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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPPhEl6jPm0 [Embed]

What does /cgl/ think about this ^^^ ?

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>german girls pretending to be men and yaoi-ing

Its like I'm really in 2007!

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Anon u know they probably identify as soft boi twans men.

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No, actually as non-binary
>Its like I'm really in 2007!
Did such stuff really already happen back in '07?

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yeah mainly Naruto and Kingdom Hearts

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OMG I forgot how bad the quality of vids was back then.

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Things never changed honestly

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>>soft boi twans men.

The same ones that cry their being misgendered because they are uwu smol space bean boi and appear as feminine as possible but want to be called a boy and want a penis.

This shit is cringe and is honestly a shame to the trans community.

Like I get you want to be respected. I get you may feel you're a boy, but acting as feminine as possible you know god damn well society will not confirm to your smol space bean boi bullshit and see you as a male.

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are they minors?
you know theyre not allowed here, right

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>are they minors?
>you know theyre not allowed here, right
I think it's allowed, but I wouldn't care anyway.

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I'm here from the front page, is this board usually this gay?

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I hate it a lot :(

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Wasn't there a trend of girls doing skits as masquerades just so they could dress up as animu bois and kiss?

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That's probably the point here, they just want to kiss and use cosplay just as an excuse.

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Nope. We have a lot of radfem/terf types actually

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BHNA cosplayers are the new homestock. 99 percent of them are insane or mental defect trannies.

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Cringe as shit

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A lot of us radfems are lesbos anon

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Then what do radfems think about this?

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Probably cringey because a lot girls who do this kind of stuff end up becoming trannies.

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>end up becoming trannies.
Do you know why?

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They get sucked into tumblr propaganda.

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Like this?

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Girls like this?


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Actually most of these girls are straight, or at least have boyfriends.
They are mimicing yaoi after all.

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I think they both identify as "pan", and the right one claims to have a GF which she has never seen.

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Fuck, just realised I posted the wrong one, I meant this

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Yeah no it's over kid. Wtf I love trannies now.

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I only like when real boys kiss each other.

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do women really?

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There's no where else on the internet where you can safely dunk on trannies other than a few reddits. Even 4chan is filled to the brim with trannie lovers.

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Then maybe you should go back to whatever terf reddit you use if all you care about is trolling le trannies epic style, /pol/ will always be with you so you'll feel like you never even left 4chan in the first place.

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Thank you for proving my point. Unfortunately pol hates everyone who isn't a white neet male.

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>/pol/ (correct way of saying it btw) hates everyone who isn't a white neet male.
/pol/ is unironically %56 now and the only white part is convinced that black women are hot now. But even better, they're literally like half of all the subs you go on, /r/ItsAFetish, etc, they all get on the same trans hate train as you terfs and you don't even know it. Enjoy radnazterf gang being a thing in your lifetime. Go back now.

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Kiwi farms.
It sucks that mentioning that maybe using hormones to make kids never grow up in situations where it's not medicine or die next year is bigoted.

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I think you belong to twitter. You sound like an irrational sjw. I'm staying put.

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