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Got any tips for shrink plastic crafting? Sources for good preprinted plastic? Think it’s dumb?

Let’s talk about what we’ve done while stuck at home

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Puraban (プラバン) appears to be the Japanese search term. Full disclosure I do NOT speak Japanese and this is just what is pulling up results for me. Correct me if I’m wrong

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This thing blew my mind yesterday, I wish there was a english tutorial for that ruffle maker.

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To add, she uses it in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=desdtx-j0TI

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Holy shit this is brilliant

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It's a drawer divider repurposed. Just tape it so the front is aligned 1/2 section off from the front piece.

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Does anyone have a good Lolita or other fashion project for a big shirring panel?
I bought a cheap top that's basically all shirring, but the fabric is too scratchy to wear. I can't return it so I was wondering if there's some way to repurpose it.

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Maybe turn it into a pillow?

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Just saw some Karen on YouTube sobbing about how she didn’t know you needed to use a ventilator or gloves when working with epoxy. Jesus I cannot believe how little research people do when google is free

Anyway, what safety steps do you take and what’s your resin setup typically like?

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A lot of those Facebook videos show uv resin and make it look like a a super safe craft thing. This probably leads to people trying larger epoxy resin projects and fucking themselves over.

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True, but also how do you have an entire epoxy crafting channel for years and never notice what the huge ass warning labels say or even just stumble upon warnings online

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OH! I didn't realize the Karen in question was a regular user, I got it in my head this person used it like once and was told "don't do that." Yeah... I have no idea why someone wouldn't actually read the product they are using.

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No she literally had a whole channel for it and got permanent lung damage because ~NO ONE TOLD HER!!~

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you don't really need a ventilator unless you're sanding, but you definitely need one for that.

also you'd be surprised how much shit information about resin there is.

>people don't know uv and epoxy aren't the same
>people don't know uv and nail gels (specifically no wipe) are the same
>people don't know resin (uv more than epoxy) can cause an allergy
not knowing how to layer resin, not knowing epoxy and uv are compatible if you sand them. and don't get me started on all the morons who use alcohol inks to make those fugly acid trip tie dye nightmares and then wonder why their pieces are so fragile.

my setup is attached to my nail art setup so iuse the same materials and tools for both, i just disinfect everything between uses. i also recommend buying a nail dust collector to help keep resin dust out of the air. you basically just sand over the filtered fan to catch dust and debris. but since it's for nails it's contoured for your wrists to be on.

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>i also recommend buying a nail dust collector to help keep resin dust out of the air. you basically just sand over the filtered fan to catch dust and debris. but since it's for nails it's contoured for your wrists to be on.

Neat, I’ve only done bezels so far so no sanding, but I will keep that in mind when I do

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i mostly work with UV and you don't really need a ventilator unless you're sanding, but you definitely need one for that.

also you'd be surprised how much shit information about resin there is.

>people don't know uv and epoxy aren't the same
>people don't know uv and nail gels (specifically no wipe) are the same
>people don't know resin (uv more than epoxy) can cause an allergy
not knowing how to layer resin, not knowing epoxy and uv are compatible if you sand them. and don't get me started on all the morons who use alcohol inks to make those fugly acid trip tie dye nightmares and then wonder why their pieces are so fragile.

my setup is attached to my nail art setup so iuse the same materials and tools for both, i just disinfect everything between uses. i also recommend buying a nail dust collector to help keep resin dust out of the air. you basically just sand over the filtered fan to catch dust and debris. but since it's for nails it's contoured for your wrists to be on.

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sorry part of my post got cut off so i reposted it. but yeah you can get a nice, cheap one on amazon. i also work with bezels but have been doing molds recently. pic related is something i just did last night.

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You'd think you'd notice the burning sooner rather than later. Man, how many people followed her lead into huffing toxic fumes. Anyway, to answer the original question, I only work with small amounts of uv resin, so I have the gloves, respirator, and I work out in my barn. Nothing fancy, but like I said, I only do itty bitty things

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I hate to sound like I'm asking to be spoonfed, but do you have any links to resources that you'd recommend for someone new getting into resin crafts? I've been looking into tutorials and there's so much info and it's all new to me, I can't tell what's good info or not. Or people just go through the steps for a tutorial but don't explain what's going on

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That’s exactly the stuff I’d like to try with molds. I’m just a sucker for filigree.

And if by chance you are Etsy nail chan, keep up the good work!

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Not that anon, but UV is super straight forward, especially with things like bezels. You just mix some stuff in, pour a thin layer and set with a UV lamp.

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haha yes it is me. i forget if i posted my etsy link on here or not...

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You didn’t. Lmao I’m also ghost customer anon. Don’t worry about posting if you don’t want or just shoot me an email if you still have my contact

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This is meant to be friendly, sorry if it sounds brusque lol

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oh hey, haha sorry! i think i probably forgot, i have been dealing with a lot up til now. lemme shoot you an email.
don't worry bb.

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Hey, np! Hope things finally chill out for you!

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Do you have a link to the vid?

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Ooh, the nail dust collector is a good idea, thanks anon. I've mostly been wet-sanding, not sure if that works better or worse.

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it's honestly just a preference. you can't really polish resin from sanding but it does reduce the dust and make it a little smoother too. i wet sand depending on what i'm doing.

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Yeah, was thinking in terms of sanding off the extra bits most of them end up with, and sometimes I drill holes into some of the flat shapes.

I've given up polishing, usually my final step is to spray it with gloss coat, usually using the MSC UV Cut clear coat. Though I guess I haven't tested to see how effective the UV Cut really is against preventing resin yellowing from sun exposure.

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>don't get me started on all the morons who use alcohol inks to make those fugly acid trip tie dye nightmares and then wonder why their pieces are so fragile
I’m new to resin. Would the reason this is bad (other than taste) be the quantity of alcohol inks used, or is it bad to use alcohol in in general?

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Anyone have any ideas of what to do with teacups? Accessories or decor? I recently came into possession of a bunch of cute but not particularly valuable teacups and I was looking for some way to use them.

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I like making candles out of them.

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Do you ever make coffee or tea scented teacup candles?

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Yup! Hot chocolate, too.

When I make them in mugs I like to add mica and sprinkles and do extra deco. But for tea cups I like to let the cup itself be the centerpiece.

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Any recommended YouTube channels for craft tutorials? I like Tukulot for resin.

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I love you

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Seconding this. The only resin youtubers I have on my feed are tutorial based ones. It'd be nice to have some actual content to watch.

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I've had some shrinky dink plastic laying around for a while I need to use. What's your recommended ways for coloring/drawing on the plastic?

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Chalk pastels seem to be the go to. Probably an face-up supplies if you do BJDs

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No u

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Anyone else here used Cricut to cut shrink plastic? Recently got a Maker and I thought it would be fun to use it to make filigree earrings or something like that

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Not that video, but I've been into Korean resin makers recently and this video was questionable:
There was no plastic between the cakes and the resin at all.

Other than that, I recommend their channel, the pieces they make are really cute.

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anyone remember which plastic types are useable for shrinky dinks?!!?? number 2 and 3? I know for sure it's not number 5 or 1. Or do I? HELP ME

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I like to use prismacolor colored pencils. Never use paint. oh god never use paint of any kind.

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to be clear, by 'number' I mean the number inside the recycle triangle symbol. I remember reusing all sorts of plastic containers from the bakery and supermarket to do awesome shrinky dinks, by sanding one side of the plastic, but I can't remember now which numbers were the right ones. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP

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why not just buy the shrink plastic on amazon?

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I'm grungy and poor and I eat a lot of bakery food

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then don't get into crafts.

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You don't need a ventilator when working with epoxy you retard you're thinking of polyurethane

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sorry about your lung damage.

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Yes you do. Look it up right now.

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Looks like the number might be 6. I don't remember hearing that you need to sand one side, but hey I also don't make earrings.

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autistic bakery-chan is talking out her ass

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it’s 6. 1 shrinks but will cloud/fog up

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Does epoxy have a smell when you're mixing it/when it's curing.
Yes, so you need a mask.
Literally, it's a chemical reaction. You can't be that dumb.

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Different anon, but does an N95 mask do the job or does it need to be a respirator? I've never worked with resin before, so don't worry about my lungs just yet.

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this isn't how it works. you probably should use a mask for the fumes but you really need a respirator when sanding because the resin particles are really sharp and embed in the lungs causing damage.

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since everyone itt seems to have no idea how to use resin i will post what safety precautions you should take and why. for epoxy and uv

>use a mask or be in a well ventilated room while working with uncured resin
you don't need the respirator here but the chemicals may cause dizziness and a nauseous feeling if the room isn't well ventilated. it is shown that frequent inhalation can cause asthma, but this is certain types of industrial epoxy used in a work setting on a daily basis.

>use a mask or respirator when sanding, filing, cutting or otherwise breaking the resin
epoxy's molecular structure is long which lends itself to strength but also cause any particles to remain long and "sharp". like stated before, the particles can embed into the lungs and cause lasting respiratory damage.

>wear gloves while handling uncured resin, i am begging you
every kind of resin can cause skin allergies if handled without gloves. said allergies are permanent and cannot be treated or reversed. handling of uncured resin can also exasperate preexisting skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. i can't stress enough how important it is, because the more you handle uncured resin the worse the allergy can get.

uv resin

>try to use a mask and well ventilated area while working with uncured resin
uv resin is made of different polymers than epoxy. since it is uv activated and has a shorter chemical reaction, less fumes are emitted and these fumes generally don't cause any problems. uv resin is generally considered nontoxic, but you should still take some precautions while curing.

>wear a mask when filing etc.
uv resin doesn't have the same molecular structure, but not wearing a mask while creating particles may cause the resin allergy to develop. so i'd recommend atleast something to keep dust particles out of your system.

>wear gloves while handling uncured resin
again, this is important because of the allergy that can develop.

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Thank you, anon! A great safety primer

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Sorry for the confusion anon, when I say mask I mean respirator. I only use fabric masks medically.
I use my respirator when working with anything that has a smell, sanding included, since it gives off the smell of the item being sanded, be it resin or wood.

With resin, the use of it in a more personal setting is still relatively new, so it's effects haven't been properly documented, esp long term, so I'd rather take the precaution to be safe.

Thanks for the comprehensive info anon.

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I'm not talking out my ass, you can really actually reuse plastic containers of the right type of plastic this way. Why would you even be angry about it? Because I spoke in a casual, informal, silly sort of way? Literally, what is wrong with you and who hurt you?

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you're just a big cunt, huh? You're probably the same anon in the thread saying NO women have innie vaginas. You are weird and full of negativity and self-hate. Anyone can craft. Saying you must be rich to do it is retarded. You're the sort of person who lacks skill or creativity, and makes up for it buy spending lots of extra money and polishing up her turd of a craft attempt by using the finest, priciest materials.

You're a gold-plated turd monkey

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thank you, kind anon

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My UV lamp died. Any idea how to fix it? There's screws on the bottom, I have no idea what to replace or what to do though.

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In what way? The bulbs can burn out and are replaceable

>> No.10473308


It just no longer turns on. All four tubes inside are dead.

I already replaced one bulb/tube, is it possible for the entire whole row of bulbs to all go out at the same time? I don't mind buying replacement bulbs if it'll fix the problem, I just doubt it because at least one of those tubes is newly replaced, so they shouldn't all burn out at the same time.

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have a snickers, anon.

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Look for:
1. Broken fuses (replace)
2. Broken lamps (replace)
3. Burn marks on the PCB (device is borked unless you know how to solder)

>> No.10473968


Thanks. Was thinking of just replacing the starter but will look for the other stuff as well now.

No one has pics of what the inside looks like, huh. I thought for sure someone else would have had to fix their lamps by now.

>> No.10473972

But that do beg the question:
Are you working in a properly ventilated area? Because most apartment are ratboxes without ventilation. Even if you do open a window: Where will the positive pressure come from, to ensure the gasses escape?

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You're not wrong about being able to reuse plastic for shrinky dink purposes because my dad used to do it - you can even do it to crisp/chip packets. Unfortunately I don't know which ones can and can't be used but it seems that other anons have it covered.

Personally I think it's great you're re purposing them, it's great for the environment and I love it when resin crafters reuse for their shaker charms too - good for you anon!

>> No.10474546

Fan on pointed out the window? Does that work?

I love doing the shrinking of chip packets, but aren't they like... super toxic?

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i know this is old but all the industrial plastic is super toxic, you shouldn't be using any of them. shrink plastic is formulated to be used to well, shrink. anything that just happens to also shrink is going to give off dangerous fumes.

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Nayrt but..................................... fuck

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white people dude.

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Speaking of, does anyone know the long term effects of spraying isopropyl spray onto your resin after mixing/before pouring? I've been seeing some posts going around saying that it clears out bubbles, but I'm wondering if there are any downsides coz it just seems too easy.


>> No.10482168

Anybody tried acrylic ink to color their resin before? Seems it's OK to use regular acrylics on resin as long as you don't add way more of what your resin can handle.

Wouldn't acrylic in ink form work better to avoid paint blobs?

>> No.10482527

I'm not a specialist and I prefer to use a heat source to remove bubbles but isopropyl alcool evaporation is so quick that I don't think it would give any problem to a resin that cure during multiple hours.

>> No.10482550

resident resin anon here. i recommend against spray because it can cause cloudy areas, even if it evaporates and definitely isn't good for UV. i used it before and it leaves cloudy spots. just use a heat gun or torch. i use an emboss heat gun because it has lower airflow with high heat.

acrylic dyes or even paints can work since they are plastic based. the general rule is 2 parts resin to 1 part colorant max to get the best cure, otherwise the polymer chains don't connect properly and can make the resin weak and fragile. (a lot of those methods of just pouring in alcohol dyes result in weak resin after it's cured, because people don't follow the ratio)

hope all this helps!

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Okay so I'm a total noob and want to start making tiny clay creatures and maybe some pins. What type of clay should I use? and what do I need to get for a clear coat on top?

>> No.10482717

Airdry clay would be a great place to start because its cheap and easy. Start moving up to more demanding clays like Sculpey or Fimo when you get comfortable.

>> No.10482880

I'm assuming the cloudiness will still occur with Epoxy resins? That's a shame, I didn't wanna have to buy another tool but. I guess it's gonna happen. Thanks!!

>> No.10483009

Actually, what I do is I just take a straw and blow all the bubbles out

>> No.10483074

I wear a mask when near my curing epoxy, and you really should too, so straw blowing is a no-no.

>> No.10483078

the cloudiness is less with epoxy, but it can still happen. the last thing that you want after waiting hours for it to dry is to see weird spots in the colour.

>> No.10483081

this legit doesn't work and i have no idea why you are promoting that. like >>10483009 said, you should really be using a mask.

>> No.10483282

thank you, I didn't know about the ratio

>> No.10483379

Thank you, anon! I have some acrylic inks to try.

>> No.10483654

Using a lighter is much easier and safer than not wearing a mask. Just get one of those longer tipped ones ppl use to light candles/bbqs

>> No.10483681

I've seen people using these obviously, but I always wondered, do you have to pour in layers? Like, pour, pop, pour, pop. Does the lighter reach deeper /complex molds?
No shade, I just want mostly bubble free resin and I need answers aside from buying a vacuum chamber and pressure pot coz a bitch broke.

>> No.10484145

I usually mix mine, let it sit for a few minutes to let those bubbles rise, pop them in the cup with the lighter, then pour into molds and let sit for a few, if the molds are sturdy I tap them against the table to help the bubbles rise up. Then do the lighter again. Sometimes you have to check it a couple times in the first hour to get rid of the bubbles, but it usually works pretty good with 2-3 lighter pass overs.

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I've just bought a laser cutter and want to try making AP-esque jewellery. I'm not sure if this is something I actually want to sell, but before I jump in the deep end and buy a shit ton of jewellery supplies, I have some questions.

>How would you feel about pieces that are heavily inspired by already existing patterns in dresses? I would never trace art work, but if I made something that resembled a character (eg. ChickChan, CTP Cat?) is this an absolute immediate no, or because it never existed as jewellery is it ok?

>What is an appropriate price point?

>Would it be worth using silver chains and fittings instead of cheap metals? Would this encourage you to pay more or is cheap metal and a lower price preferred?

I appreciate any help and guidance!

>> No.10486270

In my personal experience selling jewelry, people are more concerned with whether things are hypoallergenic than if it's silver. It's not very expensive to upgrade your findings to titanium or some such if the bulk of your piece is acrylic

>> No.10486284

>How would you feel about pieces that are heavily inspired by already existing patterns in dresses? I would never trace art work, but if I made something that resembled a character (eg. ChickChan, CTP Cat?) is this an absolute immediate no, or because it never existed as jewellery is it ok?
Literally so many small indie brands already do this so I dont really see it as a problem. Many people enjoy it since it offers more choices for accessories to match with their collection

>What is an appropriate price point?
Its completely up to you friend

>Would it be worth using silver chains and fittings instead of cheap metals? Would this encourage you to pay more or is cheap metal and a lower price preferred?
As someone who sells accessories and jewelry, YES. Go for the better metals! Sterling silver is fairly reasonable to buy, its luster lasts long, and its hypo-allergenic. The most common request I get is nickel-free. There is nothing more disappointing then buying a beautiful piece, and then after a few wears it starts to tarnish. If you are interested in gold metals I'd recommend gold plating on sterling silver or brass, its out there. There is also gold-filled. Its a bit pricier but is awesome to work with and lasts a long time

>> No.10486442

Gonna agree with >>10486270
go for hypoallergenic. I've gotten rashes from silver and gold even, hypo has been a god send to me for finally being able to have cute jewelry.

For price, probably total the cost of material, your time for each piece, and then a small amount for the machine upkeep and add maybe $1-5 bucks on top of that.

>> No.10486503

Thank you all for your input! Would stainless steel be okay for hypoallergenic? Is there a better option?

For a material that doesnt rust or tarnish, I am surprised by how considerably cheaper it is than silver. I think I may get both options anyways and just buy less of each. I appreciate the help.

>> No.10486512

as a customer, I'd want to be able to choose between silver-toned or gold-toned metal to match the rest of my jewelry. but other people might not care.

>> No.10486651

Where do you recommend to buy sterling silver supplies?

>> No.10487352 [DELETED] 

have you tried using them for, say, tea? Stupid nigger

>> No.10487353

no u

>> No.10487570

As someone who has a shiton of antique tea cups, they're really not that great for tea unless you're doing a special tea party. They hold less liquid and the handles are more delicate. There's a reason most people just use a coffee mug anon.

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Hello, somewhat of a newbie here, lurking for a while, but first time actually posting. So please don't be mad if I post this in the wrong thread.

With formalities out of the way, I've been making a little "book" storage box for my beloved Lovecraft letter board game, see pic, but I've hit a snag recently since I don't know how to do fake pages. For the books sides, and to hide the velvet and Leather lining. And whenever I try to look up any combination of: prop, book, fake, pages, bookbox and whatever, I just don't get any good results. Hence, why I am here.

If I am at the wrong thread, please do send me the right way.

>> No.10488790

Folding up a piece of paper in zigzags like a little accordion and gluing that onto there?

>> No.10488796

That, is actually not a bad idea, I considered gluing a piece of paper to the side, then another one I'd slice up with a box cutter, then giving it some varnish to keep it from being exposed too much. But that might actually be a pretty elegant solution if I can do it fine enough.

>> No.10489096

Stainless steel and titanium seem like the most popular options. This article was really helpful for me https://www.firemountaingems.com/resources/jewelry-making-articles/c152

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I have a million of these little tags and I want to make something cute with them. Rosettes, hair clips, pins, something. I’ve laminated a few so that they won’t fall apart or get dAmages, but I’m not really sure what to do. Any ideas?

>> No.10493332

christmas tree garland would be easy

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piggybacking off this idea.
hanging these in your closet like pic related would be cute

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Reposting from the helpoween thread
I'm trying to do a cheap cosplay of balsac from gwar but so far I only figured out how to do the two jaws and how to get them into shape with a wire. i dont know how to set it up so it stays on my head. Some people use a hatbto hold the top part but i have long hair and wanted to use it for the cosplay, and I also want it to be at a wide enough angle so it looks more like the original. What's a good method of setting up a big mask like this?

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I have little experience making props, only some clay working. But i really want to start trying and get better.

I want to make pic related mask irl, with expansive foam. Any hints to work on it? I'm having difficult to imagine a "base" or "skeleton" to start working on it.

>> No.10498652

Transparent worbla or a transparent headband maybe?

>> No.10498653

I wouldn't recommend expansive foam. You'll be spending a majority of your time chipping away at miles of foam when it would be much easier to make an wire, worbla, and EVA foam sandwich. Magnets would be good for the hinge joint so it can move freely too.

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Do any of you guys have a Cricut? Can you recommend any youtube channels or anything else for inspiration?

>> No.10501958

what the fuck is an innie vagina?

>> No.10502004

I just got one myself! I haven't found a channel I really vibe with yet but Jennifer Maker seems to be the most informative.
Cricut was really vague about contents of what I bought and any time I looked up blade information it made it seem like it came with deep point, and bonded fabric blades too because they kept getting grouped together, RIP.
I really wanna make some cool shit with faux leather but every tutorial is like: Here's another pair of teardrop shaped leather blob earrings!

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smoke weed, masturbate and play vidya.

>> No.10502910

When sanding or using products with fumes, do you always use a respirator mask or are there times when a dust mask is better?

>> No.10503422

Depends on what you're doing. You dont need a full faced respirator if you're only sanding, since the particles are so large, a dust mask suffices.

>> No.10506622

Hey guys

I'm looking for a way to aquire a prop version of the Key to Hamunaptra from the Mummy, ideally from the EU.

The best one have found needs to come from the USA and is a couple a hundred bucks. The other ones I have found are badly printed 3D ones that don't even spring properly.

>> No.10506734

Where the inner lips/labia minora aren’t as prominent as the labia majora/big lips and can’t really be seen. Aka porn star vulvas. A lot of om m actually get labiaplasty surgery to reduce the size of the inner lips.

>> No.10506740

Anon, throw away your garbage, Clothing tags are trash. Not every item needs to have a second life as a half assed DIY project.

>> No.10512162 [DELETED] 

ears for furries

>> No.10512420
File: 3.47 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20201204_152644267.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been working on some resin crafts with my friend

>> No.10512611

What's a good place to get feedback on my Etsy shop? I'm hesitant to post the link here but I would love some general feedback. Would it be frowned upon to post product pics in this thread? I actually wear lolita and participate in online communities and I'm afraid as coming off as a spammer looking to make a quick buck. I primarily make jewelry which is why I'm asking here and not the handmade lolita thread.

>> No.10512613

Beautiful work, love the Tomie one on the top left!

>> No.10512621

tomie is defs my favourite too!

>> No.10512824

I used to be really into decoden (mostly rhinestone stuff as opposed to whip) and I've just bought some new supplies to try and get back into it to beat the lockdown blues. What are some ideas of things i can decoden that aren't the usuals like phonecases?

>> No.10512831

people who call non-phone related stuff decoden need to kill themselves.

>> No.10512835

Maybe a jewelry box and other trinkets? I wonder if people have ever made deco jewelry? Or a hair clip?

>> No.10513176
File: 93 KB, 1400x1400, cpk brooch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have never sewed or done anything of the sort before and I'm going to try to make a cpk-ish small brooch made out of felt and lace sorta like pic rel. Wish me luck

>> No.10513270
File: 30 KB, 500x359, ebichu has something to give you.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can do it! Show us what you made when you're done!

>> No.10513360

try your hand ar false nails/gel manicures! you'll need some basic supplies but you can pick up what you need on amazon for like $30

>> No.10513609

I used to deco EEEVERRRYTHINGGG.. If it could fit whip on it, it got deco'd! Little compact mirrors were always fun, and contact lens cases! Fuck, a USB stick even got it one time. Makeup compacts? Anything with a lid really?

>> No.10513710

I think this would turn out pretty cute if you take your time with it!

>> No.10515382

Thank you! I'm also getting into some coding and made my own website if you want to check it out! let me know if it all works or something seems off. It's called cut sew cute

>> No.10523787

this is late as hell but yes It's doable. I used the printable kind which is a little thicker I think and I used the deep blade on the reg explore air 2. made some little resin charms myself.

>> No.10531469
File: 19 KB, 400x400, J4pPxp0H_400x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it possible for blades to come dull as fuck or am I simply using my rotary cutter wrong? It's a Fiskars, which I've been happy with their products before. It cut well the first 10 minutes of me using it, and I've been trying different angles and pressures since, but it's refusing to cut now.

>> No.10531496

Yes. Senpai they sell replacement blades. Go use the 50% jo anns coupon and get yourself some new blades and don’t risk cutting yourself with a dull blade. Or Amazon it.

>> No.10531507

Yep, there's sharpeners you can buy or you can just send them in to a company that does it.


>> No.10531511

I was primarily curious why it went so dull so quick, but I know exactly why: the surface I was cutting on top of lmao. I knew replacement blades were a thing, but didn't think I'd be getting them so soon. Thank you anyway, friends.

>> No.10531516

I got a proper cutting sheet since then so it won't happen again too

>> No.10531528

I use UV resin only, I work in my garage with the door open & a fan blowing away from me. I also wear a respirator. Idk if that's truly necessary for UV but I found conflicting information when I researched it and I don't want to take a chance with my already shitty lungs.

>> No.10531603

I wanna get into candle making for gifts, but I'm not sure where to get my kits. I wanted to initially buy a small kit from TB but they said they can't ship it due to fear of it being seized due to the wax.

Does anyone also have tips before I dip my toes into it?

>> No.10531605

Wooden wicks are cooler and fancier than traditional ones imo and easier to use when making candles yourself.

>> No.10531607

You don't need a fancy kit. Just buy parafin wax or onions wax depending on your taste (onions melts easier and cleans up better imo but its hard to get it to not frost if you aren't skilled). Then get some wicks, a thermometer, some candle type containers (i started with jars) and a pot of some kind you dont mind fucking up.

Look up guides to the type of wax you bought and mess around until you are comfortable. Its hard to fuck up really badly, the worst that happens is you get an ugly or unusable candle

>> No.10531608

s o y wax wow that is an obnoxious filter cgl

>> No.10531631
File: 2.76 MB, 2048x1795, Screenshot_20210107-213207.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It was my first time making fake nails :) I wish my hand were a little more steady but I'm pretty happy with how this set turned out!

>> No.10531711

Lmao I was unironically looking up onion wax.
Also, how frowned upon is using crayons as colorants?

>> No.10531768

Pretty damn good

>> No.10532673

posca pens

>> No.10532752

You could turn them into cute brand coasters by adding a bottom layer of sponge rubber for example and adding a glittery top coat to seal them.

>> No.10532755

hello all, i am starting to get into polymer clay, is there a recommended discord i could lurk?

thanks anon. i've bought some and would have read instructions before using it of course, but i dont think i realised just how hardcore it is.

>> No.10532768

also: if i have an acrylic painted sculpture, should i put resin on it, or.. idk, glaze? i just want to make sure the paint can't be picked off.

>> No.10532792

It will work fine with paraffin, though I have not had good experience with it with onions. Haven't tried coloring beeswax at all

>> No.10532793

god s o y

i hate fit

>> No.10532794
File: 24 KB, 300x300, 506c3022d919f_273609n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Idk if this belongs here but I really want to get more into 3D nail art; does anyone know if I can do 3D designs like these with polygel on top of gelly nail tips, and if polygel can be painted with pot gel polishes after? Should I buy the pre colored gels made for sculpting 3D shapes instead? I'm really new to nails beyond doing some acrylics and polygel nails using regular nailforms and dual forms a few years ago, but I really want to start working on my own deco nails so I can be expressive and have them match my coords and things.

>> No.10532797

these specific ones are made with coloured acrylic. polygel should work fine, but just make sure everything is compatible with eachother (good products should be) one thing to note is that painting the deco pieces will lose the details, so you're better off coloring the polygel first or using gel meant for 3d design.

>> No.10532827

Is acrylic better than polygel for these since it'll harden faster? I have both at home but prefer polygel because the brand I use lets you use alcohol as your slip solution and I use a scented one so it smells less like chemicals when I play around with nails.

>> No.10532843

thank you!! :)

>> No.10532856

not really, it just depends what you're comfortable with.

>> No.10533127

Does anyone have any good suggestions for chemical respirators? Preferably ones in stock since covid knocked out so many

>> No.10533137

Thanks for the advice! If I like using gel for my charms and 3d stuff I'll look into getting white and clear bases (my current polygel is only transluscent pink) to color and use; it seems easier than painting after anyway. I feel like the nail art world is so crazy and there's so many different lines of products and even with good quality there's a ton of western nail artists with lumpy sad 3d art so I'm super anxious about using the right stuff and getting enough practice in to be as good as some of the Japanese or better trained western nail techs I see online.

Cgl is so insanely helpful and I feel much less embarrassed asking on anon than bugging the nail techs I follow in ig.

>> No.10539731
File: 145 KB, 841x838, paw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone know where this mold is from?

>> No.10539769

Does anyone know of any more eco-friendly alternatives to polymer clay for at home jewelry making (for example cameos)? I like how versatile it is and that it’s easy to work with without needing special equipment, but I feel guilty that it’s essentially plastic and can’t be recycled.

>> No.10543465


>tfw I wanted some molds but because of corona most mold makers aren't shipping to my country.

>> No.10543517

Maybe paper clay? You could at least recycle materials to make it.

>> No.10543620

they can't even be assed to offer insurance in case a package gets lots for expensive molds, and other than a few of them doesn't show finished products.
They're nice but also sound shady as fuck

>> No.10543626

these are all either from ali/tb, or molds made with items from ali/tb anyway.

>> No.10544739

Any good recs for getting into felt crafts?

>> No.10552664

I buy my moulds on Taobao all the time, and there are moulds on her website I don't see,

>> No.10554112
File: 493 KB, 1588x1676, 1607238227222.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know this isn't necessarily a fiber arts craft thread but anyone know where people seem to be getting anime plush clothes printed?
They usually seem to be the same material.

>> No.10554684

Could be spoonflower?

>> No.10558228


>> No.10559051
File: 81 KB, 570x749, il_570xN.2258888632_h2bi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm trying to make pompoms and I can't seem to tie them tight enough, both the individual pompom and joining them together. Do you use the yarn or another cord? What knot do you use? Do you fasten them with glue as well?

>> No.10559892

I bought a book by this girl and clover's pompom maker and I haven't done anything with that.

>> No.10559915
File: 351 KB, 1057x1500, UV Resin and Puraban - kuwasii.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I found some puraban inspo and wanted to share.

>> No.10559916
File: 638 KB, 2016x2472, puraban The Creator romantexikkuakusesari- (asahi Original).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10559917
File: 851 KB, 1842x2376, puraban The Creator romantexikkuakusesari- (asahi Original)5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10559918
File: 948 KB, 1891x2560, puraban The Creator romantexikkuakusesari- (asahi Original)8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10559919
File: 40 KB, 406x500, Puraban De Tsukuru Accessory (Asahi).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10560420

What brands sell good quality durable or permanent fabric glue that doesn't stain? I can't trust amazon's reviews for obvious reasons, and I can't find any solid information anywhere.

>> No.10569332

Referring to innies as 'porn star vulvas' is super discriminatory, cruel, and absolutely spotlights your own insecurity and anger. Learn to love your own vagina instead of hating the ones that are 'innies'.

>> No.10569333

The Golden Turd Returns

>> No.10569495

Anyone ever use ABS plastic in their cosplays? It almost seems perfect for what I want, but no one seems to use it and I'm worried paint won't stick to it well like some plastics.

>> No.10576791

If you're talking about needle felting, it's super easy. Get some wool roving in a color you like, needles, and a foam pad. It just takes practice. There are tons of cute kits out there once you get the hang of it.

>> No.10580107
File: 64 KB, 564x720, ba9d157b069ad5fd027da1df4df08c93.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Crosspost from the handmade lolita thread(My bad!)
A while ago I bought a UV lamp for doing my nails so I though I'd get into UV resin.
Is there a big difference between the "classic" Aliexpress UV resin(the one with the leaf drawing in the label that many western stores rebrand) and more premium resins such as padico??
Are there more guides like the ones in pic related? books are fine as long as they include a lot of pictures since I don't speak japanese, so videos would be even better.
Ig/twitter accounts of other crafters for inspiration would be appreciated,too. Don't worry, I'm not selling anything I make.

>> No.10582420

I’ve been thinking of doing the same!
I’ve been recommended to use floss as it will grip and tighten with out snapping easily.

>> No.10582422
File: 3.78 MB, 4032x3024, 20201005_234302.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just tie mine with yarn, but you can still pull the yarns out even if its tied tight. So, glue is a good option actually as long as you place it where its not visible. If youre really worried you can tie them with a thin wire I think, but I havent tried it.

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