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The usual thread for wig questions, concerns, or looking for suggestions regarding what to use a wig for.


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how can something be so impressive and shitty at the same time?

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What is better, wigs made for lolita or normie wigs?

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Chinese power

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Never ever get on a chinese airplane

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Does anyone else here do actual wigmaking? I mean actually ventilating and making it from scratch, not assembling some wefts a premade lace piece and calling it a day. I'm gearing up to do a full lace wig for a costume that needs it and I'm a little worried about the durability of my seams since my lace is only 15 denier

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Whatever the Chinese make instantly becomes cheap looking

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Still looks nicer than the garbage “top” westerner cosplayers put out

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Funny enough, the person who made this is actually japanese but living in China as exchange student.

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Depends on what you're looking for. If you want natural hair then normie wigs. If you want unique colors, cuts/styles then lolita.

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Proof that China corrupts everything it touches

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Lmao it’s not. The maker is 100% Chinese, she sells on Xianyu

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Ever returning question: are there other decent lolita wig options for big headed people aside from arda?

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Dream holic

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Dreamholic wigs are shit. Typical for a Chinese run business with products made by China.

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Why do people keep recommending DreamHolic? I remember when I finally caved about a year ago and was so disappointed when they arrived. I immediately tried to sell them but no one wanted them.They are horrible quality. Plastic-y and thin. I went the Prisila route, and I'm never going back.

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She is, I have her on Weibo, she goes there by PapaEX.

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I’m just speaking from personal experience. I’ve had hairdressers think my dream holic wigs were real and the ones I’ve owned have held up well. Not everyone’s experience is going to be the same

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>implying only chinese people in China use Xianyu
you sound about new

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Dreamholics are cheap and come in a lot of colours. If you're going for cheap nowadays I'd recommend Alice Garden over Dreamholic though.

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I have commissioned her on Weibo before, as said she is an exchange student whether you want to believe it or not. I use Xianyu myself and I'm not chinese either.

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you can even tell by the way the text is written that it's not a native speaker

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Lmao retard

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I wonder if the quality just went way down hill by the time I ordered wigs from them, because I don't know what hairstylist would ever think a dreamholic wig was real hair.

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aren't they rather tiny though

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I’m Chinese and the text is as native as it could be lmao

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My head is large and they seem big on me

I think rather than that, it just depends on what series of wig you get. The shorter ones seem to hold up better in my experience.

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not sure how long you haven't been living in China anymore, but nobody uses paragraphs and dots like online, that's a immigrant thing

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I only ordered wigs from dreamholic once in late 2017 and the wigs were crap. One was super thin on top and you could see the webbing between the fibers and another was way too thick and the fibers were like straight up plastic.

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I have a pretty small head, but I'd also like to know about good wig options besides Arda. I also am not really interested in taobao wig suggestions since I know all of those stores already. It would be nice to find wigs that have a ventilated hair parting on the top or some kind of natural looking hair part.

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It's not very hard to size down a wig, anon

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Assist Wig, they offer pretty much every wig color with hairline.

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I love Cyperous wigs personally, especially the hime ones.

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Alice Garden is thin as hell so you get what you pay for

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>when you can’t accept your delusional racism is wrong

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I don't really get the hype either. I have a couple of them and while the colorblends are nice, the quality just seems average.

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Does anyone know what happened to Lockshop wigs?

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Found this old ass screenshot from a RC(?) thread on wigs on my phone. Hope this helps someone.

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Regarding CC kids: Bought one of the standard long brown wigs about 3 years ago and was surprised about the quality. Very dense, thick fibers, not too shiny and very roomy too.

But CC Kids' stock of lolita wigs has been on recline for quite a while already. They don't release new models anymore and only seem to sell out the leftovers in their storage. The more recent batch is also not that great anymore. Smaller than before and much thinner compared to the old ones, which you can easily feel since the new wigs are much lighter.

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That hairline is offensive

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nothing? They closed their shop because of covid and haven't reopened yet.
And they don't restock at all...

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Any good recs for tangle tazzers for wigs?

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Which should beobvious considering Germany is still in lockdown, and of course they won't get any stock deliveries either.

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anyone have a teasing comb for wigs that they recommend?

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Lockshop is located in the netherlands, idiot.
And as someone living in Germany, we never had a lockdown. We had contact regulations, but no lockdown.

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...but they ship from Germany, you genius, und der internationale Flugverkehr steht noch immer unter Lockdown du Genius.

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...but they ship from Germany, und der internationale Flugverkehr steht noch immer unter Lockdown, nur so am Rande.
>To keep shipping costs low, we ship out once a week from Germany, this requires quite a drive to the nearest post office (almost an hour!) and we hope to be able to make the drive more frequently. We're always looking for ways to improve the shipping process and make it as fast and as cheap as possible.

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So what? My dhl packages have no problem arriving.

They had difficulties with restocking before corona. I just asked if anyone had heared from them because I really like their wigs and dont want them to close. But whatever.

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Other wig shops that are good and haven't been mentioned yet:

Vanyar- taobao brand
Locoloco.jp - Japanese brand
Prisilla- classic Japanese brand

And uhh searching yesstyle wig try on hauls on youtube to see what looks decent and whats shit?

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Nina doesnt wanna make wigs anymore. The wigs went down in quality after her last factory closed down.

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Do you have a link for Vanyar and Prisilla wigs?

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On a second note of >>10472348 , when looking for wigs for a character to cosplay, what's better: normie wigs, lolita wigs or cosplay wigs?

Right now my line of thinking is
>if realistic vidja/movie characters normie wigs
>everything else cosplay wigs
>very specific two toned unnatural colors and styles lolita wigs

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Neither, really depends on the individual manufacturer, there's only a noticable difference between real hair vs synthetic fibre.

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The website literally says they are closed due to COVID and has an estimated relaunch for October but I highly doubt it. I can’t even find Choke’s IG anymore so she may have gone off grid to match her business

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Anyone got examples of cosplayers using human or animal hair wigs? I don't mean their natural hair as it grows from their head or hair extensions, I mean WIGS. I asked in the help thread but didn't get a response and still haven't found any examples googling so I thought I would ask here too

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> Animal hair wigs
Lol wut?

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I have super dark, black hair and I wanna get a platinum blonde Alice Garden wig. Someone in this thread mentioned their wigs are thin, but would it be so thin that my hair would show through? I don't care if the wig isn't that great, I'm really just looking for something cheap to try out the color and style but I wanna make sure it's at least useable.

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her yaki is real yak

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if you're worried just get a skintone wig cap. even the mesh one should be good.

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this is ded but might as well ask. how do you tease short wigs? its like straight black hair that goes down to like mid-neck

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It's hard to tell unless someone specifically says what they've used. I'm not surprised that you didn't get a response from the help thread, I don't think anyone here either really has an answer for you unless they've done it personally. I've seen black cosplayer's use their human hair/everyday wigs for cosplay. That's probably the most saturated environment of real hair usage you're going to find.

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Use the layer/sandwich method. Leave the outermost layer clean and unteased while teasing the shit out of the inner layers to create body. Remember to tease > hairspray > cool temp hairdryer. Foam cores can be helpful if you need some serious lift. Or just adding extra crimped/teased wefts. Oh and be careful around the face and part. It can be difficult to hide the teasing around those parts because it's the most visible.

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Bought a wig to use for Cure Chocolat, and the quality of it was gross so I think I’m going to look into Arda or somethinh a little nicer. Would the Magnum be ok or do y’all have better suggestions?

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Asked this in a stupid questions thread, but does Maple ever do restocks? I'm looking for a dark brown ringlet wig.

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how do i cut my wig bangs without making them look like shit

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Research how bangs and parts in hair lie, then position everything in place and use a steamer to fix the direction. Then put the wig on and cut a blunt line across your eyebrows. Then use the feathering technique in front of a mirror until they look like how you imagined. Brush them smooth with a wide toothed comb

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Still asking.

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I haven't seen them restock anything in the past 2 years

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They stopped sending out orders in 2019. They claim it was because of "covid" but they weren't sending out people's orders before then. They owe a lot of customers wigs/refunds, but basically shut down all their contact options (don't update or respond on IG, facebook, etc). Nina's a scammer.

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S-tier pieces that are 120cm+

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Anyone know if there's an online reference library of Assist's wig colors anywhere?

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Nope, they do have a color chart tho.

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I’m not a cosplayer but I buy human hair wigs for daily wear. Depending on the density and length they can easily go up to $300 so I wouldn’t expect broke cosplayers who usually go for unnatural colors to make that kind of investment

>> No.10512692

If you are looking for more natural colors try and online beauty supply store

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Does anyone know of a tutorial (Video or blog) about how to put ACTUALLY long hair up under a wig cap?
I keep finding the kind of "OMG putting my super duper amazingly Rapunzel long hair up under a wig cap!11!!1!" type videos, but then the idiot in the video has like... baby fine, thin waist length hair or something. Mine is to my butt and asian....

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Any ideas for a good base wig that could be styled into this kind of mullet?

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I'll try to describe it the best that I can but I use an open wig net instead of a cap. First I put the net around my neck. I actually divide my hair in two halves. I take the top half and coil it around the back of my head (as flat as possible in a spiral) then take the bottom half and coil it around that. Holding that with one hand, I pull my wig net over the entire thing and pin the net close. You can then swoosh your hair around in the net to get it as flat to the head as possible and add bobby pins if needed (especially the back of your head since the weight of the hair can slide down over the day).

If this kind of coiling doesn't work you can try two side by side instead.

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What's the point of an online color chart when the only way you can tell the true colors is to see them in real life?

>> No.10512808

Hi ophelia

>> No.10516737

I was figuring something like how Arda had a whole Flickr where they'd have photos of their wigs being worn in all sorts of places.
While it might not be perfect, it's better than the singular photos that Assist has of the different colors for getting an idea of how the colors look in different lighting or when next to different fabric colors. I get the colors are gonna be skewed by the whole not-real-life thing, but at least I'd have some sorta impression.

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who cares if its her, get over it

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Not sure if I should ask here or the cosplay help thread, but are there any tips for cosplaying a character with short hair (bobcut-ish) if you don't look good with short hair? Do I just grit my teeth and bare with it?

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I'm retarded... Where's a good place to get Prisila wigs from? I found their website, but I'm on mobile only and the site won't translate/is stupid to navigate.

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I love alicegarden more than dreamholic since they’ve declined heavily in quality

>> No.10523480

Monkeep is good but not CC Kids. They sent me some shit wigs that were so thin and the bangs were fucked up. I washed them and the bangs wouldn’t straighten out. I used a straightener but it didn’t do much since the quality was already shit.

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A shopping service?

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I guess if the bob has a bang you could research wich style looks better on you, it's a big deal especially if you have a big/long nose. if the hairstyle have face framing side pieces it could be interesting to reaserch it too.

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Alice Garden's wigs are thin and shed like crazy. Sadly you get what you pay for.

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When one goes to their local beauty supply shop for a natural colored wig, what specific styles do one look for that are good for lolita styling?

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The one I received wasn’t. It’s thick and has lovely curls.

>> No.10523777

Did you get it from taobao or a reseller?

>> No.10523829

I bought a wig from Arda Canada in August, said it would be 1-3 months to arrive in New Zealand and it's not here. Is shipping super slow due to covid or have I just blown $120 CAD? Really regretting not paying for tracked shipping.

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Bought a kinda cheap Len wig that had decent enough reviews. Is there an easy fix if my head is too big for it?

The maximum on the listing mentioned about 23 inches, which is also the size of my head, so I might be pushing it.

>> No.10524118

Taobao. Why would i use a reseller? I’m not a newfag

>> No.10524208

I do this, but my hair is so long and thick I do braids, they aren't very thin and I always feel like it's sticking out at the back.
Not really any other options unless you want to cut your hair though!

>> No.10524393

Different anon. Got a blonde wig from them with twin buns. Hair fibers are really thin and they're prone to become statically charged, which turns the wig into one giant fluffball. Would not buy again.

>> No.10524547

I've decided to finally get into wigs and am a bit overwhelmed since most of them seem so cheap.
Are there any good quality wigs in the 100-200$ price range? I'm thinking of getting 1-2 quality wigs and sticking to those. What are some legit sites with good quality wigs?
Please help a wig noob out.

>> No.10527913

Any suggestions for a vkei type wig (sort of mulletish, with bangs and tail pieces that are worn in front of the shoulders)? I'm a wig noob but I recently got a haircut and I look awful in goth because it's extremely normie and it won't grow out for a long time.

>> No.10527922

I've done braids in the past but I felt they were too lumpy for my taste. Hair piled like that is also heavy, so I recently started adding more pins to ensure even distribution and started using a wig headband.

What styles are you looking for? Natural colors? Lacefronts? You might look into drag wigs - recently got one for ~$70 and it's one of the softest wigs I have.

Something like Arda's Jaguar?

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What are some options for attaching "cat ears", per se, to a wig? After finishing my current one I'd like to cosplay this man but I'm having a hard time figuring out the ears.
I know how to make the feathers and the framework to hold them in place, but not how to attach them to the wig and glue hair to it for a seamless transition.

Forgot to mention I want them to be removable for wig cleaning purposes.

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I'm >>10524547
I'd prefer lace fronts since I saw they fit quite well. Color wise I'd like some any color, both naturals and pastel/crazy colors and length medium/long is preferred. I know they might be rare and expensive but I'd love a thick lace front wig. Do you have any shop recommendations?

On a related note the Prisila wigs look really good quality, has anyone managed to order from them outside of Japan, I'm from the EU and I assume I'll have to use a shopping service to get them if i decide on purchasing.

>> No.10532549

I got a lace front wig from wigandgrace and it seems to be pretty good quality for under $100. I'll keep an eye out though for other shops.

I also have Prisila and I would say they are alright for the money - definitely use a shopping service, and if you know what colors you want, shop around on secondhand sites as well for better prices.

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Sorry for what I'm sure is a repetitive question, but is there a reason to prefer arda wigs to epic cosplay wigs and vice versa assuming it's the same color and style?

>> No.10533213

ugh stop making me feel like such an oldfag, zoomer

>> No.10533218

How old are you no offense

>> No.10533222

Whichever one has a thinner strand/softer better quality fiber, and isn't making up for the lack by making it as dense and heavy as possible.
Can you tell I'm not a huge fan of Arda?

>> No.10533306

Arda wigs look like helmets and are irredeemably fugly unless you need them for spiking/teasing. epic wigs are also too thick on top but they're mostly workable

>> No.10533312

I use my Arda for lolita, but it has shed for the 5 years I have owned it. Also only looks good with something on the head. It is just too....thick? So I dont recommend them either.

>> No.10534096

Okay I feel like this is a long shot, I know someone already asked about wigs for big heads, but I offered to help a friend find a wig for general J-fashion use. Something simple, a bit past shoulder length, maybe a bit curly, in brown. Turns out my friend's head measurement is 26.5"! 23" is considered large, and Arda, which are considered very large, only go up to 25". Now I understand why I've never seen this friend wear a hat. Are they SOL? Is it best to just get an Arda wig and try and stretch it over their head with the adjustment hooks undone? Could I alter it to fit? I thought *my* head was big but I fit into Dreamholic and such without problem.

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>> No.10534195

Might need to go the drag route desu, that is a huge head.
Do they just not want to use clip ins?

Since Arda has one that's nearly there you could probably mod it to fit, but it's going to be a pain

>> No.10534208

>Do they just not want to use clip ins?

Their natural hair is just really fine and quite short, I don't think clip ins would hold.

Might just have modify something. Thanks anon!

>> No.10534213

In the truly awesome scope of Asian beauty products there exist halo hair extensions.
That might be easier than clip ins.

>> No.10535959

Best source for wigs for daily wear, preferably in both natural and unnatural colors, that is based in the US (or has a US-based storefront so they can ship from the US)? Not interested in dealing with international shipping or long wait times, for multiple reasons.

>> No.10535972

Halo extensions only really work if the hair at the top of your head is at least chin length. Otherwise it won't blend properly.

>> No.10535984

I went to the beauty store in my neighborhood in sweet lolita to get a better idea of how the wig would look/colormatch and the ladies who worked there asked me to leave. They grabbed my dress with their bare, dirty hands and got hair oil all over my baby dress. No professionalism at all, and they weren't even wearing masks so now I'm worried I might have been exposed to covid

>> No.10535990

Gtfo you lying racist larper

>> No.10536062

Today on: stories that didn't happen

>> No.10536067

Every local beauty and hair store near me has had the same looking stock for a decade. The quality of the hair pieces do not look any better than a cheap cosplay wig but the prices are far higher than even nice cosplay wigs so I only ever buy wig care supplies and styling tools.

>> No.10536080

they didnt say anything about them being coons, anony, you just assumed they were.

>> No.10538235

I'd like to get some hair pieces/extensions/wefts to use along with my natural hair in lolita. Just something I can use for like braids, buns, rolls, and the like for more involved styling. I've only used extensions once in my life for an event so I'm not terribly experienced, and I remember having a hard time matching my hair color. It's a medium to dark ash brown- all the browns I remember trying were either too light or too red or had really obvious highlights.

Can anyone suggest where I can start or shops or something please?

>> No.10538241

I actually just bought some hair pieces to try out from Amazon. I figured if the color match was off, the returns would be easy and painless (unlike aliexpress or prisila). The pieces I got are a perfect color match and I likely have a similar hair color as you - they were described as "medium ash brown" and match my medium to dark ash brown hair color perfectly.

>> No.10538258


Oh thank you! I don't suppose you have a link or name for the ones you got?

>> No.10538261

i use prisila. you need ss though.

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File: 47 KB, 480x480, CTA-100-CTDP-m-01-dl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

could those of you who have prisila wigs post pictures? i'd like to see some other pictures aside from those on the website.
how do you rate the wig thickness/quality?

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