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>30 years old
>plus size
>wants to start wearing lolita
>wants a mentor as if it exists

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Not the worst. I was 29 when I started, and was also looking for plus-sized advice.

Though, plus-size people really need to write down their weight/size when looking for help. In my case it turns out I was only chubs and still fit into 70% of burando, live in an area where girls were mostly not-fat. Coming onto cgl and finding out hamplanets were doing the HAES body positivity thing while calling themselves "chubby" was a whole different experience.

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Sorry you got posted

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my pet peeve is people overusing "sry you got posted" and "you must be new" and "found the roleplayer" whenever someone disagrees with them. You're not funny or clever, you're annoying

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why wear lolita when youre fat and would look bad anyways?

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Fat people look bad no matter what so they might as well wear something they like.

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I'm average weight but seem slim in burgerland, and I work hard to maintain my weight as I get older. Most of my dresses don't have shirring and I want to keep wearing them. It's ridiculous that I feel embarrassed to say that I'm dieting and exercising to stay 130 pounds, which is not even a low weight, because everyone is so quick to call taking care of yourself anorexia. Also I wish people would stop saying "you don't need to exercise!" because honestly everyone does.

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This but 145 pounds trying to drop to 125
Currently stuck in skinny fat hell and sick of people saying I dont need to diet or exercise.

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no truer words have been better said

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My pet peeve is people acting like there's an age cap on lolita. I know people in their 30s and 40s who I always think would look adorable in it. I think it has much more to do with just picking dresses within the fashion that suit you. This is also my normie fashion pet peeve (like you're not "supposed" to wear pretty dresses or skirts after a certain age, you have to dress like a soccer mom or a businesswoman)

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>30 is too old
because you should just stop liking things that you used to like at this random age that I pulled out of my ass.

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get off of fucken 4ch

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no u

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I was 30 when I started and was plus-sized. I'll be 40 in a few years. I still enjoy wearing the fashion and I'm fairly active in it.

Honestly, I couldn't have afforded this fashion in my early 20's. It was a lot more expensive back then too. At least in my 30s, I've had good employment. paid of debts, did adult things, and have been able to invest in hobbies. I couldn't afford shit on my part-time minimum wage employment in my 20s. Now I seem to collect hobbies.

Depending on how hard you fall from the genetics tree, it can be pretty easy to appear younger if you take care of yourself and keep up with styling trends. Being a little chubs, but still active and eating healthier foods might help with keeping a baby-face depending on the person. But there's a point where double-chins and features made small by gelatinous chub doesn't look cute. Likewise, I know people in their mid-20's with deep-set forehead wrinkles, thinning lips, and crows feet. Kinda depends on the person.

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American food and weight culture is honestly so toxic. There’s the nonsense from the diet industry and shitty trainers, to the normalization of eating pizza, burgers, and fast food more than thrice a week, but I find the hostility you face just for taking care of yourself to maintain a healthy weight completely absurd. I’ve heard horror stories of people’s own friends and family purposely trying to sabotage their progress out of envy and misplaced anger at their own lack of self control. Although considering 70% of people here are overweight or obese and have no idea how to eat healthy (or how to stop eating way too much) it’s also not surprising that being a fatass is completely normalized. The fat acceptance movement and HAES culture certainly aren’t helping, though.

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I feel like people who think there's an age you're supposed to stop are age players who wear lolita because they wanna look like a little girl.

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This, also, feeling good about yourself is statistically more likely to result in healthier choices and weight loss. If a fatty-chan likes how she looks in lolita, she'll be more inclined to lose weight to fit in better stuff and look cuter instead of if she's wearing shitty garbage and feeling like shitty garbage.

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130 pounds isn't seen as slim anywhere

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I’m always shocked when I realize that people I know in the US literally have no idea how to eat healthy. They really think that eating nothing but bacon is a better idea than just eating less processed food and more fruits and vegetables. It’s soooooooo hard here to find just simple basic food made from whole fruits and vegetables if you’re away from home. Our country is an ongoing experiment in what happens when you allow people to be entirely controlled by consumer culture and advertising

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Nice bait m8

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Maybe because the point of lolita isn't "to look good"?

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Are you really going to argue that that isn't seen as pushing chubby literally anywhere in the world unless you're like 6 feet tall.

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A big part of the problem is that unhealthy food is cheaper than healthy food. So poor people don't have much choice, sadly

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>30 is ANCIENT!!!
boy am i tired of the constant college newfags in this fashion

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Sadly I’m not talking about poor people and I’m not talking about what they have access to, it’s what they genuinely believe thanks to corporate media

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Hard agree, it’s incredible and really no wonder at all that heart disease is the leading killer of Americans. Tragic that people are so blind to how their diet affects their health that they wonder why their doctor is telling them to lose weight when they complain about symptoms of obesity related issues like joint or foot pain, lethargy, fatigue, trouble breathing, etc.. They’re so in denial they think it simply must be some other unrelated medical condition, but if they would listen to their doctor and lose the weight the doctor would have an easier time being able to tell if there really is an underlying condition.
I find these same types of people also become incredibly hostile when you tell them you eat plant based or vegan. They’re all for a carnivore diet or using keto as an excuse to eat copious amounts of bacon and put butter on everything, but god forbid you say you primarily eat vegetables. It’s like all those cartoons where kids decry broccoli as disgusting has convinced the whole nation vegetables are evil and out to get them.

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Yeah they definitely get hostile. They think you’re a weird hippie if you tell them maybe you don’t need meat to be the primary ingredient of every single meal. That maybe, just maybe, they would feel better if they actually got some vitamins and fiber that don’t come from a bottle. Super sad to me because my parents are among these people

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Most people's problem is first and foremost eating too much, and guess what, buying less food is always cheaper. It's a bad excuse.

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It can be if you're 5"7+ and not skinnyfat (aka you have muscle mass) but that's not usually the case

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Yeah, it’s really wild and quite sad. Especially when people aren’t even responsive to suggesting reducing meat by just one meal, replacing it with various veg and beans, when just that little bit can make a big difference in their health.
It took a long time to convince my mom who is obese to try just reducing how much she ate. It’s really hard to see your family suffer and then refuse to accept help. Hopefully they will reach a point where they realize on their own or finally let you get through to them.

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Don’t reply to bait, please

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>130 pounds is chubby
Bitch, that's literally underweight if you're 5'10+ and healthy if you're 5'1+.
You're either a gross scrote or a fattie roleplaying as a catty ana-lita.

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See >>10333420

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lol. fwiw my start was over six years ago. And I got to 29 because I thought I was fat an ugly at 25 and wouldn't look good in lolita. I honestly thought I only had a few years to look good in lolita before needing to sell off the dresses and then getting back to growing old, but it turns out nobody comes to confiscate my dresses after I turn 30, so here I am still dressing up.

I honestly can't really say much about being fat and into lolita. It turns out I either overestimated my fat or underestimated lolita, I just mostly went with shirred Meta dresses and have never been posted in the ita thread, so I guess I'm not messing up too badly.

But that's why I'm saying fat girls need to post their weight when asking for advice, someone who is 80+kg kinda fat is gonna have way less problems than someone who is over 100kg.

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It’s bait, stop feeding the troll

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5’1” and 130 would be almost overweight, as in two pounds more and they’re overweight, so yeah. Chubby.

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It's ok, they'll be hit with the crushing reality that they aren't getting any younger and yet somehow still enjoy the same hobbies as always, just like everyone else

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I already see how this would go.
>bleeding heart offers to mentor newfag
>asks for dimensions
>newfag is offended and says she doesn't even get weighed at the doctor because it's fatphobic
>mentor delicately drops burando tends to run smol and even full shirring has limits
>newfag blames Japan and its fascist stick insects, teehee!
>mentor tries harder
>brings up maxi ma'am, bodyline, taobao
>newfag finds that way too complicated and too much effort
>"Is there nothing loliable at walmart?"
>mentor learns the hard way to not set herself on fire to keep a lazy idiot warm

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Are we sure it's not a man? Plus size like Hannah Mouncey?

>> No.10333544

lol the face of believing no one lies about their weight

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It's not bait. 110lbs is fat.

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I know old ass women who wear lolita. They’re 30-35 and should have stopped years ago

>> No.10333636

30 isn't old. dude. also you realize these women are probably going to wear lolita into their later years.

>> No.10333654

Shes ugly, so it doesn't count

>> No.10333655

I'm always so curious to know what's going to happen when the people who post things like this turn 30. Are you planning to just give up on life or what?

>> No.10333657

>old-ass women
god i hate zoomers

>> No.10333658

/cgl gets a lot of trolls that think lolita = lolicon, and that all lolitas should be little girls. Which is how you get people saying 30 is too old.
tldr go away pedo

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If you can look this good, forget about your age.

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>80kg is only kinda fat

>> No.10333669

They will say "Don't wear it past 40".

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It has. I seriously want to just vomit react at the fat positive culture that America has. It’s not cute. It’s not sexy. It’s fucking gross, sloppy and people should be ashamed to be that big.

But of course if I were to say this I’d be cancelled and deemed fatphobic.

Which I am. I’m terrified of getting fat.

>> No.10333677

>Which I am. I’m terrified of getting fat

anorexia isn't cute either.

>> No.10333678

It sure gets romanticized as an ~uwu delicate and fragile princess~ disorder. Lots of normies have this weird envy of people who are anorexic and will lie about it for attention. You can bet they aren’t envious of the fatties though.

>> No.10333682

sounds like you have issues

>> No.10333685

Who said anything about anorexia? I'm a healthy weight, exercise and eat fine.

I just don't want to get fat.

Or... Or or.... Maybe I'm not fond of carrying around extra weight, and think it's gross that people are ok with it.

>> No.10333688

see: general reaction (disgust and concern) to Eugenia

>> No.10333689


You have no idea what you’re talking about. Eating disorders get glamorized all the time and the community regularly is upset by the lack of accurate representation due to said glamorizing. And the reaction to Eugenia is because she’s an extreme case and was literally weeks away from dying. She wasn’t delicate and pretty anorexic like the 16.5-17 bmi girls are that get glamorized.

Educate yourself before talking out of your ass.

>> No.10333691

most anorexics don’t look or ever get as bad as eugenia you walnut

>> No.10333693


>80kg type of "fat girl" vs 100+kg type of "fat girl"

Clearer? I mean the whole point was plus size. Nobody was ever saying they were skinny and okay.

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So, which YouTuber are you?

>> No.10333853

Why are threads like these not nuked? Any sane person (which I'd like to hope most of us are) doesn't consider a normal bmi 'fat' or 30 'old'.
Scrotes getting off on 'triggering' us?

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I hate fat lolitas. chubby ones are ok but the obese, lazy sacks of shit decorated in embarrassing food and sweets prints shouldn’t be acceptable in this fashion. obese is not feminine modest or cute not even remotely. they just make these beautiful dresses look like obese toddlers episodes of maury. or they make it sexualized with their gross sagging udders shoved so tight in a dress spilling out of dresses. looks like baboon asses. know I’ll get hate for this too but I really hate them lusting after dresses they know won’t fit them. quit being delusional and get help for your fat fetish eating disorders.

>> No.10333880

>look like obese toddlers
In general I find obese people, the morbidly obese in particular, look like gigantic babies. Putting them in lolita definitely doesn’t help.

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Somewhat related, my pet peeve is when people say lolita should be “modest”. Get out of here with your neoconservatism, the fact that it covers most of the body doesn’t mean shit when you consider how weird and attention-grabbing the fashion is.

>> No.10333930

get out roleplayer go finish your game of fortnight and leave the fatties alone

>> No.10333931

Nayrt and I absolutely agree with you.
I wear lolita because I like it, not because I want to be modest/feminine/whatever else.

>> No.10333933

Yeah fuck all that modesty.

I still cuss like a sailor in frills.

>> No.10333934

I’m not. Trust me I’m not good enough for YouTube.

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Also 145 trying to get to 125. I've lost 40+ lbs so far, so I've got a lot of "leftover" fat that is super hard to get rid of plus all this loose skin. Feels bad, but at least I look decent enough that people are actively trying to sabotage any further weight loss with the "but you're so skinny already!!1" nonsense. I don't let those comments get to me and stall my progress, that's just what the people who say those things are hoping you'll do.

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Maybe at like 5'7 + it is

>> No.10334027

I don't hate fat lolitas, but I do hate the ones who call every normal sized lolita an anorexic. The same ones who scream fat positive instead of body positive. The same ones who wont admit that they have binge eating disorder. You don't get that big without an eating disorder.

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This has been debunked several times. It boils down to laziness for not cooking, not learning to plan meals ahead of time when grocery shopping, and overeating so you dont feel satisfied with an otherwise healthy portion of food.

Heres a study that really breaks it down, but the price difference is so minimal id hardly use it as an excuse to eat like shit


>> No.10334184

but poor people have worse educations, imagine the people who struggle to read. of course they didn't do the research on BMR and TDEE and 3500 calories to a lb. it's more challenging for them on their shitty cheap internet connections when their roof is leaking. same for cooking, if they're working 2 jobs on their feet and getting high off their ass to ward off suicide, they're going to be driving to the only fast food place still open at 1am, not meal prepping.

>> No.10334210

>citing harvard study
the study doesn't even compare anything directly. of course buying cheap veg and lentils is cheap but that's not what people are eating day to day. a pot roast frozen dinner is cheaper than all the ingredients for the same dinner you have to prep. plus, grocery stores sill operate on the idea of family portions so buying everything to make the dinner for just one or 2 people is a lot of upfront cost. plus when your poor, you want to go with the more appetizing foods you can afford. the choice between cheap plain rice with frozen veg or cheap salty ramen with frozen veg is obvious.

>> No.10334219

And on the flip side if you're fat you're constantly made to feel like shit for not starving yourself, which is why all these "escapism" hobbies are filled with fatties.

>> No.10334221


You're not factoring time into the price, you may call it laziness, but if you only have $5 and a hour before your 2nd job starts (assuming you have a car) its "cheaper" to by a $2.5 hamburger than cook.

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I haye it when ugly females (which are the majority of this board) post pictures of themselves wear lolita fashion as if it makes them cute or something. Then they have the nerve to insult others as if you look any good. They will never be a japanese princess. No matter who is talking down about who, they will always look like a disgusting tranny trying to be cute

>> No.10334255

It's almost like people don't wear this fashion to appeal to others or something

>> No.10334256

that's a man, anon.

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You don't have to spread such a defeatist attitude. Do you think they want to be fat and ugly? We should devote our energy to improving our cosplay/fashion and getting the look we want not putting others down.

Fuck off back to reeeeeeddit you gatekeeping elitist piece of shit

>> No.10334258

Big congrats on that, im only 20lbs down from 165 as my highest weight.

>> No.10334270

>>10334184 >>10334221
I worked two jobs before i decided to go back to school and get a higher education, and i still bought groceries and cooked because i didnt like fast food. In fact, i loved that things came in bulk because i could meal plan between checks 2 weeks apart and get everything in one go.

Just because you find a greasy patty with chemical cheese appetizing doesnt mean everyone else does

I genuinely think a lot of it comes from upbringing as well. I come from a house that always did home cooked meals and really only had fast food on special occasions like road trips. I learned to cook young, but thats dying out since it truly amazes me how many people eat like shit simply because they dont know how to cook or grocery shop.

>> No.10334272

working two jobs doesn't mean you're poor. especially if you were able to save money and go to school. some people work 2 jobs and live paycheck to paycheck in poor areas and don't have the privilege of saving money.

>> No.10334278

How do we remove scrote from the

>> No.10334335

Ugh, he's been to my city?

>gatekeeping elitist
Have I been looking at the wrong lolita subreddits because gatekeeping and elitist are the last words I would have used for them. Isn't the main lolita subreddit even run by a sissy? Reddit in general is full of men pretending to be girls.

>> No.10334422

>working two jobs equals poor
obviously not

>> No.10334447

I suppose that's fair, but if your litterally spilling out of your clothes that's a problem.

>> No.10334552

>if you're fat you're constantly made to feel like shit for constantly gorging yourself

>> No.10334555

Congrats to you too, thanks! Weight loss is almost never easy, especially when you're only a bit overweight. Those last couple pounds to come off are the hardest.

>> No.10334692

I think that poster is saying is that people in this community have no right to judge others based on looks, especially when they don't look exactly like an anime uguu kawaii japanese girl like they imagine themselves to be. No need to get all riled up over someone else's opinion, let alone something so simple.

>> No.10334783

Redditor is is just an insult used on 4chan

Gatekeeping is describing their actions

>> No.10334842

Your Havard study doesn't hold because it was an international study. 10 countries, in fact.
You had two jobs and a car. You weren't poor. You do work hard, yes, but not poor.
Wait, hold on, as the resident poor person, that's a little mean. I may have a shitty internet connection with a leaky bathtub thinking about suicide occasionally high, but I do not drive to fast food places at 1 a.m. high off my ass nor do most of us.

And frozen veggies are expensive although we quite enjoy both fresh and frozen, I'll have you know. I had a bell pepper today, it was delicious. It was also really expensive at $1.34. An .80 bag of chips has enough calories to last a full day. Ramen is fucking terrible. We hate that shit. We only eat it when we have to eat on .20.

Leave us poor people out of this lolita thread, all of you.

>> No.10334845

And most poor people are actually quite skinny until about late thirties to early forties, decades of malnutrition alongside withdrawal catch up to us & our bodies self-destruct into tubs of lard.

That's why I prefer to buy j-fashion instead of hard drugs.

>> No.10334852

>Frozen veggies are expensive

U fukin wut m8

>> No.10334856

frozen veg is like twice the price as fresh per pound.

>> No.10335102

Frozen vegetables are often more expensive than buying them fresh at most stores.

For instance, at my local Kroger, 1 large head of cauliflower is $2.79. A large head of cauliflower will make about 22 to 26 oz of cauliflower florets. A frozen bag of Kroger brand 24oz cauliflower florets is $4.99.

Now, Kroger brand has started releasing a new line of "Traditional Favorites" frozen vegetables for $1.00 to about $1.69 for 12 oz portions. But calculating it out, you'd get about double the food by buying fresh and freezing it yourself. And a lot of Krogers don't have the "Traditional Favorites" line yet.

>> No.10335203

Do you live in a food desert? frozen is much cheaper where I'm from, by almost 70% on the lb.

>> No.10335206

are you actually looking at the price per pound? i'd be curious to know what your actual numbers are. also, we're talking about foods that haven't been prepped. so like a head of broccoli not like a bag of cut and washed broccoli florets.

>> No.10335208

>1 large head of cauliflower is $2.79
God damn, I converted that to CAD and I'm still mad.

>> No.10335214

That would be the opposite. Produce is super cheap in California because it's grown so much here and borders Mexico. Frozen vegetables are more expensive than fresh here too.

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>tfw you unironically call yourself ancient as you're hitting your 30s

I don't really hear high school/college aged people gripe about this, but if/when I do, I'm just baka. lolita wasn't born yesterday. Baby's been around before I was born, so it's obvious there are going to be older fans still.

>> No.10335247

I guess my pet peeve is that it's the Year of Our Lord 2020, but I still manage to see classic ita looks from 2006.

fucking a, I forgot about that word filter. I've been away for a while.

>> No.10335254

Damn son, want me to mail you some frozen veggies?

>> No.10335258

It is if you aren't a womanlet

>> No.10335262

flyover confirmed.

>> No.10335375

It ranges by region. Where I live frozen is absolutely cheaper than fresh.
A 12 oz bag of frozen broccoli is $.99 and fresh is $2.49
Like seriously how is it not common sense that it's not gonna be the same for everyone.

>> No.10335384

>Like seriously how is it not common sense that it's not gonna be the same for everyone.

You forgot >>10334852

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Not my pet peeve but I have seen lolitas say that they don’t like dark lag wear with light shoes .
Why tho ?

>> No.10335658

I’m definitely one of those people.
I can’t say exactly why, but it somehow looks wrong to me. I really love light legwear + dark shoes, but the other way round looks off...

>> No.10335670

>>10333107 (OP)

For the mentor thing, it does exist. BSoLF have it in the rules document that if your a little sister you can ask for a mentor. Just no one ever seems to use it because a bunch of little sisters are itas who dont want actual concrit.

>> No.10335695

They're just mad because they can only afford Bodyline.

>> No.10335698

I mean I'm 23 and have a wardrobe full of brand so

>> No.10335709

So your parents bought it for you, huh? That’s not you affording brand, that’s being unable to buy things for yourself and mooching off others

>> No.10335714

I like how you can't fathom the thought of a zoomer having a high paying job. Just because you were unemployable at 23 doesn't mean everyone else is.

>> No.10335736

so you leech off your parents or spouse. that's nice

yep being a sugar baby or thot indeed is a high paying job

>> No.10335755

>this insane projection
sorry you're old, ugly, and stuck in dead-end jobs

>> No.10335773

I almost feel bad for crushing your 'my pitiful experience is the norm' pov but I got my current job at the age of 21 and by the time I was 24 I had a decent lolita wardrobe. I paid rent to my parents and all my own bills and budgetted responsibly. About 100€ a month went into smart wardrobe building and after a year I had 2-3 versatile coords. Sorry your life sucks

>> No.10335774

Sorry your parents hate you and think you're not their kid after 18

>> No.10335776
File: 1.44 MB, 980x1228, Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 1.42.50 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

samefag, but this sounds like my story too. Sorry your life sucks and you can't imagine people who are younger than you doing well.

>> No.10335790

Im nearing 30, plus size and over a decade in the fashion. I love giving plus size tips to other struggling plus size lolitas but I would never want to mentor or spoon feed someone like this. I hate newbie entitlement. Nobody wants to dress you up or fawn over you.

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File: 942 KB, 1242x1412, 21BFBD81-A8F5-4777-AD18-2952303EC16E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I... what? God anyone can tag themselves as a middle sister/brother these days. Pro tip: if you can differentiate common Lolita styles with fetish shit, you’re probably still a beginner

>> No.10335795

I'm in the same boat as the lady in the screenshot, but I can't imagine full-out asking someone to do everything for me. After a certain age it's embarrassing to not know how to do basic research, even just a simple Google search has given me some leads.

>> No.10335796

Is 37 to old to start wearing lolita?

>> No.10335803

No. But be aware of what suits you if you look your age (or older). A well dressed older lady is fine, a poorly dressed older lady doesn’t just look like an ita, she looks like a creepy mentally ill person. I mean this in the best possible way, but this goes double for sweet. If your coord isn’t flawless you’ll look like a weird adult baby fetish person

>> No.10335824

i wish younger girls who look older would wear what suits them.

>> No.10335826

I'm glad someone else posted this so I didn't have to. Everyone in the comments was also like "....what?"

>> No.10335867

I’m tired of black girls acting like they are entitled to some special gold star for wearing jfashion and being black. You’re just like the rest of us borderline weebs, calm down. Nobody is oppressing your access to jfash.

>> No.10335889

And then even the walls clapped

>> No.10335890

spot the fatty

>> No.10335904

oh so you got your "high paying job" without even finishing college first? and had zero debt without your parents helping at all? wow that's so belivable

>> No.10335906

considering most high salary jobs (stem) require at least a master's degree, yeah it's pretty hard to imagine

>> No.10335909

I'm probably thinner than you, larper
>and then even Misako clapped

>> No.10335912

Bright colours draw your eyes, and the contrast doubles the effect. Nobody wants to be staring at feet. Well, some people do, but for other reasons.

>> No.10335914

Nta but if they started college at 18 and were working internships as a student as well as networking then it's not all that impossible. Some industries are just like that and not every high paying job has to be STEM

>> No.10335915

It's not a sign of hatred to want your children to be independent and capable of making their own decisions about expenditures.

>> No.10335916

Can Lacemarket lay off the crack for once and be a stable, functioning website

>> No.10335926

Feeling withdrawal symptoms already?

>> No.10335931

>now with 90% infighting and only 10% pet peeves
Amazing, I love scrolling through garbage. Who could have guessed weight and age discussions make a shit thread full of off-topic sperging. No idea why jannies would ever delete or autosage threads like these.

>> No.10335932

it really is an addiction t.bh

>> No.10335953

I want to know what you consider a “high paying job”. I was able to pay rent, my bills, and build a sizable wardrobe getting 12.50/hr at age 20. Im 25 now, finally finishing my degree and have a better paying full time job and my wardrobe is three times the size. And i still pay for all my bills comfortably first.

So yes, this really sounds like a jealousy thing. Im sorry youre still working retail at 30 for 7.50

>> No.10335959

are you >>10335714 who was bragging about having said "high paying job" at 23? you don't have a "high paying job" if you make less than 80k/yr and no 23 yr old is going to be making that much unless they have family help/ties

>> No.10335962

Nayrt but I can feel the jealousy radiating off of your post

>> No.10335963

i am jealous of spoiled brats whose parents/spouse pay for everything, sure. trying to pretend like you're a strong independent woman while obviously leeching off others is silly tho

>> No.10335968

It’s not even hard to find a job at 23 that pays $20/hr. You sound poor

>> No.10335969

Im not, and no where did i say i was “high paying”. You just sound shit at budgeting and like a bitter poorfag.

Also you mustve never paid for college if you think i can just graduate debt free. Most loaners offer a grace period after graduation so you can get a job in your field and pay off your debt in monthly payments. I can afford those, my living expenses, and yes— lolita too. On my own. So get bent or get a better job, lolita isnt meant for poor hags like you.

>> No.10335972

80k is such a random number to consider "high paying" you really do sound poor and jealous

>> No.10335973

that's not high-paying. do you know how to read?

>Im not
then nobody is talking about you nor do we care about your life story. i wanna know what miss "i'm totally rich at 23 without leeching" has to say, thx

>> No.10335974

Seeth harder poorfag

>> No.10335975

holy shit @ this amount of obvious samefagging. calm your tits

>> No.10335980

Dude even they didnt say theyre totally rich. You’re clearly just mad and broke (probably single too since you think money can only come from spouses) Take a fucking breather before you give yourself a heart attack, grandma.

>> No.10335982


Cope harder. Not everyone who agrees on something you dislike is the same person. Mods are probably cackling at you for being a jelly poorfag since they can see IPs

>> No.10336021

It’s also a pretty bad reading of the New Testament, if they claim themselves as Christian. The line using the word modest was against wearing things that were expensive and flashy, like jewels and elaborate clothes. Lolita fashion is immodest, according to that definition. I guess one can’t trust neocons to read, so of course they wouldn’t read the Bible they claim to follow.

>> No.10336023

modest has multiple meanings though, stop splitting hairs.

>> No.10336149

>>having the same arguments about weight, accessibility, and anyone under 25 having a life

god do y'all ever stop taking the bait

anyway my pet peeve is when someone doesn't iron their dress in LM photos. the fuck do i want that wrinkled mess for

>> No.10336160

>all within minutes and same typing style
oh yeah def not samefagging. you are so assmad

>> No.10336164

how about you both shut the hell up because none of you have fucking shown off your closets.

>> No.10336181

I’m that anon and I actually refuse to own any bodyline. I only wear 2010’s sweet from ap and most btssb dresses. I purposely don’t wear bodyline because a fatty who hates me can only afford and fit in bodyline so it’s really to mock their fat jealousy

>> No.10336183

A bunch of people got triggered and a dumbass mod closed comments because we asked why shes asking retarded questions

>> No.10336186

agreed, and also: "worn x amount of times, never washed"
nobody is buying your sweaty dirty dress ffs

>> No.10336188
File: 43 KB, 450x443, 1488869818274.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

people wearing gothic lolita when they aren't goth

>> No.10336189

What defines goth to you?
They have to listen to goth music?

>> No.10336194


>> No.10336195


people in shitty pink chiffon froth calling themselves classic lolita.

>> No.10336202

Please, a lot of original goths are pushing 60 now

>> No.10336213
File: 376 KB, 750x909, DE77F794-ABAF-4CF7-92A4-DB3DA2BD789F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>middlesister tag
>morbidly obese
>”ap is my absolute dream brand”
>”do i need to buy 2 of the same dress to achieve it?”
>”i have no sewing skills”

>> No.10336224

It's coming for our brand.
Kill it with fire.

>> No.10336225

It's looking like people are taking the "big" part of the group name a little too literally lately

>> No.10336237
File: 126 KB, 500x380, 1487193504328.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But, why not just lose weight? Why do you have to waste money and fuck up two dresses in the process?
This shit is so fucked.

>> No.10336238

kek that's like buying two airplane seats because you can't fit into one, just fuse two dresses together and hope the megadress looks kosher

>> No.10336241

>waist is 110 cm
What the fuck, that’s slightly larger than my bust, and my tits are huge

>> No.10336248

this but with cosplay. I see some of the shittiest cosplays get recognition just so people can show off how inclusive they are.

>> No.10336250

This but also girls in jewel tone ap with matching tea parties calling themselves classic lolitas

>> No.10336279

not that I don't agree, but you've already posted this like three times already in a few different threads. chill.

>> No.10336282

relax, people like this would never actually shell out the money required for 2 of a single dress.

>> No.10336305

All they know is McDonalds, charge they phone, twerk, be bisexual, eat hot chip and lie

>> No.10336308

Came to post this.
>“Favorite style? Oh, I wear all three equally!”
>wardrobe consists of pastel AP, jewel tone AP and black AP

>> No.10336336

fat people can still have good money, you know

>> No.10336337

Why do they have to be? Lolita is just a fashion, not a full on subculture like goth.

>> No.10336363


>> No.10336499
File: 10 KB, 346x346, 12046731_1243406312360349_4050764172700514588_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

being familiar of the goth subculture and considering yourself a part of it, which involves music more or less
>Lolita is just a fashion

>> No.10336504

Most goths I know are totally fine with people who don’t listen to goth music being ‘darkly inclined’ with their fashion choices as long as they’re not calling themselves goth. Gothic lolitas generally don’t call themselves goth. I could understand side-eyeing a Moitiefag who’s never even tried to listen to Malice Mizer but you’re being unreasonable.

>> No.10336507

Please don't tell me you're one of those people who think everyone who doesn't wear lolita daily or wear it as a rebellious statement against society is a failure of a lolita and doesn't deserve to wear it?

>> No.10336517

gothic lolita became popularized bc of mana and malice mizer though and not because of goth music (and mm isn't even considered goth genre).....what are you trying to even get at.....

>> No.10336520

Why would people have to follow the western goth subculture to be part of an entirely different Japanese subculture? If anything they should be at least passingly familiar with vkei.

>> No.10336523


>> No.10336526

There was some ita giving shit advice on there last year and she marked herself as a big sister. A mod/big sister had to tell her to change her fucking tag lmfao
Thats what i was thinking when I read it
Put the burgers down, fatty chan and just maybe you’ll fit in ap in 5 years
“Do i need to get 2 seats to achieve it?” Kek
Whats even worse is her waist. 130cm. Is she a tree?

>> No.10336527
File: 457 KB, 1280x960, 1422346903842.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope so

>> No.10336531

To be fair, nothing of value was lost.

>> No.10336565

As someone in their 30's working retail... anon, why are you so angry? Yeah, a lot of kids younger than me are done with college by 21 or so these days. I know in my country, schools in recent years offer way more advance placement classes then they use to, and I regularly meet people age 21 who are graduating college. Hell, my cousin just graduated with an interior design degree at 21. Europeans are entirely different too in that their school systems are designed to get people out in the workforce ASAP.

That's the way the world's working now. Unless you're trying to be a surgeon these days, many good paying jobs are accessible to young people now.

Stop being grumpy.

You don't need to make triple digits to have a 'good salary'. Anon did just say they put 100 euro a month into their wardrobe. Hell, I make less than 10,000 per year, and I wear j-fashion everyday. I have my entire closet full of brand. Not lolita, no, but I can easily see how someone who even made 30,000 a year could afford lolita no problem.

>> No.10336568

Bruhhh I never liked radioactive cupcake but did it deserve this end

>> No.10336575

You say that, but some ita tore up CTP back when it was supa rare

>> No.10336577

I never understood why she picked purple

>> No.10336580

Never forget

>> No.10336583

Pet peeve in j-fashion is people complaining how they can't buy a wardrobe, especially when they get catty about it. I have a friend who sounds much like someone earlier in this thread. So much they once said that they wish they could afford nice clothing (referring to j-fash inspired goth shit like Dollskills, not even lolita), but they don't 'get naked for money or have rich parents'. There's a lot of people who really do think if someone young wears nice clothes that it came from a sugar daddy or their parents.

It makes me sad because, say in this person's case, every week they're paying $20 in pizza delivery at a bare minimum, often more, and they do those food delivery services where they send you the monthly box. Point is, they're spending $100+ dollars a month on takeout essentially. $100 dollars a month for 5 meals. I can't point it out without sounding like a dick, and I don't want to do that to them. At the same time, I never eat out really, and I'm like, "Dude... if you stopped eating out, you'd easily have at least $80 a month to spend on clothing. In two years, you could build a huge wardrobe.

I think, well, especially in my country, people's ideas of 'needs' and 'wants' are a little skewed. Technically, all that takeout is a 'want', but since it's food, many interpret it as a 'need' in their mind so it doesn't really even occur to them that it's really just an issue of priorities. If they wanted to, they could buy fashion instead of takeout.

I think people should do what makes them happy. Maybe going to the theater every couple weeks, eating out every week, going to the bar every week... all these little things that add up are people's happiness. There's nothing wrong with it, but maybe they should realize people wearing fancy fashion aren't doing the same things as them.

>> No.10336615
File: 489 KB, 750x912, FFB0D9DF-020C-41B8-82E4-673BBFA4D958.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At least some aren’t delusional but are just as dumb

>> No.10336633

Gothic lolita is based on vkei though. And lolita is a streetstyle, not a subculture, so you don't need to be goth to wear it

>> No.10336639

Tiferet, right?

Same here. Every time a relative of mine sees me wear lolita or other nice clothes she makes some passive agressive comment about how she wishes she had the money for nice clothes and that I'm sooo lucky I can afford stuff like that. Meanwhile she eats at expensive restaurants several times a month, hoards plushies and figurines and other fandom merchandise, buys geeky t-shirts from the US (we're in Europe and shipping + customs can easily triple the price of a simple shirt) and flies to Japan every other year where she spends her entire budget on food. I'm certain she has a bigger expendable income than I do, but apparently I'm the one who's "rich" and "privileged" because I cook for myself, rarely have the opportunity to travel and occasionally drop €120 on a secondhand dress.

>> No.10336642

Fatty on track to lose weight here! The weird obsession with meat here in America is horrible! I'm not a huge fan of eating lots of meat. When I do it's mostly lean meats like chicken and turkey.
I've had personal trainers tell me that in order to lose weight I need to eat more meat. Which to me just doesnt make sense? But I've had several trainers tell me that meat should be the largest portion on my plate. Its honestly really gross. No one needs to eat that much meat.

>> No.10336644

When I very first started getting into lolita I was like "how will I be able to afford brand???" but then I just cut back on spending I didn't need, like Starbucks or takeout food, and magically I was able to squirrel away money and start purchasing AP and Meta second hand immediately with no issue. Like people who come at it sideyeing like "wow extra money must be nice" like yeah bitch it is, you have it too, you just eat it like I used to

>> No.10336645

But eating just meat and salads or vegetables in general will help you lose weight faster

>> No.10336646

Yeah I noticed this last year when I was trimming down, very strange. Our whole culture is entrenched in it, to the point where people make bacon their entire personality and start making dry heaving noises when you mention tofu exists. I'm not even vegetarian but I definitely eat less meat than most because its so unnecessary.

>> No.10336648

Listen to your trainer, fatty. That's why you're fat and their job is to get people in shape. You'll never lose weight if you keep thinking you know it all.
Lol exactly. Most vegetarians I know are overweight honestly

>> No.10336663

If you don't want to eat only meat for protein, eat lentils, black beans, egg whites, and plain Greek yogurt with zero fat.

>> No.10336671
File: 34 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10336678

yep, overweight vegetarian here. thinking going vegetarian makes people skinny is a meme at this point

>> No.10336685

what does bernadette banner have to do with lolita lol afaik she's never even shown an interest in j-fashion

>> No.10336717 [DELETED] 


I've indeed had more luck doing "meat + vege" actually, but going lean protein rather than red meat, as the lean stuff is generally lower in calories. So anon with the chicken, I'd say that's the right track, if you get bored of it then switch to some other lean protein (fish or tofu or whatever).

Couple of advice, one, if your diet variety gets really small, consider adding a multivitamin, or at least monitor yourself to make sure you aren't deficient in something. I had heart arrhythmia due to potassium shortage since chicken and lettuce are essentially a low-potassium diet for people with sick kidneys.

Sort of related, I got chewed out by my doctor for neglecting fat, apparently you need at least a little bit of it. But just some cream in your coffee or a babybel cheese should be fine, no need to pig out on bacon.

The reason protein helps with fat is that it's filling, but doesn't trigger some "hungry" hormones or something, so you can feel full without pigging out. The only problem I have is most times the trainers giving protein advice tend to be men, their TDEE is like ~3000 while mine as 1500, nearly half that. So they'll advocate beef and bacon because they need the high calories from the fat. Meanwhile I'd just get fat. So for girls, I'd advise lean, white meat. Tell your trainers this, at least let them know where they're going wrong with it.

(And then there's keto, but the camp is divided on this so idk)

If you get tired of chicken and turkey, there's seafood and tofu (if you aren't allergic).

Be very careful with nuts, legumes, beans -- go ahead and google how many calories 40g of each nut is. Most of them pack a whopping 500 for just a bare handful.

Sorry, this text got a bit long. Hope everyone can at least find something useful in it.

>> No.10336725

That's because most vegetarians eats tons of carbs, sugar and cheese instead of actual vegetables.

>> No.10336758
File: 39 KB, 700x393, 1495402139080.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If this ain't weight loss inspiration I don't know what is.

>> No.10336765

I will continue to wear goth while listening to dubstep and never communicating with the very annoying goth subculture, and i'll continue looking better than you.

>> No.10336774

>not even knowing the origins of the name of your own subculture
>not thinking the word gothic can apply to anything else

>> No.10336912

wow it's saying something when the bodyline girl looks the best out of the bunch

>> No.10336915

Oh I just noticed the purple isn’t a belt , it’s altered , then I noticed the back is all purple .

>> No.10336934

>I will continue to wear goth while listening to dubstep and never communicating with the very annoying goth subculture, and i'll continue looking better than you.
But your soul will be rotten

>> No.10336940


it isn't a life worth living if your soul isn't rotten.

>> No.10336944

You NEED protein. It will help with working out/losing weight as well. Meat keeps you satisfied a lot longer and you will eat less. I have to eat meat because my body is terrible at utilizing protein from other sources. I was working out nearly daily and eating mostly veg and suffered hard for it. I was eating veggie proteins, but my body could not use it properly, so my hair started falling out like crazy and I was constantly tired. I'm now completely carnivore atm (using it as an elimination diet to help with discovering intolerances) and I honestly feel amazing for once in my life. So while, yes, I do agree that always eating bacon while eating carbs and other things is a good way to gain weight, there is nothing wrong with eating meat, especially if you are working out. You need protein for so many things, and without it, you will suffer. Meat protein is utilized by the body more completely than veg forms.

>> No.10336955

what about that fat quebecois lolita?

>> No.10337015

My pet peeve:

People selling brand for $100 plus dollars on LC when it's stretched out and the seems are ripped

>> No.10337016

is there a picture of what it ended up looking like?

>> No.10337017
File: 75 KB, 960x640, unholy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can do you better

This was taken at an official tea party hosted by AP

>> No.10337020

How was this altered ?

>> No.10337021
File: 73 KB, 492x444, 1422381723446.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10337024

Damn anon you’re quick !
Thanks for the backstory

>> No.10337025
File: 82 KB, 600x800, 1422390290793.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wonder whatever happen to her?

>> No.10337037

Vegetables are carbs, dingus. You mean grains?

>> No.10337042

I mean if they put a "refined" before carbs, they're right.

>> No.10337052
File: 5 KB, 472x68, sizeinclusive.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck I just wanna vent about this for a sec. Lolita size ranges shifting to the right doesn't make them more inclusive, it just makes them inclusive to a different subset of people. AP is getting too big for me now.

>> No.10337055

this person really wasn't paying attention if they thought it was a size debate. it was a price debate. brand has not gotten anymore inclusive price wise and probably never will

>> No.10337064


The thread had people complaining about both

>> No.10337067

a fuckton of comments were deleted within minutes, trust me people were arguing about everything you can think of. it was a clusterfuck

>> No.10337072

Barely any. There’s good carbs and bad carbs and if you eat the good kind especially not processed food kinds and work out you’ll lose weight

>> No.10337089

At least in America, there's more fat people than skinny people so more of the population would benefit from larger sizes. It's still not a good thing though

>> No.10337096

I think the post was more of a big "fuck you" to all the people who said it was too small when in reality HL is known to be one of the most forgiving designs. yes its getting too big for a lot of people, but it was clearly aimed towards the fatasses bitching it "wasnt big enough"

>> No.10337105

Yeah... or dirty shit that they are trying to get near brand new prices for. Wtf.

>> No.10337114

Kek there’s a Lolita on LM who alters everything and she’s asking for $200 on most her dresses .

>> No.10337146

>good carbs bad carbs
Please don’t spout off nutritional pop science. It’s stuff like this that is why so many Americans are obese. 20 years ago it was low fat, now it’s low carb. They’re all ridiculous black and white approaches. News flash: potatoes are one of the healthiest things for your body as long as you don’t slather them in animal fat

>> No.10337609

i really wish there was a picture of what this looks from the back

>> No.10337631

>potatoes are one of the healthiest things for your body as long as you don’t slather them in animal fat

>Please don’t spout off nutritional pop science

maybe you should follow your own advice? lol

>> No.10337659
File: 153 KB, 363x645, 20200209_154323.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Someone is charging 40 bucks for this RUINED dress lmao

>> No.10337692

I did Whole30 to find out what works/doesn't work for my own particular body. It wasn't necessarily to lose weight - I did it to see, literally, what my body likes and doesn't like - but I lost 25 lbs in a month. Seriously, look into this kind of elimination diet. It's really hard to do (that third week I was so obsessed with waffles) but worth it.

>> No.10337696

Agreed with this. I am carnivore anon from above, doing it mainly to see what my body is intolerant to. People would be so surprised to see that they are intolerant to more things than they think, and food intolerances cause inflammation that lead to weight gain/retention. Since being on carnivore, I have lost 30 pounds despite eating more calories than I normally do.

>> No.10337713

Replacing shirring isn't that hard, for a damaged brand dress that would be an okay price

>> No.10337748

It would be if they didn't dye it

>> No.10337775

they dyed it and the threads are still pink. it looks like crap

>> No.10337780

Not to mention we don't know if they sealed it properly

I dont want plum stains on my tits

>> No.10337851

Oh ... I thought it was already purple .

>> No.10337861

No shit, my mother is doing that to my sister rn. Can't get over the fact she never managed to drop below 200 by taking scam diet pills and starving herself for a day or two so she forces my sister to eat 5 full meals a day, the majority of which are fast food, then berates her for being fat. How did the culture get this bad?

>> No.10337884

you sound pretty chill. ignore the other anon.
good for you still starting lolita at 29, I always just admired it from afar and will probably never wear it because there's no alternative fashion in my city unless you're an actual teen...

>> No.10337898

None of this explains why the waist isn't attached to the bodice, what is that white quilter cotton under the sash!?

>> No.10337969
File: 17 KB, 236x277, hatemeifyoucan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sigh, I already knew it would end up here. Well, I planned to replace the shirring in the straps and the pink threads (dying it with nylon dye) but I never did it in the end. Honestly, it doesn´t look that bad worn but if it bugs you you don´t have to buy it.
If the cut wouldn´t be that bad looking on me I would keep it forever but since I haven´t worn it in years (because of the cut) I thought I should let it go. Just see it as a feeler auction. If someone will buy it it´s gone and if not I´ll keep it. I also accept offers, so where is the problem?

The dress is sealed btw. I used a high quality dye for that because I don´t like bleeding clothes in the rain, like it happens with brand prints sometimes.

If you have any other questions regarding this dress I´ll be more than happy to answer them.

>> No.10338001


This dress saddens me because the original dress with stains was better and worth more than this poorly dyed monstrosity...what a bummer.

>> No.10338026

Lol if you think this is bad wait until you see the dyed fantastic dolly op

>> No.10338027


>> No.10338039

Genuine question- what were you thinking on the color here?

>> No.10338042

thanks now I want to fucking kill myself

>> No.10338043

But how was before the fatal dyeing?

>> No.10338049

Depending on how bad the stain was she talks about in the description I don't actually hate this. It is like making lemons into lemonade.

>> No.10338057

Thank you for your interest.
First of all the stains were pretty bad, huge and all over the place. I couldn´t get rid of them and using bleach would have totally ruined it..
To successfully vanish such stains you have to dye the garment a much darker colour, otherwise the stains will still be visible. I´ve had this problem before, no need for repeating it.

However, I thought the purple colour would harmonise much more with the pink than any other colour would. Having only jewel colours as a choice narrowed it down, so I went for this which is rarely seen in Lolita and I like unusal colours like orange, grey and obviously purple.

>> No.10338476

She clearly wrote that she separated them

>> No.10338478

What shoes did you wear with that dress? Just plain black? I don't think I've ever seen neon purple shoes desu

>> No.10338536

Call me ita, but I like this color.

>> No.10338541

something is wrong with you.

>> No.10338557

someone is actually bidding lol

>> No.10338560

I love the color too, but the threads are still pink so up close it looks sad.

>> No.10338594

It....... It sold

>> No.10338597


>> No.10338599

It sold ages ago dumbasses

>> No.10338607

lmao whose the real dumbass now

>Clear your email before you act like a fag

>> No.10338609

Take your meds instead shitting up cgl for the xth time, dumbass-chan.

>> No.10338611
File: 5 KB, 532x106, imaginebeingthisdumb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10338615

I thought screenshots can be easily edited? Also nice to see a confirmation that you indeed have the means to ban evade.

>> No.10338617
File: 728 KB, 1240x827, this is why we cant have nice things.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bro, your email is going to get signed up for so much shit.

>> No.10338619

is that her? She has crazy eyes

>> No.10338621

No, just a reaction image I saved and uploaded for the lulz.

>> No.10338624
File: 23 KB, 1262x92, pwn.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I googled it and someone's shitposting on /pol/ with it already

>> No.10338627

"Someone"? Yikes you are fucking insane. You could've just made your own bst post instead of this giant sperg and falseflagging parade.

>> No.10338629

you can’t really be dumb enough to think this is because someone wants the same undesirable dress right? she acted like a cunt with her email attatched on 4chan. not the first time or the last time that this will happen in reaction

>> No.10338630

she was the one being cunty to begin with. her first post was salt.

>> No.10338631

>she acted like a cunt with her email attatched on 4chan. not the first time or the last time that this will happen in reaction
So you are mad because she dared to tell you to only respond if you're actually selling? Unironically seek help you psycho.

>> No.10338633

I’m not “mad”, you’re the one who seems upset here. I just have the common sense not to act like a bitch on /cgl/ with my fucking email attatched.

>> No.10338636

>thinking that a petty argument on a japanese gardening forum is worth the effort to shoop
nayrt, but you're funny.

>> No.10338638

>common sense
>takes anons email and responds for them
>makes not one but two racist troll posts
>responds to themself with email-falseflagging attempt
>goes back to the bst thread to samefag how that anon is totally a racist
>goes in this thread to pick up fights with the email attached and responding to yourself
>subtly begs anons itt to spam the mail
>goes on /pol/ to falseflag with the email, asking them to spam it with malware
>all because anon told you to shut it if you're not selling after being accused of lowballing in the fucking buy sell trade thread
>all in the span of a single hour
I always thought you were just an extremely bored shitposter but you are actually completely lunatic.

>> No.10338643

Next time don’t act like a dumbass with your email attached and this won’t happen. You’re an idiot if you think it’s all one persons doing too.

>> No.10338647

come on anon, the OP probably did it to try to act like she was being bullied so we'll sell her the dress.

>> No.10338648

I'm not the bst anon, i just hope you finally get your well deserved rangeban someday. You really need some downtime from 4chan and get your narcisstic rage checked.

>> No.10338651

I don’t know what mental disability you have that you can’t get it through your head that not everyone on this website aside from you is the same person or what mental disability leads you to be so personally invested in some rando acting like an idiot and facing consequences but I hope you get help since you have such a lack of a grasp on reality.

>> No.10338675

the girl on the left isn't too bad, but damn the girl in the middle. that's some shit genetics- most fat people i've seen like this with a thin face, usually have thin arms too. geez I feel so bad for her

>> No.10338691

I think the thing that’s overlooked in a lot of these discussions about how fresh fruit/veggies are cheaper is that they go bad much, much faster. Not to mention, the prep time to make a meal that isn’t just made of raw unwashed plants is something a lot of Americans don’t really have time for if you’re working 50+ hours a week at your $8/hr job to make rent and can only go grocery shopping once every two weeks or even once a month if getting to a grocer is more than a 30 minute trip.
That being said if you’re so strapped for cash you can’t manage your diet properly you shouldn’t be even entertaining the idea of entering the fashion where a main piece can cost more than a whole month’s earnings.

>> No.10338698
File: 1.90 MB, 2560x2560, 20-02-12-08-05-32-931_deco.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wore just some simple purple pumps with it. Just google purple shoes, I found two matching pairs pretty fast.

I don't think this kind of purple should offend anyone. There are a lot of brand dresses out there with the same colour scheme and no body complaints. While I agree that the pink/white threads do look weird, I intended to change that but just wasn't motivated enough to do it.

>> No.10338731

>if you’re so strapped for cash you can’t manage your diet properly you shouldn’t be even entertaining the idea of entering the fashion where a main piece can cost more than a whole month’s earnings
This. While I understand that a lot of the things mentioned itt are a real issue for many people, none of them apply to lolitas I know. They’re all comfortably middle class and usually have more expensive hobbies besides lolita. None of them work 60 hours per week. They complain about healthy food being too expensive (which isn’t even true in my country unless you’re only buying exotic/out of season) yet only go to Starbucks for coffee. It’s actually really annoying seeing them post that they can’t afford to lose weight one moment and then post about their new lolita or itabag haul the next. I’m pretty sure that if they won the lottery, they’d spend all the money on clothes and fandom stuff and would then go right back to whining that a healthy lifestyle is unattainable.

>> No.10338809

Honestly this. When I started to build my j-fashion wardrobe I was a student on a budget. My first "real" brand was an Ank Rouge dress for 50€ that was NWT I believe and I did a payment plan for that shit. I was doing a lot of payment plans to really kickstart my wardrobe while at the same time keeping my eyes out for offbrand items that could fit the aesthetic. Buying the physical copies of the magazine my j-fashion style was based on helped me a lot as well, I remember taking pictures of the items I liked and browsing stores like h&m until I found something similar.
Fastforward to now, I have a big cohesive wardrobe of general kawaii j-fashion as well as lolita cause I finally started to wear it more actively last year. I know how to coord and despite having few main pieces, my wardrobe feels like a bottomless pit already. And I'm now finished with uni, don't have to pay my student fees anymore which allows me to actually splurge on brand new ap releases (that I still save up for in advance but hey it works). And of course I now know at this point where I can find the best deals and how to play the wait game of sellers discounting their items on their own.

Oh and all this time I wasn't eating out or going to the movies much or anything of the like. I don't think grabbing cheap lunch while on campus counts as "eating out" much.

>> No.10338824

>Maxi ma'am
Love this

>> No.10338831

It just looks weird to me, personally. I do like it sometimes, but other times my brain is just like "WRONG". However it's not something I'd slate someone for doing, just because it's not my taste.

>> No.10338863

Why irreparably alter it if you weren't sure about the cut? I will never understand this.

No, dresses people buy aren't community property and people can alter if they want, but I only understand altering if you KNOW you love it and will never sell it.

>> No.10338870

Lmaooo look at all this projection

>> No.10338942

it's not like it's a rare, sought after dress. It was already ruined when she got it too. So whatever.

>> No.10338943

Calm the fuck down, you're way off base. I'm literally just reposting what I found on google. I have no interest in touching /pol/ with a ten-foot pol(e).

>> No.10339010
File: 26 KB, 502x310, ew.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"loli shops" and melodramatic phrasing? must be an ita

>> No.10339080

Blouses aren’t allowed to be tried on. After paying the staff usually escorts you out to the shop entrance. Just an autistic weeb

>> No.10339113

The biggest problem with bsolf is that anyone can call themselves MS with no backup so absolute fashion retards can say dumb shit like this and call themselves a MS about it. Like I don't want anyone who calls it "loli" to ever give me concrit for any fucking reason

>> No.10339115

She was “kicked out” what a fucking idiot. There was a little sister there who kept saying that it’s ridiculous that we can’t try on expensive clothes and asked how is AP a designer brand. After 3 people told her how AP has designers she got butthurt

>> No.10339124

My pet peeve is when lolita referred as kawaii fashion.

Like not every lolita is sugary sweet shit lol.

>> No.10339128

Sounds like "we get your money so you can fuck off" desu

>> No.10339132

It is pretty fucking stupid that you can't try on blouses.

>> No.10339134

Would you want a smelly weeb trying on blouses in your shop?

>> No.10339137

this. Also keep in mind they have so few of each individual item that if people were to try them on and not like them, by the time someone ends up actually buying it a huge number of people would have worn that exact one.

Also isn't La foret a tourist trap? It seems like the kind of place that lolita-gawkers would go to

>> No.10339152

I don't know if it's always true. Boz and IW let me for some reason. I didn't even ask, just admired and they asked me if I wanted to try it on.

>> No.10339154


it's customary to be escorted out with the staff holding your bag after you pay for stuff. it isn't really a rude gesture at all

why are you so intent on commenting on shit you don't know about

>> No.10339155

You can't try on blouses or dresses in closet child either.

>> No.10339156


harajuku generally is a honeypot for tourists who want to gawk, but i honestly haven't seen that at laforet. it's pretty nice, and i think the staff are pretty good about making non customers just uncomfortable enough to scatter after a few min. you also tend to get a lot of limited edition and sales in laforet if you're there at the right time, so no, it's not just a 'tourist trap,' especially if you wanted limited edition colors or series.

>> No.10339158

As someone who’s lived in JP for years, they don’t let you try on blouses normally. Or bloomers. It’s some heavy entitlement to cry about it after being told no.

This is also true. Every single time I was escorted out and said goodbye to politely. And in tons of non lolita shops too. It’s considered good customer service in Japan.

>> No.10339159


i once saw some americans be mad salty about not trying on blouses at cc and i couldn't help but laugh, more brand for me

>> No.10339192

there's a reason all the blouses have measurements on them.

>> No.10339508

Oh don't get me wrong, I do agree about the entitlement. Some stores will stick to their policy no matter what. It's best to just take queues from the shopkeeper.

>> No.10339827

Newfag alert

>> No.10340085

They let me and my friend try on blouses at CC. This was in 2017 at the harajuku store. The staff weren't mean, but they didn't pay attention to us much, which I don't blame them for, they probably get a lot of annoying foreigners. I couldn't imagine getting mad for poor customer service, but even more so for someone getting upset about being kindly escorted out. Karens, man.

>> No.10342727

They have a paper in their stores nowadays that have in English on them that you cannot try on stuff like blouses and tops.

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