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Worldwide con crud edition

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mfw Honey Cake is too big on me and falls off my shoulders

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Started my period today. Tried on an old coord, it didn't fit anymore, I cried for ten minutes and then farted so loud I thought I was deflating. The smell was not okay.

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>Two dream dresses pop up at the same time
>SS manages to get both of them for me
>Realize right after that my country is on the list of countries Japan isn't shipping to anymore
>pic related

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we've all been there

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you can still get them fedex priority probably. or DHL.

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AP is fatty brand.

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Makes me kinda sad; I've got a large cup size but am not fat and I was hoping that the bigger sizes would make the fit of some brand better, but the new bigger dresses are just drafted for square bodied obese B cups or taller flat chested people at best, not average sized people with bigger bust measurements.

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tall flat chest anon here. the new stuff is a bit big on me as well.

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I'm starting to get really into lolita fashion, and at this point I feel like I have a big enough wardrobe that I should pump the brakes, but on the other hand, I'm feeling down about my lace not matching. I didn't know about the advice of picking one base color, so I split between 3 to try and compare (white, ivory, black). Now I know I prefer white as my base. I wish I had magically known that earlier and had more variety of white lace socks rather than a variety of colors but less choice of lace per color. Not sure whether to double down on all 3 colors and get more matching accessories in all colors, only get more white accessories and let the other colors gather dust in a corner, or stop buying any more and resign to wearing tulle lace, torchon, and raschel lace together.

P.S. Why the fuck did I get cardigans and hair accessories with ivory lace on them? They are beautiful, but now I can only match them with ivory lace blouses and socks.

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>farted so loud I thought I was deflating
Best description of period farts lol

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Aww what a bummer.

I think the hardest part is thst because so many dresses have princess seam on the bodice they're fitted but squish you around if your proportions are not exactly that of a chubby Japanese girl and if you're smaller you end up swimming in things.

Fuck this is why I miss full shirring JSKs, Then they'd at least be fitted and stretch in where they need to and out if you're bustier.

And fatties can wear it too, so everyone wins unless you're buying secondhand from someone obese but replacing elastic isn't thst hard if it's the nice kind with separate channels sewn into the bodice.

I wish brands would release more full shirring JSKs and OPs for prints or at least some patterns. That would solve some sizing problems and it can still look really pretty if done nicely (ex: Melty Berry Princess OP is adorable, one of the hugest fitting brand pieces for fatties but also good if you just have big shoulders or chest and small waist because the neck area stretches, and it's a very popular piece/print...I hope they'll do a rerelease of the whole series sometime, since it had smaller cut OP and the JSK too).

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I needed a good laugh, thanks anon. On the subject, have you ever farted so bad that you can't stand to be around yourself? Like overcooked broccoli sitting in the sun bad.

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>Baby refunded my order because shipping is TBA

Fuck 2020

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Same feels. All they do is make the back bigger with the same shallow bust. Fancy Candy is cut with a little more curve to fit done boob, however it’s also super high waisted which is hella unflattering for the big titty gals

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Period farts are a thing? I guess I don't notice because I have chronic gas in general, it's shameful

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>have been selling a dress that was dear to me
>the transaction was a shitshow and even though I made mistakes the buyer went out of her way to be a hyper cunt
>decide to look for their fb profile out of curiosity
>it's an almost comically ugly fatty who lives with her parents in her 30s, doesn't wear a bra and doesn't look like she fits into the dress, let alone anything in her buying history
>mfw she has a history of buying all the dresses that are posted in the dd threads and other highly desired listings
Yeah I think I'm never going to sell outside of my comm again.

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Rip my comm.is nothing but grandmas and itas

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A real grandma comm sounds cool desu. But at this point I'd rather would've given it to an ita than this hoarder beast.

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If it helps, I DID know that going in, I meticulously only bought ivory items and then in a twist of stupidity, bought I dress that has no ivory in it that I love. Now I am forced to sell the dress or buy a bunch of things that just works with it.

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Damn, I want grandma comm. My comm is filled with 19 year olds who buy crappy taobao and record tiktoks in my car without my permission

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Lolita is a fatty fashion

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>want to go make friends at a con
>too old and quiet for it to matter
>just walk around miserable for a day before going home with a grab bag or something equally dumb
I thought about cosplaying to maybe get a conversation starter,, but I'd just be awkward and people would be creeped out anyways.

Man how do people make friends. People always come to me or we're stuck working together so it just works out over time as they get to know me. I don't get how people just "make friends" at cons.

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you sound kinnda cringe but ill let you in on the secret

bring people with you, and then get drunk with them

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My cosplay's finally ready but they may cancel our convention this year :[

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>go to meetups for your cosplay
>talk to people over shared interest
>don’t be creepy
Tho your best bet is to bring one friend so you don’t look like a loser. Also maybe host a panel or get a table

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cosplaying when you're already 25 just seems inherently creepy though

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Nayrt but holy shit do you think 25 yo should be in a retirement home or something??

It’s fine to cosplay at any age. It’s literally just a nerdy hobby. I go to cons and see middle aged people in cosplay, or a whole family cosplaying together. I’ve even seen people bringing wheelchair bound grandparents to cons who they’ve made matching outfits for. Cosplay does not have an age limit

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>Cry in shock two weeks ago when grandma was diagnosed with corona
>Fortunately never got clear symptoms
>Call her more regularly but her hearing aid is damaged
>Cry again but with relief now that staff at care home figure she's recovered
First priority when all this is over is to visit grandma, gulls.

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Nice humblebrag

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Same, it breaks my heart to think about my grandma being stuck at home alone for the past month, when she's allowed out again I'm giving her a ten minute hug

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>I'm 25 years old so I'm ancient and unable to make friends because serious cosplayers are definitely teenagers
>So I just walk around being miserable because I try too hard to not come off as creepy that I'm awkward
Your general attitude seems to be the problem, you don't sound like much fun to be friends with. Try to relax a bit instead of taking yourself and others so seriously on a weeb con.

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my grandma with dementia has been in assisted living also this whole time and even though we call often, it makes me sad we can't visit because her memory is so shit, she probably doesn't understand whats happening and just thinks we've left her, it makes me sad to think about

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Do you honestly think 21 year olds can afford good cosplays? Learn a craft, get good, meet cosplayers. If that doesn’t help, try hitting up scifi and comic cons. They skew much older than anime cons

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Are other people not stuck at home alone?

>> No.10374978

this isn't how dementia works, anon (lucky for you)

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>not liking grandmas
what's wrong with you?

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Yeah, periods cause digestive distress.

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Yeah but they're not my grandma, everyone else in my family has at least another person with them

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the body releases some kind of signal to start fucking with your muscles so that they push the period stuff out, but the signal is not precision engineered, so it targets your poop chute too. clears ya right out.

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It boys can get pregnant from their ass, it makes sense that a girl's body would be prepared for it too.

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Bro are you okay?

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i just want to hug a cute girl, this scuk's

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>Japan declares state of emergency

RIP everyone's mail packages stuck in Japan post.

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You should visit her anyway. The visits might be hard on you but if you don’t do it you might regret it

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I ended staying at my local con as a staff so I can see how it burns down by mismanagement. The inside look is always more fun. I never expected for a 1000 year that this con will be cancelled by covid19 instead of shitty management

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For the love of fucking god. Not again. My parcel was returned once already.

>> No.10375172

My package made it to ISC today, thank the fucking lord

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>package marked outward near end of March
>Japan Post announces SAL stoppage a week after
>lol I should have made it out, right?
>nope, return to sender, two weeks later
what the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

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omg i did not know this is why i always have terrible digestion around my period but it makes so much sense

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how can you retards be this entitled? there are people fucking dying

>> No.10375198

Not any of the anons you replied to, but chill. It's difficult times and being frustrated over even more of society breaking down so you can't get one of the joys you anticipated while being locked at home doesn't equate to not caring about people dying.

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the fucking store i ordered from just said theyd send a SAL package as EMS now i'm sure i'm not going to get it at all
people die everyday don't be a fucking bootlicker

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I asked Devilinspired to refund my order a week ago as they couldn't get the items and they still haven't done it

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I ordered some clothes that shipped from china 2 months ago and just got it on monday. So I understand the feel

>> No.10375209

it equates to being a self-absorbed piece of shit. japan should've been locked down ages ago, we should be happy they finally did

>> No.10375211

Yes, this is a terrible time, and it's a good thing Japan might slow down on postage that isn't essential. More people should be able to stay home and protect themselves. That being said, it would suck to hear that your package might get lost or take much longer. People can be sad about something while understanding why it happened or should happen. This is not a situation where you need to take the moral high ground.

>> No.10375216

Sorry your package isn't the most important thing in the world right now.

>> No.10375225

IIT: Karens getting mad at weaboos

>> No.10375227

stop concern trolling

>> No.10375229

Did it ever occur to you that a person can be both upset by worldwide tragedy and disappointed by minor inconveniences? Besides, this is /cgl/. Are you expecting people to NOT to discuss how their hobby was impacted on a board specific to said hobby?

>> No.10375232

I am a retard and ordered SAL because I thought EMS wasn't available. I asked Meta if I could ship to tenso instead (domestic plus warehouse) but Meta said the international shipping was fine still. Iktf, wish I had ordered to Tenso instead

>> No.10375233

Mail is still going world wide. Pandemics and mail are not mutually exclusive

>> No.10375236

>Did it ever occur to you that a person can be both upset by worldwide tragedy and disappointed by minor inconveniences?
Yeah, but did they say anything about that? All they said was that people already die every day, implying there's no need to be upset or have any tact about this current situation. It reflects ignorance, insensitivity and at worst entitlement if they truly believe that people should be putting themselves at risk in order to get them their cosplay or frilly Japanese clothes to them right this second. What I don't understand is why you're trying to defend them so bad. Do I think people are allowed to be upset about this? Yes. But wording is important and you can't blame people for getting annoyed when someone says something extremely tactless.

I never said that it completely stopped.

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Fuck off, go virtue signal elsewhere.

>> No.10375239

Rip, I'll pour one out for you

>> No.10375248


To be fair Abe did his best to deny the pandemic was a big deal and now he's there. Me mourning my package a)isn't actually mourning, I said it in jestt and b) didn't actually cause deaths like his policy did.

>> No.10375250

it's not trolling or virtue signaling if i genuinely believe y'all are horrible insensitive bitches

>> No.10375279

yes, so insensitive for both being upset by worldwide tragedies AND how it impacts us. god forbid we get disappointed about more than one thing at a time. thank you for sperging out about it. next time we'll preface everything we post with "we're sad covid exists" just so your pea brain doesn't think we all somehow forgot about it

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Like rotten eggs for me anon. I think my intestine houses a sulfur mine

>> No.10375329

The enzymes or whatever that tell your uterus to break down your uterine lining sometimes pass through the thin wall between uterus and anus and begin breaking down your poo at a faster rate which is why you poo or have diarrhea so much on your period. I assume the same happens with farts.

>so that they push the period stuff out, but the signal is not precision engineered
That also explains rocket propulsed tampons when I have one in while I try to poo

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Growing up I always had incredibly low self esteem regarding my look to the point that I believed I was too genuinely ugly for any kind of relationship, and spent a lot of time isolated.

The good news is that ive finally gotten over this and even though Ive never had a relationship Ive had plenty of friendships so Im not totally lost social skills wise.

The bad news is that im 29 now and beating myself up with regret over wasting such a big part of my youth.

>> No.10375332

to be fair again, japan's shitty laws made/make difficult to actually shut down the country in any meaningful way.

>> No.10375337


Yup, thanks for adding to my point.

>> No.10375338

Same thing kinda happened to me because of a breakup (first and only relationship and long term to boot) when I was young. I finally got over it and fixed my self-esteem but was 32 by the time that happened and always beat myself up for letting it happen like that. Wasted a lot of years with a shithead, then wasted even more feeling ugly and unworthy to the point of isolation. I know I can't help at all, but at least know that you aren't alone. One of the biggest things that makes me feel like shit about it other than the obvious waste of time is the feeling that I am unique in this issue. I'm definitely not, and neither are you!

>> No.10375357

any time bb. (i hope you know i wasn't being sarcastic btw)

>> No.10375358

>enzymes or whatever
it's excess progesterone

>> No.10375359

Post username so we can add her to our Terms Of Service as someone we don't sell to. For the attitude mostly.

>> No.10375361

WAT. I'm 30 and that's still young af. Don't give a fuck what dumb zoomers say.

>> No.10375362

Devilinspired is a shit company run by scalpers. Just paypal claim and for the love of god learn 2 taobao.

>> No.10375363

why do zoomers act like 25 is middle age?

>> No.10375375

>Im definitely not, and neither are you!
Thanks for sharing this anon it does help, our situation is so invisible compared to the highly curated images we get from those around us.

Im sorry you had to go through that/

>> No.10375390

25 is middle age when you're 13

>> No.10375480

Seriously. I know a 40 year old in great shape that looks better than most 25 year olds. I'd rather see older more mature people at cons than whiney 18 year old kids

>> No.10375481

Cause zoomers are retarded.

>> No.10375493

This isn't cosplay or lolita related at all. But I can relate, I'm 31 and I only had 1 relationship, with someone who suddenly decided he wants to live and work on the other side of the world. It took me 2 years to get over it and start dating again, but now I can't because of the pandemic. There are worse things but it's so lonely. I had wanted a family by now.

>> No.10375499

My theory is that their internet lives were formed in the ~uwu protecc the minors they can do no wrong~ period of tumblr and now that they are adults they are grasping at straws to keep them in the “I have no accountability for my actions” space. 25 will get pushed to 30 in about a year or two

>> No.10375514

Because your life is basically over once you graduate college.

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Sorry for offtopic but anyone know who this is?

>> No.10375631

If you peaked in college, I'm sorry.

>> No.10375651

My mother-in-law and my grandmother really like each other from the one time they met. My MIL loves it when I wear lolita and is super supportive, and she asked if she could send a picture she took of me to my grandmother. I said yes. Later that week I got a call from my grandmother who was visiting my parents, she was tipsy and laughing and telling me how I looked amish and I shouldn't wear that because I looked ridiculous. And I cried for like an hour after the call. I got over it, I know I dress weird and it's not for everyone, but I love my grandmother and we've always been close, and I've never had someone I loved laugh at me about something so special to me. It really hurt. But today I spoke to my mom and she told me how my father was very stern in telling her off. My dad's not an especially emotional guy and he really just never mentions my lolita hobby, so it was special to know he supports me in his own way. Does that make sense?

>> No.10375685

She had valid reasons to be upset and was fake-polite at first but as it went on her real attitude really shimmered through. I'd rather not get a ban, so lets just say she buys a lot from WW and has a weirdly long profile.

>> No.10375806

Last year I went to a large event meetup and there was a brolita there and they had these long nose hairs that poked out and had foundation on them and it haunts me to this day. How do I get this image out of my head?

>> No.10375811

I don't what it is with lolitas getting butthurt when "normie" people don't understand or accept this fashion. It's not an everyday fashion, nor is it practical. To everyday people, it's almost like a costume. Now, there is a difference between not understanding and being an asshole about it but grow up and grow some balls.

>> No.10375812 [DELETED] 
File: 1.27 MB, 320x180, L46YswO.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10375850

This >>10375811

>> No.10375862

Surely you understand the difference between someone's grandma insulting and laughing at them and a random normie?

>> No.10375920

Baby detected

>> No.10375924

Nayrt, but I love seeing older people cosplay. They just glow with happiness to be at conventions and bring other people so much happiness to see someone unabashedly enjoying their hobbies even when faced with criticisms by children like OP

>> No.10375942

I'm so sorry that you've been going through that, anon. Maybe you can drop a handwritten letter in her mailbox if you're able?

>> No.10375946

Imagine being 15, at the peak of your chaotic obsession with anime, and actually having the same resources and skill as you would as an adult? I wouldn't know how to act with such immense power.

>> No.10375948

Ah, there we go. Thank you!

>> No.10375949

Is that you, Carl Wheezer?

>> No.10375966

It do be like that sometimes. The way I get over my regrets it by thanking my younger self for being part of my journey for reaching this point. You can't change the past, but simply appreciate the hard work it took to get to the point you're at. Look forward in life to putting that hard work to good use and making a better life for yourself that your younger self would be proud of

>> No.10375971

I really hope you grow up to value the rest of your life. You're still such a child when you leave college, speaking as a graduating college student.

>> No.10375973

This post made me miss my dad. They don't really get it, but they're there when it counts.

>> No.10375994

The dad posts made me remember that I never had a dad :(

>> No.10375997

We can share mine. He's got enough moustache and dad jokes for two.

>> No.10376022

You are so pure, thank you for sharing this. You helped someone today, anon.

>> No.10376042

Mine's dead so I guess we're in the same boat now lol

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File: 33 KB, 828x446, blushie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stop, you're making my heart go doki doki

In all seriousness though, I'm happy it helped. Best of luck to you.

>> No.10376052

You do realize that people in their late 30s 40s and 50s and up are the ones who run the cons your zoomer ass acts like a retard at right?

>> No.10376106

No worries! Tbh, reading your post reminded me that we aren't alone in it, that others have had similar experiences as well, something I still need to remember every now and again. Like >>10375966
said, we need to be compassionate towards our younger self. Remind them that they are loved and important. Sometimes I feel like a parent when I try this, just give your younger self what they needed then, now, and do your best to take care of them and lead a good life making yourself happy now. It's not always easy, but it has helped me a ton! And remember, you're not alone in this. It may feel very unique at times, but there are more of us out there! I was actually a hikikomori for a decade, which isn't very common for a female in the west, but it is what it is and I can't change the past.

I wanted a family too, anon, and I'm probably not going to get a typical family like most dream of, but maybe I will get a partner who loves me and love myself completely, too! One thing that keeps me going is making myself happy, and realizing I can do whatever I want right now. A lot of those around me with families aren't terribly happy in them, some even have broken families or abusive partners, kids with disabilities that make life really hard on everyone, etc, and tell me they are envious of my position and wish they could focus on whatever they want in life. Sometimes I think that what we think we want isn't always what we truly want, or even need, so it's always best to just enjoy where you are at wherever you are at, while taking steps to move in ways you want to explore. You are not alone, anon!

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File: 291 KB, 478x366, stopp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

SDCC and AX confirmed cancelled

I will fucking punch every single chink that ever defends mainland China

in minecraft of course

>> No.10376138

>tfw no Lolita GF to buy dresses for
>tfw no lolita gf to dress up during the quarantine to brighten up the drab house
>tfw no lolita gf to admire while getting /fit/
Life is hard.
And all the Lolitas I meet are fat.

>> No.10376148

Bro, they're just dresses. Focus on sustaining life, bills, and your sanity.

>> No.10376149

Don’t expect a non-fat lolita to have anything to do with you before you actually get /fit.

>> No.10376150

/fit/ isnt' a goal, its a lifestyle.

>> No.10376151

Free tip: no lolita will want to date you if your goal is to date a lolita

>> No.10376153

that's right they only date super old creeps, and guys that will abuse and denigrate them.

>> No.10376161

>tfw very happy lolita gf to a /fit/ cosplayer

I’m sure there’s a lolita out there for you too anon

>> No.10376166

You are most likely too ugly for a non-fat lolita.

>> No.10376167

Actually they date rich guys. That's the only way a lot of them can afford brand.

>> No.10376178

So what if you're a young Asian guy who makes 160k a year and isn't super fit but at least has abs.
What are my chances of landing a cute Lolita girl?

>> No.10376181

If that’s $ or €, I would.

>> No.10376192

USD? Fuck, I would.

>> No.10376194

Good to know there's hope if I ever meet one.

>> No.10376226

Not sure why you or anyone else would want to date a lolita after seeing the way they act on this board and on social media in general.

>> No.10376237

only if you're shorter than me and stick thin.

>> No.10376252

>implying men care about anything besides looks

>> No.10376253

Hey, I also care about how they cook.

>> No.10376439

It's kinda adorable actually

>> No.10376521

What, men having no standards or lolitas being insufferable?

>> No.10376526

lolitas being giant bitches constantly.
I find it endearing in its own way.

>> No.10376535

Why do lolitas act like they're some hot commodity? I've seen pictures of y'all; most of you are ugly even without the retarded looking clothes

>> No.10376548

You sound incredibly bitter.

>> No.10376576

Its true though.
Consider that at least 50% of lolitas are ita pigs.
At least 10% are fetishists.
Then 50% of the remaining girls are still ugly as fuck or giant hambeasts who just barely know how to read a fashion handbook. But somehow don't murder your eyeballs just by looking at them.
And of the remaining maybe 5% genuinely look above average levels of cute.

I can count on my hands the numbers of lolitas I've seen that can be considered actually cute.

>> No.10376579


nayrt but yeah, I mean, lolitas follow this general curve of most of them not looking that great, if not even moreso because it's an alt fashion and attracts nonconventional looking people.

That being said I know a few really cute single lolitas but I'm pretty sure they're not desperate for a desperate guy like OP.

>> No.10376581

I'm not trying to say that lolita's are all beauty queens, it's literally referred to as the ugly girl fashion for a reason. It still doesn't stop desperate scrotes coming to cgl and post
>that feel when no lolita gf :(
And getting mad when nobody is slobbing over their dicks like they hoped. You sound personally attacked by lolitas, get some help or leave cgl to cool off.

>> No.10376583

>You sound personally attacked by lolitas, get some help or leave cgl to cool off.
What the fuck are you talking about?

>> No.10376584
File: 57 KB, 640x427, 1581589096918.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

go outside and shake the sand out of your petti girl.
this is a coschad board.

>> No.10376585

Anon, they literally stated they wanted a lolita gf.

>> No.10376586


then he complained about the few he knows being fat.

Dude likely thinks he's a hot commodity who deserves a beautiful lolita gf.

>> No.10376591

the larger portion of the board is jfashion according to the census, which is not surprising considering how threads move here. But go off I guess

>> No.10376593

Well I mean, duh. Some guys actually want a lolita gf on here so I occasionally throw them some devices. Some take it and are chill, others get pissed that we aren’t all begging to be fucked by their weirdo asses and then call us fat. One of them is going to get a gf and despite what chad culture says, it’s going to be the former

>> No.10376594

You cosplay people barely post anything cosplay related.

>> No.10376596

Advice* fucking autocorrect

>> No.10376597 [DELETED] 
File: 460 KB, 730x1080, 1585610210507.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Literally so conceited they can't recognize playful funposting
confidence is only sexy in moderation.

>> No.10376599

They're just telling the truth though. You're the one who sounds personally attacked.

Shit taste. Keep in mind this isn't Mean Girls where the girls are young and cute so you can at least project your fantasies of having a pretty high school girl bully you. We're talking grown often overweight women who dress like clowns while raging over frilly dresses.

>> No.10376602

Lmao, okay weirdo. Have fun jacking off alone till you die

>> No.10376603

Again, anon literally said they wanted a lolita gf. No matter how many times you post that fact doesn’t change

>> No.10376606 [DELETED] 
File: 1.39 MB, 1032x1006, 1566771772326.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not hard to have sex, I'd rather jack off alone than touch some acne covered whale who thinks a poofy skirt hides the fact her bottom looks like something out of lovecraftian nightmare.

If a cute lolita wants a fit rich guy to date I'll let them, but I've got standards, and fatties and uggos ain't lolita no matter how much they try.

>> No.10376607

I made the first post making fun of lolitas. I never said I wanted a lolita gf

>> No.10376610

>tfw no Lolita GF to buy dresses for
>tfw no lolita gf to dress up during the quarantine to brighten up the drab house
>tfw no lolita gf to admire while getting /fit/

Sure jan

>> No.10376611 [DELETED] 

>hates lolitas
>goes on a board dominated by lolita related posts and gets upset

>> No.10376612 [DELETED] 

>it’s not hard to have sex, I just never have it
Lmao okay

>> No.10376613 [DELETED] 

If it’s so easy for you to find hot girls who want to fuck you than why don’t you?

>> No.10376615 [DELETED] 

>fatties and uggos ain't lolita no matter how much they try
Found the fettishist

>> No.10376616 [DELETED] 
File: 197 KB, 286x368, 1557790480067.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stay triggered fatties.
Its actually extremely easy to lose weight, just cut out your snacks and stop eating out. You'll be under the calorie deficient line without even having to put work in. Stick with it for a year and you'll easily lose 40-50 pounds.

>> No.10376617

You are an embarrassment

>> No.10376619

Damn, my parents are probably sobbing because I can scroll up and read. Time to die

>> No.10376620 [DELETED] 

You’ll get there soon, don’t worry

>> No.10376621 [DELETED] 

They literally said that wasn't them. They were probably the anon here >>10376535.

Guys... just stop while you're ahead, you sound like you're seething.

>> No.10376622 [DELETED] 

Oh thank you!!! I was so worried!!! Will you fuck me then?

>> No.10376623 [DELETED] 

>First post
>Replying to me referencing said post
It’s not that hard to follow a thread, try it sometime

>> No.10376624 [DELETED] 

Nah I like fucking with the crossboarders and Rona-chan has me bored

>> No.10376625 [DELETED] 

It depends, get rid of the acne, you can use a dry on face mask, I recommend something with charcoal. Biore tends to make a pretty good one.

If you have a gross face though sometimes you might just be a lost cause. Eye positioning is important and having a horse face is just a turn off as well.

Lose the weight and we'll see where you're at then. Maybe I'll take you on temporarily until I find a better girl.

>> No.10376626 [DELETED] 

Oh thank you thank you!! I was so sad and alone. I will absolutely follow your not at all dumb skincare advice and get back to you uwu

>> No.10376627

All the good cosplayers congregated on twitter and IG. what got left behind was the shit ones

>> No.10376628 [DELETED] 

Why don’t you just fuck the better girl now, anon? That’s makes no sense

>> No.10376630 [DELETED] 

No problem, feel free to post a portfolio of yourself as well. I can just tell you now if its even worth bothering or if you just just stick to wearing Halloween outfits.
Why not both? Need something while you're between girls.

>> No.10376634 [DELETED] 

Why are you between girls, though?

>> No.10376635 [DELETED] 

I didn't even read the post you were replying to before I jumped in lmao.

>> No.10376637
File: 76 KB, 473x805, D699A636-8488-4D5B-ADB6-3B0822FF5E41.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh yay! This is me from a photoshoot a little while ago. Sorry for the photoshop. I don’t like my nose :(

>> No.10376638 [DELETED] 

Nah it’s chill. Happens to the best of us

>> No.10376639 [DELETED] 

Some women aren't to your standards even if they are hot so they need to be let go.
Its not like someone worthwhile to date just comes by every day, takes some time to find a girl who's at least up to the bare minimum standards.
face too long, eyes too close, also horrible outfit. sorry, stick to pretend tea parties with your plastic wigs.

>> No.10376640
File: 27 KB, 216x352, B18B8C01-0C5C-4D38-8F97-2441B4A0D35C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here is a clearer pic of my face

>> No.10376642 [DELETED] 

Oh no!!! Sad :((((((

>> No.10376644
File: 170 KB, 901x1200, 01429154-CBFF-4F86-AE10-E61D2E1A1FE5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What about me, anon?

>> No.10376645 [DELETED] 

Have you never met a woman who is attractive enough? If you have why aren’t you still with her?

>> No.10376646 [DELETED] 

eyes too far, nose too big.
might be serviceable with some work and if you remove the filters.
There's more to a relationship than looks anon. Looks are just a minimum standard. Just like I assume you have standards and wouldn't just date any guy who goes to a gym. Although naturally, just based on how you're posting and how you think you're "messing with crossboarders" your standards are likely much lower.

>> No.10376648 [DELETED] 

Because I have other priorities

>> No.10376651 [DELETED] 

So, you haven’t found a woman you find attractive enough to have sex with, unless you are saying those women didn’t want to be with you? Is that right? I’m slow and just trying to get it

>> No.10376652 [DELETED] 

But I thought sex was easy?

>> No.10376654
File: 16 KB, 236x343, C58B39FA-2A89-49C5-B406-528D5002638A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How about me?

>> No.10376655 [DELETED] 

Scrote logic comes apart so easily. It's actually hilarious.

>> No.10376656 [DELETED] 

No no shhh I think they might still try to defend it

>> No.10376657

>I’m slow and just trying to get it
Its okay anon, I'm used to working with people less intelligent.

You see a relationship is built on multiple aspects, one is just sexual interest. This is where looks come into play, and is arguably the first hurdle that is able to be cleared. This is where dating begins, when 2 people see each other and determine they're attracted to one another.
This is the easy phase, one in which I myself am able to get through without much issue.

The second and more important aspect is how well your personalities mesh together. You might be attracted to one another, but they might behave in ways you don't like, they might just be horrible people, or maybe you're just no on the same wavelength regarding what you want out of a relationship.
Unfortunately this is where most relationships tend to fail for me, after dating for awhile it is quite clear that most women aren't able to perform in a satisfactory way on a day to day basis. Naturally, I give them help criticism and support, but if a girl doesn't improve, its time to move on. Hence, why one would be between relationships.
Could use better quality. Pretty manly face though and that's a sad sack of a dress.But it could work with some effort.

>> No.10376658

Are you ESL?

>> No.10376660 [DELETED] 

Pure American senpai.
You'll have to excuse the brevity, I've got better things to do than proof read anonymous posts.

>> No.10376661 [DELETED] 

Huh, I see. Thanks for explaining. How long does it take you to find a new partner? And why don’t you just have lots of sex if personality is such a sticking point and you get through the physical part without much issue?

>> No.10376663 [DELETED] 

Typing like an illiterate retard isn't brevity.

>> No.10376665 [DELETED] 

Anon, they aren’t stupid. They’re ADVANCED

>> No.10376666

why would a hot woman with a nice personality date you when they could date a different hot, rich guy who doesn't waste his free time shitposting on an anonymous basket weaving forum?

>> No.10376667 [DELETED] 

Define brevity for me please. Just as an experiment

>> No.10376668 [DELETED] 

Clearly using "one" instead of I where it doesn't make grammatical sense and spamming typos makes him super smart!

>> No.10376669 [DELETED] 

Exactly. I'm not desperate, so I can focus on more pressing matters, since, you know, my life isn't just about women and sex

>> No.10376671

This thread sure went places while I was having dinner

>> No.10376672 [DELETED] 

Right, but also if sex is easy wouldn’t you Ben able to just have it and do all your normal stuff without issue? That’s how it’s usually works in my life

>> No.10376673 [DELETED] 

Sex gets boring, it's just a necessity periodically.
one is used in the sense that you're talking about someone in general sense, it is a shorted form of someone.

I'm not going to claim I always type perfect prose, but do get over yourself if you're going to be pretentious over posts on an anonymous image board. it does you no good to be both fat and stuck up.

>> No.10376674 [DELETED] 

>"it is quite clear that most women aren't able to perform in a satisfactory way on a day to day basis"

>> No.10376676 [DELETED] 

>not realizing my gripe was about consistency
Congrats on outing yourself as a genuine retard.

>> No.10376677 [DELETED] 

>it does you no good to be both fat and stuck up
Anon if you are a shitposter, please get off this board and go write something of value. The irony here is flawless and I applaud you

>> No.10376680 [DELETED] 

Mmm, I see. I suppose if something was so easy you could just get it any time, it would be bpretty boringly. Makes a heck of a lot of sense why you would come into the feels thread and complain about not getting it, too. Thank you for your time!

>> No.10376681 [DELETED] 

Sometimes abnormal stuff happens and sometimes I want some space to myself

>> No.10376682 [DELETED] 

I see why you might be confused as to why I made that post.
It was more lamenting the lack of good looking women interested in lolita because as a style it can be quite cute on a beautiful woman.

Sometimes its more fun to try and add a bit of humor to a post to make people smile though. I believe strongly in being a upbeat person as it leads to everyone having a good time.
I recommend everyone here try it as well, not only are the people around you happier, but it'll make you happier as well when you're surrounded by smiles and laughter.

>> No.10376684

On, thanks! I get that. If you love lolita, why dont you just wear it yourself?

>> No.10376686 [DELETED] 

How often is your life abnormal? Asking for a friend

>> No.10376689

It doesn't look good on men. Though similar male styles might work its not quite the same.

>> No.10376695

As a style it can be quite cute on a beautiful man. Perhaps you're just ugly.

>> No.10376699

Oh my bad, I didn't realize I was talking with a tranny, that explains a lot. carry on.

>> No.10376700 [DELETED] 
File: 72 KB, 703x672, spengbab.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wtf is this thread, and why are straight people so obsessed with each other's sex lives?

Just go back to making your costumes.

>> No.10376703
File: 204 KB, 500x688, da faq.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did I walk into an rp thread or something?

>> No.10376707

This response doesn't even make any sense, lmao. If I was trans, I obviously wouldn't be calling trans girls "beautiful men."


It's not the cosplayers you just replied to.

>> No.10376708

People are just really bored now that it seems likely there won't be any conventions for the rest of the year.

>> No.10376713 [DELETED] 

>what is trolling
I’m gay, btw. Laughing at sad dudes is universal

>> No.10376715 [DELETED] 

Straight people ARE retardedly obsessed with others' sexuality though.

>> No.10376716 [DELETED] 

Oh, they definitely are. I think you just missed the fact that I was clearly bullshitting him to see what his next dumbass reply would be. I thought posting mana made it obvious

>> No.10376720

Nuke the feels threads

>> No.10376727

It's something like that.

>> No.10376731 [DELETED] 

>literally "I was just pretending to be retarded"

>> No.10376754 [DELETED] 

Conversely, homosexuals are as well. Talk about calling the kettle black.

>> No.10376760 [DELETED] 

Anon, I said I was Mana, Misako and Momoko

>> No.10376762 [DELETED] 

Crossboarders don't know who they are, anon.

>> No.10376765 [DELETED] 

And you think you were fooling anyone?
They were obviously playing along with you, you're not some epic troll, you're just a retarded 12 year old sperging on a board for autists.
Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.

>> No.10376776 [DELETED] 

isn't that the point?

>> No.10376780 [DELETED] 

Gay people are too. Humanity as a whole is obsessed with sex and everyone's sex life.

>> No.10376799 [DELETED] 

>ironic shitposting is still shitposting
yeah, duh. we're all locked inside and this is the feels thread on /cgl/. how new are you that you didn't expect this to devolve into a shitshow. it was already a mess before I started joking around. my point was just that one anon who thought I was serious was clearly an idiot

>> No.10376816 [DELETED] 

Those comma splices and multiple line breaks make it obvious you're the same anon from above. Nice trying to pretend you knew it was a joke.

>> No.10376817

It doesn’t feel like there’s anything to look forward to now. I can keep myself busy with craft projects just fine but what does it matter.
I’m starting to get very down about everything.

>> No.10376825

Just get the first release

>> No.10376830 [DELETED] 

People are just nosey. It's natural.

>> No.10376837
File: 40 KB, 625x626, 1543805768229.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10376839 [DELETED] 

>only straits are obsessed with each others sex lives
I don't believe you're gay.

>> No.10376847
File: 38 KB, 569x563, sweetbella.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

TFW you're looking for reference for a craft and you stumble upon something mildly horrifying.

>> No.10376856

I love that I literally have no idea what the base of this creation is: a doll? A mask? Pure digital painting? A photoshopped deformity? Who knows

>> No.10376877

It looks like one of the latex mask men.

>> No.10376918 [DELETED] 


It's ok, you don't have pretend you're joking. We're all anon so it's not like we'll avoid you in real life because of some shitty 'bantz' on cgl, it'll just be because you're pathetic.

>> No.10376927

my btssb order has been sitting in what i can only assume is some tokyo postal warehouse for weeks

>> No.10376957

Other people's approval was never the reason you started crafting and that shouldn't change now. Now more than ever people are looking for sewing/cosplay content. They want to see costumes to replace the longing in their hearts that you are feeling. Take a long break and then keep putting out that creativity.

>> No.10376970

I seriously am curious if the Tumblr and Twitter crowd will be able to function as an adult. Will the reality of adult working life crush them by their 30s?

>> No.10376972

90% of Lolitas are fat and look ugly though. No offense

>> No.10376991

I suffer from pretty severe OCD/Panic Disorder and Depression, I’ve self harmed and had an eating disorder the vast majority of my life. In my mid 20s I went from anorexia to emotional eating and gained 60lbs. Though I’ve lost at least 30 I find myself disgusting, especially when I can’t fit into brand. Coming here for nearly 10 years has utterly terrified me of other Lolitas and I’ve never actually worn my dresses outside for fear of being laughed at by normies and sneered at by other Lolitas, called fat, etc.

Got diagnosed with Tuberculosis and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever last year within months of each other, while I’m well now I’m left with Chronic Fatigue on top of things. If I get Covid-19 I’m legit going to die and I don’t really feel bad desu. Just hope my mum donates my good brand stuff to some girls who could actually use it.

>> No.10377186
File: 137 KB, 1109x969, Screenshot_20200414-061705~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel so dirty gulls

>Bought dream dress from a scapler
>Was asked to pay "paypal fees"
>Threaten to report them to paypal for breach of TOS for it, they back down
>Slow on shipping, finally look them up
>They're a 56 year old guy

Did I just buy from a sissy?

>> No.10377193

Hopefully they killed some teen girl and sent you her belongings right?

>> No.10377200


Which scalper?

>> No.10377241

Bought on LM, so I don't want my comm to know I post here

>> No.10377244

>so I don't want my comm to know I post here
sounds like you have a guilty conscience, posted comm members to the ita thread did you?

>> No.10377278

You know it baby

>> No.10377281

that's why the lolita gods let a scalping sissy use your dream dress

>> No.10377282
File: 252 KB, 480x458, nichNOOOO.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10377300
File: 50 KB, 720x540, 38246158_622853678108010_5493114935082745856_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>when you have a crush on your gay friend
Uh oh, stinky.

>> No.10377366

Is it soapbox, kokoro or one of chestnutlili's over 9000 accounts?

>> No.10377383

I saw Birds of Pray on my period. Thought the theater was empty and farted for ten seconds straight. Then I heard a theater employee laugh at me.

>> No.10377409

People who ask you to pay Paypal fees are so stupid. Just calculate them into your pricing.

>> No.10377451

Dig deeper if you truly want to know. They probably have the same email tied to multiple accounts, and if you pick up on their net-footprint they will probably have some sissy hole for you to step in...

Or you just chill out and listen to more Ctrl-Ult-Delete, nice image, reminded me to have a listen to their bops again.

>> No.10377519

Back when "weeaboo horror story" threads were popular I got caught up with this terrible group of weebs and legitimately had a traumatizing time.
I shared so many stories about this particular group, that cgl was curious as to who I could possibly be, so with the information I provided they *tried* to dox me.. for no other reason than the fact I slipped up and mentioned I experienced sexual abuse in one story and they found that laughable.

I really don't miss how terrible cgl was, and I'm sort of glad no one shares screencaps of my stories anymore.

>> No.10377619

/cgl/ is worse these days, especially because in early 2019 it has been raided by angry reddit/twitter/tumblr femcels. I blame lolita fashion attracting the mentally ill

>> No.10377620

those ppl are still around, they just save it for lolcow now

>> No.10377635
File: 1.36 MB, 1600x1295, 1A02DD5B-3360-41FE-BE83-A384D4062B24.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it too late to apologize to 2016?

>> No.10377647

No, because that bitch laid the groundwork for all this

>> No.10378125

>Visits mom
>She's into artsy shit
>Wants me to watch some artist doc on Netflix
>It's a guy obsessed with light, Olafur Eliasson
>Actually really interesting
>One section shows how sunlight is actually different all over the world
>Hard to explain, but colours aren't exactly the same
>Get a sinking feeling in my chest
>Think back to some shoes I bought in Japan
>Their actual colour is definitely gray
>But the closest colour they seem has changed
>In Japan I distinctly remember them being nearly purple
>Whenever I use them at home they're more brown
>Japan's light must be a bit more blue
>Blue is my favourite colour

Fuck, I want to go back to Japan so bad, now I even know their sunlight is better suited to my tastes than mine.

>> No.10378153

Girl, that shit is going straight to the Goodwill. On a serious note, is that all that's important to you? Dyed fibers?

>> No.10378235

Nah, it isnt. Lolitas made this board less fun, but back then it was all drama and no discussing cosplay. Doxxing was like a sport and Moot came in on several occasions to tell everyone to calm down. In response, staminarose and eventually lolcow was created. Staminarose was a shitshow and lolcow now is suprisingly tame compared to old cgl. Cgl was truly terrible then. After the horribles went to their containment site, it was fun until cgl community event and commission threads stopped existing for the most part.

>> No.10378241

Write a will.

>> No.10378244

most of the drama was cosplay related you insane larper.

>> No.10378246

If i don't get to attend a con in the next two years, i might as well quit the whole thing

>> No.10378247

Who is "kotakoti" and "venus angelic"
Why were there always 4+ threads about them?
Cosplay dramas were usually yaya and jnig at the time.
If really that curious you have google to search through cgl's history.
But its ok anon, keep pretending that anons that know more than you about a board are larping.
Seemed a bit touchy when lolitas were brought up lol, hows that adult baby.. oh sorry.. "lolita" dress fit you?

>> No.10378248

Cmon, name and shame. If they're a scalper they'll have sold lots of stuff recently, you won't be narrowed down.

>> No.10378253

I really hate how the lolita community freaks out over sex, but only in the context of outside views of the fashion. The whole "we've worked so hard to be an innocent fashion" thing seems SO obsessed over repressing sex that it reads poorly. Individual lolitas are not responsible for the entire community. If someone want to wear the fashion or pieces badly or with sexual styling, that's on them. Fetishishing innocence is still a fetish.

>> No.10378256

It’s nice to escape sex somewhere. Everything in existence is sexual in some way, so the fashion getting sexualized is inevitable, but it really gets tiring.

While on this topic, is there anything totally non-sexual that I can escape to? Does that even exist?

>> No.10378259

Cosplay fags are so gross lol

>> No.10378260


Depends on what you mean by non sexual.

Scrotes will jerk it to anything, but not all of those things are inherently sexual.

>> No.10378261

Depends, do you get mad when people in related to you or your experience find something sexy or do you just want something sex free for yourself

On one hand, I actually agree. The radfems recently have pushed “please don’t sexualize us” into neurotic, kill the degenerates space and it’s far too over the top for my taste. Don’t do creepy shit to us, sure, but people are going to people. If they aren’t in your space doing it who gives a fuck

>> No.10378262

i hate to break it to you but part of the fashion is based around sexual modesty.

>> No.10378265

Is there anything that’s both not inherently sexual, and not constantly sexualized by everyone? Like for instance, lolita isn’t inherently sexual, but most people who see it assume it’s a fetish, so that doesn’t count. Though people think literally anything unusual is a fetish. But even if something isn’t unusual, it’s still sexualized. I don’t think what I’m looking for exists

>> No.10378266

Something sex free that isn’t sexy to everyone else too.

>> No.10378267

what do you mean by anything, exactly?

>> No.10378269

Literally anything at all. Just one thing that isn’t sexual, no matter what it is.

>> No.10378271

like a hobby? gardening? aquascaping/aquarist? shit like that?

>> No.10378281

Obsessing over modesty and not being sexualized inherently engages with sexuality as the opposite end of the dichotomy. Villainizing something doesn't make it magically go away.
I think the community would be a lot happier if lolitas found satisfaction in wearing the fashion itself, rather than trying to control the way everyone else wears or sees it. People are always going to wear the style or pieces in poor taste. But lolitas shouldn't worry about how the community is perceived externally. That is a recipe for disappointment.

>> No.10378287

>not a cosplayer or a lolita
Nice try faggot

>> No.10378294

the fashion is always going to have a focus on sexual modesty. you sound kind of young or naive to me if you think that external perception isn't important, it definitely is. you also sound particularly upset that people don't want to be actively associated with fetish. there's nothing wrong with destroying misconceptions. while i agree that some people can be overzealous, the idea that trying to remove sexuality from something somehow makes it taboo and therefore a fetish is dumbass. of course people are going to wear whatever they want and do whatever they want, and that's fine, it's always been fine and always will be, but wearing something or doing something doesn't make you part of the community. and again, that's fine, you don't have to participate in lolita to like the clothes or wear the clothes or anything, but by not actively participating correctly, you aren't really participating in it.

>> No.10378298

and every other cosplay thread was reeing about some local slut. plus the board was full of faggot cosplayers using trips who would start shit with eachother constantly.

>> No.10378300

Not sexy to everyone? Lots of things. Try painting, writing, creating anything nonsexual really, reading no sexual books, cooking, sewing, basically any normal hobby.

Not sexy to SOME people? Good luck, because there are a lot of people on the planet. My suggestion is to not worry about them as long as they are respectful of you

>> No.10378372

>Can't go to cons or see friends
>Can't work out at the gym
>Can't even study because all the testing centers I take my exams in are closed

All of my long term goals and plans are shot and it is throwing me for the biggest loop. I have no idea what to do with myself.

>> No.10378375

You can study at home and work out at home, don’t give up!

>inb4 I need muh gym
Get a pull-up bar or some excercise bands for you’re upper back. the rest you can do just fine with bodyweight

t. I’m a physical trainer

>> No.10378385

Women long for a space/hobby where they can be away from men's bullshit of sexualizing everything. I think that's understandable.

>> No.10378397

Other women sexualize everything just as much, if not more, from my experience

>> No.10378403

Conversely, I think it's grossly naive to think that normies will ever perceive lolita as anything other than weird and probably sexual. It's unfortunate, and if I had a preference I would love to get rid of that, but I can't. What bugs me is how much lolitas worry about normie opinions. We could kick out every sissy and ddlg weirdo, and outsiders would still think the worst just based on the clothes themselves. I'm sick of all the pearl clutching that goes on over the public opinion of the fashion. Negative public opinion shouldn't matter to a lolita who really wears it for herself.
If I walk down the street in a full coord, I guarantee someone is going to think something awful about me and my style. But I don't have to engage with that person or those thoughts, and I can just enjoy wearing the fashion for my own reasons. A lot of lolitas seem really insecure, and I've seen too many who can't shake off a rude remark or the possibility of someone thinking something mean about them.

>> No.10378404
File: 56 KB, 800x600, picture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>Can't work out at the gym
I froze my YMCA membership for obvious reasons and invested half of my Stimulus check on this thing

It's going to be on my doorstep tomorrow

>> No.10378405

nta but you sound insecure af

>> No.10378409

No we don't scrote-kun

>> No.10378414

I’m a woman, and all the women I know are extremely sexual. Though to be fair, I don’t know many men, so maybe they’re somehow even worse. If so, good I don’t know them.

>> No.10378426

I cant take the exam for who knows how long so studying seems pointless.So much is short term memory I absolutely need to know when I'm taking it.

Def gunna give working out more tries but seems like an uphill battle.

>> No.10378470

most normies I know, if they don't understand something its a fetish to them, and if they don't understand they think you're doing it out of a hate for god or some shit

"oh, you like ANNIE MAY? must be a fetish. I heard them girls like having sex with octopuses."
"you're one of them gays? must be a fetish for depraved sex, disgusting"
"ah, you're a goth? must like that BDSM."
"ah you like wearing froo froo? looks like adult baby fetish to me. ah its called LOW LEE TA? ah, so you wanna pretend to be a little girl so you can go after your 'daddy' I see."
"you're wearing cute colors that children wear? got some color in your wardrobe? looks like an ageplay fetish if I ever seen one"

the average person is a fucking idiot, and associating things they don't understand with a fetish is normal.

>> No.10378497

actually something like this happened to me
>wear contacts
>have circle lenses for lolita
>run out of regular contacts
>have to wear circle lenses for work
>coworker says they look cool
>"you look like an anime anon! oh but just the eyes, not like the porn part"

>> No.10378504

would you really want to know?

>> No.10378516


>> No.10378519

wonderfully said.

>> No.10378522

It's like you're speaking to my soul, anon. Thank you for putting into words what I've been thinking.

>> No.10378527

faggot cosplayers, and lolitas.
the only reason we are still talking about this is because an anon got triggered some people mentioned specifically "lolitas" are terrible. This is probably due to Lolitas crapping on anything non lolita as of recent

>> No.10378756

I had a weird dream that i was enjoying a con , but at the same time paranoid as hell because i'm cutting high school classes

I graduated from HS IRL almost 12 years ago, why does high school always haunt me

>> No.10378767

It’s really not an uphill battle. Working out at home is easier and more convenient than going to the gym anyway

>> No.10378784

you know how some fucking weebs are like "asian cosplayers are so hot compared to disgusting american ones" because they only see the most popular comiket photos rather than the reality that most of them are kind of ugly and average?

I find it funny as fuck that some Japanese fans do the same thing with western cosplayers. they see all the big tiddy thots and go "wow why can't we have hot girls like america has"

cracks me the fuck up

>> No.10378788

The world is just like that. I see a lot of “why can’t we have standards like Eastern Europe/Russia!!” in lolita/cosplay/creative communities and... I’ve lived there and been to cons there. They are SO much worse than the US. The photos just don’t make it out of language specific spaces

>> No.10378789

The grass is always greener on the other side.

>> No.10378790

Agreed, both cherry pick the attractive ones and pretend the average and uggo's don't exist.

>> No.10378831

I sometimes browse Japanese language twitter and instagram and JESUS a fair amount of them are hit in the face

All of them dress well though

>> No.10378945

What the fuck is a scrote?

>> No.10378947


>> No.10378995

I didn't know that, how funny.

>> No.10379062

And both sides will end up trying to settling for the average to ugly of their races.

>> No.10379084

Iktf. It's like there's an invisible wall between me and everyone else. Alone even in a crowd.

>> No.10379205


And yet they won't fuck you.

>> No.10379225

I believe it, people are stupid

>> No.10379227

Women in general are a "hot commodity." Even the fat ones won't date ugly incels. Sorry

>> No.10379267


Good, I'm a lesbian anyway.

>> No.10379291

Why is every thread full of newfags?

>> No.10379383

because of corona-chan

>> No.10379535

No we aren't tranny-kun

>> No.10379537

Nah the ugly fat ones are basically the same as male incels in reality. It's only average women who can date above average guys, and obviously upward. Ugly women are just as fucked as ugly men in regards to a relationship.

>> No.10379556

So either all your friends are predatory lesbians or straight girls with mental issues. Ok

>> No.10379558

got all nostalgic and started surfing mercari for GLBs. someone has the entire collection available for sale https://buyee.jp/mercari/item/m99210868961

>> No.10379565

>75000 yen

>> No.10379622

Idk if I should add pink as an accent colour to my wardrobe

>> No.10379667

They’re all bisexuals with mental issues

>> No.10379669

Why would you use buyee for that?

>> No.10379673

Why are you surrounded by weirdos? Less than 1% of the population is bisexual

>> No.10379676

I think every jfashion looks bad on me because I have a bad skin condition

>> No.10379736


Not by choice, obviously.


Cosplay as a cute Xelor girl from Dofus/Wakfu.

>> No.10379737

According to what study?

>> No.10379744

In my experience, LGBT+ people tend to flock together.

>> No.10379756

Why the fuck would i cosplay

>> No.10379775


You mean you want to go out in public dressed up like a clown without covering your face?

>> No.10379800

Stfu if you hate jfashion, if they cared about your opinion it wouldn't exist

>> No.10379814

i was shopping for other stuff and was on buyee, decided to look on a whim?

>> No.10379838

Idk, anon. I have preferred my life sans school for a long time.
>finally no school
>no grades, tests, homework, tuition
>no roommates
>got married
>had a child
>bought my first house
>lost it in a fire
>got insurance money and bought second better house with less debt

I'm 33. Life is better than when I was 22. And it is never boring.

>> No.10379870

It's not. There's a lot of older people who cosplay especially amateurs. Just don't be creepy, yeah. I mean, you might not wanna' hang out with teenagers, but it's not creepy if someone younger than you tries to talk to you.

Creepy is those older people who skulk around trying to talk to all the young girls. Just don't single people out. It's not really creepy if someone younger approaches you first or people in a group you're speaking with happen to be younger. Also, if someone's got a really good cosplay or happens to be cosplaying a more obscure character or series you like, there's nothing creepy about noting so.

A lot of people have older friends. I always have. Everyone I know always has. Just don't be a creeper, dude.

>> No.10379872

It's not really repressed, and there's ero-lolita too. There's a fairly well-known Japanese crossdresser who does wear clothing for fetish reasons, but they're an amazing dresser so no one really cares outside a handful.

However, people get upset when they take a photo of themselves enjoying a frilly dress only to find it later with a strange, confusing sexual caption added in atrocious font.

>> No.10379874

And I think it's more prominent with Americans. In Japan especially, and maybe some of Europe except maybe U.K. public transit, even if someone thinks poorly of your dress, they're polite enough not to make a scene or it's customary to just keep walking.

In the U.S., people make a scene so when something niche gets associated with sexuality, people who wear it suddenly get bombarded with idiots. This makes people defensive.

>> No.10379876

I bought a severely over-priced piece of AP jewelry from a Japanese secondhand site because it sells out in seconds at any other price... and I don't regret it.

Here's to contributing to super inflation.

>> No.10379888

I wish I lived in this mythical part of Europe that anons keep mentioning where people are fashionable and don’t yell at you from across the street. Instead I live in a part of Europe where lolitas can’t travel in groups without getting harassed by dudebros. I’m pretty sure there’s been some local lowbrow tv program about living dolls and doll fetishists or something because a lot of these guys insist that we’re dressed as fancy sex dolls.

>> No.10379900

I had an uber weeb phase, after which I spent most of the time trying not to attract attention from normies and now in my mid 20s I start feeling like I missed out.

>> No.10379947


It's not about whether I like it or not. How many people do you see walking around dressed like Snake Eyes, Sailor Moon, or even the King in Yellow? If you dress abnormally then people are going to think you're a weirdo. Even if you're a performance artist like those guys who paint themselves and stand still. Which is why well-adjusted people dress up at cons where they have the excuse that it's a celebration. At first I thought you were talking about cons since I didn't think you lack in common sense, this is the cosplay board, and photoshoots would bring out your serpent scale skin. I tried to tactfully tell you to cover up since you don't feel comfortable in your own skin, but you deserve no tact or politiness because you're an ill-mannered person who starts swearing the moment she doesn't hear what she wants.

>> No.10379953

Is this a copy pasta

>> No.10379955

It's because you're women traveling in a group

>> No.10379959

I keep worrying about getting fat so I bought 2 fully shirred pieces that I don't really like in case I do.

>> No.10379961
File: 1.09 MB, 478x474, gif.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>LM is back up
>great, I can finally buy this listing I've been waiting to buy all da-
>already sold

>> No.10379962


No. Her behaviour is stereotypical.

>> No.10379964

Is this your first time hearing about fashion? Do you need some pictures for reference

>> No.10379982

It is now.

>> No.10379987

>why won't you conform reeee

>> No.10379997

It's not about whether I like it or not. How many people do you see walking around dressed like Snake Eyes, Sailor Moon, or even the King in Yellow? If you dress abnormally then people are going to think you're a weirdo. Even if you're a performance artist like those guys who paint themselves and stand still. Which is why well-adjusted people dress up at cons where they have the excuse that it's a celebration. At first I thought you were talking about cons since I didn't think you lack in common sense, this is the cosplay board, and photoshoots would bring out your serpent scale skin. I tried to tactfully tell you to cover up since you don't feel comfortable in your own skin, but you deserve no tact or politiness because you're an ill-mannered person who starts swearing the moment she doesn't hear what she wants.

>> No.10380003

>accept me reeee *honk honk*

>> No.10380027
File: 131 KB, 529x799, 1359044469369.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i ordered several dream pieces from japan but now all post to the US is suspended indefinitely. this sucks.

>> No.10380032

I think i'm starting to see how those "health problem -chans" are born.

Ever since I was hospitalized for a kidney stone the attention and concern everyone gave me was surprising and kinda nice. I wish people were this nice when you weren't sick.

>> No.10380045

Do you mean Japan suspended all mail to your country or does your country let nothing in anymore?

>> No.10380046

just announced that japan isn't sending anything to the US anymore. the link was posted in the yumekawaii thread

>> No.10380070

You can still use ups and FedEx but that'll be big bucks shipping

>> No.10380111

You can still use surface mail with tracking, it’ll take 1-3 months though

>> No.10380125
File: 45 KB, 359x349, l-21686-is-this-fine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This fucking sucks

>> No.10380133

Whoops, convention toilet flooded last year. Now t

>> No.10380135

Yep.. my mom was like this. She really soaked up all the attention and people fawning over her when she was sick.
I actually started to pick up this habit myself but I eventually cut it out. Now I get really uncomfortable whenever anyone offers sympathy for me being sick.

>> No.10380136

So why not go for it? You will probably start hating the attention from normies again but you're not too old or anything.

>> No.10380139

I'm feeling you anon. I have at least $2k worth of items either already shipped, or were supposed to ship soon from Japan. I want to understand the "4 months" estimate more. It went from "delayed 2-3 weeks" to 4 months and I'm trying to let this wash over me so my anxiety doesn't ruin me for the next 120 days.

A lot of anons are saying there are other shipping options, but honestly it's only a matter of time before those are affected too, and I personally don't want to deal with an unfamiliar process. I'm not so bothered about having stores hold my pieces, it's the ones that were already shipped that I'm worried about.

>> No.10380158

shell out the big bucks and go with UPS/Fedex/DHL. They have their own transport fleets and don't give a fuck. Japan Post goes on normal passenger planes which, since there's no demand, are now nonexistant. It's going to cost a lot, yeah, but if you want your stuff, that's what you're looking at

>> No.10380159

I'm so happy, I can fit into a jsk I couldn't fit into before. This is the motivation I need to reach my goal. Just 15 more lbs and I'm set.

>> No.10380161

Why not just wear shirred stuff? abandon your diet it would be a lot easier

>> No.10380166

Finally snagged a nice blouse in a color I have been searching for for a while. I know it is useful to have different colored blouses but I often come across such beautiful white or cream blouses that I just keep buying them and my wardrobe isnt as diverse as it could be. So im happy to finally extend my color range more.

>> No.10380171

>bored at home and started making tiny bets on clearly-winning teams in in-progress games to see how much I could make
>trebled my money in 2 hours
Why did nobody ever tell me gambling was this easy? This is my new burando fund.

>> No.10380178

For things that have already been shipped, I can't change the courier. Most have been in the Japan Post system since the first week of April, so unless then get returned, I'm pretty sure they are still pushing those orders through (I actually had one order show up in the US today before the announcement). I don't mind waiting for the other orders while shops hold them. I don't really want to deal with another unknown during all of this, especially if the shops themselves aren't offering these shipping methods.

>> No.10380179


>> No.10380183

if you SAL'd them they will get returned. I had something sent SAL end of March and thought it snuck out. Nope, two weeks later it was RTS and according to the sender all their packages (hundreds/thousands) are currently stuck at their local post office

>> No.10380184

Rent a shipping address somewhere (there are plenty of those, try Qwintry or Shipito or simply google "shipping address")
From that shipping address you send it to your home.

>> No.10380190

You don't get that attention when have mental illness unless you talk with other people who have mental illness. Neurotypicals will always try to "catch you" faking the illness because they think you're just lazy.

>> No.10380191

Maybe that's why lolitas and cosplayers like to talk about mental illness, there aren't any other groups you can bring it up with

>> No.10380196

If that's really how normies think I don't want to be on this Earth.

What the fuck? Who would fake having an invisible, debilitating condition like depression, bipolar disorder, or anxiety ?

>> No.10380198

You clearly weren't around the internet in the mid-00s, people were faking bipolar like there was no tomorrow.

Look, I'm mentally ill, I know a lot of people who are mentally ill, but you're either dumb or incredibly naive if you think some people on the internet aren't lying about their illnesses. Or they've self-diagnosed and think that's good enough.

>> No.10380205

We're not talking about people on the internet, and a lot of people around me did not have access to the internet in that period of time. Only people in the cities had it.

>> No.10380214

Congratulations on learning what munchausen is. I don't think those people are necessarily created, some people just naturally crave excessive amounts of attention than normal.

>> No.10380266

I only ever use airmail (epacket and EMS) so I don't think mine will be returned.

>> No.10380310

Reddit speak for dudes. Scroteposter most likely comes from Reddit's Female Dating Strategy section or some other femcel subreddit.

>> No.10380340

Tired post here, but every con getting cancelled really has gotten to me. I was living con-to-con, and I don't know what to do with my time if I'm not going to get to wear cute cosplays at events.
Tried going to an online meeting but it really wasn't the same.

>> No.10380357

Hunny, 25 is a baby.

>> No.10380358

This comment truly reveals how many little zoomers growing up on Tumblr raided this board and never left. If you came from reddit, tumblr, or Twitter you need to go back

>> No.10380406

I picked up the word scrote from lolcow, actually. Never used plebbit before and never will. Nice try though, scrote.

>> No.10380472

I will, I purchased a bunch of stuff online now that I have more time at home because of the virus. But lost contact with my local community and all my friends from back then etc. Bit sad.

>> No.10380486

So you're literally a tumblrina

4chan isnt for you sweetie, go back to your containment site (aka alt rebbit)

>> No.10380490

NAYRT Lolcow is the "too bitchy for 4chan" containment site created after moot told cgl they need to calm down and gave out more rules to try to lessen drama/doxing on this board.
Lolcow is filled with legbeards who bitch about lolcows.. but are also terribly cringy themselves.

>> No.10381665

>checking second hand sites every day obsessively since work from home
>nothing good the whole time
>dont check much for one day
>dream item sold for insanely low price

i feel like this thing always happens to me the one day in a month i dont check every few hours ffffffffff

>> No.10382316

Gym closed, im getting fat again. GOd why this was the year i was supposed to actually socialize and get gf. God why

>> No.10382578

get some cinelights for your room, I have them on mine and I prefer the light from them than the light outside.

>> No.10384944
File: 103 KB, 557x424, 1585511308529.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't think this is true. Most people will pretend to feel bad for you if you talk about having depression in anxiety. They might inwardly think you're an attention whore (and they may be right, depression is essentially "I feel bad for no reason and if you're mean I might kill myself", and a LOT of extremely normal people think they have depression because they feel nebulously dissatisfied or undermotivated and they're vulnerable to the Forer effect. Anxiety is practically a trend right now as well). But people aren't very confrontational for the most part and they'll probably try to be supportive.

>> No.10385751

Do body weight exercises. Do cardio at night when its cool (in FL itll be too hot soon)

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