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Brand souvenir jackets when?

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Meta has Teddy Motors or whatever, unless you mean specifically sukajans.

Those would look great with fairy kei or casual pastel but unless the silhouette was adjusted might look off with lolita the same way cardigans that are too normie or work for fairy kei can make lolita look frumpy/mess up the shape of an outfit if not chosen well.

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MILK already did it

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Man it's so cute I almost regret not getting it. But only almost.

Those anons who dared to order through SS, did it work? If so, what did you get?

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>Girl Gang Edition
who's ass are we kicking in full burando?

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can we curb stomp my rapist ex in frills? (wear black coords)

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Stick his eyes out with a black parasol while wearing full Moitie.

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>the last thing he ever sees
wholesome murder fantasies desu

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We got you anon <3

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>shit thread

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Not to mention cringey asf. Take this shit back to IG.

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ok srs question

how many with IG accounts have received random dickpicks from guys reacting to our lolita coords?

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you could try productively adding to it

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I’ve literally never received a dick pic in my life. I’m pretty much conventionally attractive, have a large online presence both in and out of lolita and have done a lot of online dating, and have never even received an offer of a dick pic. I feel like the idea of men bombarding poor innocent females with photos of their junk is a meme that doesn’t reflect reality.

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even my normie accounts have gotten unwanted dick pics/come-ons and i have a minimal online presence limited to friends and acquaintances. when i started lolita i got creepy messages after the very first post, presumably from men who just follow lolita hashtags. maybe you're just not as attractive as you think? that, or extremely lucky

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consider yourself lucky and recognize that your experiences are not universal.

same here, even an account that only had a couple tagged photos on it immediately garnered unpleasant negging and a dick pic. i think you're right about dudes tagstalking. i don't think i'm super attractive or anything either, i'm pretty plain and wear goth/classic.

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me me me me me me menemememememeeeee “I’ve never received a dick pic and i think I’m hot, so that must mean all girls are lying!!” Me me me me me

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I've always avoided the #lolita hashtag, always went for the more fashion specific ones. I haven't had bad experiences on IG either so maybe that helps?

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Like I get it, sometimes I get a ”hi” from a guy I don’t know to my PMs but do you like continue chatting with them? I never got a dickpic cause I don’t give these guys attention.

Only once when I didn’t asnwer the guy called me a whore.

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No, I’ve had guys send me pictures without so much as a hello. The more tame ones just start by asking for pictures

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It’s such an issue that websites like Facebook will automatically blur images if someone randomly sends you one. You’re honestly so clueless that I have to assume you’re a LARPing man or just incredibly ugly.

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I haven't. I've gotten some creepy comments and 1am but I immediately block them; I also block any man who interacts with my account in any way that isn't clearly involved in j-fashion.

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How do you feel about this new Neon Star Dinner collection? Did you manage to get anything? Do you keep you fingers crossed for re-relese?

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More details pics from KERA

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Couldn't get it, but I'm obsessed with it. I want every colorway.

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Is it just me or does the Daily-EGL group have an even higher rate of itas than CoF? Maybe because they're not afraid of being posted on cgl?

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Bingo. Daily egl is the real hug box, its even modded by itas.

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Forever grateful I went for AP Paris. I got the pink OP and headband, I'm so excited!

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Just let me know the place sis.

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Like COF is any better? don't forget that it's a hugbox for kinksters and sissies....

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They're both garbage, wish we had something else.

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I've had plenty creepy comments/messages from men but I've never received a dick pic out of nowhere. Don't act like it's some kind of test of attractiveness so you can feel better than others for going through an unpleasant experience.

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I love it, really hoping AP continues to go for retro

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Like what, a ~pretty girls club~ that is only open to those who can coord well? Give me a break, that's just unrealistic.

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It's only unrealistic because everyone expects a hugbox. Just have a rule that says "no itas" and delete everything that looks like garbage. I don't care if someone ís pretty or not, that has nothing to do with how good their outfits look unless they're fat and dress for their size.

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*don't dress for their size

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This idea is going to end up like the sewing one. Its easy to say that, hard to do. People go onto cgl to complain for the sake of it, and you will either get lots of complaining about the taste of the mods, or they will chicken out and be more lenient.

Remember that a good chunk of cgl is the itas, sissies and edgy oldschoolers you hate.

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That was initially the plan for Daily EGL, a place meant for mostly concrit and ~filtering out~ the newbs and sissies.

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Were there any items you initially disliked but then bought because it was on sale? Did you end up liking the item?

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Pas de deux in the blue moon from btssb, it always sells cheap on lacemarket but holy fuck is that dress gorgeous in person — beautiful cotton print, corset boning in the bodice, and a cut that really prettily accentuates your waist. Most underrated dress ever!

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I tend to overlook solid color or two-color dresses until I run into them again for cheap somewhere. Every time I get a "boring" solid dress I always end up wearing it way more then a print I love and have access to.

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so it's a radfem place? i'll be joining soon then

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It's not radfem, fuck off. It only targets real sissies.

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*excludes, not target. Though there's an anti-sissy fb group too out there that's all about calling those sick fucks out and warning the community so other lolitas can block them.

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i honestly think we need a GC Daily EGL group

there are guys on the anti-sissy fb group so that defeats the purpose

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I wouldn't pay money for something that I actually, actively, disliked, sale or not. At the very least I have to slightly like the item to pay any money to put it in my closet.

I've seen dresses I completely overlooked that looked much better in person, but it's very rare that I'll find something I actively disliked turn into something I like. It's usually more like, I was on the fence about buying it before, and now that I see it I like it. Rather than I used to hate it and now I like it.

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The main issue here is the content. Where would you find the people who's willing to share pics targeting themselves to be publicly kicked out? I could imagine some efamous lolitas taking the challenge, but it's not really safe for web reputation, so people may refuse.

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I don't doubt there'd be people willing to post, I just doubt there'd be people willing to mod. They'll definitely get backlash.

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Ugh I posted too late in the previous thread, but to the anon asking about paying for a translator, same. I can supply raws, picking up from where he last group left off, I can typeset, I just need someone to translate. Anyone interested shoot an email.

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people's feelings would be hurt, so every deleted post would turn into a debate over completely subjective opinions on what constitutes "good" lolita".

besides, most people who want to mod things are weird itas with a power complex. look at how they've fucked up the other pages. i wouldn't trust them to judge quality lolita.

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It's probably because normal well dressed lolitas see it as a fashion. They don't really care about online lolita communities. Like you can have friends you've made through meets, but normal people treat them like normal friends whom you share a hobby with.

Itas and babylitas use online lolita communities to fulfill their lolita dreams.

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Guys can be into lolita fashion and not be sissies, there's a huge difference between liking the fashion and getting off from it. As I said, neither of them are safe spaces for radfems.

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>neither of them are safe spaces for radfems
thank fuck for that.

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If the world was in a more stable place + wasn't waiting for strawberry crown, I would have went for it

>> No.10371984

Okay, now I feel a bit bad for spending money on lolita recently.

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If women didn't get doxxed for speaking about our biology and rights I would make a GC/radfem Lolita group myself

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Only after you saw that anon's post?

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Why? If your situation is stable and you can afford it, the you shouldn't feel bad. It's just my situation isn't stable enough to feel comfortable with going for both releases, so I'm holding out for the one I want more

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I've never gotten random dick pics either anon but I know people who have.
The world doesn't revolve around you and I suspect you're just trolling for replies with this kind of post.

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>Just have a rule that says "no itas"
the real reason it's not possible is because it's fucking SUBJECTIVE.
What you find ita, someone else won't.
You would have to run the group yourself if you wanted it to be perfect to your liking.
And then not many people would join or stay because they'd find you to be a perfectionist.
You seem like a no fun allowed type cunt, anyway.

>> No.10372074

I bet people would join and post until they saw people getting kicked for how they look. It would then turn into a huge dumpster fire.
The anon who brought this up is anon however, so they won't be doing this anyway cause they're posting here instead of actually creating that group.

They just want to complain about how they don't get the content they want as a lolita.

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>mention how it's subjective
>go off on itas anyway

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this reeks of "i've been 'bullied' on CoF" energy

>> No.10372103

Yea, of course you're going to say that but I've never posted in CoF.
Someone doesn't have to be a victim to feel this way.

>> No.10372108

If everyone blocks all the sissies won't they wither away?

I want them to still exist so we can keep making fun of them just like the itas

>> No.10372109

But they want you to make fun of them is the problem. They get off on that.

>> No.10372110

Yeah until the creator turned out to be a back stabbing ita who posts itas here and bitches about getting posted here for her shittier coords.

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Well shit. I didn't want it until now that you are showing me "ELECTRICAL MUSIC." I love Engrish and dumbass shit like that

>> No.10372131

Wait what??

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>If everyone blocks all the sissies won't they wither away?
You say that as though it's a bad thing, I'd rather see them perish for good. There's too much history of them being predatory towards lolitas and that isn't funny.

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>> No.10372212

The last crusade?

>> No.10372220

I think the primary problem with these groups is the mods. I would prefer a group modded by people who consistently dress well and have no drama attached to them. Daily EGL mod is a terrible person, but the CoF mods are inactive in both posting coords and modding, nor do they dress particularly well from the ones I've seen. Still, /cgl/ creates drama for every lolita that gains even a shred of notoriety so it'd be difficult.

>> No.10372223

Agreed. I think drama is inescapable in the lolita community. It’s just how humans are.

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I’ve earned more money this year already than last year due to day trading. Shorted the fuck out of stonks in March and bought the dip. Waiting for the real estate market to collapse so I can scoop out up a nice house in a great neighborhood.

>> No.10372262

This. It’s some magical princess girly club to them

>> No.10372263

the vetting server wants to be a pretty girls club, but has ended up letting in so many of the girls it used to mock. a lot of the people there are nice, but there's one or two bad apples.

>> No.10372272

How do you put the op on? It has no back zipper.

>> No.10372274

I had a pretty bad experience with that server. They mocked me openly in the server while I was in it and they knew I was. They even mentioned it. It was just weird and not worth dealing with.

>> No.10372275

I see buttons all the way down the front.

>> No.10372277

Hey wonderfutch

>> No.10372287

Cringey and embarrassing. Wow the edge.

>> No.10372292

I've gotten them when I was underage, the first time I got one I said I was 12-13 in a chat. Men are utter and complete trash and they should all be killed.

>> No.10372297

Me too. Can’t wait to get a nice investment property

>> No.10372298

Side zip?

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So could you, faggot.

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I wish it would be possible to enforce a rule that everyone should contribute their own coords at least once a month or something. My biggest issue with COF is that there are so many people in it who are basically spectators who don’t really wear the fashion and have terrible taste, so costumey or gimmicky coords are hyped up while good but simpler coords are buried.

>> No.10372346

Make a group with this rule then. You do realise it would take huge amounts of mod effort to enforce it?

>> No.10372347

would floords be allowed in that? I don't like posting myself much

>> No.10372348

Nice to see other lolitas doing trading!

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What do you guys look for in a good blouse? Is there a specific type of blouse or combination of characteristics that you really want but can't find?

>> No.10372362

congrats sherlock, you figured out how opinions work

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I feel like that's a super broad question, but personally I've been looking for the following

- a square or wide round neckline
- 3/4 or full length sleeves
- cotton material

Pic related is very close to what I would want, but I've never seen it sold. Most of the cotton blouses I see sold have either high necks or super wide peter pan collars, and nearly all the more elegant ones I see are polyester.

>> No.10372367

>enter to rufflechat
>read post about ridiculous concrit
> 90% of comments are pity parties

Why western lolitas are crybabies?

>> No.10372368

go to the wtb thread.

>> No.10372375

Snowflake 'culture'

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File: 77 KB, 700x840, CI81X08_006_LL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like a more casual style for blouses but most brands brands either don't match my style, or they make everything out of horrible unbreathable fabric. I like Jane Marple quality and style wise but their cuts fit so weirdly on me that I've given up on them (shoulders too narrow and everywhere else too big). Now something which looks nice and actually fits me like Axes Femme would be nice but in a decent cotton fabric instead.

>> No.10372388

Weird choice of blouse, you dont like high neck?
What will it be paired with?

>> No.10372409

I saw the thread, sure there some flakes, but it really goes to show that normies/itas need stfu with their awful advice in cof or better yet, their needs to be proper vetting to keep them out.

>> No.10372413

same fag, but kek at people thinking everyone who writes something nasty about lolitas in the cof/ita thread isn't a scrote passing though.

>> No.10372414

Wish I knew how to stonk

>> No.10372438

Maoists rise up

>> No.10372572

It could be a good thread but you have an overhelming mayority of comments like "wahh they call me fat/nigger/ugly" throwing pity parties.
A fun and constructive thread transformed on a self loathing circlejerk.
Really makes me wonder how these woman do with real life problems.

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Looks like Soapbox is finally banned? All the listings are gone.

>> No.10372577

thank fucking god

>> No.10372578

of course all of the hamplanets complained about getting called fat.
>but muh genetics!

god, fb lolitas are the worst.

>> No.10372584

Sorry, I’m totally out of the loop. What were they banned for?

>> No.10372585

Selling dildos

>> No.10372592

I wear classic and have wide shoulders by Japanese standards so I’m always on the lookout for classic blouses that fit and flatter me. That means no huge Peter Pan collars or big bows at my throat, fitted sleeves and ideally a square neckline but those are pretty rare, especially in natural fibers. And of course quality lace in a matching (or tastefully contrasting) colour. Also if the blouse is designed to wear untucked over a skirt it’s nice if there are waist bows or lacing in the back.

>> No.10372602

NAYRT but high necks can be uncomfortable, some people don't like having something around their neck

>> No.10372606

probably spamming

>> No.10372613

Finally !

>> No.10372657

Good riddance, that's my favorite Easter gift so far

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>> No.10372711 [DELETED] 

Thank god. It was likely because she had 100+ listings of “EASTER SPRING BREAK SALE” on every listing plus she posted in her TOS that she refused to confirm her paypal and that she “should just be trusted” because she “has such good feedback for years”
I gave her negative feedback that was well deserved and mods changed it to positive and edited what i put

>> No.10372714

Finally. Her TOS was sketchy as fuck with the “I refuse to confirm my paypal and I should just be trusted” bullshit

>> No.10372722 [DELETED] 

Sorry you’re poor

>> No.10372725

With requirements that specific I think you might be better off making one yourself. Then it will be perfect for you!

>> No.10372732

Is that the one that had all the bodyline? I remember looking at some point and felt there was one user selling a whole lot of dresses that were wrinkled all to hell

>> No.10372735

Does anyone still have packages that haven't left Japan yet?

>> No.10372736

No, the one with all the bodyline is cherry_sp. Soapbox is the one that had the wish-style long names and crazy high prices and made entire coordinate shots so you couldn’t tell what the hell shexwas selling. Also deleted and reposted her listings every few days and lied about measurements

>> No.10372737 [DELETED] 


Nah the bodyline scalper is cherry_sp

>> No.10372739 [DELETED] 


>lied about measurements

I feel like this is one of the cardinal sins of selling lolita

>> No.10372741


>> No.10372743

Yep. One of mine updated with "return to sender" today.

>> No.10372745

i wish LM would ban people like that. this kind of shit gets banned on ebay.

>> No.10372758

Mine has been stuck on Accepted since 4/6 since its ems I'm hoping it goes through soon

>> No.10372761 [DELETED] 

They did, which is why we're all happy

You got your wish anon (as did the rest of us)

>> No.10372762


>> No.10372765

All of my orders have been stuck on "Posting/Collection" since 04/03, both EMS and ePacket.

>> No.10372772

yeah there's a couple of people that think their word is law. I'd say who but I've noticed very benign posts saying she isnt all that have been getting removed so like, I'll shut my mouth since she seems to have a janny friend.

>> No.10372774

anyone else love novelty items? i have so many useless AP novelties it's crazy.

>> No.10372789

I got a cutsew from her that she said goes up to 120cm. My chest is 98cm and it was way too small. I got it and started laughing, it was literally a child’s size shirt.

>> No.10372794 [DELETED] 


Damn that's way fucking off. 120cm is like close to the largest end of plus size in lolita there is no way she could have messed that up unless lolibrary was wrong or she blatantly lied

>> No.10372804

ho shit i just saw. praise be to LM mods for finally growing a brain.

>> No.10372805

i've seen things that have lolibrary measurements listed and she would put bigger max measurements, she was definitely doing it on purpose.

>> No.10372806

Same but since April 1st, by god if this gets sent back to sender I hope the shipping cost gets refunded.

>> No.10372809

Same but since March 28th and registered SAL

>> No.10372816 [DELETED] 

Sorry you don't recognize that holding property hostage over others is a shitty thing to do.

>> No.10372822

My sal package was returned to Zenmarket and they gave me a refund. If you used them you'll likely get a refund too, don't know if other services do the same though.

>> No.10372824


>> No.10372836 [DELETED] 

Renting is not holding property hostage, many people chose to rent instead of buying. If you don’t like renting then buy it yourself. If you can’t afford to it means you made poor life choices and shouldn’t expect to get things for free. In most places a monthly mortgage is less than rent. Down payments are 0% if you’ve served in the military or in other federal service. You could have made the choices that would allow you to own property but you didn’t. Stop expecting people who made the right life choices to give you things for free. With the money you’ve likely spent on lolita you could probably have afforded a down payment on a modest condo in a undesirable neighborhood. Once you’ve got your foot on the first rung, climbing the property ladder is easy from there. Grow up.

>> No.10372844

>modest condo in a undesirable neighborhood

I wonder, are left people realize that property free for all doesn't necessary imply roomy apartment with floor-to-ceiling windows and stucco molding somewhere in the middle of fancy city. It could be a small condo or even a dorm room.

>> No.10372846

I'd bought from her before and her personality seemed kind of oddly overly-friendly (she encouraged to send social media links of the clothing in coords so she could like and share them) but she seemed nice enough and I had no problem with the order. Had no idea

>> No.10372848

I haven't heard of EMS getting returned so I'm still hopeful. I used Tenshi so I'd feel bad if she had to refund me out of her own pocket when it's not her fault.

>> No.10372854

Wait a moment, aren't ss supposed to just re-send the stuff they got returned?

>> No.10372857 [DELETED] 


Nayrt but there are a lot of people who aren't able to get their foot on the first rung of the property ladder for a variety of reasons besides "poor choices". Yes for a lot of people being irresponsible when you're young or not making the best decisions can impact your future and other things but it's more complex than you paint it to be. And some people are just born at the top of the ladder to begin with.

And on the note about down payments being 0% with military service:

1. The military has a ton of abuse and sometimes sexual assault going on that is overlooked and covered up or applauded/approved of that is more than enough reason for anyone with a vagina to be hesitant about joining.

2. You shouldn't have to pledge your life to a corrupt government to be able to afford to buy a home, assuming you did everything else "right" and are still low income

3. Some people are disallowed from serving in the military on the basis of mental health or physical impairment. Depending on the impairment, so they don't even have that option and struggling with a mental or physical disability may mean they're less likely to be working a high paying job depending on the disability (sure you could be an accountant if you have one arm or something but if you have severe mental illness your cognitive function and productivity is limited and in the US companies are legally allowed to pay you less depending on how much accommodation you need or how much less efficient you are than an able bodied and minded person.

Not that what you're saying is completely wrong, and I understand what you're trying to say, and renting a place out isn't exactly "holding property hostage" as the other anon put it, it just doesn't take into account a lot of factors in people's lives that make them unable to take advantage of the same opportunities if they are even aware of them.

>> No.10372858

Yeah I hope it's not out of Zenmarket's pocket either, cause they are not responsible for this. I asked them if ems is still available and they said yes so I'm going to have it shipped again. Hopefully everything goes well cause I don't want it to get returned again.

>> No.10372860 [DELETED] 

Oh shit finally. What exactly did they get banned for?

>> No.10372863

*and sucking them all

>> No.10372865

thank you so much for confirming this! i had my suspicions from looking at her listings and knowing the approximate sizing of some of the pieces. i just figured she was an idiot, but i guess at a certain point stupidity and malice become indistinguishable.

get some nuance and also recognize that more things lead to financial difficulty than simply making ~poor life choices~.

>anyone with a vagina
why is this dehumanizing language considered politically correct?

>> No.10372869
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>> No.10372870

Because trans people exist

>> No.10372878 [DELETED] 


I wasn't trying to be transphobic. In fact, a FtM trans person might even be more susceptible to sexual assault if placed with cis males and "outed".

Let's be real though most of the outright rape out there in the world is being commuted by cisgendered men against children or people with 2 X chromosomes or other men in some situations.

>> No.10372879

>why is this dehumanizing language considered politically correct?
Right? It makes us sound like pieces of meat hanging at a market. For a group that claims to not to care about genitalia, it's odd to refer to a group of people with that as the identifier. Women did not go through the shit we did for centuries to be reduced to such a reductionist word.

I'm not ashamed to be called a woman because I don't tolerate internalized misogyny.

>> No.10372883

It's not a term for women, otherwise you'd say women. Not all people with vaginas identify as women. There are a lot of trans men who look and sound like men but just haven't had gender reassignment surgery. They're people with vaginas but not women.

>> No.10372884

>calling men men
>not calling women women
keep deepthroating that boot handmaiden

>> No.10372888

Fuck I miss old cgl so much, this isn't even funny anymore. Wtf is this discussion?

>> No.10372894

Stop giving them gender dysphoria by constantly reminding them of their vagina then maybe?

>> No.10372895

Agree. Trans women are supposed to always be called women but trans men are “people with vaginas”
It’s misogyny and TRAs perpetrate it

>> No.10372900

EMS stuck in acceptance, and 2 ePacket that refuse to update. I'm in a country that Japan is supposedly still shipping to as well.

I'm so nervous about this... will CC or WW hold packages if they get returned? Not too worried about working things out with my SS but the other two are companies so I guess I'll have to email if that happens.

>> No.10372901

>Men are utter and complete trash and they should all be killed.

Louder for the gals in the back, please.

>> No.10372903 [DELETED] 


I'm >>10372857, not the person you just quoted

And I was trying not to piss off any non gender-critical people by not specifying gender but my fucking goodness do you have to be so insufferable about it? This type of shit is why people are anti trans and assume all FtMs are genderspecial fakebois. Even when people who don't subscribe to your particular thought process around gender try to be polite you still find a reason to be mad and miss the whole point of the post anyway which had nothing to do with trans people anyway. Sorry the thought of someone having to be reminded of a vagina that they were born with and lived most of their life with is so horrifyingly offensive to you.

>> No.10372904 [DELETED] 

Don't worry I think trans women are "people with penises" too, and find it hard to sympathize with them unless they've been through something more serious than "realizing they are a woman"; they lived their most formative years socialized as a male with all the cockiness, confidence, rude behavior, and lack of respect for actual women and now expect special treatment and are considered "more oppressed" than women and get to call lesbians terfs if they don't want to fuck them. I don't hate trans women but the entitlement is purely male and a result of being raised with a dick most of the time.

>> No.10372905

>why can't people just stop being poor??

>> No.10372906

I wasn't replying to you, I didn't read you post.

>> No.10372907 [DELETED] 


It seemed like you were responding to both because you and/or multiple others complained about acknowledging that some trans men may still have vaginas (I don't see this as misogyny, just a reality).

>> No.10372908

Go to /lgbt/ and stop shitting up this board with your idiotic no1curr politics

>> No.10372909 [DELETED] 


Their entire post basically

>Stop being poor, something something bootstraps, I worked so hard to get where I am and you can too, something something

>> No.10372912

this thread need to get moved to /lgbt/ the way the animal crossing thread got moved to /vg/

>> No.10372913

I don't even rent, but thanks for making lots of assumptions about me. I was lucky enough to have parents who let me live with them until I could save up to make a down payment on a home. However, I don't have my head up my ass, and I recognize that my situation is far from the norm. If my parents had simply made me move out or if they didn't live in a place where I could go to university or get a job in my field, I wouldn't be in the position I am now. It's that easy to go from being able to afford something to not.

Also, yes, renting IS holding property hostage because people are paying money for something they'll never truly get to own. The person who owns the building is having their mortgage paid off by others, and landlords often buy up multiple buildings and then drive rent up to leave almost no options for those who don't have a large amount of money to make a down payment.

And finally, even if someone has made "poor" life choices, they still deserve a roof over their heads. It's fucking evil to think otherwise.

>> No.10372915 [DELETED] 


It managed to spiral from off topic posts about housing to off topic posts about gender shit

>> No.10372921

It should've said "any woman" instead. Since, y'know, all women own a vagina lol.

>> No.10372925

You're getting to the bottom of it all...

TRA's are MRA's disguised as dysphoric males but in reality they're just autogynephiles

>> No.10372933 [DELETED] 


I'm sure the majority of them are.

A white man puts on a dress or the worst cheap lipstick and is suddenly oppressed and can force lesbians to fuck his "vagina" (pre-op or not, they love calling penises female sex organs) lest they be accused of being TERFs

I'm glad that people in lolita are more wary of these sorts of men and more gender critical to protect ourselves. And for legitimate trans women who just want to pass and live a normal life and all, however few they may be if at all, I hope they find a way to separate themselves from that group of perverts.

>> No.10372934

EMS is the only type going through and it's not going through until it's been held for up to 14 days.

>> No.10372936 [DELETED] 


no spoilers on cgl I'm pretty sure, newfriend

>> No.10372937

I'm in the same boat as you. It would suck. Mine's neen stuck since April 2
It probably means that there aren't any planes from JP to US or other destination for them to ship.

>> No.10372938 [DELETED] 

Yep. Couldn't stand that they weren't getting attention so they opted in to being oppressed to divert from real issues. Never met one where it wasn't a sexual fetish. I'd love to be trans racial so I could get attention but that one hasn't caught on yet

>> No.10372940 [DELETED] 


Fuck, I'm a minority and a female; I wish I could opt OUT of some of the actual oppression/racism/sexism I've experienced, and these people are opting into it.

>> No.10372944

I wish we could be open about our disdain for AGPs on FB. COF is full of men like that Morgan (or Morrigan, I forget) dude. Not even hiding his love of shitting in diapers.

>> No.10372946

Right? smfh these fuckers think that having boobs/long hair/fake nails/wearing makeup/skirts/heels/liking the color pink is being a girl... lmfao.

>> No.10372948

I hate trannies as much as the next gull but you dumb faggots are going to get the thread nuked. Talk about lolita or gtfo

>> No.10372949

been lurking /cgl/ for almost ten years now but never really post a thing, thanks for the info anon

>> No.10372951 [DELETED] 


Seriously, whenever threads get moved it just serves as an invitation for crossboarding scrotes to appear and shit up any threads they suspect have female posters in them.

Are brands not posting updates or advertising new pieces? I haven't checked any of their pages much recently and haven't seen any dumps of new releases recently here either.

>> No.10372953

Ok we get it lolitas are gender critical

but has anybody tried to do a sukeban x lolita mashup tho? if so drop those pics before this gets nuked

>> No.10372955 [DELETED] 
File: 138 KB, 720x1087, 6f700b653efe843790d1cd305b7484d0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


This is the first thing with brand in it that came up when I searched "sukeban lolita fashion"

I can see why no one has done this yet; gave me a good laugh tho

>> No.10372959

I wish it'd get nuked so new thread is started from the scratch

>> No.10372960

This is awful and she should feel bad about it

>> No.10372961

i... ok. i don't even know what to say about this.

i don't know what else i was expecting, either.

>> No.10372962 [DELETED] 


Yeah we were off to a bad start with the weird "let's murder your ex bf while wearing loli gang jackets" roleplay and it just got worse.

>> No.10372963

>seifuku dress
>deliquent edgelord accessories
that's a recipe for ita garbage

>> No.10372966 [DELETED] 

Yeah sure they deserve a roof. Like a shelter or a dorm or a single room. Enough so they don’t die of exposure. You want a nice apartment or a single family home? Pay for it. I understand there will always be people who are disabled or have other mitigating circumstances and can’t afford housing and there are (or should be) programs to help them get by, but the majority of people I know who can’t afford their own place spend waaaay more money on things that don’t really matter like eating out, small trips, concerts, etc. Many of my friends are low income and they all chose that life because it was fun to party instead of go to school or they have useless art school degrees they don’t use even as a personal hobby. They think, oh it’s only $8 for a burger here, only $40 for Netflix/Hulu/etc, only $15 for a movie ticket, etc. It adds up. The library has free movies and free computers. Most coffee shops have free wifi. Parks are free. Most produce is way cheaper than pre-made food. People are just too used to convenience. I’m sick of seeing people using the small percentage of actually disadvantaged people as an excuse to waste money and expect things for free. It makes access to the programs for people who need them that much harder, and makes the tax-paying public resent the programs. They pretend to support the disadvantaged and count themselves among them but are doing more harm than good because of the life they’re actively choosing.

>> No.10372967

I like everything from the waist down. The rest can go

>> No.10372968 [DELETED] 


>art school degrees are useless
>mfw I am a graphic designer making >$75K annually entry level after going to art school (not a ton but definitely more than "useless")
>mfw fashion and animation school is "art school" too and you're involved in a hobby that is either lolita or cosplay related based on you being on this board and likely spend money on art created in part by people who are and associate with those people with "useless" degrees.

You must mean liberal arts, senpai

>> No.10372973 [DELETED] 

No I don’t mean liberal arts degrees, and don’t mean all art school degrees or liberal arts degrees are useless, but some definitely are. Art is a valuable contribution to society, but getting an art history or fashion design degree and never pursuing a job in that field is a useless degree

>> No.10372975 [DELETED] 

>why is this dehumanizing language considered politically correct?
This shit all started with "people of color" imo. Something that would have gotten my mouth slapped as a kid was suddenly the only correct way to talk about a group. It all went downhill from there.

I'm almost convinced there is some group out there just trying to see what stupid bullshit they can get social justice people to repeat. They keep going further and further like it's a game, seeing what demeaning new language they can get all these people to start correcting each other over. But there's no bottom.

>> No.10372979
File: 37 KB, 384x512, CB0333D6-D1FD-487D-9D81-0D62DC4F9198.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Did anyone enter or get anything in Baby SF’s lottery this last weekend?

>> No.10372980 [DELETED] 

You seem really removed from the reality of most people struggling to pay bills. Almost 70% of the US lives paycheque to paycheque. School can be incredibly expensive, jobs pay less than they should and are often not giving full time hours, entry-level positions are almost non-existent, and moving up in a company can be impossible. Financial security is an unknown to most people, and very little of it comes down to personal choices.

If at the end of the month, when all your bills and rent are paid, you spent $100-200 on Netflix, eating out, movies, etc, it doesn't matter. Because even if you saved that every month, it would take a decade to save up for a down payment. A decade of not having any bit of fun or normalcy in your life. You can argue that some of these costs can be replaced by things like libraries or cooking for yourself, but not everyone has a library that's easily accessible or carries a large catalogue of movies or new items, and food deserts exist, along with cooking fresh food can often take time and effort that not everyone has. Poor people deserve to live normal lives. They deserve to treat themselves, and they deserve happiness.

I'm not saying everyone gets a free mansion, but housing that suits each person's needs should be available and affordable to them, not bought up by those with already large bank accounts to then scalp to those who have no other choice.

>> No.10372984

But isn’t that any degree? If I get a degree in computer science, but then decide not to pursue a job in it...?

>> No.10372986 [DELETED] 


Am being frugal because of our gal-pal rona so I haven't felt comfortable buying anything just yet

>> No.10372992 [DELETED] 

You’re not even American if you’re spelling it “paycheque” so don’t even tell me about the reality of life in America. The “normal” life many poor Americans seem to crave u’is opulent by most standards and if the entire world lived that way it would be insupportable. I’m not going to cry for them because they’re sad they don’t live the fantastically wasteful life that is normalized in sitcoms. We have a problem with consumerism here and most Americans waste a huge percentage of their incomes on shit they don’t need and then whine about not being able to afford their own property. Yeah, it can take a generation to build enough wealth to own property, which is something hard working immigrants remember while spoiled white kids from the suburbs seem to think they’re owed it.

>> No.10372997

It’s way more common with art degrees, far more people choose them than the industry can support while other industries hurt for workers. Because people glamorize being a fashion designer or art professor and don’t want to just get a steady job in a reliable profession. So many of the trades are hurting for workers while every year universities churn out more political science and art history degrees

>> No.10372999
File: 47 KB, 480x640, 85AA5B19-5561-49C3-9FF3-AF217A4C26E7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love yellow colorways

>> No.10373000

I love using my AP washi tape for all kinds of things, it's a nice small detail for the lifestyle aesthetic. I've been thinking about getting some Imai Kira merch too when the pandemic is over.

Silence, parasite.

Anyway this thread is shit, let's make a new one

>> No.10373001 [DELETED] 


Nayrt but there are more poor people who don't own property in America than lazy spoiled suburban whites so maybe you don't know as much about the reality in America as you think you do.

>> No.10373003

Man her stuff always sells out so quick and I don't think she restocks often. Total bummer

>> No.10373004 [DELETED] 

Agreed, thread is shit.

>> No.10373006

this. not only that but ""americanon" sounds like she's referring to cities, which can be expensive if you choose to live there. however, most of us have cars. my city is one of the most expensive in the US, but i can move only 20 min away to a super cheap area that will take me less than 5 years to save up for.

>> No.10373008 [DELETED] 


A lot of people living in cities are too poor to afford a car, possibly because of the cost of living being higher and ride buses, which offer little to no access to the suburbs in some cities, or possibly because they were born poor and paying for a roof over their head was all they could afford.

Not defending anything one way or another but all Americans don't have cars and poor people living in a city are the least likely to.

You guys both sound like you grew up in and still live in the suburbs desu

>> No.10373010

You don't live here, so you don't know. A very real problem is that the properties these people rent aren't usually owned by a company or investor with 20+ properties. It's people like my parents who had to move for their military work. They own 1 house they've worked their whole lives to buy. They have no choice but to rent it out, and rent where they had to move for work. Someone demanding to live there for free isn't realistic or fair to them. I hate to paint the picture of welfare queens but that stereotype does exist. It might not be as common but it is a very real thing. They had tenants who spent their money on frivolous shit, tattoos, weed and were always somehow months behind on rent. It's not like they were hardworking blue collar folks who just needed understanding during a hard time.

While it would be nice for everyone to have shelter, demanding it from average working class people with 1 (or 2 at most) properties to their name is not the way to do it.

>> No.10373013

For those who want some actual lolita discussion, here's a new thread >>10373011

Everyone else should stay here and continue their discussion, but for the love of god at least sage when you post OT

>> No.10373014

Have you guys checked out Harajuku Hearts? It’s the store that AP San Fran shares with so all the stuff is in stock in America. They have Imai Kira goods in stock now! There’s a markup on their selection but I buy Qpot and listen flavor stuff from them all the time and once you factor in SS fees and international shipping it’s no different than getting it from Japan

>> No.10373032

I've seen these people paying paycheck to paycheck, and they are definitely not all truly poor. There are people who live paycheck to paycheck because they want a full-size car instead of economy, a huge tv instead of a small one, brand-name groceries instead of generic, overpriced snacks and energy drinks from the gas station instead of the grocery store, a weed habit, and watching Cops on YouTube instead of watching a lecture to learn a new skill and further their careers. And at the end of the pay period they act sad they have no money and work a shitty retail job. They think they
>>spent $100-200 on Netflix, eating out, movies, etc
but really they wasted way more on their totally necessary Captain Crunch, blunt wraps, air conditioned leather car seats, 5 more inches of tv screen, and lack of career progression.

They could have sold the house or never bought it in the first place. They chose to rent it. That's an investment. Their investment may not work out, and they may lose money on it. That's part of the risk they chose.

itt: a lot of people on both sides trying to blame others for their own problems

>> No.10373035

i'm from chicago live in boston, but go off. most people have cars, and moving to a area isn't hard.

>> No.10373037


What do you mean sold the house? I'm talking about the numerous people who rent and take the bus and can't afford to buy a house OR a car.

>> No.10373039


Most have cars but a lot take the bus. I'm a student and see tons of people taking the city bus to get to work those "essential" jobs still open during covid-19

>> No.10373049

my 2 recent airmail packages (epacket) have taken 9 and 12 days to go from the outward office to exchange to inward office of exchange and the EMS took like 4 days to get to the same point...they are running but like 4 times more slowly than normal

>> No.10373073

that response was to the person crying about how her poor parents are a smol business renting out a house they own and can't afford to have the tenants be late on rent even though there's a pandemic going on.

>> No.10373093

>watching a lecture to learn a new skill and further their careers.

You're an idiot if you really think just learning some skill via youtube is enough to actually get somebody a better job.

>> No.10373104

yea, a lot of foreigners wouldn't know that kek.

>> No.10373117

Maybe they should have pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and have saved 3 to 6 months of income :^)

>> No.10373706

I haven't been here in a few months and what the fuck is going on. Are people just going bonkers from the quarantine?

>> No.10373710


Just go to the new general senpai, the discussions there aren't all great but they're at least all lolita adjacent.

>> No.10373712

I wish all pro-/anti-tranny discussion was banned. It's such a blight. They've moved on from shitting up the general to shitting up the "mental health" bait thread.

>> No.10373719

maybe if crazy radfems would just let others live their lives without needing to pick them apart it would stop.

>> No.10373722


It kind of is banned. A lot of posts got deleted in this thread for being OT, the gender shit should be moved to LGBT unless it directly relates to jfashion in a way that's novel from what we already know.

>> No.10373731

you have to admit, it would be much easier to have a real discussion about gender in j-fash without the derailing from the radfem side specifically though. those posters don't actually discuss anything, they just ree about everyone but bio-women being sisses.

>> No.10373736


pro-trans posters derail too by engaging them pointlessly and ignoring any of the middle ground reasonable arguments people make about the subject.

This thread is a bust so see you all in the new general; sad that the OP pic went to waste and talk about Neon Star Diner in both of these threads has been limited; maybe people are tired of AP's kitschy vintage aesthetic items already.

>> No.10373774

taking the bait is derailing, yes but the terf/radfem side are usually instigating by going into conversations they don't agree with and derailing them. (ie "correcting" pronouns for no reason)

>> No.10373838

It is. You can learn programming, IT, web design, and graphic design on Youtube. There are real, full-length lectures available to prepare you for certification exams. Once you earn a certification, add it to your resume. You're not going to instantly get a job for Microsoft, but you can still upgrade your career from McDonald's drive-thru to Geek Squad then AT&T then hop departments.

>> No.10373871

Bruh as of late it's been the handmaidens talking shit about radfems. Maybe tell them to stop instigating and everyone will focus on lolita shit for once

>> No.10373872

new thread as this one is autosaging


>> No.10373990

This. And anyone gets called a terf for not agreeing with the pro-trans crowd. Doesn't make you a terf or radfem at all to be critical of transgenders, many people have this in common.

>> No.10374047

You're both annoying. Both groups need to stop. It's barely even /cgl/-related

>> No.10374086

lolno. you crazies can't stop yourselves from misgendering people and reeing about everyone being sissies.

>> No.10374157

first of all this isn't tumblr, second, for as long as cgl has been around there have been shitposts about ugly women looking like men. only trannies get this assmad about it though.

>> No.10374259

>You crazies
The joke is on you, you are the ones with mental illnesses and you're completely delusional about gender. Get some mental healthcare.

>> No.10374263

Sorry to break it to you but the DSM5 lists gender dysphoria as the illness and the treatment is transitioning, so psychiatric science doesn't agree with your transphobia.

>> No.10374357

The DSM has a long history of being wrong when it comes to gender and sexuality

>> No.10374370

It's at least based on science and empirical evidence, which I have yet to see any GC types provide

>> No.10374379

It is but the mentally ill trannies don't want to hear that. Science my ass.

>> No.10374428

Just stay in the crossdressing thread if calling men men hurts your feeling so much. Or even better, go back to wherever you came from and stay there.

>> No.10374456 [DELETED] 

So you do know that suicide rate doesn't drop when trannies transition right? Therapy (which isn't conversion therapy btw, that only applies to trying to change actual LGB sexualities and not straight dudes with a lesbian fetish) is hard and it takes years (as all therapy does) but it can help people with delusions be more comfortable with their sex. Sex dysphoria is a type of BDD so what do you do for BDD? Therapy and antipsychotics not cutting up healthy body parts. Why is it okay to deny anorexics surgery and extreme dieting but not okay to deny hormones and surgery to obvious AGPs?

>> No.10374497

I really like the print but I'm not a fan of the style and the long lace... the blouses are also really ugly especially the JSK/skirt and matching blouse combo.

>> No.10374498

For the love of god please fuck off to your containment board. Almost every single thread is like this, please learn to use 4chan and post in the appropriate places or go back to twitter.
4chan is not the place for troon acceptance outside of your board, so you're always going to be met with argument elsewhere. You aren't changing hearts and minds here, you're just ruining any on-topic discussion and we keep having to make new threads. Certainly you don't have topic dysphoria too?

>> No.10374509
File: 316 KB, 419x435, 1534455350820.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this fucking thread

>> No.10374536


There's another new general already gulls, just post in that one.

>> No.10374539

Go back to tumblr tranny.

>> No.10374556

Did you miss the part where anon is talking to both sides of the conversation? You are definitely more annoying than all the TRA/libfems.

>> No.10374562

Ok tranny

>> No.10374564
File: 21 KB, 182x268, 1572818688762.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

stop bumping this shit thread

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