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Remember, this thread is for stupid questions about J FASHION ONLY If you need cosplay help, go to the cosplay help thread

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Is there a way to jury-rig a normal long petti to have this shape? Could I just pin the inner layers to the waistband? Or would even a normal long low-poof bell petti be passable instead of the bustle shape?

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a bustle will look retarded with petti poof in front

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Pinning would work, but why not just do the little butt pillow trick

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Just wear a bum pad, that's what they're for. If you want a real bustle you might need something with boning though.

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How do you pronounce "Nayrt" (or ayrt)?

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Those stand for “(not) anon you’re replying to”, they’re not really something anyone would ever say out loud.

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On that note, is Jesus Diamante pronounced like jeezus or hay-soos? Also how is maxicimam pronounced? And Krad Lanrete?

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Does anyone have any experience cleaning Jane Marple pieces. Planning on hand washing pic related but I'm scared of washing the glitter off.

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I think Maxicimam is supposed to be pronounced "maximum"

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It it possible to fix bleeding in a print by washing it again in cold water and/or with a bunch of color catchers? It’s a very detailed print and some of the colors have bled into each other so spot cleaning isn’t really an option.

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Can velvet be put in the washing machine on gentle?

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The last one is Eternal Dark, written backwardly.

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Holy shit I never noticed that

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I've washed bleeding prints with warm (not hot) water and oxyclean and it may fade depending on print but that always seems to remove bleeding for me. It was usually red into pink for me though so easy to get rid of/make not noticable compared to something higher contrast.

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maxicimum is pronounced maximum. jesus diamante is pronounced JEEZUS, haysoos is spanish...

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Aside from LM, closet child, and wunderwlet, where else do I go to check 2nd jp sales?

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fril.jp, mercari (japanese version) and yahoo auct and mbok for BIN or general auction listings. there's one other place i think...

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Maiden clothing

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Replying to myself Bc I forgot on Rakuten there’s Violet Blue and Tokyo Alice

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Alright yeah, thanks for creating even more competition on these platforms.

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Thank you!!!! Found my dream dress, (but in the wrong colorway)

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These websites aren't your secret club and almost everyone knows about them anyway. It's not seagulls you need to worry about, it's the Chinese lolitas.

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If you google lolita second hand a few blog posts pop up naming these and a few others. It’s not like they’re a secret.

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Depends what kind of velvet it is.

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how would you pronounce it tho

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also Tokyo Alice is my go-to.

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I've always thought it was haysoos since diamante is spanish.

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>kard lanrete
>(card lan-ret?)

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Eternal dark, or KL, says the owner

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it would be krad, anon. the pronunciation of which is hopefully obvious

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you just blew my mind

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What petti do people use with juliette et Justine pieces the ones I have are too poofy making the dresses look overstuffed. Can't seem to find any that look good enough

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Weirdly enough the petti that looks best with my Jetj is my cheap one that cost $10. It’s one of those A-line pettis with the poofy trim. Pic related is similar to mine.

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2 deflated old btssb a line pettis

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Awwww i always thought nyart or ayrt meant a no and a yes. Thanks anon!

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Anyone have sauce?

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Is Lou Graves a guy or a girl?
The guy fits so well in lolita. Also there were some rumours that he was a girl.

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diamante is french in this case ジーザス・ディアマンテ official katakana.

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It's a women who transition to a guy. There's pictures of them floating around before they transitioned and of the scars when they loped their breasts off.

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Thanks anon!

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The secret life of lolita.

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who makes the best lace gloves that aren't horribly scratchy and don't look like party city rejects? I'm in need of a pair, willing to look for them second hand if it's an older release or offbrand. crochet/netted/nylon ones are also acceptable!

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Really need to find the "edgy lolita" film, i saw anons talking about it in a thread, and i don't remember wich film it was...

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peep tv show, can upload it for you if you'd like

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If you're after crochet I would go for a nice vintage pair. Easy enough to find on ebay, you'll be pretty much limited to white/offwhite/ivory in terms of colours though.

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Is the wunderwelt petticoat a cupcake shape? It says a-line on the site. I'm debating on getting the ww one or the hybrid poof/cotton candy from melikestea in organza for my AP dresses.

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ww one is definitely cupcake shaped! I have it and it's very poofy! If you're wearing angelic pretty it's perfect.

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Thank you, anon! I'll bite the bullet and buy it.

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I have a nice not scratchy lace pair from Sweet Dreamer on taobao.



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Thank you so much! You're a very gentle anon.

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Does anyone know if Angelic Pretty USA is still receiving shipments for new releases despite COVID-19? I originally planned on waiting until it dropped in the SF store to get Neon Star Diner, but the physical shop is closed now.

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i’m a dumbass and posted in the old thread, can anyone tell me which brand has OTK/UTKs with the longest lace? could be layered, i just want it to stand out. moitie’s are nice and meta’s might work, but those ones look a bit cheap. any other recs would be great, especially if they’re not printed and just in regular white, black or a combo of the two. ty

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Is there anywhere to buy wigs where the bangs are pre-trimmed?

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Gulls I desperately need your help. It started from a newbie mistake that turned into a disaster. I got a graphite stain on my Fancy Melody that I attempted to get rid of with baking soda and soap. I unfortunately didn't wash it out completely and now there is a mint green stain on the border print. I've been trying to wash it out, but it will not leave no matter what I do. Would Oxyclean help or is this dress a goner?

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Do oxyclean

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I got a pair of these and I want to coord them with a purple taobao dress I preordered in my city's harajuku fashion walk if coronavirus calms down by then.

This is the dress I ordered, considering the price I'm fairly certain it won't look too amazing but it should be fine for casual or marrying it with another style. (https://www.devilinspired.com/plus-size/unicorn-planet-jsk-and-op-by-puff-candy.html)

I'm not sure if they'll fly with lolita but, I feel like I could pull off some kind of uchuu kei or decora. What do you gulls think?

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Also, I'm not going to add the socks because I feel like they would make things look bad. I just didn't post the right screencaps cause the thumbnail image made it look like the cropped version

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Some wigs have shorter bangs, but more often then not, you’ll have to style them to your face. Some salons and wig shops will do it for you.

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Its fugly. Shame you spent almost 200$ on shoes like that.

>> No.10371239

Did you not notice that the dress is pastel and the shoes have eye searingly bright almost neon colors

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What other anon said. Very few men have calves that big while lots of women have shapely legs, that picture you used is a perfect example of secondary sex characteristics you wouldn't even think of but definitely notice

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terf freak alert

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they'd work with uchuu kei but i don't think they work very well with lolita or those lavender socks.

this isn't tumblr and no one cares

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That's, medically speaking, none of your business

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/cgl/ - Cares about other people's privacy!

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nyart but I care too — TERFs tend to be weirdly invasive and obsessed with your sexual organs to the point of constantly calling lolitas male who literally aren’t even, because they don’t fit their weird body standards. I saw a thread recently where a load of the bitches tore down a girl and said she was obviously a man just because she had small tits and wide shoulders.... lol no she’s just a girl with small tits and wide shoulders fuck off you creeps

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>I saw a thread recently where a load of the bitches tore down a girl
What does that have to do with terfs though?

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Ugliest fucking shoes ever

>> No.10371385

Yeah, if op hasn't worn them yet they should return them. Way too ugly and definitely not worth the price.

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So I have this old beat-up AP bag, like the leather is pealing and everything, how do I fix this? This is my first brand bag so I don't want to get rid of it, but it's pretty unusable

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Anon, you're a fucking ita

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Die mad about it scrote-bitch

cgl has been shitposting about ugly women being men for ages. Also a lot of those "girls" end up being trannies. We can fucking tell.

>> No.10371415 [DELETED] 

identifies as a “radical feminist”

anonymously calls women “scrote-bitches”

clearly you are mentally healthy xo

>> No.10371518 [DELETED] 

How does simply pointing out a person's biological sex make someone a terf?

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I mean, not really? I didn't wear them together and I just wanted to know if it would look good, and I didn't want to go to BSOLF because it's hugboxy as shit and filled with LS's who say dumb shit like "wear them with ddlg socks uwu".

Since it doesn't work, I'm not gonna wear them together and I'll use the shoes for egirl fashion or some shit. I can't return them cause the store operates on a no refunds policy, so I might as well find a way to make em work. Irregular Choice has fugly shoes but I've seen then work in fairy kei and party kei

>> No.10371524 [DELETED] 

TERFs are just retarded in general and hide their hate for trannies behind ~radical feminism~. Just stop being a pussy and admit you hate trannies like a normal person

>> No.10371526 [DELETED] 

radical feminists are also fucking crazy. they're obsessed with dismantling patriarchy and gender roles but cling to womanhood in order to shit on transwomen for no reason.

>> No.10371527 [DELETED] 

Because it’s creept asf behaviour to compulsively need to check everyone’s “biology”. It’s strangers on the internet wearing frilly dresses, why make it sound like you’re absolutely gagging for pics of everyone’s vagina for “proof”, literally who cares if they dress well

>> No.10371533 [DELETED] 

But why does it make someone a terf? What do you mean?

>> No.10371537 [DELETED] 

Transwomen aren't women. Come back when your body was built to sustain life, endure pain, bleed monthly, endure hormones. These women are just men playing dress up.

>> No.10371540 [DELETED] 

i have endo, something that most women don't have to experience, and by your logic that makes them less women. i still will fight for anyone's right to live freely.

>> No.10371543 [DELETED] 

>Less women
It is only you who feels that way.

>> No.10371544 [DELETED] 

I'm not a radfem, I just hate when stupid ass troon lovers like yourself throw around TERF when you have zero argument.

>> No.10371545 [DELETED] 

lol i'm not the one saying that transwomen need to have periods to be women, but go off.

>> No.10371546 [DELETED] 

Nayrt but it doesn't make someone a terf. Why are you expecting some mentally ill shitposter like OP to make sense?

>> No.10371550 [DELETED] 

I want them to use their brain for a second lol.

>> No.10371552 [DELETED] 

This. They aren't women and they never will be.

>> No.10371554 [DELETED] 

They don't have a functioning brain lol.

>> No.10371555 [DELETED] 

Because they are dudes

>> No.10371558 [DELETED] 

yup. you're just born into oppression by men as a woman, whether you have a period or not. you don't get to decide to be oppressed on a whim like trannies do when they choose to LARP as women.

>> No.10371563 [DELETED] 

I can't tell from your shitty sentence structure if you mean women are less women for having endo, or for not having experienced the pain of endo. Either way, what does a female disorder have to do with transwomen? What the fuck? Just take your sissies and go.

>> No.10371571 [DELETED] 

insulting a woman's appearance by calling her a man isn't exactly a political ideology.

forget how to greentext newfag?

that sounds disingenuous since it's completely compatible with that logic. the fact that you're physically capable of having endo means your body literally was built to do all of that and isn't doing it normally due to a medical condition. a transwoman can't have endo and you know exactly why; there would be no need for transition if it weren't the case.

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Is ETC Lolita? I keep seeing differing opinions.

>> No.10371587

ETC isn't really a lolita brand, most of their dresses and skirts aren't cut for poof or are way too short. it's possible they have some exceptions, but i don't own enough of it to say. i like them for cute casual outfits though.

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>> No.10371646 [DELETED] 

they need to be of the female sex to be women, so transwomen aren't women, they are men. women that never had a period are still women, because they are XX (or in rare cases female intersex).

>> No.10371648

That looks like the baking soda took dye out of your skirt, it doesn't look mint at all here. You might be fucked.

>> No.10371653 [DELETED] 

A women's body is intended to endure these natural processes of menstruating among other natural processes MOST females endure. Only women are susceptible to endometriosis among other painful and debilitating conditions relating to being a woman. Real women. Not men. It is biologically impossible.
A mentally ill man decides to pop hormone, stuff his chest with saline/silicone, wear heavy makeup and surgically remove this testicles, split his penis in half and shove it into pelvic cavity does not and will never be a real woman.

>> No.10371655 [DELETED] 

This, a million times this.

>> No.10371715

old school etc was definitely lolita, now not so much

>> No.10371717

this is exactly what i was thinking too

>> No.10371767 [DELETED] 

you need to go back

>> No.10371951

Legit stupid question: what makes a headdress mandatory for lolita?

>> No.10371956

Balance. You have the poofy petticoat skirt, and without a headdress the look would be too bottom heavy.

>> No.10371977

Newbie-type question: As long as your petticoat is long enough, does it matter whether the colour goes with the rest of what you're wearing?

>> No.10371979

It's there such things as rare socks? Or is 30-40 roughly what you pay for any used Lolita stock?

>> No.10371990

Not really. Sometimes if you're wearing a very light, thin dress, a dark or vibrant petti will show through a little bit, but generally it doesn't matter.

>> No.10372019

Yes, there is such a thing as rare socks, specifically ones that are a part of AP sets, but most used socks will be $25 or less. $40 is more than I would pay for used socks desu, but if it's nwt/nwot, depending on what it is, it might be worth it.

>> No.10372056

its not

>> No.10372089

Dunno where else to ask but does anyone have a picture of ihop-chan? I forgot what she looked like but I remember she was fat and wasn't even a lolita.

>> No.10372117

Try asking Warosu

>> No.10372132

Kind of, specific socks are made over and over like Baby and AP's lace top OTKs. You should not have to pay much unless they're like new. If they have stains you can just wait until they are rereleased. Print socks can be hard to find! Especially if they were only issued with one release and rereleases were jsk only, like Holy Lantern socks are easy to find but Holy Rosary and MCD are not

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File: 39 KB, 252x288, 20F7683D-2520-4517-972C-08D67E499B80.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone know what brand of shoe these are?

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>> No.10372259

Where to go to find actually good new lolitas to follow? I currently only really use COF because Instagram is so clogged up with itas and fetishists, but I feel like I’m missing out because there’s only 5-10 girls who actually post regularly on COF that I actually like

>> No.10372269

Where's a good place to buy old school style lace-top utks/otks?
Don't know if I'm just not looking in the right place, but the ones i find always look cheap. Would prefer to buy taobao or 2nd hand brand

>> No.10372271

it looks bad without one. lolita relies on heavily detailed items and your head looks bare without some hairstyling and accessories. even very simple classic looks still need neat hair and some kind of small accessory like a bow or flower.

>> No.10372279

I prefer Instagram and can usually find good lolitas through brand hashtags and browsing top posts. You can also check who the lolitas you like are following (unless they follow everyone I guess)

>> No.10372284 [DELETED] 


If you mean OTKs and UTKs with torchon lace, they're all over the place. Bodyline does, BABY sells them regularly, Meta has raschel lace ones if you don't want torchon lace; I've even seen torchon lace OTKs on Amazon in basic white and black x white.

>> No.10372290

A lot of decent Lolita left cof after all the drama, just go to instagram

>> No.10372296

How do you get the princess seams on a dress to stay flat when making floordinates?

>> No.10372339


>> No.10372345

I’ve never really got a ~community~ feeling from instagram, though, it feels kinda too big and I never really see people interacting, but idk maybe that’s because I’m new to using it for egl and not very popular

>> No.10372443

What brand "F+F" stands for?

>> No.10372446

Fan Plus Friend

>> No.10372449

fan plus friend

>> No.10372452

Thanks gulls ^^

>> No.10372459

just to give you warning in advance, they definitely used to sell replicas. they still might but i haven't looked.

>> No.10372495

I've never heard of F+F selling replicas. Which dresses did they sell replicas of?

>> No.10372496

So don't follow the itas and block the fetishists...? It's pretty easy to curate your social media experience

>> No.10372500

Bitch what
I just want nice wardrobe pix and don't have a mannequin

>> No.10372505

they sold design replicas- you used to could find one on one comparisons on LJ. i don't know if they still do. they never sold print replicas afaik, but again, i don't exactly keep up with them.

>> No.10372509

Most taobao brands started with design replica - surfacespell, f+f, kidsyoyo etc. But pretty much they don’t anymore

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File: 31 KB, 640x640, urgent_wts_navy_serafuku_1526816640_a99d4766.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Noob from another board here, asking as research for a story set in the 1990s. Complete idiot question: how does (did?) a typical serafuku school-uniform work, anyway?
I know that the neckerchief is a separate part, but does the fuku top have a square neckline underneath, or does it have collars? Does it have a button-front, or is it a one-piece?
Does the uniform include a top beneath the fuku, like an undershirt/t-shirt, or is it straight to underwear?

All answers appreciated, thank you!

>> No.10372539

What would you like to see on a lolita blog? I’m thinking sewing and craft projects, coordinates, new arrivals and meetings as the bases, but is there any specific topic or discussion you would like to see being covered? Specially for lolitas who are not beginners anymore since a lot of the content out there seems to be newbie oriented.

>> No.10372544

Lolita history, GLB scans, Old street snaps and TV spots

>> No.10372549

Forest pipe organ is an Escailles de la Lune print replica right? Can someone correct me if I'm wrong please, I remember hearing about this years ago which is why I didn't buy it, but I never saw the dress it supposedly replicated just the F + F one

>> No.10372565
File: 112 KB, 1080x1080, 92370086_683505502456536_8654329074406141221_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

can someone id this blouse?

>> No.10372567

Time to buy your dream dresses

>> No.10372568

Request big sisters only then? Little sisters do that to avoid itas who dont know shit. It’s common sense. You’re a fucking ita and you’re trying to wear ugly ass neon shoes with a taobao coord kek

>> No.10372569

Does anyone wear slips over their bloomers and under their petticoat? Are slips even made this short? I really want to because it seems like it would be way more comfortable then having a scratchy petti against my legs, and probably warmer in winter time.

>> No.10372573

All my petticoats (Malco modes, Classical Puppets, random vintage, BTSSB) have linings between the poof and my legs. I don't see the need for a slip.

>> No.10372582

i got mine directly from baby, they're great and pretty cheap imo

>> No.10372583

Damn, my favorite one from Malco modes came without a slip.

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File: 84 KB, 660x660, 02095331_L.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You can try one of those leather repair kits. Will warn you up front the colour mixing is likely to be a bitch, and other parts of the bag are likely to peel next, so it's up to you if you really want to sink more time and energy into this.

>> No.10372635
File: 314 KB, 600x800, rosegobelinfront.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone know if Otome no Sewing or any other lolita sewing resources have a full shirring OP pattern similar to AP's Rose Gobelin OP (pic related) or any full shirring OP patterns where the neckline is also shirred (I know it isn't shirred on Rose Gobelin, but I figured it would be comfier to have the neckline shirred)?

>> No.10372637


I also have some blouse patterns with a similar top, could I get away with taking the collar, yoke, and sleeves from that and then just inserting a tube of shirring below it then adding the skirt?

>> No.10372643

inb4 die fatty

what are the best AP releases that are forgiving on large busts? and not like, the empire cuts they've been doing lately. I'm actively trying to lose weight but I'm stuck with these cowtits for the next foreseeable future.

thanks anons!

>> No.10372650

ONS 2 has an Enchantilly pattern with full shirring including over the bust and several lines of elastic over the sleeves
ONS 5 has an OP pattern resembling your pic except that the bust and upper back aren’t shirred (should be easy to adapt)
ONS 9 has a similar blouse with shirred long sleeves (can shorten sleeves and add a skirt)
ONS 11 and 13 both have OPs with an elasticated neckline and waist only (might be able to add full shirring)
ONS 14 has an OP with only the middle panels shirred, front and back

>> No.10372652


Holy fuck thank you anon I am going to check these out right away

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File: 1.08 MB, 2680x3778, CAD30F2F-4D14-45B0-8B9D-804D20584E48.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here’s the drafting page from volume 5, since I’m pretty sure it’s long out of print anyway.

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File: 194 KB, 764x1024, ots5-012.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was just about to suggest this same OP. It's definitely the closest to what she is looking for, though I still need to take a look at my Gosu Rori scans.

>> No.10372673 [DELETED] 


I think the Enchantic Enchantilly pattern from ONS 2 with a more rectangular gathered skirt is exactly what I was hoping for!

Am I out of luck as far as attempting to buy it at the moment since it's a much older one? Is there a way to get ahold of any legal online copies?

>> No.10372676

You might be able to find a second hand copy on Rakuten, Amazon jp or y auctions?

>> No.10372683 [DELETED] 



I noticed this along with a ton of ONS patterns frome very volume being sold on this storenvy store "Lolita Sewing Patterns" when searching : https://www.storenvy.com/products/23421906-0218-dress-set

Is it legal for them to sell patterns from the magazine in this way, separating them out into parts and selling them for what is undoubtedly far higher than the cost of the whole magazine itself?

>> No.10372707

No, those are stolen. I personally wouldn't support someone that sells stolen patterns imo. Always wondered if Boutique Sha is aware that this person is selling their patterns desu.

>> No.10372709


Illegal. What are the chances the Japanese publishers gave the okay to some nobodies hosted on etsy?

What you'd notice is they don't state they're selling patterns, they say they're selling "tracing services". So they're basically trying to pull wool of pretending to assume their customers all own the physical copies of the books already and are paying for digital copies of the patterns for no real reason.

>> No.10372710 [DELETED] 


Thanks for the info anon! I was always wary of buying them considering the cost and I'm glad I haven't yet.

>> No.10372713 [DELETED] 


Wow that's hella shady.

I definitely would rather buy the magazine to keep demand for it up and hoepfully it will stay in print if it's not already going out of print like some other jfashion related mags did

>> No.10373034

For a noob, which ONS would be a good one to start off with?

>> No.10373056


I'd say their "best" collection since you get a variety from all the different issues.

>> No.10373060

Thank you for the rec! Didn't even know they had such a collection.

>> No.10373088

They have several by now and they are probably worth getting. My favorite is issue 5 & 7.

>> No.10373089

holy lantern zipper and new honey cake

>> No.10373148

the semi-circle piece under the collar has snaps on it to get on and off. google is your friend and dont expect anything else from here.

>> No.10373149


>> No.10373177

>stupid questions thread
i think in this instance it's dumb to tell anon to google since there's more than a plethora of cosplay seifuku that don't function like real ones.

>> No.10373184
File: 162 KB, 345x298, aVBlXqb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone know the item name of this Liz Lisa skirt?

>> No.10373185

Disagree with honey cake, the bodice length is too short for fatty chans. It will boobloaf if your chest is huge

>> No.10373230

What's the communities opinion on making your own dress that looks similar (i.e cut and style, not fabric) to a commercial available dress ?

>> No.10373390

Can people link me to this thread on warosu where OP asks people to post their favorite lolitas or something? Anyhow my memory's clearly vague on this but one of the posts showed this lolita dressed in bomb oldschool style and anon also as a reply linked her retro ass blog which i think is a geocities link. Pls gib thread and/or photos of the girl you may possible know who I'm talking about. kudosai.

>> No.10373398

at least specify what she looked like, there are a lot of old school blogs still out there. might've been re-ri.net

>> No.10373402

She's....Some sort of latina that I know. Big eyes and takes flash photos.

>> No.10373403

this thread? https://warosu.org/cgl/thread/S10333167

>> No.10373409

thought you meant old old school, must be Ferro then. her blog is at ita.neocities.org

>> No.10373540

Is it rude to tell a LM seller that their dress has sold for less in the past?

Especially if it's listed for over twice as much as it sold for?

>> No.10373544

kind of? lm mods might get pissy at you for doing that because "huurduur scalping isn't real!!"

>> No.10373546


I was thinking of doing it via PM but then I figured if it was a public comment then people wouldn't waste their money on buying it.

I kind of want the dress but don't think I'd buy it even at the correct, lower price, so idk if it is still self serving to do so or not.

>> No.10373551

I've always thought it was rude and annoying to do this unless the seller was obviously scalping an item they bought for less from someone else. Sellers aren't obligated to price match the cheapest listing that item's ever been part of on LM. I wouldn't ask them to change their price unless they clearly state they accept offers in their ToS. I know if I had someone complaining about my prices I wouldn't be inclined to change it just because they said so.
If it's that overpriced, chances are it won't be sold and they'll be forced to discount it at some point anyway.

>> No.10373553


Yeah I don't wanna be rude but it's not just the cheapest price; the only two LM listings I found of the same item in other more desirable colorways sold for around $50 while this item is being sold for over $100 (it's a lucky pack item, not a print or anything, and the seller is unaware of the name or anything since it doesn't really have one so I assume either bought it for more or arbitrarily priced it higher because they want the money?)

Idk I'm not gonna post anything or ask directly.

Oh well.

>> No.10373556

$100 is still a fair price even for lucky pack, it’s not scalping like asking $500 for a $250 dress. Just let it go and keep scrolling.

>> No.10373558


Oh it's a good bit more than $100. I was being vague cause I don't want to call anyone out

But I get what you mean. I didn't say anything to them or leave any comments.

>> No.10373561

is it like a 'special set' lucky pack, or blind bag, lucky pack? if it's the latter a lot of people sell off things they get in those on the cheap just to get rid of them.

>> No.10373566


I'm like 90% sure it wasn't a special set so probably blind bag.

If it is from the exact season and year I think then the based on old EGL comm posts entire lucky pack new cost the same as their BIN price for the single dress.

Their listing mentions it was modified under the damage tags but they never explicitly state what damage in the listing text, either.

>> No.10373571


Lolibrary doesn't specify but it did come with a lot of items and was 150K yen for everything (enough for a full coord plus extras, minus shoes), so it could have been a special set?

I don't want to blast them though so I don't want to post anything in detail.

>> No.10373584


I'd just leave it. You're just gonna come across as some annoying busybody bored out of their brains and can't find another way to fill your own free time since you aren't even interested in the dress.

The seller knows to lower their prices if no one's buying. Or they can eat the dress. Either way, their loss, not your problem anyway.

>> No.10373585


Yeah I guess I'll leave it alone. Maybe someone else will care enough to ask.

>> No.10373588

Didn’t they steal a whole bunch of their original designs from a Western romantic goth brand? I forgot the name but I think I remember how a Western goth designer had their pieces made in China and then ended up getting cut out when F+F started selling the stuff themselves.

>> No.10373592

Nvm I remembered the name and looked it up. A steampunk brand called Retroscope Fashions had F+F produce their designs and F+F would sell those pieces, something with and sometimes without Retroscope label, on their own site. They would also sell rejected Retroscope samples and design replicas of other brands apparently.

>> No.10373613

retroscope was shit anyway.

>> No.10373882

If it's BTSSB or AATP, even IW you don't always know if they paid full price or got it in an LP. I once paid full retail for an AATP dress only to see it sold for $150 less as part of an entire LP. If I sold it I wouldn't cut the price down, though. Mine was full price and if no one else is selling it then it's worth whatever someone is willing to pay

>> No.10373884


It was none of those brands.

>> No.10373953
File: 580 KB, 800x609, Fatty-chan's Dream.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Melty Berry Princess is pretty good

All these dress have a bust of 100-120 at least

>> No.10373982

Bless you anons. I don't care for other ott styles or grandma styles, this ftw.

>> No.10374000

I bought a jsk with full back shirring. The max bust measurement is 110cm. I'm only 100cm. However, the front part of the bodice still flattens the fuck out of my boobs even though there's plenty of unstretched shirring left in the back. Is there are any way to remedy this?

>> No.10374006


A full bust adjustment

>> No.10374014

Wearing a minimizer bra is your best bet.

>> No.10374040

Yeah, so you'll just have to deal with it

>> No.10374041


No need to be rude; if you actually read the thread you'd know I didn't say anything to them.

>> No.10374093

there's nothing rude about that, anon.

>> No.10374156

That's for adjusting patterns not already made garments

>> No.10374622

Can I order from Atelier Pierrot's onlineshop from overseas? If not, who is the best SS to use?

>> No.10374625


>> No.10374645

Yes, you can order from them directly, no need to use SS. They will even mark down the value on your package if needed. You can also use a forwarding service like Tenso if you want cheaper shipping though. If the ordering form in Japanese is too difficult and you want someone else to order for you, I recommend using Zenmarket.

>> No.10374656

Closet Child has a notice on their site about stores being closed due to covid-19, does this mean they will not be doing any shipping? I've read the translation a few times but Google is butchering it a bit and I wanted a second opinion before I order something.

>> No.10374663

i ordered something on the 9th and it's shipped, i'm pretty sure the policy hasn't changed since i last checked the site

>> No.10374670

The notice was put up on the 13th apparently, but I'm glad your order shipped! I'll keep that in mind.

>> No.10374682

Its their physical stores, which is why they upload more stuff and using the pics they usually do for showing on twitter. Obviously they are shipping stuff still if they are encouraging people to buy online.

>> No.10374757
File: 755 KB, 1440x1954, Screenshot_20200415-234730.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where/how do I find tights/pantyhose for 5'6" x 140lb with big hips? Even something simple like the white polka dot ones in pic related. I see black polka dot ones in western sizing for $9, but that's about it. I tried Taobao one-size that said my measurements fit in the range, but they must have meant pick either the height or the weight only because those motherfuckers ripped over my butt immediately.

>> No.10374758

Sock Dreams has pantyhose/tights for taller or bigger people, and they list the measurements (they test all the products out on different sized people)

>> No.10374759

If you're in the US
Target or Fred Meyer

>> No.10374792

tips on finding moitie main pieces second hand? i swear i watch fril, cc, ww, lm, yauctions and a bunch of other second hand sites like a hawk at different times of the day/night to no avail. i know they’re rarer but they must come and go sometimes

>> No.10374797

Secondhand Moitie is always more expensive than other brands secondhand, and doesn't show up often. It is what it is.

>> No.10374803

Eurofags: has anyone here used courier services (DHL, Fedex etc...) to ship stuff from Japan? What has your experience been, especially in terms of customs? They're the only option left with my SS, of course I've marked everything down but still a bit hesitant as I haven't done it before.

>> No.10374816

Does anyone know if you can pay more to get antique beast bust sizes outside of the -5/+5 range? I know it’s free if you do only a couple of cms but I’m curious if she does full on custom sizing as well. Google translate made it a bit unclear....

Thank you ahead of time!

>> No.10374843

I have experience with DHL and had to pay customs. Doesn't your SS offer surface mail?

>> No.10374846

where are some good places to buy twin tail wigs?
I've checked wigisfashion but they don't seem to have them anymore
I checked, rockstar and gothiclolita wigs but their quality looks too shiny.

Really like the wigs from youvimi but they only have one that has true clip on's and they're just buns. I want actual twin tails.

>> No.10374850

I want to know this too, is oxiclean even an option?

>> No.10374881

Any US anons recently use a SS (Japonica, ZenMarket, etc.) to order stuff from Mercari or fril? I have my eye on a few things but I’d hate to order only for it to get cancelled or sent back.

>> No.10374919

I've done this and it reduces the bled onto spots but fades the print overall. Use as a last resort if repeated washings with gentle soap fail

>> No.10374924

malco modes pettis usually aren't made of scratchy material though?

>> No.10374930

I don't see much in the way of loliable tights on there, not even polka-dot style, besides the fishnets and maybe the bat ones. I looked at the bat ones, and they only have width listed without height, which is totally meaningless. In the words of Sir Mix-a-lot, "36-24-36? Only if she's 5'3"." Then I looked at a plus size pair, and they had both height and width listed but both out of my range. But thank you for trying. I will check back. Maybe their stock is reduced due to the quarantine.

Thank you. The Target ones are the ones I've found so far.

>> No.10374935

oh girl i sure do have lots of stupid questions for this thread
so is cpk still a thing?
was it ever done, or do you think it could be done nicely by someone that's not white/fair skinned? If not, why?

>> No.10374938
File: 129 KB, 400x390, O1CN01xCD0LK1SK0c8KfLkv_!!2057782227.jpg_400x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone have a link to the Spicy Donuts taobao shop?

Looking for the beret in pic related. Saw it sold on LM and was wondering what else the shop carries.

>> No.10374952

Not sure if this is race-bait, but why do you think you can't wear cult party kei cause you don't have fair skin? Cause it looks perfectly fine on any skin color, just like all other types of clothing.

>> No.10374958


>> No.10374963

Imo, the only colors that look bad on people are ones that are too close to their skin color because it gives a weird naked effect. Personally, I have blonde hair (the natural kind, without fancy highlights to make it pop) and fair skin, so feel like I look like a lifeless corpse in beige. On the other hand, my aunt and grandma have the same complexion but love wearing beige. So I kinda get where anon may be coming from if it's not bait, but in tbe end this type of thing is all in your head.

>> No.10374964

ayrt here

not bait, i've just never seen it done by someone that's not fair skinned so i'm genuinely curious to see if any of you know something about this

>> No.10374970

Stay away from DHL. I've been forced to use them twice in my life, and both times I've had to pay customs fees that were more expensive than the item itself because they add a huge brokerage and handling fee to it.

>> No.10374985


I feel bad for Europeans with lolita sometimes; I'm literally buds with my DHL carrier and he texts me on days he's coming if packages need a signature and will toss my less fragile clothing orders onto my third floor balcony to make sure they aren't at risk of being taken from my doorstep and I never get customs or any fees cause the limits for those in the US are way higher than any single order I could ever make.

But then I remember we have a deranged talking orange as a president and a third world healthcare system and I feel less bad and more jealous of Europe.

>> No.10374987

Sorry, there's a lot of baiting on this board so I can't tell anymore when someone has a genuine question. Sadly I can't give you any pics of poc wearing cpk but surely they exist? Hopefully someone else can help you out there.

>> No.10374994


Thanks, senpai

I just noticed they have donut berets too! Cute stuff like this make me want to get back into ott sweet...but I'd starve to death buying all the accessories and pieces I want so I just draw cute girls wearing it instead and stick to old school.

>> No.10374999

They do but waiting for over a month on top of the current delays doesn't seem like a super attractive option.

Okay that's definitely one to avoid. Sorry to hear that anon, out of curiosity, did you get the value marked down? My whole package is secondhand items with no invoice inside so maybe they would have nothing to go on...

>> No.10375016

The first time I didn't, and it was marked valued at $35 usd (was a wig) and paid about the same price in customs. The second time, I got the value listed as 2000 yen (was four secondhand clothing items without tags) and marked as a gift and I still paid more than double the declared value in their fees.

>> No.10375189

Are you me anon because I feel the same way except I'm a classicfag

>> No.10375251


I've always liked classic but have always felt like too much of an awkward hobbit to pull of how elegant and mature it looks

>> No.10375558
File: 518 KB, 483x617, 1587030302971.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone know who is this? Is there more?

>> No.10375560


Wrong thread.

>> No.10375704

when will crop tops be a thing for lolita? don't tell me it's impossible, i know it is. if fish net socks are so are crop tops.

>> No.10375755

crop blouses are already a thing, no one is stopping you from wearing one with a skirt like a retard.

>> No.10376016

eet ees wut eet ees

>> No.10376048

I've only ever had luck on lace market and facebook. I've given up on jp auction sites since almost every thing gothic is scalped or i'm just too slow to get the good stuff. CC is another good one, but all the good stuff flies within seconds.

This is just the plight of the goth lolita. Even the cheaper black peace now pieaces are getting hard to find and a lot of goth lolitas i presume don't sell there stuff as much and have smaller wardrobes than sweets.

>> No.10376147

ita detected

>> No.10376160
File: 399 KB, 480x640, BABY THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What kind of blouse should I wear with this?

>> No.10376199

When using Japonica for mercari, do I just put the exact price from the listing in the price box, if the seller offers free shipping? Or do I have to include their commission/other fees?

>> No.10376303

I remember seeing a post with a compilation of "AP labels through the ages", does anyone have a link to anything like that? Also, what happened to the lolibrary alternative(s) some anon was trying to make?

>> No.10376313
File: 93 KB, 640x640, 06B89ED7-B449-45BB-9948-4D19BB70E486.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

High neck, square or Peter Pan depending on the look.

>> No.10376324

just the price of the listing, they'll add any additional fees for you

>> No.10376325

was it either of these?

>> No.10376327

They are literally listed as lolita on Japanese sites currently. What tab do you click on closet child to get ETC? Yeah it’s not “casual”

The answer is yes and no. They are considered a lolita brand in Japan, but not in the western community. Just buy it and coord it and don’t talk to people about it because it willing give you a headache

>> No.10376328

Literally no one cares. Most people don’t even care about commercial design replicas. You are fine

>> No.10376508

thanks anon!

>> No.10376670

It was the first one, yeah! tysm anon

>> No.10376678

anon, closet child isn't an authority on that stuff. they have jesus diamante on as lolita too...

>> No.10376694

Wait, then why do japanese lolitas tag ETC coordinates as lolita? And what is the term for otome kei in Japan? That phrase doesn’t pull anything relevant up for me in searches

>> No.10376748

i'm just sayin don't trust closet child for anything. hime gyaru shit isn't lolita

>> No.10376753

But we aren’t talking about Jesus Diamante, we were talking about ETC?

>> No.10376818

So I’m kinda a borderline fatty chan, 160lb at 5’4”, and the thing is I carry almost all of my weight in my boobs and butt. I’ve got a little pudge and some upper arm fat, but not enough to keep me out of j-fash, the main issue is my massive boobloaf. I find it nearly impossible to fit into brand around the chest area, everything else either fits or I can stuff it in and be only mildly uncomfortable. I was wondering if perhaps chest binders might help? I’m 38dd and they’re natural, so I can smush them down a good bit. I’ve tried tight sports bras with varying degrees of success.

>> No.10376829

nta she's saying that closet child isn't a good measure of brands so don't cite it.

>> No.10376849 [DELETED] 

No, loose weight. Despite what fatties in denial say, you will loose bust and butt cms. Sometimes even significally, especially if you carry a lot there in your borderline overweight state.

>> No.10376851

No, loose weight. Despite what fatties in denial say, you will loose bust and butt cms. Sometimes even significally, especially if you carry a lot there in your overweight state.

>> No.10376854

That’s not “kinda borderline” overweight, that’s well into the overweight range. You’ll lose fat in your back as well when you lose weight, which will also help you fit into bodices.

>> No.10376899


What should I do if I bought an item and the seller hasn't invoiced me yet? They have definitely had a chance to see I won because they've been listing other items since then...I sent a message and got no response.

>> No.10376907

Wearing a 38 band means you have a lot more weight on your torso than you think.

>> No.10376908

This was me a few years ago, exact weight/height. I lost about 25 lbs and unfortunately only knocked about 5cm off my bust which still put me at the upper range. I ended up getting a reduction. While losing weight is good, don't listen to anyone who claims it's a magic bullet.

>> No.10376910

Binders are really uncomfortable and push all the boob tissue into your armpit. I've heard minimizer bras are better but I haven't found a good one yet. I honestly just kinda gave up on most brand and switched to Taobao. I can fit comfortably into most dresses from there without any boobloaf, they fit my hourglass shape really nicely.

>> No.10376923

My waist just under my busy is 30in, bust 41in, 34in above my breasts. When my full measurements are put in a BMI calculator I’m in the normal range, sometimes a few lbs overweight, depending on the scale.

I was unfortunate enough to get prescribed Risperdal as a young teen because I’m a sperg, and my quack shrink got a cut. It caused my breasts to go from a b cup to dd in a few months plus lactation. I’ve dealt with anorexia in my college years and been 96lb with freakishly big boobs. Sucks.

Thanks anon, I’ll consider that. I’ve broken down and bought replica before just to get things hand sewn.

>> No.10376925

*waist just under my bust, sorry for phone posting, ha.

>> No.10376944

you're obese

>> No.10376950

What's the japanese term for reusable sweat/underarm pads? I tried just google translating that and I got nothing in Rakuten. Also, if anyone has any good recommendations for some on rakuten, I'd appreciate it, thanks!

>> No.10376953

>freakishly big boobs

Starting to think this is a dude. 38DD is not that big, and it also doesn't match any of the other measurements you've given. You're either wearing the wrong size bra entirely (and one that would be falling off you if your underbust measurement is 30 inches and you're wearing a 38 band) or you're wrong about your measurements.

>> No.10376971

This is on Lacemarket, right? How long has the seller kept you waiting?
You could try contacting the moderators of whatever site you're using.

>> No.10376976
File: 412 KB, 1538x2048, 0C85ACD1-C83B-4BBF-A2E8-517C2CADD646.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here’s my measurements, I’m pretty far from it salt-chan. >>10376923

It’s freakishly big for me personally, but probably more so due to the lactation issue that I mentioned previously. I just measured myself, so I’m pretty sure it’s right. It is frustrating because I have a difficult time finding a well fitting bra, Victoria’s Secret has me at 38dd, so I don’t know.

Pic related is me unfortunately.

>> No.10376984

don't know what the exact term is, but I got a few of these and found them pretty handy. I use them every time I wear lolita, especially in the summer.

>> No.10376988
File: 59 KB, 876x661, nightmareworld.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bra sizing really doesn't work how you think it does. you can be 5 sizes simultaneously all approx the same cup volume (which is why at my heaviest i could wear victoria's secret 42DD but shopping online i bought 36G). they genuinely fit exactly the same.

>> No.10376989

what the fuck, you're 160lbs?

>> No.10376990

Thanks anon! I just found those exact ones through zenmarket, good to know they're alright!
Once stores reopen, find a specialty bra shop and get yourself properly fitted. I had the same fitting problem as you anon, and Victoria's Secret will shove you into whatever fits, even if it's wrong. 38DD is probably not even the right "sister size" for your true bra size. The bras at specialty shops are much better in terms of quality, but they will be much more expensive and not as cute as what you'll find in VS. It's worth it though, and you might find that your bust size will be a bit smaller, because your boobs won't be squished together anymore.

>> No.10376994

Yeah, I carry it all in the t&a region, which is good for my bf, but not me personally. Having a weird body shape makes finding clothes incredibly difficult.

Thanks anon, I’ll definitely try that out once this blows over. It’s worth it to me to spend a little extra on something well made that gives me decent support. My experience has been well fitting cups with a lose band or a decent band with cups too big/small. Functionality definitely trumps cuteness here, and hopefully I can get sent in a good direction for a shaping bra for when I’m in Lolita.

>> No.10376995

flat chested girl detected.

>> No.10376999

good luck. i weigh about the same as you, but my weight is super evenly distributed- i don't look as good as you, but i admittedly don't have the same fit issues. loathe as i am to suggest plebbit, you might want to look into /r/abrathatfits for some advice on minimizers and general fit. it helped me a lot to identify what was making bras so uncomfortable on me and to find a style that suited my breast shape.

>> No.10377000

Alterations are the best option if you want to wear brand. Costs about $50-$60 to have someone add to shirring

>> No.10377009

To add on to what anon is saying, if you are in the states, a commonly available store that carries a wide range of sizes is Nordstrom. The bras cost an arm and a leg, but at least you can verify your results from the abrathatfits site. Then, you can try finding the same size elsewhere cheaper. Personally, I ponied up the $ for one from Nordstrom until I slimmed down enough to fit the most borderline size at VS and got some on sale.

>> No.10377018

Also forgot to mention different bra styles will influence the fit, so make sure to try on a couple different ones in different sizes, they'll likely recommend that anyways. Like, I can't wear balconettes, they look and feel weird on me.

Also, my wardrobe is mostly skirts as main pieces, I'd suggest you'd look into skirt cuts of dresses you like. I was nervous when I started out about my chest fitting and skirts eliminated much of the issues I've would've had otherwise. I have a small waist, and while my bust size did go down after getting a proper bra, the difference still causes an awkward fit at times, even if I have room to spare in the jsk and actually use the waist ties. Certain jsk cuts are absolutely awful for that, I try to stay away from tube shapes unless they have shirring, corset lacing, and waist ties. I also find sports bras give me an automatic boob loaf, but density might impact that.
I know that not everyone likes skirt cuts though, but they deserve more consideration. I hope you find a good fit anon!

>> No.10377020

Could you go for custom sized blouse + skirt combo? It might suit a bit better. I'm the same weight but much taller so my measurements are a bit different than yours but I also used to carry a lot of my weight in my bust so I understand you. Have you tried anything from Meta?

>> No.10377022

you have a nice figure but your fit issues are still because of your weight. if you shaved off 20 lbs fit would still improve a lot. most one size jfashion is meant for 27 inch waist max, and even if your bust doesn't shrink as much it would still help

>> No.10377026

Find the clearance bras if you’re not picky. They’re still good brands, usually they’re just discontinued colors or older versions.

>> No.10377046

You're wearing the wrong size bra. You need a much smaller band size and a much larger cup size. Go to r/abrathatfits like another anon mentioned and start finding something to give you proper support. Sorry for being a bit of a cunt.

Bra sizing works exactly how I know it does. I know about "sister sizing," but you shouldn't be buying bras that aren't properly fitted around the band because that's where like 90% of the support comes from. If your band is too loose, it isn't going to give you the support you need, regardless of cup volume.

I wear a 30D, and I wish I was slightly smaller. I'm just on the cusp that I can get boobloaf in some dresses.

>> No.10377061

That bra 100% does not fit. Get fitted by a professional. Not Victoria’s Secret, find a place that does it properly.

>> No.10377065

How much do you think 160 is? I'm 160 and fit into unshirred brand, 89 cm bust 68 cm waist. I run 5 or 6 days a week and lift weights but I'm not huge and muscular, just not skinnyfat either

>> No.10377069

How tall are you?

>> No.10377070

Probably ~5'8"

>> No.10377077

I struggle with understanding unless its in a list but what is a good basis for a lolita coord? Like petticoat, good accessories, socks are all I know

>> No.10377080

Any do's/don'ts for sewing your own coord/dresses?

>> No.10377084

Is Lolita only dresses? No two pieces (like a top/skirt combo) or pants?

>> No.10377103

i -am- 160 and her height, i just don't have the same proportions as her and a lot more of my fat is in my stomach/thighs instead of my boobs. i wasn't trying to imply that 160 was super fat or something.

it's less about individual elements and more about creating the correct silhouette and having sufficient quality and detail. a coord can be pretty sparse on accessories and still be successful. as long as you're thinking of a coord as individual pieces rather than creating a balanced complete look, you're gonna have a bad time.

no pants (wtf are lolita pants), but a skirt/blouse combo is fine. skirts are just less popular. lurk the COF and ita threads. see what gets complimented and what gets shat on.

>> No.10377117

Going to the ita thread is terrible advice, unless you want them to hate lolitas

>> No.10377132

NAYRT but I learned a lot from the ita thread when I was still starting out

>> No.10377139

does anyone remember the name of that russian shop with embroidered accessories? I remember they had gloves, berets, purses and jewelry.

>> No.10377142

5'6, which is why people bitching about BMI in lolita is annoying. If you're in good shape you can find brand to fit you. A 5'10 girl with the same build as me could still fit Atelier Pierrot and a lot of newer IW

>> No.10377146

MyInspirationJewelry on Etsy, looks like they're on a break atm though.

>> No.10377155

Is there any non mediocre alternative to Meta Heels? I wanted something that I could buy new, by for less than 100usd.

>> No.10377157

There is no such thing as good options that are cheap. Put your money into investing on good pieces.

>> No.10377161

yosuke usa have a similar pair and are very well made, taobao brands like antaina and angelic imprint make some as well, but don't expect them to be high quality.

>> No.10377183

It doesn't need to be good, I just don't want it to be bad.

Thanks, anon! I'll give it a look!

>> No.10377189
File: 34 KB, 333x333, 2600729-500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

doubleposting, but, just wanted to thank you! Yousuke has this model that's exactly half the price Meta is asking for. I'll probably go with this one.

>> No.10377204

Is the e-packet option in closetchild safe atm? I decided not to go with ems at the moment (my country is fine anyways for ems) but now I think I fucked up

>> No.10377210

Are Yosuke shoes true to size or do they tend to run small/large? I'm interested in picking up a pair myself.

>> No.10377221

ePacket is treated as Airmail, so as long as your country is not on the list that Airmail is not being sent to, you're fine.

>> No.10377232

What would anons consider the range of measurements required to qualify for these tags on LaceMarket?
> Plus-size Friendly
> Tall Friendly
> Long Length
> Short Length
> Petite
I wish LaceMarket would just put it themselves honestly. It would help a lot to keep everything consistent between people's listings.

>> No.10377236

no problem, glad I could help! I have these exact ones, they're crazy comfortable and look really good. hope you like them as much as I do if you end up getting them.

>> No.10377246

This is the order I put everything on when I get dressed up in lolita:
Headpiece (usually a headband with a bow or a bow clip)

>> No.10377248

Lolita with pants is a separate style called ouji

>> No.10377260

Are mintymix and lockshop dead?

>> No.10377267

I didn't see canada anywhere on the restrictions last time I checked so hopefully that means I'm good then, at least until it falls into the void that is Canada Post. Thanks anon!

>> No.10377293

seconding mintymix. love that shop

>> No.10377303

Lock shop has been kill for like half a decade, what

>> No.10377309

Plus size: >95 cm top, >70 cm waist
Tall friendly: >5’6”
Long length, >60cm skirt
Short length: <50cm
Petite: idk why this is a listing option, standard lolita is petite

>Inb4 anorexia shorty chan wahhhh
These use standard lolita one size as the cut off. Plus size means outside of standard sizing, so there you go.

>> No.10377421

TIL being 72 fucking kg at 164 cm is not fat. Gg, just lose weight.

>> No.10377423
File: 163 KB, 1080x1080, 1566739359056.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is great, thank you so much! Saved for future reference.

>> No.10377433

Standard lolita is petite, but I usually mark it when I’ve stated in the description that the item (usually older items) has no stretch and it’s stuck in a petite state.

>> No.10377460

I appreciate petite as a listing option as someone who finds modern lolita is often too big. I'd say garment measurements of 85 bust/65 waist and under count as petite within lolita.

>> No.10377463

Yeah that is fair

Glad to help!

>> No.10377466

this, i consider stretchless one size garments petite, like old skirts with unshirred 23" waists. they're more likely to fit tiny people correctly and it signals that anyone outside of the actual sizing is outta luck. i also think that some blouses have very narrow shoulder measurements or unusually short long sleeves that might be shorter than an "average" long sleeve and i'd classify them as petite too.

>> No.10377467

Petite, when it comes to clothing, refers to clothing made for women under 5'3", not anything else.

>> No.10377482


Yeah, even "plus sized petite" exists. Sure shorter people are more likely to be smaller overall if they're height weight proportionate but for fashion purposes petite is more height based than weight based.

>> No.10377487

I would change plus size to 74 cm + waist. Most unshirred dresses have 72 cm waist

>> No.10377529

She posted a pic and her stomach is flat. You don't know how women's bodies work.

>> No.10377539


Your stomach seeming mostly flat with clothes on in a photo is very different than being not overweight.

She has a curvy figure but is definitely a bit chubby and you CAN lose boobs and butt and other fat or inches in those areas by slowly eating better/less calories and exercising more.

They should obviously be careful since they mentioned having an ED in the past but their easiest option is to just lose a little weight and they'll be able to reduce boobloaf. That's better advice than them buying replicas which they mentioned doing.

>> No.10377565

Or people could just suggest alternatives as they have (Taobao, altering)

She didn't ask for opinions on her weight or for weight loss tips

>> No.10377569

>I find it nearly impossible to fit into brand around the chest area
this is because she is fat. her chest won't shrink as much as other places will but it'll go down with weight loss

>> No.10377575

She's not fat ana-chan. She just has big breasts. And no, significant breast shrinkage is absolutely not guaranteed when losing weight. Altering is the best and easiest option here.

>> No.10377579

The meta ones have a different silhouette, it's similar to the pleaser ones but less costumey. The ones you posted aren't bad, just totally different toe box shape

>> No.10377584

>People can only carry fat in their stomach area
I'm 165cm and even at 60kg I was fucking fat. I had a flat stomach, but my arms, thights and calves were twice as big as they are now. Fat is still fat. If she carries it, as she said, in the chest area, its size should decrese with weight loss.

>> No.10377587

Breasts are not made entirely of fat, retard. You could be underweight, bony everywhere else and still have large breasts. Learn how bodies work.

>> No.10377591

>30 inch waist isn't fat
is the fat getting to your brain?

>> No.10377592

But she isn't underweight, she said herself that she carries fat there. She could weight 35 kg less and still be healthy. Where do you think that fat went? I know that breast aren't all fat, but they also aren't all glands either.

>> No.10377615
File: 40 KB, 306x699, 5180124-6292439.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic is a 31 inch waist. Such a fatass, amirite?

Holy shit, the amount of women here who don't know how bodies work is embarrassing.

>> No.10377621

that woman is 5"7, not 5"4. keep coping, fatty

>> No.10377629

Compare the photos again. Noticed something? Like maybe the fact they have completely diiferent figures? This person is a rectangle, she would have to be anorexic for her waist be accentuated, anon in question on the other hand looks like an hourglass, her waist is supposed to be small.

>> No.10377632

additional stupid japonica question
What do I do with their "part 2" email update? Is it just a confirmation that they successfully bought it? Do I have to do/say anything to them at that point?

>> No.10377662

Anon who posted doesn't have an hourglass figure. She has average sized hips. They just look wider because she's sitting.

>> No.10377666

Yeah, it should just be an e-mail telling you what your current order looks like. You don't need to reply to it unless they specifically ask you to.

>> No.10377669

Thank you anon!

>> No.10377716

where tf do I find secondhand fancy surprise clothes? I always seem to miss their stock updates since I work 12 hour days. But I can't seem to find absolutely any secondhand clothes on the eastern or western market like Fril, mercari, etc. Am I just not looking in the right places or is it really rare to find secondhand fancy surprise?

>> No.10377780
File: 72 KB, 500x375, tumblr_mdvbanog711qe6yv8o1_500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who do you guys use for a Japan-based shopping service?
I just used Buyee, but I would like to keep my options open because they won't bid on items if seller has a bad ratio.
For some reason, CC is one of them.
I know you can buy from them directly. That was just an example.
Thanks in advance.

>> No.10377788

jpshopping.jp is great

>> No.10377894

Yeah but they at least updated their ig. Now not even that. Same thing for mintymix

>> No.10378142

I sold something on LM a little while ago and the buyer and I agreed on a payment plan. Unfortunately my country has decided to raise shipping prices due to covid and I was wondering if it's rude to ask the buyer to pay the difference? I normally eat up the difference if I make a mistake when charging a buyer too little but in this case it's not really my fault. What would you do in this situation?

>> No.10378280

What are you talking about? She posted a spandex tier shirt in the dark and you assume that her stomach is flat? Unless you're over a 100 kg most female bodies look ok with clothes. She is still fat however.

>> No.10378282

TIL breasts are made up of milk.

Anachans are annoying but coping fatasses are worse. Not a single skinny person in the world has big boobs. Just boobs "big for a skinny girl".

>> No.10378455

not taking a stance on these anons because i don't give a shit, but aside from fat, breasts do actually contain specialized glandular tissue (for milk production) and some women have quite a lot of it leading to naturally large breasts even when skinny

>> No.10378507

And not to mention that everyone's fat distribution is not the same. I gain weight in my chest, stomach, and ass, but almost never in my arms or legs.

>> No.10378513

it's not rude, it is what you are owed.

>> No.10378602

but it's not really the buyers fault either? Maybe contact the buyer and offer to split the difference? I dunno.

>oversize modified sweat glands
just doesn't sound as nice as breasts, I guess.

>> No.10378615

I wouldn't ask her for more money. You both agreed on a price. It sucks that the cost went up, but the price has already been decided.

>> No.10378687

Is secret shop still around?

>> No.10378972

where to find blouses for my fatty arms? I know cutsews are a good option and I have a few but finding ones that have a blouse-like collar is pretty limited. Would it be retarded to wear a cardigan underneath a jsk? if anyone knows good sweet style blouse options for fat arms help a gal out

>> No.10379071

Thank you for your thoughts on this. I agree with all of you, it's what she owes but it's also not her fault. So I decided to do the right thing and pay for the extra shipping myself. She's also been really friendly and paid when she promised so I feel ok about it.

>> No.10379182

Just get ones that have elastic instead of a fixed sleeve opening?

>> No.10379359

Anyone got the taobao link to these cutsews? I find it hard to believe they're "brand quality" and also want to know if the listing has the measurements since they only mentioned they're 50cm flat measured and "stretchy"


I am also sure they cost far less than $70 each even with the cost of SS.

>> No.10379408

The good news is that this is a once in a lifetime sort of thing with this kind of pandemic, so while you might be out a little money here, it's not like this would likely happen again during sales.

>> No.10379561

I like them.

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