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What was your last anime con before a virus named after a beer made for plebs ruined everything you loved?

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C2E2 in Chicago unironically

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Sakuracon 2016

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Pax east
The worst part about it was that someone else wanted to dress together with outfits I didn't really care about, I made the outfits yet they bailed

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UCSD Animefest- small free local college con in San Diego, really chill. I always like going because I've won prizes in the raffle every fucking year and people aren't off the walls batshit crazy

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Daisho con. It was so long ago, but at least I had a good time at the waterpark in swimsuit cosplays with my friends

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AX 2019
It fucking sucked, too.

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Obligatory otaku kino
(Cringe or otherwise)


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Anime Weekend Atlanta.
Should be at my local home town con right this very minute, but guess I'll just fuck off instead

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It was alright. I got to hang out with friends I haven't seen forever.

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Anime Dallas. I had a con literally the week the shutdown happened and didn't get to go. :(

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Katsucon. It was terrible. There was another con that in hindsight I really should have gone to instead. I'm upset that Katsucon will be my last con experience until at least July.

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It was way too crowded indoors this year. People with stupid large cosplays taking up too much space and the colder weekend weather than years past kept everyone indoors. Magfest was infinitely more fun and so much less stressful (we did have unseasonably warm mag weather to be sure). Those were my last 2 cons and I'm tired of the Gaylord

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I have never attended an anime-centric con

But if comic cons count, Its San Diego Comic Fest, it got held RIGHT before the CA govt started banning crowd gatherings

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I agree, it was way too crowded. I also made the grave mistake of attending and staying through the masquerade which had to have been 4 hours long with nearly 100 skits (WHYYY??). I wanted to tear my hair out after the 50th LoveLive dance number. There was even two of the same song. MAGFest was definitely better so I'm swearing off Katsucon forever.

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>clowns for volunteers as usual
>fewer entry points into LACC than AX18
>meh guest list
>jack shit for musical events outside of based MOGRA
>panel selection was overall ass with most of the good stuff being thrown into day 2
>AA was 99% fotm shit
>exhibit hall's AX exclusive items weren't that interesting
First AX in years where I struggled in trying to find things to do. Really disappointing year

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>forgetting about fucking Aqours, the Promare, new Pokemon movie and MHA S4 premieres
>AX exclusive items
You talking official merch or merch exclusive at AX?

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I set most of my AX budget aside to spend at the AA because I've bought some of my favorite shit there, and it felt like every booth was selling only MHA prints and $20 plastic charms.
The guests were awful and the volunteers/staff were worse.

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Hibanacon feat. one fire alarm pulled that just made the party better

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>Checkpoint clusterfuck and reservation system kept most people from going to the Pokemon movie, I had a reservation but couldn't' make it in in time
>Promare was scheduled at the same time as everything else worth seeing, which was Day 2 afternoon
>I gave no shits about MHA

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CRX, Junji Ito exhibit was cool but overall con was so so.

>AA was 99% fotm shit
I'd like to see more diversity too, but what's AX supposed to do about it? They can't really control what the artists bring to sell.

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That's not where the name comes from, it comes from the physical structure of the virus.

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San Japan 2019. I had a good time; the panels with the dude that drew La Blue Girl were fun, the retro vidya room was comfy, the other panels were good as well. My only gripe is that the DJ sucked during the one night I went to the rave. Also, seeing a panel at San Japan have a line as long as an A-Kon line was terrifying, but also depressing since it was for the speed dating panel.

What's funny is that last year I was complaining that I got burnt out by going to too many cons in one year, so I was like "in 2020 I should probably go to way fewer cons so that I don't get this burnt out again", and of course now there are no cons to be had.

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I'm mainly into [email protected] when it comes to idol music, am not a Triggerfag, attended the Pokemon movie premiere and disliked it, and am not into BNHA.
Small Pokemon related tangent is that I also had a terrible autograph experience with Rika Matsumoto which I'm still salty over. Volunteers capped her line at 25 people AT THE VERY LAST MINUTE even though I was one of the 75 people who had a guaranteed autograph ticket. They said it was a request from the Pokemon guests but jesus fucking christ.
Yeah, I meant official merch exclusive to AX. For example, the Atlus booth's Jack Frost stuff since they only sell them at AX. I don't really buy non-exclusive stuff at AX anymore since online prices are usually better.
I honestly predicted that this year would be a tad bit more diverse given the releases of other fotm shit like FF7R, the new FE, and P5R since AX19. But I guess we are spared from seeing BNHA, Fate and Kimetsu no Yaiba everywhere this year due to Corona-chan!
Yeah, I admit it wasn't really a valid complaint exclusive to AX. I don't think a jury system like Fanime's would work out for AX given the demand either. Like you said, no one can control what artists will bring to sell. Just gotta deal with it and hope that the occasional niche stuff appears.

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You must be incredibly autistic if you can’t recognize an obvious joke like this

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Katsucon. So much fucking drama from other people happened. I’m over it.

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AFO 2016
I just never went to another con again.

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Holiday Matsuri 2019. Dealer's room was damn near impossible to get into. Panels were alright. The con has definitely outgrown the hotel, even though it's a gorgeous venue.

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You think it's worth going this year (if it doesn't get canceled?) I'm the anon above so really my only con exposure was AFO and that was just, okay.

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Connecticon 2017.
I'll probably only go to MAGfest from now on. (If I could ever get a Gaylord room again.)

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Fan Expo Canada 2019

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Loricon 2019
Never heard of it
Well, it's a small con in tyrol, austria

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AX 2019. It's the only con I go to every year and the first time I was able to wear a handmade costume. I was looking forward to making something better this year, especially with some new announcements bringing back the fans to a very old show but... it went the way of the dodo.

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UBCon 2019. Nobody seemed to know the guests who were coming until a few days before the con, but I unironically enjoyed myself

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ALA 2020, next con will likely be ALA 2022 since 2021 looks to be a wash.

>> No.10374786

I didn't realize you even had an anime con. I'll wait for when the trolley line is complete. Fuck UCSD paid parking.

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That was the only reason I even went last year. I was the last guy to buy a ticket on the Day 3 concert and I was lucky to buy a Day 2 ticket from someone but it was in the standing room. I was scared as shit when the earthquake happened.

Other than that, I spent the entire con walking around or in my hotel room smoking weed.

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Same on Anime Weekend Atlanta, I wish I would have gone to Holmat or Katsucon before all this. It feels like forever since I’ve been to a con.

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It's sad that we'll never get to enjoy these kinds of events as conventions either go bankrupt, become an online convention (using VR chat, Twitch streaming for panels, etc.), or evolve into social distancing conventions were 300 admission badges will be sold in total but only 50 attendees can be inside the convention center at a time based on what time and date you select when you purchased the badge.

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ALA and level up expo but the latter is tiny so i don't really count it

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Ohayocon 2020. Early January. It was humid as hell in the morning so I couldn't wear my cosplay for a while. I brought a friend along and we stopped by Steve Blum's panel. I definitely either got corona or the flu from that con.

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nebraskon and desu it was high key boring. Neat costumes tho, might be too old for this kinda stuff tho

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Fan Expo 2020, got myself a commerative mug from the local soda fountain

>> No.10382781

Youmacon 2019
It was the first anniversary of me going to cons since my first one was Youma '18 and it was quite nice overall. The people mover is kinda shit but a couple bucks to avoid walking or taking Uber between the two locations was cool, I still have the slip in my wallet. I met someone cool who I later hung out with and then kind of fell out with, politics is a disease I tell you. I stayed at a hostel which was a first, I'd recommend that one, it was just called Hostel Detroit. I also showed off an Inuyasha cosplay I made for my sister, which got more attention than the Mako from Kill La Kill cosplay I did for myself, but oh well.
My next one was going to be Animatic Con in Ohio but it was just after the virus hit. Now my next one is JAFAX here in Michigan, I'm gonna go with an old work buddy.

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me in the middle

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Kumoricon 2019.

>> No.10383347

Bull City comic con back in November. Was supposed to go to Momocon, but noooo...

>> No.10383768

Sangawa :( Now that Tekko is kill, I have nothing to look forward to.

>> No.10385629

Loricon 2019
Wanted to go this year too, but now it's axed

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Banzaicon in Larvik, October 2019

>> No.10392583

ACEN 2013

>> No.10392587

Pax East Was actually looking for any excuse to skip Anime Boston cause I'm always dragged to it via friends who are still in the con best thing ever phase. Then this happened and I shit not I felt guilty as fuck for awhile.

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ACEN 2019
The smoking area was lit as fuck, lots of drinking
Was planning on going again this year too

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AX 2018 and 2019 is only cons I've been to, and after the first time I only came back to cosplay and for the atmosphere. I felt there wasn't much to "do". Went to a couple panels but for the most part just walked around and took pictures with people.

And yet even tho it sucked I still miss it :/ Had a fun cosplay in the works for this year.

>> No.10392741

Ichibancon 2020
Fire alarm got pulled there too

>> No.10392743

that was my last too, hopefully kumo 2020 is far out enough it won't get cancelled

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