10317084

Nah, appreciated gull.

>> No.10317088


>> No.10317099

It’s chill. Just please do us a favor and don’t call whatever you find lolita. You’re welcome to do your thing, but we really don’t want to be dragged into it

>> No.10317101

kek, no worries

>> No.10317113
File: 53 KB, 620x960, peterb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do all these DDLG thots have "daddies" who look like crackhead Napoleon Dynamite?

>> No.10317114
File: 3.53 MB, 1242x2688, 1540341762283.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A lot of them a mentally ill and are gross looking, so it's not like they can do any better.

>> No.10317123

I know but not being able to focus is like the main thing.. so it's unusual that you can often focus and finish projects, even when it's something you're passionate about.

>> No.10317136

The intensity of the symptoms vary from person to person I guess? Hyper focusing is a thing that happens with adhd, you basically slam your face into a thing and become oblivious to everything else. It’s not always just inattentive behavior.

>> No.10317141
File: 232 KB, 468x521, 1536657466122.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Last year was fucking horrible. I messed up a fucking good. My depression got so badly hold of me and really consumed me piece by piece but so slowly I thought I could get better. I lost all interest in lolita which has been my greatest inspiration for years.
My last hope was consuming 5g of shrooms and... FUCK YOU DEPRESSION. For now, I enjoy my trip and treasure the feeling of eanting to burrow under my dresses but the next thing tomorrow is to get on a pretty coord and get a hold of my life again. Fuck youtube also for ruining my trip music with ads. Fuck everyone and everything but you gulls - I feel like home after being away.
Ps special fucks to my ex

>> No.10317143

If on a laptop/pc you can use adblock/ublock, if on a mobile phone I think brave browser might give you the addless experience u need for youtube.

>> No.10317146
File: 62 KB, 1080x1080, FB_IMG_1540858492313.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I use my smart tv, couldn't browse /cgl/ with ads on could I? Hugs to you anyway sweet anon

>> No.10317147

theres mobile adblockers too but you gotta use yt thru the browser instead of the app to make em work

>> No.10317149

I know you burgers might get in trobule with this, but an option is to torrent the music you like in mp3 format and input that into your tv as a playlist, no ads.

brave browser is a browser with adblocking installed by default, off course you'll still get adds if you go to youtube app, but not if you go to youtube thorugh the browser and stay in the browser

>> No.10317150

I'm not burger lol. Gotta make my bf do this to me tho he knows his stuff. Thank you anon, never really discovered what I could do with this tv since I didn't purchase it.

>> No.10317154

I was looking at cof and damn, how can a coord with a dress that’s ill fitting and too short, crappy tights, normie bag and nothing special get more than 350 likes while an well coorded outfit that was posted right before it can’t make it to 100? Is my taste bad or is there something wrong?

>> No.10317158

I love you so much

>> No.10317199

My ED is in full swing since the new year started and I said goodbye to my dearest friend and I’m worried my brand will start smelling again because someone commented my hair smelled like vomit

>> No.10317207

Why did you say goodbye? Did she die?

>> No.10317209

No, she just doesn’t talk to me any more. I don’t really know if I did anything wrong or if it’s just her growing apart from me or what.

>> No.10317216

You know you can't say that without posting the pics anon

>> No.10317219

Did something set it off or just a random thing?

>> No.10317222

A few months before the new year a guy I’ve liked for a few years now told me at a con he has feelings for me and wants to be with me but my brain is fucked and hit the panic button at him doing that. I didn’t tell my friend about it though, I think she thinks I made some stuff that happened between me and him up.

>> No.10317224

The situation is weird though, I’m not trying to imply she was ever a bad friend.

>> No.10317226

why would this guy who you like liking you back upset you that much? that’s stupid

>> No.10317228

I was sexually assaulted and have intimacy issues ever since. Doesn’t make sense, is what it is. The guy I liked tried to kiss me and I froze on him and it sort of crumbled from that moment on because I couldn’t tell him why. I feel like shit to this day because he looked hurt that I just stared at him when he leaned in.

>> No.10317229

>Fuck youtube also for ruining my trip music with ads.
youtube premium is only around $10/month and include music streaming on google play

>> No.10317232

Trauma does that. >>10317228, you make sense. I deal with the same issues. Trauma bleeds over into other relationships. When someone's assaulted like that, the memories and fight/flight/freeze reaction can come up anytime anything happens related to the trauma. So, physical contact and intimacy becomes something that causes distress. It's Pavlov's conditioning. We become conditioned to have a negative reaction to sex and physical contact.

>> No.10317252

I'm sorry, anon. I hope you can find control in your life in a healthier way in the future. For now, if you want hugs, they're yours.

>> No.10317275

Tell her hating white people is still racist, no matter what "privileges" she thinks they have.

>> No.10317323

>know I really need a black blouse and find a cute one for a good price
>also find yet another white blouse for the same price with much more beautiful details, but also some slight damage
>mouse inching towards white blouse

>> No.10317337
File: 96 KB, 819x1080, po_80cm_cosplay_wigs_1537930026_fcf98b09_progressive.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I swear I've never seen a picture of this girl who models all those wigs with a different facial expression. Is she an extremely realistic mannequin? I'm scared anons

>> No.10317350

I just acquired my dream dress of 6 years, but I feel nothing. my depression has been really bad lately but I never thought it could get to the point where I’d lose enjoyment of lolita, the one hobby I have left, due to my idiot depressed brain refusing to let me pick up a pencil and draw. I hope I can feel a at least a little bit of joy when the dress arrives, otherwise idk what I’m gonna do.

>> No.10317367

This sounds really bad anon. I have been there and in order to break through the circle I can only recommend introducing small routines into your daily life, which don't require a lot of effort to do and which you know you can stick to daily. As stupid as it may sound, things like polishing your shoes, or buying some nice plants and watering them daily can give you some feeiling of accomplishment. If you stick to those routines for a while they will become a habit which don't feel dreadful to do anymore and your mind will open up for other things. Then you can move on to the stuff that requires a bit more willpower, like going for a walk in the local park or picking up that pencil to draw something. I'm sure that as you introduce small tasks into your life you will discover new things on the side and hobbys that will give you joy again. Just do it in small baby steps.

>> No.10317371
File: 140 KB, 960x960, C5EA1ADE-604E-4678-ABE1-FBF6CB11486F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nayrt but

>> No.10317483

>tfw dumped via whatsapp
I hate some congoers aa

>> No.10317493

Lmao there is no way you have adhd if you haven’t worked on a project for twelve straight hours without eating my dude

>> No.10317495 [DELETED] 

Oof i feel you on a deep level. If she didn’t tell you why, it’s her own damn fault. Get through today without puking. Do it for yourself and your brand. Then try again tomorrow

>> No.10317498

Losing a friend like that sucks. Believe me, I understand. Get through today without puking...for yourself and for your brand. Then try again tomorrow.

When you feel well enough to set up a therapy appointment, do that too. It will help with both the ED and the ptsd

>> No.10317575

I was doing so well on my health and fitness goals (lost 50lbs last year and have been working with my dr as I need to lose more and it's a challenge with the health issues I have that make it harder to lose weight) and now I'm sitting at urgent care with a potentially broken foot. I am not sure if I'm tearing up from the pain or from the frustration that this might slow down my goals.

I just started to enjoy walking for the first time in my life. I just want to lose weight and someday wear lolita while walking around gardens and historic buildings.

>> No.10317582

this is horrifying

>> No.10317652

thanks for the advice! I’ll give that a shot

>> No.10317655
File: 68 KB, 1010x897, 1553201092147 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ooof, i know this feel, only I fucked up my knee instead of my foot. I have no good advice, I just wanted to offer a hug.

>> No.10317700
File: 199 KB, 700x700, seagullsmall.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know the general response to this will be negative b>>10314592
ut I met my now husband of almost 8 years at none other than Fanime. We laugh about how redflaggy it was how he wanted to marry me after only knowing me a day. His response was..."well, when you know you know".
He moved to California for me, saved me from my abusive homelife, and still to this day spoils me rotten even buying me brand every now and again. I feel so lucky and really it feels like the stars aligned for us to be together because he really has done so much for me.
Good luck to you anon may you someday also live the weaboo dream <3

>> No.10317701

Sorry messed up the post on shitty mobile

>> No.10317733

Thanks for your support. I don’t know what to do though as far as support because my mom thinks that it’s OK because it only happens to “pretty girls“ and I don’t really have any close friends I can talk to about this.

I wish I could get therapy but my family thinks it’s “deranged”

>> No.10317761

because most of the people on cof are 15 year old tumblr larpers that haven't really developed taste yet. Generally anything pastel + a little edgy is pleasing to that demographic.

>> No.10317762 [DELETED] 

All people hate niggers. Some people are liars.

>> No.10317763 [DELETED] 

Nigger fucking whore

>> No.10317764

on the flipside, /cgl/ is majority college-age girls who call everything that isn't a cooke-cutter set ita. it feels like every lolita space is 80% newfags these days

>> No.10317765 [DELETED] 

I hope you die of AIDS, nigger fucking whore.

>> No.10317766 [DELETED] 

You’re a fucking whore and all your problems are your own fault and well deserved.

>> No.10317767 [DELETED] 

Delusional cunt.

>> No.10317768 [DELETED] 

I hope you never find joy in any part of life again, you filthy cunt.

>> No.10317769 [DELETED] 

Pedophile degenerate whore.

>> No.10317771 [DELETED] 

Women should be put into concentration camps and gassed.

>> No.10317772 [DELETED] 

We can only hope for her utter misery.

>> No.10317773 [DELETED] 

No one will ever love you.

>> No.10317775 [DELETED] 

Heroin is also great for depression.

>> No.10317776 [DELETED] 

This pleases me greatly.

>> No.10317777 [DELETED] 

I hope you get gang raped by a pack of niggers.

>> No.10317778 [DELETED] 


>> No.10317783

I passed on VM's new skirt. It pains me because I love the design and sizing, but the colours are not for me.

>> No.10317785


Where were you? We had a very, very vocal faction of girls calling everything "unimaginative" and "cookie cutter" up until a few months ago.

Then they made the mistake of complaining in an inspo thread that a "cookie cutter" set was uninspiring and unimaginative. Unfortunately for them they picked out a set where the socks were a pony print, the dress was a cross print, and no one is particularly sure where the ring even came from. And that's all 3 items, not a set, not cookie cutter, they just looked particularly good together. Apparently the "cookie cutter" crowd simply picked out anything that looked "too matching" together and dissed it as unimaginative. So cgl has leaned towards "matching" recently.

I mean you can boil up fries in cola and serve it as "imaginative", "daring", "not cookie cutter", but do you really expect people to swallow that and not call it out for the shitty food it is? Same with coords, if it's ita, it's ita, it doesn't get a pass for being "imaginative" and "not cookie cutter, so special teehee".

>> No.10317788

Your last hope was doing illegal drugs, really? I doubt it. You need real doctors, real meds and real therapy. Look into TMS and ECT treatments too.

>> No.10317789

>take /cgl/s advice
>stop dating men start dating women
>she cheats on me

>> No.10317828

at least the sex was better

>> No.10317832

Aww, I'm so happy for you! I had a really similar experience this year with stopping lolita in crippling social anxiety and depression, getting on marijuana, and now I feel as happy as when I started lolita.

Can I ask what variety of shrooms you did? I'm about ready to try them legally and would love to know what helped out a fellow gull.

>> No.10317838

Last year I was having a hard time saving money because of a continued stream of emergencies (dogs medical, my medical, funerals,ect). I ended up with having less in my savings account then I did at the beginning of the year because of it! Starting new year round find out my car is finally paid off and and I'll be having almost 400.00 extra in expendable cash. Also just got almost a 2 dollar an hour raise.

Looking forward to saving money for emergencies, for a vacation to finally visit Japan, and allow myself an up in my allowance for buying lolita items.

Also starting a korean skin care regime to see if I can get rid of some little red acne on my chin. <3

I'm looking forward to 2020.

>> No.10317840

* I meant 400 extra a month

>> No.10317847

Congrats! Being in control of your finances is such a good feeling. I hope it works out for you

>> No.10317895

I really loved the Lolita Blog revival Idea.
But my country has so much legal things to keep in mind that I probably wont stars because of it :(
One part requires me to put my full name and address on the page, I dont feel comfortable with this :(

>> No.10317911

I'm on a no-spend for six months to try and recoup some savings, and looking at dresses is torture. I had to watch as a St Claire OP (the dress I want the most) went up for a great price and was sold.

This suuuucks. I wish I had at least the self-control to not window shop.

>> No.10317912

>One part requires me to put my full name and address on the page
Wtf what country do you live in anon?

>> No.10317913

Microdosing mushrooms can be really helpful for depression and anxiety. It's only a matter of time before the laws catch up.


>> No.10317923

I've seen that happening in various J-fashions, and part of it stems from people looking at street snaps where using the term 'avant-garde' is being nice. On one hand, I've got better things to do with my life then rebuke people's street snaps & post people in the ita thread. On the other hand, I'd be willing to offer anyone the personal opinion that a lot of the Japanese are terrible dresses, and bad fashion is multi-cultural.

>> No.10317924

terrible dressers*

>> No.10317926

It'll be years until they do something. Shit, I first read a study on it back in 2015. I wouldn't get too hopeful. It's true it's being researched for depression and anxiety, but specifically depression and anxiety related to being told you're going to die from cancer or another terminal illness. It'll be a long time before it's approved, and even then, it's not just going to be like Zoloft.

It's is FDA approved for research in terminally ill patients who have less then a year to live.

>> No.10317927

Germany. There is just a little chance people will actually care but if I dont include those information I'm always at a risk for legal threats..

>> No.10317929

Funny, I take Zoloft. I'd love to have an alternative without the conventional SSRI side effects and without having to choke down multiple pills every day (which hurt like FUCK if you take them wrong). Studies on microdosing seem to indicate a relative lack of side effects, so that's nice.

>> No.10317931

If you’re purging, chances are you’re self-medicating for anxiety. As someone who’s struggled with various ED symptoms for years, including restricting and purging, going to a psychiatrist was one of the best things I’ve done for my anxiety. It was a shitty process at first and they prescribed a med they said wouldn’t cause weight gain (it did and I could only afford it because i worked at a hospital at the time with a good employee prescription program).
The doctor reluctantly prescribed Wellbutrin, which reduced the cravings I had been having on Trintellix, the previous med he’d prescribed. I’ve got more energy and have had only a few instances of purging, and only from over-eating.
I also completely fucked up my teeth from purging. I had been putting off going to the dentist because I didn’t have dental and I was afraid of their judgment. Being on Wellbutrin helped me face that and discover I had 8 cavities fml (and in the process found out I was allergic to novacain, extra fml).

But for real, EDs come from underlying factors. Bulimia is often a manifestation of anxiety (and can have implications of borderline personality disorder), while anorexia is a manifestation of disorders of control. Wellbutrin has helped so much with my anxiety and depression, which has helped with my purging. I hope you get some help EDchan. EDs are hell

>> No.10317934

I love you, but most of this info is factually incorrect: signed, someone else with an ed who does a LOT more research

>> No.10317936

There's a relative lack of side effects. Mind you, mushrooms and LSD are pretty safe drugs. Tons of people do both those with no residual side effects. Fuck, we got CEO's who tripped more than once back in their day. However, even at the smallest doses, they still can bring out schizophrenia in those few individuals.

That's why it'll never be offered to a normal population, and it's use is approved for research in terminally ill cancer patients only. They have so little life left that the chances they could end up schizophrenic later on is next to none.

It'll honestly end up like Marinol (pure THC) or methamphetamine. Both those substances are approved for medical uses in the U.S., hell, the latter is approved as a weight loss medication in healthy individuals, but neither are exactly common place. It'll be the same for LSD/psilocybin.

>> No.10317937


I relate so hard to this, the first time I found somebody posting Japanese street snaps regularly on tumblr it was page after page after page of really ugly, terrible combinations. It wasn't even unusual to get some cosplayer larper in a plastic wig, or the occasional chick who looked like they'd rolled around in a thrift shop and wore whatever stuck, wherever it stuck to.

I had to think back to the GLB days and wonder if I was wearing nostalgia glasses, or did fashion go backwards? But I think in a magazine with so many snaps per page, it's just easy to overlook the itas and zoom in on the pictures where the girls are well-dressed. When it's one post per day showing up in your feed it's much harder to ignore how ugly some of the street snaps are.

(you're right about wasting time, too. I have no idea why the ita thread is the only one that never dies)

>> No.10317938

to clarify: bullemia and anorexia don’t have different causes, they are just different things and can have any number of causes including trauma, anxiety, depression, personality disorders, neglect, etc. BPD is only linked to eating disorders because BPD patients are frequently co morbid with EDs, not the other way around.

>> No.10317939

SSRIs have the risk of triggering manic bipolar though, and are prescribed pretty freely.

>> No.10317942
File: 242 KB, 640x640, 4BDDC770-86A9-407E-AA66-021A1A0968D1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I finally realized I was in an abusive relationship with someone who I met through meetups and wow it is crazy how much self doubt I have now. Feels good and freeing to not be in it anymore, but holy hell. I feel like the past five years of my life I was someone else. Shit’s crazy, yo.
Idk if I’ll ever get back into cosplay, conventions, meetups, all of that stuff ever. I feel like everything I enjoyed at them was a lie. But I still like reading about it through boards like these. 2020 is certainly off to a strange start for me.

>> No.10317944

You aren't wrong, but the medical profession sees bipolar versus schizophrenia to be akin to high blood pressure versus coronary artery disease. Also, usually those types of spells stop once the medication is discontinued while in the case of LSD and psilocybin, the schizophrenia doesn't disappear if it occurs & the chemical is stopped. There's also a lot of highly effective medications for bipolar. Schizophrenia, not so much. They have neuroleptics, but modern research is really proving that the neuroleptics aren't really helping, especially with the symptoms that prevent schizophrenics from holding jobs or socializing, something manics have much less difficulty with.

Mind you, I'm not putting down manic depression. I know that's a hard one to deal with, but from a medical standpoint, schizophrenia is a lot harder to treat then manic depression.

>> No.10317946

All good and interesting input, thanks anon!

>> No.10317949

Adding to this, they don't cause 'manic bipolar', if they made people bipolar, they wouldn't be allowed. The term used is 'manic state', and that's because it levels off once the SSRI is discontinued.

>> No.10317950

I love phamacopoeia.

>> No.10317952

do one thing for yourself in a space where you know they won’t be and see how you feel. good luck!

>> No.10317953

Yes, you're right, that was sloppy of me. It's my understanding though that they can trigger a first instance of bipolar in someone with a predisposition.

>> No.10317954 [DELETED] 
File: 139 KB, 866x1300, FB663296-85B4-4006-BC99-9D20552C0DD9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

happy feel: i’ve been working through ED therapy and while we determined lolita is something that is positive for me (it encourages me to feel pretty in a way that’s just for me), i also realized i was holding on to very small pieces that would never fit me just to torture myself. I’m going to our swap meet tomorrow with a big basket and going to give everything i’ve been hoarding away and it feels so good. there’s a small girl in our comm who wears liz lisa who will probably love most of it and it makes me so happy. i feel so much less stressed

>> No.10317957

Nah. Your understanding wasn't sloppy. The reaction is an important diagnostic tool in psychology especially in patients who might fit multiple categories even after an extended study.

It reveals that clinical major depression is actually bipolar, and that the capacity for mania was masked. It reveals that a bipolar II patient is actually bipolar I. Since not all manic or depressive episodes share the same symptoms, sometimes people's episodes are overlooked.

When combined with a antipsychotic (remember that neuroleptics are major tranquilizers, and often share both sedative and mood-stabilizing properties), the manic episode is unique to schizoaffective brain chemistry, and rules out borderline, schizophrenia, bipolar I & II, & depression with psychosis.

Depending on what you're treating, the reaction is a sign you may have misdiagnosed. So, the medication is reworked based on schizoaffective or bipolar I.

>> No.10317958

>confusing underlying factors with causes
“Come from” was perhaps not the best choice of words. I’m not meaning to imply any sort of causation, as with most psych, correlation and causation being confused as you seemed to think I was implying in my own post is pretty dangerous. Same with BPD. You’re absolutely right about comorbidity but desu wasn’t trying to get into all of that, was mostly focused on how EDs are indications of further psych issues. It’s been years since the last time I actually researched EDs so it’s definitely possible that shit has changed (I believe they’ve eliminated BMI requirements for AN), but the general understanding that there are different correlations with different EDs. From my understanding, GED-type anxieties had a higher correlation with AN while more obsessive-type anxieties and fixations had a higher correlation with BN.

Signed, someone with a BS in psych who worked in a psychiatric unit for almost five years.

>> No.10317959

And on a boring chemistry note, it occurs due to some disorders stemming not from serotonin issues, but dopamine (or possibly both in conjunction). Bipolar and psychotic disorders both largely involve medications acting upon dopamine compared to serotonin.

>> No.10317961

They did not eliminate the requirement involving BMI entirely, but instead of it being a flat out BMI of 17(iirc), it is now a persistence of a weight considered low for age/height. So a teenager with a BMI of 17 might not get diagnosed because it’s normal for a younger person to have a slimmer BMI, but someone in their 30s would. That’s all alongside the other Diagnostic requirements

>sauce: have anorexia BP subtype and got classed as anorexic because I met the “persisting low weight” class despite meeting the behaviors more of typical bulimia

>> No.10317964

This. Plus actual therapists are likely to acknowledge when you have anorexia behaviors but haven’t reached an unhealthy weight yet by slapping “EDNOS” on you and treating you as if you have anorexia (because, well, you kinda do... it’s just not literally killing you yet).

>> No.10317970

Nitpick, but it's 18.5.

>> No.10317972

Actually it’s not. Below 18.5 is underweight, but for the diagnosis of anorexia it used to be 17.5. If you’re going to nitpick at least know what you’re talking about.

>> No.10317974

Interesting! Def makes more sense. Sage for off-topic but there was talk about moving psychotic disorders to more of a spectrum, is that still a part of the conversation? In my experience in a psych unit, many of the psychotic episodes were particularly similar, despite differences in diagnoses. I’m not sure how that would affect treatment though.

>> No.10317977

Sorry, I should have read the thread more carefully. I thought you were just talking about underweight limit. My bad!

>> No.10317998

/ic/ guy (male) here
How do I get a /cgl/ gf?

>> No.10317999

You don't, we hate you because your a crossboarding scrote.

>> No.10318001

We’re all gay. Now go be a good boy and suck a dick elsewhere

>> No.10318003
File: 33 KB, 440x299, 1325215951845.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice trips
What's wrong with crossboarding?
You don't go to other boards for inspo?

>> No.10318009

I remember there would always be aspects I liked of the really terrible shots whether that be a hairstyle or piece of clothing. Of course, there were always those that looked amazing too. However, so many are absolutely terrible. Fashion katamari!

GLB was honestly always pretty spot on minus some lace monsters and horrifying makeup. I never really liked the old school makeup (in the really old scans). It was usually unflattering. However, it was always nice to look at alongside Egg, Ageha, &... I forget, but it was the whole V-kei thing. I never much cared for decora or manba/ganguro.

>> No.10318010
File: 16 KB, 428x424, 1576598905586.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do girls deal with makeup? I watched like three tutorial videos to see what the deal was and good god that shit is just an abysmal amount of work. Also google thinks I'm gay now since I watched like six of them. L

>> No.10318013

Baki would be an easy cosplay to pull off, and you can sideline other characters while you settle into your laboring life. I'd recommend a calisthenic heavy workout that you can run through before work. It'd probably help you maintain energy for your days too. I don't know your body right now, but if you're not grossly overweight then you could manage to look decent within 8 months.
t. /fit/ autist

>> No.10318014

I'm a woman and I don't know, I think it takes years of practice. Keep in mind the makeup you see in the tutorial will not even look the same on your face because of you skin tone, and you may be allergic to one or more ingredients and it will take years to find out which one if your doctor doesn't want to test you.

>> No.10318016

youtube makeup tutorials are way more complex than they should be a lot of the time. for a while drag style makeup was trendy so everyone was doing makeup designed for theater on youtube. it takes me like 5 minutes in the morning

>> No.10318019

Do you think it's worth the effort to put on makeup for non-cosplay related events? Is it worth the cost? The closest I get to makeup is perfume and that shit runs up to ~$300 whenever I have to grab it. Where do you guys get the money for this stuff?

>> No.10318020

Makeup can be also a Hobby. So people like to spent money for hobbies

>> No.10318022

At last I truly see (not real)

>> No.10318024

Practise. Makeup is much simpler than what a lot of youtubers show it to be, and I'm speaking as someone who has a lot of acne scars to cover.

>> No.10318025

You don’t have to spend $300 dollars on perfume and bottles that large last years. Also there’s everything from drug store to designer makeup... people are capable of using a calculator and common sense to determine what to buy. Fuck buying makeup JUST for cosplay seems like more of a waste since you barely use it

>> No.10318026

I wouldn't actually know the pricing, I only buy it when she asks me to otherwise I get whined at. I get your point though. This isn't really a feels thing though so I won't fill the thread with questions like this anymore.

>> No.10318027

To a lot of people, makeup is on the same tier as clothes. Imagine wearing a fancy dress, but having a bare face, not even a bit of glitter or anything. It would look really weird in my opinion. In some instances, if you have horrible skin, when you work in a particular profession, makeup is something you have no choice but to get good at.

>> No.10318033

Based femcel scrote poster.

>> No.10318034

“whines” god i hope you break up. you sound like a condescending dick and if you’re not you shouldn’t be with someone like that.

>> No.10318038

My b, I shouldn't have been vague. It's my sister. Not some one I'd ever be interested in.

>> No.10318040

Ah, also my b. Big sibling here and whine is likely correct lol

>> No.10318041

It's ok, bro, no beef. We all be living it.

>> No.10318061

>ex g/f turns me down for starting our relationship back up, despite me having a house for us to live in and myself a new career to support us.
>still wants to do cosplay with me since we're the only people into the same shit.

Complex feel.

>> No.10318064

Despite what /cgl/ says every female cosplayer I've met is asexual. Like even the ones who never talk to boys are asexual, I'm disappointed.

>> No.10318065


anon...they're only asexual when they're talking to you...

>> No.10318066
File: 498 KB, 255x235, bale laugh.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw I get to know my ex who tried to get my reputation dirty doesn't want to cosplay anymore, and the costume I gave her doesn't give her joy, and she is not going to wear it anymore

Stupid bitch, she fucking deserved it.

>> No.10318067

>trying to flirt with female cosplayers

Anon this will be the biggest mistake of your life.

>> No.10318072

Well that escalated quickly

>> No.10318073


Nothing but heartache so far.

>> No.10318080

Men are petty bitches who can’t deal with rejection

>> No.10318086

>t. female who is a rejecter and never a rejectee

You cannot speak for anyone from your place of female privilege.

>> No.10318087


This wasn't about rejection, it was about my ex getting angry about me because I was getting relevant and generally progressing in life while she didn't.

Plus i'm not >>10318061

>> No.10318088

>Plus i'm not >>10318061

I was making le funny joke because you both posted in a short time period and had similar ex stories in the same post format

>> No.10318090

I wish I was him on that matter.
At least his ex still talks to him without accusing him of sexual assault and with a irreversible prejudice.

Truly I am never going to date a girl that is a cosplayer.

>> No.10318091

What is it with this board and incels/femcels blaming everything on the opposite sex being trash?

>> No.10318092

The cosplay universe, generally speaking, is full of frustrated people. Be it because of sexual issues, family issues, work issues, everybody more or less has these problems in a serious level, and these people hav ein cosplay/costuming a relief for their problematic realities.

That's how you get the incels and femcels on the board.

>> No.10318093

I think it's a little bit different from incel/femcel.

Like, when you've been intimate with the opposite sex and end up hating them because you know them too well....there's got to be another word for that.

>> No.10318094

well as you can see here
Men act like perceptual victims anytime a women tells them to leave them alone and act like the world is against them, hence why "femcels" as you call them, make it their mission to correct their retarded behaviour, which is a retarded mission because men like that anon will never accept they need to get over the minor bruise to their worthless egos and move on.

>> No.10318095

Hatred for the opposite sex only comes from bitterness.

>> No.10318097

I've been going to the gym for months and haven't lost any weight since when I started. By now I'm getting worried I'll never fit in the clothes I want to wear or ever not be fat. And I'm seriously worrying that my meds are causing it. I take abilify for bipolar and I stopped taking it once a while ago when I had the same fear it was what was causing me to be unable to lose weight, and I went completely insane. So I can't just stop taking it. Are there at least any alternatives to it that won't make me permanently fat?

>> No.10318104

>Hatred for the opposite sex only comes from experience.


>> No.10318106

This is actually sensible, cosplay is pretty competitive these days and for all the wrong reasons. It must feel bad getting frustrated that the neckbeards you insult for being a loser don't give you the money they do e-thots. Other gulls only talking about you to bitch and so forth.

>end up hating them because you know them too well

Oh yeah just like that time I broke off my engagement because my spouse told me their favourite food was pizza. What a loser, don't they understand that knowing things about them instead of treating them like an object turns me off?

lel nice larp upvoted my fellow redditor ;-)

>> No.10318107

There are multiple medications for bipolar, lithium probably being the most well known. You should speak to your psychiatrist about an alternative with a manageable side effect profile. Keep in mind as well there is a difference between weight gain, and inability to lose weight and that's a distinct a doctor would be able to explicate to you. Otherwise you might need a referral to a dietitian.

>> No.10318108

I'd just like to point that in asking the question 2/3 responses were written by incels/femcels projecting

>> No.10318117

Why the fuck do some guys have this idea that woman never get rejected? Get out of your own arse and live in the real world where you will see that things doesn’t work like this.
Also, stop whining about it, you look stupid.

>> No.10318148

This. I'm a decently attractive girl and I've gone on dates that I thought went well and then gotten a "don't think we should meet up again" text. I've confessed my feelings to someone and had them not feel the same in return. My last relationship was ended by my partner, not me. I've been on the side of this plenty of times, and I know that's just part of life.

>> No.10318150

ntayrt but I got my heart broken clean in two as a teenager when my boyfriend dumped me.

>> No.10318154 [DELETED] 

Hey J, I hope your teeth fall out and you get molested again

>> No.10318162 [DELETED] 

I can feel myself falling back into a toxic mindset around food recently. I already fit every lolita piece I own, I even did at my maximum weight which was 7kg over where I am now. I'm clearly not doing this to fit my clothes better when VM and MM already fit me. I'm already on the lower side of a healthy bmi for my height. Objectively, I have nothing to stress over at all when it comes to my body. So why after all this time am I falling back into my old bad habits? And why do I kind of want to let it happen?

>> No.10318167

Idk either honestly. I don't have the patience to use anything besides foundation and concealer.

>> No.10318169

I think it's mostly those guys that are promised that if they ask out a million girls one of them will finally say yes. So they go out like an idiot, get rejected and can't see that women are just smart enough to know that randomly asking people to date you doesn't work.

>> No.10318173

Psych meds can definitely make it borderline impossible to lose weight. But you might want to have your thyroid checked as well

>> No.10318236
File: 28 KB, 567x581, IMG_20191215_145757.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>elder sibling
>parents put 90% of their attention on me, ignore my sister
>raise her myself
>wasn't allowed to discipline her, move out when she is 10
>6 years later
>she was never disciplined and it showed

My sister was running around saying shes got a fat ass, trying to start up conversations about sexual moves to me, parents and boyfriend at dinner (which would have gotten my ass beat) literal no filter. Outside of that shes a model citizen that enjoys volunteering, helps bullied kids, so on

I wonder how she would turn out if I could ground or discipline her. I feel weirdly guilty.
Sage for not being cgl related

>> No.10318260

Mental health problems are hard to get help in my country: I had a help contact but it was compeletely useless but I'm trying to get into proper care of course. Me getting into therapy line wasn't even discussed there because I'm not apparently the worst case. They put me in SSRI though which was the best thing to happen to me. The trip I took was second best because I did realise where some of my problems stem while waiting if I ever get a change for therapy. I have some sort of trauma.

I had to do it illegally, so I can't say for sure but the seller said it was cubensis +b and regular psilocybin pretty half half. My trip wasn't insane, no hallucination or anything crazy, and I did first about 1,5g and few hours later 3,5g. Weed has helped me trough this fall too but I'm looking to only use it on weekends from now on. I hope you get better anon, if you are willing to work mushrooms can be a great tool!

>> No.10318262

Forgot to add but >>10317832 while tripping your favorite dress can be such an inspiration and will look so beautiful you will forever see it differently. I hihgly recommend going through your dresses until you are hallucinating heavily and it's possibility you damage them.

>> No.10318269

Unsage, it’s your parents fault for not raising her. She wasn’t your kid and it wasn’t your job to discipline her. Also this might be as much about the neglect she suffered from her parents as “discipline.” She sounds like she’s desperate for attention

>> No.10318281
File: 88 KB, 1000x1000, 1560538019918.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>My sister was running around saying shes got a fat ass, trying to start up conversations about sexual moves to me
>I wonder how she would turn out if I could ground or discipline her. I feel weirdly guilty.

>> No.10318285

It’s a lot of work. When I don’t wear make up I will do my skin care routine.

>> No.10318286

>got married in october
>just bought a house
>finally have hobby space
>MIL asks for grandbabies

>> No.10318297

Adopt a 17 year old, then charge rent when they turn 18

Win-win for everyone

>> No.10318312

>30, live with elderly relative, pay my own bills
>work with coworker that's nice some days and Debbie Downer / bitch the next
>is interested in my nerdy hobbies but laments never getting to go anywhere
>Our birthdays days apart, we plan a trip to theme park
>Even chip in to pay 3/4 of the hotel because she acts like she doesn't have the money to 50% and I don't want to stay at skeezy motel
>Recently her behavior is worse, planning a trip away just to destress from her, she knows I'm leaving for conventions and taking a week off for Japan
>She starts making remarks about how I ought to appreciate living at home and no bills, etc while also complaining about how people always take advantage of her when I'm paying for 3/4 hotel and 1/2 gas
>Trip is in 3 months

Never feel bad for your coworker and want them to have a nice vacation

>> No.10318313

tell that bitch no. you aren’t a human factory

>> No.10318316

Bruh, make sure you sleep in different rooms

Bitch sounds like the type to go snooping

>> No.10318318

I have my phone locked and I try to keep my personal stuff to myself.. where as she tells me eveeeerything. Like every family member using her, her exes, etc.

Like shes fantastic most days (I've known her 9 months) and loves to see my cosplay pics and stuff but this week and last week she's been a nightmare. She's the closest thing to a friend I have here.

>> No.10318348

A friend showed my her Naked Original palette a while back and the eyeshadow looked so thick and creamy compared to the drugstore ones I'd been using. I bought a Naked 3 palette today. It's my first "branded" palette.

The eyeshadow spread nicely when I tried them at the store but when I got the palette, the eyeshadow did not look as creamy as the one my friend had showed me. I was disappointed when I first applied it, but I think it's growing on me. I'm considering getting Naked Honey as well...which means if I do go for it, I'll get it in like 3 months because I am bad at committing to purchases.

>> No.10318369

Tell her that if she wants to be around a baby, she can adopt one herself.

>> No.10318371

>needed money
>started streaming with a low cut top
>felt dirty and stopped

Made decent money though

>> No.10318380

Society wants you to feel dirty. Get that cash flow!

>> No.10318381

If men wanna be pathetic and throw cash at someone for wearing clothes they can see if they left their damn apartment let em. get that money

>> No.10318386 [DELETED] 

tfw just discovered what's Chibi Tenshi look like. not to be a creep, but I used to follow her without knowing that was she all the time lol.

>> No.10318388


>> No.10318389

She sounds shitty but you really should appreciate living at home. Living on your own will eat most of you wages.

>> No.10318391

go be poor somewhere else

>> No.10318398

This. Take the dumb men's money.

>> No.10318401

These posts are a fat yikes

>> No.10318404

found the butthurt man who feels obligated to paypal money to women who wear tank tops

>> No.10318406
File: 88 KB, 750x829, gERb6B9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Found the bitter femcel that thinks everyone against prostitution is participating in it.
Stay mad hoe

>> No.10318408

This is why men feel entitled to sex after paying for a drink

>> No.10318410

You’re the dumbass that bought the drink. It’s not our fault you are stupid enough to think paying people will get you sex

>> No.10318411

>thinks wearing anything other than a burka is prostitution
enjoy being weird and alone

>> No.10318412

You're missing the fucking point

>> No.10318414

>Quoted something I didn't say
Damn, you have caught me in a snare.

>> No.10318415

Why on Earth do women feel entitled to sex because they walked up and said hello or their feelings for men should automatically be returned by default? Don't you all have personal experience with how irritating that is?

>> No.10318418

obviously I am. what are you trying to say? that you aren’t stupid for assuming that giving random strangers shit will somehow magically get the stranger to buy you something you want back? fuck if that worked I would be giving shit away like crazy

>> No.10318420

anon you clearly had a rough time with someone and i feel for you, but what the fuck are you on about

>> No.10318422

>what are you trying to say?

I didn't even post that shit and even I know what they're talking about.
If girls are more promiscuous overall, men are going to think girls are more DTF than they really are.
Even you can't be so fucking thick skulled that you can probably see that while being a cam girl isn't immediately horrible, it's the fucking root cause to almost everything women complain about.
I never said that I ever bought a drink for anyone, you're literally just deflecting from your complete lack of foresight.

>> No.10318423

lmao that’s not what foresight means

>> No.10318424

dude if i see magic mike i’m not going to go around assuming every other guy wants to fuck me. what the hell are you on

>> No.10318425

"Foresight" as in you can't tell that alot of the problems women complain about is because they're so promiscuous these days.
Sorry if that caused any confusion, I was thinking about that topic when I wrote that

>> No.10318426

foresight means the ability to predict future events, typically based on information presented at the moment. I am genuinely sorry if you are esl though. english is hard

>> No.10318427

i think you mean insight dude

>> No.10318428

You don't have to see Magic Mike. The sexual value men have compared to women is skewed enough towards the women's side that you could pick any random guy from a crowd and they'd feel blessed you think about them like that.

>> No.10318430

so... i get a free pass to assault guys? sick i’ll tell that to the court system after I rape some dudes i made eye contact with for slightly longer than normal

>> No.10318431

Are you people retarded?
Let me explain it in even easier terms:

You take an action now

This causes an action later down the road

The ability to predict that action down the road is called: "Foresight"

I really hope you people don't have degrees in English

>> No.10318432

>insert 18+ joke

>> No.10318436

Go ahead, I already admitted that 99% of the time, the guy will like it.
Even if he doesn't, it's not like you'll have many legal repercussions and even less social.

>> No.10318437

Funnily enough, I do. In linguistics specifically. You are using the word wrong.

>> No.10318438

Get a refund

>> No.10318440

Hey at least we agree on something bro. I hope the lady of your dreams rapes you one day.

>> No.10318441

Women, especially young women, don't seem to get that they don't get to have whoever they want just by virtue of being female,that liking a man means he will automatically return their affections . I swear it doesn't even occur to them that a man could say no or that one might not drop everything he's doing because a woman smiled, said hello, and batted her eyelashes. Don't you people get that I have my own life? I do not exist to fuck you, save you from your shit life, pick up dead bugs in your house, or whatever dumb shit I don't have time for.

>> No.10318442

Learn to construct a coherent argument that doesn’t call into question your basic grasp of English

>> No.10318443

Statistically improbable, but I'm crossing my fingers

>> No.10318444

You two should talk

>> No.10318446

What do you think you were avoiding when you were arguing about my choice of vocabulary?
I didn't even get a legit response from the original post yet.

>> No.10318447
File: 24 KB, 400x300, 1403019565257.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>think cosplay is super adorable
>tfw no cosplaying gf
>too socially awkward to go to a con
>don't even have friends to go with
>tfw will never sit hours on end with a qt helping her make a costume for her to wear each new con
Atleast I'm a neet so there's no real point in trying

>> No.10318449

See magic mike anon. I’m not dumb enough to see one guy dressed in booty shorts and extrapolate that all men are sluts. Fuck, I’m not even stupid enough to assume that guy is a slut or that he’s straight or that he wants to fuck me specifically. I’m sorry you are incapable of using logical reasoning to move beyond “gurl wear boob shirt gurl will suck my dick”

>> No.10318450

make a costume for yourself dipshit

but more kindly, if you are interested in the hobby do it for yourself. you will have fun and maybe meet people. it also will help your confidence a lot to have a hobby that puts you in the spotlight

>> No.10318451

The formulas are different between the palettes. I owned 1-3 and 3 is my favorite for shades but 1 had the best formulation. I recently got the natasha denona lila and the step up from ud etc. Is very noticeable, but I try to shop on sale

>> No.10318453

I would if I wasn't dirt fucking poor. I did try funny meme budget cosplay, but got more shit than anything from that.
I ain't worried though, I got a lot on my plate. But having it around would be nice

>> No.10318454

good luck, anon. i hope you are able to find some time and money one day

>> No.10318455

i think it’s personal preference. i find ND to be overpriced and only good when swatching. agreed on naked 1 tho

>> No.10318456
File: 492 KB, 1080x1920, 1506764232455.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks friend, I hope you get massive luck on your next project and it turns out way better than expected!

>> No.10318457

>I’m not dumb enough to see one guy dressed in booty shorts and extrapolate that all men are sluts.
Hey, I get it.
I don't watch Twitch streamers (I really don't) and think they're all dirty sluts that are DTF at the drop of a hat, but would you think I'm speaking for all men when I say this?
I'm trying to get to common ground, I'm not coming in here saying women deserve to be raped, I obviously think rape is horrible and people that do it should be hanged by their balls.
I'm simply trying to get that the whole idea of why someone would feel dirty when they purposely solicit money from horny men by showing the slightest amount of skin is because of "Society" is bullshit. They feel dirty because they're smarter than devaluing themselves like that.

>> No.10318458

I’m... I’m sorry I’m still trying to parse the fact that you think everyone one Twitch is a slut. Glad you don’t like rape though? Jesus my dude. Go outside.

>> No.10318459

Also, commas are not periods. That’s my other English Major hot tip of the day.

>> No.10318461

I have way more respect for sluts who’ll fuck anyone than people who think you should only fuck the person you love desu

>> No.10318463

>I’m... I’m sorry I’m still trying to parse the fact that you think everyone one Twitch is a slut.
>I DON'T watch Twitch streamers (I really don't) and think they're all dirty sluts that are DTF at the drop of a hat

Jesus Christ....

>> No.10318466

Wait so monogamous people don't fuck whoever they want? (being their partner)

>> No.10318469

Appeal the 19th desu

>> No.10318470

I mean fucking people other than their partner. Also someone can be monogamous and still fuck other people

>> No.10318471

I’m sorry. I don’t want to beat this horse to death, but this dude’s grammar is so confusing that I thought he was saying he *didn’t* watch twitch and *did* think they were all sluts (likely not watching twitch because it’s filled with sluts). He’s really hard to follow, so I am trying my best.

>> No.10318472

Second guy here
I have coincidentally been repeatedly raped and assaulted by women growing up

>> No.10318473

Good advice, thank you I'll use it in the future

>> No.10318474

As you can see by all the bitter women on this thread, this is not the board to come out with that info.

>> No.10318475

That sucks. Rape is hell and I’m not sure first guy understands that. I hope you find the help you need and a woman (or man) who respects your boundaries.

>> No.10318477

I’m probably one of the bitter woman you are talking about and I was raped, too, so I feel for this guy.

>> No.10318478

I'm sorry about that I guess. I tend to try harder than most people when it comes to spelling and grammar in text based conversations.
It was confusing and I'm not gonna beat you over the head with it. I make that same mistake alot.

>> No.10318480

It’s chill. The best tip I can give you is to use shorter sentences if you find you are confusing people. Making yourself break up the ideas will stop them from running into each other in your head. Being clear not really a matter of prescriptive grammar (the thing you were taught in school as “correct”), but rather of making sure each thought is communicated in a way that your audience will understand. It’s good you try, though.

>> No.10318495

I'm actually kinda glad you caught that and threw it at me. I have noticed in the past that I also use too many commas when forming sentences because I always think the next thing to say is still part of the original idea.
What comes out of that practice is a textbook run-on with a comma in between as my excuse.

>> No.10318499

Camgirling has only been a profession for like the last decade, maybe decade and a half. How on earth would that be the root cause for women's issues?

>> No.10318516

Scrotes are completely incapable for having reasonable logic or compassion.

>> No.10318660

>tfw no cosplay bf(cute)
gotta b cuter to attract one i guess

>> No.10318745

Have you tried talking to them and finding an excuse to be alone with them?

>> No.10318779

I haven't really met any cute enough for my stupidly high standards in the right age range desu. But if I do ever meet one I'll be sure to talk to them <3
Also I think it'd be a pretty long process because I'm ace and I don't wanna mislead them so I need them to also be a non-horny cute cosplay boy.

>> No.10318910

Ahhhh, nothing quite like scrolling through every single page out of the Europe sales on LM out of boredom and finding something you literally want on the last page. Cheers!

>> No.10319599
File: 940 KB, 1240x918, no way fag original.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just tell her you're "working on it", but then never actually work on it.

>> No.10319613

hush you. anon isn't interested in actual logic.

>> No.10321389 [DELETED] 

>Hatred for the black race only comes from experience.


>> No.10326767

New thread?

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