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White blouses are ita

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Shut it down boys, we have a winner

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starting the thread off so fucking strong

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Chiffon is for conlitas

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not contributing to the topic actually, but I love her outfit. not sure if that's lolita tho.

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Lolitas who are super mad about sweet lolita and screech about it being bad,ageplay,... are just mad because it's the most popular style and they get noticed more.
Saying that as a part time sweet part time goth btw.

Also if you're this worried about how much likes you get on a coord or how pretty you are to strangers,you're retarded and lolita isn't for you. That's not the true lolita spirit,kiddo.

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(forgot to add,i'll at least agree that some sweet lolita,esp neo lolita, looks really garrish and not in a cute way,but once again we could say that about many other things in lolita)

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Your opinions are ita.

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Ankle socks are awful. It left most of the legs naked and it's no big difference from no socks at all.

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/cgl/ has ruined CoF for many well-put together lolitas and I always laugh when people complain that there aren't any good coords in the group anymore. That's because ya'll done fucked up and scared the good lolitas away.

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Sorry you only wear white blouses

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>That's because ya'll done fucked up and scared the good lolitas away.
Implying it’s not the itas who did

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People are way too obsessed with brands... Going through the feels thread makes me sad

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Spoken like a taobao ita

>> No.10331894

No, but it’s itas that you’ll be left with because the well dressed ones don’t want their looks/weight to be picked apart on here anymore. Enjoy!

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I want to clarify, do you mean using taobao is ita itself or do you just mean I'm an Ita who uses taobao?

How would you feel if I told you I prefer going to the thrift store :3c

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^Whoops, above post is meant as a reply to this

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My unpopular opinion is that these threads are boring and do little to inspire any kind of discussion. It’s just wankbait and popular opinions anons think are unpopular because they want to be oppressed

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ntayrt but I would assume you're poorly-dressed because I've yet to see a single thriftlita with a good coord.

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??? They are still all on insta, completely visible. The thing about cof was that you had to have a fb account to access it.
I miss when you people still had the capacity to ignore and not visit cgl instead of bitching about it ON THE VERY SAME BOARD and wanting the whole place to change because of their own insecurities and sensibilities. Walk away from the screen etc.

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Thrift store usually equals grandma’s loliables equals ita. Sorry, but unless it’s very carefully chosen it’s very rare people find normie wear that works in lolita and doesn’t look bad. Lolita specific clothing just has a certain extraness and poofiness and laciness to it that clothing not specifically made fir the aesthetic just doesn’t replicate.
But the taobao ita comment more just meant that it’s usually itas with no taste or discernment that insist taobao is just as good as brand. There are a wide variety of styles by brands so I’m not just saying AP or MM, but if you can’t recognize the difference in quality and design between a $500 dress and a $40 dress you are probably also an ita. Taste shows.

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I agree with you but I doubt anyone else will. The common responses you're going to get will include
>don't post online
>well that means they're too thin skinned!!!1!!1!!
>sorry you got posted to ita thread

cgl doesn't seem to appreciate the influence it has

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That’s okay, that’s why I posted it in the unpopular opinions thread. It is hard to see it from my perspective unless you’ve been torn to shreds like I have in these threads.

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seconding all of this

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Sorry you got posted.

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>bro just like, stop posting bro, like close your eyes bro
>constant bitching in the CoF threads about how dead they are and how there are never any good coords etc
>sOwWy U gOt pOstEd lel!!!!!!

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I find a lot of lolitas who are worried sick on being posted here turn around and talk shit about other lolitas all the while sabotaging threads that could have didcussion. We're all throwing stones in a glass house.

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thanks for proving my point.
Y'all are predictable. We would have a much richer conversation on this Thai weaving site if we actually acknowledged how cgl impacts lolita culture. But instead, we're too busy memeing and having pissing contests.

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Those diamond honey crop chiffon blouses & clones like it are shitty garbage and make any coord look cheap. They make everyones neckline look like shit as it clashes with most bodices.

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ps these stupid shawl like blouses don't belong in lolita. Especially 2010 ott sweet prints.

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pps I despise when people wear princess sleeve blouses in casual coords. Go big or go home. The balance is extremely off and needs to be fixed by either wearing a peterpan collar or high neck that isn't as detailed. These blouse pet peeves irritate me as much as converse irritate Tyler.

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Have it ever occured to you that you have the choice to simply not open the cof thread and read what people say about you? No one is forcing you and you're doing it to yourself. It's like that one bike meme kek.
And OP literally said she got posted and torn to shreds (despite being "well put together"), it's not even a meme in this case.

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Both of those are the worst. They’re the lazy resource of fat lolitas. Just buy an actual nice lolita blouse custom made with the damn correct shape. I hate all of this chiffon bullshit, I hate the fairy princess chiffon aesthetic, thanks Chinese lolitas

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Please continue playing mental gymnastics to justify treating people like shit it’s fascinating

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I've actually never posted myself to cof. I'm just remarking on what I've observed here over the years. The only thing I'm lamenting is the potential for richer conversations. We could be talking about how /cgl/ comments affect trends, if /cgl/ actually is good at predicting how things sell etc. All that would require is us to admit that this website doesn't exist in a void. But by doing the whole "AHAHAH close your eyes dumbshit" you're closing us all off from actually interesting conversations.

and yes I agree by >>10331938
saying that she did undermine herself. But I'm not actually championing being kind to people who post to CoF. I'm only championing us finally admitting we're not some secret website club and perhaps discussing the implications.

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Lolita should die off already, no one wants to see a 30 in frills. It isn't cute.

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Anyone who complains about another sub style looking silly, especially sweet with the excuses of “muh ageplay, muh costume” is completely missing the point of the fashion which is wearing what you want for YOU and not caring about what others think.

Oh no? Some normies think sweet is weird? Cry me a fucking river. If you care about what normies think and use it as an excuse to shit on another substyle you’re probably too sensitive to be in lolita at all

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No shut youre heck up

>> No.10331996

Who is forcing you to visit cof? No one ever answers that question, it's always replies trying to deflect or change topics. I wonder why.

This isn't about posting yourself, it's about visiting the thread (or to an extend the board in general) despite knowing you might be posted there and can't take it.
>We could be talking about how /cgl/ comments affect trends, if /cgl/ actually is good at predicting how things sell etc
Then make a thread for it? This is the unpopular opinion thread and OP bitched about being one of the "good lolitas" that got "scared away" by meanies in the cof thread.
>But by doing the whole "AHAHAH close your eyes dumbshit"
Tell me how I'm wrong and why those anons can't just choose to not to click on the thread.
>I'm only championing us finally admitting we're not some secret website club
Yes, I am fully aware this board has been so badly flooded by newfags from tumblr, facebook and instagram for about the last 3 years that they are basically the majority by now, which is why we're having this fucking exchange in the first place.

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I actually despise most blouses for casual lolita unless they're covered by a cardigan. Wear a fucking cutsew and stop calling plain jsk coords casual lolita ffs

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my unpopular opinion is that there's nothing wrong with wearing lolita for likes. being social media influencer takes a big chunk of effort. people may use whatever ideas they have to gain audience.

>> No.10332001

No one is forcing anyone, anon. I actually enjoyed going to the cof threads because I could get some real, un-sugarcoated opinions on my coords and how I could improve them. It was when the actual concrit started devolving into personal attacks and nitpicks on my face, body, weight, etc. That's what isn't okay. That isn't concrit. That's insecure, miserable anons projecting their own body image issues onto one another. I hope you can understand what I'm saying a little bit better but I'm not sure you have the empathy to do so.

>> No.10332002

You raise a good point. I think I will make a thread about it. I just need to think of a good title/op post

>> No.10332006

So let me get this straight, calling others ugly and fat in cof threads in the past 5 years is okay as long as you aren't the target? And don't say "i-it wasn't always like that!" when everything is still visible in the archive and you can find threadly examples from back in 2015 to the present.
>That's insecure, miserable anons projecting their own body image issues onto one another.
Yes, when several people say the same thing about you, they are in the wrong, lying, projecting and sociopaths, because you can't ever do wrong. Honestly, you're better off just going back to whatever hugbox you came from.

>> No.10332008

I'm not exactly sure why you're coming to the conclusion that I'm one of the contributing factors to this type of behavior. You have no idea who I am.

>> No.10332010

Idk who you are but I love you don't stop

>> No.10332011

she's saying your story about the CoF threads not having nitpicks is bs because they literally always have had nitpicking.

>> No.10332014

That's not my conclusion (but it sure is weird that you assume it, including the defensive "y-you don't know me!"). It's that you don't care about people getting called ugly or fat or getting picked apart unless it happens to you, which is why you're complaining here now. Nitpicks on appearances always happened but you still enjoyed threads back then because you weren't the target of them.

>> No.10332016

Sure jan, everyone should just dress like its idiocracy.

>> No.10332017

You're assuming that I would go to those threads for the sole purpose to make fun of others. If you go back and read my original post, I said that I enjoyed going to them because I liked getting unfiltered thoughts on my coordinates. Maybe that's why YOU like those threads. Sounds like you're projecting.

>> No.10332025

Lolitas who screech constantly about the "true"/punk spirit of lolita and look down on others for not being edgelord daily lolitas are more annoying than all the conlitas and itas of the world combined. Just because some people don't wear lolita every day like you do, or don't wear it in the way you like (i.e.: too "pretty/princessy" vs the dirty, smelly looking edgelord you want them to be) doesn't mean that they're a terrible person that doesn't deserve to wear lolita. At least a lot of itas have a positive attitude and enthusiasm for the fashion, I can't say the same for a lot of salty old schoolers who take the fashion so seriously they don't even seem to enjoy it anymore.
>inb4 you must be a conlita, ita or lolita at heart!!!
No, I'm just not into being haughty over a fashion.

>> No.10332028

>You're assuming that I would go to those threads for the sole purpose to make fun of others.
No I didn't. Again, very suspicious assumption based of what I wrote and defensive reaction. Once again:
>It's that you don't care about people getting called ugly or fat or getting picked apart unless it happens to you, which is why you're complaining here now. Nitpicks on appearances always happened but you still enjoyed threads back then because you weren't the target of them.

Picking apart appearances wasn't an issue to you when it happened to others literally all the time in the past, but it happening to you is somehow what broke the camels back. Yet your original post >>10331878 >>10331894 tries to paint it like you speak for the community when what really bothers you is YOU getting posted. You are a hypocrite yelling about empathy.

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fucking. this.

>> No.10332041

Chiffon looks cheap and instantly turns any brand dress into tao-tier shit

>> No.10332043

Casual just means it's comfy for wearing on the daily basis. Less poof, less frills, and simple blouses are totally ok with being casual.

>> No.10332046

God these are ugly.

>> No.10332050

Ive never managed to make a friend out of a sweet Lolita. I have plenty of nice friends which like Gothic and classic, but with sweet I always have bad luck.

That said, I feel like sweet lolita attract more immature people that other sub styles.

>> No.10332059


>> No.10332064

Totally different experience to wearing it everyday as clothes vs a costume to dress up in and garner asspats and adulation thou.

>> No.10332068

You don't have to be a tryhard edgelord for that though which is what this post is getting at. I wear modern ap casually as my regular clothes and couldn't give less of a shit about the ~spirit of punk~

>> No.10332071

Agree, I’m so sick of posting an outfit and some conlita is like you should buy tights with exact color on them and also matching bows in your hair. Like no, bitch. When you wear it most days you’re not gonna buy separate accessories for every dress. And you get used to people thinking you’re weird and you develop your own style and you see it as a fashion and just clothes, not a costume

>> No.10332117

Ok fanny.

>> No.10332155

you sound like someone who got told off cos they wanted to be an old school lolita but didn't bother buying a proper old school coord.

>> No.10332162

Most wigs look bad.

>> No.10332164

lowkey tired of all the air bang wigs I'm seeing on people. Those types of bangs don't look good on most face shapes.

>> No.10332166

Coords without accessories aren't coords. It's no a big deal to choose 2-3 matching colours unless you are colourblind. So, add, i dont know, a ring or a brooch at least.

>> No.10332167

The concept of being an influencer will always pure unfilter cancer.

That's because lolitas wear synthetic wigs.

>> No.10332168

That was meant for >>10332162
Not >>10332155

>> No.10332170

You sound like someone who throws around random projections because you don't have a valid argument to counter with.

>> No.10332171

Is this an unpopular opinion? They look like greasy stringy unhealthy hair

>> No.10332174

how am I supposed to logically counter the pissbaby who posted a paragraph of text whining like a lil bitch and calling people "smelly edgelords" lmao

>> No.10332177

Sounds like it struck a nerve.

>> No.10332180

imagine being jelly that the smelly edgelords wont let you sit with them :'(((((((

>> No.10332181

lmao are you that offended that someone called you smelly?

>> No.10332183

nope i love it and find it hilarious, where did you get that impression?

>> No.10332188

Yup, but even good quality wigs can look bad if they're styled badly or just don't suit the person. I think the majority of wigs worn in lolita end up looking costumey.

>> No.10332190

it's a huge trend in asia rn. but i agree

>> No.10332233

Why wouldn’t itas scare the good lolitas away versus /cgl/?
I’m not in CoF but skim the threads but 80% of the time it’s just a ita thread because most of the coords on there are terrible

>> No.10332234

most of the old school lolitas are fat white trash anyways, just ignore them

>> No.10332237

nothing wrong with boys being lolita too

>> No.10332239

if they're asian girly femboys, sure
if they're middle aged wrinkled white men, no

>> No.10332240

I don't think you necessarily have to qualify it with "asian" though, I think most girly femboys could pull it off fine, that's who I was thinking of anyway.

>> No.10332242

Possibly not an unpopular opinion, but since you brought up Tyler- I find her annoying and try hard as hell, she's mediocre in every sense so I don't understand why girls worship her so much.

>> No.10332243

just because asians are the most androgynous by default. the amount of wrinkled old white men far outnumber any twink white boys in lolita spaces, sadly

>> No.10332244

true, I try to stay outside of lolita spaces because I dont want to make any feel uncomfortable or anything and I'm pretty fucking twinky fem, smaller than most girls

>> No.10332250

i think the people who are mediocre or worse and depressed about it look up to the person who is mediocre and happy about it

>> No.10332263


>> No.10332265

I’ve said that about Lor here and was banned so be careful

>> No.10332269

T. Crybaby cosplayer.

>> No.10332270

Old schoolers would wear modern sweet like the rest of us if they could afford it. Poorfags.

>> No.10332271

Have you heard of gothic, bitch? Now google it and kneel before superior MmM apprentices!

>> No.10332279

Sorry you're an ita.

>> No.10332280

kek this is some next level delusion

>> No.10332281

Popular opinion: both of you sound retarded

>> No.10332289

That COF and other FB pages are set to private to protect the group members. With questions to screen new members. Meanwhile it is known & expected that the pics will end up here where anyone on the web, worldwide, has access to them. Idiotic to even make the group private and give a false sense of protection. The screening questions process is even more of a joke.

>> No.10332291

This sounds even more autistic and retarded than the other person...

>> No.10332297

I stopped posting to CoF because of cgl. Honestly though, I used to post because I knew it would get cross-posted here and I knew I would get better feedback here, but recently cgl has become a cesspool of role players and itas and I don't want them commenting on my coords.

>> No.10332299

What would you consider to be the main difference between the roleplayers and itas on cgl vs. the roleplayers and itas on COF? On COF I like that I can at least see the coords (or lack thereof) of people making dumb comments but helpful comments are still few and far between. On cgl it's harder to tell the actual lolitas from the roleplayers but at least people point out when there's something glaringly wrong that I missed. Honestly I prefer being able to see both.

>> No.10332301

post dick

>> No.10332324

Cgl is worse because they've called me fat and said mean things about my face.

>> No.10332332

She creates entertaining funny content that’s not cringy. It’s as simple as that.

Of course you can dislike her content and all, but how many lolitas do you see creating funny content that doesn’t fall on the much kawaii such cringe category?

>> No.10332335

Not in cof but I considered joining because it would be interesting to be posted in the cof threads and get genuine feedback and not fake bullshit and then get made fun of by the same people here

>> No.10332340

ALL wigs look bad.
You can diet, shill 1000s for dresses, spend hours doing your makeup, yet making sure your hair looks pretty is too much? Take care of your fucking hair, gulls, it's not that hard.

Replace that with sweet. You can't fit into old school unless you're slim. Meanwhile some "new school" sweet lolitas are pushing 200 kilos.

I will say this again and again: I fucking hate Tyler, she's the worst. Fucking ugly, obnoxious and conceited. Anybody who follows her opinions is dumb af.

Sure Jan.

t. landwhale sweet lolita who pays 500 to look like a walking bathbomb

>> No.10332341

What dress is this? It’s beautiful.

>> No.10332352

You're do easy to spot asslick-chan. Take your meds already.

>> No.10332374

Im not slim, pretty average, and i wear old pieces easily

>> No.10332376

How tall are you?

>> No.10332378

>You can't fit into old school unless you're slim.
You can if you're not tall and there are tons of fully shirred pieces that fatty-chans love

>> No.10332381

There is literally nothing wrong with incorporating age play or bdsm in lolita if it doesn't look like shit. I also think sissy's are kinda hot when they aren't overweight middle aged men.

>> No.10332384

Fatties are the most qualified to wear prints with food on them. They're dedicated to food. Fight me.

>> No.10332385

100% agreed

>> No.10332388

Yes, if you're a fat midget, then anything is possible, but normal or tall old school fags are usually healthy slim to downright skinny (at least I haven't seen any bigger girls). Fabrics like velvet are pretty unforgiving. The percentage of fatties in the old school community is much, much lower than in other substyles. Especially in western sweet it seems like most are chubby at best and deathfat at worst.

My (I don't know if) unpopular opinion is that I dislike hijab lolitas. It's not cute or empowering at all.
I know that we're not like the original lolitas in Japan who used this fashion as some sort of rebellion, but it still feels wrong that despite liking this style they hold onto their misogynistic religious and cultural believes of "I am a woman, therefore I must cover every part of my body".

>> No.10332390

I have two of those and it's true. I can't wear them with lolita because they look shit with everything so I decided to utilize them as a beach top instead. The cheap polyester isn't breathable though and you will die off a heat stroke. Do not recommend.

>> No.10332393

My unpopular opinion is that pirate lolita is the best

>> No.10332394

It's not meant to be a casual coord if they're wearing a nice blouse

>> No.10332395

By your standards my entire wardrobe is casual lolita. I don't wear uncomfortable clothing.

>> No.10332397

This is only unpopular on cgl

>> No.10332399

I don't think market value is important when you make a listing on lacemarket. Nobody else is selling what I'm selling at that moment so the current value is what I want it to be.

>> No.10332403

Hijabs are okay if they actually muslim
I was disappointed that the famous pastel hijab lolita was faking it for attention so people on tumblr would say respect Muslim womens
Its just disrespectful to muslims to pretend you follow their religion for likes

>> No.10332406

I mean I've seen quite a few overweight old school lolitas but sweet and classic do have the largest percentage of fatty-chans. It makes sense because they're the most popular substyles

>> No.10332409

theres one in my comm with thick saggy arms and a bunch of usakumyas on her belt which reminded me of this fat chick in my high school who wore tutus at cons with 40 alpaca plushes on her belt

>> No.10332412

Not everyone that wears wigs has a choice. Im pretty sure you'd hate it even more to see a bald or patchy haired lolita as no amount of care is going to fix hair loss from something like alopecia

>> No.10332415

I understand people not finding Tyler funny, but I don't get conceited vibes from her. She only buys sets it seems so I can understand if people think that isn't interesting but I never see her bragging about how great she is at dressing.

>> No.10332421

Plenty of oldschoolers are fat, maybe you're just not looking.

>> No.10332430
File: 274 KB, 1024x683, 28500804326_e09ea7751b_b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe some individuals but not plenty.
Stuff like this would be very hard if not impossible to find in old school.

>> No.10332431
File: 258 KB, 1024x683, 28426806402_6094df7790_b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10332449

Totally fair, if you're more comfortable in a wig then go for it. I've just seen a shit ton of garbage quality wigs worn by people who think it's a necessary element of a coord.

>> No.10332450
File: 42 KB, 250x333, 183b6719-b374-5fad-a426-1cbcc96bbf44.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't get this kind of mindset at all. Not all lolita blouses are fancy, some are plain to the point of boring. Look at IW blouses. On the other hand, if you wear lolita to work a simple blouse might be more appropriate than a cutsew or cardigan. What is it if not casual? Business casual?

>> No.10332452

I'd also like to know, google came up with nothing.

>> No.10332456

It's just a blouse you are wearing to work. Most people wouldn't call their work clothing their casual clothing. You don't have to box every single item in casual or OTT.

>> No.10332457

Only white blouses isnt ita? It’s terrible

>> No.10332458

This, I wear blouses in my casual non-lolita outfits, why can't they be casual in lolita. A nice cotton blouse is pretty comfy.

>> No.10332460

A quick look at the #oldschoollolita tag on instagram says otherwise

>> No.10332462

True af

>> No.10332463

Unfortunately this. Americans are more than 50% overweight so it makes sense that all substyles will be affected by this.

>> No.10332465

Children look way better than adults in sweet lolita. I'm not talking about teenagers, I mean the under 12s. They don't need wigs or makeup. They just look cuter in it.

>> No.10332466


>> No.10332468

As if just wearing lolita will give you likes. I've been posting my coords to IG for years and am still not an influencer.

>> No.10332480

>The concept of being an influencer will always pure unfilter cancer.
I don't see anything wrong with that. One have to work really hard to drive people's attention.

>> No.10332485

Children are ugly tho senpai
Chicken over children, where are my chickenlitas at?

>> No.10332490

Not contributing anything, but was there a post about why did Honey Cake lost its popularity? I can't find it anymore

>> No.10332492

not sure but I think a big reason is the fabric change, lack of different cuts and colorways, and now everyone has it so it’s not that interesting or popular anymore

>> No.10332496

Yes, people were saying it's because it became more accessible to everyone including fat and poor girls, so it isn't exclusive enough to be popular anymore. The thread it was in is gone now

>> No.10332498

you sound like a lolicon

>> No.10332502

I get that we all have hobbies outside of lolita, I know that we're not all wholesome little weebs who only like pink and baking cupcakes, but I really dislike seeing girls post cute coords and then finding out that they're also weirdo edgelords or fetishists.
(I just saw Ophelia's gross Halloween pictures and was totally shocked. Fucking creepy and degenerate.)

>> No.10332503

OTT can be comfortable. Office clothes can be comfortable. If you would wear your ''casual lolita'' coord to a tea party, it's probably not actual casual lolita (or you are underdressed at the tea party and don't understand how to dress for occasion. you are like the person who shows up to a dinner date in sweatpants).

>> No.10332504

Casual lolita is a subjective substyle

>> No.10332505

Same, all I said was lor’s videos are watched by a lot of non-lolitas and it might be part of why there are so so many non-lolitas and sissies infiltrating our spaces and I was banned for vendetta. The base statement was not even about her, more just about how info spreads, and I even actually appreciate her videos. Any lolita YouTube content that isn’t just a haul or a kawaii makeup tutorial is great to me.

>> No.10332506 [DELETED] 

oh, would you mind to tell what thread it was in? I messed up it all

>> No.10332507

you can keep telling yourself that but you will look stupid when you're the only one at a meeting not wearing a suit

>> No.10332509

I’ve posted in COF to get posted here before but no one commented. If you’re conscientious enough to want serious concrit you’re probably like me, neither ita enough or amazing enough to get any comments cuz those are the only people who get any

>> No.10332510

But...but 30 is when you finally get real MONEY to drop on $800 coords...Your logic is flawed.

>> No.10332511

Shorties can be fat and still fit old school, taller girls gotta be rail thin to fit it. When people say you need to be thin to fit old school they’re usually thinking from the perspective of a white girl w/ avg height of 5’6”

>> No.10332516
File: 57 KB, 412x550, 90910858-3b31-587e-a663-de5c703639b4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love how full shirring looks

>> No.10332518

You do realize the point of Halloween is to look creepy and gross, right? Jfc what a square

>> No.10332519

Me too, when it’s not stretched all the way out it has a great ruched look

>> No.10332520

She was dancing nearly naked on stage during a drag queen event, that is disgusting.

>> No.10332522

Do you mind clarifying because right now you sound like a dumbass. I want to know what you actually mean before we do battle

>> No.10332523

I really don't see the point in chasing after an apparently high status / popular / rare piece simply for that sake rather than because you actually like it.

>> No.10332526

this is popular opinion...

>> No.10332527


I don't think this is an unpopular opinion at all, but unfortunately with flex culture we get so inundated with flexes that it doesn't seem that way.

>> No.10332528

>ouji is ugly
>if someone owns a dress they can do whatever they want with it
>lolita is basically a costume

>> No.10332529

i mean what's formal wear and casual wear is not really subjective

>> No.10332537
File: 109 KB, 441x292, 1541129264003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10332538
File: 307 KB, 580x387, 115c8dad790382ba39efbff617272778255101e4d8d8ce4747f17d5f45e0f235.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what do we flex then? not everyone has enough space to show off enormously big wardrobes.

>> No.10332541

It is but the majority still does it, they just can't admit it.

>> No.10332542
File: 59 KB, 484x483, 1556050698836.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to go back.

>> No.10332544

I don’t know how or why someone as sheltered as you would be on 4chan. Women can dance how and when they want. Also it was artistic expression, not a sexual act. But even if it was sexual, why do you think women expressing their sexuality is disgusting?

>> No.10332545

sigh @ today's women thinking that giving in and appealing to the male gaze is "empowering women"
feminism is truly dead

>> No.10332546

Obligatory hi Ophelia.

>> No.10332547

same mouse?

>> No.10332548

agree to all of these especially the first

>> No.10332549 [DELETED] 

>why do you think women expressing their sexuality is disgusting?
why whould they appreciate it either?

>> No.10332551


>> No.10332552

The blacks shouldn't cosplay white characters

>> No.10332554

If you are fat you shouldn't cosplay lolita or skinny characters.

>.t /fit/

>> No.10332557

Obligatory no I’m not

>> No.10332558

Look at the outfits she posted, they are indeed creepy and gross as other anon said, it’s not anything a man would consider sexy. She looks like a corpse and on Halloween that’s cool

>> No.10332559

Check her insta, nov 1 she posted pics of costumes. They’re tame

>> No.10332564

Ah okay. I don't really feel like this is worth arguing about but thank you for clarifying. I hope the rest of your day/night is a good one

>> No.10332566

Can't, don't have an insta.

>> No.10332568


>> No.10332577

Agreed. Unfortunately it's exploited and ruined by fatties

>> No.10332583

are we supposed to know the username of her insta

>> No.10332587

I'd bet you're whinging about these posts as we speak.

>> No.10332588

>image board

>> No.10332589


>> No.10332593

Could you please just report the bait instead of replying?

>> No.10332597 [DELETED] 
File: 563 KB, 1080x1607, 20200202_155744.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bingo anon.

>> No.10332598

Extremely unpopular: When I coord a main piece for the first time, that's how I'm always going to wear it. I don't understand the point of making multiple coords for each main piece when one already looks good.

>> No.10332599

this is top tier cringe, why even respond?

>> No.10332601

You sound so basic anon I can't :')

>> No.10332603

Why don't you like fun?

>> No.10332604

Is she on pills? She's acting so erratically as of late.

>> No.10332605

doctor who already finished airing at that time though

>> No.10332607

this is actually stranger than getting half-naked at a club. i hope she is okay.

>> No.10332608

Lmao truuuu

>> No.10332610

>cosplay lolita
say wha

>> No.10332611

I'll be honest I don't know what I'm talking about I just don't like seeing fat chicks in lolita cause it's supposed to be cute.

>> No.10332621

Lol i always knew she had some mental issues but damn, this is poodle chan AND garbage chan level of erratic. They need therapy.
As an old schooler p much since old school was a thing ,i can't believe the neo old schoolers are such edgy mentally ill crustfaces

>> No.10332623

This is the unpopular opinion thread, not the worthless opinion thread.

>> No.10332625

I am, admittedly

Idk I don't think it sounds fun, just more work lol

>> No.10332626

I would hate to be fat

>> No.10332627

no one cares about your opinion, scrote

>> No.10332630

the number 1 thing you should never do when you're receiving anonymous hate is acknowledge it. Bad move. Not only is it confirmed that you at least lurk here (and it must be often to notice a post about you that was made a couple hours ago), but that you can't handle the criticism so people are just going to dogpile more. Stupid.

>> No.10332636

You do know that we live in an age where we’re no longer restricted to watching whatever is currently airing on tv, right

>> No.10332638

Idk why Risa is so popular. She doesn't actually wear lolita like Rinrin or Misako. She's just a model for hire. I don't understand why she's invited as a guest for tea parties. I don't think she even likes the fashion. There's no sign of it on her insta or anything...

>> No.10332644

Strong agree. Especially now that she’s getting older and has to keep up with fillers etc. to look good. Like, what’s the point now? She’s losing her looks faster than Misako and she’s not even a lolita

>> No.10332645

>she went from whining in her circlejerk discord to whining on facebook
Ophelia, take your own advice and just leave cgl. Jesus christ.

>> No.10332647

anyone who's ever been in the old-school thread already knows she posts here, it's not a big deal

>> No.10332650

Are you a cartoon character?

>> No.10332651

You know when you get replies this fast, you've actually got an unpopular opinion.

>> No.10332652

>she’s getting older and has to keep up with fillers etc. to look good
says who?
damn,so many of you bitches are obsessed by aging and how you are viewed by outsiders. Patriarchy sure did a number on you

Seriously though,fuck Risa,she isn't even a real lolita,just kinda cute

>> No.10332659

There's no difference, but it's easier to make fun of itas and rpers when you can see their shitty coords and their anime profile pictures so I'd have preferred to have kept it there.

>> No.10332661 [DELETED] 


>> No.10332662

I feel you anon. Genuine feedback is just the stuff of dreams now though.

>> No.10332667

what is "fat" to you guys?
>inb4 weight derailing
pls no

>> No.10332670

But the whites can cosplay anything right? It's totally free game for them right?

>> No.10332673

what's her backstory

>> No.10332681

anything more than skelly is fat on cgl

>> No.10332682 [DELETED] 
File: 315 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_47b154bd93379d17bafee8f41e2bf23c_89b52e82_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope all her whiteknights feel embarrassed after that meltdown. She must stalk cgl 24/7 to respond so quickly.

>> No.10332684
File: 52 KB, 446x591, tumblr_4a9155ce560276380cce7c6c01346767_c616b2c1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Totally normal halloween activities, amirite?
Surely those aren't real middle aged men watching her, only other lolitas in disguise lol

>> No.10332686
File: 146 KB, 356x256, e42.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if i had that goblin body i would hide it

>> No.10332693

Actually I think this is rather cool look, at least it would be just as a costume/art piece/photoshoot. The drag community is kind of sexist and oversexualized and gross though.

>> No.10332695

This is basically my opinion too but I like weird interpretive dance and stuff so yeah

>> No.10332698

She calls herself 'bio queen' lol
I don't get how you can be all 'no sissies' because men getting off on dressing like girls is gross, but gay men making money by dressing as bimbofied versions of women is cool and totally not misogynistic because...?

>> No.10332699 [DELETED] 
File: 424 KB, 500x667, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is about the line for me. She's still decent but if she put on 10 more lbs it'd be too much

>> No.10332700

Males gtfo
We don't care what you jerk off to

>> No.10332701 [DELETED] 

Kiiinda sounds like you do care sweaty ;)

>> No.10332704

It smells like thread derailment in here so here's an unpopular opinion: I think no-bangs looks and even hair pushed back with a KC can look great if you have the right volume of hair and an average to short forehead

>> No.10332705

I don't understand how someone can call themselves a "bio queen" knowing full well the disdain that male drag queens hold towards them.

>> No.10332706

we need more radfems in this brainwashed community

>> No.10332708

i feel like they are emulating specific bimbos, not implying all women are bimbos. that's why a lot of them do impersonations of famous "divas". it's like saying rodeo clowns are stereotypes of cowboys.

>> No.10332710 [DELETED] 

jeeeeesus she is so shapeless ew thank god she covered her pancake tits. Stay covered when you look like this

>> No.10332715

She has a nice body

>> No.10332718

scrotes begone pls

>> No.10332719 [DELETED] 

She really doesn’t. She has an unfortunate body shape despite being thin. Probably why she tries so hard to stay that way

>> No.10332720


>> No.10332722

I'm not seeing what's "unfortunate" other than the fact that she has small breasts which isn't even a bad thing necessarily. I don't really like this girl but you sound kinda fat desu.

>> No.10332727

there's a difference between posting in an old-school thread and acknowledging hate

>> No.10332732 [DELETED] 

She has no waist.

>hur u sound fat!!

Stop projecting. Plenty of thin people can have a defined waist.

>> No.10332738

fats begone

>> No.10332740 [DELETED] 

It’s just Ophelia defending herself again. Ignore it

>> No.10332743

You’re probably right

Might want to go to a therapist for your self hatred over being fat. Contrary to your fatty-chan delusions being thin =/= a good body. You can still have a bad shape like Ophelia

>> No.10332746

no one gives this much of a shit about other womens bodies unless they are fat and insecure and need to put down women who are actually skinny to feel better about themselves. idgaf about Ophelia but let's be real, you have body envy

>> No.10332748

They’re side views so you wouldn’t really see her waist going in from the side. But so what if she doesn’t have a super well defined waist? If you have either wide ribs or narrow hips or both you won’t have a super defined waist like a perfect hourglass. She’s well within the spectrum of normal.

>> No.10332750

>no one gives this much of a shit about other womens bodies unless they are fat and insecure

Newfag/scrote be gone. 90% of women, fat or not, give this much of a shit. And 99% of lolita threads is catty nitpicking of other women.

>> No.10332752

>cgl represents women as a whole

>> No.10332757

You’re definitely a scrote. Or maybe a shunned autist who the other girls rejected but I’m leaning towards scrote with you

>> No.10332758

My unpopular opinion is that I feel sorry for Ophelia. Yes she’s been cringy at times, but the amount of shit she gets in these threads doesn’t seem anywhere near warranted. All I see is a young, maybe somewhat insecure girl trying to find some type of context to fit into and a bunch of vicious people trying to rip her apart for some perceived offense.

>Inb4 hi Ophelia
I’m not her but I was at one point an insecure young girl, and so were probably most of you. I don’t think it’s a crime anyone needs to be keelhauled for.

>> No.10332761

>she has small breasts which isn't even a bad thing necessarily
it's actually the best size of breasts you can have in lolita

>> No.10332770 [DELETED] 

>all that retarded projection "no ur just fatfatfat!1!! reee i am right u r wrong"
whatever helps you sleep at night,whether you are Ophelia or one of her toe suckers,you still look and act like a cave goblin though. Embarassing.

>> No.10332771
File: 59 KB, 438x549, D6aGpjjWkAYvtJI.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i'm sorry but

>> No.10332772

Stop projecting

>> No.10332773

>90% of women, fat or not, give this much of a shit.
Correction: 90% of insecure girls, teenagers, and women with delayed emotional and social development give this much of a shit. Unless you're 17 years old or younger, this is cringeworthy as all fuck behaviour.

>> No.10332774

People are just pissed off that she's more popular than they are despite their perceived superiority over her. I'm not particularly a fan of her either but this is extremely common takedown behaviour. CS Lewis did a good piece on why pride is the worst sin (I'm not religious but it's good shit) & why people feel the need to take others "down a notch".

>> No.10332776

Calm down scrote, you aren’t an expert on wymyn

>> No.10332777
File: 111 KB, 508x376, 1564692779089.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a vagina and you have BPD.

>> No.10332778

>only a young girl!
She's in her 20s.

This is the first time in a while anybody criticised her and it would have been only 1-2 posts if she hadn't reacted like the lolcow she is.

I guess this is the "aesthetic" she's actually going for.

>> No.10332779

Here’s my unpopular opinion: you guys all just have internalized misogyny. I’ve been defending Ophelia on here and I was one of the ones defending Kate the other day. Why are you guys hating on them? So what if they choose to have online profiles. If their hobby is putting on makeup and creating outfits and that’s how they want to spend their time, who cares? Either you guys are jealous because you wish you were thin or popular or something, or you internalize our culture’s misogyny such that a woman can’t be attractive/popular and also be worthy of respect Our culture pressures women to conform to beauty standards and dress up and wear makeup, and then penalizes them for doing so by not taking them seriously. If Ophelia had one more ounce of fat on her you would be calling her fat, but right now you think she’s too skinny. I guess she’ll never be perfect enough for you. And yes, I know there’s been drama in the past and especially Kate has possibly done some shady deals or some such ancient nonsense. But she was also young as hell, let it go. If you don’t like them just ignore them. And like I said before, I’m not either one of them. I’m just sick of this nonsense and the hatred online towards women who put themselves out there. Social currency is a real thing and in a lot of ways it’s one of the few forms of power that’s realistically attainable for women. I can’t hate on someone capitalizing on that and also at the same time expressing themselves artistically. And if they get paid for it (like with a brand deal or modeling) , all the more power to them

>> No.10332780

>I guess this is the "aesthetic" she's actually going for.
Which is a great halloween costume, what's the issue? or are you one of those people who thinks halloween is the time to dress like a sexy 1940s stereotype of a nurse instead of something scary

>> No.10332781

Both things are incorrect.

Literally 95% of /cgl/ is catty behavior.

>> No.10332782


>> No.10332783

>Both things are incorrect.
Shit... fuck... amazing comeback... you got me... I'm on the floor bleeding out

>> No.10332784

Or,take this: they don't like her.
I agree w what you said for the rest of it though,not everything is jealousy and it's retarded to think so

>> No.10332786

We get it, blah blah whiteknighting my (neocynical)princess by disguising it as feminism blah blah

>> No.10332787

based anon,i don't like ophelia but this is ridiculous. That said cgl is full of male LARPers,trannies,(and girls w severe internalized mysogyny: everyone is old and haggard,too fat,too skinny,...)

>> No.10332790

You must be 18 or older to view this website

>> No.10332791

Sometimes I think "scrote" is the /cgl/ equivalent of "narc", with the same relative paranoia

>> No.10332792

Scrote spotted

>> No.10332793

Everybody's getting their panties in a twist because somebody saying something mean about thin, pretty and popular Ophelia's costume hurt her feefees and triggered a meltdown, but when an actual young girl posts her very first coord you have no problem ripping her to shreds. Fuck off with your "us women must be nice to each other!"-shit, fucking hypocrites.

>> No.10332794

What makes you assume those are the same people? What makes you not assume that the people shredding minors/newbies are the same people shredding Ophelia?

>> No.10332799


>> No.10332801

>internalized misogyny.
You can just call it misogyny since most people on 4channel are male

>> No.10332805

Unpopular opinion: Ophelia is only slightly above average and gets by because she managed to become the most popular oldschooler which is full of legit Uggos like dollsmeat

>> No.10332810


I don't really care either way about Ophelia, but k8 is a really weird hill to die on with the shit she pulls.

>> No.10332812

it's ok to be boring, dear. not everyone is born creative.

>> No.10332815

its a side view, you have no way of realizing how defined her waist is. most women don't have fifteen inch anime skelly waists, get off instagram and see what real women look like. all the girls on insta edit their waists like crazy now.

>> No.10332818

She posted a front view on her insta newfag. Literally everybody can see her non existent waist

>> No.10332821

but she has a tiny waist, she wouldn't fit into old school without one. she just doesn't have big hips, which is fine. a skinny apple/banana/square shaped body is the ideal for lolita fashion, nearly all asian models have that shape.

>> No.10332822

you can fuck right off.

>> No.10332825

She does not have a tiny waist for her body type. You can’t sit here and tell me her apple shape is ideal for anything. The ideal lolita would be a slim hourglass or pear within the range of brand blouses of the time. You can tell her unfortunate body shape through her coord pics too. And no, not “nearly all” Asian models have an Apple body shape. Goddamn you’re so far up Opheila’s ass I wonder if you’ve ever seen sunlight

>> No.10332827
File: 119 KB, 700x947, tumblr_l6phx5d5eo1qd3w72o1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you don't need to be an hourglass to be lolita because the sihlouette of the fashion creates the illusion of one anyway.

i don't like ophelia. i think shes a know it all and i hate her interpretation of old school. CGL is just full of hypocrites that would rather take out their body issues on a stranger than actually give someone proper critque.

and yes most japanese models dont have extremely defined waists

>> No.10332828

Hourglass is not good for lolita unless you only wear MM, in which case good luck building your wardrobe

>> No.10332829
File: 45 KB, 440x600, tumblr_llj2721aef1qifmd7o1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10332832

>and yes most japanese models dont have extremely defined waists
extremely this. Same for south Korea if you watch k-pop music videos

>> No.10332834

You’re stupid. Hourglass is fine unless you’re fat.

Nobody said you NEED to be. Just that gross apple shapes like Ophelia aren’t ideal. Most Japanese models have more of a defined waist than Ophelia. Even the pic you posted does.

It’s like none of you saw all the pics she posted and have no idea of what you’re talking about.

>> No.10332838

I can't comprehend how you all see apple shaped when she's clearly pear shaped.

>> No.10332839
File: 92 KB, 600x600, 7eb715f72364f13c025ede81538c709a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you have no idea what you're talking about. your weird vendetta has you blind and biased. also theres nothing wrong with being apple shaped, especially when you're thin like ophelia.

>> No.10332840

We only see the pics posted here, did you think we are going to look up her Instagram?

>> No.10332843

>no u

Get new material.

You’re right, my bad. I just assumed you weren’t retarded and knew what you were talking about. Silly me.

>> No.10332845

I looked at her instagram and I still don't see what you're talking about. if you hate her so much why do you talk her insta, anyway?

>> No.10332846

It's retarded thatb you thought we all follow some rando. Nobody knows her unless they're really into old school.

>> No.10332847

I’m sorry you’re stupid and blind but I don’t have the resources to restore your eyesight or give you a tard handler

>> No.10332851

I just think it's funny she's getting her comeuppance after sitting in her ivory tower discord and mocking others for their behavior that she doesn't deem appropriate, such as looking down on people for being sex workers. At least they're getting paid for it and not prancing around in front of a disinterested crowd under the guise of "art"! Also the kindof look she is sporting is a similarly bland edgy drag ripoff like what that cicada face girl does

is this the new trend for e-fame hungry lolitas? ditch lolita altogether because you have run out of ideas since you can only poorly emulate and regurgitate what others have already done?

>> No.10332852

she looks down on sex workers? do you have a screenshot of this? that's fucked up

>> No.10332853

What's this discord? Is it just a old school Lolita discord?

>> No.10332854

>we have different opinions on a strangers body and therefore im going to call you slurs. im very smart.

>> No.10332855

You’re really way too sensitive to be on 4ch

nayrt but how new can you be?

>> No.10332856 [DELETED] 

I wonder how you’ll react to the word nigger or faggot if you’re this much of a crybaby

>> No.10332858

how am i crybaby when you're the one upset and flinging insults around.

>> No.10332862

Imagine being this new and sensitive

>> No.10332867

What do you all think of muscular men crossplaying? I'm thinking of wearing the BNHA cheerleader uniform

>> No.10332872

IIRC in the lolcow screenshots she tries to out someone for doing porn but is totally mistaken.

>> No.10332873 [DELETED] 

I don't care about "black facing".

POC cosplayers are some the biggest shit starters.

>> No.10332878

Yeah idk who's saying apple. Her hips and thighs look proportionately large compared to her waist.

>> No.10332879

Ignoring all this current derailment.

All the good lolitas left COF because they are leaving ALL the lolita groups on Facebook. It's not the cgl effect. It's because Facebook groups are shit.

>> No.10332882

>Ignoring all this current derailment
>doesn’t actually ignore it and comments on it


>> No.10332883

>more race shit
Read the header.

>> No.10332886
File: 802 KB, 622x464, 1540338247249.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know, /cgl/ should do it like lolcow and ban anons for replying to obvious bait and thirsty males. Not sure if that's an unpopular opinion though.

>> No.10332889

I meant the ophelia trashtalk.

>> No.10332890

It is unpopular, because this isn’t lolcow and filled with a bunch of ridiculous rules on a notorious bad rep site

>> No.10332892

We know dumbass. You’re still acknowledging it and commenting on it by responding

>> No.10332899

Well they sure didn't whiteknight young newbies posted here in the past 14 years like they did with ophelia in this very thread. Pick your poison, the result is the same.

>> No.10332902
File: 570 KB, 1080x1665, 1579111776056.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What makes you assume those are the same people?

>> No.10332907 [DELETED] 
File: 514 KB, 955x5237, 1574642077959-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What makes you assume those are the same people?

>> No.10332909 [DELETED] 
File: 637 KB, 938x5331, 1574642077959-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10332911

Did you post these to the farm yet? Please do if not

>> No.10332913

>because this isn’t [...] filled with a bunch of ridiculous rules
Ok post-2013 fag

>> No.10332915

I took them from the farm, it's from their previous lolita thread. There's more but I really don't care about the vendetta and more about the hypocrisy of our obvious facebook immigrants.

>> No.10332916

>not 2012

Newfag larping as oldfag spotted

>> No.10332921

Should have known it's you again. You are worse then HWC at this point.

>> No.10332923

Most people look down on sex workers ...

>> No.10332925

Does your therapist know you’re having delusions and hallucinations?

>> No.10332927

Sorry for not knowing the exact date of something that happened 7-8 years ago, I haven't tattooed it to my forearm yet.

>> No.10332928

Just don’t pretend to know more than you actually do newfag

>> No.10332930

I’m in my early 20s and i can afford sets. You don’t have to be a 30 year old hag with crows feet and baggy eyes to afford it

>> No.10332931

Go on, until all your posts get nuked again.

>> No.10332934

Let me guess you beat your SO when they watch porn and rip up their risqué drawings?

>> No.10332935

Sounds like you’re projecting on what’s happened to you before anon. Stop being so autistic.

>> No.10332941

>You don’t have to be a 30 year old hag with crows feet and baggy eyes
You're in for a few weird surprises when you hit 30

>> No.10332955

>paying attention to dates and years
Autiatic people are fascinated by dates usually

>> No.10332987

I have a trap/ sissy fetish and fully welcome them in lolita. This isn't trolling and it's not bait.

>> No.10332989

so you leech off your parents and/or older boyfriend, that's nice

>> No.10332994

You can afford it at any age if you suck enough dick

>> No.10333038

800 coord is not a lot

>> No.10333133
File: 79 KB, 446x602, scarf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

gonna repeat myself, non goth people shouldn't wear gothic lolita

>> No.10333147

Her videos are cringe to me, sorry anon, we can agree to disagree. I can't stand her dumb voice and try hard persona.

>> No.10333156

The irony is the 2nd for the right is a legit old school ita since the Lj days.

But you wouldn't know that, newfag

>> No.10333158

And what will that attention get you? Sounds pretty toxic and vapid to me.

>> No.10333188

Attention can get you free stuff

>> No.10333192

Well, sure you can feel it’s cringe, but I would rather listen to 100 girls emulating tv presenters for a news channel parody than another girl with a high pitched voice trying to look and move like a super kawaii princess anime character.

>> No.10333247

Why limit a $350 dress? Depending upon the print and fabric it could do different seasons. You sound like a con Lolita. So you only need 3 coords a year anyhow.

>> No.10333254

you're doing gods work anon

>> No.10333477

I only wear goth but goth music and events suck so unfortunately I can't get into it

>> No.10333500

Hard agree.

>> No.10333504


Stupid question but how would you know someone wearing goth wasn't goth? Like someone who usually wears sweet and does a Goth coord?

>> No.10333560

>how would you know someone wearing goth wasn't goth?
If they have no interest in goth music.

>> No.10333621

So you look at them and read their minds or do you plan on asking every gothic lolita about their music taste before deciding if they are worthy or not?

>> No.10333726

congrats on literally being a poseur
you can't tell often
, another reason for them not to wear it

>> No.10333736

If you're so clueless that you think all dark aesthetics came from goth, rather than sprouting from their own various cultural contexts before being caught up in the modern umbrella term of "gothic" then I believe it may actually be YOU who is the poseur, friend.
These aesthetics and the atmosphere that accompanies them existed long before the music. You can be aesthetically Gothic without being Goth. The only issue is when someone who wears gothic lolita claims to be goth without partaking in the culture.

>> No.10333749
File: 71 KB, 400x388, good word.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you don't have to be goth to be gothic

>> No.10333755

This all the way. Stop hating women who put themselves out there and are inspirations to others.

>> No.10333907

No patrick, shopping at Killstar doesn't make you goth.

>> No.10334435
File: 1.11 MB, 777x1177, 1576785185263.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That Christianity is the spiritual truth and people are condemned by their sin and most don't even know it. Hear the good news today, hear the truth.


>> No.10335922

Trans men should be able to wear lolita without people calling them trenders or fake trans. Gender identity and clothing are entirely separate so telling anyone they can't wear something because of their gender is fucking stupid. Same goes for trans women in lolita

>> No.10336146

Dark coloured blouses can look really cute under lighter dresses

>> No.10338703

Trannies should fucking die and I don't care if they wear lolita or not, all of them should be fucking shot in the head. They're a bunch of degenerate autist who are hurt at muuhhh gender expression and muuuh pronouns.

Only biological sex is real.

>> No.10338725
File: 1.90 MB, 500x249, 1552478944336.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10338884

No anon I legit think trannies should die or get therapy instead of shoving their stupid feelings ideology into society and the gov. They are homophobic and mysogynistic. They have no place in this world, let alone jfashion.

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