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What's the best bodysuit/catsuit pattern on the market? Yaya's? Riddle's? Simplicity 8670? Other?

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I've used Yaya's. It's pretty good with the caveat that it's made for a shorty with no waist. I had to add something like 2" to the waist and 3-4" to the legs to fit me. I'm 5'10" for reference. I did like the multiple bust sizes though and all of the seams make it easy to get a good fit. Definitely mock it up first.

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Just follow this tutorial. It's free and is the best fit.

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YaYa Han looks like a whore. A fairly upscale whore.

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if by that you mean she'd be on a corner in manhattan instead of queens, sure.

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you know thats where she got her start right?

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i hate newfags.

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I just made Riddle's today. Its really nice, but has very angular sci-fi seams. So was perfect for what I needed, but I wouldn't say it would be suitable for general use

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You get smooches anon, thank you.

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How old is she now?

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This guide is so helpful but
>only raglan sleeves

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like 40

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I met this lady at a con like 3 years ago. I was dressed as Baroness von bon bon from cuphead and she asked me what brand of corset I was wearing under my dress. The awkward part was I wasn’t wearing a corset at all

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No one cares about your attempted humblebrag.

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You cared enough to respond

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I wasn’t bragging. She thought that boning lines in my dress meant I was wearing a corset. I don’t think she makes her own costumes or was having a dumb moment or something

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>where she got her start
That rumour has been going for years now but were there ever any (non-rectal) sources?

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She used to make her own stuff, IIRC way back in the day she actually did how-to guides and stuff. That was the better part of two decades ago though.

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seconding this, the multiple seams mean you can really tailor it to your body, also means its great for colour blocked suits
I've also used Simplicity 8670, only for leg and sleeveless suits however, was easy to figure out and the fit seemed decent too. I only used it for commission work though

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