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Remember, this thread is for stupid questions about J FASHION ONLY If you need cosplay help, go to the cosplay help thread

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What does it mean when there's no text next to the name of an item on Innocent World's shop? For example, you'll see some items that say "FEW LEFT" or some that say "SOLD OUT," but some that have absolutely nothing - does that mean they're still available?

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Thank you, anon!

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Is using the kanji for 'lolita' enough to search on Mercari or would I get better results by using specific brands?

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The latter.

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Can anybody read this? I’m shit at kanji and the kanji site I use to help me isn’t helping. My friend wants to buy these but wanted to know what they said and I’ve failed her. She doesn’t want to buy them unless she knows what the characters mean.

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Older and younger sister

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Oh shit I should of recognized that! Thanks! I’m not very good at reading stuff in different fonts! Thanks so much!

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What are dresses with suspenders called? They're like in a JSK category but I want to look specifically for the suspender style.

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Your friend is male.

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Didn't get an answer in the last thread but still wondering where to go to get a high-quality twintail wig! I normally don't wear wigs with lolita so any pointers would be great.

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I think maple was liquidating their twintail wigs and usually their quality is good.

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Sorry. Dropped pic. They have a few models. This is straight from their site.

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Thank you!

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DreamHolic has some more unique styles of twintails that are good for both modern AP looks and 2010 OTT sweet

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I know that high waisted cuts and salopettes look bad on busty girls, but what bodice details are flattering? I just got a JSK with bows down the front and when I tried it on I looked like shit, and I’m assuming front buttons will look bad for the same reason, so I wanna know which things to look for instead.

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Are Miho Matsuda shoes generally good quality? I'm looking to get a pair for daily wear and pic related look really nice, but I've had bad experiences with brand shoes in the past.

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The plainer, the better. Absolutely avoid ruffles and big bows across the chest.

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Are there any sites that sell good large size j fashion? Not plus size but like, Size 12 american?

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To those who own a pair of these Moitie socks, how do they fair with slightly larger calves?

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size 12 american IS plus size.....

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Yes, i haven't bought them myself but i remember an anon on here was super happy with them

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The new release is very stretchy, the older release not

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Maxicimam. And Size 12 American is plus size.

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how do I get a cute cosplay girlfriend

I am rich so I can and want to buy cute clothes for them everyday

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I won an auction on Lacemarket around 2 weeks or more ago from someone with +19 positive feedback but they haven't contacted me or even seen my message. I am afraid to even keep trying because what if they're in the hospital over this Coronavirus situation (they are from an affected country in Europe). What would you do? Leave negative feedback? Wait a month? Not care since no Payment was requested?

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I would just keep waiting.. send another message in case though

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Does that mean they won't be restocking? D: what a shame

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Size 12 American is like a large and Maybe sometimes included in plus size. 14 to 16 is where most plus sizes in the U.S. start.

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Does anyone have the link to the Bodyline RHS on taobao? The ones that have the Bodyline logo and everything?

I'm trying to find it by just looking at different shops but I'm hopeless and probably retarded I guess cause I can't find them.

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I ordered these in white

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Nah she’s a cute girl who’s into cute girls but she said she doesn’t want them now because she’s not into incest and knowing what it says weirds her out.

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>Nah he’s a cute girl who’s into cute girls

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Normally I’d say leave bad feedback, but as the situation is right now I’d wait.
I’m hoping they’re okay.

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Anyone know where this dress is originally from? Reverse image search is giving me similar dresses in different cuts but not this exact one

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Can anyone recommend a shopping service that will buy from Mercari or are they all unable to?

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What happened to Mary Magdalene?

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Does queen bee have a web shop apart from wunderwelt Fleur? The one on their Instagram bio(queenbee_tokyo) doesn't seem to work

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Is "So pretty/Very rotten" as a free pdf somewhere?
I'm going insane during quarantine and I would like to read it

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Why would they release their work for free? Support indie artists by buying their work.

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It's not available as an ebook. You'll have to order a paper copy or borrow one from a friend.

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It looks like the brand is carried by Atelier Pierrot and this other shop on Rakuten. https://item.rakuten.co.jp/mi-m/c/0000000144/

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Does Dreamholic ever restock?

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yes just sporadically

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File: 239 KB, 384x384, [Incredible Dream] Summer Polka Dot 啵啵 甜心 lolita short sleeve op reservation page-Superbuy-Shopping A[...].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would this dress come off as too Minnie Mouse-ish? I really like it but it only comes in red and pink which are Mouse colors...

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Would it be ok to add shirring into an old moitie dress or will the gothic lolitas come for me? I feel like most of their dresses dont have shirring and are always to small so ill never fit them

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normies will call you minnie mouse any and everywhere you go
other than that it's cute

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Where the best place to get a fluffy a-line petticoat? I checked the sticky but I couldn’t find any links.
Didn’t there used to be a line dancing company who made them? Are they still around?

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A lot of old moitie is small in the skirt as well as the bodice, so adding fabric to the bodice wont be enough. Unless you are skilled enough to do it well, it isnt worth it, especially with the high value of the dress.

I dont think people will come for you if you do it well, I know some tall girl changed a narrow ega skirt into a lolita skirt by adding a whole back bustle but it was well done so it worked. ]

There are pieces with shirring its better to go for those.

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Yeah it's easy to alter sweet stuff with very full skirts but things with small skirts to begin with don't really lend themselves to size increases.

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Is anyone interested in a mori girl thread?

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That's only a problem if you hate Minnie mouse

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Malco Modes is the company you're thinking of. I've never owned any of their pettis myself but I have seen the 582 in person on others and it is very nice, though probably not worth the expense unless you're in North America. Aurora and Ariel a-line pettis are also good.

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Does anyone have worn pictures of Rose Cologne? I've tried searching in English and Japanese and it's been hard to find even stock images. Why it's this dress so nonexistent?

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What are some basic rules to keto in mind when designing your own lolita dress? Actually being able to sew it is years off for me but I have a great idea in mind for a co-ord. It would be gothic lolita

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>basic rules to keto
keep carbs low, homie. less than 20g is best

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best way to iron velvet? I just got a dress that is super wrinkled
it has a print but its only on one corner of the dress
should i steam it?

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steam, don't iron..

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Hey anons, sorry if this isn't the best thread to ask in.

>if I'm wearing BB cream, do I need to apply moisturizer prior? I use jap/korean BB creams, the pale stuff.
>have you ever had issues after using those japanese double eyelid tape for long periods of time?

Thank you.

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I have a cloak. Should i wear my bag over or under?

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There’s a hair/skincare/makeup thread.

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Learning about sewing patterns is a good start, it will help you incorporate your designs better in the actual item you make.

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does chokelate not have a personal instagram with her lolita stuff? i try to go back and find it but seems to be gone

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I would steam it inside out if it's wrinkled badly and won't straighten out by steaming from a safe distance or do it with a brush attachment

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That'd be great!

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I've been on this board for about 10 years. I'm difficult to dress because of my height, to the point other "tall" (still shorter than me) fashion posters don't know what to do, either snide comments about how I must be a man are made about my height, or I'm given snide comments about how I'm really not trying hard enough to dress myself, all while not being given help.
Legitimately, do I just give up on Japanese fashion at this point? I'm over 6 feet tall, and in my 12 years of looking into Japanese fashion, I've just looked like a mess, not due to lack of effort but because of my size.
Western clothes don't fit either obviously.

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T-thanks for redirecting. Sorry again.

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You have two choices. You can either say

> I acknowledge that the fashion I want to wear isn't cut in proportion to me, and it does not fit how it's supposed to, so I don't like how it looks, so I won't wear it.


> We are all wearing ridiculous, frilly, gaudy dresses, and just because they don't cover my knees doesn't mean I can't still have fun with my clothing.

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Does anyone own these shoes by Antaina?

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Tall girls gotta suck it up and just do what they want, like fat girls do. Anyone who isn't short and thin is going to get flak in this hobby and you gotta learn to shake it off.

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Is there a website that has pictures of lolita dresses?
I cosplay, but I saw a picture of a lolita dress that I fell in love with but I dont know the name and I thought I saved the pic but I cant find on my computer. And I cant seem to find the post in the archives.
I just know that it is a really gorgeous maroon floral print. So I wondering if there is a site I could just look through pics to find it.

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crossbody? under if it's small, but if you can see a lump underneath, then over

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Or small breasted

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Can anybody who has seen Jane Marple shoes (4 strap or otherwise) in real life speak to their quality and sizing? It seems a lot of people find they run large. I have 24 - 24.5 cm so assumed I would be L but it seems like I would fit M.

Also are they worth the price tag?? Even second hand they would probably be the most expensive shoes I have bought. If there are any taobao lookalikes I would get those

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How do people use hair combs aside from twin tails? They seem so hard not to look like they’re just tacked onto your hair.

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What is a good brand for

>> No.10365888

Moitie or AtPie are nice for goth

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File: 28 KB, 634x639, Angelic-imprint-woman-mori-girl-lolita-cosplay-shoes-lady-super-high-heels-pumps-women-princess-dress.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are Angelic Imprint shoes worth it? If yes where is it best to get them from?

>> No.10365928

nayrt but I'm being more lenient on sellers than I usually would. There's a lot of people who can't post stuff/do things as usual for a number of reasons right now out of their control.

>> No.10365974

Thank you! This is exactly what I was hoping for.

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What is it about moitie that attracts people who don't fit it so much?

>> No.10365999

Western goths be fatties

>> No.10366121

Oh thanks anon
Does anyone know where a good place to get petticoats is in the U.K (online obviously)

>> No.10366411

I like them, get them directly from tb once China is open again. That way you know they haven't sat around in a warehouse with the glue getting old and worn. You can custom order shoes on their tb

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I'm in the UK and just bought my Aurora & Ariel pettis on Taobao - they're pretty cheap so even with all the extra fees it doesn't come out to very much, and thus far I've never been charged customs on small Taobao orders (I've only been living here for a few years so this might not be 100% reliable, but in my experience small items handled by Royal Mail almost never get charged, items handled by Parcelforce are always, always charged).

But if you want a petti from someone based in the UK, I'd say watching LaceMarket is your best bet. I'm pretty sure I even saw an Aurora & Ariel petti from a UK seller recently.

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Stopped following lolita stuff for half a year. What did I lose?

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under caloric intake is the only thing that really matters, macro/micro is more or less irrelevant

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How do yall feel about Ice cream parlour, who's getting it?

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the colors just seem fucked up in every version its bad

>> No.10366908

Why don't you just get custom made clothes from a seamstress or indie brand?

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One of my auctions sold on lace market on the 30th and I invoiced the buyer within the hour but they still haven’t paid. I sent them a message the next day and they haven’t read it or paid yet. Should I leave bad feedback and relist? Or give them more time considering the circumstances?

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Give them more time or if you do relist it, I wouldn't give bad feedback. People are busy, things are stressful, it may have been as simple as something slipping their mind or it could be something more serious.

>> No.10366937

imo give about a week, maybe send a mail daily, saying if she doesn't get back to you then you will leave bad feedback and relist.

>> No.10366941

Honestly it's a love-hate relationship at this point and I might just go for it.
I'm working from home, so why not try?

I have a feeling this release is either going to disappear into the oblivion because it was during COVID-19, or AP will do 3 rereleases to get everyone caught up.

>> No.10366999

Cats tea party all over again

>> No.10367199

Will Tenshi shop lower the package value if you ask her to? I'm trying to find a shopping service that can help me avoid customs

>> No.10367241

How so?

I'm not very clear on CTP's history. From what I knew, it was a limited reservation at a tea party in Japan?

Or do you just mean, it's going to be one of those dresses with only a few physical pieces because the releases have all been so abnormal?

>> No.10367264

Has anyone done AP MTO reservation with non-Tokyo shopping service? Do phone reservations work in this case?

>> No.10367275

I'm so mad I was so ready and then IT CRASHED AND THE BEST COLOURWAY SOLD OUT. hek ice cream parlour

>> No.10367276

The "Buy" button didn't even show up for me right at noon. I refreshed, had my credit card copy/pasted, and submitted, and then it said my cart was empty. I think that was at 1 minute and 30 seconds.

I have a feeling they had next to no stock.

>> No.10367280

same!! I hope there will be an MTO but who the heck knows

>> No.10367285

Ugh. I guess we were both going for the Sax x Pink colorway? RIP us.

Paris and Japan had an MTO which was never brought to the US. Seemed kind of unfair.

I don't know how to feel. I love this print, but I'm a cotton purist, so maybe it just wasn't meant to be.

>> No.10367292

i want to start dressing in lolita clothing, what is the best way to start? is it important to buy seasonal clothes and to stick to the trends instead of buying like old clothes that you like that are out of fashion? I was thinking of buying like a "starter" dress on sale but i dont want to seem too out of fashion. I hope this was coherent enough

>> No.10367293 [DELETED] 

Do you not know that each AP store gets only 1-2 pieces per color for every series of their first release? And if they sell well then AP would do a MTO, are you new?

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I saw these cat slippers on a Weibo photo; I found a similar pair on Ebay, but it has weird numbers on the ribbon instead of text. I'm guessing that means the Ebay ones are a knockoff, so what is the original? It looks like it says MUIMIMIACHAN? HUIHIMIACHAN? I can't fucking tell, and I don't speak Chinese so I can't ask the person who posted it.

>> No.10367299

Are you serious? If so -- I had no idea.

But I find that shocking. That would make every dress extremely rare. There's 18 shops wordwide. So that means only 36 sax Decoration Dreams exist? Seems way too low.

>> No.10367303

Nah it's not important, just wear whatever interests you. Although it might be helpful for you to post your starter dress, it's easy for newbies to get ripped off.

>> No.10367305

For context, I was replying to an anon that said each AP shop only gets 1-2 pieces of each colorway/cut. But now it's deleted.

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File: 431 KB, 975x1575, Screenshot_20200403-223137.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This was the dress i was thinking of, is it tacky? Baby ponytail, swan heart JSK. There's also a matching bow

>> No.10367329

Yeah I’m sure about that because a lot of my friends live in Japan and they wait in line for new release every single time, but don’t always able to buy them. It’s AP’s way to test the water, there are almost always a MTO if any print gets too popular. I deleted my comment because it didn’t come out in a nice way and I apologize for that.

>> No.10367351

I see. I'm just very surprised. I had this impression that a single release, especially in Japan, would have around 50 to 100 dresses total to sell. I only see MTOs for maybe 1 out of every 10 releases?

I mean, to be fair, I'm kind of "new." I've known about the fashion since 2008 or so, but only started buying in late 2016.

>> No.10367382

Anon is completely incorrect tho.

>> No.10367388

That's def not true for China. They buy AP by the dozens if not hundreds which you can see on Weibo. We all know the Chinese market is financially the most important to brands, not Japan or the west.

>> No.10367410

it isn't true in general. anon's anecdote about her many friends in japan not getting releases says fuck all about how many are available. it sounds more like her friends suck at releases, since many people reliably get dresses via in person SS.

>> No.10367430

Are non-white aprons okay or are they ita? I have extra cotton and was thinking of making a half apron with it

>> No.10367452

This dress looks a lot better in stock photos it seems, I'm looking at some worn photos from buyers and the shape seems awkward,especially the bodice.
If it's possible, I'd really recommend just buying brand first. There's a lot of nice cheap brand on mercari/fril/circlly. Brand has a reputation of being nice for a reason, and if you're new, it's not worth it to risk it on offbrand pieces.

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File: 1.28 MB, 1440x1622, Screenshot_20200403-211039.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Depends on the cloth. Is it a nice cotton or quilting quality? Does it have a pattern?

>> No.10367467

Do you even know the chinese market? I was trying to get Vintage Tulle but my ss told me there were only one per color per cut each store, lyrical parlor probably has more but no more than 3 per color per cut . Its price has gone to the roof rn on the Chinese market.

>> No.10367472

lol no. you probably misunderstood them.

>> No.10367479

Ahh this is perfect inspo, thank you. It's a solid-colored cotton, it feels similar to Kona cotton but a little thicker? Like in between Kona and poplin

>> No.10367517

Do you follow Chinese lolitas at all? Because you would quickly see that's incorrect.

>> No.10367536

If an item on taobao doesn't have a custom size option on the actual listing, there's no other way to get it custom sized via shopping service right? All of the shops I've heard do custom sizing don't have the "tailored" option on their listings and I'm wondering if there's something I'm missing.

>> No.10367539
File: 532 KB, 2048x2048, 129202C7-7BE0-47D3-911E-17132F0E2420.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is this really the same person?

>> No.10367547

the left is super photoshopped.

>> No.10367586

dude, do you know if Tokyo store can accept phone reservation for MTO from someone who's not Tokyo's resident?

>> No.10367593

anon's SS probably meant that they (as in the SS) couldn't buy more than that themselves at each store. depending on the SS, they probably couldn't buy more than that.

>> No.10367619

no shit sherlock

>> No.10367655

Don’t be a jerk. I have a rich bf who buys me cute stuff but he is also a jerk so it’s not worth it.

>> No.10367670

thank you for you help! the more i looked at it the more i disliked it to be honest. for me there is a problem with shipping too so i had to check for the closest stores and this was the one i found mostly alright. i am currently looking for other stores and will check yours out too. thanks again

>> No.10367677

Don't feel like you need to rush! If you can, try to take your time and find something that you think you'll really love and wear often (especially since I assume you won't be getting out much for the foreseeable future) So many newbies scramble to buy their first dress and end up quickly realising that it's not their style at all.

Also, if you strongly prefer sellers close to you due to, e.g., shipping restrictions, definitely check out Lace Market/circlly - you'll more than likely find lots of sellers from your country.

>> No.10367681

I always wondered what she actually looked like. She's cute, I hope she's photoshopping herself like that for art and not because she's insecure.

>> No.10367684

Did the ita thread get nuked because of all the child porn talk? I can't find it.

>> No.10367715

Serious questions, any lolitas who have a CCW license? I've been considering getting one and I've been reading up about it, including holsters for women, and I'm wondering what holsters would potentially be wearable under frills without too much discomfort.

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File: 52 KB, 444x287, 1559016706914.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 84 KB, 489x443, Screenshot_20200404-172024_Instagram.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

does anyone have an amazon link to those black strappy heels that used to be everywhere in gothic? i remember people talking about them being cheap on amazon somewhere. i tried a bunch of different search terms but none of them were similar.

>> No.10367815

heard a story about a lolita that was a cop, ended up storing the gun in her handbag. pretty sure it was BS, but Loris bags can fit quite a bit

>> No.10367861

Are most of Moi-même-Moitié’s dresses a line? I’m looking into getting the silent moon op but I just can’t tell the shape of the dress

>> No.10367865

I use a bell shaped petticoat with mine.

>> No.10367866

From the shoe thread: Is it worth it to buy shoes straight from an tai na or should I just save the hassle and buy from my lolita dress or whatever?

>> No.10367878

That on the right is so fucking cute, this my thinspo now

>> No.10367881

I don't really know what's wrong with shoop, so long as it keeps to the lolita aesthetic I think it's fine, even when it's overdone

>> No.10367911

Thanks! I've considered that but I've also read that off-body carry is bad compared to on-body, so I'll have to weigh my options.

And since some people think I'm trolling, it's just tiring being a tiny Asian female in society right now. It's a last resort, but I see no reason not to look into all my options for the future while maintaining fashion.

>> No.10367925

shooping is fine, anon asked if it was the same girl and I said that the left was photoshopped, which should imply that it is the same girl, which is why the person in them looks different.

>> No.10367956

Does anyone know the impact of COVID-19 on Japan Post? I've had stuff from both WW and CC sitting in the first stage of tracking since March 30/31 (basically just recieved at the post office). I'm guessing that the lack of international flights paired with trying to ship more essential products first is slowing things down. But ePacket always takes less than 2 weeks to reach me. Is it going to be more like a month or two?

>> No.10367964

Japan Post just isn't interacting with postal systems in a bunch of countries. They also suspended SAL service completely. As far as delays to your package, I guess it depends on whether or not flights are being cancelled in your area. It's also only been a few days since your packages showed no movement. I would give it another week or so.

>> No.10367973

I'm in the US, so I'm one of the lucky countries that will still get mail from Japan. I'm just hoping there's some update or movement by this coming Friday, or the anxiety will start to build. Right now, I know the big USPS international hubs are still accepting mail, but I don't know the exact number of flights that have been cancelled. Many passenger flights have been suspended.

>> No.10368071

Where is the best place to buy wigs. I see equal comments on buying Arda, Lockshop, and Dream Holic. But still the same amount of people say don't buy them. It gets confusing

>> No.10368075

Wigs for cosplay or lolita. Cause arda wigs are itchy as hell, but they’re good for spikes. Don’t buy from lockshop because you’ll get your order maybe half of the time. I’m biased towards dream holic because they look so good and natural.

>> No.10368084

For lolita. My natural hair is in a pixie cut so need decent wigs so I dont look awful and can do accessories

>> No.10368092
File: 158 KB, 700x992, 0fe18d5ec1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone ever dye any of their main pieces? Pic related I want to dye black, it's a linen-cotton blend. The bow on the collar is detachable, but I'm worried about the ribbon inserts on the bodice and sleeves. I've heard Dharma dyeing supplies are the most reliable. Any tips?

>> No.10368145

Are you sure you want to dye it, there's a decent chance of ruining it with uneven or patchy coloring, the ribbon and lace not taking in the dye, etc. Not to mention the dye coming out during wear or in the wash and staining your other clothes It would be safer to trace a pattern off of the dress and then remake it with black fabric.

>> No.10368177

what >>10368145 said. this piece isn't a solid, and dying fabric is like dying hair, darker areas will look darker, even with black dye. the pattern is going to show up in a bad way.

>> No.10368189

>it's just tiring being a tiny Asian female in society right now
anon this is a retarded reason to start CCW, because this won't change how people react to you at all on a day to day basis. no one will know you have it. you would only whip it out under extremely limited circumstances. even if a person is mugging you with a gun, just handing over your shit is a better idea than starting a shootout when they're already pointing a gun at you. assholes catcalling you or touching your petti will still happen.

I don't think it's even worth it to carry while wearing lolita. no one wants to cause a scene mugging the weirdo in flashy clothing that everyone is looking at. and i don't know about you, but generally when i wear lolita i'm going to public places instead of places where i could be murdered all alone.

>> No.10368209

i'm not anti gun in the slightest, but it sounds like deterrents like mace are a better option for you and that guns aren't exactly your forte. you should only carry a gun if you believe your life in genuinely in danger without the option of literally killing another person. if you aren't prepared consistently practice or if you think a gun is something you threaten someone with, you shouldn't get one.

>> No.10368211

Yeah, you guys are probably right. I just remembered that dyed Fantasic Dolly someone posted on LM a while back, yikes. There was a black colorway of the dress released at some point so maybe I'll find it somewhere.

>> No.10368278

Thank you for the genuine input! This definitely isn't a decision I take lightly for sure (I've been considering it for a while t b h but current events aren't helping), and I do currently carry around pepper spray. There's also been an uprise in local home and business crime that's not necessarily race-based, so it's weighing heavily on my mind, especially since I have older 1st-gen immigrant parents that I need to take care of. I appreciate the discussion and advice you guys have! You're right that I probably won't need/use a weapon when I go out in frills, but I hope you continue to be so.

>> No.10368300

A taser might be safer and easier option

>> No.10368321

What is the best way to find people who dress in Lolita to hang out with. I cant seem to find any local group that hasn't been dead for 2 years.

>> No.10368366

Dreamholic, priscilla, maple. Dreamholics have handy clips on the inside and look very nice. Priscilla sells wig pieces so you can style it into your natural hair or add pieces to another wig. Maple has been around for a long time and sells good quality lolita-specific wigs.

>> No.10368405

tasers aren't so good because the person can't be touching you lest the current run itself through your body too

I carry around a discreet pepper spray in my purse and it works just fine. in fact, I even openly carry one in my hand when i go for runs. unlike with guns, people aren't really alarmed at all by it and just having it makes me feel safer.

well what area do you live in?

>> No.10368434

What types of brand dresses that are currently being sold (newer prints or brand names) that might do well on bustier women? I am currently really struggling on finding dresses that will go around me bust wise, and still maintain the waist I currently have. I am a 32 DD in some and G at worst but have a waist at around 28. Every time I buy larger its baggy or ugly around the waist and is almost tea party length due to my height. Is there any cool suggestions for petite yet curvier set lolitas?

>> No.10368437

Canada Alberta.

>> No.10368451

i've heard good things about Innocent World in this regard, though it definitely will depend on the cut. no experience with your problem though. you may want to consider tailoring- i know people bitch about it here, but professional altering is the ultimate key to good fit assuming you buy something that makes any sense for your body type in the first place. avoid fully shirred tops, and look for blouses that aren't button ups.

>> No.10368479

That's almost my measurements. I like skirts for this. IW L size blouses pair nicely.

>> No.10368488


>> No.10368556

She lowered the value even when I didn't ask for it.
Depending on where you want to order from, ZenMarket also can lower the package value, but for a small fee.

>> No.10368568

wanna purchase a lolita one piece, with a petticoat from bodyline. do i buy a dress (eg 50 from waist) then have the petticoat 45cm long? i wanna make sure it isnt poking out.

>> No.10368571

Unless Bodyline petticoats have improved significantly since I last heard of them, I'd strongly advise reconsidering. They basically have no poof whatsoever and what little poof it does have quickly deflates after a few uses. I'd recommend any number of Taobao petticoats before Bodyline, and they're just as cheap really. Aurora & Ariel are popular and should fit nicely under most skirts.

>> No.10368573

looking at their petticoats right now, thank you anon!

>> No.10368605

Are there any other lolita youtubers except Tyler and Lor that have a similar production value? Or are those two the only ones worth following at the moment?
I just started in the fashion around a year ago and love looking at their videos and old ones from deerstalker

>> No.10368674

I know My Lolita Dress and Devilinspired are resellers. I want to try and not use resellers for my next Taobao order. Problem is I need to order shoes and some of the ones I like on those website do not have the brand or shop name from it. Anyway to figure out which shops the shoes are on?

>> No.10368683

use the reverse image search on taobao and then try to find the real shop?

>> No.10368818

Has anyone here had any luck replacing the pins on their brooches with magnets? I love the idea of avoiding damage to my clothes and it looks pretty easy from what I see online but I'm kind of scared of ruining a good brooch.

>> No.10368832

Where is the best place to find shoes that are good for ouji? I don't have a budget and im a size 22.5.

>> No.10368837

Rin rin doll but she doesn't wear lolita often anymore. Kawaii pateen has a bunch of videos with misako.

>> No.10368848

I also enjoy videos from

cake calamity
Rose Nocturnalia

Also I found this today and I thought is was supper cute

>> No.10368869

I've paid for a Zenmarket parcel to be shipped via EMS. I've checked the tracking however and now it seems that the parcel is being returned to sender, I assume it's because Japan Post doesn't have enough capacity. Do you think I can expect to get any of my money back? How should I approach this? Obviously I'm not massively happy about this as the shipping wasn't the cheapest but not sure what I can do.

>> No.10368870

I haven't done this myself, but since the magnet has a larger surface area, wouldn't that damage a more delicate material after longer wear just through the force of gravity?

>> No.10368872 [DELETED] 

Why are all females whores?

>> No.10368882

I think that's possible - if I did it, I'd probably only use it on, e.g., coats. and sturdy jackets.

>> No.10368929

Oh shit, same here with a Zenmarket parcel (sal). My package was shipped on the 25th, before all the restrictions Japanese Post put in place. My country doesn't have restrictions so it's not our customs fault. I'm really annoyed, cause I also shipped 2 tenso parcels and I really hope they don't have the same issue. Those are hopefully on a freight ship by now (surface mail). I hope Japan Post issues refunds for returned parcels cause I don't think it's Zenmarket's fault so I'd feel bad asking them for a refund otherwise.

>> No.10368936

Fuuuck I hope this doesn't happen to me. Tenshi shipped my EMS package on April 1st and it hasn't updated since. The shipping was expensive as all hell so I'll be really pissed if they don't give a refund.

>> No.10368992
File: 233 KB, 1080x2040, IMG_20200406_161518_149.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Someone with a dress, skirt with box pleats, how wide are they? My stupid ass doesn't know how big to make the pleats on my dress

>> No.10369006

Honestly I have so many ePacket parcels in the mail that I just want them to get to me safe. I don't even care about the cost. I just ordered from CC with EMS and I don't expect the package for at least 2 weeks. I just want it to get to me in one piece. Everything was like normal until Japan announced the shipping restrictions. Even though I'm in the US everything is a snail's pace.

>> No.10369048

Test different widths with a mock up. You might want the pleats to look more proportional to you.

>> No.10369065

It’s a pleated circle skirt.

>> No.10369082

Yes, I'll be doing this as well, I was just wondering if there was an average/baseline that brands do
This wasn't the answer I was really looking for but is it really a circle skirt? Wouldn't a pleated rectangle skirt be easier and more common?

>> No.10369084


What other selling sites are there besides LM? The skirt I want is overpriced AF, but I'm not sure if it pops up frequently at all

>> No.10369085

lolita doesn't fucking use circle skirts you noob.

>> No.10369115

There’s no way you can get the short to long width without it being either 1. A pleated circle skirt or 2. Having the top potion of the pleats be cut out and sewn individually, which they are not.
I made ones exactly these shape for a theater production a few years ago. So, yes they do use pleated circle skirts for lolita, noob.

>> No.10369118
File: 176 KB, 1024x1024, 19649383748_74743d498f_b[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>no way you can get the short to long width

what exactly are you trying to say? that's not how pleats work and this isn't a circle skirt. pic related is a flatlay of a different version of the jsk. your shitty theater experience doesn't mean anything.

i don't think there's an average baseline persay, but i measured my melty ribbon choco and it's about 11cm at the top and 26cm at the bottom. i have the M size.

>> No.10369163

If you undid the pleats you'd be able to tell it's clearly a circle skirt.

>> No.10369182

Agreed, I don't mind waiting but I'm scared something worse will happen. Let's pray for our packages.

>> No.10369187 [DELETED] 


The anon who originally asked about pleat widths said 'box pleats'. Box pleats are typically done on rectangular skirts.

I can't imagine trying to make a pleated skirt with a circle skirt. It would be miserable taking a literal circle of fabric and trying to get pleats to work with it? Pleated skirts tend to be straight up rectangle, A line, or some sort of pattern with a yoke and the pleats beneath it.

>> No.10369194

Lethbridge has a really small group, Edmonton has large numbers but is otherwise a shitshow and people just seem to do private meetups now to avoid the mod clique. Calgary will maybe have an event every 2 months and is very quiet otherwise.

>> No.10369195

Anons are saying skirts but definitely don't, as someone with the same issues as you all the attention will be on your chest and you'll look stumpy at best. I'd suggest tailoring or dresses with ribbon laces to forcibly tighten the shirring around your waist so your waist can look good.

>> No.10369249

Does anybody own a parasol/umbrella from AP ? How is the quality and durability? Is it better then big retailer umbrella?

>> No.10369257

Nayrt but anon is right, it’s a circle skirt. If it was rectangle pleats would be straight up and down but they are not, they get wider as you go down.

>> No.10369261

i have one in pink. have had it for 10 years or so and it's pretty good it's the sun/rain kind. i have a pink sun/rain parasol from bodyline and a polkadot one i got in a local shop and i have to say they're fairly comparable. the AP one is a bit smaller than both the one i got local and from bodyline. i've used all of them in both the rain and sun and they have been good. the bodyline one faded in sun but the AP hasn't.

>> No.10369274
File: 117 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

NTA but no it's not. a circle skirt would have too much fabric for the pleats to look like that and not float out see pic.

>> No.10369278

I am a seamstress made several box pleated skirts before but ok.

>> No.10369282

Another reason it can't be a circle skirt is the print. If it was, the print wouldn't be parallel to the hem on every pleat. A picture of the underside of the skirt would tell us more, but it's either two rectangles with box pleats that aren't vertical but slanted, or a series of trapezoids that are sewn together with seams hidden under the pleats.

>> No.10369284

I’m >>10369278 and this is correct, it is probably made of trepezoids. Idk about other anon but when I said circle I didn’t mean it was made of a single piece of fabric but rather pieces sewn together formed a circle.

>> No.10369287

Is shit cheaper now cause of corona? sales and people selling off stuff for extra income?

>> No.10369290

I have been noticing a lot more good deals on LM than usual, that's for sure.

>> No.10369291

Thank you ! I was thinking about buying one for sun protection

>> No.10369297
File: 154 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>can't tell if esl or just stupid
what you're describing isn't what a circle skirt is. circle skirt is a term for the cut of the fabric, not the end result, all skirts form essentially a circle when sewn together. circle skirts are cut in the shape of a full circle before you even begin to sew them like pic related. most vintage (40s-60s) skirts or poodle skirts are circle skirts, but lolita skirts are generally rectangle or trapezoid. i have no idea why so many people who clearly don't wear lolita are chiming in on this shit.

>> No.10369319

Anon I’m literally a seamstress and a lolita and you seem to be trying really hard to not understand what I’m saying. You know you can sew trepezoids together to form a circle right? And you can iron the pleats so they don’t look “fluffy” like the circle skirt pics you posted? Right?

>> No.10369321
File: 505 KB, 810x722, EB6DE905-874E-46D9-B3CC-ED9DB3C90A31.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10369328


There are multiple anons present who disagree with you, not just one. The skirt in question is not a circle skirt by the definition of what a circle skirt is.

>> No.10369335

i literally just explained the definition of a circle skirt. i am not arguing with you since you're either an idiot or a troll.

>> No.10369336

Which definition are you talking about? Because if you seam ripped Melty Ribbon Chocolate (?) you’d probably get a circle and definitely NOT a rectangle.

>> No.10369340

the skirt is made of TWO trapezoids, anon. a circle skirt uses fabric with the entire 360 degree circumference of a circle. hence the name. when you sew ANY SKIRT it will form a circle.

>> No.10369345

please read https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/circle_skirt and kys out of seamstressing.

>> No.10369350

> all skirts form essentially a circle when sewn together
This is completely and utterly wrong. Most lolita skirts form a cylinder when sewn together, not a circle.

Pic related is NOT made of 2 trepezoids, more like 12 or more trepezoids sewn together that forms a circle. Just check how print is straight on each piece. It’s not possible when you make it out of 2 pieces of fabric.

>> No.10369353

>read a wikipedia article
>thinks knows more than a professional

>> No.10369355

Anon means the waistband, and is fucking with you.
Do you...do you not know how to make box pleats?

>> No.10369357

says the tard that doesn't know the definition of a circle skirt.

>> No.10369361
File: 204 KB, 877x586, C269ED18-9453-4774-A9A9-3530807FEBC6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic related, a box pleated circle skirt sewn by me but by all means continue being ignorant.

>> No.10369367

This looks nothing like >>10369118. Give up and stop shitting up the thread.

>> No.10369370

Aww did it hurt?

>> No.10369375

Arguing with a retard such as yourself? Yes it hurts my brain, but not as badly as it must hurt for you to out yourself as a shit seamstress who doesn't know the difference between a ""trepezoid"" and circle skirt.

>> No.10369377

again, this isn't a circle skirt. we've posted over and over again what a real circle skirt is and you refuse to acknowledge any of it.

>> No.10369380

God you are so fucking insufferable

>> No.10369382

You are delusional if you think MRC actually has a trepezoid skirt.

>> No.10369383

Because the pleats are wider, if they were smaller it would look just like one linked. Do you not have the capacity to conduct basic imagery skills in your brain? Are you a literal retard?

>> No.10369388

Please tell me what makes it not a circle since I know for a fact I made it out of a circle.

>> No.10369393

Post something lolita you've made or gtfo.

>> No.10369409

>everyone replying to me is same person
Only >>10369388 is me but try harder. This has nothing to do with me sewing lolita or not.

>> No.10369413

>tfw you can clearly tell in the gif for the DD OP that it's not a circle skirt >>10352627

>> No.10369414

>thinks we can't tell she's samefagging when she still can't spell trapezoid

>> No.10369419

What >>10369414 said. This is pathetic as fuck at this point. No one is going to cape for your dumb ESL ass other than you. Learn to spell and go back to lurking.

>> No.10369429
File: 444 KB, 1103x993, 533E9A1E-001C-4408-8932-9E43226876EA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>thinking everyone’s from an English speaking country
Like I said >>10369409 is me but nice reach

>> No.10369432

You are clearly delusional.

>> No.10369435

stop arguing with the troll guys, she's clearly not a lolita. the anon who's making the skirt knows it's a rectangle or trapezoid, just don't reply to her bait.

>> No.10369437
File: 54 KB, 376x630, 8f5b276029ed4870937ac208e3527b1f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here, anon. Search for "pleated circle skirt" on google and you'll find it.

>> No.10369443

I can’t check for sure because most of my wardrobe isn’t with me right now but I have melty ribbon chocolate sk and it is actually closer to being a full circle when pleats are open, rather than a trapezoid or rectangle.

>> No.10369445

Oops I meant to quote >>10369413 not>>10369414

>> No.10369453

It's more than likely just a trapezoid with a bigger measurement difference at the bottom. If the measurement difference is larger, the pleats will flare out more at the bottom. Just so everyone knows if you make pleats in a trapezoid skirt, they will infact flare out at the bottom since you only sew them to the waistband and the rest of the shape of the pleat relies on ironing. A trapezoid skirt is similar to a circle skirt in that it has a smaller top measurement than the bottom, it's just not circular. Either way it looks nothing like >>10369437 and I think that she just is confused about how pleats work in general.

>> No.10369458

IMO >>10369437 would look similar if pleats were ironed and I think >>10369361 already looks same other than the pleat size difference

>> No.10369461

Why are you so adamant about it being not a circle? If you increase the circumference of a trapezoid it unavoidably turns into a circle anyway.

>> No.10369466

>If you increase the circumference of a trapezoid it unavoidably turns into a circle anyway.
No, anon, a trapezoid is cut flat at the waistband and bottom, it doesn't have a circumference. A circle skirt is cut as a curve at the bottom and waistband, that's the difference.

>> No.10369468

>circumference of a trapezoid
lol wat? now i know you're trolling.

>> No.10369483

I’m talking about the hem of the skirt? If you increase it while keeping the waist size same you get a circle IMO?

>> No.10369489

That's not what a circle skirt is this has already been explained. The hem of the skirt being circular once sewn doesn't make it a circle skirt. Your opinion doesn't change the definition of a circle skirt which is that waist and bottom being cut from the fabric in circular rather than in a straight line like in >>10369437, which is known as a 1/4th circle skirt.

>> No.10369494
File: 147 KB, 446x400, tumblr_inline_p7r9upRWKt1qlhh35_540[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my fucking sides. please tell me you're not the seamstress.

>> No.10369504

*is circular, my apologies.

>> No.10369507


No LMAO I know my drawing is shit but this is what I’m talking about. My skirt looks closer to last one rather than middle one

>> No.10369508
File: 529 KB, 3464x3464, FFF1A1FE-99E5-408E-B161-59E54CCC100D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dropped my pic

>> No.10369511


That bottom one is a HALF circle skirt, not full circle.

>> No.10369512

they arent talking about the hem being circular at all, where are you getting that? I don’t have that dress but I’ve seen it at meets and there is a fuckton fabric, the kind you can’t get with a standard 180 degrees trapezoid. they are saying that when you increase the degree it naturally reaches 360 at some point

>> No.10369513

It’s side view. How


>> No.10369514

*How it looks when two sides sewn together

>> No.10369515

>>10369483 literally said
>I’m talking about the hem of the skirt?

>> No.10369518

What seamstress anon said is 100% correct though. I get her struggle as another ESL anon.

>> No.10369519

no it's not lol.

>> No.10369520

Come on, you can’t be that bad at geometry. Take any cone and increase the base circumrefence, you’ll end up with a flat circle.

>> No.10369521

Too bad ESL anon is a sandy cunt.

>> No.10369522

but... that's not what a circle skirt is.

>> No.10369523

You must be trolling at this point.

Leave it. They are either retarded or trolling.

>> No.10369524

Anon I don’t know what do you think it is but a circle skirt is literally a skirt made of a circle of fabric.

>> No.10369525

I suppose it’s difficult to not be a sandy cunt when you try to explain basic geometry to some dense brats.

>> No.10369527

a trapezoid doesn't have a circumference.

>> No.10369531

When you sew a trapezoid’s two sides together it makes a cone you walnut. And yes cones have bases and base circumferences. Are you literally retarded?

>> No.10369535

>A circle skirt is, as the name implies, simply a circle with a hole in the center for the waist.

Yes, so it doesn't matter what measurements your trapezoids are, it's not ever going to be a circle skirt.

>> No.10369536

This thread makes me understand why there is so much terrible handmade out there. To anon who started the whole ordeal: Please please pretty please don’t listen these people and don’t make your skirt rectangle. It won’t have the correct pleat shape or have nearly enough poof at all.

>> No.10369537
File: 5 KB, 955x316, circlevstrapezoid.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A circle skirt refers to the CUT FABRIC. By your logic any skirt is a circle skirt when it's sewn together because it's a continuous line. Look at the picture and imagine both of those are half of a skirt, laid flat on a table. The circle skirt is cut with curves on it, and the trapezoid one is cut shaped like a trapezoid.

>> No.10369540

>When you sew a trapezoid’s two sides together it makes a cone you walnut.

i, what? that's not what a circle skirt is, anon, circle skirts need to be cut as a curved piece of fabric...

>> No.10369541

Trapezoid skirts aren’t made of actual trapezoids though. You should round the hem and the waist, otherwise your hem will end up hella uneven.

>> No.10369543

Actually anon, this isn't correct. I know you are ESL, but you seem really confused. What >>10369537 said is correct.

>> No.10369544

See >>10369541

>> No.10369546

>Trapezoid skirts aren’t made of actual trapezoids though

LOL. i am done.

>> No.10369549

No, anon, just...no.

>> No.10369550

Trapezoid skirts are literally just two flat trapezoids sewn together, just like a rectangle skirt is two rectangles sewn together. My mind is so broken right now I am hoping this is just because you don't understand English or that you don't actually sew.

>> No.10369552
File: 14 KB, 633x485, 2BB3CA39-2503-4080-8088-3785705F2868.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’m not the ESL anon but I guess you need to go and sew some trapezoids and see for yourselves.

>> No.10369553
File: 26 KB, 1122x1587, dac86610b26c2eaa0000fef7b44521a4[1].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But you're wrong.

>> No.10369554

Again, not the ESL anon. Post the trapezoid skirt you sewed or gtfo.

>> No.10369555

You first, schizo. Googling for 5 seconds will tell you that you're an idiot.

>> No.10369556
File: 23 KB, 600x402, aline-skirt-pattern-template-we-all-sew-600x402[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I guess this website is wrong...

>> No.10369558

For a moment I thought I clicked the sewing thread by accident.

>> No.10369559

Lmao literally posting the first image result that comes up? I wish you and your uneven hem a long and happy life. Seriously Iamonly1woman.blogspot.com kek way to go

>> No.10369561
File: 45 KB, 640x448, layout1[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This one too, but I trust anon who clearly knows best!

>> No.10369564
File: 1.46 MB, 1125x1657, E185111D-0D80-4806-BDFD-328A034CAE7C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You forgot to post the amazing result. Totally exacly looks melty ribbon chocolate which is definitely a trapezoid

>> No.10369566

get help

>> No.10369569

nayrt but take a loss with some grace. they've proven your point wrong, you don't need to throw a tantrum and accuse them of being crazy

>> No.10369570

You know damn well that we are talking about box pleats on a trapezoid skirt. Your little shitfit about how no one ever sews skirts with straight seams has nothing to do with that. I can't believe people are still arguing with you, you're both wrong and stupid.

>> No.10369571
File: 1.32 MB, 1500x1200, 10048677-B36D-445A-9EFE-9DC613D8CF67.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>they are the same picture

>> No.10369573

quit samefagging and get back to sewing.

>> No.10369574

>all skirts of one shape look the same
you realize how dumb you sound? that's like saying most lolita skirts aren't rectangle skirts just because jean skirts that are rectangle exist.

>> No.10369575

A flat trapezoid skirt isn't going to look like a pleated one, get your head out of your ass.

>> No.10369579

Then post one that is similar. >>10369437 and >>10369361 posted circle skirts, what’s your excuse?

>> No.10369582

>thinking we're the same person when the responses are only 8 seconds from each other
at least let me prove you wrong by tagging the multiple "samefagged" posts correctly

>> No.10369583

You're the seamstress, you post it.

>> No.10369584

Wow you are either a handmade dumpsterfire or never touched a needle in your entire life.

>> No.10369585

if you're not her you're a moron for defending someone who thinks you can't sew a trapezoid/rectangle without a curve.

>> No.10369588

Nayrt but non-curved trapezoid skirts you posted looked like trash which prove their point.

>> No.10369589

I'm not arguing whether MRC is a circle or a triangle or whatever, but this is platinum retarded.

>> No.10369594

Nayrt but if you take the curve into consideration this is correct?

>> No.10369595

Eh, I kind of agree with anon saying it's rectangular or a long trapezoid.

I get why anon would think of a pleated circle skirt, but I agree that the result is way too structured to be a pleated circle skirt. Circle skirts have more... flounce than structure.
It's a very minute difference, but it's a huge difference when ironing. Pleated circle skirts don't really do great with ironing.

>> No.10369596

thank fuck someone finally bothered to explain it clearly. can the ESL anon stfu now

>> No.10369599

>thinking who repies is still the esl anon

>> No.10369603

If >>10369361 is actually a circle skirt I don’t see how it doesn’t iron well

>> No.10369608

whoever the fuck it is, i'm not that invested in remembering. the definition of a circle skirt is the cut fabric.

>> No.10369610

THANK YOU. I am one of the initial anons, and have just been lurking but my head hurts watching people try to explain. A trapezoid skirt CAN have a bit of a curve, but a circle skirt curve will never be less than a 45° curve, that's the difference. The Melty Ribbon Chocolate skirt is definitely a wide trapezoid or rectangle for the exact reasons you said (which I tried to explain hours ago). I can understand why the seamstress anon was confused, but her attitude didn't help when people tried to explain.

>> No.10369619

A pleated rectangle skirt’s hem length can be max 3x of the waist size, so Melty Ribbon Chocolate is no way a rectangle skirt. Can be a dramatic trapezoid but a trapezoid that dramatic should definitely have a curve. Either way it’s a trapezoid very close to a circle or an actual circle.

>> No.10369623

I don't think it is considering ESL anon defines a circle skirt as any skirt with a curved hemline.

>> No.10369625

Again, there is no way a skirt made of a trapezoid as dramatic as pictured to have no hem curve.

>> No.10369627

Where did they said that?

>> No.10369628

Go read up, I'm not doing this shit.

>> No.10369631

I read already that’s why I’m asking. They only say that if you keep increasing the curve it becomes a circle. Either I’m missing somethig or you need to work on your reading comprehension

>> No.10369639


Did you miss these posts?

The curve on a trapezoid skirt can be shallow and doesn't increase based on the measurement like you are implying.

>> No.10369645

thank fuck this thread is autosageing.

>> No.10369648

>The curve on a trapezoid skirt can be shallow and doesn't increase based on the measurement like you are implying.
Nayrt but that’s how you get an uneven hem. If you don’t increase the curve sides are gonna be longer than front&back.

>> No.10369650

give it a rest, it's not a trapezoid anyway, you lost.

>> No.10369651

>defines a circle skirt as any skirt with a curved hemline.
Those posts doesn’t have anything to do with definition of the circle skirt??

>> No.10369652

You sound salty.

>> No.10369657

I didn’t think MRC was a trapezoid at all.

>> No.10369659

lOLiTaS dOnT wEAR CiRcLe skiRTs!!1!1

Not all circle skirts are equal you dumbasses

>> No.10369662

they quite literally are.

>> No.10369666

>being this hurt about a circle skirt

>> No.10369944

what brand carries OTK/UTKs with the longest biggest lace? could be layered or not, but i’m just looking for plain socks that are white, black, or a mix of the two.
i know meta has some that are okay, but they’re raschel (sp?) and i feel like that lace usually looks a bit cheap sometimes. mmm’s aren’t bad either, but i’d like a pair without cross detailing. bonus points for black socks with white lace, tysm!

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