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We haven't had one in a while

>favorite channels?
>tea and drama?
>videos and topics you liked?

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Video about Kate and LACE I really enjoyed:

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respect Lor less after her comment about 'straight couples hating spending time together'
just sounds like a shitty thing to say & put in a video

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she isn't entirely wrong, it's very het normie to not have any shared interests between partners

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Yeah she’s not wrong and I am straight. Straight people as a whole meme about hating spending time together and it’s hella weird.

On a less lor bait related note: I binged Rose Nocturnalia when one of you mentioned she was on YouTube and she’s great. My personal fave is the series where she goes through the GLB

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being gay isn't a shared interest
either way that's a very big generalization since you're talking about the vast majority of couples being together despite having no shared interests.that's some arranged marriage type of relationship.

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>Don't harass these people

Gives multiple handles and real names.

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Listen if you wanna be mad be mad. I’m just saying straight culture has a lot of “I need much wine to cope with my annoying wife” humor go ahead. No one is taking your game over groom shirt away from you.mim just saying she’s not wrong and I find it annoying too.

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I really enjoy Rose Nocturnalia and Fluffy Kawaii Jo more and more over Lor and Tyler recently.

They just seem a lot more mature, real and pleasant to watch. Tyler is ok, Lor is ...ok but better without her gf. I just hate how much they started kissing each others asses recently?

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I am normally not negative but the way Holly acts like she knows everything about lolita when she’s been wearing it for a year is super grating. This isn’t from a YouTuber’s gf perspective, this is a lolita to lolita thing. Dating a lolita does not make you an instant expert and she’s not exempt from that. Since she lurks I hope if she sees this she knows I’m not trying to be mean, just real. We all had to learn over time. Her too.

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Yeah at first when she was just in Lor's video with her own style it was cute. Heck it was still cute when she coorded Lor, and did lolita for the first time. But then she started being invited to events as some sort of lolita guest?? She is a literal nobody, doesn't know anything without Lor's help and contributes nothing to the community. It would be fine if she was just like "ya I'm just dabbling in this cause of my gf", and she can support Lor at a con without being a fucking guest, stand on the sidelines, make videos of her, help her make videos, etc. But don't act like you're somebody.

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I used to like Milkbox's videos, she's got a really chill attitude + nice taste for clothes and music. It's a shame she quit fashion.

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Tyler's vids just don't seem as fun anymore. Maybe I'm just tired of everyone treating her like some big comm mom or lolita goddess. My fave right now is definitely rose nocturnalia.

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I subscribe to Candy Carnival. I like that the content is focused on the coords instead of drama. Too bad her style is not the same as mine. I'd love to see someone with her video editing but a traditional style instead of sweet style.

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Why did she quit? I liked some of her videos for the same reasons (I didn’t find the toot or boot ones that interesting). Her coords were cute.

I like cakecalamity for the same reasons, she’s very chill but with good personal style and she seems confident in who she is. Her lolita content is limited lately so I hope she makes some more

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Tyler’s videos themselves are good but I’m getting real sick of newbies attitudes about her. It’s unfortunate. It’s not her fault and I am glad for her, but if I hear one newbie be a salty dumbass to try to sound cool because Tyler I will scream. It’s supposed to be a joke children. Please... understand.

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Yeah I didn’t know she was a guest..for me it was her having some controversial opinions on coording and snarky comments and things on twitter and in Lors videos. At first it just annoyed me but then I processed that she’s been wearing it for a year and... idk it rubs me the wrong way. I particularly hate when Lor directs newbs to her for goth ideas. She’s still figuring it out herself. Shit she just discovered that AtePie looks good on her when Alice and the Pirates was too short. She shouldn’t be telling newbs things when she is one.

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It's kinda true desu. Men make a lot of comments about their wives being a "ball and chain," or call girls clingy for wanting to see them more than a few hours a week, or go on and on about how they need tons of space and personal time.

Eh, most people get together based on physical attraction and because "they're nice to me," not really due to shared interests. All my interests are dominated by women and gay dudes so I don't think I could ever find a guy into that stuff anyway?

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I've always enjoyed Lor. I do prefer her coords from the old days a lot more than her current super experimental stuff, but her content is still fun.

I lost a lot of respect for Tyler after she went on that rant how lolita is all about expensive dresses and expensive quality. It was so brandwhorish and basically shitting on anyone who wears BL/Taobao.

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Most men find women to be boring and shallow at best or hate all women at worst, yet they still continue to date them. even marry them.

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Oh she was right. BL and taobao are shit 99.9% of the time. The only taobao worth a damn is long established brands and that’s never what taobaolotas wear

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And the only taobao worth a damn is not going to be the $40 dress someone wants to buy. It's going to be a bit more expensive.

So yeah cheap taobao pieces aren't going to be great, you'll still want quality and quality tends to cost more.

That's just how things are.

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That's not my point... it's that lolita isn't about buying expensive shit and flexing it. That's not what the heart of the fashion is about. Cheaper-than-burando things can and do look good if they're styled well. Brand is not necessary to be a lolita and only a total brandwhore would think so.

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Sorry I actually wear my clothes enough that prints wearing off, fabric wearing thin and pilling and lace/seams fraying is an issue. If you just wear lolita to cons and meetups then sure, but some of us wear lolita multiple times a week. Buying shit clothes to play cosplay once in a while isnt my jam.

That being said, good clothes don’t have to be expensive. There is bargain hunting.

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Eh I hate woke shit as much as anybody but she's not wrong.
Especially with covid happening, tons of people are complaining about having to spend time with spouse and kids. I made some joke to my boyfriend that people end up with spouses they don't like spending time with in order to have kids, who they also don't like spending time with.

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Misako Aoki anyone?

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Anyone know what happened to Victorianme? Afaik she hasn't updated her channel or instagram since Christmas.

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I wear lolita every weekend and haven't had those issues. I've had a zipper issues but I've seen that happen with brand too. There are plenty of Taobao brands that make sturdy, thick dresses.

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Yeah literally none of this happens retard
I wear taobao daily and the prints don’t come off
You’re just dumb

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You’re correct

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I feel genuinely sad for Lou Graves.

She is very pretty and can coord well but people are just lying to her when they say she's so totally a guy. And on top of that she wears ultra feminine fashion and still looks and styles herself in her natural feminine way. Not saying she should try to pass for masculine because it's impossible to switch genders but just watching her is very sad.

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I love lou's style too, but I can't help but always see them as a woman too. I've always been curious about ftm who go through all that surgery and hormones for seemingly no reason. I guess there's no going back now.

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DESU I don't understand why she was a guest at the Mexico Event. I mean, people didn't even know who she was. I guess Lor forced them to make them a guest so she didn't feel bad about being her tagalong.

I guess nothing was lost since they canceled last minute.

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I used to watch Lot but her video about lolita memes and whining about how her friends didn't invite her to a tea party was childish. The meme account was ableist and run by a tag group edgelord. There was also no reason to include that tea party tantrum in the video.

Has anyone seen Embroidery Doll's videos? She has a good amount of videos but I can't watch them. Her deadpan stare skeeves me out.

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I think Embroidery Doll's voice sound unnatural, like she's forcing that soft girly manner. Also she's just boring and doesn't have interesting personality and I'm not going to listen to the videos of a random person

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>the prints don’t come off
They are often poorly printed on white fabric that snags easily. I’ve seen this happen to loads of dresses in my comm. I never said they melted off or whatever you are picturing. Maybe don’t worry so much about what people think of your dresses if they are as nice as you say they are.

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Yeah I have met quite a few ftm people that you would nevertheless even know were trans except they are short. I doubt you’d even know I’d you encountered someone who was as actually on T for a long while unless they told you.

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Brndwhore elitist has setteled as lolita character since maybe Deerstalkers videos. Remember her talking how sneakers in a NO-NO in lolita. She might just maintaining this snobby lolita image for her videos, and that's one of the ways to go. Not everything has to be inclusive.

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Brandwhore elitist has settled as lolita character since maybe Deerstalkers videos. Remember her talking how sneakers in a NO-NO in lolita. She might just maintaining this snobby lolita image for her videos, and that's one of the ways to go. Not everything has to be inclusive.

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I haven’t had any issues with prints tho
Im not worried I just think you’re retarded for saying untrue stuff just to shit on taobao desu

>> No.10396116

It absolutely happens after about a year of regular wear, I've had that issue with infanta and dear celine. There is a reason it's cheaper than new brand.

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Has anyone come across FluffyKawaiiJo? I believe she did a panel in Paradiso but I haven't really attended it due to the time difference.
Anyways, she seems like a good enough person but it really bothers me that she seems to thrive on "Buying lolita of Wish challenge!" sort of videos. Not to mention that it gives off the impression to newbies that the "option" is out there; but it's supporting poor craftmanship and just overall shitty. I already feel conflicted about people who do ''haul videos" regularly because it contributes to the consoomer mentality that's sort of at the core of fast fashion- which I feel like is the opposite of what lolita is trying to be.

>> No.10396139

Agreed. I have a few taobao pieces from infanta and even upscale brands like Krad, and they tend to show wear a little faster than Japanese burando. Especially with the zippers, buttons falling off, and fraying edges.

>> No.10396144

Her videos are unwatchable. She spends 15 minutes whining about random things at the beginning of every video then doesn't know what she's talking about for the rest. She comes off as a try hard efamoose wannabe in her videos and on Insta. There's a reason she has 500 videos and next to no subscribers.

>> No.10396148

Is it bad I kinda like how she openly gets disappointed about the faults of the items in her hauls? On one hand, I feel sorry for her getting disappointed, but on the other I appreciate how open she is about her thoughts.

I've also been watching Misako. I can't do it on mobile, but on desktop I can do auto-generated Japanese captions auto-translated to English and the result is garbage but at least I know what topic she's on. I like her loliable items videos.

>> No.10396150

> I already feel conflicted about people who do ''haul videos" regularly because it contributes to the consoomer mentality that's sort of at the core of fast fashion- which I feel like is the opposite of what lolita is trying to be.
Please, stop with this. Facebook comms will appreciate you effort better.

>> No.10396170

Her nose is unfortunate

>> No.10396180

I can't stand her. She es so desperately trying to get famous and it seems like her whole intend is money behind everything. Her fake persona where she tries to convince everyone including herself that everyone can be kawaii is pathetic. She only has it to appeal to itas and fatty chans.

>> No.10396181

Tbh I can't even watch her because her face combined with the kawaii uwu hyperactive act is so ugly.

>> No.10396193

I enjoy her videos a lot. But why doesn't she talk in them?
I think she would be more popular if she'd just talk

>> No.10396196

Maybe she's nervous about speaking since English isn't her first language? Not that I would mind, and I doubt other people would either.

>> No.10396223

I like it. It gives a storybook/silent movie feeling. But it might be hard for foreigners to translate the words since they're in image format instead of automatic captions.

>> No.10396224

I can totally understand her doing this as she is not a native speaker. I have seen people getting hate under their videos for stuff like this.

>> No.10396227

I also like it, it's refreshing and she gets rather creative with her captions too. I hope she stays around for a while.

>> No.10396232

She is never happy with anything. Always whinny, always complaining. At an AP Tea Party her whining was obnoxious because she didn't get any cake.

>> No.10396235

Her level of understanding & maturity is on display in her video about her AP application to model. She submitted a BTSSB coord and acted surprised that AP doesn't like Baby. She also freaked out over the age restriction which she acts clueless about.

>> No.10396237

there is an age restiriction to model for ap?

>> No.10396238

T cake is really cute, she's not exclusively lolita (mainly bodyline/Taobao) and quite weeby but in an endearing way

>> No.10396241

I just can't get past her voice honestly

>> No.10396243

Maybe the reason why she doesn't speak is because she saw kawaiiJos videos and thought the same as >>10396241 and decided no talking l is better than talking like this gremlin

>> No.10396276

I used to watch FilledePorcelaine as kinda of a guilty pleasure because she's gorgeous. I haven't checked her channel for a while though, don't know what she's doing now.

>> No.10396310

cake calamity is super cute and one of the most fun personalities making lolita stuff, deserves way more views

>> No.10396322

Huh. This is surprising, I was sure he was male pretending to be female.

>> No.10396323

Yeah I would be willing to bet they’ve never owned brand prints. Budget and even mid tier taobao absolutely do not have the same print quality. I’m not mad about it. It’s why it’s cheap. But saying brand quality is just a myth made up by Tyler and The Brandwhores is idiotic. Also despite her literally being a brandwhore, she is very kind about non brand so idk what they are mad about. Her saying you should buy one (1) brand item at some point in your lolita career?

>> No.10396324

I wouldn’t talk in my second language in videos. The way she’s does it is cute so I don’t mind, my only problem is I can’t background her vids while I work.

I wouldn’t hate German videos with English subtitles tho on the off chance she sees this

>> No.10396325

>I wouldn’t hate German videos with English subtitles tho on the off chance she sees this

Yes, I was thinking this too! As an English-speaker, I don't mind that style of video at all.

>> No.10396327

Nobody said it's the same quality or that brandwhores made up brand quality. They said brandwhores act like a person can't be a lolita without brand, which is patently false. Just because items are of less quality doesn't make them suddenly not lolita.

>> No.10396342

Why are lolitas all so ugly?

>> No.10396343

You should buy at least one brand item and support small business that invented and prop up this fashion. That’s all Tyler aid and I agree. No one is going to come and take your jellyfish cookie riding a unicorn dresses away.

>> No.10396344

Because the fashion is really OTT and highlights any flaws you have. We look really average in normie clothes.

>> No.10396346

I'm so excited that her life is turning around for more lolita content. She's so much fun in her videos, to the point I've watched her pusheen stuff without caring for the corporate cat.

>> No.10396350

Lol I submitted a baby and a bodyline coord when I applied to model for an AP fashion show, still got in. Pretty sure the BTSSB wasn't the reason why she didn't selected.

>> No.10396351

>They said brandwhores act like a person can't be a lolita without brand, which is patently false.
Wearing lolita before you buy brand is kind of like being a Baby Bat. You are still in the scene and doing your thing, but you aren’t fully invested in the fashion if you haven’t managed to purchase a single brand item yet. It IS a right of passage in a lot of ways, and I struggle to believe that no matter your size, location and budget you are very invested in the fashion if you don’t need have a single brand item in your home.

Brandwhores act like EVERYTHING you own needs to be brand. It not the same.

>> No.10396352

cri moar

>> No.10396359

A japanese yt that makes videos of print sets .ldk how to explain it but I love it and I hope the continue.

>> No.10396362

The fact that she's fat and has a hideous face might have something to do with it, yeah.

>> No.10396365

I am subscribed to this person too and like seeing their videos.

Don't like the music choice much but it's nice to see different colorways and how they are coordinated.

>> No.10396366

Okay but who has actually ever met a brandwhore like you describe? Literally not a single lolita I know is like this.

>> No.10396374

I really hate to set you lot on her, but I like that Callista is plus size and tells other plus size newbs that they can wear brand. I hate when people constantly recommend things like ugly taobao & indie when Meta and MAM make items that will comfortably fit a lot of plus size girls.

>> No.10396375

Oh there are most definitely lolitas that look down on people who don’t have mostly brand of not all brand wardrobes. If you aren’t seeing it its because you are a taobaolita and they aren’t saying it to your face.

>> No.10396376

Lmao you could do better

>> No.10396377

I’ve met brandwhores who are obsessed with one particular brand and look down on anyone who doesn’t dress head to toe in that brand, but never brandwhores who are that way about all Japanese brands.

>> No.10396378

I’m not even sure what you are getting at. The term brandwhore has been around long enough that when it was conceived it would have been almost impossible to build an actually lolita wardrobe without some brand. What do you think people were talking about then?

Like honest question, do you really not own ANY brand? Not even a second hand accessory?? What?

AP and Moitie style brandwhores are a particularly breed but they aren’t the only ones

>> No.10396380

Because most people in the world are ugly

>> No.10396382

TIL I’m a brandwhore I guess? Huh.

>> No.10396385

I guess I see this type sometimes, extreme brand loyalty to one brand in particular.

Ayrt, and I don't own a single Taobao item except for accessories so I doubt that's it.

>> No.10396388

This is pretty offensive imo. So if a lolita wears taobao weekly for years, she's still not a real lolita to you?

Idk which video you're talking about, but I'm talking about the one where she says lolita is all about expensive quality and that all the items need to be expensive brand.


NTA but I don't own any brand. Worn lolita for years now.

>> No.10396389

Huh, well different experiences I guess. I do genuinely know quite a few lolitas irl and online that look down on people who don’t own mostly brand, though it’s less common these days. Back in the early 2010s on here’s especially there were quite a few of those types. You can check the archives for brandwhore arguments for proof if you like

>> No.10396390

She literally owns off brand though? So no?

Also yes, I think it’s really bizarre you’ve been in lolita for years and haven’t managed to buy a single brand item. At that point it sounds like you’re doing it intentionally

>> No.10396391


Actually iirc brandwhore was what Bodyline girls started calling the girls wearing brand. Because apparently if you're unhappy with wearing Bodyline rather than brand you just go around calling other girls whores.

The term just can't stick with the original negative connotation because it's rare to find someone using it in the original negative way, that doesn't look like a complete ita mess themselves. So more or less it backfired, because generally the brandwhores have better tendency to look decently put-together, therefore it's better to just be a brandwhore than try to argue it's a bad thing to be a brandwhore.

>> No.10396392

Do you filter by taobao on LM? Only buy new?How do you even do that?

>> No.10396394

>I don't own any brand
who are you and why are you here

>> No.10396396

So do you never buy anything second hand? my cheapest main piece is still a brand item despite owning taobao stuff.

>> No.10396397

I almost wonder if they are a lolita at heart or a newb who is trying to talk up their collection, even the most Bodyline/Taobaolitas in my comm have gotten a head bow or socks .org a blouse from brand at some point through swap meets or second hand sales. Shit, a lot of comms give away little brand accessories as prizes for things. Do you go home and burn it?

>> No.10396399

This. I’m the anon they are “offended” by and I am ultra budget. I still own brand because it’s cheap and easy to come by

>> No.10396402

Tyler never said this. I think you are just projecting.

>> No.10396408

Only buy new.

A lolita on a lolita-related board, how shocking.

I pretty much always buy the matching headbow/socks/accessories that go with the main piece I'm buying, when available.

She absolutely did. I don't remember the title of the vid but it's the one where she literally says "lolita is all about quality" and goes on a rant about brand.

>> No.10396410

Is years plural because you've been in the fashion for like... 2? If we're talking 5+ years I don't see the point of basically owning zero brand on purpose. Your existence seems dull.

>> No.10396418

I mean considering they have been intentionally vague this whole time and invented a theoretical person that has owned only taobao and wears lolita weekly I’m going with
>lolita for 1-2 years
>wears it once a month or so, goes to a couple of meetups
>owns 5-10 main pieces max all matching sets

Out of curiosity anon I would like to see how I am wrong. If I’m not you are unlike any lolita I have met.

>> No.10396420

So, I get buying matching sets but you intentionally don’t acquire ANYTHING outside of a matching set? Like if someone had a bow that looked good with your favorite dress for like $10-$20 at a swap meet but it was AatP you’d turn it down? On principle or...?

>> No.10396421

This screams conlita but I’m vaguing to avoid being honest

>> No.10396422

Where are you finding fullsets on taobao? I know Krad Larete does them but most Taobao seems to do individual item releases, not series in my experience

>> No.10396423

>I think she would be more popular if she'd just talk
I don't think I've ever seen her smile with teeth, she might be self conscious of them.

>> No.10396427

>No one is going to come and take your jellyfish cookie riding a unicorn dresses away.

>> No.10396435

>This is pretty offensive imo.
Holy shit go back to your hugbox. This isn't twitter.

>> No.10396437


Eh there's sets on taobao. Mono Girl even does matching tights and cheap-ass cloth bags, Infanta frequently shows their dresses on their own blouses, ditto Dear Celine, Yolanda and a handful of others, and if you go the qilolita and walolita route the design elements are so funky they're often released as a set of head-to-knee items.

I agree with the other anons, though. If they're solely only ever wearing sets that's just very limiting. And most girls do acquire burando at some point because even the dumbest ones eventually figure out how to get their hands on something cheap and solid and worth keeping.

There aren't many reasons I can think of for someone to purposely not own burando but somehow owns a lot of full taobao sets, and do this while apparently going to meetups every other month or so.

>> No.10396443

My first meet up over a decade ago I ended up sitting at the newbie/ita table and a few of the girls were talking about how the other lolitas in the comm either had rich parents or were literally trading sexual favours for money for brand. The salt was real.

>> No.10396451

I still like Tyler's videos. I think they're fun and they keep me more up to date on things I would've missed otherwise. The only problem are the annoying newbie fans who think being salty and snarky outside of a parody Youtube series is funny.

>> No.10396456

nta but she does? i don't keep up with her well enough to know but i did watch her (recent) wardrobe tour and every single main piece was AP, and i think she had like one offbrand blouse and everything else was AP/bbandb too

>> No.10396458

I like having her videos on in the background while doing other things

>> No.10396460

There was at least one btssb main piece and she had sweet dolly house accessories

>> No.10396465

Rewatch the tour. She has a couple of Baby dresses, a Meta dress, a BL, a couple of offbrand blouses and a lot of offbrand bags and accessories. She didn’t mention shoes iirc but I doubt those are AP considering her height. She never once said offbrand couldn’t be quality, just that brand (typically) is quality and lolita is about quality. She also said that owning a brand piece is Take that to mean what you will.

>> No.10396468

Owning a brand piece is a milestone in lolita* sorry for the cut off sentence

>> No.10396469

Oh she also has and promos Lady Sloth... really I think anon is just salty that some rando from Texas doesn’t 100% approve of their closet

>> No.10396472

I used to watch her videos a lot when I first got into lolita. Seems like she has deleted some of her older videos though, which sucks because they're quite nostalgic for me

>> No.10396473

oh i'm not accusing her of anything, she talks about taobao all the time and i personally prefer brand myself lol. i just didn't notice her owning anything. i'll go rewatch ig

>> No.10396476

Yeah, she’s just got so much AP that it kind and drowns everything else out, but she does own offbrand and non AP brand. Shit just based on what she talked about I think she may have bought more AP than not last year

>> No.10396481

Anon, I wonder what makes you avoid brand? No offence, just curious.

>> No.10396485
File: 49 KB, 186x180, 836B590D-9C4A-4827-BC54-5FD96DEC3DFD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nearly all of her thumbnails are her smiling with teeth I don't think that's the reason

>> No.10396515

If that's what you want to believe, go ahead. I may in fact be "dull" I guess. But a lolita nonetheless.

Someone gets angry every time I say this here, but I don't like the idea of wearing used clothes, whether it's lolita or normie. So I only buy new. And the prices for new brand being what they are, I don't find them worth it.

>> No.10396533
File: 493 KB, 501x642, kawaiidesu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Personally I think it's just her way of being uwu kawaii or something. She is a great lolita with great coordinating skills along with being awfully cute but it comes off cringey when she does the extra cute poses with her hands and face.

>> No.10396556

But brand new brand isn’t much more than a lot of the good taobao releases, especially with sales. Again, either you are buying cheap garbage, haven’t bought much of anything or are intentionally avoiding japanese brands for whatever reason.

>> No.10396569

That's just white culture, not straight culture.

>> No.10396572

That is not true at all. There's like two Taobao brands that charge burando prices, neither of which I'm interested in. I usually buy dresses in the $80-$100 range and I'm happy with the quality. Of course the $40 dresses on there are going to be trash, but the mid-range stuff has been pretty sturdy for me. I'm not sure why this is so hard for you to accept.

>> No.10396585

oh yeah you have no taste. There is no dress being sold on taobao in that price that is quality. Im sorry that you are wasting money like this, I hope the best for you.

>> No.10396596

I bought a dress brand new from meta for $150 dollars last summer. No shopping service fees. Just new dress.

Of course... if the top of your budget is $100 then you probably are rn buying good taobao (and yes... there are plenty of brands that sell above that especially after ss fees)

>> No.10396598

You're right. Not liking time with your spouse is still better than spending your time with your spouse beating them.

>> No.10396603 [DELETED] 

you must not have been there for the shit show. k8 very much wanted the attention, and she didn't use anyone's names aside from the names on their public instagrams. how would the story work if she just said "uhh there was this girl who posted on cgl"?

>> No.10396611

Same, I hate videos of text. It's too irritating to watch. I'd rather hear a foreign language and read subtitles than watch someone sit mute. Most people find accents endearing anyway. I can't get a sense of her personality at all so I can't stay interested.

>> No.10396613

i think it suits ott sweet. it's not like she's an oldschooler.

>> No.10396614

Why the fuck would you join a fashion and not own any of the brands that invented the goddamn fashion in the first place

>> No.10396620 [DELETED] 

Dont be this dumb. Its clear that the video maker was lazy and barely researched anything because they only used cgl as evidence, and not the community that actually exists.

K8 was misguided and dumb. She thought she was doing something and probably meant well in a lot of things, but didnt have the life experience to make it work. Cgl was too stupid to not fall for the bait and made her efamous.

>> No.10396627

I think she does it so it's not only her sitting there and not talking. I don't mind it since it sort of works with her style of videos

>> No.10396657

Salty Lolita needs to set down the salt shaker and dial it back with the cringe. Her angsty persona hurts to watch and she's an ita landwhale

>> No.10396659

Cool opinion bro. I enjoy my dresses while not having to resort to buying used, so good enough for me.

...no thank you... that's not a brand I would buy even if I were loaded.

Because there's alternatives that are better for me personally? It's not rocket science. If brands ever do budget lines, I'll consider buying those.

>> No.10396662 [DELETED] 

that's not what happened at all, idiot.

>> No.10396666

You have a really harmful mindset refusing to buy used clothing and demanding slave labor wages.

>> No.10396670

Do you buy AP? I have some news for you!

>> No.10396672
File: 21 KB, 298x348, 69DF792B-3C06-4109-B4A2-DDC7DD1BAD25.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is the dress, edgelord.

Part of the problem with categorically ignoring an entire part of the lolita offerings out there is missing out on good items and inspiration. People who buy mostly brand shouldn’t discount taobao but it shouldn’t work the other way around either

>> No.10396704


God only poorfags care about clothing being secondhand. Especially higher quality pieces like lolita. Every person I've met complaining about nice secondhand clothing being used was poor as fuck and wanted to feel like they weren't by avoiding thrifting or any secondhand, even good stuff.

Even if AP used sweatshops (not sure if they do) buying secondhand means you don't have to directly contribute to their bad business choice while still enjoying the fashion (and saving money). Taobao for acessories and staples and a few of the nicer taobao main pieces are fine but don't pretend like you don't buy it because of being unable to afford brand.

Nothing wrong with being poor and you are probably being fiscally responsible by staying wthin your means, you just seem to be the one feeling the need to pretend taobao is superior to make yourself feel less insecure about not owning brand while the "brand whores" aren't hardcore taobao haters the way you act toward brand.

Also the type of attitude toward used clothes you have is often one shared by many poor black people desu; don't give people more of a reason to want to exclude us from the community please.

>> No.10396718

I really dislike people like her who make it super obvious they browse cgl and think they're cool for adopting the snarky behavior it's associated with.

>> No.10396721

Oh finally, here's the "poorfag!" response. I can afford a $300 dress but I'd rather buy 3 $100 dresses. That's the simple logic behind it, no armchair psychology necessary. I've likely spent more on lolita than people with small brand wardrobes, with my wardrobe being a lot larger and more varied. Never claimed Taobao was superior either (it isn't) but ok!

...I'm not gonna touch that racist projecting with a ten foot pole. Yikes.

>> No.10396729

>I can’t buy brand it doesn’t fit my budget
>nevermind jk I just like buying lots and lots of garbage
I dislike you more with every very reply

>> No.10396730

I’ve never understood when people says “you sound ita” but now I think I get it.

>> No.10396733

Your reading comprehension needs work. I said I don't believe new brand is worth the high price, never said a thing about budget. Are you sure you're not the one who is upset? For no reason at that.

>> No.10396762

I’m convinced this is bait now. No one could be this obviously retarded

>> No.10396767

these taobao arguments are always fuckin bait
yall indulge this shit every time like why

>> No.10396776 [DELETED] 

She literally used K8's legal name. I could understand using her internet handles but using her legal name was out of line.

>> No.10396781

Yeah I agree with you on that. I followed her because she's cute but her tweets about lolita culture are so annoying. It's like.. you don't even know what you're talking about, you're just repeating what your gf said.

>> No.10396792


It's not racist projecting, I AM black and see others who are black with similar thoughts like the ones you've expressed to defend wish hauls and fast fashion purchasing and finding secondhand clothes icky all the time. In my own family even. I just made the connection because I've observed the behavior before.

If you want to own 3 garbage bags instead of one decent brand new dress then go ahead. But you can get two nice brand dresses or more for the price of those 3 taobao heaps of plastic secondhand.

>> No.10396796

it's not a black thing or even a poor thing
i can't even tell you how many rich asians i know who will not even set foot in a dollar store or walmart because it's so BENEATH THEM, much less a secondhand store
i have no horse in this race but just sayin

>> No.10396802


I guess my perspective only really reflects my experience in various places in the US. But if taobao anon was rich, let's be real, they'd be buying brand like a huge chunk of the other rich Chinese lolitas.

>> No.10396806

i can vouch for this. my fiance's mom thinks taobao is mostly cheap trash.

>> No.10396831

shes just trying to be personable and interact with the camera as opposed to just emotionalessly putting on her makeup

>> No.10396858


Actually, since anon says she's strictly a taobaofag, I can believe she genuinely thinks secondhand clothes aren't worth it.

I was late to a taobao re-release once, and the colour I really wanted was sold out, so I settled for second preference. When the dress arrived it looked really good but wasn't what my heart wanted.

That was the one and only time I ever tried tracking down a secondhand taobao dress. I was successful, but holy fucking shit. The secondhand dress arrived in "good" condition, but all the seams felt really loose, the fabric had this wilted cabbage feel to it (rather than the solidness of the newer dress). Where a brooch was pinned on, it had made permanent holes in the fabric, large ones at that. Couldn't close them, and the edges around the holes were showing white. Mind you, the print is fully intact, there's no tears, no fading, no bald spots, the laceup ribbon is still the original, the buttons holding the waist ties don't even look loose. Nothing that indicates this dress had gone through any sort of hardship. It just... ages badly, is my guess. On a dress that just a little over a year older than the re-release.

Meanwhile I have brand dresses that I picked up secondhand as a poorfag, and then continued to wear them casually, at the rate of every other month. I'm actually rougher on my burando than my taobao, have lost a button or a waist tie here and there. Yet some of them must be older than 10 years by now and somehow still look almost brand new.

tl;dr, huge difference between the state of secondhand taobao and secondhand brand so anon may not have realised secondhand brand can look almost as good as new. And that's before considering closet child sometimes puts up dresses with the tag still attached, indicating it's secondhand but new.

>> No.10396870

Her face scares me, she just looks like someone's wicked witch stepmom or something that raided their pastel vomit closet.

>> No.10396880

I’m glad someone else said this. Never understood why everyone happily admits that Lor is ugly as sin but doesn’t allow the same to be said of Jo.

>> No.10396898

Both of them have the problem of emphasizing their unfortunate faces by wearing the most OTT stuff they possibly can (in the case of Lor, literal fucking clown makeup) as well as both of them wearing god awful wigs and badly shaped eyebrows.

I'll give Jo this however, her bringing on old fetishist men wearing lolita does make her look slightly less scary by comparison.

>> No.10396941

The thing is that Lor is merely ugly, but Jo honestly looks like there’s something wrong with her. Her mom, too. Does she have some congenital deformity and that’s why people avoid pointing out how scary looking she is?

>> No.10396943


>> No.10396944

>bringing on old fetishist men wearing lolita does make her look slightly less scary by comparison

This. The video was disturbing and opens the door for other creeps like him to join the fashion. I would've preferred any of her pathetic videos where she's bagging for money over content like this

>> No.10396958

I found this interesting and it explained a few things I didn't understand. I got into Lolita just as she quit so I didn't understand the drama going on.

>> No.10396961

Please stop spamming your shit video, it won't get you efamous.

>> No.10396972

So they're right lol. Let me make the next guess, you simply don't fit into most brand.

>> No.10397017

>t. 10 seconds attention span

>> No.10397031

What do you think about unicorn Princess?

>> No.10397047

Which video is this? Was she sympathizing with a fetishist?

>> No.10397051

She had some video where she interviewed that old man brolita, you've probably seen him around. Idk, I'm on the fence on whether or not he's a fetishist, he does seem to be trying pretty hard, but I find it annoying that people like him so often get fawned over when they're really just barely managing to look presentable.

>> No.10397115 [DELETED] 

Sorry it never worked out for you even though you went as far as to change your user name several times, girlytoot

>> No.10397118

Wait isn't she like the most followed western lolita on instagram. So it kinda worked out for her

>> No.10397121

No anon, I'm not that one lolita that had lukewarm drama half a decade ago.

>> No.10397146

I've followed her for a while, she seems to genuinely be a good person.

Her content is enjoyable for me and the interaction in the comment section is nice.

Though her descriptions of lolita styles in one of her newer videos aimed towards newbies had room for improvement.

>> No.10397152


>> No.10397188

>but I'm talking about the one where she says lolita is all about expensive quality and that all the items need to be expensive brand.
She never said this though? Taobao stores vary wildly in quality and pricing. New Krad approaches $200, while you can find really nice stuff for around $100-150 from some brands. But there's also a million brands in the $20-40 range that put out stuff that obviously isn't as high quality, and some that is absolute garbage. I'd still wear cheaper dresses as filler to run errands or to a messier meetup, ngl, I also own a lot of bodyline for this purpose. but you can't pretend it's the exact same thing as Baby or Meta in terms of quality. So when newbies are told to go to taobao for affordable dresses, they need to be warned that you absolutely do get what you pay for in terms of quality, and if you buy a cheap dress, it might just look cheap as well.

>> No.10397192

I'm pretty convinced he's a fetishist, but I guess not telling gross creepers to fuck off means that you don't think everyone is kawaii uwu.

>> No.10397193

Joe Strummer taught me that even the beautiful people are too

>> No.10397194 [DELETED] 

Pretty sure that title would belong to Lor.

>> No.10397196

I don't think she is, but I think she knows who she should cater to business-wise.

Pretty sure the people who like buying shoes from her brand tend to be male since they do custom sizing and guys have big feet.

>> No.10397198

Do people really not know that most taobao hits max at around 95cm bust? Very similar to brand sizing. That's why all the fatties love Glitter Tale instead.

>> No.10397200

Pretty sure that title would belong to Lor.

>> No.10397204

Lovely Lor: 45.2k

Katiebabydoll: 74.4k

>> No.10397206

nayrt but K8 is at 74k followers and Lor is at 45k

>> No.10397236


>> No.10397256

>what are webm
I never understood the now borderline vendetta with kate, it has been years anon. Besides that, spamming your video with halfassed comments on cgl in hopes to get talked about is annoying and kind of pathetic.

>> No.10397257

My bad. Although I think Lor has lolita-only content while K8 has other stuff going on too.

>> No.10397261

>now borderline vendetta with kate

>> No.10397302

Yeah I feel like K8 is barely a lolita anymore, she hardly wears it and when she does it's poorly styled.

>> No.10397327

It has been 5 years anon. Idek if she still wears lolita. Let it go.

>> No.10397329

That would imply she was ever well-styled

>> No.10397363

You beautiful bastard. I've been looking for this for ages.

I think this was her best coording era.

>> No.10397417

K8 is known to be a shit person in general

>> No.10397493


>> No.10397760

I don't know if Jo herself is, but the guy she let on I'm pretty sure is.
I actually checked out her brand because of that though, and they're just as hideous as I expected.

>> No.10397824

Your thoughts on notyourhime.h ? Her videos are very calming to me, they have this lifestyle lolita feel that I really enjoy

>> No.10397886

Never heard of her, will check out!

>> No.10397894

I hate this thread pic so much. Her face is infuriating

>> No.10398097

agreed, she looks so fucking condescending.

>> No.10398100


>tfw this clown-looking ass bitch is effectively the face of Western lolita fashion

>> No.10398105

Nice, saved.

>> No.10398116
File: 183 KB, 832x1024, zrjewrfreg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'll always like her.

>> No.10398154

Does anyone know what Shelby Cloud is up to nowadays? She was one of my first lolita youtubers back in the day, I found her through her pigtail tutorial.


>> No.10398225

Same, I know a lot of people hate her but I think her makeup looks are really cute

>> No.10398229

people hate her because she shilled herself here and shoops herself

>> No.10398232

The shoop is bad and she clearly has body dysmorphia but eh, I think she's cute and I like her makeup. I don't really pay attention to cosplay drama so the whole thing sort of passed me by.

>> No.10398259

oh i was just saying why. i don't particularly think she's cute, a bit too mousey.

>> No.10399031


I’m sure I saw somebody over on lolcow mention that she was an age player, so since then I haven’t really enjoyed her content.

>> No.10399032


whoa nelly when did lor get fat? i don’t really have social media so i never see more recent shit but i know she wasn’t that size in the tumblr days

>> No.10399042

Sauce? I’d be intrigued if that turned out to be true

>> No.10399180

shes not wrong tho lmao specially now during quarentine ppl seem to genuinely hate spending a long time with their partner? its so weird but its definitely a straight ppl thing. plus, if you dont feel like that applies to you why are you even bothered? u literally sound like those dudes that go "not all men" lmao

>> No.10399191

Its because it does apply to them. Those of us in healthy straight relationships are capable of recognizing it isn't the norm and not be bothered by people pointing it out.

>> No.10400043
File: 364 KB, 1080x1624, 20200525_122213.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This made me laugh and now I can't unsee it. Lor's makeup is really unflattering, she should take some tips from Korean/Japanese makeup with softer eyebrows and lipstick that's more muted.

>> No.10400067

She was also like a teenager or 20 something then. People gain a lil weight when they age.

>> No.10400069

I had a dream that lovely lore in her very apologetic and no edges nature made a storytime video detailing how she murdered someone and attended their funeral and it was such and upsetting experience for her.

It was something.

>> No.10400072

Her screaming knees <3uwuwu

>> No.10400073

Listen, I know we can excuse age to a degree, but I've gained 12 pounds since high school, I'm in my late 20s and that's the damage.

I don't exercise much but I do watch my diet. I know it comes down to genetics as well, but she did let herself go a tad. You can't just blame it on age.

>> No.10400086

nta but if i recall correctly lor deals with mental illness which tends to cause significant weight gain or loss in people, i think that's more likely why than age

>> No.10400087

hating shoop is such a cgl bullshit thing to actually go along with.

>> No.10400088

I think the reason her make up doesn't suit her is that fucking insane amount of foundation she has on and how fucking pale it is.
Is her skin really bad underneath? Why does she feel the need to do full face make up like that?

>> No.10400191

>she shilled herself here
imagine being this delusional lmao, absolutely seething

>> No.10400202

How new are you?

>> No.10400246

Her makeup looks so... flat? I don't think contouring is strictly necessary for most makeup looks, but when she's trowelled everything on like that I think the lack of contouring makes her face look sad and doughy.

>> No.10400248

This, I have always thought the same

>> No.10400249 [DELETED] 

even regularly using blush would really help. i recall seeing it in weird placements a few times? i much prefer the dark eyebrows + hair to everything else she does but it could be so much better.

>> No.10400261

lol yea it does look doughy

>> No.10400284


>> No.10400367

I used to follow Cathy Cat, Lor and Tyler. Now I watch only Tyler's videos, Lor is so fake now and promotes fishy sites that sponsor her and Cathy is plain borring

>> No.10400368

You reminded me of Pixie I miss her as a Lolita, now her videos and style are not very interesting at all

>> No.10400374

Cathy sounds like nutcase. Lor is boring af.

>> No.10400385

There used to be a few anons who would spam post popular shooped girls (think 100k+ followers) in threads here or make them their own threads. Anzu was a favorite of them. Delusional anons like >>10400202 would jelly rage to the max and say that the girls themselves were selfposting and complain over and over on the threads. If they could clear their insane jealousy for even a second, it was pretty obvious that none of these girls were posting because their social media channels were already huge and there was nothing to gain by posting here. This is 2013+ btw, so way after the time CGL was actually popular or relevant. The seethers are still here, it’s sad.

>> No.10400392

>Lor is boring af.
Boring, ugly, and bad at dressing herself. I don't know why anyone would continue to watch her

>> No.10400436

Nayrt, but she literally spammed threads with lame opening sentences and her pictures, sometimes with her social media linked and then samefagged between some scrotes bumping her threads. It wen't on for about a year in 2013 or something.

>> No.10400437

this thread took me down a rabbit hole. . . question is Cathy cat Gay ?
Just wondering because its not clear in the videos

>> No.10400439

Anzu was a literal who when the spams started.

>> No.10400449

Nope the director of Ask Japanese is her boyfriend, he is also the one that takes her photos and has a photo art acount on ig

>> No.10400551

I don'r remember any age restrictions just hight, bust, waist and shoe size restrictions. In the first year a girl should have been under 1.68 cm but in the second year it was raised to 1.80. I wanted to send pics for first year but I am over 1.70 and sadly the next year I could not leave work

>> No.10400558

Ya, you can't look like the wicked witch of the east

>> No.10400569

Doesn't stop Lor

>> No.10400575

>Rose Nocturnalia
I want to like her, but she does a lot of shit like complain and bitch and pet herself up as some sort of authority whose opinion matters.

>> No.10400576

She looks more like a clown than a witch, anything but not cute

>> No.10400608

If youtubers didn’t think their opinions mattered then what would prompt them to post videos about their opinions..?

>> No.10400645

No she wasn’t, she’s been popular on tumblr for ages, and she had well over 100k on ig when people started spamming her. It’s time to grow up and let go of your jealousy over random egirls, it’s embarrassing.

>> No.10400647

This was almost 10 years ago. She used to post here when the trips were still a big thing and get called out for copying Koots.

>> No.10400656

Ah spoken like a true ita

>> No.10400679

Her posting here was way before she started getting spammed though. The Anzu threads didn’t consistently start until around 2012-2013.

>> No.10400698

anyone remember supercarly64? she did those parodies of venus's cupcake video and k8's weird documentary. she hasn't posted to YT in a long while, is she active anywhere else and is she still wearing lolita? she was a kind of average lolita but she was pretty funny.

>> No.10400708

I'm not the weird indignant Taobao anon but I don't think that dress is all that great. Looks like a clusterfuck of a floral pattern.
I don't hate Meta but that isn't a good example of their good stuff.

>> No.10400810

I saw her wearing lolita a few years ago, maybe 4 or 5 years back. Some toned down AP, looked nice. But idk if she still wears it, I haven't been to a con or meet in like 3 years

>> No.10400814

Anons were claiming that she didn't selfpost.

>> No.10400868
File: 72 KB, 640x853, IMG_20191213_022902.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Believing rumors

>> No.10400872

He's ugly as hell too. Why do pretty white girls always settle for these guys when there's so many hot dudes in Japan?

>> No.10400874

Your waifu shilled herself here several times, deal with it scrot.

>> No.10400875

Ok elitist

>> No.10400928

because hot dudes in Japan know better than to get involved in anything serious with yellow fever infected foreigners

>> No.10400966

She posted on fb she lost a pregnancy and almost died. Not sure if she’s wearing Lolita much

>> No.10401087

wearing taobao doesn't automatically equal ita. it depends on coording skills. this is exactly why people call us meanie classists and shit.

>> No.10401092

Kek she’s plain as hell

>> No.10401094

Wearing Taobao isn’t inherently ita, but saying that quality isn’t important is.

>> No.10401102

l2read >>10400385
No one said that, people said she didn’t spam post herself, which she didn’t.

>everyone who calls out my jelly rage must be a scrote!!1!
Is this how you deluded yourself into being jealous of a random girl on the internet for almost 10 years? Yikes

>> No.10401103

Where do you live that she would be considered plain? She's thin and has a nice, symmetrical face with no exaggerated features. She's better looking than most girls I see in murica.

>> No.10401135

Nasolabial folds and crusty eyeliner no thanks

>> No.10401181

I have no idea who this bitch is but from a quick look at her IG she's pretty plain. She looks around late 30s and styles herself very poorly for her age. She's also not thin, she looks to be on the upper end of healthy BMI.

>> No.10401182

I don't know how he looks.

>> No.10401190

ntayrt but not wanting even one brand dress is kinda ita. Lolita as a style exists because of the small boutiques and designers that have pioneered the style. If people never bought from them the aesthetic would have never had developed.
The Chinese made lolita market developed initially as a cheap alternative/ replication industry.
I dont denny that many taobao brands of today have evolved into good shops with unique aesthetic, good design and fine quality.
But man, dissenting brand as "elitist" is just a poorfag opinion. Support the people that birthed the style you've been wearing for years and if you really dont want to do that, at least dont discount them as overpriced elitist 'shit' .

>> No.10401195

I didn't say she was ugly, but being thin doesn't make you pretty. She just looks very plain, not ugly but nothing remotely special about her.

>> No.10401216

>waaaah don't call out my waifu for annoyingly spamming for months, ur just jelly!! I won't let you tarnish her and will keep on whiteknighting for several posts!
ok scrote
I'm not even the original anon btw.

>> No.10401262

anzu spammers were around for years sweetie. at least check the archives before pretending to be an oldfag
>several posts
kek, i'm not the original anon either

>> No.10401263

you learn to read, fag. >>10400191

>> No.10401265

People are talking about HER spamming, not others. I know it's been 10 years and your dementia is setting in, but she's not going to pity fuck you, bb.

>> No.10401267

*anzu was around spamming for a year
Ftfy. Take your own advice and keep in mind that she won't fuck you no matter what.

>> No.10401268

Posting in the old selfpost threads isn't shilling, literally everyone used to do it. Cry harder, but the spam threads started happening way after she stopped posting. Your samefagging is cringy and obvious.

>> No.10401269

There’s no point anon, just give up. There’s a handful of batshit anons who obsessively vendetta every cute girl who’s ever posted on /cgl/, especially if they get efamous.

>> No.10401272

Last quote is mine kek. Sorry anon, but she still won't fuck you no matter how you try to twist it.

The fuck are you even doing in the youtube thread.

>> No.10401273

>Last quote is mine
Obviously, along with all the others, kek.

>> No.10401275

Please lurk more, or better, just go to your homeboard to jerk off.

>> No.10401277

Check the archives next time before pretending to be an oldfag, vendetta-chan. It'll be less embarrassing for you.

>> No.10401289

I don't need to check the archive, that's what newfags pretending to be oldfags do. I remember it just fine. Now fuck off to where you came from scrote.

>> No.10401363
File: 108 KB, 1080x1080, canudoitcat_1___B-lDinPA7A6___.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She is not thin at all

>> No.10401374

This is my first post in the reply chain but she doesn't look fat?
I would say she's thin just based on her arms and how small they are.

>> No.10401380

Look at her arm down her armpit, not her wrists. She can't fit into the blouse.

>> No.10401383

>She can't fit into the blouse
This doesn't mean she's fat or not thin.
You just have insane standards.

>> No.10401390

cri moar

Wearing taobao exclusively and turning up your nose when offered secondhand brand means you have no eye for quality and therefore ita tastes. I have nothing against taobao indie, but not recognizing that brand quality is worth its price and acting weirdly proud of this attitude is some over-compensating ita behavior.

>> No.10401395
File: 203 KB, 1080x1350, 1590518486138.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10401399

That outfit looks pretty crazy but I don't think she's fat at all and looks normal sized.

>> No.10401402

This person appears to be a healthy size to me. Just because a blouse is tight, does not mean they are fit. The blouse simply does not fit the wearer. Are we looking at the same person?

>> No.10401403

Dude she looks awful in the outfit but this is not proving your point. She doesn't look fat.

I wouldn't call her thin but she's not fat, she seems to have a normal BMI.

>> No.10401427

she's absolutely averagely normal in terms of height and weight. dislike her because she's annoying or a leigh shill or can't dress herself or whatever but she is a standard, acceptable size

>> No.10401435

>pet herself up as some sort of authority whose opinion matters
People say this about every YouTuber who voices their opinions and I just don't understand this viewpoint. They're not an authority they're just saying what they think and why.

>> No.10401436

>that's what newfags pretending to be oldfags do
That's why you should've done it, dumbass. You couldn't even get your timeline straight about when anzu was posting and when the anzu spammers began. If you're going to pretend, at least make it believable. No amount of posturing is going to cover it up when you can't even get your facts right.

>> No.10401473

It's like they don't understand that people are entitled to their own opinions. Just as we're entitled to take what they say with a grain of salt.

Only idiots see YouTubers as "authority" figures and take their words as gospel. Most of us understand it's a personal opinion and can either agree or disagree without much issue.

>> No.10401500

This is a cute at outfit! It's obviously not lolita but I personally love this look.

I can't stand her voice but her content is probably the best content in English right now. She is actually in Japan and sees all the trends on the street and designers all the time. Other lolita YouTubers are stuck in the western bubble and are too far removed from the actual root of jfashion.

>> No.10401502

She’s not fat, but I want to say it is very possible to be fat and have thin arms. I am one of those people

>> No.10401506

Not fitting into your clothes does mean shes not thin, lol. Those blouses fit tons of thin girls, and unless she's 6 ft tall it's clearly not a bone structure issue. No one's saying she's fat, but she's definitely not thin. Cope.

>> No.10401675

isn't this a fucking /fit/ meme?
I'm done listening to you now.
She's fine and she fits into her clothing just fine even if she has weird loud taste in clothing.

Go be a scrote somewhere else.

>> No.10401688

It is not the ita thread, I posted the picture to show she is not thin at all

>> No.10401691

Genuine question, what do you consider to be “thin” ?

>> No.10401707

This is a meme from /news or /pol too. Normally I see it directed towards people in quarrels there. Hey buddy, >>10401506
take your MAGA hat wearing, non-mask wearing raggedy self and go home and suck off your brother. I hear ya'll like to do that.

>> No.10401730

i think people have different reasons for wearing lolita and not all of them will necessarily involve wanting high quality clothing though. there are plenty of good taobao/bodyline coords out there that make cheap low quality pieces look great and there's horrible brand coords that make high quality pieces look like trash... it has more to do with fashion skills and talent imo.

>> No.10401769

Her content isn't good - she is overly hyper on camera and interviews people on the street while wearing lolita. That's it. I'm not interested in hearing what some rando bumpkin on the street in Japan thinks about j fashion or fake woke questions

>> No.10401811

This. It's only good content for teenagers who dream about going to glorius Nippon and view Japanese people as some kind of mysterious gods.

>> No.10401835

kek at these fatass was projecting. your not thin, you can be average weight but not thin. bitching and moaning won’t suddenly make you thin

>> No.10401945
File: 70 KB, 400x400, 1491265466778.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You're a newfag because you use the memories you had from that time and don't follow my advice to look into the archive to get better at pretending to be an oldfag, which is what newfags do, which I totally don't do!! If you don't look up the exact date of everything in the archive like me because I weren't around back then, you're a newfag, not me! D-dumbass!!
Weird deflection but ok. Other anons remember it the same way I do, what's the point defending being wrong this hard in the first place? Just lurk more if you aren't going to go back man.

>> No.10401951

>kek at these fatass was projecting.
>your not thin
how old are you?

>> No.10402013

>what's the point defending being wrong this hard in the first place
exactly, stop trying to deflect so hard when you're completely wrong. i'm not sure why you think screaming "lurk moar!!! muh memories, im not pretending to be an oldfag!!!1" will somehow convince anyone, but it's pretty obvious that you have no idea what you're talking about. The difference between the postings weren't days, it was literally years.

>> No.10403740

I like Embroidered Doll she seems like a very nice person but her videos get kinda repetitive over time

>> No.10403757

She's talking in her new video. In my opinion her accent is not that bad. I hope she speaks in more videos

>> No.10403762

I wonder if this means she lurks here

>> No.10403782

It doesn't matter either way, to be honest. But I don't necessarily think it does. She's likely gotten messages about talking before and did a poll on IG to see if people would be interested in it for a subscriber special.

I agree that her voice sounds fine, though I can understand why she may have been a bit wary about filming videos with her voice before.

>> No.10403911

I love Rosa Nocturnalia but her accent drives me nuts. It's such a stereotypical Canadian accent. Like one you would do to make fun of Canadians. I didn't know any actually talked like that

>> No.10403915

Oh no, her accent isn’t even thick. I can’t even understand my MIL. You have no idea

>> No.10404071

What? Her accent sounds exactly like anyone from the Midwest.

>> No.10404096

I've never met a midwestern person so idk. But I associate pronunciations like "sewry" and "aboot" with Canadians.

>> No.10404110

>Her accent sounds exactly like anyone from the Wisconsin.


>> No.10404158

Her personality feels staged and her videos are boring to sit through

>> No.10404690

>what are border states
The majority of Canadians live near the border anyway.

>> No.10404754

God the trucker sissy follows her and comment on her recent pole workout photo. She actually responded to him and everything too.

>> No.10404798

She's such a disgrace for the lolita community. That people think she is an influencer in the lolita community is sad

>> No.10404866

This swedish convention channel occasionally posts lolita vlogs. Sometimes cringe, but that's entertainment too for me.

>> No.10404867

>mfw when I strongly agree with all of her opinions
Sorry, go cry on Facebook about how the normies don’t understand you

>> No.10404869

Same, she kinda reminds me of Princess Peachie’s old philosophy of “youre weird, you look weird, people are going to think you look weird, but that’s okay because you love it!! Have some self awareness!”

>> No.10406130

I'm actually thinking of starting up a channel. Anyone have tips?

>> No.10406162

Well, what type of videos do you want to make? Surely you have some idea already if you decided you want to make a channel.

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