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Old one >>10467323

This weekend‘s release: Petit Heart

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And AP is playing favorites with Paris again: they got all the special stuff. Nut MRC was sold out within 10 minutes of course.

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It looks cute in the pink. Like something I’d wear to bed

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It was sold out in under one minute I was on the website one minute after the announcement and nearly everything was gone

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Why the fuck did this have to happen while I was sleeping? I'm never going to get MRC. Fuck me.

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AP USA remains ass baka i fucking hate this shiiiiiiiiiiiit

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Are you talking about their Facebook post or newsletter? Because I think the newsletter came a bit earlier.

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I can't believe they put it online when they didn't even do that in the Nagoya store wow

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God, what are the chances that AP USA will get any stock at all?

I'm crossing my fingers they do, but I doubt I'll be able to get it anyway...

I'd love MRC in mocha but we'll see I suppose.

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Japan loves France, hates Amerifats
More at 11

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This is horrible. It looks like a nightgown

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There is a mocha on mercari right now... for 100,000 yen

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I'm surprised the Chinese AP shops don't get a lot of exclusive stuff, considering that's where the purchasing power is, much more than Europe. Maybe they do get exclusives and just no one posts about it here?

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I remember they got an exclusive rerelease of romantic rose letter OP in around 2018. They probably get others we don’t hear about.

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Yes they did - it was on Nagoya's twitter and the reopening was on AP Japan's front page

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Unless if you mean AP selling it online then disregard my last post

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Closet Child is posting all of their items online so it seems like they're making a lot of profit but people aren't selling their items at the stores as often and many locals don't want to use the new mailing system to sell their clothes like WW does. If you've stepped foot in any CC lately, they're barren compared to pre corona days

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Yes I mean for sale online and not an in-person exclusive.

> pic related of the store opening

Im sure they had more than one of each but the image makes it look like they had a sample rack. No idea how it went down but I know from twitter that quite a few people missed out on the lottery to even get a chance to visit the store.

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When AP has multiple releases on the same day for a store renewal or Grand Bazar, they tend to have limited stock, maybe 2-3 of each colorway and 4 of a popular color. Sometimes there will be a little more but they don't make like 30 for special events.

If you draw a 1-4 you'll get what you want. After that, your chances dwindle significantly. I pulled a 12 at Grandba once but the dress I wanted sold out by then and there were at least 200 people who entered the lottery

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Something I’ve wondered is do they limit how many different dresses one person can buy? Like if someone pulls a 1 can they get one of each dress/colorway? Or is there a limit

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you can only buy 1 of each type eg. 1 jsk + 1 op and matching accessories

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They do. I believe it's one set per person for a number of hours after opening (not one of every colourway, just one).

Then later in the day, the restriction is lifted and you can buy as many as you like (I mean, if it's a bloodbath it'll already have sold out, and if it isn't then they'll be happy to sell you ten of every colour if you want it)

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I would really like anon who’s got neo MRC to post their dress. It looks pretty much the same from the distance.

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Good luck y‘all, Shibuya will get everything as well.

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Ugh the only 2 SS available are probably already swamped

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Wow they are releasing the HC ring/bag/necklace yet again. I hope this becomes a meme like HL because I'm tired of every ita wearing/wanting HC.

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why do y'all like to dress like babies?
Is it a fetish? Idgi. What's the problem with normal clothes? I just don't get spending so much money to look like a baby....

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What SS is available for this? Tenshi, mintkisment arenr in Tokyo, the other ones on the lolita updates spread sheet are unresponsive

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Is that a *worksafe* plug? AHAHAHAHA xD

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Is that a *worksafe* plug? AHAHAHAHA xD

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Omg ahahahaha

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Omg ahahahah

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Maybe Luna‘s Delivery Service?

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I was half way through emailing a SS when I realized the store opens in 30min and that it would be a ridiculous request, haha

Honestly I'm so excited for these mini drops I feel glued to the screen. I'm hoping it will inspire more people to sell their original release and/or they will make a larger MTO please please please

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I was half way through emailing a SS when I realized the store opens in 30min (now its been open for 40 min) and that it would be a ridiculous request, haha

Honestly I'm so excited for these mini drops I feel glued to the screen. I'm hoping it will inspire more people to sell their original release and/or they will make a larger MTO please please please

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Thats good to know more specifically regarding the total numbers. What I am wondering based off of that is if they had more than what is shown on the rack (even if that just means another rack of the same amount). Because if the image shows all that they had then it was only one of each item advertised.

For the Nagoya opening the SS said that she was only able to buy one main item. Then after the initial lottery winner hour was over she could then reenter and try to get something else. But of course all of the limited items were purchased by the lottery winners.

As another neo-mrc owner I will post photos when I receive it but it might take another week to arrive. It looks ok to me in the AP Candy images and in the proof image sent by the SS so I think the color difference might be shitty photoshopping? I would have neo-brown though and not neo-mocha

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are you ok, anon? it's midnite there.

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I think the previous anon is lying about the color difference to discourage others from trying to buy it. AP stock photos have been really bad especially after they started editing the background to pure white.

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imagine not liking comfy CPK style

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Dunno why they're taking anything more than one slot besides that nonrefundable fee. Nagoya only allowed one piece per person and they go to the first 5-10 people.

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The fact that both AP Paris and Shibuya got stock is a pretty good omen it'll be released everywhere (I hope)

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cpk is fucking ugly, that's why it died so quick.

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better than whatever pastel vomit you crawled out of

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Its 7 AM in Japan anon, hardly anything is open at this hour

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Shinkuku - https://ameblo.jp/ap-shinjuku/entry-12623690381.html

Omiya - https://ameblo.jp/ap-oomiya/entry-12623915245.html

Kyoto - https://ameblo.jp/angelicpretty-kyoto/entry-12624184759.html

These stores also posted MRC limited pieces for sale today. A lot of other stores had the Cinema Doll, Chocolate Rosette, and HC Accessoires but I didn't keep track of them individually. I can't figure out if they were accepting reservations by phone due to the shit that is google translate but if anyone can double check it let us know

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These were announced for Saturday in Japan so chances are they are all sold out nonetheless.

>> No.10472424

Yep by "today" I meant saturday but youre right in no longer saturday in japan. Even if its sold out and done I'm still interested to know how the reserve occured

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Nobody on here got them from Shibuya because of the phone reservation system. Hundreds of people calling a single phone number for a handful of dresses is not a good way to do a release

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Okay, I need a full name for this one

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california pizza kitchen

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I hate newfags so fucking much

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Mintkismet posted on insta about Kyoto having only one brown mrc. There was a lottery. Maybe some of us got the other colors if they ordered through her.

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but tf is cpk my brain is melting right now trying to figure this out. Release me from my suffering

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Cult party kei anon it's not a print

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Fuck you

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Go away newfag

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AP Shanghai tea party

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White pom poms with antique ivory. They really know Chinese tastes

>> No.10473021

Wow I am loving the lace on the antique one. I'm sure it will be one of the 130000Y releases but if it is reasonable I'd just cut that part off

>> No.10473057

Isn't it a little too soon to be having events like this?

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Lepetitflaneur is bidding up Cadney’s Elephant listing despite currently being the top bidder on the other elephant listing. What a cunt

>> No.10473106


Maybe trying to be top on both in case they lose one?

>> No.10473107 [DELETED] 

If that was the case why wouldn’t she wait until one ended? With all the posting about people saying they’re placing bids to drive up the costs of items lately, and then her doing this, it looks suspicious

>> No.10473109 [DELETED] 

That’s stupid. What if she ended up winning both? She’d have to pay for both and likely take a loss if she put one up for auction since she outbid other people to start with meaning the other people aren’t willing to pay as much as she did

>> No.10473113


Some people bid what they've got early and don't save any for the end? Given what the current top bids are on both the amounts don't seem crazy enough nor the items popular enough (based on the last elephant piece sold) to be trolling the way angry anons here have threatened. That user also seems to have too much feedback to be a throwaway.

Would make sense if they dropped $1k on a milky planet but even the higher listing is only a bit above what AP USA charges retail for plastic jewelry plus shipping these days. Confusing but doesn't seem like trolling.

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the virus is almost completely gone in china. think what you will about military force, it worked super well for them

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So why is she bidding on two listings and risking >>10473109? And she didn’t bid it up that much to outbid another person, just enough to add onto the price. She’s done other shady shit like buy dresses for cheap and then sell with a $200 markup

>> No.10473117


Depends on bad they want it; may be worth the risk or slight loss. But with how bidding works the winning bid is only ever a dollar above the last winning bidder's max bid. So the loser was only willing to spend $1 less than the winner technically.

>> No.10473118

she's too fat to fit into Toy Fantasy so she needs two necklaces to cope

>> No.10473119 [DELETED] 

She posts here and is probably defending herself ITT

>> No.10473120


She was also the only seller who didn't scalp the HC MTO dress they sold though. People change. Why assume they're being a cunt when odds are they're just responding stupidly to the weird current sweet market?

>> No.10473121 [DELETED] 

Because if it was just a matter of not wanting to miss out she would wait to see if she won one listing before driving up the price of the other.

Kek, probably.

>> No.10473123 [DELETED] 

iirc she was called out for scalping and then that’s why she didn’t scalp honeycake to make herself look better a few months later

>> No.10473125

>She was also the only seller who didn't scalp the HC MTO dress they sold though
way to out your selfposting. there were 2 other sellers who sold for the same price as her and 6 others who sold for less than $30 more

>> No.10473129 [DELETED] 

She didn’t scalp one dress, so that makes it ok that she scalped another?

>> No.10473130 [DELETED] 


Whatever their plan is seems stupid but even if they get both they paid for it, so not really cunty. Just unnecessary and dumb given that cadney's listing has a broken ring anyway so isn't worth even the near retail value it's currently sitting at.

They stopped bidding though; posting in the past as mentioned above means they probably at least lurk now and saw the comments and stopped out of embarrassment. Guess that name and shame stuff for AP jewelry purchases people were saying wasn't happening actually is working.

>> No.10473133 [DELETED] 

Nah, she’s got a long history of being a spiteful fat cunt

>> No.10473134


She just made a big deal about it in her listing that she wasn't scalping so I remembered hers in particular.

Prolly like >>10473123 said she did it to look better. Based on feedback--I know people hate feedback stalking but still--I don't see anything scalped after that point so maybe she just did that for good publicity and stopped cause she didn't want to be billed as a scalper.

>> No.10473135 [DELETED] 

>they probably at least lurk now and saw the comments and stopped out of embarrassment

We know it’s you dumbass. You got caught driving up prices. You can’t try and whiteknight yourself out of this

>> No.10473137


How long could history of anything for her be? Her account is hardly oldfag age as far as length of time existing.

>> No.10473138 [DELETED] 

As long as her elephant sized ass has been in the fashion. Maybe she’s bidding on the elephant necklaces to make herself feel better and look at some kawaii elephants seeing as she’s the size of a real life one

>> No.10473142

I'm willing to bet some posts are her own self defense but
>hi person
Is the oldest response in the book even when it's not the subject of discussion

>> No.10473143 [DELETED] 

You can tell it’s her because she refers to herself as “they” and “their” because she’s a gender-special. It’s really not hard to figure it out

>> No.10473144


Fatty-chans should just stay out of lolita desu. They'd have more money for lolita if they spent less on food.

>> No.10473145


Is "they" not just also a general term for another human regardless of being genderspecial? Why would you assume they're one anyway? I hate annoying snowflakes as much as the next person but not enough to misconstrue general English for tranny talk.

>> No.10473146 [DELETED] 

It is but she’s a genderspecial.


This fat cow has said it before

>> No.10473148


When? I remember the wristcuff seller being one but not this chick.

>> No.10473151 [DELETED] 

We aren’t allowed to post caps here and being a fat tumblrgender isn’t actually milk so I can’t post it to the farm

>> No.10473152 [DELETED] 

That isn’t milk but driving up bid prices and WKing herself here is. Someone should post caps of this thread there

>> No.10473157

I'm the person in question and

1. I am not trans or anything. I'm a regular old female. Never said I was. Maybe that was an outright lie to get me to respond.

2. Yes, I WAS trying to bid on both listings to win at least one. Then I stopped because I didn't like seeing people commenting on my buying habits. I guess that's selfish, trying too hard to win, etc. so maybe I am an asshole for that? Idk.

>> No.10473158 [DELETED] 

Are you just mentally retarded? The listings end DAYS apart, why wouldn’t you wait until you knew you lost one to bid on the other? That isn’t adding up.

>> No.10473160

Milk is for the farm and cgl is for real lolita content, not some random fatty-chan.

>> No.10473162 [DELETED] 

>cgl is for real lolita content


>> No.10473163

Nayrt but people also spent $1k on pit stained SC anon, old AP makes dumb brandwhores do crazy things.

>> No.10473164 [DELETED] 

Yikes. This was not the right move

Obesity also restricts oxygen flow to the brain. She’s probably functioning on a much lower cognitive level than your average person

>> No.10473166


It's more for general discussion than specific people anyway. Plus I'm obsessed with making even my salt consumption cute so I like the pink theme on the farm better than cgl.

>> No.10473168

So she's fat AND retarded? Damn, must be rough.

>> No.10473169 [DELETED] 

>So she's fat AND retarded?

Technically yes but just calling her “fat” doesn’t paint an accurate picture of just how much of a hamplanet she is

>> No.10473170

When you live in America no amount under 600lbs is surprising anymore desu.

>> No.10473173 [DELETED] 

She looks like she’s around 400

>> No.10473175


I've seen her. Deathfat for sure but 400 is pushing it.

>> No.10473177 [DELETED] 

Let’s start a go fund me that states if LPF steps on a scale and shows her weight we’ll buy that necklace for her kek

>> No.10473178

Holy shit the amount of autism and seething in this thread. You do realize that the only person who "deserves" the stupid plastic elephant necklace is the person who's willing to pay the most for it, right? If she wants both necklaces and has enough money to win both auctions why are you complaining? Either bid higher or shut the fuck up.

>> No.10473179 [DELETED] 

Shut the fuck up leGRANDEflaneur

>> No.10473182

This is my first time posting in this thread, moron. How old are you again?

>> No.10473184


I doubt that's her, usually no one is dumb enough to ragepost when they're being discussed here except delusional people.

>> No.10473185 [DELETED] 

She’s delusional enough to bid on two necklaces and then act like she’s above scalpers while being a scalper

>> No.10473186

Your hatred for a random fatass is only hurting you, anon.

>> No.10473187 [DELETED] 

At least I’m not killing myself because I’m unable to put the fork down, Flanny

>> No.10473188


I hope she gets outbid so her getting outed here was in vain and she gets no necklace and just has to be fat AND sad.

>> No.10473189

How is it "delusional" to bid on two necklaces? Just admit you're mad because you don't want to compete to get the necklace.

>> No.10473190

Maybe she wants 2 of each because she is clumsy and breaks things easily? Honestly though, it makes no sense. It's almost as if she is trying to bid up the second set so it will be closer in price to the first listing.

(Also, it was definitely a dick move of Cadney to post that while the other is still active.)


>> No.10473191 [DELETED] 

>Just admit you're mad because you don't want to compete to get the necklace.

This makes no sense because all of the listings already have people competing on them so it’s not like it can be avoided. It’s delusonal because she’s fat and trying to cope by buying two necklaces that go with a print she’ll never be able to fit into

>> No.10473192


How is it a dick move for cadney? Hers is partially busted and the losers of the first listing will come desperately crawling over to hers. Smart business really.

>> No.10473193

I hope she wins so that it makes all you retards seethe.

>Also, it was definitely a dick move of Cadney to post that while the other is still active.
It's not that deep.

>> No.10473194 [DELETED] 

>Also, it was definitely a dick move of Cadney to post that while the other is still active

How is it a dick move? Hers isn’t in better condition. It’s in worse condition. It probably won’t go for more than the one in better condition

>> No.10473195


She'd probably resell the one she didn't want if she won both. I've had people who outbid me not like their item and sell me theirs when I am second highest bidder. The people who didn't win obviously want the item and don't have it yet.

>> No.10473197

It does make sense because people here were specifically complaining about her being the highest bidder on both listings. And I'm just laughing at how hard you're projecting random bullshit onto her to justify your petty rage.

>> No.10473199 [DELETED] 

>It does make sense because people here were specifically complaining about her being the highest bidder on both listings

No they weren’t. People even said she didn’t bid enough to be the highest bidder on both, just on one and then driving up the price of another

Learn to fucking read

>> No.10473201

>driving up the price of another
You just proved my point. Are you even listening to yourself? She's driving up the price by sheer virtue of bidding and people like you are mad about that... for what? If you weren't personally invested in the item you wouldn't be getting this assmad now would you?

>> No.10473202


She admitted she stopped bidding on the second one because she is spineless and got embarrassed that she was posted here and couldn't commit. Not that surprising given that based on comments here she's a landwhale, you expect anyone that fat to be disciplined or commit to anything when it gets tough?

Also not to tell y'alls dumbasses I told you so but the threats on cgl about bidding up AP sweet listings have now created real accusations against people with no real proof. Everyone kept whining that supposed threats to doxx people paying a lot for AP sweet being so harmful and awful but those "empty" threats have filled up a chunk of a thread with accusations now.

>> No.10473203 [DELETED] 

You said about her being the highest bidder on both. She is not. Learn to read

>> No.10473208 [DELETED] 

>no real proof

There is proof. On the listing she bid on. Nobody with half a brain would bid on two listings for the same thing at the same time in earnest to try and get just one. Her story doesn’t add up and the most likely explanation is she was trying to drive up the price of cadney’s listing. Unless she actually is, no-jokes, mentally retarded

>> No.10473209

Nice deflection. You never actually addressed what I said about feeling threatened, probably because you know it's true. Go back to stalking your baby necklace listing and crying to yourself like the sore loser you are.

>> No.10473210

Given what the one anon said about being fat making your cognitively limited and the fact that she posted here at least once (probably more but she confirmed herself posting once), she probably is.

>> No.10473211 [DELETED] 

Nobody is threatened by some fat fuck bidding on two necklaces. We are making fun of her

>> No.10473213

Who cares. Bid higher if you want the items that badly

>> No.10473214

>Nobody with half a brain would bid on two listings for the same thing at the same time in earnest to try and get just one.
Do you not remember all the girls who enlist multiple shopping services to get the same item out of desperation and then end up with multiples of the same thing?
It happens sometimes and it's not malicious. Get your head out of your ass.

>> No.10473215


I don't like the bitch but this seems like a waste of energy and a good way to get the thread nuked. Now I understand why other substyle wearers call sweet brand generals our containment threads desu

>> No.10473216 [DELETED] 

Getting an item on release in that context and ending up with two is in no way the same as bidding on two listings that end half a week apart at once

>> No.10473217

Oh really, because you sure sound like you are. Either way, you're way more pathetic than she is because you're clearly seething over her whether you admit it or not.

>> No.10473218 [DELETED] 

Ok fatty

>> No.10473219


I'm shit at math so forgive me if this is a retarded thinking process, but theoretically you could either bid a lot on one listing and try to win. Or bid that amount on two listings and potentially increase your chance of winning at least one since potentially the only person willing to bid more than you has gotten theirs if you lose the other listing. Also keep in mind the necklace by itself just sold for a little under $200 so the threshold of money to bid this way isn't as crazy as SC and at least one other person who wanted part of this set has theirs already. So bidding on both COULD work as a strategy. A weird one and not sure if it's all that effective but if they have enough cash to risk winning both and just resell the other, it could work?

>> No.10473220 [DELETED] 

Or you could just bid on one listing and see if you win it, and then if you don’t, bid on the other that ends days later

>> No.10473221

Some gulls just love letting the things they hate most live rent free in their mind.

>> No.10473222

Once again, why does it matter that she's bidding on two listings as long as she has the money for it?
Like >>10473215 said, bid higher or get over it.

You're just embarrassing yourself at this point. If you've run out of arguments, you should just give up instead of digging yourself deeper, fatty.

>> No.10473223


Like I said, not neccesarily an effective, smart, or good strategy, just A strategy

>> No.10473224 [DELETED] 

>no u

Classic fatty tactic. I hope she has a heart attack before she gets her sausage fingers on what she wants. How is that ring even going to fit when her fingers are thicker than hotdogs?

>> No.10473225

Nayrt but... what?
The two listing end days apart. Winning a bid is directly under someone's control - they just need to be willing to spend the most money. There's absolutely no reason to split the money on two listings at once. Just move to the second listing once the first is over.

>> No.10473226

It would be in her best interest to actually leave the second listing alone. That way people who were fighting for the first listing would be consoled into giving up and shooting for the second, when they know they've already been outbid by her. That goes for anything when two of the same items are listed. It diverts attention.

>> No.10473228

>wishing death on someone because they'll probably win a plastic elephant necklace that you wanted
Congratulations. You are by far the most retarded and pathetic person in this thread.

>> No.10473230 [DELETED] 

A heart attack doesn’t necessarily mean death. Just bodily harm. I wish bodily harm against all fats since they’re disgusting, not just this one

>> No.10473232


At least you're kind enough to be fair about it.

>> No.10473233

My point still stands.

>> No.10473235 [DELETED] 

No it doesn’t. I don’t even want the necklace or ring, I don’t have or like those prints. I just think this fat retard cow should get what’s coming to her sooner rather than later

>> No.10473237

Why, cause you don't think she deserves to win both listings?

>> No.10473238


What's coming to her besides the negative health effects of obesity? There is still no hard proof she bid just to be a bitch. And it makes less sense than being stupid and desperate and trying to win both. I would understand a losing bidder spitefully bidding up a listing they know they can't afford. But the current winner being a dick to a lower quality listing by bidding it up for nothing? Makes zero sense. Spite driving people who actually lost to be shady makes sense. There is no spite or reason to be shitty here though.

>> No.10473241 [DELETED] 

I just think it’s funny that fat people are killing themselves because they can’t stop eating

>> No.10473244

That has nothing to do with the necklaces though. Smells like backtracking to me.

>> No.10473245 [DELETED] 

It’s not just one person posting about her retard

>> No.10473247

You're deflecting again. Might as well get a ban for vendetta at this point.

>> No.10473250 [DELETED] 

Anyone discussing this is probably going to get banned for discussing drama no matter what side they’re on, moron.

>> No.10473251


More than one person but most posts were tangentially related to the necklace situation or even mentioned her specifically dying before being able to wear them or whatever. Of course people will still relate the angryposters to the necklace if they're posting about it.

>> No.10473253


Banned and potentially thread nuked. Not a mod but i assume deleting one thread is easier than deciding which posts in this shitfest are worth keeping.

>> No.10473254 [DELETED] 

Who even cares? There’s no worthwhile discussion and these threads get saved in the archive so it’s not even a loss

>> No.10473260


Idk it's annoying for one just seeing a whole thread gone over discussion that isn't even interesting. Fatty chans being fat and coping by buying the few brand items they can squeeze onto themselves is boring and lame.

Plus if people get banned for being in the conversation or adjacent to it and I have made a comment at some point I can't post for a bit and I'd feel bad mostly because a short term ban once stopped me from sharing someone a link to their DD in time.

>> No.10473262 [DELETED] 

> I'd feel bad mostly because a short term ban once stopped me from sharing someone a link to their DD in time.

Just change your IP retard. How can you be this new?

>> No.10473263

NTA but blame the shitty tag groups on Facebook for the influx of overzealous salty newfags here

>> No.10473266


It's so short it isn't worth the small effort of doing that though.


I don't think FB hags have tough enough skin to stick around here very long. They'd just whiteknight themselves for a day and leave or see the trans and fatty chan hate and feel personally attacked and bail.

>> No.10473268 [DELETED] 

Are you really this retarded? It takes five seconds to reset your IP MAX

>> No.10473270


Not retarded. I acknowledged it was only a small effort. Just lazy.

>> No.10473272 [DELETED] 

So then don’t bitch about not being able to link someone something if you’re that fucking lazy. Kys retard

>> No.10473276


One step ahead of you anon; I've been wanting to kms long before your post

>> No.10473288


It's not that deep, Karen.

>> No.10473291

poorfags shaming peoples buying habits out of jealously is not a good look.
We are all into 300 dollar dresses people. Sensible buying is not part of our culture.
Shiting up the thread because you cant cope people spend their own money as they like is so juvenile.
Stay poor

>> No.10473394
File: 191 KB, 750x845, CABF55C0-EBD5-4159-8248-BBCBFF69BB0C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New winter print teasered: Toys Museum

>> No.10473416
File: 1.13 MB, 2048x2048, 29EA8CC4-7786-49C1-867A-6677BD5CC5E2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Twitter pic seems bigger size. It looks like Charlotte’s Bear as all-over print, I predict murderous bloodbath. I really like the artwork and embroidery collar is a cool touch.

>> No.10473418


Finally, some good shit

>> No.10473422

Fuck it’s cute. I hate this. Thank uoh

>> No.10473423

Fuck I want it. AP needs to stop releasing cute prints I want. Thank you for sharing.

>> No.10473425

Ugly af. Is ICP the only good print we're going to get in modern times? Ugh.

>> No.10473430


The print was good but it was on trash material that almost made it not worth it. Re releases are the only way to go now.

>> No.10473442

I like this print, but it’s so much hassle to order from Japan these days. My plan is to give it a skip, regret later when all the influencers make cute outfits with it.

>> No.10473445

At the very least since I never seem to like winter releases, I can just let my wallet rest until the spring (unless some cute accessories get released in between now and then).

>> No.10473447

I know people automatically hate people who want to bee famous, but I’ve been wearing egl for years now and genuinely think I coord better than a lot of the current influencers. If I were to start putting effort into an online presence, what’s stopping me from trying to become one myself? I’m a passably attractive woman in her mid-20s with quite a lot of brand — are there other requirements? Do people have any advice? What would you actually want to see from an efamous lolita? Or is it all just luck and I’m wasting my time

>> No.10473454

Honestly if clownmakeup-chan can be efamous (and also apparently a BS on BSOLF now) then I don’t see why you couldn’t try

>> No.10473477

She's considered e-famous now?

>> No.10473483

I don't want to be famous, but I feel the same way. I have a lot more AP (specifically sweet, and I guess that would get me a lot of points right now) than most of the current "influences" and basically zero online presence other than lurking.

If you do anything, do it for fun. If you do it just trying to get famous, you'll get burnt out or just be disappointed.

>> No.10473487

Looks like Charlotte's bear and Mercator antique shop had a baby

>> No.10473501

I predict this will be popular but not ICP popular. The last two Imai Kira prints were flops but this looks nicer to me. Typical sack OP cut though. I wonder what other colors we'll get.

>> No.10473508

This isn't even comparable to ICP, and it will definitely be far less popular.

>> No.10473509 [DELETED] 

Hideous. Imai Kira lost her touch a decade ago.

>> No.10473511

Ew, what is that fucking angelic pretty baby bib doing on that print

>> No.10473514

Hard agree. There's nothing special about this. Has a nice name, but that's about it. Do people really like this, or are they just convincing themselves it's good so they can stay on the AP clout train? (For the record, I'm an AP whore, but not for this trash.)

>> No.10473519
File: 27 KB, 333x250, 35d3abb1-ccb6-5b68-a466-04fba98e7522.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It makes me want a rerelease of Milky Pony or some other plush cat bags. White pony with some pastel details would make a really nice match.

>> No.10473522


>> No.10473523 [DELETED] 


>> No.10473524

Imai Kira's drawings are still cute, the issue is AP's design choices and construction.

>> No.10473530

Ice Cream Parlor. Please lurk more.

>> No.10473538 [DELETED] 

Her drawings have gone to shit. She stopped giving a fuck about quality long ago. There’s so many recent illustrations of hers that have arms way longer than the others or one eye say bigger than the other etc

>> No.10473549

>Believing ccp
>Believing a second wave isn't inevitable

>> No.10473577

Telling someone to kill themselves because they didn’t know the abbreviation of a print name, real mature
cgl is literally the only place where people are too lazy to write out the full names of prints, huh

>> No.10473582

Ice cream parlor? is this for real? toys museum gonna be TM

>> No.10473583

The kinds of people who tell others to kill themselves aren't the kind of people you can shame into being better. Just report and move on.

Having said that, "ICP" is pretty common. If anyone's been on this board within the last few months, they would have known what it stands for. It's kind of hard to miss.

>> No.10473585

Mentally unstable

>> No.10473586 [DELETED] 


>> No.10473588

> reporting people for saying "kys"
If you're that emotionally fragile why didn't you stay on Facebook or the plethora of other hugboxes?
I hate newfags so much holy shit

>> No.10473590


>> No.10473593 [DELETED] 

Just kill yourself. You will never make it through life with skin that thin.

>> No.10473594

Insane Clown Posse obvi

>> No.10473596 [DELETED] 


It’s bullying and harassment to tell other people to commit suicide. Where are your morals? Scum

>> No.10473613

Thing is, Imai Kira prints aren't bad at all, they just look really samie. Toys Museum is really lovely and I like the characters, but idk. I own like three Imai Kira prints already. I told myself I'm only going to get more if they somehow re-release Twinkle Mermaid or crossless Charlotte's Bear (basically I'm considering this one as CB substitute). Other than that whatever looks I could make with newer pieces I can basically get using what I already have. I guess I'm not alone with this opinion.
Another thing is that I really like her style, all of these delicate muted colors and somewhat antique motifs. I wish she'd keep on making these, just maybe slightly differently. BUT I only speak as someone who already has some pieces with her prints. Probably these are targeted on people who has none like annual berry prints.

>> No.10473614

Where did you even get that I'm fragile? I just don't enjoy people shitting up the thread with three letter posts. You sure are triggered by me actually utilizing the report feature.

I don't think these bags would really go with Toys Museum. The print is too mature, even if the colors match. I'm all for more plush bags though.

>> No.10473617 [DELETED] 

You do know that going around talking about your reports is against the rules right? Get off of 4chan if you think “kys” is report worthy

>> No.10473620

how tf is the print "mature"? also it literally has a pony on it.

>> No.10473627 [DELETED] 

I hate agreeing with anything that anon said since they’re stupid and need to kill themselves, but Imai Kira’s prints are stylistically more mature than your average AP print. What makes an art style more mature is difficult to describe to people who really don’t understand art styles but a few things are

>color choices
>line art
>where things lie on the realistic-unrealistic scale

Everything Imai Kira does leans much further into the “mature” side compared to most AP.

>> No.10473628

I guess the print "looks" mature to me. I'm not really talking about the subject material itself. The cut/colors/illustration is more subdued than the OTT pony bags of 2010, so I think they'd clash.

>> No.10473629

Um I'm not sure this is Imai Kira? OP just said it looked similar

>> No.10473631 [DELETED] 

Fuck off newfag

>> No.10473637
File: 183 KB, 1080x1350, 43360368_753557294986850_9142283007767326441_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honestly, they are. Antique-like artwork makes them look more adult-like, plus these often come in rather muted colors. But IMO you still can build OTT sweet coord around them using plush bags and accessories. That's actually the best thing, because some colorways may work for OTT but you still keep it safe without buying dresses you may feel uncomfortable in.

>> No.10473638

this sounds pretentious as fuck.

>> No.10473640 [DELETED] 

It’s not pretentious. You just seem to be too stupid to comprehend the basics of art styles

>> No.10473650

if you actually understood art you'd know it's subjective, but the art has nothing to do with it being mature at all. even in the context of sweet, there's nothing mature about the print itself, it has dolls on it. the dress itself is in a very childish cut. being slightly less saturated has little bearing on it being mature or not.

>> No.10473651 [DELETED] 

Do you not wear or like prints? What anon said is just common knowledge

>> No.10473656 [DELETED] 

Your post is just a massive cope from someone who has no idea of what they’re talking about

>> No.10473657

If you are going to samefag be less obvious.

>> No.10473658 [DELETED] 

> writing out an 3 letter acronym for Kill Your Self to an anonymous stranger is harassment

Holy shit you're even more mentally fragile than I thought. I don't even need to tell you to kys, you'll probably do it anyway.

>> No.10473665

i certainly hope so, then she will stop samefagging.

>> No.10473667 [DELETED] 

You need to learn what buzzwords mean before using them

>> No.10473675

be. less. obvious. bb.

>> No.10473686

>Explaining things is pretentious

>> No.10473697 [DELETED] 

Learn. To. Integrate. Retard

>> No.10473705

you should probably do that, considering you're the one who reported a kys post for "shitting up the thread" while you're arguing that your opinion is fact.

>> No.10473706 [DELETED] 

in one post she's reporting it because it's "shitting up the thread" in another it's because it's bullying and harassment lol. Imagine being that weak minded.

>> No.10473707 [DELETED] 

I was the one who posted a kys post, retard. Now kys

>> No.10473709 [DELETED] 

> it's bullying and harassment

Imagine being this sensitive and then going on 4chan. Kys.

>> No.10473710


>> No.10473712

Holy shit you are so fucking stupid. I am >>10473627

I know it’s hard for the mentally retarded to follow conversations but this is excessive

>> No.10473724


Fuck China for screwing over the world, just to be the first ones back on top.

I am so mad they get to have these nice AP parties in the best of times, but now this really stings.

>> No.10473725

sure you are.

>> No.10473728

This is so cute but why does AP keep releasing only all over prints lately? What happened to the incredible border art? They gave a much more interesting look imo. I love the scale of this print, but usually the cute art just gets lost in the all overness of the dress.

>> No.10473730 [DELETED] 
File: 576 KB, 1242x1379, FE8BF536-3970-4549-B5E5-AB54FFACFFA7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kill yourself

>> No.10473732 [DELETED] 


>> No.10473739
File: 462 KB, 480x679, spoon77-h1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New pic of Noble Collection, also hopefully we'll be seeing more new winter prints in spoon

>> No.10473741

pretty good shoop!

>> No.10473743 [DELETED] 

Does your doctor know you stopped taking your medication for your paranoid schizophrenia?

>> No.10473747 [DELETED] 


>> No.10473750

Agree with this. At first glance I thought I had to have it but he more I think about it, the more it feels like a cross between Charlotte's bear and Doll's Tea Party. Both of which I own and prefer over this, so I'm not sure I need this too?

I might still go for it depending on the other colorways, not sure. I also really like her style/motifs in general, though.

>> No.10473852

>lolita influencers
This label is so cringe. Literally who is "efamous" and why do you want to be known this badly

>> No.10473854

Tbh the overall cases in Japan/Tokyo are still low considering the population. A bit pressed they are not having a Tokyo event.

>> No.10473865

Anyone believing the number of cases China reported until now is a fool. Makes you wonder how much money they threw at Angelic Pretty to have that tea party during a pandemic

>> No.10473896 [DELETED] 

It's the first event AP has ever had outside. It's not like they aren't doing what they can to alleviate people's concerns. And I like how you blame China when it's really the world's obsession with capitalism.

>> No.10473899

I believe my family and friends that live there and say everything is pretty much back to normal. The police-state thing worked, whether you agree with it or not.

>> No.10473900 [DELETED] 

Tell them to blink twice if they need help

>> No.10473902 [DELETED] 

>Muh capitalism
Kys please

>> No.10473905 [DELETED] 

Retard alert

>> No.10473938

Brainwashed CCP sympathizer detected

>> No.10473974 [DELETED] 

Sure, whitey. You def know better about China than about actual Chinese people.

>> No.10473975

Sure, whitey. You def know better about China than actual Chinese people do.

>> No.10473999

The front part makes it look so cheap...

>> No.10474000 [DELETED] 

They're not brainwashed. They're woketards and they unapologetically like and defend authoritarianism as long as it's their brand of it. They probably think Stalin did nothing wrong too.

>> No.10474039

as if actual chinese are allowed to say anything less than positive about the ccp

>> No.10474132
File: 966 KB, 2160x2160, Eh9ueDyVkAsSoSQ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New winter print called Lovely Poodle. I like that it's a border print, but not much else personally

>> No.10474135 [DELETED] 

Imagine hating your own country and shilling for a foreign country because the media was paid by that country to tell you to do so

>> No.10474136

We better get some good accessories out of this. It's a super cute print, but as long as it's polyester, I'm not buying any main pieces.

>> No.10474138

Poodle lace! Has AP ever done that before? Reminds me of a dog version of Dolly Cat. I'm sure this will be a bloodbath.

>> No.10474139

the poodle lace is adorable but this just looks like a taobao dress to me

>> No.10474142

It's not enough that they have to use crappy polyester for every new dress now, but the art on every new AP print is also losing its touch.

>> No.10474148

Cute poodles but Taobao looking in every way. The absolute fucking state of AP

>> No.10474156

This looks really cute. I might get it.

>> No.10474157

i hate that the poodles are all different colors in each colorway. why?

>> No.10474158 [DELETED] 

I'll never understand how people defend Petit Heart up-thread, but then bash AP actually putting out a border print with original art.

I agree it's not amazing art, and the fabric choices continue to be bad, but this is so much more interesting/in the right direction than some generic heart embroidered fabric.

>> No.10474159

That's actually smart.

>> No.10474161

I kind of agree. I hate mint and brown together. Why not just keep it lavender or even white?

>> No.10474162

in my opinion it's not. i don't like the print colors in the pink colorway because they are too saturated, but i am not interested in the other two.

>> No.10474163 [DELETED] 

It’s not unheard of for brands to do this. Stop being autistic

>> No.10474166

>Stop being autistic
it looks like shit

>> No.10474173 [DELETED] 

Ok sure, but it’s autistic to complain about them doing varying colors because it’s something brands do all the time

>> No.10474176

i am hypothetically asking why they did it with this print, genius, not as a general question. are you sure you're not autistic?

>> No.10474177

nayrt but your "autistic" meme is stale as hell. Don't shit up the board.

If AP doesn't give us some cute poodle jewelry for this series, I'm going to strangle someone.

>> No.10474185 [DELETED] 

>getting upset at people using the word autistic as an insult on 4chan

Sounds like you’re actually autistic

Why do they do it with any print? Because they wanted to. Is this really that hard to understand?

>> No.10474189

holy shit stop.

>> No.10474190 [DELETED] 

After you autist

>> No.10474204
File: 136 KB, 640x480, 46C4129C-A7D9-45BE-97CD-396BEC016775.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

a daydream carnival collection

>> No.10474208 [DELETED] 

Is this from that one Japanese shopgirl? The setting looks like it’s hers

>> No.10474212

yep. i wish i could find a dress i liked enough to buy every colorway and cut of lol

>> No.10474214 [DELETED] 

You do know that she takes photo of stock right.... so this likely means we’re getting another DDC release

>> No.10474218

I had one but I got bored of it eventually. It's hoarder behavior.

>> No.10474219

You can see the tags on the purple and mint jsks as well as the ivory op, so you might be right

>> No.10474222

Why does AP even make less popular colorways
I don't really buy they don't know what will be popular when everybody else that's been around for awhile can correctly guess what will be the bloodbath and 95% of the time it's not sax

>> No.10474223

Just what we needed, it's not as though there is a ton of this print everywhere

>> No.10474225 [DELETED] 

I’d bet money I’m right, considering the DDC plate they released and this being from the shop girl who takes photos of sock

>> No.10474229

I don't care about ddc give us a milky planet rerelease AP

>> No.10474232 [DELETED] 

2021. Cap this

>> No.10474233

This x1000
I've been sick of DDC since it came out

>> No.10474236


I hate the gray x pastel prints in general. Just want some all pastel 2010 sweet stuff. Either rereleases or ICP level prints with cute jewlery at least.

>> No.10474240


I like the pocket design but the print isn't quite there for me. I love doggos in lolita but this ain't it.

>> No.10474242

If it doesn't have glitter on it I will riot, without it I wouldn't buy it

>> No.10474244
File: 30 KB, 250x333, a0fe77b6-05fb-5777-865c-f4c526ee2b41.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bring back Candy-Chan

>> No.10474245

I thought this was an old photo

>> No.10474246


Have they done a glitter print on poly that wasn't chiffon yet?

>> No.10474247


God damn it. Every time I see DDC I think it's Fantastic Carnival and get a little excited that maybe it's a re-release. Nope. DDC is so.. ugh.

>> No.10474249 [DELETED] 

Have they done a rerelease of a print that originally had glitter but didn’t with the rerelease?

>> No.10474252


I have no idea but I guess you don't know the answer to my question either?

>> No.10474253 [DELETED] 

>being this slow

>> No.10474254

There's no glitter prints on polyester. The closest thing has been that dumb fabric with the glittery dots. But there's been no releases with customized glitter like Miracle Candy/Milky Planet on polyester.

No. Every glitter print re-release has always been in cotton with the same glitter.

>> No.10474255


That improves the chance that any rerelease will be cotton then

>> No.10474256 [DELETED] 

I know idiot. It was a rhetorical question to tell >>10474246 that if it was rereleased it’s almost guaranteed to have glitter

>> No.10474259 [DELETED] 

There’s so many newfags here lately you can’t expect them to actually know anything about the fashion. 2020 is the year of eternal summer

>> No.10474260


Your rhetorical question only works if I actually know the answer but I'm not invested enough in looking up past rereleases for prints I don't plan to own to know the answer (I don't like glitter on my clothes so I always avoided glitter prints).

>> No.10474261 [DELETED] 

Fuck off newfag

>> No.10474279

newfag spotted

>> No.10474286 [DELETED] 

>no u

Ebic meme

>> No.10474322

>epic meme
newfag and child
you must be 18+ to post here

>> No.10474323 [DELETED] 

Literally what is the reason to post this
Just go take some therapy sessions, Christ

>> No.10474325

This looks abolutely awful. The shoulder barette and necklace over bow? What is happening here. And the ruffles make it look like the girl is wearing a dress 3x her size.

>> No.10474327 [DELETED] 

>getting so upset you tell someone to get therapy because they said fuck on 4chan


>> No.10474328

my melty chocolate cant hear you but I guess i agree that other mint/brown prints looks pretty bad

>> No.10474330

they'll be upset at this too

>> No.10474331 [DELETED] 

>not knowing the ebin/ebic/ebig meme meme

>> No.10474337 [DELETED] 


>> No.10474338

Are you even part of this fashion?

>> No.10474340

Nayrt but it does look like shit

>> No.10474346 [DELETED] 

Fuck off newfag

>> No.10474361

it looks cheap and shitty

>> No.10474369 [DELETED] 

boo hoo im a child that has nothing better to do

>> No.10474454

I like the print but the OP design is just awful. Here's hoping for a special set.

>> No.10474459

>I hate mint and brown together
What kind of tasteless monster are you?

>> No.10474462 [DELETED] 

God you're probably a soccer mom that just got into lolita and for some reason strayed from fb. Or worse, an sjw tard. Go back please?
Newfags are the fucking worst

>> No.10474486

Someone who also hates mint (the flavor) with chocolate, and that's probably why I dislike the color combination.

Mint needs to be destroyed.

>> No.10474511

>uses newfag when they themselves outed themselves as a newfag
eternal summer of 2020

>> No.10474522

where was this posted?

>> No.10474525

I understand the color combo being used in Melty chocolate and ice cream parlor because their food, but the poodle print isn’t food related so I find it weird.

>> No.10474526 [DELETED] 

Do you think I'm someone else?
You realize not everyone is the same person you here right? Multiple anons?
Your newfaggery is showing. I only just joined the conversation to point what a retard you sounded like.

>> No.10474530

Anyone else think the pure white stock photo backgrounds AP have been doing for a while look really bad? Somehow it makes the clothes look cheaper and sort of fake to me.

>> No.10474531 [DELETED] 

Omg ahahaha is that a *worksafe* plug??? Ahahaha xD

>> No.10474536

You're not alone. I hate their new stock pictures too. But then again their new dresses are all shit. They would probably look bad no matter how they were photographed.

>> No.10474538 [DELETED] 


Babahahahahahahahahahahhahabanana hahahahaha plug hahahahaha worksafw ajdhdjsjs butt adhahahahaha plug butt *farts and laughs simultaneously*

>> No.10474540

That's true, but part of me feels like if they were photographed on the light gray BG they'd look more like actual clothing.

>> No.10474552 [DELETED] 


>> No.10474558
File: 830 KB, 1440x2059, 1597893509031.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Your post is physically painful to read newfag. It’s a crystal ball. The shape is warped because the fabric is not on a flat surface. I suggest you seek help for your mental retardation. Or kill yourself and rid the world of your intense stupidity.

>> No.10474561 [DELETED] 

OMG AHAHAHAHAHA are those *worksafe* plugs? Ahahahaha omg ahahaha

>> No.10474572
File: 111 KB, 508x376, 1564692779089.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I refuse to believe its more than one anon trying to push the unfunny buttplug copy pasta, scrote-level humor you got there...

>> No.10474576


>> No.10474581

Just. Don’t. Respond.

>> No.10474591 [DELETED] 


Omg ahahaha scrote? Like scrotum? What the heck ahahahahahbahahahahaha omg did you just say *worksafe* plug? Ahahaha omg ahahah

>> No.10474603

It's an old picture from 2015. Why did you get my hopes up?

>> No.10474604 [DELETED] 

MMMMMHMMMMHMMM oh fuck YEAH oh god yeah buttplug scrotum I mean *worksafe* scrote please don't punish me 4chan daddy

>> No.10474606

I really hate mint chocolate flavored things as well but still think it as a color combination looks really cute

>> No.10474632


Report their posts. Jannies took down their other posts once reported.

>> No.10474635
File: 74 KB, 508x844, 61QV4BF600L._AC_SX522_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I understand you are trying to shut up the annoying shitposter . . . but this is not a crystal ball man.
its an oval shaped lid handle.

>> No.10474702

>It’s a crystal ball.

>> No.10474705

> but the art on every new AP print is also losing its touch.

I honestly dont think maki has been working for AP or at least doing their art for years.

>> No.10474706

You're fucking stupid. Anon was just quoting the conversation that the whole butt plug thing stemmed from anyway.

>> No.10474707


>> No.10474722

At the virtual AP Paris tea party she was talking about how she has been drawing a lot of new prints.

>> No.10474739

Do you see her left hand? No either it was shooped out or the dress really is that big on her. And who tf iN tHiS fAsHiOn wears a barrette on the shoulder when there is already a neck bow?

>> No.10474740

AP (and other brands) photoshop the colors onto garments so its easier for them to make so many edits on a white background as opposed to the pink packground. MMM used to drag the skirts of their products down to make the stock of the long items. Its a shitty quality standard to have with a mostly online shopping experience.

The white background specifically makes me think they are wunderwelt photos or a department store stock photo

>> No.10474758

i’m sorry, i didn’t realize this was a thread for news- thought it was just AP general. apologies for newfaggery

>> No.10474763

Not sure if your post was sarcasm but - It it just a general thread, so you aren't wrong. I think the mistake was not being explicit that it was simply a collection/old image. Most people here will assume it's a release. Especially with all of us hoping AP will give two craps and release something in cotton again.

>> No.10474829

it wasn't sarcasm! thank you for the explanation, I'll make sure to give sauce next time!

>> No.10483011

Been out of lolita for years, I have an original release Day Dream Carnival JSK in sax blue with matching bonnet and tights. Anyone know how much could I probably get for it these days?

>> No.10483017


>> No.10483019

oops didnt see that thread thanks

>> No.10483299
File: 884 KB, 1540x2779, littlewitch_pk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10483300
File: 870 KB, 1540x2779, littlewitch_lv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10483301
File: 1.02 MB, 1540x2779, littlewitch_wi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10483302
File: 982 KB, 1540x2779, littlewitch_bk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10483305

Little Witch is so cute but I only ever wear cotton dresses; the floaty chiffon look is hella cute but doesn't match my wardrobe. I'll have to snag some BABY if I want to have a super sweet cotton halloween print.

>> No.10484199
File: 308 KB, 500x600, nv_1586077279.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there any news on when the Neon Star Diner preorders are shipping?

>> No.10484209

All I saw was a post saying they started shipping 9/30

>> No.10484838

So, no release from AP this week? Do they normally skip weeks? I don't remember the last time they did. Usually they announce it Wednesday night (USA time).

>> No.10484889

Mine shipped. I ordered from the JP and Paris shops.

>> No.10484890

Sometimes they announce it later. Its kind of random when they announce. I was hoping for earlier this week so I'd know if I have to be home at the release time.

>> No.10484901

I was curious and sad about that too. Hopefully something will be announced later tonight (USA time)

>> No.10484987

All colors of Little Witch OPs in stock on the japan site. As well as the Red and Blk JSKs.

>> No.10485145
File: 174 KB, 500x600, d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks for making it easy to save my money this week, AP.

>> No.10485148

I would have to disagree 1000000000000000000000000000%
She looks AMAZINGLY Beautiful

>> No.10485233

So the releases do seem like big/fun release, small/boring release, big/fun release, small/boring release.

Thanks for the money-saving AP.

>> No.10485234

So looks like AP has made extra stock for what they assumed is a hyped release, yet everything except the pink JSK is still sitting there online. I hope the "AP should just make more" crowd will stfu now.

>> No.10485237

They should have focused on increasing stock of accessories not the main pieces.

>> No.10485238

Jp wasnt that hyped about it and reports about it being mainly bought by SS shows. But I dont think they made more stock than usual, just more of them updating their site with stock from the stores.

Also the cutsew op is sold out completely so that will mean they will take note and give more of that in the future.

>> No.10485240

They didn’t make extra stock, moron, they’ve had stock in stores that didn’t sell ever since the release. They just added it to their web store.

>> No.10485246
File: 480 KB, 500x600, 73CC778B-7D93-4AC1-B12D-E475FCBC5A56.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Noble Collection is getting a special pink OP for the Nagoya and Shibuya stores. They’ve given it the works, almost everything from the set comes in pink: headbow, beret, all three brooches, and the jewelry. There’s also a brimmed hat.

>> No.10485249

If you think AP had enough time to make more stock and have it shipped from a factory in this time you're a literal retard. It's just coming from existing stock in stores or elsewhere.

Honestly the trending opinion on cgl from past discussion now seems to be for AP to offer MTOs on what they know will be popular (either based on past sales or an item selling out in a regular release) to make more money. Or that AP will change nothing because they for some reason don't want our money.

>> No.10485250

Ugh I love this pink.

>> No.10485254


Same, it honestly looks wayyyy better to me in pink than the jewel tones.

>> No.10485265

Tbh this is the release I’ve been waiting for. This is so much more my style its cute!

>> No.10485267

Nah it's probably just extra batches arriving, ap has had production problems since the pandemic started.

>> No.10485269

Honestly these releases (like this week) feel like a waste of time. I don't know why AP doesn't do releases every other week and use the extra time to focus on better designs/identify trends/produce more accessory stock. If this popular release/unpopular release pattern is so predictable, they have to know what people actually want.

Not to be mean, but I honestly don't understand why anyone would like this. It's basically a school girl uniform. Not really lolita.

>> No.10485275

This is not the most recent AP General. Why are you all lost?

>> No.10485276

Probably because all the other ones are saging.

>> No.10485277

I think the way things are are sort of okay. (Alternating between super fun releases and more tame pieces for anyone who wants them)
Just the more recent solids/simple patterned dresses haven't really been that good... (Maybe less thinly striped or plaid designs)

I do think they should take the time to increase accessory stock though.

>> No.10485283

I think they're making a point to do print release/solid release, but it just so happens the print release is always more popular. I love older AP solids, but you're right and they are extremely lacking lately.

Time to go pour my paycheck into LM auctions...

>> No.10485289

The jacket and skirt combo is really cute, it's unfortunate that the material looks kind of shoddy or else I'd get it as well. If it was actually made from a uniform-like material, but instead it looks really thin and shiny

you know people that are into lolita are often also into other styles, correct?

>> No.10485290

Yeah... I wish I could get my hands on some specific older AP solids, but those rarely ever show up secondhand and I don't think putting a WTB out would help...

Hopefully next year they'll do better with their solid releases

>> No.10485297

They come up a lot on Mercari and Fril, I see a few weekly. Typically between 8,000 and 15,000 jpy depending on the cut and presence of shirring

>> No.10485298


>> No.10485303
File: 120 KB, 590x584, AP_pimphat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This hat though.

>> No.10485309

the girls who do mariachi(?) coords should get this hat

>> No.10485315

Very surprised Girly Sticker wasn’t this week, guess it’ll be next week

>> No.10485316

From what I've been seeing, the releases have been print one week, solids/simple patterns the next, prints, solids, etc.
so surely girly sticker will be next week, unless It's another unannounced Halloween re-release or another print from the fall catalog I'm not remembering rn.

>> No.10485318

I was expecting Girly Sticker since the blouse was released two weeks ago now, which makes me think it’ll be the next print

>> No.10485452
File: 2.62 MB, 2466x4048, IMG_20201009_222002~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This bad boy arrived

>> No.10485458


>> No.10485463

Ageplay slut shit fr

>> No.10485505

stop shitting on a cute dress, linking cute shit to ageplay is not the way to keep them out of the fashion.
i'm so happy for you, anon! the whole set too, congrats! i'm sure you'll look adorable.

>> No.10485513

Ok but when will these start showing up on secondhand sites? I’ve been waiting. Congrats though! It’s super cute!

>> No.10485514

Girly sticker is the last print in the catalog they haven’t released so you’re probably right.

>> No.10485525

Good for you anon! So good that you got a whole set too!

>> No.10485527

So cute! I’m stalking fril and mercari hoping to find a set.

>> No.10485630

I'm so jealous

>> No.10485632

You forgot the poodles.

>> No.10485633

And the Toy Museum

>> No.10485637

Anon said catalog. Lovely Poodle and Toy Museum were teased on Twitter, not in the autumn catalog.

>> No.10485655

They were in the spoon autumn catalog.

>> No.10485676

I feel like the poodle and Toy Museum prints were meant for Winter 2020? (According to fb sources)
Girly Sticker should be the last big print for Fall, before those start to get released.

>> No.10485722

When they do rereleases, do they generally release them along with a new series? I’m wondering if Melody Toys will be releasing soon.

>> No.10485767 [DELETED] 

I'm fucking seething too because they stole almost everything to get the success and wealth they now have. This miserable situation and loss of an entire year is because of China. It's only CCP princesses that have this kind of money and privilege, too.

If the Three Gores Dam breaks in China, it will destroy what little farmland China has with famine and set China back. Easy come, easy go, I guess.

>> No.10485771 [DELETED] 

I'm fucking seething too because they stole almost everything to get the success and wealth they now have. This miserable situation and loss of an entire year is because of China. It's only CCP princesses that have this kind of money and privilege, too.

If the Three Gorges Dam breaks in China, it will destroy what little farmland China has with famine and set China back. Easy come, easy go, I guess.

>> No.10486056

Yes they have. Ironically called royal poodle

>> No.10486109

Depends. I'd assume since it's another re-release of Melody Toys, it will be paired with another release instead of being standalone. However if it's an MTO, it could be it's own thing.

>> No.10486268

Iirc, Mademoiselle de Paris also used poodle lace.

>> No.10486862

Missed the thread, thanks to the anon for the redirect.
Anyone interested in taking over a spot for Little Witch op and otks in lav?
Don't need the reservation with a ss anymore.

>> No.10487281
File: 1.12 MB, 1125x1116, A828E9D9-A0A5-4D22-8C45-F1CEA7CB0B96.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10487338

I swear this better be released this week or I'm done waiting. I want the socks.

And yeah these don't look particularly large enough to sell.

>> No.10487343

Girly Sticker got announced hours ago

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