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Last thread in autosage: >>10456226

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Any actual reviews for how the RRM skirts turned out yet?

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Still salty that I didn't get this postcard.

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>save picture
>print on glossy paper
It's that easy, anon.

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Things are more fun when they're authentic.

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if it helps, i kept thinking the hair behind her was withered man arms

nothing so far, maybe people haven’t received them yet?

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Nah I'd rather have the real thing which is what AP USA should have done if they were competent.

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Samefagging because I just saw this reply but no I keep seeing it too kek.

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I've noticed that AP USA never gets postcards anymore. I was surprised they even had the novelty masks

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not her, but this^
I dunno how Bodyline will send you a bag from in-store, a post card, a booklet, and some ugly freebie shit you don't want, but AP USA ships like they're doing it illegally lmfao

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cause AP basically hates AP USA. there's a reason it's a franchisee instead of a real store. lydia had to beg them to franchise it.

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Barely. In Japan they had to spend ¥11000, from us they wanted $300

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The back side of the postcard is cute

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damn; as per usual

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jfash stupid questions is basically dead but what service do ppl rec for AP Jpn releases?

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For you, I recommend waiting until you’re at least out of middle school.

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sage for off topic, but isn't it weird how you out grow typing like that the same way you outgrow re-watching videos and shit?

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cool, do you wanna answer the question or

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>comm thread deleted

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Nope, fuck off

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Tenshi shop or mintkismet are usually peoples go-tos

>you have been spoonfed new-chan

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I went on at 12:04 just to check out how the Elizabeth set reservation was going, only to see it all already sold out. Crazy popular. I'm glad I did an in-store preorder instead, even if my set will be on the second production.

Was anyone here successful?

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This is a work of art, I didn't follow the comm thread, just had to let you know I appreciate it.

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Sometimes they restock. I will check again but I don't really need any more dresses

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The second production is already confirmed so I'm assuming there will be another reservation for those that missed out.

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I wish they’d released the OP too. The new JSK is cute but to get the iconic look you need to pair it with the specific blouse anyway.

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Fatty-chans are so annoying
"pLeAsE mAkE tHeSe iN pLuS sIzE"

Like shut the fuck up and lose weight maybe instead of expecting everyone to cater to you? Take some responsibility you dumb fucking cow.

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They could also just buy the new JSK and have it altered. It's not the old iconic piece so no one is going to be mad if they want to spend extra to make it fit and altering JSKs is a little easier than OPs I'm guessing.

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U okay

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Alas I’m 27 and still type like that all the time. Still rewatch videos on loop though, so maybe my brain is stunted.

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Well, jsk+blouse look different from op

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It’s okay. Taking your meds should help. Maybe a nap.

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not her, but you should stop acting like people didn't already acknowledge their own anger in their initial post, it makes you look like a stupid bitch

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Calling people out for clearly being facetious makes you look like a stupid bitch. How new are you?

>> No.10460296

bitch you call that facetious

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You should stop acting like people care about others emotional over reactions in the fucking general. There’s literally a thread for feelings.

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I do love the "iconic look", but I also love the versatility of the JSK look. The style of the dress and the classic red/white colorway is enough for me to want it, in all honesty.

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These are the same people who believe i just MUST be ana at every meet, or don't exist.

>Omg how are you so skinny
>How do u exist
>Lol it must be your high metabolism
>Proceeds to eat two platefuls of food
>Omg I only can't fit into brand because of my bewbs
>Proceeds to side eye me the entire meet

Fatty chans honestly need to be their own group.

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Oh man, there is nothing that gets my blood boiling like the metabolism comments. No, you lazy bitch, I was fat too once but I had the willpower to stop eating garbage all day every day unlike you.

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Why are you taking this so fucking seriously? Genuinely curious.

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There is not a stupid questions thread atm i could find, so i hope ya dont mind i bring it here....

i have made a major rookie mistake... Im still so mad...

>I have two like new white cutsews, throw in the on cold/handwash
>came out with black bled stains on both of them
>one is ivory / i think the screenprint is the culprit
>other one is pure white, brand fuckin new i was hoping a bleach spotting would help

Any suggestions on cleaning products/methods? Im about to go in with a bleached q-tip. Will post pics if asked for.

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Eating disorders most likely

>inb4 projecting
Every board survey results show that like 25% of this board has a self reported history of EDs. If someone is having a meltdown about other people’s weight, they probably are just an ED chan ignoring their therapist

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Try Oxyclean first. Disolve the powder in hot water then cool it down. Let it soak a long time and see where you are at. Also grab color catching sheets for next time.
That should at least lighten it. If it doesn't you can look into peroxide, but look up the instructions online.

I've soaked stuff in OxiClean for 4 days before to get out rust stains. It can take time but it works well. It didn't take that long for bleeding problems I have had, but don't be afraid to leave it in a long time if it isn't lifting.

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>taking it seriously
>two insults in a post on 4chan
you know we're mean here, right?

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This is super helpful, anon tysm.

>> No.10460366

These kill me too. People wildly misunderstand metabolism, despite there being a ton of information out there..

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please be aware that soaking clothes too long in oxyclean can damage fabric.

>> No.10460374

They have a white blouse with black splotches. Long term fabric integrity is probably not a concern at this point.

>> No.10460381

okay? but she may try to fix other small stains in a different item and end up with holes because of shit advice.

>> No.10460383

You aren’t going to burn holes in a blouse from soaking it in oxyclean once. Wtf are you talking about

>> No.10460384

>to remove rust stains
That... that doesn’t work that way.

>> No.10460398 [DELETED] 

yes it can. oxyclean has enzymes in it thats how it gets the stains out. especially non-sythetic fabrics can be weakened or dissolved by soaking too long. that's why you can't use it on silk or wood, as those are protein based fabrics that get broken down more quickly.

>> No.10460401

>>10460383 #
yes it can. oxyclean has enzymes in it, thats how it gets the stains out. especially for non-synthetic fabrics they can be weakened or dissolved by soaking too long. that's why you can't use it on silk or wool, as those are protein based fabrics that get broken down more quickly by the enzymes. you're not supposed to soak with it for more than an hour at most.

>> No.10460411

definitely doesn't work that way. if anything it will make rust worse.

>> No.10460441

It really doesn’t. I (stupidly) soaked a head bow in Oxyclean once and it was rusted to high heaven.

>> No.10460444

Same. Rip my favorite headbow.

>> No.10460445

Same. Rip my favorite headbow.

>> No.10460451

yep, it speeds up oxidation. oxyclean is only really good to use on synthetic fabrics. anything else gets wrecked or faded to shit.

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Sorry about your fat body though.

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You don't think that's because this board is mostly female and EDs are higher in women?

I'm not having a meltdown and I don't have an ED, I'm a healthy weight, just thin. But it's funny how you assume that anyone thin must be unhealthy just like yourself. Whatever helps your fatass sleep at night booboo <3

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> I don't know why my body is like this! I'm just naturally a big girl!
> calories you say? I only have a 1000 calories a day!
> proceeds to drink a soda with every meal
> is literally eating every second of the day

Even at a healthy weight I still binge a couple of times a week so I just can't imagine how much food you actually have to be shoving your face with to get with. The self delusion is unreal.

>> No.10460484

The stains are not as dramatic now that the shirts have dried. The btssb one is pretty splotchy, it looks like the graphic bled, im worried it would continue, if i wash it again. Thanks for all the warning about the oxyclean, i had no idea... Since they are cotton i think i will end up only soaking for only short time.

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>EDs are higher in women
Not one in four lol. And sorry, I should be clear I AM one of the ED chandler. Go body check and leave us alone, love

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Oops i dropped this

>> No.10460496


BED is an ed too :)

>> No.10460497

Not ana. Just hate fatties that expect everyone else to coddle them for their garbage choices.
Keep coping though, it's fun to watch.

>> No.10460507

Hrm, did you initially use detergent pods?

>> No.10460518

I used liquid detergent, really gentle stuff.

>> No.10460522

Really? I soaked a cotton OP in oxyclean all day one time and it was fine.

>> No.10460553

u really trying to keep spreading this rumor with no proof huh

>> No.10460554

Losing weight does nothing for people who are already thin but just have big breasts.

>> No.10460555

nope, it was a joke title based off the discussion at the end of the last thread.

>> No.10460561

Oh no
Not the "muh big boobs" meme

Thin girls with genuinely gigantic tits that don't fit in brand are in the very small minority, most of the people who say that are just overweight and in denial about it. How many big titted, thin women do you see in lolita vs just fatties? It's obvious I'm not talking about the rare thin girl with gigantic breasts. Please shut the fuck up.

>> No.10460569

u mad

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>> No.10460596

Clearly they are, lol. As the kids say, let em cope

>> No.10460599

This. I can be a pig for the entire holiday season and I gain like 3-5 pounds. When people are 100 pounds overweight I can’t even fathom much and how often they eat, especially because once you’re that big you burn 2500-3000 calories a day just existing. They must eat all day every day. It’s like that secret eaters show. Everyone on there says they only eat 1500 calories a day but then the show follows them and they basically eat candy bars or fries all day every day

>> No.10460609

>acting like medication and diseases don't often play a major role in weight gain
>noooo everyone just eats too much without self control!!!

>> No.10460614

Don’t engage with mental disorder posting

>> No.10460616

Before I was diagnosed with depression, I used to eat tons of food cause it would make me feel less pain.

>> No.10460619


>> No.10460631

You can’t weight magically on no calories. Diseases may make your appetite increase, but you’re still the one shoving food in. Amazing how everyone claims it’s some disease that makes them fat. I guess 50 years ago those diseases were super rare and now they’re suddenly really common, that MUST be why obesity rates have risen

>> No.10460635

Since we’ve all decided to be stupid I’ll add a stupid comment

>I guess 50 years ago those diseases we’re super rare
Typically the culprit is meds and yeah, they didn’t exist 50 years ago. This is not the best argument.

Regardless it’s weird how obsessed y’all are with this

>> No.10460639

mental health diseases + the meds that treat them have indeed become far more widespread in modern times than ever before, so your sarcasm doesn't really work here

>> No.10460650

Have you ever eat raw meat straight from the freezer?
That what my typical binge looks like

>> No.10460662

What's with the fake news title? MM never "died", it's in eternal stasis as the owner looks for Chinese factories to make replica quality of their own pieces. The brand was ripped apart by a scandal with the owner and the seamstress. This is why they can't sew anything right anymore and seem to just make old designs when they do.

>> No.10460666

What is this band of assholes shitting up every thread and starting fights. Gulls are you ok? Its such a pain in the butt to scroll through

>> No.10460667

/cgl/ feels like its dying

>> No.10460671

cool, i had heard tenshi and mint weren't accepting new customers so i was unsure

>> No.10460688

Read the thread. >>10460555

>> No.10460696

Once again cgl "hates" fatties but they have to bring them up every other thread. What is with that?

>> No.10460698

That doesn't mean they don't actually hate them. I will say though it is so hilarious because a good portion of gulls outright admitted that they were overweight/obese in the last census. I always keep that in mind when I read the vicious back and forth about fatties on here.

>> No.10460715

This >>10460698
>a good portion of gulls outright admitted that they were overweight/obese in the last census
is literally why, all the "u mad" posters are fatty-chans and they need to get told. This is the only online place that isn't shit up with HAES-liberalism and you can say what you really think, and I also know the fatty.chans are here to hear me when I say they should take their bullshit excuses about metabolism and shove them up their gigantic porky asses.

>> No.10460724

so. i'm depressed and on really strong medication that makes it super hard to lose weight just by eating less/choosing healthier foods, etc. When I wanted to lose weight, real weight, I had to work hard for it. I turned to Whole30 combined with intermittent fasting + exercising every week + being more active in general. I lost 25 lbs in 28 days, but the cravings and the dish-washing were INTENSE.

I don't think most people today have the willpower and the discipline to do this.

I p much gained it all back as soon as I could drink again

>> No.10460735

lol more coping. Most people have no self control and that's why they're fat as fuck. Cry about it. Meds and diseases can't magically make you fat, it comes from somewhere and that somewhere is calories. Basic physics, idiots.

>> No.10460738


I used to be at the very edge of obsese, not anymore because I leaned about CICO. I know for a fact that you have to be eating a lot because I was constantly snacking and stupidly didn't think drinks could make me fat (lol). To be morbidly obese you gotta be constantly snacking yeah, but the self delusion runs deep. Funny how they're acting like I'm the mad one when clearly I've struck a nerve here.

>> No.10460739

The rust stain was not from metal in the item, but from a rusted part on the washer. It was on a shirt.

>> No.10460744

>basic physics

you really don’t know what you’re talking about do you

>> No.10460746

I have a 22 bmi and since I’m athletic eating just 1500 calories a day for even me is fucking hard- I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to eat that little and how quickly a hamplanet would shed weight at that intake.

>> No.10460747

I barely move, binge at least twice a week and I have a bmi of 20.
Try again.

>> No.10460749

Nope I do. Sorry that your puny brain can't grasp thermodynamics. Your body can't just create fat from nothing, you have to be eating more than your body can burn, no burning calories doesn't come from *just* exercising, you burn calories every second of the day by just living and breathing, if you eat more than you can burn your body will store it as fat.
You get it now fatty?

I know fatties and people with little self control have lower IQs on average so I won't be surprised if you still don't understand.

>> No.10460751

And you still think IQ tests accurately reflect intelligence

>> No.10460752

My point is I’m a normal weight and since I’m active eating 1500 is very difficult so I doubt any ham planet is actually doing so. I don’t know if you think I’m someone else or missed the point entirely.

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>> No.10460754

The problem with fatties is that they don't understand they don't HAVE to eat every single time they feel a little hungry. Being hungry won't kill you and it won't turn you into an anorexic. It's normal to be a little hungry sometimes and you don't need to eat a whole meal every time.

I know this will go over your guys' heads though, one of you will probably say something akin to "lol tHaT's lItEraLlY aNoRexIA" because you can't comprehend that normal people don't shove a burger down their throat at the slightest hunger pang and that being a normal weight isn't unhealthy just because that idea makes you feel better.

>> No.10460755


>> No.10460756

The whole "IQs don't reflect intelligence" meme is pure bullshit meant to console idiots who can't put two and two together. No genius ever had a low IQ and there is a reason for it.

>> No.10460762

Yes and these geniuses are extremely left-brained but that’s it. They excel in academics, but they can’t socialize.

>> No.10460763

And honestly the dumbest people are the ones who claim to be the smartest.

>> No.10460764

I never said I was the smartest, I said *you* were dumb. You're just deflecting because you're mad that you have control of your obesity but you refuse to change it.

>> No.10460765

anon is just retarded, eating junk and not being active must be taking a toll on her brain

>> No.10460766

At least I have the sense to understand your body doesn't just create fat for no reason. Have fun looking like a sausage when you stuff yourself in clothes that don't fit your.

>> No.10460768

Dear hamplanets
Your obesity is nobody's fault but your own, please stop begging brands to cater to you when you're not the target audience. Either lose weight, or stop buying fast food every day so you can put that money towards altering your brand (and maybe you'd even lose a couple of pounds! Woah)

>> No.10460770

I honestly love how easy it is to get CGL seething by merely suggesting that weight loss is in their control.

>> No.10460772

i'm thin and fit. neither >>10460752 nor i were even disagreeing with your original point. you really are retarded lmao

>> No.10460774

>Tfw have legit tested high in
>Tfw can never tell anyone
>Tfw don't believe in impressing people with big vocabulary and acting pretentious, so just talk like a normal person and nobody knows

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File: 70 KB, 400x400, 1491265466778.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's not mine, another anon posted it in the now deleted comm thread who warned about andrea.
>threads get derailed for 60+ posts with the same old sperging about weight
>nothing happens
>anon opens comm thread about pedophilic agp tranny getting found out after years of people including anons defending him
>gets deleted within hours

>> No.10460842


>> No.10460864

ikr? mental health issues are super easy to just stop. all those depressed people should just start feeling better, too! lazy fucks!

(you're a moron)

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File: 144 KB, 576x817, cglhell.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10460875

Boohoo poor you and your mental health issues, I don't give a flying fuck. I had BPD, depression and anxiety and I managed to lose weight instead of expecting everyone else to cater to my shitty choices. Stop making excuses.

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File: 623 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20200810_095621.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

WunderWelt seems to have released VM's Stripe Marine series but didn't post anything about it.

>> No.10460892

>everyone is like me!

Are you dumb, stupid or dumb?

>> No.10460899

> effectively admitting you have no self control or self discipline

Why don't you go cry and eat a pizza about it? That's why you piggies do best, make excuses and eat.

>> No.10460901

If others can lose weight with mental health issues then maybe it's time to stop blaming everything on factors that are out of your control and accept that you're just too much of a lazy fatass to make changes?
Nothing is ever a fat persons fault. It's always

> muh genes
> muh metabolism
> muh medication
> muh mental illness

I can respect fatties that admit they are the way they are because of how they eat and don't expect niche brands to cater to their landwhale sized bodies. That's a small percentage though, the rest of you whine and make excuses.

>> No.10460902

whats the general size of AP's plastic rings? I have weirdly chubby fingers and worry they'll be too big for the ring sizes

>> No.10460903 [DELETED] 

> my fingers are mysteriously chubby..huh... couldn't be because im a colossal fatass tho

>> No.10460907

Spoken like a true fatty

>> No.10460909

I'm absolutely just estimating here based off my experience. But id guess a US size 5 or 6

>> No.10460913

I'm a UK 10, project harder lol
Thanks anon!

>> No.10460914

> thinking a UK 10 isn't fat

lol. Big cope.

>> No.10460918

God, just nuke this thread already.

>> No.10460920

UK 10 is fat though

>> No.10460924

They probably will not fit you. I have a bunch and they fit me normally unless I'm bloated. I can't stack them like people with petite fingers, I would agree they range from 5 to 5.5 or 6

>> No.10460926

Huh really? For reference my ring finger is a size 4, don’t know the sizes of my other fingers but I can fit AP rings on my thumbs, which are probably a few sizes bigger. I would’ve guessed they average about size 7.

>> No.10460928

Maybe I'm dumb it's been a long time since I got my rings resized. But yeah I'd say I have normal western size fingers not fat and AP is tight

>> No.10460930


ugh. Thanks. That's kind of shitty, we could do with warning each other about the predators in our comms.

Wonder if it got deleted due to the singling out rule? Might have been better to ride out the weight derailment then bring it back to the comm thread.

>> No.10460931

lol just say fat

>> No.10460937 [DELETED] 

The medication and disease don't have any calories, fatty. If they make you hungrier, you need more self control.

>> No.10460939 [DELETED] 

That's okay, if you only ate raw meat you wouldn't be obese.

>> No.10460940 [DELETED] 

She does. The addiction to instant gratification and the "treat yourself/selfcare!" fad by spending money on junkfood made by multinationals, food products hat rot your body from the inside out btw, is toxic. You can't justify that.

>> No.10460941


>> No.10460942

>pedophilic agp tranny

>> No.10460943

Ironically, exercise has been proven to work better than anti-depressants.

>> No.10460944 [DELETED] 

Seethe. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/depression/in-depth/depression-and-exercise/art-20046495

>> No.10460947

You’re both retarded

>> No.10460948

Quick reminder for bleeding hearts who think there's nothing wrong with his adult baby play: autopedophilia is a kink that means they are attracted to toddlers the age they dress up as. Don't take your kids to meets. https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/0956797616677082

>> No.10460949

Shhh they don't want to hear that
They want to whine about their depression while they sit inside all day, watch Netflix and stuff their faces with MCD's everyday and then wonder why they're depressed and fat.

>> No.10460951 [DELETED] 


>> No.10460966 [DELETED] 

Many medications can both suppress and increase hunger
You've never been sick before with anything worse than the flu, huh

>> No.10460968 [DELETED] 

Many meds have added sugar actually

>> No.10460976 [DELETED] 

Yeah the miniscule amount of sugar in meds is not the reason for mobid obesity

>> No.10460977

Self control doesn't just mean controlling yourself when you're not tempted or when you feel like it. It's called self control for a reason. You're just weak.

>> No.10460978

Did you miss the part where you won't die if you have to be a little hungry? It won't kill you to go 2 hours without eating, I promise.

>> No.10460987

I promise when you two get out of school and wind up on zoloft, you'll remember saying that

>> No.10460993

I've taken zoloft before kek
You just don't understand the concept of self control because again, weak willed.

>> No.10461007 [DELETED] 

>my experience is universal
I'm not even fat, I just despise wannabe anachan high schoolers who think they know everything
You all act the same no matter what year it is, it gets fucking old

>> No.10461011 [DELETED] 

Not ana
Not in highschool
Just tired of fat fucks making excuses for not losing weight and then acting like everyone should cater to them. Keep being triggered though. Fat people are weak willed, eating themselves to an early grave and not even honest about their lack of self control.

>> No.10461012 [DELETED] 

>not ana
>not in high school
you're acting like it

>> No.10461013 [DELETED] 

>Not ana
>Not in highschool
>acting like this
Wow, that is not better

>> No.10461015 [DELETED] 

Self control/self-discipline is something you practice in spite of being tempted or having cravings. You act like no thin person has ever had these issues with medication or mental health issues, again, maybe it's time for them to stop blaming everything else and own up to their own lack of willpower. Hearing the excuses and hearing them act like they're just some special breed of human that can't lose weight is pathetic and honestly insulting to people who struggled to do it but persevered anyway. The notion that every thin person is naturally that way and had no obstacles is completely false.

Fatness is a red flag for weakness and laziness, it should be no surprise that people feel an aversion to it, just like they do with meth addicts or alcoholics.

>> No.10461017 [DELETED] 

Triggered the fatties again.

Having an aversion to fatness is normal because it's a sign of bad health, laziness, and no willpower, things any normal human would be disgusted by.
It's like being around drug addicts that constantly justify their behavior and pretend that it's natural or okay. The self delusion is cringey and irritating to listen to, if you want to be a food addict all your life that's your choice but don't expect people to want to be around you or even like you.

>> No.10461018 [DELETED] 

Funny how y'all don't have any arguments except
(Not everyone is unhealthy and has a shit relationship with food like you whalechan)
> you'd be fat too if you were/did/had x!

>> No.10461019

I literally forgot what thread we were in because of all the sperging

>the absolute state of CGL nowadays

>> No.10461020

I think we need a "for the love of god someone please use the report function" in the Sticky.

>> No.10461024 [DELETED] 

I have hypothyroidism and take several medications for mental illnesses, including ones that are known for causing weight gain. And anyone who’s lazy enough to say those things make it impossible to lose weight can go eat a dick.

>> No.10461026 [DELETED] 

they just don't want to try and when you call them out on it they throw a fit and say "yOuR eXpEriEncE iSn'T uNiVeRsAL!", like it's not but if so many others can do it what makes you think you're so special that it's impossible?
Wish they'd just admit they don't want to put in the effort and they're comfier in their addiction.

>> No.10461027 [DELETED] 


Nayrt and as someone who was fat and lost weight I generally agree with you; my only thing I'd note is that a small portion of fat people are still in the process of losing weight (they are being more disciplined but the results have not yet shown because you have to make diet and/or exercise changes over time, especially if you're more than just a little tubby it can take months to a year to lose weight. Keep those fat people in mind who are still progressing too and try not to assume being fat is shorthand for being lazy immediately for every person and wait until they show signs of being the lazy sort of fat person before passing judgement?

When I was fat but losing weight (fairly quickly, like 5 lbs a week and then it slowed to the usual 1-2 per week), my biggest sort of problem was worry that people would think I was a slob putting in no effort when that was the opposite after I had begun losing weight. It makes it even more difficult to stick with it feeling like you are being socially punished for your past harm to your body when in the current moment you're being healthy/eating less, etc.

Obviously the majority of fat people aren't trying all that hard but a good handful of them are (I was once one of them) so try not to hate or look at ALL fat people negatively before being able to tell if they are actually trying, etc. This goes more for fat people you see regularly and interact with enough to understand their character.

In the context of lolita, if fat people want to improve their experience in the fashion more practically, the solution is probably to alter their pieces (with consideration for older rarer ones and not fucking those up), support brands that DO release big items (new Honey Cake despite the shit fabric, MAXICIMAM, some Meta, any rereleases of fully shirred items, etc.), and overall probably being trying harder to lose weight since the odds that Japanese sizes will get much larger are slim.

>> No.10461029

Agreed, maybe then we can get some semblance of normality on these goddamn threads

>> No.10461030

No one fucking cares, this isn't lolita related. Stop derailing and take your meds, all of you including the fatties who can't stop giving (you)s.

>> No.10461043

I got the jsk and bonnet in red

>> No.10461045

This is so cute

>> No.10461052

Thank you

>> No.10461063

When I started taking antidepressants I was still eating exactly the same as I ate before, but put on weight anyway. I guess it messed my metabolism or something. When I noticed it I had to change my eating habits and still hasn’t returned to my normal weight even if I eat healthy and all.
Mind you that I’m not fat, can still fit into MM and shit, I’m just not as thin as I wished and used to be.
My point is that meds won’t necessarily, but can make you put on weight, it isn’t only a matter of increased apetite. Don’t know the physics behind it, but I know other people who have gone through the same.

>> No.10461064

IQ is only good for identifying retards and geniuses

>> No.10461097

I am imagining the chick who posts drag makeup on CoF posting all these WALL OF POTATO TOMATO POTATO posts

>> No.10461113
File: 1.09 MB, 1572x906, babbys first coord.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Please laugh at this coord I made in 2013/14 when I was just getting into Lolita.

>> No.10461116

at least you planned a coord you could wear. i just bought completely random items until i had enough. it went: 1 pair of shoes, 4 blouses, 2 skirts, a miniskirt, two more blouses, a bag, and finally socks. And even at that point, when I had covered a decent amount of categories, still none of it matched enough to make one coord.

>> No.10461118

Not great but not the worst offender.
The worst are noob foods with a bunch of accessories but either missing or using shitty off brand for actual important pieces. So that the collage looks really nice with all the cute accessories but would look like garbage irl.

>> No.10461119

Same here.. I had about 11 different colors in my original wardrobe and absolutely nothing matched.

>> No.10461120

Does anyone know the details/is there a place I could find the details on the scandal that happened? I've heard it vaguely mentioned a couple times but I've never actually seen the story on what happened.

>> No.10461152

Looks better than all the ones on bsolf

>> No.10461159

Nah I just had tenshi deal with it, she got me my offwhite blouse and jsk in pink on second production.

I'm changing the fucking ribbon into light pink or white as soon as I get the damn thing.

>> No.10461160

Nothing to laugh at, it looks fine.

Seeing this reminded me how much I still want that damn purse

>> No.10461207

Aside from the hair roses and the potential mismatched color of the socks this just looks like a fine casual coord. Not everything has to be obsessively perfect and OTT to be passable.

>> No.10461209

The only info we ever got was that the seamstress was leaving because the owner had a high school gf. Nothing was elaborated on or proven beyond that.

>> No.10461220

that's a full coord, nothing casual about it. why does no one here seem to know what casual means.

>> No.10461225

I've soaked dresses for 4-6 days and they've been fine

>> No.10461226

Casual isn’t a substyle calm down.

>> No.10461227

>comfortable shoes
>minimal accessories

>> No.10461232

it also isn't a full formal coord. cgl seems to think anything that isn't ott = casual

>> No.10461233

that's called a basic coord, you walnut. not casual.

>> No.10461234

What? My point is casual is just a descriptor and their aren’t rules. And what do you mean it’s “doesn’t have all the elements of a coord?”

It has shoes, legwear, a main piece, a blouse and headwear which is all a basic coord is.

God I hate cgl these days

>> No.10461235 [DELETED] 

I am a size 7 and they fit me perfectly, and are loose on my pointer. The neon logo ones are a little smaller than their standard size, in case you were wondering about those specifically. The rest have been the same across the board, generally. If you're wondering about a specific one, I may have it to check.

>> No.10461236

>it’s called this vague thing that has no defined meaning and not this other vague thing that also has no defined meaning
Please shut up.

>> No.10461237

I am a size 6.5 (just rechecked, not 7 sorry) and they fit me perfectly, and are loose on my pointer. The neon logo ones are a little smaller than their standard size, in case you were wondering about those specifically. The rest have been the same across the board, generally. If you're wondering about a specific one, I may have it to check.

>> No.10461251

something can be both a basic coord and a casual coord all at the same time. >>10461113 is a basic, casual, sweet lolita coordinate.

>> No.10461259

I take Zoloft and it doesn’t make me eat thousands of calories a day, you’re just a weak-willed fatty

>> No.10461260

stop making up arbitrary definitions.

>> No.10461264

jesus fuck, op here and if i could delete this thread, i would. make your own thread about weight or some shit instead of being brain dead in here.

>> No.10461265

it's not your fault, op. i think it's just dumb bitch day on the internet.

>> No.10461266

I take zoloft but ok

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