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New meta mto. Thoughts? I feel like these sleeves could be controversial

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I love it and I will fight anyone who doesn’t.

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Why, you can wear a blouse under it or a shear shawl over your shoulders. This is cool because it allows for different styling.

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Based Meta. I'm still waiting to see a dress sample with that black fabric.

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Why did the last thread get archived? Was it the racebaiting? Fat derailing?

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It reached post limit retard

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Isn't the post limit 300?

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where does this retarded idea of lolita being "inherently queer" come from? i've seen multiple people in fb groups claiming that. sure there's lgbt people in the fashion, but lolita has nothing to do with sexuality of any kind... the whole point is to not be sexual whatsoever

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Close, it's 310

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Lesbians ruin everything

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>the whole point is to not be sexual whatsoever
what is the origin of this meme

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I really wish newfags like you would actually learn the history of the fashion.

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If you think lolita is a sexual related fashion, like gyaru or something, you are very wrong.

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Yeah the sleeves are giving me flashbacks to those Chinese cosplay lolita dresses with the arm and legwarmers but the colors and design are really elegant, so it probably won't be attractive to those kinds of itas

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not what i said at all. it's just retarded to try to police how other people wear their own clothes.

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Proto lolita could be considered "queer" when it was an alternative street fashion but modern lolita? Nah

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it's just retarded for people to willingly choose to wear clothes that are part of a fashion and totally ignore how said fashion is meant to look.

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How was it queer? It was about women protesting the patriarchy and sexist expectations, nothing related to sexuality whether straight or not.

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You're retarded. What we're saying is that the origin of the fashion was meant to be anti-sexual and modest to challenge the ideas of being ideal wife material. The entire silhouette is modest. Fishnets are only acceptable in gothic. Showing skin in general is frowned upon, and unless you're doing it in the ero substyle intentionally, you can fuck right off. The fashion has rules. It's modest at the core. If you wanna be a thot, don't call it Lolita.

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>ANOTHER release called "classical doll"
Meta why

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>stop wearing those clothes that you purchased with your own money in a way i personally deem unacceptable

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It was, but it does in fact relate to sexuality in the sense that it was a rejection of the male ideal of what is sexually pleasing or what they’d want in a wife and instead embracing wearing clothes for yourself.

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People can wear whatever they want.
Just don't call it lolita.
If you want to buy Demonia shoes and wear them with a pink leotard, don't call your outfit goth.
It's that fucking simple.

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lolno. if you buy clothes and want to wear them in a way you choose, do it, but don't call it something it's not. people who say they are lolita but don't wear lolita in a way that makes it lolita are just attention whores.

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Okay, but what does that have to do with lgbt? Lolita has never been about promoting lgbt visibility or anything like that.

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that's not queer.

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It doesn’t, i was just pointing out how you were flawed in saying it doesn’t relate to sexuality. Sexuality =/= LGBT

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>weather straight or not

You’re retarded.

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you didn't write that, you fag.

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I can’t believe that you’re this dumb. Do you not know how conversation flows? The person who I responded to wrote that, so I responded to them accordingly.

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and i wasn't that anon.

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Nobody said you were, but if you’re >>10346624 you’re a massive retard who needs to know how the flow of conversation goes.

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the person who needs to understand the flow of conversations is the one here who doesn't realize they're talking to multiple people. contain your autism and gender studies bs.

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Nice asspull. Does not change >>10346624 being retarded

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But the older 2 generals are still here

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is lolita "inherently queer"?

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Fuck off

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I can call it whatever i want lol

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here I think you dropped these

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OK so moving on

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Does Btssb have a section in store separately for Classical Series?

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It looks like anime but I like it.

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what's a good, cheap, offbrand gothic dress? i'm singing at a con karaoke contest and wanted to wear something goth to fit the theme even though i don't wear it normally.

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Well, if taking the term “queer” to say “strange”, “unusual”, whatever alternative/non-normie thing can be called queer. At another hand nowadays “queer” will 9/10 make an association with gay community. Idk, I guess they just used this ambiguity to sorta appropriate fashion because of reasons.

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Take it to the stupid questions thread, this one isn’t for cosplayers looking to play dress up.

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excuse you, i'm not a cosplayer, retard. i said i don't wear gothic normally, not that i don't wear lolita. i just don't want to sing an edgy opera song wearing baby js.

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Nayrt but cringe. Just search for a black JSK/OP off LM and make it work

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And why not? Dressing up for a song in karaoke seems a bit pedantic to me, plus the contrast could be kinda fun.

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Nayrt but that's true, you're free to be as wrong and look as dumb as you please.

Just don't get mad when people who actually know what they're talking about point out the fact that you're wrong. And dumb.

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you're probably not still here, but there is a Black Lolita Community on facebook, just search those words and it'll pop up

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Just buy a nameless poem replica off Aliexpress or something if you wanna be a cheapo

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I'm not inherently opposed, but are those sleeves detachable?

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is it just me or is there a trend of people overcharging for taobao stuff on lm? like, i'd say at least 30% of the listings in the taobao section i could buy brand new for almost the same price, sometimes even for less. did the sellers buy their stuff from an expensive reseller? are they marking up because they think taobao produces in limited quantities? can they get away with charging more because people don't want to deal with ordering directly? i just don't understand.

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ok i realised a decent chunk of the overpiced listings are from known scalpers. i guess that's to be expected huh

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A lot of them are Chinese scalpers, I have found a few that literally double/ triple the price on lace market. Also that Malaysia girl that does shopping service scalp like crazy too

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Yes, when you detach all the accessories, it's a gorgeous jsk. But not for 60k¥

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COF is a cesspool with incompentant mods who are now banning people for speaking up against fetishists in the community.

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Breaking news: the sky is blue.

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Lolita may be modest in that it covers your body, but most actual modest fashion frowns on anything flashy, colorful and attention grabbing

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Sexual modesty is not the same as overall modesty

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No, but the only people who care about ~sexual modesty~ but no other kind of modesty are either a very specific breed of neoconservative/religious nut or creepy virginity fetishists who get off on being uwu ~pure maidens~, and I’d like both groups to get the fuck out of lolita

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Not true but OK retard

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Anon >>10346777 is right. True “modest” fashion is conservative in both style/color and in how much of your body is covered. It’s not supposed to be flashy or attention grabbing. Most people in modest fashion communities would hate Lolita.

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No they aren’t. Are you really too autistic to understand that people can have different views and reasoning that aren’t just muh pearl clutching or virginity LARPing?

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If you’re the kind of person who says you’re into Lolita for the “modesty” yet you’re wearing pastel vomit prints with a cake on your head, or six inch goth platforms and black lipstick, I’m going to think you’re a weirdo hypocrite.

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Again, sexual modesty is not the same as overall modesty. Sexual modesty is deeply routed in this fashion, while at the same time dressing opulently for ones own enjoyment. Educate yourself on the roots of the fashion LARP-chan

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Nayrt and where did anon say they wear that stuff? toned down styles exist

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It’s just some LARPer who has no actual grasp on the fashion or its roots

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>sexual modesty is deeply rooted in this fashion
Protesting against other people sexualizing you against your will is not the same thing as promoting or caring about sexual modesty in general

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I refuse to believe that you are actually this stupid/dense. You have to be trolling.

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that's what I though, but my friend told me it would be weird. i think you're right though. she just brought up like moon kana and nana kitade as examples of how they dressed to fit the music and i thought that would be cool. i'm a good singer and it's not like i'll embarrass myself either way.

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Not everyone who disagrees with you is a LARPer. I’ve been wearing the fashion and active in the community for a second

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Can the anon who posted PM w/ the CoF moderator repost here for discussion, please?

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No, stay in the cof thread newfag.

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Okay first of all retard, they posted that convo in the ita thread. This is a communitywide issue that deserves discussion.

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Give me a minute ill do it

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Got banned from CoF for calling out the Mod 1/2

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This is the most retarded statement I’ve seen here in a while.

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That pretty much reads as either let us do whatever we want or gtfo. Sounds like the mods are itas themselves

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The relevant picture would be nice for context.

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No it's fucking not, this is 4chan not facebook cancer general. You have an entire thread for discussion/bitching about mods of that facebook group so stay there.

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shut up peed

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>a piece of face jewelry

It’s a fucking sex harness. Putting it like that makes it look like people are outraged over a piercing.

>> No.10346846 [DELETED] 

It's just jewelry, though? Someone keeps spouting nonsense about it "holding a sex toy to your face" but where are they seeing that? It doesn't hold her mouth open like a ball-gag or ring-gag even.

>> No.10346847

It’s LITERALLY A SEX TOY. You being too retarded to get that through your skull doesn’t change what it is. It doesn’t change that literal children said they were uncomfortable with it. COF is open to those 13+. The mods should not expose LITERAL CHILDREN to some sick attention whores Sextoy BDSM exhibitionist fetish. There’s no room to argue about posting photos of you using a sex toy to a group that is open to minors, you sick fuck.

>> No.10346848

anon please its already been confirmed that that's what it is!

if 99 people are all in agreement that its a bdsm toy (its a ring where you fit a dildo/other into, that then keeps it in your mouth) and you want to be that 1 to state its nonsense just cause you don't personally recognize/see it

its a you thing. educate yourself

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I kinda get the mod's point. She says that deleting that post means deleting posts like pic related. From what I got, mods asked OP for the context and she didn't mean it to be sexual, it just didn't work. You don't punish people for poorly coorded outfits by removing their posts. Probably, that was edgy escapade to provoke people, but idk, it's not like sharing nudes in lolita OTK's.
At another hand, if fetish gear is okay as an accssory thay'd better make the group clearly 18+ only. I honestly don't know where's the borderline between ero lolita and kink.

>> No.10346851

In addition, I'm kinda frightened of what may happen to community and its people if they openly claim that such an accessories are okay and group is 18+. Idk what's good here.

>> No.10346852

this looks like shit anyway.

>> No.10346854

I like it. She used edgy stuff, but it's coorded just right.

>> No.10346863


I’m sorry but I don’t take the opinions of retards seriously.

>> No.10346864

i just don't really like HL, and the mismatched red hair and red everything else erks me.

in any case, stuff like harnesses and those masks aren't explicitly sexual, kind of like collars. they're associated with bondage and the kink community but they're much different than the open mouth gag which is more like spreader bars or neck braces, which are very explicit.

>> No.10346868

This. She doesn’t have an actual sextoy on.

>> No.10346870

It should be simple: if the coord is good it’s fine. If the coord is bad it shouldn’t be allowed. The coord they caused all the controversy was really bad.

>> No.10346873

It should never be okay to wear sextoys around children you deranged pedophile

>> No.10346876

I don’t want kinksters mixing their shit with lolita, but all of the “what about the minors!!!! pedos!!!” pearlclutching is the wrong way to fight back against this shit.

>> No.10346879

Got your point, I agree. You don't use dildo as ero lolita scepter. I wish mods would state there's a borderline, like accessories are okay, sex toys are not

>> No.10346880

Kys pedoshit

>> No.10346881

nothing in >>10346850 is a sex toy or explicitly for sex. an OPEN BALL GAG is literally for sex and there's no way around it.

>> No.10346882

I wasn’t talking about >>10346850. I was talking about the recent one retard

>> No.10346884

the mods barely know what they're looking at most of the time, do you really think they can traverse the line between edgy items associated with kink, and actual items that have no functionality other than sexual? by the current logic, most AP prints with baby themes are kink because of ageplayers.

>> No.10346886

meant to reply to >>10346870 not you. the thread is just moving fast rn.

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Still waiting for the mods to address this publicly rather than delete comments and try to sweep this under the rug.

There was a callout coord post that seems to have gotten deleted too lmao.

>> No.10346888 [DELETED] 

Pls tell me someone got caps for the callout coord

>> No.10346889

I'm glad I never joined the community as a minor. You're assuming all minors were as scarred as you were.

>> No.10346891 [DELETED] 

Yes, check the archives.

>> No.10346892 [DELETED] 

Pretty sure it was posted on lolcow

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They have it styled with a blouse on their IG and IMO the sleeves were a very smart addition.

>> No.10346913

I like it, but there are so many details in the dress that it gets kind of compressed in a picture and confuses the eye a little. I hope I get to see it in person sometime.

>> No.10346914 [DELETED] 

Okay Maya

>> No.10346927

I joined the community as a minor. I hate kinksters. But minors waxing poetic about how they were traumatized forever by one person wearing a choker are making the entire push against kinksters look awful. The lolita community isn't a safe space for minors, we post minors here in ita threads all the time so stop pretending you actually give a fuck about them,

The coord was shit outside of the face harness anyway. The crop top was edgy garbage.

>> No.10346932


might be the european in me but you guys go way overboard. Yes, it's obviously some kink shit but if you never seen that thing before most people probably wouldn't know what it excatly it is for and just would deem it strange. But come on, it's not like she's waving a dildo. "But it is a sex toy" Yes, but not an obvious what excatly it is despite kinky and what you do with it if you aren't into BDSM. You guys are acting like she presenting her spread leg to minors. She just looks like a stupid pony.
Is it edgy and tasteless? Sure. Does kink shit belong into lolita? No, at least not posted public. Will it harm a minor? No, it might confuse them at worst

>> No.10346958

There have been decent casual lolita and simple classic coords deleted by mods, objectively are those bad coords?

>> No.10346973

The one that pissed me off was a nice casual oldschool coord with a cutsew, UTKs, headdress, and solid skirt that got deleted. It was a very nice coord, maybe garbage chan or one of the girls like that did. And everyone screeched that it wasn't lolita because it didn't have a blouse. Maybe it was a brand camisole. Regardless it was better than sex harness chan

>> No.10347002

no, it's clear by now that the mods are idiots.

if someone posted that face harness coord to daily-lolita they would've immediately been accused of being a troll and driven off, not defended.

>> No.10347024

>advocating purchase of a replica
How new are you?

>> No.10347033

Americans don't like it because if minors see it that might lead to questions that would make the adults uncomfortable because America is full of prudes.
God forbid you actually talk to your children.

>> No.10347070

If she wants trash she can buy trash, and leave the actual good stuff to the people who don't just want cheap shit.

>> No.10347083

This is beautiful!

>> No.10347088

Uhhh her instagram had her spreading her legs, fetishising the book....

You should show yourself the door out of lolita if minors and people not wanting someone's obvious kink bullshit shoved in their face in a group for SFW things. Please kindly fuck off out of Lolita.

>> No.10347110

people will call anything weird queer these days because they desperately want to be edgy.
I wasn't feeling it at first but this pic convinced me. It's gorgeous.

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sup, i'm the person who used to scan mags and upload to imgur. I've decided to upload the scans to archive org now as it's more accessible and permanent. i'm in the process of reuploading my scans from imgur in pdf form, plus new scans. kera july 2002 is one I scanned recently. peace

>> No.10347210

The red and yellow coord? It was so cute, I wondered why I never saw it again. Did anyone get caps of the comments

>> No.10347218

Based, thank you.

>> No.10347259

I think it’s finally time for me to leave lolita. I feel kind of sad to do so, because I still feel like I love the fashion. But I haven’t worn it in over a year, haven’t worn it regularly for 3 years, and don’t want to wear it anytime in the foreseeable future. quitting my community responsibilities is going to make me sad. I was a socially retarded teenager when I first got into the fashion and lolita was the only community I ever felt like I could connect to.
I’ve been posting on here now I feel about it sometimes, and people always say that I will fall in love with it again or something. Hasn’t happened and I can’t ever see it happening. Visually I still think it can look nice, but I guess it’s a bit out there for me to wear.
I think the final straw was when I was going through my old dream dress list today, and didn’t like 90% of the things on it. The few things I still think are cute are mostly pieces I actually own now (but still don’t wear).
Now I don’t know what to do with myself or my aesthetic. I want to dress well but without the frame of reference of lolita, I’m kind of lost. Would love advice for that.
I also don’t know which pieces to keep or to sell. I guess I should keep around my few dream dresses, corresponding items to coord, and some items that aren’t really worth much secondhand so better to just hold on to in case? People always tell me to konmari my wardrobe, but if I don’t like most of it at this point, I feel like I should still hold on to a few things that would make getting back into the fashion easier if the need ever arose. Although, that’s why I’ve kept every item in my wardrobe at this point.

>> No.10347263


If you're doing konmari, do the whole hog. She says to thank the items for their service and say goodbye to them. You can extend this into a whole ritual thing -- get your photos taken in your favorite coords. Compile a photo album of your best times in lolita to look back on. Put everything together and plan your own going-away party for the comm, elect the next gen who will be carrying on after you. Then box everything up and sell it (or do both and combine a swap meet at the going away party, depending on what you feel you can handle).

As for the dresses, remove the lolita context and look them over before you sell. Rather than basing what you keep around what they used to mean, I'd look for dresses that you can still wear, removed of the lolita context. If you owned a lot of IW or Moitie florals, they often work very well as high quality normie sundresses, saves you from spending money on buying cocktail dresses in the future. There's usually some pins, hair accessories, lace shawls or something that looks good that you can keep. Kind of like reverse loliables.

As for your dream dresses, think realistically about what you plan to do with them. It's one thing if you can and want to put them in a glass display case in your house. It's another thing if you just plan to box everything up and shove it in a corner of your basement. Surely it's better to sell the dresses to another lolita who will wear them rather than let them mold in the basement until you die and your next-of-kin have to deal with all those moldy dresses.

Don't feel sad for moving on with your life. It was a great experience and you had a great time, but you gotta look forward to the future if you want to help the next batch of girls, rather than being the granny sitting in the corner holding them back by always reminiscing about the past.

>> No.10347268

I've been thinking of jumping ship from CoF to Daily EGL since the former has really gone to shit these days, but I actually enjoyed getting reposted on here because it's pretty much the only time I get comments beyond "cute"/"I love it" etc. Wish there was some other way to actually receive sincere comments that aren't just asspats.

>> No.10347282

I'm not mad about it, those people are. To the point they're complaining about theoretical situations on here all the time.

>> No.10347284

This is awesome! We don't deserve it

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Why does it feel like everyone has suddenly gone nuts over old school? 50% of the coords on CoF are old school nowadays. Are we reliving the fashion now, is OTT sweet the next trend?

>> No.10347355

Trends always go around like that, sometimes a different generation is considered more trendy for a while. Look at how mainstream fashion tends to go back to the 80's and 90's fashion from time to time.

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New AP series photos, here’s Royal Crown Berry

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Neon Star Diner. This one comes in a skirt!

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File: 812 KB, 1936x1936, C2B58E07-99D1-44EC-B847-3E4BA74C1D8F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More Ice Cream Parlor photos

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The imani kira mermaid print Chateau Decume

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File: 943 KB, 1936x1936, 04E3CF82-1F5E-40BA-A822-D25FD0D914C0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Horoscope Carnival

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Rose Tea Garden

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Some kind of polkadot series

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Assorted non print releases

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I’m here. I needed to step back for a minute.

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There was a message after this where she accused me of drama fueling on here and thusly wouldn’t respond further, and I pretty well told her off (not posting because I don’t want to junk up the thread; no collage apps will work for the file size). M— This is your job, this is the nature of your work. Sorry not sorry, you pissed people off, and people have a bone to pick with your actions.

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Mods: Deleting the sex toy coord is censorship
Also mods: *deletes this coord*

>> No.10347453

This looks like meta, I don't know why.

>> No.10347469

Well I can always hope for a good cotton gingham release, but I'm guessing we already got it with poly sweet cherry Margaret. Disappointing.

>> No.10347515

This is the only print of these I actually like but something about the bodices looks super off.

>> No.10347516

Is this the next series that's releasing? Wonder if any SS have open slots...

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I saw this short doc of a woman who dresses in fantasy-style witch fashion and think that what she wears would fit into lolita. Her outfit "checks all the boxes" for lolita, but I haven't heard or seen anything about her style at all and that surprises me.

>> No.10347520

SF here unashamedly... I totally did not realize she's the designer behing I Do Declare. They didn't mention that at all in the short doc, what crap reporting:

>> No.10347538
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I had zero expectations yet AP still managed to disappoint me. Ice cream print was promising, but it looks like it'll look bad irl.

>> No.10347540
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Maki wore it recently

>> No.10347542

im glad you think so, higher chance for me to get it

>> No.10347590

people like you ruined the image of fairy kei. You dont need to label everything just because it vaguely resembles another fashion. its more cookie cutter to be so desperate for community validation that youd call something lolita even when its not.

>> No.10347592

It certainly wasnt recent. the old school boom has been going on for a few years now

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What do you gulls think of the new Moschino collection? I think it's in collaboration with "Roses of Versailles" or a similar manga series.


Some of the outfits look almost like Meta (the black on black punky one mostly) and some Q-pot inspo ones here and there. Do you think this is part of a dialog that may then ripple back to influence harajuku fashion?

Personally I'm thinking of trying some of the color combination used in the show.

>> No.10347619

I absolutely love it. There is always room for more fashion styles! I would definitely wear it, if it was a little longer. I hope it finds a niche home/market/producers to keep this alive.

>> No.10347703

Does anyone feel more drawn to OPs or JSKs in particular?

I like JSKs because they're so extremely versatile, and on the whole I'll feel more justified in buying a JSK than OP. But so many of my dream dresses seem to be OPs, and I just find myself falling in love with a design so much more quickly when it's an OP more than half the time - especially old school OPs. What is you gulls' experience?

>> No.10347715

I have chunky arms, so whether or not I’m comfortable in an OP is a gamble. Some fit great (Miracle Candy, Strawberry Millefueille), Others not so much (Magical Etoile)

I like JSKs for their versatility, but there are a few OPs I prefer to JSK designs (like the new Neon Star Diner)

I also think JSKs are easier to keep clean, since you aren’t sweating on it directly unless you frequently go blouseless.

>> No.10347814

This picture makes my skin crawl

>> No.10347831

Seeing a fatty in a dress I own is somewhat satisfying, because without even trying I already look ten times better in it than they do. Thanks for making the rest of us look awesome

>> No.10347859

the skirt shapes are a bit silly but i suppose silliness is normal for runway stuff. wasn't a fan of the outfits in the pic you included but after watching the video, some of these are actually really nice. would totally cop the boots at 1:34

>> No.10347870

I knew it, it sags sadly. The way the animals are drawn is weird too, I wonder if they've got someone new drawing them and drying to replicate Maki's art but failing miserably. I also wish they would've used some nicer colour for the cones.

>> No.10347925

where did you get this idea from? I fell in love with lolita when I was a purity-ring-wearing pearl-clutching prude. This seems uninformed to me

>> No.10347933

Going to tear someone apart for that first one. I love it.

>> No.10347958

I seem to gravitate to more OPs from AP and JSKs/skirts from Meta and Baby. Even though I prefer skirts the most for versatility, I like OPs too.

>> No.10348039

It might depend on what conservative circles you ran in.

>> No.10348056

yeah this was just run of the mill pope-loving catholicism. I'm sure there are conservative circles that would consider lolita to be immodest, but idk if that would describe even the majority of people who are into modest clothing.

>> No.10348064
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You're the best anon, cheers!

>> No.10348071

>walking lampshade
you could add some battery operated LED lights and go full lamp.

>> No.10348801
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Meta - Elegance Frill Skirt and Elegance Frill Bolero

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>> No.10348823

I hope AP releases another swan plush

>> No.10349307

>not a single cotton release
Guess I'll die.

>> No.10349454

I don't think I should, but gosh I'm upset that I made a payment plan and rushed to the post office right after work when the balance was paid for someone who just wanted to scalp

They legit posted the dress for sale for $200 more than they paid as soon as it arrived.

>> No.10349457

Please namedrop. Was it posted today?

>> No.10349875

Hnng this colour is everything.

>> No.10350523

Next thread I guess >>10350218

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