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Discuss hair and makeup, and other related beauty topics.

Previous thread: >>10425022

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I just got myself a curling iron, mostly inspired by these silly ringlet bangs. I want them, but after my first test-session with the curling iron I'm at a loss. I couldn't get it to work at all! I'm also very scared of holding the hot iron that close to my face...

The rest of my hair wasn't as hard, and I managed some simple curls in ponytails and loose hanging hair. Naturally as a noob I mostly got them to stick at the bottom only, but I hope that will pass with practice

Any tips and tutorials regarding curls and curling irons?

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what's the diameter? you're going to need a small iron for tight curls like that

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What size of iron are you using? It'll need to be very small (maybe 1/2" or less) for such a tight ringlet. If I were to attempt that right by the face I wouldn't even use a traditional clamping iron, I'd use a really thin wand. Or, I'd use foam rollers instead, to have more control over the shape.

Tips? Practice. Invest in some sort of styling product to help hold the curls and keep them smooth. If you comb or tug on your curls while they're hot they'll fall, let them cool. You can either not brush your curls at all (just use your fingers to shape them), or if you want a looser look brush them a lot. Don't be too afraid of burning yourself, it's inevitable and it won't hurt that bad when it happens. The more you practice the more comfortable you'll be using the wand right by your face. I use an iron on my bangs every day and haven't burnt myself in years.

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My iron is 25mm, which seemed like some kind of standard in the store. (That's just about an inch for americans, apparently) Considering the advice in this thread, it's definitely too large, haha...

I had never heard about foam rollers! The closest thing I knew about were haircurlers, you know the ones with a bunch of little bristles. Foam rollers as I've seen so far look much easier since the hair doesn't stick to them. I will look into buying some small and cute foam rollers, especially since my iron is way too thick.

Also thank you for your advice. I really want to master this new tool of mine, and your encouragement really helps. I hope you have a great day!

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Nyart but i agree with above anon, practice practice! you will eventually get the hang of it!

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You could also try rag curls for easy ringlets. There are plenty of tutorials available on YT

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Remove all makeup
Remove all hair

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Foam rollers are the way to go for those. And some kind of hair product like a setting lotion or spray.

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Has anyone here with sensitive skin tried home dermaplaning? I'm super pale with dark hair and my peach fuzz seems to be getting more and more obvious as I get older so it kinda seems like it'd kill two birds with one stone as long as it doesn't cause my skin to freak out.

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yes, i love it. just do regular skincare afterwards.

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Thanks, that's good to know! Do you recommend any specific brand for it?

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i use pic related from my japanese makeup store, but i am sure any others are good. these are powerful enough to shave my legs too tho.

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it makes my face itchy and i get little breakouts wherever i shave the day after, but my skin does feel kind of smoother afterwards

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If you want ringlets, look for a "chopstick curler" or a curling iron with a barrel that's no larger than 3/8" (10mm) diameter.

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what lashes do you guys wear for lolita, specifically gothic? i don't bother with them mostly but sometimes i want a little more oomph.

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If I bother wearing false lashes it's usually Dollywink #2. I don't specifically change fake lashes depending on lolita substyle, it more depends on how dressed up I am.

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I want to start taking better care of my skin, I've always had eczema on parts of my body, including my hair and skin. But the worst I've had it has to be my back of my legs most of it has cleared up but I have these 4 little sores that I can't stop myself from picking at when I get anxious, stressed or nervous, so I have two questions
>What's a good face cleanser for someone with super sensitive skin?
>How do you stop nervous skin picking?

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Have you tried leaving bandage or gauze covering on your patches until it heals or you calm down?

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I have very sensitive skin which breaks out easily with most of available products. At the moment I’m using the extremely gentle cleansing lotion by avene. Depending on your skin type, I think you can also consider their xenocalm cleansing oil. I’m also super anxious and stressed and I try to keep my self occupied to prevent skin picking. Having to wear a mask at work for 12+ hours is really helping me with that tho.

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UV light/tanning is known to reduce the sores caused by eczema.

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Atopic dermatitis anon reporting in. I want to second what >>10481132 said, because I got UV treatment at the hospital once to see if it helped. I think it really did, but the doctors were not as impressed since my skin is THAT BAD. After the UV treatment I got put on a very light chemotherapy medicine, and that was a godsend. All my problems gave way, like magic. After being on that for a year+ I quit however since my doctor's don't recommend doing it full time, especially not if I plan on getting pregnant. Jokes on them, the moment I'm done making babies I want back on. Methotrexate was the best.

What's the takeaway from all this? See a doctor! I want to stress this, because the prescription drugs out there beat any off the shelf attempts to crush eczema. If your case is not as bad as mine you won't go as far with wacky treatments, but a doctor can still help you. Steroid cremes sounds like it would help with the scabs on your legs.

You didn't say where you were from, so I don't know what healthcare is like for you. I fear it might run quite expensive, but I'm also confident that help is out there. Dermatologists know that eczema is a bitch. Please consider investing in your health, literally. I believe in a problem free future for you anon!

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should rename these threads to skincare general because there's hardly ever any hair or make-up, always devolves into people talking about sores and acne

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why are you so upset?

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how do you get used to the feeling of makeup on your face? it always feels like I'm covered in dirt and I wanna wipe it off

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By wearing it more often?

Honestly, maybe just start with a tinted moisturizer and work your way up to foundation and the like.

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Oh that's such a good idea! I never really know what to do with my ribbon head-dresses, so normally I eventually get frustrated and take them back off.

Requesting classic inspo (preferably not wigs). I have bangs but most updos feel like they get lost in my dark hair and I just end up looking like I have short hair.

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How do I make the roots of my hair have more volume? I always think the top of my head/forehead area looks so bad because I have a severe part (altho off to the side) and the rest of the hair is very wavy/thick so it looks weird its so thin and limp right against the scalp.

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Have you seen girls on ig? Hardly anyone styles their hair. If they're really fancy, they'll do twin tails or braids.
The lack of interest in hairstyling is evident.
You're probably not washing your scalp well enough. Look up on YouTube how to properly wash hair. A lot of people don't scrub their scalp when washing it. In addition there's hair mousses for limp roots. Look for stuff that says sculpting foam. Put it on wet hair and blow dry upside down.

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Anyone willing to dump some hair inspo? Specifically for dark hair, medium length.

I like doing braids, but it sticks too close to my head and makes me look pin-headed with how poofy lolita skirts are. Could do with some ideas on what else to do with my hair other than sticking clip-ins in.

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If you're having that issue you may lack volume and need to curl your hair a bit beforehand. Another option is to do dutch braids and then pancake them to have more volume. I also like making pigtails with curly hair then pulling the tail through itself to create some volume before the pigtails.

I unironically like Misako's non wig hairstyles so she's always a good inspo that's cute for both sweet and classic.

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I'm sorry if this is a dumb question but can Pros Aide be used to blend prosthetic edges? I've looked it up on Google and only gotten unrelated topics.

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Don’t judge me gulls, but I absolutely love this lip shape you often see on BJD dolls. Do anyone have any tutorials on getting this look? Ones that are more realistic looking are hard to find.

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There is a surgery you can get for a similar look. I think in China it's referred to as "chestnut"? and it's good luck or something. But if you go that route you have to have enough lip to begin with or it'll make it so you can never completely close your lips easily.

As far as makeup if you just want it for photos (since lip enlarging and reducing makeup usually looks bad IRL) just go for your favorite tutorial and edit it to make it blend in more normally.

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How do I do gothic lolita makeup on a European face? If I look for EGL tutorials, it's for Asian faces but western goth makeup tutorials seem too dramatic. I can do sweet lolita makeup, but that doesn't suit my darker looks.

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Just do sweet makeup with darker colours

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just use the tutorial as a guide.

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I have eczema on my eyes and have had problems with neutrogena cleanser being a little irritating, but not cetaphil or cera ve, if that helps

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Seconding Cerave! Particularly their hydrating cleanser. And not sure if it's available outside the UK/Europe, but Child's Farm unscented moisturiser on my eczema patches after my regular skin routine helps a lot.

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Thank you for the dump!

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How can I attach a rope wigs as space buns to a short wig? I know normally you'd make a bun on the base wig, then wrap the rope wig around and bobby pin it in, but I feel like there's not enough hair on the short base wig to make a good bun... Are there any alternatives?

I'm dumb and really want to try this hair style. For reference, I am using Priscila pieces.

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There are clip on space buns that work the same way that clip on pigtails for wigs work.

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How can I attach rope wigs as space buns to a short wig? I know normally you'd make a bun on the base wig, then wrap the rope wig around and bobby pin it in, but I feel like there's not enough hair on the short base wig to make a good bun... Are there any alternatives?

I'm dumb and really want to try this hair style. For reference, I am using Priscila pieces.

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Sorry, I deleted and reposted because I had a typo.

I'm trying to work with the pieces I already have. I have two of the rope wigs in the picture >>10482144 and a short base wig. I don't want to purchase something else and wind up with the a different color.

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I can't think of any way to do it that isn't an excessive quantity of pins or doesn't involve damaging the wig/buying certain types of clips or things, etc.

Hopefully someone else is more creative or experienced and can help!

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Ah okay. Thanks for replying anyways! I'm trying to think of a way that maybe I could turn the rope wigs (temporarily) into clip-on buns. Hopefully I can get something to work.

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Ah okay. Thanks for replying anyways! I'm trying to think of a way that maybe I could turn the rope wigs (temporarily) into clip-on buns. Hopefully I can get something to work.

If it helps, I do have some generic clips like the picture.

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Oh, if you already have these then you could probably weave the rope extensions through the holes of the clip to start the bun and then wrap and pin it strategically into yoir desired shape and just have clip on buns I think?

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Wow I never even though about using the holes. You're a genius, hah. I'm definitely going to give that a try!

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Use some pomade and pancake your braids out.

Blow-dry your roots - tutorials on youtube.

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Where could I order makeup online, from within EU countries? Can't use sites like yesstyle because I get charged insanely just becuase it isn't from the EU.

I use beatybay and beautonomy so far.

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I just hate my eyes. I have hooded eyelid, so I can't do any normal makeup. Mine is full of tricks just to look OK, nothing to say bout some creative ones.

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Tip: don't. This looks like absolute shit.

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When you are so ugly not even the magic of South Korean skin and beauty products can help

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Wait, is this FunkBrothers?

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Sorry if this is a weird question but i have noticeable hair on my arms, don't want to shave them for lolita, so I'm looking into products that make hair less thick. What do you think of these ingredients?

Aqua (Water), Propanediol, Rosa Damascena Flower Water, Centaurea Cyanus Flower Water, Butylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Subtilisin, Dihydromyricetin, Larrea Divaricata Extract, Tasmannia Lanceolata Fruit/leaf Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer, Saccharide Isomerate, Pentylene Glycol, Lecithin, Gellan Gum, Disodium Edta, Sodium Bisulfite, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Citrate, Citric Acid, Phytic Acid, Ppg-26-buteth-26, Peg-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Dimethyl Isosorbide, Ethoxydiglycol, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Ethylhexylglycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Chlorphenesin.

There aren't many products to make hair less noticeable without shaving, this one is actually for pubic hair :/

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What do you mean? just look for the brand you want and click on a european site. Did you move to Europe very recently?

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Lmao same. Tbh most makeup IS dirty and bad for you

>> No.10484556


Same. The only benefit is that it acts as a sunscreen by covering your skin completely. But I'd rather wear sunscreen.

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I wish more lolitas would do artsy avant-garde type makeup. It seems like all lolita makeup nowadays is either really light sparkly brown/pink eyeshadow or instathot crusty cut crease looks, especially in sweet.

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That looks like ass

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Looking for hair advice.

My bf has chest-length, semi curly hair that's a bit on the dry side. Somewhere between 2b and 2c. His roots stick up a bit giving his hair a puffy appearance, and he has these frizzy-looking flyaways on top of his hair which exaggerate that.

How can he fix this? Will adding moisture help? Rn he uses Pureology hydrating shampoo+conditioner. No other products or heat.

Basically trying to get his hair to have a relaxed, loose, and neat look like this pic.

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Adding on to this but I have a similar hair type and I’m so sick of the unkempt frizz even with curly hair shampoo+conditioner, my hair hates making neat curls... if anyone has any anti-frizz product suggestions I’m all ears

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I have a similar hair type and I think adding more moisture will definitely help. He might want to try a leave-in conditioner (I use Giovanni Direct Leave-In, it's pretty cheap on Amazon). Putting on a gel after leave-in also helps a lot with frizz - you smooth it on to the wet hair and scrunch it in, and then when your hair is dry (if you've done it right it'll be super crunchy), you scrunch it out. I'm a Euro and use Boucleme's gel, but it's kind of expensive. If you're in the US I hear LA Looks is actually surprisingly good for that purpose.

>> No.10484786

Yup, definitely needs more moisture and likely a leave-in product. Think about a leave in conditioner or serum as well as something for curl definition such as a gel, which will also help frizz and flyaways. If you notice his curl pattern is better when his hair is oily, you could also try a hair oil.

>> No.10484855

Perfect, thank you both! I'll start shopping around for a good-leave in then.

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Omg you can't be serious. makeup does NOT act as a sunscreen. I don't know why you would think that lmao.

>> No.10484955

He should do curly girl method, and he should look it up and find the products himself instead of having his mom do it

>> No.10484966


I mean I use makeup that has sunscreen (tone up high spf sunblock that I can layer on thicc) but yeah most makeup does not have significant coverage....

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Anyone try an ipsy subscription? How was it?

>> No.10485836

Agree. My hair used to be pretty much like you're describing it and I thought it was hopeless for years until I tried the curly girl method. I use Shea Moisture for shampoo, conditioner, and leave in and it made my hair look basically like the pic when it was long.

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anon please

these products are normally for making your hair grow in thinner/more slowly after you've shaved it off. i don't think there's anything you can apply to your already present hair to thin it out.

>sparkly brown/pink eyeshadow but now with ugly pearls
avant-garde makeup doesn't really make sense in lolita outside of very OTT styles imo. plus most ~artistic~ eye looks just look fucking dumb on your face when they're not zoomed in insta pics.

>> No.10486246 [DELETED] 

great if you like black eyeliner and red lipstick.

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Have any gulls tried using stage makeup vs regular makeup for cosplay and photoshoot purposes? I don't really wear makeup day to day, so I want to be picky with what makeup I do purchase since it's only a "sometimes" thing for me. What would look better for the camera?

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File: 36 KB, 236x689, f5cde0f945125553c117a3b0b5b8b72b--foundation-palette-rcma-foundation.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Most of my cosplay makeup is stage/professional brands. I can't say if it actually looks better but it lasts longer on me and is a good price for the quality. Some products have more of a learning curve though since they're not aimed at regular consumers.
RCMA is my favorite foundation.

>> No.10487328 [DELETED] 

shit, mine too. I started using it because I tan very easy and my skin color can vary by a few shades during a 6 month period and those little pallettes are amazing. Also good for covering spots.

>> No.10487554

Thanks for the input! What do you mean by a "learning curve"?

>> No.10487674

Well to use the RCMA foundation as an example, it's a lot more pigmented than consumer brands and it's very stiff when it's in the palette. You have to warm it up before you use it.
The plus side is that you only have to use a small amount and like >>10487328 said, it works as a concealer as well.

>> No.10487696

I think it's also depend on how heavy the whole makeup look is but I use kryolan's tv paint stick for most of my cosplay, but like tha anon said bout the RCMA palette you really need to learn how to apply it ( I hade to look up indian wedding makeup technique because the way most drag queen do it don't look good on me ).
I personally like the stage makeup because it have a longer shelf life ( I don't do cosplay makeup often too ) and doesn't oxydise on the face but since I have dry skin and you need to powder it all over if it's cream based it can be a bit visible on closeup. I use regular makeup for male character who don't wear makeup/ aren't fancy. I personally use revlon colorstay since it mix well with the nyx product to adjust fondation color and is not matte, but I can't do complexe contour quickly as if I use cream products.

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I might just be a retard but I have never been able to rinse my face off without making a huge god damn mess. No matter how carefully I cup the water or how close my face is to the sink, it runs down my arms and gets fucking everywhere. It's so annoying I just give up and stop sometimes.

I feel like I'm insane because I never see anyone else talking about this problem, and most youtubers or whatever don't even show the rinsing part of their routine. Is there some secret technique? Does everyone make a mess and just clean it up? Am I supposed to use a washcloth for more than just drying off after?

This is a stupid question but I'm an idiot. Please help.

>> No.10488423 [DELETED] 

i'm old and i have never figured out how to rinse without water going everywhere myself. washcloths help though, you don't have to do the water cupping thing to get all the soap off.

>> No.10488475

I've just accepted the mess. I don't wear a top while I'm washing my face because no matter what I do the water is going to go all down my arms. You could use a washcloth like >>10488423 says but I'm afraid of rubbing too hard so I don't. Filling the sink before you start definitely cuts down on the mess (idk if you're doing that, it's probably obvious but I'm a moron apparently so it took me a little bit to figure out), and trying to make your hand motions as gentle and conservative as possible.

>> No.10488490

I have all of these bumps (pimples?) all over my face and they don't pop, they're like deep in the skin. My face feels bumpy all over and it makes my makeup look like shit no matter what. I feel like I would be at least a 7 if only my skin wasn't such shit. I've tried glycolic and salicylic acid, it does absolutely nothing. Please tell me a way I can fix this my skin has been like this since I started puberty and I'm 22 now.

>> No.10488501

Go to a doctor. Get one some meds.

>> No.10488504

Where do you all buy Japanese makeup from? I'm running low on Canmake sunscreen, and I'd rather not go through Yesstyle or Amazon this time.

>> No.10488763

I've used Ebay and Dokodemo, but Dokodemo works better if you're hauling multiple items because of how shipping works. Lately though, I've been trying to use more KR products if only because JP shipping has become so expensive because of COVID-related issues.

>> No.10488765


I use a dripping washcloth to help rinse my face off. My bathroom sink is ridiculously small where, so cupping the water means cleaning the floor afterwards.

>> No.10488963

I can't think of the proper word, but I use a silicone thing to wipe/push all the water that splashed back into the sink. It gets 90% of the mess clean and I'm satisfied enough that the rest of the water droplets can airdry.

>> No.10488970

I love makeup :D love love love it. I feel so pampered like a pretty princess! <3

>> No.10488974

Reminder not to respond to bait for all my dumbass gulls

>> No.10489000

i've had this problem my entire life and just take off my shirt and get ready to wipe down the counter when i'm done. the water ALWAYS drips down my arms and makes a fucking mess.

you haven't really described them in enough detail for anyone to tell you what it could be, but if they're mostly like unpoppable whiteheads it's probably milia from rosacea. if it's more like painful, slightly raised bumps with no visible head, it could be cystic acne. you should see a dermatologist if you can afford it (sry in advance if you're american)

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The advice you've been given is all good, but something else to look into might be fungal acne, especially if the bumps are itchy in any way. Pic related is what it can look like.

If it is fungal acne, it should go away once you remove all triggers from your routine. A really good tool to help with that is Folliculitis Scout - you can copy and paste product ingredients lists there and it will tell you if there are any fungal acne triggers (if you're not looking out for them, I guarantee some if not most of your products will have one). Some people also swear by using an antifungal product like Nizoral as a face wash for a few weeks until it clears up.

>> No.10489005

They'll never listen. I'm sorry, anon.

>> No.10489060


Yikes, I realized today I might have fungal acne. Depression has made it so I haven't washed my face or done skincare outside of washing and rinsing in the shower and while normally that isn't an issue (even though my usual skincare routine contains fungal acne irritants and I never had this come up before) , I seem to suddenly have very similar looking bumps on my forehead that were obscured by my bangs...fingers crossed all the recommendations to use head & shoulders online work; I haven't had regular acne except around my periods since turning 21 even when my diet and skincare is shit and I think I'm free and now this shit.

>> No.10489115

Good luck. Fungal acne is a bitch.

>> No.10489155

Anecdotal, but a fungal face problem doesn't always look like the face in >>10489004!

I suddenly got really bad seborrheic dermatitis all over my face a few years back, and it severely affected my self-esteem and self-confidence because I just could not get rid of it. Turns out that seb derm can also be caused by fungus, so after I revamped my routine, my seb derm has also severely decreased.

>> No.10489264
File: 294 KB, 636x633, 1600424562054.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>today will be week 15 of trying to get rid of post acne scarring/hyperpigmentation
>rarely if ever get acne now, fungal acne completely gone by the 10th week because of consistent isotretinoin treatment
>face overall is brighter and healthier because of all the skin brightening products i use (no skin bleaching shit i'm not insane)
>dark spots remain the same
>still very apparent on my cheeks because my skin is translucent and bruises easily
>bought that the ordinary 30% AHA 2%BHA peeling solution everyone talks about but i'm too scared to use it since my skin is already so sensitive
Is it finally time to ring up a dermatologist? Or should I wait until the end of the year for results? I started using the hada labo shirojyun whitening premium lotion just last week, hoping it works.

>> No.10489291

I just had a Neogen plasma treatment. It’s used a lot by old people for improving skin elasticity but I got it to help my hyperpigmentation and bonus it’s helped with the first signs of aging (I’m 31). It’s done by a dermatologist and helped a ton. Don’t get it confused with the shitty plasma pen thing aestheticians can do. It was kinda expensive but I’ve spent years using a ton of different products and acids and this is the first time I’ve seen !meaningful results. Maybe look into that? And FYI my skin is sensitive too so I feel ya with the dilemma on efficacy vs harshness in products, that’s part of the reason topical treatments weren’t that effective for me, I had to limit the concentration of active ingredients to prevent an adverse reaction

>> No.10489325

Try something gentler - vitamin C, niacinamide and lower concentrations of AHA all help.

>> No.10489780

Thanks for the advice, anon. I will look into it, even though I'm only around 4 years younger than you. It seems much less daunting than that chemical peel treatment I keep seeing.
It appears my skin is more so stubborn? I tried the ordinary peeling solution today and it didn't burn or tingle at all, I even felt like I could have left it for more than 10 minutes. I felt a certain warmth, but that's it. I cleansed my skin thoroughly before obviously.
I did feel like it bettered the appearance of some of the blemishes, so it might be a matter of consistently using it twice a week.

>> No.10490069
File: 1.74 MB, 1000x1331, (29).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When you upgraded from low end to mid/high end makeup, what biggest differences did you see? What are the 3 things you could you not live without?

I am on a budget, while I'm still on my starting wage. I've been told concealer and bb cream will make the biggest difference? Been using kimchi concealers and a 16 euro bb cream lately. Anything else I should prioritize on spending a little extra on?

>> No.10490078
File: 98 KB, 720x720, (46).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Since October began, my etude house bb cream went from looking like real skin everyday to now looking really cakey/dry/patchy/like it is melting off/flakey. My dry skin cream and anti-age serum used to be enough to make my makeup appear smooth.

What skincare or bb cream should fix this? I began using hyaluronic acid and a new moisturizer with actives in it but a week in seen very little improvement. I am thinking of next month ordering gruüm toner, face essence mist, hemi-squalane serum, niacinimide and maybe more face creams for dry skin to see if they make a bigger difference.

Seems like an ok plan or is there other serums/ingredients i should look for?

>> No.10490080 [DELETED] 

Nobody wants to read all this shit

>> No.10490097

thx, illiterate fuckface cumdump

>> No.10490105

Probably a good concealer and also a good primer for face and eyes. You can get away with cheaper eyeshadows and lip products that still have good payout.

I have combination skin so my dry patches have been acting up. I personally use a peel/mask of some sort to get rid of dead skin since moisturizing never seems to be enough.

>> No.10490107

1st post isn't even that long. I've seen longer posts throughout this thread alone and that's not even counting longer posts I've replied to in previous threads.

>> No.10490111

>Probably a good concealer and also a good primer for face and eyes.
Thanks, anon. Any eye primers you'd suggest? I've been using Nyx lately, dunno if it's good enough.

>personally use a peel/mask of some sort to get rid of dead skin
Oh yeah. I've been using lactic acid advertised as "peeling" recently, once a week, it helped a bit. Had chunks of skin peel off when I rubbed my face the first 2 times (doesn't happen anymore).

I read the label said you can slowly start using it almost daily once your face is used to it. Should that reduce flakiness later on?

>> No.10490187 [DELETED] 
File: 212 KB, 1800x1578, 1532968583987.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>imagine being dense enough to complain about posts regarding makeup in the makeup thread

>> No.10490228

You might need some more intense hydration - sleeping packs or even more occlusive moisturizers

>> No.10490231

I've seen people on /adv/ literally go "ugh, google it. Stop begging for help." constantly in reply to the OP's there. I don't get why these people click those types of threads to begin with.

>> No.10490237

>sleeping packs
Been hearing about them. Is the Space Mask brand good? Also is it like face creams that absorb into the skin, or is it a sheet?

>occlusive moisturizers
Are all of these good?
Or is there specific occlusives that are better than others? Been noticing a lot of people hate mineral oil for some reason.

Thanks by the way, anon.

>> No.10490247

>Space Mask
Never heard of that brand.
By sleeping pack I mean a thicker cream moisturiser designed to be absorbed overnight, Laneige is one of the popular Korean brands

Occlusives you have to be careful with due to the comedogenic potential and also the fact that they are occlusive, so if your skin doesn't have enough moisture on it already it won't help your situation. There isn't necessarily a blanket statement like 'good' or 'bad', it depends on the product you use, whether your skin is sensitive to those ingredients, and what the overall texture of the product is. Generally I use occlusives as a 'top layer' to try and keep the moisture from other products from evaporating off at night.

>> No.10490283

>By sleeping pack I mean a thicker cream moisturiser designed to be absorbed overnight
Coolio, thanks I'll look it up. But it won't rub off and get sucked up slightly by your pillow case though?

>Generally I use occlusives as a 'top layer' to try and keep the moisture from other products from evaporating off at night
I always imagined it is something like that. Thanks for the heads up and super detailed help! This will be a real life saver for me.

>> No.10490398

I think the real difference is in face products, so bb cream and concealer yeah. Other things like mascara and lip products aren't really worth dropping big bucks on. Mascara especially... I only buy my mascara from the drugstore. Lip products are a bit more complicated, some higher end lip products are worth the splurge, like NARS, Fenty(lip glosses) or Shu Uemura, but there are good affordable brands with excellent lip products like tower28, colourpop(also lip glosses/plumpers) and essence (dupe for fenty lip glosses). I'm a bit biased though... I only buy lip glosses these days. I went on a binge buying a bunch of peripera ink velvets and I only pair them with glosses now.
>Coolio, thanks I'll look it up. But it won't rub off and get sucked up slightly by your pillow case though?
I am curious about this too. I got gifted an pretty bougie sleeping cream recently but I move around a lot in my sleep, and I doubt it'll stick.

>> No.10490421

Are you sure it's not just old?

>> No.10490422

i have rosacea and VERY dry skin so i use a sleeping pack nightly (and sometimes in the morning if it's winter). i haven't had issues with them not soaking in or with getting on my pillow, but i usually put on all of my creams 10-15 minutes before i go to bed. they definitely do absorb, they're just much thicker than your typical moisturizers and often don't work well under makeup. i've had many more problems with all day tackiness and transfer with bb creams.

>> No.10490427

>Other things like mascara and lip products aren't really worth dropping big bucks on. Mascara especially
high key disagree here. shitty mascara is fucking terrible.

>> No.10490428 [DELETED] 

This. It's going right next to your eyeballs, make sure that shit is good.

>> No.10490441

That's fine, I just personally don't see much difference in my eyes so I restrict myself from dropping more than 20$ on a mascara. There are some extremely good high end mascaras out there though

>> No.10490444

$20 - $30 is a fair budget toward hi-end for most guls. Especially considering you should really throw it away and get a new bottle every 3 months.

>> No.10490447

Do you have any specific recommendations? I'd be willing to jump out of my comfort zone.

>> No.10490451

I just get the trial sizes of TF better than sex. There's no difference in what I get out of the trial size and the full size before it gets old and dried.

>> No.10490454


My heroine mascara is $10 to $18 depending where you are and it's my ride or die. Cheap, great results, and safe.

>> No.10490455


Heroine make ffs.

Sorry, I'm tired and I can't even remember stuff correctly

>> No.10490491 [DELETED] 

I like waterproof mascara until it comes time to take it off at the end of the day. I end up accidentally pulling a bunch of my lashes out trying to take it off. What are you favorite eye makeup removers?

>> No.10490608

Going to sound pretty basic but Urban Decay's eye primers work really well for my oily lids. If you have drier lids then other brands might work just as well.

I don't use peels as often as I should, but I would just use it as you see fit. Your skin should slowly adapt to the routine and improve over time.

Neutrogena's oil-free makeup remover for waterproof makeup actually works really well.

>> No.10490617

I'm currently using the Bifesta one, but for your specific issue have you tried using a clean mascara wand (like the disposable ones they have at most makeup stores) to comb the remover through your lashes, and then making sure you wait for a bit for the makeup remover to start loosening the mascara?

>> No.10490639


I try not to buy from too faced anymore, but their mascara remover is the only one that takes off my mascara cleanly desu.

>> No.10490669 [DELETED] 

Why don't you buy from them anymore?

>> No.10490673

waterproof nascara needs oil-based remover or even household oil is fine. or maybe some specially formulated oil-free one. but usually oil.

>> No.10490682 [DELETED] 

I've done olive oil before but I almost always accidentally get it all over my eyes and my vision is all blurry for the next couple of hours lmao guess its a small inconvenience tho

>> No.10490683

There's cleansing oils for this

>> No.10490711


I get better products from other brands for cheaper, that's sort of what it boils down to.

>> No.10490927

hmm i put the oil on a cotton pad so it's not runny

>> No.10491077

>only buy my mascara from the drugstore
Had terrible luck with. What do you use? There's some 15 euro Maybelline mascara that was the only one I ever liked. Wondering if the 6 euro ones are just as good.

>Fenty(lip glosses)
Used expensive gloss before and it rubs off as quick as regular 1 euro gloss. How different is fenty's? Does it last a lot of hours?

>colourpop(also lip glosses/plumpers)
Ain't got them American stuff here. At least not at my village.

>essence (dupe for fenty lip glosses)
Bought 2 recently. Amazing color. Ironically lasts a little longer than a gloss I paid 17-20 euro for.

>> No.10491082

My bb? No. Today got it to look like real skin again, by using insane amounts of hydrating face products.

>i haven't had issues with them not soaking in or with getting on my pillow, but i usually put on all of my creams 10-15 minutes before i go to bed
I do this with my thick cream for dry skin, 2 hours before bed, still feels like a waste though. Because after laying in bed, within 15 minutes the moisturizer rubbed off of my cheek. Will use a sleep pack though, better than nothing, just sad some gets rubbed off.

>transfer with bb creams
Huh, my bb creams never transfer.

>This. It's going right next to your eyeballs, make sure that shit is good
Stabbed myself a million times when I was new with a 1.50 euro mascara, nothing happened. I only use pricier ones now because cheap ones always clumped and looked bad.

I'd try that Great Lash by Maybelline, is 15 euro here. I was very messy and always got mascara on my lids during application. Somehow this one, even if I hit my lid, doesn't stain me badly. It is very forgiving for noobs and never, ever clumps even with 20 applications.

>> No.10491085

>Going to sound pretty basic but Urban Decay's eye primers work really well for my oily lids
>oily lids
I go to makeup classes. Professionals in the industry pointed out that eyelids are the most oily parts of the face, everyone has oily lids.

I will try that primer out, thanks. I hope we have UD here.

>waterproof nascara needs oil-based remover
Never worked for my waterproof mascara.

>> No.10491086

you know that lipgloss isn't long lasting, right?

anon is talking about how cheap mascaras contain products that damage lashes over time, and more shit like mercury.

>> No.10491096

>mascaras contain products that damage lashes over time
She didn't say anything about it damaging the lashes, she said the eye.

>and more shit like mercury.
This isn't the Phillipines unless you have source that European countries have lost their mind and genuinely do this. America doesn't count, they constantly "accidentally" put lead in their L'Oréal lipstick and hair gummies. Pricey makeup there gets mercury and lead too, not just cheap ones.

>> No.10491115

Yikes. America really is a first world shithole.

>> No.10491831

No lipgloss is designed to last all day. If you want colour that lasts, a stain or an actual lipstick is the way to go. I honestly don't think the top end ones are worth the money because they don't look much better than the drugstore dupes. Also, with the amount of reapplication there's no way you can keep a lip gloss for very long without it getting seriously contaminated with skin cells and skin bugs unlike lipstick, where you at least have the option of applying with a clean brush or cutting off the top.

>> No.10492150

If you don't want to shave then you could bleach the hairs.

>> No.10492381

workout, eat a diverse/clean food palate, drink water, rest enough, sleep on your back
they should be gone otherwise its some infection

>> No.10493026

>No lipgloss is designed to last all day
I know, i just expected it to last a couple hours more.

Going on hrt (not trans) thinned hair and stopped me from getting facial, breast, and unibrow hair. Maybe check if your hormones are wack.

>> No.10493442

What's everyone's favorite like HG makeup product? Fu$$y by Fenty might be mine

>> No.10493451

Glossier skin tint. Gives me the perfect amount of super dewy coverage I want while not feeling heavy or like I'm "wearing makeup" yknow.

>> No.10493453

nta but are you stupid? do you know what lip gloss is?

>> No.10493469

Ohhh I've been thinking about trying glossier skin tint. I love to look dewy and glowy. I love the stretch concealer and cloud paints are also something i loooove

>> No.10493472

nyart but the consistency of the gloss seems to be a huge factor for how long it’ll stay on, but not like a few hours unless you’re a statue but even still it would probably dry out

>> No.10494019

The fact you even expect it to last a couple of hours amazes me

>> No.10494175

Seconding the trials sizes. I love Benefit Roller Lash mascara for top and bottom lashes. Its $13 and lasts me a long time. The wand is more like a comb than a spoolie so it seperates the lashes well and doesnt clump.

>> No.10494606

>oh no how dare there exist beginners in makeup who don't know every single thing in the world of makeup
Fucking chill. Geez. There's a big influx of people getting into makeup especially now and these threads will attract beginners who sometimes don't know much.

>> No.10494700

Is there a site that would find skincare products similar to the ones I've used before, like the sites you can use to find dupes? My skin is very picky on what works, but the products I use are bit on the expensive side and I am a bit lost on how to start looking for alternatives.

>> No.10494710

Knowing lipgloss doesn't last long doesn't require extensive knowledge of makeup, its just common sense.

>> No.10494713

too bad anon doesn't sound new or like a beginner. just like an entitled twat who expects lipgloss to work like lipstain or have some kind of impenetrable shield around it.

>> No.10494722

I keep telling myself that I'm going to do a simple eyeshadow looks because they look better on me but i always end up going crazy with color because I love bright colors. Someone stop me

>> No.10494801

how about compromising? I'm assuming you're a sweet lolita, I've seen cute looks where the rest of the eyeshadow is kept at a natural pink/light brown, and they add a pop of colour in the inner corner, or as eyeliner, or as coloured mascara. When I was in college I also used to like to do basic winged liner, and do the lower lid in a cool colour (not as lolita-ish) or winged liner with a coloured stripe on top

>> No.10494904

I am sweet! You're right, I have these pastel liners and I think they'd look really cool under my waterline. I have a tendency to be kind of all-or-nothing but I'll try your suggestion

>> No.10495204
File: 24 KB, 326x367, 1510527547826.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've seen beginners ask a lot of gay shit both irl and on groups, they legit just don't know. You're either projecting becuase you're yourself entitled irl or just have a shit personality to be so angry at someone being naive. I don't understand why get mad at beginners being a little retarded. We all did retarded shit at some point, makeup or not related.

Have some basic empathy for noobs being noobfags, it's not like they're doing it on purpose. Or ignore them. This thread specifically will attract nooblets sometimes who come to learn.

>> No.10495209

Again, it takes common sense to realize lipgloss doesn't last this long. I knew this before I was ever experienced with makeup.

>> No.10495211
File: 97 KB, 958x960, 1600206973381.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Everyone learns at different paces. What's common sense to someone else might not be common sense to you.

>> No.10495213

Aight, because you used a Lisa Frank meme, I'll stop being mean.

>> No.10495222

Can we be frends. I like u

>> No.10495239

They deserve a friend who can spell and actually has some semblance of charisma.

>> No.10495250
File: 582 KB, 2000x2000, CD9F79E4-0E4C-4C41-B0AB-25C443BA71FF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How can a I get a good quality pair of clip in bangs that match my hair? I’m not falling for the $3 ones on Aliexpress, but a local bougie extension shop put the price at $200-$300, which seems high. Is there an in between?

>> No.10495292

Nah I don't think so. You're just mean

>> No.10495295


>> No.10495296

Fartface skidmark butt

>> No.10495365

Has anyone here ever taken advantage of Tarte’s 7 for $63 sale? I’ve been watching it pass by for years and finally took a chance, I’m just not very familiar with their products outside of their mascara.

>> No.10495368

Priscila is a Japanese brand that is said to have great wigs and wig parts that look natural. I'd say it's a median price point.

I never bought from them but they are on my list.

>> No.10495376

What did you get?

>> No.10495395

I got a set the last time they ran the promotion. Their shape tape concealer is pretty good and probably the most popular item they have now. I got the foundation as well but haven't tried it yet. I think I had a sample of their blushes before and it's good for a natural look.

>> No.10495403

Yep! I use their waterproof mascara, and the shape tape concealer and foundation every day. I noticed this year the shape tape concealer wasn't included in the promotion, though! Bit disappointed about that but I didn't need new ones yet so it's okay.

My 7
>shape tape foundation (so good)
>amazonian clay finishing powder (never tried it before)
>eyeshadow in metallic purple (thought it might look good with all my new lav pieces)
>waterproof mascara (my all time fav mascara)
>tangerine lipstick (never tried it)
>micellar makeup remover cleanser (never tried it)
>flamingo bag

>> No.10495572

I got:

- Maracuja tinted moisturizer
- Amazonian clay blush
- Busy Gal tinted brow gel
- Maneater mascara
- Tarteist creamy matte lip paint (replacing a black lipstick that’s drying out)
- Double-ended bamboo liner brush
- Bright and bold makeup bag

I was curious about their foundation but I have a full bottle of Fenty sitting at home that I’m trying to finish, I just got something lighter to wear daily and picked a shape tape concealer sample at checkout.

I just hope the shade of the blush is good for my skin tone, I got one in an Ipsy bag one time but it was way too light for me.

>> No.10497445

I have a pretty masculine looking face and am interested in cosplaying some bishie characters. Is it worth learning makeup so that I look a bit "prettier" (for lack of a better word)? If so, any recommendations on where I can start learning?

>> No.10497451

eh just go for it. look up youtube tutorials. play around

what you want to do is study that which people speak of when they refer to natural skin care, i.e. looking natural. if it is truly your desire to look pretty then you should study that which is referred to as "beauty from the inside out"...i.e. taking care of your body and your skin

if you are overweight, makeup won't make you look any prettier but a little bit of weight is okay such as that which is found in the beauty of european women

>> No.10497521

I don't usually wear makeup but I'm getting tired of my dark circles. They're genetic, so there's only so much I can do about them.

I want to start wearing concealer just to brighten up underneath my eyes. Can I blend concealer into my bare skin or will it look weird? I really don't want to wear foundation.

>> No.10497522

You're gonna look weird with just concealer under your eyes. IDK why you wouldn't want to wear something light like at least tinted moisturizer if you're wearing jfash or cosplay, the intensity of the clothes washes out your face which is why makeup is pretty much essential

>> No.10497541

Concealers like Glossier’s Stretch Concealer are intended for people exactly you, people who don’t wear all-over makeup and want a subtle look. I’d recommend checking them out

>> No.10498298

Of course you can, a lot of people wear simply concealer especially if they don't otherwise have problematic skin outside maybe a single issue like dark circles or the occasional blemish. You can blend concealer into bare skin, but remember that a setting powder is important to use for most brands. (Otherwise, it melts off real easy.)
It really depends what colors your wearing. If you pick the right colors, it won't wash out your complexion.

>> No.10498299

I'd look into an exfoliation routine if you haven't already. A little bit of eye makeup can help give definition to the eye area, and look into glossy, clear mascaras to give your lashes extra pop.

Bring out the eyes, and make sure your skin is clear and smooth. That should cover your bases.

>> No.10498375

I would recommend Prisila was well, although I haven't had a chance to colormatch my own hair to it. The only thing is they don't have such a wide selection of colors, so good luck!

Like what >>10497451 said, look at tutorials, especially ones about contouring your face.

>> No.10498571

Is medical intervention (dermatologists, accutane, whatever) the only way to not look like an orange peel? Trying to decide if a doctor is a better investment than working on self esteem

>> No.10498600

Like large pores? I've had luck with niacinamide in reducing my skin texture, it's a decongestant and congestion is what leads to large pores generally

>> No.10498836

What is a good eyeshadow palette with pink shades?

>> No.10498951

Naked cherry

>> No.10498971

>late 20s
>naturally blonde all my life
>both parents were bron blond but their hair turned brown age 6 (father) and age 14 (mother)
>noticing more and more dark brown hairs growing

Guys I'm in my late 20s, my hair can't really turn brown now, can it? I'm freaking out

>> No.10500742
File: 31 KB, 228x301, ssss.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Start getting bad acne during freshman year of college
>Been trying various products, face masks, washes, tonics, etc
>Nothing works
>Give up an accept I'll be a gross ugly pus monster forever and stopped using anything a few months ago
>no more acne
>scars are clearing up extremely quickly
guess this shit really is a scam.
nose is still gross as fuck though, but it was always ground zero. at this rate it'll be a normal person's nose by next year though.

>> No.10500926

I've been trying to cut down on soda since I used to get bad break outs whenever I drank too much of it. Turns out its working.

>> No.10500930

It's also timing. You finally beat puberty congratulations!!!

I have adult acne and it majorly sucks. It's actually worse than when I was a teen.

>> No.10500932

So I have 4c hair and while I dont mind using wigs, I do want to try to use my natural hair more.

I found this tutorial for this cute hair style that works with lolita (or anything really): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84oc761axqI

Does anyone have any more 4c hair guides?

>> No.10500938

Same. Spent like 3 years trying to perfect my routine and I think I finally got it down. My skin only breaks out now when I fuck up my skincare routine in some way.

>> No.10501453

Don't think its puberty. It's just product based.
If I try using anything again it immediately breaks out again.

>> No.10501544

Without knowing what you've been using, I imagine the problem is that you have very sensitive skin and the majority of skincare products have ingredients that are irritating to you, as opposed to the very concept of skincare itself. But hey, if doing nothing is working, why mess with it? You're one of the lucky ones. I've been doing nothing for the last few weeks and my skin has gone to hell.

>> No.10505125

Does anyone have any pics of different bangs? I want to get some but need help picking a style. I definitely want past the eyebrows. Also any recommendations on short hair styles

>> No.10506131

I recently bought a pair of Rapunzel of Sweden clip ins because they had great reviews, but the texture is soooooooooooo off from my own hair. It's made from the finest baby hair ever, so even though the colour fits, you can tell by the texture change :(

>> No.10508805

Does anyone know a better way of finding reference photos of hairstyles besides googling? I'm thinking about trying a new hairstyle but don't know what I really want and Google is really crappy and doesn't show any good pictures.

>> No.10508902
File: 345 KB, 1600x1600, frenchroll.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honestly, you posted what I was going to suggest. I love the little 'fro pig tails. I knew a girl who alternated between them and, fuck, the only word I know for it is a French roll. Closest picture I could find because they'd leave the front loose and natural instead of the pompadour thing. (It'd look good with classic or subdued sweet.) If you did the roll in the back, and then used the 'straw' method up front to make a few spiral curl pieces to lay around the face.

Honestly, the straw method on it's own would be a cute look for sweet or especially gothic styles.

You could also vary up the puffs by occasionally doing them low on the neck like:

>> No.10508905

Also, I realize those are braids in that last link, but you get what I'm saying.

>> No.10508908
File: 5 KB, 310x163, superhuge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And I don't mean to spaz, but this style I've done myself on a lady. (It takes forever though, but might be an idea for when you want to play with a different texture without damaging your hair with chemicals or wearing wigs.)

So, they look like hot rollers, but they're not. Her hair was longer so the ones we used were like the size of coke cans. We'd use an extremely strong gel, and you spread it on a tray, and put all your rollers on it so there's a good bit to 'catch' the hair. We'd wash, and then use a good amount of setting mousse to each section rolled. We'd roll it tight, secure with a flat clip, and use a spray bottle to keep it nice and wet until everything was rolled then pop her under the dryer. When it was done, take them out, gently comb it, and she was left with gentle waves that was great for styles that might not work left natural or just to wear on it's own.

>> No.10508939

So cute! Thank you!

>> No.10508942

Anon, I'm not trying to be rude, but what race are you? I'm part asian, and I've found that clip-ins, extensions, etc made for europeans don't really work with my hair texture because northern europeans in particular tends to have that fine baby-hair texture you're talking about. I prefer prisila because it's marketed towards asians, but you might have better luck with american brands or something

>> No.10508944
File: 23 KB, 500x493, 11.Short-Hairstyle-for-Black-Women.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I'm finally going to stop being lazy with my hair and actually maintain it instead of just relaxing it and wearing a bun. Problem is, shit doesn't stay in place. I can style my hair similar to pic related but in an hour, if the wind blows, or if I bend down, my hair flies up and stays that way.

What specific products should I be using to keep hair in place longer? Like I know "hair spray" and "hair gel" but which ones?

>> No.10508945

maybe try searching tags on insta once they're up again?

>> No.10508946

I was actually basically going to say this.

>> No.10508956
File: 280 KB, 725x797, 579B0821-BDEB-438E-BE61-A2F986618C1D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm only half black so my hair texture may be off from yours, but a lot of black girls incl. me are obsessed with Eco gel! The green one (olive oil) is my personal favorite. It's super cheap and doesn't flake/whiten throughout the day. I only use hair spray when I straighten my bangs or style my hair. I use Bed Head's Masterpiece and that keeps my styled hair in place on top of strategically placed clips and barettes. My easiest hairstyle to maintain throughout the day is pigtails, space buns, or braids. Protective hairstyles and natural hair are very present in lolita! There's a ton of examples in the blacklolita tag on IG. Don't be afraid to pick out your hair either, a lot of black lolitas pick out their buns and pigtails for more volume on top and it looks so cute (pic related). Hope this helps!

>> No.10508983

I like to use Edge Booster from style factor, but like a little GOES A LONG WAY

>> No.10509004

How do anons feel about white lolitas wearing afro puff hair pieces? I've always wanted to try it but I don't want to be disrespectful

>> No.10509027

It's fine, whites can have that texture too. The jew fro is thing after all. Like desu, IF (and big if) you get shit on for being white and wearing puffs, its most likely coming from other whites.

Unless it's locks, blacks shit on white locks all the time

>> No.10509037
File: 630 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2020-06-12-01-28-23.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Litterally don't care unless it looks bad on you, but then I'll just laugh. But that goes for anything really. If you can pull it off, go for it, but you might get shit from others about it. Kinda sad tho.
Pic related's hair is her natural hair as a mixed girl but you can imagine the shit she gets. There's also a black girl on YouTube with naturally blue eyes but gets shit about it as well.

>> No.10509041
File: 403 KB, 1280x1280, 53259006-0776-4265-81de-37395520cc6e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks, I'll check this stuff out! On the subject of natural hair in lolita, I think it looks amazing and even fitting but I'm not willing to go through the Big Chop again. Took a year to grow my hair back out after I had it shaved completely, then after about five months I went back and relaxed it again. Kinda wish I kept it now that I got into lolita, sew-ins are expensive and wigs are annoying so I'm going to try go with my relaxed hair styled.

>> No.10509042

Tell me about it, I regret shaving my head a while back.

>> No.10509055

I love Cydnee's channel if she's the one you're talking about! I heard her eyes are possibly due to wardenberg syndrome (not sure how to spell it) right? She mentioned hearing issues or deafness I think.

She's so sweet, why would people be upset over it? Asians and black and brown people have worn color contacts forever so even if they thought it was fake it's silly to be bothered. I'm black and have some family with natural green eyes; it's not that crazy.

>> No.10509099

It was nerve wracking at first but I don't regret it, it was kind of nice not having to worry about my hair all the time until it grew into a fro.

>> No.10509113

She had made a video about it. Apparently in the comments other black people were telling her that she shouldn't try to be white and love her natural brown eyes. They thought she was wearing contacts.

>> No.10509242

Fine with me

>> No.10509487

The only time I've heard black people shit on white people with locks it was for good reason. Some white people have good locks, other white people give locks a bad name because they don't know how to wash or care for that shit & suddenly everyone gets the idea locks are nasty.

The hippies are why black people shit on white people with locks. At least, in the U.S. that's why.

>> No.10509488

I'm mixed & white as a sheet of paper, but my eyes are green. Meanwhile, my brother's got blue eyes, but the skin complexion and hair of a Pashtun. I've met a lot of black people with mixed lineage in their history who also have green eyes.
One of my friends growing up had naturally platinum hair... it was also a 'fro. Nature is funny like that. I agree, it's fine, but like anything, make it look good.
I can agree from my time doing retail sales at a beauty depot, we couldn't keep the green Eco gel on the shelves with how many bought it. Often by the time we'd get in a new shipment, it'd be gone in the first few days.

It makes me kind of happy to see so many people coming out to talk about natural hair styling.

>> No.10509690

>It makes me kind of happy to see so many people coming out to talk about natural hair styling.

Same, last time I asked about black hair styling here on /cgl/ I got no answers, so then I asked if anyone knew of any black jfashion/lolita communities and got called racist for it.

>> No.10509703

I'm extremely white actually... Like 100% North European. So it was intensely disappointing...
I found some synthetic ones with a better texture though :)

>> No.10509833

ayrt, huh, hella weird. Regardless, I'm glad you found something that worked out for you!

>> No.10509857

Look for real hair made from Chinese or Indian hair. They have thicker hair strands. The downside is that it is black color hair naturally.

>> No.10510045

Not too weird, honesty. I wouldn't be too disappointed. So few people have the baby-fine texture of most extensions. The processing makes the hair silky smooth, sure, but it also doesn't match most people's natural texture.

>> No.10510047

Armani Luminous Silk. There's a reason why this is hailed as the most flawless foundation ever. Literally looks like skin,it's amazing

>> No.10510049

Any recs for good quality wigs? Thicker ones preferred, I can shell out some $$, want to invest in a long,quality wig.

>> No.10510077

missha perfect cover. it's the best match i've found for my skintone (i wear shade 13), though it can be an issue on days when my skin is super dry. i really want to try the glossier skin tint the other anon mentioned but it's not available in my country.

>> No.10510135

I'm trying to research this myself but I'm not really trusting the sources Google is pointing me to... maybe someone here can help?

I've got extremely sensitive skin, and an allergy to most of the shite in any makeup that's not 'natural.' I'm not sure if it's parabens, etc, or if I'm good with just mineral makeup, but I'm ready to invest in a good concealer, foundation, mascara, eyeliner, brow, primer, liner and shadow.

Some excellent hypoallergenic makeups? I'm doing Burts Bees for the basic skincare and lip, and maybe blush, but its beeswax stuff isn't great for my oily lids, etc.

>> No.10510138

Try using moisturizer and skincare under bb cream. I use missha #13, and have massively dry skin. You can't just put on bb cream and have it last.

>> No.10510182

missha is cheap af

>> No.10510223

I've been using missha #13 for over a year now, at first it was perfect but now it dries to a weird consistency thats kind of chalky. I have oily skin, I usually wear a primer underneath the bb cream but have experimented without it, also with and without powder on top.

I'll try what >>10510138 recommends but I wonder if the product itself has gone bad since I live in a hot climate?

Any recommendations for other bb creams would be appreciated. #13 is also slightly too dark for me, I need something paler but similarly yellow toned.

>> No.10510418

I have never been able to figure this out myself and I keep imagining that terrycloth scrunchies on either wrist to wick up the water that runs down my arms might be the answer but I've never seen this marketed so I wonder if I'm crazy.

>> No.10510442
File: 2.27 MB, 1567x2048, Screenshot_20201201-114730.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Update: I just made some out of some unused dish towels I had laying around and it fucking worked. Not 100% containment, but only a manageable amount of water on the floor and I don't look like I just got out of the shower. I'm gonna use this for a week and see if results are consistent

>> No.10511923
File: 43 KB, 564x676, 44194E2C-0062-4F47-84C3-8F41E38D4EEB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any tutorials on how to cut bangs with side pieces? I know I’ve seen an image before, but I can’t find it. A video would work too. I need something to show my hairdresser.

>> No.10511931


I honestly winged it and it looks ok. I blunt cut the side pieces to my chin and thinned it out with some cheap thinning shears from Daiso thereafter. For bangs, I actually ended up cutting them on a whim after watching a Mei Yan tutorial. It's not the best one because she cuts wet hair which will result in shorter bangs when dry. The bangs look quite airy so I would go for a thinner "V" than for normal bangs. Those need quite a bit of styling to look decent though, just FYI.

>> No.10511941

Is there any way to keep my undereye concealer from creasing when I smile? The creases seem really aging. I use Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, if that helps at all.

>> No.10511945

Do you set it with powder?

>> No.10511987
File: 83 KB, 735x896, 687588196f16d58f321d1c8438c07e58.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I achieve those very big curls on the tips of my hair?

>> No.10512012

There’s a cone shaped curling iron right in the photo, anon. For a no-heat alternative, the largest size of foam roller rolled only halfway up the length of hair comes close.

>> No.10512016

The only makeup I need is my boyfriend's cum on my face. There's nothing more romantic than being cummed on by someone you love. I like to leave the cum on my face at all times and never wash it off, so I can feel true love wherever I go. It's so beautiful and spiritual to have sex with someone you love. It's such a loving bond.

>> No.10512017

But wouldn't a small diameter result in smaller curls? There must be a technique to make such big curls with a regular sized diameter isn't there?

>> No.10512020
File: 384 KB, 2896x2896, 20201204_155318.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's another example of the type of curled tips I'd want to get, or at least as close as possible irl.

>> No.10512037

I've seen two main techniques to help with this, but you really have to experiment and figure out what works for you. Skin type, climate, how much you sweat, products, where your wrinkles are, etc. all factor into how makeup will sit on your skin.

Technique #1
>moisturize the absolute FUCK out of your undereye area to plump up the skin as much as possible
>apply an eye primer
>apply any color correction you need
>apply a thin/translucent concealer over the whole area
>dry/set with a small amount of powder

Technique #2 (what I do)
>DON'T moisturize your eye area, keep the skin free from any serums or other shit like that
>apply regular primer but skip the area directly around your eyes
>basically keep the skin in that area of your face as clean and dry as possible
>apply an opaque matte concealer (I use shape tape) with your fingers, patting it gently to an even finish around your eyes.
>as that dries, if necessary use a small brush to add more concealer where the shadows are deepest
>set with a small amount of powder
>blot (don't scrub/smear) the area firmly with a tissue to pick up excess powder/concealer
>repeat the last step when you've finished the rest of your makeup/hair

>> No.10515046

Use a big curling iron and make sure you wind the tip right around. Some people use a straightener to get the tips curled because it holds the hair better

>> No.10515076

Very late reply, but I've been using The Ordinary's Caffeine Serum for undereyes am & pm and it's done wonders for my naturally pigmented/puffy undereyes.

>> No.10515222

A while back I had it for about a year. I think it's worthwhile if you're looking to explore new products, I actually found a few that I'm very fond of that way. I think the value is pretty good. I quit because I felt like I was getting too much makeup clutter, but I only wear makeup a few times a week so it takes a while to use up what I've got.

>> No.10515225

Forgive me for my retard tier question, but I am completely new to makeup, never used it at all growing up. What products should I get to start out and play around with? What products do you wear daily vs for a lolita coord?

>> No.10515238

start out with drugstore makeup. E.L.F. is the best drugstore brand out there. start with light makeup (concealer, powder, bb creams, gloss, blush, mascara) and work your way up to eyebrows, shadow, contour, etc. from there. daily i don't wear makeup because i do a lot of skincare. in lolita i wear concealer, blush, eyeshadow, mascara, light brow penciling and gel, and sometimes lashes. for lolita, i focus the eye area with black and white liner for shaping, neutral or pinky shadow, glitter, and keep the rest of my face (relatively) natural.

>> No.10515247

Adding onto >>10515238 but make sure you wear sunscreen. Primer is also a good idea if you're wearing liquid foundation.

Biore UV Aqua Rich (available on Amazon) is pretty much the best sunscreen out there for the price point. All drugstore brand Western sunscreens are shit and will look awful under makeup.

Elf is indeed a pretty good brand and so is Colourpop. Although, you get what you pay for. If you find yourself disliking cheaper brands, consider popping into sephora and asking for some samples of nicer foundations (they're free, you can get 3 per visit).

I'm currently my friend's makeup/skincare consultant (I don't sell makeup of any sort nor do I get kickbacks I just recommend various products to her and she's thrilled). Honestly I'm a makeup/skincare sperg and if you have discord or something I'd be happy to coach you as well lmao.

>> No.10515340

When you're just starting, it's best to aim for a natural look. Here's some basic info to start with. I also included what price range you should be looking at. Cheap makeup is much harder to work with and won't look as good, but there's no reason to spend a fortune on it either.

Lolita isn't drag, and doesn't really need special makeup. If you're wearing gothic, use darker eyeshadow and eyeliner. If you're wearing OTT sweet, use more bright pastels, sparkles, and big lashes. But in general you want to aim for a look that's soft and pretty natural.

Moisturizer (any)
>not makeup, but useful if you have very oily or very dry skin
>apply after washing your face

Primer ($10-30)
>makes it easier to apply makeup
>"blurring" primers smooth your pores and skin texture, like irl photoshop
Price range doesn't matter much.

Foundation ($30-50)
If your skin has very even color, look for products with a translucent finish
>BB cream, tinted moisturizers, powder foundation, sheer foundation
If your skin has varied color, look for products with an opaque finish
>cream foundation, liquid foundation
DON'T CHEAP OUT on your foundation!!!! you want mid-range brands like Anastasia, Huda, Fenty, or Tarte. Cheap foundations are much harder to apply and often look terrible. Some brands oxidize, crack, clump, etc.
Using your fingers will give the best result but takes longer than a beauty blender or brush.

Concealer ($20-50)
If you can only afford one, get one in your exact skin tone. If you can afford two, get a second tube a few shades lighter.
>Light concealer around your eyes or to brighten any dark blemishes
>Skin tone concealer for regular blemishes and redness
To cover spots, use a small brush and dab the concealer ONLY directly on the spot.

>> No.10515343


Mascara (any)
I love Tarte's but cheap brands like Maybelline's Great Lash are totally fine.
>Just get black

Eyeliner ($10-20)
Start with pencil eyeliner, not gel or liquid. Pencil gives a softer natural look and is more forgiving of mistakes and shaky hands.
>Look for medium-dark browns, or dark greys
>Some brands really suck, you might have to try a few
>You can fake the look of pencil eyeliner with a flat brush and good eyeshadow, if you really hate applying eyeliner
>Look straight ahead and push your eyeliner in between your eyelashes, try to avoid having a weird blank line between your lashes and liner

Eyeshadow (mini palette $20+, fullsize palette $50+)
A good nude palette is the best place to start. At the cheap end there's stuff like Colourpop, but I've been unimpressed with their shadow quality. For more expensive palettes look at Urban Decay or Anastasia. For bold colors look at Makeup Geek. Cheap drugstore eyeshadow is a total waste of money and will make you miserable
>You probably want at least 3 eyeshadow brushes for light, medium, and dark colors

Basic Eyeshadow Look:
>start by putting a light color right under your brows and at the inner corner of your eye, this can be shimmery or matte and shouldn't be too different from your skin tone
>Use a fluffy brush to put a neutral matte color in your crease, blending it up
>Put a shimmery or bolder color on your lid
>If you want, put a darker color on the outer 3rd of your lid
>Add your eyeliner and blend it all nicely

Brow powder is a good place to start. It can be cheap, or even just one of your eyeshadows. Shape your brows with tweazers and then fill them in a bit. Pretty easy stuff.

No one is wearing this right now anyway.

Bronzer, Contour, Blush, and Highlight
Not necessary, especially for a beginner. Fun to play with, though. Don't go too dark/bold for your skintone.

>> No.10515379
File: 283 KB, 1024x683, The_Face_Shop_Coral_Cushion_Blusher.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe I'm just a basic sweet bitch, but I feel like blush is really necessary to balance out an eye look. Go for something that's not too bright, more pink if you are a cooler tone or orange if you are warmer. I like these puff ones because you can do one pat on your face for a light look or build it up if needed. If these aren't available, get a big fluffy brush. Again, you can always build up blushes, so start light.

In addition, a good eyeshadow primer can make even cheaper shadows last, so look into getting one, especially if you are going to start with pencil liners.

>> No.10515521

I disagree with mascara being an essential over lipstick for a natural look.

>> No.10515526
File: 13 KB, 260x260, 41fYFYviBYL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I honestly had really good luck with k and j brands for cheap foundation, sometimes better than western mid tier brands.

I agree with >>10515379
and >>10515521
as well. If I'm feeling particularly lazy, I usually thicken my eyeliner but I rarely skip on lips and do at least a tinted chapstick. I feel like at least as a basic classic lolita bitch nothing brings more joy than putting a bunch of blush right under my eye - it just gives such a rosy look

>> No.10515531

How the hell do people make pigment on their waterline last forever? Am I missing something? Right now I'm using the maybelline kajal liner in brown, but I have a bunch of pencils, including gel pencils just sitting around. Is it just bad luck with watery eyes?
>I honestly had really good luck with k and j brands for cheap foundation, sometimes better than western mid tier brands.
This and also I experience the same thing when it comes to face powder. Maybe it's just me but whenever I use western powders I look really cakey.

>> No.10515553

I feel like blush doesn't show up well on black people tho

>> No.10515585

Depends on your skin tone. It can be hard if you're very dark. But if you get a nice shade it is fine. I'm not super dark or light skinned and I mostly use cream blushes (my current favorite is from canmake) or cheek stain on days where I wear absolute minimal makeup and just do my cheeks and lips. It turns out just fine. If you're lighter skinned and black you can also just use anything a darker Japanese person might use (if you're going for Asian products) and look fine as long as it suits your undertones.

>> No.10516632

What are some of your favorite facial exfoliators? I want to try some new ones.

>> No.10516736

Cosrx BHA liquid.

>> No.10516745

Drunk Elephant Sukari Babyfacial

>> No.10516928

I love paulas choice for exfoliants, I love the BHA Liquid and the 5% daily AHA

>> No.10517115
File: 210 KB, 1261x1682, Etude House Lip Tint Dyp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a habit of licking my lips a lot so my lipstick never stays on. I have some of the etude house lip tints (pic) and they're very long lasting, but I was wondering if you guys have any better recs.

>> No.10517123

I have made my own lip tint when I was broke before with food coloring and jojoba oil. Lasts all day and is moisturizing.

>> No.10517128

she asked for good recommendations...

>> No.10517131

Depends on the blush, I've seen a lot of black people use Alamar cosmetics or neon mua's collab with midas cosmetics, I've heard good things from Milani and Fenty beauty too. No idea for J or K makeup recommendations though, when I see darker skin people shop for blushes it's usually something rich (not necessarily pigmented, it can still be ashy and pigmented) and generally more saturated. I don't shop for blushes often, but there must be something for darker skin there right?
How do people generally apply lip tints to last longer? I always feel like I apply lip tints wrong.

>> No.10517135

Now I just use any old Korean brand, but she already knows about those.

>> No.10518095

they use the thick part of the cone for the thick curls, anon

>> No.10518350

Lip stains are great. To be honest, you're better off trying to break the habit. I use vaseline or other thicker lip balms to decrease the chance of my lips feeling dry and like I want to lick them

>> No.10518871
File: 28 KB, 500x426, 41BfzQbnP+L.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My holy grail lip tint is pic related, 3CE Tattoo Lip Tint. Lasts better than any other lip tint I've tried.
That Etude House lip tint you posted is good as well, it has been a staple of mine for years too. Works well and last a fair bit of eating/talking/licking your own lips etc. As good as they both last tho, they aren't indestructible. At some point they're gonna start fading, but definitely better than normal lipstick imo.

I usually use that Etude House lip tint as a lighter base, and add the 3CE lip tint in the inner part lips for a gradient effect. For added bonus I also add clear lip balm on the top to keep the lips hydrated, my favorite for that is Tonymoly Mini Peach Lip Balm.

>> No.10519439
File: 16 KB, 300x300, 300[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm looking for shops that sell good short wigs, like "season 1 Dean from Supernatural" length wigs. Any recommendations?

>> No.10524411
File: 51 KB, 620x837, nyx-soft-matte-lip-cream-review-and-swatch1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are the nyx soft matte lipsticks good for that Korean gradient lip trend? I think full-on lipstick looks bad on me but I still wanna use western products.
I have lipsticks that don't really work for this because they don't sheer out very well.

>> No.10524414

Use concealer and a lip stain not lipstick

>> No.10524415

too thick. most liquid lips/cremes aren't going to work well--at that point it's better to use a nude lipstick and a red lipstick to create the gradient

why limit yourself to western products? easier to buy in store?

>> No.10524427

Yeah. I don't like buying stuff online.

>> No.10524437

Yes, Moisturize your lips with a non oil based product, blot, put a dot of product in the area you want darkest and blend out with finger tip. These tend to be more vivid than they appear in the container so use sparingly, you can also layer colors.

>> No.10525439
File: 121 KB, 800x800, 74465462a689cd2e3bbd617d4cf41a8d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I make lower lashes not look like trash. They look cute and natural up close, but from afar it looks like a thin line of black. I'm also looking into extentions, but at that point I'd want to do both my top and bottom lashes so that's like my final option (would be nice to not have to apply falsies all the time).

in;b4 just put mascara, my lashes are so thin and sparce it barely does anything. I've tried using liner to draw them too and while I sorta like it, it's tedious to do.

>> No.10525460


Do you line your waterline? I find it helps even my sparse lashes pop a bit without necessarily resorting to falsies.

>> No.10525549

Recommendations for an all pink or mostly pink makeup palette? I want to be able to experiment and see what looks good on me

>> No.10525850

colourpop's miss bliss or in a trance might work for you depending on your skintone. they're pretty inexpensive (on sale for $9 rn)

>> No.10525970

Would front bangs or side bangs (like J bangs) be easier for a low maintenance person? I tend to have my hair at chin-to-shoulder length and I typically don't do any styling with it, but I just want to have cute hair even when I don't wear wigs. I'm open to learning how to do low-maintenance styling if I have to.

>> No.10525971


depends on your hair I guess, but I do front bangs because if I want side bangs, I simply curl them with a flat iron to the side, and if I want front bangs, I curl them to the front. Mostly I just leave as is which is fairly low maintenance. But be warned, if you just leave them as is and you have a greasy forehead, you are guaranteed to have greasy bangs at the end of the day. But front bangs seem to be easier for me.

>> No.10525972

Unpopular opinion, but I just trim my bangs into really short Jbangs and slowly convert them to side bangs as they grow out. In terms of everyday styling though, straight Jbangs are far easier to style

>> No.10525975


Samefag but I also feel they're easier to cut. I used to do side bangs back in college and those just seemed trickier and more fiddly.

>> No.10525986

You can always wash just your bangs in the sink and blow dry them if they get dirty but you don't wanna take a full on shower.

>> No.10525999

Nayrt but omg genius

>> No.10526182
File: 41 KB, 500x393, 80a0508f5fa168fd67dffedb857bcd91.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone got recommendations for a true metallic gold lipstick? I've been checking everywhere and the majority seem like they're meant as a shimmery topcoat, not as an opaque base. Even some of the more cosplay-oriented makeup brands don't do a lot of metallics.

>> No.10526226

there's also dry shampoo

>> No.10526795

I like the little poofs in the video you linked.
My coworker does her hair like that all the time for work, and it always looks really cute.

>> No.10526805

When I was using lip tints, I would go over it with some lip balm or oil. I usually use scented carmex or Nyx #thisiseverything lip oil. Would last me quite while.

>> No.10526813

I had a lipstick from Nyx year ago for a Manga Venus I never ended up doing. At the time it seemed a good "bright yellow gold" but not sure if that is what you are looking for or if they still make it.

>> No.10526885

Tell me vmasks don't work so I don't spend my money. I have an oval face shape and surgery is too daunting.

>> No.10526910

They only work if your face is actually round due to bloating. It won't change bone structure. Good for people who aren't fat but have chubby faces, but not for people with square jaws.

>> No.10527184

They don't work. If you have giant masseters (usually if you're grinding your teeth or clenching) botox can help a tiny bit, but for most people nothing short of jaw surgery will change your face shape.

>> No.10527246
File: 160 KB, 639x796, pbl_gldl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

metallics are kind of out of style so they're hard to find. MAC used to have a line called bling thing that had exactly what you're looking for. colourpop and limecrime used to carry a metallic gold too. the closest i can think of that's still available is portland black lipstick company's gilded lily- it can definitely be applied more opaquely than the swatch here, but it's a cream formula and still won't have the exact look that you see with the liquid lip products.

>> No.10528274

Any product recommendations that help with oily skin? Whether it be a foundation/primer/powder etc.

I moisturize well and what I use now isn’t too bad but it could always be better

>> No.10528320

Oof, you're a few years too late anon. That being said, Beautylish has Sugarpill's Glint in stock which is a warm gold - maybe what you're after? I think Sephora has a liquid lipstick that's gold, but I personally don't rate their liquid lipstick formula.

Mac Prep and Prime is excellent, and I use the Innisfree No Sebum Powder as well

>> No.10528325

Two questions

1. My hair does not hold a tease anymore. It’s shiny and healthier now than when I was bleaching, but now I can’t do any styles with structure, and hairspray isn't belong

2. My hair is all one length right now, how do I go about asking for layers that will keep my length but give volume? for reference I like big curly gyaru hairstyles

>> No.10528787

1. Use hair pads, extensions and hairpieces. The healthier hair is, the harder it is to tease usually particularly if it's straight

2. Literally ask your hairdresser if that is possible with your hair type. Layers alone will only do so much, you need to style your hair as well.

>> No.10528797
File: 215 KB, 777x502, 62687BE4-609C-4656-81EE-0FF8F36CA6D9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gucci has one. If you want to pay $46 for lipstick

>> No.10528802

Not crazy compared to the pricing of a lot of efamous makeup gurus and companies' lipstick prices.

Does sugarpill not have gold? I thought they released a metallic collection for their liquid lips.

>> No.10528807

Sugarpill's Glint (warm gold) is available in bullet lipstick form at Ulta online only and from beautylish online as a liquid lip. Probably other places too but that was the first to come up in a google search.

>> No.10529114

Remedies for a darker forehead? I use a light aha toner and gentle exfoliant daily and don't really notice any results. Can anyone recommend stronger products or different methods?

>> No.10529173

Vitamin c

>> No.10529358

So I'm trying to figure out what shampoo to use after years of just using mane n tail products and realizing my hair is falling out a lot. Aside from shampoo brands, I can't figure out what "type" of shampoo I need, like clarifying, moisturizing, restorative, reconstructing, volumizing, etc, I see these terms a lot but I'm too stupid to know which is best for me so I'd like some help figuring that out. I have dry frizzy ends and flat greasy roots (I shower daily but tried the no shampoo meme in the past with no results) and I've been told that I have "lots of fine hair" by my hair stylist, and it's wavy after dryed & combed thoroughly.

If anyone can lend some help I'd greatly appreciate it, I can't figure out what to google that'll get me actual help and not a million ads and sponsored clickbait articles.

>> No.10531764

Why don't you ask your stylist for recommendations?

>> No.10531799

Do one wash with a clarifying shampoo then switch to something sulfate free. Avoid volumising if you frizz although desu those are buzzwords most of the time anyway. Try shampooing only your scalp and conditioning only your ends, silicone free is usually better for most people with fine hair unless you need the weight to keep it from frizzing, and use a leave in conditioner to help keep the ends less dry.

>> No.10531813

Anons advice here is great >>10531799

Avoid silicon shampoos (it's hard to avoid in conditioner but honestly you want some in conditioner for a bit of slip to avoid tangles/breakage). Even if you only buy one shampoo, don't be afraid to shampoo twice in the shower (rinse & repeat not just a marketing ploy especially if you use a lot of product and don't wash hair every day). Your scalp may be dry, causing your skin to overcompensate by producing more oil on your scalp. So a gentle moisturizing shampoo, although it sounds counterintuitive, may help.

I have been a big fan of the Living Proof brand for a few years, and it's pretty much all I use for styling/heat protection. They make shampoo and conditioner as well. It uses OFPMA instead of silicon. OFPMA has less molar mass (weight) than silicon, so it doesn't weigh your hair down and make it greasy. But it also has slip and low thermal conductivity like silicon, making it a good heat protectant as well. Sounds like it might be a good product line for you if you want to add shine/smoothness to your ends without worrying about greasing up your scalp with product (my hair chin length and layered, so I can't really avoid getting product near my roots; obv. less of a problem if your hair is long).

>> No.10532277

What's a good easy to remove lengthening mascara? Something cheap, desu.

>> No.10532315
File: 220 KB, 828x1085, 55E225E8-2BB7-4D21-9555-E274A230CD76.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey, so I have these scars on my cheeks from severe cystic acne in 2015. They’re really only noticeable in specific lighting, but I hate them. I was considering getting microneedling treatments, but some people told me I’d benefit more from subcision. Thoughts?

The scars used to be a LOT worse but Tretinoin and other skincare has gotten me very far over the years. I think this is as good as I can get with home stuff.

>> No.10532340
File: 194 KB, 1280x1090, 0F260F00-4EA0-41ED-9162-A4EDE11A25F6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic related applied to exfoliated clean lips, plus a good top coat of lip balm. I get mine from my dentist, nothing special, some burts bees would do. Maybe the balm could keep them moist enough to stop the urge to lick.

>> No.10533449

Has anyone tried magnetic eyelashes and if so which brand do you use? I’ve seen some people rave about glamnetic, but I’m wondering if a cheaper option wouldn’t be just as good

>> No.10533453

I haven't tried glamnetic but tried a cheaper one and it was horribly sticky, hard to clean the lashes (they fell apart and weren't reusable and still had stuff on them and wouldn't come fully clean of the liner) and just in general awful. If I try the glamnetic ones I'll update on if they're better but yeah the cheap ones are super annoying and useless after one wear.

>> No.10533477

Thanks anons, these were actually really helpful leads!

>> No.10533485

i love magnetic eyelashes but would only recommend using a half lash. they're much easier to snap on than full lash

if you want very full huge eyelashes i'd just use normal glue ones, but for a daily look the half lashes are great and easy to use

>> No.10536317

How do you guys do eyeshadow??I’ll start doing my eyeshadow light but then 10 minutes later it looks like a drag queen clown.

>> No.10536574

it obviously really depend on your eye shape but since cut crease dont look great on me I mostly start by highlighting my inner corner with light shimmery shadow and apply my darkest shadow in my outside corner ( the angle you put your shadow at have to be in harmony with you eyebrow tail shape or your eye may look more droopy ), then blend it with another shade, a bit darker then my skintone. I find it to be easier to control then the beauty guru way of starting with a skintone shade all over the lid. Casual gyaru eye makeup chart are pretty good unless you have a very suken in crease.

>> No.10536578

I noticed since I moved to another city for college that my skin have more texture then a few months ago and I should really get my skincare routine together, but since I don't have a lot of money to spend in one time, I wondered what was best to buy in which order ? I already have a day cream, a night cream, under eye cream and sunscreen but it's running out, I don't have a face cleanser...
I guess starting by buying :
-face cleanser ( probably cerave since it's easy to find and I have dry skin but easly clogged pore )
-suncreen ( probably will have to import a korean one since the ones from my country are super sticky)
- new face cream since I'm not a big fan of the ones I have
- a chemical exfoliant or something with active ingredient to help with the texture.

Idk if I'm missing something important ( maybe something to double cleanse but I don't wear makeup often). I'm also wondering if it could be better to order multiple items I need from korea, but I'm mostly worried about them not working with my skin type.

>> No.10541565

I have extremely fine, wavy, frizzy, dry, sensitive hair that breaks super easily, but I'd like to wear my natural hair down for a coord. What can I do to repair it or at least temporarily smoothen it down without it looking greasy with product?

>> No.10541974
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