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Despair edition

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I hate costhots like this. The character wears a fully buttoned shirt. And this retarded girl decides to pervert the character like this, for free, without reason, without anyone asking for it. This is why the cosplay community can't have nice things.

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will men ever stopped being impressed by OMG GAMER GRRRL I PLAY VIDEO GAMES LIKE YOU BOYZ? why is this still happening after literal decades

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Well, it works for the costhots, doesn't it? I also hate how men are so thirsty and go apeshit over cleavage. Any average woman is able to produce one.

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I think it's pathetic but Kaho was the busty one so it's not entirely retarded.

Not impressed by girls playing league or minecraft. If I find a girl who is attractive and is good at playing EU4 or Victoria II, then that's more of a freak of nature than anything.

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it does work well but the question is why. yeah, girl gamers were rare and impressive 20 or maybe even 10 years ago. but what young girl today DOESN'T play games? gaming is mainstream af now

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You can tell this is a fat chick hiding her weight

Because 95% of women still aren't hardcore gamers and it's actually rare to find a girl that will play video games with you all day that doesn't smell like shit and look horrible

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Because contrary to stereotypes and popular belief it's what men actually want. Forget the supermodels or big titty blonde bimbos, guys actually just want a cute girl who shares their interests, and when those guys are nerds into anime and gaming they want a girl who's into them and won't judge them for it. That's not to say they actually fall for the act, they just willingly suspend disbelief when it comes to these e-thot types.

t. guy who doesn't follow or support any of these girls but totally understands why a lot of others do

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>go to message seller question about item on LM
>profile pic is them half naked
The absolute state of lolita.

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Pretty easy to get a girl to like the same things you do. Just find one that's depressed or extremely low self-esteem, they will basically become you over time if you exhibit confidence and affection. They will adopt your hobbies, the way you speak and will dress to your tastes.

Problem is that their personalities generally fucking suck and they're ultimately boring.

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I'm spending qurantine fasting, working out, taking care of my skin and hair better while building up my lolita wardrobe. When this is all over I'm gonna do my best to debut as a lolita and finally dress the way I want to.

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I have no interest in dating a woman like that and find it unattractive if somebody only likes the things I like because I like them.

Doing pretty much the same here, albeit working toward cosplay and not lolita. At least it's something to give yourself a bright spot in this shitshow the world has turned into.

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yeeehaw i'm developing an eating disorder

never trust a man

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Outing myself as a newfag but can you report their account?

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>never trust a man

Just my observations.

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This just in
Women over a 19.0 bmi are fat

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>a cute girl who shares their interests
That's the issue there. They want her to be good looking AND a nerd, two things that rarely go together for either gender. I guess that's why the fantasy of gamer girl e-thots works out so well: there are plenty of gamer girls in reality but they don't look anything like that.

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Hohohoho tocuhè

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My experience in the con scene says otherwise. Sure, not all the girls there are attractive, but there are plenty.

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I'm about to swear off men forever and just focus on myself and my cute lolita clothes.

Like as much as people act like women who don't have a s/o are lonely and sad, im 100% more miserable dating men and their constant scrutiny and ability to just suck the fucking life out of you 24/7 while giving absolutely fuck all in return. How women can spend the rest of their lives bending over backwards for one is just beyond me.

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>thinking costhots are real nerds

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congratulations on achieving enlightenment.

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>tfw gf realised how good of a boyfriend I was when her coworkers started bitching that their boyfriends don't cook, clean, organise or do any house work
>She apologised for throwing a tantrum because I didn't want more plants that she would kill the house

Feels good being exceptional.

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please do. your joy and fulfillment doesn't ride on keeping up some dude that occasionally gives you one (1) validation as a treat in exchange for you completely running his home and social life. studies show that single women end up happier than their married counterparts later in life anyway.

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the bar is literally on the floor

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Pretty much the same story from the other side here. Just couldn't do it anymore after my last LTR, stopped seeking things out and just told myself I'd be open to something if it came but I wouldn't go out of my way. I'm not gonna lie, being alone for a long time can be pretty hard, but I also see constant reminders of how much better single life can be, especially as I've been able to pursue personal and career advancements I never would've been able to go for if I were tied down with a relationship.

>thinking all girls at cons are costhots or even cosplayers at all

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desu i don't even know why i've wasted my time when i can just date women just kind of a dumb move on my part

sidenote:i fucking love that gif

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Kind of amazes me that some guys are literally that lazy but I think for most of them it's because their mums did everything for them and their dad's weren't around either due to work or MIA to beat them.

My mum wasn't around much due to working and I got kicked out of my house early by my dad so I learnt to take care of myself and the value of a clean house quickly.

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i can't speak for other age groups, but i confirm millennial men are absolute manchildren. doesn't help that a lot of them still live at home even in their 30s. they never learned how to live without mommy

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>mfw my bf had live in maids...

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My little bro is like that, dude is 30 and has never had a real job, doesn't know how to properly wash dishes or do laundry, has never cleaned a room beyond throwing away scattered trash, etc. I think a lot of guys are like that. I ended up different because I always hated being reliant on other people for my shit to begin with and then when I got my first real life together relationship I didn't want to be the lazy piece of shit so I learned to cook and do other stuff. Sadly wasn't enough for my ex though, she wanted something I could never give her. (Constant validation and unconditional agreement with all of her opinions, which was hard because she was involved in new cosplay vendettas every week, often with people we'd previously been friends with and who I thought were fine.)

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There are a ton of cute gamer girl types and even average ones are pretty cute to me. This sounds like an uggo girl cope. If you're a 3/10 gamer girl you could still pull an average lookin dude on Tinder or something go get out there stop bein salty on this horrible chinese basketweaving forum

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on top of being fucking terrible in bed because their brains are so fried from watching porn since day 1 of their lives. ive come to realize there is literally nothing to gain from dating men of this generation

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Atta girl, proud of you.

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My ex did too when he lived with his mom

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What is wrong with the women on this board? Women have it easy mode. You guys can literally have the personality of a log and be overweight with no special skills or career and still nab quality guys that are probably a lot more interesting than you.

Wtf are you idiots doing with your lives to be on this board crying all day and screeching

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You know, in a way I envy them. I had to grow up fast too, always had responsibilities and obligations, and even with friends that always meant I was "the mature responsible one" and I missed out on a lot of fun my peers had while simultaneously being the one who let them have that fun because I was always the one who cleaned up their messes. In retrospect I kind of regret it, I wouldn't trade places with their shitty lives now but I kinda wish I'd let loose while I was still young enough to get away with it. Now I'm 34 and only just finding myself emotionally and sexually now that I feel secure enough in life to do it and it's kind of too late.

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no one cares.
men are still insufferable.

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What are the differences between millenial and gen z guys?

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I'm 28 and just had to move back in with mommy because my meme career and prior fine art degree failed, I got laid off from covid-19 (so I'm unemployed), have never made more than 11$ an hour equivalent, but am graduating with a tech degree in a year working as a FT student with no debt.

Should I even bother dating or am I going to get roasted? How did your little brother fair in that scene? I'm pretty lonely. I have 6k in savings and a new car paid off, so I could be worse.

But yeah women expect a guy with a good career, tons of money and being independent at my age right? Fuck, I had lived on my own in LA for a few years at least before. I guess I'm fugged. Should I not bother trying? Gulls what are your non-cynical expectations for someone my age

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Don't be ugly.

Ugly guy
>lives with his mother, what a fucking loser, needs his mother to take care of him, fucking man child

Good looking charismatic guy
>Aww wow, he must really love his mother and take of her

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I'm pretty decent looking and fit. I actually do help my mom do chores and stuff around the house as well as pay for some things :). I still feel insecure as shit though because I'm unemployed and living at home in my late 20s. There's gotta be a really bad stigma attached to that yea?

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Given the current situation, I don't think it's ridiculous that you're looking for work. It's a negative for sure but it's not looked as badly if you were already unemployed before all of this.

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Even good looking men can be trash. I'm sure you'd say the same about women and others have swore off women as well. Deal with it.

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I had a pretty similar situation so I feel that pain. Went to school for a "creative" field, had a halfway decent career, and then the industry collapsed, lost my GF, the place I had with her, and had to move back in with my dad. I honestly wasted a few years brooding and being depressed but I also had something of a career and was pulling my life together and was in training for a much better one when COVID happened and put everything on pause.

My bro's situation is pretty dire as far as I can tell. He had a GF for a while but he treated her like shit because he's a gigantic manchild and she left him, way back in '13 or something. He's in a band and I think he gets some action here and there but as far as I know he hasn't had a real relationship since then, he's pretty secretive about that kind of thing though.

I'm curious what you think now too. I'm 33 and living in my dad's house, but I take care of business, make sure the bills get paid and the house stays clean and intact etc., and I have a private room that's got its own separate entrance and isn't internally connected to the rest of the house. I'm also pretty good looking and decently charismatic but I'm kind of overweight, actively working on that part though. Women here and there seem interested in me, especially when they've been around me for a while and seen how I behave in professional/educational situations, but I always back off because I feel like it's a real bait-and-switch compared to my actual life situation, maybe I'm just insecure and neurotic though.

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I don't know many zoomers outside of online. The ones I know online are all gay or trans.

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I didn't even date in my late teens or 20s lol. I was so focused on my shitty art career that never really launched. I'd love just an easy going girl thats like myself thats into some weeb stuff. I don't have ridiculous expectations or any really at all. It'd be awesome if I found a girl that's living with her parents in the same situation too.

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i have no idea because i'm not a zoomer nor do i date them. i would hope they're better, but idk.

i'd say move out asap. you don't have to own a house or anything, roommates are ok. it doesn't really sound like you can afford to date right now anyway? $11 is below minimum wage in my state, yeesh

this sounds like male logic. most women won't date a guy in his 30s who lives at home no matter how hot he is. it's a sign of immaturity and failure, in the US at least, and that cancels out looks.

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>It'd be awesome if I found a girl that's living with her parents in the same situation too.
Where would you plan to have sex, exactly? Neither of you would be able to afford a hotel room kek

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I have 6k saved up. It was more freelance illustration paid in bursts. But overall the income was equiv to 11$ an hour full time over the years. I also have a fully paid off new car.

It would suck but there's more to a relationship than sex right? I mean it's an integral part for sure, but it's not everything and this is temporary (I'm moving out in 8 months...). Also my mom leaves for a few hours every day in the middle of the day to work so...

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You're still young and my normal advice would just be to go to places that you enjoy and talk to women there about the topic. Like if you're at a DnD meet up, or a convention or a reinsanace festival. Look for a friend before looking for a girlfriend, that's how a lot of good relationships start despite the friendzone meme. But since covid has everyone on lock down I understand that's going to be hard. Either way you shpuld get your own life together first before thinking about getting into a relationship. That's not just advice for men, I say the same to women as well.

For you it sounds like you have your shit together for the most part so if you're interested in a girl that seems interested in you, hit em up. Talk to them but don't go in with the goal of getting a girlfriend. Get to know her first and see if she's someone you can see yourself enjoying her company and you can share or at least tolerate each others hobbies. If they don't seem right, there's nothing wrong with saying no and moving on.

Why the fuck does this feel like a /fit/ thread now.

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Why are there so many trans these days? I was playing league yesterday and ordered a friend off of epal.gg (that e p a l dot g g use promotion code soup to get 15% off your next order) because Gf was at work and I was lonely. Well turns of “Alice” wasn’t really an Alice But his real name was John. John was well worth the $10.

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Is online dating that bad? I feel that would be way easier than trying to make new friends and slowly evolve through that, though I'm open minded to trying both. I was gonna just try Bumble and Hinge since I heard Tinder was a shitty hook up app and terrible for men (I'm assuming with women you have too many options and 90% are shitty).

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Took my car in to get some minor work done and found out my alternator was about to crap out. I have no idea how much it’s going to cost so I’m freaking out despite knowing I can pay for it out of my savings. On my way home I daydreamed about how much cup noodle I’ll be eating in order to build up my savings again. Then I saw that my wunderwelt package came in (took 2 weeks). Somehow they always come right when I need a win.

It’ll probably be my last package for a while so I’m going to relish this unboxing.

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I don't think its mind bending to understand the halo effect is real. Better looking people are just attributed with good qualities and any bad qualities are overlooked or changed into good qualities.

>> No.10426283

>Why so many trans?
Gender culture and sexism from both sides have pushed people to the edge of "grass is greener." And people who have a fetish for it confuse it for a identity. I'm only speaking as ciswoman in spaces where there are a lot of transwomen both irl (my job) and online. I haven't met a transman yet. I know they exist but they seem so rare.

>> No.10426284

it's just the latest trend. when i was young, the trend was to claim to be bi (but of course never actually date or sleep with a same-sex person) and nowadays the trend is to claim to be trans but never actually try to present as the opposite gender or transition at all

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Alternator shouldn't cost you that much unless it's a really fancy car.
t. /o/tist

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If you are 30+, it is an awful experience. Pic is accurate

>> No.10426287

I've never used a dating site so I'm only speaking from experience and the company of others like friends, co-workers, and online acquaintances. As for online dating being that bad, well a lot of the hookups I see happening online aren't from dating sites but from online communities like discord and even YouTube. Places where people with a shared interest gather and it's easier to break the ice because everyone there is already into the same stuff.

>> No.10426290

Hey you could clean up and fix that pink bike there.

>> No.10426292

I haven't had much luck with online. I get a decent number of likes/matches and some conversations but they rarely turn into dates. I started Hinge like a week ago and so far it feels promising, much better than Tinder or OKC, but IMO nothing can replace real life interaction, I know some people find online stuff easier but personally I'm much better at being interesting and likable in real life when I don't have time to overthink every reply.

>> No.10426293

I'll probably date mid 20s in that case, assuming people around that age would be willing to date a not so successful 30 year old

Guess I could still try it. I'll just be selective and play the long game to filter out hook ups and weirdos

>> No.10426294

>assuming people around that age would be willing to date a not so successful 30 year old
Nope. If you are neither rich or hot, you have nothing to offer younger girls.

>> No.10426296

Question for you guys. How many dates do you typically go through with random people until you meet an SO? I'm nervous I'll have to go through dozens of random people. I was hoping it'd be more like a few.

>> No.10426297

>I'll just be selective and play the long game to filter out hook ups and weirdos
I mean honestly I think that's the best way. Said online relationships I'm talking about didn't start dating until 6 months to a year later after being in those communities together. They just talked, worked on projects together, shared a love/hate for someone because community drama, etc.

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your optimism is adorable

>> No.10426301

It’s a foreign luxury car but it’s like 15 years old so it’ll be a pretty penny for sure. But on the plus side all my ivories are matching and it’s glorious

>> No.10426304

I spontaneously broke into a sobbing fit while reading the wikipedia synopsis of a movie about a dog yesterday. I think I need help.

>> No.10426305

What? No really, clean and fix that bike, add some well placed lace and bows to it and let me use it as a prop in a photoshoot.

>> No.10426307

As long as it's not the ridiculous water-cooled one from a Passat W8 you'll be fine.

>> No.10426319

Thanks anon. Imma hope for the best tomorrow when we discuss prices. I’m thankful I was incredibly frugal when I got laid off. So it’s not THAT big of a deal but it’s still a lot to process. I have zero experience with cars too, so I’m glad I found out about this stuff now vs on the road in a few months.

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scrote be gone

>> No.10426353 [DELETED] 

scrotes were a mistake
t. scrote

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3, male, 30-35 year old room mates.
my bf gets a pass because he's my bf, can actually take care of himself, and helps me clean n shit, but i literally have to initiate all chores and bug him to do the things.
The others... can't cook (not even a grilled cheese bro...), don't clean, laundry day is hell, don't drive, one literally did not get a job for 9 months living here because he "scared of work,".. and that was very recent.
I can afford more lolita living like this, but sometimes i wanna just go. I feel on the edge of flipping shit all the time now.

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They're trolls dude. This is 4chan. Do you really think that there's women on here? They make these posts so they can go back to r9k and cry about "roasties". There's a reason why they have the old "tits or gtfo" thing. People have been pretending to be women since the unwashed masses have been able to dial in.

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Male cope

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>Males thinking that the epitome of an easy life is access to easy dick

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>thinking this board is really full of men discussing and debating floofy lolita dresses

>> No.10426404

Its really quite funny the extent their fragile minds will go to delude themselves into thinking that wimmenz don't use their precious interwebz

>> No.10426406

>Thinking sex is the be all end all meaning of life.
Mens lives have no meaning at all.

>> No.10426407

Is it possible for a guy to be good looking and overweight? Eat less, you probably aren't attractive at all being fat

>> No.10426409

Chubby guys can be hot if they have a decent personality. Keyword is chubby tho, not obese

>> No.10426412

nope. it's possible for women because they can retain an hourglass shape while being overweight. but guys have it all go straight to the gut

>> No.10426415

Yeah as long as you lift weights
Bonus points if you’re hairy
Go for that hot masculine bara look

>> No.10426420 [DELETED] 

Yeah, but as >>10426412 said they have to lift. It's still noticeable when there's muscle and they can be decently attractive.

>> No.10426421

Yeah, but as >>10426415 said they have to lift. It's still noticeable when there's muscle and they can be decently attractive.

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Untrue. Most powerlifters and strongman are builtfat/bearmode. Don't mind the slav face.

>> No.10426451

Every single day I'm thankful that I've never remotely had the desire to date anyone and I still haven't gone off the deep end. I'm just 24, and I've already watched so many relationships go down in flames from the sidelines. Only downside is without being able to relate to the concept of staying with someone that's not good for you it does make it harder to connect with people in general

>> No.10426456

At least theres anime

>> No.10426459

You're still young m8 might as well be 24 no one out there has the right to judge

>> No.10426468

I'm at that stage at 33. I had one LTR and it was a chore to maintain and IMO not worth the headache. One of my friends was in an open relationship that recently crashed and burned and I resisted the urge to tell them "I told you so." I'm much happier being a drama-free single cat lady.

>> No.10426470

An open relationship destroyed itself? Impossible!

>> No.10426491

>Damage control
We live in a world where little boys are doing drag and the idea of men pretending to be women on the internet is absurd.

>> No.10426492

KEK this is the fate of all cgl femcels. Jesus christ imagine being a femcel or wine aunt. You literally have it on easy mode as the sexual selector and STILL fail to select the best mates. Truly the bottom 5 percent of women on here lmao

>> No.10426494

Last night I spent hours going through all my accounts and orders and I realized I spent at least 25,000 on lolita in 2019. I made back $7500 selling some of it, so I spent a total of $17,500. That’s almost 1500 a month What is my life. At least I didn’t go into debt, but I could have done so much more with that money

>> No.10426497

Nowhere did I mention I was unhappy being single, so... nice try.

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>go through social media feed
>have constant memories reminding me of the multiple Anime Expos I went to

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>KEK this is the fate of all cgl femcels. Jesus christ imagine being a femcel or wine aunt. You literally have it on easy mode as the sexual selector and STILL fail to select the best mates. Truly the bottom 5 percent of women on here lmao

>> No.10426502

>Spent a shitload of money on Lolita in 2009-2011
>Keep telling myself that I’ll get the money back by selling it
>It is now 2020

>> No.10426503

He's projecting, so he can't relate kek.

>> No.10426504


>> No.10426513

>tfw you will never “select” a mate because he hasn’t glued feathers to his ass and danced sufficiently well

>> No.10426514

Anyone with basic knowledge of humans knows that is a bullshit idea. Humans are social beings. The idea of "I'm happy being alone" is either a shitty excuse or a sign of mental illness.

>> No.10426517

Ayrt, you can definitely make a lot on your stuff from that era right now if you were sweet. I keep telling myself that because most of my stuff was bought at secondhand prices I should be able to get that same amount back when I leave lolita someday. But funnily it’s the people who are leaving lolita that often get rid of their stuff for so cheap because they just want it gone so maybe I never will. Oh well, it brings me joy

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>> No.10426519

>not having a bf/gf means you're completely alone
>introverts don't exist, muh social being
God just imagine actually believing this. Some men are literal children when it comes to indendence, they really need some form of mommy.

>> No.10426520

I’m more than happy to help you make your money back if you wanna trade throwaways so I can see what you have? Happy to pay *market price for ones I want!

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>> No.10426523

So celibate monks are mentally ill, right?

>> No.10426539

I enjoy being single and drama free. It's fun.

>> No.10426540

>dying alone
Also fun?

>> No.10426543


>> No.10426544

Everyone dies alone

>> No.10426546

Those mgtow fellows looks happy, why not join them?

>> No.10426550

get some friends and hobbies jesus

>> No.10426554

"Drama-free" is just a cover for "I don't want to be emotionally invested in anyone because I lack the depth to care"

>> No.10426559

Yes, and?

>> No.10426562

So? I don't care about anybody but myself. It's gucci. Smile anon.

>> No.10426563

I don't understand how people are this emotionally vapid.

>> No.10426564

Not caring about anyone or anything must be Gen Z's meme.

>> No.10426565

Someone who doesn't understand that romantic relationships and sex aren't the be-all-end-all really has no business to talk about anyone's depth.

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>> No.10426569

Anon, that was my first reply on this thread. Who the fuck are you talking to?

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>> No.10426575

The person I was replying to. Is this also your first day on 4chan?

>> No.10426580
File: 14 KB, 980x420, retard.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10426592
File: 163 KB, 813x551, 1551632096729.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>14 KB PNG
>>>10426568 (You) #

>> No.10426594
File: 61 KB, 500x563, 80yearsoldinababydress.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10426613

Goals for a beautiful death.

>> No.10426683 [DELETED] 
File: 63 KB, 720x960, LDYi3bw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tired of the amount of anti trans threads I see in LGBT and the fact the janitor keeps them up.

This isnt even about my personal beliefs, these threads are just thinly veiled excuses to shit on trans people and a majority of the posters in them aren't talking about cosplay or lolita.

Reminds me of kotakoti/jnig/pixyteri threads. They devolve into spewing shit.

I get that people are bored, its quarintine and all and the GC reddit got deleted, but it really is just shit moderation.

I just want to talk about cosplay and jfashion for god's sake

>> No.10426685
File: 63 KB, 720x960, LDYi3bw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tired of the amount of anti trans threads I see on CGL d the fact the janitor keeps them up.

This isnt even about my personal beliefs, these threads are just thinly veiled excuses to shit on trans people and a majority of the posters in them aren't talking about cosplay or lolita.

Reminds me of the old kotakoti/jnig/pixyteri threads. They devolve into spewing shit.

I get that people are bored, its quarintine and all and the GC reddit got deleted, but it really is just shit moderation.

I just want to talk about cosplay and jfashion for god's sake

>> No.10426687

You're on 4chan for fucks sake and you're trying to censor what people say on here? Go on reddit if you're that much of a pussy

>> No.10426688

If it has nothing to do with cgl, I dont want to see it on cgl. Cry moar about censorship, we dont see kotakoti/jnig/pixyteri drama threads here anymore for a reason.

>> No.10426689

NAYRT but If you want to talk about trannies so bad, go to >>>/lgbt/

>> No.10426690
File: 14 KB, 225x225, 1593554455867.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Or better, kys for tarnishing the name of the queen like that.

>> No.10426691

>links to the designated tranny hugbox and echochamber

>> No.10426692

Boohoo. Go somewhere else if you don't want to see people post their mean opinions that hurt your poor wittle fee fees. Theres plenty of platforms that will asspat you for being trans, why do you choose to come here?

>> No.10426694

Somehow, I know one of the furious trans posters is also one of the angry racist posters
He just keeps showing up in the same place at the same time
Is there a link between being racist and being a transvestite?

>> No.10426697

Hey, if you are so obsessed with trannies that you feel the need to bring them up even when they aren't relevant, that's your problem to deal with. I'd suggest you are just as mentally ill as them if you aren't capable of having a conversation without bringing them up
This might suprise you, but ive been here since 2009 to talk about cosplay, lolita and jfashion. If I want to talk about something off topic, i either go elsewhere, or keep it to the feels threads. Its simply common courtesy, and board rules.

>> No.10426702

I think it’s the autism.
It’s the same reason why so many of them are coders,furries, and/or pedophiles.

>> No.10426703

Whine and cry dilation all you want, i just find off topic derailment obnoxious. I see troon stories every where, both paintimg them in a positive or negative light. Why do I gotta see that shit on cgl when I come here to get away from tranny and general political shit?

>> No.10426707

Cuz people are tired of trans coming into every space and making everything about them being trans and expecting to get booty licks for it

>> No.10426708

This, I'm sorry, but I am fucking exhausted

>> No.10426710

You're forcing trannies and the discussion of them into this space though. I just want to talk about women centered hobbies without centralizing the discussion on men. YOU are centralizing men when I just want to talk about cosplay and japanese fashion

>> No.10426711

Honestly this anon is right. If you wanna talk about LGBT shit go to the board for it. For or Against, it isn't cosplay or lolita and i'm tired of seeing it.
It's the need to feel better than someone else, so they pick a group they can shit on easily. It's the same thing with no personality, no social worth nazis. If it's all you've got, you're gonna hang on to it. Ironically they'd have more social value if they dropped the shitty cope and learned how to juggle or grow plants or something

>> No.10426719


>implying all trans people are men

I thought this was about seeing too much anti-trans?
Now its about centralizing men?

Just say you're too sensitive and get on with it.
Besides, most of the topic of discussion starts out with some anon feeling the need to mention "teehee I'm twanz" and then it's all downhill from there. It only seems to be a problem when it's not blatant ass kissing the tranz folkz

>> No.10426722

Everything about this. Trans people are usually just incels (and incels are often nazis) and anon is right, forcing lgbt shit everywhere is tiring.
If you're bringing up men, (anti trans or pro trans) you are centering the discussion on them. Is it really that controversial to want to talk about your interests without things derailing to be about trannies? I wouldn't even call that sensitive, you're the one throwing a fit because a few anons are tired of seeing trans talk everywhere. Sorry you cant go a single day without thinking or talking about "lady dick".

>> No.10426725

Stop dragging trans people into discussions about everything, its not that hard.

>> No.10426727

can we ALL fucking stop talking about this shit? if you don't want it on the board don't fucking respond to it.

>> No.10426730

Please, fuck off. I'm so fucking sick of trannies and their fag hags fucking everything up and making it about themselves. Nobody talked about trannies until you brought it up. If you don't like it, you literally have the rest of the internet where you ideology will be coddled. Enough is enough with you guys. People hate trannies for a very good reason and the trans rights community deserve every drop of hate they get.

>> No.10426731

I dont, and yet discussions of this plague this board. No winning really

>> No.10426732

Is it really that hard to not talk about trannies for you? Why are you assuming im pro trans because im tired of seeing posts about them?

>> No.10426733


Why are *you* making it about men and assuming every trans person in question is a man?
Sounds like you're the one that can't stop thinking about dick.
Nobody said shit about men or dick. Im talking about people coming into spaces and being incapable of shutting the fuck about about being trans. Nobody complains when everyone responds positively to it.
But the moment people complain about it, its "anti trans" or "oh noes transphobic derailment!"
Its pretty transparent what the real problem is.

>> No.10426735

>Whine and cry dilation all you want,
You're the only one whining and crying here. I'm not the newfag complaining about anons saying mean things about poor poor trannies.

>> No.10426737

right? i just saw 5 anons say how they're going to stop engaging with these people and then 5 more pop up to engage. stop replying to bait.

>> No.10426738

You didn't have to make your post. Accept responsibility for this shit storm. I don't know what answers you were expecting if you truly are a regular here. People are going to continue dunking on no matter what, the only thing you can do is ignore it. You shouldn't have said anything.

>> No.10426739

You brought it up by saying you're tired of seeing "anti trans", its pretty obvious that you're fine with trans discussion so long as it stays within the realm of trans ass kissing.

>> No.10426741

>to bring them up even when they aren't relevant
Literally where? You're just butthurt that people shit on them. They insert themselves and their fucking victim complexes everywhere but god forbid someone tells them to fuck off.

>> No.10426743

Im talking about any time someone breathes about a tranny here you cant even have discussions anymore, i mean look at where this thread went. So im asking, shut the fuck up about trannies, good or bad, i dont want to see them, I want to have an on topic discussion, in one of the few places of the internet trannies are barely talked about. If that's too hard for you to comprehend I dont know how to help you.

>> No.10426744

Cgl is one of the worst boards for derailment. It makes sense why other boards troll us just watching this shitstorm

>> No.10426748
File: 1.15 MB, 1024x898, 1593482240014.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10426750

Trans people and traps are based and anybody who says otherwise is a seething hole.

>> No.10426754

>further shits up a feels thread on a cosplay and lolita boards to talk about their tranny feelings once again
Classic narcissists, they never fail to deliver.

>> No.10426757
File: 797 KB, 2176x1676, 1567112132606.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I trust your opinion on this since y'all are the experts on seething holes.

>> No.10426758

Any time trans people are mentioned any thread gets ruined. Im tired

>> No.10426760

>start posting trannies
>aaaaarg why are you replying?!
Actual retardation

>> No.10426761

>implying any time trannies get brought up here by anon or otherwise it doesnt lead to threads getting derailed

>> No.10426762


Trans people have it better than black people; BLM or race content even unrelated to the convo has cropped up in so many threads and they will get nuked far faster than trans issues. I just wish people on either side wouldn't be so mad about shit that doesn't matter when these topics are brought up and have intelligent cgl related discussion about it so we can at least have interesting conversations or things brought forth.

>> No.10426763
File: 105 KB, 720x720, 1559188995922.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This thread was fucked from the inception, especially since people keep posting relationship drama in the feels thread and how rampant sjws are in this community. We might has well make the most of this shit thread and let loose.

>> No.10426764


>> No.10426767

Waaah any response to my being trans that isn't 100% positive is just a thinly veiled anti trans agenda! Wahhh you hate me! It couldn't be that you guys are tired of me saying I want to be the preferred gender when I can't shut the fuck about the thing that sets me apart from it waaaahhh meeee me me me me me

>> No.10426768

It only derails when tranners start crying bevause they didn't get the asspats they expected.

>> No.10426770

>has that belief but still brings it up anyway
Actual retardation.
Other thab that, it literally doesn't. Name examples where it supposed to be cgl-unrelated.

>> No.10426773

it derails when you retards take bait.

>> No.10426774

not true
Trans have a life expectancy of 30 years
They are more oppressed than ANYONE

>> No.10426775

I read despair edition as "diaper edition" at first....

>> No.10426776

There is nothing bait-y about the crybaby festival itt.

>> No.10426778

Did you know that trans black people exist and they’re constantly being murdered?

>> No.10426779

Good thing that anon is leaving now. Maybe some cross boarding scrote will strike again now after somebody uses this thread to get relationship advice.

>> No.10426781
File: 138 KB, 480x480, 1568629685359.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're taking wht i have to say here the wrong way, but i guess i'm just as much at fault for taking the b8 so w/e

To actually contribute, i think i might like bittersweet at least as a stepping stone from Goth into trying Sweet. I've been goth for so many years that people always make a big deal of me wearing colors so sweet cuts in dark colors might be as close to sweet as i'm getting for a while

>> No.10426782

It's because they are sex workers, not because they are black or trans.

>> No.10426784

Yeah, someone suggests that we stop talking about trannies and it turns into a crybaby whinefest

>> No.10426786


Yeah and they are murdered at higher rates than white people; their shitty situation is way different than if they were a white MtF trans person for example who often use the stats about how poorly trans black people are treated to feed their own desire to feel oppressed and taking advantage of the suffering of a group they may or may not even actually care about. Yes white trans people can have it rough too but the black and POC ones most likely have a rougher time because they aren't white and often low income, sex workers, etc. as a result of conditions that more privileged white trans people don't experience. Even when both trans and black, I guarantee the blackness fucks them over in life more than their transness.

>> No.10426817

No one is whining except for op and the hurt trannies itt.

>> No.10426822
File: 158 KB, 318x322, 1553192944692.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

seethe harder, assclown

>> No.10426826

>mgtow = men getting triggered over women
sounds like the perfect place for them

>> No.10426838

Sure jan

>> No.10426853

Well I'm not an utter lardass, my face still looks pretty much the same way it did when I was skinny, I just have a gut now. Maybe it would've been better to say I *used* to be pretty attractive but put on weight, though. fwiw I'm actively dieting and working out as well.

>> No.10426855

I've decided to give up on dating men too. I thought it was normal to only get scraps of affection until I briefly dated a woman and holy shit. I felt like I mattered beyond my sexual value. Despite being what I consider a caring and reciprocal person, I've had nothing but bad experiences with men. My last LTR fucked me up bad.

I then tried dating apps for a year. As long as they guy was not religious and not excessively obese (chubby was ok), I gave him a chance and never ghosted. Every single one talked about themselves only. I would ask a question about their interests, they would flatly answer. So I'd ask another, rinse and repeat until I realize we've done nothing but talk about him. It's ego. I used to try my ex's interests out because it was important to them, but realized no one ever tried mine out. There was a convo somewhere amongst bisexual women asking the differences in dating and this summed it up accurately: "Women are more likely to put in the effort to try what I like and go places and do things I want, and men only want to do what they like."

Look at the male replies to this post. For every decent guy, there are double who are incapable of empathy and self-centered. No fucking clue that we don't want random dicks. They think sex and access to dick is everything needed in life because they see women as vaginas first and foremost. If they had as much access to vagina as we do dicks, then they'd be satisfied. This is why they think we have it good, since we have access (that comes at the cost of safety/pregnancy) that they don't. They don't get that there's a lot more to a partnership than sex

>> No.10426863

t. said butthurt tranny

>> No.10426874

Man this is so true and only reinforces my desire to leave my long term boyfriend and find a woman who actually cares about my feelings and my pleasure.
Its also funny that men think we should be happy because we can dick easier. Its like so what? And? It comes at the cost of pregnancy and stds like you said, in addition to the fact that 80% them think that their dick going in and out of you for three minutes is all it takes to be satisfied and the rest know that it doesn't but are too lazy and pornsick to care. So it really leaves nothing to gain, in fact its worse because we have to deal with desperate slimeballs throwing themselves at us constantly and making us feel unsafe. Maybe if they sex they were offering us was any good, i could see some benefit but its garbage so it just cancels out.
It also doesn't matter because sex is not the only thing of value in life.

Idk, I try not to be a misandrist bc I truly believe its wrong to generalize but I'm just burnt out from men and they behave selfishly without fail, every time, so I've just ran out of the patience to deal with their emotionally stunted bullshit.

>> No.10426882

why do people ever think that open relationships will work? it's such a fucking bad idea, how can anyone hear that and go "sounds good"

>> No.10426884

i find this as gross as just regular fat, sorry

>> No.10426887
File: 117 KB, 521x424, 1555737449281.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God, these threads about relationships always make me anxious about future relationships if I ever have any. I'm afraid of being a piece of shit.
t. kissless virgin

>> No.10426893

Dum dums think they can have their cake and eat it too

>> No.10426894

Just don't be a self absorbed dickbag and you'll be fine. If you can't handle that, then don't bother.

>> No.10426898

...I guess I don't know what being a "self absorbed dickbag" entails? I have a lot of social anxiety so I'm not sure what behavior constitutes what.
I always at least try to be a decent human being. I guess that's all anybody can ask for.

>> No.10426906

>butthurt tranny
Sure you haven't looked in the mirror?

>> No.10426907

More like have their cake and eat other cakes instead of the cake at hand

>> No.10426909

My school has been shut down all semester due to COVID and I wasn't in online classes because my program is heavily lab-based, so I hadn't checked my student email in a while. Just went on there and there was an email telling me that I'd been chosen for a scholarship, and then another FINAL email about it, and the deadline to reply was the 22nd of June. So fucking gutted right now.

>> No.10426912

shit u right

>> No.10426914

Wow three threads in a row gone to shit.

>> No.10426917

No taste. How disappointing.

>> No.10426918
File: 53 KB, 226x227, loliswine.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I swear my comm is nothing but itas, brolitas, fatty-chans, braphogs, TERFs, and DDLGs.

>> No.10426919
File: 532 KB, 723x728, 1592821784098.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

u are in the wrong place to be complaining about ebil terfs anon

>> No.10426926

That 'no u' doesn't even make sense.

>> No.10426928

That must feel awful. I’m so sorry about that anon.

>> No.10426929

Thanks. I've had so many catastrophic disappointments and setbacks because of COVID that I'm kind of jaded at this point but it still stings pretty bad. I sent them an email asking if they could do anything, if not hopefully I'll be able to pick it up for the following semester at least.

>> No.10426936

This is why you set up an auto direct to your personal email.

>> No.10426996

Neither does yours but here we are

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