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/end dump

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this pic always weirds me out and I cant figure out why

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her face reminds me of Nikita dragun without makeup kek

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Because that's a dude with boots fetish who photoshops himself uncanny.

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What's this dress called? It's so cute

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Does anyone have experience with jane marple, milk, or BPN shoes?
>size, comfort, are they normally all made with leather?

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I have this pair of Milk shoes (size S - only worn once, admittedly, and no idea whether they're real leather or not) and they fit my 22.5cm feet well but the backs scratched my heels to shit. They're otherwise comfortable, though, so I guess some heel patches should do the trick.

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I have a pair of milk flatforms and they’re super comfy and one of my favorite pairs. I think they’re real leather.

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does anybody know the name of these boots? (+pic related)

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They look like Koji Kuga boots to me, though I may be wrong.

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Front Lacing Cotton Lace OP by Meta

>>10370398 is right, the first snap lists them as コージクガ

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I have an old chunky pair of BPN boots. I can’t speak for all bpn shoes but mine are real leather and super comfy, I can wear them all day without any issues

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Don't yall get tired of seeing the same Elizabeth op coord over and over again?

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The dress itself is such a status piece that lolitas don't even dare touse it in a different coord. But it does always look great, so I'm not really complaining.

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Anons will argue that simple is best for this dress and I get what they mean, but I will admit that I'd like to see more creative coords for the Elizabeth OP. There was a coord a while back where a girl paired an ivory shawl and a pill box hat with it and it was refreshing, but the most groundbreaking I've ever seen it get, unfortunately.

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From Gothic & Lolita Bible.

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If they look like a Gangnam unnie then yeah

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Weird question. Do you guys have a favourite sales page from GLB? I'm not sure if there's a better name for it. If so, please share!
I love this page but I hate chocochip cookie. I love that long sleeved OP.

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This is the model with the super crooked teeth, right? She's my favourite.

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I think that's Sachi from Kokusyoku Sumire.

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if you're going to shoop your face so heavily, wouldn't you shoop out the double chin?

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why do you hate chocochip cookie, anon?

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Good question, I like them (though question some of their fabric choices on garments on their site) and want to know

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Does anyone have some fishnets inspo? I want to start including them in my coords.

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I also want to know this

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it's really not that hard to coord fishnets, anon

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Well, the way I usually see it done is black utks/otks with black fishnets or white with white. So that is definitely how I'll start to be safe.

But I am curious what more experienced people have been able to pull off - without socks, with ankle socks, with patterned socks, over tights, over a second contrasting-color of fishnets? etc.

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I don't wear socks with my fishnets because I usually wear nets when it's hot. I think ankle socks are way too immature looking to layer well with nets, otks are way better to layer on top. Second layer of nets tends to be really busy and reads as Avril Lavigne vibes.

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i think ankle socks would be super cute. i think in theory large hole fishnets would look good layered, but you probably can't do that cause they'd be twisted up. honestly i think they look best with tights if you're going to use them at all.

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thank you. another question i have about fishnets, is are there any guidelines to wearing them with sweeter styling? i don't want to give off the wrong impression.

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Try wearing it an see for yourself. I guess if you paired them with otk or utk it would look alright, just make sure it doesn't look unbalanced.

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Fuck, don't mind me, I read sweater for some reason. In that case try to find white fishnets, or just try to color coordinate it as you'd normally do.

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i think white fishnets are a bit hime gyaru-y.

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just avoid black ones. i also think that the smaller fishnets with things like floral patterns in them could look nice.

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nayrt, but to me a lot of chocochip cookie looks kind of like handmade. it's charming in its own way, but I probably wouldn't wear it

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thank you, I'm excited to try it

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This is former Moitie designer Alice, she's wearing the most recent coat from her current brand Fairy Wish

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it is Sachi, but yes she's wearing fairy wish

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That is clearly Sashi. Alice Kobayashi looks very different. Pic related.

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bet you feel stupid now huh

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This is why a lot of cgl's information is bad, because people are so sure about being wrong. Since they're anonymous there is no way to shame them.

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>one anon says something stupid
>3 other anons immediately correct them
>hurr durr this is why a whole board is wrong
Just go back, I'm sick and tired of you hatelurking crybabies.

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They all look alike anyway, easy mistake.

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Too bad we can't shame you for being wrong either, retard.

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Here's another photo of Sachi, it's definitely her.

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She's so pretty in a way most japanese lolitas aren't. Maybe because she's older?

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I think Sachi is a lot prettier, Alice's eyes look droopy like that stupid old agyo sal makeup or just from age

>> No.10384083

why does it have to be one or the other? they're both pretty

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This is Coco of Die Milch

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You’re an idiot. Alice looks nothing like Coco, whom you posted

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Gulls you made me a good laugh from this argument

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That’s what we get when a bunch of fame hungry newfags try to hop on the old school trend train.

>> No.10384424

>fame hungry
Anon are you lost? This is an anonymous forum

>> No.10384452

nah, clearly alice or coco or sachi is going to ask the mods for anon's IP and fly them right out to japan!

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Old school's not the hot e-fame trend anymore, anon. We've moved back on to ott sweet. Keep up.

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not yet, old school is still the most popular bandwagon

>> No.10384523

>We've moved back on to ott sweet
whenever I see this, I just think it's an old schooler trying to make this a thing to dissuade newfags from hopping on the bandwagon and ultimately make it easier to buy old school again

>> No.10384577

I'm waiting for this to happen so I can get my old school stuff for cheap again.
They can keep the OTT pastel vomit, it all looks similar anyways

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Where can i find white shoes for an oldschool sweet coord that wont look like shit?

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secondhand, bodyline, taobao

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Do u have examples of old school with modern lace?

>> No.10392813

It wouldn't be old school then, just an imitation. Unless that's what you're asking for?

>> No.10392826

What do you mean by modern? Oldschool used a lot og different laces, which type is modern?

>> No.10392859


Nayrt but they probably mean tulle lace since a lot of newer lolita stuff from major sweet brands (nost newbies' entry point into lolita) uses it.

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