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How can I wear lolita to a rave party?

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Are there some specific guidelines to what makes shoes appropriate for lolita? Mainly for oldschool

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You have to break some rules
1)no headress
2) sneakers instead of shoes
3) detach everything detachable
4)wear something washable
5)cotton is your friend
6)have fun

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Look for round toe, low and thick heel and general childlike appearance

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Maybe wear cheap clothing like from Bodyline or Taobao?
What do you mean by how?

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how come secondhand baby sells for less than ap

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It's not as overall popular as AP. There are some pieces that sell for more, but those are generally "iconic" dresses or prints.

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what about winter shoes? most boots don't really have a childlike appearance

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If it's at a large venue, you can generally stand and chill in the back, outside the crowd, and not worry about constraints. If you're going to dance, you'll get really sweaty so I recommend a cotton cutsew because I find poly makes BO worse. If it's outside, wear boots and/or dark socks because the dust, dirt, and grime will absolutely discolor canvas sneakers and socks.

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Are there some good tips for wearing non-wig bangs on a hot dry day? I find that the very top of my forehead sweats a lot, and parting the hair a bit helps a little. I've resorted to straight up just spraying deodorant on my forehead which also helps a lot, but I'm sure there's a better way. No acne yet from that, but I'm still worried. I live in a hot climate and would rather not look like a hot mess when wearing jfash or lolita

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>Round toe
>Low and thick heel
Seriously, just look at old GLB scans and write down words that describe the shoes you see and pick out the most common ones if it's that hard

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Blotting papers

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How do you view a seller’s feedback on Mercari? Seller has a couple negative among tons of positive and I want to know why.

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Misako had some videos about heat (bottom) and hair (top). I think the gist was to carry one of those cute little handtowels and a bangs curler or mini straightener.

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I live in Texas, so super hot. I cut my bangs last year and figured out a method that works no matter the weather, even for 12+ hour days outside. Note that this will only work with decently thick bangs, like jfash triangle bangs. If you have thin bangs like the air bang trend then it won't work and you're SoL

>Start with clean dry hair.
>Use a flat iron to curl your bangs in the morning. You don't want curly and you don't want totally straight, just a nice "fluffy" shape with some volume.
>(if you have straight or flat hair, aim for more volume than you ultimately want bc it will fall throughout the day.)
>Spray a little dry shampoo on your bangs and ruffle it through with your fingers. You mostly want it on the lower layers of your bangs, to help absorb sweat and oil through the day.
>MOST IMPORTANT STEP: When you get hot and sweaty DON'T touch your bangs or your forehead. Just leave it alone. The bottom layers of your bangs might get damp but the top will probably stay nice and fluffy and dry.

If you have access to a good mirror and a comb you can dry your forehead and attempt to carefully restyle your bangs. But if you mess with them while you're sweaty you risk transferring sweat and oil throughout your hair and making them look limp and gross.

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I appreciate it anons. It's about time I bought me a mini hair straightener and some dry shampoo.

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Has anyone here customized their own socks before? I've been wanting to make my own since the lace style I want isn't available anymore. I'm wondering where I can find nice quality utk socks for a base.

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Is it possible to commission an old school AP skirt from a dressmaker? I want this skirt so bad but im giving up hope of every finding it. Do any of y'all have experience commissioning rare pieces?

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I have, I just gathered the lace, then sewed it onto the top of the sock by stretching the sock to its max while feeding it into the machine if that makes sense
I don't have recs tho because mine were from a store that closed

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Yes but you should commission a similar design not a replica. Go to someone with experience making lolita garments like The Black Ribbon or Lab de Merveilles.

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How are the WunderWelt bloomers? I'm just looking for something simple and nothing currently on brand websites is really interesting me, but the WW ones look a little flimsy in the stock photo.

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Does anyone have any recs for Hispanic lolitas? Preferably of a darker skin color? Thanks!

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I can think of several good Hispanic lolitas and a lot of good darker complexioned lolitas but for some reason all the morena lolitas I remember seeing are ita. Here’s kurofrills for now while I look more.

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Desighn replicas are ok

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Lol good luck with that!

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recs for classic/gothic taobao blouses in navy/cobalt blue that are ready to ship?
I waited over a month for a blouse I'm sure isn't coming so I want to get a different one before I ship my stuff

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Only print replicas are bad

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They are nice cotton but they are thin. Would be good for warm weather.

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I don't want to be famous but I do wish I got more attention. My coords are too basic and casual so i always get overlooked. What should I do? I don't want to go OTT as I am mainly old school.

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Thank you, that's very helpful! I might just go for it then - I'm not looking for warmth so much as modesty anyway.

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What are some good wig shops in Japan for wigs for lolita? I need something prestyled.

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I’m oldschool as well and get alright engagement. Things that have worked for me:

>good camera
>no mirror shots
>consistent or interesting setting
>boring outfits are fine, just do them well and don’t look sloppy
>styled natural hair over wigs, even if your hair is shit

Even if your posts don’t get attention now, keep at it and you’ll eventually become a face people appreciate seeing. I can think of a few lolitas I follow on Instagram that really aren’t very beautiful or dress interestingly, but they post consistently and have a handful of thousands of followers to show for it. Good luck!

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hey thanks! it’s been hard to find Hispanic lolitas that dress well for me to find some inspiration and figure what might look good on me

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Am I going insane or is the historical reenactment nouji who selfposted in /ouG/ a few threads back now a BS (or rather, BB) in the Big Sisters mentoring group?

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he is. just shows how trash that group is.

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thank you anon, will do

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God save the lolita.

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This is what itas tell themselves to feel better

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>thinking lolita invented pintucks or ruffles
does it hurt to be this stupid?

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Design replication is absolutely a real thing and you will see companies get in trouble for it across many domains. Try and sell a bed in America that's identical to a specific model of Ikea bed and see how far you get.

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>AP gonna sue me for my bows!
I'll take my chances, thanks.

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Good thing they don't sound like they are going to produce any for a commercial market so cares? The AP Police?

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She is actually Filipino, but I think she could be a good inspiration for anyone with similar features

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>Only things illegal are wrong

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we are talking about clothes and shoes. please research before you come to these stupid conclusions.

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You're completely right, my bad.

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It's not hard to change small details to make something original. But go ahead and make your replica and see where that gets you.

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Brands have literally put patterns for their dresses in GLBs for people to recreate but go off

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You have explicit permission from the brands to use those patterns. That doesn't mean it's ok to replicate any design you want. The police won't come after you but it's still shitty.

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It really doesn’t matter dude.

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I honestly don't see what the problem is if it's one skirt just for you. You aren't having it made with the intent to pass it off as the real thing and make a profit like other replica makers do.

You could always have the person you commission the skirt from tweak it in some way to make it unique from the original and not a carbon copy, like using different lace, adding pockets, etc. Go all out and make your dream skirt!

Someday I'm going to make or commission a dress similar to this one that Momoko wears. I heard it was a one-off made for the movie and I've never seen anything else like it. I already have a similar, but not identical, fabric picked out.

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dropped my pic

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>make a profit
the OP wanted to take it to a tailor, so the tailor would be the one profiting off of someone else's design. if OP wants to learn to sew the piece herself, by all means.

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Hey anon, I'm also a morena and unfortunately there are not a lot of brown girls in the fashion, but maybe I just haven't had luck finding them. Even Mexican lolitas tend to be white. So I usually save black girls as inspo hah. Here are some of my faves from insta, I'm so sorry if they are not hispanic!!! I just went thru my IG real fast.

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There's a lot more of them going around as well. Baby is (in?)famous for doing second and third rounds if a preorder is so bad that everything sells out the hour it goes live. Plus all the remakes and re-releases of their classic or popular pieces as well. So everyone who wants to buy a popular dress direct from Baby has a pretty good chance, and several chances more with stores doing popular re-releases as event exclusives.

The prices really only go up when it's one of the pieces that tread between being iconic and popular, but not enough people want it for Baby to justify a re-release. There aren't many of those, Baby's even happier than AP to do a re-release if they think they can sell even half of it and put the other half on 10% off sale later.

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Does anyone have any good headbow reccomendations?

I'm into AP sweet but I really dislike the headbows that usually come with the dress. I like a more tilted down,slightly droopy headbow. I know AP released some in the past but I can't find them for sale anymore. I'd be happy to buy indie if possible

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Do you have a picture of what you mean?

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I know these are two different shapes but either of these would be good

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for the left baby makes similar ones

>> No.10487350

Like the other anon said I would look for Baby headbows for the left, that's a staple design for them. If they don't have any up right now you can probably find them used.

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I'm a size 8.5. Would the usakumya slippers fit me?

>> No.10487373

What are the chances id be able to snag a pair of girly sticker socks from APusa?

>> No.10487443

Possibly low because the west comm seems to love the socks much more than the dresses, and sweet is trending rn.

>> No.10487447

Does AP Paris ship to U.S.?

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No I'm a size 8.5 and they're too small for me

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I bought surprisingly good basic otk socks just from aliexpress. they were thick and stretchy enough to go over my fat highs and long legs and stay up. They also had multiple lengths available so you should find utk socks too. Just pay attention to the reviews when looking at listings and you should be good!

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Yea you just gotta shell out the bucks

>> No.10487550

Are there any Western indie brands that make plain black skirts/JSKs?

>> No.10487552

"indie brand" makes me laugh. Most of the "big" Japanese lolita companies except maybe AP are staffed by like five people and a rabbit.

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ok but you didn't answer the question
nayrt btw

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Is there any historical origin of the rectangle headdress in lolita fashion? I've only ever seen them in relation to lolita, unlike bonnets which have a clear historical influence or headbows which are just sort of a generic accessory among many styles. How exactly did the rectangle headdress become so ubiquitous with lolita fashion and where did it come from in the first place?

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I imagine they’re inspired by lace day caps ladies wore even pre-Victorian era. Modified to be more modernized into a headband. I honestly don’t know though

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i like Elegy, her commissions are closed right now though and most of the stuff is out of stock

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What kind of fabrics are good for a beginner to use when trying to sew? Should fabric from stores like Joann's be avoided? Also what are the best fabrics to use? I've sewn before but it was simple things like a tote bag or pillowcase and I usually just used whatever scrap fabric I had. When it comes to a big project aka something wearable for public, I have no idea.

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I think its a mix of the idea of a "maid headress" and victorian caps like >>10488022 said

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other victorian headresses that could be the aesthetic inspiration

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I can definitely see some influence coming from the day caps! And I don't know how I didn't consider maid headdresses, that makes a lot of sense too.

>> No.10488047

I completely overlooked the maid aesthetic but that makes a lot of sense. I think that headdress also considered type of cap.

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here are some answers i screenshotted in the past

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sorry this one is not cgl-specific

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Can anyone recommend US-based artists/locals that are selling cute bat accessories, that are actually good? I’m mainly looking for hair clips, but I’ve been scrolling through them on Etsy and most look pretty terrible, and the cool ones I’ve seen are all in Europe and likely won’t get here by Halloween

>> No.10488124

Eat Me Ink Me has plain black skirts. There's also a couple of sellers on Etsy, like JoyAmaranthine has a listing for custom basic skirts for $35+. idk how good any of the Etsy shops' quality is, but they probably wouldn't fuck up a plain skirt/JSK too bad.

>> No.10488163

Thank you, anon! This really helps because now I have a solid general direction to go.

>> No.10488168 [DELETED] 

If it's been longer then 10 years since the design was created, you can, yes. However, obviously you cannot pay to replicate artwork for a print ever. You do have to state that you are aware it's a replication, and state understanding it isn't an original design. Designs can be replicated after 10 years so long as it's acknowledged it's not an original design, artwork can never be replicated.

>> No.10488172

"This is also possible when the design registration has lapsed as designs can only be registered for ten years. Once the ten years lapse, any business can sell replicas of the design. However, the business that do sell replicas need to ensure that they are not doing it in a misleading or deceptive manner and that they are not infringing trade marks or any other legal right.

Furthermore, if a business is considering using or selling a replica design, they need to ensure that they are not infringing any registered designs. Further, they need to ensure that they are not misleading or deceiving consumers that the product is an original."

I figured I'd post the actual wording before I lead you to do something illegal. Remember embroidery and the ilk can count as artwork so you can't replicate embroidery patterns.

>> No.10488175 [DELETED] 

And, no, you can't open a shop selling 'replica old school 'insert brand'." At a certain point, just the acknowledgement of the company could get you booked with infringement by using their name. You could run a company that replicates 'dated clothing' upon request, and acknowledge the maker of the clothing, but to have a company full of listings of 'replica Baby, the Stars Shine Bright pieces' could easily get you booked for utilizing a trademarked name to increase sales. I'd only do it if you just absolutely adore the piece & you know there's no way you'll ever get a hold of it because they barely exist anymore.

>> No.10488176

And, no, you can't open a shop selling 'replica old school 'insert brand'." At a certain point, just the acknowledgement of the company could get you booked with infringement by using their name. You could run a company that replicates 'dated clothing' upon request, and acknowledge the maker of the clothing, but to have a company full of listings of 'replica Baby, the Stars Shine Bright pieces' could easily get you booked for utilizing a trademarked name to increase sales. I'd only do it if you just absolutely adore the piece & you know there's no way you'll ever get a hold of it because they barely exist anymore. Legally, the law would cover both you and the seller in that example.

>> No.10488204

This is so autistic and not even related to anon's question

>> No.10488667

cuteparade has cool creepy cute stuff and shes from california

>> No.10488762

Does AP do anything special for Christmas? Or are sales and lucky packs in January?

>> No.10488764

Yes, but you may have trouble finding similar lace etc. and some 'dressmakers' will not realise how much fullness they need in the skirt if they are inexperienced or unfamiliar with the fashion. So make sure you communicate well!

>> No.10488802

I want to alter the bust for a jsk and the tutorials online seem easy enough, but my sewing experience is plush making tier. It looks like all you need to do is cut out an upsidedown triangle in the inches you need then and sew it into the sides. I was thing of sewing it into the shirring to hide it better. Is there anything I need to be aware of before I do this? I have a cheap taobao dress I want to practice on but still wanting to know if there's any tips or things to keep in mind when altering a dress for a bigger bust.

>> No.10488833

Do it on the side like tutorials suggest, or take it to a professional tailor. Ideally one that has experience on wedding or prom dresses. If it has back shirring you're gonna fuck it up and will make it oddly wider for your back.

>> No.10488864

Noted and will stick with the sides. If I end up fucking up on the practice dress, I'll just take it to a tailor instead. Thanks!

>> No.10488890

Rather than using just a general triangle shape, I have done this by seamripping the sides of the dress, putting it on, and making a template by tracing the shape that's made when I pull the dress to how I want it to sit on me. Add some seam allowance, shape it a bit so it fits cleanly in there, and done.

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any anons know who the woman pic related is?
been searhing her for a while. what she was?

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Fuck off scrote

>> No.10488922


Not sure if this belongs here or sewing thread, but if I use an OnS pattern that is for a blouse with full or partial shirring with knit fabric and just make it slightly smaller since the fabric has stretch will I essentially just have a shirred cutsew? I have seen some cute brand shirred cutsews but want to make my own in a color I haven't seen used before. I like the shirring mixed with the knit fabric because I'm busty and it helps the top not be baggy or bunched oddly and I don't have to do a lot of tailoring for it to fit smoothly.

>> No.10488938

i live in a country that japan hasn't resumed shipping to. does anyone know some brands that are shipping to south america? so many of the brands listed on the giant indie spreadsheet are defunct now that it's incredibly frustrating to go through.

i do this without the flat iron and it still really helps maintain my bangs throughout the day

>> No.10488947

Yes, but some of the details may not translate well to knit fabric

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Is it normal for Tenshi to take 24+ hours to reply to a shopping request? I have ordered with her in the past and she always answered very quickly when it was daytime in Japan so I'm getting a bit worried the items I want are going to be bought up by someone else at this point. I read on her website that she's getting an influx of orders which is understandable, but I'm not sure if I should message her yet or hold off until maybe 48+ hours have passed.
Anyone who's bought with Tenshi recently, is this normal? Please help, I really don't want to lose out on these items.

>> No.10488965

You fucking sperg do you even know what country anon is in and if BTSSB actively protects their trademark there?

I hope you fail the bar, if not, you'll make a terrible lawyer

>> No.10488980

Since COVID retail therapy has peaked, she does often take longer than 24 hours to respond to a request. Get used to it for now.

>> No.10488985

That's a relief at least that she hasn't missed my request and is just working slowly through all the orders right now. Thanks anon!

>> No.10488987

Oh shit, that's a damn good idea. Thanks again!

>> No.10488995

She's getting slammed with orders from the past few AP releases, I still haven't even heard about the Little Witch stuff I had her buy from almost 2 weeks ago

>> No.10489044

Yes, it is possible. Just be sure to go to a good professional and explain what you want, preferably giving them the length and width of the skirt.
About the ethics of it, design replicas are not illegal, but sometimes frowned upon, specially on designs that are very specific. For generic pieces it is not a problem and sincerely, commissioning one skirt that isn’t being sold anymore from a small dressmaker isn’t a problem.

>> No.10489045

How long does it usually takes for people to start bidding on your sale if the price is reasonable?

>> No.10489047

Some people will watch auctions until the last minute to try to snipe bid. It's impossible to tell, really.

>> No.10489049
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Do I have bad taste or is the pink version of DG cute?

>> No.10489056

Yes and yes

>> No.10489058

Like the other anon said, I've shopped with her for years and right now she's just very, very busy. Sending more than one email (unless there's an actual emergency) will just stress her out more and possibly put you on her bad side. She'll eventually reply, but sadly it means that missing out on items is a pretty frequent occurrence right now. Don't worry though - it's a shared experience and not just you.

>> No.10489069

I'd rather not poke her further then. I may just have to go with another SS right now because the items I'm after are quite rare and I'm terrified they're going to get snatched up. Is it rude to 'cancel' my order with her (I haven't paid any form of deposit) to go to another SS? I don't want to back out but at the same time, was not expecting to have to wait this long and if I lost these items because of that I'd be pretty heartbroken as it's unlikely they would ever resurface. No payment has been made, so I feel like I should go with my usual SS and just take the huge DHL shipping cost.. but I don't wanna be a dick or break any rules of hers.

>> No.10489079

It would really be unfair to you if you missed out on rare items because she couldn’t get to you in time. So do what you have to to get them. Also make sure the SS you use works on weekends.

>> No.10489086

she is a japanese actress from the short lived lolita tv series "deka wanko" not even a main character, a background store worker.
if she wasn't in deka wanko she was the one from the japanese lolita wrestling short.

>> No.10489088

She's Natsuki Kato, a Japanese actress.
The movie is Musashino-sen no shimai ("Sisters of Musashino Line")

>> No.10489135

Don't cancel. Just switch SS and have them buy it, then Tenshi wouldn't be able to purchase the sold out anyways. Part of Tenshi's rules (and many other SS's rules) is that once you request something, you can't cancel it. You can wind up on their blacklist.

>> No.10489174

Has anyone else who ordered Neon Star Diner from AP USA heard anything yet? It just hit me that their estimate said October and we’re already halfway through the month...

>> No.10489212

what brands put out decent point collar blouses? sheglit and moitie come to mind but im lookingnto expand my closet a bit more

>> No.10489267

I'm not sure. I'm waiting on Wrapping Heart which also said October. Another anon here said they were waiting on Toy Doll Box which was even earlier.

>> No.10489269

How can I make a hime-cut work with glasses?

If I let the fringe fall over the sides of the glasses, it creates that unnatural gap/dark shadow area between my head and the wig. If I tuck the fringe under the glasses, it looks dorky.

>> No.10489299

Thanks so much anons!!

>> No.10489323

H.naoto, Ozz onn and BPN/PN (look second hand, obviously) have done reasonable ones before

>> No.10489333

Is this a selfpost lol

>> No.10489354

I'm trying to avoid customs fees, is it possible to order from IW via a forwarding service with a foreign credit card? Or PayPal, but I was thinking that I'd have to make a brand new PayPal email if I went that route since they'll only ship to your PayPal address and you can't change your PP address to one in a different country.

>> No.10489357

ozz on too

>> No.10489491

Has anyone tried repairing a flaking bag? Advice? Thinking of trying either angelus paint or the new flexible paint EX Paint ? At Joanns / michaels. Its for my AP bag that’s flaking pretty badly, I want to fix it up if I can. Any advice is appreciated .

>> No.10489547

You can use a shopping service if that's what you're asking. I did it just recently for the same reason and to save on shipping.

>> No.10489632

I’ve used mod podge to stop flaking and then angelus paint on top for color it’s holding well.

>> No.10489638

I emailed, they got back to me and said late October - early November. They're waiting on a shipment from Japan.

>> No.10489679

I just let the side pieces drape over my glasses, I think it looks fine and no-one has ever said anything but it's also my natural hair

>> No.10489685

Oh I haven’t thought of mod podge! I will try it out thank you!

>> No.10489830

no lol I just buy from her during every fanime and like her stuff?

>> No.10490071

Does tenso mark down packages or declare them as a gift? I just skimmed their site and it seems like they don't, but I could've swore that I've heard gulls say that tenso marked down their large packages before

>> No.10490090
File: 450 KB, 480x640, P16OP320-bo_1024x1024.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've never bought an OP because I have a 45cm shoulder width. JSKs have larger busts or can be easily altered to fit my bust so that's what I stick with. However pic related actually has the perfect bust but shoulder is 36cm. I've seen some taobao dresses that have a forgivable shoulder size if you're a bit bigger and wondering the same for this. So do you think something like this would fit or should I just pass? It's no big deal if I can't.

>> No.10490145

No. I have a shoulder of 39cm and have to pass on most OP's. Being allmost 10cm over the max won't magically fit you.

>> No.10490249

It is possible to edit your package information from your My Page.

**Information of Packages and Declared Values**
Please simply click in the order of: "International Shipments" -> "Details" -> "Edit"
--The average unit price of each category of items must be at least 1JPY.
--The declared value is used for calculating insurance.
--The amount of a compensation fee depends on the declaration value.
--Please do not enter more than the actual price you paid for each item.

Please note that any changes to package details or a shipping address must be made
before paying for international shipping.""

>> No.10490302

Is there a good non-personal shopping service other than Japonica that can order items off Mercari right now?

>> No.10490399

buyee is easy to work with but they're not fast.

>> No.10490533

White Rabbit Express, but they’re expensive and they don’t work on the holidays or weekends.

>> No.10490648

I've been getting a "403 Forbidden" page for wunderwelt in the last few days. Is it just me?

>> No.10490650

The website is under maintenance right now, that's probably why. It was fine for me yesterday though and now it's just showing an "under maintenance" message in Japanese rather than a 403 forbidden.

>> No.10490652

are there like garterbelt equivalents for shirts. this isn't even j fashion specific, i'm just tired of wearing tops under my dresses and having them ride up, especially with off the shoulder ones.

>> No.10490662 [DELETED] 

My new kitten shat on this dress i was going to sell. Is there any way to get rid of the stain and smell safely?

>> No.10490666

This is bait ya dinguses

>> No.10490668 [DELETED] 

Why would it be bait?

>> No.10490671

bodysuits, but idk if there are any for lolita

>> No.10490672 [DELETED] 

My fat coochie always eats up the crotch on bodysuits. Hate it.

>> No.10490679

how did i forgot those exist. i guess i could adjust what i already have to make something similar

anon this is hilarious ily, hope u find bodysuits for your cooch

>> No.10490684

I use shirt stays, they're technically marketed towards men but they've worked for me


>> No.10490685

I tuck my blouses into my petticoat, like between my bloomers and petti. It helps a bit but not perfectly.

You can also use safety pins to pin your top to your undies or something, I guess.

>> No.10490940
File: 12 KB, 1169x729, 403.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is what I get

>> No.10490976

Oh weird, I just checked and I'm getting that now too (I'm ayrt)! I was getting the maintenance message as of like 8 hours ago but yeah, it's 403 forbidden now. I guess it's probably just because of the maintenance, but super strange that it's going on this long.

>> No.10490981

I have the same issue at 40cm shoulders and had to finally realise my dream dress won't fit. I'd give it a pass. Taobao Ops aren't bad though.

>> No.10490986

I am thinking of transforming my Melty Ribbon Chocolate Jsk into a skirt as the bust is too small for me. Would I be able to use waist ties to make a belt sort of thing for the skirt.
I was then going to make the bodice into a hat or headbow, or maybe use the fabric to modpodge onto some shoes so they match.

>> No.10490993

>or maybe use the fabric to modpodge onto some shoes so they match
That's gonna look like shit anon

>> No.10490996

How is it going to look like shit? I've done this before with my day dream carnival OP and it looked lovely.

>> No.10490998

Pics and we can tell you if it looks like shit or not

>> No.10491008

Do you know of any lolitas who've been infected with covid?

>> No.10491023

This is such bait.

>> No.10491140

Why is vivienne westwood so common in lolita?

>> No.10491144

It's working for me now. Check again?

>> No.10491166
File: 225 KB, 1200x900, i-img1200x900-1589788663y0kpm8235776.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They really aren't any more, did you mean so common with old school? They were a DC (designer/character) brand that boomed around the 80s/90s, so the rise of VW kinda coincided with the beginnings of lolita as well. VW stuff was uniquely girly, and the orb/cross logo is easily identifiable on pieces which raises the outfit's status. While some VW pieces have been used with lolita throughout time (RHS obviously, but I've seen handfuls of pre-2012ish coords with VW bags, cardigans, necklaces) they were never a lolita brand to begin with and never seriously intended to target the lolita aesthetic. I think they fell to the wayside as actual lolita brands began making their own iconic, easily identifiable pieces that were a little bit cheaper than VW and fit the lolita aesthetic more. Some people in lolita today still enjoy VW but I don't think it's a big majority. Tons of people still love RHS because the style is iconic and ingrained in lolita at this point but how many of them actually own VW RHS instead of the cheaper imitations from Antaina, Bodyline, or Baby.

Pic is from 1988, CUTiE vol 3.

>> No.10491175

As an aside, VW are doing a clearance in their physical shops of the RHS. I picked up a pair in London for £120 if anyone was interested in the real thing.

>> No.10491187


>> No.10491199

VW was definitely influential to the development of lolita in a lot of ways, they even put out some early bell-shaped skirts with the "mini-crini" design

>> No.10491207 [DELETED] 

>safety pins
don't do this unless you know for certain that you won't have to visit the bathroom while you're dressed in lolita.

>> No.10491246

Hey thanks for checking!
I think it may have been to do with my vpn, it works now that I've turned it off.

>> No.10491261

Thanks so much, I appreciate the help.

>> No.10491410

What time exactly does closetchild update their site? I always seem to miss the cute new pieces when they upload them.

>> No.10491420

I bought a cheap sweater that I wanna try cropping to make it lolita. As a person with boobage, should it be more flattering if I make it into a cropped cardi? or a bolero instead?

>> No.10491430

Literally put it on inside out with the skirt youre planning on wearing it with and pin it where you want it fitted. Just cropping it and adding lace or detailing at the neck might be enough depending on the style

>> No.10491456
File: 575 KB, 750x943, 1D54A244-C2DA-4E50-A0AC-D99CFC9144AF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is pretty much a perfect, if cookie cutter, coord. Can someone help me explain why I feel so unsettled by the image?

>> No.10491457

The face looks like it doesn’t match that body

>> No.10491459

Stop asking this. I know you might not be the same person, but this has been asked and answered in almost all the previous threads. CC even sends out an email when they update too, so if you're subscribed, you'd know.

Also the reason you can't get anything is because things are sold so quickly you basically can't get anything popular without a bot (<30 seconds in most cases). The site frequently crashes now too because there's so many people fighting for things.

>> No.10491463

i think it's the background. it's a cookie cutter suburban middle class room that most people have seen or lived in so it's like those "i've never been here, but i've seen this place" type of pictures you know? and it just looks wrong behind an expensive and elegant outfit.

>> No.10491465

Stick legs and man face, ugly background and lighting

>> No.10491466

Pro tip: competition is so fierce on CC now, I've had two instances where I paid for something and money was taken, but I was kicked back to the cart screen and it said "sorry this item is sold out." Apparently someone else bought it at the
exact same time as me, and their system isn't good enough to check synchronous payments. So I had to email CC each time and get my money back, causing me to lose a couple of dollars because the exchange rate changed between the two days.

Just be aware that if you participate in the bloodbaths on CC, you could be getting charged without knowing and ClosetChild doesn't automatically refund you because there's no associated order number.

>> No.10491518
File: 646 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20201022_092212_com.instagram.android.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I keep seeing these pictures at 10 different stores, anyone know the original and good quality store? :')

>> No.10491520

looks like dreamholic, but they don't seem to have that style anymore. They have an international site and taobao shop.

>> No.10491529

it's a man.

>> No.10491560

Pretty sure it's Alice Garden or Heng Jia.

>> No.10491561

Enjoy stretching out sock patterns with your ham hock fatty

>> No.10491588

Does Atelier Boz ship overseas? If not, what shopping service to use? I want a lucky pack and have never bought straight from them before

>> No.10491589

Try harder with your shitty bait next time

>> No.10491592

This, it's a guy

>> No.10491605
File: 48 KB, 400x1034, eyechart.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

His eyes are dead, and it's triggering your instincts that something is wrong with/off about him.

>> No.10491618

What's the deal with kiss me cat? Why is it so cheap and ubiquitous? Wasn't it sold at Disney or something?

>> No.10491645

Yep and it was popular because Disney and retailed for $100, so it's easy to buy

>> No.10491649
File: 164 KB, 1044x1176, seamless.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll tuck my top into tights or I'm usually wearing skintone biker shorts under skirts anyway so I will tuck the top into those shorts. You can find nice seamless shorts like pic related that wont add seam lines

>> No.10491650

Could you only buy it at the park or was it online too?

>> No.10491652

This. Also, if you don't want to buy shorts, if you have some tights with holes in them you can make your own shorts.

>> No.10491653

Are they originally theirs? I read some good reviews about them but also a few bad ones

>> No.10491659

Thats an amazing deal, anon. If you're local and would be willing to proxy buy a pair for an SS fee and ship to a UK address sent me an email (lattewishlist at gmail). I just called the two stores in my country but theyre not doing any sales like that.

>> No.10491660

Does anyone know the name of that etsy user who made the kumakumya pins?

>> No.10491661


Seconded, I'd love one or two pairs too, though I'm overseas (burgerland) so I can't go myself

>> No.10491663

Dropped throwaway
throwawaypretty (at) outlook.com

>> No.10491669

Do you know if that's only London or other UK stores as well?

>> No.10491678

Is buying used Vienne Westwood from Mercari or Fril risky?

>> No.10491680

i'm down if you can get us 10 in red or white or black.

>> No.10491694

They just started to, but it seems like they are having trouble with it. You could try with a forwarding service though if you get your credit card to work. Otherwise you'll likely need an ss.

>> No.10491760

It was online, too.

>> No.10491793

Sorry guys, I'm no longer there and won't be for a long while as I'm back in the north and my city is in full lockdown.
I also got a good cheap pair in the Bicester Village VW shop, around £150? in the summer. It's a specific clearance VW shop but it's likely your best bet if you wanted a pair in general. I can't remember if there are any other VW outlets in the UK, possibly Chester?

>> No.10491834

1. I wasn't able to get the Little Witch cutsew OP during release. What's the best second hand site to stalk for people selling it if they decide they don't want it after it arrives (or if they're scalping it...).

2. I saw a couple of them on Mercari but they just have the stock photo uploaded and no proof photos. Can I trust it?

>> No.10491845

mercari/fril and yes. your SS can ask for pics, but in my experience i have never been scammed purchasing anything on fril/mercari, and i always go there for stuff i miss, so a lot of scalpers with only stock photos. if you're nervous just ask your SS to ask.

>> No.10491851

Thanks for answering! I'm gonna go for it.

>> No.10491900

Depends what you're buying. Pretty sure bags and shoes get knocked off more than garments.

>> No.10491967

Yeah never buy VW secondhand unless you’re getting it from one of those places that specifically verify designer authenticity like Vestiaire Collective or something

>> No.10491972

>want to look like a goth asian street boi
>cant find any mens clothes on ali but a ton for females

Where the heck do b*ys get some good stuff that wont break the bank too hard? pref uk or eu based so it ships relatively fast

>> No.10492140

thanks anon, any recommendations? I've only ever used a SS for Taobao

>> No.10492170
File: 2.93 MB, 222x400, 1533561769443.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10492188


>> No.10492223
File: 15 KB, 340x255, f6fa4a1bb42690b5792b97e1c829b462.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How much should I be paying for one of these purses?

>> No.10492229

How do you avoid smearing foundation on your blouses/dresses when putting them on and taking them off? Ofc i could try to put makeup on after my clothing but im a klutz and I would probably drip makeup on my dress and it doesn't eliminate the problem with taking things off.

>> No.10492235

I put on my make-up after I'm dressed, and I wear an apron while doing it. (Also for washing dishes and for eating). I don't usually have trouble taking stuff off because it generally unbuttons/unzips wide enough. I hear asian stores have special bags, kind of like dustbags, to wear on your head while trying things on - maybe you can find some online (or use a cheap pillowcase?)

>> No.10492240

I do makeup after I put my top or dress on but maybe you could find some sort of bib? When taking stuff off I usually take it off over the hips when possible.

>> No.10492243

wait a year, it will be back to $80. Right now? $400+. I remember buying one of these in pink x brown last year on Mercari for $50, it had been sitting there for months, brand new

>> No.10492245

What are all the second hand websites for Lolita/J-fashion?

>> No.10492276

This is going to sound dumb, but if you want to put on makeup first, put a bag other your head (a plastic shopping bag) and pull the dress over your head. Any makeup will smear on the bag and the dress will be safe. This is what I do, and it works relatively well. You might have to touch up your cheeks or lips, but it shouldn't be anything major.

>> No.10492277

I think anon would be waiting more than a year. Everyone who is buying the bags now isn't going to resell for less than $200-300 any time soon. And the pandemic is far from over in many places, so everyone will still be glued to their computers, shopping online.

>> No.10492362

How to wear clip on earrings without them hurting? I have pierced ears, but clip ons are so common in jfashion and I want to be able to wear them without feeling pinched all day. But if they’re looser they fall off

>> No.10492367

Hi Lidia bold of you to be following lockdown rules now considering you were jaunting around the country just for shopping trips.

>> No.10492369

I’ve used a bit of thin craft foam to help cushion it before, not the best but better than nothing

>> No.10492396
File: 61 KB, 850x187, whyamisodumb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I'm looking to buy a bunch things off AtePie for the first time and I'm a bit confused by what they mean by mail order site? Does that just mean their regular webshop site, like do I just order off of that and will they still take the sale tax off? Or do I have to email them my order ahead of time instead?

Also I remember hearing this awhile ago but they mark down packages right?

>> No.10492407

oi piss off ladies ;_;

>> No.10492409

Herpderp they have instructions on their website. https://atelier-pierrot.shop-pro.jp/?tid=13&mode=f1

Just place your order following those instructions exactly. They send you a paypal invoice next day or so. Yes, the invoice will be tax adjusted. Don't recall if they mark down or not.

>> No.10492486

>Taobao shit for everyday life
>Important brand for better coords
Is this a thing?

>> No.10492487

Yes. I don't do it personally, but a lot of other people do.

>> No.10492496


The old version made more sense, it was Bodyline for everyday life and brand for meetups. At least with Bodyline it was printed on fairly thick cotton, so it was fairly hardy. Only the lace and the stiffness made it uncomfortable to wear.

Taobao for everyday life is kind of "ehhhh". It really depends, for eg:
>so many taobao designs have delicate chiffon, lace on them, they're even more delicate than brand
>some brands the prints will flake on you, from what I own I'd say be careful with Krad Lanrete, Surface Spell Gothic and Yolanda
>Probably the only ones I would say work ok are ToAlice, solid non-prints (so no flaking problems), and maybe Mono Girl can be washed over and over again without the prints flaking

Honestly, brand is much hardier, so if you're in a lifestyle to be wearing lolita daily, I'd just go with brand. You'll have more money for brand if you aren't also splitting part of your budget to spend on cheap taobao anyway.

If you're doing activities that might damage your clothes, I'd say you should wear gear/clothes that's appropriate for it rather than lolita, or at the very least cotton print Bodyline if you really need to be in a cute print.

>> No.10492526

Okay gulls help me out here

My little sister just bought her first dress and I said I'd get her some shoes for Christmas, I don't live there so I explained to her and my mum about drawing her foot on paper and measuring for sizes. Now the problem is they've measured her feet at 27cm but shes only a UK size 5?? Surely that's way off?? I was expecting like 24/25cm but I've seen pictures of the paper with the ruler and sure enough, it says 27cm.

Anybody a UK size 5 to help me out?

>> No.10492545

I wear casual brand for every day (think inexpensive cotton skirts, salos, thick cutsews) and fancier brand dresses for events and "dressing up". I've had good luck with scooping up old but barely worn brand cutsews as they're often very thick and sturdy and survive the years well.

>> No.10492550

Those measurements don't match up at all. I'd ask them to try again. They probably were holding the pencil at a slight angle or your sister shifted at some point.

>> No.10492555

It must be wrong. When I measured mine I had 239mm and I wear a UK 6.

>> No.10492556

I want to look into Mori-kei, but I have a upsidedown triangle shape. Large bust and shoulders, small hips. Built like a man if it weren't for the tits, so in order to balance things out, would it be odd to wear a petti underneath a skirt? Hoping to balance out the lack of hips.

>> No.10492560

I just saw one going for $500 on LM

>> No.10492602

Thanks anon, I’ll try that.

>> No.10492609

Surprisingly a lot of jp mori guides recommend pettis to begin with, so you should be fine.

>> No.10492611

I thought so!! Thank you!

>> No.10492617

Oh sweet, maybe I can get this style to work for me after all.

>> No.10492623

ia with some of the other anons that taobao isn't a great choice for daily as it's more delicate and wears out much quicker.

Most of my daily wardrobe is Meta and newer poly AP. Meta is nearly indestructible, and my poly AP stuff is really sturdy and and easy to care for. For daily stuff I like pieces that I can just chuck in the washing machine at the end of the week, tumble dry, and it's ready to go.

>> No.10492823

Do you not read English?

>> No.10492828

nta but it is autistic.

>> No.10492831

I think they are. I have never actually purchased from them so I can't say anything about the quality, but everyone recommends them.

>> No.10492914
File: 7 KB, 225x225, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is the name of this shoe?

>> No.10492921

mary jane

>> No.10492938

Can bloomers provide light poof? I'm looking to wear my otome dresses in a casual way

>> No.10493180

How much did you all pay for your coats/caplets? I recently won the lottery reservation for the new baby caps, but it's going to be $372....

Is that over priced for a cape? It's super cute, but I feel like I could get a better deal somewhere else

>> No.10493220

is closet child shipping things overseas now?

>> No.10493230

Closet Child never stopped shipping things overseas. They just stopped shipping things to the States.

>> No.10493233

Oh oof, that's still going on, right?

>> No.10493241

no, they've been shipping to the states for a few months now iirc. i did a few orders in september

>> No.10493255
File: 50 KB, 960x960, bjdtights.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are BJD tights always ita?

>> No.10493298

Used brand coats often go for less than $100, I personally wouldn't buy a new one

>> No.10493299

small addendum to my post, I would buy new from Mary Magdalene because it's harder to find their coats used and they're usually close to new price anyway.

>> No.10493300

How risky is it to buy a dress with no proof photo from fril, if the seller has good feedback? Has anyone ever had an issue with this?

>> No.10493302

yes, and even outside of lolita they usually just make you look like your knees are dirty instead of reading as BJD. they're really only good for fully themed costumes.

>> No.10493303

Ask your SS to get proof photos.

>> No.10493325

am I having deja vu or did someone ask this exact question before

>> No.10493338

My petticoat is starting to fail. I haven't bought one in like 5 years. What's the consensus to get a good one? Where's the most reasonably priced but good ones to get?

>> No.10493341

I have with no issues. I think fril has an escrow feature where the buyer releases payment after receipt of the item. So If you use a personal SS and not a company, you should be pretty safe. Companies might be ok, but I’d imagine they won’t check the item as thoroughly.

>> No.10493346

melikestea is very good, or Aurora&Ariel on taobao

>> No.10493359

last time it was "is it acceptable to get your SS to ask for more pictures" so not exactly

wouldn't you also be concerned about the condition of the dress though?

>> No.10493508

What would be an appropriate price for a Kira Imai poster?

>> No.10493675

Which lolita substyle is hardest to coord in your opinion?

>> No.10493704

Classic, there are more colorways in classic than others (sweet, gothic) and it’s imo hard to put out a really good coord( not ott garbage, but simple elegant and outstanding one)
Sweet is the easiest imo I don’t know how so many people failed on that

>> No.10493714

start around $30 bidding depending on size, print, and condition

>> No.10493723

My grandma used to have a light scarf she would put over her head to keep her makeup off her clothes when getting dressed/undressed, maybe something like that?

>> No.10493728


Japanese stores use cloth bags or covers for trying on clothes to keep makeup off of them. I don't wear makeup but do have quite oily skin ans my face tends to sweat more when wearing sunscreen, so I use them often in brand and normie/fast fashion shops.

>> No.10493758

Is this egl circlly website good? Never used any sites like this..

>> No.10493781
File: 105 KB, 480x720, B44OP334_IVSX_model1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think every substyle has challenges.

I disagree with >>10493704 that classic is hardest, I think it can be the easiest to coord! Simple classic (like MM, or JetJ) is one of the most similar substyles to "normie" fashion styles. You don't need special legwear, handbag, jewelry, fancy headbows, or even special shoes as cute heels or granny boots are appropriate. However OTT classic definitely is one of the most challenging substyles, as it's hard to balance different factors. Good classic is elegant and looks expensive, and OTT looks veer quickly into cheap costume.

Coording sweet and gothic is easier because the color schemes can be simpler to figure out, but the coords often require more pieces to look good. You need the proper shoes, whether that's tea parties or big gothic heels. You need wristcuffs, maybe multiple hair pieces, frilly patterned stockings to match, matching purse, maybe even matching jewelry pieces like rings and bracelets. And the more OTT you go the more of these things you'll need.
>pic related

I think the hardest substyle is whatever you'd call ETC, Jane Marple, Leur Getter, etc. 'otome' or 'casual sweet/classic' or something. The color schemes are crazy, and there is no standard formula to follow to make a successful coord.

>> No.10493805 [DELETED] 

are there any bloomers that are fart protected? I can cover the smell with a tampon but what about the noise. I need some soundproof bloomers

>> No.10493830

I know this is the stupid questions thread, but come on.

>> No.10493836

That’s why personal SS are better. I assume they’d be thorough in their inspection before releasing payment. I feel like companies would give less of a shit. I’ve personally never had any issues buying these listings with a SS.

I’ve had more issues buying from LM even though there are proof pictures desu.

>> No.10493840

Gothic without a doubt, good luck matching blacks, even moitie blues can be difficult (although nu-moitie is more consistent with that). Gothic is hard to come by compared to sweet and classic, so finding the right accessories can take a long while. Gothic brands also tend to be pricier than sweet and classic I think? (At least in my experience, and the quality isn't always better) Classic can blend in normie/western accessories well, making it more accessible, but that doesn't work as well with gothic, lots of western goth accessories stand out like a sore thumb. For example I hate those pointed vogs gothic lolitas wear, or when some try to blend in nu-goth accessories, it looks so out of place. And on the topic of gothic lolitas, I find the bar set wayyy higher than sweet or classic lolitas, so if you're someone who likes to compare that alone makes it much harder as there's more pressure to be ~unique~ and ~experiment~. Layering pieces like corsets, capes, etc, is also more prominent in gothic coording than sweet and classic, making it more complicated to balance.

Oof and platform heels, bless your ankles if you ever wear meta's stripper heels

>> No.10493847 [DELETED] 

Based on your essay I feel like I know who you are, and your classic coord are shit

>> No.10493895

If I'm 5'2, 130lbs, usually wear a US 6 or 8, but carry a decent amount of weight in my legs, can I fit into Japanese legwear? Any brands to avoid that run especially small?

>> No.10493916

Same measurements, same deal. Yes, but probably not AP OTKs perfectly, and I'd avoid most tights. BTSSB OTKs should be totally fine for you, patterns included.

>> No.10493928

OTT classic as pic related? Have people forgotten hime??

>> No.10493933

Are you illiterate?

That picture is listed under the second paragraph talking about sweet and gothic. So it's a picture of a sweet coord.

>> No.10493986

This is a dumb newbie question, but a lot of the info I found when I tried searching seemed really out of date or incomplete.

I've bought new burando stuff. I've bought off LM a lot. And I've bought some taobao things through devilinspired (I know it's more expensive, idc because it was easier to place a big order from a bunch of different brands).

>Do I need to use a shopping service to buy from Fril, Mercari, Closet Child, or Wunderwelt?
>Are there any brands that I'd need an SS for, or do they all accept itnl orders?

>Do I need an SS to buy new brand releases, like when AP drops a new print? If so, how does that work? Do I contact the SS ahead of time and say "I want this dress that will release next week" ? Or can I just order off the site the normal way? What's the difference?

>What SSs are good, and do I need to use different ones for different sites or services? Like can I just use whatever for Fril/Mercari but then need a more personalized one for a brand blood bath?

>> No.10493992


>Do I need to use a shopping service to buy from Fril, Mercari, Closet Child, or Wunderwelt?
yes, yes, no, no
>Are there any brands that I'd need an SS for, or do they all accept itnl orders?
ap japan, idk about non-sweet brands
>Do I need an SS to buy new brand releases, like when AP drops a new print? If so, how does that work? Do I contact the SS ahead of time and say "I want this dress that will release next week" ? Or can I just order off the site the normal way? What's the difference?
if you're buying from something you need an ss for yes, and yes contact them ahead of time. you can do it after the release but it's unlikely you'll get anything because it'll sell out too quickly. if you don't need an ss you can just do it yourself.
>What SSs are good, and do I need to use different ones for different sites or services? Like can I just use whatever for Fril/Mercari but then need a more personalized one for a brand blood bath?
i use japonica for frill/mercari, i don't use an ss for releases but i would not use them for anything that time sensitive personally. they've lost a dd of mine by trying to confirm about the condition with me when i said in the notes i was aware and the condition was fine lol. other than that, they're solid and ship quickly.

>> No.10494022

You got a chuckle out of me anon. I'll give you that.

>> No.10494040

Thanks, anon!

>> No.10494041

What? I never heard of circlly and I have never bought these type of things. I'm not one of you.

>> No.10494085

does anyone know any taobao shops offhand for cute eyepatches or cutsews?

>> No.10494089

no its a scam website

>> No.10494094

How did you even find this board?

>> No.10494147

Stay away

>> No.10494157

Aaaand even after rereading my point still stands. Anything luxe, floral or elaborate non patterned main items usually qualified as Hime and not OTT sweet or whatever the fuck. Has that changed? What is Hime at this point??

>> No.10494172

Most of the time I think people consider hime a theme, not a substyle. Like sailor or military. And likewise OTT just refers to how elaborate the coord is, not the style or theme of the coord.

You could have a sweet style hime coord, like the BtssB coord, or you could have a classic style hime coord using something like this <<< Or you could even do gothic style hime using something like the Royal Ribbon OP from AtePie.

So you could have an OTT sweet hime coord, or OTT sweet pirate coord, or an OTT sweet deco coord, or just straight OTT sweet.

>> No.10494197

I ordered some stuff from the btssb store and I missed the delivery bc I was out of town and my family missed the package. It got sent back, but then ended up in a random state and got marked as delivered in the tracking and I don't know what to do. Has this happened to anyone else?

>> No.10494201

Friend told me about 4chan. Looked at the boards. I don't really go on here since I don't do anything with these topics. Never mind since you're all just making fun of me I'll assume that means it's a known reputable website..

>> No.10494205

Those of you that use binders, what brand do you use?
I tried multiple sizes of g2cb, they all fit per se but looked kind of lumpy?
Pls no chest size argument

>> No.10494206
File: 527 KB, 1880x1084, 91be05a0f080efa59015.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks anon! I knew of the instructions already but not how the invoice was handled.

Now I have another atepie question... I went back to buy things and saw that they have a new store site? https://atelier-pierrot.stores.jp/
It was advertised on the main shop site as "NEW mail order shop open". I'm super confused why there's two and which to use going forward

>> No.10494230

Thank you, anon! You've been a big help.

I guess for non-sweet brands I'd just have to check for each one.

That's good to know about Japonica as well.

>> No.10494250
File: 77 KB, 850x850, Antaina Shoes Model 107 8-850x850.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone own antaina's 107 style shoe? What US size are you/what size did you order/how did they fit?

I really like these and I'm a US 8.5, somewhere around 25 cm. I never know what size to order because sometimes it's way too large. But too small is also a bad thing. I've only ordered sosic shop's shoes and I'm a perfect size 40 for those (labeled on the bottom of the shoe.)

>> No.10494288

I have a really hard time holding it in if you catch my drift, but I really hate the idea of going to a public restroom with my expensive dress on. I figured a remedy for this would be to wear a diaper? Obvi not for ageplay, solely to protect my clothing from the horror of public restrooms but I have two questions to anyone who's done this

1. Is it noticeable when you bend over?

2. Does the smell after you go.. you know, brown, does the smell linger? I wouldn't want my dress to smell like you know what forever.

Just trying to figure out a solution, no matter what I can't imagine going into a public restroom in lolita. Rest assured this isn't a kink, im just very nervous about getting you know, particles and such on my expensive clothing.

>> No.10494290

bait. fetishist's been at it for several threads now

>> No.10494291

What do you mean?

>> No.10494335

pretty sure it’s like craigslist but for lolita shit. people call it “lace market”. It’s the go to for secondhand lolita goods. If you have anymore questions ask away I’m very helpful :]

>> No.10494339

Not about lolita, but I’m scared of public bathroom in general ( except for bathrooms at work or place I go often). When I go out I just don’t drink or drink very minimum of liquids, avoid coffee

>> No.10494341

If this really isn't a fetish, what makes you think any of us would know about diaper wearing? You're better off asking actual fetish groups since they're more likely to have experience. But just don't eat or drink that day until you're home.

>> No.10494342

Fuck off

>> No.10494344

I guess grannies that wear diapers are fetishists by proxy huh?
That's the logic you're using rn and you sound retarded. I figured somebody might have experience if they have ibs or something.

>> No.10494345

fetishist scrote confirmed

>> No.10494347

do you like candy corn?

>> No.10494354

I like the pumpkins better even though they taste the same

>> No.10494357

I tried on a petticoat and jsk and started to sweat a little around my waist because the layers made me really warm and I sweat pretty easily. I've never worn them out but I got some sweat on the waistband and lining of my petti, and probably a tiny bit on my jsk when I was taking it off. Should I wash them now? It wasn't like a LOT of sweat but it was noticeable. I know that's gross, I just don't want to ruin my things.

>> No.10494360

they don’t taste the same but I’m going take that as a yes. anyways this Halloween you should trick or treat as many candy corns as you can. then you can glue them all together and make a candy corn on the cob and fuck yourself. maybe then you’ll be less mean to me. licorice gang skrrt skrrt

>> No.10494361

They do taste the same, liar.

>> No.10494365

candy corn is like waxy and plastic while pumpkins are mushy so they can’t taste the same
>inb4 but puos that’s just the texture
texture effect how things taste

It took a lot of effort to come up with that candy corn on the cob joke the least you can do is acknowledge it

>> No.10494366

The candy pumpkins >:[

>> No.10494370

Lolita clothes aren't different than regular clothes anon. Would that amount of sweat ruin one of your regular shirts or pants? If it was so much the answer is yes, then yeah wash them. If no, then don't worry about it.

>> No.10494381

What does ibs have to do with having a scrotum?

>> No.10494404

My superbuy order hasn't arrived and its been almost two months, the shipping hasn't updated at all. Is this normal?

>> No.10494431

Then go ask grannies. Point is, it's a stupid question to ask here and you're retarded to think anyone in a thread about jfashion would know. So either starve yourself for a day or go somewhere else if you truly have a problem.

>> No.10494448
File: 50 KB, 500x403, 1592303155115.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

accessory heavy looks like deco or OTT sweet- the emphasis on styling and accessories can take an otherwise great coord from good to garbage if they look cheap or are poorly distributed.


ibs doesn't make anyone have to shit in a diaper

>> No.10494462

hey at least you’re right about OTT sweet being hard to co ord because you have to be nice and kind to fit the style.

>> No.10494481

Its presumptuous of you to think that nobody has ever had to wear a diaper in lolita for medical reasons. Do diapers trigger you for some reason? Did you get touched while you were wearing one?

>> No.10494484


>> No.10494501

The tracking number was reused for another shipping service after the first order was returned to sender, tracking numbers get reused often. Contact baby, you'll be charged shipping again to have it sent to you if they haven't banned you.

>> No.10494548
File: 23 KB, 300x400, 8e74d8620441d2314c0a1069edee5703.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How well do Meta's pleather bags hold up? Are they similar or worse quality than the AP one's?

>> No.10494851

hey retard placing a big order from a bunch of different shops is the point of an SS, you wasted your money. stop buying from devilinspired

>> No.10494948

How do you all feel about print matching headdresses? Like you can't really use them for other coords, does that bother you?

>> No.10495003

I emailed them and they told me to file a claim with usps and the post office hasn't gotten back to me.

>> No.10495386

only the sender can file with usps.

>> No.10495448

When you pre-order a release from meta, do you pay up front or is it like anime figs where they take the money when it ships?

>> No.10495471
File: 241 KB, 900x1200, 1598837396058.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gothic lolita actually began in Japanese rave culture, that's why proto-gothic lolita was called "Trance gal".
Look at some old Fruits pics for inspiration maybe, I noticed they wore round thick platform boots a lot at those goth trance raves but I imagine that's not very comfortable.

>> No.10495497
File: 35 KB, 564x564, 97C3CD08-7A11-4ADD-9592-5E4A7F47582D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there anyway to fix pleather cracks on bag straps (ap bags, yes i know they suck) but wondering if there is like a bonding? glue? to just close up the cracks/ possible flaking.
Same issue with a pair of bodyline flats ive had for 3 yrs, they’ve had creases where the shoe bends but now one crease has cracked. Thanks anons.

>> No.10495871

I bought a dress from a seller with 60+ reviews and they accidently shipped the dress to themselves. How screwed am I?

>> No.10496041

Any nanchatte brand recommendations?

>> No.10496074
File: 4 KB, 487x163, 234.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is the better option here, exactly? I don't understand what the difference is, I asked and they just said
>Insurance is not covered for DHL without insurance x 2 Packages.
>Insurance is available for DHL with insurance x 1 Package.
which is equally as confusing.

>> No.10496103

What? That's kind of clumsy of them lol
Just ask them to ship again when they receive it. It's their mistake after all.

>> No.10496106
File: 1.52 MB, 1316x720, mossbadger.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want the chiropteran garden JSK from mossbadger and I can't decide on whether to get black or ivory. The photo in the middle is actually in the lavender colourway because I couldn't find any stock image for ivory. I included a sample of ivory on the right.
I like the black one because I feel like it goes well with the bats but I also like the ivory one because you can see the diamond (?) patterning in the background better.

>> No.10496107
File: 1.01 MB, 896x794, blouses.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is my blouse/cutsew collection that I think could go with the dress

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