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Share your stories, sweeties :3

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So, i have this story. I was getting ready for going out and put on a black and white old school coord. Teased my hair, you know.
My mom saw me and she went like
"I like your look but I'm worried what if someone mistake you for a hooker?"

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my 87 yr old grandma got really excited when she saw my peeking bloomers and said 'that's what we used to wear when I was growing up!'

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stop wearing the fashion since you cant let your mommy go

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Are you retarded or something?

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nta but i think op is posting about her mom in another thread.

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But you cant know for sure, right?

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Why do people get this idea? I mean you can barely see my hands and my face, why would I be a prostitute? Jesus.

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Nayrt but this is a slow board. OP posted 3 times in a row in this thread alone. The :333. It's very obvious. Though it's a nice thread idea in itself.

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Usually I get pretty wholesome comments and compliments. Like people saying my outfits are really pretty and asking if I’m going anywhere special. Someone at a museum once asked if I was in a beauty pageant, and when I explained that I just like dressing that way for fun, they said that it’s great to be unique and dress how you want, and that more people should do that. One time I was at a grocery store and a little kid happily pointed me out to his dad, who called me Little Bo Peep. The Little Bo Peep comments are pretty cute when they’re not said in a mocking way imo. Especially since the kid probably thought I was actually her. It’s the same when kids think you’re an actual princess.

The only negative thing I’ve experienced is someone who was convinced it was fetish clothes even when I, someone who actually wears the fashion, explained otherwise. Can’t be helped though. It’s been mistaken for fetish clothes by someone else once, but he understood when I explained it was just a fashion. I don’t mind that misunderstanding if they actually understand when I explain. But overall, that situation isn’t very common

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I wore my coord to a nintendo launch event years ago, and a few people asked about my outfit. General positive interest. When I did explain about lolita to one guy, he exclaimed that he 'loves lolis' and started following me around the place. I did explain that they are different things, but it wouldnt sway him.

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"dressing like children"
We all get this alot and I think it's one of the funniest comments. Especially when it comes from someone wearing leggings and a bright ugly sweater.
I don't know what children you have met but I've seen more children wear simple boring outfits rather than expensive frilly dresses

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I'm a lifestyler who mainly wears gothic. If I got a dollar for every instance I've been unironically asked if I'm going to a funeral. I could acquire my pricey wishlist in an instant.
I know that some regular goths get this comment a lot, but who the hell goes to a funeral dressed in something like pic related?

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So i was walking in my sweet lolita coord and a teenage girl approached me
She: so you are a lolita, aren't you
Me: yep
She: and you wear bloomers?
Me: well, yes?
She: can i see your kawaii bloomers please?
Me: nope

And i went away and wtf was that

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wtf what a weirdo

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I once got asked if I was a little.

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I was asked if I was a clogger this weekend. That was a new one. It was a little old lady and she wasn't even trying to o be mean either. I blame that commercial.

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Tell them "nah, I'm about medium."

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I usually get asked by old people if I’m going dancing. Maybe they’re thinking of square dancing. Once I went to a bike convention in a pretty full coord and the guy taking tickets said I looked like a pageant queen, which I took as a compliment, but looking back I guess he was probably thinking Toddlers and Tiaras.

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i don't get a lot of comments other than people asking me what the occasion is or that i look cute honestly. this conversation that happened a while back made me kind of cringe though

>at event on campus, wearing sweet
>was sort of conversing with random weeb girl there
>normie acquaintance sees me, asks what i'm wearing
>give stock answer of "japanese street fashion" which he seems satisfied with, says i look nice
>weeb girl decides to pipe up
>"it's called LOLITA FASHION, and it has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE BOOK! i know it may look like a fetish thing but i promise IT ISN'T!!!! winkwink nudgenudge"
>no one thought it was until you said something, genius
>normie acquaintance sees my embarrassed expression, goes "uh... alright, that's cool i guess" and walks off

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The old school miniskirts do look a little hooker-ish if you wear tall boots with them.

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Not long after a TLC reality show had a living doll episode, I had multiple people ask me if I was dolly or a living doll. I feigned ignorance and acted like I had no idea what it was. My go to is just saying 'It is a fashion from Japan' and leaving it at that.

There has also been times where I've seen women physically recoil when I've told them it was called lolita, so I simply don't go into detail anymore.

Yes, it is always white middle age Karens.

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Toddlers do wear poofy chiffon dresses often, which some pastel sweet does resemble, particularly if it has teddy bears or other toys on it. Idk why sweets don't take care to avoid those motifs.

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I have never and will never use the word "lolita" when talking to a normie. Why open that can of worms? Calling it jfash, a fashion club, princess fashion, just whatever else.

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She was pressing me to say the name. I have always reluctant to say it unless it's requested.

Lolita isn't this scandalous work that can't be said. It's not worth trying to make up a bullshit name. I just don't give more detail beyond 'its a fashion' now since it seems no matter what I do or say I get poor reactions from the public.

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So, im from russian speaking country and we have very popular children book character called Malvina, a blue haired doll.

And when I'm out wearing lolita, I often get called Malvina.

Im a gothic lolita. And guess what? My hair aren't even blue.

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i'd take that as a compliment desu.

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She’s cute af, perfect lolita.

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Lets not forget this gem

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Yeah, it doesn't meant to be mean actually, just kind of awkward

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When people ask what I’m wearing I say it’s by a Japanese designer. If they want specifics, I say the name: Mary Magdalene or Victorian Maiden, usually. Those are straightforward enough and they can find the brands if they want to without encountering weird porn stuff.

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I call it japanese punk fashion

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Btw, Malvina the blue haired doll is a character from Pinocchio, so Italian, not originally Russian. Though apparently she’s especially popular in Russia.

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I thought it was Turquoise Fairy in Pinocchio?

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I am also Russian and she has always been my inspiration !!

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Once at a grocery store, a little girl came up to me and hugged me and asked if I was a fairy.

Normie comments have gotten nicer. I used to get harassed at the mall when I wore lolita as a teen. Usually by shitty guys trying to sarcastically "hit" on me and make a rude comment about it not being Halloween. Now at most I just get told I look cute by older ladies.

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>Old ladies love it
>Young women chill with it
>Middle age Karen's always giving you weird looks
Why is it always them?

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honestly i feel like they could be Karens of any age, but they just look middle age.

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I feel like they are obessed with conformity and just feel entitled to the order of things being maintained. Or they are jealous to see a woman living their nest free life, whilst they abandoned all their hobbies and aspirations to raise children and look after their cheating husbands.

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They're still young enough to change their lives but they can't. Out of fear or inability. They're unhappy housewives who lived life on autopilot, getting married to men who hate them and giving birth to children who hate them. they had to give up all hobbies outside of the sphere of "mother" and "wife". people in jfashion are living reminders of the lives they couldve had.

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Anon is confused. Malvina is from The Adventures of Buratino, which is a Russian knockoff of Pinocchio. Malvina is the Turquoise Fairy knockoff, but she’s a doll instead of a fairy.

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>wearing lolita on campus
>school club acquaintance walks up to me. we say hi
>she compliments me, calling me cute, and then immediately follows up with "what type of dere are you?"
>I'm confused. maybe she means substyles?
>"um, I'm a classic lolita"
>"WOW! I'm a Deredere myself!!!! I love people!!!" is all I hear before I stop listening bc of disgusted realization that she was talking about anime stereotypes/personalities. eg. Tsundere, Yandere, etc.

I get it, anime is inspired by the fashion. I don't blame her for connecting the two. but confusing clothing with weeb personality typing is a whole other type of fucking stupid. glad I'm never going to see her cringey ass again

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Ughhh so cringe
Somewhat related, I know a girl who works at hot topic and every time I post something lolita-related she complains about how the fashion is too expensive even though I literally went to a concert with her and watched her buy a shirt, jacket, skateboard, vinyl, and bandana from her fav band all in one go

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I'm happy the one time I wore lolita to class, I was just called cute and it ended there

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I've been recently meeting with an old friend after they lifted the ban slightly for the whole lockdown in my country.
We were both wearing Sweet but in a more tonedowned way.

I realized I obviously can't handle comments anymore. Everyone commenting immediately caused annoyance and me expecting bad remarks. Most were actually nice though.

Hopefully this is just a phase and I can get back to handle comments more relaxed...

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One gut shouted „Hey dementor” to me, I took that as a compliment honestly.

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I would too

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NTAYRT but jesus fucking christ you're literally the most braindead being i've ever witnessed in my life.
Do yourself a favor and don't even go online anymore.

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I really want to know what outfit prompted this.

>> No.10396360

I’m assuming gothic?

>> No.10396372

Was that weeb girl my mother? Because she’s done the exact same thing, multiple times. She thinks she’s helping...

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HAHAHAAHAHAHAAHA this made me fucking cackle

>> No.10396428

Project harder

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I've never gotten any truly negative comments when I've gone out besides the typical judgemental stares, but I always get asked if I made my dresses. I don't know if it's just because you don't see anything resembling lolita in normie stores so handmade is the first conclusion made, but it's kind of flattering, I guess.

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Same here! I do sew so occasionally the answer is yes, but people also often ask whether I made my parasol, purse, shoes, printed tights etc. I wish, dude.

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I had an old guy once comment "Oh Octoberfest! How nice!" While I was wearing gothic at an exotic car show in September

>> No.10396577

>wearing gothic at an exotic car show
i dont understand your personality

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Not random normies but my mom has referred to my outfits as 'your manga girl dresses' for as long as I can remember.
I guess that's what I get for not hiding my powerlevel back when I was a 13 year old weeb. At this point I feel like she's doing it on purpose to annoy me because she knows how much I cringe every time she calls it that.

>> No.10396637

maybe she's too shy to say the real name of the fashion because of the negative connotation

>> No.10396658

Oktoberfest is often held in September

>> No.10396703

I like fancy cars and wearing gothic lolita. The exotic shows are a lot less rowdy and crowded together than the free for all monthly car meets and are usually held in really nice locations so I enjoy dressing up for them sometimes.
Oh well that makes a lot more sense. Still a little weird considering it wasn't near any Oktoberfest celebrations though but the old guy and his wife just seemed to think my outfit was fun.

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I attend those free for all car meets in classic lolita. Honestly car meets are my favorite place to wear lolita because everyone there is into aesthetics so it fits in, but they don’t have those sticky baby personalities the majority of girls I’ve met at meets have

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I’ve only gotten that once, but it was from a judge-y lady at a high end vintage shop. She also told me my jacket was too short on me (no shit, the fit model is 6 inches shorter than me) so I think she meant it as shade

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the car meets around here are all scary gangsters doing shady shit. i can't picture a nice one lol

>> No.10396737

we have nice ones wear i live. tons of cool old cars and stuff.

>> No.10396742

god dammit, i'm not even phoneposting, just too used to writing "wear" i guess when on /cgl/

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Yes exactly! I oddly don't feel really out of place when dressed up for car shows/meets because of I guess the whole car culture thing and often have an easier time chatting with people at the car shows than I do at lolita meets. I honestly probably would dress up more for the regular monthly meets if my husband didn't insist on us getting up to get there at the asscrack of dawn just to make sure we get a spot. He drives an exotic too so I feel like they'll always have an open spot for him in the exotics section anyways.
Aw that's kind of sad. I feel like that tends to be the case in a lot of smaller cities from what I've seen. The car shows in the city I grew up in were kind of sketch but the ones I go to in the bigger city I live in now are all really well organized. Some car shows can get REALLY fancy too like the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance. I kind of want to make the trip to it someday just for the sheer fanciness of it all.

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P, is that you?!

>> No.10396840

What's a clogger

>> No.10396853

A type of dancing

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I mostly wear himekaji/otome and have gotten called a loli in public
My grandpa calls me his Korean girl and sometimes I hear people speaking my native dialect about me thinking I can't understand it, mostly wondering if I'm a foreign exchange student from Korea or Japan lmao

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No p’s in my name, so no!

>> No.10396885

Are you in the Philippines? That’s the only context I can think of where there are “native dialects” and people think it’s a compliment to look Korean

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Thats why you dont use the word "lolita" to explain shit to people. It increases the chance for a misunderstanding significantly.

>> No.10396939

>I hear people speaking my native dialect about me thinking I can't understand it, mostly wondering if I'm a foreign exchange student
This keeps happening to me too. People often address me in English and then talk about me to each other in our native language thinking I won’t understand. Most of the time they say nice things but when they’re being assholes I like to embarrass them by responding in our native language with the thickest regional accent I can manage.

>> No.10396940

Had a TSA guy who was on the train say to me: "Don't stop being weird girl, people like you keep this world interesting. Never let nobody kill that weirdness in you.

That was some motivating shit that made my day.

>> No.10396947

That’s really sweet. (How did you know he was TSA on the train?)

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The metro (yellow line train) in Washington DC goes by the airport. He was in uniform going to work. (Pic related)

>> No.10396978


Respek. I'd prolly strike up a mini convo with him and maybe do a coffee meetup to chat about how work at the TSA is for him and learn a bit more about what crazy shit goes on there.

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One of my "friends" asked me when will I realize that i'm not a child, so that i would stop dressing like one.
Normies and their comments used to not get to me but ever since that comment i've been way more conscious and it's just making me sad.

>> No.10401131

Mostly nice comments from old ladies, women complimenting me on my shoes, got asked twice in one day while at work if I was cosplaying Misa from death note. Right before lockdown I had a really nice experience with a woman at a makeup store who talked about how much her daughter loves the fashion but she couldn't remember what it was called (I was too embarrassed to tell her)
Only time I really got annoyed tho was a few weeks ago when i was grocery shopping and two maskless 30 something women got in my space and started asking me if I was going to a costume party/if I wore that for, like, every day stuff? Definitely not the worst experience but still annoying.
Honestly I'm just surprised people are so nice about it, I live in a pretty small rural town and I guess I assumed people would be a little more shameless about mocking others.

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> Friend and I taking the skytrain in lolita
> Our train car is empty
> A family walks into the train car from the next one over and sits in the row directly behind us
> Umm, weird, but okay whatever
> Someone from the family gets up and walks to the row in front of us
> Pulls out their camera, turns to us, and starts taking pictures of us with the family seated behind us posing
> They don't say a word to us, let alone make eye contact
> We get up and leave
> They don't even react, camera person just sits back down and they all start speaking in their native language

>> No.10402577

I was at a grocery store recently and a lady stopped me to tell me that, "Your dress is so beautiful!" with two thumbs up. I was so taken aback I could only say thank you and keep walking. Sorry nice lady, I usually get weird comments and don't know how to respond to compliments apparently.

>> No.10405522

da fuck..did you get spunked with cum on your glasses and face?

>> No.10405556

Go kill yourself

>> No.10405568

The beggar outside my grocery store always calls me princess. It feels better when kids on public transport whispers it to each other when they see me.

>> No.10405577

once got into a screaming match with some drunk man who insisted on taking pictures of me while I was eating at a restaurant. he asked permission at first and I was like no, sorry and he was like well I'm going to do it anyways because I can and I was like uh no you can't just take pictures of people without their consent in a private establishment and he was basically like fuck you idc and we got heated and owners didn't do shit so I left. all he managed to get was some blurry photos of me giving him the finger. I fucking hate these kinds of people

>> No.10405581

anon, that's really interesting. I didn't know that it was a slightly different tale in different cultures.
one thing.... what the fuck is going on in that picture

>> No.10405583

My crazy ex hated it and used go "do you have to wear your bunny suit?" He thought lolita was embarrassing. Fun fact, I've never owned a bunny print, I mostly wore mature printless sweet or classic while I was with him. An ex fwb said it was "very tradwife" when he found my instagram (I didn't give it to him). That earned him a block.

>> No.10405586

Ddlg loool

>> No.10405589

I was dressed in decora waiting the bus and a guy pulled his car next to me and invited me in I was embarressed

>> No.10405590

What the fuck kind of hooker dresses in decora

>> No.10405610

I don't know what exactly the man with the car wanted or if he thought I was a whore. It could be he was a freak and thought I was like weird and would accept what he wanted

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>An ex fwb said it was "very tradwife" when he found my instagram

>> No.10405661

Who is that mime character with the white clothes on the right? I swear I've seen art of her before (and a movie screenshot, if I remember correctly)

>> No.10405662

I believe it's the Pierrot from the Adventures of Buratino, a 1976 Soviet movie.

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That’s right, but Pierrot is a stock commedia dell’arte character that goes back to the 17th century, so anon could have seen him originally in any number of places.

>> No.10405724

why would a slut be attracted to lolita at all, exactly? it's the antithesis of your personality

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File: 36 KB, 500x375, tumblr_nfpx11UOH81r6780ho1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's true! I was just being as specific as I could. Thanks for the additional info!

>> No.10405813

I'm socially retarded and don't know what to do in this situation. My first instinct is to compliment them back (it's genuine because you can usually find something you like about someone's outfit) but friends have told me it comes off a condescending. So now I just smile, say thank you, and walk on, but that feels bad too.

>> No.10405816

Fuck, this shit gets me. I don't care about randos, but when friends and family say things it stings, even when they don't mean it too. But your "friend" sounds like a massive cunt, drop that bitch.

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thank you is the correct response to a compliment. don't overthink it.

>> No.10405941

no, i genuinely wanna know why a whore would be attracted to a fashion that's about modesty and feminity. please enlighten me

>> No.10405969

>Hey, isn't it a bit weird for a straight guy to be wearing victorian girls' clothes?

>> No.10405981

dont let it get you down; if they want to cut and mold you into a form that pleases them, they were never your friend in the first place

>> No.10405998

anon, this is the lowest quality bait but I'm bored enough to bite. If I were a whore, at least I'd be getting paid. Alas, I'm just a woman who enjoys sex, much like most every other woman out there. Not that you'll ever know, you poor virginal soul. Enjoy your evening.

>> No.10406050

other women enjoy sex within relationships because they're not mentally ill and/or full of daddy issues.

>> No.10406161

He secretly wants to rape you in the back ally .

>> No.10408575

how can i give some reddit gold

>> No.10408868 [DELETED] 

t. a jealous virgin


>> No.10408903

Some normie requested to take a picture of me with two police officers at a con a year ago. I was waiting for my Uber to pick me up and there were two police officers on motorcycles standing guard outside the con. Random dude waltzes up and asks if he can get a picture of the three of us together. So somewhere there exists a picture of a sweet lolita posing between two police officers and their motorcycle. By far the weirdest thing I’ve been asked to do in lolita

>> No.10408910

People shouting across the street and such is always nice. Not lolita, but one time a wigger shouted said "Whaddap Moron?" to me just because I was wearing a tucked in button-up shirt.

>> No.10409448

>Dress up in slutty clothes
>Go to events to get attention
>Post pictures online to get attention
>Go out in public dressed slutty to get attention

Compared to

>Dress up in fancy clothes
>Go to events to get attention
>Post pictures online to get attention
>Go out in public dressed up to get attention

Yeah, totally different things.

>> No.10409467 [DELETED] 

Not the dude you responded to, but I've been with girls who love sex as well as those who get traumatized by a single kiss.

My question is, how am I supposed to tell the difference and give each person what they want? Both freaky and prudish girls seem to pretend that sex doesn't exist when you first meet them. In my experience, they just have normal conversations on dates and wait for you to make a move, where you then get two different reactions:
Freaky girl
>OMG I have been waiting for this! Let's fuck!
Prudish girl
>Did you just try to KISS ME? Anon, that makes me so uncomfortable. I-I need some time alone.

I'm fine with taking longer to have sex or even having less sex overall. But I don't want to not give a girl sex when she wants it. And at the same time, I don't want to escalate things with a girl only to force her to reject me and strain the relationship in the process.

>> No.10409479

If strangers ask for the name specifically (which does happen sometimes), I usually say the name of the brand I'm wearing.

>> No.10409481

My mom: I think all lolitas want attention

>> No.10409493

A boy I liked called me bimbo , I am a sweet lolita and I supose is becouse he saw me in church at easter wearing Happy Garden, I also wear decora and fairy kei inspired outfits allmost everyday, me and him are both on the spectrum. He said to me I am a bimbo who wants attention to gain stuff easy. (The word was not really bimbo but something similar in his language, we are not same nationality but I live in his country)

>> No.10409495 [DELETED] 

What is wrong with being a slut and having sex with people you’re not dating? What would you do if you were dating someone who didn’t enjoy sex, but you obviously still had to get it somewhere?

Oh right, you’d just break up with them. No, not live your life without sex or even just get it from other people. No, that’s not good enough.

Your kind are trash. Sluts are based and the only ones who understand love. Because they are capable of separating love and sex, which btw, are not the same thing.

>> No.10409496

Nyart but
>dress up in fancy clothes
>go to events to look at fancy clothes with other people in fancy clothes
>"who are you supposed to be, Bo Peep?"

>Dress up in costume
>go to event because it's fun
>"You're a Slut! I showed you my penis, Please Respond"

It's not cosplayers or lolitas having opinions and being shit. It's you, anon.

>> No.10409543 [DELETED] 

>What would you do if you were dating someone who didn’t enjoy sex, but you obviously still had to get it somewhere?
>Oh right, you’d just break up with them
Are you unironically defending cheating on an unknowing spouse with sluts/bastards?

A person who has no sex drive has more options than what you are suggesting:
>get with someone who also has no sex drive
>get with someone who doesn't mind diddling themselves
>get with someone who is okay with being in an open relationship

>> No.10409549

My response was more of a meme than anything; no need to take it seriously. But wearing attire that is vastly different from the social norm is going to get you attention, even if you are at an event. It comes with the territory. You can't dress up and expect to not get attention.

>> No.10410462

She is right and a smart woman

>> No.10410477

Sure, you have to be fine with the attention it gets you, but it's not like getting attention has to be the goal. For a lot of us it's more of a negative to wearing the fashion than a positive. The first few times you go out and someone comes up to ask about lolita you're happy to answer them, but if you've been wearing the same style for years it gets more and more tiring.

>> No.10410504

You can always tell when someone is either new or rarely wears lolita because they’re always the first ones to answer normies’ questions, often with a whole ass lecture.

>> No.10410784 [DELETED] 

normal people enjoy sex with their beloved partner. theres a term in the english language for girls like you who got diddled by some jock at 13 in middle school, girls who constantly need their genitalia rubbed to have sex for the sake of stirring up their meat, and that term would be slut.
all other normal people can enjoy sex both physically and emotionally because they lost their virginity with their boyfriend/girlfriend whom we were emotionally attached to, and not some guy who fucked and dumped you when you were 14 and drunk.

>> No.10410788 [DELETED] 


Nayrt and not gonna engage with any of the "slut" comments but...who the fuck is getting drunk at 14 years old? The earliest I ever had alcohol besides tasting wine for cooking with adult consent was 20 (USA) when I worked and studied abroad in Japan and someone at my company came from a sake brewing family and brought a bottle to a company dinner?

>> No.10410796

Lol I'm pretty sure most of us have had alcohol at least by high school.

>> No.10410799

yea, they can't just be like "oh i'm not going somewhere, we just like to dress like this!"

>> No.10410804


I'm not one of those annoyingly straightedge types but I guess since I never partied or anything and my mom was an alcoholic I just never had an urge to drink. Especially knowing the type of stuff guys do to drunk girls at parties.

>> No.10410805

I didn't drink until 21 but that's very unusual in the US
Tons of high school kids are drinking

>> No.10410814 [DELETED] 

Okay but what would you do if your beloved partner didn't want or enjoy sex? Would you still be able to love them?
Also I'm no slut, and still haven't even lost my virginity, but emotions and romance are the last things I can connect sex to.

>> No.10410820 [DELETED] 

nta but no, you really can't. the idea of disconnecting sex from healthy relationships is prude in an entirely different way from criticizing sluts, but the idea that people should treat wanting sex as some kind of "issue" they need to get over in their relationship is sad.

>> No.10410823 [DELETED] 

I don't see wanting sex as an "issue". If anything I'm the one with really fucked up issues for somehow not wanting it. But yeah, I don't know why I asked, because I already know you can't love someone if they won't let you fuck them.

>> No.10410830 [DELETED] 

well you need to understand that just because it's sex, doesn't change the fact that it's the same as any other relationship issue. you and a lot of other people need to learn that compromise in a relationship doesn't mean sacrifice, it means working towards a good solution. people like you are generally the ones who are treating sex like it's separate from all other relationship issues. it's the same as one partner not liking another's behavior like staying out late or drinking. neither you or the other person should have to change their reasonable behaviors or deal with behaviors they can't. it's super idealistic to act like someone should even try to ignore their own needs for the sake of love. it's not some show of affection, it's denying your own needs. just the same as you don't want to have to have sex with someone to prove your love, no one else should have to give it up if they want it.

>> No.10411480 [DELETED] 

Okay, so what if that person is allowed to have sex with other people instead, letting both people get what they want? Or does that now make them a “slut” and somehow bad? Or is it super important for it to be with someone you love for it to be enjoyable at all?

>> No.10411481 [DELETED] 

you're totally missing the point. the point is that the relationship needs to work for BOTH people. and you shouldn't make someone else sacrifice something for you out of guilt.

>> No.10411484 [DELETED] 

And if both people are okay with the one who wants sex sleeping with other people, is there a problem with that? And ignoring being a slut, is that even enjoyable for the person who wants sex, or does it HAVE to be emotional?

>> No.10411515

but the point of sweet is to have those motifs

>> No.10411524

Why should we?

>> No.10411546
File: 1 KB, 30x30, d471874d10f8b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Had someone tell me yesterday i fetishized asian people by wearing lolita and that it was cultural appropriation. LOL

>> No.10411547

the only people who do that are rich white girls and asian americans usually male.

>> No.10411550 [DELETED] 

you forgot hapas. hapas have the most severe cases of yellow fever i've ever seen

>> No.10411551

>fetishizing all eastern asian people wearing japanese made 19th century west european clothing

>> No.10411554

That literally makes no sense. Isn't the point of calling out cultural appropriation that one demographic is shamed for doing x whilst another is praised for doing x? Japanese lolitas aren't treated worse that regular western lolita (from my knowledge)

>> No.10411560

there was a time me and my friend were out in lolita running errands, we had gotten tea earlier that day and then we were just getting some groceries when on the way out of the self checkout one of the police officers there was like "You look so pretty, you both look like my daughter, I love that hairstyle" (We had our hair up in pigtails, and he seemed a little too into it), and so we were sort of hurrying out, when this lady behind us whipped out her phone and started (what i'm assuming is) recording and snapping photos. We were just walking in front of her and she kept following us, eventually saying "so are ya'll just gonna keep walking?" multiple times before literally grabbing my friends arm!! She turned around so quickly and yelled at her to not touch her, and then the woman tried to guilt us into taking photos but we were just like....... "no sorry" and literally ran out the door. People see people wearing lolita and dont know how to act...people get so entitled when it comes to photos sometimes

>> No.10411567

Fun fact: most japanese people are really happy when westerners wear their traditional clothing

>> No.10411609

Yellow line used to be my normal commute and seems to be nicest to me when I wear lolita. The Red line is full of dudebros and Silver is full of TurboKarens.

Here's some comments I've gotten in lolita:
"Are you Alice in Wonderland?"
while wearing a beret at work "Are you French?"
"Nice maid costume!"
"What play are you in?"
When visiting a historical site "Are you a reenactor? Do you work here?"
and of course:
"Nice cosplay, what anime are you from?"

>> No.10411633

I hate getting attention from strangers, I wish everyone would just ignore me. I just like wearing the clothes.

>> No.10411645

I literally told her that... Like even kimonos. Fuckin idiot.

>> No.10411646

I know it hurt my brain so much... What a stretch.

>> No.10411647

She wanted a reason to get me back bc i told her she should cut off her ugly white dreads.

>> No.10411648

Same, honestly
There are so many other things to be staring at. I'm just trying to eat a sandwich and see the museum

>> No.10411663

This, Japanese people gave me tons of compliments every time I wore my dozing cat hakama cut jsk on vacation

>> No.10411691

You spent how much!!! (most often from people who frequently eat out/travel oddly enough )

>> No.10411740

I call it "the japanese version of goths" because it's the only thing normies accept as an answer. They go "oooooh, goth, I understand now"

>> No.10411755

is there an equivalent for sweet?

>> No.10411757

"this is pink goth"

>> No.10411760


>> No.10411837

>peeking bloomers
grandma was a slut

>> No.10411840

I was wearing my autumn coord (Beautiful outside,warm inside, you know) and an elder woman come to.me and started shaming me for not wearing warm things and that i would freeze my female parts

>> No.10411841

Someone asked me if I was going to church.

>> No.10411895

Notto disu shitto again

>> No.10411940

goth is the only alternative look normies are really familar with, they're dumb enough to believe that excuse for sweet too desu

>> No.10411957

In all fairness, the Celts did dreads. But yeah, they uggo.

>> No.10411966


Also same. People I don't know make me sort of nervous, so I too would rather just be ignored and left to my business. I just like pretty things and also wearing them.

>> No.10413984

Big same,that's why i don't wear lolita as much. I'm on the spectrum and having to deal with strangers so much exhausts me,i wish i was transparent or some shit

>> No.10413998

what does the lolita's sign say? "Free M-"

>> No.10414315

i honestly like when people ask me about the clothes. i'm always worried they're judging me when they silently stare, but when they ask me about the clothes or compliment me it makes me feel much more at ease.

>> No.10414319

I mean....lolita is heavily inspired by historical childrens' clothing. That doesn't mean we're suddenly fetishizing children. Clothes are just clothes. If it "looks like kids' clothes", who gives a shit?

>> No.10414323


>> No.10414324

You’re obviously a copycat who saw the story from the old thread. Fuck off and stop trying to cause drama.

>> No.10414325

It says hugs. She just used cutesy lettering

>> No.10414327

That's what she wants you to think, she'll have your wallet the second you get near her

>> No.10414332

i think it's supposed to be mugs. the punky girl is saying hugs because they're trying to be funny and subvert expectations in a dumb superficial way.

>> No.10414334
File: 92 KB, 384x512, 8223991E-4D70-4A13-9E2F-C354E1DDCC61.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dunno if uploading will kill the image quality of pic related, but if you reverse google image search you can find a higher quality version, where you can clearly see it says hugs.

>> No.10414341

Anon was totally right about some girls doing the weird chuuni gap personality crap though.

>> No.10414348

Sure, I know girls do that, but these two weren’t

>> No.10414565
File: 3.81 MB, 2448x3696, descarga (10).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anon is this you?

>> No.10414608

Nah he's just a larper or at least a pick-me

>> No.10414646

Serious question: what do you guys say in response to "It's not Halloween!" It's one of the only common rude responses I get but I legitimately can't think of any short, effective way to reply to that.

>> No.10414649

"i know :)"

>> No.10414650

"I'm sorry you're retarded, do you need help finding your handler" can be used for pretty much anything

>> No.10414669

"Is that your excuse for looking boring?"

Alternately, just saying "Wow you're rude. Did you mother raise you like that?" and calling out rude behavior is usually what I do for most mean comments. It just makes them look and feel like a dickhead.

>> No.10414673

Also acting over the top shocked. Saying "It ISN'T? WHAT? REALLY?" puts them in an awkward spot.

>> No.10414684

A quick "So?".

>> No.10414691

Depends on the day. It's either ignoring them, >>10414649 or "It's not April fools either, but you still exist"

>> No.10414692

ignore. i'm too old to care

>> No.10414693

>being shocked or in disbelief that conservative traditional women are part of a conservative traditional fashion

>> No.10414694

This, plus a lot of what kids wore and what women wore bled into each other. Women would dress their kids up like little versions of adults, albeit with a few more frills.

Lolita fashion is really such a mix -- you've got corsets and bustiers designed to emphasize adult body lines but you've also got loose and dreamy doll-like stuff. Anyway to conclude that the point is to fetishize children is so bizarre and off the mark. There was a time when sneakers and short pants were also only worn by children, and yet now adults everywhere wear them without being seen as fetishistic...

>> No.10414696

>conservative traditional fashion
You should read more history, especially with regard to punk lolita, gothic lolita, and visual kei. There is a strong rebellious dimension to lolita especially in these forms.

>> No.10414701

>Lolita fashion is really such a mix -- you've got corsets and bustiers designed to emphasize adult body lines but you've also got loose and dreamy doll-like stuff.
This. Also, lolita is as much "based on historical clothing" as every other fancier dress with a more poofy silhouette. Contrary to what many lolitas claim, it looks neither like any specific decade of the victorian era, while the decorations are all over the place. Just saying it's historically inspired is better than claiming it's "based" on roccoco and victorian fashion and showing pictures that look nothing like that. It's a mix of a lot of ideas, more akin to bastardisation of european fashion as a whole, but that's normal considering it's literallly japanese view of the fashion. And I'm not saying that's something wrong. It makes for an interesting eclectic style, I just don't like people claiming it's something that it isn't.

>> No.10414702

regardless of substyle, other than ero, it's still about modesty. it makes sense that people into a style about modesty would value traditional femininity

>> No.10414703

This is such a false meme. While coords tend to be fairly covered-up, there is nothing conservative or modern about edgy gothic Mana clothes or super loud bright prints.

>> No.10414705

*modest, bleh.
Anyway, there's more to modesty and conservatism than just not showing skin yo.

>> No.10414707

This is also a good point. It takes elements from rococo, victorian era, edwardian era, etc but also from the 50s, from ancient Japan, from everywhere! Look at wa/qi, or those super diner aesthetic AP dresses. There's so much going on there.

>> No.10414723

either way i think you can agree lolita is not about sexual liberation or being sexual or anything like that. gyaru would be the fashion for that

>> No.10414727

lolita isn't some prude personality type. they're just clothes. you LARPers are insufferable

>> No.10414737

original lolita was political and had meaning, and still does to the japanese, but go off

>> No.10414745

well not all of us are weebs trying to LARP as the Japanese. they're just clothes

>> No.10414748

would you also say things like punk and goth are "just clothes"? because no

>> No.10414750

>still does to the japanese
Japanese society isn't the same as American or European one. There isn't that much of a push for young women to get married, stay at home and raise children in western countries. While America also had a housewife culture, it wasn't as prevalent in 2000s, so you can't say westerners rebeled against the same thing Japanese girls did. My country hasn't even had a housewife culture for at least 70 years now. It may have political meaning, but it's not universal, and for sure it isn't modest. It's literally taking up as much space as you can and screaming that you are not normal and won't comform to societal rules, in these case being a pure and modest wife.

>> No.10414753

Correct me if I'm wrong but I feel like the Japanese equivalent to looking housewifey would be to wear yukata/kimono?

>> No.10414763

Goth absolutely is just clothes. Punk is political, but punk politics can be anything from neo-nazi to radfem to straightedge to heroin user. I'm a tradgoth that mixes punk and goth, and I wear lolita too. They're just clothes.

>> No.10414765


Wasn't goth specifically related to the music scene until mall goth style came about? I always thought of mall goths as the precursor (as far as popularity in a "dark" aesthetic) to scene and emo stuff, and a bit different than straight up goth or its derivatives

>> No.10414766

Goth is a music scene though. It's not political but there's more to it than clothes.

>> No.10414767


I feel like lolita and Japanese alt fashion is super separate from a lot of alt fashion (besides visual kei I guess) because many things were never tied to a musical or political scene specifically. Even though they all have the context of still being rebellious in their femininity and the sorts of behavior like not getting married, working as hostesses or enjou kosai (for both gyaru and actual schoolgirls, not sure if I spelled that right), and drawing a lot of attention to oneself with their appearance in a way that stands out

>> No.10414777

can someone explain to me how designer brands can be punk? I can only imagine a rich person with an expensive-ass vw purse getting mugged by drop-outs with safety-pin home piercings.

>> No.10414786

Lots of goths don't necessarily listen to goth music, especially these days. A bunch of them are just "witches" or some shit and want to wear dark clothing.

VW started by making cheap clothes for those people. Only afterward did she become famous and did her prices rise. Her style and audience has since changed massively.

>> No.10414846

>Be nuwitch
>Wear cheap plastic-fiber clothing
>Steal communion crackers and burn them in a park
>My goddess is pleased
Nothing to do with what you're talking about, but it gives me a hearty chuckle everytime I think about this one "witch" I knew and how this became the "witch" aesthetic

>> No.10415164 [DELETED] 

>thinking sex and love are the same thing

>> No.10415422

Can someone clarify to me what goth music actually is? For the longest time I thought it was industrial music and other difficult things I do not care for but apparently it's actually The Cure and other new wave bands, which are widely liked and not very niche at all.

I listen to The Cure and wear black -- have I been goth this whole time without knowing?

>> No.10415432

Goth is an umbrella term now. Also it's a meme that the cure sold out and became normie, so it depends on which albums you listen to. Industrial is like a bastard child that like half of the community hates but the other half loves it, it's also popular now so I understand the confusion. There's rock stuff, metal, more symphonic and folk stuff and a lot of electronic music. I'd say your best call is to look for set-lists of gothic festivals. This list is also pretty good, but it doesn't have a lot of smaller local bands.
> I'd say your best call is to look for set-lists of gothic festivals.

>> No.10415451

I fucked up the link to the list, It's supposed to be
Also, I know people who wear all black and listen to gothic music but prefer not to call themselves goth.

>> No.10415459

Exactly this. There's shit like cyber goths/rave goths so it's not exclusively tied to music like The Cure or whatever and hasn't been for a while. It's just clothing.

>> No.10415474

"yeah it is"

>> No.10415479

>It's just clothing.
I never said that tho. The view of goth subculture from normie and lolita standpoint is distorted and influenced a lot buy people using goth aesthetic, gothic lolita being just a style with no real connection to the music and normie artists riding on the popularity of nugoth, but if you actually go to gothic groups and forums, you see that these people are either not counted as part of the subculture if they don't claim to be, or looked down upon similiar way we do at clueless itas and lolitas at heart. If it wasn't about the music anymore there wouldn't be clubs and festivals, goth would have meet-ups similiar to teaparties. It's more diverse now than in the 80s and 90s, but it's still very much about music.

>> No.10415484

>tfw no lolitas at my car shows

>> No.10415506

I don't mean "it's just clothing" in the sense that it has absolutely NO ties to other cultural things like music. Its history obviously does, but it isn't essential at all and it wouldn't be shocking to find out that a goth woman dressed in black because she was a tumblr thot who was into a witch aesthetic or whatever. I know a lot of teens who dressed goth just to rebel. Maybe some autists who are on goth forums would freak out, but most goths generally realize that goths are not expected to behave a set way and have the same set of morals on any particular subject. This discussion started because an anon was saying that people who are lolita should all be sexually modest, but just like with goths and punks, it's impossible to paint an entire style of people with the same life choices and is a stupid thing to expect. Not all people are attracted to fashion styles for the exact same reasons.

>> No.10415516

the term goth doesn't apply only to one subculture.

>> No.10415519

So you claim that there is another subculture, also called goth but who dont listen to the goth music?

>> No.10415531

yes. the term goth does just apply to more than western goth. japan uses it in more contexts than just egl or gothic lolita even. you sound like that autistic anon who doesn't get that the term gothic means something outside of the 80s subculture and that fashions and such can be inspired by but not be western goth.

>> No.10415534

i'd like to introduce you to this thing called "elegant gothic lolita" which is a gothic subculture

>> No.10415539

egl, ega. hell, japan has it's own form of goth. even the various forms of goth in the west aren't all directly related.

>> No.10415558

Since we are at the goth discussion, would malice mizer be considered goth? I know it’s visual kei, but couldn’t it be more than one thing at once?

>> No.10415567

Goth and gothic are different things

>> No.10415578

what a reach lmao.

>> No.10415609

sorry your daddy didn't love you

>> No.10415610



educate yourself, fuckin larpers

>> No.10415612

no one here is larping, fuck off back to /mu/. if goth is so different than gothic what's you're problem?

>> No.10416171 [DELETED] 

Sorry your daddy raped you and made you think it was his way of showing love

>> No.10416241
File: 81 KB, 644x445, IMG_8575.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stop replying to this obvious bait

>> No.10416274

"It's not? Then why are you being a clown?" or >>10414673 if I'm feeling cheeky, but usually, it doesn't deserve a proper response so I just shrug or say "so what?"

>> No.10417402

I honestly just don't respond at all. There's nothing more hilarious than when someone makes a snide comment, but I just ignore them and don't even look at them. At first they stand there expectantly with a smug grin, until they realize everyone else around heard what they said and is staring at them. Then they normally just shuffle away in awkward silence.
If they're especially flustered, they might insult me on the way out, but that normally just doubles-down on the "weird person walked up to a stranger and insulted them" perspective of the staring bystanders.
These types of people are swayed by public opinion (hence why they're insulting you for standing out in the first place) so a good dose of being the one to be gawked at is enough to shame them without having to actually say anything at all.

>> No.10428073

>what the fuck is going on in that picture
I too would like to know this

>> No.10428391

This is pol tier shit.

>> No.10428710

>wear casual gothic lolita on a semi-daily basis
>only ever get positive comments if anything
>normie best friend doesn't want to go out for drinks/shopping with me if I'm wearing a lolita coord because she doesn't want to get stared at
I'm fine with dressing down when I see her but still feels kinda bad man

>> No.10429230

your friend sounds lame

>> No.10429232

this desu
sluts are the worst

>> No.10429234 [DELETED] 

You're the worst. What would you do if you were dating someone who didn't want sex? Rape them? Stop loving them and break up with them? At least a slut can just fuck strangers as long as they have permission.

>> No.10429235
File: 151 KB, 892x590, fapfap.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck off and die scrote

>> No.10429240

I'm a girl in a happy committed relationship, but keep coping and enjoy the STDs x

>> No.10429249 [DELETED] 

First person you responded to, and I'm a virgin and not even interested in having sex with strangers. I'm also not interested in having sex with my partner. I just don't think sex and love HAVE to be connected.

>> No.10429254

You have male-brained thinking. You aren't welcome on /cgl/.

>> No.10429260

This same question was askes in another thread. Same answer; regardless of being a slut she is still a person with interests outside of sex. Some whores want to take a break and just be pretty and cute, it's not that hard to understand.

>> No.10429262 [DELETED] 

Also most of the time people who only have sex in relationships have wayyy more sex than “sluts” do and value it much more

>> No.10429265

What does that have to do with having an interest in lolita fashion?

>> No.10429266

lolitas hook up with each other and have lots of sex ;)

>> No.10429267 [DELETED] 

It doesn’t, that’s my point. It makes just as much sense for a slut to be a lolita as it does for someone who only has sex in a relationship to.

>> No.10429294


You don't seem to know much about STDs. Shut up, mega tard. You're just a pick-me.

>> No.10429610

there is a huge difference between having sex with one person who is committed to you and having sex with a bunch of random dudes who are not committed to you

>> No.10429683

Not really, you're still a whore

>> No.10429688

ok incel

>> No.10429743

But are you really happy?

>> No.10429811

Damn the incels are out in full force

>> No.10430964

they're probably not even in a relationship. This thread is full of incels who are clearly larping.

>> No.10432105

LMFAO this made me chuckle.

>> No.10436927

Women hiding their bodies only makes men desire them more.

>> No.10436929

That's sexual harassment, should have called the cops.

>> No.10436932

Women doing literally anything makes men want them more. Men are just horny and their horniess will adjust to whatever women do. If women start wearing thick bulky turtleneck sweaters and calf length wool skirts with white Keds then men will start sexualizing that too

>> No.10436933

Anon, are your eyes okay?

>> No.10436948

There is a "trans" sissy cashier at the store I frequent. Every time I have the misfortune of seeing him he comments creepy shit about how there are forums online where I'd probably enjoy *wink wink* and how there are lots of people there interested in my fetish too, but that most of them are men. He says he likes people into being dolls and is one himself etc. I just ignore it desu but it does creep me out a bit. He's clearly a sissy.

>> No.10436951

That just not appropriate to say to customers, anon. I'd report that fucker, dude sounds like a predator

>> No.10436957


>> No.10445489

That's women's fault not men.

>> No.10445490

>They're trans

That nigga is invincible.

>> No.10445495


>> No.10445528

Wholesome, I've had the same experience with old ladies. I'm not disappointed that most of my encounters have been with older people talking about their past, it's wayyy better than some middle aged dude or tryhard teenager speaking to you. I've heard some shit about young adults still stuck in their "high school bully" phase and making rude comments at people dressed in lolita or alt fashion

>> No.10445655

>woman: exists
>man: fughggghsahsdfsa1

>> No.10445808

i've come to not mind the bo peep comments over the years. toy story is one of my favorite movies and i can understand why it's the first thing that pops into people's head! she's a cute character, so why not?

>> No.10445817

People mostly ask "what's the occasion" and are pleasantly surprised when I say I just dress this way. 99% of compliments or questions come from other women. Guys just give you a confused stare when they think you can't see them, but don't say anything mean.

>> No.10445819

This is me and "doll" comments. I usually get that from little old ladies, and they say it in a nostalgic way, so it's cute.

>> No.10451569

No it's not actually. Don't trust wikipedia for your information, roleplayer.

>> No.10451670

nta but the silhouette is based on alice in wonderland and alice is a child so

>> No.10451693

It isn’t and children’s clothes at that time were just the same as adult clothes, they weren’t seen as a different demographic. Not hard to realize that adults wore the same thing

>> No.10451697

proof that it isn't? alice has always been a huge figure among lolitas and lolitas were called alices for a time

>> No.10451717

>proof that it isn't?
That's not how it works fucker, you have to provide proof for your shitty claim, we don't have to provide proof of a negative. And lolitas were never called alices. Im not sure how you can be this poorly informed.

>> No.10451736

you should really do some research, newfag

>> No.10451765

i had a little girl ask me if i was Cinderella before. i asked if that was her favorite princess and she nodded and her mom got a picture of us. it was so precious.

>> No.10451767

children's clothes were about the same other than children's clothes were short kek.

>> No.10452190

That’s why I haven’t gotten up the courage to wear lolita on my own. If I’m with other people in jfashion I feel better since people are staring at the group and not just me.

>> No.10452194

I've never been a part of a comm, but I prefer to wear it to class rather than just out and about because I'm an art major and thus already surrounded by alt fashion wearers. The rest of the people in my town are hyper-normie judgmental evangelical types.

>> No.10452238

As someone who dropped out of her comm for this reason, I really think you get more attention as a group of lolitas than as one alone.

>> No.10452245

i agree here. plus you're at the mercy of the comm at that point. my old comm used to stop and answer every question when we were out. and loud itas give a bad impression when you go to shops and restaurants.

>> No.10452502

“It is if you belieeeeeve!”, then throw black glitter at them and run.

>> No.10452511

yeah, i hate being out with people in my comm that stop and lecture strangers for 20 minutes about the fashion when they just wanted to know why all these weirdos are out here being weird.
they don't care, they probably don't understand, and i dont like reinforcing the behavior that it's okay to just walk up to a group of people who look different and ask them why they exist, leave me alone karen

>> No.10452705

"No, it's not."

>> No.10456610

Exactly, but using the term childrens clothes gives normies a worse impressiom than they already think of the name

>> No.10459317

>been wearing gothic for years
>wear something pink out for the first time ever, not even OTT sweet, just casual old school but pink
>whole town goes apeshit, way worse reactions than usual

Normally I get stares, compliments and questions and very rarely anything negative but this time I just had teenagers snickering at every corner, and people coming up and bothering me clearly from malice instead of curiosity. Is this what it's like for sweet lolitas all the time? I feel a bit bad for you.

>> No.10459321


>> No.10459322

Yes. Pink has a way of making normies go apeshit like nothing else. I'm sorry that happened to you. I hope it won't discourage you from wearing sweet again if you like it, but I completely understand if it does. I wish I could say other people's reactions don't matter to me, and they don't in the sense that I continue to love and wear sweet lolita, but I will admit that I dress up less than I'd like because some days I just don't have the energy to deal with all the harassment it entails.

>> No.10459345

Yeah, when I started wearing lolita I wore pink stuff a lot and it got these kinds of reactions all the time. I switched to darker colours (excluding the print), not because of reactions but just taste changed, and almost never do I get bothered, except for the odd teenagers who just scream "gothic!!". Which is not much.

>> No.10459346

Yup. Most normies have at least a vague understanding of what goth is, but sweet just confuses the shit out of most people and it results in a lot of assholes unfortunately

>> No.10459362

I usually get really exited and tell them "hi, please marry me." after a second or 2 of uncomfortable silence I say "I like lolita fashion, do you like anime?" and die a bit inside.

>> No.10459370


>> No.10459384
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>> No.10459391

H-hi, I like lolita fashion, do you like anime?

>> No.10459752

Years ago I planned a meet and I was pretty early, a lady came up to me right after the TLC special and asked me if I was a living doll with her son in tow. My mom was waiting with me and laughed.

My mom used to call me an embarrassment, but I never grew out of being "weird" so I guess she's over it now.
Most frequently, I was meeting bf for a picnic and this man with face tattoos walked past me and said, "what the fuck", and kept walking while looking directly at me.
Besides those three things, it's generally good compliments.

>> No.10459935

sometimes if i go out in j-scene, if you'd call it that, esque clothes and a bunch of teenage girls, guaranteed every time, will flock over to me and assume they can hug me or hold my hand out of the blue, it's fucked, yeah i understand appreciation but it can get too much ?? especially randomers ??

>> No.10459968

Wtf is this post. Go back to amino

>> No.10459977

'okay : )'

>> No.10460002

please don't do that double question mark thing again and don't place spaces before punctuation, it makes you look illiterate
aka >>10459968

>> No.10460769

I think it's only really offensive when it's from a teenager or a guy
The kind of men who bring up Bopeep are usually doing it with creepy sexual connotations. Not always, but more often than not,

>> No.10460818

Sometimes people ask me if I'm going to something special, to which I just reply that they're just my normal clothes. I've been complimented by cute old ladies more than once which is just the best. But my favourite story:

>on holiday with friends, wear lolita for fun
>kinda rural neighbourhood so get stares even though it's basic oldschool
>in the grocery store with arms full of soup packets
>feel someone tugging on my sleeve
>tiny girl in school uniform
>"You look really, really pretty, Miss!"
>Mildly sperg out and profusely thank her because I'm so flustered at how sweet she is

Sometimes it's worth wearing it out because you make someone's day.

>> No.10460827

I stopped wearing lolita pretty much because of people's dipshit reactions. I really wish I lived somewhere that wasn't like that. Not sure where that is though.

>> No.10461195

asia. people will make fun of you behind your back but not to your face.

>> No.10461219

Honestly, that's so much better. Think whatever you want, just leave me alone when I'm in public.

>> No.10461357

Children saying I look like a princess when I’m wearing lolita always make my day better

>> No.10462225

wait whats bloomers and specifically kawaii bloomers

>> No.10466288

>wear a jap bug fashion that hyper-fetishizes adolescent femininity with ugly print dresses
>surprised when some zoomer memes on you for wearing that shit

post kawaii bloomers or GTFO loli thot

>> No.10466292

"poggers champ"

>> No.10467290
File: 76 KB, 564x845, 2a6dc07e8222272b94d8b8f0dd89e218.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

aw what's wrong anon? Did somebody reject you for the fifth time this week? It's okay, we're here for you.

>> No.10467557

>loli with tattoo

>> No.10467600

Her smile plus that text
Good lol

>> No.10467609

>It's okay, we're here for you.
no we ain't.

>> No.10467615

I wore lolita out just this past Sunday and got asked if I was in a play. I was choking trying not to laugh at the poor old man who asked-he was really sweet. I’ll take being asked if I’m in a play over the “what makes your skirt poofy here let me check” crowd any day, though.

>> No.10467616

its obvious sarcasm, dont talk like a nigger

>> No.10467638

Yeesh, that sure didn't sound like fun.

>> No.10467663

Because it looks more like fetish shit, we can get away with gothic because most people (unless they're devout christians) understand that goth is already weird but nothing to flip over, a poofy skirt and ruffles won't change that.

Switch it to pink or cute prints and it's really reminiscent of childrens/baby clothes, so people conclude that it's a fetish thing because why else dress like a little girl in pink.

Don't get me wrong i REALLY like sweet style and cute stuff but i don't get why some lolitas don't seem to understand that yes the majority of people will think you have some pedo shit going on when you go out in a poofy pink dress with childish motiffs on it on top of pigtails and doll/schoolgirl-like shoes. It sucks, i get stares just for low pigtails sometimes, but that's just how it is, it's a hairstyle associated with X thing and i would be a fool to expect something else.

Like in the aliexpress thread people got mad because some anon found it weird that a girl was buying little pink cribs and kid slides, when any person outside our little bubble would think somethings wrong with a girl who has a damn crib in her bedroom.

>> No.10468848

>wearing a navy jsk, blonde hair
"What is that?? KIDS LOOK ITS ALICE!"

>> No.10468866

This. Even though I’m wearing pretty normie stuff (pleated skirts and T-shirts) I get a lot of weird looks and creepy men coming up to me just because it’s pink.

I was at my local train station the other day and there were a couple of goths milling around and decked out in platforms, fishnets and short skirts. But it’s me in a pink wool coat that gets all the attention.

>> No.10468880

Yeah, this fucking sucks. I couldn't be bothered to deal with people's godawful behaviour so I just culled all pink from my wardrobe.

>> No.10468883

Random dude that decided to visit this board because I think j fashion and cosplay is cute. I never see people wear these things where I live so I’d probably feel the urge to say something. Would a simple “hey, I like your outfit” be weird? I’d just want to see if you’re open to conversation.

>> No.10468887

Honestly, even if the intentions aren't bad, getting approached 20 times in a day just sucks the energy out of me. I'm just trying to live my life, these clothes are normal to me and all I do is repeat the same lines to different people endlessly. I don't get what you'd be trying to accomplish by 'seeing if someone's open to conversation' unless you're into the fashion yourself.

>> No.10468900

I figured it happens a lot and could come off as annoying. As far as what I'm trying to accomplish, nothing different from getting to know a stranger that I think I might share something in common with. Obviously only in situations that wouldn't be inconvenient or would make them feel trapped. If they give me a canned response, I move on. I think it's a cool hobby and wish more people put effort into their appearance.

I've met people under similar circumstances but I'm guessing with this it's tricky because obviously I'm indirectly telling you "I think you're cute". I'm not expecting a contact but sometimes you see people regularly enough that you become friends. It's just sort of a way of branching out of your own social circle.

>> No.10468902


I get "I like your outfit!" all the time. I'll admit it's a lot better than, "Why are you all dressed up?"/"Are you in a play?"/"You going somewhere?" but it's so often that I've pretty much nailed saying thank you while not stopping what I'm doing at all so I can just keep moving.

If you really want to start a conversation, you need to basically indicate that you know something about the fashion. "I like your co-ord, is that (whatever brand)?" will go a lot farther than "I like your outfit!" Even just picking out details I think would be more of a conversation starter- "Oh I really like that tulle lace!" or "That's such a cute shade of mint!" You know?


Now this, THIS I hate. I think even more than, "Are you in a play?" Parents are so often so desperate to show their kids something they think they'll like or be interested in, or even worse, live vicariously through their kid's enthusiasm/wonder, they end up reaching for something they know to compare you to. Guys, I'm just a girl who likes frilly clothes, I'm not an actor being paid to entertain your children.

>> No.10468922

While I don't mind people stopping me to tell me they like my outfit I'll have to agree with >>10468902 that you'd have to say something a little more specific to the fashion if you really wanted to start a conversation. Now I can't talk for everyone but I know I'd be more than happy to meet people whose interest in the fashion goes further than "it looks cute".

>> No.10468936

Okay, clearly if I had to overly explain myself in >>10468900 and you two agree it’s not welcome. Won’t do it then. I still find it a bit odd because it’s almost like a way to gate keep people from learning more about it. I know there’s obsession about brands and the community can be elitist. I’ve been part of things with that mindset and grew tired of it. Nowadays I’m just happy to meet someone that shares the slightest interest but I guess it’s different if you hear it every day.

>> No.10468950


I feel like there's been a miscommunication here? I get what you're saying but this isn't about keeping people out, gatekeeping, elitism or anything like that.

1. We are used to a lot of attention, both good and bad. Most I've seen talk about it don't even want the attention but we all accept it's just a part of our fashion that we have to deal with. You kind of just have to learn to autopilot through the basic questions/comments you get ALL THE TIME or you won't get anything done and you'll end up exhausted.

2. Most people are not interested in being educated about the ins and outs of the fashion. Again, if we take five or ten minutes out of our day for every person who makes a comment to explain stuff to them, it will be exhausting.

3. We flat out told you how to initiate conversation- that is, instead of saying, "Oh hey I like that" or "That's cute" (which we get a lot and doesn't show you're really interested/know anything), you need to actually show said interest. Point out the details, mention a term that most "normies" wouldn't know like co-ord or the common color terms in the fashion (saxe/mint/bordeaux etc.) or ask about the brand of a dress/accessory- literally anything to show you actually want to have a conversation about this and aren't just making a passing remark.

We're just people trying to do our thing, my dude. It's not that the compliments aren't welcome, it's that our time and energy are finite and we can't be hosting J-Fash 101 with every person who says something to us. Show you're genuinely interested and we'll probably reciprocate.

>> No.10468980

I mean... I get it, that’s why I capped that off with “I guess it’s different if you hear it every day.” It’s just unfortunate because right now my interest extends as far as a casual conversation and that probably wouldn’t have ever happened unless I asked. It’s just a shame it has to be that way.

>> No.10468987

Some driveby white trash kids yelled Lady Gaga at me once when I was wearing a lace dress.

It's probably the drugs, anon.

>> No.10469614

how do you intend to start a conversation based on "i like your outfit" alone? i'm with the other two gulls on this one but i feel like you shouldn't be discouraged from saying anything at all because of that. speaking for myself here unless a question of any kind is asked i don't see a reason to say more than "thank you!" because that's generally how interaction with strangers works, i think. like this isn't even about lolita specifically it's just how initiating conversation works, you have to invite a response with a question to make it two way. personally i'm more than happy to talk about it if asked- yesterday two girls came up to me asking where they could buy it and those led into conversations of their own that could easily have led to further connections

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