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never got to do one of these but i always enjoyed reading them.

post yourself, cosplay you'd like to do/have done in the past, give some context, and help others with suggestions.

as always, give suggestions in order to recieve them.

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ran out of room but i'm pretty chatty/extroverted so i prefer to cosplay characters that are a little more bubbly (or at least eccentric) or else something feels off.

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dropped pic

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You'd look 12 if you weren't 130 lbs. You'd do best as Okdaira and Kiki if you don't want to show a lot, which is fine.

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The entire bottom row.

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If you are willing to lose weight I think you'd make a good Futaba. Not that you are fat but Futaba is really skinny & waif like. Those shorts are very unforgiving imo, but you could choose another one of her outfits, like the cargo pants one. The other choices are really nice too, especially Kiki and Akira.

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I think the bottom right character would suit you best! Also the pic of you with the braids reminds me of Beverly Marsh for some reason, I think you could pull her off well!

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You'd be perfect as Catherine!

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Your top right picture screams Saki Hanajima from Fruits Basket to me. I think all of your choices suit you well, but if I had to pick one I'd say Stocking. Some other characters that would suit you would be Allister from Sword and Shield, Android 18 from Dragon Ball, Ryuko from Kill A Kill, or Bishamon from Norgami.

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Futaba definitely, but I could also see you as Lotte from Little Witch Academia (or even Akko), Pudding from Tokyo Mew Mew, Riko from Made in Abyss, Crona or Medusa from Soul Eater and Yuki from School Live. Young, bubbly, and childish characters seem like they would fit you best.

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>Crona or Medusa

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Well, that's the beauty of a suggestion. You don't have to take it. I was trying to incorporate some variety into the suggestions, but okay!

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You'd make a good princess daisy.

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don't worry, that wasn't the anon you were responding to (me), i appreciate your suggestions!

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Oh! Well, I'm glad you appreciate them. I hope that there was at least one in there that you liked

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The con I usually go to might be cancelled, so I might just scrap all of these and make a Solaire of Astora cosplay instead. Fast and mostly easy.
Feel free to recommend me anything though.

Pippi longstocking. On a slightly more serious note, your whole list looks good for you, even though I don't know the bottom three

Ashe gets my vote, but Stocking is a close second. Have you considered Mercy as well?

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I would say Obi is your best one here. I really want to say Wolverine but you look too friendly!

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you're adorable anon!

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You'd make a great Obi-wan but there are never too many Solaires

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You'd look great dressed like Kasane teto from vocaloid

You'd kill it as Ashe

From the list i choose Wolverine

If you are open to video game cosplay, I'd suggest the eponymous Sekiro from Sekiro: Shadow die twice

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>Kasane teto from vocaloid
Not OP, but I see it.

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>>10370205 Futaba easily
>>10370546 I'd go with ashe
>>10371005 If you want to go through the time and effort of making a full mando I would. I mean I am in eva foam.
>>10371746 I think you could do a pretty cool Nova.

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It'll probably be Obi then
Not a suggestion but thanks
You'd make a really cool Chris Redfield. Goal topless cosplay could be Flex Mentallo, if you feel extra silly/confident (also Stargate kicks ass)
Actually, it would the second Mando armor I'd make. The first one was for a friend and it was good enough to get into the local Mandalorian Mercs group. If you want to make your own, I'd recommend using 3mm plastic sheets instead of eva foam.
Also, do Genji using a mix of that same plastic for the smaller details and then eva foam for the thicker part. Or maybe Doomguy, bonus points for the abs window

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I'm gonna second that other guy's suggestion about Teto, she's super your type. Also, while it may seem silly, maybe Aqua or Megumin from Konosuba.
I'm gonna second your Cheryl idea, she doesn't get enough love. For a personal suggestion, you'd probably do good as Momo from Hero Academia as well.
This might be out of left field, but Gene from God Hand would be great in your hands (no pun intended).

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I’d go with your number 1 cosplay idea

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Last thread died before I got a reply : (
Futaba would be a great option!! Her outfit doesnt look too hard to get but she does show shoulder a lot so I think it's a big part of her image, may be a deal breaker for you.
Agreed with most replies that you'd fit catherine really well though Oliver would be really cute since he's not too masculine and I think your face would work well with younger boys like that.
If you wanna go real deep in to more weeb stuff you could do Michiru from [email protected] sideM

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>Kasane teto from vocaloid

She's an utau, not a Vocaloid

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Same dif

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First off, thanks for helping me decide on Kass last thread. I took a crack at making a gijinka design for him since I lack the skill to make a proper mascot costume.
I'm preparing to bring my accordion and play several zelda songs while in cosplay, but I also want to play other music for the congoers. What songs do you guys think people would like to hear in the hall of an anime con?

I think any of your top three ideas would be good. I think the bottom three would be hard to recognize if you weren't part of a group.
Seconding Ashe. I think you'd make a nice Palutena from Kid Icarus.
I'd love to see more Belmonts. I could also see you doing Wolfwood from Trigun.
Seconding Ishigami, although I'd like to see what your idea for the Kirby gijinka would be.

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You've done a great job of translating the design elements for Kass's design. It's very recognizable!

>what songs?
Check out your predecessors on youtube and the popular characters of the year. I'd say learn the openings for Sailor Moon, Legend of Zelda, Fire Force, Black Clover, Naruto, etc.

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I can only really comment on the Star Wars costumes since I'm in that sphere.
For the Mandalorian it really comes down to how much money you have. Getting an entire set of armour chromed is ridiculously expensive.
As for Obi-wan, the robed version is perhaps the least costly option. Though the Clone Wars (not The Clone Wars) Obi-wan in phase 1 armour does look pretty sick. Plus you've got the looks.

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Thanks for the advice! I’ve been using this cosplay idea as an excuse to learn songs and watch new anime during quarantine. Some of these shows contain some serious bangers. (lookin at you, Fire Force)
Good idea with looking up people doing similar stuff on youtube, gave me a good indication of what music people would recognize.
I didn’t realize how many Spidermans and Sailor scouts there were at every convention ever.

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im too scared to post a picture of myself on 4chan but this is a good thread idea!

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> Some of these shows contain some serious bangers. (lookin at you, Fire Force)
Right?! I'm glad that the suggestion helped.

>I didn’t realize how many Spidermans and Sailor scouts there were at every convention ever.
lol, yeah it's a staple. Can't stay I don't want to make one for myself either.

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You're not alone in that. I've heard many people say that they feel the same. I wonder if there's a way we can incorporate people who don't want to? These threads die out quickly because the requirement of having to post yourself scares away so many people.

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Perhaps we could tweak the thread's setup a bit to make it clear that you aren't required to post pics of yourself to get suggestions? I was able to get feedback last thread without posting my face, but while making the post I assumed that breaking form would get me ignored into oblivion.
I took a stab at revising the template, what do you guys think?

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Oh you fixed the slight line error thing from the comments box, thank god. A look alike option is an interesting suggestion!

>> No.10391325

Not a bad idea really. Should help for those who feel more uncomfortable posting pictures of themselves.

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I’m not really knowledgeable about genderbending/crossplay stuff, but I’d go with Nico. I haven’t seen any of the series’s you listed there, but I was still able to recognize Nico at a first glance.

>> No.10397632

It Could be something like a list of traits you like in characters that you’ve cosplayed or plan to cosplay. Then people could suggest characters based off of it.

For example something like;
>Females or feminine guys
>Short or younger characters
>Blue color scheme
>No extreme or hard to style hairstyles

>> No.10397700

This is an interesting idea!

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I think you'd be a great Mamimi Samijima (FLCL).

Ashe would be fantastic for you.

Of your ideas, I like Obi-Wan the most for you. But I think you could also pull off Joel from the Last of Us really well, or Big Boss or Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid.

Your pics reminded me of Mugen from Samurai Champloo. That's anime but I think it would fit you pretty well. Of your suggestions I like Chris Redfield the most.

Like someone else said, I think Doomguy would be great for you. If you do the old-school version you can take advantage of your physique too. Other than that I think all your suggestions are cool and the three armors would obviously impress the hell out of everyone you meet at cons.

Ishigami Yu fits you pretty well I think. Outside of your suggestions I think 9S from Nier Automata would be good. You could probably pull off Levi from Attack on Titan too, you seem to be able to capture his general attitude pretty well from your first pic.

I don't know if he is "cute" enough but I think Gon from HxH could be a good cosplay for you. It's also not very hard but very recognizable. Nico is a classic so genderbending her could probably be fun too.

>What anime/videogame songs would people like to hear in the hall of a con?
The ones that would get the biggest reaction/crowd are probably really popular openings or memes. Like Cruel Angel's Thesis, Megalovania, Guren no Yumiya, Unravel or the Pokemon Opening.

>> No.10406603

Thanks! I may just go with nico, his design is really cute and not too hard to pull off I think. I also may just cross play since I already have her skirt

>> No.10411512

Your a spot on Catherine and Ash. Good luck!

>> No.10411723

BRO I think I took a photo with you in SF japantown

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I'd love to hear Lum No Lovesong on the accordion!
You should do a Male Version of Miku Hatsune or cosplay Keito. TONS of outfits!
I'd love to see a Kirby gijinka! I say if you wanna dabble in crossplay start with the OG and cosplay Bridget from guilty gear.
Carbon Fiber Skin Genji or Nihon Genji.

>> No.10413357

I think you could pull off Futaba well, Blossom would also be cute
The world needs more pokemon cosplay of gen 4 please cosplay cheryl.

Since you got the beard, I say trim it up and cosplay Mccree from over watch.
Young Genji from overwatch

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Way too fat for Shinji, you should cosplay usagis fat friend from sailor moon.

>> No.10416767

Post yourself

>> No.10416829

Gtfo anachan

>> No.10417100

Sailor Moon and the senshi would be disappointed in you.

>> No.10417519

Is it possible to do this without showing face (only body and hair)?

>> No.10417520

go for it

>> No.10418009

use this one
and shoop a celebrity with your general face shape on

>> No.10418036

Your pic doesn't really show it, but those measurements mean you're gonna have a hard time with the lucky star or shinji one. Shinji's outfit is from the 90s, which means he wears his pants a bit above the traditional waist, not just above the hips like westerners do. That's a good 4 inches higher, and will make your hips very, very obvious.
If you wanted a crossplay, I'd go for something either with robes (like samurai) or someone with a big untucked shirt.
Also, those are three wildly different flavors of characters. are they favorites of yours, or were they more chosen based on skill level? I can give some suggestions if I know what direction you want

>> No.10418226

Hey thanks for the reply! I picked them because I liked them, to kinda give an idea what characters I like

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Then I suggest iguro from demon Slayer, he seems like the type you'd like if you're a fan of shinji.
The hakama pleats will hide your shape well, plus the overcoat and general bagginess. Also, since his coat is just stripes it should be easier to find fabric or make.
Plus, hakama are basically just two large squares pleated and sewn together at the crotch, and the overcoat is literally made of nothing but rectangles. Definitely doable for relatively low skill level.
Either that, or if you want something more challenging, Canute from Vinland saga

>> No.10423072

Thanks! I didn't consider vocaloids but its definitely a thought. Like someone probably more knowledgeable than me said, if you want to cross play it may be best to do something with a poofy silhouette to hide a female frame etc. Good luck!

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I think you'd be a perfect futaba and also toko from danganronpa

Catherine would suit you

I think you suit kinda rough, ragged, masc characters in general, but idk what you'd look like dolled up and clean shaven

your ryu cosplay is good dude, you suit his face

How about samurai flamenco?

how would you do kirby exactly?

how about tomie kanagawa?

Sea shanty 2

how about Yukako from jojo? She's kinda spooky

>> No.10425210

Your top two would suit you best

>> No.10425220

Live action but Klaus from Umbrella Academy

>> No.10425225


Robert Sheehan is a baller, I take that as a compliment

yeah I agree. It's the eyes and hair.

>> No.10425275

you should cosplay Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
Lee Kanker from ed edd n eddy

>> No.10425731

Cosplay Aizawa already you sleepy looking fuck, you suit him so well

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LOL i'm not black but if I were I'd do it


:3c I've been cutting and growing my hair out for it. I know I could just wear a wig, but I think I could pull it off if I treat it and grow it out more. pic relatred is current hair length-ish

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Message received loud and clear

>> No.10431339


looks great dude

>> No.10431392

Nice work! The wig looks great.

>> No.10431595

Looks great! Your figure fits super well too

>> No.10432068

Thanks guys! The wig I got done by a store called HeathersAlelier on Etsy and it’s really good quality. The drills are detachable and super sturdy so it’s very convenient

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>The drills are detachable
That’s awesome. I love modular cosplay stuff so much

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I used to be complete ass at styling wigs, it’s still probably the hardest part of cosplay for me. I just did this one following a spike tutorial, hows it look?

>> No.10434648

You probably should've posted this in the self-post thread unless you're relating it directly to a suggestion someone gave you like the last person did, but it looks great.

>> No.10434726

Shit you’re right, I posted this in the wrong tab, but thanks!

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Kinda scared about posting myself but this is a really lowpop board so whatever. Open to any suggestions beyond my ideas!

I think that persona character would fit you
Stocking would be cute
I think you'd make a good wolverine
I think I can see robin here
I'm getting heavy Chris Redfield vibes from your first pic
I would pick 1- Ishigamiyu
I think I can see you with the top middle
and bottom middle characters
This but Marie Kanker
Definitely top two

>> No.10442925

I suggest you go with Hat Kid. Since you’re new at sewing, you should go with a simple design. Even if you make a few mistakes here and there, you’ll still end up with a recognizable Hat Kid outfit.

>> No.10451034

I agree with this poster, and would also add Jinora.
99% of Jinora is the wig; the actual outfit seems to be somewhat simple to make (barring the standing collar, which would need stabilizer). But, idk if you're comfortable with styling wigs.

>> No.10454228

That's a woman, a female.

>> No.10454255

3 suits you tho don't go cartoonish makeup and don't change the look of your ears/eyes/teeth

>> No.10454382

Emilia probably fits the best but it's generally a very tough cos to get right

>> No.10455081

Dude isn’t a gendered word anymore

>> No.10456985

looks fantastic, good job.

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I admire those of you who have the courage to post your own faces on 4chan.

3 and 4 would suit best imo. You'd look as Emilia.
Saw your on older threads, you're aizawa
Since you mentioned crossplaying, I think you'd look good as Miles Edgeworth from AA.
What country are you from? I think you can make a joke by playing folklore songs while dressed as that.
You could try Kazuma from Noragami. I think your builds fits him quite well.
Ishigami it is!
Chris Redfield, Doom Guy
Go with 5 and 3.
Mumen Rider, Trevor will look good on you.

I like your idea, anons.

>> No.10457797

You should be the first to post using the no-picture template! You gave so many suggestions, I feel like we could at least throw some your way too.

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Would it be okay to just post myself without the ideas part? My brain is tiny and I really don't have any ideas for myself. I know it's not really following this threads template but its kinda the only thread I see for this stuff and when people make unique threads for questions they get reee'd at

>> No.10463777

I don’t think people would have a problem if you did. The only rule people hold fast to is the “give three suggestions to get suggestions” one.
I’d advise listing some vidya/anime/tv series that you like to increase the odds of other anons suggesting something relevant to your interests, but you can ignore that if you want to go full luck-of-the-draw

>> No.10463782
File: 29 KB, 179x184, msedge_STPKN7ie2m.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Personally I'd be happy with the full on random suggestions. I don't like giving suggestions just because I don't feel like I have a good understanding of this which is kinda why I'm asking in the first place, but I'll do my best. I'll just throw together a few images into one singular giga-image of myself and post then

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File: 2.29 MB, 2072x934, cosplayrecs1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You'd look great as Millie!

Vincent for SURE

Melissa from Parasite Eve or Jennifer from Clock Tower!

Genderbent Nico is a cute idea! Probably the easiest option for a first cosplay as well.

>> No.10464920

(cont. from last post)

I think you'd make a great Legosi! Red Mist from Kickass also springs to mind.

Bridget from Guilty Gear :^)

I agree w/ the anon that mentioned Beverly Marsh

>> No.10465038

Great choices all around, but I feel like Misa, Ann, and Envy are screaming your name. Otherwise I'd suggest Bishamon from Noragami, Ash from Overwatch, Revvy from Black Lagoon, or Shiro from Deadman Wonderland.

>> No.10465040

Oops, my dumbass dropped the tag

>> No.10465358

Go for it! It's a way to see what others would think you'd look best as and I think its fun to do that anyway. Maybe just give some genres of things you're familiar with so you're more likely to get a suggestion you recognize.

>> No.10465360

I would love to see a Nadja cosplay
Fuckin love that show

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File: 3.36 MB, 2903x1600, cgl suggestions v2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You seem like you've got a really good handle on what type of characters you fit best! I'm definitely with everyone else on Futaba, but I'm also going to recommend Lenore from "Castlevania". You've got a naturally cute look to you, but you could also twist that just enough to look conniving and manipulative. I'm also gonna say Holo from "Spice and Wolf" as well if you want something easier to make than Lenore.

If you're interested in making big props for pictures and the like, I'd recommend Seras Victoria from "Hellsing". I'll admit I know very little about how to read measurements, but from your pictures it seems like you could also pull off Tohru from "Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid". Plus you say you already know how to make wings!

If you do the Sniktbub do the yellow suit, never seems to be enough classic Wolverine at cons. This is gonna be a bit of a less popular character to recommend, but your build and beard makes me think Vandal Savage from DC. But if you're looking for something more well known, Arthur Morgan from RDR2 I think would be great too.

Yun-Seong from "Soul Calibur" might work for you! It's got the sword prop and he's shirtless. Also seconding Gan Ning, Dynasty Warriors will always be nestled cozy in my nostalgic days from when I was a kid.

Shit bruv, you could pull off any superhero you want looking like that. If you're looking to build great big mecha suits like that LoL one, look up the Gawain from "Code Geass". It's got a similar bulky aesthetic and if you wanna get REALLY crazy with it, put red LED's in it for the Hadron Cannons.

Seconding Levi from "Attack on Titan", but yes, definitely play into being kinda short and everything that comes with it! Check out Shoyo Hinata from "Haikyuu" and Jacuzzi Splot from "Baccano"

>> No.10469170


There was another anon that recommended doing a male version of Miku, and maybe that'd be a fun direction to go in! picking female characters you like and creatively redesigning them in a genderbent fashion.

Absolutely Aizawa and Mugen, but let me throw you a curve ball and suggest Ash Williams from "Evil Dead/Army of Darkness".

Really loving the "Hazbin Hotel" ideas! Since you say you're pretty new to cosplay I'm gonna recommend Supergirl from DC Comics and Riza Hawkeye from "Fullmetal Alchemist". They should both be pretty easy to get your hands on or to create pieces for since they're from popular series, and I think you could rock both. Plus, the nice thing about cosplaying Supergirl is that she's had so many different costumes that you could even get creative with the design of it yourself.

You're a fiend for reminding me this exists...
I always found that American Superheroes are perfect for giving your own interpretation on costumes since they all seem to have so many different versions from so many different artists. Lot's of wiggle room! Captain Marvel, Power Girl, Emma Frost, and Harley Quinn are just a couple that come to mind for blonde characters.

>> No.10469197
File: 3.01 MB, 4146x1870, 1586375026836.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Aela from Skyrim
Chiba from BECK mongolian Chop Squad, you're a dead ringer for his style bro
Nathan Drake bro

>> No.10469454

The Deep from the Boys tv show (comics Deep is black)
I immediately thought of Guts before looking at your list. Do that

>> No.10469460

Chris Redfield

>> No.10477915
File: 1.40 MB, 4146x1870, reccs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not sure if it really counts as horror, but I think you'd make a cute June or Phi from Zero Escape, also Heather from Silent Hill 3 is a simple enough outfit that'd help with practicing sewing

I agree with other anons that you're a great fit for Aizawa and Vincent. Also it's a bit out there since it's not a costume you can really easily pull together from premade parts, but Olruggio from the manga Witch Hat Atelier also has that kind of scruffy sleep deprived look

Absolutely Hat Kid, I'm not sure how to explain it but your face just has the same kind of energy she does. You'd also suit Marnie from Pokemon Sword/Shield really well!

Absolutely Misa, Envy and Tomie, also your makeup in a lot of the selfies you included as well as the full body pic with the jacket really reminds me of Mitsuru from Persona 3 (more specifically, her outfit in P4 Arena)

>> No.10481141

I am biased but a Clara cosplay would be so fucking cool and unique.

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