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Any special prints you need in your life?

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That old Hypnotic Sweets zombie tea party jsk
It was like a parody of all the pastel vomit coming out then

Also christ all mighty, let's hope And Romeo doesn't start farting out zoomer meme prints now

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I want a Cinnamoroll print so bad

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More key prints

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Monkey prints

>> No.10430205

Puta prints

>> No.10430208

I want to murder the person who made this disgusting OP.

>> No.10430214

Fully agree, I would throw all my money for that little pupper

>> No.10430216

I'm with you.

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Public execution would be fitting

>> No.10430238

I can't believe you made me see this with my own two eyes

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Ahegao print, but this time with men.

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i'll want a bonzi buddy print

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More dog prints that feature a breed other than poodles and bichons. Give us Afghan Hounds!

>> No.10430398

asanagi is good artist though

>> No.10430500

Don't worry, I'm pretty sure it's just really bad photoshop.

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I think you're being sarcastic and not moronic, but anyway I love Whyteleafe and this stupid image is akin to a Catholic seeing an ahegao photoshopped on the Virgin Mary. (though ecstasy of St. Theresa is pretty close)

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This I would wear.

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>I think you're being sarcastic and not moronic
You realize that I'm not talking about the images on the dress, and that I'm actually talking about the OP dress, right?
You do know that OP is also a term for a cut of dress in lolita, right??

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anon isn't saying she's mad about the shoop job, she's mad someone used it for the thread pic.

>> No.10430829

Thanks for clearing that up cause I don't know anything about weeb shit.

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The most depressing thing is that if some trashy Taobao brand actually made a dress like that, a bunch of girls in my comm would definitely scramble to buy and wear it “to shock teh prude normies XD”. That’s the point we’re at in this fashion.

OP on 4chan means original post(er).

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where do i get this?

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>OP on 4chan means original post(er).
Holy fucking shit.
I posted >>10430817
where I say
>You do know that OP is also a term for a cut of dress in lolita, right??


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it's not real.

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more chihuahua/Pomeranian prints or a fanboy and chum chum related print

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