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Femanons the average anon would literally shrink themselves down and spend the rest of their life trapped between your ass cheeks. How do you not have a bf? What are you even doing on 4chan?

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>How do you not have a bf?
Because we're searching for a gf

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Why would I want some smelly bf when I already have a qt gf

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I have a bf though

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I’m ugly and fear intimacy

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I too am searching for a gf

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I don't want one in my butt, I want one in my stomach. Boy or girl.

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/cgl/ is like a middle school dance with boys and girls. Everyone is totally going to go big and have a date with that <super awesome person that is way cool and pretty> but when the actual dance(convention) comes, they clam up and stand on the other side of the gym. Then the ones that actually mingle and forget about /cgl/ for the rest of the year, while the rest sideline on opposite sides talking big shit or gossiping about the ones who went to be sociable.

Most people here don't want to open up but want to stay blissful in the fact that "they could if they really wanted to". I can't tell you how many times I've seen this play out year after year with gulls at cons.

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>the average anon
having some creepy coomer as your bf would be worse than being single...

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1. I'm gay
2. Dressing up as fictional Japanese cartoon characters turns off a lot of guys

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I only like good looking men. Anons are ugly as hell.

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Most people on /cgl/ (and 4chan in general) are damaged goods, nobody REALLY wants that kind of person.

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This. If you've ever read any threads on /cgl/ you'd know that 90 percent of the posters here are legit horrible people. I wouldn't date any girl who comes here. Waste of time.

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This looks like my the ex (a damaged person) of my bf (a damaged person fetishist), which bothers me.

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I want a mean /cgl/ to laugh over her scene's gossip and be bullied by her

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> implying the vast majority of men on 4chan aren't damaged. 4chan men are generally horribly misogynist on a different level from normie men. I feel sorry for straight women.
Men view women as damaged and mentally deranged for being alive anyways. Why bother.

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Most girls here are lesbians or lolitas who want someone to accept that they spend crazy amounts of money on a pair of socks.

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>the average anon would literally shrink themselves down and spend the rest of their life trapped between your ass cheeks

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Reread what I said you idiot
>and 4chan in general
Obviously includes the men who browse this site too

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Isn't that what /soc/ is for?

That said, I'm a doctor and my only standards are not blacks and not too fat

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take ur pills anon

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Ok but it doesn't mean I'm wrong

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>tfw almost all femanons I've met from here have been really chill people

You do get a weirdo salt-chan or two but for the most part it's nice.

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Average looks, extreme introversion, and not having enough opportunities to interact with guys (no male friends, etc.)

I’m probably not the type of person you’re asking about though. I’m usually on /a/ and don’t cosplay, but like to lurk here sometimes when the threads are interesting. Was planning to go to AX for the first time this year and maybe cosplay, but probably won’t be happening with the lockdown.

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All I do is spend time with males and now I want to get the fuck away from them as much as possible.

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>How do you not have a bf?
I do

>What are you even doing on 4chan?
I've been going on this hell hole of a website since 2006. There's no escaping it.

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the amount of posters ITT in relationships goes against 4chan's culture

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you can still find a bf anon
there are a lot of nice ppl on this platform who will look past that

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I have a bf and he visits /v/ and /a/. We're both degenerate weaboo scum

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This is one of the more socially adjusted boards comparatively speaking since the main content here usually involves actually going out and interacting with people, like at conventions and comms.

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how dare they >: (

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I'm the only youngish person at work, I rarely have opportunities to meet new guys in general. And the ones I do meet with similar interests want kids which I don't.

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Also because this board is mostly women and it's easier for women to get into relationships than men.

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you're completely right, which is against 4chan culture, you should be sh*tposting

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Aw beabadoobee is so cute though

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You’re a baby factory just accept your lot in life and be happy.

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>the average anon would literally shrink themselves down and spend the rest of their life trapped between your ass cheeks.
Nigga what. I ain't gonna waste my time on this Earth degrading myself like that for some dumb hoe

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