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New hoodie from Lief

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This picture looks better than the official stock photos. I don't understand why they don't change it, is Moitie's new staff blind?

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the lace is hideous desu

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nothing's EVER gonna be more hideous than their floral gobelin stuff, the lace is fine

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I usually wear toned down classic but recently am getting enamored with OTT pieces. I don’t know the names of hardly any, though. What are your favorite OTT/MTO pieces? I want to look at some more and maybe obscure ones for inspo.

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This new one from baby

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Papillonnage en iris

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I wish they'd printed the flowers on chiffon or something. I like the print but the lace is fugly.

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I agree, it’s just too busy and the details all get lost.

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The comments in big sisters of lolita are so rough

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imagine having taste this horrible kek

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For example?

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This looks like one of those dresses you need to see in person before you buy. But this picture is far more flattering than the official stock photo for sure.

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I'll fite you

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Rip your taste

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I pity you.

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what's it like being weak as fuck, anon?

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Whatever, I just hate it and don't have to just because it's popular - it's all cool if you do enjoy the look though

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*don't have to like it

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very funny

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>preferring cheap blocky raschel lace to quality textiles
oh my

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It reminds me of the Velour & Lace OP from 2005.
That one also had a flower print on lace, looks better than this new one though.


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this looks like that lace they use all over gyaru shit.

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this is gorgeous please don't disrespect it by comparing the two

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This looks like it's made of loliable things someone found in their aunt's house.

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God you’re right, wyd mana

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>all the scalpers getting shut down on Amazon for covid supplies scalping

So why can't Lacemarket do that with scalpers? What is the incentive for them? Really makes you wonder.

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There’s rumors that Rainies is a mod and if that’s true, she wouldn’t shut down other scalpers and not herself, it would be too obvious.

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like they took the blueprint for this one and then executed it in the cheapest, ugliest possible way. i think the lace looks much nicer on this 2005 OP- it blends in and adds texture.

amazon gives exactly as much of a shit as LM does, it just is higher profile and stands to lose more if there's public backlash.

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The Kumya Princess OP is super cute

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I love this dress so so much, I wish I could justify it

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Because it’s too subjective and you can’t boot someone without clear criteria. What exactly too high of a price is depends on the buyer and the market and personal opinion. The amazon profiteers were selling brand new items above the MSRP. And they were necessary items during a public emergency. A used dress doesn’t have as clear of a value and is never a necessity. You can choose not to buy a dress but sick people and doctors need medical masks. There’s a huge difference.
Do I agree with scalpers? No. Do they piss me the fuck off? Yes. Do I want to punch soapbox in the face? Yes. But unless they put a hard and fast rule on the number of listings you can have I don’t see a way to make a universally applicable rule by which to define and ban a scalper.

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>The amazon profiteers were selling brand new items above the MSRP.
Well right there is a rule that can be put into place. Don't sell new release dresses that just came out for $100s more. This is obviously scalping and many "sellers" do this time and time again.

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the difference there though is that unlike new releases, hand sanitiser isn't a "limited" item - there may be shortages because people are in need of it rn but it's still always going to be produced. with lolita though, once its sold out its gone, so its not really the same

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It's definitely the same idea. This kind of shit happens with sporting event tickets and stuff (and is technically illegal). I was trying to point out that it's obvious scalping.

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I actually really like this and I plan to get it. I am however disappointed with the lace gloves. They look like shit compared to ones they’ve released just. few months ago. I already have a pair of white ones I love, and I’ve been waiting for them to restock so I could get a pair of black, but looking at them next to older pairs, I’m not sure if I want to spend my money on them.

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Just allow a certain amount of listings at once, it's not that hard.

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Sure it’s obvious in a few cases but not in others. In a lot of cases what you see as scalping may be someone just trying to get rid of a collectible item from their collection at market price. Or there may be people scalping stealthily that you don’t recognize, which more than one person on here has admitted doing because it’s pretty easy to do.
Bottom line, it’s easy to recognize *some* scalpers because human brains are good at making inferences from little bits of data but there is no hard and fast rule you can apply to weed them out. None of them violate any particular rule that could be imposed other than price fixing, which is asinine. No one should be made to sell a collectible luxury item for cheap just because it makes people mad they didn’t buy it cheaper first

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you sound like a scalper :^)

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I mean, I've been using Lacemarket since late 2012 and early 2013 and I don't remember Rainies being as active as a seller back then (was she even active)?
This sounds like vendetta too. I don't remember seeing/hearing rumors about this being the case, even on 4chan.
The creator would have to be someone who was around during egl_comm_sales days and, during the downfall of LJ around the same timeframe.

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>same anon as >>10357768
Actually, scratch that, my first purchase on Lacemarket was in 2014. Still, I was definitely aware of lolita in late 2012-early 2013 and also definitely lurked egl_comm_sales back then, and Lacemarket when I was a bit newer.
Now I'm curious, what date/year was Lacemarket made? I could have sworn it was 2013, but all search results keep showing me is January-February 2014 or so being the earliest timeframe.

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An anon six months or maybe a year ago posted a screen shot that is supposedly of Raines’ account showing moderator buttons that this person claims to have obtained by hacking into her lace market account. And the gulls here ate that totally believable story up and now it’s gospel to them. It’s pretty ridiculous. Oh and someone filled a bad feedback against her but it was removed by a moderator so of course she must be one of the mods. Peoples brains just explode that scalpers are allowed to operate on lace market and they think that it must be because there’s a moderator conspiracy rather than, you know, that they don’t give a shit as long as the scalpers conduct fair transactions

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...Someone claimed to have hacked Rainies and then they don't even use the account to mess with the site?? And people believed this? Wow.

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The new pairs look like such garbage. The lace on the cuffs is fine but the lace on the main part looks like my grandmother's curtains.

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There’s more than one Lacemarket moderator, do you think one girl runs the site by herself?

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This is so ridiculous, I'm extremely disappointed on this release. Not to mention the minimum bust measurement being 91cm. Wtf Neo-Moitie die already

>> No.10357865

I like it, I'm going to get it, and I'm going to look cute as fuck in it.

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It was several screenshots including some of her lj account and they messed with her items and terms and documented it on the internet archive. It's pretty safe to say she was a mod at this point and it's also save to say LM mods lurk here and regulary do damage control.

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Does anyone have the Japanese text for Arika Takarano's "Oh Maiden Advance with a Sword and a Rose"? I can only find it in English.

>> No.10357872

Sources or it didn't happen.
If this did happen, it's pretty stupid of them to target only 1 person and not the entire damn site when they had the chance. Imagine the chaos if all sorts of shit had happened.
Besides that, screenshots are easy to fake. I'd believe it more if people witnessed it in real-time as it happened.

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It's on the archive. Is this your first day on 4chan? There were several anons who witnessed it in real time, me included but it got deleted in a heartbeat. And the internet archive is not fakable.

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You are missing the point entirely.

What is caring about the community and not being a selfish twit. There are rules they could implement, but choose not to.

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Daily lolitas, what rules do you regularly break?

>> No.10357960

no wigs
sometimes, no blouses
no bloomers (only bike shorts)
no makeup

>> No.10357965

Wearing a wig isn’t a rule unless you have shit hair.

>> No.10357968

when spending the day at home, I lounge around in my cutsew ops & sack dresses without a petticoat

>> No.10357973

Ah yes, everyone in my comm use one, so I often forget that's not a rule.

I wear low poof petti, but I can't find myself leaving it entirely out. I like the A shape of it.

>> No.10357974

No makeup or mascara only. I get lazy, and I'm good-looking enough to get away with it. I do agree I would look even better with a full face of make-up.

I also don't do my hair - I just slap some bows on it - but that looks kinda shit, so I don't defend it.

>> No.10357977

I wear shorts instead of bloomers when I'm on my period. No way am I accidentally messing up my ~$90 BtSSB bloomers.

>> No.10357988

>everyone in my comm use one
What the actual fuck. Is that normal in your country?

>> No.10357990

I don't think it's that weird if she's talking about meetups. They're more formal events so people are more likely to be wearing wigs.

>> No.10357991

No, people outside cosplay and Lolita do not wear wigs around here unless they have a health condition, I guess.

My comm is mostly made of sweet lolitas that entered the hobby after being into cosplay, so I guess that's why.

>> No.10357992

I use bloomer as additional protection for my dresses actually

>> No.10358014

I never wear a wig, but I don't think that's necessarily a "rule"

>> No.10358016

That has never been a rule. This is depressing me.

>> No.10358020

yes they do...most asian girls are wearing a wig or hairpiece every day instead of extensions. it's just white girls that don't wear them.

>> No.10358027

Doubt (x)

>> No.10358029

>yes they do
Anon asked about my country, dummy.

>> No.10358038

No or minimal hair accessories
Normie shoes and bag with Classic/Gothic
Minimal make up
Very low poof petti (but interestingly, I always wear one. Even if it’s my shittiest BL petti, I’m not leaving without one)

>> No.10358040

Sometimes I don't wear a petti around the house, especially if I'm sitting down at my desk for a long time, but I always wear one if I leave the house.

>> No.10358066

Same, anon. I don’t wear a petti if I’m at home or while I’m getting ready to go out because I don’t want to mess up the poof.

>> No.10358080 [DELETED] 

I literally wear bloomers instead of safety shorts under my normie dresses sometimes

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>Wearing lolita on your period

>> No.10358108

It’s ok to wear lolita on your period if you’re not a filthy animal who bleeds everywhere. Even if you do leak, it’s just gonna be on your bloomers or petti unless you freebleed while sitting down for hours.

>> No.10358111

I dont wear a petti when I go shopping

>> No.10358146

Imagine being so bad at existing as a normal fucking woman you refuse to wear your own clothing 1/4 of the time.

>> No.10358150

I'm betting thats a scrote

>> No.10358210

No makeup. Derbies and matching briefcase for comfy daily wear.

>> No.10358211

Non Lolita shoes, basic makeup, basic bitch hair. Trying to up my game tho.

>> No.10358212

The rerelease od fantastic dolly seems to be ready? I already spotted two on lace Market. I'm really curious of close ups,if anyone bought it here?

>> No.10358218

If you want to look like a sad teddie bear bride, sure

>> No.10358221

fuck you, it’s cute

>> No.10358224

>sad teddie bear bride
not even into that op in particular but if this isn't your goal aesthetic what are you even doing.

>> No.10358227

You're saying that like it's a bad thing.

>> No.10358245

What dress is that?

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>1/4 of the time
You clearly aren't a woman.

>> No.10358266

wow, new is top, yeah? looks like cheapo lace on halloween costumes for 1 dollar.

>> No.10358267

I said it wasn't a rule.

>> No.10358268

Nayrt but i bleed for a week once <less than month> and that is actually just a bit more than 1/4 of time

>> No.10358279

i only bleed for 3 days every cycle (it's a hellish torrent of blood tho)

>> No.10358285

I must be missing something but where is this from

>> No.10358290 [DELETED] 

That is a new moitie release with a really shitty stock photo. It looks a little better on WW Fleur, but not by much desu.

>> No.10358294

This was answered like 7 replies up. The dress is Sheglit's Priere Lace Apron Dress. No clue about the umbrella though.


>> No.10358296

Lumiebre I assume

>> No.10358311

My period doesn't stop me from wearing lolita, I own taobao stuff for a reason

>> No.10358329

Wtf, just use something like pads or cups? Why would you bleed through your underwear, bloomers and petticoat

>> No.10358337

No headdress, simple hairstyle, minimal to no makeup, comfy (leather!) normie shoes, and even though I own several lolita brand coats I often wear a bland normie trench coat when I don’t want to get harassed outside.

My country’s comm has a mix of sweet, classic and gothic lolitas and practically everyone wears wigs to meetups. Only the oldschoolers use their natural hair. And I’ve noticed that when people who normally wear a different substyle dabble in old school, they wear a wig for that too, usually a ringlet wig.

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File: 62 KB, 710x140, A2BEE353-9C1F-4CEE-BA2A-D664D94FEAA8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For fuck sakes why would you suggest/want this? Rufflechat should be burned to the ground.

>> No.10358366

Lmao no that's not what I mean, I don't freebleed.
I do use a cup but I still prefer to wear clothes during my period that are 'okay to get stains on them' just in case.

>> No.10358368

I’m so sick of people trying to shoehorn every single interest they have into lolita.

>> No.10358370

>stoner lolita substyle

>> No.10358396

there was a period in like 2017 where every other lolita thread on here would have a post about doing weed in burando
that was not fun

>> No.10358403

>reading comprehension

>> No.10358405

Spot the males

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File: 79 KB, 900x900, bait.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10358407

Why are stoners always so fucking annoying with needing everyone to know that they smoke weed jfc

>> No.10358409

Who tf even cares about anyone smoking weed in lolita like it's something strange or special

>> No.10358411

Thank you!
Sorry, i was referring to the parasol

>> No.10358678

Who the fuck wears wigs in 2020

>> No.10358679

God I wish my period was only 1/4 of my life. What are you, 12?

>> No.10358680

Like honest question, are this many adults incapable of handling their period properly?

My period is extremely heavy and it would take an act of god to bleed through my tampon, pad, underwear, tights, bloomers, petti and FINALLY reach my dress. Are you anemic?

>> No.10358682

Interesting, this one is made in Japan.

>> No.10358683

What's interesting about that? It's a Japanese brand

>> No.10358728

Have you never seen the COF thread?

>> No.10358729

So, like 4 people. Got it.

>> No.10358732

Nayrt but are you just really bad at recognising wigs? The majority of lolitas wear them, even if most have moved on to more natural colours. I wish more people learnt to use their natural hair but wigs are still the norm, especially for people who post their coords online.

>> No.10358747

Nayrt but i rarely see lolitas wear wigs. When we have meets the are around 15-20 people and only 1 to 3 would be wearing wigs (and those are the ones most active on social media too)

>> No.10358749

Lmao, no. I can spot wigs. They are just not very popular anymore in most comms, unless your comm is like 5 years behind trends

>> No.10358751

>Thinking COF is representative of lolita as a whole

>> No.10358754

>I wish more people learnt to use their natural hair but wigs are still the norm
What comm are you in?? because that is absolutely not the case in my comm or even most of the *conventions* I attend. And yes, I know what natural wigs look like.

>> No.10358757

I wish it were the same in my comm. Here the numbers are reversed, with only a handful of people using their own hair. People even ask me where I got my “wig” from when I do use my own hair, and it’s not like my hair is that great. It’s just so ingrained in the community.

They’re still very popular on COF though, which is what that post was in reference to.

>> No.10358760

The first meet I ever went to, the conversation turned to wigs and hair and I mentioned that I wanted to wear a wig but ended up using my natural hair because I was running late. Everyone, I kid you not, was surprised that my hair was my hair and not a wig. Maybe you can tell, but lots of people can’t.

>> No.10358762

I countess 21 non wigs to 14 wigs in the current COF thread, being generous toward wigs when I didn’t know. And that’s for *online* photos. What are you on

>> No.10358763

Whenever I have conversations about wigs, wig wearers are a large minority. What year was this?

>> No.10358771

You and everyone else who has abnormally heavy or long bleeding should get yourselves checked out for iron deficiency anemia if you havent already

>> No.10358774

And probably should just see your OBGYN in general...

>> No.10358775

Does anyone know what happened with the scanlations for Kitai Fuku Ga Aru? I was only able to catch a few chapters months ago and was wondering if that was ever completed.

>> No.10358793

I have, they told me it was normal and not to worry about it.

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nayrt but i'm 27 and my period has been 5 days long for my entire life; my sister's has always been 7. it just depends on the person. having a different than "average" experience in this particular area is not all that atypical since so many things factor in, so i don't think it's fair to discount anyone's experience as false.

everyone should get checked for common deficiencies every now and then if they can afford it, oftentimes really noticeable symptoms won't show until they're very severe.

what's popular in any given comm is likely just regional. that pretty easily accounts for the disparities in what we see. even if 80% of all lolitas wore wigs or vice versa, there could still be a town where it's true that most don't.

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Jesus christ no one cares about your periods you dumb bitches

>> No.10358867

Just have an eating disorder that stops your period! Problem solved!

>haven't had a period in 2 years
>this is fine

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File: 258 KB, 2048x1536, meta_kittenandtulip1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

some kind of strange, kind of cute upcoming meta

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File: 161 KB, 960x960, meta_kittenandtulip2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10358887

Are you sure you know what wigs look like? Real hair can be curly or straight but the dead giveaway to a wig is the fucked up shape it gives your head. Even nice wigs don't conform to the head quite as well as real hair. I only wear them when my hair is not cooperating with what I want to do, or needs to be trimmed, colored, etc.

>> No.10358889
File: 265 KB, 720x1018, kittenandtulip_FULLBACKSHIRRINGWHOAAA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 239 KB, 720x1018, meta_kittenandtulip3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i kinda like the lighter colored ones more

>> No.10358893

>the dead giveaway to a wig is the fucked up shape it gives your head
AKA why I never wear wigs

>> No.10358895
File: 225 KB, 720x1018, meta_kittenandtulip4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10358911

I normally don’t do prints from meta, but I want this shit in pink

>> No.10358913

>tried that
Fucking bulimia is useless

>> No.10358914

I am 100% positive I know what wigs look like, especially the cheap shitty ones that most lolitas wear

>> No.10358915

Same here

>> No.10358918

At least you won't get osteoporosis at age 30 like some sort of decrepit hag. I'd take my period over that any day.

>> No.10358919

P a p y r u s

>> No.10358921

I always wear wigs because they give my head a normal shape. If I don’t wear a wig with Lolita, my head looks out of proportion with my coord. But it all depends on your style and of course body-type. I think that plus-sized Lolitas generally look better with the extra volume of a wig.

But as some people said who wears a wig probably differs on the region, but also on how often they wear Lolita. When we have a meet-up most people in my comm wear a wig, but plenty of them also wear Lolita on a daily base and then they use their natural hair. So you will see post from people with their natural hair more often on CoF, as that is what people use the most in daily coord.

>> No.10358923

I really love this but I just bought a new CPU and I need to sit on my savings in case of quarantine :( What awful timing

>> No.10358942

They don't know jack shit about the female body

>> No.10358990

Nah, I’ll just slowly die of malnutrition while my hair falls out and my teeth enamel dissolves into goo

>> No.10359014
File: 90 KB, 360x480, 2788.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the dead giveaway to a wig is the fucked up shape it gives your head.

Yeah maybe if you're an idiot who doesn't know how to braid your hair under a wig and set it properly.

I find wigs easier to wear because wearing a headbow with my real hair gives me extreme headaches. The wigs help relieve the pressure by distributing it evenly, insead of just having it dig into my temples.

The last thing I'm concerned about when I wear lolita is looking "real" anyway.

>> No.10359018

>what are part type wigs?

>> No.10359021
File: 759 KB, 581x584, instasnap32.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>They are just not very popular anymore in most comms unless your comm is like 5 years behind trends

This also isn't true. Many Japanese lolitas still wear wigs often, but those are the ones that skew sweeter. Just check out the active AP tags. AP models in fashion shows still wear wigs in fashion shows sometimes.

Right now I would say wig use is 50/50, whereas before it was more 80/20

>3 definite wigs, one maybe, and one real hair

>> No.10359044

>Yeah maybe if you're an idiot who doesn't know how to braid your hair under a wig and set it properly.
Or maybe some of us don't have the thin, short, limp hair of a hag.

>> No.10359053

you sound super salty you can't wear kawaii wigs.

>> No.10359059

Yeah, sure let me go cut my hair and stick on a hairpiece like a cancer patient instead. I'd much prefer it over using my thick long hair.

>> No.10359061

lol what a sad cope.

>> No.10359064

How is it coping to actively choose not to cut my hair? I don't want to look like a drag queen

>> No.10359074

nope, radio silence. real bummer, translations stopped at a cliffhanger.

>> No.10359075

the lolita reddit was the one working on it, and they haven't said anything in all this time sadly

>> No.10359118

Yeah you gotta go ana for that

>for real though--don't.

>> No.10359120

Because birth control clearly isn't an option

I'm with this. I used to wear wigs only because my hair didn't suit lolita. But now that it's cut and looks nice, my natural hair looks much better than wigs. I guess lolita specific wigs aren't cut to suit my face. Or maybe I'm just used to seeing my own hair.

About wigs or not. Wigs are more popular among people who don't cut and style their hair for sweet. Some people stick to wigs still, but recently a lot of people have been "lolitafying" their hair. Besides the brand parties, there's a rise in people treating the fashion as a normal fashion.

>> No.10359122

I feel like it's because people are moving away from looking like drag queens. It's the same reason that the old 80s look (bolt-ons tits, small hips, and bottle blonde hair) isn't popular: it makes people think of men in drag. Wigs do the same, especially for uglier women.

>> No.10359139

>Wigs are more popular among people who don't cut and style their hair for sweet.

Or maybe I just like matching my hair to my outfit and changing things up? You all try to psychoanalyze this shit but really its just that wigs are cute and change up an outfit.

Braiding your hair under your wig is a tip for people with long and thick hair. Why would someone with limp hair have a wig lump?

>> No.10359140

>maybe if you're an idiot who doesn't know how to braid your hair under a wig and set it properly
This is true for most wig-chans in my comm, to be honest. A lot of them also don’t seem to wear wig caps, or don’t pin those down properly either. They wear their wigs like a hat. It doesn’t help that many of them only put their wig on on the train ride to the meet, where they don’t have a mirror.
I invested in one, high quality wig and every time I wear it they think it’s my natural hair because everyone here is so used to wigs looking like crap.

>> No.10359157 [DELETED] 

You really have no reading comprehension.

>> No.10359159

i wear wigs because i keep my regular hair at around shoulder length and sometimes want it to be longer. i also buy multi-piece wigs instead of full wigs because i'm not an idiot. i've color matched them to my hair and use my real bangs and just hide the "seam" with the headbow.

>> No.10359160

>Why would someone with limp hair have a wig lump?
Are you illiterate? I was saying I have a wig lump despite braiding my hair (even tried cornrows to make it more flat) because I DON'T have thin hag hair.

>> No.10359164

so you have thick shit unruly hair, got it.

>> No.10359166

I'm not even involved in this conversation but why are you getting so mad about such an innocuous thing?

>> No.10359168
File: 172 KB, 1080x637, hnaoto.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no matter what kind of wedding you want, h.naoto will support you

>> No.10359172

This isn't the 1st time wig-chan sperged out

>> No.10359175

>she has a wild mop of straw like hair
>finds this unfair and is extremely assblasted about this
>others must suffer!
Go be a fatheaded bitch somewhere else

>> No.10359178

Not at all. It’s not unruly whatsoever. In fact, I never even thought it was that thick until trying to put it under a wig. But apparently my normal hair is way thicker than other peoples. Maybe it’s just because it’s healthy and untreated

>> No.10359179

Because these dip shits are acting like people who get wig lumps just “don’t know how to put their hair up“. No, it’s just what happens when you have long, healthy hair.

>> No.10359180

Mop of straw like hair? I would cut it and throw on a wig if it was shitty. Long hair has more volume, in case that wasn’t common sense to you.

>> No.10359181

I have literally never talked about not wearing a wig before here, but sure.

>> No.10359182
File: 528 KB, 1400x1146, The_Lady_and_the_unicorn_Desire.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is La Dame à la licorne rarely coordinated well?

>> No.10359186

I would love to see it

>> No.10359187

The complex color scheme? Do you have any examples of cords that you have especially liked or hated

>> No.10359190 [DELETED] 

All women are whores.

No, not "some" and just because your little mind was tricked by interacting with one into thinking otherwise doesn't mean that is true. Of course your brain wants to force you to be sociable and friendly and not realize hard reality. But this is reality. Every female is an amoeba, something that reacts and responds to stimuli but isn't sentient enough to comprehend its own actions.

Don't let your guard down and always remember:

>> No.10359191 [DELETED] 




All women are whores.

No, not "some" and just because your little mind was tricked by interacting with one into thinking otherwise doesn't mean that is true. Of course your brain wants to force you to be sociable and friendly and not realize hard reality. But this is reality. Every female is an amoeba, something that reacts and responds to stimuli but isn't sentient enough to comprehend its own actions.

Don't let your guard down and always remember:

>> No.10359198

I know, these are thriving times, anony. Social distancing is harsh and overall situation doesn’t add anything nice, but please, hang in there.

>> No.10359211
File: 2.13 MB, 2560x1920, collage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here ya go

>> No.10359235
File: 2.81 MB, 1700x1600, unicorn dress.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think it's because the pattern is complex but the cut is simple, so it's hard to find matching pieces that match it.

Here's a quick collage of coord pics I've collected so far.

>> No.10359248

I want to marry again in this f-awesome bloody gown!

>> No.10359249

imo it works much better as a skirt.

>> No.10359250

*it WOULD work. time for bed.

>> No.10359259
File: 102 KB, 1080x1080, 21148929_920549878083368_1709078997314306048_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

purple is so pretty, but it's really out of my aestetic

>> No.10359269

That's why people do renewal of vows

>> No.10359273

why >:(

>> No.10359274

>thriving times

I think you mean trying times. A pandemic is the opposite of thriving

>> No.10359323

I still can’t decide which I like better. Purple is more muted which is normally my preference but I have way more red in my wardrobe than purple. I also feel like purple is a little more cohesive color-wise but of course red is the OG. I’m really torn.

>> No.10359324

It's true for almost any JetJ print

>> No.10359337

Found the roleplayer

>> No.10359789
File: 1.92 MB, 2665x1600, VM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

VM - Royal Trench Coat with Cape (ケープ付ロイヤルトレンチコート)
Price: 44,000 yen (tax incl.)

>Black (antique silver buttons)
>Ivory (antique gold buttons)
>Khaki Green (antique gold buttons)
>Amethyst (antique silver buttons)
>Pale Blue (antique gold buttons)
>Navy (antique gold buttons)

Outer material: 63% cotton, 37% nylon
Lining: 100% polyester

Length: 102 cm
Cape length: 33 cm
Shoulder width: 37 cm
Sleeve length: 62 cm
Cuff: 22 cm
Bust: 90 cm
Waist: 77 cm

Note: Cape is removable. There are 2 side pockets. The coat is water repellent.
Release date: March 20th, 12:00 JST

>> No.10359792
File: 123 KB, 1440x1440, ES5UlRVUYAAGXsv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10359800

I like the design very munch! Too bad I have no use for a trench coat in my country.
thanks for sharing, anon.

>> No.10359805

Kinda worried about Paradiso right now, ngl. I'm betting on it getting postponed

>> No.10359886

I would assume everything is cancelled for the next 18 months. You sound like you don't read the news.

>> No.10359966

Anon, Paradiso is absolutely not happening. They are probably just waiting for the venue to cancel first so they can get their deposit back

>> No.10359981

Same. I'm hoping if they can postpone I can at least keep my ticket. I don't mind them holding onto my money to help keep the event alive.

>> No.10360004

because its ugly

>> No.10360026

Thank you for sharing, anon! I love the light blue colorway, it's so refreshing. I just hope it's that vibrant in person, because I'm assuming >>10359792 is the same colorway?
Also, can anyone in this thread attest to VM's quality? I've seen people hail them as one of the highest quality lolita brands for years and there's a piece I'm tempted to buy from them directly, just wanted to know if modern VM is worth the hefty price tag.

>> No.10360036

What the fuck do some lolitas have against throwing their shoes in the bin? The things I have to see on Lacemarket, I swear.

>> No.10360087

Thankfully new VM hasn't gone the way of new Moitié. They're still good.

>> No.10360110

I'm against throwing shoes with at East a little life left in them in the bin because that's consumerist garbage and incredibly wasteful, but that's not to say you should post your incredibly busted shoes on sale sites. It's not that difficult to clean scuffs and repaint chips.

>mfw preaching this shit to girls who box up unwashed dresses with pit stains and send them to unsuspecting buyers

>> No.10360228

I have some dresses who's washing instructions say dry clean with petroleum solvent. I'm pretty sure this isn't a thing in the USA, so how do I get those dresses dry cleaned? Can I just regular dry clean them?

>> No.10360229


>> No.10360235

This doesn't actually help you identify where to find someone who does it.

I'm more interested in knowing if regular dry cleaning is safe.

>> No.10360238

>This recommendation is usually based on protecting your wedding gown’s beads and sequins from melting during cleaning with perchloethylene (perc) a common dry-cleaning solvent.
That means no, it isn't, unless you want melted sequins. It also tells you what solutions to specifically ask your dry cleaner about.

>> No.10360240

No one needs to spoonfeed you the exact locations. Do what the article says. Call around and ask if they have the solvents listed. Quit being an asshat.

>> No.10360242

These are Jane Marple dresses so no beads or sequins in sight.

>> No.10360246

Way ahead of you anon, I've already done that and no one uses petroleum solvents.

>> No.10360299

I own a fair amount of JM both old and new and I’ve never not hand washed them. It’s honestly often safer than handing them to a dry cleaner you’re not 100% sure about

>> No.10360355

just throw it in the washing machine, pussy

>> No.10360380

All my JM gets turned inside out, into a net, on the delicate cold cycle in the washing machine. For most stuff, dry cleaning is a scam.

>> No.10360428


I find simple JM print dresses to be the easiest to wash actually. No lace to pull back after a cold wash or ruffles to try to steam out. Laundry bag, delicate cold rinse, and take out immediately and dry on hanging rack.

>> No.10360460


>> No.10360464

Stone of the JM dresses I've bought secondhand have piling all over them

>> No.10360471

Well, clearly not everyone takes care of their dresses when they wash them...

>> No.10360530

Get a safety razor and fix them then?

>> No.10360533

Is this a good time to sell my entire wardrobe? I still love lolita but I think the post office will close down soon and I might die

>> No.10360536

Do you need money? Why would you sell if you like it?

>> No.10360538 [DELETED] 

I'm in a risk group and the economy is collapsing here. I don't need money right now but I might a couple of months from nowb and then nobody will be buying.

>> No.10360540

I'm in a risk group and the economy is probably collapsing. I don't need money right now but I might a few months from now and then nobody will be buying.

>> No.10360563

I would wait a month.

>> No.10360567

what's the dress and what's the material?

>> No.10360669


Clearly, none of you (you included) know how to wash brand properly. You're probably the gross ass person who sells unwashed brand if you're making these types of assumptions, or you're the poor soul spending $15 a pop on useless dry cleaning.

>> No.10360691

I don't know how they would get piling on every inch of the dress unless it was from washing it the wrong way aka ignoring the instructions

>> No.10360695

Weird flex. Why not enlighten anon with your knowledge and stop being a cunt?

>> No.10360718

Because you don't deserve my knowledge obviously.

>> No.10360719


I've never gotten piling on my dresses. If you knew how washing worked and paid attention to laundry threads you would know too.

>> No.10360720

Nearly all my brand laundry tags say dryclean only, which is straight up bullshit because all my blouses do fine in the washing machine. Brand laundry tags are liars.

>> No.10360724


Pretty much.

If you're super scared there's always the handwashing option too. I've done it with clothes with way too much lace and that always works well.

>> No.10360729

I wonder if it's to do with the washing machines in Japan - a lot of them are top-loaders which are less gentle on clothing than front-loading machines, and everyone seems to like to use that horrible laundry scent stuff which is probably terrible for clothes.

>> No.10360735

?????? They are dresses I bought secondhand. Talk to the seller I bought them from.

>> No.10360741

Honestly I love Japan but their washing machines are garbage. They don't even use hot water, I was wondering why nothing was actually clean after being washed and well, then I found out. It makes sense they use dry cleaners more often.

>> No.10360772

Now is a great time for selling since every one is inside on the internet looking at sales.

>> No.10360773

>using hot water on clothes
Holy Christ imagine being this dumb

>> No.10360781

You...hot wash everything???

>> No.10360786

I wonder what lolita is going to be like after coronavirus.
Return to simpler coords cause everyone's a poorfag?
Coordinate matching facemasks?
Old trends resurging due to nostalgia for better times?
Maybe things actually get more decadent when people's Boomer parents die and leave them money?

>> No.10360787

Give me your lm account and I’ll make sure to never buy from you

>> No.10360789

This board is so western centric. Japan is still releasing normal releases. The schools are out but people are not locked down and can meet up if they want to. Lolita will not change, a recession in the US or EU might affect burgers or Eurofags but won't affect lolita as a whole

>> No.10360792

>taking this post seriously

>> No.10360809

I’ve got my popcorn ready to watch this die.

>> No.10360812

It's already dead. No one's doing anything for months now that half the world is shutting down.

>> No.10360819

You do know that there's no point in using hot water right? What actually cleans your clothes is detergent. If your clothes aren't clean it's because you didn't use detergent.

They're just going to go back to normal. We're not going to get corona virus prints. Poor people will continue to buy from taobao, because being cheap trumps being racist.

>> No.10360849

when is AP dropping the new ice cream relase on the US website?

>> No.10360989

Are you literally retarded? How can you be this ignorant of what’s going on? The ENTIRE STATE of California is on lockdown, and San Francisco has been on a shelter-in-place order since even before that happened. And you’re bitching about when this dress will get released?

>> No.10360992

They closed down, so has AP Paris. AP is only staying open in Japan because they want to pretend things are normal until the Olympics.

>> No.10361051

Paris still operates their online shop though so I can see where anon is coming from. But I wonder if APUSA will be able to receive any parcels from Japan at all?

>> No.10361055

How do you guys think is that appropriate to use in-store shopping service during the quarantine period? At some point it feels wrong to get them going outside into the crowded area.

>> No.10361062

Japan is still operating and not doing social distancing, so you wouldn’t be any influence

>> No.10361224

That points to a really shitty seller who didn't disclose it as damage. Pilling means the material is not very good, plus the original owner wore it all the time. I'd never sell anything online with pilling all over, that's just asking for bad reviews. Have you tried shaving it off, anon?

>> No.10361238

>she still lives in the Showa era
Japanfag here, have a frontload washing machine that can do cold for delicates, 15 degrees celsius for some reason (pretty much useless), 40 degrees (used all the time for non delicates), and 60 degrees (almost never used, would use for something cotton that got really disgusting). Japan also has costco, online shopping etc., it's not hard to be fully stocked up on stain remover and oxi clean. I washed a cashmere and wool coat on the cold delicate cycle in a net because a seagull shat on it (after wiping off all the visible green shit with alcohol wipes), and it came out fine after hanging to dry and a light ironing.

As for washing in almost boiling hot water: that's retarded unless you're dealing with hotel sheets/towels and the laundry of someone with an infectious disease/lice. I grew up in Europe and had a hypochondriac for a mother who washed every single thing on 90 degrees celsius, which ruined everything in next to no time. Not that I had anything in my wardrobe that I valued as a kid, but it was annoying for the elastic in socks and underwear to start coming apart 3 - 4 washes in.

Do not wash your frills at 90 degrees, unless you're some fetishist diaperfag who defecates/has sex in them. In that case, skip a step and burn them.

>> No.10361245

>Pilling means the material is not very good
Not necessarily. You can get pilling on quality knit if it’s worn enough. It’s just a matter of shaving it off, like you said.

>> No.10361247
File: 193 KB, 663x619, 1520125001446.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tfw i interpreted seagull to mean a /cgl/poster

>> No.10361249

There’s no evidence that you are wrong

>> No.10361255

You hung a wool coat to dry, your words are meaningless.

>> No.10361283
File: 452 KB, 2048x1366, ETtuQS8U0AAZy4Y.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the Gothic and Lolita Market this past week went on as usual, and not everyone bothered with a mask.

>> No.10361286
File: 73 KB, 551x413, ETdmkA_UYAAgP2P.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is the waiting line outside on Saturday.

lolitas are carrying on business as usual, mostly. you will probably not be changing anything

>> No.10361320

I wonder how big of a mistake this will turn out to be.

>> No.10361340

Anyone know who the girl on our far right is?

>> No.10361343

their outfits all look terrible lmao

>> No.10361350

Wouldn't put it past some of them. Just look at pissita in the ita thread, some people in this fashion are way too disgusting to ever willingly hang around.

>> No.10361352

The coat isn't bottom heavy and it looks brand new.

>> No.10361354

The ouji outfit looks okay imo

>> No.10361360

I don't find her prices that bad tho?

>> No.10361373

Its her scalping prices, so the price shes selling her items for vs the price that she buys them at.

>> No.10361616

I see a lot of lolitas remote twinning which is great but I wish they would tag it with remote twinning, it would be a nice way to find coord inspiration and encourage other lolitas to do remote twinning too.

>> No.10361647

I think remote twinning is a cool idea, but the execution is pretty cringe. It’s been kek-worthy to see exactly how poor Lolita suits some girls when you get to see the same coordinate twice.

>> No.10361661

How is that different than regular twinning?

>> No.10361676

Its all done online, hence remote.

>> No.10361678

No, I mean your comment about one girl making the other look bad. What does that have to do with virtual twinning

>> No.10361904

I think it’s cringe to see so many wannabe e-famous lolitas kiss each other’s asses to try to farm likes. I know we’re all bored at home, but internet asspats for lukewarm twinning ain’t it.

>> No.10361924

Idk I think being mad that people are doing things online with friends is way more cringe but you do you

>> No.10361932

why are you even on this board then?

>> No.10361939

I haven't done it and don't intend to, but you come across like a bitter friendless sour grape. Let people have fun.

>> No.10361944

>you can’t find whining about people wearing lolita in photos cringe and still be a salty cunt
Lmao okay. Enjoy being friendless and depressed

>> No.10361951

no one was whining about that, anon was just pointing out how unimpressive digital/virtual twinning is.

>> No.10361965

I don’t think anyone is kissing ass for likes, it looks like they’re genuinely having fun and a lot goes on behind the scenes to plan and match a coord. I’ve liked seeing it a lot. Sorry no one wants to twin with you even when they don’t have to even be near your salty ass.

>> No.10361968

Doesn't that go for twinning in general? It's not supposed to be impressive, it's just people having fun wearing the same dress.

>> No.10362095

I doubt “a lot goes on” seeing as most of the coords have been super basic.
If you think that showy instagram lolitas are actually “friends” and not doing for it likes, you’re daft.

>> No.10362096

Good lord you are sad

>> No.10362097

>If you think that showy instagram lolitas are actually “friends” and not doing for it likes, you’re daft.
Can't it be both?

>> No.10362098

People posting things? On social media? For attention? Holy shit! Alert the presses.

>> No.10362102

That seem to strike a nerve. It’s okay. After the quarantine, your shit e-twinning coords will be forgotten about.

>> No.10362103

Remote twinning was a thing before coronavirus that people did and enjoyed, don’t act like it’s just going to vanish because it’s for epoints all of a sudden and nothing more

>> No.10362104

Lmao, we aren’t the one salty the people are doing Instagram challenges

>> No.10362105

You are the most pathetic person I’ve seen here since housewife-chan

>> No.10362106

Hang in there anon, you'll make a friend someday.

>> No.10362107

Fucking kek.

>> No.10362115

Whatever happened to her anyway? Last time I was here was like over a year ago. I remember the white knighting for her annoying bullshit

>> No.10362167

I don’t think she’s actually been on in like 5 years

>> No.10362236

I remember an AMA in '16 or '17 but it may have been a copycat poster.

>> No.10362457
File: 265 KB, 750x703, E60F5002-1DB2-4D36-B307-B513E4A5D55D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Moitie usually replies pretty quickly on theirs social media accounts, and since this was asked going on 3 days ago now, I’m assuming they don’t plan on releasing any lace headdresses. It’s really disappointing they keep rereleasing the same shit over and over with tiny variations, but no hair accessories to complete the coord.

>> No.10362459

The artist would probably be sad if she saw people illegally uploading her manga so it's probably for the best. She's not a major artist so she probably doesn't earn much from it in the first place.

>> No.10362477

Why would anyone buy a manga that they wouldn't be able to understand

>> No.10362542

nayrt but the only time i'd do that is if the art is amazing

>> No.10362543

Same, but this manga isn't exactly that tier of artistry.

>> No.10362548


Ironically enough the only time I'd do it is if I already loved the manga so much that I want a physical copy of it. Which means I'd have to have read it in English first, which means illegal uploads. Go figure.

>> No.10362587 [DELETED] 
File: 68 KB, 465x306, paradiso.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Apparently paradiso is deciding to go on ahead with their plans this year despite Corona virus hitting certain cities very hard and some states going into full lockdown. Thoughts?

>> No.10362588
File: 68 KB, 465x306, paradiso.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reupload since I forgot to hide someone's name.

Apparently Paradiso is going ahead this year, sounds like they would have to lose out on a lot of money if they don't. Thoughts?

>> No.10362589

I just hope that if there IS a mandated shut down after all, they let us know sooner than later.

>> No.10362654

can't wait for this to be the event that puts lolita fashion back on mainstream news

>> No.10362655

implying some >250 person event in May in Kansas will be a huge outrage

>> No.10362659

Literally everyone will be doing the same thing as soon as government mandates allow for it. People aren't going to sit around hemming and hawing while their business ventures go under. If the hotels and events aren't required to close, Paradiso will definitely not be the only convention happening.

>> No.10362672

Murrica, land of the free and also coronavirus.

>> No.10362673


Glad to know even lolitas are just free wheeling capitalists once you get below the sickly sweet faux sjw layer.

>> No.10362713 [DELETED] 

the government doesn't even know what's going to happen that far out yet.

>> No.10362718

Under communism your bougie frills would put you on a gulag list.

>> No.10362730


My point is, for all the socialist preaching they probably do on social media, they are ultimately potentially put other people at risk in order to not lose money rather than doing the proven right thing.

>> No.10362790

You never know, it might be. I'm in the UK right now and people all over the country are being shamed for much smaller gatherings. We have no idea how bad things will be in the US by May.

>> No.10362794

That's because it's literally illegal to have any gatherings. Don't you people have a stay at home order?

I'm in a lockdown area and no one here is being shamed for anything unless it's illegal. If the government mandates not to do it, that's a different story. But if restrictions are lifted (somehow) by May, no one will care about some small obscure fashion convention occurring in the midwest.

>> No.10362796

I'm just saying, if 20 people at a convention happen to get coronavirus, it doesn't really need to be a mega-event in New York for people to pay attention.

>> No.10362797

Plenty of lolitas are quite the opposite of SJW especially on here so I really don't know where you got this idea to begin with.

>> No.10362798
File: 56 KB, 716x673, 79892367_2541655636120197_7761942773678211072_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10362805

So if the government allows events in May, you think this one small obscure one in the midwest will be the ONE SINGLE ONE to have an outbreak? Not all the bigger, more notable concerts or conventions that would be occurring in more populous cities? Come on, this makes no sense.

>> No.10362806

I'm saying there's every chance. Bigger events have insurance to fall back on and are less reluctant to do so. It's often small events that drop the ball on this because they have more to lose by cancelling.

>> No.10362807

less reluctant to cancel*, that is.

>> No.10362810

Agree, but that's SJWs online in general. Everything for those online likes and probably not even registered to vote.

>> No.10362811


It's not necessarily evil, the event is slated for May, another month away. I can see the logic behind adopting a wait-and-see stance, if it's still bad the event can still be cancelled (yes, I know, airplane tickets and such, but that's not a lot different from cancelling it now), or things will actually be a lot better and then folks will be glad there's an event to look forward to.

I mean, a month ago everybody was talking shit in the taobao thread about whether or not packages would even make it out of China. You can even check the time-stamped comments. Nobody even expected Italy, out of all countries, would be so badly hit within just a month. In the same timeframe China is now slowly coming out of quarantine and the post is mostly back to normal.

One month from now if the pandemic is still raging hard and they're still holding the event because they'd rather not eat the losses, then it looks bad, yes.

>> No.10362853

Y’all they literally have to do this to get their deposit back. This isn’t what every con is doing. Just be patient

>> No.10363546

next thread >>10362870

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