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Feels thread

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I love you all, gulls. Even you, sandy vag bitch. And you too, ita retardmoe girls. And yes, even you scrotes. That is all. Have a nice day/night. Remember not to derail the thread by responding to b8, and that getting mad all the time will only age you faster.

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I'm doing an apprenticeship as a teacher's assistant as part of becoming an elementary school teacher myself, and I hate the teacher I was assigned to. She is just so vile to the children sometimes. She's great while they're doing well in class, but if someone does something wrong or doesn't understand what she wants them to say/do, she turns into a monster. Screaming at them for the tiniest shit. Loudly ridiculing them in front of the whole class, instead of helping.
I'm going to talk to my prof about it tomorrow, but not a lot is going to happen except "well, then learn from her how to be better!" Thanks to corona, I'm probably not even allowed to visit other classrooms for a day or two.

I'm trying my best to be understanding and kind to the kids but hell, they'll have to live with only her again when I return to uni. I hate that thought. Yes, compared to a lot of kids I've worked with in the past (I work at a daycare), they seem to need an awful lot of repetitions to understand certain simple things. But they're clearly trying, it's not like they're actively disrupting class...

And on top of all that, because I am, of course, an emotionally maladjusted crybaby, her behaviour really gets to me on an emotional level.

At least I am being reassured that it would be okay to wear simple lolita as a teacher in a small school. I was kinda worried about that, but I guess I'll be fine.

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RIP you if they've got you holding in person classes. We're doing remote learning and gave each kid a computer or tablet, which means I have some job security, t. school IT.
Expect anything nice you wear to school to get thrown up on, children are wicked little beasts.

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I'm a bit afraid of that too, but I've worked with children ages 5-11 for over 10 years now and 'only' ever seen a child vomit 3 times. I bet that'd be more if I worked with 20+ kids each and every day, but as a teacher I won't get close enough for them to actually hit me, and I won't have to clean it up myself either (in my current job, I do).
The risk is low enough that I'll take it

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Every teacher yells at the kids sometimes. Anyone who claims not to is lying. In my experience, there's that one fucking kid in each year's class that wears us down. So unless she's yelling insults or something else inappropriate, I get it and you will too once you have your own classroom.

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Threadly reminder to not reply to politics bait.

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God I look like shit in candids. What’s the point of making and wearing cute clothes if the people around me always insist on taking candid photos in which I look like a messy goblin linebacker? At least if they agreed to help me take a decent coord shot I’d have something to slap a sticker on and post to IG but no, “candids are so much more authentic!”

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The voice inside my head, my inner monologue I guess, is very harsh. But it’s all directed at myself. Lately, even at small things, the first thing that comes to mind is “you’re such a burden, kill yourself.”

If I don’t handle a situation perfectly and make human mistakes “I should kill myself” is the answer. Or if I try to speak to people about the troubles I’m having “you’re wasting their time, kill yourself” again is the answer. I know that it’s normal for people to rely on others, but the thought of having to inconvenience other people however so slightly brings up this wave of self hate that crashes down. I’m not worth the space, I’m not worth the effort. The resources keeping me alive could go towards someone else. Someone else could be having an easier time in life if I would just die.

I try very hard to find things that make me even a little happy. People are telling me that my coords are good, and while for a moment I get happy that I might have done some good in the world, the wave of terrible thoughts come back. “They don’t mean it, they’re just being nice because they feel sorry for you.” “If you were dead someone else could have x item, it’d make them happy. Why are you preventing them from being happy?” Etc . Everything gets tainted by the terrible thoughts in my mind. It hurts. I hurt all the time. I’m being physically abused. I’ve told the only person I thought I could count on to step in and help. They don’t care. I can’t go to the police, my family would disown me.

I have no idea where life after this pandemic will take me. It terrifies me. I feel like I can’t do anything by myself. That I’m too stupid to. Not competent enough. Never good enough at anything. So I should just kill myself. I’m sorry for you even having to read this.

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Y-you too

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I need to make a final push and finish my grad school work so I can get my degree, but I'm so stressed that I'm doing it wrong somehow or that I procrastinated too much and will miss the deadline (again) that I've just been guiltily scrolling 4chan and browsing auction sites instead of writing.

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about to scam someone for meth money

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I have a friend I've known for about 5 years. She's super sweet, but she's had a harsh life with illnesses, both mentally and physically, some chronic, that still hinder her today. She's super fun to hang around with for like a couple of hours, she's actually one of the few friends I have who also enjoys the same weeb things I do, but I feel like I've kind fo become her crutch? Like whenever she feels bad she calls/texts/sends some videos and whilst I love her, I feel liks she only reaches out to me? I have told her multiple times that whilst I want her to be happy, I cannot take all of it, and that she should see a therapist. She used to go to one in the past, but from what I've understood she used to go to one she really clicked with, but the therapist moved away, and she hasn't gone to find a new one again. Right now its a lot, there have been some shifts in her family life and she recently started school again, and she just seems to... dump it all on me? She sends these videos or voice mails to me and I work evenings so I don't have the time to watch them and if I do I feel like I HAVE to respond....

I don't know, I love her, and I like hanging around her for a day, but she's a lot to handle at times.

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If you told her and she is still doing it, then you’ve done what you can. You can politely tell her you need a break or ghost depending on the type of person you are.

Had a friend like this once who ironically ghosted me before I realized just how much she was being. My life is so much better off with out her and yours probably will be, too. Still, it’s hard.

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Not to be dramatic, but things (personal, external) are genuinely getting to be to much and I’m stuck deciding which of my old self destructive coping mechanisms I am going to let slide to get through this.

It’s looking like shopping addiction is winning, which at least won’t cause me physical harm and I’ll have a great wardrobe in the end. I’m sadness’s though because I did a really good job with my finances the last few years and I just know it’s all going to be shot.

Any advice? I need some sort of serotonin or I am going to lose it.

>pls no exercise I’m ex anachan

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I've been getting my dopamine hits from stalking FB marketplace for cheap/free shit and going to garage sales to get new shit. It's still unhealthy shopping addict behavior, but less bad on your wallet.
On the healthier side, maybe get some sort of puzzle booklet (crosswords, suduko, whatever you're into); I've found I can get invested in them and the small sense of accomplishment from figuring something out/completing a puzzle is nice.

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Re:puzzles I’ve been doing what I can with video games but it’s losing its effectiveness.

The first suggestion is very helpful, though. Thank you. Can’t wait to donate a bunch of useless shit in a year lol

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This doesn’t seem like one time, anon. I am a teacher too and this teachers just seems like one of those assholes who hates kids but teaches for some unknown reason.

You seem like you really care, which is great, but you should keep an eye on that. Teaching will break you if you let it. The ~system~ just doesn’t work and you will constantly encounter people like this teacher. You have to learn to do what you can the best you can and let go after that.

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I fell into my shopping addiction during the beginning of the pandemic and spent myself into a small hole towards the end because I couldn’t control myself. Now I’m pouring this energy into cooking and so far it’s working out. If my hands are busy I can’t scroll thru sales! And the end results are still satisfying

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Cooking might not be the best for me, personally, but crafting might be good. I’ll probably wind up buying a bunch of trinkets for crafting but that’s still way easier on my wallet... thanks!

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>Positive Feels
My Ohio con group is having a small get-together next weekend (quarantining at least a week after). We're drinking & watching nerdy shit the entire time & some of us are cosplaying. It isn't the same, but it does make it hurt a little less!

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Dude I feel you. Just remember that a snapshot is just one angle, one brief moment in time. All the people you love and all the people you admire have moments where they too look like gremlins and we don’t notice it because we view them with rose tinted glasses. I recommend posting dumb candids of people who won’t stop posting dumb candids of you, tho. That’ll learn em.

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A thot from my comm joined QAnon and now she wants us all to join. The comm mother wants to dump her ass, but can she be fixed?

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I've slowly been falling out of love with Jfash during this COVID-19 pandemic and can't decide if I should just sell most of my Jbrand clothes away or wait until I regain inspiration to wear it again.

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I've taken up needle felting cute things and I highly recommend it. It challenges my brain to think in new ways and I get to slowly stab something into submission. It's fun to listen to music or a documentary in the background too.

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Hang onto it. It’s discouraging to want to look cute when the world is falling apart with nowhere to go. I hope the desire comes back

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I own a few dresses that could easily sell for 1k or more with the current OTT sweet market prices and I'm scared of wearing them now- if I damage them there's no way I'm going to be able to find a replacement

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Does anyone have a really good body and feel like it's a waste covering it up with lolita?
I've been eating well and working out and honestly look really good and feel like lolita just hides everything good about my body.

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Same, anon. I got Milky Planet and Vanilla-chan right before prices went crazy and I'm scared to even wash them (usually I wash dresses immediately when I get them). Meanwhile I'm thinking about finally selling all my damaged AP that I bought in that condition and then regretted. I figure maybe I could make my money back, plus some.

Weird flex, but okay? I like my body better in lolita because it actually fits, unlike walmart clothing.

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>I get to slowly stab something into submission

Never change, anon

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>Can’t wait to donate a bunch of useless shit in a year lol
I've focused a lot on getting blank cards and postcards to send to out-of-town friends, and the writing and sending of those is an activity in itself. Maybe you could try for some sort of exchange with your comm/cosplay group.

If you like to read at all, another thing I've been doing to get out of the house is checking out the Little Free Libraries in my area using their web map. It's a nice way to explore different areas and it's fun to see how people decorate their boxes.

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>Work nightshifts ever since Corona hit
>Manual labour; If I'm not exahusted mentally once I get home, I am physically
>Mental problems getting pushed to their limits, can't get any support for the first time in my life because Person #79217 is 'depressed' they can't see their friends on the weekend and needs phone therapy
>All cons are cancelled for the forseeable future and we're still in lockdown
>No motivation to plan my next outfit
>No energy to do work around the house before work
>It just feels like purgatory with how quick days go by doing nightshift
I'm not even trying to whine, I'm just dissapointed at how low I let myself fall during this conundrum. How do you guys do it

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I swore of sugar to get rid of my addiction and now I have to decline every meet up invitation because we don't do anything besides high teas with cake. I don't want to pay $30 for a high tea where I can only drink the tea. Two more months to go. I am losing a ton of weight though.

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Good for you anon. Stay strong.

>> No.10463404

Thank you for the encouragement, sweet anon!

>> No.10463481

its okay anon, you can do it! baby steps
I know this is tired advice, but try breaking up your goals into smaller tasks so they appear less overwhelming

>> No.10463491

>I get to slowly stab something into submission
Now THIS is what I need

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I'm glad you liked my description.

Give it a try! Buying a few colors of wool and some needles is fairly cheap, My best advice is to be patient with learning curve and to enjoy the process.

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Definitely feel this, too. I do t normally think I’m bad looking, I know I have areas I could improve in when I’m in the right frame of mind someday but anytime I see a candid pic of myself it completely ruins what good things I see and like about myself. If shocks me so much. Always they look like some fugly goblin cosplaying as me and nothing like the me that I see everyday in mirrors.

It makes me feel so strange and awful about myself. Especially when others in candids look just like themselves of even worse when someone I know looks way better in them than they do outside if candids. Sometimes it makes me concerned I have some kind of weird reverse kind of body dysmorphic disorder where I think I’m cute in mirrors and reflections but it’s all a lie my brain has tricked me into and I really am the fugly goblin all along.

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>Cellino & Barnes
Based WUHF watcher.

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>Complete cosplay I've wanted to do for 8 years
>Realize I'm not that good looking and it looks meh on me
>There's not enough cope in the world fuck

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nothing tastes as good as shitty feels, anon

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Maison de Fleur's bags are some of the ugliest I've seen. That price is ridiculous for those satin potato sacks with ribbons. Or those ugly ass frilly handled totes.
Totally would give into following trends and buy some if they were cheaper though.

>> No.10463928

I like them, but I'm opposed to using huge bags. I don't know why so many women need to carry half of their house with them when they go out. I'm happy with my very small and lightweight crossbody, it carries everything I actually need.

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Gf is gone I’m free for like a month kinda want to get a hipster van and just travel for a bit.

>> No.10463937

If you consider your gf to be a ball and chain that keeps you from being free, should you really be in a relationship at all?

>> No.10463939

don't reply to soup. nothing he says is real.

>> No.10463941

I personally like them but will probably wait until they drop in trendiness to ick one up cheap

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What Soup thinks happens when he posts dumb shit

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I wish I didn't dress as Naruto for my prostate exam.

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You know what anon you’re right I’m gonna get a dog for companionship instead and we gonna live in a van together. Me and my good boy traveling the world
Half truth. I’m gonna refrain from calling you a bitch because I don’t want janny to delete my blog

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Damn this little squirrel running across the roof like it’s playin assassin’s creed. I wonder if it’s a girl squirrel or a boy squirrel

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I've moved into an apartment to sublet for someone who got evicted for doing drugs. Every roommate is giving me awkward looks at my plushies on the bed and dresses in the closet. When I had my door closed, one of the roommates talking to another discussed that I was probably rubbing off to some gay Asian porno. Another thought my Snorlax plush was Pikachu.

>> No.10464055

My boyfriend is usually very supportive on me wearing lolita, but lately every time I show him something I want to buy he comes up with a bunch of reasons why I shouldn't. I am currently working from home and my income is good enough so I don't worry too much since I can cover all my expenses. He doesn't have a stable job so I can understand why he's worried. But it breaks my heart that I haven't been able to buy anything because of the pandemic, and the time I find something to cheer myself up he discourages me on buying it. And I know shopping doesn't equal happiness but it feels nice to do it from time to time, you know? My last buy was three months ago but somehow he still makes me feel like I should keep my money and maybe wait for a better deal or something prettier or a nicer release.

>> No.10464065

I'd say he probably has good intentions but isn't really thinking about your situation. If you explained it to him he'd probably be more willing to understand where you're coming from.
And worst case scenario, you can just buy it without really worrying what he thinks if you think you have enough disposable income to survive otherwise.

>> No.10464068

I think it's time to tell him you understand his opinion but you're going to buy an item anyway. It sounds like your finances are somewhat separate and you are in a good position so it's not really up to him, especially since you're not really being irresponsible.

>> No.10464073

If hes this nervous about his own fiances: He's being a (sweet) worrywart

If hes only acting this way about your shit (especially lolita): Hes being an manipulative asshole

>> No.10464081

Well, were you?

>> No.10464086

He's probably paranoid that you might also lose your job/stability die to the economy. I understand where he's coming from.

>> No.10464087

Considering how many lolitas have yellow fever, that's not an unwarranted assessment tbf

>> No.10464092

I was watching Yolo Crystal Fantasy

>> No.10464211

I really hate my roommate. She is an ita who is constantly jealous of my wardrobe yet is so un selfaware she doesn't realize she is addicted to traveling and partying.

>> No.10464236

Travelling and partying is better than some ugly dresses tbdesu

>> No.10464239

I just wanted to share that II had a really good week and anyone struggling should keep their chin up, because it really does get better

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Lost all my friends over the summer and haven't gone anywhere outside in months other than the gym every morning. Feeling pretty hopeless.

>> No.10464468

But not me
A filthy male crossboarder, isn't it?
(And who is that character in your pic?)

>> No.10464471

When she is a thot, why wasn't she dumped already?
And I guess no.
Also, is she single?

>> No.10464474

How did that happen?
And pics, or you are lying

>> No.10464475

To each their own, which everyone should remember. That being said, whining about what someone else has because that’s how they chose to spend their money is dumb. My wardrobe is my priority, but I don’t get to bitch about not going out every week (obv not in 2020) then. Their roommate complaining is just being a brat.

>> No.10464479

Lay off the return bar weirdo

>> No.10464480

How did you know, that I'm the same person

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>and yes, even you scrotes

>> No.10464482

nayrt but you abuse commas and the enter key in the exact same way in every post

>> No.10464485

Than, thank you

Well, just wanted to look it nice

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> miss my DD for 200 USD on LM because i was sick
> buyer lists it 2 weeks later for 600 BIN

i hate the AP market so goddamn much rn

>> No.10464562

>tfw couldn't think of a bait to drop into the feels thread
>i have to go the whole weekend without watching you fight each other over a single obvious troll post
I stopped messaging my friends first and now no ones talked to me in months

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I finnaly quit my shitty grocery store job where I caught Covid!!! I got to relax for 2months and found a new job that's much easier and less physically demanding. My partner got a job in his studied skill and we got approved for a home loan and we might be moving out on our own soon! I can finally move out of my chavunist Hispanic household and start going to cons and events whenever for however long I want. This pandemic was both the worst and best thing to happen to me.

>> No.10464594

They weren’t really your friends to begin with. Nobody likes you

>> No.10464597

I caught Covid at my job as a baker and got unpaid leave of absence Wich was paid for by unemployment. I'm young (25) and healthy so it just felt like a cold and cough. In that time I spammed my resume on indeed and found a new gig instead of going back. Depending on where you live there should be free covid testing sites you can go to, if your in US dial 4-11 and ask where your free testing sites are.

>> No.10464598

I-I'm a human fly
I spell it F-L-Y

>> No.10464601

you’re esl in a very consistent way.

>> No.10464610

uh no duh

>> No.10464612

The whole “don’t message your friends first!!” thing is so dumb. Half the people you aren’t messaging probably don’t message anyone first. A lot of people are not proactive and getting all woe is me about it is so unnecessary

>> No.10464705

I love everyone as a human being but I absolutely despise the Trump fanboys and fangirls, I would hope a more sociable outgoing group like this wouldn't really have them but nope
I also don't like the people that use cons as an occasion to have casual sex, or people that have casual sex in general

>> No.10464714

I wanna stab someone

>> No.10464716

ultimatum time, not a harsh conversation but one where you lay out that you can only bend so much
I've been that person, sometimes I still am with different people, despite having an actual therapist- it's not fun for anyone as far as I can tell

>> No.10464721

>The whole “don’t message your friends first!!” thing is so dumb.
right? if you tell everyone not to message first no one will want to.

>> No.10464723

I'm glad to hear it anon. My first job was a grocery store and I stuck at it for waaay too long, I was able to find better less shitty and better paying jobs after some more searching.

>> No.10464725

I quit my job because of stress and especially obsession. For a while I felt the same but now I can tell I'm doing better. Still, I also found a bit of work helps me not stew and not feel so useless. I'm going back to college soon, after that I'm gonna go back to work.
wish me luck I guess?

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Not really this boards thing, but definitely a feels thing. My motorcycle got stolen the other day. Big sad. I loved it. Here's a pic of me doing the 'awkward tinder dude' pose with it.

I believe in you. Don't beat yourself up over anything, nobody gets a manual for this shit world.

>> No.10464928

I keep seeing babbylitas posting things like
>help me decide which dress/blouse/hair accessory to buy
and it feels so strange. Isn't this your style, your way of living? Maybe these people aren't looking for advice, they're looking for a semblance of friendship. They want people to be involved in their lives, to get excited with them. What a world we live in.

>> No.10464933

Anon you are so cute ily

Sometimes it helps to get a second opinion, I've bought some questionable dresses that people could've given me an honest opinion on when I asked and I wouldn't have bought them

>> No.10464941

I feel this, like shouldn’t they just lurk some more? Shouldn’t they gather more inspiration for what they like so they can get an idea what they’re looking for? If they’re really getting into the hobby why are they rushing into it to the point that they’re buying while not even having a 75% understanding of how they want to look/what they want?
Maybe they are just trying to network but I can’t help but always want to reply to their shit with: go look at tags for inspiration and make your own decisions, you should be dressing for yourself not others.
That or ask your friends? I guess a lot of these girls just don’t have anyone to turn to to ask these things besides the groups and honestly that’s sadder than everything else I’ve said. Thank god I have friends that aren’t even into the hobby but I can go ask them for second opinions on certain items because after all in the end it’s fashion.

>> No.10464964

> want to konmari my entire normie wardrobe
> mother is a raging narcissist who melts down every time i mention donating clothes i don't like or wear because "she bought them for me and she loves me" and that i'm ungrateful
> closet is literally overflowing with clothes i haven't worn in years, all my lolita is squished to the side and sad looking

don't see why i need 4 identical simply southern shirts but okay mom

>> No.10464983

Australian, but I'll try and hit a testing site next time I'm out. As for work, once jobs start opening up I'm just going to shotgun my resume out to places I want to work at. That or see if I can get back into college planning. Physical work; while rewarding in a way, takes out so much of my motivation away. And with all the cash I'm banking up while in lockdown, definitely looking forward to investing it into a high-effort cosplay.

Hoping your banking gigs are going well, can't imagine some of the stress that entails.

>> No.10465012

My comm is becoming increasingly anti-white and full of SJW rhetoric.
>everyone should cosplay whoever they want
>white people cosplaying asians is cultural appropriation
Y'all can't have it both ways.

>> No.10465014

I feel like part of that is knowing you don't know much, and fearing being ita because of it

>> No.10465018

Deal with it Chud. Times change. Society isn't designed to give success just to you anymore.

>> No.10465024

lol sure dude

>> No.10465025

Poor white person. Must be frustrating losing all your historical power. I will say a prayer for you tonight.

>> No.10465027

I promise you the same person did not say both of those statements, but have fun victimizing yourself

>> No.10465028

Seeing posts like this give me hope for the future. It shows me all the activism I do online and in person is working. I am so happy that you are suffering.

>> No.10465041

Yeah I've been thinking about asking her to have a talk one day when she isn't in too much of a mood. She sent me a new video message some days ago but I'm working evening shifts so I haven't opened it yet in case its emotionally heavy.

>> No.10465042

So, all the white people cosplaying asian anime characters are cultural appropriators. Ok lol

>> No.10465043

Yeah you clearly did not read what I said here >>10465027

Again, enjoy victimizing yourself. Poor little snowflake...

>> No.10465054

Bruh it's not working at all. SJWs are still a tiny minority that the vast majority of people at best dislike, at most fucking hate. Wait until the election, it's gonna be a landslide for drumpf.

>> No.10465060
File: 48 KB, 750x750, ryukoblush.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I thought that knock on the door was my dream dress in the mail, but it was just the neighborhood Karen telling me the HOA wants me to trim my bush. I hate this place.

>> No.10465064

>the HOA wants me to trim my bush
Just put some pants on, bitch.

>> No.10465065
File: 165 KB, 1200x1000, 1577689870864.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Want to kill myself
>Now have to live because MM is coming back

>> No.10465070
File: 886 KB, 900x900, 74713074_p1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thanks, friend

>> No.10465072


>> No.10465076
File: 67 KB, 225x204, devito.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10465079

I can only speak fore myself, but I've become far, far less sympathetic to those who claim oppression. I am certain I am not alone.

>> No.10465086

Nah, I’m pretty sure it’s just you and a couple of over sensitive babies

>> No.10465100

I'm not one of those people but I fucking suck at making decisions, especially about things I'm not really educated on. If someone makes decisions for me I'm often more satisfied even if I don't like the choice because at least I'm doing something instead of picking none of the above. Plus after a few times I start to get enough of a feel to choose things on my own. You're kind of right about friends though, usually you would ask a friend or family member to choose for you. Then again, it can be exciting to get basically a random choice by asking a stranger.

>> No.10465107

I’ve gotten into a really neurotic behavior with lolita. It started with a brief stint of shopping addiction, which I seem to have a better control of now. But now it’s about obsessing over my coords, insta layouts, etc. I wish I could channel this energy into letting some pieces go since I could use the money but I’m at the point where I love every piece in my wardrobe. And I know the market is intense right now so while I might walk away with a fat payout, I may never find that dress again.

>> No.10465172

Not an expert on this sorta thing at all, but maybe look into upcycling or customizing existing stuff? It could go for both clothes or interior stuff. It might give you the thrill of having something 'new' without actually going bankrupt

>> No.10465254

Nta, but just know your "friends" all secretly hate you, smug-chan.

>> No.10465255

Someone sounds triggered

>> No.10465314

There was actually a study showing that virtue signaling and victim signaling are associated with the dark triad. So you're 100% correct to do this.

>> No.10465316

I should be saving money to help pay for my last semester of college (I got breadcrumbs for financial aid this year), but I keep seeing shit I want to buy and it's depressing me.
Plus I could obviously get a lot of money if I started selling off pieces I already have. Especially because my wardrobe is mostly 2010-era Angelic Pretty so I could turn a profit rn. But I really don't want to. I try to think about what I'd be willing to sell and it's like 2 things and even then I'd rather not.

>> No.10465343

After loving lolita for almost a decade, these last 4 months I've finally had the finances to buy myself some lolita. The first three dresses I bought looked so bad and just accentuated features I hated about myself and I got really discouraged from ever trying to wear it again. Recently got an AP dress in the mail that I'd waited months for and tried it on with a blouse that I thought I hated it and I legit almost cried because I actually looked so cute for once. Idk what was so unflattering about the other dresses I bought but this one just made me finally feel like a real lolita. I'm so happy that I don't look terrible in this fashion that I love so much. I can finally look like the 2010 AP OTT sweet lolita that I've always wanted to look like.

>> No.10465345

I'm glad you stuck with it and it paid off! I hope you can figure out why the other dresses didn't work. Wrong color tone maybe?

>> No.10465347

Friendly advice: Don't buy taobao dresses, you’ll look ita 99% of the time

>> No.10465348

Thanks anon! I have a wide ribcage and broad shoulders despite being pretty small otherwise, for some reason the cut on the other dresses made those features stick out? I think the bodice was too tight on the other dresses I got. High waisted cuts seem to look much better on me.

>> No.10465350

My first dresses were actually meta and baby, something about the cut on those particular jsks just made me look awful.

>> No.10465447

Another broad shouldered, wide rib cage sweet anon here, do you mind sharing what dress it was that didn’t work so I can avoid it?

>> No.10465460

Usakumya petite patisserie (sophy cut) and meta cat bubble bath (a line)

>> No.10465495

>I have a wide ribcage and broad shoulders
Hon I know you look just perfect

>> No.10465520

Relatable. I have tons of money worth of oldschool I'm not willing to sell, I sold one piece recently and it got flipped for a profit immediately. I will hold onto it, I have too much but it's almost impossible to replace

>> No.10465533

Damn y’all treating your dresses like yugioh cards or something. You ain’t gonna wear something from 20 years ago if you can find some dumb bloke to sell it off to so you can buy a fresh off the over drip. That’s some Ed shit. Don’t be an Ed be an Eddy.

>> No.10465534

How do you know?

>> No.10465657

Feminism is when I declare that all women have petite and feminine bones.

>> No.10465716

I don't know what I'm doing right now, just buying dresses that appeal to me, but I have zero focus and don't see myself wearing them anytime soon, I just want to horde them like a dragon.

>> No.10465745

But why?

>> No.10465774

>>tfw theres so many cute lolita blouses that are long sleeved but you live in florida
Being a tropical lolita is suffering

>> No.10465787

Cause they're gorgeous, I like collecting, and right now I'm working from home and feel like I have nothing to show for working besides saving up money. I tend to go for old school and the stitching, lace, and attention to detail is unlike anything that has ever excited me this much with fashion. I'm in a small apartment right now, but I'd like to be able to display them at some point away from the sun, just to appreciate them.

I might start dressing up when sewing, it's been over a year since I last wore anything.

>> No.10465815

Ay, my fellow swamplita! I pretty much have to stick to OPs from March to November. But we're almost there!

>> No.10465823

I don't think there's any bad intentions at play there. Just make sure to save at least 10% of what you earn every month, and feel free to buy your dress.

>> No.10465827

Wear multiple styles. When you want to show off your body wear something else. I feel like for most lolita fashion helps to cover up our insecurities or just alleviate the stress of idk thinking about underarm flab or something. But it's not like most of us wear the fashion because what it does or doesn't do to our bodies.

>> No.10465915

Sometimes I wonder if lolita fashion is just stupid and eccentric... Then I put it on and feel the "it" again. This is it. I want to look like this. The human condition is stupid and eccentric in itself, and I want to enjoy it.

>> No.10465932


>> No.10465935

i feel this, opening my closet to see all the beautiful clothes i love makes my worries go away.

>> No.10465944

I'm 22, just graduated from college, and I've never cosplayed before. I was hoping I could start this year, but then 'rona happened. I'm sad.

>> No.10465946

Thank you all! I talked to him and as some of you said, he was projecting on me his own fears about his finances. He's now aware that I'm saving up and being responsible and I can afford to spend on frilly dresses from time to time. We have a happy ending for once :) <3

>> No.10465959

you'll kill it when you make it to the con floor! cosplay is kind of intimidating at first but after you've worn it for like half an hour it all goes away

>> No.10465960

I'm glad to hear that Anon! Nice to hear a good resolution once in awhile.

>> No.10465979

You are valid no matter what anyone says to you

>> No.10465990

I just got my dream dress in the mail and I'm in love with it!
I just really wish I had someone to celebrate with. None of my friends wear lolita and I'm not connected with my local comm.
Now I'm stuck feeling lonely instead of happy about my dream dress. Hopefully I'll feel better after getting this off my chest here.

>> No.10465992
File: 47 KB, 640x480, are you frustrated.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10465994

I feel this post on an existential level

it'll be ok, MM-anon-chan

>> No.10465995

just do what you like, anon. but also maybe look into downloading the "Calm" app or whatever. you need to shut your eyes and let some british people talk to you.

>> No.10465996

It's called being a decent human being, sorry if that's too much for you

>> No.10465997
File: 493 KB, 300x225, applause.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10466000

hi fellow lonelita~ I will gladly be your friend~ and gush about dresses~ discord: irishrover#5040

>> No.10466009
File: 22 KB, 165x170, 2d8ecb7f50.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Share with us! I like to see stuff

>> No.10466023

I konmaried my closet when my mom was out of town for a couple days. Shedoes the same exact thing

>> No.10466071

Violent crime is going up in my city, a lot. I'm so scared and stressed, I just want to keep buying lolita to cope but idk when I'd even wear it since it would make me an even bigger crime target. Everything is so bad right now.

>> No.10466076

this, it's an imageboard

>> No.10466077

My employer gave me a promotion that I didn't want. I went from working 20ish hours a week to working 35ish hours a week, and I hate it. I was forced to accept it because I'm on a contract, and if I hadn't, they would have just let my other one lapse, and I'd be out of a job. I miss my old team. I miss having 3 days off a week.

>> No.10466078

Get a weapon and use it, teach criminals to fear the frills.

>> No.10466080
File: 1.18 MB, 960x910, 101446749_2760318484095281_2531306832085909504_o.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The government has a monopoly on violence. Its time to give it some competition.

>> No.10466081

I want a gun but I live in a super liberal city so if I were to defend myself with it, I'd probably end up in prison for it. Rip.

>> No.10466083
File: 194 KB, 500x502, 1598387894547.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know this is shit advice, I guess, since you can't really jus decide to not be afraid. I've learned to cope with how shit the world is by just letting go of worrying about things I can't really control. It took some time, but focusing on the things I can control and just moving forward day by day has monumentally improved my life. A lot of times, things people fear are just not actually common enough to affect them unless they specifically worry about it. It's probably easier for me to say this as a guy who's also had a pretty rough life. I just eventually came to the realization sometimes life just do be that way.

>> No.10466085

10 years ago there was a huge debate over "if you spend under $20 on a pair of wristcuffs, you are automatically an ita"
I'm really glad wristcuffs have become cheaper because jesus fuck, they are not that hard to make.

>> No.10466239

I’d keep it, I’ve been feeling the same way but it’s just because I have nowhere to go. Wearing lolita for another day of seeing no one feels depressing, but I know that as soon as meetups are a thing again I’ll want to go.

>> No.10466241

Stop voting Democrat. Same with my city and I'm pissed because people literally just voted the idiots they're protesting in. Why the fuck did you vote for them then?

>> No.10466245

I thought that was still an argument since bodyline stopped selling theres for $2

>> No.10466246

Wtf is the dark triad? It sounds like something an evangelical group would make up about wiccans to make them sound scary.

>> No.10466247

I know it sounds edgy, but it's an actual term in psychology. It refers to narcissism, psychopathy, and machiavellianism. So basically people that lack empathy on some level and take advantage of other people.

>> No.10466252

That makes sense, dumb name but anyone who fakes stuff for attention is very likely to have one of those traits.

I think it’s wrong to assume people are lying about their experiences with oppression though. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve encountered someone (usually men but occasionally women) who is horrible to women but is very well liked by guys who refuse to believe that the person is completely two-faced. People definitely play the victim for attention, but also those small daily instances of inequality are completely invisible to people who aren’t experiencing them.

>> No.10466256

I've noticed its usually white women who do this
as well as white trans women.
they use their "female" victim card to get away with a lot of things, and if you call them on it they will screech misogyny.
anyways I know a pedophile who's gotten away with it for years but online SJWs let her slide and only go after people that thirst after 17 year old anime characters

>> No.10466262


>> No.10466263

Yep then when the tide starts turning all these people will "have been so afraid to say anything!" or "had no idea!"

>> No.10466269

some camwhore has a thing for masturbating around children and dated a 16 year old. whined that any other camwhore who complained was "just a jealous bully who wished they could make that much!"
since then
>got a JList sponsership
>an interview with vice
>an interview with TV on a major news channel
>had the site they work on bend the rules for her favor since she was making so much
>site she worked with blocked anyone who complained about her pedophilia on twitter
>had police reports filed (with evidence of her masturbating in public areas) but people want to fuck her so no one cared
>worked with mike inel (a popular porn animator)
>her 16 year old jailbait left her and started posting about being sent loli pictures and groomed by her and her pimp

I think Lana rain became a shortly lived lolcow at some point but she quickly faded into obscurity. never really got in trouble, at all.
fuck the porn industry and fuck that bitch

currently if someone talks about being abused by women, they get accused of being misogynistic. I wish I could make this up.

>> No.10466339

I think I have a picture of me doing that exact pose next to my bike that someone took during a car meet lmao. Sorry about the baiku, hopefully you either get it back or insurance pays out.

I want to ride but it’s insanely hot here and I’m sick. It’s affecting my mood desu. Wanna go fast.

>> No.10466359

This. Democrats and socialists want to redistribute your frills.

>> No.10466363
File: 1.50 MB, 2550x3300, 1597242403602.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not being able to go fast is killing me inside. oh well, here's to hoping

>> No.10466367

Yeah I never voted Democrat and I'm certainly not going to now that Im witnessing this huge mess.

>> No.10466368

A perfect example of this is someone like >>10465028. She makes the >>10465012 post about herself and says that her personal "activism" (virtue signalling) is working.
She relishes in OP's irritation.
Plus the samefagging to make it seem like multiple anons share her sentiments.

Truly a disturbed individual.

>> No.10466374
File: 1.17 MB, 720x960, 1597171147388.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Living outside of america and seeing posts like this hurts my brain. Not my problem, but goddamn some of you all are stupid motherfuckers

>> No.10466377

Once again, reminder to not respond to political bait garbage. That's what gets these threads deleted.

>> No.10466379

Why don't you enlighten me since you clearly know so much more about my country and the politics in every single state?

>> No.10466381

It’s the middle of a pandemic, I’m broke, and I just spent over $500 on closetchild

Fuuuuuuck me

>> No.10466384
File: 188 KB, 680x457, pf7rowvpq4i51.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the more liberal the state,
>the higher the average education is
>the less violent it is per number of residents
>the higher the average income is
>the healthier the average citizen is
on top of that, every first world liberal country is outperforming america in these statistics, and every conservative country that is outperforming america in these statistics has extremely liberal healthcare, working policies, and education.
Finally, since your current administration entered, your poverty level has raised, your healthcare has been fucked in the ass, and violence has gone up (even when you disregard the rioting).

But I'm not going to reply again as I don't come to 4chan to discuss politics. Most people here are allergic to actually confronting that they're biases are based on personal beliefs and not actual facts.

>> No.10466386

You're wrong on a lot of this, but okay. Enough politics.

>> No.10466387
File: 28 KB, 407x620, 1594866997983.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're welcome to add me offsite where I will body you repeatedly with sourced proof of anything you want.

>> No.10466400

They’re not wrong though. I’m an American and I love this country but we’ve got to wake up to the fact that we aren’t even close to the greatest country in the world. We’ve allowed antiquated ideals and Cold War paranoia to block anything that would benefit anyone other than corporations.

>> No.10466405

Based anon

>> No.10466407
File: 1.12 MB, 498x379, tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It makes me sad as a Canadian to see the shit Americans are going through. Yeah, America is economically and militaristically one of the strongest countries around, but that doesn't necessarily equate to happy and cared for population. I feel like a lot of Americans just don't learn about the rest of the world. I don't like to be that conspiracy guy but it really feels like your corporations and politicians are trying to keep the general populace in the dark from how awful the conditions can get down there. If anything, I feel pity for people who think that more liberal policies would harm them. It could be so much better for you guys.

>> No.10466413

What do you do when it already happened to you a few times though?

I'm trying to enter this mindset, but sexual assault and rape statistics keep growing and i cannot get past "it happened those times already and you could have done X or Y to avoid it", i feel on edge and anxious all the time, only relying on distractions like that anon.

>> No.10466417

fuck off, if Trump couldn't fix this what makes you think local republicans could? no party gives a shit about street-level happenings

>> No.10466418

you say this from a country where you don't go in debt over healthcare, liberal policies in that area are objectively better for the average person

>> No.10466420

Both parties can go fuck themselves. Im not a Trumper either. I just think the democrats are objectively worse right now since they're pandering to the bat shit crazy side of the left.

>> No.10466421
File: 161 KB, 550x562, msedge_VdQi0WmoYt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honestly friend, I can't speak/help with that as a dude. The worst I really have to worry about is getting the shit kicked out of me which doesn't really phase me, plus I have a fair chance to fight back. Sexual assault seems a lot more traumatic. I watched my best friend just wither into a husk after she was raped, shit's awful. My best advice would be to get some kind of weapon and learn to use it. Take some self defense classes and gain some confidence in your ability to resist. I guess it also helps that I legitimately enjoy fighting. I don't really know, anon, I'm sorry that shit's happening.

It's almost like liberal policies are why we're not going in to debt over healthcare.

>> No.10466427

my bad, I read "harm" as "help"
thank you canadanon for not dunking on me harder

>> No.10466430

Stop reading breitbart, it's going down.

>> No.10466431

It's not happened to me but it's happened to my mom, my best friend, a former friend, and the girl I love. You'll need friends, time, and a little effort on your part, plus it would help to have therapy if you can manage it. It's gonna be hard to be positive or confident or feel safe but if you have all of those you can get to a better place. Some people claim they've gotten over it completely, some claim it's impossible, I think it is possible for some people, and I think it's possible for most people to get back to what they'd call "normal". If you want a friend just say so and what platform you prefer and I'll drop a contact.

>> No.10466437

>pandering to the batshit crazy side of the left
Lol. Biden is against medicare for all and openly wants to expand the police, not to mention making Kopmala his VP. No one who's actually on the left wants him.

>> No.10466443

nah its going up in my city. I'm not saying that because I've read anything, I have multiple friends who've had shootings in their area.

>> No.10466447

I think they mean because of recent events, unless they're dumb

>> No.10466453

Two occasions were by really trusted friends though, so i don't really trust anyone anymore, not even family... therapy hasn't been going well with the therapist my insurance covers.

I think it may be possible, i feel like i'm being a big baby because it wasn't rape. It is hard though and i haven't made much progress. After talking to some friends i found out just how usual these things are and it makes me more paranoid too.

Thanks for the offer anon, but i can't really bring myself to trust right now.

>> No.10466455

I watched an undercover video on YouTube showing how slow and inefficient the "free" Canadian healthcare system is. Bottom line, you guys are paying over 50% taxes to wait 2-3 years for a state doctor. The triage nurse finally told the poor guy to go to a private doctor's office.

I feel sorry for Canadians. You're so used to the high tax, you don't know any better.

>> No.10466456

Heavy piercings and tattoos look so garbage with lolita and nothing can tell me otherwise. It just clashes way too hard and looks odd with such a feminine fashion.

>> No.10466458

Yeah. I would rather find a job that offers health insurance than have the government be in charge of my health insurance. No thanks.

>> No.10466460

I like how fucking stupid this entire post is. I can literally go to the doctor and get seen within 2 hours. Our tax rate is about the same as americans, and we don't have private doctors.

>> No.10466464

Honestly man, stop telling yourself it isn't bad because it's not actually rape. The betrayal alone would be far worse than anything. I think the only advice I can give you is don't be paranoid, be wary. There are people out there who are not a threat, the issue is more identifying them. People don't just randomly sexually assault you if they are good people.

>> No.10466466
File: 76 KB, 375x239, msedge_ijZ4nasr4G.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>i watched a video full of lies and completely believed it
the absol

>> No.10466467

The US government literally pays more percentage-wise for healthcare than almost all other countries in the western world, including those with socialized healthcare.

The highest tax bracket for Canadians is 33%, which only applies to someone making over 200K a year, which means they'll still net 133K+ a year.

The waits here are not long for emergencies. There is a shortage of GPs in most places, yes, but there is in the US, too.

Please, educate yourself. This is embarrassing. This is why the world looks down on Americans.

>> No.10466481
File: 46 KB, 600x400, hyatt-regency-ohare-fi-600x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

503 Service Unavailable

>> No.10466486
File: 17 KB, 621x460, fp0202_golombek1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just because your Federal rates are about on par with the US (maybe a little lower), your per-province taxes push that total way higher. We have states here that have zero state income tax. Maybe go ask your parents how it really works before assuming that the magical federal 33% is all they pay.

Also, what is this senior-citizen clawback thing y'all have? Do you really take a bunch of tax money from your elderly? Ewww.

>> No.10466491
File: 75 KB, 441x448, msedge_iGTghbjM5x.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

imagine actually believing any of this

>> No.10466492

Imagine being this stubborn about being wrong.


>> No.10466493

I don't think anybody here has the time to break down to you why pointing out our tax brackets high end is retarded.

>> No.10466494

Why are the mods on here so bad at doing what they’re supposed to

>> No.10466495

The handful of states with no income tax make up for that with higher sales and property taxes though.

>> No.10466499

No on gives a shit about female pedos
t. victim

>> No.10466501

Well if it's a guy, dudes will almost always go "lucky" and such. People forget that pedophilia is not a victimless crime, and male victims of pedophilia are still victims because they were taken advantage of.

>> No.10466503

You're literally quoting numbers for individuals making over 200K a year. Even if we go with the highest on that list, at 53%, they're still clearly basically 100K. Anyone can live extremely comfortably on 100K a year.

If I want to pull comparative numbers, California has a 13% state tax rate. That combined with your top federal tax rate of 37% means they hit 50%, about the same as here. Sure, there are a handful of states that don't have state-level taxes. I would also love to see if those particular states happen to pay more or less for medical costs, but I couldn't easily find that data.

I don't know what you're referring to with your last bit. People pay taxes. This includes the elderly. If they solely receive old age pension or something similar as income, they probably don't even make enough to be taxed.

>> No.10466504

Transwomen are men anon

>> No.10466510

why do you think I put woman in quotations

>> No.10466511

Ah shit, you got me there bro

>> No.10466512

Based anons

>> No.10466520
File: 1.14 MB, 1053x783, 1597489885955.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

kek speaking of SJWs I found out about an anti woman cult white trans women join.

the basics of it
>shit on anyone asigned female at birth. code words for this are "afab" "cafab" and "tme"
>prey on young men, tell them that if they don't take estrogen no one will love them
>prey on young trans women, get the idea in their head that women are the most oppresive, and that as trans women they are superior
>bully the fuck out of women and use SJWs dumbass logic against them. "transphobia!" "misogyny!" it works.
>get away with transphobia, harboring rapists, running a literal cult, the works.
>if anyone in the cult speaks out about it, bully them too and make up stories about how they are abusers
>some people in this cult are also neonazis who preach about white trans women superiority

since its a "protected group" you get crickets from SJWs about it. look up "baeddel" "cafab" or "tme" sometime, bonus points if you do it in the tumblr search bar

>> No.10466524
File: 524 KB, 897x606, msedge_NJCHLPnnIX.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have one trans friend who is a wonderful person and I honestly feel like they're a woman. Unfortunately, even as a dude, I've seen so many trans people come off as fetishistic rather than true gender dysphoria. I'm bipolar as shit so I try to be very forgiving towards mentally ill people but goddamn, I hate how I'm understanding why people dislike them.

>> No.10466527

Lmao the trannies thinking that nazis would be okay with them are as deluded as the commie trannies

>> No.10466534

You could also say this about half of the posters on /pol/.

>> No.10466535

unless you're a janny you have no way to know who's who
also you don't know what that activism might have been and it's pretty psycho yourself to just assume it's fake and "virtue signalling" rather than actual earnest belief
because I'll tell you right now: I for one fully believe the races are equal and the sexes are basically equal and I will fight a nigga over that belief

>> No.10466538
File: 37 KB, 500x399, lmao.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pic related

>> No.10466540
File: 819 KB, 1280x720, 1499496653113.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10466543
File: 73 KB, 576x680, 1596799283804.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry I'll get back to crying about how non of my friends are into this and live far away from cons, that aren't even happening during the virus. Also my mom hates me

>> No.10466544

The problem is that its gonna beyond "i want equality" for some. It's a power grab under the guise of equality and if you can't see that then idk what to tell you

>> No.10466545

Damn is that an vacado

>> No.10466556

I’m so frustrated with maiden clothing. I guess they “accidentally” marked some dresses for sale only put them back in stock after my shopping service bought them for the sale price... those dresses have been sitting there for ages why not just let them go. They doubled or tripled some of the prices even.

>> No.10466577

On the flip side, there are people like you who are ignorant to the imbalances in society and see potential equality as a threat. If you can't see that then you likely need to experience more suffering in life or something idk

>> No.10466581

I do battle with chuds no matter what platform they're on. Any site that tolerates them will only radicalize their userbase further.

>> No.10466586

I went to the locker room during classes. I went into your locjer and I smashed your glasses

>> No.10466589

People like this aren’t even legitimate trans. They’re just retarded larpers hyped up on being edgy uwu trap fetishization so some ugly boy from /b/ will notice them.

>> No.10466591
File: 99 KB, 1080x1080, 1597374773196.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I licked your balls while you smashed their glasses

>> No.10466592

Thanks to TRAs anyone who says they are trans are trans. That is what a lack of gatekeeping breeds.

>> No.10466593

I have the feeling we are under this impression because white man don’t even have to play the victim, they are usually just excused from the responsibility of their actions and don’t even need to pronounce themselves about it.

>> No.10466594
File: 864 KB, 1440x1920, 20200831_153022~01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Found keychains. Feels good.

>> No.10466595

>pleated skirt
>hairy man legs
so what's happening here

>> No.10466597
File: 47 KB, 728x724, m6m1zLO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Short and long of it: I wear kilts for comfort.

>> No.10466598

I'm not tho. I'm a lesbian woman and I'm definitely aware of imbalances. I just think it is overstated by those who want to seize power. There is definitely nuance to the situation. I hate the modern left but I can't stand the right because they deny that any inequality exists.

>> No.10466606

I’ve been in and out of the fashion for a long period of time now, and each time has been a completely different experience. The first time I got into it, I was a 15 year old edgelord. I was more interested in looking cute, breaking rules, and ruffling feathers on LJ than anything else. I made shitty friends and got caught up in drama. Then I grew out of it, did normal stuff, and fell back in love with lolita. This time, I mainly focused on my involvement in the online community since my irl comm didn’t like me (for obvious reasons). I started blogging, I did unboxing videos, I wore lolita almost every day, all because I fixated on becoming efamous with zero success. It ended up turning into a full blown shopping addiction where I had to have the most popular/newest release, obsessing over who’s liking or commenting on my pics, going on CGL and falling apart if I got posted. Eventually I took a break to do my own thing again, and after a couple of years I came back. What’s nice about this time is that I’m more concerned with making sure my coords are well balanced, and less of what print I’m wearing (still kinda matters to me lol). I’m thinking of ways I can style a wig differently to bring it new life, instead of buying another one (I put wigs on my wishlist during my downtime).

It’s been great fun! Granted I still slip into old obsessive behaviors. I had a month long relapse with my shopping addiction and spent more on myself than I have in 2 years combined. I don’t want to be efamous anymore but I still bask in the positive attention I get for my coords via social media lol. I’m probably a long way away from being a healthy, functioning adult. But I feel like I’m a little happy for once.

>> No.10466607

Any black gulls alive this fine night/morning

>> No.10466610

Who gives a shit?

>> No.10466614

yeah what up

>> No.10466616

Shut the fuck up

>> No.10466617

silencing the negro yet again

>> No.10466618

nah i just wanna talk to a black gull i feel like flirting

>> No.10466620
File: 83 KB, 888x768, 1598934270735.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im pale as shit but i can throw on some facepaint if you want

>> No.10466621

and yes im black too

>> No.10466626

That is what I do best

>> No.10466634

i dont really like white girls like that but hey i can give you the time of day

>> No.10466649

Sounds like r9cute or whatever the fuck they called themselves. They encouraged each other to self harm and hang them selves on camera.
Y’know, typical tranny shit.

Remember when it started off as just retards on tumblr using special pronouns and getting mad if you called them a girl when they wore a girl cosplay. Now they actually go the full 9 yards and take hormones then stop 5 years later because they realized they aren’t actually trans. It’s a mess.

>> No.10466653

how old are you? you ever date a gull before?

>> No.10466656

23 and no i havent maybe i'll try

>> No.10466662

of course it's you shitting up yet another thread
fuck off newfag

>> No.10466664

oh, im a guy. I figured while i was pretending to be black i could pretend to be a girl, shrug

>> No.10466669

You seem to be upset that somebody is having fun instead of joining you in being a bitter bitch

>> No.10466670

Omfg hahaha is that a *worksafe* plug? Ahahah

>> No.10466672

Jesus christ 4chan has been pussified to the max. Can you go back to Facebook?

>> No.10466673

I'm not the faggot crying here

>> No.10466676

Yes, yes you are. Stop outting yourself as such a retard and maybe people won't huwt yow pwecious fees fees

>> No.10466677

when will hamplanets learn that they look like biscuits bursting out of a can in lolita? In everything but especially lolita. It's also funny how triggered they get seeing cute and thin girls in the fashion.

>> No.10466680
File: 54 KB, 346x482, 1596801192257.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here's a pic of you

>> No.10466682

Retard incapable of using more than one picture. Hilarious bro. You got me.

>> No.10466683

Omfg hahaha is that a *worksafe* plug? Ahahah

>> No.10466687
File: 69 KB, 600x600, plog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im not sure if she's make a very good worksafe plug, i recommend the official ones that even come with a FREE cord

>> No.10466689

*kek out loud*

>> No.10466690

ASL? :3
*keks seductively*

>> No.10466694

all I do is kek and I wish my parents would stop being such sissies and let me kek irl
Retards need to be told to KMS on the daily and i shouldn't have to be forced to only say it on the internet
My aunt once talked about God and I kek'd so hard I almost shit myself. I told her to go die and my retard parents grounded me from 4chan for 3 weeks. Fucking cumsluts.

>> No.10466704

brace yourselves
it's a spergout

>> No.10466710

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