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SeaMail edition

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I'm a recovering shopping addict and want to KonMari my place but I feel incredibly guilty getting rid of expensive lolita dresses that I've only worn once, or sometimes never even worn at all. Marie Kondo recommends just throwing them out. I feel exhausted at the thought of having to sell them all (especially since I have a feeling they'll be taking up space for months while I wait for them to sell), but too guilty to just throw them out. Unsure which path to go down. Anyone have advice?

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Sell the high value or popular ones that will move quickly, donate the rest. I thought I'd feel guilty too but it felt so freeing to dump them at the thrift shop and not think about them anymore.

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Do not throw them away.

Wear and enjoy your clothes...

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to add to this please don't donate to the thrift stores because they encourage people who are new to the fashion and by crazy luck find a piece of brand at a goodwill. You really want people to be buying the full price items, and not loitering at these trashy places hoping to get the rare lolita item, never finding it and then settling for "loliable" items and becoming itas.

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definitely sell, just thinking of throwing away money like that really confuses me. Like, selling won't take long at all if you put them up for real cheap? Some people will be very happy with scoring a good find, and you will still get some money back from your expensive dresses. Way better than throwing them away and getting nada!

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Do you have another person who could help you manage the sales? Either a friend or someone who makes a job out of it? I just scored an authentic AatP piece from a what seemed like a high-end brand consignment seller on ebay.

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This is great in theory, but sometimes things take forever to sell even at a cheap price. Sometimes its not even worth the work to ship them anymore.

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Sell and list them as auctions starting at $1 + shipping on lacemarket.

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This. Little to no effort involved, the same kind of work for every single piece, and you're sure to get rid of them in a way that makes someone else happy.

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basically this

if you manage it right and state a set shipping date or sth you'll also only need one trip to the post office. imo any sale price is better than throwing money in the trash like that.

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Yeah if you do all auctions ending the same time you will be able to pack them and drop them off at the post office all at once. Maybe do a lil goodbye ritual sort of thing and acknowledge the joy or use they once brought you.

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Why not just do one or a few photographs of the lot of them and then number them when selling? Or giveaways if winner pays shipping? I think it's a better option so actual lolitas can appreciate them

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I find selling online exhausting so I have to make a certain amount of money for it to be worth it for me. Some people aren't as lazy though so more power to them.

Someone will probably find them in the thrift store and enjoy them so they aren't really going to waste. Alternatively I would offer them at a swap meet for free, but that's not possible with covid.

This person mentioned feeling exhausted too so I gave a solution.

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This is a great idea!

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Anon, they're giving/selling the clothes presumably because they don't enjoy those dresses and don't want to wear them. That's the entire point of the Spark Joy method.

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Please do this >>10433734
I beg you.

I know it's more effort, but giving someone else happiness is also very freeing and cathartic. And now that you've posted on cgl, you have a ton of people who are probably ready and willing to buy these dresses as soon as they go up.

If you donate to a thrift store, there's a chance the dresses get thrown out immediately if they think they can't be sold, or if they sit in the shop for too long. I think you would get more joy out of doing the $1 auction and seeing the dresses go to people who are in the fashion and can appreciate the clothes like you did.

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>tfw i've just got an online theraphy routine with a nice girl so I can treat my possible aspergers and other issues

I feel light as fuck now, anons. Like i've understood better my problems, and that they make sense to someone. Feels good to have finally sought out long range medical help.

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Boyfriend me some stickers weeks ago and I still haven't used them.

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I never use any of my Japanese stickers. I just collect them because they are all too cute to use. And I always buy three of each. Because then in my head, I can use a sheet and not regret it. But I never do.

I'm an anxious person.

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I'm stealing this idea.

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Fuck, same. I can never use stickers because in the back of my head, I'm thinking "this won't be worth it and then I'll never get to use it again".

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You are a male.

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I know i'm a male. And?

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this is the same mindset that little kids have. kind of adorable lmao

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Same... I also buy 2-3 sheets when I can but I just can't seem to use them. Still got stickers from 10+ years ago that are too precious to use and now they're too old and precious to use.

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I just found one of my dream dresses and im kinda freaking out
On one hand, I know i shouldn't spend my money this way, on the another hand I have no regrets because I finally graduated this year and I want to enjoy things.

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Maybe place your favorite stickers in a mini scrapbook, then you'll feel free to use the other copies of it for whatever you want?

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Is it the milky planet OP on LM?

I was actually shocked by the lolibrary measurements how big the bust supposedly goes for an OP.

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The idea of being able to use then is much more enjoyable than actually using them.

>A bowl is most useful when empty.

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I've put two stickers on my laptop made by an indie artist. They've since discontinued them and I'm not sure if the artist still makes stickers at all. I love these stickers and I really don't want to get a new laptop because of it.

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i've been able to transfer stickers w a heat gun and an exacto knife to peel them

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I'm happy for you anon! I hope you can make some progress.

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I'd be scared of using a heat gun since they have a sparkly rough finish on them, almost like sandpaper but not quite.

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I had a good friend who also cosplayed but she lives in a different state than me, we both met at a con. When one of us traveled and met up, we hung out quite often even outside of cons, and we frequently texted each other if we're not together. She took cosplay more seriously than me because I didn't care, but in the past 5 years, her popularity shot up. She's started hanging out with more "famous" cosplayers. We barely text each other now. I'm still cosplaying but I somewhat miss having her around during cons.

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Nah not Milky Planet, it was a baby dress

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I swear my comm is nothing but itas, brolitas, fatty-chans, pickmeishas, bisexuals, braphogs, bed-wetters, m'ladies, TERFs, and DDLGs.

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That really sucks anon. I had something similar happen several years ago. We had this small but tight knit group of cosplay friends. One of them moved to another state for college and while she was there, she became friends with some more popular cosplayers. We had plans to room together at an upcoming con until she bailed on us a week or two beforehand so she could room with her new, more popular friends.

Her new friends were assholes. They stressed her out and ruined cons for her. They put pressure on her to do certain things in certain ways. She bought followers to try and make it seem like she was keeping up with them. They even hopped on the patreon train together. That was all years ago, but I recently got curious and checked up on her and their little clique. All of them except one quit cosplay and one apparently had a massive mental breakdown and did some wild shit

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i have the biggest crush i've had on somebody in literal years. i'm a loser who's dated like two people and i've had a lot of phases where i get 'crushes' on people but they're just me wANTING to have a crush, not actually having a crush. i think i got confused and forgot what having actual feelings for somebody is like. but this shit's a full blown crush. literally made me reevaluate my sexuality. but i shouldn't be interested in this person for like 5 different reasons, which makes it bad. what makes it worse is they had a girlfriend for a while, broke up, i didn't know they broke up, and we started talking more. then they posted about having a crush and i thought it was me only to find out the crush is somebody totally different. now i feel lowkey like i'm dying every time they post about their crush on this other person. i just hope it'll pass on its own because i don't want to deal with having feelings for this person anymore. it's too much trouble and i know they don't like me back.

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>i'm a loser who's dated like two people

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>/cgl/ - Cosplay & EGL
oh good.

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>stopped messaging friends to see who'll talk to me without me initiating
>no ones talked to me in months
At least I have 4chan!

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anon thats sorta manipulative

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Wait how

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At least you have friends to message. I haven't had a friend in 15 years

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if you want to talk to your friends just talk to them they probably think your just busy and dont wanna bother you and you are sabotaging yourself

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Well not anymore I don't. See you in 15

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Some maybe, but all of them? I don't see how that's manipulative either. Like I'm obviously autistic but I'm not seein it.

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oh, same

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Its manipulative because you are waiting for them to initiate, so if one of them does then to them it seems like they just want to talk to their friend but to you its "seeing who your true friends are"

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>if one of them does then to them it seems like they just want to talk to their friend
But no one has, and I'm not manipulating them to do anything. I just felt like I was always starting the conversation and that I was annoying them, so I stopped.

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Anon stop being in your own head and just talk to your friends, youre not annoying you just think you are

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>mfw I want to support IW and I want nice crew socks for summer
>mfw IW makes absolutely no effort to cater to foreign customers when literally even cc figured it out and even vm is selling through wunderwelt, then whines when they're almost out of business

Like wtf did you expect fujiwara.

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You’re manipulating them in the sense that you’ve set a trap to see if your friends will reach out to you now that you’ve stopped reaching out to them. I totally get that feeling of being tired of being the one who reaches out first, but if you have a pattern of initiating contact, they could just think you’re too busy? Or they don’t care about you and you need new friends. It really depends on how your outreach goes. Are you asking how they’re doing/directing the convo to be all about them? Or is there a genuine give and take to the conversation where you’re able to share things about your life?

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There's this game I just got on steam called "Kind Words". It's where you write anonymous letters about how you feel and people can reply back. After that there's no exchange. It's meant to be a way to express yourself in a chill safe space... And so far I love it... But then THIS happened...

Seriously people, I just want to get away sometimes... Not have shit follow me to all four corners of the earth.

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We're all bisexual or gay here my dear

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>lose a significant amount of weight in a fairly short time span
>look sexy as hell
>gain it back from stress/depression eating sugar
lol. At least I reached my goal of running a 5k plus sprints every weekday and I have a job I should be able to keep through the school year now.

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I agree you're not being manipulative in the traditional sense. Chances are they don't even realize what is going on. If you want to talk to someone in particular reach out and maybe mention the pattern you noticed. You might get to know some of your friends conversation styles better.

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This seemed extremely wholesome right up until the ddlg bullshit.

Why do they have to ruin everything?

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when anon says bisexual she means whore.

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I keep coming across things online that would make perfect gifts for certain members in my comm but I’m not that close to any of them so giving them a gift would probably be really weird. One of them has a bit of e-fame so people would probably think I was sucking up to her for that reason. I just wish I had friends.

>> No.10434083

Is it bad that I want to be kind of e-famous? Is there a way to do it without involving myself in polemic topics and drama? I just want some external validation of my ability on coording, doing nice makeup and sewing.

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learn to love yourself

>> No.10434091

The only portion of that letter before the ddlg shit starts is “plz no hate”

>> No.10434092


How? Says who?

>> No.10434095

it's pretty true in my experience. also bisexual male=gay

>> No.10434097


Pretty sure gay means only attracted to same sex, if they're attracted to both then they're bi. You sound kinda retarded ngl

>> No.10434098

You know that's a kind of common assumption right? Especially when using bi as an insult.

>> No.10434099

>not knowing how often gay men have claimed to be bi to get less hate or seem more normal over the history of time
>calling others retarded

>> No.10434100

I have been with like 3 people in my entire life and im bi, how does that make me a whore? Lmao

>> No.10434101

Just because its common for gay men to do that doesn't mean bi men don't exist, sorry, you're still retarded.

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It’s not weird at all. Everyone likes to be liked. If you spend time learning how to manipulate social media platforms, you can gain followers pretty easily. Pay attention to who the drama mongers are in your immediate vicinity. Don’t go out of your way to interact with them, but also don’t be rude if they try to interact with you

>> No.10434103

Might come as a surprise to you but common beliefs or assumptions aren't always rooted in truth.

>> No.10434104

we get it, you're triggered. calm down

>> No.10434108

If you want to be e-famous in the lolita community, expect to be shat on even if you've done nothing wrong and haven't interacted with any drama mongers, because it will happen whether you like it or not.

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I keep buying a dress I really want and then going on LM later and seeing something I wanted even more for an even better price. Fuck

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I had the misfortune of being in a relationship with a cosplayer as she went from a nobody to a high-profile cosplayer with 250k FB followers, millions of pageviews a year, GoH at cons, etc. Trust me, you don't want it. It destroyed her and our relationship and I'll always feel guilty because it's partly my fault, I introduced her to the characters that made her famous and I took the photos that catapulted her out of obscurity. It took a really cool girl and turned her into a neurotic paranoid angry wreck of a person.

>> No.10434166

But could you elaborate on how it changed her and why you think that is? Narcissism? Anxiety from having to manage your image to thousands of random people?
I'm just curious.

>> No.10434168

Just got notified that my package shipped in April is on its way, nice

>> No.10434173

Yeah, I think it was the massive attention and having to manage it that really did her in. On one hand she had thousands and thousands of random people (mostly men) giving her positive attention, and then she also had tons of hate, so she ended up both very narcissistic and extremely insecure. By the end she was in a new vendetta with some other cosplayer every week, any time somebody else cosplayed one of "her" characters it was a personal insult, as were even more minor things (I remember her going into RAGE mode whenever somebody would say "you're the best ____ I've ever seen" because "ever seen" implies that there might be somebody else out there who's better and they just haven't seen her yet), everything revolved around her shitting on other people, and so on.

The whole thing destroyed me as well, to be honest. She became more and more reclusive outside cons and it was just the two of us living together and I became the target of pretty much all of her frustration and anger. The fact that she had this huge horde of orbiters puffing her up constantly just made it worse, too. By the time we split I was totally broken from several straight years of constant abuse and I've never recovered, it's been years and I still haven't been able to date after the hell I went through with her.

>> No.10434176

I appreciate you going into all of that because it gives me perspective on what this kind of life could do to someone. I'm not the initial anon who wanted to be efamous but I have felt envious of girls who recieve that attention.

I'm sorry you had to go through that though.
I hope you're doing better and on your way to healing from it.

>> No.10434177

You dated yaya-han? Why

>> No.10434179

Sounds like she might have had BPD. Sometimes the illness isn't super obvious but then under different circumstances it can really rear its ugly head.

>> No.10434180

As someone who's had to deal with BPD SO for years that really doesn't sound like BPD to me. It's pretty obvious when people have it. More likely some other mental health issue.

>> No.10434192

>I hope you're doing better and on your way to healing from it.
I think I am, gradually, but not really fast enough. It's been seven years and I'm kind of at the point where I'd accept an opportunity if it fell in my lap but I still can't really do anything to make it happen without crippling anxiety, this'll make me sound pathetic but I kind of think I might have some kind of PTSD from the whole thing.

She also fucked my life over really bad by cheating on me and then slandering me on her public social media after I dumped her, I guess as some kind of attempt to "get ahead of the bad PR." It sort of worked, she successfully managed to turn a lot of casual acquaintances and most of her non-acquaintance followers against me, but people who actually knew us knew she was full of shit (many had actually witnessed her abuse and begged me to leave her in the past) and a few other prominent people spoke out for me, which at least kept me from getting entirely "cancelled," though I was still largely ostracized from my former social circles because being her "friend" was politically advantageous and being mine wasn't.

Heh, nah, but it's funny because she fucking HATED Yaya for being exactly the kind of person she herself eventually turned into.

She was already kind of fucked up, most notably she had a history of "overlapping relationships" (she'd find a new guy and start cheating, and lie to both partners about what was going on until she couldn't hide it anymore) and that would've been a massive red flag had I known it at the time. She was never the monster she turned into later before getting famous, though.

>> No.10434207

I posted this a few threads ago but I think the thread got nuked.

Has anyone else had substantial facial cosmetic surgery done? If so, what did you get done and was it worth it for you?

Also I've been considering going to South Korea to get the work done since it will be about 30% cheaper but I'm worried they won't be used to working with North-Western European features. If anyone has any advice on cosmetic surgery in general, I'd appreciate it.

>> No.10434208

I have BPD so im only speaking from my experience, I can seem really chill on the surface and most of my coworkers and people I see in day to day life would have no idea. My SO, on the other hand...
Maybe not BPD but some underlying mental health issues for sure

>> No.10434214

Also, just to add to this as I've thought about it a bit more, there were definitely always issues. The thing is that she was fine 99% of the time and would have a bad outburst maybe once every month or two. What the fame did was make those outbursts something that'd happen on a very regular basis and add in an ever-present layer of anger, resentment, and general meanness that virtually never went away.

>> No.10434218

I've had minor cosmetic surgery comparing it to "substantial", just a chin implant and rhinoplasty/septoplasty. It was extremely worth it and got rid of all my insecurity, I'm 3 years out now and I could not be happier with myself. I have no desire to change anything else.
The only issue I have had is that the very tip of my nose does not appear to be entirely in place on one side, and clicks slightly if moved, though it's only ever been noticeable to me. My surgeon said it's normal, as well as a surgeon I consulted, so keep that in mind if you want a rhinoplasty. Day-to-day I don't notice it and it doesn't bother me.
The advice I'd give you is to find a surgeon you trust, and unless that 30% means a lot to you it will be much easier to find a native doctor you feel comfortable with. They will also be more experienced in providing natural looks that fit your features. Even if you have a vision in mind, trust your surgeon to create a natural-looking face or it'll be obvious and won't age well. Look at their portfolio first. Are they doing the same face on every client, or enhancing their client's other features with what they change?
Recovery is also not bad, per se, but will be worse than you think. It takes a lot out of you physically, something you don't understand entirely until you experience it. You'll feel overall under the weather for a few weeks. Personally, I would not have wanted to fly in that time.
Keep in mind that you'll have to go back to your surgeon for followups around the one month, six months, and one year marks to remove bandages/casts and make sure you're healing properly, so the flights for those may increase your costs.

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I'm getting really exhausted of everything being called racist. I legit saw someone say that not wearing masks is racist.
Any time I criticize this I'm met with what can basically be summed up as "fuck your white feelings"

It's making me want to just withdraw from people completely since everyone has succumbed to group think and there's hardly any sanity left.

>> No.10434236


They say that because COVID supposedly affects Black and Hispanic communities worse. That is partially an income issue more than anything since they tend to be poorer and end up working in lower wage "essential" jobs and exposed more though.

Asians wear masks when sick a ton and both Asians and white people tend to work more high collar jobs that can be done remotely (honestly the irony is that even though a large handful of "muh freedom" people that are overwhelmingly white have been against lockdowns and whining about masks killing them, they don't care about all the people of all races including white that COVID has already killed as a result of their lack of caution and reckless behavior)

Don't you just love America?

>> No.10434240

I've been like this since 2010. Welcome to the rabbit hole.

>> No.10434253

I had a procedure in sk and happy to chat about it if you drop your line or discord. I've seen some good results on Caucasians in sk but its all about where you go and not being taken advantage of.

>> No.10434256

>comfortably fit into all the cute old Innocent World skirts and OPs I wanted
>still feel like a hog because I don't look like the tiny Japanese girls modeling them

>> No.10434258

no idea why they have to fet-it-up all the time. Luckily it was only one note though. Overall the game feels really cozy and supportive, so I'd still reccomend it, it's just... why...? There are little and fetish boards all over the internet... stop injecting it into wholesome spaces...

Yeah, I know, right? If that's how you open then I think that's a sign you might be in the wrong place.

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there's a fatass cat that constantly just stays in my garden, intrudes in my house sometimes, terrorizes my cats, eats my cats' food and I think he wants to rape one of my cats. I've tried to scare him every time he enters my garden/house, even thrown a glass of water at him (I threw the water, not the glass), but he won't leave us alone. What do I do?

>> No.10434267

Super soaker within arm's reach

>> No.10434268 [DELETED] 

I’m so glad I’m demisexual. I thought I was ace for the longest time and damn did I not know what I was missing out on until I fell in love. I have sex everyday now to bond with my partner, and it’s amazing. It makes me feel so close to him. It’s a bond between two souls like nothing else. I feel bad for asexual freaks and whores who fuck anyone. They’ll both never know true love in their entire life. It makes me sad for them. I don’t know how most of them haven’t killed themselves.

>> No.10434272

Call animal control. Take no bs from a stray that's bullying your cats.

>> No.10434275

You sound very unstable.

>> No.10434276

You sound like someone who will never know what a true bond with someone you love romantically feels like

>> No.10434277

You know hookup culture may have you believe otherwise but most people that aren’t unhinged are “Demisexual” you tard

>> No.10434278

I'm in a loving long-term relationship but okay.

>> No.10434279

That’s good, because demisexuals are the best and everyone should know how awesome it is to be one

>> No.10434280

How much sex do you have with the person you’re dating?

>> No.10434283

Quite a bit. They're actually the first person to make me realize I could actually be genuinely romantically and sexually attracted to others, so I'm roughly in the same boat as you, you just seem batshit.

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File: 84 KB, 600x756, bestunit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fat shame him. call him names. break his feelings!

>> No.10434285

Bought a dress from Miss Danger in January.
Inquired about it two months ago, and got told it would be shipped in early June. Now another month has gone by and no updates, except for that kind of hostile update about people canceling orders. I get that it’s probably very hard for them now, but having radio silence for weeks on end is frustrating. Now I feel like if I even ask about an update it will be considered bad customer behavior. I deeply regret ordering from them and will never do it again.

>> No.10434286

I don't think that's true, at least not by the strict definition of "demisexual." Being demi doesn't mean you only have sex with people you're in relationships with, it means you're not even *attracted* to anybody except serious romantic partners, and I don't think that's true for the majority of people, whether they do hookups or not. As somebody who's "semi-demi" I certainly seem to be the outlier among the majority of people I know and they're usually pretty flabbergasted about the way I am, and I'm not even full on demi.

>> No.10434294

Remember to ignore the demi derailer they post this literally every recent feels thread and for what purpose. Are you not entertained.jpg

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File: 48 KB, 498x570, sadpepe2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My chest is so flat that I often need alterations to make my dresses chest smaller, even if the dress is size S. At least most dresses fit my waist

>> No.10434299

You're not alone. I think everyone should be treated with basic human respect.

That said, I also don't think it's ok to shit on an entire group of people because a select section of that group did you wrong. I have a unique outlook though. I'm not black but went to a majority black middle and high school. A few teachers actively targeted me for not being black (failing grades on good papers, seating me in the back facing the wall away from everyone, ignoring kids stealing from my bags). Yet in some classes I excelled with straight A's so it wasn't an academic performance problem. They absolutely used their positions of authority to discriminate so it irks me when people act like it isn't possible. Despite these experiences, I don't judge the entire population of black people by those individual's actions. Yet the opposite is not only accepted but celebrated lately. If I say anything about what happened to me in school I get told my feelings don't matter.

I quit social media. I only interact with people who treat me as an individual and don't judge me by someone else's sins. I do the same. It's done wonders for my mental health. I don't care if people think silence is violence. The people who were loudest about BLM were quiet about Vanessa Guillen (Hispanic woman who was murdered) so they can all kiss my ass.

>> No.10434303

Why do you keep posting this in every feels thread you fucking weirdo

>> No.10434314

Flatties unite. I feel really self conscious because I have broad shoulders and a wide ribcage but just 0 boobs. My saving grace is I do have some waist but I wish I had even average boobs

>> No.10434324


I hate this feel because it makes me feel disproportionately fat when really I just have flat tiddies.

At least I have a great ass

>> No.10434333

i'm at a weird size where my boobs are considered small, but not flat, either... i wish i could be a little flatter because i'm considered tiny by western standards but certain brand items fit weird

>> No.10434334

Bro, you sound vastly immature. Like you wouldn't be able to handle a break up

>> No.10434335

I think maybe that person meant "caregiver/little" and not cgl as in cosplay/egl? Just had this epiphany when I accidentally googled "cgl" and saw an Urban Dictionary entry for that

>> No.10434336

This is probably the case, now that you mention it I remember somebody posting something about it here once, I think they tagged a tweet #cgl or something and then got bombarded by DDLG people.

>> No.10434347


I hate the admant non-mask wearers as much as anyone, I really do. I think its selfish and disgusting to be honest. However, I think that reaching to call anything racist is not doing anyone any favors.
Also, I'm half hispanic and I know for a fact that some of my family is literally taking 0 precautions when it comes to this illness. There's definitely a culture of not taking health problems seriously, the whole "walk it off" attitude. At least in my experience, I think its a socioeconomic issue and in some cases a cultural thing, racist though? Nah.

>> No.10434357
File: 38 KB, 643x425, 1470619124944.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love clothes and fashion so much, but I don't have any friends who feel the same way. I put effort into coordinating my clothes because it makes me feel good about myself, but I can't talk to my friends about it because they just don't care. It can be disheartening at times. I want to make new friends who share that interest, but I have no idea how.

>> No.10434358

Same. My boobs are too small for western sizes but approaching too big for brand. Like brand fits but sometimes looks awkward bc of my damn boobs. I'm considered tiny by western standards too.

>> No.10434359

I'm in the same position, anon. Nobody I am friends with irl truly understands how fun it is to plan an outfit and watch it all come together... maybe start in discord servers and see if you could meet people irl someday via a meetup? I've done that before and it's really fun

>> No.10434380

>order dream dress
>order a ton of accessories to match dream dress, missing items for it, etc.
>dream dress arrives
>tons of damage, even a huge tear, stains, etc.
I'm so sad. The accessories have been arriving, and it's only making me more sad.

>> No.10434383

Idk how to stop caring about what my bf might think of my lolita hobby
I ordered 2 blouses, a dress, and some shoes and I dont know how I'm going to explain it to him but im scared he'll think its dumb or vain

>> No.10434384

thats so shitty anon, is there any way to open a dispute and get your money back at least?

>> No.10434393


Are you the chick selling the meta bubblebath JSK on LM? I felt so bad for her seeing the listing, and fuck the SS for not checking quality and realizing it.

>> No.10434399

If he loves you for who you are, he won't judge you for your interests. Just explain it's jfashion/princess fashion and how it makes you feel nice. My bf is fashion illiterate but very supportive of me, he says my money is mine to spend on whatever I want and just thinks I look really cute. His reaction when I walk out of my room in a full coord makes me laugh and smile like crazy. He really loves me and it shows. Give him a chance to see your true feelings, anon :)

>> No.10434400

Wow, I was going through the exact same thing. Have you discussed it with him at all? I was mostly worried about my bf being one of those people who think lolita=Lolita book=pedo/ddlg, but I lucked out with a Nabokov-scholar bf who was surprised and annoyed to find out people make that connection at all. He reluctantly admitted he's uncomfortable with the cutesy OTT sweet look, but otherwise thinks lolita as a concept is very "punk."

I'm rambling but just sharing this because you might be surprised what you learn if you discuss it with him! Especially if you describe it as a rebellious self-expression thing (even if it isn't for you)

>> No.10434406

I approached it with my bf by sending him some photos of dresses and being like "wow these are so cute" and then he replied "you'd look so good in those! how much are they?"

He was more concerned about the prices of them rather than the "weirdness" of them, but after he saw how much it meant to me and how much I liked them he even offered to pitch in to buying.

tldr; Rather than giving him a whole explanation of what lolita was, I just started by showing him stuff and it worked well for me.

>> No.10434413

I rarely wear 1/3 of my main pieces and feel like I want to sell them but I'm scared that I'll never find them again or that I'll regret it, what do?

>> No.10434418

Why don't you wear them? Has the opportunity just not come up? Is there about the way they look on you that you don't like or they don't suit you as much as the dresses you do wear?

If its the first one then hold on to them for a bit - if you don't think about them in say, a few months, then think about selling. If its the second, then sell. You'll always prefer your other dresses over them. You can use the money for other dresses you like more or accessories to wear with the dresses you like best.

>> No.10434442

>Order dresses and shoes months ago
>Get txt from DHL that something is arriving soon
>Forgot what should be coming about now and too lazy to look

I like suprises.

>> No.10434443

>tried to join a vetted discord server
>first meaningful attempt to interact w the community other than rarely posting coords to IG and lurking the BST threads here
>got denied for "noted and repeated history of being toxic to other lolitas"

what the fuck

>> No.10434444
File: 129 KB, 580x807, 1593939596915.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey i love all you gulls. Having feels atm and just want to spread love ;_;

>> No.10434447

Has anyone sold drugs to afford lolita?

>> No.10434449

Do you have a screen name that could be confused with someone else?

>> No.10434451

just ignored the posts about mental illness and stickers on laptops, then. well spotted

>> No.10434456

With Lolita? Not that I know of. I know one female co-worker who did while also re-selling jewelry on eBay. But this wasn't a surprise as I knew 4 other guys at the same job that also sold drugs to one another. It was just a common thing at work.

>> No.10434459 [DELETED] 

i don't really think so? it's not like one of those "sugaryrosebunnyuwu" type usernames a lot of lolitas have, i've got no idea where they got that from. i'm not even in an IRL comm.

>> No.10434460
File: 20 KB, 386x386, F212AE81-F1FA-4CE7-AB4C-B11CE2CC2054.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>scrolling LM
>see a listing for the colorway of one of my favorite dresses

>didn’t realize it’s not the cut I wanted

>> No.10434462

i don't really think so? it's not like one of those "sugaryrosebunnyuwu" type usernames a lot of lolitas have, i've got no idea where they got that from. if they got me confused with some other i'd have no idea who. i'm not even in an IRL comm.

>> No.10434465

What kind of virgin weeb friends do you faggots have? Almost every adult woman I've been friends with enjoys getting dolled up together for a night out or can appreciate a beautiful outfit for lunch. They may not be into lolita themselves, but they can understand and appreciate fashion in general.

>> No.10434467

a huge amount of normies (especially in burgerland) consider anything with bright patterns or decoration too flashy or weird to wear

>> No.10434487

this is a feel in and of itself. I hate it here

>> No.10434488

I live in the US, but maybe it's because I went to college and live in a big city rather than being surrounded by poorfags in the midwest?

>> No.10434492

maybe, i live in a southeast US town that's got a pretty sharp divide between the poor and the rich, but even the rich people here have no fucking taste. instead of buying walmart yoga pants, they buy 200 dollar boutique yoga pants that have healing magnets in them or some shit

>> No.10434501

From the ads I thought those had a built in vibrator in them, which sounds pretty cool to me. If they just meant the pretend “vibrations” of some rock that’s lame

>> No.10434503

yeah it's like fake ass ~energy vibrations~ from bits of copper or some shit woven into the fabric

>> No.10434505

I'm in LA and this is basically what I see here too. The only girls I regularly see wearing skirts or dresses outside of some special occasion are Asian.

>> No.10434513

Same, and I live in a nicer part of texas. Only asians and the occasional rich spanish women. White and hispanic girls tend to wear the same basic outfits all the time. Asians are consistently dressed really well. There's this asian girl at my workplace who carries a kate spade strawberry basket bag with her, always has very larme inspired accessories on, basically just puts in efforts in her outfits. She makes me want to dress better in normie when i see her. But I'd rather spend my money on lolita and wear simple comfy normie stuff with cute accessories.

>> No.10434516

I wish the "casual dress over leggings" thing would come back. Yoga pants/leggings as pants feel so crass to me and it doesn't help that I'm seeing more and more women who seem to think pantyhose count as pants.

>> No.10434530

get a trap (usually your local shelter will loan them out) trap him, and take him in as a stray you found. Or be lazy and drive a few miles away and let him out.

>> No.10434550

>possible Aspergers

JSYK, Aspergers isn't a diagnosis anymore. you're just on the autism spectrum.

>> No.10434560

Asexuals are insane. Imaging “loving” someone and not wanting to fuck them.

>> No.10434561

I am the wanna be efamous anon and I’m so sorry about what you experienced. From what you are saying, I’m guessing she was a little bit unstable since the beginning. Idk, but I don’t feel like I would go down that road, I’m already aware that with being noticed there’s also hate and tend not to take those things personally. Anyways, if I really do take off someday I will keep that in mind and pay attention to any signals of my mental health deteriorating.

>> No.10434562

All I can say is that even if she'd been the most stable person on Earth it would've been enough to drive her crazy. Are you ready to get suicide notes from random dudes? Those were a depressingly regular occurrence in her inbox.

>> No.10434633

Fucking isn't the same as physical intimacy. You can be physically intimate but not desire sex.

>> No.10434635

Stop responding to the troll.

>> No.10434639

Anon is just creating flame because of the last thread. Just ignore it.

>> No.10434640

your other post got deleted for a reason. stop it

>> No.10434642

1. Buy printable sticker paper,
2. scan your favorite stickers,
3. print it out and cut out the stickers and stick them where you like.
4. Keep the originals in a folder.
5. Congrats on the endless stickers

I feel the same. I suppose it's odd for them being into game genres i don't or cant play o my potato PC but it still bites.

not everyone wants the D or the V. some folks just want to cuddle

>> No.10434664

Bad post

>> No.10434675

That’s not true love then. Have you ever experienced sex with someone you truly love? It’s a bond like nothing else

>> No.10434678


>> No.10434680


Can't tell if this scrote just loves baiting people or if he's just a lonely incel virgin desperate to believe the mediocre sex he hasn't had yet is the true meaning of love because he has little else to look forward to in life.

>> No.10434686

Have you ever had sex with someone you truly love? You’d understand. It’s the greatest bond between two souls.

>> No.10434688


I have had sex with someone I truly love and will be with forever; it's a nice way to connect but it isn't the end all be all of a relationship you idiot.

>> No.10434690

>will be with together
You won’t be if that person stops fucking you. Unless you’re an asexual weirdo

>> No.10434691

Meant forever, not together, oops

>> No.10434692

I'm not asexual but can live without sex and still have an intimate connection with someone else because I'm not an obsessed retard.

>> No.10434700

Being a sex crazed incel/femcel who can't handle being alone is a worthless existence. Just kill yourself already guys.

>> No.10434733

Fuck, I'm from LA too and it will never cease to baffle me how tasteless and bland the everyday fashion here is. People will spend hundreds of dollars on the clothing equivalent of plain oatmeal. But, like, organic, fair trade, steel-cut oats from Whole Foods, or whatever.

>> No.10434739

I guess that I wouldn’t look at my inbox anymore if it started to happen as a regular occurrence, maybe I would stop seeing it because of dick pics even before receiving anything like suicide notes. Anyway, I know people who have some kind of efame and it’s not as stressful as it’s being described here, not every efamous person is driven crazy even if some do. Also, I don’t think I would get to 250k level anyway, if I ever get to 50k organically I would be already happy enough and considering my case a success, it’s not like I want to make a living out of it anyway.

>> No.10434757

I understand where you're coming from e-famous anon

When I was younger I wanted to be famous specifically like Andrew Hussie in that no one on the street or even in most nerd circles would recognize me, but at the same time I'd still have a massive and incredibly disturbing fanbase. I just wanted to have a large group of people I could troll for laughs

>> No.10434760

Shit face

>> No.10434761

And you know I would move Heaven and Earth to be together forever with you~

>> No.10434763

Shut the fuck up fag

>> No.10434770

Seethe more, BPD-chan.


>> No.10434796

I work at a large research university in Western Europe and most women here think fashion is a waste of time. They have different priorities and there’s nothing wrong with that, but it does mean everyone thinks I’m a weirdo for wearing skirts and dresses. I don’t even wear makeup to work but people regularly ask me if I’m dressed up for a special occasion.

>> No.10434812

I’m kind of sad about this, fashion is not essential and doesn’t need to be a priority, but usually those woman had to give up any kind of vanity to be taken seriously and this includes fashion. Then, woman like you who didn’t give it up are seem as something weird and sometimes even ridiculous or childish, can’t we be smart and stylish at the same time?

>> No.10434827

I’m honestly very lazy when it comes to dressing for work, but people seem to think that putting on a dress and tights is more work than putting on a shirt and jeans or leggings. I probably spend as much time getting ready as any guy who shaves every day, and most of my dresses are way less flashy than some of the graphic t-shirts other people wear.

There’s also this weird idea that the more time and attention you put into getting ready in the morning, the less time and attention you have for your work. But in my experience, the people who literally just roll out of bed and come into work tend to be the ones who are late, leave early and have no attention for detail.

Anyway if my coworkers found out I wear petticoats in my free time their heads would probably explode.

>> No.10434840

Did you know there are lolitas who wear diapers under their skirts, and they could be in your comm right now and you have no way of knowing? Isnt that disgusting and horrifying? It makes me want to find out who they are so I can help expel them from the community but sadly theres know way to know. I despise ageplayers and "littles" and it makes me so upset that these sickos are just lurking in any given comm, and that because they are women you cant just pick them out at glance like sissies. Why the fuck do other girls do this shit? Dont they have any common sense?

>> No.10434841

Its almost like you're trying to find things to stress about.
Its not affecting you if someone's doing that so why are you so obsessed with what someone might be wearing under their dress? Seems pretty weird to me.

>> No.10434842
File: 76 KB, 361x279, noisesdownstairs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw hetero-romantic ace male who keeps getting crushes on lesbians
>tfw cute girl wants to date me, but only if we can be a throuple with her transgender gf
>tfw still no cons or cosplay until 2021

>> No.10434843

Throuple = 4 person rel?
I have heard of triads working out, like menagé a trois but never 4.

>> No.10434850

>trans identified male boyfriend
anon please

>> No.10434855
File: 643 KB, 1022x731, 0f8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>See cosplayer come across on Instagram
>Check profile
>Have to really check closely to make sure they're not pieces of shit
>Still occasionally get a BLM supporter
Why do we have so many toxic people?

>> No.10434856

I dont really understand.
Are you implying blm supporters are toxic?

>> No.10434857

What else would they be? They even look bad compared to Nazis.

>> No.10434858

A lot of them are super toxic but you have to be trolling implying they're worse or as bad as nazis lmao

>> No.10434859

Honestly, they are simply because Nazis are irrelevant. Are Nazis going around looting? Are Nazis getting funded from corporate America? Are Nazis doxing everyone that disagrees with them? They both openly profess hatred and terrorism. They both claim persecution. They both think increasing racial tensions are a good idea. They both think they're superior while sabotaging their own people. I've never met a nazi with a white kid. They're usually just losers, or have non-white kids.

>> No.10434861

Well I wasn't really taking into account that as a whole they are irrelevant. So far I can say that I don't think they're literal nazi level but I see your point. It's getting really bad considering that BLM supporters are practically the norm now. I'm pretty sick of seeing it in every single one of my hobbies. The doxxing is also getting really out of hand and kind of sickening that people will tell you that if it happens you deserved it and if its used for harmful purposes then it doesn't matter because its for *the greater good*. It's lowkey making me feel suicidal and the only hope is knowing that other people feel the same way.

>> No.10434875

Where does one find a hetero romantic ace partner?

>> No.10434878

I would argue that the term Nazi has become so disconnected from the historical Nazis that the Nazis indeed weren't that bad.

There were and are groups that are worse than Nazis. It's dangerous to think that Nazi's are this hilarious evil stereotype that no one can reach because no one can be that insanely evil because you will always think "Well they're not worse than Nazis." Because obviously in this imaginary version of Nazis nothing can be as bad, making people complacent in the rise of evil.

>> No.10434910

Keep talking about it publicly imo. Shame them for making others suicidal.

>> No.10435049 [DELETED] 

I don't see nazis looting businesses, tearing down statues, shooting kids and setting entire cities on fire.

>> No.10435056 [DELETED] 

did you completely forget about the events leading up to and during WW2 or....

>> No.10435067 [DELETED] 

None of those people are live anymore, anon. You're rallying against ghosts.

It's worth noting, however, that nazis in WW2 transformed a tattered Germany into one of the most productive and powerful nations on Earth. The only thing BLM ever created was a bunch of destroyed cities and an economic recession because "white peepo be racis"

>> No.10435100 [DELETED] 
File: 69 KB, 546x700, back to pol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

GTFO /pol/

>> No.10435101 [DELETED] 

can't you go be racist somewhere else

>> No.10435110

Has anyone's SS got back to them about the AP Ice Cream Jewelry release? I waited all night to hear from mine, but I guess they were too busy to send their normal success/failure replies. I'm not mad, just anxious.

>> No.10435123

My SS got back to me about my Ice Cream Parlor stuff, but I didn't order any of the jewelry

>> No.10435128
File: 45 KB, 705x705, 1592785207671.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>checking Mary Madgalene every day for the unlikey event of a revival
It has been months/years since the last MTO, and I know I should give up at this point. But I can't help myself.

>> No.10435137

Me too, anon. I’m just a poorfag grad student and have never bought new but if they had a new release I would drop the bennies immediately.

>> No.10435142 [DELETED] 

you go back to tumblr first fag

>> No.10435146

Hey Lucy

>> No.10435151 [DELETED] 

don't you have a black person to call the police on for being outside or something

>> No.10435165

3 packages all came in at once today. Bless this day.

>> No.10435223

A girl I know currently identifies as “transmasculine”, and like, isn’t that just called being a tomboy? Not that she’s a tomboy in any way though. Literally one of the girliest girls I’ve ever met. But she’s also an attention whore and sjw, so makes sense she wants to be trans without actually being trans just to have another cool queer label to call herself.

>> No.10435224 [DELETED] 
File: 599 KB, 500x500, makochew.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Why do we have so many toxic people?
If the claim that it's wrong to murder black people offends you, it sounds like you're the problem, Karen.

>> No.10435226

I've lost weight due to illness and none of my dresses fit me anymore. I don't know if they ever will again. Feels really bad.

>> No.10435229


You can always take them in anon. People give fat people shit for alterations but if you're thin they will likely care less since you can do it in a way that allows it to be let out later and not harm the piece usually.

>> No.10435235

I hope you got what you wanted, anon! I'm hoping my SS gets back to me tonight. I just want to be put out of my misery hah.

>> No.10435247

There are a lot of men in my local cosplay community who get outed right now. One of them who I just barely know apparently molested and harassed a girl when she was 13. It's easy to click unfriend on Facebook, but it's not easy to unthink it.

I was one of those young girls, getting touched in ill advised ways, in situations where we can't say no. I've been thinking of the guy who did it to me. He ought to be nearly thirty now. Part of me really wants to connect with him and talk about it. I don't want to out him. I just want to understand. I want to hear the story he has been telling himself about what happened.

I won't do it though. All my friends advice against it, and there's ultimately no point to it. Curiosity alone isn't enough to hunt down a man eight years later and ask if it meant as much to him as it did to me. He might have already killed himself for all I know.

>> No.10435258

I'm not in a position to give any kind of advice, but I just wanted to say that I'm sorry that happened to you. You deserve to life life free of that bullshit.

>> No.10435261

You know I've wondered the same thing every now and then. There's been a handful of times where I've been in some situations with older men as a child and thought nothing of it at the time because I was 8-13 of the times I've remebered. But now as an adult I've looked back on those incidents and wonder what the hell. What are those guys up to now? They probably have kids and living normal live most likely and if I were able to say something, I'd be the bad guy for ruining their lives. It's kinda fucked up.

>> No.10435289

This metaphor is spot on. I see rich posers waste money on pretending to have a palette all of the time in a number of different ways, whether it's turning their nose up at an affordable Spanish white wine to have with chicken in favor of an top shelf French (not even Burgundy or Rhone Valley or anything) red, expensive downtown restaurants which upon inspection actually have Applebee's tier menus that just sound fancier, or overpriced pretentious processed convenience foods.

>> No.10435291

OG Nazis actually were helped by corporate America. Companies like GM, Chrysler, and IBM sold the Nazis industrial machines and technology which ended up being used to produce war material among other things. Milo's character in Catch-22 is a commentary on this.

>> No.10435294

>One druggies life is worth the destruction and ruin of tens of thousands of people's livelihoods and the extra deaths of innocent people

Stop being a performative sjw.

>> No.10435299


And the Weimar Republic was in cahoots with the USSR state owned companies to develop weapons.

>> No.10435305

>Are Nazis going around looting?
>Are Nazis getting funded from corporate America?
>Are Nazis doxing everyone that disagrees with them?

>> No.10435306

Nayrt but this is weak sauce.

>> No.10435314

Oh? Was I wrong about something?

>> No.10435321

You read all of that and all you can do is say "stop being racist!!!!!!!"
Thats all you wokesters know how to do

>> No.10435325

Yeah we're offended by one of the founders themselves saying whiteness is a genetic defect and that white people are subhuman, and that this rhetoric is encouraged by a sizeable amount of people with a platform.

We're offended that children are getting doxxed and their parents livelihoods ruined for the most miniscule of reasons.

Offended that innocent people are getting killed in the crossfire of these so-called peaceful protests

Offended from seeing my city destroyed and small business taking the blow from which they will likely never recover amidst an impending economic recession

But I guess that just makes us dumb whiteys who don't think black ppl deserve to live.

>> No.10435329

>7 people versus million
>edgy people who harassed Shia LaBeouf

Yeah no. That's no where near equivalent to the huge amounts of unrest, destruction, racism and division caused by BLM.

>> No.10435331

I want /pol/ to leave.

>> No.10435339

BLM please go

>> No.10435348

>if I were able to say something, I'd be the bad guy for ruining their lives. It's kinda fucked up.

Literally nobody that has a moral compass would say this unless you go full CANCEL on them and are just looking to draw blood. If you want justice and are willing to let the system take it's time, nobody will think you are a problem.

>> No.10435350


But, nowadays yeah people are all for justice for that sort of thing. Honestly though, 10 years ago I saw a lot of victim blaming and accusations that said victim is just trying to ruin the perp's life. Its not as common now but I've seen a handful of people react that way still.

>> No.10435356

I was 14 ten years ago so I can't comment on how the world was. I just think that today the only time the victim gets backlash is if they are not looking for justice but just to tear someone apart.

Whilst it's understandable, if myself or someone I knew had gone through serial harassment or rape I'd probably take it into my own hands because whatever punishment they get wouldn't be enough in my opinion but it's understandable in the public opinion that society runs on moderated justice not vigilantes.

>> No.10435360


>> No.10435363

Do any of you retards really believe this is the correct place for this discussion?

>> No.10435364

This is the feels thread. We discuss feels.

>> No.10435369

>studying Japanese religiously for 1 hour a day as that's all the time I have
>The task of fluency is such a fucking huge one that I want to give up
>Feel almost zero progress despite the work

Can any ESLs give me motivation on learning a language?

>> No.10435374

Oh so you got nothin? Ok glad you could admit it and stop being a trash human being.

>> No.10435398

Getting shot after attacking someone isn't murder.

>> No.10435403

>getting shot isn't murder
it is if they died

>> No.10435406

A few bad people vs millions destroying every major city in the world isn't the same. this isn't the 1940s anymore. Stop being naziphobic.

>> No.10435407

So I guess if someone breaks in to your house and tries to rob you then its murder if you shoot them and they happen to die.
Should have just let them take your shit, DUH. Its called an unplanned donation, right?

>> No.10435408

Ok I know you did not just say nazis were "a few bad people". That's it, there's no reasoning with you. This debate is over, you lost because you can't be disuaded from wanting to genocide people for fighting back against the systems that control them. Read a fucking book.

>> No.10435410

I know critical thinking is hard for you, but maybe you should be asking why someone would resort to needing to break into a house to survive. Why people would risk being murdered trying to survive than being paid what amounts to slave wages at mcdonalds. It's called being a decent human being, try showing some compassion once in a while.

>> No.10435414

Or maybe people aren't entitled to my shit just because they're struggling? Defending yourself or your property doesn't make you a murderer and you aren't entitled to anyone's compassion just because your life sucks. That's not how things work.

>> No.10435418

What systems? The billionaires and trillion dollar corporations that all support BLM? The mass media, 95% of which supports BLM? You have to be stupid to think you're fighting the system here.

>> No.10435420

Fucking this.

So funny how they think they're showing it to the man with their corporate funded communist revolution

>> No.10435421

You should read Animal Farm. it's really short so you have no excuse. If you don't see a parallel between it and the woke left then I can't help you.

>> No.10435423

"Read a book" "Educate yourself" "Do the work" is just Newspeak for "Indoctrinate yourself"

>> No.10435425


>> No.10435427

The way academia, news and entertainment media, the corporate world, the Democratic Party, the near entirety of the art world, and grassroots level political actors have been in total lick step is honestly probably the closest thing to a fascist movement in American history. Fascists even used Marxists revolutionary rhetoric to further their aims and gain support from the working classes

>> No.10435428

Yup. I used to be a radical left until I opened my eyes and realized that these so called antifascists just wanted to implement their own brand of fascism.

>> No.10435431

At least they're self aware enough to not call it "re-education" even though we all know that's what they meant.
>Corporate sponsored communist revolution

>> No.10435435

it's as if groups not in power want to replace those that are.

>> No.10435437

How about not having any radicals in power because that usually results in bloodshed? Almost as if revolutions and regime changes aren't inherently good.

>> No.10435438

Amazing how the groups already in power are helping this process

>> No.10435439

>muh animal farm
It's like Harry Potter for chuds.

>> No.10435442

I know this might be hard for you to comprehend but
Not everyone who criticizes the woke left is a conservative or a white supremacist.

>> No.10435448

This is literally a no u moment.

Your evidence surmounts to a piss in the wind.

>> No.10435450

lmao literal victim blaming.

>just let people take your shit, because they're willing to die for it therefore they are more entitled to it than you, the person who spent parts of their finite life span working for it which you can't get back

>> No.10435451


>> No.10435456

I can't say how happy I am to see this conversation here.
I'm literally a moderate, but now I'm grouped in with Nazis and Republicans.
Wokeism is what pushed me out of the lolita community actually and it's nice to see people waking up to it.

>> No.10435460

I feel you.

I got pushed out of my friend group a few years ago when they tried to polarise every issue we talked about into "Nazi or Good" because I just wanted a reasonable discussion. Now I find myself agreeing on more issues with the right-wing because despite sometimes being fucking incomprehensible they're not completely fucking incomprehensible like the left is today.

>> No.10435463

You're not alone my dude. I was into lolita years ago, came back to see it infiltrated with wokeism. I lean left on a lot of issues but I can't stand this shit. I wish there was a better way to find more people like us.

>> No.10435465


Have some compassion for the stranger that's breaking into your home and threatening you and your livelihood! If you wanted to work hard for your assets, well thats your fault for being a wage slave, but have some compassion for the person who wants take all of that away from you!

Like...the fucking nerve of these people. Do they not realize how insane they sound?

>> No.10435485

>why someone would resort to needing to break into a house to survive
They don't have to. They choose to because they are used to getting everything they want to the point of taking other people's shit.

>> No.10435489

I know its hard not to imagine a life beyond mediocrity, but, you realize that there are jobs other than McDonald's, right?

>> No.10435531

>implying these people have jobs

>> No.10435534

This. I grew up in a neighbourhood full of full-time criminals. All of them were healthy and fit enough to work but they didn't like how little it paid and refused to become educated in a trade or university because they didn't want to go into debt because they were all financially illiterate to the idea of return on investment. It was quick and easy money to break into someone's house or break into a car, grab what you can carry and bolt. If you got lucky, that's $3-4K worth of stuff, if you weren't lucky, a few hundred.

But they always went out and bought nouveau-riche garbage. Jewelry, iPhones, expensive TVs, designer clothes. Nothing that ever improved their situation or even attempt to better their life to not have to be a full-time criminal.

These people are extremely short sighted and act like crabs in a bucket. If one person stashed their money away to save up for trade-school and didn't buy tacky shit, they would be actively mocked for being poor.

These people deserve nothing.

>> No.10435541

The idea that every criminal is doing what they do because because they're a stolen TV away from starving is really naive, idealistic even.

>> No.10435542

You're correct. It's not about improving the standard of living for people or about achieving true equality, its about seizing power. Thanks for proving my point.

>> No.10435545


>> No.10435546

I went to work straight out of high school to save for college. Finally going to college next year. Staying in a dorm. Realizing my dorm is so tiny I have no idea how I'm going to bring my lolita. Realizing I might not be able to bring lolita. So sad.

>> No.10435570

Time to make a capsule wardrobe!

>> No.10435572

I lost my job months ago but didn’t qualify for unemployment and pandemic unemployment benefits which suck but also made me lose muscle mass and gain fat even though my weight is the same. time to google how to lose weight without getting buff. I know nothing about weight loss so wish me luck..

>> No.10435581

Weightloss is purely a diet thing. No amount of running or picking heavy things up and putting them back down will overcome 20,000 calories of McDonald's.

Step to lose weight:

1. Calculate your TDEE (google it)
2. Aim to eat 250-500 calories below your TDEE
3. Record your diet in MyFitnessPal to make sure you don't go over (DO NOT LIE TO YOURSELF)
4. Weigh yourself on scales once a week, no more no less and record your weight.
5. When weightloss begins to slow, reduce your caloric intake by 100 calories incrementally until it starts again

If you want to lose actually fat and not just weight, you'll need a ketogenic diet but that requires a lot of will power if you don't know what to expect. Do the steps above and you'll be golden.

>> No.10435592
File: 55 KB, 851x634, 869DBD03-6123-4287-A48E-74E9E845715E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don’t even eat McDonald’s I barely eat 1000kcal a day anon but I appreciate the response and will do my best thank you! I’m just very sedentary..

>> No.10435595

You must be really short if you're eating 1000 a day and not losing any weight, sedentary lifestyle considered. I lost a bunch of weight eating 1200 a day while doing practically no excercise.

>> No.10435602

Yeah... I am.....

>> No.10435630

I doubt you are. I think you need to be more honest about your food and drink intake. I’m very short and lost weight with 1000-1200 a day, so you aren’t barely eating 1k if you aren’t loosing a thing.

>> No.10435633

Why do so many people say they want to lose weight and when you tell them the trick is to eat less, they all swear they "barely eat"?

>> No.10435647

Some foods are surprisingly calorie dense. So by volume they're barely eating any food but it has tons of calories.

>> No.10435659

You're the kind of person who makes excuses for every little thing under the sun. Stop that and just solve your own damn problems instead of bitching at people who are trying to help you.

>> No.10435660

I think she's already made the decision because she's too lazy to go through the trouble of selling them, but then expected to get validation here for throwing them all out

>> No.10435668

There is much turmoil and trouble in Japan
Because of COVID please do not blame the SS. They are dealing with a lot of shit and will message you someday. If you continued to make such posts you get blacklisted among SS and sealed from buying in Japan.

>> No.10435721

"I'm gonna eat less!"
>consume one meal that's 3k calories instead of their normal 3k calories spread out through the day
>Get hungry and eat a "small snack" that's another 500cal
>Doesn't realize that the heavy creamed coffee they get with it is another 500cal
>Drinks sweetened tea and sodas not knowing those count as well
"It's not working! This diet sucks!

>> No.10435722

At least donate them all to a thrift shop, anon. It breaks my heart to think of a bunch of dresses in the trash

>> No.10435726

Finally got all the pieces together for my first coord. I put everything on and it actually fit damn well. A little loose in the waist but that can be fixed. I felt great, this is the best I've felt in years being able to look in the mirror and see everthing come together
>Now to put on makeup
>immense fear of accidently getting anything on the dress
>Take everything off
Well that was fun at least. Considering getting one of those capes you see in salons so I can put on my makeup without worrying.

>> No.10435738

After 5 months of not buying anything for myself, I've finally managed to get a pair of wristcuffs that I really wanted.

But I'm feeling so guilty...
Spending money on things for myself makes me more sad than happy, even though I do get happy when the item bought arrives.

I wish I could be kinder to myself in that sense, but since I do not make a lot of money, I'm really harsh about spending it with non-essentials ...

>> No.10435747

I think years of going to cons has done to me what porn supposedly does to other people. Normal people seem so bland and unappealing to after years and years of being surrounded by cosplayers and other otaku. It's like going somewhere full of colorful, beautiful, exotic parrots and then trying to appreciate everyday pigeons and sparrows, I just can't do it.

>> No.10435748

I keep trying to explain this stuff to an overweight friend of mine. They’ll do some really low impact exercise for 15-30 minutes and then get so proud of themselves for exercising that they reward themselves with a treat that’s way more calories than they burned. And frequently they eat things that would be totally fine if they would just eat a reasonable amount, but they always eat several times the serving size. I’m tired of having to listen to them lie to themselves about wanting to get healthy and lose weight. I’ve tried so many times to explain basic shit like calories and at this point it’s obvious that they’re choosing to be ignorant on purpose. I’m reaching a point where I feel like I need to start being harsh with them about this topic so they either get it through their head and start actually trying or they just shut up and stop talking to me about it

>> No.10435749

I’m the person that suggested selling the high ticket items and donating the rest actually. And I already did that. When you have 20+ items to get rid of have a full time job selling everything for pennies on auction is just too tiring.

>> No.10435754

So you’d kill someone to stop them from grabbing medicine from your cabinet, food from your pantry. Great, glad to know I share a board with a bunch of anarchocapitalists

>> No.10435758

>proving anon's point

>> No.10435762

I used to be on the low end of obese, so I'll provide my personal experience here. First, sugar and fat can literally be addictive, and the cravings you get when you try to cut back will make you feel like you haven't eaten enough. Additionally, once you're sufficiently overweight, a "normal" amount of food will still leave you hungry afterward. There's also what >>10435647 said about calorie dense foods, which is an especially insidious problem here in burgerland where there's HFCS hidden in every food product you can think of. All of this can lead to a 100% earnest impression that you're eating at a calorie deficit even when you're not. I only got myself down to a healthy weight when I started cooking 90% of my meals entirely from scratch, and even then there was a lot of psychological baggage I had to deal with to get to where I am now.
idk if that's more info than you needed, I just wanted to get it out there

>> No.10435770

Put on makeup before getting dressed?

>> No.10435774

you're too autistic to wear lolita

>> No.10435799

The way your mind works is bizzare.

>> No.10435808

Hmm. The target looters during the floyd chaos were stealing tvs, not medicine, retard

>> No.10435813

Yoga pants/leggings are weird for me. You see a lot of prudish people/incels complaining about how they're "too sexual" or whatever and that's DEFINITELY not my stance on them, I think people should be able to walk around butt naked if they want to, but I just think they look really unflattering on 90% of the people who wear them. I'm not saying I have any right to tell anybody else what they should wear but personally I think dresses or skirts are vastly more flattering and more attractive on girls with curves or big butts.

>> No.10435815

There's a great British show about this called Secret Eaters. They all swear up and down they eat nothing all day, so hidden cameras track them, and to no ones surprise they actually eat a lot.
It's sarcastic but it does show how many calories can be in coffee and like taking little bites while cooking.

>> No.10435816

As somebody who IS currently pretty close to the obese line (medically speaking at least, 5'10" 220 so not what the average person thinks of as "obese"), a big part of the problem is also the people around you who you have to share meals with. Most fat people come from fat families or have fat partners and if they're not as motivated as you are it's hard to get them to eat diet-friendly food. I was making good progress before corona hit, lost like 8lbs in the month prior and had been eating well, and then this whole thing made me move back in with my dad and brother and I've gained like 15lbs back because it's just so damn hard to eat the right food even if I'm careful with portion control and stuff.

>> No.10435834

So you're admitting you only watched mainstream media or /pol/'s coverage? Good to know. I'll help your maggot infested brain do some thinking. What places were protesters breaking into? Target, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens.. Places known to sell FOOD and MEDICINE. Do you know the average price of insulin (diabetes disproportionately affects the Black community)? Couple hundred dollars for something many people need once a day, if not more if they want to eat good. "b-b-but they were looting autozone too!" You need a working car to get to work. You need a working car to drive your children to school and doctors appointments. You need a working car to drive to meetings you need to go to. Maybe if we focused less on promoting the status symbol of the car and looked into making public transport such as buses and trains work, then maybe people wouldn't have to steal engine oil or spark plugs to, again, SURVIVE. Yes, of course some were stealing tvs, no one is denying this, but that's such a small minority of the people who were really out there just grabbing what they need and can't afford. You know who was arrested for looting vanities? Jake Paul. Does't look too black to me does he? So yeah, keep trying to debate me dude, you're outmatched by a fucking mile. I'd so be down to debate you live but I know cowards like you don't show their faces online because you know the second you step out the house you'll have some of the boys in black stomping your smug little face into the pavement. That's why you stick to anonymous online forums, where you know you can spew this shit without getting knocked the fuck out. Humble yourself.

>> No.10435837

I'm afraid of it smearing and getting into my dress, it's a OP that has to go over my head to put on. I have a JSK on the way that will be easier but this one worries me.

>> No.10435841

There seem to have been two primary groups among the looters. One was actual upset, aggrieved people. The other was people treating looting like some kind of extreme sport, like Jake Paul did, and I think they largely hit different stores and different areas - I mean, who the fuck but a bunch of douchebro white/asian dudes would loot a fucking Patagonia or REI like they did in Santa Monica?

>> No.10435842

Towel and a hair clip should do you fine but those salon bibs are probably cheap and easy too. I use them when doing cos make up for outfits that I have to get in first to avoid make up stains

>> No.10435844

For the excerise part they are thinking of it backwards. I try to let others know (that ask of course) that you shouldn't reward yourself with food. I used to (before corona ruined everything) reward myself with going to the spa for a facial or massage (Groupon is my best friend) and if not that, buying myself jewelry or cute shit. What she should be thinking is " okay, I ate 500cal, what would I have to do to burn that off? "

The best way you can prove it to em or get it through their head (if you want to) is to be an example. If you're trying to lose weight as well, you will be proof to her of what works. If you're already at a weight you're fine with then I got nothing on that front.

>> No.10435845

Tuck some paper towels or an actual towel into the area around your neck to protect the dress while doing makeup if you're that worried, or hell you could even get one of those backwards cape things they put on you when you get your hair done.

>> No.10435852

Yup, I'm gonna go with the salon cape but the other ideas you guys gave is great too. Thanks!

>> No.10435853

>do makeup before getting dressed
>put a pillow case on over your head
>take pillow case off
>do hair

>> No.10435864

Oh shit, I reading comprehension failed there, didn't even catch the part where you mentioned maybe using a salon cape and then I suggested one like an idiot.

>> No.10435867

I realize you're probably like 18 with a really idealistic view of the world and you genuinely believe that every robber is just breaking into your house for your loaf of bread but... i promise, at least for me in a state where food banks are easily accessible, people are not doing these things out of sheer desperation. Grow up.

>> No.10435870

Classic woke left intolerance suggesting people should be physically harmed for having the wrong opinions. Spoken like a true authoritarian.

>> No.10435871

Yeah the person saying this is either trolling or really privileged. They clearly don't have any experience with actual poor people and have this weird, infantilizing, movie like view of them.

>> No.10435872


>> No.10435877

Do bundles

>> No.10435914

So the actual problem isn't White Supremacy(tm) it's atrocious urban planning and junk food

>> No.10435960

Its not white supremacy. Its just that its hard to get out of generational poverty

>> No.10435969

>mfw my seamail packages arrived a lot faster than my SAL packages did, pre-covid19
I'm just thankful my EMS package that was shipped in march isn't still pending, took 2 months for that thing.

>> No.10435980

How do you know it’s time to kys

>> No.10436008

How old are you? I've had my house broken into. This is what they took.

- An xbox
- A TV
- A watch
- Every bit of jewlerry that wasn't bolted down
- A set of headphones
- 4 pillow cases to stuff the crap into
- An old DVD player

They tore apart every cupboard and drawer they could, throwing and smashing anything that wasn't valuable including going through the medicine cabinet which had anti-biotics and chemotherapy medication. None of which they took. They went through the pantry, didn't, take any food.

They also fucking injured my cat with what was obviously a kick to its head because she was so friendly to everyone.

Stop being a naive brat, these people are pieces of shit and deserve to be shot. They stole away parts of my life and my family's life which we spent working. They hurt a fucking innocent animal.

>> No.10436017

Wow they took your toys, some jewlery, and pillow cases. You're right, lets rope em up and drag em round the town til they whistle dixie.

>> No.10436021

Nayrt but you ignored the part where they kicked a fucking animal

>> No.10436035

So first its
"Robbers are just trying to get food in their stomach! You lack the compassion to understand that!"
Then when someone discounts that based off a personal experience its

"So what if they took your stuff and abused your pet! They don't deserve to DIE!"

If you want to let literal strangers into your home with open arms then go right ahead, just don't act like everyone else should do the same

>> No.10436123

I'm sad because my dream job is to be a film set makeup artist but with climate change and the political climate here in the US at least, I know there's no point in working towards anything when I probably won't be here for much longer than 5 years.

>> No.10436132

So again, how old are you? Also, what's your parents annual income?

>> No.10436139

Also, you have obviously never had your house broken into. The psycological aspect of it is much worse than anything anyone can take. Your entire home feels dirty, these people who have no respect that this a home, not just a house, come in and take anything. It doesn't matter that people have raised children in this home, lost loved ones and any other life changing situations. You feel unsafe in your own home, the little bit of security you feel when you close the door behind you and you can finally be yourself and let go, that's gone. It turns you into a paranoid anxious mess.

>> No.10436165

that's a really cool dream job to have. suck about the covid thing tho

>> No.10436200

That guy needed your tv and jewelry more than you did. Sorry. People's lives matter more than your sentimental value. He was probably homeless, its disgusting that people like you have houses and then expect others to get scraps.

You should be grateful he only took the things he did and not more.

>> No.10436203

Okay troll.

>> No.10436205

Not a troll. Just hate capitalist scum with their houses and tvs and cats

>> No.10437662

nowhere on the internet, sadly

>> No.10437669

don't kid yourself, even before BLM was a thing /pol wasn't welcome here.

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