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“Why do people like fried ass wigs” edition

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Aww that’s sad, the first one actually looks kinda nice. It’s not the cleanest up close, but it’s still pretty well done. Idk why they would think the 2020 photo was an improvement though

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from an outsider perspective, the right one looks like fluffy hair and the left one looks... crunchy

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the second one looks more natural

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I think the right looks way better, like more "natural"
I dunno why cosplayers style wigs that looks so greasy and rigid

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The right looks good. It’s what the hair would actually look like and not that shitty trying to make 3D into 2D way like the left is.

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the right one look better but I don't quite understand why people tease the devil out of their wig. It's maybe less durable but a good root tease will giving the wig a nice curl pattern would look better.

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has anyone ever used one of wisperia wig's tutorials? I'm thinking of buying one but dont want to waste $30 if they're hard to follow or not super detailed.

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They're extremely hit or miss. Mostly good for following her progress photos but the text instructions are few and practically useless.

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They're good if you kinda know what you're doing already. I bought her Josuke wig tutorial and it helped fill in the blanks I was missing, but I've already done some 'big' wig styling before.

Lots of good pictures, kinda eh details.

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Help a cheap wig stylist out. Anyone have a copy of Cowbutt Crunchies ebook to upload? Also looking for a free copy of Kinpatsu's wig book.

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This one.

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Kinpatsu is having a 30% off sale right now until March 3rd.

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i want to do link sheikah cosplay, and i think i can pull it off if i buy at a reasonable cost. i'm going to buy link wig and combine with hair extension (not the one in pic, will buy wig first and then go store to store looking for matching color extension) for the bun updo with chopsticks.

this will be my first cosplay, now tell me why im retarxed.

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> asking for free copy

don't be such a cheapskate and support content creators, its literally less than 5$ right now

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this, unfortunately. those who look at cosplay all day long know the painstaking lengths that have been gone to replicate an animated hairstyle, but that animated hairstyle might not look good on top of an IRL monkey-skull unless there is some serious thought put into makup. The right wig looks faded and messy, which unfortunately is how real humans are so to a casual observer its a much more cohesive cosplay. A fried wig is a good way chill on the 1st peak before the uncanny valley, basically.

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Eh, it looks crimped and teased to hell and back (it’s almost reminiscent of 80s hair) not to mention it’s still unrealistic considering that nobody styles their hair into anime spikes irl. If you want to mimic real life, hair texture like pic related would look infinitely better for midoriya.

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Why do you think you’re entitled to other people’s hard work for free?
These people aren’t even part of some big business, they don’t have contracts with big publishers. They are small time creators running their own businesses. Stop trying to rip them off.

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I need a little help picking a wig for Steven Universe. I found 2 that I like, the arda site suggested doesn't look as good as these imo. I'm personally favoring the top wig as I think it looks more like his hair might realistically look based on Greg's long hair, but the lower more curly wig looks more like Rebecca and her brother's curly hair.

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Well that's because these wigs are pre-styled, and wigs you get from Arda aren't. Buy the one from The Five Wits. They make good wigs.

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Good alternatives to arda wigs considering their prices are going up and their quality isn't? I'm not personally a fan of epic cosplay or five wits. All of those brands seem to tangle a lot for me. Brands like lucaille and kasouwigs tangle less but the shipping takes a long time... I gotta pick my poison, I guess.

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I can see where you're going with this line of thinking, but remember that wigs don't act like real hair. When you pull real hair into a bun, the follicle flexes up and down because it's in your head at an angle. Wig fibers can't do that. They're sewn on lace tracks in a downward angle. If you flip them upside down, the tracks will show. Your options are 1) find a base wig with the tracks sewn upside down (Arda has some wigs like this. They'll specifically state that the wefts are sewn inverted in the listing. I think Jareth is one of them) 2) create a false hairline at the nape of the neck by gluing strips of hair. You may need to also add extra wefts around the crown and back of head to cover patchy areas. 3) seam rip and resew the wefts upside down yourself, plus a false hairline 4) get a wig that is already pulled back into a high pony.

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Not cheap ass Anon, but wanted to thank you for the tip! I just grabbed myself a copy.

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Hell yeah, thank you for supporting indie creators. I hope the book is helpful for you

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the problem is most link wigs arent long, they're short.

im not anywhere near experienced enough to attempt sewing modifications. would it maybe be better if i just get a regular long haired pony tail wig and get it cut/styled at a salon?

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It’s just an example anon, curly hair isn’t going to hurt you

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Thank you, that's good to know. Might hold off for now and try to learn more first

I have some cheap old wigs I'm trying to practice with but I feel like they don't tease very well. Anyone else experience this? Am I better off practicing on more mid-tier cost wigs?

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Suggestions for Lupin III? I was looking at an Arda Marty for a base; I figure a lacefront is the way to go for his widow's peak.

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Easiest way to do it would be to get a short wig with the right length needed for the forelocks and bangs and a bun clip if you don't have wig styling experience

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You don't need a Link wig specifically, just one in the right color and style like: https://www.epiccosplay.com/collections/specialty-wigs/products/phoebe-butterscotch-blonde-ponytail-wig
It's already pre-styled with a ponytail that can go low or high, so all you need to do is do a little trimming, secure it with a ponytail holder, and roll into a bun.

I've never heard of salons styling wigs, but check out your options if that's available. Otherwise you can check out facebook or twitter for wig commissioners to do it for you.

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That's another great suggestion.

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got the arda ayumi for linkle and i look like coconut head with it on as i've started trimming the layers. the wig is way too thick at the top and it looks wack. would removing wefts help with this puffy, way-too-thick look? will shortening the layers continue to make my coconut head issue worse?

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Well, there's your problem. Arda always looks coconut unless you're doing a high volume look like spikes. I'd say cut your losses and try a different brand and keep this one for weft scrap,

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you can take out some of the wefts up top to reduce the volume.

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What's the best way to approach Flayn's curls? They're too large to do with a regular curling iron and I feel as if making them two large drills would make them look too stiff. Is there a middle road I could ty?

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You could separate you hair into right side/left side/ back and drill curl each one instead

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Imagine whiteknighting for a E celeb. How pathetic

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CBC self posts here all the time, I wouldn't be surprised if she was WKing herself.

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To be honest I'm responsible for probably half of the CBC shilling on here because she's my friend and I love her but it wasn't me this time. When it comes to leaking books and patreon content I just hate it because it's always small creators who could use the money and there's no secret info in there that can't be found online if you bother to look for it.

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this is why i fucking hate cosplayers. it's not like anything she put in her book were her unique ideas that she thought up on her own, she just streamlined pre-existing knowledge and is trying to profit off of it. do her a favor and don't fucking defend her ITT.

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I don't even know who she is, but pirating a cheap book from a small content creator is a dickmove.

If you want to save money pirate from Disney, Google, EA; not from individuals trying to make a living.

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if you don't know who she is how tf do you know she's a "small content creator"?

>> No.10349062

I don't even know who she is, but pirating a cheap book from a small content creator is a dickmove.

If you want to save money pirate from Disney, Google, EA; not from individuals trying to make a living.

If all that info is readily available then why don't you get it elsewhere instead of pirating the books?

Because a cosplayer selling some books doesn't seem like a big company, does it?

>> No.10349065

oh definitely, all cosplayers are super hard up for cash!

>> No.10349068

All I'm hearing is really pathetic cheapskates trying to justify asking for free hand-outs of something that literally costs less than 5$

This is why I fucking hate cheapskates, you can't even spare less than 5$ on something made by another cosplayer to help cosplayers? And to go as far as crying WKing when people call you out on being a cheapskate my god the entitlement

like >>10349062 says if you're not willing to spend a fiver on it and claim you can easily find the info elsewhere anyway go for it? This type of 'beg for something then get salty when denied/called out' behaviour gives me ChoosingBeggar vibes

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Her friend was literally WKing her.

>> No.10349073

>Nobody should ever write a book if it's not a completely unique idea
>Nobody should write a guide or a tutorial if they aren't teaching a completely unique idea
>There's no value in having a teacher who makes information easy to understand.

Are you an idiot or are you just blinded by hate for this wigmaker? I've seen some stupid arguments on here (especially when CBC comes up) but this is pretty half assed.

>> No.10349074

Got no opinion on the cosplayer in question, or the one friend WKing her, anon. I'm >>10346802, a different anon who has never heard of the cosplayer. My point is as such not specific of the cosplayer whose work is being begged for, its that I find it incredibly sad that people would beg for a free copy of something that LITERALLY COSTS LESS THAN 5$, and when called out for being a cheapskate by multiple different anons devolve the discussion into 'you are all just WKing this cosplayer they make enough money I can beg for their stuff for free because of that!'

>her friend was WKing

doesn't matter, the beggar is still an entitled cheapskate that should either pay the really small price to enjoy the content they're begging for or look up the info themselves if they want to claim they can

>> No.10349075

You cry about this constantly and yet never show screencaps or proof. Will this time be different?

>> No.10349076

She's not going to fuck you.

>> No.10349077

Do you realize that the OP from like a week ago isn't any of the anons you're talking to now?

>> No.10349078

if it's so cheap it doesn't matter if it gets pirated because she would have made so little $$ off of it.

>> No.10349079

I do? Do I have to type out 'this is my point' every single time now? Sorry if I'm not making it clear enough I guess

Instead of discussing whether people are WKing or if the book/cosplayer in question is worth the money, etc

we should be calling out people that defend begging for a 5$ hand-out as total entitled cheapskates because begging for something that costs less than a fiver is pathetic af

I get budget cosplay, I really do. But begging for such a low cost product and opening a discussion that leads to the creator of the content being shaded/etc instead of the entitlement being called out is plain sad

the end for me, I'm not getting into any heated discussion over a 5$ wig styling book

>> No.10349081

>I'm not getting into any heated discussion over a 5$ wig styling book
too late for that, chief.

>> No.10349096

It's not that they're not her ideas it's that she posted many free tutorials over the years and this is just a condensation of all of them into a single book
I wasn't WKing her lmao just recommending her work to people looking for that kind of tutorial, there's a thing called nuance

>> No.10349098

And yet that little $$ isn’t something you’re willing to give because why again?

>> No.10349126

>imagine thinking that standing up for small independent creators is white knighting
Steal from those whose profits are so egregious that they wouldn't know or care that it's missing. Independent creators, including both CBC and Kinpatsu, put out so much free content that it's just a dick move to steal from them. This board is made up of so many independent artists and creators, I'm baffled that you think that someone wouldn't flame you for this.

>> No.10349128

And being this much of a bitch isn't going to make your skills any better or your pockets any fuller. Seethe all you want.

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>cosplayers have some pocket change so I should be allowed to steal from them
ok, anon.

>> No.10349131

Anon, if you're this poor then you shouldn't be cosplaying anyway. A vast majority of her content is free on Youtube already. Just find what you need and fall into a pit or something.

>> No.10349132

CEO of missing the point entirely

>> No.10349162

Thing costs $10. 50 people buy it. Cosplayer now has $500.

Thing costs $10. 50 people say "they don't need my $10. I'm going to pirate it". Cosplayer now has $0.

Your argument is stupid. Pay cosplayers for their work.

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We all know she shills herself here; there’s no point in calling it out because her and her friends will just spam the thread.

>> No.10349183

That's not even including production costs and shipping fees which eat out of that profit.

>> No.10349198

See >>10349075

>> No.10349199

It's a digital copy so not a huge amount of production costs, but the cosplayer should still get some compensation for their labour of compiling the information.

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If its a teased / crimped fiber top, then hit it with a steamer to relax the fibers and reduce volume. Otherwise, remove wefts with a seam ripper.

>> No.10349232 [DELETED] 

kek, and the shilling/wking begins

>> No.10349233

kek, and the shilling/wking continues
l2not reply to every post even vaguely about you, it would make it less obvious

>> No.10349238

Nobody's shilling anything in this entire thread. You're delusional if you think every comment about CBC is a self-post and your constant vendetta is annoying. Give it a rest.

>> No.10349745

maybe you could try to do them with 2 rag curls like this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1ZgOhopgL8 then tease and smooth them afterward ( but you would not have as much volume as the character )

>> No.10349786

>thinking every anon who says you selfpost and shill like crazy is the same person
>calling out my selfpost is v-vendetta!!1!1
no wonder anons keep calling out your selfposts, they’re so obvious.

>> No.10349997

So what are your favorite shops for wigs?

>> No.10349999

I was skeptical about Aliexpress wigs but I got one from Anogol recently and I'm sold, it's a bit tighter than the other brands I have but $25 shipping included for that quality of lace front just can't be beat

>> No.10350043

Seconding Anogol, it's my go-to Ali shop for lacefront wigs. Cheap and pretty decent quality.

>> No.10350053

arda-wigs.com, wig-supplier.com, epiccosplay.com, facebook marketplace and groups for secondhand wigs,

>> No.10351753

How is Coscraft's quality? I usually order from Epic Cosplay because Arda's wigs are too big and the shipping is quick to Canada, but Coscraft has the perfect colour for what I need which the other 2 don't have. (I don't want to dye the wig.)

>> No.10351783

Beats me OP, i think both are fine ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

>> No.10351885

I think coscraft is great, it's my go to! Especially since I live in the UK. I google colours I'm interested in though because I find some of their site pictures just a little off sometimes and like to see them in different lightings, but that might just be me being anal

>> No.10352038

The quality is pretty good, and some wig color are a blend of diffrent hair color rather than a solid one ( like the light blond )

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File: 3.02 MB, 2048x2732, 9D1426C5-6E6D-4C68-82F0-8F7B435472CC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cosplaying Madotsuki soon, and bought the Catherine wig from Dreamholic in Maple Syrup (Obviously not this colour displayed, it’s just the best stock image of the pigtails). The pigtails are clip ons. I was wondering if there’s an easy way to keep the pigtails close to the bottom like in her hairstyle. I’m afraid they’ll just fall off due to gravity. Is there something I should be doing or am I worried about nothing and it’ll be fine?

>> No.10352081

well, the character has braids, not pigtails, so you've started off wrong out of the gate. it's just long hair braided, no need for clip-ins.

>> No.10352094

This, literally just buy a long wig and braid it, and tug the braids for volume.

>> No.10352097

If the claws of the clip-ons go through the mesh it should be secure, that being said this seems like a poor choice of base for this style

>> No.10352320

Please be a joke. You did NOT spend 60$ for an absolutely wrong way to do that, when you could've just... done braids... I wouldn't be so shocked if not for the fucking price. I hope you find a character you can wear that wig for...

>> No.10352324

You hecked up anon, but you could technically take the pigtail nets off the clips and turn them into wefts at the bottom of the wig. With that amount of labor to make it decent though, you’re better off just getting a 15 buck long wig off amazon and braiding it for the correct style. The clips are gonna be way too bulky and will look weird as hell at the bottom.

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File: 224 KB, 360x450, 100 Percent Full Cowl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This will be my first time wearing a wig for cosplay (normally have a mask/helmet or a character I can do with my natural hair). Any recommendations for a a wig that would be good for 100% Deku?

>> No.10352342

I'm trying to get into wearing wigs more regularly, but i have a fat head and thin fine hair that holds NOTHING. stretchy headbands go flying after about 30 seconds, and bobby pins dont grip.
How tf do i keep wigs on my head through the day?

>> No.10352343

it's almost ironic because madotsuki's hair is like one of the only styles of pigtails you can use without clips since they are low..

>> No.10352380


In addition to this, you can:
>put a pea-size of Got2B Glued Gel around your hairline where the hair cap will sit, place the cap on top, and powder the your hairline to ensure that nothing is still sticky
>sew in some wig clips (you can buy them in bulk off of AliExpress and Amazon) to the highest tension points around your head (temples, center of hairline above your forehead, where the end of your jaw is behind your ears, and the nape of your neck). Use them like barrettes to slip underneath your wig cap.

>> No.10352381

Are you planning on styling it yourself or looking for premade?

>> No.10352382

I forgot to mention that my hair is too short atm (had a procedure done and had to shave it) so clips are pretty much out

>> No.10352383

That's what your wig cap is for. You can even tape it down if you find it slips. Slap that fucker on your skull then pin the wig to it.

>> No.10352395

The clips are attached to the wig and clip onto the wig cap, not your hair.

>> No.10352400

I've got someone who will be helping me styling in the likely case that I need to.

>> No.10352403

I have one of those wig grips from Arda that are basically a stretch velvet headband with velcro at the back, you velcro it tight around your head and the texture of the velvet helps the wig stay in place, I highly recommend it

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File: 39 KB, 683x683, 6785E773-2C88-4D3E-A5EB-A0C190C9477D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do wigs look like hairy helmets on anyone else? Like pic related, they all look so horrible on me. Guess I might have a small head desu

>> No.10352435

You are not alone. I'm smol and so is my head, it just looks off when I wear a wig. Pic related is definitely the worst type of wig choice, makes me look like a bobblehead.

>> No.10352441

I look specifically for thin wigs because of this, I'd rather have some net show than look like I have an alien head

>> No.10352710

Here are your options:
1) Get light green medium length (shoulders), thick wig, preferably a lacefront since the style is blown back from the hairline and you don't want it showing. I would suggest Arda but their color selection is limited stock right now, so here's a pick from Epic: https://www.epiccosplay.com/collections/medium-wigs/products/helen-vocaloid-green-bangless-cosplay-wig. If you can't find the exact color you need, you could always buy a white wig and dye it yourself - especially if you want the front bangs to be a lighter color than the rest.
2) commission someone else to do it

>> No.10352780

cut wefts out of the wigs you get. it sounds janky but i just straight up cut the fibers out of pretty much every single one of my wigs, particularly the bangs, then layer them to sit nicer. obviously wigs like arda are a lost cause because they look ridiculous even on large headed people, but it works for most taobao wigs and epic wigs

>> No.10353978
File: 254 KB, 750x1154, CCE3D66F-E686-4166-A1A6-005915EB8969.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This person's wigs are the absolute worst I've seen in a long time, like I'm actually uncomfortable

>> No.10353979

Swing and a miss on wig AND makeup, wow.

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File: 91 KB, 600x800, r21cos1yyop21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10354008

Better shape, and overall silhouette matches the anime better

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File: 102 KB, 1200x800, 589D5FB1-3988-4280-B716-2F49D225AFBB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

First time styling a wig. I’m pretty confident since I style my hair everyday, but what are somethings I should do in general to not mess it up? Also are you not supposed to tease it? I’ve seen tutorials show a bit of teasing before cutting and spraying

>> No.10354021

wtf is up with all this ugly make up... its like a trend with zoomer cosplayers i hate it

>> No.10354042

> Also are you not supposed to tease it?
teasing is an essential part of wig styling, especially for spikes which are 90% teasing. Make sure your wig can handle heat and to what degree because the plastic can and will melt if it gets too hot. Use a wide-toothed comb or wig brush to style and start in small sections from the bottom up to brush out. Got2B Freeze Spray is the go-to for wig styling. A lot goes a long way. Just spray a decent amount, dry it with a hair dryer, and it'll stay in whatever position you put it in.

>> No.10354603

>Otherwise you can check out facebook or twitter for wig commissioners to do it for you.

so i've been researching my options for link wig with bun and i've come to the conclusion that if i get a short haired wig with pony-tail extensiojn it will look awkard in the back because the back cant be styled to pull into a bun without modifications beyond my ability. if i buy some wig with long haid and go to some hair dresser and say i want my wig styled like this, it wont come out how i want it.

i think wig commission is my only realistic option but i have no idea how the price range works. should i be prepared to drop $120 -150?

>> No.10354754

Depends on the commissioner. At minimum expect: materials + shipping + minimum wage/per hour. Realistically, yes you should expect somewhere in your price range if not $80+. Get quotes from commissioners.

Imo, I think you're approaching the wig the wrong way though. You don't need a wig long enough to pull into a bun, you just need it long enough to create the pulled back look. You pull the hair back into a ponytail, extremely secure it with ponytail holders, then cut the excess and fill the stub with hot glue. It's called "stubbing" a wig. Then, you can carve out a foam ball to fit around the stud. The ball becomes your base for the bun. You can easily buy a bun from Arda and skip the styling of it entirely. Or if you chose to have it commissioned, that's likely what they'll do for you.

>> No.10354843
File: 122 KB, 665x970, 99A33593-72AD-494E-955C-3842D7C7521B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Am I better off commissioning this kind of wig? The rest of the costume can be found easily, the wig may b the hardest of the bunch.

Was also thinking of dyeing my hair to this color, but I heard that the dye will stick with me for at least a while.

>> No.10354847

What is with men and being so allergic to just wearing a wig? Don't dye your hair for cosplay, it looks awful in pictures. Try make it yourself, if you fuck up comm someone who knows what they're doing, you'd atleast learn something about wig styling.

And coppery tones are horrible to get out later, unless you want the colour for a long time I wouldn't rush to it.

>> No.10354922

That just looks like an extreme pompadour (but triangular) you could style the wig, just look up tutorials and save yourself some cash

>> No.10355012


Now hang on. Not that anon but I understand the value a creation has for it's creator no matter how bad it is. I understand when a kid puts a watermark on a crappy drawing on dA or says "Do not steal". As crappy as it is, the kid tried hard and is proud. And I had designs stolen from me in the past too. It sucks.
With that said, high profile cosplayers and prop makers can eat my ass. These people aren't hurting for cash. They have decked out workshops, they get commissions from popular companies, some work in movies and others were born into money. Any profits they could make from selling books and patterns wouldn't make a difference on their bank accounts. The patterns themselves go for like 5$ a page and they're very basic. No rivets, no ridges, no trims. If it was a texture, it is ommited. Btw that's another thing they do. They take another man's work (ingame 3D model), they make it into a pattern, and then they sell it without making an arrangement with the IP owner (video game company). These people are Scrooges.

>> No.10355165

>They have decked out workshops, they get commissions from popular companies, some work in movies and others were born into money.
>No rivets, no ridges, no trims. If it was a texture, it is ommited. Btw that's another thing they do.
>They take another man's work (ingame 3D model)

Buddy, did you stumble into the wig thread by accident?

>> No.10355195
File: 41 KB, 660x480, Randy-Stair.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You think that before he blew his head off, he yelled;

>> No.10355202


No, I came to say that the wig on the right in the OP is atrocious compared the one on the left, but then I read though the thread and found a post that required my opinion more urgently.

>> No.10355208

Baby cosplayers on tiktok are to blame

>> No.10355284

It's a strange opinion since none of what you're complaining about has anything to do with the two books cheap-anon is trying to get for free.

Even ignoring that you've clearly got a beef with someone in the armor community, I don't understand. Are you demanding popular cosplayers make tutorials for you for free? Or do you just want nobody to make any guides because they're too simple or not unique?

>> No.10355412


Not some*one* but a number of people, and I was commenting on piracy in general. My point is that the morality of an action is dependant on the individuals affected.
Anyway, wigs. I'm of the opinion that people should make their own things. It's fun, it shows how much love the cosplayer has for his hobby, and it shows how competent a craftsman he is. But if you're only going to do a wig cosplay once then say fuck it and commission it instead, provided you don't enter contests with it.

>> No.10355459

You didn't answer my question though: most big name makers got that status because of their skill and experience, so you do want those cosplayers to make you tutorials but without a price tag? Or are you fine with them just not creating patterns and tutorials for others?

It's still weird that you're justifying stealing because someone has a nicer workshop than you.

>> No.10355662

>At minimum expect: materials + shipping

i live in NYC, im sure i can find someone cor commission but how weird wouod it be if i said i wanted to meet up so the wig can be fitted?apso, are there any alternatives to facebook/twitter? i dont use facebook that much and i dont have twitter account.

>> No.10355690


You think I'm jealous? Fully equipped workshops, raw materials and employees cost money. The big names have money. They don't need to sell a lunch break's worth of labor at such a price. The 80-100 bucks they'll make aren't going to help them. They're not some nerffag doing reviews in his back yard or something. And they shouldn't be charging for stuff they've stolen themselves either. I'm not pirating their books and patterns but I'm not going to look down on anyone who does.

>most big name makers got that status because of their skill and experience
Social skill being chief among them. It's a circlejerk and they love bringing up the people they know in their free youtube tutorials. "Back when I used to work for this famous guy", "My famous friend made that thing for me" etc. Speaking of, most fall into two categories. One is a minutes-long "I bought it from my friends at" while the other is plain following the product's instructions. No tips or points of interest. The only thing I've learned from them are tools and materials. I learned more by watching a woman build a fursuit.
So which one are you?

>> No.10355721

>You think I'm jealous?
Well you sure sound jealous.

>They don't need to sell a lunch break's worth of labor at such a price.
You're got a weird idea about how long it takes to make a pattern or a book. I guarantee you it's a lot longer than a lunch break.

>The 80-100 bucks they'll make aren't going to help them.
So then they just shouldn't make patterns for you in the first place, right? No patterns, no need to pay.

>So which one are you?
Do you really think I'm one of the famous armormakers you're assrashed about?

>> No.10355769


Bravo. You put some effort into your trolling. I hope.

>> No.10355771

Not sure you know what that word means

>> No.10355778
File: 711 KB, 1684x1920, 8OYPLki.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hi everyone, I'm trying to style a wig like the characters hair but absurdly long wigs are new to me. To get the uniform ends to stay uniform should I use spray? To elaborate, I mean useing sprays to get the wig hairs to bind so it's like cloth. Or should I just go with a big ponytail? I've heard that long wigs can tangle easily so I'm trying to stop that.

Also, does anyone have recommendations for long lace fronts? I'm not finding any which seem to be good quality.

>> No.10355811
File: 17 KB, 286x286, 1p4ti4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my eyes hurt.

>> No.10355836
File: 1.79 MB, 1020x1278, a8402025e79e33554626474e94b679b9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

(Using this image as an example I do NOT want to cosplay this character)

I recently got into mens Jfashion and would love to find wigs with hairstyles like pic related in a dark brown color (dreamholic SOMETIMES carries them)
Anyone know of some places to get mens prestyled wigs that look sort of like pic related?

>> No.10355883

> I'm of the opinion that people should make their own things
And how do you suppose people learn those things? It's almost as if more experienced people in the craft are teaching others from their vast experience so that they can reach new heights while being compensated for their work.

>> No.10355885

>but how weird wouod it be if i said i wanted to meet up so the wig can be fitted?
It's not weird to meet up with someone, but not everyone is going to be willing to meet. You also vastly limit the amount of people who can help you by only taking commissioners within meeting distance.

>any alternatives to facebook/twitter
Instagram and Reddit, but they're pretty bottom of the barrel. You'll get the most amount of people in the two I mentioned. I also don't use FB aside from cosplay groups, which is where you'd be looking for your commissioner so I'd say go with that.

>> No.10355888


ok thanks anon! hopeully i will be able to post the wig in this thread or the next one.

>> No.10355889

>You think I'm jealous?
You're trying to justify stealing from small creators because they have worked for their money and now can afford better equipment. Almost every single "big name" out there is still small on the business scale. With maybe the exception of Yaya and Nigri, the biggest names still work out of their homes in a single room.

>And they shouldn't be charging for stuff they've stolen themselves either.
Not true. Though they have come a long way, there aren't commercial patterns available for at minimum 75% of costumes out there. And guess what? Those patterns are first drafted by the maker, tested and revised, until they're ready to be graded and transferred to digital. And you're trying to justify stealing it from someone who will take a harder hit from it than McCalls or Simplicity.

>Social skill being chief among them.
And? Marketing is a still. If you had it, you wouldn't be sitting here bitching on the an underwater basket weaving website.

>I learned more by watching a woman build a fursuit.
Did you steal from her too?

>> No.10355892

>To elaborate, I mean useing sprays to get the wig hairs to bind so it's like cloth
What do you mean by cloth? You want it to hang like a piece of fabric?

>> No.10355893

We'd love to see it. Best of luck

>> No.10355990
File: 2.48 MB, 1320x1920, constance von nuvelle.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This character's hair is a different colour at the back. would the best way to approach it be hair extensions? I think that would work for most of it but I don't know about the front curls.

>> No.10355991

Forgot to add, I'm thinking of starting with the Little Poppy in Linen WhiteGold by Dream-holic.

>> No.10356189

I'm colourblind can someone explain the colour difference?

>> No.10356197

this is just shading...

>> No.10356236

The people I've seen attempt her wig are using alcohol markers to color the underside of the hair, it gives you more control over the placement compared to adding wefts but it'll be less vivid than purple wefts.
She's mostly blonde but the inside of the front curls and the underside of the hair are purple.
It's not shading, you can see that even more clearly in her timeskip hairstyle.

>> No.10356245

Ah okay I think I see where the difference is, I would cut out a few of the bottom rows of wefts and sew in purple ones to replace them. Then with the curls you should be able to hide purple wefts under the bang, sew them with the hair you are curling and you should be able to curl it like any other wig at that point. If I missed any spots let me know, colours are hard.

>> No.10356266

I fucking love that musical!

>> No.10356472

Possibly. I'm mainly concerned about the wig looking like a tangled furball and character accuracy is secondary.

>> No.10356735

Depending on what level of stiffness you want, there are a few options. Firstly, it's recommended that you use some type of lubricant to coat the fibers before wear so that they'll have a less likely chance of tangling. You can use silicone lubricant spray that you can find at the hardstore. I've heard it can give a slightly damp appearance to the fibers, but haven't confirmed. Or some people swear by Mane n Tail detangler spray. Secondly, if you want the ends to keep a straight edge, you could try laying the wig's ends on a flat surface and using A PEA SIZE (I can't emphasize this enough, one droplet goes a long way) of Got2B Glued Gel. You'll probably want to sweep something underneath the strands every now and again to make sure that the gel doesn't make the wig stick to the surface. Your third and most intensive option would be to create a plastic core for the wig. Grab a big sheet of thin plastic and cut it to the exact shape you want each strand to sit like. Then, use heat to bend it at a slight curve and attach it to the wig using whatever method suits the weight the best. When you attach it, you want it to sit between the wefts so that there is a top layer and bottom layer covering the plastic with it inbetween. Then, apply diluted glue to keep the hair stuck to the plastic without making it wet and gross. If your wig is thick enough, you could use one row of wefts to keep glued to the plastic, and another to lay on top while maintaining its natural look. Spray hairspray, brush gently through with a wide-toothed comb, and voila, you will have an unmoving curtain of hair that should closely resemble the reference image.

>> No.10356784
File: 1.16 MB, 740x1950, latest-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Helping my roommate with his first not store bought cosplay. We're both very new to this, so any tips would help, trying to get this bunny girl done. Any recommendations on a base wig?

>> No.10356832


The 2020 one actually looks better because it looks more natural, like real hair would.
People are tired of the overly styled and cemented into shape wigs.
Get over it.

>> No.10356996

This is not a beginner friendly project. That being said, I'd suggest something like these:

You'll need some extra long wefts for the ears too.

>> No.10357044

don’t make the ears out of wefts, make them out of faux fur. it will look 10x better

>> No.10357084

Thanks fellas.

>> No.10357131

If I don't know how to style hair, is it worthwhile to buy the wig and get someone at a salon to do it? Do they usually field requests like that?

>> No.10357193

I wouldn't trust anyone not in the cosplay scene. Check your local cosplay groups on facebook and see if anyone might be open to commissions. There are even wig stylists who will ship from wherever they are to you. This project is definitely not suitable for a regular stylist

>> No.10357698

A regular stylist at a salon won't get that exact accuracy and gravity defying look like a cosplay commissioner would. I'd definitely recommend going with what this anon said >>10357193. The commissioner might even buy the wig for you (included with the price if that's the case)

>> No.10357700

Do you guys have any recommended stylists?

>> No.10357938

I style my own wigs, but you should look for someone whose strengths are right for the job you're looking for. Look through their old work and get a quote that fits for your budget.

>> No.10357959

How do you know where to look? Just Google "long fantasy cosplay wig commissions"?

>> No.10357999

Both the other anon and I already told you.
>Check your local cosplay groups on facebook and see if anyone might be open to commissions.
There's a tag on twitter and instagram for #wigcommissions and specific groups on fb just for wig or prop commissions.

>> No.10359130

love anogol but any other wig stores y'all like on ali?

>> No.10359647

Thanks for the response anon, All these seem like great ideas!

>> No.10359681

What's the best heat protectant for natural hair

>> No.10359737

This is a thread about plastic wigs. Go ask /fa or a hair subreddit.

>> No.10359971

How are mcoser wigs on tmall? Are the wig caps comfortable/big enough for western heads?

>> No.10360813

i hate their wigs but just to let you guys know, this is a minor

>> No.10360814

hey hey people

>> No.10371542

no one here gives a shit if theyre a minor this isnt twitter or tumblr

>> No.10371562

no minors allowed is a general rule of thumb here

>> No.10378020
File: 311 KB, 539x396, coscraft v arda.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has anyone used Coscraft iwgs? Are they comparable to Arda in terms of wefts for spiking and heavy styling?

>> No.10378048

I haven't styled one myself but from examining at a con and based on my friends' experiences they're not quite as dense as Arda but pretty close, so they should be great for heavy styling.

>> No.10378049

seth here

>> No.10378069

Have used both Arda and Coscraft and I prefer Coscraft 100%, the wig isn't as dense and the fibers are a bit silkier but still spike and tease just as well + honestly the price is pretty great for the quality.

>> No.10378112

Literally who

>> No.10378523

kermit the frog here

>> No.10378850

Thanks anons! How is the shine? It looks like in the photos, coscraft looks like the same as amazon wigs in terms of shine, and sometimes that can really be a killer for me

>> No.10379002

Different colors have different shine levels. Some are very matte some are more shiny. I recommend looking over the tags on insta and find someone using the colour you want.

Which color were you looking at?

>> No.10379069

a youtuber

>> No.10379728
File: 94 KB, 800x500, darby-allin-4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looking for a wig solution for something like this; shaved on the sides, long on top. The only thing I can find are toupees but every one I see is over $100 which is way over what I want to spend on a simple cosplay. I already keep a shaved head, I thought it would be simple to find a tuft of hair to just stick on top of my head.

>> No.10379977

In terms of premade wigs, your only choices are something like this:https://arda-wigs.com/collections/unique-wigs/products/rufio-classic?variant=2466725363724

To capture the style you're looking for you'll probably have to:
>buy a lacefront short hair wig and additional lace
>cut off the excess wefts
>sew in lace around the circumfrence of the wig piece
>pluck the hair to create a more natural hairline
>taper the hairs on the sides, but not too short to show the weft tracks
>Got2B Glued the lace down to your head
>use foundation/concealer and powder to hide the transition between hair and wig.

>> No.10379979

Or just commission a wig maker to do it for you or have them ventilate the wig on a big piece of lace I guess?

>> No.10380114

Can normal lacefronts be put in two low braids?

>> No.10380160

I bought a wig secondhand and it’s weirdly greasy and crunchy? The seller said they used wig detergent/conditioner whatever on it and I can smell that. Can I save this wig with a wash or something?

>> No.10380172

Hard to say without feeling the wig. Give it a good bath and a soak.

>> No.10380200

Low braids are usually okay with most wig styles, it depends on the weft density in the back, being a lacefront has little to do with it although they tend to be a bit more dense than the average fashion wig.

>> No.10387641
File: 100 KB, 428x640, 6956FF68-B072-4478-A94D-9448EA20D1E3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

does anyone know where to buy a good quality wig like this one? looking for one that’s not too high quality but also not some cheap chinese one from amazon.

>> No.10387678

Youtube search: "Where to buy cosplay wigs"

>> No.10387693

Theia, mint green, from EpicCosplay
Inigo, cool mint, from Arda

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