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Keep it /cgl/-related! Cosplay or J-fashion like Lolita/Brolita, Aristocrat, Kimono, Nanchatte, etc.!


ITT you may post:
- Useful guides that can be applied to crossplaying/crossdressing
- Questions, help, sharing advice to improve your appearance to pass temporary as the opposite gender (Male -> Female, Female -> Male)
- pictures of crossplay/crossdressing coords, selfposts
- personal experience/stories regarding crossplay/crossdressing

NOT allowed:
- Anything in sexual context/fetish stuff
- Anything related to gender transition like hormones, operation etc.; >>>/lgbt/ might be the better place for this
- Casual crossdressing without any /cgl/-context

Link collection:


Contact for suggestions or contribution: [email protected]


Affiliated Discord server: https://discord.gg/eBnVEtQ

Previous thread: >>10300242
Image source: https://twitter.com/Rei_Dunois/status/1274648158530756608

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Question from last thread:
Does anyone have a link to that shave powder tutorial anywhere? The old google doc link is dead. I remember there was a PDF floating about.

It's the one that had NSFW photos in it and everything

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There you go: https://archived.moe/cgl/thread/9291536/#9319534

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Not him, but did you not clink the link in that post? It's completely dead.

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Dammit, I'll upload it myself then.

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Link 404's for me.

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Can you use your love of crossdressing as a hobby to improve your life in constructive ways? If so how have you done it? I'd like to get away from some of the obviously less constructive parts and eventually just be open to people I know

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Apologies for TMI:
Is a powder like that really recommended for butt hair if you've never used one before? Are there other effective ways to remove all hair on your backside that doesn't involve chemical treatment?

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no... not there...

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Magic shave powder is fine, first time I used it I thought it was going to leave a chemical burn but it didn't just make sure to not touch your head lmao. I guess its effectiveness depends on how coarse your body hair is but it is very effective. The only part that sucks is a.the smell and b.waiting around for ten-fifteen minutes until you can rinse it off

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Does anyone know a good quality cosplay site?
I wanna crossdress as Violet Evergarden someday.

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Aliexpress has some really decent Violet cosplays. I helped a friend search for one and we were very satisfied with it.

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My girlfriend knows I like to crossdress, but when I bring up lolita or anything like that she accuses me of being a secret tranny or sissy. Very irritating.

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How the fuck do you tie this thing from the alfonso set

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She's okay with you dressing as a specific girl but not when it's fashionable??

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Currently going through "Getting shit-housed & posing for pictures with people while calling them lying little abortions as their parents take the picture" withdrawal

The pain. It hurts :(

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It probably goes something like
>anon brings up lolita or jfash
>anon's gf says "you sure are interested a lot in this stuff, are you sure you're not trans?"
>anon is startled and defends himself, giving up on original topic or finds it too awkward to keep discussing lolita/jfash

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This sounds like the case. I can't fathom a person supportive of crossdressing and not jfash

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You're getting too much into it and your gf has her limits on how much does she like you to crossdress, my dude (viz. she's allowing you to have a likening in crossdressing because she loves you).
But, as you're getting too much into it by being into a specific, quite feminine form of fashion, you will inherently get labeled as such given how they're not something a man usually commits himself to.
Though I second >>10425836 since it is surprising to see such open-mindedness at first but then doesn't want anything further than what you usually crossdress.

I ain't no woman but I understand the suspiciousness given what trannies are doing all over the place right now, including here at /cgl/.

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Don't post a picture like that. Try to fix it like it originally was and post two pictures of it, one from the front and another on the back so we can tell you how to tie whatever you posted.

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>she's allowing you to
I can't tell if you're implying that anon is pussywhipped or have a bizarrely backwards view of what give and take means in a healthy relationship

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Okay, that wasn't the right word and it wasn't meant to be mean to that anon, but my point is that anon's gf is aware about the doctrine of trannyism so it is likely that she doesn't want anon to become a mentally ill tranny or something.

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If you're a male, you gotta be careful if you're buying a lolita dress just for crossdressing.
In many cases they can have a small size of shoulder length for dresses. Even if you choose a bigger size.

>> No.10426467

This. Pay ttention to shoulder length. If you're choosing between 2 sizes and have to choose one, always prioritize shoulder length before waist, hips, chest or anything else

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Astolfo you retard

>> No.10428193

I wonder if he's this dude from the previous thread >>10385448

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Don't help that literal smoothie brain who can't even spell the characters name and clearly some ethot fetishist

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404 for me as well, does anyone happen to have a working like to this guide?

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Don't have any pics but pretty much
>Get jar
>Empty 1 can of magic shave powder into jar
>Fill up the can of magic you just emptied with water and empty into jar
>Stir the powder and water until it's smooth and looks like milk
>start applying it to yourself
>you want to set a timer for 10-15 minutes although it's better if you have someone to let you know because your hands will be covered in magic milk lol
>more or less time depending on how coarse your hair is
>the part that sucks is waiting around before you can rinse off and the smell of hair being chemically removed
>once you do use warm water and a wash cloth
>rinse off completely I think using a mild soap after you rinsed is ok

These are important
(Everyone is different, it has never burned me and it usually takes about 10 minutes for me, I said this ones but it depends on how coarse your body hair is)

Uh.. I think that's it.

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stop fucking telling people to use this shit in areas it's not supposed to be used for.

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I'm not telling anyone to use it, I'm not going to their house and forcing them at gun point and forcefully applying it to them. They are grown adults, they can make their own decisions. I was sharing my own experience is all because they were asking. It works on my machine.
If it burns you, don't use it, simple as so fuck you.

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What about my neck?

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Man that sucks. I agree with the others but maybe it's time to talk to her about it. Let her know that you have no interest in becoming trans nor into being a sissy and you genuinely enjoy the fashion and want to have fun in it.

Just a fair warning though, lurk the ita threads and try not to end up there. Boys in lolita is cool as long as they do it right.

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That's up to you.

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Hi, kinda new to cosplay & cons. My friends were planning on going to a con as soon as the corona crisis is over. We were thinking of doing this kind of crossplay, (don't know if it has a name) with the obvious masculinity contrasting a female character. Anyone got experience/resources on this kind of crossplay?

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There's a high chance that's a weak attempt at trolling, but in case you are actually serious:
You really don't need any resources for a joke cosplay, other than the piece of advice that the joke gets old very fast.
There is a different way of contrasting male physique with female characters, and that is to make a genderbent version, which involves redesigning the outfit in a way that makes it seem like the character was male in the first place.
Either way, I don't think this thread is for you - people here mostly try to convincingly appear as the other gender.

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Any tips for covering up a shaved/stubble beard with makeup or other close shave products?

>> No.10437979

Just take care of your skin and trim that beard of yours.
His is pretty nice to look at, though. Wished I had the genetics to pull it off.

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I played around with different drag queen beard cover tutorials until I figured out something that worked for me.

>shave with the grain, then shave again against the grain
>thin layer of orange colour correcting concealer on beard area (brush)
>translucent powder
>setting spray
>wait to dry
>thin layer of full coverage foundation one shade lighter than my skintone over colour corrected areas (use a makeup sponge)
>thin layer of medium coverage foundation in my skintone over rest of face (also use makeup sponge)
>apply rest of makeup

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Have you ever had problems at cons with creeps taking pics of you without permission? I desperately want to try crossplaying but I'm always terrified of ending up on someone's public imgur or stuff like that. I mean, it's kinda flattering and and turns me on a little, but I'd rather not be recognized.

>> No.10438307

You're going to a public convention, in a bright, flashy and attention-seeking outfit. It's silly to get mad or upset at people taking photos. "Creepy" or otherwise, sure it's annoying when some people are taking photos willy nilly when you're just sitting there eating a sandwich or something, but if you didn't want the attention then the only thing for it is to come in plain unassuming clothes.
And I say this having gone to many a convention in plenty of bright, flashy and attention-seeking outfits. What I've done, largely unintentionally, is make it so the costume is obviously incomplete until you actively put on a certain part of it. Won't stop people, but it makes taking photos largely pointless unless they ask first, though may be difficult to have something to take on/off unless it's something like a head to a fully body covering outfit. Might work with wearing a plain zip up jacket or something over it which then gets taken off as well.

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Hmm, I see. I've never cosplayed in any capacity whatsoever but the thought of crossplaying a cute character with so many people eyeing me and asking me for pics pushes all the right buttons. I am so fucked in the head. Maybe I should go for a character that wears a mask or something so I can't be immediately recognized.

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Is there a consensus on the best prosthetic breasts? I'm curious to buy some big ones but don't want to spend upwards of £100 on something poorly made.

>> No.10439472

There were some pretty good recommendations at the start of the previous thread. Roayner? Something like that I remember.

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Is this person a man? I think they’re cute either way, but I remember cgl sperging about a brolita in the past and this looks like him.

>> No.10439673

yeah it's a dude

>> No.10439678

thats a man's nose and head size, yes.

>> No.10439760

man feet and hands too

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What kind of a top is this called? It’s the only thing I’m missing. Thrift shops are still closed in my area so I might as well just order it online.

>> No.10443783

Does anyone know what happened to him? I used to love his coords but haven't seen him around for a long time

>> No.10443785

Closed off his insta after some drama and disappeared more or less from public channels

>> No.10443796

oh, that's kind of sad. thanks for the info!

>> No.10444095

Look at shoulder width and waist for blouses also. Most JSK's have adjustable straps, but OP's and blouses don't and ride higher on the body. Some JSK's don't have adjustable straps and fit like OP's.

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Unironicl asking:
I`m pretty tall( 192 cm) and i have big feet (47).
Is it possible to get nice shoes that dont look trashy in my size?

>> No.10445579

Taobao has a lot of stuff, it's just not in one single store. If you search for shoes and filter by your size there are a lot of options.

>> No.10447782

what body predispositions should I have if I would like to pick bikini only cosplay? (For example racing atago)
I've never prepared anything with so much body visibility

>> No.10448753

can you link to products you like for each step pls, would be actually lifesaving

>> No.10449058

At that point you would just look like a man in a bikini. You need more clothes to conceal the masculine traits.

>> No.10450826

cropped tank top, or just buy a black tank top and cut it yourself

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Who is the least gay houseki no kuni character to dress up as a guy

>> No.10451900

The one that's your Waifu
There's no greater heterosexual love than doing her justice instead of some thot

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>> No.10452129

Anyone else cursed with the problem of androgynous face with an hourglass figure? I hate my life

>> No.10452157

Uhhh, he literally marries Aechmea and adopts the most feminine behaviour patterns of any of the gems.

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File: 48 KB, 474x1195, OIP (14).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im new to Crossplaying, is it better to buy an entire cosplay or buy it in parts and modify them as needed ?

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Sounds like a typical sjw build.

>> No.10452353

Get an entire cosplay. Trying to modify them will surely make you pull your hair out and might even result in a worse cosplay.

>> No.10452600

he's on insta again, rococo.bouquet

>> No.10452615

Haven't seen that in years, and it is unbelievable how outdated it is now since this is unironically considered "conservative" in the tr*nny SJWs and related circles today.

>> No.10452638

The worst part is my build is ana-chan and losing more weight will just narrow my waist more and make the effect more pronounced. My tits won't quit I guess they're all breast tissue and no fat

>> No.10452756

>copy paste to instagram search
>no exact match

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nayrt, but works fine for me?

>> No.10452982

Seems like I was blocked for no apparent reason. Sigh. What a drama queen. I never interacted with the account.

>> No.10453007

hey how about don’t post their account on here ever again?

serves you right

>> No.10453011

Dude calm down

>> No.10453013

ok rococo.bouquet, seething much?

>> No.10453014

>serves you right
>anon never interacted with the account

sounds like a total asshole or someone who's so infamous he tried to cut off his former identity.

>> No.10453017

I’m not them, but posting an IG handle without consent on an anonymous imageboard that is a hive for drama is tantamount to doxxing. Everyone has a right to privacy and people don’t want their photos plastered in public. Guess putting their account in private is the optimal solution to prevent randos from giving them unwanted critique and exposure on here.

>> No.10453018

baka you even replied to the wrong person

This is the person you want to reply to. >>10452600

>> No.10453027

Not that dude but I'm biting this b8 anyways.
>Everyone has a right to privacy and people don’t want their photos plastered in public
I'm cool with that and I understand the need for privacy.
On the other hand posting pictures of yourself on a website made to share pictures is pretty much the opposite of private. Anon didn't hack their cloud storage or email: those would be places of privacy. Since the pics are on Instagram they're out there for the entire world to see and share. If they wouldn't be cool with that then they wouldn't be posting those pictures there.

>> No.10453028

If you don't want:
-Photos being plastered
You don't sign up for a new Instagram and blocking all your old followers just because you had some notoriety. You just set yourself getting clout for bullying not necessarily on /cgl/.

You share them via more private channels or don't fucking upload them to an Internet service, retard.

>> No.10453030

How did you get from one person who never interacted with the account getting blocked to him blocking all of his old followers?

>> No.10453043

I'm really sorry, I'm sure you get this question all the time, but: can anyone pull it off if they really do the research?
I'm fat, relatively poor, hairy, some bad features like huge nose and wide shoulders. I've never done even a normal same-gender cosplay even

But I really want to be a cute girl just once. It's been my dream since I was like 13 or some shit.

>> No.10453087

take this shit to farms

>> No.10453157

Kek. At risk of derailing, it's funny cause I also have the issue of political quizzes saying I fit in with the sjw, liberal whatever section, but I sure as shit don't get along with em at all.
Basically, the farther from a cute twelve year old you are, the harder you gotta work. And in cases like yours, may involve some work on your body, and more manipulating your body(pads, corsets, etc.). It's all just makeup, basically

>> No.10453730

Fellas, where do you buy your wigs from?

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File: 60 KB, 600x800, 3c7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hi I'm a 6'2" average/muscular built guy who is looking to get into magical girl cosplay. Is this something that i can have hopes of pulling off? I know there isn't many options for someone my height and build but I want to be able to pull off a convincing cosplay. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

>> No.10454148

You need to be realistic with your expectations. At 6'2 with a muscular build you will absolutely not pass as female period. So start with that in mind

>> No.10454187

how do i stop being shy and embarrassed about crossdressing so i can do it at cons?

>> No.10454205


Shut yo bullshit ass up. All you wanna do is bring people down

At a con, there was a tall Buffsuki and the amount of attention they got is more then you’ll ever get

>> No.10454207

No bully is allowed here, /fit/-kun!
You probably answered your own advice request by posting a muscular Madoka, so you already know what to do with regards to a "crossplay" parody of some sort.

However, if you seriously want to "bring people down," then you should be able to do some other muscular and erotic-ish cosplay like doing a Pantheon (LoL) cosplay or so and, most importantly, get a cute girlfriend.
But, seeing that you probably don't have the latter, you're about to stay the same, anon~ So good luck~

>> No.10454214

thanks for the advice, yeah ive been thinking about doing a buff kinda cosplay but also just a normal trap kinda cosplay. Also that bully isn't me that's some other dude.

>> No.10454260

What's a cheap character to cosplay im incredibly poor

>> No.10454268

Suzu from Ponytail/FukaBoku

>> No.10454282

Which concealier for face is the best to buy in Amazon?

>> No.10454284

Stop being a pussy and try the concealer in stores.

>> No.10454299

Lol it's not bullying to say that no one is genuinely going to believe you're a woman if you're 6'2 and built like a linebacker. It shouldn't stop you from cosplaying of course, and height can easily be hidden in photography, but you need to be realistic in your expectations for how you will look

>> No.10454375

Any generic schoolgirl cosplay goes for
like 20$ on aliexpress

Anons are right, you cannot possibly pull any convincing female cosplay with that body. Your only bet is picking some full armor chick with a helmet/mask or just doing a joke cosplay like the one you posted.

>> No.10454386

That's not exactly what I meant.
If anon wants to do a moeblob female character unironically and has the resources for it he should go for it. He however needs to be realistic about his expectations. If you are 6'2 and muscular you are not going to pass for a cute anime girl or as female period. You just aren't. It shouldn't stop you from cosplaying a character you love though

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File: 68 KB, 309x960, irelia poor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rate this please
i made it for a poor cosplay contest does it look okay? its supposed to be irelia from league of legends,and all is made from home garbage

>> No.10454537

Irelia's hair is black/dark blue, m8. With that little detail you better nail the colors at least or it'll be very hard to recognize.

>> No.10454555

I wont buy the wig just for this lol, its a cheap cosplay thats the point , to do it with whatever you have at home , i just qant ro know if it looks ok

>> No.10454561
File: 188 KB, 429x1600, 97BBE34C-8FEE-4443-9928-D9E1C709CEF4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oops forgot pic edited with cheap program

>> No.10454576

Your hip padding starts too low, and you need to do something about your brows/eyes. Even with 3/4 of your face covered with hair and a mask it's still pretty obvious you have a man face.

>> No.10454582
File: 69 KB, 345x201, image1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Men have weird ugly hips, see pic related for how women's hips are shaped

>> No.10454593

i did the hip pad with a few socks lol But ill take the advice

>> No.10457467


I think it looks pretty good. Considering you put it together from stuff at home!

>> No.10457494

6/10. For a closet cosplay it doesn't look half bad. It has potential to be much better. I'd invest further into it by researching how to do her blades. And a proper pair of boots too.

>> No.10457649

Thanks, if i had a blue wig it would have been cooler, also i dont know how to do breastplate with paper so ill probably do something better next time

>> No.10457978

It kinda just comes with the territory. I've had about the same amount of people ask to take pictures of/with my alter ego Carmen as my regular cosplays/crossplays.

At MagFest this year, I had a dude come up & talk to me. Super nervous. Asked to get a picture - no problem. But then, he proceeded to just SMASH that "take picture" button & he, like scanned my entire body when he thought I was paying attention. I looked at him & said "Hey, make sure you tag me in any of those extra ones you took." He was mortfied, haha.

The spy pics are weird, but the propositions & groping is way worse.

>> No.10461973
File: 1.13 MB, 957x1245, GGXRD-R2_Baiken_Portrait.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have literally no experience with cosplay, but was wondering how hard it would be to pull off something like this?
Have a friend who said they'd be willing to help with make up but I dont even know where to start when it comes to trying to make it or stuff

>> No.10462569

I feel you so much. My face shape is suited for ikemen characters but I'm like 5'3 and have disproportionately large tiddies for my weight.
>cosplay bigtiddie anime girl
>my face looks super unfitting in all the pics
>cosplay bishounen anime boy
>binder is barely holding it all together and my height makes me look girly anyway
I still enjoy doing both kinds of cosplays but I wish my genes leaned one way or the other. I've always been jealous of girls with round faces, but I wouldn't mind my ikemen face if the rest of my body would cooperate.

>> No.10463102

Are you willing to put down some cash on big fake rubber boobs? That seems like a key detail in Baiken's design.

>> No.10463111

Yeah i've seen that its a 200-300 Bucks but I wouldn't mind that too much.

>> No.10463254

big titty

>> No.10463258
File: 1.22 MB, 1200x1245, __hacka_doll_3_hacka_doll_drawn_by_otsukemono__bd4e14945f5de15b0fca5d766a1201d3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

big titty!

but also I would love to switch heights with you (me being 6'1) so I could pull off pic related as a very, very cute faux-shota

>> No.10463304

thinking the same, always thought it would be cool to crossplay Baiken and at least put some effort into it

>> No.10463800

same anon; who here has experience with ordering and owning breastforms? Make-up and stuff I can do well enough on my own

>> No.10463805

>Broad shoulders wider than hips
>Also wide hips
>Androgynous face to the point where I get mistaken for a man daily
>still 32D even after becoming ana-chan skinny because my breasts are extremely dense
>Look like a man in a dress when I cosplay women
>Trouble getting chest convincingly flat for crossplay
Fuck my life. Am I seriously considering getting a reduction for crossplay reasons? Maybe...

>> No.10463809

That's way too difficult for a newbie. It's not going to look good since you don't even know where to start.
Pick a simpler design.

>> No.10463964
File: 66 KB, 640x640, 65096324_461950637957450_6578057749086887118_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how to i get rid of the burly square masculine jaw? one thing that separates beautiful crossplayers from ugly freaks is the jaw. putting orange powder to offset the blue stubble isn't goent to make my burly square jaw any closer to a delicate feminine one that anime girls/traps have

>> No.10463993

Contouring with makeup and/or a hairstyle which "shrinks" the jawline. You can find a number of YT videos that show examples of effects of contouring (like all those videos of MUAs making themselves look like celebrities) as well as tutorials on how to do it for your jaw/face shape.

>> No.10464090

Why not just play to your strengths and cosplay a masculine character?

>> No.10464161

>Am I seriously considering getting a reduction for crossplay reasons?
Don't do it nor ever think about it.
You will regret it 100% later in no less than a year.

>> No.10464344

I wish I have that big. Currently wearing 32B. I'm flat as a board.

>> No.10464362

I've wanted a reduction for pretty much my whole life, it's just not something I can afford

>> No.10464372

From what i've seen they'll make your boobs look bad.

>> No.10464373

I don't care. I'm not particularly attached to them and never wear anything lower cut than a normal t shirt

>> No.10464378

power to you femanon, I want bigger chest though. I'm literally flat-chested.

>> No.10464455

thats not crossplay then. also, a lot of my favorite characters are girls

>> No.10464487

You can't.
Either pick a character with a mask that covers the jaw or go with male characters.

No amount of makeup can hide the shape of the jaw.

>> No.10464670

whats with this defeatist attitude? I came here for solutions. either say something of value or fuck off

>> No.10464677

Anon is right you gotta be realistic. Some hair and glasses styles can help you hide or deemphasize a square jaw but there's only so much you can do without plastic surgery. A lot of fashion magazines have advice on choosing hair and glasses for your face shape, I would look for hairstyles for square faces to get some ideas

>> No.10464690

Yeah no shit it's not crossplay, my point is some people just aren't genetically cut out for certain things. Be glad you have a strong jaw, that's an asset retard.

>> No.10465002

Magic doesn't exist. Sometimes you just can't look the way you want.

Pick something that fits your natural features and flex on the people that lack the looks to pull off manly cosplays. Or don't and wear something that looks bad on you, whatever makes you happy.

If you prefer it I can lie to you and say you'll look like a supermodel with some makeup and a wig.

>> No.10468448

Hi. Probably a very obvous question.
But are there any specifics that I have to consider when looking up my size for female clothes?
I'm only used to the male measurements so I don't know if there is anything that I need to consider to measure.
Also I'm mostly using clothes in European measurements, if that makes a difference.

>> No.10468503

In general you should measure your 3 sizes to get started on looking for stuff that fits.

>> No.10468507

As the other anon said, you need to measure yourself and go by the pure numbers. Size systems aren't normed and therefore don't say much about the actual fit, like an XL could have a waist of 74 cm or 88cm.

Typical measurements you want to hold ready are bust, waist, hips, shoulder width, arm length. Depending on your own heigth, you also need to be careful with the length of clothes you buy.

For shoes it also doesn't hurt to measure your feet from heel to toe.

>> No.10468528

Shoulder width is also important i think. better to buy something a little big that fits your shoulders over something that doesn't. I haven't really had an issue with stuff made in american women's sizes but asian is a whole other can of worms

>> No.10468549

Yeah, the shoulders are the most likely ones to not fit as they're wider on men than on women. It doesn't matter that the other measurements line up if the shoulders don't fit, so you'll have to pay special attention to them and usually buy a bigger size just because of that.

>> No.10468557

Hips to waist ratio (your hips are likely smaller than a woman's), inseam, torso length, lack of room in the crotch for male genitalia, shoulders like other anons mentioned, and arm diameter

>> No.10468574

That will help me already!

Thank you, these were not something I easily would have considered.

>> No.10468576
File: 216 KB, 259x371, 1587735171532.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how doomed am i body-wise for crossplay

>> No.10468592

I know this is basic af but any good resources for makeup that makes my face generically more masculine? I’m a decently pretty girl but desu have quite rounded cheekbones and a feminine jawline and browbone I.e. not really manly at all (I also have a feminine figure and like, the boobs I can just wear sports bras but idk if there’s anything I can do about the hips and butt?) Every time I try to do male cosplay I either look like a girl in a binder or I end up with that ott drag king makeup where you thicken the brows and contour fake cheekbones and ugh I hate that too.

>> No.10468635

Lose those fat hips first while also staying in a healthy BMI.

>> No.10469313

invest in some hip padding, shoulders might give it away though

>> No.10471478

you will look like a disgusting tranny

>> No.10471479

genetics bro you're the one being unreasonable here

>> No.10471509

well, at least you're honest i guess

>> No.10471523

not completely doomed. definitely start toning up though, there are tons of bodyweight exercises that you can do at home.

>> No.10471622

so what do you expect me to do about that? Its not like I can change them

>> No.10471816

You can get that jaw surgery a lot of Koreans get but it's pricey

>> No.10472089

I know this probably gets asked a million and a half times, but are there any very basic and introductory makeup and or wig styling tutorials out there?

I don’t have any crazy facial hair or anything. I’m basically a C-Rate twink who knows how to shave. I have a few cosplays that I think work really well with my body already, but I don’t know where to start with makeup and wig styling. The only couple of wigs I have are cheap amazon ones that are a mess.

>> No.10472091


>> No.10473947
File: 681 KB, 659x1024, 1585303024174.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any advice for cosplaying characters that have a "shota" archetype as a dude?

>> No.10473953

be smol and cute or you will look disgusting.

>> No.10473954

does 5'6 cut it?

>> No.10473956

it does for me personally lmao. i am a tall bitch tho.

>> No.10473957

Fair ha, I'm a fucking midget compared to everyone in my country (USA) but I was like average height when I was in asia

>> No.10473959

don't worry there's a niche for that for sure.

>> No.10473967
File: 574 KB, 399x596, 1576970875454.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

desu my brain has already been thoroughly poisoned from the 6 foot and over meme

>> No.10474432
File: 240 KB, 750x1125, tumblr_nz8c0rJJag1tykkceo9_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I really need something like this.
New in cosplay.
Please help, im scared.

>> No.10474911

its not that passing. while the face is pretty cute, the body in an unconvincing shape.

>> No.10474945

where to cop this outfit for daily wear

>> No.10475221

Asian men and women don't exactly have super different body shapes lol. They're basically both skelly rectangles.

>> No.10475527
File: 1.84 MB, 4032x3024, A102834B-A4D7-44C5-BF37-134F4172A95B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Recommend anime girls with big eyebrows and man like look.

I already did satsuki, any other ideas?

>> No.10475532

mfw i'm a scrawny, not too tall guy, so I'm stuck cosplaying androgynous males. My only issue with crossplaying is that I have a hard time making my face look girly. Even with makeup, I always look like I'm halfway through an HRT.

>> No.10475838

i wish i thought of that earlier

>> No.10475989

Dont expect perfection we’re male after all.
> I always look like I'm halfway through an HRT.
Whitout doing HRT at all, thats pretty good.
Doing a decent crossplay its more than enough, just have fun friend :).

>> No.10476013

you could always cosplay girls who wear masks, like mileena from mortal kombat or whatever

>> No.10476067

Fuuka from Yotsuba& is one of the better examples of big-eyebrow girls.

>> No.10481573
File: 1.26 MB, 1088x1600, illust_52357492_20200914_233447.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm casually putting together an outfit of Kurisu from Steins;Gate and I'm having trouble finding tights that are translucent all the way to the upper thigh, there's an opaque section that stretches past the end of the short shorts.

Is there some sort of keyword I should be searching for (or maybe keywords I should be avoiding) to find tights that are completely sheer/translucent or at least on the entire leg?

>> No.10481650

use lower denier

>> No.10481823
File: 138 KB, 905x886, wee.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i'm very sorry if this breaks the rule about sexual stuff , as the character i'm trying to cosplay is very revealing and stuff , but what would i even realistically do with a quiet cosplay ? i'm too shy to go to con's with it , and i don't have a twitter account where i can post it or anything . i'm not on this board a lot since it'll be my first cosplay , so i'm not sure if it's frowned upon if i just post my discord .

>> No.10481825

Avoid "control top"

>> No.10481831

Woah, the hat fit perfectly

>> No.10481879
File: 1013 KB, 2160x2160, download_20200105_184751.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Be careful what you wish for

>> No.10481983


>> No.10482050

There's no way you can do a quiet crossplay if you don't look like a woman already. You'll look like a man in a bikini, a fetishist and a exhibitionist.Go pick a normal decently covered character, unless you want to look like a sex offender.

>hope it doesn't break the rules about sexual content
>posts mind control sailor moon
Get this feminization shit outta here.

>> No.10482896

20~30 denier should be your range

>> No.10483813

This stuff has given me chemical burns in the past so be careful with it
Even if you test it on your skin for 10 minutes and it doesn't burn that doesn't mean it won't burn you
The first time I used it I used my hands to lather it on myself and by the time I had done my entire body my fingertips had pretty bad burns from the constant exposure
The second time I used it I accidentaly did one spot on my arm twice and that spot burnt from overexposure
So just use caution and don't overexpose and part of your body to it

>> No.10483817

Suck it up and accept that this isn't for you?

>> No.10483818

Well isn't this convenient
I'm putting together a Kurisu outfit too
What were you thinking for the jacket anon? That part has me stuck

>> No.10483854

>Men have weird ugly hips
I am sorry for my weird ugly hips :c

>> No.10483989

6'0/155 and I like the design and elegance of classic lolita. Is there any hope for me to look like an elegant queen or should I forget my dreams of looking nice in clothes I like and wear ouji/aristocrat instead?

>> No.10483991

6'0 is not impossible and could actually work really well with classic and some gothic. What are your sizes like shoulder width, bust, waist like?

>> No.10483994

Bust - 95cm/37 1/2in
Waist - 84cm/33in
Hips - 97cm/38in

I have wide shoulders so I think that hurts me. I've always thought gothic lolita is the only lolita I could wear without looking ridiculous but with a body like mine could classical work? I think gothic is a little too theatrical and I like classical (and anything baroque/rococo-ish) the most.

>> No.10483996

You're too fat for any of the good classic stuff, but you can still wear Innocent World with shirring and some Taobao.

>> No.10484475

accepting the premise of defeat leads to being a lifelong failure

>> No.10484723

That's an awful mindset to have in life
Keep bashing your head against that wall anon
You'll never take it down

>> No.10485155

Is there any real benefit of being short?

>> No.10485171
File: 55 KB, 276x568, Epic gamer moment.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Depends on your sex.
But for crossplaying as a biological male, it's great since you won't look like a giga nigga version of a trap.

>> No.10485174


>> No.10485195

If you're a crossdressing male then it's easier to pass since most women are short

>> No.10485307

He got mad when someone pointed out how masculine he looked compared to an actual woman posing next to him.

>> No.10485310

You can fit into large air vents

>> No.10485317

There was a bunch of drama when he was on a group pic with female lolitas and some anons mentioned he doesn't look as delicate as his pics would suggest. I think his coord wasn't quite on point on that day either. So lots of space for salty gulls to tear him apart.

>> No.10485346

What drama? Someone called him ugly and he ragequit the internet.

>> No.10485359

men are such a pussies

>> No.10485922

I found a tan hoodie that's close enough, I'm either going to deal with the cuff not matching or remove the cuffs, buy some ribbed fabric, and remake the cuff/trim. But I don't have any experience sewing so we'll see

>> No.10486434
File: 24 KB, 300x300, s-l300.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey y'all, me and my friend are trying to dress as Rei and Asuka from Evangelion for Halloween. We found a pretty decent costume on miccostumes, wondering if there's a better option out there or if not what sizes we should be getting for a 5'7" and a 5'10" male.

>> No.10486467

We don't know how you're built.
The best thing to do is take your 3 sizes and work from there because small medium large will not translate well

>> No.10486470

Measure your waist and chest circumference and shoulder width. Makes sure all the measurements from the cosplay are the same or bigger. If all match except one take a bigger size, don't try to fit in it.

>> No.10486496

We're both pretty slim, bout 27" waists, ya'll got any other recommendations outside of the miccostume ones?

>> No.10486525

I'm sure AliExpress will have them. Most western cosplay stores just resell from aliexpress and taobao.

>> No.10487461

I guess that's true

>> No.10487606
File: 126 KB, 585x730, 1580592048412.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i mean if you wanna be a femboy it helps i guess. for having women actually attracted to you, not so much...

>> No.10488267

I only want other cute boys attracted to me

>> No.10488276

no, faggt. make some money passing your boipussy around at daddy bear parties

>> No.10488307

lol femboy with a daddy bear bf here
large fuzzy muscle men really turn me on but I’m straight help

>> No.10488392

>has bear boyfriend
no chief

>> No.10488499
File: 1.06 MB, 4152x2931, __original_drawn_by_betock__38190a59f579ffb64c7333071c5c01f8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

NTA but oh shit you're in luck since cute and short femboys are a universal thing to like for gay men--even the ones that only want muscle--so you can absolutely get liked by any type of man, including the cute and handsome ones.
I mean, assuming you aren't mentally ill and won't become a tranny, you can surely improve your life in a constructive way by having a routine to take care of your skin, hair, weight, etc. and be able to sort of empathize why women take so long to get ready when you're living with a girl and want to take her to a date, or so; of course, this can always go beyond to empathize in things like why some women are so insecure when they do not have any makeup whatsoever if they go outside, but this requires further critical thought since this is absolutely something that no man can feel given we're not obligated to always wear makeup, or so.

Outside of this, I have no idea how crossdressing can improve your life overall; maybe if you want to work on something related to makeup, it can always help to know about it?

>> No.10489146

not really constructive but I use it to destress

>> No.10489147

don't use this thread as passgen, body wise it's really not good, go excerise and do squats

>> No.10489197

lose weight and get more of an ass then?

>> No.10489700


>> No.10490148
File: 46 KB, 505x388, 01CC83C8-E92C-4E06-B60F-ACC116876460.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lies. gay men, like all others seeking relationships, have varying preferences as to how their partner looks.

>> No.10490157

let him know if you aren’t comfortable with sexual relations or something but it doesn’t sound like you’re unhappy with him lol

>> No.10490176

lol poor word choice I ain’t a panty stiletto femboy “sissy” but more androgynous with feminine-leaning qualities (apparently “smooth” hands, round face, medium length hair and voice between typical male and female pitches)
ain’t asexual and forced myself to sustain romantic relationships with women but that failed
probably gay

>> No.10490181

holy shit he mogs all the females of the world

>> No.10490234

husband material

>> No.10490240

He was 15 and was exploited during his audition for this film. You're gross.

>> No.10490268

time to transition :(

>> No.10490531

pretty sure the anons were simply talking about looks. unknot your fucking panties cuz they said nothing about wanting to abuse young men

>> No.10490558
File: 83 KB, 700x875, __dio_brando_jojo_no_kimyou_na_bouken_and_1_more_drawn_by_noriuma__b28f3b35e56277d4946af844e4d44596.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh shit, it's Dio!

>> No.10490565
File: 39 KB, 279x500, 9C82D672-7DA1-47BE-B6FD-6B822C8039C2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

kono diyodaaa

>> No.10490771

woah hottie alert

>> No.10490804
File: 55 KB, 451x529, ERTBsqUUEAAH9Es.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is him now, feel old yet?

>> No.10490823

Outer beauty fa-

>> No.10490824

god he pulls off feminine and masculine looks better than women and men wtf why even live

>> No.10492405
File: 2.25 MB, 1185x889, trap 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what do you guys think of my costume

>> No.10492439

thought becofhearts was a tranny from her ugly face and body with no curves... turns out shes just a straight girl in denial of being a lesbian

>> No.10492441

He still hot tho? 10/10 GILF energy

>> No.10493030
File: 267 KB, 567x533, some stupid doge crying.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bretty goode :DD
But you better not have your skirt too high since you could always get recorded by that hidden camera thing and someone will get to see your peepee/coochie and post it on pornhub, or so.
Stay safe for me, baby girl (male/female(?)).
>mfw thinking of you hurting

>> No.10493040

Looks like cheap shit you bought off Amazon for $20.

>> No.10493284

what the problem with that? if that was actually a problem, then ppl would ALWAYS wear shorts under their skirt.

>> No.10493317

Male here. here are my measurements:
waist: 59cm/23.2283in
high hips: 70cm
hips: 78cm/30.7in
bust/chest: 79cm/31in
height: 175cm/5 8
Can someone recommend me a female character to cosplay? Thanks!

>> No.10493353

Unpopular opinion, cosplay what you want, pad/bind later

>> No.10493401

this is exactly what i want to look like when im old

>> No.10493790

How much helps getting bigger thighs for crossplay? Does it look weird?
Crossplay is my dream but i have not been blessed with female hips so im a bit insecure about that

>> No.10493800

Just fart a lot like me the gas will push to your thighs

>> No.10493885

Oh no no no

>> No.10494024
File: 715 KB, 363x501, de2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

True that, www.
It certainly helps if you're going to shave them and make them, dare I say it, "soft," and also add a big butt too by the way.

>> No.10494043

hey lads im looking to buy a maid dress, but want something reasonably nice, not aliexpress shit any recommendations?

>> No.10494052

Can you be more specific? How tall are you and do you want a long skirt or a short skirt, frills or no frills, etc.

>> No.10494057
File: 972 KB, 1404x2048, s_dva_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone ever get their face waxed? I'm going to get it done on Wednesday and I fear the pain but I'm also incredibly excited.

Cosplaying D.va and already painted a mask, got a wig and eyebrow makeup and I really need more makeup but stupid pandemic makes it impossible to test concealer and foundation.

>> No.10494064

why do you need your face waxed

>> No.10494069

Fuck you I want to?? Do you recommend against this? I am usually clean shaven anyway. Grew out the hair to about a rice length just for the wax to pull it out.

>> No.10494073

I thought you're waxing your peach fuzz.

No offence was intended anon, I'm sorry.

>> No.10494076

I meant no harm as well it just seemed like a weird question.. I just want any semblance of hair gone and whatever else is left (Probably pores of where the hair was) to be covered by my makeup. Of course I had the face mask ready to be a COVID friendly costume but I still need to do eye makeup.

>> No.10494077

Don't do it. Facial hair is way more thick/dense than body hair and trying to yank it out like that is going to rip half the skin off your face. If you really want it temporarily removed at the root, your best option would be tweezing.

>> No.10494078

nta but you should make entirely sure the salon does waxes for men's faces otherwise it will be poorly done and painful because usually beards are too wiry for the wax to work that well. you might even get turned away the day of. be really particular and make sure to read reviews and don't do it if you feel unsure. once you find a good salon you are good to go though.

a few things to keep in mind
>don't let the person go over the same area twice with wax
this will burn the skin and cause inflamed hair follicles, any hairs remaining on areas that were already waxed should be plucked with tweezers.
>don't push them to wax if they are worried it's too wiry or you feel unsure
if your beard hairs are too thick it will hurt and bleed and inflame the follicles and possibly not even remove all the hairs. it's not worth it to get it done if it's just going to rip your skin off and not even work.
>don't try it at home
again, wax is more meant for thinner hairs, trying to DIY will just result in a lot of pain, at that point it would be easier to just pluck the whole thing or buy an epilator.

source: a guy who has gotten full body waxes many many times.

>> No.10494079

My hair doesn't grow that thick actually I can pull them out with my fingers, I really hope they go through with it. I've handled body waxing too. Im just worried I haven't exfoliated enough in advance.

I am going to check with them today and make sure. I also need my eyebrows done (I got them threaded about 17 days ago and it grows back quick).

>> No.10494107

>also add a big butt too by the way
of course! Im planing in making it as big as humanly possible, I was just unsure about my thighs

>> No.10494108

Speaking of, is there any way to get feminine hips through working out? I mainly worry because of hips being so different on men compared to women. (see >>10454582)
Don't know what muscles I'd need to work to get the "feminine" shape, or if I should just give up and go for padding instead.

>> No.10494120

No, hips are entirely genetic and are set in stone anatomy

>> No.10494124

Hip width is yeah, but in theory hip fat can make them look wider

>> No.10494128

I guess so
If you slim down your waist and have some natural curves the waist to hip ratio can also help make them seem bigger than they are too

>> No.10494130

well that's good then, lucky you. some places will turn you away on the phone because they assume so going in may be a good option.

>> No.10494176
File: 87 KB, 750x1334, 1599033950327.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dva anon here. They told me my beard hasn't grown enough or evenly but that they DO do the mens facial hair... I've been sitting with this beard for like over a week fuck everything.

Now WHAT. Shaving and concealer??

>> No.10494181

You're not on a time constraint or anything are you anon?
Could you not give it a little while longer to even out?

>> No.10494182

Hell yeah I'm on a time constraint halloween is in 4 days asdfgjkl

I'll keep it in mind for when I actually wanna wax. Too long, too short fuck these places. I don't want to DIY but its the only way shit gets done.

>> No.10494192

Tumblr/Twitter tier response.

>> No.10494196

How do I properly wear a wig if I already have long hair?
I assume some kind of hair cap to get my natural hair out of the way but how do I neatly get it all away without my head having a weird shape and the wig looking weird?

>> No.10494200

My hair is past my shoulders and approaching mid back in length if that matters

>> No.10494209

my hair reaches just above my butt, and I put it in a loose braid, spread it out flat all around my head then pin it down. Then you put on the wig cap and it shouldn't show!

>> No.10494210

Thanks anon
Guess I gotta learn how to braid my hair. I've never been one for tying my hair up

>> No.10494213

a loose braid is the easiest one of all, don't worry I believe in you

>> No.10494220

Can nose make a huge difference?
Im really considering rhinoplasty just to get the androgynous look

>> No.10494263

Shaving is more than enough. Check some tutorials on how to conceal the beard shadow.

>> No.10494264

Don't ruin your face for a hobby. It's not worth it.

>> No.10494432
File: 90 KB, 500x727, 1509630393051.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll keep it in mind! Makeup is all I'm gonna do tomorrow @[email protected] Other than the OP tutorials is there any suprisingly OP things I should know about?

A good razor that leaves no stubble at all? A good eye makeup technique?? I was practicing my voicelines all day today and I'm just so in love with this character I need to become her.

>> No.10494441

All I can recommend is to do as thorough a shave with your current razor as possible, and maybe try several layers of makeup to help offset the stubble.
If you wanna go for broke, buy a pair of tweezers at a drug store and go to town on it (you'll want to do that today or tomorrow, it's very likely you'll be bleeding this way).
Other than that, well, wow, you seem really, really enthusiastic. Almost makes me wanna see some pics after you're done. Good luck mate!

>> No.10494458
File: 2.54 MB, 1440x2160, 80797822_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

mikasa akerman.
>176 cm (almost your height)
>doesn't have too many feminine curves
>snk art style isnt too feminine
>her outfit is androgynous
>her outfit is practal and easy to move around in
>her outfit wont get you weird stares from normies
>her outfit is reusable for other characters
>her outfit is good in most weather (rain, wind, moderate cold)
>natural color hair (dont need to wear a wig cap if you have similar color)
>brown eyes (likely you wont need to wear contacts)\
>best girl for a lot of folks
>the series shes from is still relevant and likely will be for the foreseeable future

>> No.10494459

fuck blizzard. they are a wing of the ccp

>> No.10494543

are you gonna fuck each other afterwards while still dressed up?

>> No.10494556

Gosh I can feel the pain already but if tweezing everything is an option I'm down.

>> No.10494558

imagine involuntarily growing a beard lmao

>> No.10494570

I'm 163 cm, how can I best utilize being a mamlet?

>> No.10494573

Being small makes you cute by default so you're already way ahead of most guys

>> No.10494684


I started using a shavette cause I'm a cheap cunt and wholly recommend using an old style safety razor for the closest shave of your life. Shavette is fine, but much harder technique. Anything that uses razor blades will kick ass for getting you smooth

>> No.10494699

Hey so I started plucking using the tweezerman I have and I absolutely love the smooth but I know this is probably gonna take like 5 more hours. Considering just threading the rest but they won't do my chin for sure.

Highly considering just doing the shave the day of but I really wanted to test makeup out. I hate this stupid mask mandate seriously.

>> No.10494854

well is not i hate myself but my nose is the only part I genuinely dislike about my body, well that and body hair but that can be easily fixed

>> No.10494930

How do you make broad shoulders look/appear smaller?

>> No.10494974

I wouldn't, personally. I once tweezes out a big patch of pubes, it hurt, the skin was irritated for a while afterwards, and it took a really long time. If you start tweezing, don't do it systematically, remove hairs evenly so if you decide to shave halfway through it will help you rather than be awful and patchy

>> No.10495018

Most anime girls that aren't lolis are at that height nowadays.

>> No.10495661

Nobody has ever given a decent answer. Ima bump and hopefully someone will

>> No.10495705

It literally took me around 24 hours with short breaks hahahaha. The results are amazing but man was it PAINFUL. though I definitely need to still grab a few spots I'm loving the smoothness.

>> No.10495724

I forgot this was the crossdressing thread lol, I thought you were a girl

>> No.10495755

AAA I haven't styled my junko wig and Halloween is tomorrow, shitshitshit

>> No.10495766

It's all about relative proportions. Bigger hips make shoulders look smaller by comparison, but big hips with no waist or thin waist with no hips makes the one lacking look pretty stupid, so you have to manipulate both to have a good figure.
If your shoulders are stupid wide even for a male then you're fucked, as hips wide enough will get to the point of absurd on a realistic human frame, but assuming a not blob or stick figure to begin with, it shouldn't be too bad.

>> No.10495868

>If your shoulders are stupid wide even for a male then you're fucked

Not the guy asking, but I think he was implying that he was looking for a useful answer

>> No.10495889

He wanted answers, not miracles. You can only work with what you have when it comes to shoulders. There's no way to get around man shoulders, beyond if you have a shit ton of deltoid muscle that loosing that might help, but you can't get around what anatomy you have without dangerous invasive surgery that might not even be a thing.

>> No.10495891

Well, there's actually one thing you can do. Pick an armored character with big ass shoulder plates that will conceal your shoulders. They aren't that uncommon in fantasy games. It does, however, require you to have decent foam smithing skills.

>> No.10495893

Nice job making it through that anon! Good luck with your cosplay!

>> No.10495918

Saying that something is outside the realm of possibility and providing a explanation is a useful answer. Last I checked this wasn't a tranny asspat thread.

>> No.10495919
File: 443 KB, 432x766, 1604095250977.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you!! I literally just got in my suit and still need to do face makeup but everything is set up now. I am customizing some regular pants so I can walk around outside without freezing outside or... Being stared at in public.

My skin newly plucked is HATING the cold out here!!!

>> No.10495922

Just a heads up, chances afe you're going to be dealing with some pretty bad ingrown hairs in a week or two if you already have a skincare regimen that deals with that. Be prepared for that possibility.

>> No.10495957

>friend insists on crossplaying
>insists he's a beautiful androgynous anime boy
>refuses to wear makeup because he's that delusional about his looks
>he has no makeup skills since he's never used it before, another reason why he avoids makeup like the plague
what's the kindest way to tell him he NEEDS makeup because he looks like an uglyass faggot without it?

>> No.10495999

Show pathetic femboys who insists on no makeup

also sounds like glassposting lmao.

>> No.10496044
File: 44 KB, 450x637, 1516751275700.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gamsa Anon. I will hopefully combat the ingrown hair menace and defense matrix the ingrown hairs.

I had such a good night. . .

>> No.10496066

Thanks for a real answer. Its a shame some anons are incapable of doing that.

>> No.10496084

You did get a real answer. Just because you didn't like it doesn't make it false.
Limiting yourself to only characters that have big shoulder pads may have not been an option given some anons just don't want to cosplay those kinds of characters. Taking into account body proportions like the other anon said is far more a thorough universal answer.

>> No.10496095

Well since this will be my first time doing it I'd rather it be easier.
This is a pretty good suggestion. Thanks!

>> No.10496111
File: 107 KB, 146x379, firefox_wo8sG1n7hY.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone know where I can get some thigh highs like pic related in the same shade of blue but black stripes instead of white?
Amazon is shit because it's all the same stuff being resold by 100000 different stores

>> No.10496112
File: 789 KB, 2069x1247, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10496115

Those look good
Guess I gotta bite the 30 day shipping bullet if I want these

>> No.10496327

So I've never done cosplay before. I'm like 6'3 with broad shoulders but thin everywhere else. If I put on fem-weight can I balance out or am I doomed?

>> No.10496515
File: 657 KB, 764x1080, womanlets, when will they learn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cosplay tall anime girls like Coco, or maybe one of the taller boat or gun girls, or so.
Unless you wanna do a loli or an anime girl with a loli-body like Illya for shits and giggles.

Know your character too!

>> No.10496792

worse. i have something between hourglass and inverted triangle with a masc leaning face
like besides my fuckhuge 17" shoulders i have decent waist and hips
i have the lower body of a teenage girl, upper body of an adult male

>what's the kindest way to tell him he NEEDS makeup because he looks like an uglyass faggot without it?
i just cope by using snapchat filters as "theoretical max" then turning them off to reveal the disgusting monster behind it

>> No.10497875

Hey does anyone have any good ways to buy makeup
I'd rather not go in person, and im not sure what matches my skin tone if I were to buy online

>> No.10498039

Literally just suck it up and buy in person anyway. You get over it after the first few times.

>> No.10498386
File: 47 KB, 800x800, DH282B (5).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Update! My face is still clear amazingly enough. No problems at all except when I used glow in the dark paint on the face mask and got dry skin.. CeraVe Healing ointment works perfect for that.

Everyone is my house must really be questioning why I didn't grow any hair on my face for like more than a week now. Totally recommend for full week of cosplays.

Not sure if I'm doing this right, trying to send you to another thread just for a picture, so I'll test it real quick. But a couple anons have been tricked into thinking I'm on HRT with the way this corset worked to make my chest come out. I put it on real quick and even have it on the wrong way (you can see the strap locks in the front for this fast picture I took) I will post pictures soon because I wanna make sure they look good but what did you think Crossplay General?

>> No.10498444


>> No.10498471

There you go.

>> No.10498723

I think I wanna see a few more pics, cuz as it is the angle is making it a bit hard to tell.

>> No.10499090
File: 426 KB, 1113x2254, 2020-11-07-19-52-37-968(1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is a recreation of the cosplay so I don't have all the tools I used to make it seamless (and I'm a bit thinner than before) but I got you the weird frontal angle, you can see the shapewear a bit because of aforementioned reasons.

I think if I got corset measured in person this would work even better than the other pic honestly.

>> No.10499140
File: 1.50 MB, 2272x3345, 20201107_190054_HDR~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More angles. Have to get the rest off my actual camera.

>> No.10499243


>> No.10499271
File: 211 KB, 794x942, 20201108_082002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm this post >>10496327
How well would it work if I did some femboy BotW Link costume? You can tell I'm a guy but I'm not exactly a fridge so this might be a happy medium? I'd probably do the Stealth or Vai set with some changes just to fem it up a bit.
Is this practical? Also it seems like a popular cosplay, is it overdone?

>> No.10499666

There's no curves inward. You look like a Minecraft character

>> No.10499697

You will have to lose some weight if you want to look decent in a spandex suit.

>> No.10499746
File: 900 KB, 1417x3280, 20201107_184056~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks alot for the compliment Satan! (666 get) and yeah I've lost 30 pounds in 3 months and I'm 5' 11. I'll try harder next time I guess.

If I ever get a chance to make a serious attempt again I guess.

>> No.10499985

You can add padding under the suit too

>> No.10500002

I've been trying to get into crossplay (MtF) a bit more seriously recently, and there's a few characters in particular that have stood out to me, with a common element between them being that most of their legs are visible/uncovered. I've been messing around with shaving my legs as a result, but I always seem to get problems with ingrown hairs. Are there any tips or tricks for dealing with leg hair efficiently, or am I just gonna have to suck it up and exfoliate?

>> No.10500095

You are doing good man, sorry if I sounded rude, I meant to say spandex suits don't look good on anyone that isn't in top shape and thus aren't the best choice.

Depending on your genetics you are pretty doomed with the ingrown hairs. You can reduce them with the usual tips (shave in the direction of the hair, exfoliate, etc.) but not get rid of them completely. The only true solution is laser removal, but it's slow, expensive and permanent.

>> No.10500115

try using nair. it only lasts for a few days but you can use it right before you cosplay

>> No.10500125

Epilators work well if you can handle the pain. Takes like a week to grow back at least a little in my experience but it takes forever to do it, maybe more time than shaving.

>> No.10500191
File: 89 KB, 677x1200, a9192c92dda36eff38267bab39d7a26f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yah sorry I was just a bit miffed because I showed the terrible angles for the guy who asked.

Regardless it was a halloween costume, next time the cosplay for Overwatch 2 redesign will be real and to the best of my ability and money lol.

>> No.10500253

Depending on the weather, stack skin tone dance tights
Bonus points is that it'll smooth out your leg muscles too

>> No.10501107

You look much better here though, I'll give you that.

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