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I want this thread to be serious talk. Gulls, I'm genuinely considering getting a sugar daddy for money. Has anyone of you ever gotten one? Care to share your experience? I want to know as much as possible before making up my mind.

Is the pay worth it? Is sex/nudes always a necessity? How long does it usually last? Any horror/good stories? What about the moral compass? I want to hear it all.

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Keep your dignity instead and get a job, for christ's sake.

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I feel like you probably won't get the info you want here. There's probably specific forums for these kinds of things.

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there's threads on lolcow about it, that would be a better choice

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I have one. I'm just looking for extra cash.
I'll check lolcow then.

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I was a SB in college. It's actually not a bad gig, and there's not another side job in the world that can pay as well if you're a student.

FWIW I found the relationship mutually beneficial and not just because of the money. I had two. Guy number one had just lost his estranged daughter and had been divorced and literally just wanted someone to take to dinner and talk to. He was an interesting guy to get to know, and actually helped arrange the internship that led to my full time position. Our relationship was never sexual, but it was emotionally heavy since I was basically playing therapist to help him feel better about the way things ended up.

2nd SD was sexual and to be blunt, I had a lot of fun and got to explore a lot of interesting stuff in a safe and transactional way. I made good money, got all my burando, and believe it or not, I grew a lot as a person. It's a shame there's so much stigma around it because I really think it can be great opportunity for girls to get to know their body and interests while making decent cash and not haing the emotional issues that can come up with a traditional relationship.

Not everyone has a great experience, but there are TONS of forums speifically for advice on this sort of thing. From a lolita POV, it's bomb tho. As a side note, You probably need to be in a majo city to have any luck (think SF, NYC, etc.)

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>i have one dignity
lol, anon...

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Thank you very much for your input anon, it's very illuminating. I'll do more research but your post is a very good basis.

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yeah you need to somehow relate these to lolita or cosplay or this thread is gonna get nuked

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I think she meant a Job you dumbass

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How retarded can you be holy shit

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Lmaoooooo I think this is a troll though desu

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I was 19 and barely able to make my student loan payments
I bought into the bullshit empowerment rhetoric
It's been four years since the last time I let a man violate me and I don't think I can ever let anyone touch me again. Don't do it.

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Why did you get into it if you weren’t willing to? You literally got it wrong on the first step.

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If you're not prepared for the potential collateral damage of a traumatic experience, then this isn't something you're cut out for. That's not to say you're going to have a bad experience, but you need to weigh the cost benefit analysis of potential trauma vs. monetary gain. In my experience as a sugar baby, I found most potential "daddies" to be the sort intent on pushing boundaries and trying to get as much out of you for as little possible. If you're not someone who is good at maintaining firm boundaries with men/people or know when to walk away from a red flag situation, you're going to have a less than ideal experience. Even if you are, you still could have a bad encounter and that is the reality. As someone who worked in the sex industry for a large portion of my adult career (now retired), I thought I was experienced enough to navigate the sugarbaby world safely, but alas, was raped by one of my daddies. So weigh the risk.

The sugar daddy experience in which you don't have sex/some sort of sexual interaction with him is INCREDIBLY rare, but not unheard of. My most profitable relationship handed me a check for a full year's worth of tuition for my MA the first time we met in person and I have never been touched sexually by him. It happens, but don't go in with that expectation or you will be sorely disappointed. Have realistic expectations.

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This thread sort of solidified how retarded my sex actually is. Thank you men for paying women and not getting any pussy in return. You're doing great guys.

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Based anon is based

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