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Inspired by a conversation in unpopular opinions thread, what influence if any do you think cgl has on lolita and jfashion? Does it influence lolita culture? Can it predict upcoming trends? Or does this board exist in a void? Has /cgl/ grown as an influence, decreased, or had no influence at all?

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I think cgl is hardly relevant and doesn’t influence anybody. Nobody here knows anything, one look at the otahime debacle proves that. Even what little influence cgl had still died a slow death (like uchuuu kei)

Reading mean things about yourself on here definitely can take a toll on someone, but on a large scale? CGL doesn’t mean anything.

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Anon your proof for not being an influence are less than 5 threads from 4 years ago. I do think cgl used to play a big role in trends and basically formed our current trends. Which is why there are no new ones anymore for over 2 years, because, like you said, cgl is dying.

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Cgl is dead, no one cares about lolita anymore.

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cgl did NOTHING in terms of trends, how could they? trends aren’t formed by anonymous discussion, they’re formed by girl’s actually wearing something and it catching on. I’ve been around since before cgl was a blue board. I’ve been posted about on cgl since I was very underage. When the community was smaller and centered more on live journal, things might’ve been different then. But CGL knows nothing about trends, most users here just hate whatever is popular and nitpick coordinates to death while the fashion evolves around them. There’s still people here who think blouseless coords are ita despite brands featuring them all the time, there’s people here convinced AP is on the outs despite them being more popular than ever. The anonymous posting format is going to attract a more edgy, contrarian poster, that doesn’t reflect the community as a whole.

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There was a point in time when cgl (and livejournal) were highly influential as communities but that was ages ago. Nowadays the focus has shifted over to individuals, with instagram, facebook and personal blogs having more of an echo and being more international; you could be following a chinese, american or japanese lolita (including models like Risa or Misako -and yes she might be old but she's still got some influence-) and then you save their coords or get inspired by them later on. Cgl is kind of dead nowadays, I remember it flourishing over 2013-2016 post drama being banned with both good cosplay and jfashion threads (we even helped invent some bullshit jfashions like uchuu kei or otome, even pastel goth kek).
I think during that period a lot of lolitas went onto tumblr and then instagram, and some of us still post here, but man, a lot of us grew up fast.
We have an econimical recession coming, not many people are able to spend so freely anymore. Most lolitas around that time are between 25-35 years old now and you know, besides those who still wear lolita, most of us had to either put it on hold or have other priorities like our families, work etc. Plus I don't think lolita fashion is as popular as it was with millenials to gen z. They have other kinds of fashions like the egirl and eboy or soft pastels or arthoe or whatever. The west has embraced alt fashion way more (both the cute and "goth" side) so they are not really looking at japanese stuff for inspiration if celebs like Billie Eilish or Doja Cat already look cool and colorful and are available at a click with less rules and research than what we had to do with jfashion. Times change.
Plus, ageplay and kink are in right now, lolita was supposed to be modest and so the appeal has faded.

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I remember the post a pic of yourself and get cosplay recommendations threads, those were cool as fuck and we had a lot of nice ppl from other boards. Oh how times change.

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But anon chit chat -> lolita discus -> then we experimented -> then we post pics -> get feedback -> anon chit chat -> experimentation
And so on

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Not gonna lie, I want lolita to die. I think the old good glory days are over, cgl will probably return to be either a nsfw board or just cosplay based.

Lolita I think has no room left to grow and the quality is getting shitty, I want it to die while it still is a cool thing. Maybe some years later after the olimpics who knows.

Good lolita dresses peaked in 2005-2010. Then all after was just trend after trend and look at us now. Dunno that's just my opinion.

Other jfashions are barely surviving, everything is getting homogenous with korea, china and the west, and dunno what the future will bring.

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Cgl is nothing to lolita fashion. The same topics keep getting repeated over and over again. All arguments and opinions and predictions and bait have been posted hundreds of times.

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Cgl is so slow and insignificant nowadays, that a thread like this would had either been filled by monday or disappeared by sunday, replaced with the same ol' threads that we are used to see every couple of days. But now, a couple of days has become a couple of weeks. And so a post made 11 days ago has still some relevance and hasn't died in the catalog yet.
It's weird to see this place so dead, but I'm not complaining. Drama moved on to the farm and no one cares about cgl anymore. Maybe it being a slower board than usual is good.

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If cgl wanted to make a difference then we'd actually have to post original content but nobody wants to do so, instead we just scream into the void and hope it answers back.
Tb h I'm just here trying to uphold the values and appeal that got me into the fashion so others can see it as more than just pretty dresses and pissing contests. That and the horror story threads are entertaining.

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>I'm just here trying to uphold the values and appeal that got me into the fashion
Such as?

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Interesting, explain?

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Mainly just trying to encourage creativity (crafts/sewing etc), encourage people to keep going even if they get backlash from the public/others (wear it for yourself) and help people to improve their coords instead of just shitting on them as a person as many gulls tend to do.

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The posts here are depressing me. Is lolita truly just a dead cringe fashion by now? Can't we just get with the times and change it by becoming a positive community with fewer gate keepers and more ocs (editing memes and adding strawberries doesn't count)?? And when will that stupid term for cute modest frilly lace fashion change into something more searchable so nymphet fashion and porn doesn't show up on google and so on?

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Lolita really isn't dead. I've seen more and more people getting into it. If I can go out and the occasional normie has seen it before and kinda have an idea what it is, it's only becoming more well-known.

Forums and sites of this nature are dying out in lieu of social media, People are driven to sites with likes, comments, and instant notifications.

Meanwhile, you check back here in a what was a fine thread at 8am this morning, and is now a raging dumpster fire that has gone off-topic and everyone is raging about weight and whether e-fame girl's legs are too fat. It was a thread about lace.

There's not as many people using this site, and people would rather have their name and face tied to what they post. It's just how things are now. You attach your name and face here, you may as well burn your attached note to "don't beat me too badly arm-chair lolita senpai"

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This. The only thing /cgl/ actually does anything note worthy with is possibly letting internet drama and other gossip go too far without any proof and potentially harm peoples con experience.

Cgl's influence on anything other than giving people an anonymous place to bitch without making constant smurf accounts is probably the one and only thing note worthy cgl has left. Most normal cons have over 2.5k people, and cgl may make up a whopping 10-15 of those, where most all just came to cgl if any parties were going on. The only thing /cgl/ has going for it is possible fun meetups at completely shit cons, and life blood for people who seek drama from mundane shit.

Discord's popularity, like it or not, is where most people ran off to instead of here to make small cliques for themselves or to power trip on people easier.

Lolita's not dead, but it's such a headache of a community to get in as someone new by cgl's groups that it's dead to many. Cons are growing in size as the generations that love anime now have money and can spend it on stupid shit.

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cgl's been on the decline since every other platform took it over, whatever website it is took it. Patreon was probably the final nail in the coffin.

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western lolita is a bit dead due to all the relentless gatekeeping scaring people away from it. but it's fuckhuge in china, so not dead as a whole

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