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Rerelease Petitions

Sugary Carnival & Milky Pony bags: https://www.change.org/p/angelic-pretty-re-release-sugary-carnival-and-the-milky-pony-bags

Milky Planet: https://www.change.org/p/angelic-pretty-re-release-milky-planet

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>No mention of cotton or 2013 colorways for Milky Planet

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Okay, last thread we discussed top 5 favorite prints, let’s talk about non-printed favorites. Post top 5 solid or patterned pieces you’re looking to get. How many solids do you have in your wardrobe now? What are the things you’re looking for in nice solid piece?

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Hell yeah this is what I’m here for. Prints are great but mmmm solids with cute construction are chef’s kiss.

In no order:
1. Dream Doll
2. Bunny Crown (still can’t believe this lasted long enough to go on sale, aren’t polka dots popular?)
3. Drink Me
4. Ribbon Topping
5. Stripe Marine

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I'm not really big on solids tbdesu. During the earlier phase my wardrobe mostly consisted of hand made solids, therefore I feel better buying prints. It just feels I'm getting more for the same price.
Order is random:

1. Stella
2. Silky Lady (didn't manage to get my shit together during the last time it was on sale)
3. Katrina
4. Vintage Tulle
5. Rabbit Party

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Still remember this set being on sale on maiden clothing. Pretty sad condition, but it was only 10k yen. Probably I should've just grabbed it then.

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What is everyone's favorite and least favorite sack OP print?
I'm partial to sweetie violet and daydream bed.
Least favorite is that shitty newer donut print.

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You mean Baked Sweets Parade?

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misty sky for sure.

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Yes. I hate that print so much I never remembered the name.

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I think Sweet Girl Room is very underrated. Honourable mention to Daydream Bed.

I’m not sure about least favourite. My mind blanks on dresses I don’t care about.

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come on anon baked shits parade isn't that bad.

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I like it more than the other donut one

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Nice job linking this thread in the old one retard

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Yeah it’s not that bad but it’s not the cutest

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I like special set edition, although fluffy bow headdress is its best thing for me. Although I shall admit high waisted cut looks good despite being so basic.
If choosing between this and melty cream doughnut, I'd go with latter. MCD doughnuts look more voluminous, with BSP it's just colorful rings.

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Favorite is Jewelry Snow. I don’t have a least favorite.

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New update from Candy blog. Red looks extra wholesome for autumn, although I forecast pink and black (grey?) to be popular too.

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This literally looks like a trashbag. Even if it went on sale for 50% off I wouldn't buy it.

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It's a shame because I actually think the print looks really cute in some colorways. If the quality was at all decent I would've tried to get it, but as it is, it just really isn't worth it.

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This belongs in the feels thread, but I'm putting it here because the most recent one got deleted.

I'm a pure AP 2010 sweet lolita and I don't know what to do with myself. The situation right now makes me actually depressed (first world problems, I know). With AP releasing nothing interesting anymore (besides maybe some socks and the ice cream necklace) and the secondhand market being so competitive again, it feels like I won't add anything to my wardrobe for ages. I feel like I'm going to become a spectator at my own "hobby." I have the money to spend, but I either feel scalped or can't get to listings fast enough. I don't want to quit, but it's not fun anymore. Go ahead and shit on me for being a consumer, but I can't be the only one feeling this way. I don't want to feel this bad.

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I feel the same way anon. I got back into lolita at the worst time. I'm hoping that the next trend will come along soon and AP prices will stabilize.

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I started buying brand a year ago, and my favorite style is 2010 sweet. People talk about being able to buy rings and stuff for ~10 USD and getting fairly popular prints for <150 and it blows my mind. I hope the era stops being so trendy soon.

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I wear 2010 sweet as well and feel the exact same way. It isn't worth buying anything at the moment. I honestly am tempted to sell most of my wardrobe just to buy old school/gothic pieces.

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Thank you for sharing your feelings. I feel slightly less alone.

I've been wearing lolita for about 5 years and I can't imagine just getting into it now/just the last year. I have a large enough wardrobe, but there's still goals I haven't reached, so the market makes me feel trapped. I don't know what the next popular trend will be, but it can't come soon enough

I've been tempted to quit and sell, and more than double the money I put into lolita, but I just can't do it because I know I'd regret it, and maybe prices will go even higher. I wish there was another style or brand I was interested in, but no matter how hard I try, I'm just not. I'm willing to wait for prices to get better again, but I'm also scared maybe this will be the situation forever.

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Why on earth would sweet being popular make you want to sell everything? Now is the time to flex what you have. It's mostly detailed/popular print main pieces and jewelry that are skyrocketing- there's still plenty of non scalped blouses, cardigans, etc, so you can still expand your wardrobe and make new coords. Unpopular 2010 era main pieces still sell for low prices too.

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It seems odd, I know, so I'll try to explain?
I want to sell everything because not being able to purchase anything left on my wishlist makes me feel like I don't have "a way forward" or "a future" in lolita. Like, there's nothing to be excited again? Yes, wearing the clothes is 50% of the joy, but the other 50% is getting a new piece that I've wanted for a long time and experiencing that feeling of "finally!". The things left in my wishlist were the harder to get pieces in the first place, so now they are going to be even harder (Milky-Chan the Fawn, Candy Fairy, Dreamy Baby Room, etc). I have been buying other, less popular things to kind of soothe myself, but it still feels bad that the big ticket items are very hard to get. I guess I could go for some of the high auctions, but there's a point where spending $500-1k on a $270-$300 retail dress feels... bad? Especially when it's every foreseeable dress, and not just a "okay I'll splurge just this once because I really want it."

I admit, the flexing part feels nice (I have things like the Giraffe necklace/ring, Milky Planet, Vanilla-Chan, Chick-Chan, etc) but sometimes looking at it all just feels like good memories that I won't experience on the market again?

My brain is stupid and it only sees the holes of what I don't have.

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I definitely know how you feel. I basically was finally able to afford Lolita regularly like a few weeks before the virus hit my state. Right at the beginning, a whole bunch of people suddenly put their stuff up for sale for good prices, and I was so excited and got a few things! But then the Great Scalpening of Sweet Lolita began and I basically can never afford a single piece of AP jewelry ever (I literally only have 1 piece) and I'm afraid to post WTB's for the rest of the dream dresses I have.

>> No.10461847

Anon I understand how you feel, and I have a lot of similar feelings. I just wanted to pop in and say, I think if you were to sell everything you would regret it. Sweet is very popular right now, but it might not always be. I think its worth hanging on to your things and waiting a while to see if the market will stabilize. The sweet lolita economic bubble might pop, and if we do see lower prices again in the future you'll be glad you stuck around.

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AP needs to stop releasing these ugly plain quasi classic dresses.

>> No.10461993

Ugh, That's actually the worst. I've watched prices steadily rise since the summer of last year, but then there was such a sharp increase around May that it made my head spin. Basically the only jewelry pieces I'm buying right now are new release items (thank god the Topping Heart jewelry wasn't too hard to get for once), or things that have been on my wishlist for years, and even for those I'm spending hundreds and just crossing my fingers I don't hate myself later.

I think you're right, and I've invested too much time gaining what I already have. I just can't stop the occasional feeling of "wow I hate this, my dreams are over" from popping up... as stupid as that sounds.

I'm kind of convinced that the problem is being worsened right now because AP is going in the opposite direction from what most people want. Maybe a lot of others are just as hopeless, and they're throwing even more money at 2010 sweet to grab everything before it just disappears.

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Whip Collection
>least favourite
Jewelry Aquarium, it's just so cluttered.

>> No.10462063

>tfw what's happening to AP happened to gyaru...that style may be turning into this permanently

>> No.10462064

The only way to force them back is to not buy things you don't like, though since the Chinese lolitas have so much buying power realistically there might not be much the western market can do. Still, Ice Cream Parlor sold out instantly so maybe that and looking at the state of the current market might be a wake up call for AP that hyper sweet is selling and their weird classic shit isn't.

>> No.10462067

Yeah I liked that I had cheaper comfy pieces that were something that I enjoyed, now that theyre worth so much I don't feel as comfortable just wearing them. I may sell a few for too much and then re-buy them if stuff gets rereleased or something.

>> No.10462068

i hope so. also my boyfriend is so cute. i was talking about this to him and he said "that's like the only lolita people know about". (he's from asia)

>> No.10462069

Take it from the perspective of someone that was here in 2010: just know that lolita trends come in cycles. Will it be hard to buy stuff like Milky Planet for the next couple of years? Yes. But time will pass, trends will change.

I'm seeing this as a perfect opportunity to stop focusing on main pieces like JSKs and OPs and instead to focus more on things like blouses (which I've always been lacking in), and checking out different brands that I've always liked but prioritized AP over them. I'm going to try giving Baby a chance as well!

>> No.10462073

I hope you're right anon! I realize my scope is kind of small, and this is the first "upset" I've seen in my chosen sub-style. I'm willing to hang out for a year or two and hope prices don't actually become permanent luxury brand prices. Because that's a real, possible outcome I'm not hoping for.

Since there's no other brands I'm really in love with, I've mostly been saving money, and then falling victim to the price-gougey listings when I find a high priority piece. Which sucks, because I know I'm not really helping, but I'm not sure what else I'm supposed to do.

I wish I liked the more mature look of Baby. I tried. I bought one baby dress and regretted it. I've wanted to sell it for years.

>> No.10462074

Isn't that kinda what happened to larme (which I know is not a style) too? That's depressing.
>All this cute colorful unique shit is selling so well! People love it!
>I know! Let's make dull, muted "mature" stuff now because our customers are a lot older now than they were last year so that's what they want

>> No.10462077

This is what I really don't get. Does AP really look at the stuff rotting in their stores and think "This was great! Let's do more of it!" ? Or is it just that all the designs are done months ahead of time and they can't really change course until a year later?

>> No.10462082

AP seems to be a little slow/clueless au times but they aren't dumb. I'm sure they will make more of the cute stuff people want. And yeah stuff is planned fairly far ahead of time. Think about how we see the fashion show items months ahead - they're most likely already in production then.

>> No.10462084

they have enough money that they can do whatever they want and not care if it sells well tbf

>> No.10462085

At the same time, AP's stores are so small, sometimes it seems like they are begging to give some of the unpopular stuff away. They have to move product for it to not become a dead inventory problem. That's not a super high bar though, considering some people will buy anything... like that map dress.

>> No.10462086

even if they re release milky planet once again it will be the ugly not scalloped version

>> No.10462087

does popular stuff even make it to the stores at all? it sells out instantly online, so unless they reserve some specifically for the stores, that doesn't matter

>> No.10462089

I like it

>> No.10462091

Baby does a lot of cute sweet stuff too, all of the usakumya and kumakumya prints are really adorable

>> No.10462094

My big problem is that I kind of hate bears. So Baby's entire mascot just doesn't work for me. RIP.

>> No.10462119

For the love of God T*ffany, stop spamming your shitty petitions

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>> No.10462140

Anon, I don't think it's stupid. I used to be an "oldschool" lolita (I didn't really know that was a thing until recently), in that I just prefered to buy the older pieces, and now that it's trendy and prices have skyrocketed, I've found that I've lost some of my joy. But, I realized that I still like to LOOK at old advertisements that are nostalgic for me, I love what I do own, and I thoroughly enjoy watching my fellow lolitas enjoy the fashion too. I can't really understand your pain as a AP teens fan, but I understand your anxiety and I feel for you. If you ever want to vent, I'll leave my 'side' email above and we can connect over Discord, etc. Let's find ways to enjoy our lolita~

>> No.10462141

LOL anon I thought I was the only one!! I don't like teddy bears, rabbits, or butterflies, and I'm getting tired of strawberries and donuts and cats!!

>> No.10462148

Sounds like you're a classic lolita.

>> No.10462154

Tbh I don't like most of those and I'm a 2010s sweet lolita, I'm just pickier with my prints

>> No.10462158

Thats fair desu, you still got bunnies, cake, ice cream, and solids

>> No.10462159

off topic but i wish there were more cake prints.

>> No.10462160

I’m so tired of seeing all those toy doll box salopettes on fril. I liked the print at first, but now it’s lost its charm.

>> No.10462162

Clearly it's lost it's charm to everyone else too.

>> No.10462173

I’m similar, but I don’t like any animals (bears or bunnies or whatever). That’s why I like milky planet and magic princess

>> No.10462212

For me it’s rather muted sweet, but I’m losing my enthusiasm for fashion too. Not only because this fashion seems highly competitive from many points of view, but probably I’m outgrowing it. It doesn’t make me feel cool the way it did. Sometimes I feel like I’d rather put that money elsewhere.

>> No.10462253

Years ago I remember always seeing country of sweets for second hand and it really made me hate that dress for some reason lol. So I get it

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File: 964 KB, 2160x2160, EgREt_YUMAAtEfn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New Halloween print, looks like it's called Little Witch

>> No.10462276

I love the neckline of the jsk!
The bag on it confuses me a little. it's cute but hopefully the hook wont kill the fabric

>> No.10462277


There goes hope of people wearing non witch coords for Halloween.

>> No.10462280

I always love the glitter fabric ap uses, as well as the neckline and little pouch on the jsk, but I'm not a fan of this years print at all. It reminds me too much of taobao, but I can't quite figure out why. I wonder what the other brands are going to release for halloween

>> No.10462281

I'm gonna guess the taobao vibes for the print are from like the lineless art/shading? it def feels like something on chinese lolita updates

>> No.10462286

Same here! I would buy the jsk without the print immediatly

>> No.10462287

I’m getting Taobao vibes too and I hate using that term towards recent AP releases (even if they keep justifying it). Maybe I need to see more pics of this on a mannequin or something, I do kinda like the pink colorway

>> No.10462289

I want the pink and black colorways so bad... do you gulls think it'll be a bloodbath? this will be my first time buying from AP directly and i have no clue how to do it.

>> No.10462291

I have same question. ^^' Do you guys think it'll be as bad or almost as bad as Ice Cream Parlor? (I've only bought accessories straight from the store at this point, so I haven't kept track of how quickly dresses go)

>> No.10462295

sorry *how quickly other dresses besides ICP fly off the shelves ^^'

>> No.10462297

>lineless art/shading
Interesting! I never know what people are referring to when they say "too much like taobao" because, well, taobao is a giant marketplace.

>> No.10462299


I have hope for it despite the print feeling uninspired and so similar to other allover halloween prints. At least it's chiffon and I've always been able to trust AP chiffon despite other poly fabrics feeling bad from them lately.

>> No.10462301

I read ICP as insane clown posse

>> No.10462302

I honestly thought it was a random Taobao release when I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, I didn't realize it was AP til I came here. I'm happy for those who love it/are going to buy it, but I won't pretend to understand it.

>> No.10462303

Also, after an announcement like this, about how long after would new prints/items be released? About 2 weeks?

>> No.10462333

Ohhh I love this. Please have lavender please have lavender

>> No.10462335 [DELETED] 

Where can I see more?

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File: 457 KB, 595x842, ghostnightbride_POP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I miss border prints so much

>> No.10462349

Normally I don't mind poly but this should be on a thick material or cotton. The chiffon makes it look shitty

>> No.10462368

I don't think this will be as popular as Ice Cream Parlor. It's not nearly as interesting of a release, in my opinion. Halloween prints have a smaller audience because sweet =/= liking halloween prints.

AP releases sell out in literal seconds. More than a minute, and you're looking at an "unpopular" release. I'd expect this to sell out completely in a few minutes, but maybe the most popular colorway to go instantly, just because scalpers will know this is a "holiday" print.

>> No.10462369

I was wondering this as well, I never been to an AP store and only seen photos so im not sure

>> No.10462371

What's sold online is separate stock from physical stores. If you're buying stuff at release online, you aren't like competing with the people at physical stores to buy something.
Sometimes on AP's site there will be a notification that an item is sold out online, but may still be at a physical location they can pull from to send to you. So at that point, physical stock does matter.

>> No.10462398

Okay! If stuff stays in stock for at leeeeast a minute I should be fine. Snagging accessories has at least trained me to go quickly through checkout. ^^

>> No.10462399

Idk why you think Halloween prints appeal to a smaller audience, because even some gothic lolitas have soft spot for APs Halloween stuff.

I‘ve bought APs Halloween releases from the last 3 or 4 years and they usually sell out instantly within minutes. However, Dream Cat Go Round was the outlier, because it wasn’t considered as a very halloween-y print.

>> No.10462400

What do you think is the most reliable shipping service? Do you think this will find its way to ap paris?

>> No.10462402

Haha, you really think you will be able to check out within this time? Prepare for the site to crash like 10 times.

>> No.10462408

AP Paris will definitely get some stock, sometimes they put it up for reservation a day prior. But their stock is always really small.

>> No.10462409

I know this board is full of newfags now but don't use emoticons here.

>> No.10462415

I guess it's a personal opinion. I've never been invested in halloween prints, and even though people get excited about them, I never actually feel like they are popular? They can't be worn for many occasions and a lot of sweet style lolitas (myself included) don't like "creepy"-cute things, so that would balance out the demand. I might be wrong and that's okay. I just don't think it's Ice-Cream-Parlor-tier popular.

>> No.10462417

Everyone's doing plague doctors this year, don't worry.

>> No.10462418

too bad they will all look like shit.

>> No.10462422

You say that Halloween prints aren't popular and forgetting Holy Lantern's had what, 5 re-releases/MTOs? Halloween Treats got a bunch of special sets, Magical Amulet got a Japan-only cutsew OP, AP's halloween prints usually do very well

>> No.10462649

No, normalize emoticons on cgl

>> No.10462693

I'm probably just projecting too much then. I'm seeing more people now freaking out about the release. A lot of which have apparently never purchased from AP before. My general disillusionment of modern AP has clouded my vision. It'll be an interesting one to watch.

>> No.10462710

Do people still use scripts during bloodbaths? Or did AP finally block them and you're just required to be fast?

>> No.10462721

It reminds me of Lady Sloth so I can see why it would appeal to that crowd.

>> No.10462738

I like this.

>> No.10462747

That's because it's new lolitas who post a lot in lolita groups. People who have been wearing the fashion for a long time don't need to spam the same 3 questions/topics, and just stay in their quiet small groups.

Cgl for the past few years has been holding the opposite opinion of AP. What they think is ugly ends up selling out quickly.

>> No.10462767

I can’t explain it myself, but even though they can only be worn a few months a year I just really love to collect those Halloween items. Also, AP‘s prints have never been „creepy“ cute, because they never wander in a guro territory. They’re spooky and cute. They kinda have the same vibe as the annual Disney and Sanrio Halloween stuff.

>> No.10462768

Scripts barely help you anymore. It’s mainly just clicking and hoping the site doesn’t crash. Last time I had my bf use a script for me, I probably would’ve been quicker just clicking myself, because we had to re-do some steps, chose my second choice items etc.

>> No.10462803
File: 1.33 MB, 2160x2160, IMG_20200826_123353.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New print for the autumn collection, called Noble Collection

>> No.10462826

A really nice Halloween print, and then this? whats wrong with you ap?

>> No.10462830

The halloween print is taobao tier, at least this has the audacity to have cute and detailed art. The theme does confuse me though, jewel crosses with angel cats and diamond snowflakes?? I hope ap won't keep using those waist strap things seen on fantastic world map, they look weird imo. However I love the autumn/christmassy vibes this series is giving, even though it's not a christmas print

>> No.10462839

I'd better like another release of British Crown.

>> No.10462894

Sounds like your BF sucks a scripting though? We used some "cheats." Not a full script, in order to not get blocked. But it's been flawless every time for me. Got all my first choices for the past 3 or 4 releases.

>> No.10462897

I should add, before we used anything, I was fast enough anyways to get almost all my first choices (only missed one since the beginning of the year). So maybe I've just been better at checking out than most to begin with.

>> No.10462900

I am sure you will not tell us your secrets, but I am so curious what you used.

>> No.10462903

Sadly, you are correct. There's no advantage to using cheats if everyone knows about them. Being a SE helps.

>> No.10462905

oh please, pretty much for any other anticipated release (like game consoles, or hypebeast shit like that) users use bots - >>10462900 if you're really curious you can most likely buy one or pay somebody to get a bot going for you for releases. I'm sure some are already in effect

>> No.10462907

please tell me everyone else has noticed AP keep releasing the same shit every time
>same OP style
>same accent collar
>same accent cuffs
>same all over style print

>> No.10462913

The main problem was that the site wouldn't load and my items would dissapear from my shopping cart. My bf told me "I can write you the best script I can, but I can't do anything if the site won't load."
Maybe it depends on your location or internet then?

>> No.10462916

It's weird because I've never had loading/crashing issues for the USA site. The Japan site will crash for me though. We're in California.

>> No.10462923

Ah yes, I was talking about the japanese site, which was crashing like crazy the last time I tried. The few times I used AP USA I had no problems and the scripts worked flawless.

>> No.10462924

Same experience as us then. I don't bother with the Japanese site because it's been more complex to work around and not really worth it when there's an easier option. 95% of the time AP USA gets all the regular release items anyways.

>> No.10462944

Sadly, AP USA will cost me about 100€ in custom fees for any main piece. I‘ll try AP Paris though.

>> No.10462948

Ah. I'm sorry anon. It's the other way around for me - Paris is great when you catch it because the release emails are unannounced and items sell out a lot slower, but the conversion from USD sucks. I hope you can get what you want with the coming releases.

>> No.10462949

No wonder AP USA releases have been shit lately :')

>> No.10462954

I'm kind of glad though? Crap releases just means I can keep my money for when Milky Planet gets rereleased.

>no hope

>> No.10462955

The cats are cute but I'm so fucking tired of red and blue being shoehorned together. Pick any other jewel tone AP

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There's a new look book coming out for the autumn collections

>> No.10463206 [DELETED] 
File: 7 KB, 185x138, _20200827_080231.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not sure how I'm going to feel about this print, the colours are strange
>will we get a border print for once

>> No.10463207


>> No.10463208
File: 87 KB, 1080x1045, _20200827_080516.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not sure how I'm going to feel about this print, the colours are strange
>will we get a border print for once

>> No.10463217

I really like that military OP cut, although print is not my thing so I would probably give it a skip

>> No.10463218

I’m so ready. The stuff Candy previewed looks so good, I’m hopeful.

>> No.10463224

Rose Tea Garden is a birder print

>> No.10463225

Damn it. Border.

>> No.10463226
File: 1.20 MB, 2160x2160, IMG_20200827_085612.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's more cute than I thought it would be, I love the shimmery effect, though I wish they used actual glitter (I love glitter fabrics). It's called girly sticker

>> No.10463227

I’m not into retro prints, but this is still really cute. I’m excited to see coords with it

>> No.10463229
File: 1022 KB, 2160x2160, IMG_20200827_090140.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't think I saw this get posted

>> No.10463230

This print is... odd? Doesn't even look like AP anymore. I like some of the motifs (cake, glitter hearts) but looks like cheap clip-art from 5 different artists,

It might make some really cute jewelry though.

>> No.10463231
File: 123 KB, 1165x947, AD19E9D7-81DE-4590-B429-AC0353893636.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10463232

I hope they do multiple jewelry designs.

>> No.10463237
File: 177 KB, 1080x1390, _20200827_091252.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is that a cut out of heart on the jsk cut? I've only seen meta do it before, it's nice to see another dress have it. Ap seem to be going all out on this print, 4 colour ways (pink, white, sax, black) and 4 cuts (jsk, cutsew, salopette, presumably an op), I'm guessing there's going to be a blood bath. I hope anon is right with there going to be lots of cute jewellery

>> No.10463239

I think people would have paid a lot more for a glitter print too, but AP seems determined to not put any of their new prints on cotton. Too bad, you’re right it would have been so cute with real glitter.

>> No.10463242

It looks like I'm just permanently sitting out AP releases now because I have never liked my experiences with their recent polyester. I would have bought this if it were cotton.

>> No.10463247
File: 120 KB, 734x734, 81189_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where is Claire's-anon when we need them? This is straight up Claires.

>> No.10463248

How do you guys think will we get another release of Milky bears? There’s a bear on picture plus print has them, but they could also just use it as their maskot.

>> No.10463249

I’ve never been one of those REEEEE POLYESTER anons but with AP’s recent releases as in over the last year or so I’ve started to agree with them. It’s really shitty quality material and it’s sad because it ruins otherwise cute dresses.

>> No.10463250

jeez AP are really getting into taobao tier prints

>> No.10463266

‘Its a girl’

>> No.10463268

well that's disappointing. i would've preferred a rerelease of horror candy

this is by far the most taobao-ish print they've made

>> No.10463269

It's going to prevent the fake boys from wearing it which is great, I wonder if anyone is going to get offended by it

>> No.10463270

Oh I wasn’t offended, I was pointing it out as it makes me think of a baby shower. But I also see your point.

>> No.10463284

the more i look the worse it gets

>> No.10463288


I am going apeshit for this.

>> No.10463289


This looks like an old 90s Mrs Grossman’s sticker album and I love that vibe.

>> No.10463372

How on earth is this Maki and Asuka approved.

>> No.10463378 [DELETED] 

That might be a hot take but all the dresses ap announced the past days look really really cheap and only a little better than taobao quality.

Sadly I'm sure they'll be again more expensive than older cotton releases and will sell out again so ap won't change anything

>> No.10463380

That might be a hot take but all the dresses ap announced the past days look really really cheap and only a little better than taobao quality.

Sadly I'm sure they'll again be more expensive than older cotton releases and will sell out so ap won't change anything in the future

>> No.10463382

APfags will go apeshit over anything. So they have no incentive to put effort or quality into anything.

>> No.10463384


>> No.10463385

It's just the truth. Sorry if you can't handle it, APfag.

>> No.10463387

I think new AP is garbage but you're still seething for no reason and AP still sells out.

>> No.10463390

Well now I want a birder print.

>> No.10463392

This goes against everything I stand for and I like it.

>> No.10463395

You're projecting. Anything that's not licking AP's ass is considering seething now? And yeah, I already mentioned that it sells out. That's why it doesn't matter how shitty their releases are, because APfags will buy literally anything that they make. If you think admitting that is seething, you're already too far gone.

>> No.10463396

I dislike most of the new stuff as well. but, that's okay. I'll keep picking up older things secondhand. Someday AP will get the hint.

>> No.10463397


>> No.10463402

>t. braindead apfag with no good comeback

>> No.10463403

I'm sort of an APFag and I agree that these are really not much better than taobao. Taobao shit is pretty good and proves that you can have decent quality dresses for a much lower price tag. But when you buy AP, you're buying the brand name and their design. There's similar taobao dresses for Little Witch, for example, but taobao will never be as recognizable and bragworthy as a well-known brand name. So all AP has to do is release something even HALF decent and people will buy it.

Little Witch is the first thing I'm going for from AP in a few years because I like this print SPECIFICALLY and a similar dress from taobao wouldn't cut it.

>> No.10463407

Pretty rich coming from someone who can't read.

>> No.10463409

Are you okay, anon? You're so mad you're not even making sense anymore.

>> No.10463416

I like your meme. I too like to use outdated memes like hurr muh aptaobao and petticoatfarting

>> No.10463420


lmao it’s literally a cute tartan with academic vibes, it’s hardly ~the epitome of ap~

>> No.10463422

apfags are just retarded, it's their natural state

>> No.10463425

Who gives a shit if it is or isn't the epitome of AP?

Another shitty dress that braindead apfags lose their minds over

>> No.10463426

Nobody said it was, APfag.

>> No.10463428

Why do they keep doing these shitty all over prints that give me a headache? There is way too much going on. Can they please just do border prints? Jfc

>> No.10463445

Why are you in this thread if you hate AP?

>> No.10463456


Sweet border prints are the best and what I love most in lolita besides old school florals.

>> No.10463464

I popped by the BTSSB thread a while ago and they were complaining about AP/APfags even in there. It's like people just can't get AP out of their heads no matter what.

>> No.10463472
File: 287 KB, 744x734, 20160621_221829[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it's another high waist or salopette release or trash material
Maybe AP should stick to MTOs for a while.

>> No.10463487

I feel like Maki is doing less and less illustration for them. Hope she’ll develop more with her own brand, I liked the pouch and mobile battery she put out.

>> No.10463490

It's because they only feel alive when they are hating on AP. They so desperately want attention and get bored on their own threads that they wander over here.

Seriously though, it's dumb.

>> No.10463494


Nayrt but maybe it is because many people like both brands and can't help but compare BABY being relatively consistent while AP is taking a bit of a dive in design and quality in the last couple years?

There is also a ton of bitching about AATP which is also just objectively ugly these days as opposed to AP being decent or less than great but disappointing and no one is angrily defending AATP. I love AP but am not in denial about how much their new stuff is clearly going in a different direction than the 2010 sweet many of us love. I just sort of grin and bear it and support the cotton MTOs or nicer poly pieces that at least are similar to the style I want them to keep making (like buying ice cream parlor rather than the really low quality shiny heart print dress)

>> No.10463495

This >>10463494

Believe it or not, some people like both brands. And over all, Baby has been much better lately. Not all of us tie our personal identities to the success of a clothing brand

>> No.10463526

I come to this thread because I consider myself to generally like AP, but I'm very picky with their new stuff due to the lowering quality and designs. The people you're talking to might also be like me or they might be browsing cgl on PC so they see the latest replies without having to actually open up the thread. Just because someone doesn't like a certain AP release or is critical of irrational APfags doesn't mean they hate AP.

>> No.10463535

I love new aatp but I don’t want to defend it so I can get stuffs on sale for cheap <3

>> No.10463638 [DELETED] 
File: 156 KB, 500x600, 7_sx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does AP use plastic pearls lately? They used to use heavier fake pearls, or even glass. This jewelry seemed like the most worthwhile part of the release this week.

>> No.10463639
File: 156 KB, 500x600, 7_sx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Deleted my other post because I'm stupid and found my answer.

I like the design of this, but I just know I'm going to be disappointed by the quality if I buy it.

>> No.10463641

This is gorgeous! I feel like it would sir weird though.

>> No.10463644

I'm a sucker for these kind of double-chain necklaces. Excuse my stupidity. I'm too tired to think, and I'm not sure what it's called. Not sure if I want to buy it when it comes to AP USA or not. I liked the white/clear version.

>> No.10463646
File: 220 KB, 500x600, 8B78548C-7934-4362-BD21-B27B268E48E6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like the clear too for versatility, but the lavender is really nice also. I also love the dangly star earrings, so pretty.

>> No.10463671

A fakeboi on RC complained about it in the lost in translation thread

>> No.10463673

What own brand?

>> No.10463677

What did they say? I need to know lmao

>> No.10463679

That's hilarious. Even AP's mission statement says the fashion is for "girls."

>> No.10463684

So fucking tired of high waist'd dresses, like just fucking stop

>> No.10463685
File: 225 KB, 500x600, 52E5F733-3C24-4C08-8B93-175DC086889C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nobody has posted this, so here we are. So much not-AP, but it’s actually good.

>> No.10463694

Now that’s a breath of fresh air!

>> No.10463699
File: 136 KB, 1080x789, _20200828_075227.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can't say that and not post screen caps anon

>> No.10463701
File: 195 KB, 1080x1275, _20200828_075240.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The fact that everyone bringing it up has a female name, and looks and presents 100% as a woman

>> No.10463705
File: 274 KB, 1080x1080, CB44C286-D763-4EF7-9803-1F289BC854AB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More details. Embroidery looks really cute.
Although I’d probably wish that matching berets had a pompom on the back like IW did a while ago.

>> No.10463707

do i even want to know what "dyspeptic" means?

>> No.10463712

It was just a typo for dysphoria

>> No.10463714

nothing screams "I want attention" more
Guarantee all of these "enbies" (god I hate that word with ever fibre of my being) are just straight girls that are desperate for oppression points

>> No.10463718

post modern "queer" theory was a mistake

>> No.10463733

I didn't even know enby was a term that people used. Why do people need to constantly orbit their "gender" as their sole form of identity. Just live your life and who cares if you conform. You're not special because you give yourself a special label. Jesus.

>> No.10463790
File: 1.01 MB, 2160x2160, Eggh9DHUcAAyW5W.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10463791
File: 1.04 MB, 2160x2160, Eggh-TbUMAEel5z.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Can't tell what store that is limited to. Tokyo AP is B1.5F and Shibuya is 5F. Although I must be mistaken, floor number embroidery sounds too weird. It must be something different.

>> No.10463796

Pretty sure it says SF. Could be for the tenth anniversary.

>> No.10463797

Looked closer, definitely says SF 10th. So yeah that’s what it’s for.

>> No.10463815

Why AP. We don't need more Milky Bear. We need more Milky-Chan and Milky Planet.

>> No.10463817

Holy shit SF store actually getting something?

>> No.10463818

>post modern theory was a mistake

>> No.10463820

This x1000
Why does AP hate Milky chan? I don't understand

>> No.10463827

AP hardly ever even releases mint colorways now, what is this supposed to match with?

>> No.10463833

Speaking of mint...

Does anyone else adamantly avoid certain colors? To the point where you won't even buy something if it has that color as a secondary accent?

I can't buy things with any red. Like no red at all. Jewelry with a red strawberry? Nope. With mint, lavender, and black, I can't buy something if more than 10% of it is that color.

I sound crazy.

>> No.10463839

You don’t sound crazy, just very autistic. I understand avoiding certain colors but the whole 10% thing is sheer autism

>> No.10463841

it's been literally 10 years since milky chan came out dumbass it's more like milky chan is a dead mascot than they hate it

>> No.10463844

Nayrt but I doubt they mean that literally. Like a small splash of a color is fine but not bigger details.

>> No.10463848

You’re not crazy, at all. This is fashion and if you don’t want a color present in your coords you don’t want one present. I won’t buy things that have silver of any kind on it (yes’m, including buttons) because I just hate the way silver looks and can find things without it.

I think they just mean a small amount of it, like the sprinkles on an ice cream Sunday or the color of a bunnies eyes in a print. How the fuck would you even determine what 10% is

>> No.10463850

Haha, it's more what >>10463844 said. I don't actually calculate 10%.

My wardrobe is... pretty strict and cohesive. I've actually purposely replaced all my lavender colorways this year.

>> No.10463851

Curious to see if it and other AP mascots stay dead based on the success of Baby’s everything is Kuma and we are Sanrio now approach

>> No.10463854

People still go crazy over shyness bear and lyrical bunny so probably, it's not like they have any reason to

>> No.10463856

Still sounds like intense autism

>> No.10463859

Not really, it completely makes sense to me.

>> No.10463860

>Not liking a color so choosing not to wear it is autism
>in fashion
Lol enjoy having a clusterfuck of a closet

>> No.10463861

Fruity Lemon is my favorite so far, don't have a least favorite one I think

Oh man I can't wait to see some pics or scans, so far I'm eyeing Little Witch but I'm curious if there'll be more releases that I can look forward to!

>> No.10463863

My wardrobe is large, so I have enough pieces to have quite a few colors and have enough cohesion between groups of 10 or so pieces. I don’t think a print having moderate detailings of a color not in your wardrobe would fuck up the cohesion if it still has other colors that goes with your wardrobe. It just seems like autism.

Ok autist

>> No.10463866

>everyone I disagree with has autism

>> No.10463869

I don’t think you really understand what not liking something is. I don’t like olives so I’m not going to buy things with olives in them just because I like the other ingredients in it.

If I think poop brown is ugly or whatever I’m not going to buy things with poop brown on it. It’s not rocket science. Just because you personally like every color on the planet doesn’t mean others do. Some people have standards.

>> No.10463870

Not everyone. Just you few specifically.

Then just don’t buy anything with that color at all. It’s really simple. Making up rules about how much you’ll allow of something you don’t like is autism.

>> No.10463874

I’m convinced you’re a larper now

>> No.10463878

Okay I’m going back to my olive analogy because you are clearly dumb as bricks and I need to treat you like a kindergartner:

Let’s say my dislike of olives was slightly less, enough that a little olive flavor won’t bother me but I won’t eat a tapenade. Or a sandwich with a bunch of olives on it. But a little bit of olives in a dressing is chill. What OP is describing is like that with color.

Does that make sense to you? Or are you just self conscious because other people have a decent grasp on their aesthetic preferences and you’ve chosen “fuck idk if I buy enough I’ll probably be okay” as your solution to making decent coords.

>> No.10463881

>I have so little self control that not buying something with a lot of lavender on it or not buying something red at all on it is too hard for me
God that’s sad

>> No.10463891

I hate purple. A lot. I try to avoid it whenever possible. Lavender is okay, but I'm disgusted at the sheer hint of purple. It reminds me of cough medicine... artificial grape flavor. That disgusting, syrupy, cloying fake sweetness of childhood. Purple is so unpleasant.

>> No.10463897

Wow I did not expect my post to cause someone to be this triggered about autism. I just have very specific preferences.

I like this analogy. It's like olives vs cilantro. I can eat a little bit of olives/whatever because sometimes it's okay. But cilantro immediately tastes like poison (Cilantro == red, olives == lavender).

>> No.10463900

>being this hyper-focused on someone not liking a certain color
>hyper-focus is a symptom of ASD
Anon... I have something to tell you...

I hate teal and aquamarine-ish colors.

>> No.10463902

I don’t like blueish mint. More traditional mint is fine.

>> No.10463905

>projecting this hard

>> No.10463906

Where did I even remotely begin to say that? You autists sure are spergin hard today

>> No.10463907

Interesting! All shades of purple are my favorite and I've always wondered why it wasn't more popular.

Personally, I hate the salmon-y pink color. I like baby pink and a proper dusty pink but that weird pink needs to go

>> No.10463909

Please go take your meds

>> No.10463912

It’s okay baby, impulse buying some trash will make you feel better

>> No.10463915

It’s wild that you fixated intensely onto this idea despite me saying nothing of the sort. Almost like there’s some sort of autism going on with you.

Please ask your tardwrangler to come calm you down

>> No.10463917

Notice how no one in the thread is on your side, dumbass.

>> No.10463918

>Implying I care
>implying that anyone should care if a bunch of autists on 4chan agree with them or not

Sure does seem like a big case of the tism

>> No.10463925

>I don’t care
And yet you keep defensively replying...

>> No.10463930
File: 67 KB, 853x315, 02D9ABD0-EB57-40FD-8E81-A8142CBEA1A8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10463943 [DELETED] 

All I’m doing is calling you autists and it keeps riling you up. It’s low effort and astounding you keep replying kek

>> No.10463946

Just ignore them, I am. I actually like the topic you brought up. Personally the only color I can’t stand is orange, luckily it’s uncommon in lolita.

>> No.10463948

i personally dislike navy because i like black and they tend to clash.

>> No.10463992

Huh? I own both navy and black dresses, this isn’t a problem because I only wear one dress at a time.

>> No.10463996

i mostly mean prints that have both colors in it.

>> No.10464000

Yeah but a navy based print tends to look shoddy with black accessories etc. I tend to limit colors like that too because it means neutral items I buy just straight up will not work with whole chunks of my wardrobe.

>> No.10464001

I guess I can see that. A lot of AP prints really pop in navy, though.

>> No.10464014

I like lavender x black but avoid lavender in any other form. I sold all my lavender accessories last year that don't also have black. I especially dislike 'cool' pastel colorways with lavender and sax together (sax with other pastels can be fine). AP seems to make a lot of prints in these cool colorways lately.

I also dislike Navy for the same reason as anon above.

Conversely I love red, especially pastels or black with little pops of red.

>> No.10464057
File: 20 KB, 300x225, d5125d28-3fd9-5a1f-b78b-b7511054b90a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wonder why AP doesn't make skirts anymore with their new collections. Skirts are great for creating a more versatile wardrobe and also to tone down your coord and not go full ott 24/7

>> No.10464060

I think the shirts were too small to sell well. I find that they're too tight even though I'm at the low end of their measurements. I would love to buy AP skirts but they need to be bigger, not a lot of people have under 25" waist.

>> No.10464064

And they need to longer too. Lets face it, westerns are the only ones going to buy skirts (which is fine desu) so AP needs to stop making mini skirts.

>> No.10464069


The length is my biggest issue. I can fit them and am short but the non mini kirts are still 2-3 inches shorter than normal waisted JSKs sitting in the same spot and I don't want to accidentally flash people.

>> No.10464075

They didn’t sell for like four years straight so AP just stopped making them. Ask the stupid questions thread next time

>> No.10464088

They're too small for a lot of people, even Asian girls. So I doubt they sold all that well. Bigger size skirts would be nice.

>> No.10464095

That’s weird, old advice for big girls used to be “buy skirts”

>> No.10464097


Probably big shouldered girls and they probably meant BTSSB or other brands that offer a few more fully shirred skirts than AP.

>> No.10464098

that's if you have big shoulders or tits, not a big waist.

>> No.10464100

I really wish there was a better way to get feedback to AP. People say vote with your wallet but it doesn't work when the takeaway from people not buying skirts is to stop making them, instead of just making skirts that fit people instead.

>> No.10464106

APs modern skirts aren’t even that small. Most of them go up to 80cm on the waist. I’m 5’7” and can even wear the mini skirts which were never meant to fit the lolita silhouette. How large is your waist that an 80cm waist isn’t big enough? The person who said that was “too small” for Japanese lolitas is beyond stupid

>> No.10464111

I have a 26" waist and it's not that I can't wear them it's that they hurt my stomach. I don't think 26" is fat but you add a blouse/cutsew and that the shirring doesn't have a lot of give and they are just not comfortable.

>> No.10464112

I second this ^

>> No.10464118

Nobody cares about the opinion of a newfag

I have never had a problem with any of that with any of the basic AP skirts past the year 2008. Even at my fattest which was a 26” waist like yours. Maybe you bloat during the day and get even larger measurement wise. Even my fatty-chan friend who’s pushing that 80cm waist limit doesn’t bitch like you do about it

>> No.10464122

Some people actually like their skirts to fit

>> No.10464128

>thinking that somehow an 80cm or a 74cm skirt, the two most common AP waist sizes for skirts, is too small for a 26” waist, which comes out to 66cm

That’s what anon is arguing. And it is light years beyond stupid. Either they are lying about their waist size for their argument, are measuring it wrong, or they’re LARPing all together.

>> No.10464129

Do you have a short torso? I have a ~24/25 inch waist. Skirts are uncomfortable because there is little space between my waist and ribs, so they dig into my ribs.

>> No.10464133

I don't know why you're so incredibly angry about this. I'm telling you they squish my stomach. Maybe I have stomach issues or like >>10464129 said.
If they're super comfortable and even fatty chans can wear them, why don't they sell more then? Or how about you post some of these comfortable skirts for us fatty-chans?

>> No.10464134

Leek you do realize most of those mini skirts with 80 cm measurements aren’t supposed to sit at your natural waist, right? They are supposed to sit lower on your hip. Jesus are you brain dead?

>> No.10464135

Because fit alone isn’t going to dictate how well they sell. About a four year period, around 2014-2018, when the era of super OTT sweet and casual wear items like printed cutsews and skirts was at a lull, people didn’t buy them as much. Sweet classic or OTT classic was in, and skirts weren’t as favorable. If you weren’t new as fuck you’d know that’s why they died down. They didn’t sell, despite their size range capabilities. Can’t believe I’m spoon feeding this hard but here you go.

Im not referring to their mini skirts when I listed those waist sizes, because they don’t fit the lolita silhouette. I mentioned them to say “even they fit me fine” briefly. Reading comprehension sure is hard for you

>> No.10464136

This is all well and fine, but Baby has been consistently selling skirts just fine for this whole time. The difference? They are actually normal length and cut.

>> No.10464137

Even their skirts don’t usually sell out quickly but ok. Baby and AP have different models for how they handle releases. But I bet you don’t have the mental capacity to even factor that in.

>> No.10464142

Is that a pale pink? I already have the light pink pochette, but if this is different, I want it.

>> No.10464148

So why don't you list these super roomy skirts? Nobody cares that skirts meant to sit on the waist fit you and it makes you sound fat to brag like it's an accomplishment. I can wear those fine too

>> No.10464151

>you sound fat to brag like it’s an accomplishment

I wasn’t acting like it’s an accomplishment. It was relevant to the conversation and a point of reference. I was saying that the miniskirts fit me fine in all ways at 5’7”, way above AP’s target height range for the mini skirts, so I don’t understand the bitching about them being too short. You really seem to be struggling to follow the conversation. But yeah, I’m totally fat fitting into those skirts just fine kek.

And just go on over to lolibrary and plug in skirts, years 2014-2018. Or any year after 2010 really.

>> No.10464154

Because white girls have no identity so they either steal one or make one up.

>> No.10464156

it's not "white girls" it's "americans." notice that there are little to no genderspecials in other countries, regardless of race.

>> No.10464163

>There are just SO many great AP skirts!
>Can't name a single one

>> No.10464164

You really are astonishingly retarded. Am I just supposed to list off my favorite prints then? You can’t look up the massive selection of skirts for yourself? If you’re really that stupid I guess I’ll spoonfeed you some more. I just feel bad that your brain has less processing power than a potato I guess

>milky berry
>baked sweets parade
>drained cherry
>Melty cream doughnut

>> No.10464188

Why would Baby keep making skirts if they weren’t selling? Why are you so desperate to insist skirts don’t sell when every single other brand makes and sells skirts very regularly?

>> No.10464189

Never bought an AP Lookbook before. Are the lookbooks a physical item or digital? If its physical then I don't need it. If its digital, I almost considered it so I could have a sneak peek of the autumn collection.

>> No.10464190

APs skirts didn’t sell. That’s why they stopped making them. Anyone who watched the decline in popularity of AP skirts over the years would agree. I don’t know why this is so difficult for you to understand. It’s kind of amazing that people are so dense that they can’t figure this out or get incredibly upset over people saying facts like

>APs skirts stopped being as popular, they went on sale all the time, so they stopped making them

>> No.10464193

physical! Like a catalogue kinda

>> No.10464196

>AP skirts did not sell
>Other brand skirts sell well
>AP skirts are small sizes
>Other brand skirts are larger sizes
>It is a mystery why AP skirts do not sell

>> No.10464197

Skirts are usually the last cut to sell out. You must be incredibly new not to know this. Also incredibly fat to think an 80cm waist skirt isn’t a “larger size.”

>> No.10464200

>what is the UK

>> No.10464246

AP tends to make skirts in sizes under 78 cm waist.

>> No.10464258

I love the mint Milky Bear.

>> No.10464260

I don’t, but it makes me curious about the 10th anniversary plans. I’m guessing they’ll do a virtual tea party, but hopefully they at least bring Maki and Asuka on for a bit. I know they hate their SF store but ten years is still a big deal. Hoping for other exclusives too.

>> No.10464273
File: 184 KB, 1080x1285, _20200829_075902.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I wonder how long it will be until we get pics of the look book, I've been lurking insta, twitter and ameblo but there's nothing yet. I've seen one person post a picture of their copy on twt, but I don't know how to ask for pictures of the pages

>> No.10464275

No one is going to ask if you’re pregnant holy shit.

I want scans too, I’m stalking twitter waiting to find someone posting them.

>> No.10464276

I admit I might pay for the virtual tea party if there's anything good planned for it. The problem is normally you have to buy something to qualify for a ticket purchase, right? And lately there's nothing worth buying except a few accessories.

>> No.10464282
File: 48 KB, 640x640, 85113812-BEDD-4248-92FA-4178DA84479C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is lovely

>> No.10464283
File: 61 KB, 640x640, 9C677824-B8E5-4FC1-8A6D-12C6382ED716.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10464300
File: 83 KB, 640x640, 83EC6E24-233E-410A-9328-048C70EA8ED5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10464304


No, it's very specific.
- If you're big as in fat, get the Meta luckypack skirts because they're fully shirred. A lot of regular release skirts are not big-girl-friendly at all.

- alternatively, it's cheaper to buy two skirts and alter it into one skirt rather than two dresses.

- If you're big-boobed it also gets recommended because you can use an off brand blouse and don't need to worry about fitting into the bust, but it's rather selective advice. You need to be careful with high-waisted skirts because the narrow waist may emphasise how big your boobs are, and miniskirts tend not to be a good balance for big busts either.

So pretty much, very specific uses.

On the other hand, jsks get recommended to newbies because it's easier to coord. And we're currently going through some chiffon blouse popularity, they're sheer, so it's again easier to coord with jsks than skirts.

>> No.10464349

sorry, >>10464304
should have been a reply to >>10464095

>> No.10464353
File: 107 KB, 1080x1440, FB_IMG_1598702374878.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Little Witch OP

>> No.10464354
File: 100 KB, 1080x1440, FB_IMG_1598702379790.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Little Witch JSK

>> No.10464355


Standard AP Halloween fare as expected. So much better than other recent shit since it is seemingly chiffon.

Not my cup of tea but at least it's nice looking.

>> No.10464356


I'm surprised there is a full on headbow plus potentially the headdress in the OP image. There are a ton of chiffon AP dresses that only get a barette so I was expecting that.

>> No.10464357

It's very cute, although I definitely won't be sad if I miss out on any of the accessories. I wonder if the cat jewelry will come in other colours besides that black?

>> No.10464358
File: 128 KB, 1080x1440, FB_IMG_1598703655755.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Girly Sticker OP

>> No.10464359
File: 122 KB, 1080x1440, FB_IMG_1598703662652.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Girly Sticker JSK

>> No.10464360
File: 95 KB, 1080x1440, FB_IMG_1598703667479.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Girly Sticker Salopette + Milky Bear Hoodie

>> No.10464361

I'm surprised there wasn't a photo of the Girly Sticker Cutsew OP???
Unless this person just happened to skip over taking a photo or uploading it?

And I guess no special jewelry for Girly Sticker? Unless it's normal to show everything from a specific released? I was really hoping for some cake jewelry.

>> No.10464389

Ugh, I love it so much. This will be a really though one, because I‘ll probably want many items.

>> No.10464423

Girly sticker might be the first sweet print I actually prefer in black.
I feel it's more normie friendly, maybe I can dress it down and not get harassing comments.

>> No.10464429

Not a reply to anyone in particular but I was thinking about the pricing issue and I actually don’t think it will ever go back to how it was before. It may not stay this high but gone are the days of sub 300 milky planet.

No one had ever seen milky planet or sugary carnival go for 600-1000 before. And I don’t think we’ve ever seen a price trend so sharp on general pieces (as opposed to one specific one, like ctp). now that people have seen that they’ll be snatched up in an instant. The dresses will only become more rare as people refuse to sell them. I don’t hold out hope for a re-release, but I think only a major influx of dresses into the market is going to equal this out. Even then, a poly re-release would be ugh

>> No.10464430

this is so cute! loving the adorable salopette releases as of late, also super happy to have something else to use neon star diner accessories with. the colors and theme are perfect.

>> No.10464431

Sugary carnival and milky planet and the will become sort of like puppet circus and Gloria imo. Kind of immortalized as rare and pricey pieces.

>> No.10464432

I want everything

>> No.10464433

That jsk looks like trash tho

>> No.10464435

>No one had ever seen milky planet or sugary carnival go for 600-1000 before

Quit LARPing as an oldfag. It’s really obvious you don’t know what you’re talking about

>> No.10464437


>> No.10464439

I was about to say. I know Tyler is popular with newer lolitas and she mentioned that milky planet used to go for $600 with pit stains.

>> No.10464442

>No one had ever seen milky planet or sugary carnival go for 600-1000 before.

>> No.10464444

That was before the re release though. Generally, it went for 200-400.

>> No.10464445

>generally milky planet went for 200 after the release

Not until YEARS later. Quit acting like you know what you’re talking about

>> No.10464447

Just stop

>> No.10464448

Just look at lacemarket sales history and sort completed date. It didn’t become super pricey until fairly recently. Literally it went for 1k with damages for the lavender jsk a few months back

>> No.10464449

You have to be trolling.

>> No.10464450

Since you need a history lesson newfag, it started off being super pricy and would go for the 600-1000 range >>10464429 claimed had “never been seen before”. These past few years the price dipped down significantly, until the rise in popularity of AP OTT sweet again, and now the market is back to 2010 pricing.

I’m tired of seeing newfags cry about this like it’s some shocking unheard of thing. It’s not. You’re just new and ignorant of the history of this fashion.

>> No.10464451

We’ll go look for yourself. It’s not trolling literally anyone with the internet can go and look at every sale of milky planet on lacemarket. It’s never been cheap, but at least on lm it’s never been this expensive

>> No.10464452

>acting like LMs records include all the sales prices of the LJ days

Using lacemarket as your frame of reference for the price history of pieces like milky planet and sugary carnival just shows off how new you are. It doesn’t have records of when these prices released and held top spots in the 2010-2012 era

>> No.10464454

Fuck you. you don’t know more than lacemarket. you can literally just look it up on lacemarket and see the prices

>> No.10464456

Lol well that was not me, the anon you replied to

>> No.10464457

Its time to let the big girls talk. Newfags who don’t know what they’re talking about need not interject in this conversation.

>> No.10464458

it doesn't but LM is the first organized, searchable and recordable tool for pricing. So this is the first time we've seen that pricing in an easy to access way. Now that it's out there, I don't think it's ever gonna come back down.

>> No.10464459

at least not to $200-400 unless it's torn to shreds.

>> No.10464460

First it was “nobody’s ever seen this” and now that it was called out by people who actually know what they’re talking about that that is bullshit you’re moving the goalpost to “So this is the first time we've seen that pricing in an easy to access way.”

Just admit you have no idea what you are talking about and take the L

>> No.10464462
File: 111 KB, 508x376, 46075158-BCAC-4793-91DF-2E30AE7763BD.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10464463

This is the first time those of us under 40 hae seen this and it's the first time since the rise of social media, insta, etc. All of those things change the landscape and make this pricing more permanent. Personally, I'm rooting for the price increase.

>> No.10464464

Kek ok newfag. I’m years away from 30 and yet I was there for $600+ milky planet the first time around. Keep crying about how stupid you were and how everyone called you out as being stupid

>> No.10464466

I'm crying all the way to the bank anon.

>> No.10464467

It’s not going to be permanent newfag. The trend will die down just like it did the first time. Trends cycle in lolita. You’re just putting a huge neon sign on yourself saying “look at how new and uninformed I am!” The more you post

>> No.10464469

Nobody cares. Just quit pretending that you know what you’re talking about and let the big kids talk

>> No.10464472

I don't think anything is permanent, but I don't think it will ever go that low again. I think the number of dresses exiting the market will be higher than the amount entering in perpetuity.

>> No.10464476

You just said it would be more permanent. Holy shit. Make up your mind idiot

>> No.10464477


New thread

>> No.10464478

egl comm sales is searchable too

$550 in 2010 is ~$650 today according to google

>> No.10464529

I need to know what the arm cuff is about. I love it.

>> No.10464574

it's cute but...normies are going to think it's a Nazi thing

>> No.10464650

Feels kinda shoe horned in with the jsk imo. It kinda looks like kinda weird dress attachment. I think they should choose a different accent color from the dress else it looks a bit odd.
But yeah a bit too Nazi-esque for US wear especially these days. I’d pass on that

>> No.10464750

Back in the day people checked the sales page like it was the news. EVERYONE new exactly what AP dresses cost including people who didn’t wear AP (like me, at the time I wore classic but knew what Milky Planet was going for)

>> No.10464751

Dude I’m 27 and these prices were when I was in COLLEGE. 4chan is 18+

>> No.10464758

Damn I didn’t even think of that.. they probably would. Oh well. It’s nothing to do with nazi stuff.

>> No.10465542


>> No.10474664

isn't Sofia a minor lolcow from the confettii club?

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