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I really love seeing well done handmade lolita
Please keep the thread decent and don’t fight or insult people
Take that to the ita thread not this

Mainly wanna just see amazing stuff people have made
If you made it yourself and want advice ask for it!

Also if you didn’t make it maybe tell who did? I love following hand makers so

Show off handmade wonders!

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Wow this picture i sone of the best uses of contrasting fabrics in a handmade piece I've seen!

I usually dislike handmade that has multiple patterns or contrast ruffles and panels but this is pulled together so well!

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I know! The construction looks super clean
Lemme see if I can find the girls insta again...

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I like how this looks like a B grade AP print with a cult following

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Yeah lol my first thought was how it looks almost western and reminds me of the toy story collab but cuter by using bears instead of cow print.

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Does she have pics of it worn? The bodice looks oddly tube-like and too low in front but that may just be the flatlay.

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The shoes make me wonder if it's a kids' outfit; for some reason they seem really small/the design seems like it could be children's shoes.

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>Dumping shit from lolita sewing collective

Lolita level: advanced
Sewing level: advanced

I have so much time for sewing at the moment that I made three dresses the last two weeks. Today I finished a project, I always wanted to do: a shiro dress. I chose a clean design to meet the aesthetics of an old school inspired coord.
I'm open for concrit as I always try to learn.

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Lolita level: Newbie
Sewing Level: intermediate
Thought I'd share my most recent sewing project! I've lost my job because of where the world's at rn, but I'm getting really into sewing!

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Sewing: Veteranish
Lolita: intermediate

Like a lot of people I used my time at home to clean out and craft.
I made this blouse from the fabric of an old men's shirt that I outgrew and leftover black chiffon.

It was my first time using an Otome No sewing pattern (ons 1 + alterations) and while I still can think of things I could improve and obviously had to compromise to make the limited fabric work I'm pretty happy about this blouse and that I sucsessfully turned something I would have thrown out into something I can wear again.

What do you think about the buttons? I used the old shirt buttons again but I'm starting to be unsure if I should maybe replace them with something prettier ?

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Lolita and sewing level: intermediate

Hello! I made this jsk using simplicity's 8444 pattern and I'd love some feedback

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Sewing and lolita level: veteran

Here is the last thing I made. Is an updated version of my last blouse.

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Sewing/ Lolita Level: Advanced
This was a project I've been waiting to do for a long time. This was my first ever lolita dress, I made it back in late 2015. I have to say, it wasn't too bad in my opinion, but it never fit me right and I never really liked it. So last week I finally got to altering it (only took like four years lol)
My alterations:
fitting the bodice (wasn't as much too big as back then )
removing the low quality lace and replacing it with nicer lace plus a ruffle at the hem
cutting the neckline deeper and inserting a ruffled panel
adding pockets(!!!)
I'm really happy with how it turned out and that I can use this pattern now. I've wanted a bodice like this for a long time. The finishing at the neckline is a type of ruffle I've wanted to use for a long time as well.

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Lolita: beginner /intermediate
Sewing: intermediate

So I just made my first jsk. I bought the fabric yesterday before my hobby lobby closed for quarantine. But I'm attempting to emulate angelic pretty style of dresses.
Concrit is welcome

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Sewing Level: Veteran
Lolita Level: Intermediate/Veteran

I wanted to share my latest creation. I call it the Rose King. I made it for the CafeV OTT tea, The Royal Midnight Court. Located in the San Fransisco Bay Area.

Every item was made by me, and nearly every material was purchased in the bay, asides from the crystals which I sourced online. (I went to 8 fabric stores to get all of what I needed... ha ha). It was really a labor of love and a form of art for me.

Jacket: made of cotton velvet, lined with silk dupioni. Trimmed with lace, satin ribbon, gold cording, and French jacquard ribbons. Rose embroidery done one by one on my embroidery machine. Quilting done by me. All crystals sarvoski, individually placed. 

Vest and Pants: Made of vintage brocade, lined with Bemburg and silk dupioni. Trimmed with French jacquard ribbon, Gold rose buttons, rose gold plated chain, and lace.

Blouse- Made of silk clip dot chiffon. Trimmed with self and satin ribbon.

Hat- Buckram base stiffened with hat wire, decorated with Vintage French Jacquard ribbon, backed with horsehair and stain. Paper roses (small ones), silk rose (top), felt rose (side), sarvoski crystals, fur trim, dyed peacock feathers, gold ribbons, velvet hat poof, stuffed with feathers.

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Most of the projects here need their seams pressed.

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Sewing and lolita level: veteran

I bought this striped cotton velvet from spesian sale called 5€ weeks and made skirt and jsk out of it hats and striped blouse is also handmade. i make my own patterns, more pics at comments. And my insta is @shadowmodel87

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>this was a controversial one but I think it's cute so fight me
Lolita level: intermediate
Sewing level: intermediate

Wore my finished be-lated valentines outfit to Mariposa restaurant at Alamoana yesterday. Everything is handmade by me expect the shoes, petticoat, jewelry and blouse. Blouse is half handmade I just added heart shaped lace and a bow.

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Sewing/ Lolita Level: Advanced

I recently finished this dress and got the chance to wear it to a meetup yesterday. This dress honestly fills me with so much joy, because I am very proud of it.
The dress is fully lined and has a tulle ruffle attached to the skirt lining. It has shirring in the back and a side zip. Of course the other side seam has a pocket! I'll add some detail photos to the comments :)

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Lolita & sewin level: veteran

I made jsk from super cheap cotton sateen I found last year, i still have few meters of it laces are from taobao, hat is also handmade. I make my own patterns.

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Lolita level: Intermediate

Sewing level: intermediate

Finally finished my chocolate jsk. Still have to create a blouse for underneath it. Plan to wear it out for tea time.

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Lolita Level: Good enough

Sewing Level: Veteran

First time posting here! I learned to sew because of lolita fashion and I've been doing it for 8 years now! It took time but I feel mostly proud of my work nowadays.

The JSKs in the bottom were commissions and the black and red one was commissioned for a wedding. (btw I sew them together with my friend <name>)

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what is controversial about this?

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ONS 6 modified

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it got posted to the ita thread

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Lolita level: Intermediate
Sewing level: Intermediate

Hi all! I decided to re-post as I've placed the dress on the mannequin! I felt like a clearer photo with proper lighting would be better as compared to the previous post which didn't have good lighting (so details aren't too clear). So I'd just like to share some photos of my latest sewing project

p.s. The inner blouse's sleeves look so sad because my mannequin has no arms ;u;

If you're keen on my sewing/ crafting WIP or completed progress, you can check out my IG profile too. It's @aki_kaiyun (˙︶˙)

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Sewing level: Veteran

Lolita level: Veteran

The oldschool blouse is done! and it goes perfectly with the skirt and headdress I made.

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sewing medium
lolita beginner

New shiro JSK “summer snow”!

I made a video to go with my last one where I show how to assemble the JSK from the pattern that you drafted > https://youtu.be/bZFBydbaya4

Now to go post to CoF... (nervous emoji)

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Sewing: Intermediate
Lolita: Novice
Finished up a new dress a week ago and wanted to share it with my fellow creators and say what I did
When I decided to make a lolita dress I looked at all my patterns (a great many), at all the shapes of the skirts and bodices, and what shape sleeves I had available and picked parts of the dresses to put together. Admittedly I ended up using easy options lol. This could be a good way to use your patterns to put together a dress (you dont have to use lolita specific patterns).
The bodice of this dress is from simplicity pattern 8252, a 1950s vintage pattern. I wanted the sweetheart neckline. The skirt is a gathered rectangle (3.5m).
I'm wearing a petticoat underneath which is Butterick b6530, Gerties petticoat pattern.
I also added some work in progress photos
Approximate money spent (NZD):
$42 ($12m) for 3.5metres clearance fabric.
$39 ($13 each) for 3 spools of lace.
$10 Sewing thread.
$6 Zip.
Bias binding kindly supplied by my sister. Around the inside of the hem instead of an overclocking stitch.
Approximately 4 full days sewing time.

While I love this dress, concrit on the dress is welcome advice to improve for next time is always good. I know the rest of the coording needs some work (need to make some accessories and blouses)

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>this chocolate fabric is very popular and comes in pink, mint, and brown. I can't remember whether it's from taobao or spoonflower
Sewing level; veteran
Lolita level; Veteran

It's so difficult to say no to the Chocolate
Lovely chocolate fabric
We made Berets (with one little bow as deco) + single pocket skirt + straps for bow + removable shoulder straps and a heart shaped stomacher (which gives an apron look.)

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>brown colorway

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Sewing level :intermediate
Lolita level: intermediate

I forgot to post this one is a dress I made for Christmas Dinner I made an Alice bow and 2 clips to go with it.
Constrictive criticism welcome

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Lolita & sewing level: intermediate
Finally got a chance to wear a lemon jsk dress I made at kumoricon, which should be a summer dress, now became fall almost winter

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Sewing and lolita: veteran

Made this strawberry op with back shiring.

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I mean, the outfit is ita, but the dress is cute

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Lolita Level: Veteran
Sewing Level: Veteran

I made this pink net blouse to go with my Angelic Pretty day dream carnival jsk. Its jard to tell since the dress form doesnt have arms but the sleeves are huge bishop sleeves, and I sewed rows of pearls between the gathers at the cuff.

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>I forgot to get the caption for this one, sorry

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Goog evening. ))

Here some photos of my outfit for hand-made defile from Gothic and Lolita Festival in Moscow. :3

This is rather simple in sewing dress, but I think it looks interesting due to lace, riffles and skirt with 2 layers.

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Sewing: veteran
Lolita: beginner...ish
Finished a jsk project I’ve been working on and wanted to share. I’m super happy with it and I learned a lot. Can’t wait to start the next one! Blouse is by Tiny Garden, everything else is handmade.
Fabric is linen and cotton.

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lolita: beginner

sewing: veteran(?)

Hello! I made my first jsk back in May and just wanted to share <3 the waist bow is detachable and can be used as a hair accessory
ig is @fishlace <3

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Hi all! :-) I wanted to share with you a rococo-styled dress made for a fashion show (Animefest 2019, if anybody wants to have a look on Youtube). Features silk ribbon embroidery embellished with rose quartz beads and lots of lace and bowsHope you like it
(X-posted from Pintucks and Lace)

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>end dump because there are too many itas and the group is glitching out on me. peace

Finished my lilac floral print dress for fall! Can’t wait to wear it and take more pics! Check out my blog for more info on the Otome no Sewing pattern books, and also my love stream tutorials and sewing hangout stuff. #eglcommunity #egl #lolitafashion #otomenosewing #handmade

>> No.10370307

maybe the normie shirt? rest of it's fine though

>> No.10370309

god damn this makes me want to learn how to handmake lolita but i have absolutely no idea where to start

>> No.10370328

Bows and rectangle skirts!

>> No.10370351

This is good but she really needed to have some trim and lace on the bottom hem. It just looks unfinished, especially with those bows hanging off.

>> No.10370364

This would be so much cuter if not for the tragic lace

>> No.10370414

This was actually what everyone who gave concrit said too

>> No.10370473

Don't be you mean circle skirts anon :^)

>> No.10370479

is there any particular reference that a lot of people like to use as a guide or pattern for starting out?

>> No.10370498

Okay I'm the original girl who asked the pleats question and then promptly didn't visit cgl for two days and I'm so sorry for inadvertently starting that shit storm
Anyways I got my pleats right lol

>> No.10370522

It's not your fault. I hate when know-it-alls cause stupid bullshit like that, especially when they start claiming to be ~professionals~ and demanding everyone else prove themselves to defend their position. (You didn't cave and try to make a circle skirt, right?)

>> No.10370621

I know it's dated af, and she's more into hime gyaru, but it really helped me when I started out. Definitely use 3-3.5 metres of fabric for the skirt and at least double that for the ruffle though, otherwise you probably won't be able to fit a petti underneath. Or I just like mad poof.
Hope this helps anon

>> No.10370630

This reminds me so much of ccs I’m in love

>> No.10370631

Wait, what’s controversial about this. It’s better than half the things in this thread?

>> No.10370660

PLEASE don't share her. i'm begging you. i just want her ita ass (she's ita at hime gal too) to fade into obscurity.

>> No.10370662

A lot of the aging western lolitas, who are still ironically dedicated to an Asian fashion, are racist as fuck and don't like seeing brown girls wearing it. Especially fat ones. [/spoilersdontworkincgl]

>> No.10370665

she's asian

>> No.10370666

She's also dark skinned, and that throws the racist grandmas of lolita into a tizzy

>> No.10370668

i'd like to see sauce, satan.

>> No.10370669

The bodice doesn't fit her. Did she make it for her mannequin?

>> No.10370670

Not them but you can go to the ita thread right now and somewhere the discussion became about lying about Japanese names and having true Japanese heritage rather than other Asian heritages. There are people who enjoy ultra nitpicking whether or not you are from the holy land of nippon or not

>> No.10370676

that has fuck all to do with the girl in the pic. in fact people were talking about how it's sad these girls feel the need to lie about their heritage, when they have their own heritage. you sound like you're new to the internet if you don't know that weebs, especially asian weebs, use fake japanese names and pretending to be japanese to trick people. there were atleast 3 people who did that in my old comm alone. sorry hana sakura momo-chan, it's not cute.

>> No.10370680

>racism exists

>> No.10370682


>> No.10370683

This. >>10370670 You sound like a butthurt weeb.
She's asking about that specific person faggot. If you think most of us are white on this board then you should probably leave.

>> No.10370690

You seem new here.

>> No.10370692

are you the same newfag who is trying to derail with racism in the other lolita threads? i'm asking for the dish on the girl in OP, not for your hot take on race issues.

>> No.10370696

That was the "dish". Nothing exists in a vacuum. Sometimes you get some "dish" on race issues.

>> No.10370698

Please go back to tumblr and kys at the earliest possible convenience.

>> No.10370699

thanks for saying it before i had to.

>> No.10370703

hard kek. you need to step away from the keyboard and get some corona-stretches in. you seem a little tense.

>> No.10370761

I know, I'll refrain from sharing her again, I just found it sort of useful at the time ;; I'll try to scan some of my ons stuff when the lockdown ends and I can go to my parent's place lol

>> No.10370764

lol sorry anon. i just got worked up from constantly seeing her all over my pinterest recently.

>> No.10370781

That's a pretty bizarre example to bring up. People are mentioning it because she's lying about being Japanese, not because they think SEA are inherently inferior.

>> No.10370817

no, lol. It's just a rectangle skirt haha
when I first saw that comment I was like "lol no bitch"

>> No.10370826

This is so pretty, I want it!

>> No.10370827 [DELETED] 


The whole reason many SEA (and other Asians) even lie about being Japanese has less to to with what others think of them and more to do with the fact that they are weebs who either don't like their culture/just really like Japan and feel like they want to be the more interesting version of themselves by lying about it and appeal to other weebs.

>> No.10370836

it's a bit of both. self-hating and wanting to brag.

>> No.10370855

no worries, I get it - most of her stuff irks me something shocking

>> No.10370872

Between her and Yumi King - why is it always the biggest itas whose work is hyped up and shared everywhere? Are there no basic tutorials made by people with skill and taste or are those things somehow unpalatable to newbies? I don’t get it.

>> No.10371183

idk, i like the lace itself but i do agree it doesn't fit here. i think it would be better for headdresses

>> No.10371198

i think noobs like the crap itas produce because they tend to have ita tendencies. plus both of these people use tons of glue and do a bunch of sewing hacks.

>> No.10371288

Many thanks to anon who did the dumping, thought the thread was a troll but it's more interesting now with the extra content. I'm not on facebook often so I haven't seen most of these.

>> No.10371574

Why did you think it was a troll

>> No.10371575

nta but this thread started around the time "circle skirt seamstress-chan" was having a meltdown, and the OP pic is a child's outfit, so it makes sense.

>> No.10371734

The op isn’t a child’s outfit it’s literally an adults dress and I follow her on ig

I have no idea about that situation I just genuinely like handmade stuff

Not everyone is a shady bitch

>> No.10371739 [DELETED] 

this is my first post on this board i was wondering if i can eat my own cum if i go to a con wearing a dress will they throw me out or am i just gonna have a lot of people staring at me
im 6'4 280 lbs from vanouver canada i love big hard cocks hard as rocks fucking and fucking and fucking those black boys yo riding around butt cruising around for farm boy butt holes yeah badeck boy riding around with you motorcycle gonna fuck your butt hole deep boy

>> No.10371741


>> No.10371742


OP pic is being mistaken for child's dress because the bodice is so tubular. See: people talking shit about Yumi King's construction because it is similarly a tube bodice. Yumi King's might actually be better, at least she put in shirring for the waist. I'd just assume the girl who makes these either has AAA cup concave boobs, or she never wears her own stuff, only puts them on the floor.

Not only that, the sides of the jsk should be lower than the front, to allow the blouse sleeves to sit right. You can even see how it's wrinkled in the flatlay and the blouse sleeves are in permanent T-pose because to have the sleeves face downwards would cause wrinkles everywhere from too much fabric.

So. yeah. Not a great example of "well done handmade". I thought someone posted some newbie's work so that we could rag on it. It's not complete shit but the pattern they're using definitely needs to be redone.

imo it's a terrible design of contrasting fabric as well, but if people want to say it's cheap homemade alternative to AP then whatever, I guess.

>> No.10371744

anon i think it is for kids. look at the shoes.

>> No.10371748


Ah, so we're back to troll thread. All right.

>> No.10371750

lol no, you're just a fucking moron.

>> No.10371753

>troll thread
That's not what you think it means. Also, anon's point is that the shoes are fucking tiny. Everything else you said makes you sound stupid as fuck too because you clearly never watched yumi kings stuff since she used glue in most of her old videos.

>> No.10371755

This community is full of retards genuinely

>> No.10371757

The point is that I wanted to SEE GOOD HANDMADE STUFF
as it says in the first post

Learn to read Jesus Christ
It’s not like I said the original picture is the holy grail of handmade lolita i just picked a random pic
Y’all are genuinely so nit picky and obnoxious

>> No.10371761

don't even bother them they're fucking retarded and annoying.

>> No.10371770

Yeah agreed
Can they just fuck off

>> No.10371777

that's planet earth for you

>> No.10371795

What’s her IG? Or if you‘d rather not say, does she have a worn picture?

>> No.10371863


All I did was point out why you looked like a shady bitch, jeez.

>> No.10371867


Hot glue is the construction method, anon. The tube shape is the pattern drafting.

>> No.10372065

Does anyone have experience ordering from Nippori Tomato? I'm assuming I can use my Tenso address.

>> No.10372087

this is actually really cute, good job anon, maybe make some cute wrist accessories to go with the dress!

>> No.10372092

a lot of these posts are pretty inspiring, I was convinced the handmade scene would be a lot more ita but this was a pleasant surprise lmao
do sewing skills in general build and transfer into different styles/items/etc? can I just start making anything and eventually my construction would be good enough to pull off a whole dress?

>> No.10372118

>do sewing skills in general build and transfer into different styles/items/etc?
Yes, pretty much, though you have to start with simple things and then build on those skills by making increasigly complex things. IMO for lolita in order to make really nice things you need to also have a good understanding of the style, which is how I've seen seamstresses with otherwise impeccable construction make some ita monstrosities - they just end up choosing bad fabrics or combine bad design elements.

But starting with simple garments and going from there will allow you to make really nice things eventually, yes. For example, you can start with a pillow case. Now you know how to make straight seams. If you sew a ruffle into that pillow case, now you know how to make a ruffle for when you want to make one for the bottom of a skirt. Making a normie sundress from a commercial pattern means you get to practice how to make a skirt, bodice, insert a zipper, etc. Once you've found a simple bodice that fits well, and would work for lolita, you can draft your own skirt with the appropriate fullness and you have a super simple lolita dress.

I took sewing classes in high school and our progressing was pincushion > pillowcase (with embroidery) > pyjama pants for the big sewing sewing projects. For people who took the follow up class, we first made aprons, then a plushie, then the teacher had us pick up a pattern of choice. I ended up making a simple tunic blouse, one girl did a dress, etc. I'd recommend a similar progression of difficulty to beginners. If you want to focus on lolita, make bloomers instead of pyjamas, and then make a simple rectangle skirt with an elastic waist, it doesn't get any easier than that for lolita items.

>> No.10372123

Dump anon here
>I was convinced the handmade scene would be a lot more ita but this was a pleasant surprise lmao
It is ita, I only posted the good stuff and for every one “good” thing I dumped, I scrolled past 2-3 ita shit projects

>> No.10372124

Yeah the point of the thread was to show the few good things

>> No.10372125


Depends. OP’s pic and Yumi King were both tripped up because neither of them can pattern draft for shit, which is a seperate skillset from just sewing.

In general you want a few different skill sets:

(a) be decent with a sewing machine

(b) Be good with construction, which is where you’re coming from. You can do youtube, but I’d also recommend getting Readers Digest sewing guide. For sewing blogs, you want the type that will devote a whole post to pressing seams or bust darts. If you were only ever sewing totebags it’s likely you never really thought about how to avoid them looking like pointy nipples, so when you switch over to making dresses it’s good to have someone explain things like that in detail.

There’s generally a lot more to sewing than “connect these two fabric pieces together”, but if all you want is to "sew a whole dress”, you can pretty much just pick up a “two hour” or “easy” commercial pattern and get started on it right away.

(c) Pattern drafting, which is learning how to draw patterns so that they actually fit a human. You can skip this only if you will only ever sew with commercial patterns.

If you want to learn it, find a book (your bookstore or local library), or google “how to draft a basic bodice”.

(d) Taste will be hard. You can learn design principles but there's no substitute for having a finger on what other people like and dislike. Try to avoid the ita echo chamber, where you fall in with other people who also have bad taste, and then together you encourage each other to be itas.

So if you want to make a dress without commercial help, you're gonna spend a while learning different skills, if you just want to sew a dress, buy a pattern.

Or, for lolita, you can simply get good with (a) and (b), then use Otome no Sewing and skip (c) and (d). By the time you're good with (b) the instructions in OnS will be easy to follow and you can copy the colour schemes as well.

>> No.10372137 [DELETED] 

I wear children's size shoes... It's very possible they're a size 5-6 as well.

>> No.10372172

Headdress looks awful but the blouse is nice. Dress is okay but ribbon front looks so chintzy when the fit and overall quality aren't there

>> No.10372173

I agree with all of this, but would like to add that if you want to use ONS patterns and aren’t shaped like an average Japanese girl it’s really useful to be able to alter patterns for your body type. Many of the handmade lolitas I know rely entirely on shirring to make things “fit” and they end up with boob loaf, too tight shoulders and everything being too short.

Altering bodice patterns certainly isn’t something I’d recommend to a beginner but I personally think that anyone serious about sewing their own clothes should at some point spend a weekend making a perfectly fitting bodice sloper, even if just to see what a pattern for their body should look like. You can then use that sloper to easily adapt commercial patterns for your shape.

>> No.10372175



Dress looks good but the headbow needs to be adjusted or remade to not helicopter

>> No.10372177

Wtf is with these itas, is this an ad for a company that isn't familiar with lolita? Reminds me of Simplicity pattern itas

>> No.10372197

Idk about who made those skirts but the fabric is a commercially available one that’s even used in the latest(?) ONS. Honestly I think it’s hideous, but eh.

>> No.10372203

thanks for all the insight, I'll keep this stuff in mind and try taking up a bunch simple projects and building up my skills while just looking at lots of blogs then. I probably won't be trying to go full handmade for a while but at least bloomers can still be useful even if they aren't the best looking, and ons seems really fun to try a little down the line, cheers anons!
I haven't been around for a little while and totally forgot how bad things really are, I'm retarded for not actually paying attention to the thread haha

>> No.10372204

These big foot as bitches are just mad they look like monsters

>> No.10372224 [DELETED] 


I have small feet (still fit some shoes I've had since 5th grade and I'm around a 6.5) and even thought they may be kids' shoes because of the design but it's hard to tell from just one image.

>> No.10372326

this looks like MAM. really cute.

>> No.10372327

I would buy this in a thousand colorways, that’s a gorgeous blouse

>> No.10372593

What online shops do y'all use? Also, what type of fabric would you guys suggest to use for dress?

>> No.10372594

It depends on what kind of dress you want to make. Do you have a pattern? Commercial patterns (including ONS) usually list fabric recommendations.

>> No.10372597


They have a shop on rakuten, which definitely ships to Tenso (and Rakuten has its own forwarding service, although the number of countries is limited, iirc).



I usually do taobao.

https://popohouse.taobao.com/ for cheap fabric
https://shop113229535.taobao.com/ for cute fabric
https://xiangjiabufang.taobao.com/ carries a bunch of cotton for baby clothes, good for comfy bloomers, and they also carry a bunch of cotton jacquards that would make interesting texture for blouses.

https://shop103880190.taobao.com/ if you already have a taobao order going it may be cheaper to add some imported Japanese fabric to your taobao order rather than doing a seperate Japanese fabric order and a taobao order.

If you're just barely starting out, what I'd recommend is hitting up thrift stores for cheap ugly bedsheets, just so you can make a mockup to practice with. Then buy some nice, decent fabric to make the real thing. The easiest to start with is cotton, but be careful of the quality, ideally you want something that doesn't look too cheap or like the thread count is too low.

Dresses can be made from any kind of fabric you fancy, but I'd leave the chiffon, lace and velvet fabric aside until you have a bit more experience under your belt.

>> No.10372833

agreed, it seems really versatile too.

>> No.10372845
File: 1.04 MB, 640x800, 1584766315560.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So far I'm learning to draft my own patterns! (Insane I know)

I haven't thought to try taobao! I already do the bed sheet method but unfortunately all the thrift stores closed due to the virus :(

Thanks for the links and help guys.

>> No.10373118

Tomato anon here, their Rakuten page seems to have no listings.

>> No.10373239


shit, sorry. Just bought something from them earlier this year, didn't realise something had happened to their Rakuten.

>> No.10373608

Upon further inspection, it appears they're shutting down operations during the pandemic

>> No.10374634

Any good resources for free patterns?

>> No.10374822

Are pintucks difficult for veterans to keep even or is this person considering their time they have been sewing and not their level of skill?
Sorry if I sound mean I just want to do a dress with pintucks on it and I don’t want it to be wonky or uneven looking because of it.

>> No.10374861
File: 95 KB, 250x350, Stockingb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone have a ons or glb pattern recomendation for stockings dress? I usually draft my own patterns but Ive been making mistakes lately so I thought I'd trial making from a pattern on a costume before trying to make something for daily wear.

>> No.10374870

in love with this. do you have an instagram or anything with your sewing projects?

>> No.10374872

fuck i'm a goddamn moron

>> No.10374873


Seems like a simple princess seam dress would work, and then a separate blouse underneath or a second layer with the collar and chest part just sewn on. The sleeves seem to be sort of mutton-sleeve inspired. You could probably mix and match bodice patterns and self draft the sleeves and do a simple gathered skirt with lace.

>> No.10374897

I don't consider myself a "veteran" but pintucks aren't that difficult as long as you take your time and measure accurately.

>> No.10374901


And if they're the really small kind that don't really lay perfectly flat they are easy so long as your sewing is straight, and they probably make sewing machine feet to help with those small ones.

>> No.10374911

Anon, do you take commisions? I've been looking for this exact style of blouse but I can never find ones I like for sale.

>> No.10374937

Pintucks require patience, a steady hand and lots of measuring more than skill.

>> No.10375089


Actually I find the magic of >>10370291 is the even hem while the pintucks seem very drunk. I'd like to believe maybe she forgot to press before tossing the dress on the mannequin, so the pintucks look uneven but maybe actually aren't.

On that note. In addition to patience, taking care with your measurements, pressing and learning how to use the sewing guides on your machine will also help your pintucks stay even.

>> No.10378613

Ooo sorry super late response it’s

She had a pic on her story but not posted

>> No.10378700

This is ita as fuck.

>> No.10378953

So that’s definitely not a child but very much a tube bodice, which is not a good look. I hope she figures out how to make nicer bodices at some point.

>> No.10379198

>I hope she figures out how to make nicer bodices at some point.
same...and draw...and bake...

>> No.10380530

I don’t understand why you bitches have to be rude to everyone who just do what they enjoy
Let’s see your art, sewing, and baking then cunt

>> No.10380541

haha don't selfpost next time fatty

>> No.10380698

That’s not me
I can’t sew in the slightest
I’m just tired of people calling other people bad at stuff when they probably can’t do it themselves

>> No.10380699
File: 361 KB, 640x620, D7231E16-E06A-4B94-B918-CD697B8641E3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Doing a small spam

>> No.10380700
File: 88 KB, 297x342, 0019859B-839B-4269-8176-4B9660CB1D4B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10380702
File: 222 KB, 363x600, FE1C073E-A2D2-42CF-A69E-27D587C40DD5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10380703
File: 947 KB, 640x1136, 2980FFFC-A8C5-46D8-9A9F-60F76019A6DE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lolita and sewing level:veteran

New bonnet for me! there are schiffon inside brim, lots of venice lace and velvet ribbon.
Laces are from taobao, fabrics from eurokangas and pattern is my own

>> No.10380730

Is there a tag on insta where lolitas who sew tend to post their work? Since I'm getting back into the fashion I've been leaning more toward taking the handmade route, and I'd love to see what other people make but don't really like using facebook.

>> No.10380746

try #handmadelolita

>> No.10380771

Thank you! That makes complete sense, I kinda just assumed insta wouldve nerfed the tag sinec it mentions the L word

>> No.10380827

>Clicks expecting an ita disaster
>Finds a mediocre lolita with some fit issues but nothing major (aside from that one pic in converse)

CGL is useless.

>> No.10380848

Bored people will create drama over the smallest things

>> No.10380860

You're blind.

>> No.10380867

Wow, I really love this

>> No.10380868

There is no way you wear lolita outside of 2 conventions a year. Go cosplay somewhere else

>> No.10380901

That girls entire IG is pathetic. It's obvious either you or someone else selfposted, especially since it was the thread OP pic. She can't sew or coord for shit.

>> No.10380902

basically this. only someone who thinks really highly of themselves would link that IG. it's full of babby's first anime and shoddy dresses.

>> No.10380903

I hate larpers who accuse others of larping...

>> No.10381051

Seems like you've used 4 different types of trimmings; rickrack, cotton lace, nylon lace, 2 different colors and widths of ribbon....maybe scale back slightly on the trimming variety, like just have 2 or maybe 3 ?

>> No.10381053

I would have tried to line up those vertical white lines within the plaid better; line them up in relation to the center of the dress, and in relation to eachother going from bodice piece to skirt piece

But other than that, it's ADORABLE. Practically my favorite so far

>> No.10381062

You can't make your own lolita clothes. They can only be purchased from a store or 2nd hand auction site. Just a warning for newbies especially lolita at heart ppl who dont own any brand yet and might see this thread.

>> No.10381128

Why try and create drama and discourse over nothing
Some people actually enjoy handmade stuff

>> No.10381129

The op already said up in the thread that they wanted to SEE handmade stuff and just used a random post from the handmade lolita tag
They didn’t claim it was a good dress anywhere but ok

>> No.10381130

stop the annoying samefagging

>> No.10381164

The anon you're responding to didn't make the blouse. They dumped a bunch of photos from Facebook.

>> No.10381189
File: 146 KB, 1080x1350, 94287273_355266275432274_2976422843995754469_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Could someone point out why this dress looks "homemade?" It's made by an indie brand but it doesn't look professional. I can't put my finger on why though.

>> No.10381202

The stitching in the area where the bodice meets the skirt is a bit bumpy/uneven as if they either didn't press those spots before sewing or the tension is wack. It may just look that way because of the light reflecting off of the shiny material though.

>> No.10381219

The sleeves look like they were made by newbies who didn't know how to finished sleeves

>> No.10381247

Sorry for blogpost
>lace on bodice obviously topstitched on
>obvious topstitching where the bodice meest the skirt
>extremely plain bodice design when you look past the giant pearl chains
>said giant pearl chains dont look like they were added meaningfully, they just look like they were slapped on to fill up space
>waist ties? stand out too much
>lace at hem just looks slapped on to cover the seam between the end of the skirt and the ruffle since the print is a sheer net, but it also doesn't tie in with the rest of the lace on the bodice in both design and color
>actually all the lace used looks too "heavy" for the rest of the dress
>sleeves look like a last minute decision because of their awkward shape
>random pearls on the skirt??? obviously not a part of the fabric since they're not present in the sleeves
>the head accessory and crystal pendants on the choker they paired it with look cheap, making the whole dress look cheaper by association

Granted this is all really nitpicky stuff, but all of these little things add up and really make it look like it was made by a somewhat-newbie who decided to raid her Grandma's fabric stash for a weekend project.

It could really be improved with more thoughtful lace choice, changing the sleeves out for straps to make it a JSK, changing the waist ties to be white or removing them altogether, not topstitching the bodice fashion layer to the skirt (undertitching the seam allowance to the bodice lining instead, assuming it has one... though this ultimately wouldn't really make too much of a difference since being held between fashion and lining layers would keep the seam allowance pointing in the right direction anyway), removing the pearls from the skirt, and thinking of a better way to decorate the bodice... something like pintucks with a delicate lace between the layers could look nice, these gaudy chain pearls just make it look cheap and hard to wear with any neck accessory other than a choker.

>> No.10381279


It's mostly the design that does it for me, the printed waist ties coming out of that white bodice and then sitting on the white bodice just doesn't look right. Actually the stark white bodice sandwiched between the skirt and the same fabric shoulder bows already looks pretty awkward as well, with or without that waist tie detail.

The front panel looks pretty off as well, partly it's as other anon says, a large blank space and they're trying to fill it with what seems like too many oversized pearl drops, but I also think it's too straight so the top-stitched lace sticks out too much. Usually the princess seams are curved narrower to give the impression of a smaller waist.

>> No.10381288

Mad respect for anyone who CHOOSES to work with fabric like that.

>> No.10381289

I wouldn't draft from scratch unless you have a weird to fit body - fashion-incubator has excellent resources on why having a bodice block or altering from specific patterns is a good idea (namely, 2D fitting a 3D shape is not an easy task and a basic block and most commercial patterns have at least some basic fit issues ironed out)

>> No.10381334

>shoulder bows
Oh my god, I can't believe I didn't realise they were bows. To me they genuinely looked like sleeves shoehorned onto a bustier bodice Madoka-style, but now that you've said that I can totally see that its a JSK rather than an OP.

>> No.10382872

I know the guy who makes this, all his shut is very unprofessional, made for the pictures he never sells anything inside the country because of that, the shut he makes literally falls apart while trying them on ...there are a lot of stories about his "brand"

>> No.10382874

whoops shit got autocorrected to "shut"

>> No.10382970


Wait, how is >>10381189 an "indie brand" if they never sell anything? Or if they're selling to people outside the country, surely someone owns stuff from them and has seen the quality in person?

>> No.10383783


Probably easier for me to recognise as I'm in love with a couple of JetJ dresses that have them. This design is really awkward though, so I'm not surprised if some parts of it look odd.

>> No.10383864

You know... for me... it's something about the stark contrast of that delicate, wispy floral fabric with the flat heavy shiny white satin.. and the beads look too heavy for the "feel" of that delicate gauzey fabric too. Maybe chiffon or lace bodice detail with one small string of pearls only would have been better. Even the head accessory is delicate.

>> No.10385226

Does anyone have suggestions where I can buy high quality solid or floral fabric for me to give to a seamstress friend for a commission? I’m sorry, I don’t actually make things myself so I don’t know good sources

>> No.10389553

Does anyone have a good tutorial for bonnet making? I searched around but the only one I could find used cardboard as a base... sounds like a nightmare if it were to rain.

>> No.10390117

You cannot make a bonnet, they can only be bought in a store.

>> No.10390152

Youre an actual goddamn retard if you aren’t joking

>> No.10390155
File: 1.82 MB, 228x202, 1559016644122.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks anon, I really needed a good laugh today

>> No.10390156

what about online?

>> No.10390165

Bonnets can only be harvested from bonnet trees, they're too advanced for human technology to create them artificially

>> No.10390477

Are you that faggot that's posting the same cosplay picture of some Mexican cosplay thot? GTFO dipshit.

>> No.10394847

I want to try to design a solid old school dress, but I don't really know how to choose the design since I generally buy fabric then design a dress. How do others anons design their dresses ? I was thinking that I could select a few dresses that I like and define which elements I appreciate about it and see how to mash it tastefuly.

>> No.10394892

A mash-up design could end up looking imbalanced, so I'd leave it for a future project. It's best to focus on learning one thing at a time so that the experience doesn't become too stressful.

>> No.10394916

I sometimes do that the thing my art teacher taught me, take somethin you like and change 4 things about it. Besides, lolita recycles so many of the same aesthetics that it'll probably look like a new dress

>> No.10394984

That looks beautiful anon good job

>> No.10395173

I think just died this is so cute

>> No.10395177

Glad you were able to make it work. A lot of people have a hard time with the bodice on this pattern because it's kind of long, especially at the larger size. The fabric is adorable.

>> No.10395529

Are the Otome no sewing patterns like the GLB ones where they're laid out on top of each other one one sheet of paper, or is it more like instructions for drafting your own?

Also, favorite place to buy fabrics online during the quarantine?

>> No.10395608

It’s a mix. Most of the patterns are on a sheet like you described but some of the simpler ones need to be drafted.

>> No.10395740

Is there a doc or a blog or post somewhere that has a collection of tutorials or patterns for lolita? I want to get into making accessories of my own i.e. wristcuffs, bloomers, headwear, etc. Everything I've found is hard to follow or links are broken.

>> No.10395771

hello anons I'd love some inspiration, can I request another dump? I'm not on facebook or I'd do it myself

>> No.10395783

Miss Carol Belle blog has some stuff and there's also people that provide a service tracing otome no sewing patterns for you online. Also the gosurori and the Bibles have a couple easy patterns to make your own.

>> No.10395902

Thank you for your advices ! It's very usefull, since I was scared to do something that look to much like a pre existing dress.

>> No.10398740

Has anybody got some handmade examples that aren't strictly sewing? I'm curious to see things like crochet, knitting, embroidery, lace.

>> No.10399940

Who are you talking about lol

>> No.10400886

WTF awwwwww....where is that video from? uwu!

>> No.10400992
File: 283 KB, 1204x903, knit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I finished this cardigan last week. I used a plain knitting pattern and added simple lace pattern over it. It's baby wool and really soft. I like it.

>> No.10401012

That’s lovely anon! What pattern did you use?

>> No.10401055

oh wow, that's impressive anon

>> No.10401070

Thank you. The pattern isn't in english but there's plenty of similar patterns online if you want to make one.

>> No.10401366

It looks beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

>> No.10403559

This is gorgeous, reminds me of the stuff my aunt would knit me when I was a kid. Always were my favourite pieces of clothing. I’m jealous of your skill anon, keep up the amazing work.

>> No.10408048
File: 773 KB, 1138x1918, brown_dress.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm very sorry for the terrible pic, but I found an old dress I made years ago and I need to re do the princess bodice and make a matching bolero.

I have no idea how to make it look less empty, maybe a waist tie ?

>> No.10408074

This aint lolita, even if you redo the bodice

>> No.10408089

Maybe add bows to the end of the straps joining the bodice. A ruffle at the bottom of the skirt to lengthen as it looks a bit short as is and maybe volume also because flaring our natural is different form filled out with a petticoat. Which means more fabric needs but if you don’t have enough of the original fabric add a bustle to the back that with waist ties.

>> No.10408559

Thank for the tips anon, I have to see if I left some skirt fabric in the waist seam. I tried it on with the petti I remember wearing with it and I forgot how short it was! I have short leg so I often take skirt lenght for granted.

>> No.10410626
File: 271 KB, 2048x1143, IMG_8240.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm unsure if this is the right thread to be talking about this but does anyone here use polymer clay to make jewellery/charms for coordinates? I've recently become interested in the idea of using polymer clay to make jewellery for my coords and I've been thinking about making a necklace inspired by the doughnuts in this vid (pic related) https://youtu.be/_DkRlNghL-o and SweetDollyHouse's jewellery too

>> No.10410703

I don't personally, but you can find a lot of really well-made tutorials with pictures on deviantart, of all places
you might wanna check out the crafts thread too

>> No.10410794

These look like shit dude.

>> No.10410888

As someone who has used polyclay to make charms for coordinates in the past, it's very fun and can be much more fulfilling to do than spend $100 on a plastic necklace, but unless you're already experienced with polyclay, making jewelry for coords is going to be a lot of trial and error. I do find it looks quite charming on classic and country coordinates, but sweet and especially gothic can be hit or miss depending on how well done it is.

>> No.10410921

Someone in the crafts thread just dumped a lot of tutorials

>> No.10410937

The skirt is way too short and not full enough. Just scrap it and redo.

>> No.10410941

She looks like shit in every photo

Even if it isn't a comolete disaster, she does her makeup like a 70 year old woman who learned to do makeup in the 70s and never improved. Her makeup never matches her outfit, and she always has something on that completely throws the whole thing. Her art is like 14 year old weeb tier and her sewing looks like shit.

>> No.10412709

Sorry if this is too spoonfeedy, but are there any patterns for gothic cutsews?

>> No.10412719

Anyone know which OnS books have good coat patterns? Preferably natural waisted ones vs the sort of babydoll empire wiast style coat?

>> No.10412771

lol I'm glad someone called her out after she left the thread. she has very few followers for it not to be a selfpost, and no one could find the thread pic.

>> No.10413892
File: 2.61 MB, 4032x3024, 2C71374F-80CE-4049-B706-5DCA0236F536.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Making a hard bonnet for the first time, I need y’all to believe in me.

>> No.10413895

I believe in the you that believes in you

>> No.10413930

Ganbare, anon. Please post pics of the finished product!

>> No.10415447

What are the materials you're using, if you don't mind me asking? I've been trying to find more info on bonnet-making but a lot of resources say to just use what is essentially cardboard.

>> No.10415464

Yeah, not that anon, but it's the same stuff in flat bill caps unless you want to do like an old fashion one and make a wire frame or use straw.

>> No.10415577

Thank you anons, I will!

Honestly I heard the same thing but I decided to use some really stiff, non sticky interlining and boning for corsets. That way I should be able to wash it. I'm not sure if it's a good idea or if I'm being really dumb but I want to find out. I'll keep you gals updated.

>> No.10415583

Needs a blouse instead of a pajama top, but that dress is clearly better constructed than half the shit in this thread

>> No.10415650
File: 752 KB, 828x1217, 7CE71646-DA7C-454E-B703-02E320B4353B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are replicas kawaii?

>> No.10415652

this looks terrible

>> No.10415669

It's....off center

>> No.10415674

never would have known it was a replica if she hadn't said
also if it's handmade for yourself and you don't sell it, replicas are okay as long as they aren't made out of replica prints; ex: mimicking the cut of a brand dress on solid cotton

>> No.10415699

>sewing intermediate

>> No.10415752

The sewing and material choices are terrible but pretty much no one cares if you make a design replica for yourself and don't sell it

>> No.10415756

Make sure the boning isn't metal or it will rust and ruin your fabric if you try to wash it.

>> No.10415771

no it fucking won't.

>> No.10415812
File: 921 KB, 1275x1755, 024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OnS 6 has two coat patterns, pic related and a short sweet one.

>> No.10415817

I can't believe no one responded to this. If you're still around, this is breathtaking anon, the craftsmanship is gorgeous. It's really a work of art.

>> No.10415823

it's part of a dump, that's why no one responded to it.

>> No.10415841

Thanks anon!

>> No.10415960

No don’t worry I chose clear plastic!

>> No.10415993

The edges of the collar look like frosting and it's so so so cute. I'm kind of mad I'll never be able to own this.

>> No.10416010


>> No.10416033

What can I use broadcloth for? I want to use it up, I have a ton in black and dark green

>> No.10416042

The brocade for the vest and pants looks terribly busy for the rest of the outfit. Those shoes with the poor quality fake rose glued on are tacky. The fringe on the jacket makes it look like a curtain and ruins an otherwise beautiful jacket. She clearly knows how to sew well but it's a shame some of her design choices were a huge miss.

>> No.10416123

The matching dress. LSC needs to be shut down and replaced with a vetted lolita sewing group. No itas or newbies allowed.

>> No.10416124
File: 950 KB, 828x1485, 04D47E69-7895-4572-B100-F665B95D8AF9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dropped pic like a turd

>> No.10416198

Where did this meme come from? Metal boning or wire doesn't rust unless you're a lazy piece of shit and don't know how to properly dry/air dry your items. Metal takes days to rust.

>> No.10420177
File: 59 KB, 960x960, 105493494_10158661027486869_5846875452407023945_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

trying to make tiny lolita

>> No.10420179

cute!! Those little things are so fiddly and hard to make, well done! :D

>> No.10420315

I kinda wanna make a video demonstrating how to make something like this, but where the end result doesn't suck.

>> No.10420471

Please do! The handmade lolita community desperately needs good examples.

>> No.10420486

>do sewing skills in general build and transfer into different styles/items/etc?
Pretty much, until you get into historical reconstruction with some stitches that have fallen out of use or materials that can hardly be found nowadays. Doesn't help that reenacters are the biggest autists on the planet when it comes to that stuff and will call your entire work shit if you used iron wiring instead of cut feathers held by rabbit-skin glue because where the fuck am I supposed to get rabbit-skin glue?

>> No.10420541
File: 64 KB, 1023x529, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>rabbit skin glue
from an art supplier? duh. shit is still used

>> No.10420962


If it won't pass as decent fabric, make mockups with it. I'd actually set it aside and use it for fiddly projects where you're changing up the pattern, or using expensive fabric with a first-time pattern. That way you can test the pattern before you waste the good stuff on it.

You can probably use metallic markers on the black fabric to mark any alterations you need to make.

>> No.10420965


Honestly there's not much help with this, it's not really that her skills suck (well, they're not polished, but..... could've been a lot worse?). It's that the design sucks so hard, not even a skilled seamstress could save it.

>> No.10420984

I mean, she made a cylinder for the scalloped part and it's not wide enough and also not gathered so it sits poorly on top of a bell underskirt. Maybe a more fitted bodice shape (and lining, since the fabric is thin). The general design is definitely shit but its the difference between looking like dolldelight (skills without taste) and full ita

>> No.10421015

I disagree. if it was pink it would look fine if a good seamstress fixed it.

>> No.10421148

To fix it she’d need to add both length and volume to the skirt and redo all the scallops. At first glance I though the bodice might be fixable by moving the lace on the blue part, but looking closer those pintucks on the yoke are completely lopsided. I’d say to treat this as a learning experience and start over.

>> No.10421598

i really like this. you go girl!

>> No.10421602

we're talking about if the design is saveable not her sewing.

>> No.10421651


I just feel like there isn't a huge skill gap between this person and OP's pic -- but OP's pic looks a lot better because the dress in OP's pic is better-designed, has seen an iron (and isn't shown being badly fitted around an actual body). I mean, there's room for technical improvement I guess.

Originally replied to >>10420315 because they said they want to make something in a similar design that doesn't suck but I don't see how that's possible unless they completely overhaul the dress design.

>> No.10422219

It's not the colour that's the problem, it's all the design elements mashed together, and then executed poorly on top. Feelsbadman, cause clearly she sunk a lot of work and time into it, but it needs to be completely scrapped.

>Originally replied to >>10420315 because they said they want to make something in a similar design that doesn't suck but I don't see how that's possible unless they completely overhaul the dress design.
This. There's just too many things going on all at once. If she wanted corset lacing, she should have made it a jsk, could have put that really cute lace from the skirt and bodice on the straps. If she wanted a bib collar and sleeves (which look quite cute) she should not have done the corset lacing. The skirt could have been nice with pintucks and horizontal lace or a nice ruffle near the bottom, or maybe, maybe small scallops on the bottom, but as it is it's a mess. It would also need to be longer, and wider. It doesn't sit on top of that underskirt properly as other anons have pointed out. And it cuts off at such an awkward length too. If there was a small white ruffle under the skirt, it would look much better. The design as is is unsaveable, as it's just way too much.

>> No.10422224

i'm only talking about the design, anon. i think the design is salvageable by someone who can execute it better. the color is a huge part of the problem. it's aqua, not even mint, and the trimming is a darker aqua. but i honestly think a nicer executed version of this wouldn't look bad if done by a brand or something.

>> No.10422936

>the color is a huge part of the problem. it's aqua, not even mint, and the trimming is a darker aqua
We'll just have to agree to disagree there anon. The colours look fine, they're not garish or clashing. It's not like there's some specific rule about the exact shade of mint/sax/baby blue you're allowed to make dresses. It would be just as much of a disaster in pink.

Likewise, the design is not salvageable *as is* because it's a bad design with too many elements that don't work with each other. Even a talented seamstress couldn't salvage it because the design would need to be altered heavily to actually look good.

>> No.10422947

Nta but get your eyes checked. The colors are a huge part of the problem.

>> No.10425312
File: 1.58 MB, 1434x1911, Screenshot_20200629-200651.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone know of a similar crochet pattern and have suggestions on how to adjust the number of increases to make the poof bigger? All the dress patterns I'm finding are bodycon.

>> No.10425355

Lolita dresses have rectangle skirts, so you’d be better off making the bodice and skirt separately, then gathering and attaching. But you’re not going to be able to make a crochet dress that really has a lolita silhouette. Crochet just doesn’t hang that way.

>> No.10425394

>Lolita dresses have rectangle skirts
oh no i hope that idiot doesn't come back.

>> No.10425398

have you tried searching "fit and flare" when you search? I found that exact image by looking up "fit and flare crochet dress pattern"

>> No.10425435
File: 1.22 MB, 3000x4000, am1fuy0u2e751.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One of the few nice things to come out of the sub

>> No.10425455
File: 317 KB, 684x1054, bernat_skating.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you, I'll try that. I tried searching just "flare" before and got ones that only flare at the bottom like a trumpet.

The way it hangs depends on how fine the yarn is, and I'm not limited to crochet because I also knit. I found this cute free knit pattern, and it seems to hang fine. A bit more than I bargained for with the OP top, so I might try making only the bottom as a skirt.

(source: Bernat #71 Skating Dress)

>> No.10425476

All this time, I thought "skater dresses" were like a modern thing for skater girls or something. I only just now realized how old the term actually is.

>> No.10425505

Thanks for the source! Gonna be asking my mom to knit me this dress.

>> No.10425739
File: 234 KB, 1440x1231, Screenshot_20200630-100948.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

same here

keep in mind, it may be a little short in the standard size, but it has instructions on extending the length, so let her know how long you want the skirt. also the sizing is vintage. i found this size chart; not sure how accurate it is.

>> No.10425812
File: 93 KB, 1080x1080, m59550284770_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone have an idea where I can find petite-friendly patterns for more casual styles like MILK? Or am I out of luck and need to learn to alter vintage-style patterns to suit a shorter person? I've been combing through pattern searches and Japanese pattern sites alike, but I don't know if I'm dense for missing what seems like a common j-fashion cut like attached.

>> No.10425852


If the patterns are Japanese lengths will already be well suited to shorter women. And a lot of casual Japanese clothes besides intentionally flowy maxi stuff tends to be shorter cut than western stuff on me (am also petite at 5'1") as far as mainstream fashion goes

>> No.10425927
File: 169 KB, 630x418, japanese-sewing-book-feminine-wardrobe9-ll-vivat-veritas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh sorry, to clarify, I meant that a lot of Japanese sewing books and patterns I've found are usually looser or have a more modern cut, like pic attached. Maybe it's because right now I can't go and look at the books in person to see if there's designs i'm looking for... Things like skirts I can shorten, but I'm a little newer and find the rest of a dress difficult without some pattern or guidance.

Just curious, do you know of any patterns or sewing books that's similar to these styles that isn't the natural flowy look? It's just that I noticed so many of them are the looser styles, so it made me wonder if there's some resources for a 'girlier' kind of style, or if it's not as common.

I did look into the Otome no Sewing books and found some more casual cutsew dress styles, but it's so rare!

>> No.10426930

Cool story, as if we don't pour through OnS, can you please drop the pattern though

>> No.10426932


OnS has knitting patterns?

>> No.10427854

you act like knitting patterns arent basically universal in language an can easily be translated.

>> No.10430077
File: 2.52 MB, 3024x3024, C5567EEE-56DF-4EF1-954D-6E0BAC5A65A2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bonnet anon here again. I slipped two pieces of clear plastic boning between the embroideries and outer edges. It seems to hold up fine so far, but I’m worried the salt in my tears might compromise its structural integrity. Now I’ve got large sheer gold ribbon to decorate it with. What do you gals think?

>> No.10430079

Also why is it always sideways?

>> No.10436725

I needed more of a specific lace from laces.taobao, but I accidently got navy instead of black. I've successfully tea dyed their lace before, so I should be able to dye it black, right?

>> No.10436730

snip off a little sample piece and try it out

>> No.10436736

I feel dumb for not thinking of that, thanks anon

>> No.10436798

It;s because you're uploading from a phone. Edit the picture in an app or something and it will post in the correct orientation.

>> No.10437490

Does anyone have tips or resources for built-in petticoats? I have some brand skirts with built-in pettis but it’s always stiff tulle in the lower half of the skirt and I’m looking for something to enhance the poof right at the waistband.

>> No.10437526

Sorry if this is the wrong thread but do any of you gulls want a free ruffle foot? I never use mine and somehow I ended up with 3 of them. I'll pay for shipping just to get them out of my sewing box

>> No.10437531


I also have 3 ruffler foots and don't know how I managed to get so many haha; weird coincidence.

>> No.10438051

I'd love one! I'll send you a cute letter/drawing in as thanks if you leave a return address <3

>> No.10438068

I would love one if you don't mind, anon. email me?

>> No.10438078

f I dropped my throwaway
>[email protected]

>> No.10438142


Emailed! I think the third one might be broken but if anyone is interested in a repair project it's all yours

>> No.10438335

what is the general lengt at the hem of a lolita skirts ? If I remember correctly it's between 2,5 meter to 4 meter if the skirt is super full, but I also saw people talking about x time your waist mesurement, so I'm a bit confused

>> No.10438355

skirts are usually 45 to 50 cm long. the waist thing you're thinking is width which is generally waist measurement x 2.5

>> No.10438490

It's a matter of taste and your own measurements. My personal minimum hem circumference is 2 meters which is also 3 times my waist, and which gives me moderate daily poof. The biggest I've gone is 3 meters = 4,5 times my waist, which for me was a lot of poof. If you have a bigger waist measurement then you'll have to use more fabric to get the right silhouette so IMO it's less about 2 meters vs. 3 meters and more about X times your waist measurement.

>> No.10439516

thank you for the vocabulary tip, my english is very lacking.
thank you for the explanation, it's quite logic

>> No.10440367

otome no sewing & the old G&L bibles. There's pdfs around

>> No.10440376

I'm an absolute begginer and while I was searching for projects to start with I found this website called https://tailornova.com/ in which you can mix and match prexisting patterns. It's all quite normie, but would it be possible to frankenstein something from it? I don't think I will use it, just sharing it for for curiosity's sake.

>> No.10440638
File: 633 KB, 1204x903, 20200718_181501.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yay or nay for hakama-style wa-lolita? Cranes are white but otherwise the light colours are golden. I had in mind to do the upper part with this and bottom with solid.

>> No.10440645

coming over from the kimono thread, I think this will be very cute. go ahead! maybe trim it with some solid whites/gold

>> No.10440765

Totally, yes! It's a gorgeous fabric anon.

>> No.10440954

Thanks for the encouragement. I have never done anything kimono-like so I'm a bit hestitated about this. I just saw this fabric in the store and though it might work well with something like this.

>> No.10443246

new thread >>10439162

>> No.10443400
File: 35 KB, 352x275, 19D39150-7A84-4109-8AEF-3B6EF7BA5622.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone have a pattern or knows any key words to find a pattern for this kind of sleeve? It seems to be pretty simple, but I don’t want to risk messing it up.

>> No.10443859

Raglan sleeve it is.

>> No.10444019
File: 3.83 MB, 4032x3024, 20200723_152626.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was gonna make a skirt out of this fabric, but then I washed it and it has such a weird fuzzy texture now. I tried to iron it but the wrinkles wont come out either. Is there any way to use this fabric for lolita? It's more of a forest green irl

>> No.10444021

this is clearly cheap af cotton, anon. look at the grain it will look terrible. you could probably make some kind of accessory with it but that's it.

>> No.10444045

Yea that's what I was afraid of, I only asked cause I was gifted a ton of it. Thanks anon!

>> No.10444050

this looked so incredible on the mannequin and then i saw a worn photo and my love for it died

>> No.10444111

you can always use it for mockups if nothing else, that's my favorite thing to do with cheap/free fabric. maybe use it to practice with sewing concepts that might need a little polishing.

nayrt but thanks, I wondered that as well!

>> No.10444203

this might belong more in the stupid questions thread, but what are good search terms for finding a chiffon-like fabric that's opaque? I want to make a flouncy top but I'm not very knowledgable about different kinds of fabrics. I want it to be opaque so I don't need to wear an undershirt with it, but light and airy without being shiny.

>> No.10444730

try looking at poly crepe

>> No.10448320
File: 3.67 MB, 4032x3024, 20200730_131342.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would it be weird to make wrist cuffs out of lace like this? I've got 2 yards of it, not sure what else to use it for

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