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Want to vent about a shitty commission experience? Here's the place to do it. Drop horror stories below.

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I'm interested in seeing where this goes. Ive never commissioned something cosplay related but curious to hear the horror stories.

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This, I want to see the juicy drama. The most I know of is that chick Snow from Tiktok who would charge people $300 for ratty, ""teased"" (ie. tossed to the ground) Junko wigs.

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Is this supposed to be pic related? Because if so...damn

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honestly if you looked at this picture and thought “shit i need to commission this wig”, you deserve to be scammed. there’s literally nothing in this wig that’s difficult to style.

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I would look at both sides of the story on this one, seems like the buyer was wanting a complete refund instead of getting it fixed for free.

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Don’t be like that, everybody starts at different skill levels.

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cosplayer who lied about working on my commission. Made excuses when I would ask for a progress picture (“im not home right now” or “lol its actually dyeing as we speak so i cant”). The cosplay didn’t require any dyeing and she had the correct color fabrics. She sent me a piece of shit bunny suit without any boning or any structure just poorly sewn fabric. She bought some dollar store ears that she said she spent “so much time working on!!!1” and sent them to me. It was so fucking ugly and i instantly threw it away.
i thought maybe she had a bad week so i asked to commission a wig. Never saw that shit either and I said, “Fuck it give me a refund.” And she said, “Wait no lol heres a picture” and its some cheap ugly ass amazon wig that she was trying to style for a week. Even though i paid her to order an arda wig then to style it (paying for her time, the commission, and the product itself). So she just pocketed the money and bought some nasty ass $12 wig.

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If someone did a poor job I can understand them not trusting them to fix it.

The "I can do it myself now" comments are odd. I would say if the wig stylist bought the wig or any new supplies for the project beyond what they always buy or used a lot of supplies, they should charge for material cost and refund all the rest to not piss off the customer.

Most commission artists of any type usually have non refundable deposits or half payments plus progress pics, etc. pay scales to prevent significant financial losses from unhappy customers.

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i would too. being a shit seller and sending trash isn't acceptable. if this were a shitty ebay wig the buyer would have gotten a full refund.

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That’s what you get for cosplaying from a shitty game.

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That’s the same wig right? It looks like it wasn’t packaged to be shipped properly and lost it’s style. They could just send it back to be restyled desu

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That was the impression I got as well. Heaven knows the postal service is heavy handed on packages.

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Agreed, at first glance I didn't even see much wrong. I can see being frustrated at having to fix styling for something you payed to be styled, but it's not like it's destroyed, it just looks slightly messy (desu one day of con wear has done worse to so many wigs.) Shipping it back and getting it restyled is way more reasonable than a full refund.

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disagree. why trust the seller? also that's not from being jostled in the mail.

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It's a pretty okay game, you don't have to hate everything just because it's popular anon.

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I haven't looked at her account but if it's like she says and all her other reviews are good, then it just seems like a minor issue. Still honestly not seeing what's majorly wrong with the wig, it'd take me like maybe 15 mins to bring it back to how it looks on the right, and if it were taken to a normal con it'd probably have to have those same kinds of readjustments on occassion anyway?

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>Why trust the seller
Why not? They're trying to make amends and fix shit for free.

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Some buyers have this idea in their head that they will pull out an indestructible perfectly styled wind resistant wig straight out of the box and will never have to touch it to fix it again. That's simple not logical. Yes, the wig is in a rough state when it arrived. It's likely that the seller also didn't properly secure it for transportation. However, that merits a partial refund or free fix. The work has been done on the wig, the supplies used and spent. That money shouldn't be given back.

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i disagree. as the seller if an item i sell arrives broken (if easily repaired) i wouldn't be trying to make up for supply costs because it would be shitty.

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I would agree with you if that were a fair equivalent to this specific case, but it isn't. The wig was not broken upon arrival. It's not like the lace fell apart. It's a styling which is subject to coming undone. Even Arda puts out a restyling guide because their styles come undone in the packaging. It's really not that uncommon as you're making it out to be.

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DesignerDaddy recently sent out a commission to someone who paid $2.5k for it and it looks like a hot mess....

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this was the photo of the same dress he posted on his own account

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did you see his baaaaawing in the response? it's on the farm if not.

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Best guess is commissioner doesn't know how long wigs works because only an ignorant person would look at that wig and think it wasn't styled

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Ordered a pair of cosplays from EZCosplay: Serena and Jasmine from the Pokemon franchise. Yeah, I know EZ's reputation, but they're the only ones I could get for Jasmine without resorting to no-name overpriced individuals. I expected mediocre and got... well, 25% mediocre.
They'd never done this cosplay and used pic related for reference, but took it literally. The dress and bow are fine, but they mistook the shadows on the sleeves as actual grey-toned fabric. Jasmine's also supposed to be wearing it casually, and it's supposed to be able to close across the chest, but the cosplay is too tight and doesn't even come close to closing. I'd like to return it and have it remade, but hearing horror stories of EZ's customer service makes me feel like it might not even be worth it.
At least Serena turned out well.

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And the actual item.

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Get the sand out of your panties anon, the story is interesting even if the game itself is kinda bare-bones.
>ch3-1b WHEN

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go to bed sam

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I don't see a difference besides the saturation in the photos
are they blind?

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I commissioned a seller on Etsy to make me an Allister jumper and they straight up just didn’t listen to the measurements I gave them because they thought I typed them in wrong. I told them 69cm waist and 98cm hips AND on top of that told them to make the hips of the shorts wider to get that wide leg look and when it showed up the hips of the suit were 89cms. There was no stretch whatsoever and I had no way to make it work and they only refunded me 40 bucks of this 400$ commission. They also didn’t ship me the glove because they fucked it up and didn’t want to make another one

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Which thread?

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I'm planning on cosplaying Joe and theres nothing you can do to stop me.

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Ok but is there ANY actually good cosplay commissioners I can use? I know jack shit about sewing and the cosplay I want done doesn't exist in ready to wear stores

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Apparently there are other bad reviews. She's just flip flopping between saying they don't exist and that one is real, then claiming that the second bad review is from her ex roommate she had a falling out with and that it's vendetta. You got some bad reviews. Suck it up and act like an adult. People would have forgotten quickly if she didn't blow it up.

What's so amazing to me is that this woman is so damn unprofessional. She sent all of her friends to harass the commissioner over a bad review and put the girl's full, legal name out instead of acting like an adult and letting the callout die or handling her business in private. No wonder people with bad reviews wanted to stay anonymous. I certainly would not send an item back to someone who acts like this for "fixing." If a customer is going to be the victim of a witch hunt for a bad review, I'm not paying her $175 + shipping and materials for the "privilege" of that risk.

The bad reviews didn't kill her commission business. She did it herself.

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>commissioned item that's been made multiple times from pretty popular cosplayer
>kept claiming couldn't ship because lockdown problems
>can you show pics at least
>"lol no need it's just the same as the others"
>...weird but ok
>fast forward few months
>hey is everything ok can you ship now
>no response
>no response
>i showed you my money pls respond
>finally responds they have shipped the item
>goes on a preachy rant how hard and busy their life is to army of simps
>wait months and months
>get absolutely nothing
>message again
>get absolutely nothing
>get no refund and no item
>fans bitch and whine how OBESED the HATURZ are
>ok maybe I was too harsh, maybe things are really hard and something happened
>go on their page
>flaunting expensive shit and selling stolen art
Never again.

Unironically I have had a lot more luck with taobao tailored commissioners, even if I have a shopping service translating/communicating through me than anything else. Technically it's premade characters though, just tailored, but with communication I think many are open to negotiation.
Just leave a few extra centimeters in your measurements because asian sizes are asian.

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lmfao imagine getting this shit after hundreds of dollars because the bitch was too lazy to ship a wig head.

>> No.10466172

Seems like someone is super butthurt because no one has the heart to tell them that they did bad lol

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Name and shame. That is bullshit.

>> No.10466197

hold up aint this the same girl who got removed off man at arms for antisemitic comments? holy shit

>> No.10466210

Wait what the fuck? Not to derail but what happened? I'm unaware

>> No.10466214

she was friends with some of the staff there and was on their nier video as 2b. she was lined up to cosplay for other vids but well.. talk shit never showed up again

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Anybody got the Nessa wig story?

>> No.10466304


woah, you got proof?

>> No.10466361

I would like to see proof as well. If it's put out, I'm sure we can send this cow to the farm.

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Her ex roomate is lavendula cosplay. i remember a post and several murmurs around the cosplay community about how she is up to speed on any cosplay drama and likes to spread it. She also ate her roomates food stuffs all the time but only paid for it when she got caught. Once ate someones lunch after being told no, then found out it was pork (lavendula is jewish) and screamed at everyone for not stopping her. She reveling in this, despite being a thief and a drama starter herself.

>> No.10466385

Oh that explains the antisemitism.

Have you ever lived with anyone before, anon? It's shitty. My roommate used to steal my snacks all the time. I don't live with them anymore. Simple as that. No witch hunts. No public bullshit. If you want to air your dirty personal laundry instead of keeping it putting on your big boy pants and handling that shit in private, it's not a good look for you either and is arguably worse.

Good to know Lunatique has a history of doing just that, though: making shit public to start drama and whining about anything she needs to handle like the grown woman she is. The wig commission, now this. The wig wasn't even that bad but it looks like her attitude is. At least she seems to be consistent, but maybe she should just grow the hell up.

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I met her at a con through a mutual and she had a very stuck up attitude and seemed used to people fawning over her. So none of this is too surprising. She even left a backhanded comment on ig so I am keking if she gets taken down a peg

>> No.10466410

Idk why they'd "fawn" over her when her looks are average at best and her demeanor is even worse. Maybe they think they'll get a discount on a mediocre tier wig of what should be a simple hairstyle thrown into a Ziploc bag

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The one where the cosplayer stole the wig off the commissioners hands and had the balls to comolain about it being ugly right? lmao

>> No.10466470

Didn't she do an underwater shoot in it and got mad it fell apart?

>> No.10466480

it was falling apart because she tore it out of the seller's hands and ran off with it. and then did an underwater shoot and then returned it later in a plastic bag? lol

>> No.10466496

I was waiting for someone to bring this story up. That was a wild time. I would post the story photos if I still remembered the handles.

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Lunatique is fucking nuts. Some of us said the wig isn't that bad, but even more of us said that it is or that her attitude and unprofessionalism make it a horror story in itself. Imagine straight up lying about what's in a public thread and bragging about getting posted.

She put out her client's full name on her Instagram and, both there and on Facebook, tried getting her friends to harass her client and escalate the issue even more.

As entertaining as the drama is, wouldn't want it to be me. Commissioning her seems like a nightmare. Her wigs aren't that bad, but she needs to ship them more carefully and definitely needs to get an attitude adjustment if she wants to deal with customers, especially for higher price products.

>> No.10466713

name of fake

>> No.10466718

She sounds really immature lmao is it really that hard to learn how to ship things properly?

>> No.10466732

lmao I take back my defense of the seller, didn't know the full situation, honestly the whole ordeal is dumb. Also did the wig in the OP actually cost 175+? If so, I could definitely see why the buyer is mad. A full refund still seems mildly unreasonable to me since the thing was clearly styled and could easily be fixed, but big fucking yikes to have to negotiate with that.

>> No.10466740

This wasn’t that paprika chick was it it?

>> No.10466750

After pieces of shit like her and Luna, why do we commission anything anyways? So many are scum, stop giving them money and attention and mock them instead.

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A full refund is somewhat unreasonable, as some time was put in the wig. But, the buyer also asked for a partial refund if not full, which is not entirely unreasonable. I am a firm believer that commissioning is a service and if the customer is not happy with your service, you basically either make amends and try to fix it (like Lunatique did) and/or give the customer their money back (what Lunatique didn't do) so that way, both parties are happy. Most importantly, as a commissioner, make a fucking contract so it covers both parties.

Either way, Im glad this thread exists as I am now aware of the people I will be blacklisting and make people aware about their services.

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who cares if time was put into the wig, normal businesses do not get to recoup losses for time or materials. if this was a fucking cake instead of a wig, she would have had to give the full refund, even if the buyer ate it or fixed it herself. your mindset is why we have so many shit commissioners who pull crap like this. their time is not more valuable than anyone else with an established business.

>> No.10466880

As it stands the time she spent may not have even been equal to what she charged. I commissioned a wig from her once, which was a total mistake, and I have proof through dms that she only spent two hours making it. She charged me $120 for work time. That’s $60 an hour.

The wig of course ended up being a hot mess and she wanted me to tie up the high ponytail myself because she didn’t know my head size yet that was the most difficult part of the wig. I was in denial over how bad it was for a while and just like shoved it in a corner since I couldn’t do cons with the pandemic anyway. Now I’m just annoyed. Live and learn.

>> No.10466915

I think a partial refund on the labor cost would have been fine yeah. I understand why the client wouldn't want to send it back to be fixed. It would take longer, cost shipping, she'd still need to deal with Lunatique, etc. A partial refund sounds like a good compromise.

>> No.10466922

she doesn't need to compromise.

>> No.10466947

Yeah refund for everything but the materials cost and shipping. Plus the commissioner should help the client fix it over video chat.

>> No.10466970

She also doesn't need to be taking commissions then.

If you can't handle a dissatisfied customer and won't listen to them to figure something out, maybe working with clients isn't for you. You need to be able to swallow your pride to work with customers. Welcome to fuckin retail, sweetie.

>> No.10466981

Should have instead ate the bitch ass and called her out, if I trust you my money I trust you my service. No good service? No money. Thankfully paypal has my back, but I usually do my shit myself.

>> No.10466982

I think he was talking about the customer compromising with half refund instead of asking the bitch to pay up her shitty work.

>> No.10466996

Does anyone have proof of the antisemitic comments? I haven't seen anything of that nature as proof but if it is true I want evidence as that can be a serious accusation

>> No.10467026

aren these pictures for ants?

>> No.10467029

I feel bad for you, that's such a shitty mistake. Did they also put grey 'stripes' int he ruffles of the skirt or what?

>> No.10467032

Wtf? Those are almost my exact measurements, too anon. That's not an unusal size. They def should have refunded you more than 10%

>> No.10467040

Not to be rude, but is it actually possible to have a high pony wig fir straight out of the box? They are soooo finicky.

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I mean I’ve been told for what she charged me she should have asked for a duct tape mold of my head. It would t have been hard to get to her, we see each other at every con and I contacted her about the commission before a con we both go to that was months away from the due date.
As it is the ponytail was falling out at the bottom when I received it, she didn’t even try styling it. She already knows I’ve been speaking out and who I am so here’s a picture of how it was received (at least she used a wig head but she charged me $8 for it)

>> No.10467048

If anyone remembers the Yeliza and Stray shit or... what was the other person’s name. Pisara wigs/Red-Cluster?

>> No.10467050

>$8 for a wig head when you're paying out the ass for a wig
That's the real crime
Is it for Tanjiro? It looks like a good quality wig, shame about the pony.

>> No.10467052

Yeah I was doing a genderbend based off several fan art refs. Was supposed to be for katsu this year but I broke my foot right before. She used it as an excuse not to deliver my wig at the con and instead ship it a month later. Shipped it upside down and just laughed it off too. It looked so much better in the photos she sent me. Learned my lesson though and next time I need a wig commission I’m going with someone more experienced rather than someone in my social circle.

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i'M SuRe ThIs iS faBrIcATeD

>> No.10467083

How much did you pay for labor, anon?

>> No.10467200

I dont think its really like Mel Gibson tier antisemitism I'm assuming maybe she bitched about her roommate in a I'm so edgy / casual bigoted asian way and someone heard or was put off. Or shes Mel Gibson idk asians usually don't have anything against jewish (stereotypically speaking)

>> No.10467203

Labor costs was $120. Materials were $69.50 with shipping and tax but she got upset when I sent it goods and services and made me send her the PayPal fee.
I messaged her multiple times to check in after that was paid in November but at one point she told me she was too busy working on her wedding dress and she deserved the two weeks before katsu to work on mine and another client’s wig. I don’t know about you but if I was taking commissions those would come first before personal projects. As it stands she made the wig in one day after I bugged her about it again. After reviewing my messages again it looks like she did the bulk of the work (according to the picture sent) in two hours and then went to get dinner while the bangs heat set and then I got the final photos three hours later. She didn’t tell me I’d have to adjust the ponytail until after I got it and in her photos it’s in a much more proper location.

>> No.10467219


$120 for THAT? The 2 hrs of work definitely shows. YIKES.

>> No.10467579

You got scammed, yikes

>> No.10467586

I have never been good at styling hair ever. I dont know why. I can do makeup perfectly fine but when it comes to hair I'm terrible at it. I'd much rather just pay someone to do it than go through the frustration myself

>> No.10467593

Didn’t she fuck off tho?
P sure her and mostflogged are still around

>> No.10467716

I'm sorry, but that funny af

>> No.10467738

I had a friend commission her and she didn’t even get anything. I don’t think she got all of her money back either.

>> No.10468065

I mean when you pay that price good packaging for shipping is part of the service, drag and performer wig stylist know how to ship fragile styling since decades. I do find it's hard to find good tutorials on it tho.

>> No.10468140

This is the most retarded mistake, jesus christ. Good reminder never to order from them.

>> No.10468261

Pisara/Red-Cluster always come back after a couple of years when the heat dies down so expect her to scam again.

I commissioned Yeliza and Stray when I saw them on Arda's Iron Wig Contest. Never did get the wig (that was horrible styled from the finished photos they sent) or my money back. Lesson learned.

>> No.10468349

Yeah, seems like she did that to a lot of people. Either they got nothing or a poorly made costume.
Once she got called out for it by one of her cosplay friends, she eventually fucked off and went private.

>> No.10468569

> ordered a wig from a semi-popular cosplay wig stylist in January
> Still hasn’t gotten it even after emails
> Rip $150

It was just a bicolored wig that I didn’t want to weft myself but now the regret is palpable

>> No.10468575

If it's bicolor split down the middle, you could just sew two wigs together in the middle. Similar process with vertical layers. I'm genuinely curious what you're making if you actually need to weft it by hand.

>> No.10468585

The character has different colored hair similar to an undercut or “peekaboo” dye style, my fault for not describing it properly. I’ve never sewn wefts into a wig so I put my faith in someone else to do it for me lol

>> No.10468613

Shit happens, unfortunately. With quarantine etc going on, it might be a good time to get into new hobbies anyway. Best of luck to you. Watch a lot of video tutorials and consider getting extra supplies so you can practice beforehand.

>> No.10468683

Have you tried contacting Etsy directly over this? They may be able to get you more money back

This person should not be taking on commissions if they’re going to blatantly ignore a customers measurements and choose to not make parts of a costume just because they don’t feel like it

>> No.10468703

This happened between babuteefs and loltots. That story was an absolute wild ride to follow

Here’s a Twitter thread with a rundown of everything that happened:

>> No.10468713

Yo girl you need to move on. I heard how you lied straight out how much you paid for this to get sympathy, then tried to say you couldn't afford this wig anyways.....you sound like an entitled child. whl planned to complain from the beginning and get your money back.. Grow up and stop harassing the wig commissioner. I've seen this all over my news feed from you in different groups. Please shut up already.
And trying to attack the wig stylist by insulting her diet is also ridiculous. I hope 4chan sees you for the scammer you are.
Have a nice night.

>> No.10468714

you seem too invested in this, babby.

>> No.10468717

I'd say the girl making the thread and buying the wig is too invested anon.

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>> No.10468809

nice samefag lmao

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You absolute queen, I was so curious about reading up on this again. Thank you

>> No.10468842

>gets called out for being a bitch

>> No.10468845

Oh this chick blocked me when I told her to stop joking about mental illnesses, glad to see she hasn't changed

>> No.10468865

Implying OP is even the client rofl, you do realize that people follow drama if it's posted everywhere right? Lunatique did more than her fair share in blowing up the drama too. Anyone can look at their Instagram highlights.

From what I am seeing, Lunatique is only talking about the price of the labor, not factoring in shipping, supplies, maybe Paypal fees. Ladypetraral is probably factoring those in. Use more than one brain cell and stop taking shit at face value.

I'm probably talking to Lunatique though so I don't know maybe do better and you won't get posted next time, bitch

>> No.10468911

can you at least lurk a little to blend in? your samefagging is painfully obvious because it’s clear you’re not from here

>> No.10468914


Be easy on Luna, she's used to excessive circlejerking and her ego is too fragile for criticism

>> No.10468925

What a fucking snowflake lmfao

>> No.10468927

God this cunt, I'm in the east coast comm and she's known for talking trash. I feel sorry for her friends because they're not exempt. She doesn't think word travels? A lot of people just tolerate her because she really thinks she's hot shit and is nasty as fuuuuck.

>> No.10468931

What happened? You got receipts?

>> No.10468946

Okay lunatique. W/e you say.

>> No.10468949
File: 696 KB, 1192x2207, Screenshot_20200906-150342.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She just posted this. Interesting she shit talks her friends, guess it takes a backstabber to know one huh

>> No.10468951


she just keeps opening her mouth doesn't she?

>> No.10468956

her fucking name is lunatique, there's no way she's not a fragile bitch.

>> No.10468977

I know this girl in like passing and in passing is where I want to keep her its seems. Thanks for the heads up thread.

>> No.10469015

Where does it state 2 hours of work? I havent really seen anything that states the amount of time worked on the wig. It could be more?

>> No.10469017

Reread the client's post

>> No.10469027

The client stated 2 hours for bulk work but not the total work to it. Im guessing what she means about bulk work is cutting to basic shape but without details( i.e. thinning and trimming).Which sounds right for most wig build but the finner details could have taken longer.

>> No.10469030
File: 857 KB, 2880x2088, 2EFDF170-3EF7-4D24-84B0-EB2A12667E9C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah it was two hours. She sent me a sketch and then showed the wig done and said she was letting it heat set while she ate dinner. The time between those messages was two hours. Three hours later I got final photos which even if she did some minor tweaks it still wasn’t that much time as she did eat dinner during that time period.

>> No.10469049

Honestly, the pony tail being tied with a hair band seems like it is left to your interpretation on what to use for it. But it honestly looks like the styling products didnt hold up during shipping. I have seen that alot with G2BG products or any product similar, unless if it is stage wig glue used thewig will need to be restyled, but when using the stage products (like touken stage plays) they can not be washed and can not be bagged/stored easily.

>> No.10469055

Lunatique is stuck up, likes to talk shit about most every cosplayer in the area better and more famous than her. She only cares about herself and does not care about doing good on anyone's wig.

>> No.10469060

> I have seen that alot with G2BG products or any product similar
I'm surprised to hear that. Got2B has a reputation of being pretty much indestructible.

>> No.10469067

Wait I'm confused, why did you not tell her after it was shipped? I just saw her story screenshots. I would've made her fix it lol

>> No.10469068

Like I said previously, I was in denial over the state of it. Also she had already pushed my commission off for over two months and put personal projects ahead of working on it. I doubt I’d ever see it again if I sent it back.

>> No.10469073

But if the product is THAT BAD, you pretty much have nothing to lose at that point lmao. Maybe should've hit her up for one of those fix at convention deals she keeps talking about

>> No.10469075

would you want to deal with someone who is this much of a dick??? i don't blame anon for wanting to just cut their losses and gtfo

>> No.10469084

Looks the same except the person wearing it is ugly and fat, thus ruining the dress.

>> No.10469088
File: 3.91 MB, 368x640, VEG_fuck_this.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

late reply and kind of blogpost but many people tell me to name and shame while others tell me to move on and run as fast as I can

let's just say it's someone as popular as momokun, as much as of a creep as momokun, acting exactly like momokun's controversies, buddies with momokun, regardless of gender and race, that's all I'll say

They have my name and address and a reputation of making backlash along with their zoomer fans for people that "cross" them in the international con scene, fuck that shit

I only wish I could stood up for myself, anons.
>ashamed of myself for falling for le meme cosplayer influencer scams
>years of experience should know better
>someone will most likely fall for scams and illusions the same way I did
>the curse continues

>> No.10469089

some people just don’t want to deal with cunts desu. i’d rather be out $120 than have to talk to a delusional bitch and have to argue with her

>> No.10469970

how much did you lose? enough to make a claim in small claims court or something similar?

>> No.10469975

>all this lunatiquetea
will avoid this woman thanks gulls

>> No.10470084

What the fuck is this shit? I knew DD was overrated but this is next level ugly

>> No.10470091

This is more directed towards any commissioners here.
How do you say no to/avoid nightmare clients?

>> No.10470110

Ask the client if they've had other commissions done before (or a portfolio of previous work if any), contact that commissioner and ask them about the experience working with that particular client.

>> No.10470113


>> No.10470552 [DELETED] 

there wasnt any need to take this to 4chan, ladypetraral isn't blocked. she couldve resolved this like an actual adult but she chose to be a bitch and lie about the actual cost suck dicks of known drama whores like lavendula and duh you dumb fucks are only getting half of the story lol. none of you actually commissioned from her and you're just shitstirring. grow the fuck up lol.

>> No.10470576 [DELETED] 

sup, lunateaque? still mad you got posted?

>> No.10470581 [DELETED] 

Someone is really assmad about getting exposed lol

>> No.10470585 [DELETED] 

this seems like a habit now, luna, just get over it..

>> No.10470601

This sounds like it was written by a 13 year old

>> No.10470614

Actually we are more than capable of going on the Instagrams of both parties to read their highlights and of figuring out Lunatique is just a crazy bitch who keeps opening her mouth to make it worse by screencaps alone.

Btw where did the pics and screenshots from Tanjiro anon come from if no one here commissioned her? How do you know Ladypetraral was not blocked? Make it less obvious it's you next time, Lunatique.

>> No.10470624

please keep stirring shit anon, this thread is fucking hysterical

>> No.10470669
File: 1.89 MB, 200x200, 1588122539407.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10470679

It's about time someone called you out on your shit. See what happens when you leave your circlejerking hugbox? Reality cock slaps you in the face.
Keep crying luna. No one gives a shit what you have to say. Its clear you're a lazy, manipulative drama whore with low morals and crap product.

>> No.10470681

My favorite part is when you keep bringing up the same person where its all about you honey boo! You're in a spotlight now! Enjoy being part of the peanut gallery as a shitty commissioner lol

>> No.10470738

> "known drama whores"
> literally who????
> thinking am i missing something? should i know who this is?
> check her instagram

.... literally no one has ever heard of this lavendula chick and i can promise you that no one cares, but go off about how "infamous" she is though

>> No.10470744

You need to grow up. Stop holding petty grudges when you are the one who hates everyone better and more famous than you. You can just be your sad self alone at cons where no ones likes you anyway Luna. Stop dragging others in this when its all on your for this mediocre commission that you should be owning up to.

>> No.10470826

Yo this shit is fucking h i l a r i o u s
I posted something based on the screenshots and some shit on facebook to see who would bite but I didn't expect youd all jumping on it thinking its luna posting
you all really hate her this much and took this chance to wank anonymously
This made my fucking night, im laughing so hard at everyone furiously rubbing their angry little grudge dicks omg
I don't think she even knows how to post here. Hate to disappoint but I aint her,not even close lol
thanks for the absolute great laugh, 4chan is my new humor site now

>> No.10470838

What are you even going off about at this point tard

>> No.10470839

>its totally not me gaiz
Sure its not.

>> No.10470847

Imagine being so desperate that you white knight yourself because no one else wants to.

>> No.10470852

You guys are SO stupid, just accept she isn’t in here

>> No.10470854

She posted about it, knows about it and bragged about how people didn't care. As it turned out she was wrong. So it makes sense that now, after all the negative comments she (you) would whiteknight herself. Since she drew attention to it, she can't let it all be negative. If you aren't her, you're doing a good job pretending to be.

>> No.10470859

Bragging about being on cgl and calming you don't care reminds me of the late 00s when every teenager would say the same.

>> No.10470880

omg who gives a shit if it's lunatique or not? they're still a fucking tard. i don't know why anyone would attempt to white knight someone (or themselves) on 4chan of all places under the impression it would help. it only makes things worse and, spelling it out for this obvious newfag, it bumps the thread back up to the top and garners even more attention.
i get that you guys are saying that she likes attention but come on, you wouldn't keep this going unless you were especially stupid.
i want to hear more commission horror stories, not a horror story about one dumb as dirt mean girl wannabe commissioner with possibly even dumber friends.

>> No.10470890

Trying to sweep it under the rug is just going to make it worse. People don't like being told what to do. Also, it's obvious that you're the same person anyway because you still don't know how to reply to individual comments. If my hunch is right, it's obvious that you riled people up and now you've realized your mistake. Quit while you still can.

>> No.10470894

This, just stop replying

>> No.10470991

Reminds me of the #notbothered thing

>> No.10470994
File: 95 KB, 724x720, 1575164777250.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>t. Lunatique

>> No.10471382

>and made me send her the PayPal fee.
It's against Paypal's TOS to have the buyer pay the fees, report them.

>> No.10471482

I think it was because they "were" friends, thus why she was asking to send as family and friends. It honestly depends how she doing business and if she is explaining it earlier, but from what it looks like it the commission is not her priority but a side business/hobby.

>> No.10471497

Do y'all have "friends" who only talk to you just to try and use you for free/discounted commissions?

>> No.10471503

yes. my friend asked her to give her a freebie so she could "promote" me.

>> No.10471506

GOD haven't heard that name in forever... I commissioned a total of 3 costumes from her back in 2014/2015; two in 2014, and while her replies were a little slow sometimes, I did get two pretty good quality costumes (a couple loose threads here and there, but considering the stuff I sew myself is a fucking disaster, I can't reaaaaally bitch much).
Theeeeen then 2015 one... Replies were decently fast while we talked about the costume- until I sent her payment. Then it took her 5 days and me asking 3 times to even send me a list of measurements she needed. Replies were still slow following that, and then when the costume arrived... oh boy. The gloves looked like they were made for kids; they did NOT fit me at ALL (even though one of the first costumes I got from her had gloves that fit perfectly??? I am still SO confused on this one), and the rest of the costume (it was basically a jacket with coattails that didn't open in the front, had to be slipped on like a shirt; thanks dumb chara designs) was SUPER SUPER TIGHT; I could hardly breathe in it, and couldn't even lift my arms. And I always go up an inch when I give measurements... I ended up NEVER wearing it because it just did not fit me properly and was SO uncomfortable. I guess that's what I deserve for getting a costume of a Sonic character LOL...

>> No.10472776
File: 115 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>girl switches to doing fulltime comissions
>i email and DM her multiple times inquiring on a comission for a cosplay shes made in the past
>zero replies
>she continues to complain on ig about lack of money and that her comissions are open

>> No.10476264
File: 102 KB, 1080x807, 20200918_094652.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A cosplay comissioner is trying to sell this cape for $300.

>> No.10476265

this looks like a cosplay crunch job.

>> No.10476267

Understandable if real fur

>> No.10476274
File: 268 KB, 1080x803, 20200918_100725.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks faux to me

>> No.10476719


>> No.10477195

Ayrt no it wasn’t her. It was a small texas cosplayer who turned into a costhot. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has an onlyfans kek

>> No.10477203

a local commissioner i knew used to make her own cosplays but use taobao for her commissions. this was before aliexpress was bigger. one of her friends ended up outing her over some drama and she basically left the scene.

>> No.10478779

They agreed to remake the overcoat, only took three emails and three extra weeks.
Bright side! It's all white! And slightly better fitting.
Bad news! They stitched foam padding into the shoulders to give it an 80s power suit silhouette. Like WTF?!
It's not so bad I can justify forcing them to redo it, and I can wear it around cons without most noticing, but I'm going to know and I'm going to be self-conscious of it.
It's not really a lesson to not use EZCosplay, I knew they were bad already and just didn't have options. It's just a reminder that wanting specific, obscure comissions leaves you with cheap crap or absurd prices.

>> No.10478780

You have to be kidding me right when I ordered from them a week ago

>> No.10478813

Just alter it. Removing shoulder pads / cutting them down is something difficult.

>> No.10479016

I'm glad they're fixing it for you but why would you order something so simple from ez cosplay in the first place? Even if you can't sew I feel like you could recreate this with amazon/thrift stores/normal clothes stores. Not trying to come off as rude, just wondering why you went that route

>> No.10479168

1) I have far more money than time.
2) Any free time I do have should be going towards my writing, since I have readers waiting for updates.

>> No.10479169

Ah, and I guess I just wanted something accurate and professional looking.
I'm considering it, they just didn't leave any interior seams so I'm trying to figure out how to cut it open in a way my amateur skills can fix.

>> No.10480266

Can you post a pic of the shoulder pads here or in the help thread? Maybe we can give you some ideas

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